Human Capital (2019) - full transcript

The lives of two different families collide when their children begin a relationship that leads to a tragic accident. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Please tell me,
when did "elite" become a dirty word?

We are proud of you.
Proud of your accomplishments.

Proud of the example
you have set

and perhaps more than anything,

we are proud of your character.

I'm joined here tonight
by some of our best students

and their families.


A couple of hours,
I don't know. Don't wait up.


Pablo, yo, can you
do me a favor?

Can you pick up my shift on Saturday?
It's my wife's birthday.

Going to dinner,
splurged on a babysitter.

Holy shit.
Look at this place.

I mean, I heard it was big,
but this is... Jesus.

How many acres does the Lord
Manning preside over anyway?

Pray tell.

You don't know
or you're not interested?


You have a screening room?

I bet you have a screening room.

You can just
drop me off anywhere.


Think he'll let me
look at the house?


Good morning.

Good morning.

Are you here to pick up
the donation?

Um, no. I think I just
dropped off my donation.

Excuse me?

I'm Shannon's dad.
I just gave her a ride.

I'm Carrie, I'm Jamie's mother.

Nice to meet you.

Drew Hagel, nice to meet you.

"Hagel." I thought that
Shannon said,

- her last name was...
- Dark.

That's her nom de guerre.

Her mother's name.
Also her signature mood.

Is her mother no longer...

No. No, she's somewhere out
in the Pacific Northwest.

Uh... I remarried though,

to a much younger woman.

Kind of a trophy thing.

Hagel, is that any relation
to the Hagels of...

No. Not at all.
No. No relation at all.

I'm Hagel's Real Estate.

Maybe you've seen
my signs in town?

I'm late, I'm sorry.
I have to go.

- So nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- Um...
- We love Shannon.

You've done well.


Do you play?


This guy sucks, I need a decent partner.
Do you play tennis?

Uh, I used to, a little.

I need a warrior on my corner.

I can't keep losing to guys
who work for me.

You know?

Do I know you?

I'm Drew Hagel.
I'm Shannon's dad.

Who the hell is that?

Jamie's girlfriend.

Oh. Yeah, hey. Quint.

- Nice to meet you.
- Um...

Well, why don't you go
get suited up, then?

There's some
stuff in the clubhouse.

Oh, okay.

- Thanks.
- You serve, I close!


That's what I'm talking about.

No. Look, I don't want to
be a sore loser here, all right?

But you hired a ringer, Quint.
The guy's a pro. Come on.

- Were you? A pro.
- What?

No. I'm a broker,
a real estate broker.

Ah, yeah,
but you were something.

In college, I played a little.
Division three.

Heh, so, real estate agent...

I mean, I thought that was a job
for divorced middle-aged housewives.

Sorry. That's just
my lawyer being friendly.

No, my dad said, "Try to do
something that's needed."

I figured, coffins and houses.

Maybe, I took his advice
a little too literally.

Anyways, I, uh...

I think what you guys do
is totally exciting.

It is exciting. It is.

The best part is that no one can
even explain what we do. Right?

We move invisible money
through invisible markets

at invisible speeds,

guided by invisible hands
with invisible oversight.

There's nothing
exciting about that.

Except the 18%.

- All right, see you next Saturday.
- All right.

Can I ask you something?

I, uh, know this might not
be the best time, but...

Yeah, you want to invest
in WMV. I know.

I get it all the time.

Almost every man I meet.
Some women too, actually.

But my world is mostly men.

I was just thinking now
that we know each other,

and the kids make
a really great couple...

Yeah, we're practically family.

Yes, I'd like to make
a small investment in the fund.

Minimum is 300.

- Three hundred thousand?
- Yeah, minimum, so...

- Right.
- And that's just for friends and family.

You know how
a hedge fund works?

Yeah, sure.
I actually minored in economics.

I was just thinking, uh...

Yeah, that would be fine.

I think that nothing ventured,
nothing gained, right?

Yeah. Why don't
you think about it, right?

Talk it over with the wife,
and then if you're still interested,

you can come down
to the Capitol Park office.

- Okay. Thanks.
- All right.

All I'm asking for
is a bridge loan.

Yeah, a big one.

- Take it.
- Just my daughter.

The house is worth it, Andy.
You know it is.

But you renovated last year.
What is this really for?

Look, Andy, I'm, uh...
I'm not gambling anymore,

if that's what
you're insinuating.

- I wasn't.
- I have debts.


I mean, I'm not even asking for
a handout for Christ's sake.

I can handle a payment plan.

Buddy, please.

You have no idea,

the opportunity that is
in front of me right now is...

beyond beyond.

Is business still slow?

Let me tell you the story
about the time

my dad asked me
to collect the rent

from that crazy guy on Bayview.

- You did?
- "Beware of the dog."

That's all he tells me,
"Watch out for the dog."

I get to the house,
there's no dog.

So I go back to the front door,
I ring the doorbell,

guy comes down,
hands me an envelope.

Great, no problem.

As I'm heading down
his front steps,

this massive Doberman comes barreling
around the side of the house.

I hightail it up Bayview,
running as fast as I can.

Finally, I get back
to the house but I realize,

I don't have the envelope.

I must have dropped it
on the run.

I go back to Bayview, retrace my
steps, I look everywhere.

I'm crying hysterically.

Finally, my dad gets home.
He calms me down.

He says to me, "Drew...

"Never let money get you down."

Gives me $10, tells me
to go deposit that in the bank.

- Come on.
- How much was in the envelope?

- What?
- What was in the envelope?

I don't know, I never asked.

What happened?

What'd I do?

This is not about you.

Come on,
you're killing me here. What?

I'm pregnant.

Um, sorry, but...

But it is a little bit
about me.

- Unless there's something else...
- No, they're yours, my dear,

and this time it will work out.

Oh, did you...

Did you just say "they"?

There's two of them.



Okay, this is the part
where you jump up to hug me

and tell me you love me and not
to worry about those miscarriages.

I love you.

- I love you.
- Okay.



We'll make it work.
We always do.

We'll be careful, and cautious,
and frugal.


I thought, uh, Quint
was going to be here.

What do you mean?

Oh. We're friends.

He waited for you.

I was only five minutes late.

Six, max. I'm a zombie
without coffee

so I went down the...

It was scheduled
as a five-minute meeting.

He's leaving for London
in an hour.


What's this?

SEC requirements.

Government wants to know you make
at least half a million a year

and have a total net worth
of over five.


And I'll need it back
by Friday.

Sure. Yeah.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Are you coming to bed?

Yeah, in a little bit.

What are you doing?

Nothing, just...

- Just working on the closing.
- Oh.

My hero.

- Well, good night.
- Night.

- You need water?
- No, I'm good.


- You scared the shit out of me.
- What's going on, Drew?

- What do you mean?
- I've been trying to get ahold of you.

Oh, yeah, sorry about that.

Didn't I send you an e-mail?

You've been dodging me
for weeks.

What the hell?

I thought I'd stop by
and save you the call.

Yeah, well, that's, um...

Very generous of you.
Unfortunately, I'm extremely late.

For what?

School thing. A benefit.

Let me go mingle with
a few people, do my thing,

and sort it out tomorrow.

When did you become so crass?

When I borrowed from you.

Not from me. The bank.

Right again.

I saw your SEC forms.

- Look, Andy...
- Why didn't you just tell me?

'Cause you wouldn't have
approved the loan.

So you just decided
to make up the numbers?

You can't do that, Drew.

I just need a little
more time, okay?

I'm working on something
really big,

and I can't talk
about it right now.

That's why I have to go see
Quint tonight.

No, no, you don't understand.
I could lose my job.

You could go to jail.

Falsely reporting on an SEC
file is a serious crime.

Not to mention...

Will you stop being
so dramatic, please?

I'm doing business with Quint
Manning for fuck's sake.

It's gonna work out, all right?

I promise. I just need you
to buy me a little more time.


For future reference,
return my calls.

- I sent you an...
- Return my calls!

That's all there is to it.

Congratulations, kiddo.

Oh, I didn't win
anything yet.

Don't worry, you will.

Wow, great table! Thanks again
for including us, Quint.

My pleasure. Your wife
might be regretting it.

- Oh?
- We seem to be having a serious disagreement.

Oh, no. I just think there's
too much pressure on these kids.

They're afraid of losing and
disappointing their parents,

and they're afraid of winning
and hurting their friends.

Competition is healthy
by its very nature.

The desire to win
builds character.

You feel like
it's too much, Jamie?

Huh? All this pressure?

It's fine. It doesn't really
matter that much.

All this anxiety, it's palpable.

What are you talking about?

He's cool as a cucumber.

Where's Shannon?


No idea.

I don't mean to offend,
but isn't anxiety very lucrative for you

in your business, Mrs. Hagel?

That's a very cynical way
of looking at it.

You are
a therapist after all,

I mean, human misery
is a profit indicator.

My job is to help
people cope and grow

and deal with deep emotional
and mental challenges.

I don't exploit their condition.

I don't want to see them
as products.

I actually add value
to their lives.

I treat them.

Not for free.

I mean, the mental health industry
is a $30 billion industry, right?

- And it's growing.
- But, I get it,

to you, the people I work with,
they are worth less.

And I'm lower on the totem pole

because I don't exploit them
for my own net worth.

You have to excuse Godeep,

because this mind is only built
for exploitation and maximization.

Hey, not bad for the son of
a single mother

who barely spoke English.

- Mom, what the fuck?
- Don't.

- Traffic?
- Traffic.

Did I miss anything important?

I'd like something
a little quick.

Carrie, when's
the grand opening?

Oh, not for a while.

The renovations get behind...

Will it be run like
a French cinematheque,

or a legit theater?

Not sure.

Hey, Drew,
can you meet tomorrow?

- My house.
- Uh, yeah, sure.

Oh, her majesty.


- Look who decided to show up.
- What did I miss?

Death by
classical music.

When did "elite"
become such a dirty word?

For the past 96 years,

the Hilton Award
for Academic Excellence

has been given
to brilliant Buckford students.

Students who exemplify both
the moral and academic standard

that we aspire to uphold.

This is for a student
who goes beyond,

who is a compassionate leader,

an empathetic, intelligent
young person.

And the Oscar goes to...

That's the one that kills
every year.

something's wrong.

You all right?

- Do you need help, ma'am?
- Can you please help us get to the car?

- Dad, do you want me to come?
- Something's really wrong.

Excuse me. Sorry.

- Can you get that door?
- I got it.

- I'm so sorry.
- You let us know if you need anything.

- I'm so sorry.
- It's all right.

Why don't we all take a seat?

- You drive my car home, please?
- Don't leave her alone.

Thank you, everyone,
she's... She's fine, thank you.

Look at the fuckin'
arrogance of these guys.

Doctors, you know.

You all right?

- Yeah.
- You sure?


Look at me.

It's gonna be okay.

- All right?
- Mmm-hmm.

Trust me, I know my boys.

No Hagel has ever shown up
for anything or anyone early.

Just doesn't happen.

- Hey, I thought we were...
- Hey. Yeah, listen...

I'm just gonna cut to the
chase, I don't have much time.

Essentially the markets are proving
more volatile than we anticipated.

So nearly everywhere we're
positioned is ripping higher.

- That's a good thing, right?
- No. No, um...

Our short positions are
moving against us.

We're counting on these
positions to fail.

Yeah, well, I'm sure
in time, they'll...

No, what I'm telling you is
that your investment in the fund

has gone down, substantially.


Yeah, right now
it's about 90% devaluation.

Oh, so, um...

So, that means I have
$30,000 left out of the...

Oh, no. Look, the numbers
are meaningless, okay?

So I'm just letting you know that right
now would be a bad time to pull out.

But your business
is solid, right, Drew?

I don't need
to worry about you. Right?

Hey, Drew, buddy.

You're solid, right?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm, uh...

Um, solid.

How's the missus?

- What?
- Your wife.

- My wife?
- Yeah.

Carrie mentioned
it was a false alarm.

You don't even know her name,
do you? My wife.

Don't be silly.
I gotta go back in.

You give her my best.

What is it, Quint?
Go ahead.

You know it, you say it,
what's her name?

Her name's Ronnie.
Just calm the fuck down.

Okay? And next time,
call before you just show up.

Now get the fuck off
my property.

Hey, what the hell
are you doing?


Waiting for your meeting
to be over.

To what end?

I'm not built for this, Quint.


I'm not like you.
I need that money back.

- No one has to know.
- You said you could afford it.

I lied.

I know, I screwed up. I'm an idiot.
I failed Economics,

I used to gamble a lot...

Please, I'm not asking
for more than I put in,

but I gotta have it back.
I have Shannon's tuition...

It isn't a game, Drew.

It doesn't
work like that.

It is a game... It is to you,
it is a fucking game!

Come on...

You... It's a fucking fart
to you, Quint.

You make that money
in a week,

a day... I'm gonna lose
my fuckin' house!


Let me sell you
my portion, okay?

Let me sell you my portion,
and I'm...

Face value, and when
the profits come in,

they're all yours.
That's a good deal, right?

You didn't read the terms, hmm?

Yeah, yeah, I read the terms.

You lied on the SEC forms,
didn't you?

You borrowed money
from the bank.

Please, don't do this. Please,

it's humiliating enough
as it is,

I just...

I need the money back, Quint.

Not what's left.
My original investment, please.

Just leave. evacuate the cyclist who is
currently stable but in critical condition

at Orenville Hospital.

An eyewitness...

Sorry, I didn't mean
to wake you up.

Hmm. That's okay.

The ultrasound was all normal.


He might put me on bed rest.

Did you see Shannon at Jamie's?


Are you okay?


Are you okay?


Just tired.

Hey. Hey, where were you last night?

- I'm sorry.
- Didn't I tell you to drive my car?

Yeah, you did.

Hey, Shannon...

I had to take Ronnie to the
doctor's this morning, did you know?

- Knock.
- Sorry.

- What do you want?
- What's going on?


Where were you?


Why didn't you call me?
I needed the car.

How come you don't tell me
anything anymore?

- I'm late.
- For what?

What are you late for?
Shannon. What's going on?

...police are still
searching for the driver of a vehicle

that struck a bicyclist,
Mr. Roberto Jarvis, last week.

Mr. Jarvis...

- What are you doing here?
- I came to talk.

I don't know why they're here.

- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Excuse me.

We're looking for
Ms. Shannon Hagel.

- Shannon?
- Mmm-hmm.

- What's this about?
- It's a police matter.

We love Shannon.
Great girl.

- Thank you.
- You did well.

Strange person.

Good morning, Gaye.

All right. Thank you.

I hope you're well.

I hate Florida.
It's so chilly.

We're not in Florida, Mom.
We're in New York.

You're having a rough day.

Going away somewhere?

No. No plans.

Excuse me? Hi.

- Excuse me.
- What are they doing to the place?

Abandoning it.

Are you the engineer?

No. My family owns
the property.

My grandfather built it.

My father managed it.

- You're selling it?
- No, just leaving it the way it is.

Can't afford
to fix it up.

- It's not safe.
- What is?

Uh, here you go.

I mean, it'll mess up your hair,

I'll take my chances.

Such a shame.

Eh, I know.

I grew up sneaking into
theaters like this.

Oh, here...

Ladies and gentlemen.

Tonight's screening will be
of the 1945 classic...

Oh, hey watch your step.

I wanna buy it.

Forget it. I told you,
it's falling apart.

What do you say, darling?

- "The Garden Theater."
- It's not bad.

But it's show business,
you know?

No, it's an art center.

It's a cinema, with a stage big
enough for theatrical production.

It's just not the kind of
business I do.

Now, I'm not saying that
we can't move forward.

But I don't think that
it should be a company thing.

I'll talk it over
with Godeep.

Hon, no, it doesn't have
to be a company thing.

We can do it ourselves.

No, I don't think so.

I'm sorry.

No, hey, listen. Babe,
there's a right way to do it.

The company creates
a foundation.

Right? A not-for-profit

We get a board of directors,
and then we take a tax credit.

- That's the right way.
- We can do that?


If you want it so bad,
of course.

And we tear it down
and build something beautiful.

No. No, I want it exactly
the way it is.

And I promised the owner
that I'd preserve

the integrity of the building.

What? Why the hell
did you do that?

Because preservation
is culture.

No, preservation is the
opposite of progress. Literally.

Kids are growing up with tech
and the attention span of ants.

Ants are incredibly patient

and they have these
storage mechanisms,

these elaborate mechanisms
to find food.

- It's true.
- You know what I mean.

You're such a show-off.

Kids have never seen
Singin' In The Rain,

they've never seen
The Red Shoes.

It could really be
a legacy gift.

Not just for me,
it could be for the town.

For the kids.

- Mmm.
- Ah.

You're such a hothead.

You know I have a business
meeting in the morning.

- No.
- Yeah.

Okay. Night.

Is this a movie theater
or a theater-theater?

Well, it's both.
It's a cultural center.

We'll have plays and movies in
rep, and we're going to have

out-of-town productions,
we could have guest lecturers.

Uh, we could even have our own
artistic residency someday.

The space itself
is really quite beautiful.

It's simple, it's elegant,

it's historical,
completely paid for.

- Mmm-hmm.
- You can really see the potential,

once we renovate, I mean.

But the, uh...
The business model, moving forward,

is gonna have to show a lot more
than just potential.

I think it's a beautiful thing
that you're doing, Mrs. Manning,

and I just want to say this is very
exciting, uh, for all of us on the board

and, um, I'm just honored
to be here at the table.

Thank you,
once again.

That was interesting.

Well, if you've stayed behind
to tell me

that I'm in way over my head,
don't bother.

I already know.


That wasn't what
I wanted to talk about.

Oh, do you wanna go back inside?

I had you all wrong,
I thought it had something to do

with The Killer's Devil Garden.

That was you... wasn't it?

Uh, I'm a bit of...

a horror film fanatic,
it's one of my many contradictions.

You were... You were great.


I can't believe that anyone
has seen those movies.

They're so bad.
They're still available?

There's a lot of great actors
that started in horror.

I was never a great actor,
if you can call what I was doing "acting."

You're still a great actress.

I haven't acted in forever.

I mean in your life.

- You're a Brooklyn girl.
- Mmm-hmm.

And you came
from nothing, right?

I'm sure that you're not the same
person that you were 20 years ago?

Yes. I'm the same
pathetic teenager.

I mean, I don't spend my Saturday
nights in my parents' basement

- watching B movies.
- No?

No, but...


I should go.

I'm a professor, for Christ sake.
I'm supposed to be good at this.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

Uh, I'm flattered
that you know me.

I would like to be considered

for the
Artistic Director position,

don't say anything.

I know I haven't made
much of an impression.

I look forward
to working together.


Me too.

I'll just let myself out.

I can't find my car keys.

What did you wear last night?

They're not in my pocket.

- You hide them all the time.
- No, we don't.

You shut up, you creep.

Stop it.

You're just nervous
about tonight.

- It's normal.
- You don't know shit.

- He said, "shit"!
- Can we say it too?

I'll help you find the key.

I'm not gonna
get that award tonight.

You don't know that.

I can feel it.
Everyone's saying I am.

I'm not. I don't believe it.

It doesn't matter to me.

Well, it matters to Dad.

Dad will deal with whatever,
and he loves you either way.

That's bullshit.

- He said "bullshit."
- Can we say "bullshit" too?

- No.
- Ugh.

That's the surprise.

Where did you get this?

I thought you might
wanna watch it.


I have my son's
fundraiser at his school tonight.


Three affairs in 20 years,
I don't think that's so bad.

Mmm. And you're still with him.

What's that about?

When it comes to sex,
I'm more like a man.

I know the difference
between love and pleasure.


And, have you? Ever had one?

Uh, affairs? Yes, yeah.

I have one every day.


- But I don't act on them.
- Why is that?

It's just,
that's the natural order of things.

You like things
the way they are.

You like being rich.

Being taken care of.

Being married to it all.

Don't wanna risk it.

You let him be
the powerful one...

with all his lies.

Wait, I hope... I hope he wins
that fucking award.

Wouldn't that be great?

By the way, Carr?

Uh, something's come up,

I'll be going to New York
after the event.

I went down to the theater,
I met with the artistic director.

- Who?
- The artistic director.

- Had a little bit of wine at lunch.
- Honestly, Carr...

I'm just not sure
it's such a good idea.

Oh, why? He's a great guy.

He's all business.

- Who?
- The artistic director.

No, I was talking about
that theater.

So who's this guy
that you had drinks with?

What are you talking about?

You said that the theater
isn't a good idea?

Godeep says the restoration is
going to have to wait, so...

Well, for how long?
Why didn't he tell me?

He's on my board.

Mmm-hmm, well, he's my lawyer.

But I'm running the foundation.

Can we talk about this later?

- What are you doing to me, Quint?
- What am I doing to you?

You're selling it, aren't you?

I didn't say that.

No, you don't have to.
You're hiding behind Godeep.

You're putting it
on the market.


It's a bad time for the fund.

The PNL is taking big hits.

I'm going to have to lay off
some staff, and...

I can't guarantee
to my investors

that they won't lose everything,

so extraneous projects
have to go.

The land is worth more
than we paid for.

More than we knew.

We have to get liquid and fast.

So, yes, I will take a decent
offer, no matter what it is.

You're such
an unbelievable asshole.

We'll find something else
for you to do. I'm sorry,

but we need the cash.
The company needs the cash. It's tricky.

You're a fucking
selfish asshole.

Why don't you put
the street girl

back in the wine bottle, okay?

I said I was sorry.
We all have to make sacrifices.

Fucking ass of a fucking ass
of a fucking asshole.

You know what,
you do your thing.

And thank you for being such an
understanding and supportive wife.


Better start looking
for your next wife.

Oh, I'm on it.

- Mom, what the fuck?
- Don't, do you hear me?

I'll be back by lunch tomorrow.

We can talk then, all right?
I promise.

And you, Carrie,
when's the grand opening?

Not for a while.

Renovations are slow.

Will it be run like a French
cinematheque, or a legit theater?

Not sure.

Do you need help, ma'am?

Can you get that door?

Excuse me, can you drive
my car back, please?

I'm gonna take my car.

Don't leave her alone.

- Okay, okay.
- Don't worry about it.

Thanks, everyone,
she's gonna be fine.

I told you not to invite them.

- My God.
- Once again, without further ado...

The winner of
the distinguished Hilton Award

for Academic Excellence
and Character is...

Brendon Green.


Uh, wow.

Clearly, I'm not the only one
who deserves this.

But I'll take it.

All right...

You wanna fuck?

- Here?
- Yeah. Yes.

The kids are asleep,
and Jamie's out at a party, and...

Quint is hopefully getting

in a fucking car crash
on the Taconic.

It's a perfect time.

- Mmm.
- Mmm?

Oh, God.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- No...
- You're drunk, let me...

- I'm fine.
- Okay, how much did you drink?

I want to talk to Dad.

- He's in the city.
- I'm not his bitch.

Okay, look, let's go inside.

Dad's gonna hate me.

We're gonna move the car...

I think, um...
I think I don't like girls.

There are much nicer girls
than Shannon.

No, I mean,
I think I like boys.

Oh, okay.

- You sleep it off.
- I can't sleep off being gay.

Sleep off the drink, and the rest...

The rest, you know...

We love you no matter what.

Dad does not.

We'll teach him.

What happened?

What happened in New York?
You look terrible.

So everyone's downstairs in the
office trying to figure things out,

but it looks we're going to have to
sell some assets to stay in the game.

What kind of assets?

Don't worry about it.

I'm not gonna stop spoiling you.

The eyewitness
account identifies the vehicle

as a silver or gray SUV.

The search for that motorist
is ongoing.

Police Chief Harris will be
scheduling a press conference

for tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks. I'm sorry
to be such a royal pain.

Hold on, I'll call you back.

Did you drive drunk last night?

It's none of your business.

Your funeral is my business.

Shannon drove me in her car.

So, how did your car get here?

Someone drove it back
from the party.


I don't know.

Which party was it?

The last one at Tim's.
The usual.

Maybe the Jeep drove itself.

I don't think
the Jeep drove itself.

- I saw.
- What?

I saw, you were making out
with some doofus.

- What are you talking about?
- Why are you fucking somebody else?

I don't know what you're talking
about, you were really drunk.

You were really slutty.

We have a witness,

who saw a Jeep
similar to yours.

We have the scratch
on the front of your car.

Now, we're not saying
any of this is conclusive.

Lord knows people see all kinds
of things in the dark, but...

We're also not ready
to just say it's a coincidence.

Jamie, you do understand
that all this is very serious, right?

That a man
may lose his life?

Jamie will cooperate fully and
completely with the investigation.

- I did not drive the car.
- Who did?

Quint, they're asking
the questions, not you.

I gave the key to someone.
I don't remember who.

It was at Tim Casey's party.

Well, was it Tim
you gave the keys to,

or somebody at his party?

That's, like,
all that I remember.

Mmm, shall we?


This is like the easiest breakup
in the history of breakups.

Yeah, we're still friends.
And, anyway, you're so gay.

Um, um...

My mom will be bummed
when she finds out.

She doesn't
even know me.

No, that girls think I'm gay.

Because you are.

I'm not. I just don't
think about it that much.

Trust me. You are.

Labels are stupid anyway.

I'm... fluid.

I'm everything, okay?
I'm LGBTQIA blender.

What is "IA"?

Intersex and asexual, I think.

You "think"? If you know that,
you are it.

She asked
not to be disturbed.

Just five minutes.

I'm next, anyway, so...

Is this your first time
seeing Ronnie?

I've seen her every day
for the past five years.

You must be really fucked up.

I am extraordinarily
fucked up.

You can't be that fucked up.

I've never seen you before.

I see her off-site.
Like, way off-site.

I'm either in a straitjacket
or in an institution.

She's a mental patient herself,
you know.

She's, um, not even
a real shrink, no license.

That's funny.

You're not, um...
You're not buying it?

- No.
- What gave me away?

Hmm, all of it.

She's, um...

I do see her every day though.

She's my evil stepmother.

Can I see your drawings?


Hey, what are you doing here?

I'm locked out,
Dad's not picking up his phone.

Okay, um, I'll give you my key.

Come on in, Ian.

Thank you
so much for waiting.

Do you two know each other?

Uh, no. He's famous, though.

He used to deal drugs
outside the Art Institute.

He wasn't dealing.
They just found something in his home.

Yeah. A ton of "something."


Let me tell you a secret?

Um, I'd rather that you didn't.

Please, I need
to tell someone.

Oh, what, are you knocked up
or something?

- Yes.
- Oh, my God.

Yes, but, please,
don't tell your dad.

I wanna tell him first, okay?
I gotta go.

Come on, Dad. Pick up.

Fuck off.

Hey, my party, my house,
my rules.

- You're being a dick, bro.
- What?

You're a disappointment.

Why am I
a disappointment to you?

You're disappointing
because you're here.

How do you know Tim
and his stupid parties?

I don't know Tim,
or his stupid parties.


So you're here to see me?

Nah, I came here with a friend.

He said he'd be back in a minute
like, three hours ago.


Do you get along at all
with your parents?

I don't really like
talking about my family.

Why not?


Then we got to talk about dead
mothers, and absent fathers,

and needles and...
Just shit.

So then,
what do you want to talk about?

Something more cheerful?


You know a lot about war?

Disease, sex, famine.

That kind of stuff?

Well, I lost
my mom when I was a kid.

Dead mothers.
They're always there.

My mom's not dead.
She's just lost.

Like, literally, lost.

She left with this hippie freak
named Jim Purdy.


He didn't like kids.

So, now my mom lives in Oregon.

And my dad never forgave her
for not fighting for custody.

Well, it's a good thing
your dad found Ronnie.

You know what?
Maybe you're right.

Maybe we shouldn't
talk about family.

You don't like Ronnie?

I don't like anyone
over the age of 25.

Ronnie forced my dad to make
me go see this therapist...

who made me see
this psychiatrist,

put me on these meds that I was
on for like two years, and...

I actually threatened
to drop out of high school

if he didn't let me stop seeing
those mental fuckers.

Sounds more like daddy issues
than Ronnie issues to me.

Fuck off.

Is she a good therapist?

I wouldn't know.
She's my first.

And I have to see her.

I mean, it's court order
after I was busted.

I don't always listen to her.

I have a way
of tuning her out.

Usually I just think about
fucking her.


Is that too much information?

What the fuck?

Did, um...

Did you serve time?

I served time.

Do you wanna see
my faded jail ass tattoos?

Do you have any?

I was in jail one night.

I read a book.
It was a fun fucking night.

Don't look so heartbroken.

I'm desperate to get a tattoo
of the third eye.

On your forehead?

No. On my ankle.

Oh, I get it.

So you can see where
you're going at ground level.


No, it's actually cool.

What'd you do that for?

My reputation.

Look, you should know,
I'm never gonna love you or anything.

Like, I'm never gonna...

say things like,
"I love you," or...

any of that bourgeois bullshit.

I'm just...

I will never love you
or anyone.


- Ian.
- Hey.

One second.


- I still got an hour left.
- I'll wait.

I'll be right back.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm Shannon, Ian's, um...

Oh, uh...

Ian's not back yet.

I'm David, Ian's uncle.

Yeah, I've been looking into
all kinds of beers lately,

you know,
to better educate myself.

Blows my mind how many
different kinds there are.

Why do you need a better
beer education?

Ian didn't tell you?

Tell me what?

I got this old friend, Tib,

and he's telling about me about
this pub in North Carolina,

The Cove,
and Tib wants to buy it.

Except Tib's got less than an illustrious
past, if you know what I'm meaning.

He can't get a loan.

So I go down to see it

and I gotta tell you...

I fell in love with the place.

You know, the people,
the town...

I got a little money
stashed away

and Ian's got some from
his mother's life insurance.

So, as soon as he clears 18 and
we're done with the paperwork,

you know, probation and such,

we're going down there.

It's right on the beach too.

That's why they call it
"The Cove."

You should come visit us.


Oh, you guys don't talk much
when you're together, huh?

We talk a lot.

Oh, about what?


He's not what he seems,
you know.

What, a drug dealer?

He made a mistake.

A 16-ounce mistake.

Thing I don't understand
is how he got all that hash

into his house by himself.

He gets around.

It's lucky there are
no mandatory sentencing laws

for underage offenders
in the state.

Well, I gotta head out.

What are you doing?

They're beautiful.

Stop. Those are private.

They're also really fucked up.

Yeah, they're just
violent fantasies, they're...

Not real.

Your uncle's a creep.

Did you finally run away
from home?

I can't harbor a fugitive.

No, I just... I wanted to see
you before the stupid gala.

- What?
- Why didn't you tell me about The Cove?


I thought I did.


You're gonna leave me
for a bar?

Wait. Relax for a second.

I don't even know
if The Cove is gonna happen.

Um, David's been talking about
The Cove for, like, a year.


It's got nothing to do with us.

If you betray me,
I'll kill you.

Are you proposing to me?

And if you leave me,
I'll have to kill myself.

Let's not say that, all right?

You're the one going to college.

You're right.

Maybe I'll have to just
kill us both.

You're so,
so beautifully strange.

I have to change.

No, don't change.

Don't change,
I like the way you are.

For the gala.

So you came to my house
to use it as a dressing room?

Yeah. Is that not okay?

No, it's okay.

Hey, um, I don't think
you should go to the gala.

I could come back later.

I don't think you should go
to North Carolina.



I might have to go
to the gala at some point.

I may have to go
to North Carolina at some point.


You're the prettiest star.

I love you.

I don't love you.

Say it again.

I don't love you.


No. You're a masochist.

I'm not going to give you
that satisfaction.


I don't love you.


What did I miss?

- Death by classical music.
- How's your new boyfriend?


Clearly, I'm not the only one
who deserves this.

But I'll take it.

What is that? Is that a Borolo?
Is that a Borolo?

- Um, sorry.
- I'm asking...

Hey, don't be an asshole.

Give me the bottle.
Give me the bottle.

He's the asshole, okay?

What's that?


- Answer it.
- I'm turning it off.

Okay, no...

Shannon's phone,
how may I direct your call?

All right.

- All right, is he passed out?
- Give that to me.

Give it to me.

Jamie? Tim, what's going on?

Uh, do you know where
Jamie is? Okay.

- Oh, hey, asshole.
- Oh, yeah, thanks, you're a great friend.

Fuck you, he's not my problem.

I don't even know why
he showed up.

He puked his guts out
all over my mom's purse and rug.

I had it with that fag.

Jamie. Can you hear me?

- Hi.
- I wanna go home.

Yeah, I'm gonna take you home.

I don't need you, I can drive.

Which one do you wanna drive?

What do you mean?

It's your mission. We gotta get
both cars back to the house.

Why? You can just
get his car tomorrow.

You don't know his parents.

If they find out he was too drunk to
drive, they'll do something mean.

Like what? Write him
out of the will?

Calling to tell me how
much you like the Wrangler?

Um, you're driving
really slow.

You know what?
It's actually really dark

and I'm a little nervous,
I don't think we should be on the phone.

Slow down, macho man.
Shit. Ian.

Fuck, are you still there?

- Ian. Fuck. Why are you doing this to me?
- Shit.

- Hi.
- What is going on?

Uh, you passed out at Tim's,
and then you called me.

Shit. Shit, I smell like puke.

Yes, you do smell like puke.

I'm glad I lost
my stupid award.

I know they all hate me at school.
I never even wanted to go there.

They don't hate you at school.
We've been there for 12 years.

Would you please
sit in your seat?

I think my dad's fucking
his secretary.


- All right, don't look so sad.
- Fuck you.

- You just need a little rest.
- Fuck you, I'm not even drunk.


You okay?


Jesus, look.
Something happened.

- Keep driving.
- I can't even see anything.

Shannon, keep driving.

- No, hold on...
- Just keep driving the fucking car.

He got
knocked off the road.

It was an accident,
it was a man on a bicycle.

Yeah, he's hurt pretty bad.

I hit some kind of animal, okay?

It happened so fast,
I didn't even...

I barely even touched it.

Why didn't you stop?

I don't know. I don't know!
You were with fucking Jamie, I don't know.

Fuck. Fucking, goddamn it.

Please... Please, stop what you're doing. Please.

- We have to go back.
- No, we can't go back.

You know my situation,
all right?

I didn't even touch him
with the car, I barely hit him.

Please, I will fucking kill myself
before I go to prison, okay?

I will fucking kill myself.

Do you understand?


- Knock.
- Sorry.

What do you want?

What's going on?

Where were you? Huh?

Why didn't you call me?

- I'm late.
- For what?


- Hey, you alone?
- Hold on. Okay, what's up?

What do you remember
from last night?

You drove me home, right?

Yeah, I left the keys
on the dashboard at the party.

Tim drove it back
so you won't get in trouble.

I don't know... I...

- I drove you home in my dad's car.
- Thanks.

Sorry to be such a royal pain.

Oh, listen, my mom's
having an affair.

Jesus, Jamie.

Shit. I'll call you back.

Jamie was drunk,
he doesn't remember anything.

- Everything's gonna be fine.
- It's not fine.

It's the furthest thing
from fine.

There were no witnesses
and nobody saw.

- I'm not gonna tell...
- They're gonna lock me up and throw away the key.

Come here, you're not listening.

We're gonna go to North Carolina.

You're gonna turn 18,
we're gonna work at The Cove,

we're gonna put this
all behind us.

- You gotta get off me.
- No. Come on.

Get off me, get off!
Goddamn it, shut up!

Get off me! Goddamn it!
Get off!

I don't wanna die.


What's this about?

It's a police matter.

Trust me, I totally
understand you

covering up for your boyfriend.

He's not my boyfriend.

Huh. But he was your boyfriend?

- Does it matter?
- Everyone saw you with him at the party,

arguing about his car keys.

The question is, who's going
to get in trouble for it,

not you or him.

We're talking about
a hit and run.

Brain damage at the very least.

Clearly Jamie was driving
the Wrangler.

Drunk. Upset.

Maybe at you?

Multimillionaire Quint
Manning's oldest son, a high school senior

who was last seen before
the accident

leaving a house party
highly intoxicated

with a friend, fellow student
from the Buckford School,

a co-ed private school.

The young father hit
by a car just over two weeks ago

while cycling home from his
place of work has now died.

Police continue to investigate the crime...

- Hey.
- What are you doing here?

- I'm, uh...
- You have to stay away from him, Shannon.

Why, you're his bodyguard now?

I make decisions for him,
not you, not the courts, I do.

Ever since he was 13
and Ginny died.

Yeah, and you've been doing
a great job, Uncle David.

All right, listen, why don't you go
home, I'll let him know you came by.

- No, you won't.
- Nobody can find out you know each other.

If he gets arrested again,
he's not gonna make it.

Shannon, wait.

Think about it.
Do you want him to hurt himself again?

I raised him like a son.
He's not going to jail

because some spoiled,
rich kid got drunk.

Go home. Go home
to mommy and daddy.

Don't try to call him,
he's got a new number.


Drew wants
to make a deal

that he says
could clear Jamie.

He says he has information that
could get him out of this mess.

- Take the deal.
- Well, we don't know what the deal is.

What did he say?

I hung up.

- What?
- Yes, he's a liar and a fraud, Carr.

- Hey.
- And what are you?

Hey. I can't get involved
in some kind of conspiracy.

All right?

Where's Quint?

It's just us.

What do you have, Drew?

My daughter has been lying.

There's no other way to say it.

I thought she was doing it
to protect Jamie.

But I found out
your son is innocent.

Did you go to the police?

What do you want?

I want my money back.

I want my investment in WMV,
plus the 18% that Quint promised me.

- I'm not involved...
- Please don't play with me.

He thinks that I'm a small man,
an ignorant man,

that what I have in the world

doesn't add up to him
even paying attention.


I can provide you the information
that will save your son.

That's worth something,
and all I'm asking is that

you give me what
I already have coming to me.

The police will get the name.
I don't need your information.


Your son is about
to be indicted, Mrs. Manning.

Don't you read the papers?

The more your lawyers deny it,

the more the press
and the public are sure

it was Jamie.

Jury's not gonna be kind to him.

But I'll give you the name.
I promise.

I will make this nightmare
go away.

Your husband
took everything I had.

Tell him to pay me,
and I will go to the police...

and your lives start over.

Maybe you have to pay
the victim's family.

It was your car, after all.

I'm not a lawyer, but insurance
would probably value

Jarvis on the low end.

Probably as much as your
husband makes in a week.

Much less than
you paid for this place.

The money will be
in your account in an hour.

- The investment.
- No. No, please...

- Um, Quint...
- The initial investment.

- I...
- Nothing more.

I have interest on a loan.
That investment...

Shannon, please,
you need to eat.

You know what?
I've had about enough of this.

I know people
at the department.

If you say you drove Jamie,
then you drove Jamie and that's that.

It was Ian.

It was Ian Warfield.

- Ian Warfield?
- He drove the Wrangler.

He hit the biker.

Oh, God.

I'm in love with him.

You can't tell anybody.

You're his shrink. You can't.

We're sorry, you have
reached a number that is disconnected

- or is no longer in...
- We should go there.

- Shannon.
- No, we should. I have a feeling something terrible has happened.

Yes, but you don't know that.

Haven't you ever been
connected to somebody

and you just know things
about them?

- Oh, my God.
- Shannon... Shannon, stay in the car.

You need to stay here.

Excuse me.

I'm his doctor, Officer.

Excuse me,
ma'am, please understand.

- Shannon, Shannon.
- No, I'm sorry, I live here.

- Shannon.
- Hey, hey, hey.



Pulse is 58,
respiration is unsteady.

BP is 90 over 50, we're going to need a
couple of hemo units when they get here.

Happy baby.

You wanna go? You wanna go?

Okay, okay...


Giddy up.

Yeah, baby. You ready?

Look at the birds.
Look at all the birds.

Look at those birds.

You want that one?
Here, take that one.


- This is Jason.
- Hi.

So nice to meet you.

Of course.

- Wanna go?
- Yeah, sure.

- We good?
- It's nice to meet you.