Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam (2002) - full transcript

Radha and Suraj have been friends since childhood. Gopal has been in love with Radha ever since they spent a few years together as kids. Years later, Gopal's guardian proposes to Radha a marriage with Gopal, and she accepts. She finds a loving husband in Gopal, and when Gopal asks who she loves the most, first she lists her mother, then her brother, and in a voice-over she says that she loves Gopal the most. But Gopal thinks that Radha is spending too much time with Suraj, and starts to suspect them, so much so that he asks Radha to leave the house. After Radha leaves the house, she receives a divorce notice from Gopal, which tears her heart apart. When Suraj and her brother, Prashant find out about the divorce notice, they offer to go and talk to Gopal, but Radha does not permit this. Suraj then telephones Gopal and asks to meet him alone, Gopal agrees to meet him, and carries a loaded gun to this meeting.... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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"Beloved, I belong to you."

"Beloved, I belong to you."

"Beloved, I belong to you."

"Beloved, I belong to you."

Children, what are you doing?
- Grandpa, this is my palace.

I'm the king and Radha is the queen.

But what is my position in this palace?

You are the minister of this palace.

I'm the minister,
you the king and Radha is the queen.

Come on, king and queen
come and eat dinner.

Grandpa, we'll eat together when
mother comes from the hospital.

Mother is back!

Afterwards son, afterwards.

Father! - What is the matter, Laxmi?

You need something?
- Father, his condition is critical.

The doctor said if he's not
operated upon immediately..

...he won't survive.

Of what use is a gambler
and drunkard's life anyway?

Just save him once,
I'll never again ask you for anything.

I've given so many times.

Besides, all this doesn't belong to me.

It is my late friend's and it
is the due of these children.

I can't help you.

What are you saying? - I mean it.

Even if I could,
I wouldn't give a penny for that drunkard.

You've become stone hearted.
- You are right.

Seeing you in this state
has made me stone hearted.

Keep your wealth to yourself.
I sever all ties with you.

Radha, come, let's go. Come on Prashant.

Laxmi. - Come on, I said. - Radha!
- Laxmi. Laxmi, the children..

Yes? - Hello, Bombay Hospital? - Yes.

I'm Ramnarayan.
My son in law Shekhar is admitted there.

Yes. - Yes.

You commence the operation,
I'll be there with the money.

I'm sorry. He died a while ago. - What?

"I am yours, beloved.."

"I am yours, beloved.."

"I am yours, beloved.."

"I am yours, beloved.."

Son, come here.

Are you hungry? - Yes.

Son, you didn't give your name?
- I don't have a name.

Why, don't you have parents?
- I'm an orphan.

Don't say that again.

We all are there for you.

Hereafter, I'll call you Suraj.

Will you like it, Suraj?
- My name is Suraj.

Hereafter, you'll stay with us.

'Take a bath with cold water.'

'Sing even if you can't.'

Suraj, you have a melodious voice.
- Really?

But everyone says that I'm a
fool and that I don't sing well.

They are fools.
One day you'll be very successful.

Suraj, Radha is right.

One day you'll become a famous singer.

But you'll have to work hard for that.

Will you? - Yes, I will.

"One should bathe with cold water.."

"Whether one can sing or
not, one should sing.."

"One should bathe with cold water.."

Goddess, today Suraj is
embarking on a new life.

He's got a chance to sing on the stage.

Bless him so he can spread
happiness with his voice.

And that he's famous. Bless him.

Bless him, Mother!

Thank you, Mother. You are great.

"I've come.."

"I've come.."

"I've come.."

"I've come.."

"I've come.."

"I've come.."

Hey you beautiful girls.

I have this beautiful flower in my hand.

I wonder which one of you
will be lucky to get it.

You? You? You? How about you?

"I've come.."

'I've come to steal your heart.'

'I've come to steal your heart.'

'He has come to steal our heart.'

"Life is loveable, love never fails.."

"Life is loveable, love never fails.."

'My heart is available only to you.'

'I've come to steal your heart.'

'He has come to steal our heart.'

"It's a new song.."

"..a new instrument.."

"It is new love.."

"It is a new melody.."

"It's a new song.."

"..a new instrument.."

"It is new love.."

"It is a new melody.."

'Dance with me..'

'..look into my eyes and kiss me.'

'I've come to make merry
and take your breath away..'

'..with the gift of my love.'

'I've come to steal your heart.'

"He has come to steal our heart.'"

'I am young..'

"'..and it is a beautiful night.."

"It is a meeting full of love.."

"I am young and it is a beautiful night.."

"It is a meeting full of love.."

'Everyone is restless.'

'Every beautiful girl is in love with me.'

'I've come to make you dream..'

...and forget your agony.'

"I am the life of the party.."

'I've come to steal your heart.'

"He has come to steal our heart."

"Life is loveable, love never fails.."

"Life is loveable, love never fails.."

'My heart is available only to you.'

'I've come to steal your heart.'

'I've come to steal your heart.'

"I've come.."

"I've come.."

"I've come.."

"I've come.."

Sister, mother is very angry.
Please save me. - Go!

Where is he? Earlier he used to
be out of the house whole day.

These days, he's been taking money too.

Why are you howling?

He's taken his money;
Not stolen from anyone.

But where has he gone? - He..

He must've gone to see
one of Amitabh's films.

He's not gone to see a film.
He's very much here.

Mother, I swear, I..

Oh, mother!

You even swear falsely for him.

No, mother. - I know how to bring him out.

I'll get him out. - Mother, mother.
- What? - No, mom.

She's also gone crazy.

Amit sir!

Mother, I'd have accepted it had
you thrown me out of the house.

But don't throw my Amitabh.

Oh really! I'll teach you a lesson.

Wait. I'll show you. - Mother!
- I won't spare you! - Mother.

Enough. - You stay out of this.

You've spoilt him.

He'll repent when you get married.

That won't happen.
I'll take him along when I get married.

I won't stay with you.
We both will stay with sister.

Will stay with sister, my foot.

You'll know when your husband will hit you.

Then even I'll hit him.
But I'll never leave my brother.

I will keep close to my heart.

I can't win an argument with you.
You'll never improve.

What is it? - Mother, I love you very much.

Do you know the reason? - No.

Because you've given birth to my sister.

Isn't it, sister? - Stupid!

Radha, don't forget to ward
off the evil eye from Suraj.

Oh yes, I've to do that.
You made me forget it.

You, too? Amit, let's go!

Let the evil eye cast off.

What is this you are doing?
- Let the evil eye cast off.

What is this you are doing?

I'm warding off the evil eye.

Do it properly.

Let the evil eye cast off.
- Ward off my evil eye also.

Who'll cast you an evil eye?
Do it yourself.

Again a call?!

Radha, don't you think
a star will get calls?

Hello. Every time, there's a call.
Fans, phone, fans, phone.

You are all the while on the phone.

Great. - Now have your breakfast
before it gets cold. - Okay.

How are the stuffed bread? - Very good.

And the vegetable? - That too.

It has to be good since I've prepared it.

Your singing and fan
following is all due to me.

You'd not be a star without my food.

What happened? - It is very spicy.

What are you saying?

But just now you were praising my cooking.

I was praising my fan who was praising
me, not your cooking.

I can't cook better than this.

If you want better food,
get married to a nice girl.

I'm looking out for a beautiful girl.

Ms Radha, why don't you get married?

Didn't you hear me that I'm
looking for a beautiful girl?

- A beautiful girl.
- Alright, I'm not interested in you.

My husband should have a moustache.

Yeah, he'll have this big moustache.

And he'll stammer and call you.

Mr. Hasmukh, see what's he saying!

Hello. Yes. No.

There is no Suraj staying here.

Ask the name at least.
- What? What's your name?

Suman. - Give me the phone.
- He's not at home.

He's busy. - Radha, give me the phone.

He's having his breakfast.
- Radha, give me the phone.

Oh no! - Thank you.

Hello. Yes Suman.

Why aren't you talking?
- Because I shut her up.

I pity your future husband.

Yes sir?

One minute.

This.. - Is this for me, Sir?

This is not for you. What is this?

A letter. - That even I know.

What is this? Gopal Kishan, Bombay.
Gopal Kishan, Bombay.

You've posted my letter to me.

Send all letters and tins to
me instead of the clients.

I'll drink Amul spray and you
sing me a lullaby. - Okay sir.

What, okay sir?

Sir, you asked me to sing a lullaby.

Mona, where are your brains?
What do you think all day?

Mona. Mona.

Yes sir? - Take this and leave. - Go now.

One minute. - Yes sir. - Listen.

It is very hot and the AC of
this office is switched off!

You feel very hot.

Why do you display your body?

Sir, after that day I've
started wearing long skirts.

I'm talking about the
upper half of your body.

I'll have to stitch a uniform for you..

...which is buttoned from head to toe.
Like this.

Okay? Now go please.

Mona. Go. Go. Go.

Hello. - Brother, it's me, Nita.
- What is the matter?

Brother, Baba's health has deteriorated.

He's only remembering aunt Laxmi.

Laxmi! Laxmi!

Baba, I've informed her.
She must be on her way.

Radha, will Baba recover?

I hope nothing happens to him.

Don't worry, mother; He'll be fine.





- Lord, why did you have to do this?

After a long time my daughter was
coming to meet me. - Calm down.

And you killed her. I should've
died instead. - Doctor.


Hello. Hasmukh here.

Sorry. There will be no recordings today.

No, it won't be tomorrow also.
It's indefinite.

I don't know when it could be done.

I can't say now, when it will happen.

Please hang up now.

Or I'll hang up.

Everyone wants to have his way.
No one understands.

Eat something at least.

How can I eat when Radha has not
had a morsel since three days?

As a kid I was wandering,
hungry and thirsty.

Radha fed me with her own hands.

She supported me and now
she herself needs support.

Sir, I know this is not
the time for all this.

What? - Why don't you marry Ms Radha?

I've never thought on those lines.

I've had big dreams of
a nice husband for her..

...from a nice family.

I want my Radha to be very happy.

It is a good dream.

But where will she find such a husband?

She'll get. Surely get.

Ramu uncle, look who's come!

Why are you standing outside? Come in.

Now you both will stay here with me.

Ramu uncle.

Oh, dear. - Greetings! - How are you?

Fine. - And how are you?

I'm.. - You can talk later,
get their luggage first.

In a jiffy.

Sister, I've seen such palatial
houses only in Amitabh's films.


Grandpa, can I see upstairs?
- You can see the entire house.

This is your house now.

Today I've a car, a bungalow..

...what have you got?

I'm sorry.
I was mouthing Amitji's dialogues..

...and so bumped into you.

Today you are playing like a young boy.

I'm very happy today.

I fail to comprehend.

The promise I made to my friend..

...I mean Gopal's father..

...who left both his children in my care..

I promised to bring them up.
I've fulfilled that today.

Gopal and Nita are old enough
to look after themselves.

Now, I'll take care of
my daughter's children.

I'll give them the love they
lost in their childhood.

I still have to finish one job.
- What is that?

To take your medicines
which you must've forgotten.

You've just recovered and are
playing table tennis like kids.

Uncle, instead of stopping
him, you also joined him.

Now stop all this and go and rest.

Now all this will end. - What do you mean?

Now I am fit and happy.

So I want to get you married.

You are happy so you
want to get me married.

I don't want to get married. - Why?

I've even chosen a girl for you.
- Without asking me?

Why should I ask you?
- Who's getting married? You or I?

I don't want to get married.

Why? - Besides,
since childhood I've an image of a girl.

I want to marry only her.

I too have an image of
a girl since childhood.

I want you to get married to her.

If she's from your childhood,
then she must be of your age.

Then you get married to her.
- I know her since her childhood.

Stop arguing.
- I'm not arguing. I don't want to marry.

You are arguing. - No, I'm not.

You must listen to me.
- I don't want to marry!

Uncle, make him understand.
- Why are you involving uncle?

Grandpa. Grandpa..

Let him marry the girl of his choice.

You don't interfere. - Why are you..

Radha, when did you come? - A while ago.

Anyways, the girl I've
chosen for you is Radha.

Baba, I was telling about
the girl of my choice.

Forget her. Now you have to marry Radha.

That girl.. - Don't interrupt.

Radha, I was telling Baba of
the girl of my choice but he..

What are you asking her? - Okay.

Once you get married,
I'll go for a pilgrimage.

As you wish.

Coming, grandpa.

Listen to me. - Leave my hand.

Okay. Radha, do you know who
is the girl of my dreams?

No. - How can you not know?

You should know it.

I really don't know. - In Baba's presence..

...he didn't give me a
chance to say anything.

But you should know. - I don't know.

And I don't even want to know that fool.

You should be aware of that fool.

Why? - Have you forgotten everything?

During childhood, when it was
raining, under the umbrella..

You don't remember? - No.

That house, don't you remember anything?

Very good.

What are you saying?
Okay, tell me where is she?

Here. - Even I know that.

How can I peek into your heart?

Can you peek in my bedroom?
- She's in your bedroom?

In the bedroom. She's near the
dressing table that is next to my bed.

Go and see her.

I won't. Grandpa is calling me. - Damn him!

He's the one who's created
all this confusion.

Go and see. - I don't want to go.

Our marriage.. - No look I..
- Don't tell grandpa.

We are about to get married.
You should know everything. Go.

Go! - No, I don't want to see.
- Radha, please, I insist, go.

He is obstinate.

Fool! - Why should I see? Stupid idiot.

She's even reached his bedroom?

'Look into my heart.'

Is she beautiful?
I'm sure she must be a monkey.

Is she in the bathroom?
Hello, anyone there?

Did you see her? - Where do I see?

There's no one here.
There isn't even a snap.

When did I say there was a snap?

I asked you to look
near the dressing table.

Look, there is nothing except a brush here.

Not the brush.

Come here and look into this.

There. See that.

Where is she? - Look there.

But this is me. - So, you are the one.


You are lying. - No, I never lie.

I love only you.


Grandpa is calling.

I love you.

Radha, dear.

Coming, grandpa!

Radha, am I also the only one for you?

I love Suraj. Don't know when he will come.
- He's coming, dear.

Radha, wait for me.

Hi. - Hi. - Hello. - Hey, wait. - Hello.

Come on.

They are all Suraj's fans.

The girls go berserk over him.

Waste of time I think.

Where is he? - Upstairs.

Come. - Please stub your cigarette.

Come. - Okay.

Hi Hasmukh.

He's Hasmukh, the date guy.

Hello. - He's Suraj's secretary.

Radha, Suraj..

What happened to him?
- He met with a car accident.

Accident? -Yes, he lost his
voice, but is alive.

Where is he?
- He's just been discharged from hospital.

He's in his room taking bed rest.


Radha wait! - Suraj! Suraj!

Suraj! Suraj!

Suraj! What happened to you?

How did this accident occur?

Why aren't you talking? Suraj.

How dare you trick me?

I'll never speak to you. - But why?

You nearly killed me.
- You also nearly killed me..

When you went to your grandpa's house.
What about that?

You didn't spare a thought for me then?

Hello, Mr. Gopal. - Hi.
- You know each other? - No.

I know everything about the
man who'll marry my Radha.

I know all about his likes and dislikes.. much he loves you and your
marriage is fixed for 21st July.

I know even that.

Oh by the way sir, I am Suraj.

Hello Suraj.
Radha praises you to the skies.

Obviously, obviously.

Sir come.. - Shall we?

Suraj, you must come two
days prior to the marriage.

You are leaving.
- We've to distribute a few cards.

But you must attend the marriage.
- I'll be there.

The marriage won't be
solemnized without my presence.


Thanks. Nice to have met you.
- Thank you sir.

Okay. - Bye. See you.

Gopal sir.

Gopal sir.

Take care of my Radha.

Don't worry,
I'll take good care of your Radha.

Thank you sir. Thank you.

'You are like the shining star..

You are like the shining star.. fresh bouquet of flowers.'

'That house will prosper..'

'..where you marry in.'

"You are like the shining star.."

"You are a fresh bouquet of flowers.'"

"May joy come into that home.."

"Where you get married.."

"These flowers are your adornments."

"'And the moon your mirror."

"When you act coy.."

"..the bridegroom's heartbeat accelerates."

"The mirror also envies you."

"You are a princess."

"May joy come into that home.."

"Where you get married.."

"My sister is like spring."

"There's none like her.
I don't want to live away from her."

"Like the moon to the stars."

"My sister is one in a million."

'She is innocent and lovable.'

' "The world belongs to lovers.."

"The world belongs to lovers.."

"The world belongs to lovers.."

"You are like the shining star.."

"You are a fresh bouquet of flowers."

"May joy come into that home.."

"Where you get married.."

"Always be happy."

"May no sorrow ever touch you."

"May age not overcome you.."

"I pray for your well-being."

"May you always smile."

"As smiling is all you know."

"May joy come into that home.."

"Where you get married.."

"You are like the shining star.."

"You are a fresh bouquet of flowers."

"May joy come into that home.."

"Where you get married.."

"You are like the shining star.."

"You are a fresh bouquet of flowers."

"May joy come into that home.."

"Where you get married.."

Radha, will you answer my question?

Whom do you love the most in this world?

My mother.

Good. Very good.

You should always love your mother.

She's the one who gives birth
to us and takes care of us.

A mother is the most
dearest thing in the world.

After her,
who is it whom you love the most?

My brother.

Prashant? You know why?

Because I'm all that he has.
I'm his mother.

Why do I feel as if it
is mother's day today?

What? - Gopal, better keep shut.

Or you'll get the same answer.
- What happened?

Next, it will be her grandmother..

...or somebody else's mother.

Oh mother!

- Oh mother! - Who is she?

Nobody. Do you like apples?

I don't like it.
- Good, I too don't like it.

Had you asked me further,
I'd have replied..

...that I love you the most.

Hereafter, you mean everything to me.

Good morning. - Good morning.

Breakfast ready?

Give me five minutes.

I'll fry it. - What happened?

You burnt your hand.

It must be very painful.

What do I do now?

What are you up to?

I was..

Just five minutes more.

What are you doing?
How can you touch a hot stove?

You burnt yourself? - Yes.

You behave like kids.
Go and sit on the dining table.

I'll get your breakfast.

I'll sit here. - No, sit there.

No, I'll sit here, watch my wife and eat.

Swirl. - Why?

Please. - What is all this?

Why don't you wear a net blouse?

I don't like it. - It looks good.

Okay, you can at least
tie your sari a bit lower.

It doesn't look good. - It looks damn good.

Women with huge waists also wear them.

And you have such a neat waist!

What are you doing?
Go, keep your mouth shut and sit there.

Eat this piping hot stuffed bread.

How will I eat with my mouth shut?

You are joking? - You liked it?

I didn't even feel like laughing.

Yes, Dinesh?

No, not today.


I'm newly married.

I'll go home to my wife,
talk to her and make love to her.

She's not more important than my wife.
Make her understand.

I can't come. Just tell him.

Who asked you to? Grandfather?
So you take grandfather.

My path will clear if you
take the grandfather along.

Sister. - What is it?
- Sister, I want some money.

Money? - Yes.

How much? - Only five thousand rupees.

So much? - I'm getting a second
hand motorcycle like Amitji's.

I too want one.
- I don't have that much money now.

But I'll speak to grandpa..

What's happening? - Nothing.

Sister was talking about
talking to grandpa. - Okay.

What are you doing? - Nothing.

Then do something.
A new video of Amitabh is released.

Go see that. - Okay.

Sister, that grandpa's matter..
- Come on, go. -Yes.

See the entire thing.
Don't leave it incomplete.

Where are you going?
- I had to cook for grandpa.

Forget it. Come here. - What are you doing?

- You can start just about anywhere.

I'm at office and you in
the kitchen the entire day.

I've cancelled all the meetings for you.

Come here. - Grandpa may come.
- Damn grandpa!

What's wrong with her?
- Nothing, she felt dizzy.

What? - She's fine now.

I got worried.
- Don't worry, I'll handle it.

Sister, what happened to you?
- Nothing happened to her.

He'll handle it. Come!

Sister, are you really fine? - Go.

Come. - Go watch video.

What happened to, sister?

What are grinning for?

Come on. - Now.. - Brother!

It must be here.

Did Baba come here? - He's inside.


What are you doing, brother?

I'm trying but nothing is happening.

I'm trying to find something.
You go inside.

What are you finding?
- Don't you have to meet Baba?


You look good when you are angry.

I'll first settle your grandpa's problem.



Did you call me? - Yes, come and sit here.

I've booked your ticket to
Benaras for tomorrow morning.

I've also arranged for
your pilgrimage trip.

The arrangements are all done.
Absolutely perfect, okay?

I don't want to go before
seeing my grandchild.

You must go for this pilgrimage
if you want a grandchild.

Why? - To fulfill your promise.

But that can be done here also. - Yeah.

She doesn't know anything.

Your prayers will be more
effective if you go there.

Yes. - So you are going tomorrow?


Sure? - Yes. - Good.

Then go and finish your packing.

Yes, packing.

Dear, please help me. - I'll just come.

I succeeded in packing him off.
Baba doesn't understand things.

Now if anyone disturbs me, I'll..

...pack off everyone.

What happened?

Why are you talking to yourself?

I was just spraying some perfume.

Milk. - Give it.
- You wear it too. - It's hot.

Tell me one thing.

You finished Baba's packing?
And food stuff also?

Good. - Is anything left out? - No. - Okay.

He'll be certainly leaving in the morning?
- Certainly.

So now nobody will come between us.

What are you doing?
- I thought I'll play foot-ball.

- Okay, then let's play volley-ball.

First switch off the lights.
- The lights won't be put off!

Go and attend the call.

If it's a call for me,
say I'm busy playing football.

Football.. - Not football.

Tell them I'm sleeping and don't
want to be disturbed till morning.

Till morning? - Yes.

Hello. - Radha. - Suraj?

What are you doing? - I? Nothing.

Did I disturb you? - Not at all.

Cover yourself and talk.

Do you know a way to stop it?
- What do you want to stop?

Diarrhea. - Diarrhea?

You must've eaten something wrong.

What did you eat?
- I had sambar (curry) at a party.

And since then I've gone fifteen times..

Why haven't you taken a medicine?

Since your marriage I'm at a
loss for things in my house.

So I was indispensable? - Yes.

Tell me one thing, where are you?
- Where else but in my house.

That I know. But where in the house?

In the hall. - Okay go to the bedroom.

What's this? He's got diarrhea. - Oh!

Ask him to drink tik-20. - No. - Okay.

He could find no better time.
- Did you reach?

I can't walk faster than this.

What is the matter?

I am suffering and you are laughing.

I've always asked you to eat carefully.

But you go berserk on seeing sambar.

It wasn't written on the sambar.
'Do not have much, you'll get diarrhea.

What? - Shall I speak?

Look at your hair. - What?

Not you. Did you reach your bedroom?

I have.

There is the cupboard. - Yes.

Just a moment. - What happened?

Hello.- Hold on, I'm coming.
- What happened? Hello.


The line got disconnected? - No.

He's gone to the toilet. - He can go alone!

Don't joke. - Amazing.

Hello. Suraj.

Oh God.

Suraj. - Hello, tell me.

Open the cupboard.

Now? - There are books in it.

Yes. - The medicine is behind the books.

I found it. - Take two tablets.

Water. - Drink lots of water.

Thank you. - Listen.
- Shall I switch off the light?

Wait a moment, quiet.

That light.. - Hello. - Yes.

Call me up if your health
worsens. I'll be there. - Okay.

Don't hesitate. - Shall we go now?

No, let's go.

Okay? - Bye.

He couldn't find a better time to call up!

There's nobody to take care of him.
Poor Suraj!

Why doesn't he get married? - You tell him.

I'll surely tell him when I meet him again.

Hey, game?

What game? - Volley ball.

Football. -Football.

Now I'll see how he calls up!

You look upset? - Why?

I casually asked.

Our neighbour Shyamlal's..

...son Mahesh, who you know..

...he was very hassled after marriage.
- Why?

They have a big family.

So the couple had no privacy.

He came to me and started pleading.

I resolved his problem in two minutes.

What did you tell him? - Forget it.

Tell me. - Okay, if you insist.

I advised him to take his wife out.

So that they are all the
while together to enjoy life.

His problem was resolved.

Is it? - Yes.

Even now they feel obliged to me.

But why are you telling me all this?

You take me to be a fool
to give me such ideas. Go!

Go away! Go! Go please!

Stupid man!

What is the matter?
- You are looking beautiful today.

Wasn't I beautiful yesterday? - You were.

But today you look more beautiful. - Why?

Because we are going to
Switzerland day after tomorrow.

Switzerland? - But that's very far.

That's the reason we are going.

I won't go. - Why?

It is very cold there.
- We'll take woolens with us.

What if it is still cold? - I am there.


Will we go by air?


What if I feel queasy?

I'll carry a few lemons with me.

And I'll feed you lime juice
throughout the journey.

Then who'll look after Prashant and Nita?

I completely forgot about them.

We'll take them along also.

Really? - We'll take the neighbors also.


Radha. - Yes?

It is our honeymoon, husband and wife.
Only the two of us.

And nobody else. - Yeah?


Forget it. - It is ringing.
Let me answer it. - I'll answer it.

Do one thing, here..
Let me answer it. Okay?

Hello. - It's me. - So am I.

- Gopal Sir, I'm Suraj. - Yeah?

Can I speak to Radha?
- Why, don't you want to speak to me?

Hello Suraj. How are you? - I'm fine.

I am on the top of the world.

Ask me why? - Why?

Because I'm going abroad. - Where?


Switzerland? - When? - Day after tomorrow.

Come with us. We are also
going there day after tomorrow.

Is it? - What happened?

Nothing, it'll be cold there
so don't forget your woolens.

Okay? Okay bye.

Also carry the sweater
that I'd woven for you.

Don't forget.

How can I ever forget that sweater?

Okay? Bye.

You wove a sweater for Suraj? - Yes.


Listen, Suraj is also going to Switzerland.

Yes, yippee.

But I think you were right.

We won't go to Switzerland. - Why?

You said it'll be cold.
- But you said we'll carry woolens.

It's a long journey and
you said you feel queasy.

But you said you'll feed me lime juice.
Didn't you?

We will go? - Yeah. - Really!

Where are you going now? - To bring lemons.

Get three. One for.. - One for Suraj.


It is our honeymoon for which
Suraj will accompany us!

Bone in the meat.

Very good. I'll teach him a lesson.


Excuse me. - Can I help you sir?

I'd booked tickets for Switzerland.

Now I don't want to go to Switzerland.
Please change it.

A while ago you were
pressurizing for Switzerland.

Yes. - You were fighting for it, right?

You wanted to go to Switzerland.

Now you give me a ticket
for some other place.

Give me tickets for Scotland.

I'm sorry sir, we don't have.

Netherlands? - It is not available.

Iceland? - No sir.
- New Zealand. - Sorry sir.

What land is this?

It is Thailand. - Good. I like Thailand.

Book a ticket to Thailand,
I've always liked Thailand.

I'm sorry sir.

What are you sorry for?
You don't understand my problem.

Any land except Switzerland will do.

Sir, it doesn't..
- Excuse me, sir. Make her see sense.

You go to the International airport. - Yes.

They'll solve your problem. - Sure.

Please return my ticket. Thank you.

Excuse me. - Yes.

Why don't you go to Switzerland?
It's a nice place.

Did I ask for your opinion?

First learn to dress and then speak to me.

Why should I go to Switzerland?
You like Switzerland?

She likes Switzerland.
Give her a ticket for Switzerland.

I don't like Switzerland.
I don't like it. Happy?

Gone case.

"I am yours, my love."

"I am yours, my love."

"I promise on my love.."

"..that we will never separate."

"I am yours, my love."

"I am yours, my love."

"I promise on my love."

"That we will never separate."

"I am your my love."

"These happy moments..
These meetings we have."

"I will never forget our loving talks."

"The days are different.
The nights are long."

"There is longing everywhere.
My love will never be less."

"I am yours my love."

"I am yours my love."

"I promise on my love.."

"..that we will never separate."

"I am yours, my love."

"I want to keep you in my heart beats."

"I want to hide you in my eyes."

"Whenever I lift my eyes."

"I should find you there."

"Don't ever go away from me."

"I am yours, my love."

"I am yours, my love."

"I promise on my love."

"That we will never separate."

"I am yours, my love."

"I am yours, my love."

"I am yours, my love."

"I am yours, my love."

"I am yours, my love."

Is Radha at home? - She is upstairs.

Okay, I'll go up.

Radha. - Suraj, come in.
- Don't talk to me.

I got tired of trying to
find you in Switzerland.

There was some ticket problem so..

...we didn't go there.
- So where did you go?

Actually, even I don't
know where we had gone.

But where we had gone
was a beautiful place.

Lots of flowers, plants, cold.
We enjoyed a lot.

I had called but I could not get you.

You are still a child.

What did you get for me?
- For you? See this.

I got this shirt. - Fantastic.

But I like this better.

I had got it for him but you keep it.

I'll give this to him. - Okay.

Should I wear and show it? - Yes.

What are you doing?

Wait. What are you doing?

I am changing.
- You are removing your shirt .. someone else's house in
front of someone else's wife.

Aren't you ashamed? Shameless!

Don't dare to remove your
shirt in front of someone.

Thinks himself to be a wrestler.

What do you mean?
I have a body so I remove the shirt.

If you have a body,
then you remove your shirt.

Don't touch me.
This is my room and my wife.

I can do whatever I want.
Who are you to stop me?

She is your wife now.
- Was she your wife earlier?


No! No!

Mr. Gopal. - Hi. Hello.

What happened sir? - Nothing.

You were saying no.

I was getting a wrong call on
the mobile so I was saying no.

Don't give your mobile number to
many, you get wrong numbers.

You should not even give
the number of your house.

You are right. How was your tour?

Very nice.
- Did you not come to Switzerland?

And this shirt?
- It looks like it was brought for you.

I just wore it. - Why are you removing it?

Don't take off your shirt please.
- Okay sir. So you take mine.

No, thank you.

I never use other people's used things.

That is my policy.
- Oh! What a policy! Fantastic policy.

Thank you. - Even I have a
mind blowing policy. - What?

My policy is that I use anyone's things.

I know that.

Very funny.

Suraj, why don't you get married?

Yes, tell him.
Because he keeps asking me that.

The only logical explanation is that.

You both got married,
I feel like I am married.

When I feel hungry, I come here and eat.

When I am getting bored, I come here.

When I want to have fun, I come here.

- When I want children then.. - Then?

I'll tell you to have children
so that I can come to play.

It means that we should
do everything for you.

Very funny.

Yes, I am going.

So early? - I have work.

Even Sir has come so.. - I'll leave.

What was I saying to you?

Fun? - No, before that.

Children? - No, after that.

Yes, I remembered. Sir..

Wait for a minute. Men are talking.

You made me forget.

Tell me. - Yes, I remembered.

Sir, Radha..
- I'll tell you later. - No, tell it to me.

I'll tell you later. - No, tell it to me.

Sir, suspense is more fun.

Bye. - Bye.

You are still a child.

It is looking nice. I'll make food for you.
- Okay.

She is a child. He is a body builder.

Body builder.

They are okay.

Hello Suman, hi.

No, today, I am not going to say what..

...I have been saying
for the past three years.

That.. How are you? Have you eaten?

What have you drunk?
What time did you sleep?

No. Today I will say
something important to you.

And that is..

The world is progressing so fast.

There is progress in all the departments.

People have mobiles in one hand
and a girlfriend in the other.

And my life's tragedy is that..

...I am in the same position
from the last three years.

I have a mobile phone but
the girlfriend is missing.

Do you understand? NO? Okay I'll explain.

My progress can occur with your answer.

And that is that you tell me..

...that you love me.

That you love me.

And if you say it then I will think..

...that people have only reached the moon.

But I have reached further.
So I will wait for 10 seconds..

...for your answer.






Six. Even I love you a lot.

I love you, Suman.

I'll call you back after
giving this news to Radha. Bye.

Let me go. The phone is ringing.

Leave it, someone will pick it.
People are there in the hall.

You knot my tie. - I don't know to do that.

How don't you know? I'll teach you.

Hold this. - Okay.
- Its very simple. Keep this on this.

Here. Now pull this.

Stand straight. How will I tie it?

We'll do it again. Pull.

What are you doing? Leave me.

What is it? - Stand straight.
- No, it is done like this. Pull it.

Someone will see. - No one will see.

You start anywhere. - I am with my wife.

This is the hall.
- Should I get another wife for the hall?

Come here.

Radha, Suraj is on the line.

One minute.

I have to tell you
something very important.

Not now. He is getting ready for office.

When will your husband leave for office?

In 10-15 minutes.
- I'll call you in 10 minutes.

No, I'll call you after
he leaves for office.


Radha, I'm in love.
Okay, bye. I am very happy.

Come, I'll tie it.

I am getting late for office. Let it be.

When you get free from your phone..

...learn to tie this.

What are you doing? It is very tight.

I'm in love.

What is this? He is angry
because I can't knot the tie.

My number has been selected.

Why are you screaming? What is the matter?

My phone has reached the game show.

They asked me a question
and I gave the right answer.

In the game,
when I have to use 'phone a friend.'.

...I'll call you and you
give me the right answer.

We will win 1 crore and
we will divide it equally.

We will also give your
husband, grandfather..

...Suraj and most of it to Neeta.

She spends more. - We will give her more?

Forget being a millionaire,
you are looking like a monkey.

What have you tied on your forehead?

Style sister. Amit sir's style.

Like you have knotted this
tie like your husband.

This is not a style. He forcibly tied it.

I am trying to remove it
but it is not coming out.

How do you remove it.
- Let alone these small problems..

...after winning 1 crore,
I'll solve all your problems.

Now just one small problem. - A problem?

I have clothes to wear but no money.

Your problem will be solved tomorrow.

Thank you sis.



I am coming. Yes, brother-in-law.

Why did you need Rs, 5,000-

I had seen a motorcycle
like the hero rides..

So I wanted it. - So you took it yourself?

What are you saying? I promise that I..

...I hate liars and thieves.

And button this shirt.

You are mistaken,
I have not stolen anything.

Prashant this is the first
and the last time. Okay?

Believe me, I have not stolen anything.
- Prashant, go.

But I have not stolen anything.
- Please, go.

What is the matter?
You did not give the glass in my hand.

Radha.. What happened?

Why did you call my brother a thief?

It's not like that.
Let's sit and talk. Please sit.

Please sit.

I just told Prashant that
if he needs something..

...then he can ask from me.
- No, you called him a thief.

He must be so hurt. - Please sit Radha.

Don't talk like a fool.
What I told him was for his good.

Before this,
there has been no theft in this house.

You mean that thefts have
started after we have come.

I did not mean that.
- You have always insulted him.

But you.. -And today you
have accused him of theft!

What do you think?
We are also not bad people.

We are cultured people.

If you don't like him in this
house, you throw him out. -Enough.

Just because I am silent,
you cannot say anything to me.

Such a big thing.. - Brother.

Sorry. I was getting late for
college yesterday. I had to.. fees so I took Rs,
5000 from your wallet.

Why did you not ask me for the money?

You could have at least
asked me for the money once.

You should have asked for the money.



I had said that my brother is not a thief.
- Enough.

Prashant had asked you for
money yesterday, didn't he?

Did you ask me?
If money is missing, what will I think?

Won't I ask? Who am I in this house?

You and your brother are right.

Only we are wrong. - I did not say that.

I am sorry. -What are you doing?

I am sorry. I beg of you.
- Hey. - I am sorry. That's it.


Neeta, I am sorry.


I told you I was sorry.

You should not have removed
money without asking me.

It is wrong.

So many problems are
created because of this.

I won't mind it if you hit me.

I am hurt that you hit me
in front of sister-in-law.

I am sorry.

Did it hurt here? Or here?
Or here. Or here.

- Easy. I have to go to office. I'm sorry.

Prashant! - Yes. - Put the T.V.
off. Gopal will be reaching home.

Just two minutes. - Okay listen.

The light in the bathroom is
spoiled, fix it.

I'll do it.

Neeta, please wait. Listen to me.

Neeta, you are mistaken.

Neeta, please wait. - Don't touch me.

Listen to me. - Don't talk to me.

I did not know that you were coming there.

I swear, Neeta.

Get out. - Believe me Neeta.

I was not waiting in the
bathroom intentionally.

My sister told me..
- Your sister told you..

...that she is bathing, go and watch her.

What are you saying? Why will she say that?

I had..

I did not know that you would come there.

This is my house.
I can bathe in any bathroom.

I never thought that you
were such a cheap person.

If I tell this to my
brother, he will hit you.

I did not see you taking your bath.
I promise.

If my sister finds out,
I won't be able to show her my face.

Sister! Believe me..

Sister. Listen to me.
Believe me, I did not to anything wrong.

Oh God.

I swear on you.
I don't care what they think about me.

But you don't think I am wrong.

And you had told me.. - I had told you.

But could you not come
out when she came inside.

You did not see her. - Who will
believe you? Who will believe you?

When she came out,
did you not have the sense to come out.

What did you do? What can I do?

Neeta, please.

Neeta, please. Open the door.

Listen to me for a minute. - Radha!


Dear, Gopal.
- What happened to you? Why are you crying?

Dear Gopal, nothing is wrong.

Nothing is wrong.
- She is crying because nothing happened?

What is the matter?


What is the matter?
Why is your sister crying?

Nothing happened. - One minute,
I am talking. Did you say something?

Listen to me, sir.
- Will anyone please tell me what happened?



What happened to Neeta?

I'll tell you. - One minute. Enough.



Vishal, son.

Your brother in law is very angry now.

You go now. After he calms
down, you come back. Go.

Sister! - Don't talk to me.

Go now. Come back later. Go.


Neeta is mistaken.

What did you do?

What did you do? Leave my hand. - Gopal!

You don't know..

What did you do? - I'll kill him.

Don't hit him.
- I always knew that he was cheap.

Leave my hand.
It has all happened because of you.

Did you see the result?
Now pamper him more.

you are misunderstanding me.

Let go of my hand.

Tell him not to show me his face again.

Or I'll..

Sister. - Go away from here.

I'll make everything alright.

If you are truly my brother,
then you won't wait. Go.

Where will I go? - Anywhere..

You had said that you
would always stay with me.

Think that I am dead.

How can you say that?
- I cannot bear your insults.

I'll tolerate that he hit me.

I cannot tolerate it. I cannot see it.

I cannot stay alive without you.

You are grown up.
You can work and stay anywhere.

Go away and don't ever
come back to this house.

Go away. Go away from here.

Don't cry. I'll go away.

Don't cry.

When you get married,
he will regret and cry.

That will not happen. When I get married..

...I'll take him with me.

Who wants to stay here?
We will stay with her.

You want to stay with her.

When your husband beats you
both, you will come to know.

If he hits me, even I will hit him. - Yes.

But I won't leave my brother.

Hello. - Hello.

Radha! What happened to you?


Why are you crying?

I threw Prashant out of the house today.

- But why? - Gopal hit him a lot today.

No one wants him to stay here.

No one likes him.

I could not see it so I
asked him to leave the house.

Listen Radha!

Fights take place in all houses.

You don't worry.
- I don't know where he will be.

I know where he will be. I'll get him here.

I'll keep him here and take care of him.

I just have faith on you.

You can understand my pain.

Now you stop crying and go to sleep.

Sister asked me to leave her house.

You've been repeating the same
thing for quite some time.

Do you think she's happy to have done that?

No Thums up either. Hasmukh bring
a bottle of Thums up for him.

She asked you to leave so
that no one insults you.

So that you become a responsible man.

Do you understand?

Not just like that.
You have to work hard for that.

No Suraj, I just can't
live without my sister.

Death would have been better.

At least you can eat your dinner now.

Sit down and have your dinner.
You didn't eat anything since 2 days.

This is the right choice baby.

What's wrong with him?

Mr. Amit is enacting an emotional
scene and he's not eating food.

Don't worry.

You better have your dinner soon.

Once I show you something you'll
forget all about the dinner.

Look at this. - What's it?

Keys? - What keys?

Basanti. - Basanti?

Khuddar (self-respected) - Khuddar?

Nastik (Non-believer) - Nastik?

Amitabh used to drive
taxi in all those films.

This is key of that taxi.

May I meet him? - No, you can't.

He's a very busy man. Do you understand?

If you have to meet him then you..

...should be one amongst
the rich and famous.

ABCL. - Yes, you have to go
through all those things.

Once you do that he'll
definitely come to meet you.

But you'll have to work hard for that.
Are you ready to do that?

Of course, I will. - Yes, good.

Did he give these keys to you?

He gave it to me and I gave
it to you by Mr. Amit's name.

Do you think that I'm not
telling the truth? - No.

Have your dinner soon.

Go to your room and imitate..

...your favorite hero.

Become a prince. - Prince.
- A macho. - Macho.

- I hope you are not a vagabond!
- No. - Don't try to become one.

We'll help you. Eat your dinner.
Don't think about your sister.

I'm missing her very much. - Run!

Suraj, how's Prashant?

Take care of him.

Like a child - Started again.

I didn't hear him from many days.
- Our house never sleeps.

And what's he doing these days?

'I.. I'

It's such an awful tune.

It will drive you mad.

Well, who else will
listen to your song first?

I'll come tomorrow.
- Why don't you go today itself.

I won't be here for two days.
Why don't you come today?

Anyways I'm feeling bored today.
- Even that's right.

Even I'm bored. - Bored in one's own house.

No one can sing for you either.
Sorry, I can't sing.

Should I send the driver?
- No, I have a driver.

I'll be there in a moment.
- Go, but don't come back.

"What should I do? Something happens.."

Who invented this phone?

I will kill him if I ever meet that person.

One, two, three..

Wait, You can't go in.

Why? Go and tell him that Radha is here.

Whoever you are, you can't go in now.

Tell Suraj that Radha is here.

I told you. - Suraj, is he new?

Danny, are you mad?
Don't you know her? Get lost.

Why are you late?
- I was on time, he didn't let us in.

He said no one is allowed to come in.

The recording is about to start.
- So, let's move.

Hey, sir.. - Hi.

How are you? - I didn't expect you.

I wasn't, but the driver
was not there. So I..

He's got a good sense of humor.
Come along. Come.

The song will be picturised
on Aamir Khan. Come.

"A red neck tie and a mattress at home."

"Just a single pillow and the two of us."

"How do we fight the biting cold?"

"Tell me, will we be able to sleep?"

"How will we fight the biting cold?"

"Tell me, will we be able to sleep?"

"A red neck tie and a mattress at home."

"Don't worry about the pillow,
I'll take care of that."

"I'll take you in my arms."

"And I'll make coffee for you."

"I'll take you in my arms."

"And I'll make coffee for you."

"The whole world is asleep."

"But we are lost in our own world."

"I'm scared of you."

"I don't trust you."

"I have one condition."

"Don't be naughty. - Why are you sweating?"

"Don't think about anything else."

"Neither will I think about anything else."

"I think there's a bedbug in the bed."

"The bug is worrying me."

"It's pestering me.
- It's in love with you."

"The bedbug is definitely luckier than me."

"I'll search for that bedbug now."

"I'll punish the bug."

"I'll search for that bedbug now."

"I'll punish the bug."

"A red neck tie and a
mattress in my house."

"Just one pillow and the two of us."

"There's just one blanket too,
how do we fight the biting cold?"

"And how do we sleep?"

"I'll take you in my arms."

"I'll make coffee for you too."

"I'll draw all the curtains."

"And if you want I'll
switch off the lights too."

"Oh no, don't do that."
"Don't switch off the lights."

"What's the time?
I'm afraid something will happen."

"I promise I won't cross my limits."

"I'll just give you kiss."

"This is my fate. Why did I fall in love?"

"Why am I so lost in love?"

"We can't help it. The time is near."

"We'll have to sleep together
for there's just one mattress."

"I'll never break your
trust." "Do you understand?"

"I'll never break your trust."

"A red neck tie and a mattress at home."

"There's just a single
pillow and the two of us."

"There's just one blanket too."

"How do fight the biting cold?
How do we go to sleep?"

"I'll embrace you and make coffee for you."

You should sing even if
you don't know to sing.

You should bathe in ice cold water.

You should bathe in ice cold water..

You should sing even if
you don't know how to sing.

You should sing even if
you don't know how to sing.

What's going on?

I was not feeling sleepy so
I thought I'll sing a song.

You'll sing a song!

Can't I sing?
- Why do you have to try so hard?

You can never sing like Suraj.

His voice touches your heart.

Come let's go to sleep.

Suraj is nice, right? - Yes, very nice!

I love his songs.

Let's go or the neighbours will beat me.

Come on, get up. Just a minute.
Just a minute.

Now, what's this?

Sleeping pills.
I don't feel like sleeping today.

Even I couldn't sleep
properly since last two days.

Give me one.

I'll give you all these pills one day.

Give me one.

You don't need one. Come, let's go.

Why are you eating this sleeping tablet?

Why are you singing at night?

Take this. - Hold this.


Are you asleep? No, I'm playing?

Are you asleep?

What's it?
- What happens if you eat one pill?

You feel asleep for one night. - Ok.

What's it? - Two pills.
- Sleep for two days.

Hey.. - What? What is it?

What about three pills?

One pill, one night's sleep.
Two pills, two night's sleep.

The whole bottle..
You'll be asleep for life.

Forever. Happy?

Shall I sleep now? Good night.

Hey.. - What is it?


No, I don't want to play football.
My legs are aching.

Volley ball?
- I'm feeling very sleepy. Good night.

All because of these sleeping pills.

Sleep on your side of the bed.

Hey! This side is mine too.


Hello uncle, this is Prashant here.

How are you?
- Uncle, I'm missing sister a lot.

Please call her. - She's bathing.

Whenever I call, she never answers my call.

Uncle, I want to talk to Sister today.

Call her, I'll keep the call on hold.

Phone Engaged..


Yes sir. - Are you Mona?

No, I'm Dinesh. - I know that.

But are you Mona.
- She's on leave. - I know that.

Did I ask you that? - No. - Get lost. Ok.

One Minute. Come here. Come back.

Yes sir.

I want Suraj's phone number.

Which Suraj? - The stage dancer.

Oh..the one who dances like
Michael Jackson? - Yes that one.

I want to meet him too. I'm a
great fan of his. - Shut up!

Get me his number.

Okay Sir. - Go soon. Yes sir.

Michael Jackson's fan!! Idiot.

Sir, Suraj's number is 3619860.

It is okay. Go.

Go, please.

Suman. Radha liked the song.

But Gopal liked the song very much.

He praised me very much.

Phone engaged. Suraj engaged.
Radha engaged.

Engaged. Engaged.

You told me that you call Suraj
once I come to office. Call him.

Talk. - What are you talking about?

Hello Suraj, this is Radha here.

Hi Radha, how are you? I am fine.

I made omelet today.

Of what? - Egg Omelet? Idiot.

Don't you know omelets are made of eggs?

Why do you have to talk to other's wives?

And aren't you ashamed?

But you had told me before..

Here talk. Continue talking.

I am sorry, I disturbed you. Go on.


Damn it!

What's the matter?
Have you not seen me before?

Am I Michael Jackson? Am I dancing?

Please, go. Go do your work.

Go on please.
- Let's go. He's in a real bad mood.

Yeah hello.

Hello. - Sir, Mona here.
- Yes Mona, tell me.

Sir, please come to my home. - Come home?

- But why should I come?
I am too busy. I can't come now.

Sir, I have a major problem.

Not only you. Even I have problems.

Please, solve all your problems yourself.

- Does she have more problems than me?

Good evening, sir.

What will you have?

Beer. - Yes, sir.

Every person admires other's possessions.

What do you mean?
Whom are you talking about?

Everyone and everything.

Other's house, bungalow, car and even wife.

What are you driving at?
Are you talking about me?

No, not about you.
This happens with everyone.

Enough of this. There's one
more thing which everyone does.

Let's go to the room.
Otherwise we'll be late.

Let's go.
- Why, will your husband come here?

Let him come. What's the problem?
Even, he will know.

Problem arises only
when we speak the truth.

No man can tolerate such a truth.

I got the money but there's
no love in our relationship.

I experienced happiness only in your arms.

Aren't you ashamed to talk like that?

Who are you? - Who am I?

I am a husband. Husband..

Who works the whole day but
doesn't know where his wife is.

Not like him who loves other's wives.

Hey mister, I'm not sitting with your wife.

How dare you talk about my wife?

Is she your wife?
- Hey, what are you doing?

What problem do you have if
anybody sits with someone's wife.

You might enjoy being with others wives.'
- Leave him.

You enjoy. Let go of my hand!

He loves enjoying being with others wives.
- Okay, sir.

Okay? It is okay?
Will you tolerate if she was your wife?

- He is crazy! - How dare you call me one?

I'll kill you if you sit with others wives.
Let go of my hand!

Stop it! - Don't go with him.

Crazy man!
- You are wrong. He doesn't love you.

Sir, please come. Leave me. I'm a husband.

I'm husband.. - Sir, you come please.

Please.. - Yes, I know.

Sir, you here?

What a surprise? - Nothing, I'm going out.

What brings you here?
- I had come to the parlour.

I saw you as soon as I came out. Ok.

You seem to be worried.

You look worried.

No, I'm not worried at all.

I was going out. - So, let's go together.

Why? - Didn't I tell you..

I have something very
serious to talk about.

On phone, right? - Yes.

Tell me.

Please sir come, let's go. - Please. Come.

Sir, give it to me. - No, it is alright.

Sir, give it to me.
- No, it is alright, Mona. Okay. Okay.

Sir, please come.

Welcome to my sweet home sir.

What's your problem?
- Sir, please have a seat.

No, I've not come here to sit.
- You've come for the first time.

I'll tell you. Please, come.

Please have a seat. - Yeah. - Come.

Please have a seat. - Thanks.

You still didn't tell
me what your problem is.

Where's your husband? - He's in Delhi.

Sir! Please.

Just two minutes.

Tell me, what your problem is.

If you want to cry, then I'm going.

Did you see this, Sir,
these are burn marks.

My husband has done this to me.

But why are you telling me that?

Sir, why don't you understand?
- I understand everything.

But I don't like this.
Mona, you are a married woman.

And a few arguments are
routine in marriages.

That doesn't mean that you
should tell your problems to me.

But you are not a stranger.

I'm telling this to the person I like.
- No.. No..

Talking to other man after
marriage is not right.

Perhaps you don't know but it hurts.

I know.

Does she have no feelings after marriage?

Does her dreams and her
wishes have no value at all?

So if she doesn't love her
husband, she doesn't like him..

...then can't she talk to
the person whom she loves.

Doesn't her feeling have any value.
I like you.

I love you. - No, you can't do that.

You are a wife and your
husband, whatever he is..

...good or bad is your husband.

If you can handle your relations
well, then it's good.

And if not,
you should do as your husband wishes.

This is what marriage means.

And if you don't then the
society will blame you.

The people will insult you.

They'll call you a prostitute.

I care the least for such a society.

Which has been made for the benefit of men.

I cannot lead such a life.

Tell me, how many men
are true to their wives?

You called the women prostitutes.

What will you call such a man?
- Stop this nonsense.

Marriage is an age old tradition.

You just can't prove yourself right.

And whatever it is,
man is always superior to woman.

And that's the fact. That's it.

Sir, if a woman loves someone..

...he means the world to her.

And the one she hates,
whoever he may be means nothing to her.


I don't like you at all.

You are not handsome.
You are not well dressed.

And I don't like this
smoking habit of yours.

You can't even sing properly.

I like Suraj.

I love him very much. I live with you..

...but still I love him.

Are you blind? Have you gone mad?

Are you daydreaming?
- I'm sorry. - What sorry?

What if anything would have happened to me?
- I'm sorry.

What about my wife? I'm newly married.

Newly married? Then I'm really sorry.

Really sorry? You people can
easily get away with that.

You knocked my bike.
You just have to say sorry.

Hey wait. Wait!

Where are you going?
He's damaged my bike too.

Why are you laughing?

I'm not happy with these small awards.

I have a dream. I want you to win
Singer of the Millennium award.

And I'll present that award to you.

Is it so easy to get an award?

But when I get it you'll surely be there.

Of course. 100%.

Hey Gopal sir. How are you Gopal?

Please come.

I heard you are busy nowadays.
No recording today?

Yes, there was.

If I record in the morning,
I don't do it in evening..

...and vice versa.

Radha had told me. Too many
recordings will spoil my voice. - Yes.

That means you'll come home at least once.

But you'll definitely come.

What are you thinking? - Nothing.

But you are thinking something.
- No, nothing.

What are you thinking about? Tell me.

Nothing, I have a bad headache.

I'll bring coffee for you.
- No. - But. - I'll take it.

You both can talk.
- I'll bring coffee for you.

No need, please sit.

Sir, why don't you take an aspirin?

You are the reason of my headache.


Is he allergic to aspirin? - I don't know.

Take a saridon.
It will give you a nice sleep.

Why don't you go?
Everything will be alright.

Do one thing, take care of your husband.
I'm leaving.

You sit here. I'll make Horlicks for you.

No, some other time.. What?
Do you remember that I like Horlicks?

So what? How can I forget.

She never forgot him.
So how can she forget Horlicks?

You wanted to talk about something.

Tell you some other time.
That's not important.

Take care of your husband.
I'll take your leave.

Bye. - Bye.

What time is the recording tomorrow?

He'll definitely inform you about it.

Is there any need to ask him about it?

Suraj Suraj! Suraj!

I'll have to do something now.

What's the matter? Are you still awake?

Where are you going?



What's the matter?

Are you not feeling well?

What's wrong? Not feeling well?

I'm jealous. - But why?

What happened?!

What happened?!

What does a husband want?
What does a man want?

That his wife loves him the most.

Even more than her parents.

Even more than her father.

Even more than her brother.

Worship him like God.

Am I wrong if I think like that?

Please don't say that.

Quiet! Quiet!

Let me talk.

Radha, you've changed.

You've changed a lot.

You've forgotten everything.

But I remember everything.

I remember. Our dream palace,
the King and the queen.

Grandfather's.. - Be careful.

We had so many dreams.

You shattered all my dreams.

I had so many dreams.
You've changed so much, Radha.

Please don't say that. No.

Let me talk.

You are much more than just a wife to me.

You are a mother,
a friend and a companion for me.

You were everything for me.

But you never tried to understand me.

Actually, you had told me when
I asked you on our first night..

...whom you loved most.. said your mother. Your brother.

By God's grace,
I didn't ask you anything else.

Or else you would have taken Suraj's name.

Wait! What are you saying?

What are you saying? Don't shout!

Don't Shout!

Did you ever try to find my likes?

Whether I like coffee or tea?

But you definitely know
that he likes Horlicks.

You ask him to call you
when I'm not at home.

Do you think I don't understand?
Am I a fool?

Am I a fool?

When I return home from office..

...a few words of love
is just out of question..

...I have to ask for even a glass of water.

A wife's duty is not restricted to the bed.

You should also love each other.

I just love you and only you.

But do you love me at all?

I don't know that.

God has given each one a specific talent.

One may be a good singer while the other..

...but you, Suraj! Suraj! Suraj!

You are suspecting me?

Yes, I am.

I doubt whether you love me or not.

You call someone else at midnight..

...and you tell him that only
he can understand your problems.

Then what conclusion should I draw?

A woman who sits at home
cannot be labelled chaste.

A woman who sits at home
can also be unchaste.

Leave me alone.

Leave you?

Leave me alone.

But where will I go?

You can go anywhere you want.

Please go anywhere for some days.

Please don't say that.
I can't live without you.

When I feel that I can't live without
you, I'll call you back.

- Go now. - No, I won't. - Please go.

Go - I won't go. - Please go.

No. - Please go. - I won't. - Brother.


What's wrong brother?

Nothing, you come with me.

Radha, how are you? I hope you are fine.

Prashant, look who's here.

Your sister is here. - Radha.

How are you? Gopal didn't come with you?

He had some important work.
Where's Prashant?

Sister, how are you?

When did you come? - Just now.

How are you?
- I thought you've forgotten all about me.

I used to think about you every moment.

After mother's death,
I never felt I'm all alone.

But I felt I was orphaned when I left you.
- No.

Don't say like that.

Don't say like that. Now that I am here..

Please stay here for few days this time.

This time I'll be here
for quite a long time.

Radha, Radha!

You've started working
the moment you came here.

Doesn't your brother help you in anything?

And look, I am such a big
idiot that you are here and I.

And I was trying to Contact you there.

Did you call? - Yes.
- Who answered the call?


And tell me, how's your husband.

He's okay. - He has to be.

He's so lucky to have a wife like you.

I think even I should get married.

And have 50-60 kids within two months.

You know Suman?

The one whom I speak to
on the phone everyday.

I'll marry her. - So do it.

How can I marry her unless you approve her?

I have not done anything
Without your permission.

You have to get married so
you have to take the decision.

There's something wrong. What's the matter?

Nothing. - You look so drab today.

I'm not feeling well, that's it.

Then take some medicines and go to sleep.

No, I'm alright. - Come on, get up.

Nothing is the matter with me.

Ask Prashant to help you or I'll kill him.

Come. - I've got lots of work.

I'll do the work for you.


Where's Gopal?

Didn't he come with you?

Yes, I let her go alone. So what?

You have done a very wrong thing.

What did I do?

You couldn't even tolerate
their phone calls but.. they both are together.

I know what I've done.
- People get married to be happy.

But when you are not happy,
then it's better to take divorce.

What do you mean?
- Sir, I'm your well-wisher.

I am your friend.
I know a lawyer who's an.. in divorce cases.

He was the person who handled my case too.

He did a very nice thing for your wife.

You are my friend? - Yes. - A well wisher?

You should try to sort out our differences.

You shouldn't try to make
the matters even worse.

Get lost. Wait.
- Don't give this advice to anyone else.

Do you understand? Go from here.

Come here!


Sister in law!

I know what you want to say.

Come here.

Don't worry.

Everything will be alright.

And I'm perfectly alright.

Look. Go and study for your exams.

Ok? Go!

Sister. - I'm here. - Sister.

Do you know what Suraj did?

I didn't know that he would change so much.

What? - I never thought he would forget us.

What happened? Why are you shouting?
What did he do?

Don't ask me that.

He has decided to get married
without even telling us.

And what more, he's getting married today.

Marriage? - Yes, marriage.

And he has sent him to
invite us for his marriage.

But tell him that we are
not coming for marriage.

Sister, I know his anger is justified.

But what can I do?
Everything took place so suddenly.

We had no time to inform anybody.

I'll definitely come.
Nothing can give me more happiness.

Didn't he invite my husband?

I'm going there to invite him.

We'll come there soon.

You almost forgot your
friends after marriage.

We shouldn't have come,
is this the way to invite friends?

First you fixed the marriage
and then informed us.

Sister, he's become a star.
- Don't say that.

I was so happy to hear this news.

Look, he's yet to be married.

She is so intelligent,
try to learn something from her.

Let it be. Tell me, where's Suman?

You want to meet her?
Look there before that.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to Radha.

Happy birthday to you.

At least give some reaction.
- What's all this?

Why did you do this?
- I can never forget your birthday.

Because your birthday is more
important than my wedding.

Cut this cake now.

Let him come. But is he coming?

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday sweet Radha.

Happy birthday.

I'm sorry, I'm not with you.

But wherever you are, be happy. Cheers.

Excuse me sir.

The date man? Tell me.
- I've come here to invite you.

Invite? - Yes. - But for what?

It's her birthday.. Suraj.

What a coincidence!
It's Suraj's birthday too.

No, Its Radha's birthday.
Suraj is just celebrating it.

It's my wife's birthday
and he is celebrating it?

Very good.
- I've come here to take you with me.

Why? What shall I do there?

You are there, Suraj and Radha are there.

What will I do? Play the joker.
Do you think I am one?

But how will we celebrate
her birthday without you?

It will be celebrated. You can go.

Enjoy the party.
- Everyone is waiting for you..

You can go. I'm not coming.
- But I've promised them..

Didn't you hear me?
- I'll go, Sir. Get lost.

Happy birthday.

We've been waiting since long.
Even the violinists are tired.

When will he come? How inconsiderate!
- You shut up.

He will definitely come.

Sister, at least cut a small piece.

He won't come to know that. - Stop it.

He's coming, I told you. - He isn't coming.


There's something wrong.
Something wrong with them.


You have a letter. Give it to me.

No, it's not a letter.
A registered letter for Radha.


Dear Radha.

What's this? - I don't know.



Mr. Suraj. - Are you mad? Don't disturb me.

Gopal wants a divorce from Radha. - What?

And Gopal even asked
Radha to leave his house.

You didn't tell me anything.
What's the matter?

Tell me Radha,
why don't you tell me anything?

I've asked her too.
But she's not saying a word.

She's just been crying.
- I knew something was wrong.

What's the problem? I can't do
anything unless you tell me that.

Okay, I'll ask him myself.

No Suraj, please don't go there.

What? Then who else will go there?

I don't know that but you don't go there.

Neither will you say anything
nor will Suraj go there.

Then how will we know what the problem is.

I will tell you one thing.
If he plays with your life..

...sister, I won't spare him.

Stop it, Prashant.
I really don't know the reason.

I don't why he sent this notice to me.

If Suraj goes there and says something..

...then it would only
make the matters worse.

My life will be ruined.

Do you want my life to be ruined?

Do you want us to keep quiet?

But who's spoiling your life?

I don't know. But please don't go there.

But why shouldn't I go?

Tell me, why shouldn't I go?

Why shouldn't I go?

"I established a bond with you, you..

...established my bond with sorrow.."

"Apart from trusting .., what was my fault.."

"Sometimes you make ties."

"Sometimes you break ties."

"Sometimes you make ties."

"Sometimes you break ties."

"Sometimes you make ties."

"Sometimes you break ties."

"O my beloved.."

"Look how you have repaid
me for my loyalty."

"Look how you have repaid
me for my loyalty."

"Your promises, your plans."

"Your promises, your plans."

"O my beloved."

"You forgot everything."

"Look how you've repaid me for my loyalty."

"You forgot everything."

"Look how you've repaid me for my loyalty."

"You are in my memories."

"You are in my every breath."

"But I wonder what
misunderstanding you're lost in."

"I saw your house as a
temple, and you as my God."

"I saw your house as a
temple, and you as my God."

"I made you my God.."

"Your promises, your plans."

"Your promises, your plans."

"O my beloved."

"You forgot everything."

"Look how you have repaid
me for my loyalty."

"You forgot everything."

"Look how you have repaid
me for my loyalty."

"I will never be able
to sleep all my life."

"I will never be able
to belong to anybody."

"You may become a stranger."

"But I will never be able to
distance myself from you."

"For a stranger,
you forgot your loved ones."

"For a stranger,
you forgot your loved ones."

"You forgot your loved ones."

"You forgot your loved ones."

"Your promises, your plans."

"Your promises, your plans."

"O my beloved."

"You forgot everything."

"Look how you have repaid
me for my loyalty."

"You forgot everything."

"Look how you have repaid
me for my loyalty."

"You forgot everything. Look how
you have repaid me for my loyalty."

Hey, who are you?
Why are you staring at me?

I look strange? Funny?

Do you know why I am drunk?

You don't, right?
Then why are you staring at me?


I'll tell you.

Wife problem.

My wife is not a good woman.

My wife is not a good woman.

So you know, when a man's
wife is not a good woman..

...that man is finished! Totally finished!

Are you married?


Very good.

Very good.

Don't marry.

I am a Bachelor.

Radha is a stubborn woman.
She's very temperamental.

Okay, so when I came home,
I was a little angry.

I scolded her. So what did she do?

She packed her bags and left home.
No problem!

...I'm angry, she's angry. No problem!

But she should have
returned home the next day.

She should have come
back to apologize to me.

She should have given me
a chance to apologize.

But no!

She is comfortable in her brother's house.

No problem.

No problem.

But she should have at
least given me a call.

She should at least call
up her husband once.

We live in the same house.
She knows the number.

But that Suraj..

Just a minute.

My wife calls up Suraj four..

...sometimes even five times in a day.

Five times!

Don't tell anybody.


But she doesn't call up
her husband even once.

Just one call?

She writes me a letter. A letter.

Do I live in Delhi?

Are we sitting in Calcutta and talking?

Are you listening what I am saying?

You must be. You have such long ears.

You can hear everything, right? Good.

Thank you.

You don't have legs. Hey!
You don't have legs.

If you did, you would have gone
to Radha and told her all this.

But you don't..
Will you call her up and tell her?

You don't even have hands.
No hands, or legs.

You only have ears. Where are you from?

Son.. - What did you say?

Gopal.. - Yes, tell me.

Gopal. - Tell me!

It's me, Kaka.
Shall I go and tell Radha how you feel?

Why? Because you have legs?

Did you hear, Horse? Kaka says
he'll go and tell Radha everything.

Because he has legs.

You have legs, but you are not a horse.

But son..

There is no need to advise
me, or show me any sympathy.

You have legs. So go off to bed.

Go. - But son.. - Enough.. Enough!


Sir, Suraj, here. - Yes, tell me.

Sir, I want to meet you.

No, I cannot meet you right now.

Sir, please. Just for two minutes.

I said I cannot, I am very busy right now.

No sir, you'll have to meet me.

Why do you want to meet me?
- I want to talk to you.

I don't want to talk to you.

Please disconnect.
- Sir, I'll meet you anywhere you say.

I must meet you.

Please sir.

Where are you right now?

Stop. Wait here for me.

Radha, you. Welcome.

Kaka, is he alright?

He's absolutely fine. He just left.

But why do you look so tensed and worried?

It's nothing Kaka.. - Then come inside.

I'll come, I'll surely come.
The day he comes to take me.

How are you, Gopal sir? - Who are you?

I'm Suraj, sir. Don't you recognize me?

No.. Who are you?

Nobody. But why did you do this to Radha?

THAT! Who are you to ask me THAT?

Sir, after you, it is only me
who can inquire about Radha.

Who can be concerned about her.

Tell me what mistake she made.

It is not her mistake, it is your mistake!

My mistake? - Yes.

What nonsense are you talking!

You think I am mad?

That's stupid. - I'm stupid?

How are you related to my wife?

Are you her elder brother?
Her younger brother?

Her cousin? Her uncle?
How are you related to my wife?

Are these the only relationships
that exist? - Yes, what else?

You are just a neighbour.
Why do you walk into my house anytime?

Don't you know that I don't
like your coming to my house?

How many times will you call
up another man's wife in a day?

Four times, eight times, 10 times?

Do you know how much it hurts me?

In my presence, you tell my wife
you want a child for yourself?

For you! You are a criminal.

You are a criminal.

Alright, I am a criminal. But what are you?

You are her husband, aren't you?

She sleeps with you, she wakes up with you.

You don't trust her? - No, I don't.

She likes you more than she likes me.

She praises you more than she praises me.

I am her husband only for name sake.

You should have married her.

I've heard enough of your nonsense!

I've heard enough of your nonsense!

You have a complex. You are cheap..

I'm cheap?
- Yes, you are!...I'm cheap? Wait a minute!

You say I have a complex?

Take this. I have a complex?
I am cheap? Hold this.

I die every moment because of you.

Rather than die every moment,
kill me once and for all. Shoot me.

Says I have a complex.

Says I have a complex.

When you get married..

...and your wife secretly
talks to another man.. the middle of the night,
then you tell me what complex is.

She talks to me secretly? - Yes!
- She talks to me secretly?

Says I have a complex!- You do.
- I am cheap? - You are! Shut-up!

You call me cheap? You won't realize now..'ll realize only
after you get married..

...A man who doesn't trust his loyal wife..
You re cheap!

I won't spare you!

There is a limit to being suspicious!

Such a renowned man, but so narrow minded!

What nonsense he kept
talking about me and Radha!

I was there for Radha's sake..

...or I'd have killed him!

Let me call her up.

Before doubting you..
A thought to the fact..

...that you and Radha
are childhood friends.

What? - You two are only friends.

Then it is all my fault. - How is that?

Because I used to behave with
her after her marriage ..

...just the way I did
when she was not married.

I don't understand.

The same naughty behavior, the same jokes..

...So what? You two are childhood friends.

You know that Radha and me are friends.

I know, Prashant knows, Radha knows.

But he doesn't know.

He must be thinking that
we are having an affair.

There is no reason to doubt.

How would you feel if your wife
was friendly with another man?

If my wife does something like
that, I'll kill her!

But Gopal didn't go to that extent.

If that's the case,
he should have said on day one..

...that he doesn't approve of
your and Radha's friendship.

How would he? He doesn't
even smile and say a 'hello'.

He ruined Radha's life
because of his suspicions.

You don't understand.

He didn't ruin Radha's life, I did.

That too, unknowingly.

But if I'm the reason
for breaking her house..

...then I'll help patch them up too.


I've come to meet Gopal. Is he home?

He's not at home.


What can I say?

I didn't know that Gopal hated me.

That he didn't approve of
my friendship with Radha.

But Radha and me are childhood friends.

We are almost like brother and sister.

And this is what I had
come to explain to Gopal.

But he doesn't want to understand.

Look, please make him see sense.

Or these two will ruin their lives.

And I will never be able to forgive myself.

Look, I am not important in your lives.

But you all hold a very
important place in my life.

Please, for Gopal's sake.
For the sake of your sister-in-law.

Thank you.

This year, Suraj, the famous singer..

...has been chosen for the Best
Pop singer of the year award.

This is the first time such an
award is being given to Suraj.

Thank you.

Congratulation Mr. Suraj.

You have won such a big award.

We want to ask you some
questions on behalf of your fans.

Did you expect to win this award?

No. I didn't have any hope.

But I had full faith in my fans
that they'll get me this award.

I don't know why.

Sir how do you feel about after
receiving such a great award.

It feels great. Fantastic.
You know, on top of the world.

Thank you very much.
- What are your plans for marriage?

I'll get married soon. Very soon.

Hi Suraj. Congratulations for the award.

Thank you. - Bye. - Thank you, bye.

Strange! Everyone called to
congratulate me, except Radha.

Hello. - Who's calling?
- Radha here, Mrs. Gopal.

Please connect me to Mr. Gopal.

Look madam, he is living a peaceful life.

Why are you disturbing him?

But.. - Please disconnect.


You are too much!

Everybody called up and congratulated me.

Only you didn't call me.

Can you believe it?

I am going to get the Best
singer of the millennium award.

And I want you to be before
me when I receive this award.

Radha. I understand your pain,

I am with you.
I will set everything alright.

You will have to come with me for the show.

I'll come and pick you. Okay?

Ok I'll be going.


I won't come. - What are you saying!

It was all my fault anyway
that I didn't understand him.

I was a good daughter, a good sister.

Even a good friend.

But.. But I could never be a good wife.

Had I known that he didn't
like my talking to you..

...I would never talk to you.

If you have my interest at heart..

...then go away from here,
and don't ever come here again.

Go away from here.

Alright.. Don't cry. I'll go away.


What happened, Suraj?

I've been calling since so long.
Why didn't you pick the phone?

What is the matter?

I'm sorry, I don't think I know you.

You don't know me,
but I know you very well.

I.. I am Suman.

Please come and take a seat.

I have not come here to sit.

I am sorry to say this Gopal,
but you are not a nice man.

You are not even a good husband.

Excuse me, what are you trying to say?

Do you respect others?

Do you understand other people's pain?

Have you ever tried to
understand your wife's feelings?

I should not interfere
in your family matters.

You may have thrown out
Radha from your house..

...for whatever reasons.

But why did you put the blame on my Suraj?

When you could not understand your
wife, your Radha..

...I don't expect you
to understand my Suraj.

If you didn't like Suraj talking to Radha.. should have warned them beforehand.

Do you know, if Suraj calls
me 10 times during a day..

...he mentions Radha a 100
times in our conversation.

But I never misconstrued it.

Because I understand him very
well, his every feeling.

I love Suraj.

His voice, his songs, his happiness.. all I need to survive.

But you?

Despite being Radha's husband,
you could not understand her.

I am blind.

I cannot distinguish
between black and white.

I cannot even see a person's face.

But I can understand people.

And I have understood my Suraj.

With my heart, my soul.

You can see everything.

Despite seeing,
despite living with Radha for so long.. could not understand her.

I feel pity for you.

Gopal sir.

After marriage,
a husband means everything to his wife.

He is her God.

Radha is innocent..

...she is chaste.

This happens in everyone's life.

Relationships get strained.

But we must learn to
overcome our weaknesses.

Forget your ego of being a
man, a husband ..

...and ask yourself.
And you'll know the truth.

"I belong to you, my beloved.
I belong to you, my beloved."

I want to meet Radha.

I am beginning to hate myself.

I don't know whether I am good or bad.

But I do know that all the
people around me are very nice.

Suraj, Prashant..
All of them are very large-hearted.

It's only me who is selfish.

Everyone faces problems.

We should learn to face them.

But I could not.

But now I have understood,
and I have to tell Radha that.

I want to meet Radha.. Now!

At this time.

One tablet for one night's sleep.

Two tablets for two nights sleep.

And if you take the whole
bottle, you'll sleep forever.

Suraj.. Suraj..

...Suraj.. Suraj.

"My greetings to all of you here."

"O friends, hear my message."

"Who do I narrate my heart's story to."

"I reveal my heart's feelings to you."

"Who do I narrate my heart's story to."

"I reveal my heart's feelings to you."

"It's a matter of the heart
and the heart knows it."

"It's a matter of the heart
and the heart knows it."

"What do I say, what do I hide."

"I don't know where I
patched up a broken heart."

"I don't know where I broke a heart."

"Love is a passion, love is an obsession.."

"Love is Meera, love is Krishna.."

"Love is a passion, love is an obsession."

"Love is Meera, love is Krishna.."

"You are the voice of my heart."

"You are the voice of my heart."

"I am the lyric, you are my music."

"I don't know where I
patched up a broken heart."

"I don't know where I broke a heart."

"The night may not come,
the moon may not rise."

"The seasons may change,
but you never will."

"The night may not come,
the moon may not rise."

"The seasons may change,
but you never will."

"You don't change, beloved.."

"You don't change, beloved.."

"Walk with me always."

"I don't know where I
patched up a broken heart."

"I don't know where I broke a heart."

"O friend, come!"

"Hear my heart's call!"

Once more! Once more!

Once more! Once more!

What is this?

I know what it is.

You left the house.
Now you want to leave the world?

You didn't even give a thought..
To me after you?

I.. - You don't need to say anything.

I have come to take you.

I know it is my entire fault.

I'm sorry.. No, don't say anything.
Just come with me.

I.. - Alright say what you want to.

Or you'll say I didn't let you speak.


Forgive me. - Forgive me too.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

"I belong to you, my beloved.
I belong to you, my beloved."

"I belong to you, my beloved.
I belong to you, my beloved."

"I belong to you, my beloved.
I belong to you, my beloved."

Where is Suraj?

Ladies and gentlemen,
I want to give you another good news.

Even you all cannot imagine
what I'm going to say.

The life partner of your
favorite singer Suraj.. between us.

And now I request her.. please come on stage..

...and give this award to Suraj.

Suman, could you please say a few words?

Suraj, what should I say?

Say anything.

I am very happy, though I'd like to add..

...that behind every successful
man there is a woman.

But it is not me who is
responsible for his success ..

...but someone else.

And I wanted Suraj to
get this award from her.

But regretfully,
she could not come here today.

And I got this beautiful opportunity.

Thank you.

Very well said.

Whatever Suman said just now is very true.

That behind every
successful man is a woman.

But it is not necessary that the woman is..

...his girlfriend or wife.
She can be anybody.

His mother, his sister,
his daughter, his teacher..

...or a friend.

I wouldn't like to take
this award from Radha..

...but give her this award.

Because this was Radha's dream.

Suman, Radha is coming. And even Gopal sir.

Friends.. Radha..

...the girl I wanted to give the award to.. coming on stage right now.

Radha, Suman.


How are you? - I am fine.

Suraj, won't you forgive me?

Gopal sir,
it's me who should be apologizing.

Some of it was my fault, some yours..

...and some, of all of us.

Right. - I'd only heard of you until now.

You are very beautiful.
- Even you are very nice.

Suraj, I have a small request. - Tell me.

Will you teach me to sing? Just a little.

That's not a small request,
It's a very big task.

There is no chance, it's almost impossible.

"I belong to you, my beloved.
I belong to you, my beloved."

"I belong to you, my beloved.
I belong to you, my beloved."

"I belong to you, my beloved.
I belong to you, my beloved."

"I belong to you, my beloved.
I belong to you, my beloved."

"I belong to you, my beloved.
I belong to you, my beloved."

"I belong to you, my beloved.
I belong to you, my beloved."

"I belong to you, my beloved."