Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke (1993) - full transcript

Rahul Malhotra (Aamir Khan) is the manager of the heavily in debt family business. He is also the guardian of his dead sister's mischievous kids. Rahul hires Vaijayanti (Juhi Chawla) as governess. Vaijayanti is a runaway from home as she does not want to marry the man her orthodox family has chosen for her. Predictably, Rahul and Vaijayanti fall in love. Maya (Navneet Nishan), a rich girl in love with Rahul tries to ruin his family and his business, but all ends happily. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(Honking horn)

I hope that you and the children..

..have recovered from the
trauma of the accident.


Good. Very good.
Then come, let's talk about work.

Come on.

Your brother-in-law and your
sister had made this will..

..which I want to explain to you.

Your brother-in-law has a house and
a factory of readymade garments..

..which, after his death,
is to be equally divided..

..amongst the three children.

Now, because the children are minors..'ll have to look after the property.

And now, until the children
reach their legal age..'ll have to look after the business.

But, sir, how.. how will I do all this?

You know I've come here
leaving my engineering studies.

I've not had much time to
get to know the children.

- How will I do all this?
- Don't worry about that.

For that, I've appointed a
man who was trained in Japan.

He'll help you.


Come to the factory tomorrow
morning at 10 o' clock..

..I'll introduce you to him, okay.

Have some tea.



Tell me, how are you getting
along with the children?

They.. they've been.. a bit doted on..


...they are good.

Sunny! Sunny!

Sunny, come here.

I've been calling you for so long.



- Attack! Somebody help!
- What happened?

They've made our lives miserable.

Hey Help!

No! Stop it!

No! Stop it!

- Run! Run!
- Where are the both of you going?

- Sir, we are leaving. We
don't want to work here. - Yes.

Look, they are children.
They do play pranks sometimes. Come.

Children? They are monsters.

We don't want to work here.

- Come on.
- Come on, run.

"A wooden stick, with a horse on
it, and on the horse's rump.."

What's going on here?

Who did all this?

I'm asking you, who did all this?

And what is this on your face?
Take it off.

And answer me, who did all this?

So, you're in the mood for jokes.

Come on,
get down and straighten the sofa.

And sit down.
I want to talk to all of you!

When I was coming inside just
now, I saw the fifth servant..

..and the third cook running
away from this house.

Sit straight. Lower your feet.

For the past one month,
no servant has been ready to.. in this house..

..because of all of you.


Now, I'm not just your
uncle but your daddy too.

No, you can't be our daddy!

I know that I can't be your daddy.

But I love you as much
as your parents did.

That's a lie!
You can't love us that much.

This park which is called
the Hanging Garden.. really called Kamla Nehru Park.

Do you know who the lady Kamla was?

- No.
- No.

Mrs. Kamla Nehru was the wife
of our first prime minister..

..of independent India,
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

He was born in..
1899 and he died in.. 1936.

This park was made in her memory.

Sunny, where are you going?

What happened?

- What happened?
- Why do you always talk about the dead?

(Birds chirping)

(Birds chirping)



(Birds chirping)

Come on, let's go to the museum.

What is a museum?

There are many old things in the museum.

Those who die..

(Birds chirping)


No, not the museum..

- ..we'll go to a musical show.
- Yes!

Musical show.

Attention, please. Please pay attention.
Sunny, Vicky and Munni..

..wherever you are,
please come to the stage.

Your uncle is waiting for you.

You're a strange man,
if you had to send them to the bathroom..

..then why didn't you go along with them?

At least, we wouldn't have
been troubled like this.

- I apologise, but if they..
- Look, no ifs and buts..

..go quickly and lodge a
complaint at the police station.

You won't find the
children standing here.

Yes, I'm going there.

But if they do come here,
then please keep them here.

- Yes, I'll keep them here. Now, go.
- I'll be back.

What a wonderful dancer.

You really looked like
*Kaamadev* (Hindu God of love).

What art! What moves! So fantastic.

Today is the biggest day of my life.

I've done a dance programme with.. internationally famous dance artist.
Really, sir.


You're a great artist too.

Despite being a businessman,
you have so much interest in dance.

That's really amazing. It's my honour.

- Oh, no, no. Don't say that, sir.
- Honour. Honour.

Vaijayanti! Come here.

Vaijayanti, come here.

Mr. Natrajan, I'd like you to
meet my daughter, Vaijayanti.

Great. Wonderful.
Just like a talented father..

..the daughter is blessed
with all the qualities.

Lovely lady, why are you standing there?
Come here near me.

Can't you talk without moving your hands?
The dance programme is over.

Good joke.

Your daughter is very jovial. Very sweet.

Lovely lady, are you an artist too?

Yes. I know karate.

Second joke.

Mr. Natrajan, excuse me.

Vaijayanti. Come. Come here.
Couldn't you speak with him?

I'm tired too, *Appa* (father),
of meeting your influential people.

I want to meet an ordinary man.

- I want to lead an ordinary life.
- Quiet, enough!

Go now!

Come on, breakfast is ready.

Uncle, now this broke.

Bring it here. Come on, quickly.

Turn around!


Uncle, where's breakfast?

On the table, Vicky. Where else?

Why are you laughing? I'll slap you.


Why are you being so mischievous?
Come on, sit quietly.

Hey carnival!

Vicky, Vicky, look! A fair!

Uncle, please take us to the fair.

- Be quiet. You're all misbehaving.
- Please, Uncle.

No one will go to the fair.

Uncle, we won't misbehave.
Please, Uncle, please.

- Please, take us to the fair.
- Okay, if you promise.. won't misbehave..

..then I'll take you to
the fair today evening.

Bye, son.

(People chattering indistinctly)

Okay, I'm leaving.
Come home by the school bus.

- Okay.
- Uncle. Come here.


(Birds chirping)

What is the matter? You're
showering a lot of love on me today.

Darling, give me a kiss too.

Hi, Maya. You, here?

The saying is right, that when you
wish for something from your heart..

(Birds chirping)

..then you do get it.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have met you
like this on the streets of Mumbai.

Maya is an old friend..
Old friend of mine from college.

Let them go.
Come, let's go somewhere and have coffee.

Not today, I'm very busy. Some other day.

You'll never get time again.

Come on, come right now. Come on.

Maya, there isn't much difference
between you and the children.

Meet me privately, then you'll know
if there's a difference or not.

- Okay, I'm leaving now, we'll meet again.
- How will we meet?

Give me an address or a telephone number.

Yes, phone number..

I can't remember the
phone number right now.


Thank you, that's a good boy.

- Bye.
- Bye.

(Birds chirping)

What was the need to give
her the telephone number?

I'll slap you.

- She's your college friend.
- Quiet.

(School bell ringing)

Come on, go in.

- (School bell ringing)
- (Birds chirping)

- I'll be leaving now.
- Okay.

- Here he is.
- Is he the one?

(Birds chirping)

I'm sorry I'm late.

I was dropping the children off at
school, that's why..

No problem, no problem.
This is Mr. Mishra.


Enough. Enough.

My full name is B.P. Mishra Jr.

Meaning, Bhagwati Prasad Mishra Jr.

But you may call me B.P.

- I'll call you Mr. Mishra.
- Never mind.

But please call me Mishra Jr, that's my..

Mr. Mishra, you have the entire day.. can decide who will call whom what.

I understand each and every
thing what are you saying.

- Mr. Mishra, speak in your
mother-tongue (Hindi). - Okay.

- Use less English.
- Okay, okay.

Please, explain everything
in the factory to Mr. Rahul.

- Do not worry, do you.

- I understand everything.
- Okay.

- I'll explain it all to him.
- Okay.

- All the best.
- Okay.

- Take care.
- Okay, okay, okay. Okay!

Forward, sir.

I will explain you.

Welcome, sir, welcome.


Wow, how nice.

Wow, how nice.

I've never seen such a
handsome owner before.


I'm done for.


Are you married?

What? No.

Are you having an affair?


Why are you asking?
You're already married.

For my younger sister.

Look, silence!

Please welcome our new owner.
Don't do this. Please, don't do this.

- He got scared!
- (Telephone ringing)

Telephone. Telephone. I'll see who it is.

- (People chattering indistinctly)
- (Telephone ringing)

(Telephone ringing)

- Hello, who's speaking?
- This is Bijlani speaking.

Good morning. Good morning, sir.

- One minute, one minute, sir.
- Listen! Listen!

Mr. Rahul,
Mr. Bijlani has called for you.

He's the one who has given us
the order to make the shirts.

Talk to him.

Hello, this is Rahul Malhotra speaking.
Please tell me..

..what can I do for you?

Have you gone crazy?

What can you do? You're asking me that?

Since the last three months,
our order is pending with you.

What is its status?
When will it be done..

..we should get some response.

Look, I've just joined today..

..I'll find out everything
and meet you tomorrow.

Why tomorrow?

That's the problem with
the youngsters today..

..they've all become very
lazy, very lazy.

Take a look at me. I sit in the
office till 10 o'clock in the night.

You meet me today.

- Today!
- Okay, I'll come today itself.

Yes, now you understood me.

Meet me at the Chembur Clud at 6 pm.

(Telephone hang up)

- Hi.
- Hi.

Look what I've brought for you!

Pizzas and pastries.

Uncle, don't you see something new?

Yes, I do.

Nothing is broken.
You're not fighting amongst yourselves.

I like it.

- Uncle, you're forgetting something.


You had promised us..
That if we behaved properly..

..then you'd take us to see the fair.

Yes, I had.

But there's a problem now.


I have a business meeting.


So it's very important that I be there.

But you had promised.

- Yes, I had promised. But..
- You're breaking your promise, Uncle!

Look, I'll take you to the fair tomorrow.

Now, eat this food and I
don't want any commotion.

Come on.

Eat the food.


Attack! Attack! Attack!

What is going on?

What is this misbehaviour? Stop it.

If you can break your promise,
then we can break our promise too!

Give it here. Ill-mannered children!

Go to your room! Come on!

Come on, come on. Munni, go in! Go in!

Your punishment is that you'll
be locked up in the room!


Very good.

Hello, baby.

Oh, no.

Baby, you're here and I've been
searching all over for you.

The party is so enjoyable, isn't it?

I'm getting bored.

Really? Yes, one does feel
suffocated in parties like this.

The ambience outside is so nice, isn't it?
So quiet, so loving.

- Natrajan.
- Yes, baby?

- Were you born in the train?
- Why, baby?

Can't you stand straight and talk?

What a joke. Very sweet.

Can I ask you something, baby?

What is it?

Do you like Europe or America?


We'll have to decide where
to go for the honeymoon.

Whose honeymoon?

Ours, I mean you and me.

We're getting married.
So there'll be a honeymoon, won't there?

Don't feel shy, baby.

Who told you that I would marry you?

- *Appa* did.
- *Appa* did.

*Appa* did.



- Appa!
- Oh, no.

- What is this?
- What?

- What is this? What's that?
- How could you fix my marriage?

You've reached the age of marriage,
that's why I fixed your marriage.

All right, all right.
But I won't marry this.. this cartoon.

Why won't you? What's wrong with him?

He's young, he's famous.
Besides, he's an lyer.

Natrajan is perfect for you.

Perfect, my foot!

Every part of his body is
crooked, like a camel!

Second joke, how sweet.

Shut up, or else I'll throw
you in the swimming pool.

- Help me, sir.
- Vaijayanti, behave yourself.

I won't marry him!

- You'll have to marry him!
- No ways! No ways! No ways!

What? You won't?

Come with me. I'll teach you a lesson.

You're insulting me in
front of the guests.

Do you know who I am?
Do you know my name?

You're Krishnamurthy lyer,
and I'm Vaijayanti lyer.

- I know, now what?
- Shut up!

Oh, God.

Natrajan, I'll die,
but I won't marry you.

- Shut up and come with me.
- No, I won't marry him.

Get inside. This is the place for you!


What does uncle think of himself?

Can't we go to the fair by ourselves?

We'll go. We'll definitely go.

How will we go, Vicky?
Uncle has locked the door from outside.

- Vicky, Munni, the window is open.
- Come on, Munni, come on.

- Hurry up, Vicky, hurry up.
- Come on quickly.

Trying to act smart with me.
Now I'll show him who I am.

Look, I had given the order
to your brother-in-law.

It has been exactly
three months since then.

Yes, sir.

- But, sir. He died, and that's why..
- People are born and people die.

Take a seat.

Does that mean we stop doing business?

Last month, my mother died..

..and my father is going to die too.

I'm sorry, sir. How is his health now?

What do you care about his health.. didn't know him.

I told you he's in the hospital.

I have to spend a lot of money.

Yes, sir, it'll cost a lot.

And you're not even giving me my order.

Sir, I'll find out tomorrow
what has happened to your order.

I'll leave now, sir.

Where are you going? Listen to me!


Sir, how many grams of *bhajiya*
(Indian snack) can we get in Rs.2?

- 50gms.
- 50gms.

How will 50gms suffice for us?
Why not 300gms?

Not 300gms. You get only 50gms in Rs.2.

- Why not?
- Come on, get out of here.

- Wasting my working hours...
- Come on...

- ...please give us..
- Please give us..

- Vicky.
- What is it?

- Vicky, stop Sunny.
- Quiet.

- Stop him.
- Give me some tea.

Right away.


A meeting of thieves.

- Vaijayanti.
- Sunny.

- Munni.
- Vicky.

- Come on.
- Brother, give it to me.

- Now see aunty...
- Come on, Sunny.



- What are you doing?
- Sunny!

- Sunny.
- Carefully, aim it.


Sunny, wait. Wait. I'll try.

We won it!

We got it.

Come on, give it to us.
We have to go home.


Sunny, your daddy the police
commissioner will be so happy.

- Yes, I will give it.
- Give it to us.

- Hurry up, his daddy will be waiting.
- Here.

- Let's go.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

- Hey, Goyal.
- Yes.

If you keep doing business like
this, then you'll be bankrupt soon.

Why, what happened?

That girl took the harmonica.
She fooled you.

- What?
- Run!

Run quickly! Run quickly!

Sunny, Munni Run quickly!

Come here.

Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Gomes.. sang very well. Applause.

And now.. Oh, wow.. beautiful lady
and three cute children.

So, gentlemen.
We'll see who wins the prizes..

..that have been declared
by East-West airlines.

Who will go to Delhi from Mumbai..

..who will go to Patna
and who will go to Pune?

So, miss. Which song will you sing?

- Song?
- Yes.


I understood,
you want to gather suspense!

So, gentlemen, wait with bated breath.
Please start.

Keep quiet.


- What will we do now?
- I don't know.

I don't know anything.
Vicky, you start something.

Have you both gone crazy?
I don't know to sing.

You'll have to sing.

"From Mumbai, I went to Pune.."

"From Pune I went to Delhi,
from Delhi I went to Patna."

"But I still couldn't find my love."

"But I still couldn't find my love."

"I adorned myself with flowers,
*bindiya* (forehead makeup)..

..and bangles."

"But still I couldn't find my love."

"But still I couldn't find my love."

"We are the voyagers of love.
We are the voyagers of love."

"We are the voyagers of love.
We are the voyagers of love."

"I'll hide him in my eyes."

"I'll place him in my heart."

"I'll forget the entire
world in his love."

"I could not dream,
I could not sleep at nights.."

"..I cried for him."

"But still I couldn't find my love."

"But still I couldn't find my love."

"From Mumbai, I went to Pune.."

"From Pune I went to Delhi,
from Delhi I went to Patna."

"But I still couldn't find my love."

"We are the voyagers of love.
We are the voyagers of love."

"We are the voyagers of love.
We are the voyagers of love."

"Whenever I think about him.."

"My heart starts beating wildly."

"He's so cruel.
He makes me suffer so much."

"I searched for him in my arms."

"I searched for him in my paths."

"I searched for him in the dark alleys."

"But still I couldn't find my love."

"But still I couldn't find my love."

"From Mumbai, I went to Pune.."

"From Pune I went to Delhi,
from Delhi I went to Patna."

"But I still couldn't find my love."

"We are the voyagers of love.
We are the voyagers of love."

"We are the voyagers of love.
We are the voyagers of love."

"We are the voyagers of love.
We are the voyagers of love."

"We are the voyagers of love.
We are the voyagers of love."


Arrest them.

"From Mumbai, I went to Pune.."

"From Pune I went to Delhi.."

Sunny, Munni, it's quite late.
Come on, let's go home.

- Okay, sister. Thank you, bye.
- Bye.

- Thank you very much.
- You're leaving?


- You're going home?
- Yes.

But I don't have a home.

Then come to our house.

Yes, yes. Come to our house.

But your mummy and daddy?

We don't have a mummy and a
daddy, but we have.. *Uncle Kans* (mythological
evil uncle). But, don't worry.

- It's our house.
- What if uncle gets angry?

Why would he get angry? We'll hide her.

- Sister, please come.
- Then come on.

Come on.

Our house...


Has uncle come back already?

No, uncle's car isn't there.

Hey, uncle's car.

- Run! Run!
- Quickly!

Vicky, come on fast. Come on fast.

- Hurry up, fast.
- Hey come on!

Sunny, uncle has come back. Come on.





- And then the king told the queen..
- What did he say?

Hello, Uncle.

- Hello, Uncle.
- Hello, Uncle.

What are you all doing here?
I had locked you in that room, hadn't I?

No, Uncle.
You had locked us in this room.

Yes. You had locked us in this
room, isn't it, Munni?

Yes, you had locked us in this room.



Look, I don't like to
lock you up like this.. please don't misbehave.


Go now.

It's quite late now. Go.

Come on.

Come on, Sunny.

Come on.

What is the matter?

She's still in uncle's room.
What should we do now?

- Idea!
- What?

(Water shower)

- (Knock On Door)
- (Water shower)

(Water shower)

What happened?

(Water shower)

Uncle, I'm hungry.

(Water shower)

So, you're hungry now,
and when I had brought food.. were misbehaving!

- Where will I bring food from, now?
- Sorry, Uncle.

Milk will do too.

- Come on.
- Come.

- Come quickly, come quickly.
- Come on quickly.


Enough, Uncle. My stomach is full.


Now, she doesn't want to drink milk.

You're all impossible.

Come on, sleep.

Look. If you'll behave,
then I'll take you to the fair tomorrow.

Okay, Uncle. Okay.

Okay, uncle, bye, thank you,

Good night, bye, see you.
Good night, Uncle.

(Cicadas Chirping)


(Cicadas Chirping)


(Cicadas Chirping)

Where are you, dear?

(Cicadas Chirping)


(Birds Chirping)



Vaijayanti? Where are you?

Where are..

(Birds Chirping)

Oh! Vaijayanthi... Where are you gone?

- Hey! Gopal, and others come fast.
- Yes, sir.

Find my daughter quickly.

- Dear, where did you gone?
Why you left me alone? - Sir...

Oh God! Did I do something wrong to you?

Come on, get up. It's time for school.

Come on, Vicky. Get up.

What a mess you've made in the room?

How many times have I told you..

..keep the carrom in
its place after playing.

But you just leave it after playing.

Come on, get up.
Until then, I'll prepare your bags.

When I was of your age,
I used to do my own work.

Everything used to be in its place.

But you don't even write
your names on the books.

Which book is this?


You were sleeping here on the bed.

How did you come out of the bathroom?


I was in the bathroom.

Oh, God. What shall I do now?

Why did you go running
into the kitchen like that?

I thought that I should help you.

Okay, keep the tea-set on
the table and the plates.

I'll make the breakfast.

What is going on in this country?

Where is the tea-powder?

It must be in the cupboard.

Keep these things on the
table and get Sunny ready.

Come on, the breakfast is ready.

Omelettes for both of
you, boiled egg for you.


The milk is hot. Drink it carefully.

Where's my toast?

You didn't take it, Uncle.
You keep forgetting everything these days.

I had definitely taken the egg.
Now, where is my egg?

You just ate it, you forgot again.

Go to the doctor in the evening, Uncle.

I understand everything.
Come on, finish it quickly.. have to go to school.

Uncle, I have fever.
How will I go to school?

You have fever, but your body is cool.

Uncle, he always has fever like that..

..cold from outside and hot inside.


I'll bring the thermometer.
Let's see how much fever you have.

You think uncle is a fool.

- Sister, how was the breakfast?
- Do you want more?

There is milk too, will you drink it?

Let's see how much fever you have.

Come here, open your mouth.

- Why did you eat my toast?
- I didn't eat it.

And this omelette, who ate this?

So what if I ate it? I'm your sister.

- Hey my hand...
- Hey, Vicky.

Munni, stop it.

- Vicky! Munni!
- Stop it!

- Uncle, she hit me first, what shall I do?
- Come on, sit down.

- You hit me first!
- Come on, sit quietly.


You really have a fever.

Okay, you stay at home. And Vicky,
you and Munni stay at home too..

- ..I'll send the doctor home.
- Okay, uncle.

Finish the breakfast and keep
the things in the kitchen.

I'm leaving. I'm in a hurry.

And don't you dare step out of the house.

- Okay, Uncle.
- Bye-bye, Uncle.

- Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.

- Work fast.
- Good morning, sir.

- I am very much strict person.
- Morning.

- Good morning, sir.
- Mr. Mishra, come with me.

(People chattering indistinctly)

Mr. Mishra!

Mr. Bijlani's export company..

..had given us a order
of 1 million shirts.

I want to know how far we
have finished the order.

I will explain you.

Mr. Rahul. As you know,
I've had four years of training in Japan.

- So I used that experience here.

I see.

As you know,
in Japan every part of the material.. made in different sections.

And then, all the different
parts are assembled together.

I've done that here too.

But you know, this is
India, we are Indians..

..and we don't have
different departments.

So I used a very fantastic idea.

I thought of making one
part of the shirt first..

..then the second part,
then the third and the fourth..

..and then I'll assemble them together.


But, Mr. Rahul. A problem has arisen.

(Stitching machines running)

- What problem?
- I've already made 1 million collars.


- I got 1 million collars made.
- And now?

And now, the money is over
and so is the cloth and..

And until we get more money..

..and cloth, we can't do anything.

Absolutely right, absolutely right.
You're very perceptive.

Very intelligent.


And you're a fool, an idiot and a dunce!

Okay, I'll go back into the factory.

Don't you dare go in the factory!
Quietly sit here.

(Stitching machines running)

I don't believe what you've done.

The children at home, and here..

(Stitching machines running)

You do one thing, go to my home..

..there are three children there.
Take care of them.

And buy some food for them on the way.

- Do you understand what I'm saying?
- Yes, sir.

- Do you understand what I'm saying?
- Yes, I understand..

..what you're saying.

When I can take care of 40 here,
then three is no difficulty at all.

- When I was in Japan..
- Shut up!

Japan! Japan! Japan!
I don't want to hear about Japan!

Here, uncle's clothes.

You can wear anything you like.

Do you want this?

- This is very nice.
- Wear it.

- No, no, no.
- This is dirty!

- Do you want this?
- This will be fine. What's this?

This is the *kurta* (long
tunic) and this is the pyjama.

No, this is the pyjama
and this is the *kurta*.

Whatever, I'll wear this.


Okay, keep the remaining clothes inside.

Come on. Put the clothes
back before uncle arrives.

Come on quickly.

(Door bell)

Who is it?

Speaking from the window.

Hello, so sweet.

Look, your uncle has sent
me to after-look you..

..meaning, to take care of you.

My full name is B. P Mishra.

I've taken training from Japan.

I've brought very fantastic
food, you have some too.

Oh sorry, sorry, sorry,
I forgot to bring water.

I will bring the water, I'll be back.

Oh, wow. Food.

It's very nice.

- Who brought it?
- I brought it.

You brought it.

You brought it.



Mr. Rahul had said that
there are three children..

..but there are four children here.

I must have heard it wrong.

- This is the one.
- This is the one? Thank you. Come on.

- Hey, my turn.
- (Door bell)

- This is not the way...
- Come on, play.

Yes, what is it?

- Is this Mr. Chopra's house?
- No.

This is Rahul Malhotra's house.

Someone told us that this
is Mr. Chopra's house.

Tell me.. tell me what the matter is.

My daughter is missing.
Her name is Vaijayanti.

Someone told me they saw her yesterday..

..along with the three
children of Mr. Chopra.

- That's why I've come here.
- You're absolutely wrong.

First of all, this is Mr. Malhotra's
house, not Mr. Chopra's house.

And secondly, there are four children
here, not three. Four.

I'm sorry, let us go.

Mention not, mention not.
You are always welcome.

Somewhere in the vicinity..

(Birds Chirping)

(Birds Chirping)

(Birds Chirping)

Mr. Mishra, why had the police come here?

They had come searching for
a house with three children.

But I told them that there are
four children here, not three.

- What?
- (Birds Chirping)

Mr. Mishra,
you're not just a fool and an idiot..

..but you're a liar as well.

There are three children here, not four.
You're impossible.

Look, look, look, Mr. Rahul..

..I may be a fool,
an idiot, even a moron..

..but I'm not a liar, I'm not a liar.

Leave now, don't bother me.
I'll meet you in the..

..factory tomorrow. Please.

- I'll go, but I'm not a liar.
- All right.

- I swear on God, I'm not a liar.
- Fine. Please, leave.

How can you say there are three
children when there are four?

- Okay. Come on, leave.
- How can you call me a liar?

Oh. Sunny!

Go, go. Otherwise, he'll come inside.

- How is your fever?
- I felt fine as soon as you left.

Okay. I'll freshen up, then we'll study..

..since you didn't go to school today.

- Vicky, what is this?
- What?

Who touched my cupboard?

How would I know?
Yes, Mr. Mishra had gone into your room.

Yes, Uncle. He was going through
your clothes. Right, Sunny?

That Mishra,
how dare he open my cupboard?

How did this girl's
dress come in my room?

That's what I wanted to ask you.

How did this girl's
dress come in your room?

What, keep quiet! Impudent.

(Telephone ringing)

(Telephone ringing)

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Who is it?
- May I speak to Rahul, please?

Just a minute. Uncle.

- What is it?
- Some girl has called for you.


Shall I ask her if that's her frock?

Give it here.

- Hello.
- Hi, handsome. That day, you evaded me..

At least, come and meet me today.
We'll have great fun.

I'll introduce you to father too.

- You're coming, aren't you?
- Look, Maya.


Look, Maya, I can't come now.
I have a lot of work.

Rahul, you have work regardless
of whether it's day and night.

Come on, get down!

- What?
- No, no, nothing.

You must come.

No. I can't come right now.

Look. If you're not coming
here, then I'm coming there.

Hello, Maya..

Come on. Let's have
dinner, and sleep early.

So soon?
You had said that we'd do lessons.

No, no, we won't do lessons today.
I'm very tired today.

We'll study tomorrow, come on.

As you all know,
we have an order of one million shirts..

..that we have to complete
as soon as possible.

Until yesterday,
this responsibility was..

..Bhagwati Prasad Mishra's.

But from today,
I've completely taken over..

..the charge of this factory.

From today, we'll work together.

If you're with me,
then I'm prepared to do anything.

I too am ready, handsome!

I mean to say,
we have to run this factory..

..with hard work, dedication and honesty.

- If we go forward hand-in-hand..
- Then we'll enjoy holding hands.

Look, I didn't mean that.

I meant that..

We would give our lives for you.

I don't want your life, I want shirts.

Take my heart.

Not your heart, I want shirts.

Let alone shirts, everything is yours.

"Now listen girls, please understand."

"First things first,
I only want a shirt."

"Hey, handsome.
Where were you until now? Tell us."

"Hey, handsome.
Where were you until now? Tell us."

"Hey, handsome.
Where were you until now? Tell us."

"Hey, handsome.
Where were you until now? Tell us."

"Don't waste your time like this."

"Don't defame the factory like this."

"Come, sit and work."

"Don't be lazy like this."

"Once the time passes by,
it'll never come back."

"Listen to what I'm saying."

"I came here with so many dreams.
I came here."

"Seeing these mischievous
ladies, I was scared."

"I was scared."

"Hey, handsome.
Where were you until now? Tell us."

"Hey, handsome.
Where were you until now? Tell us."

"We are ruined, now we are ruined."

"We are ruined, now we are ruined."

"You stay prosperous, stay prosperous."

- "Congratulations.
- Why?"

- "And jubilations.
- What for?"

- "You've come here for the first time.
- I see."

- "Get to know us..
- Why not?"

- "Get acquainted..
- Oh, sure.."

- "Don't feel bad about such a small thing.
- No, no, no."

"Congratulations and jubilations.."

"'ve come here for the first time."

"Get to know us, get acquainted..

..don't feel bad about
such a small thing."

"Hey, listen, you beauties,
you must do your duties.."

"..and don't you trouble
me like this anymore."

"Because if I get angry,
I promise you one thing.."

"..I'll surely be throwing
you out of the door."

"Help me, help me, help me. Oh, God."

"Help me, help me, help me. Oh, God."

"Where have you brought me?"

"What had I thought? What have I got?"

"Save me from these beauties."

"Save me from these beauties."

"Hey, handsome.
Where were you until now? Tell us."

"Hey, handsome.
Where were you until now? Tell us."

Hurry up, Rahul. Hurry up, sleep quickly.

Before that Maya arrives, fall asleep.

Quickly, quickly.

Oh, God. Drive away the
trouble that's on its way.

Oh, God. Drive away the
trouble that's on its way.

8 o'clock in the night.
The lights are switched off.

Seems like there's no one in the house.

He has called me a liar.

Mr. Rahul, I won't keep quiet.

I'll show you four children.

I will see you four.


I'm coming, Mr. Rahul. I'm coming.

First I'll eat, then I'll rob the house.

(Electric switch on)

Oh! - You fell asleep with the door open.

How sweet.

You.. you came?

The children didn't see you, did they?

Everyone is asleep.

You're great. You put the children
to sleep before I arrived.

How naughty.


I'll show you four children, Mr. Rahul.

I'll get rid of my stigma.

I will see you four.


Look, Maya. Don't you think
it's very late in the night?

Don't be silly, the night is still young.

You're here, I'm here,
and we are close to each other.

Maya, we are a little
too close to each other.


3 and this is.. this is 4! 4!


(People chattering indistinctly)


- Hit him.
- Why are you hitting me?


Why are you hitting me?

Hide, hide quickly.

Why are you hitting me?

Look, look, I'm not a thief. I'm Mishra.

Quickly! I'll hide!
No, no, you hide. You hide!

And listen, until I comeback,
don't open the door!

Yes, the burglar. Where is the burglar?

Where is the burglar?

Where is the burglar?

Get out of here!

- Hit him!
- Oh!

- Oh!
- Hit him.

- Hit more.
- Yes.

(Indistinct chattering)

(Indistinct chattering)

Look, Mr. Rahul, look at my condition.

They wouldn't listen to me,
they called me a burglar.

Shut up, Mishra!

What are you doing here?

I had come to prove to
you that I'm not a liar..

..and that there are four
children in your house, not three.

Look, count them yourself.

Mishra, these three are my
children, and she..

She's the one, she's No.4.

Hey, who are you?
And what are you doing here?

I.. I..

I.. - And my clothes!
What are you doing in my clothes?

I'm telling you, this is No.4..

- ..she's been in your house since morning.
- Since morning?

No, since last night.

Last night? You've been in
my house since last night..

..and in my clothes,
and I didn't even know about it!

What's going on here?
Where did you come from?

These three brought me here, they..

- Where did they bring you from?
- From the fair.

The fair? Do they sell
girls in fairs nowadays?

- No, Uncle, we brought her for free.
- Quiet!

When did you go to the fair?

When did you go to the fair?

We.. we had gone last night, Uncle.


I can't understand anything.
I'll go crazy.

Oh, God! I'll go crazy.

I can't understand anything. Come here.

Come here!

And tell me clearly just
what is going on here?

But, Mr. Rahul.. Mr. Rahul.
Look, I was right, wasn't I?

- I've shown you the four children.
- Please leave, Mr. Mishra.

Mr. Rahul, when.. when you called me
a liar, emotions rose in my heart.

- Mr. Mishra, please, I beg of you.
- Mention not.

- Please go.
- But I was right, wasn't I?

- There were four children, weren't there?
- Please..

- Look, I never lie..
- Mr. Mishra! Get out!

Why are you crying now?

I'm crying at my sad fate, sir.

If you hear my tragic
story, you'll cry too.

Don't cry, sister. Don't cry.

Uncle is a very nice man,
he won't hurt you. Tell him your story.

Really? I'll tell him.


I was six years old.. Of Sunny's age..

..when my mother passed away.

You may not know, sir..

..what happens when you lose
your mother at such a young age.

Yes, yes, we know. We know.

My father got married again
and brought my stepmother home.

She used to make me work everyday, Uncle.

Cooking, cleaning, washing etcetera.
I tolerated everything, but..

- But she..
- Who?

My stepmother..

..wanted me to marry an old man.

What could my poor father say?
He agreed..

..but I ran away from home.

I left my house!

Look.. look.. look, don't cry.

Look, don't cry. Look here, look here.

These little angels brought me here.

They gave me shelter for two days.

If you want, you can throw me out.

I'll go wherever my fate takes me.

Goodbye, Uncle.

Goodbye, children. I'll be leaving now.

Listen, where will you
go so late at night?

- You can stay here tonight.
- Uncle!

- All right, all right.
- Thank you very much.

If you want,
then I'll leave tomorrow morning.

There's no need to go
in the morning either..

..if you're willing to work here.

- Yes, sister. Do it please.
- What.. what will I have to do?

Taking care of the children, and cooking.


...give you Rs.200 with food, will it do?

- It will, it will.
- Good.

Come here.

I hope you won't be chasing her off
with your infamous egg-pelting move?

Yes, yes. We like her a lot.

Come on, go to your room and sleep. Go.

Yes. Let's go.

Hey, where are you going?

Sleep here outside on a mat.

- Here, on a mat.
- Where else?

Where else.

(Birds chirping)



Come on, get up.

Sunny, come here, Sunny.

Come on, wake her up. Wake her.

- Who?
- Her.

Sister, get up, get up.

Good morning.

Get up, it's 7 o'clock.. have to ready the
children and make breakfast.

But I don't know how to cook.


Why didn't you tell me that yesterday?

I would have, but you didn't ask.


All right, ready the children.
I'll prepare the breakfast.


I've readied the children.
Shall I help you?

- No, I've done everything.
- What is cooking here?

Water was being heated.

- What happened? Show me.
- My hand is burnt.

- Oh no.
- (Birds Chirping)

- Oh, God.
- It's done, sister.

Sir.. sir.. sir.

- May I ask something, sir?
- What is it now?

With whom has Baby
gone with for a picnic?

I've told you a thousand times
that she has gone with her friends.

You did tell me that, sir.

But are you sure there's
no boy amongst her friends?

No, there is not. I.. I.. I know it.

You.. you're crazy.

Sir, please.. don't feel bad.

It's just that it's
been so many days, so... raises some doubt.


- Have a look. See whether it's set or not?
- Sunny, you look..

Sunny, you opened the fridge again.

Then, you tell us,
sister, if the ice cream..

..that we made has set or not.

It'll set only if you let it.
You keep opening the fridge.

It'll not set yet.
There's still time, wait for a while.


Sunny! Vicky! Munni!
See what I've brought for you!

- Come quickly.
- Yes!

- Come quickly, come quickly. Yes.
- What did you bring?

This is for Munni, this is for
Vicky, and this for Sunny.

I have many frocks.
Why didn't you bring a doll?

Keep these books for yourself, Uncle.

You could have got me a musical organ.

Uncle, I'm not a child that
you got a Monopoly set for me.

You could have got me a football..

..or a season ball.


Come on, Sunny.

Here, this is for you.

Have a look at it.
Then you can get angry at me as well.

For me?


(Door closed)

It's very nice.

Come, come, sister. Come on in.

- Look, the ice-cream is ready.
- Come, come.

Oh, wow, it's ready.

Here, have some.

- But we're not going to give any to uncle.
- Yes.

He brought such lousy gifts for us.

- Yes, such lousy gifts.
- Eat.

- How is it?
- How is it?

Is this an ice-cream?
It's very bad! Horrid!

We made it with so much effort,
and you say it's horrid?

So what? I didn't like
it, so I said it's bad.

We had made it with such effort, sister.

If you would have lied
to us that it's good..

..then we would have been so happy.

If you all have that much understanding..

..then why did you hurt your uncle?

Even if you didn't like the
gifts, couldn't you have lied..

..that he'd gotten you great gifts?

Well, Munni?


Oh, no.

Why are you still wearing my clothes?

Go, and put on the frock
that I've brought you.

And don't wear my clothes again.

And tomorrow we'll all
go for a picnic. Okay?

"We'll cover the journey together."

"We'll reach our destination together."

"We'll cover the journey together."

"We'll reach our destination together."

"We'll cover the journey together."

"We'll reach our destination together."

"We are the voyagers of love."

"We always keep going."

"We are the voyagers of love."

"We always keep going."

"We'll solve all our
difficulties in an instant."

"We'll solve all our
difficulties in an instant."

"We'll not lose courage,
we'll always be victorious."

"We'll not lose courage,
we'll always be victorious."

"We'll cover the journey together."

"We'll reach our destination together."

"These valleys indicate that
the weather is going to change."

"These valleys indicate that
the weather is going to change."

"We don't care whether
there are joys or sorrows."

"We don't care whether
there are joys or sorrows."

"We'll face all difficulties,
we'll endure all pain."

"We'll face all difficulties,
we'll endure all pain."

"We'll cover the journey together."

"We'll reach our destination together."

"We'll cover the journey together."

"We'll reach our destination together."

Are you doing business or
playing the fool? Sit, sit.

First, I gave you
Rs.1.2 million advance..

..and also gave you a
cloth worth Rs.0.5 million.

And now you want more money and cloth.

Yes, sir.

I'm a businessman, not a fool.

Look at this contract,
your late brother-in-law has signed it.

According to this contract, if you
don't complete my order in 15 days..

..I can ruin you and auction
your house and factory.

That's true, sir.

Then why are you sitting here?
Why are you sitting here..

..go and work, and return me my money.

Come on, get up, get up. - What are
you looking at me for? Come on, go.

But sir, how will I complete
this work in 15 days?

That's your problem, not mine.

Go, come on, go.

This is great,
Lord *Jhulelal* (Sindhi deity).

Now, that factory will be mine.

I'm sorry. Oh.

- Hi, handsome.
- Hi.

Today, luck is with me.

If I had asked for something else,
then I would have got that too.

Look, Maya, please. I'm tense right now.

That scoundrel has made my life hell.

I don't know what to do.

Who is it that has my love so worried?

That mean old fatso, Bijlani..

..who has an office on the fourth floor.

Consider that your problems are over.


Do you know him?

Why do you care?

What I do, how I do it, that's my job.

What will you give me in return?


Get Bijlani off my back.
I'll give you anything.

- Promise?
- Promise.

So, handsome, go home and rest.

Because from now,
your worries are my worries.

Okay, okay, okay. Okay, bye. Bye.



Hi, Dad.

My child, my precious.

- Many happy returns of the day.
- Daddy.

Happy birthday, baby.

Tell me, girl,
what do you want as a birthday present?

Guess it yourself, what would I want.

- New car, Maruti 1000.
- No.

- Diamond set.
- No.

- American holiday.
- No.

Then what do you want?

- Think.
- Yes.

You're in love, you want to get married.

- Now you guessed it right.
- Tell me, who is he?

The one that just left.

His name is Rahul, I like him very much.

- Papa, don't trouble him so much.
- That's a very small thing.

Just think that your job is done.

He's hugely indebted to me.
He'll have to do what I tell him.

Otherwise, I'll take over his factory.
I'll ruin him.

No, don't do that.
Please don't trouble him anymore.

Now, I'll make him dance to my tunes.

Rahul, how will you escape from me now?

You'll have to marry me.


- May I ask you something, sir?
- What is it?

If Baby has calmed down now..

- ..shall we start the wedding.
- Preparations?

It takes time for Baby to calm down.

Whose daughter is she?

Of course, of course, yours.

(Cicadas chirping)

Krishna Swami lyer's.

Enough, enough. Take your seat.

- (Cicadas chirping)
- (Birds chirping)

And now, listen to me.

Don't trouble me so much.

When the time comes..

..the preparations for
your wedding will be done.

(Birds chirping)

Until then, practice your dance.

(Birds chirping)

Come, Mr. Bijlani,
why did you take the trouble.. should have called
me, I would have come.

You're a busy man,
you run such a big factory..

..I won't waste your time.

No, no. Why would my time be wasted?
Come, sit.

Tell me, what can I do for you?

It is I who wants to do something for you.
That day, after you left..

..I thought that you're a fine man..

..and you should get a second chance.

If I won't help you in your
difficulties, then who else will?

Look, I've brought a cheque
of Rs.1.5 million, advance.

And now take Lord *Jhulelal*'s
name, and start your work.

Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.

There's no need to thank me for that.

Now that I've given you a new contract.. sign a new contract too.

- Yes, yes.
- It's a small formality.

Rahul, what are you reading,
it's like the old contract..

..if the order isn't finished on time..

..then I can auction your house
and factory and recover my money.

Your brother-in-law had
signed this contract too.

In fact, I've given you one month's time.

- Sign it. Yes.
- Yes.

That's called business.

And now take the Lord *Jhulelal*'s
name and start your work.

- Sure, sure.
- Now I'll leave.

Thank you.

Why are you getting up? Sit.

- Why are you getting up?
- Bye.

I'm really amazed, Maya. You're great.

I don't now what spell
you cast on that old man..

..he has completely changed.

It didn't seem like it was
the same mean stingy old man..

..who was after my life a few days ago.

You just see what all I'll change now.

But I don't understand one thing.

This old, miser, stupid Bijlani..

Don't abuse him. Please.

Why? Is he your father?


Ok. I won't abuse him.
I'll do whatever you say. Ok?


1, 2, 3, 4, very good, very good.
Come on.

Move your legs. Very good.

Sunny, Munni, look, I'm going to dive.

No, not from there, that's for adults.

- Dive from here.
- Let me go, I know how to dive.

I told you not from
there, you'll get hurt.

Please, let me go. Nothing will happen.

- Please, let me go.
- Vicky, don't be so stubborn.

You're a child.
You can't dive from there.

Come on, come in.

Yes. Pepsi.

No, that Pepsi is for
Vicky, give it here.

- No one will drink it.
- A milkshake.

- Where is Vicky?
- He has gone to change.


Whose sandwich is this? Sunny.

Vicky. Vicky!


Move, move, please.


Vicky, are you all right, Vicky?

- Vicky!
- What do you mean 'are you all right'?

You're a strange man.
When you can't handle the children..

..then why do you have them?

If something had happened to him..

..then we would have had to pay for it.

Come on, Vicky, let's go home. Come on.

Strange people.

(Crickets chirping)

How much is it?

(Crickets chirping)

- Very little.
- Give it here.

Did you see the result of being stubborn?

(Crickets chirping)

I told you not to jump from there..

..but you always do as you please.

What if that lifeguard
had not been there?

I would have died, so what?

Go to your room, get out!

Look, Vicky, by crying and being
angry, the problem won't be solved.

So, don't cry.

Your uncle loves you a
lot, he cares for you.

I'm not a small child.

I can take care of myself.

- He always behaves with me like a child.
- Vicky..

He should have let me die.
I don't want to live.

Vicky, no, you shouldn't say that.
You shouldn't say that.


- Are the children asleep?
- Yes.

What should I do?

I don't understand.

I lost.

I lost.

But I'm a player who can't even
leave the ground after losing.

What shall I do, sister?

What shall I do?

What do you think?

By scolding and shouting at them..

..the children will listen to you?

Then should I agree
to everything they say?

No, not at all.

But sometimes,
to make children understand.. have to think like a child.

They are naive, immature.
You'll have to understand them.

Vicky is growing up.

When you treat him like a
child, he doesn't like it.

His age is like that.

Just think, when you were of his
age, did you like it when..

How would I have taken care
of the children without you?

Uncle, please come and sleep..

..I'm feeling scared alone.

You go on. Wait, I'm coming.

Come on.

Loosen it. Loosen it.

The kite is flying very nicely.

Give it to me too, Vicky.
Give it to me too.

- I'm giving it.
- Give me.

Great, you're flying kites.

I used to fly kites very well too.

The kite isn't right.
What are you doing? Vicky, loosen it.

Now, will you teach me to fly kites too..

..I do everything wrong,
I don't know anything.

Come on, Sunny, we'll fly our own kite.

You don't know how well
I used to fly the kite.

- I was a master.
- Really.

Look, first catch the kite like this.

Then, keep the kite above the
head like this, and then bend..

Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter.
We'll take another one.

- Look, first we take this kite too.
- Okay.

- Then, you tie the thread.
- I tied it.

When I used to fly the kite,
no one dared to face me.

He's faking it!

- Come on, catch it.
- Okay.



- All of them flew away.
- Look.

I'll show you.

It's not flying.

- Seems like there's something wrong
with the kite. - Munni, catch this.

Uncle, give it to me.

And stand there holding the kite.

How.. how should I hold it?

Hold it like this, and stand there.

(Birds chirping)



And now let go of it.

- Like this. And now let go of it.
- Like this. Let it go.

(Birds chirping)


(Birds chirping)

- Sunny, loosen it.
- Loosen it, Sunny, loosen it.

Carefully, give it, Munni.

Uncle, no. Uncle, no.

Vicky, it's stuck.

- Give it to me.
- Oh, no.

You don't know how to fly
it, but you got it stuck.

It broke.

- It broke off.
- So what? Sunny, bring the other kite.

- Vicky, you fly the kite very well.
- (Birds chirping)

How do you tie the thread?

- Rain!
- Rain!

Vicky, Sunny, come on in.

Munni, you come too.

Run. Come fast.


What kind of children are you?
Ran out of the rain like old people.. should enjoy the first rain.
Come on out.

Come on.

Seems like our uncle has reformed.

"He would have expressed his love."

"He would have expressed his love."

"He would have expressed his love."

"I wish a boy loved me."

"I wish a boy loved me."

"She would have expressed her love."

"She would have expressed her love."

"I wish a girl loved me."

"I wish a girl loved me."

"He would give me all the happiness."

"He would appease me,
when I would be upset."

"He would give me all the happiness."

"He would appease me,
when I would be upset."

"He would know my feelings."

"He would understand my emotions."

"He would express his love too."

"He would express his love too."

"I wish a boy loved me."

"I wish a boy loved me."

"She would have expressed her love."

"She would have expressed her love."

"I wish a girl loved me."

"I wish a girl loved me."

"She would be restless,
I would be impatient."

"She would only dream about me."

"She would be restless,
I would be impatient."

"She would only dream about me."

"She would shyly come in my arms."

"I would have always cared for her."

"She would look at me slyly."

"She would look at me slyly."

"I wish a girl loved me."

"I wish a girl loved me."

"He would express his love too."

"He would express his love too."

"I wish a boy loved me."

"I wish a boy loved me."

Rahul, good that your
business is going fine.

Thank you, sir.

Mention not, mention not.

Anything more, sir?

How many times have I told you..

..along with the tea,
bring some biscuits and snacks too?

Come on, go from here!

Okay, sir.

Rahul, do you know, the man who just
served the tea.. who he used to be?

He used to be the owner of a
garment factory like yours.

And I used to work for him.

But he didn't know how to do business..

..and today, he's working for me.

In business, you should
never let go of any chance..

..otherwise your condition
becomes like this.

Sir, I'm trying to learn from you.

You're a good boy. You're a good boy.

My factory is functioning
fine with your help.

Rahul, today is a very fine day for you.

Ask why.


Now look, I swear on Lord *Jhulelal*
that I was about to ruin you..

..I was about to bring you on the
streets, but I did not do that.

Sir, this is your greatness, sir.

No, no, no, no, that's not it.

When you left that day,
my daughter arrived.

- Daughter?
- Yes, Maya, my only daughter.

She told me that both
of you are old friends.

Even I know the meaning of friendship..

..I've seen life too.

Friendship means, both of you like
each other, you love each other.

It's true that we know each other but..

Why are you shy?

I like my daughter's choice.

Let us turn this friendship
into a relationship..

..I'll get you engaged next Sunday.
Come on, shake hands.

Hey, you won't get a
chance like this again.

Did you see him,
the one who served the tea?

Rahul, when everyone in
the market will know..

..that you're my son-in-law,
then people will give you work..'ll be famous.

And do you know why?

Because the entire world knows..

..that Bijlani can do anything
for his only daughter's happiness.

'But what about Vaijayanti?'

'She loves me, and I love her too.'

'Isn't that true?'

'Yes, maybe.'

'But I haven't made any promises to her.'

'I haven't even told her anything.'

'And right now,
I have to think about the children..

..and not about myself.'

'I have to think about their future.'

'And for their happiness and future..

'..I should marry Maya.'


You've still not slept.

What is the matter? Do you want anything?

No, nothing.

- Sugar, darling?
- No.

Maya, I want to talk to you
about something important.

Now that we are getting married.. need to know that my
late sister had three children.

And they stay with me.

And any girl that marries me..

..she'll have to give the same love
to the children as much as I do.

Of course, darling.

Whatever is dear to
you will be dear to me.

Whatever you want will happen.

All right.


Then, come home in the evening..

..and meet the children.

Sure, shall I come at 8 o' clock?



At least tell us, Uncle, who is coming?

(Door bell)

Look, behave well with the guest.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Children, this is Maya.

- Maya, this is Vicky.
- Hi.

- This is Munni.
- Hi.

- And this is Sunny.
- Hi.

And who is she?
Rahul, introduce me to her too.

Maya, this is Vaijayanti.
Vaijayanti, this is Maya.



She is...

Vaijayanti is the
governess of the children.


Just say that she's the servant.

She's not a servant. She's our sister!

I'm hungry, shall we eat?


Great, your servant cooks good food.

I've ordered it from the hotel.

Really, then what do you do here?

We like her,
that's why she stays with us.

And the ones that we don't like..

..we don't allow them to stay
in this house. Do we, Vicky?

Sunny, how many times have I told you..

..that you shouldn't talk while eating?

Come on, eat.

But, Rahul. We'll have to appoint
a cook after the marriage.

Yes, I was about to tell you that..

..I'm about to get engaged to
Maya, and then the wedding.

Dear, how was your dinner?

The dinner was fine, Papa.

But Rahul's sister's three
children stay with him.

I didn't like them.

Will I live in that crowd after marriage?

Why do you worry?

Get married first, then we'll
send those children to a hostel.

Yes, Papa. Do that definitely.

Otherwise, I'll get very bored.

Don't worry, your papa is here.

Here, have *papad* (Indian appetiser).

Very good.


Leave it, give it to me.

No, it's all right.



You're angry with me, aren't you?



I know I should have told you..

..about Maya..


What is the need to tell me..

..I'm a servant here.


"Return me my peace and serenity."

"Return me my peace and serenity."

"Return me my love and my pain."

"All the peace that I've lost."

"All the serenity that I've lost."

"Return me my peace and serenity."

"Return me my love and my pain."

"So many atrocities on
this innocent heart."

"So many atrocities on
this innocent heart."

"There are sorrows other
than that of love."

"There are sorrows other
than that of love."

"Don't test my love like this."

"Don't take my life like this."

"All the dreams that I've seen."

"Every time I've thought of you."

"Return me my dreams and my thoughts."

"Return me my peace and serenity."

"Return me my love and my pain."

"It was my mistake that
I fell in love with you."

"It was my mistake that
I fell in love with you."

"I wished for the love
that was never mine."

"I wished for the love
that was never mine."

"What has my loyalty given me?"

"What am I being punished for?"

"I desired your love."

"I hoped you would be mine."

"Return me my desire and my hope."

"Return me my peace and serenity."

"All the peace that I've lost."

"All the serenity that I've lost."

"Return me my peace and serenity."

"Return me my love and my pain."

"Return me my dreams and my thoughts."

"Return me my desire and my hope."


(Birds chirping)


I'm going out, I'll return late.

Ask the children to eat their food.

The key to the house.

Won't you ask where I'm going?


Today is my engagement with Maya.

I'm going there.

What happened?

She's crying?

Why are you crying?

Why are you crying?

What do you care? Go away from here.

Why should we go?

Whenever we used to cry,
you used to comfort us.

Now that you're crying,
you want us to leave.

Your uncle..
Your uncle is getting engaged.

Vicky, what is engagement?

Fool, it means uncle is
getting married to someone.

Uncle is getting married,
so why is she crying?

- Because she loves uncle.
- And wants to marry him.

- Isn't that so?
- Yes.

Then what is the problem?

The problem is that, he's getting
married right now.. right now.


Enjoy, gentlemen. Everybody enjoy.

There's food, too.
After the whiskey, have the food too.

- Congratulations.

Thank you. Just a minute.

- Just a minute.
- Thank you.

Maya, come here.

Ladies and gentlemen,
ladies and gentlemen..

..just a minute, just a minute.

Today, Bijlani is very happy.

Because today is my
daughter Maya's engagement.


- Thank you, thank you.
- (Applause)

And now, I'll introduce you all
to my future son-in-law, Rahul.

Rahul, Rahul, come here, boy.
What are you looking at?

- Please welcome Rahul.
- (Applause)

- Thank you, thank you.
- (Applause)

He's of our profession,
he's a very nice boy..

..and now my future son-in-law Rahul..

..will place this ring on Maya's finger.

Place the ring Rahul, place the ring.

Look, it's a ruby ring, a ruby ring.


- Thank you, thank you.
- (Applause)

Place the ring. Come forward, Maya.

Where is the photographer?

What are you doing?
Come here, take a photo.


This engagement can't take place..

..this engagement can't take place.

Who are you?

I'll tell you,
she's our mummy and he's our papa!

She doesn't like our mummy and us.

That's why he's getting married again.

Don't cry, Mummy, don't cry.

Vaijayanti, what is all this?

That's what I want to know, my lord..

..why is all this going on?

- What mistake did I make?
- What?

You kept me as a servant in your
house, I kept quiet.

You never considered your children
your own, I still kept quiet.

I had kept quiet till
now, but now I won't.

Until I'm alive,
I won't let you marry this evil woman!


- No, Mummy, no, Mummy. Don't leave us.
- No, Mummy.

Waiter brother, give a glass of water.. your sorrowful
sister before she leaves.

- Here, sister.
- No, Mummy.

No, Mummy, no, Mummy.
Please don't drink it.

Please don't drink it.

No, Mummy,

I'm going, my lord,
forever from your life.

After my death, you can marry this witch.

- No, Mummy!
- No, children.

- Don't stop me. I want to die.
- Stop this nonsense and go home!

We won't leave without you, my lord!

- Come home, my lord.
- What are you all doing?

- Come.
- Leave me!

- Enough.
- I say leave me.

I say enough.

Rahul, you deceived me.

You deceived my dear daughter.

I won't spare you. I won't spare you.

Give me my ring. Give me my ruby ring.

Come on, go, go from here.

Why are you all seeing my face?
Come on, go home.

Party is over. Alcohol and
everything is cancelled. Come on, go.

(People chattering indistinctly)

I don't believe you all did that.

There's a limit to mischief.

Do you know how badly you've defamed me?

And you, Vaijayanti,
they are children, they are naive.. should have considered.

What was the need to take
part in their mischief?

Answer me.

Because I love you..

..and I can't see you getting
married to someone else.

Don't go, sister, please.
Don't leave us, sister, please.

Sister is going, Uncle. Stop her, please.

For us, please, Uncle.

(Door bell)

What is it?

All of you go in. Sunny.

I understood.

I know what you're thinking.

After last night's chaos,
what is Bijlani doing here?

I'll tell you, I'll tell you.

I've enquired.

She's not your wife..

..she's your servant, your servant.

And those children are not yours,
they are your sister's children.

But what has happened has happened.

You forget about it..
And I'll forget about it too.


I'll even forgive you
for my daughter's sake.

But remember one thing, boy..

..when the servant comes in the house..

..and dreams of becoming
the mistress of the house..

..then it's a very dangerous thing.

So what if the children
are close to her..

..will she take advantage of that?

It's my business, and I know it.

Listen to me.

Throw her out of the house right now.

Throw her out! I know.


Come here.

Mr. Bijlani,
she's not a servant in this house..

..she's their mother,
their elder sister and their friend.

What she means for the children,
maybe you'll never understand that.

And as far as the question of
Vaijayanti leaving the house..

..then listen to me clearly.

She'll stay here, in this house.

You'll leave this house!

Along with your daughter.

- What?
- Yes.

Because I love her,
and I'm going to marry her.

Now Get out.

You've gone crazy, you've gone crazy.

Do what you can, now get out.

You don't know what you just
said, you don't know.

You hurt my Maya.

- You made my Maya cry.
- Papa.

You don't know me,
Rahul, I won't spare you.

I won't spare you.
You don't know Bijlani's fury.

I'll bring you on to the
streets, I'll finish you.

I'll ruin you, Rahul.

You made my Maya cry, I'll finish you.

You're laughing, you're laughing.

Have you gone crazy?

And you, you servant,
why are you laughing?

When you beg along with
him on the streets..

..then we'll laugh, we'll laugh.




- Papa, help!
- What are you doing?

Papa, help!

Papa, help!

Papa, help!

Come, Maya! Come, Maya!

Hey, you..

I won't spare you! I won't spare
you, Rahul! I won't spare you!

Very good. When you told them to get
out, I felt very happy.

- He left. You're very sweet.
- What?

You're very courageous.
You're really very nice.

Oh, God, I'm in love with you.

What is she saying?

I was saying, I..

Oh, no!

"I can't see my love.."

"..completely through the veil."

"I can't see my love.."

"..completely through the veil."

"Until the lover looks upon you.."

"Until the lover looks upon you.."

"The adornment is incomplete."

"My love, through the veil."

"I can't see my love.."

"..completely through the veil."

"Until the eyes meet.."

"Until the eyes meet.."

"The confession of love is incomplete."

"My love, through the veil."

"My love, my love, my love."

"My love, my love, my love."

"Let me remove the veil from your face."

"Let the time for our unity come."

"My heart is not in my control."

"This is the magic of love."

"My restlessness keeps on
increasing, my sweetheart."

"When two lovers don't meet.."

"The world is incomplete."

"Until the lover looks upon you.."

"Until the lover looks upon you.."

"The adornment is incomplete."

"My love, through the veil."

"My love, my love, my love."

"My love, my love, my love."

"It is necessary for the flower
to blossom in the garden."

"It is important to meet in love."

"That's a nice reason to come close."

"What can I do? I'm enamoured."

"This insanity has started
making me impatient."

"Without a lover, my sweetheart.."

"Love is incomplete."

"Until the eyes meet.."

"Until the eyes meet.."

"The confession of love is incomplete."

"My love, through the veil."

"My love, my love, my love."

- "My love, my love, my love.
- Yes."

- "My love, my love, my love.
- Yes."

"My love, my love, my love."

"My love, my love, my love."

- "My love, my love, my love.
- Yes."

"My love, my love, my love."

"My love, my love, my love."

The new contract that you signed
with Bijlani. Had you read it?

I had read it,
but I had no other choice at that time.

I needed the money so urgently..

..that I would have signed
on a blank paper too.

You are trapped. You are trapped!

According to this
contract, if you don't..

..complete his order of 100,000 shirts..

..then he will auction your
factory and your house..

..everything, to recover his money.

- There must be some way?
- There are two ways.

Either you complete his order of
100,000 shirts within 15 days..

..or else return him
his money with interest.

That's all.

Save him, *Khodai* (God), save him.

Look, I have readied 24,000
shirts in the factory.

If we work at our normal speed..

..even if we make 1,000
shirts every day..

..even then, we won't be able to
make 100,000 shirts in 15 days.

We will have to do what we
can, Mr. Mishra.

If we work three shifts a day,
and make 5,000 shirts a day..

..then we can make
75,000 shirts in 15 days.

But who will convince the
workers to work for 24 hours?

And you know how our workers
are, you have seen them.

Other than that, we will need
thread, buttons, food, everything..

..who will give the money for that?

Tell me.

That's why, at 'final thinking', I feel..

..that we will return
Mr. Bijlani's money..

..and get him off our backs.
That's all first.

But who will give him so much money?


My *appa* will pay him the money.

She is talking what?

How much money do you need?

Vaijayanti, we are talking about
business here, go and make tea.

- I know. How much money do you need?
- Millions.

Rs.2-3 million is no problem for *appa*.

She is talking what?

Look, Vaijayanti,
this is not the time to go crazy.

Now, go. Come on. Please, come on.

- Look, Mr. Mishra..
- But you don't understand what I'm saying.

I'm not a servant, I'm not a servant.

She seems to be crazy.
Shall we call the doctor?

Look, Vaijayanti,
we've never considered you a servant..

..I've never considered you a servant.

Now, go downstairs,
and see what the children are doing.

You don't understand
what I'm trying to say.

Come with me. Come along.

- Hello, we have sent your delivery.
- Vijaylakshmi, where is Daddy?

Dear Vaijathi, My daughter came.
You came.

- Daddy, Your daughter came.
- You came. Where have you been?

- Where have you been? Have you
eaten something? - How are you daddy?

- I here, I hurt your sentiments.
- It's okay.


- I'll never leave you now onwards.
- Should I believe what you said...

I'll never leave you.

Should I believe what you said...

Who is this boy?

Who is this boy?

Come in, I'll tell you everything.

Rahul, come in.

Come in.

Come in, daddy.

Here you are, my boy.
A cheque for Rs.1 million.

- Oh, thank you, daddy, thank you.
- Thank you, sir.

Sir, what papers do I have to sign on?

Well, not necessary.
There is no need to sign any paper.

I always see the character of
the person before giving money.

Thank you, sir.

- Sir, I will return every penny of yours.
- There is no need for that.

But, there is one condition.

You. Forget Vaijayanti.

I can't let you marry Vaijayanti.

Daddy.. but why?

Because he is not of our caste!

He is not an lyer!

You will marry only an lyer
boy, understand?

- Daddy, but..
- Shut up!

You can't marry Vaijayanti.

Mr. Iyer, I had come here to ask for
help, not to sell my love.

My love is not for sale.

Don't be a fool, Rahul.

Keep this money. It's for your good.

You can't marry Vaijayanti
because now she can't leave here.

That's between you and Vaijayanti.

Vaijayanti, I'll wait for you outside.

*Appa*, why can't I marry Rahul?
What is the fault in him?

There is no fault in
him, he is a nice boy..

..but he is not from our community!

You will marry only an lyer
boy, understand?

Daddy, You always asking
me to marry an lyer.

Daddy, I'll marry only marry with Rahul.

If you marry with Rahul,
I'll not give you single penny.

I don't want your money.
You can't stop me.


Working day and night
will not do any good.

It is not possible at all.
First of all, we have very little time..

..and secondly, we need at least
Rs.60,000-70,000 to start work.


Tell me..

..tell me where will that
money come from? Tell me.

If our workers will
work twice the shift..

..then we will have to
pay them twice the amount.

And today is payday.

Tell me, where will that come from?

Other than that, thread,
needles, buttons..

..raw material,
the electricity expenses how..

..will you manage all that..

..tell me, from Japan?

Rahul, there is separation in our fate.

It sounds bitter, but she is right.

We don't have any choice other than that.

Okay. Tomorrow, no?

I want to say something to you.

Today is your payday,
but I don't have any money to pay you.

Rather, I want to ask something from you.

I need your help.

You all know that we are unable.. complete Mr. Bijlani's
order of 100,000 shirts.

If that happens,
then this factory will be auctioned.

There is only one way to avoid that.
Instead of 8 hours a day..

..we will have to work
16 or 20 hours a day.

The more you work, the better.

If someone can't, we will not blame them.

For all this,
I will pay you thrice the amount..

..but I can't give anything today.

I have nothing.

I can give you the money only
after the delivery of the shirts.

If you trust me.

I feel very awkward, being the owner..

..instead of giving
something, I'm asking of you.

I must be looking very pathetic,
begging in front of you.

No, sir.

In difficult times,
people ask for help from their kin.

And by asking us, you have honoured us.. have valued us, sir.

Sir, I will work 16 hours for you, sir.

- I will work 20 hours for you, sir.
- Yes, sir.

I will work for you too, sir.

- I'm ready too, sir.
- I'm ready too, sir.

- Even me.
- Even me.

- Even me.
- We all are with you.

Yes, we all are with you.

(People chattering indistinctly)

What is this? - Sir, you need money.
Keep this, return it to me later.

No, Roshni,
you've all given me what I needed.

Your help.

Now I will fight against the world.

So, Mr. Mishra.
Does this happen in your Japan?

No, sir, this happens only in our India.

Only in our India.

"We are the voyagers of love."

"We always keep going."

"We are the voyagers of love."

"We always keep going."

"We will solve all our
difficulties in an instant."

"We will solve all our
difficulties in an instant."

"We will not lose courage,
we will always be victorious."

"We will not lose courage,
we will always be victorious."

"We will cover the journey together."

"We will reach our destination together."

"We will cover the journey together."

"We will reach our destination together."

"We will cover the journey together."

"We will reach our destination together."

Keep it inside. Yes. Close it.

- Look, Mr. Mishra.
- Yes sir.

Take these goods straight to
Mr. Bijlani's office. - Yes.

And after delivering the
goods, take his signature..

..on this paper here.

- Okay.
- Do not worry you.

I know everything, don't worry at all.

We have to worry, because that Bijlani.. looking for a chance
to have the auction.

- You don't know him.
- Look, I know everything.

- Let me leave now.
- Bye.

- Let me leave now.
- Yes!

- Wait, I'll break the coconut.
- Yes, qucikly.

Good luck Mishra!

Listen, come to my house afterwards.
We are going there.

- Okay, bye!
- You go. I'll come.

Stop the vehicle, stop the truck.

- Hello.
- Happen what? What is the matter?

Talk to the senior officer.

Get down. Come on.

- Come out.
- Okay.

And show your license..

- Open it.
- Come on.

- Show me your license.

Happen what? What is the matter?

We have got information..

..that there are smuggled
goods in your van.

What are you saying, sir?
You have got wrong information.

There are only shirts in our truck.
Shirts, like this, that's all.

Show me, open it.

Look, look, we are already
late, let us go, please.

- Will you open it, or shall I lock you up?
- All right, all right, all right.

Come on, open it and show him.

Look, we don't do smuggling..

- ...we don't do any illegal business.
- Come on...

- We only make shirts,
we make very nice shirts. - Let's move.

Look, there are shirts and only shirts.

My truck! My truck! My truck! Police!

Keep the chairs here.


Come on, hurry up.

(Birds Chirping)

(Car door closed)

- Hey, will you take the whole day?
- Mr. Bijlani, what is going on?


(Cicadas Chirping)

- Auction! - Auction, we are
auctioning your house and your factory.

But we've sent the goods
to your office a while ago.

Mr. Magistrate, this boy is lying again.

He has ruined me by lying for
the past couple of months..

- ..he has caused me huge losses.
- Bijlani!

Mr. Magistrate, we've already
sent the goods from our factory.. must have reached his office by now.

When you have not made any
goods, then what would you send?

If you have sent the goods,
then show me the receipt.

It takes time to bring the
receipt, doesn't it?

Sir, the receipt is on its way,
it's on its way. - Mr. Magistrate..

..they're making excuses again.
Now, they're saying they're..

..bringing the receipt.
Then they will say..

..that they've sent the goods..

..then they will say that
the goods were burnt..

..and then,
that the goods have been stolen.

- Stolen..
- Mr. Rahul.

Mr. Rahul, we have been cheated..

..some goons cheated
me, posing as policemen.

And then they stole our
truck along with the goods.

Stolen? What had I told you?

Now, you're saying that
the goods have been stolen.

When the goods were not made,
then how could they be stolen?

I know that it is your conspiracy.

My conspiracy?

How can it be my conspiracy?

Mr. Magistrate, this auction can't
take place. He's plotted something.

- Why won't this auction take place?
- Just a minute.

Look, sir, you have two hours.

Do whatever you can within two hours.

The auction will start
precisely at 12 o' clock.

- But..
- He is right..

..we will have to find the goods somehow.

All right. All right, Bijlani.

I'll bring the goods
here before 12 o'clock.

Hey, get lost. Bring the goods on time?
Big talk. Get lost.

Mr. Lawyer, wait here. I'll be back.

Come, come, I'll tell you.

Okay, so you want to say that..

..the R.T.O.
stole your truck and your goods.

Look, they may have been
goons posing as the R.T.O.

- Please do your proceedings quickly,
we have very little time. - Yes.

Look, we will work the way we want.

Don't try to instruct us.

No, no, we're not trying to instruct you.

I'm just saying, whatever you
do, do it a bit quickly.

Send a message on the
wireless, send a search party.. that we can find out
something about the truck.

You are trying to instruct us again.

- No, no.
- Seems like this inspector takes bribes.

- Yes.
- What did you say?

- What did you say?
- Nothing. Sunny!

- Come on, get all of them out of here.
- Yes sir.

- Get all of them out of here.
- No.

I say, get out from here.

- You can't do this!
- Please...

- Get out!
- Report...

- Get out of here!
- What kind of police officers are you'll?

- Move out!
- You don't listen at all!

- Don't you dare push me!
- Why are you shouting? We are going!

Get out of here!

(People chattering indistinctly)

They are pushing me.

- Yes.
- Sit here. Silently sit here.

They're disrespecting me.

What is the problem?

What is the matter? Tell me.

Our goods have been stolen.

Robbery, in the house of
these insane children.

How did the thief dare
to commit the robbery?

- Not from the house, from the street.
- Yes.

They have stolen the
entire truck full of goods.

Oh. Then, what are you doing
here in the police station?

Come in the corner.
Come here to me, come in the corner.

- Come.
- He is simply saying it.

- Come.
- No, no.

Now tell me,
in which area did this happen?

Give me the description of the
person who stole your truck.

- H.B. Road..
- Just a minute, who are you?

You don't know me,
but I know you very well.

You've provided for
me, I won't betray you.


- When were you provided for by me?
- The night I had come to steal..

..let that be,
tell me where did all this happen?

- In H.B. Road, Khar.
- Really.

- Yes.
- His description.

- A tall man looted us posing
as an R.T.O officer. - Really?

Yes. - A tall man.

Did he have a big mole on his left cheek?

Yes, yes.

- And he used to stammer while talking?
- Yes.

Yes, he used to stammer,
he used to stammer.

- You are right.
- That's Usmaan, our Usmaan.

- You know him?
- Yes, I know him very well.

- Come with me, I'll introduce you to him.
- Come on.

- Come on.
- We have got the goods.

- Come on, children.
- Come on, come.

Come, sir, come this is the one.

This is the bungalow?

Come, sit, sit.

(People chattering indistinctly)

- How are you?
- I'm living the life.

- Very well.
- Please sit.


- Is that the truck?
- Yes, that's the truck.


My turn.

You cheat.

(People chattering indistinctly)

Hey, Chaman Chindi.
Whose goods have you looted?

Who is it?

It's me, Chhotya.

Chhotya, what are you
doing here with a crowd?

Come on, go away.

I have not come here to go away.
The goods belong to them.. wise, and return their
goods, or else..

Or else what?

Or else what? Come on, get out of here.


Look, sir,
the goods that are in this truck..

..we have made them
with a lot of hard work.

Working day and night.

If we don't deliver the goods on time..

..then the house of these
children will be auctioned.

So please, return us these goods, please.

He's fibbing.

Come on, stop your lecturing and get out.

Look, if you won't agree,
then I'll have to get tough.

You'll get tough with us?

I will thrash you so badly..

..that no one will be
able to recognise you.


Uncle, forget it,
or else you'll be thrashed.

Did you hear what the child is saying?

Come on, get out of here.

- Look, you're making a mistake.
- Rahul.

Look, you're making the mistake..

..they are goons,
they are very dangerous.

Fighting them is not your cup of tea.

She is right,
let us go back and bring the police..

..this is the police's job.

Look, sir, please excuse us.
We are going back.

- Come on.
- Mr. Mishra.

I'm taking this truck.

If anyone of you tries to stop me..

..then I will not be responsible
for the consequences.

If you move towards the truck..

..then whatever will happen to you,
we won't be responsible for that.

(Pigeons Clucking)

(Pigeons Clucking)

Thrash him.

Great, absolutely incredible.

Mr. Mishra, Ching Ming Chao
school of judo and karate..

..third degree black belt.

Uncle! Very well done.

You are wonderful.

Seems like even you are
'Japan-return' like me.

Well done, Uncle.

Come on, quickly. Sit in the tempo.
There is very little time.

Why are you wasting time?

- Let's go.
- Yes.

(Birds Chirping)

Look, it is 12 o' clock,
it is 12 o' clock.. start the auction.

Mr. Lawyer,
now do you have any objections?

(Birds chirping)

Ladies and gentlemen,
the auction is about to begin.


Vicky, now no power in
the world can stop us.

- 4.2 million.
- Then I bid 4.3 million.

- 4.5 million.
- 4.8 million.

- 5.5 million.
- What are you saying?

Wow, sir, wonderful.


Uncle, there is a tanker ahead!

Uncle! Uncle, apply the brakes!

Uncle, apply the brakes!



- 5.6 million.
- 5.7 million.

- What happened?
- The wheel has come out.

- How did that happen?
- Oh, God.

What will we do now?

- Good.
- Indian accident..

Take photograph, take photograph.

Mr. Rahul, what are you thinking?
What will we do now?

Mr. Mishra, this is your
chance to prove yourself.

- What do you mean?
- You must have learned Japanese in Japan.

- Of course.
- Then go and explain to them..

..that we need their bus for a while.

(People chattering indistinctly)

My friend, my friend.

Mr. Mishra,
will you do something or keep bowing?

All of you bow with me.

- 6 million.
- That's the point, 6 million.

6 million, one.

6 million, two.

6.5 million!

6.5 million, that's incredible.

Mr. Rahul, drive faster.
We are already very late.

7 million!

7.4 million!

What are you doing, Mr. Rahul?

8 million.

8.2 million!

8.5 million!

- 9 million.
- 9 million.

That's great.

Come on, gentlemen.
Is there anyone else bidding?

9 million, one.

9 million, two.

9 million..

- Wait, stop this auction!
- We are here.

- We are here.
- Stop it, we have arrived with the goods.

- Where did they come from?
- Mr. Magistrate.. are the goods that were stolen..

And here is that scoundrel
Bijlani who had them stolen.

Look, he's pushing me, he's a liar..

..why would I have your goods stolen?

Why would you have it stolen?
To have this auction, why else?

Didn't you pay Chaman
Chindi to steal our goods?

Have you gone crazy?
Who is this Chaman Chindi?

- Okay, Mr. Mishra, bring him.
- I'll bring him. I'll bring him.

- See, see.
- I'll show you.

- Get him here.
- What are you doing?

- Who are you?
- Who are you?

Come on, tell them.

I'm innocent, sir, I didn't do anything.

This man had paid us
to steal these goods.

- You scoundrel, you're lying!
- Move back.

- Look, he has brought a liar along.
- Why would they all lie?

I think you're lying.

- Have you gone crazy too?
- Shut up.

Mr. Bijlani,
this case belongs to the police..


..and they will investigate this matter.

Now you get out from here.

Why are you crying?

I'm there, I, Bijlani..

- Get out.
- I will not spare any one.

- I will not spare any one of you.
- Get lost.

Leave me.

I will not spare any one of you.

Bijlani won't spare anyone.

Sure you will.

Rahul, I will never spare you.

And you, why are you laughing?


(People chattering indistinctly)

- Take this.
- Hit them!

(People chattering indistinctly)

- It's an egg, egg. You throw one too.
- Hit them.

Yes, come on!

(People chattering indistinctly)

Hit them!

Move, move.

One photograph.

Meet the owner. Meet the owner.

Hey, what are you doing here?
Come on, get lost from here.

Now there is no problem in life.

What? What? She is talking what?

Mr. Mishra,
now there is no problem in life.

Just a minute, just a
minute, just a minute..

..there is still one problem.

No! No!

Sir, I request you, sir, please.

I said no!


Shut your mouth.

Look, I'm 'Japan-return'
but still I plead with you..

..I request to you, please agree, please.

Uncle, why are you being so stubborn?

- Come on, agree to it. Say yes.
- Be quiet.

Sir, it is not right to
be stubborn at this age.

Say yes, the children will be delighted.

Such a handsome boy. Say yes.

Natraj! You too!

Sir, we request you, sir.

Sir, please agree, sir, please.

- Sir, please agree, sir, please!
- I beg of you.

- Sir, please agree, sir, please!
- Yes, sir. We respect you a lot.

Sir, please agree, sir, please!

- Please, Grandpa, please.
- Please, Grandpa, please.

Please, Grandpa, please.

Sir, please agree, sir, please!

Please, Grandpa, please.

- Please, agree.
- Okay.

But.. but.. but one condition.

This marriage will take place
in our south-Indian style.

- Okay.
- That'll be fine.

Thank you Appa!

"I can't see my love
completely through the veil."

"Until the lover looks upon you."

"Until the lover looks upon you."

"The adornment is incomplete."

"My love, through the veil."