Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999) - full transcript

When Sameer asks for Nandini's hand in marriage her family refuses. They have already chosen a husband for their daughter. Sameer returns to Italy. When Vanraj, Nandini's husband realizes that his new bride has been in love with someone else, he is prepared to sacrifice his love for her and take her to Italy to be reunited with her true love, Sameer.

Let the turban race begin!

Come on, hurry up. - Tie it properly.

Okay, man. Take it easy.

Hey, what kind of race is this?

Can't I pray wearing my American hat, brother?

In India, one wears a turban while praying. Sit straight.

You all..

Oh no! You don't know anything.

Sister-in-law, get him a wife who'll..

..tie his turban and his pyjama string.

Very funny.

Hurry up.

I won! - Yes. - Congratulations brother.

Congratulations brother.

What a fuss! They're being so childish.

It's a festival, they have every right to enjoy themselves today.

And I don't think it's right to be so strict.

I'm not being strict. I'm talking about discipline.

That should apply to you too. - What do you mean?

It's Diwali today, and you're going to attend the music concert.

Once you start singing, people won't let you stop.

Is the turban okay?

Whenever you tie my turban, my every note sounds melodious.

Honestly, if I didn't have you, I'd have been a very bad singer.

You're lying.

Come home soon today. - Why?

Your student is going to arrive from Italy today.

So, I was telling you. You are too much.

If he speaks Italian, how will we speak with him?

No, he can speak many languages. He speaks very good Hindi.

Is it? - He's half-Indian.

I had asked Nandini to vacate her room for him, did she do it?

I did tell her, but it made her so angry that she left in a huff.

Why should that make her angry? - Ask her.

I'll call her here. You convince her.


"When god made a line on the sand.."

"It was then.. that this picture was made."

"Fire, wind and water was mixed.."

"It was then.. that this picture was made."


"You are great.."

"You are a miracle of nature."

"Oh.. seductress.. your charms.."

"When the monsoon sees you.. the lightning dances."

"You are fair, you cannot be compared.."

"The whole of the nature is imbibed in you."

"The whole of the nature is imbibed in you."

"The whole of the nature is imbibed in you."

"You are made of mud, your fate is innocence."

"Those charms, that innocence, your aroma.."

"You wander on every road.."

"With the breeze."

"Your body is like a liquid form.."

"It is like some wave.."

"It is like some fiery spark.."

"There is some need!"

"Dance a bit.."

"Twirl a bit.."

"You are nave.."

"Your tresses."

"Your charms."

"Your sharp gaze, your mesmerizing hair..

..your traits and coquettishness."

Where were you? - Still angry?

Father was inquiring about you. - I'd gone to buy the lantern.

But where will you hang it, the room has to be vacated.

Whatever one may say, I will not vacate my room.

I decorate my room so lovingly every Diwali..

..not for a stranger to occupy it.

I'll never tolerate that! But why are you all after my room?

Because the mansion's best room has been given to you.

But don't worry, we'll all help you vacate it. Won't we?

And then, there is nothing in your room..

..except the yellow flowers, the lamp chandelier you like..

..your little diary.

If you all tease me. I'll spoil this Rangoli.

Hey, what are you doing? - Statue!

Where were you, dear? You know I don't leave without seeing you.

Answer me.

Oh! You are a statue?

But you can indicate with your eyes.

Did you vacate the room?

You're still angry.

Look, dear. He's our guest, and we must honor a guest.

Vacate the room before I get back, all right?

That's a pretty lantern. Let's go, Bhairon. - Statue off!

Just let him come.

I'll make him so miserable, he'll leave in two days.

I will go to the mansion, father!

I haven't left mother. I'll never leave her.

I am not like you. Very selfish.

Oh, don't touch me. Don't try and touch me, okay?

You love being up there, don't you? Stay up! God is my best friend.

Go, sit up.

Oh no, I don't need your help, I'll find my own way.

I don't need your help, ok?

This way. But where?

Oh no, everything looks the same here.

No, thank you very much.

No, I don't need your help. Oh, I beg of you.

I'll ask these sand the way.

Very funny. You're laughing?

You're enjoying troubling your son, aren't you?

But get this clear, I'll go to the mansion, I'll learn music..

I'll live in India, and I'll call mother here from Italy.

You slapped me? You slapped me?

It's the first time you've slapped me, but I'll still go.

What it is now? What is it now?

Why shouldn't I? Who's over there?

O Italian, may you forget your way before you reach my room.

May you be robbed, may you lose your way, may you go hungry!

May the hot sands..

He fell in the water!


What an entry! From Italy into the water!

How are you? Are you happy?

How are you? - Yes, I am alright.

So, you are alright.

Let me introduce everybody. My younger brother, Nilesh.

Hi. How are you? - I am fine.

My wife Pushpa. - Hello!

This is Parul. - Hi.

Shilpa. - Hello. - Anupama, Harish..

This is my brother, Tarun, who has returned from America.

What's up, brother? - And I'm Kamlesh.

Just see, he pulled everyone in the water.

Oh no, he's so jovial, he's made everybody laugh.

That's only for now. He'll make everyone cry when he leaves.

And I'm Bhairon.

What have you done! You pushed the guest in the water?

Pardon them, this is not how we welcome a guest.

Come. - Thank you. - Come, the food is ready.

I'll take you to your room.

He's a jovial guy, we'll get along very well.

A few days with us and he'll have adapted our ways.

What was the need to invite him here?

There are so many young girls in the house what if he woos any of them?

Aunt, can't you say anything good about anybody?

Who is she, Vitthal? - She's the mistress of the house.

She rules the roost but she is very kind hearted.

Please, come.

Welcome. You've arrived on a very auspicious day..'s Diwali today. - Merry Diwali.

Happy Diwali. - Oh.. happy Diwali.

How was the journey? Did you come swimming?

No, I fell in the water.

Vitthal, show him his room, and get the breakfast ready.

- I'll just back from the temple. - Yes, ma'am.

Auntie, can I say something? - Sure.

You are the prettiest woman I ever met. - I know.

Yes? - My husband says that too.

Cool. I like it here already. Where is my room?

What did you say? Just you wait! - No, sister.

The Italian is here!

Hi, how are you?

How are you?

Are you fine?

I think you're upset.

I'm Sameer, you can call me Sam.

What's your name? - Nandini.

Call I call you Nandu? - Only Nandini!

Oh, I see.

Your name is different.

Does it mean Nandi, the bull?

It's not necessary for every name to have a meaning.

It's not necessary for you to look at me while lighting every candle.

First you look away. - How can I, your eyes hold me.

Why should they? - You'll burn your hands.

See! The effect of an evil eye.

You must have cast an evil eye.

I don't have evil eyes. - Then what eyes do you have?

Sharp, very sharp eyes, they can see your soul.

And what do they say? - A tangy lemon.

The tangy lemon? So sweet!

Shift your gaze or you'll loosen your grip on the rope.

Never mind. - The chandelier will fall.

Let it. - The glass will break.

Let it. - If it breaks, you will blink.

Let's see who blinks first.

If you keep looking at me, you'll fall in love with me.

Listen! You have, haven't you?


What are you all gossiping about?

Come on. - What's happening? - Coming, Grandmother.

Grown so old but still a kid.

He's stripping! - Come on, get in. - Wait!

Hey, come here. Tell me. Come here.

Will you just keep laughing or tell me about it too?

It's nothing, grandma, they've been laughing at the Italian.

What does he look like? - Tell her.

"A foreigner has come home, he speaks so sweet."

"He is colourful and mischievous."

"He looks simple, we like him."

"He looks so handsome."

"He is smart and vile, he is poisonous."

"He has taken my room and my bed, it is mine, after all!"

"If he acts smart, I will beat him up!"

"Listen to me.. I understand it now."

"The bird you are speaking about, he is a hunter."

"You are nave, his shadow shouldn't fall on you."

"Don't go near him, don't touch him, you will fall ill."

"You will not be able to sleep or eat. It's an illness of the heart."

"He will fly away one day, the whole world will laugh."

Hi, girls.

You've come even here?!

I heard you laughing, so I came over.

This is a house, not a garden that you can walk in anywhere.

Actually, I forgot the room to my room.

Come, I'll show you.

Wait. Grandma, I'm Sameer. I have come from Italy. How are you?

Sameer! A whiff of cool breeze. - Cool, isn't it?

Call him a snowstorm, grandma. He'll leave everybody cold.

Come! - Bye, girls, bye.

You are just what I'd thought you'd be.

Taking bath openly...!

..and came in ladies room.

If you want to live here..'ll have to follow the rules of this house.

Or you'll be thrown out. Understand!

Why do you get so annoyed, Mandakini?

I'm not Mandakini, I'm Nandini.

You've been a pain since you've come. You've taken away my room.. you're wooing everybody with your sweet talk.

Sweet talk, what sweet talk, tell me!

By tomorrow, you'll become father's pet.

Have you come here from Italy to learn music or to have fun?

You call yourself a singer? You look like a muscleman to me.

Here's your room.

Wonderful. What a body!

Oh no! What a mess! This guy is too much!

When will this guy go back?!

Oh man, it's so hot here in India.

What are you doing in my room? - This is my room, you idiot?

This is now my room and I'll roam around as I please in it.

I'd come to take my diary, you dress up quickly..

Don't look, I'm still in my towel. Diary..

"By the grace of the God from Italy.."

"..may you get lost in the desert before you reach my room."

I had written this in my dairy. - Wow!

Don't you dare read my diary!

Stop it! Stop it.

How can you read someone's diary? What a mess you've made of the room.

Don't you think this room looks more alive now?

The master has called the guest.

The master has called? - Go quickly!

Pass that chutney. - Hi. Good morning, everybody.

Have you come here to bathe or to eat? Go wear your clothes.

He came in his bath towel.

He went in his towel, he'll get a good hiding!

Its good that my towel didn't come loose.

Listen! - I went in my towel.

We tried to stop you, but you didn't hear us.

Doesn't matter. Now greet father in a special way to please him.

Special way? - Show him how.

Got it? - Yes..

But she isn't fooling me, is she? - Not at all..

How can she do that to a guest?

Go, hurry!

Hello. Respected sir, greetings.

Sorry. I lost my balance.

What's going on? - Greetings. - Greetings.

- Like this? Who taught you this?

Sorry. - Go and sit on that chair.

Wait! Let him sing first.

Let him eat, he must be hungry.

No, let me judge him right now.

He kept writing to me, he's come from Italy to learn music.

I want to hear him to know whether..

..he deserves to learn it at all.



Wonderful. Wonderful.

You are not only a good singer but seem to be a good man too.

While teaching you, maybe even I learn something from you.

Shall I teach you now, sir? See.

Not now, let's have breakfast now. - Can I have these balls please?

Not balls, 'Kachori (fried snack).'

Pushpa, pass on to me too.

Music means everything to me.

Music is great, like God.

To be a great singer, it is very necessary to have a pure mind.

It is said that a fake singer sings superficially..

..a hungry man sings to fill his stomach..

..but a true singer sings from the heart.

You sing from the heart, that's why I'm going to teach you.

Thank you, sir, your fees?

My music is not for sale.

But I may take something when the time comes, or I may not.

Thank you, sir.

My father will be very pleased today.

Sorry, sir.

"My strange beloved has arrived."

"My strange beloved has arrived."

"I am so relieved.."

"My strange beloved has arrived."

"Strange." - "Strange."

"Strange." - "Strange."



"My strange beloved has arrived."

"Everyone gather and sing happy songs."

"Everyone gather and sing happy songs."

"Sing till your heart is content."

"My strange beloved has arrived."

"My strange beloved.. has.."

I won't be able to eat anymore. Please.. I am sorry.

Wonderful. - Brother Sameer..

Until you won't burp 3-4 times like this.. haven't eaten anything.

You are young. You should eat more.

You have to eat what I made or I'll be offended.

Grandma, I can't eat. - You haven't eaten any Dhokla (snack).

- You have to eat that.

I can't eat anymore.

What about this stuffed snack? - Yes, stuffed snack.

And some sweet too.

Uncle has made Gulab Jamun (sweets). - No.

He ran away.

Oh.. I am sorry. I am sorry, I am embarrassed. I am from Italy.

This lentil and all. I just couldn't digest it.

You know what I mean, right? Let this remain a secret between us. Please.

Grandmother was right. Sameer, a whiff of air.

Why are you after me? Have some sense of timing at least.

You embarrassed me in front of her.

Excuse me.

Oh mother..

"Sing about good things.."

"Sing about good things.."

"Color the heart.."

"The strange beloved has arrived."

"The strange beloved has arrived."

"The strange beloved has arrived."

Thinking about me, aren't you? - Yes.


You are lying. You are thinking about me. I know.

Why should I think about you?

Then who were you thinking about?

About myself.

It's one and the same.

Don't assume things. You will be heart broken.

Then what are you doing on the terrace at night?

I come here very often.

When father practices at night the stars and I listen to him.

Grandma says these stars change our destiny.

But they are very dear to me.

What if your dear ones go against you?

Then I'll fight with them.

They'll have to give me the destiny I want.

Do you believe in destiny? - Believe! I can even read destiny.

Really! Then read mine.

It's Indians who read destiny from hands.

We Italians read the feet.


Then read my feet.

Let me tell you that you have beautiful feet.


And your feet will very soon.. Feeling ticklish, aren't you?

They will very soon take you across seven seas for the sake of love.



..Calcutta, Bihar..


Italy! You are going to Italy!

Stupid! - I am a dead man!

Look, a falling star!

Did you wish for something?

No. - Nothing?

My mother says you shouldn't wish on a falling star.

It's inauspicious.

You miss your mother very much, don't you? - Yes, she is so far away.

And your father?

He is very close to me.

And? - And? - And?

And your girlfriend?

I don't have a girl friend.


Will you be my friend?

Oh man!

"My strange beloved has arrived."

"My strange beloved has arrived."

"I am so relieved.."

"My strange beloved has arrived."

"My strange beloved has arrived."

"My strange beloved has arrived."

"My strange beloved has arrived."

"My strange beloved has arrived."

"My strange beloved.."

"My strange beloved.. has.."

"My strange beloved. - My strange beloved."

"My strange beloved. - My strange beloved."

"My strange beloved has come"

"My strange beloved has come"

Women cannot compete with men. - Both are equals.

Even a simple walk down the stairs is a task for you.

I'll teach you a lesson right now. - What are you doing?

You be quiet. What is this?

What happened? - They've gone crazy.

Tell them how men are superior to women.

Of course they are.

Oh! You too! Tell us what men can do that women cannot.

There are many but let me give you just one example.

Can you do this?


Only women are allowed here. What are you doing here?

Music drew me here. - Can you see any other men here?

Vitthal is here.-That's different. Vitthal reared us.

If the women see you here they will kill you! Get out.

Do you sing here on every occasion? - Yes, every occasion.

Wedding songs, spring songs, Bhavai, love songs..

Havai? - No, Bhavai.

Haven't you heard of it? I'll sing it.

"Tall guy. Tall guy with a moustache and a pagri (Headwear) on the head."

"I am a handsome Gujarati."

And the one in which you clap?

Garba (folk dance)? - Yes.

"I have applied henna which is coloured by Gujarati."

"The henna is coloured."

And? - Bhangra (Punjabi folk dance).

You are making fun of me.

Shall I tell you something? - Yes.

Sister. - Some other time.

Sister, they are calling you.

I'm coming. - Come soon. She is coming, mother. - Tell me.

I love your.. voice. - Only my voice?

And I love your eyes..

And? - Your hair.

And? - Your smile. - Nandini! - Coming!

And? - Your style of saying 'falling star.'

And? - Nandini.. - Coming.

Go on hurry. - Appeasing.

Tell me, what else?

Your mummy, daddy.. - Come soon, Nandini!

Coming. - Your cook, your sweets, flowers - Nandini.

You are an absolute nut.

I didn't say it till the end.

Why are you laughing? Even you don't know.

Shall I tell you? I love her. Hawai? No problem.

The tall handsome guy with the moustache is going to eat a cucumber.

The groom has arrived. You are not dressed yet?

Get dressed and see if Anu is ready or not. Hurry.

Okay, mother.

How do I look?

Like an Indian prince?

You are okay. - Excuse me.

I look better than you look right now.

Take a look at me after I get dressed. You will be stunned.

The way she boasts, it'd appear she is the Miss World.

Anu, are you ready? The groom has arrived,

Just wait for a while. - Shall I help you?

No. Just give me a minute.

You have to come with me. I cannot live without you.

Do you know how I spent these six months?

I suffocated within but kept a smile on my lips.

But you simply went away.

Only to make myself good enough for you. - Anu.

Coming, Nandini.

Let us run away. - You are saying this now? - Yes.

My parents will die of shame. It's too late now, Go away.

What happened? - I broke a vase.

Are you alright? - I'm alright.

We will definitely meet one day.

Anu. - I'm coming, Nandini.

Thank god you opened the door. What were you doing for so long?

How do I look?

I would obviously take time. I'm being a bride for the first time.

Scared? - A bit.

I'm so happy for you.. - get dressed. I'll meet grandma.

I'll go take care of the guests.

Fix it properly.


I'm Tarun. You look beautiful.

I am telling you, let's dance.

"The mistakes of the gaze.. please forgive them.."

"The mistakes of the gaze.. please forgive them.."

"They look at you.. what I wish to tell you.."

"These eyes tell you."

"The embarrassment of the gaze.. forgive them.."

"Looking at you.. they hide.."

"What the gaze couldn't say.. the lowered lashes say.."

"The mistakes of the gaze..

..please forgive them.."

"Can I apply some kohl to your cheeks?"

"Can I save you from the sight of the moon and the stars?"

"Come, I will settle you in my gaze."

"The charms of the thoughts.. forgive them."

"They think about you, when the world wakes.."

"They make the heart wander."

"The embarrassment of the gaze.. forgive them.."

"This life is yours now.."

"This heart will always love you."

"This heart beats will always need you."

"This heart.."

"It's immaturity.. forgive it.."

"Where does it listen to me?"

"They yearn every moment.."

"They have some dreams."

"The mistakes of the gaze.. forgive them.."

"The embarrassment of the gaze.. forgive it.."

Aren't you ashamed to do that in everyone's presence?

Hi! - Nandini, listen. - I don't want to. You spoilt my photograph.

Why are you getting angry? I was only joking.

Oh no, I think she's upset.

You want to know what I wanted to say yesterday.

You didn't tell me yesterday.

Now you want to tell in front of so many people?

Sorry, I don't want to hear it now. -Let me tell you.

Listen, let me tell you. - Leave me What are you doing?

Please. Please. - Some one might see us. Sameer, stop it.

I'm sorry. Open the door,

How many times do I say sorry? It's evening now. Please, cool down now.

There were so many people around. What if someone had seen us?

The celebrations are about to begin. Don't be a spoilsport.

All right tell me what you want to. I'll listen.

I now want to say that.. are not worthy of my love.

Oh, really! Then stay in your room.

There may be someone at the wedding who finds me suitable.

If he asks for my hand in marriage you will be left helpless.

"The lime.."

"The lime.."

"The spicy lime.."

"The lime.."

"Bring me a raw and small lime."

"The lime.."

"The spicy lime.."

"Bring me a raw and small lime."

"Bring it to me.. bring it to me.."

"Go and bring me the lime from the field."

"Go and bring me the lime from the field."



"Lime.." - "Lime.."

"Bring me a raw and small lime."

"Bring it to me.. bring it to me.."

"Go and bring me the lime from the field."

"Bring it to me..

"Yes, bring it to me."

"Listen if you want to be saved from the gaze of the lovers."

"Listen if you want to be saved from the gaze of the lovers."

"Cut a lime with a sharp knife."

"See what the spicy lime will do then."

"The gaze will be spicy and then leave you."

"Give it to me.. give me a lime."

"Go and get a lime from the field."

"The lime.."

"The lime.."

"The lime.." - "Lime.."

"Bring me a raw and small lime."

"Bring it to me.."

"Bring it to me.. bring it to me.."

"It is so small, but it is spicy and juicy." - "The lime.."

"It works so nice." - "The lime.."

"It's aroma.. makes the heart aflutter."

"If you taste it, then.."

"But in love.."

"The lover.. to the beloved.."

"They curse each other.."

"Between them..

..there is a sweet war."

"The lime says that this is love."

"Bring it.."

"Bring it.."

"My friends.. go and bring it.."

"Lime.." - ..go and bring it.."





"Lime.." - "Lime.."

"Bring me a raw and small lime."

"Bring me a raw and small lime."

"Bring me a raw and small lime."

"Bring me a raw and small lime."

"Bring it to me.. bring it to me.."

"Bring it to me.."

Once more!

You are too much, brother. You are so lost in your thoughts.

I wanted to introduce you to Nandini, but you just disappeared.

I thought maybe..

..I'd be tongue-tied before such a beauty.

Stupid! Some things are even said with your eyes.

You know what I think?

I think she is perfect for you. Come, you must meet her.

But listen.. - I don't want to hear anything.

What if she doesn't like me?

She will. So what if she is fair and you are dark?

Her eyes are blue and yours are black?

She sings well and you sing terribly in the bathroom.

But you have something that no one in the world has.

What? - A beautiful heart.

That makes you the best person in this world.

I have one more thing. - What is that?

My beautiful sister.

You are avoiding the issue. Don't you like Nandini?

Yes. - Then choose one hand for Nandini.

Do it again.

Whichever hand I choose, Nandini will be mine.

- That's like my brother.

Congratulations for the wedding, brother. - Stupid.

Let's go.

Anu's marriage is over. Nandini is also a big girl now.

Have you given it a thought? - What for?

I tell you. Choose a hand.

How childish! - Choose one.

Should I?

I knew you'd choose this hand.

We've got a very good proposal for Nandini.

Proposal for Nandini?

Yes, advocate Vikramjeet's son, Vanraj.

The boy is good, even the family is nice.

We are visiting their city for the fair anyway.

We'll go to their house and accept the proposal too.

What do you..

A daughter has to go one day.

Does he sing?

Can't you think of anything else other than singing? Yes, he sings.

Really? - But he's pretty hoarse.

Meet Nandini, she ruined the family photograph.

Everybody is looking straight, but she is looking up.

Vitthal, look at your photo. - I'm not visible, only my hair is.

Kamini, look, your groom, the priest.

Shut up! - See this.

Brother Sameer, why do people eat pizzas in Italy?

Because food made by grandma is not available there.

Sameer, you are a sweet talker. - He is my sweet son.

What happened? Don't you like the food?

Nandini has cooked today. - It's a bit spicy.

Spicy food is for spicy girls, not for sweet fools.

That's a great reply!

What madness is this? Stop it, Sameer!

What are you doing? Let go off it.

Don't be stubborn. Give him some water.

Why do you always trouble him? Look, he has left.

What happened? - Sameer ate a lot of chilies.

His mouth must be on fire, give him some honey.

Go and apologize to him. Get up.

He ate the chilies, but he'll have a problem in the morning.

Oh no, I am sorry.

A token of our love.

This hand has been punished for the offense it committed.

It would be so nice if I was a kite, I'd fly in the sky like it.

Girls are like kites. Before, marriage, their parents control them.

After marriage, it's their husbands.

Like Anu got married, and now, it's Nandini's turn.

Not so soon. - Why are you being so modest?

You are desperate to get married, why don't you say so openly?

Why are you so concerned, I'll marry when I want to.

You'll marry of your own accord. - Of course!

You act as if I don't know anything.

You're flying high these days. - Some are lucky to fly high..

..while some don't even manage to get off the ground, like you.

That's not the way to speak to elders, Nandini! Apologize!

Apologize to her! Nandini!


I'm sorry, sister. - Doesn't matter, she's immature.

It's not that we are not worried about her marriage.

We've got a good proposal too.

Oh. - If the horoscopes match, we'll accept it.

Wow. - Please don't mind her. - Of course not.

The mother is looking for a groom..

..while the daughter's having an affair.

I will like if the kite I cut off in the sky. - Forget it.

"The kite has been cut!"

"Loosen it.."

"Loosen it.."

"Give the kite some string."

"As soon as it gets excited."

"As soon as it gets excited."

"Pull the kite."

"Loosen it.."

"Our string is so sharp."

"It is so sharp."

"You can have your finger cut.."

"You can have your finger cut.. what about the kite?"

"Loosen it.."

"Loosen it.."

"Give the kite some string."

"As soon as it gets excited."

"As soon as it gets excited."

"Pull the kite."

"Loosen it.."

"The kite has been cut!"

"Hurry up!"

"Your kite has been defeated."

"It was flying so high, how did it get cut?"

"Go away.. move away. It wasn't your kite."

"It went away with someone."

"Don't worry, get ready once more."

"Brace yourself, you own the skies."

"You don't have the strength or the expertise."

"How did he fly it, he doesn't know anything."

"Play again, let there be war. The gaze should be high."

"That is what the kite teaches you."

"Loosen the string.."

"Loosen it.."

"Loosen it.."

"Loosen it.."

"Loosen it.."

"Loosen it.."

"Give the kite some string."

"As soon as it gets excited."

"Pull the kite."

"Give the kite some string."

"The kite has been cut!"

Nandini, my dear Nandini. You are sitting here.

Here you are! I cut your father's kite today. Do you know how?

I let my string go under your father's kite and it fell down!

It would be so much fun if you were also with me.

Our kites would sway up in the skies. We would've enjoyed.

I don't want these paper toys! You fly the kite while I hold the string?

Someone will take me away and you'll do anything.

Sit and watch the sky. - Of course I will! I'll beat him to pulp!

Do you know the taunts I have to hear because of you?

You will beat him to pulp!

You're always being childish, always taking things lightly.

Will you ever be serious, Sameer?

My family is talking about getting me married.

People will come to see me.

They'll ask me to show them how I walk, sit, sing, laugh.

And I'll have to do all that. But you don't do anything!

You just stand in the corner and watch.

Not even when my groom takes me away.

Not even when I belong to someone else.

Not even when I get married, not even when I die!

Why? Why are you torturing me, Sameer?

I can't take this pain.

I'll tell your father.

You could not tell me, how will you tell him?

You cannot even tell me.

I love you.


It's a sin.

It's not a sin.

What if something happens?

What will happen?

A baby?

Babies don't happen like this. - But this isn't right.

Father won't accept.

Why won't he? He likes me. He thinks I am a cool dude.

This isn't a sin, is it? - No, it isn't.

You won't leave me? - Never.

Someone is here.

Where are you going? - I must go.

Where is my book? - Aunt?

I came looking for a book, I feel like reading today.

Which book? - But what are you doing here?

Aren't you flying kites? It's real fun.

I'd come to straighten things here.

First straighten your clothes.

Mind your own business, aunt. Don't interfere in my matters.

Don't act smart with me. Till today I was lenient to you.

The day I get tough, you'll be in trouble.

Found it! How's this book? - It's in English.

So what? I'll have to even learn Italian now.

Congratulations! The horoscopes match.

They match all the 36 points.

Oh congratulations. - To you too.

Do the horoscopes match? - Yes, perfectly!

Do the horoscopes match? - Yes, perfectly! How? - Perfectly!

See! I told you. - Give sweets to everyone.

First let me give the one who's getting married.

Look how shy he is. - Wait.

You cannot become my son-in-law..

..just because the horoscopes match.

You're marrying a singer's daughter..

..let me check if you can sing.

Sing for me. - Sing?

Of course! You'll have to sing. I have to take this test.

Yes. Even we'll ask Nandini to argue like a lawyer..

..before the marriage takes place.

So, how about a song then? - Yes, why not? - Sure.

"A spark the rains extinguish.."

"But when the rains start a fire.. who douses it?


You lack melody, but my daughter will teach you that.


..there is a truthfulness in your voice which assures me..

..that you'll keep my daughter happy.

The sky is shining with lights.

It seems like thousands of lovers are carrying..

..lights in their hands, grandma.

Lovers don't need lights to shine. - How do you know?

Love told me.

So you loved too?

Love colors everyone in its color. No one escapes from it.

Did you have a love marriage?

No, I married and then fell in love.

Tell us about it.

I was barely 14 when I got married.

I was combing my hair one day..

and your grandpa was flying a kite..

When your grandpa slipped and fell from the terrace.

I ran towards him. I saw him holding on to the parapet.

I raised my hand towards him.

The moment he touched me, a current ran through me.

Then? - Then our eyes met and we fell in love.

That was the first time he kissed me.

And you became pregnant?

You don't get pregnant by kissing.

Then? - Then we had a family. Then children were born.

We were very happy.

Then? - Then my children got married, we had lots of celebrations.

Then? - You all came along.

Then? - Then I sang lullabies for you all, you laughed, you cried.

Then? - Then nothing.



Then what?

Then? - After 60 years, two lovers met again on the same terrace.

And grandma caught them!

Your father always wanted a singer husband for you.

Maybe that's your dream too.

That's why I want to tell you something.

Even I've been thinking of telling.. something since several days.

Shall I? - Yes.

But you'll have to promise that.. won't get angry after you hear me.

Angry? Why?

Actually the thing is that..

Madam, Anu is back from her in-laws.

She's in a very bad state. Come down quickly.

Get this clear Anu, you'll have to go back.

No father, come what may, I'll not go back there.

You'll have to forget about Bharat and go back.

I'd rather die, but I'll never return to that house.

I don't want to spend my nights like a corpse in that man's bed.

A daughter has to marry as per her father's wishes.

After marriage, a husband means everything to a woman..

That's the norm.

Anu will return after Holi.

No! Send her back right away.

Her sight makes me.. - Stop!

We don't hit grown up girls in our family.

By Holi, things will cool down.

Anu will definitely return after that.

She won't be happy there, father. Look how they have beaten her.

Nandini, kids are not supposed to interfere in elders matters.

It's her life, ask her.

Nandini, go away.

How can she live with a man she doesn't love?

Nandini, leave!


Sameer has arranged for everything. Bharat must be waiting for you.

Come on, hurry.

Nandini What's this?

Am I doing the right thing?

The family reputation. What if something happens to Bharat?

This is not the time to think about that. You are doing the right thing. Ok.

This is your life, you have a right to live it your way.

Is everything arranged? And Bharat? - Yes.

Hi, Are you afraid? I am afraid of your father.

Let's go. - Let's go.

Hurry. Bharat is waiting outside the temple. - Oh No.

Idiot! There is no cat in this house. - Sorry. Sorry.

Anu must be so happy. We did such a good thing for them.

This is all very romantic. Even we must sprint and get married.

Sprint? - I mean, elope.

Even before your family realizes, we'll be in Italy.

But why should we elope?

You'll have to ask father for my hand in marriage.

Yes, that is the done thing.

Just think! We'll get married in everyone's presence.

Sir, let go off me! - Where has Anu gone? - I don't know anything.

Shut up. - You know everything. Is that why we employed you?!

Tell me, or I'll kill you! - Sir.. please.

I'll kill you today. - Listen..

You betray the one who feeds you!

I don't know anything.

Bhairon! - I don't know anything.

What are you doing? - I'll not spare him today.

Bhairon! Why are you beating him?

Even you are responsible for this. - What are you saying?

I told you to send Anu back immediately, but you didn't listen.

I did the right thing. - Right thing? Nonsense!

Anu has run away with another man.

Look, her wedding chain and this letter.

She has scorned all of us, especially you.

Lower your voice!

You are elder to us.. you cannot tolerate anyone telling you anything

What right do you have to force your decisions on us?

You make mistakes and we have to suffer.

It's your fault.

You didn't teach your kids the family norms.. you are misbehaving. - I'm not misbehaving!

You'll understand how I feel when Nandini will run away with someone.

Don't cross your limits! - He's right.

Before blaming others, take care of your own family.

You'll be ashamed the day you know what your daughter is up to.

Stop it!

Don't any of you dare badmouth Nandini.

I trust Nandini. I take pride in her.

She's as pure as my music.

If I find her doing anything wrong..

..assume my music will die forever.

I'll never sing after that.

If you trust her so much.. her right away and get things clarified.

Call her.



She'll hear you only if she's home.

Nandini, where are you?

Go out and see what your daughter is up to.


In the first vow, we'll promise to share..

..all our happiness and sorrows.

In the second vow, you'll promise to protect.., respect, and cherish me.

In the fourth vow, I'll take your permission to go ahead.. - Why. that when death arrives, I can embrace it before you.

When death arrives, we'll embrace it together.



We didn't expect this from you. What have you done?

This has been happening for eight months..

..and we don't even know?!

You didn't even tell me?

I've begun to hate.. - People get obsessed with love.

I'd never thought you'd do this.

I experience the same obsession.

I just didn't realize when I fell in love.

I just didn't realize it.

I just didn't realize it.

No one has the right to fall in love in this house.

We live by certain norms. People respect your father.

Today because of you he had to bow down his head.

It is only because of you. - We raised our heads and saw the stars.

How could you even think that he would endure all this?

Who knew a small meeting would develop..

..into such a deep relationship.

Sameer says father loves him, I'm sure he'll accept.

How will he? - He will surely accept.

Marry a foreigner, who doesn't even have a decent background?

Your marriage with Vanraj has been finalized.

We've given them our word.

When I was explaining the marriage rites to him..

it felt as if the whole universe was celebrating.

Marriage rites?

How far has your relationship gone?

Have you done anything? Tell me!

Did he touch you? Tell me, Nandini.


..and here..

Stop it, Nandini! I can't hear all this!

He has touched my soul. His eyes follow me everywhere.

Don't separate us, I won't be able to live without him.

I love him very much. I can only belong to him. - Nandini!

Control yourself! Nandini!

Help me, mother. Convince dad. - Calm down. Listen to me!

I'll try to convince your father.

But until I return, you will not budge from here.

I've quit singing..

And therefore..

..I have nothing to teach you now.

Sir..'s our mistake, why are you punishing yourself?

I have done nothing wrong, was about to ask you

I am asking for my fees.

For the sake of all the knowledge I have given you until now..

promise that henceforth, you'll neither meet Nandini..

nor will you try to keep any relationship with her.

That is the fees I want.


Can I see Nandini once before I leave?

"Your love has given life to a lifeless thing."

"Then your love ruined my heart."

Nandini, Sameer is going.

Your father didn't agree,..

..he is not ready to hear anything.

He has only permitted you to see him once while he leaves.

Get up, Nandini.

Sameer is leaving forever.

See him one last time..

..maybe you'll never see him again.

Go, Nandini. Go.


"This heart yearned and called out.."

"Why did you punish me for love, what was my mistake?"

"I was ruined in your love."

"This heart yearned and called out.."

"Why did you punish me for love, what was my mistake?"

"I was ruined in your love."

"This heart yearned and called out.."

"Why did you punish me for love, what was my mistake?"

"I was ruined in your love."

"Love is great..

..a moment of happiness."

"And then sadness. We are lonely."

"Tears, complains, nags, I see your face."

"I see your face, I see your in the day and miss you."

"I yearn in your memories, I see your face in the night."

"This heart yearns out.."

"Why did you punish me for love.. what was my fault?"

"I was ruined in your love."

They have come.

Bring them in. Bring them in.

Hello! - Welcome!

Come, Mr. Lawyer. - Hello! Hello! - How are things?

You almost disappeared after fixing the alliance.

We never heard from you at all. What say, sir? - Sit.

Have a seat, son.

Actually, we were busy with the wedding preparations.

Even we were busy with that.. - Have this. - No, thanks.

We even have the invitation cards ready.

Our first invitation, and the first card is for you.

The card is pretty, have a look.

It is indeed pretty. Very good. Thank you.

Thank us later, first let us talk about dowry.

What? - Of course we'll take dowry..

..We've fixed our son's alliance..

..with the a renowned singer's girl.

What do you say? - As you wish.

Our dowry will be that you'll sing at the wedding.

I may not be able to sing that day..

But Vanraj surely will, he must have learnt by now.

Vanraj will sing only for Nandini now.

Aunty! Where is Nandini? Brother has been looking for her.

She is upstairs in her room, she is not feeling well.

What happened?

Nothing. She fell from the stairs, it's not serious though.

"My dear Nandu.."

" without you is almost impossible."

"After having fought our stars destiny.."

"'s time we wrote our own destiny."

"I'm sure my love will bring you to me."

"I want to marry you."

"I'll wait for you, yours tangy lemon!"

"I can't believe you didn't come.

But I'm sure you will come one day"

"You have my heart, take care of it..

..and do come to return it to me."

"Your Sameer- the wind that has stopped blowing."


We are beginning a new life..

..together today.

Why don't we begin it truthfully..

Because truth is the foundation..

..of every relationship.

Maybe whatever I said..

..was wrong.

Actually, I have no words.. describe your beauty.

You must be wondering..

..that you are so beautiful, and mischievous..

What type of husband have I got?

One who is so reserved and never talks.

You must be thinking I am arrogant.

Was I impressing that I was intelligent?

Do you know, I'm the son of a famous lawyer..

But I lose my cases often.

The truth is that..

..I cannot stand lies.

I can tolerate anything but lies.

In the morning..

I've to be up at 4 in the morning for prayers.

Can I go to sleep?

What happened? Have I done something wrong?

We are married and are husband and wife.

If a husband and wife's relation only means this, then alright.

What nonsense are you talking? Have you gone crazy?

Marriage is not physical union but the union of minds, of souls.

Since we've been married I feel you aren't the Nandini..

..I'd seen before. What is the matter with you?

Have you been forced into the marriage or don't you like me?

Or is it something else? Tell me Nandini. Tell me before it is too late.

Before we are forced to carry the burden of this relation for life. Tell me!

I've told you this before, I can't stand lies.

Tell me Nandini, I'll support you.

Speak, Nandini!

You won't gain anything by staying silent.


Brother! Open the door.

Hurry! Open the door. Open the door.. sister-in-law.


Switch off the alarm or you'll awaken the entire neighborhood.

And if brother bothers you, tell him it's time for prayers.

Get dressed and come quickly. - I'll be back in a jiffy. Alright.

Come soon, sister-in-law.

A woman fasts on this day for her husband's long life.

Is there any greater pleasure than having a husband?

That's all okay, but where is the moon, I'm so hungry.

I think the moon will make us wait long today.

It's hiding behind the clouds..

It had disappeared like this even last year.

Look. The moon! - Where? Where?

You are lying to us. You liar! Don't you feel ashamed?

We're hungry anyway. And you are teasing us.

"The moon has hid in the clouds..

..feeling shy."

"O moon, please show up or..

..we'll get restless to see our beloved's face.'

"No, moon.. do not show up, should you show up.."

"My beloved might go away out of shyness."

"Show up, O moon.. may you be blessed."

"Do not show up, moon.. my beloved will go away."

"Let me hide in that veil." - "No."

"Let me lie in those dark tresses.." - "No."

"Love is patience, my love."

"How can I be patient anymore?"

"Wait like the peacock awaits the rain."

"Let things be.. do not turn your face away."

"This is yet something else."

"The moon has come, now all the desires will be fulfilled.

Every sweetheart will see her beloved."

"The moon has come, now all the desires will be fulfilled.

Every sweetheart will see her beloved."

"The moon has come, now all the desires will be fulfilled.

Every sweetheart will see her beloved."

Sit. - So much!

It's nothing at all. How are you, sister-in-law?

You shouldn't have brought so many things.

Don't embarrass me.

Actually I was missing Nandini. So I came to see her.

Since she has come here, she's been the soul of this house.

Nandini, look who's come. - Nandini, How are you?

Your mother probably thinks we don't look after you.

It's not that.

The two of you sit and I will be back.

Nandini. How are you, dear?

Everybody misses you so much at home.

Your father asked me to look you up.

What did he want to see?

I'm still alive or dead?

You're still stuck on that? Come with me.

What's this? You aren't dressed up and you haven't made your hair.

Don't forget you are a new bride.

You have such a good husband and in-laws what more can you ask for?

Don't ruin everything because of your stupidity.

I'll ruin myself too. Even Sameer..

Sameer! You shouldn't even utter his name now.

Mother.. - Do you know what you are doing?

You are still holding on to the past, let it go.

Or by the time you realize you'll have nothing left.

Life is ever changing. Accept the change.

Accept Vanraj, he is your husband.

I can never accept him as my husband.

You'll have to accept him..

..and why is your marriage thread missing?

They only mean black beads to you..

..but the day you realize their worth..

.. you'll know how powerful and important they are.

The marriage thread is very powerful.

It may be important to you, but to me it is a burden.

Why don't you try to understand?

And then, Kaushalya and I laughed so much..

What should I say? - What are you laughing about? Share the joke.

Nothing, I take your leave. - But you didn't eat anything.

We don't even drink water at our daughter's place..

..or you'll taunt her.

Of course, I will! I'm her mother-in-law after all.


They'll leave for their honeymoon soon after..

..Vanraj's case is over.

Send Nandini home after that. - Sure!

Give my regards to your husband.

Nandini, come here. - You could've brought..

..Kaushalya with you. - Come fast.

Next time. - Come..

Vanraj, might come now. There are some letters from Sameer.

Sameer's letters? When did he send them?

Some before marriage and some after.

But I feared to give them to you. So there wouldn't be problems.

That means Sameer was there then.

You should have given me then, maybe something could be done.

I didn't get a chance, it was too late by then.

It was never too late in love.

Maybe we would have met. - But Sameer would never meet you.

Because your father asked him to promise never to meet you.

He had promised father, I hadn't. I could have met him.

Take my advice and burn these letters.

Vitthal! - Coming. Burn them.

Vitthal! - Burn them.

Coming sister-in-law.

Nandini, I'm going to the temple. Will you come along? - No. - Ok.

These letters.

I was going to tell you the truth.. - I told you I can't stand lies.

You have no right to humiliate me and my family like this. - No.

You can't live here anymore. Come. Come!

What are you doing? Listen to me.


Please! Where are you taking me?

Vanraj! Listen to me.

Listen to me at least once, Vanraj!

Leave me! Where are you taking me?

Vanraj! Leave me!

Have you gone mad? You want to take your wife to Italy to her lover?

People will laugh at you and at all of us. Your mother, me, sister.

What will people talk about us? What made you take this decision?

Nandini loves someone else..

she doesn't belong to me.

Do you want your son to live in sorrow to please the world?

You are a Rajput. You are a man, can't you keep a woman in control?

What happened to your manhood?

Is manhood proved by forcibly robbing a woman of her happiness?

Is manhood another name of running away from the truth?

Is manhood living with a woman who's body belongs to you..

.. but whose heart and soul belongs to someone else?

Tell me.


Manhood is facing problems, facing the truth.

Words! Mere words, I hear them in the court everyday.

They are very easy to speak, but difficult to fulfill.

Will you be able to bear that moment..

..when you give away your wife..

..whom you love so much to someone else?

Love isn't selfish.

It lies not in your happiness but in the happiness..

..of the one you love.

I know the moment will be very painful to me..

..but her one smile will erase all my pain.

I will need your support and blessings then.


I may be a great lawyer..

..but you are a greater human.

I am proud of you, my son. And I'm sure you'll win this case.

Thank you, dad. - Good luck, my son.

"My beloved.. my beloved."

"My beloved.."

"My beloved.."

"My beloved.. my beloved."

"Lost in love, I have come to you.. my beloved.. my love."


It's very difficult to find a stranger in such a big city..

..That too, without even having his photograph.

Don't worry, we'll find him.

Get ready, we'll have to make a beginning somewhere.

You need help? - No.

I think we may find out something from..

..a music shop or music school.

I'll get the addresses from the manager.

You've probably forgotten the combination.

I'll open it for you. No, I do it.

Get dressed.

The tram has arrived, let's go.

Shall we go?

Wait here while I go and ask inside.

Excuse me.

I am looking for someone who is trying to be a musician.

Do you understand English?

I am looking out for a musician. Sameer. Sameer. Misician.


"Beloved. My beloved."

"Beloved. My beloved."

"I've become a monk." - What happened?

"Beloved. My beloved."

Can I help you? - Hi, I am from India.

I am looking out for a musician.

An Indian musician?

Very good.

Please, wait.

Nandini, he's here.

He is crazy. Hello.. Your Indian friend.. he is crazy.

You are finding it very difficult to..

..find a stranger in such a big city.

So it becomes necessary to know how Sameer looks.

He looks like this.

Maybe you'll even laugh more now, won't you?

Because all this is a joke for you, even I'm a joke for you.

I am sorry.

I wasn't laughing at you or Sameer, that musician..

So, have you decided, sir? - Yes, could you get me a cheese sandwich?

And some coffee - And madam?

He's asking you something.

Number 24. - Number 24..

Would you hurry up?

Yes, sir.

Your coffee and sandwich, sir. Bon appetite, sir.

Here, have the sandwich.

Don't be stubborn. Eat the sandwich.

"My beloved has gone abroad."

"My beloved has gone abroad."

"He has given pain to my heart."

"What kind of fire is this.. burns me all the time." burns me all the time."

Have some water.

Drink it!

Take the glass and don't create a scene.

"Beloved." - Take.

"I've become a monk."

"I've become a monk and come to your door, beloved." - Take.

"My beloved."

How did you like the food? Some comments, please.

How do you like it? Please, do come in.

Look at this!

Sameer. Who wrote this?

That black and white shirt. Look, he goes there.

Hey, please. Money. Money. Please..

Keep the change.

Please, do come again. Have a nice day. - Nandini.


Have you gone mad! Didn't you see such a big tram?

You were running like crazy. - Yes, I've gone mad.

I have lost Sameer because of you today!

Because of me? Thank your stars that you were saved or..

I would have died! So what? What would you lose?

Yes, I'd lose nothing.

Remember, until you reach your goal..

..your safety is my responsibility.

Who gave you that responsibility? Who asked you to bring me here?

What relationship do we share? There is nothing between us.

Why are you trying to play God?

Why are you playing this game of finding Sameer for me?

You want to impress upon me that you are great, you are God?

I don't want God.

I'm not trying to be God.

I am suffering every minute. You know why?

Because you are suffering.

And I'm going to lose both ways in what you think is a game.

Do you know why? Because I..

How would you ever know what love is.

Hello. - Sir, this is the hotel manager. - Yes?

I have got the address of Mr. Sameer. - Just a second.

Yes. - The main street of Holloco village near Santa Maria church.

And what is the most convenient way to reach there?

By train, sir. - Thank you.

My pleasure, sir.

Your ticket please, sir.

Shall I say something?


I'm sorry for whatever happened yesterday. - It's all right.

Shall I say something? - Go ahead.

The magazine up side down.

Shall I say something more? - Yes.

You were right, there is no relationship between us.

But we can have one.

Let's be friends.

Shall I say something? - Yes.

You are a very nice man. - I know.

You have a sweet smile. Keep smiling.

I'd thought I'd forgotten to smile.

If you ever want to laugh..

..come to court with me, it's great fun.

Really? Tell me about it.

Silly questions are asked during cross questioning.

Once a lawyer asked an accused..

..that he's clearly visible in the photo..

..but how can he prove that he was present..

..when the photo was taken.

Once even I asked a stupid question. - What was that?

I asked that it is proved that the basement stairs go down..

..but how will you prove that these very stairs go up too?

And what happened to the case? - As usual, I lost it.

Shall I say something? - Yes.

Forget it.

And then came the season of kites..

Listen, mother. - Go on.

I managed to cut everybody's kites.

Look! Loosen it.. loosen it.. Loosen the kite.

As soon as it flies.. cut it..

Then she taught me Havai. - Havai.

Actually it's called Bhavai, but I call it Havai.

"Tall guy. "

"Tall guy with a moustache and a pagri (Headwear)) on the head.

Something in between.. "I am a handsome Gujarati."


Mother, their food.. oh I am so hungry. The food is mind blowing.

Is it? - Lentil curry and many more..

And one day I was fed so much food..

..that I couldn't control myself. - Then?

I went on the terrace, looked left..

..looked right, and passed air.

I couldn't help it.. I couldn't help it!

I swear I couldn't help it. - Oh mother..

And when I looked behind, most embarrassing.

And when I looked behind, Nandini was laughing at me.

Do you know what she said? 'Sameer, a whiff of air!'

Silly fellow..

Oh my God. - I miss her so much. I miss her so much.

Mother, I miss her so much.

Then? - Her stupid aunt spoilt everything.

I had asked her father beforehand.. - What?

..what his fees would be.

He'd said that his music is not for sale..

He'll take it when the time comes.

Do you know what he asked for as fees?


My life, Nandini. How could he.. how could he..

I don't like that man.

I don't like that man.

You know why I don't like that man?

Because when I was leaving home, Nandini came on the terrace.. see me the last time, and I told her to become a statue.

She stood like a statue, but her tears wouldn't stop flowing.

I don't like my man.

My.. - I don't like it.

My son. - Anyway, it doesn't matter.

Because my father is stronger than hers.

And my father says..

..Nandini will come, I will definitely get her.

I will get her, won't I, father?

I'm sorry. - My son, she'll surely meet you.

I'm sorry. - Yes.

I love you, mother. - It's okay, Sameer.

Okay, I am not crying anymore. Go and offer the flowers.

Come. - No..

No, my father is here. Hold.. father.


Could you tell me where Sameer lives?

Near. Santa Maria Church. - There?

Thank you.

Excuse me. Could you tell me where Sameer lives?

She is Sameer's mother.


You are Nandini, aren't you? See! I recognized you.

Sameer said you'll definitely come, and you have!

He's always talking about you. Today itself he was telling me..

..that he's going to have a show. He's busy preparing for it.

He thinks of you all the time.

I'm sorry, I talk too much.

Who's he? - I am her friend.

Oh I see.

Where is Sameer? - He just left. You'll find him at the bus stop. Go!

Where are you staying?

Hotel Vilo Corda. - Okay, okay.

Listen, he sings at the Visconty bar in the city every Friday.

Okay bye. - Don't forget. Visconty bar.

Okay. - I love you, Jesus.

Hey, what's this? Why did they stop us?

Let's see.

Could you help us? We need to follow the right bus. - Okay.

Thank you. Come!

Come on! - That's fun!


Will you be a little careful!

Hey, please watch out!

That bus.

Hey.. where are you going?


Hey.. where are you going?

Be quiet!

Okay. You too come out. - Come out.

Come on.. faster.. come on. - Hurry up.

Let's go. - Let's go! - Enough of your joy ride.

Come on, let's go. - Let's go. - Faster. - Hurry up.

Come on. - Okay..

Let's go. - Okay.

Give me everything you have, money, rings.

Come on. - Earrings. - Come on, faster.

Watch. Money, hurry up. - Listen, can I just..

Watch out!

Come on.

Okay, come on.

That's all you have?

Give me your ring.

Give me your ring. Did you hear me? - Come on..

It doesn't come out.

What are you doing? Stop it there!

Let go off him!

Let go off him!

"The whiff of air..

..must be playing with you tresses even today.."

"Your veil.."

"Must be slipping from your head even today, isn't it?"

"In your hair..

..some flower must be decorated, surely?"

"The cold breeze..

..must be embracing in you in the night?"

"The cold of the moon..

..must be embracing you?"

"The rays of the sun..

..must be greeting you in the morning?"

"I think that.. beloved.."

"You must be talking to yourself, isn't it?"

"I look at you.. secretly.."

"You must be feeling it, isn't it?"

"The whiff of air..

..must be playing with you tresses even today.."

Hello. How are you today, Nandini? - Better.

Well, you look much better.

That is because you have a loving husband.

Take care. By the way, I need to talk to you.

Don't worry. It's only a formality.

Yes. - Please.

Sir, I am sorry, we will have to stop all treatment..

..till you don't pay your previous bills.

As you know, doctor. We have no money. We have been robbed.

But I will call my people back home, and they will send the money.

As soon as possible. I understand sir, but a rule is a rule.

You will have to raise the money as soon as possible, sorry. - Yes.

Monica! Monica!

Monica! Monica!

What will happen to them?

He's married, has a kid, and is running after another woman.

Do you understand Hindi?

You speak very fluent Hindi.

I speak very fluent Italian too. Did you hear that?


Monica! Monica!

Trust your love, and such a situation will never arise.

How many people come here because they fear God..

and how many come because they love Him?

I come here because I love him very much..

..and He is my father's friend.

In my opinion, God is everywhere.

In fact, He's between us right now.

God is not between us..

..He is within us.

If He is within us, why does He hurt us?

Because we think of Him when in pain..

..and forget Him when we're happy.

Right. - He gives us sorrow, so that we learn to love.

And if we love selflessly, it takes us closer to Him.

Have you loved anyone like that?

I have. - Me too.

But right now, she's in pain.

She's had an accident.

And I cannot bear to see her in pain.

Come on.

When so many people pray, God gets very busy.

Who all will he answer?

My father is a very good friend of God, speak to him.

Father, he's my friend, you'll have to give him..

..whatever he asks for.

What do you do?

Nothing much, like I prayed for you today..

..that's more than enough for me.

What brings you here? - I've come looking for someone.

You've found him!

It's good we've met, I was feeling very lonely.

Maybe.. can help.. - Hey, music!

Do you like music? - No.

I love music. Do you sing?

No. - It's obvious.

Even I don't sing these days..

..but I have a song which we'll sing together.

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.. the drum beats.."

"The drum beats."

"The drum beats."

Nice, it is very nice. It is not in tune. Let's do it again.

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.."

Tempo! "The drum beats.. the drum beats.."

"The drum beats.." Yes, come on.

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.." - "The drum beats.. "

"The drum beats.."

Mind blowing. "The drum beats.."

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.."

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.."

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.."

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.."

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.."

"We are having fun.. we are having fun!" - "We are having fun..

"We are having fun.. we are having fun!" - "We are having fun..

"We are having fun.. we are having fun!"

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.."

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.."

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.."

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.."

"The drum beats.. the drum beats.."

"The sound of the anklets.."

"The sound of the anklets.."

"The sound of the anklets.."

"The sound of the anklets.."

"The anklet speaks."

"The drums roll."

"The bangles sing with the anklets."

"The maiden will come out dressed in pearls."

"Kanha will be with her too, singing the flute."

"Sky and earth will be together, in the color of love."

"Everything will be colorful.

Think what will happen? Everyone will dance."

"The drums are being played."

"The anklets, the bangles, the drums!"

"The sound of the anklets.."

"The sound of the drums.."

"The sound of the anklets.."

"The drums roll!"

"The drums roll."

"Drummer, your drums roll."

"Your drums roll."

"Drummer, your drums roll."

"Your drums roll."

"The maiden is priceless, she talks sweet, she is doe eyed."

"The drums roll."

"The boy is mischievous. He speaks."

"He flirts with me."

"The drums roll."

"The drums roll."

"The drums roll!"

"The drums roll!"

"The drums roll!"

"Your beauty, can I kiss it?"

"No.." - "Yes!" - "Yes!"

"I am the queen of the night, look at my beauty!"

"Look at my body. - Look at my body."

"The aroma will fly, don't touch me."

"Don't touch me."

"Dance, my dear." - "Stay away from me."

"I will do what I want." - "Don't do that!"

"The drums roll."

"The drums roll."

"The drums roll."

"The drums roll!"

"The drums roll!"

"The maiden is priceless, she talks sweet, she is doe eyed."

"The drums roll."

"The boy is mischievous. He speaks."

"He flirts with me."

"The drums roll."

"The drums roll."

"The drums roll!"

"The drums roll!"

"The drums roll!"

"The drums roll!"

"Fun.. we are having fun.."

"We are having fun.."

"We are having fun.."

"We are having fun.."

"The drums roll." - "The drums roll."

"The drums roll." - "The drums roll."

"The drums roll!"

"The drums roll!"

"The drums roll!"

"The drums roll!"

"The drums roll!"

How did you know I like these flowers?"

They are not from me, they are from him.

I met a very nice man in the church today.

We even prayed for you together.

And look, when I came here..

..the doctor said you can be discharged.

Get ready.

"The drums beat."

Your clothes.

At the hotel.. What happened?

Where did you hear this song? - He..

Oh no!

We'll go to Visconty bar tomorrow.

Remember, Sameer's mother had said.. - But how will we go there?

We don't have any money.

We'll definitely go, even if it's without a ticket.

The ticket checker is here, And we don't have tickets.

Remember that day in the train?

The ticket checker couldn't ask for their tickets.

In the train?

Is he..

Is he coming towards us? - Yes.

May I see your ticket please?

Excuse me, may I see your ticket please.

Madam. Sir. Your ticket.

Your ticket please.

Sameer the musician. - Sameer the musician. He's my friend!

My good friend.

Will he come tonight? - He must come!

He has not come. But wait.

My wedding anniversary. Singing.. dancing.

Enjoy. - Thanks.

Go! Enjoy yourself. Dance!

Sameer may come, we'll wait for him.

You will have something? - No.

Hey. Cheers. - Thanks.

Are you enjoying yourself?

My wedding anniversary.

I love my wife, do you love your wife?

Do you love your wife?

Yes, I do. - Come on! Dancing!

Come on! - No.

Please, tell him to dance.

Come. - No, I can't dance. - Come on!

Come on, don't go away.

Come on. You must dance!

Very good.

Now everyone dance with their wives.

Come on! Go, get your wife.

Come on.. come on.

Come on.

Dance with her, come on! Get up!

Everybody come on.. with your husbands!

Hey Mario, where are you?


But shall I tell you something?

Yes. - Forget it.

I know you dance very well.

Great fun.

Vanraj.. careful. - But I too dance very well.

Do I or not? - Yes.

But shall I tell you something?

Yes! - Forget It.

You know, I've met him.

He's a very nice man.

He'll always keep you happy, maybe more than me.

Not maybe..

..he'll definitely keep you happier than me.

But shall I tell you something?

Yes. - Forget it.

You know, when you go away, I'll be a happy man.

I'll come to meet you. I'd love meeting the two of you.

Come here.. come here..

I'll call out to you from that bridge.



You'll recognize my voice, won't you?

You'll recognize my voice, won't you?

You'll surely recognize my voice. Come on, choose one hand.

Come on, choose one.

I knew you'd get Sameer.

Even if you'd chosen this hand..'d get Sameer.

But shall I tell you something?



I don't know what I said last night.

I misbehaved. I am sorry.

I don't even remember what I was saying.

Maybe I spoke a bit too much. - You said nothing.

Sometimes a person says a lot without really saying anything.


Whatever I said last night was not true.

Were you lying last night, or are you lying today?

Wishing for something and actually..

..getting it are two different things.

Love is not just to gain.. love is to give.



I think I have now begun to understand what love is.

Hello. - Hello. Is this room number 703?

Yes. - I'm Sameer's mother.

Where is Sameer? - Yes, dear.

He's doing a show at Opera theatre tonight.

Today is the biggest day of his life. He's coming to take me.

I haven't told him about Nandini's arrival.

I'll tell him everything when I meet him today.

It is a surprise. My son will be so happy.

Listen, you bring Nandini here.

We'll unite them before the show itself. Don't be late.

Remember, the Opera theatre.

We'll be there. - Love you, bye.


"I have lost my heart.."

"I have become yours."

"I swear to you."

"I have lost my heart.."

"I have become yours."

"I swear to you."

"Whether the world gives us pain, we won't say anything."

"I swear to you."

"I have lost my heart.."

"I have become yours."

"I swear to you."

"I swear to you."

"Hopes. I have hopes on you."

"I have succumbed to you."

"I will never forget you ever in life."

"I will never forget you ever in life."

"I have lost my heart.."

"I have become yours."

"I swear to you."

"I swear to you."



Nandini! Nandu! You are here!


Nandu! I love you!

I love you! Nandini!

Nandini! I love you!

Oh my god.

"I will live my whole life in your memories."

"After God.. I will revere only you."

"Ask whatever you wish, you own everything."

"Ask whatever you wish, you own everything."

"I have lost my heart.."

"I have become yours."

"I swear to you."

"I swear to you."

Will you.. - Nandini! You are here?

Sameer has been waiting for you.

Come on, hurry!

I knew you'd come! Because my father is stronger than your father.

And my father had said Nandini will come to Italy..

..and you are here. I'll come down the stairs.

You are here. You are here.

I'd told you, hadn't I, that you'll come to Italy?

You finally fought your stars and wrote your own destiny.

I miss you so much.. so much.. I love you.

And today's show.. fantastic!

After the show, we'll go to a temple nearby, some Hindus have made it.

After that, in my mother's and the Goddess's presence..

..we will get married. And we will live happily ever after.

What happened? Did I say anything wrong?

You are not happy to see me.

Look into my eyes, Nandini.

Oh my God.

The love I used to see in your eyes for me is no more.

You have changed. - Yes, I have.

Circumstances have changed.

You loved me, and it was for love that..

..I came across the seven seas.

But I cannot cover this small distance..

..between us now.

You taught me to love, but it was my husband..

..who taught me to abide by it.


Sameer, I am married.

By keeping your promise given to my father you fulfilled your duty.

But do you know, after marriage..

..when my husband came to know about you..

without giving a thought to what people will say..

..without giving a thought to his own happiness..

..he brought me here to unite me with you..

To fulfill that vow of marriage..

..that he'll give me all happiness.

It's then that I realized that..

..true love is sacrifice.

Now I have to fulfill my duty. I must go back to him.

Please, forgive me if you can.

Allow me to go to him, Sameer.

Permit me.

Go on, you have my permission.

But can I.. Though it is not necessary..

..can I meet and see who the lucky man is?



Oh yes, I've met him.

He's an interesting man. He's a very good man.

I even taught him the song, 'The drums beat..'

He cannot sing at all.

But he loves you very much.

He loves you very much.

We both prayed for you, I made him talk directly to my father.

I told father to give him whatever he asked for.

And that too from my account.

Father never grants me anything. But he did this time.

I'll deal with you later.

People say she crossed the seven seas for him.

But in today's jet age, board a plane..

..and you're there in seven hours.

But now..'ll have to live with him for seven lives.

The few moments you spent with me..

..are enough for seven lifetimes. Enough for me.

But not more than that, because in your eighth birth..'ll belong to me. And at that time, no Vanraj. Please.

And don't look at me like that..

..or you'll fall in love with me again.

Go! Because I look horrible when I cry. I look horrible.

I look horrible.

She is gone.

Now you listen to me! I've been talking to you since childhood.

Everybody told me that my father was dead..

But I kept you alive in my heart.

I never asked anything from you, except Nandini..

..but she has left. She now belongs to Vanraj, he's her husband.

But I ask you for something, don't refuse me.

Just hug me once, please! Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.

What happened, son? - Nothing, I was talking to father.

"If I meet God.." - I was telling Him, first He took away my father..

..and now it's Nandini.

Now if he takes you away, He should call me too.

I don't want to live in Italy, I don't want to be a star. - No, son.

And you tell him that.. - "You gave me a body of mud,

..and gave me a heart of glass."

"And on top of that, you gave it the art of love."

"Wow.. what nature.. what nature."

"What is this fate, we meet sometimes and we be separated."

"We meet sometimes and we be separated."

"Is this love? Is this your fate?"

"My heart yearned and cried out.."

"Why did you punish me for love?"

"I am ruined in your love."

Shall I tell you something? - Yes.

Must you go away?

Shall I say something? - Yes.

I can't live without you. - Then choose one hand.