Hullumeelsus (1969) - full transcript

The action takes place in a nameless country occupied by the German army at the time of World War II. In a small village there's an asylum. A squad of German soldiers arrives to take the insane people to a "walk in the forest". Just before they are ready to go to forest to kill the insane people, a Gestapo officer arrives and from his conversation with the doctor we can find out that there's an enemy agent hiding himself in the asylum. Officer Windisch must find the agent from 583 people and on his searches he is slowly starting to feel himself crazy too.


Script Viktor Lorents

Set designer Kaljo Kiisk

Main camera operator Anatoli Zabolotski

Design and costumes Halja Klaar

Music Lembit Veevo

It happened in a small village,

where the invaders had already
succeeded in executing all Jews,

Marxists, gypsies, guerillas.

Now it was the turn
of those mentally ill.

Squad, halt!

Right turn!

From the shoulder!

Stand free!

Open the gate!

Long live our liberators! Hurray! Hurray!

Shut your mouth!

Squad, halt!

Right turn!

Long live our liberators! Hurray! Hurray!

Dear friends! Today we will
all go for a walk in the woods.

The grass is beautiful,
there are tall trees.

berries and mushrooms, ferns...

We'll take a little walk, shall we?

And this is the one?
- Yes, this is the asylum.

This is the one!

Today we are admitting nobody.
We have a commission today.

What commission? Let the gentleman in,
once he's come himself!

Quiet! Quiet! Without fighting!

Does it matter,
who goes first?

I have seen you somewhere,
I surely have. But where?


Doctor, I'll scream! I'll scream!

Then you will be
just like all other patients.

I'll throw this...

From these windows quite a few
things have been thrown out.

I'll kill at least one of them.
- Well, well!

Oh, pardon!

I do apologise.

I knocked twice, but...

Are you the chief doctor?

I see! You have
a beautiful little town here!

Did you want to see me?
- I'd be very grateful to you...

in case I'm not disturbing?

- Thank you!

I was in a hurry.
I feared most to be late.

Windisch. Sturmbannf?hrer Windisch.
- Yes, yes, please.

Lucia! Prepare clothes for him!

It's not necessary. In this case you have
an absolutely normal person.

Sturmbannf?hrer August Windisch.

From Gestapo. Special task.


Not necessary. Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Dear doctor, let's start, shall we?
- Yes, please.

Doctor, tell me, how many patients
do you have in the hospital now?


583. It's not awfully lot,
but also not too few.

Among these 583 patients
an English spy is hiding himself.

We must catch him alive.

Doctor, shouldn't we close the window?
It disturbs our talk. - Yes.

Doctor, I think it would be best
to introduce me as a regular new doctor.

As you wish. Maybe you need my office?

Oh, no. By no means. You will
introduce me as a regular ward doctor.

And please do not
forget it for a second. Oh!

I can't imagine who that could be.

I've personally checked
the patients' diagnoses.

And then there is the medical council.
Simply unbelievable!

Doctor, I hope I'm not wrong,
assuming that in you I have found

a very good assistant
and a very diligent consultant.

Is this an order?

Order or not an order, we are
both bound to a certain degree

by a joint professional secret.
Do you agree? - And then?

Oh. Then? If I make progress,
so do you and vice versa.

Let's go! - Let's go.

Doctor, if I fail in
carrying out the task,

it will also affect you.

Do you understand?

In psychiatry I am a beginner.

Until 1933 I generally worked
as a teacher.

Gentlemen, I'm ripe.

Your subject?

Physical exercise.

I'll go and look at the patients.

Hello! - Hello!

How do you do!

Well! So! I'll start treating you
with a completely new method.

Maybe there are some among you,
who do not need treatment?

I have seen you somewhere...
for sure. But where?

I have seen you somewhere.
Quite certain. But where?

Doctor, why did they
send us a new doctor?

Maybe everything will still go all right?

I don't know! I don't know
anything and I don't want to know.

Work must be done as usual.
I will go to the wards with the doctor.

Very interesting! Quite a few collectors
would envy you for this collection.

Please choose, and remember that
besides an illness, every patient has

a character and world outlook,
their own thoughts and spirit.

Doctor, do you think
they shouldn't be destroyed?

I don't know how frank can I be with you.
- You already told me all.

I would like to take this one,
a very original solution.

It's drawn by a person who is
never going to leave this hospital.

Tell me, doctor, why do you
like treating the completely hopeless?

First of all,
they are human beings just like us

and secondly, we don?t know
how we will end up.


So, from 583 patients,
these have remained under investigation.

If it's not a secret - on what grounds...
- Excuse me, I didn't interrupt you.

Forgive me. - These three will remain
under investigation.

How old are you?
- 48.

How long is your medical practice?
- 23.

Tell me, during these 23 years, haven't
you had to unmask even a single patient?

Of course. It has happened
and sometimes even...

Who is the person No. 1? Doesn't it
seem odd to you as chief doctor

that a patient is hiding himself
in a hospital under a mere number?

I don't understand you.
- You do.

I'm not here to listen to a sane
person playing a fool.

I'm interested in his name.
- He was brought here without papers.

Wonderful. Why, don't you find it odd
that a person finds shelter

in a hospital without papers? How?
Did you inform anybody?

- No?

Well... er...


Let's continue - Yuri Krohn?
What kind of a man is he?

I brought him here. I was on duty
at that time. - I know, I read.

You brought him from a ghetto?
Is he a Jew?

No! The ghetto inhabitants
told us themselves

that a crazy Aryan was among them.

Wonderful inhabitants of ghetto!
Philanthropists, yes?

Tell me, is it thinkable

that the English secret service
would send its own people to a ghetto?

Well, it is thinkable.

Yes, then there's the third person.
Diagnosis ? traumatic stress.

Well, there are all kinds of traumatics.
By the way, all three will be here soon.

Are they here?
- Yes, shall I call them?

Yes, please. Send them in.

Please take your seats!

I'm here.

We may begin...

I am listening.

Person No. 1, without papers.

First name, surname, date of birth.

How long have you been connected
with the English secret service?

A-ha! The last question
is the most important...

Since 1933...

One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven,

eight, nine, ten, eleven - eleven years!

More precisely!

Already eleven years
I spit on the English secret service.

Doctor, why doesn't this dude stand up
when the leader is talking to him!

Who is in command here?

Let yourself be informed
that you will already be hanged.

Why hang me,

I've got nothing to do
with arson.

What are you talking about -
setting fire to the Reichstag?

I'm talking about an elevator.

The Reichstag has nothing to do with it,
it was set to fire by communists.

Inform them that the elevator
was also set to fire by communists.

We have a report and the signatures
of witnesses confirming that namely you

set fire to the elevator. Here!

And by the law...
- I make the law.

They are meant for the people
who are a bunch of scum.

The nation is not able to understand
the laws. It just has to obey them.

And anyway a law is a very wide meaning.

Give him more of my books to read.

And let him learn by heart
the collection of my quotations.

Every word in there is law!

You are absolutely right.
- But of course.

Very, very true.

I know, I'm always right.
Even when I'm wrong, I'm always right.

My leader, shouldn't you
to go to your ward to rest?

Don't give me orders!

I haven't forgotten that I have
an important meeting tonight.

With whom?

Hunters. It's none of your business.

Don't poke your nose
In other people?s business!

Gentlemen, you are dismissed!

So, what's your complaint?

The same old.

Listen, it's our first meeting.
This answer doesn't tell me anything!

Tell me, is he also a doctor?
- Yes, relax, relax, Yuri.

I'm worried that
I can't return to the ghetto.

Ghetto? You are a pure-blood Aryan,
what are ghettos and Jews to you?

Tell the doctor, tell him.

My house is near there.

I saw everything, I took them cabbage,

I didn?t have anything else,
but then I ran out of cabbage.

I went anyway. I read poems to them,
they liked it very much.

Two women even cried
and wanted to kiss my hand.

You find that nation likeable?

I'm not interested in nationality. The
principle is important. - Which principle?

The same one.
- Which same one?

It's very difficult for me
to speak with this person.

Doctor wants to know
how you ended up there. - Yes, exactly.

The doctor knows it.
I bit his hand then.

Yes! Oh! You were
a little excited when we met.

But why did you come for me?
- I must come, when I'm called.

But who called you? - People living in
the ghetto. I think they wished you well.

I can assure you - you were saved
from big problems indeed.

Even from very big problems.

I think this is enough for today.

Doctor, do you know, how disgusting
it is to walk on the earth,

having fair hair and blue eyes.

Especially when your forehead,
nose and ear form an obtuse angle!

Nationality does not interest me -
the principle is important.

Please, let me go back to the ghetto!

Sergeant major Willy Zollenkopf
has come on your orders.

So, you are the hero of whom
everybody is talking about.

Why can't I leave? - When you're well.
We're still examining you.

Maybe you would prefer
to talk in your native tongue?

Why? One has to respect the people
among whom one lives.

I personally learned
the spoken language in four months.

How many times did you go to
the enemy's rear? - Three times.

For reconnaissance, yes?
- What do you think, an excursion?

How did the enemy look at letting you
walk through its front line and back?

And... - Allow me!
- And you weren't caught even once?

Whether I was caught or not,
you can soon ask them yourself.

One thing interests me -
how did you end up here?

What is the matter with you?

My nerves are shattered.

If you have read this,
you should know.

Who cares what's written!
I want to hear again the story of

how you went to the regiment HQs
and wanted to shoot all the officers.

I couldn?t pull it off.

They hit me on the back of my head,
right on my old wound.

This is not an answer. I'm interested
in reasons that made you do it.

We had just had our breakfast.
- Go on! - It wasn't a good one.

I hadn't killed anyone yet.

You won't understand.
You haven't seen the front line.

You wanted to kill your own men.

Or weren't they your own?

Give me a machinegun!

Give it to me quick!

I am itching to shoot this bastard!
Stand up!

I'll drive it right between your eyes!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wait, Willy! Relax, relax.

Good chap!

Good, good chap! Relax!

Stand over there. I'll stand here.

Shh... so!

So! We'll play it so that
government is sails, people are wind,

state is a ship and time is a sea!
Let's start.

Hello, I'm the wind.

And I'm the government.
That means sails.

Stop! Stop!
Government must respect the people.

Please take it once more, please!
- I'm the wind.

But I'm the government.
I'm not afraid of you!

It means something is wrong here.

Something is rotten
in the state of Denmark, tally-ho!

Stop! Stop!

Something is rotten in our state,


I can't perform sails.
- More thoughts, more thoughts.

- Ex... excuse me...

Why are you changing the lines?

Right, it shouldn't be done.
- Who has written the lines?

We have an editor here, Eduard...

I know, I read his file.

Before the war he was
considered a talented writer.

We know those talented ones.
Talent is always suspicious.

Send that talented person to me.

What interests you? Yes, you?

Why aren't you in the ward?
Answer! Name?

- Yours.

- Surname?

- Answer!


Come later to the office
of the chief doctor. - Me?

Yes, namely you.

Sit here, please.

Medicine today makes miracles.

Wait... do you... think
that I can again... start writing?

Write, sing, dance - everything you wish,

only you have to listen to
what the doctors say.

But he can also dance, write, sing -
all that he wants?



Hallucinosis, chronic.

Tell me, Eduard. - Yes?

Did you drink a lot?

In the old days I didn't drink at all,
but later...

the nature of my work drove me.

It's not nice to work
in the area of propaganda and...

Work? Do you know at all
what kind of work it is?

To write things
you don't believe in yourself?

To write day and night,
crossing a street, sitting at a desk,

in a cafe, restaurant, write
while laying in bed by your wife.

Even in my sleep I've written many lines.
But the brain gets tired.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Well, and then you start wishing to
put on the brakes somehow, stop it,

at the beginning a few small ones,
later half a bottle, maybe more.

Eduard, I imagine that creative work
is first of all a pleasure.

When in secondary school, I also wrote -
short verses, but I didn't drink a drop.

We are not talking about the same things.
I will leave. - Now, now.

When I was appointed
as a newspaper editor,

I started to feel tired already
in the mornings. No, I'll go.

You should have rested.
Fresh air. Skis.

I didn't have skis, doctor,
and I have never gone fishing.

I felt... you know?

Are you trying to tell me that
the confiscated newspaper issue

was made in a drunken state?

No! By no means!

On that day, on my way to the office
I drank only half a bottle of beer.

I mentioned that also
to the police when I was arrested.

Oh, how humiliating
those explanations were!

Soldiers coming to teach us to write.
- Let's leave the emotions! Sit down!

Dear Eduard, we keep
digressing from the main theme.

Tell me, how could it happen
that that notorious article

appeared in the newspaper?
- I didn't write alone. He helped me.

Who? - Shh! He.


Come now, be more specific.
- The devil...

Thought and our era.

Again he doesn't let me write.
- What?

The title: "Thought and Our Era".

Thought and our era!

Golden words!
Why do they make you excited?

It was a headline in the newspaper
that was confiscated.

It was typeset in very large print

for the first time ... without a lie.

A pity I have not read that article!
- Yes, it's a pity.

Last night the devil wrote some
sentences on my back, shoulders and chest.

Look! Oh, there is nothing left!


It?s because I dried myself
with a coarse towel this morning.

You should get some rest.

Thank you very much. I really am tired.

Excuse me, I'll just take away the devil
or it'll cause you all sorts of trouble.

Oh, look, where the devil
has climbed into!

Excuse me!