Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell (2016) - full transcript

The Halloween Nightmare is bent on conquering our waking world by crossing through the Dream Dimension, and converting each dreamer into a monster. Can Doctor Strange, Hulk and the Howling Commandos hold the line and put an end to his nefarious scheme?

Hurry up, guys.

They're giving out full-sized candy
bars over on Thompson street.

Let's go.

- Candy.
- Hey, wait up!

Go on. Knock.

Why don't you?

No way,
this place is haunted.

You guys are so chicken.

Todd's cousin said he saw a
guy ride up on a motorcycle,

and his head was on fire.

Forget that.

Our brave
little pirate will knock,

won't he?

You're not scared, are you?


Now go on.

Fist on the door.

Make a knocking sound.

Would you hurry up
before Halloween is over?




What is that thing?

My candy!

By the Ruby rings of raggadorr,
i bind and contain thee!


That was amazing!

Who cares?

I lost all of my candy
inside that creep-o house!

Well, let's get it back.

I need something
more resilient.



I changed my mind.

No candy's worth this.

By the Ruby
rings of raggadorr,

and this bubblegum,

I bind and contain thee.

Return to the chamber from whence you escaped.

That was strange.

Doctor strange, if you please.


Thanks, captain, for the use
of your bubblegum.


You're welcome.

Now, then, who wants candy?

Come, come, don't be shy.

I'm getting out of here!

It's gonna be
a long Halloween night.


Stay away from us!

You guys stay put.

I got some smashing to do.

Did that monster
just save us?

That ain't no monster.

That's the hulk.


I summon
the flames of the faltine.

Stand back, creature,

or face the fury of
the seven suns of...

Welcome, hulk.

Thank you for answering
my mystic summons.

Got your hands full,
huh, doc?

Shield of the seraphim,
protect me!

These may no longer be the
delicate hands of a neurosurgeon,

but they're still
quite capable.

One caveat.

We need to
contain these monsters,

not destroy them.

Don't know what
"caveat" means.

How about I just
smash them senseless?

And that's why I summoned you.

By the Ruby rings of raggadorr,
i bind and contain thee.

I promise
I'll free you soon, Benito,

and stop the fiend
who did this to you.


Did you see that?

Ugh. Gross.

Stupid bug snot.

Really gross.

And it got in my eye!

Yeah, hit him!



What's happening?

Oh, man, who's the little guy?

Is he snoring?

Stay back!

I summon the icy
tendrils of ikthalon.

You creatures will be safe
inside the sanctum,

till I can free you
all from this curse.

That's it?
The hulk turns into some guy and falls asleep?


Let's get more candy.

You're still
a hero to me.

Come on. Let's go!

Dr. Banner?


Rise and shine.

Well, you're no good
to anyone like this.


Doctor strange?

Where am I? What's going on?

To answer
your questions in order,

yes, greenwich village,
outside my sanctum sanctorum,

and you're apparently
quite asleep.

So, I'm dreaming?

No, I'm using a spell to commune
with your unconscious mind.

But I can see, I can hear.

Even in an Alpha wave state,

I shouldn't be this aware
of my surroundings.

This is why I deplore
working with scientists.

requires an explanation.

You're not gonna
give me the old,

"magic is just science we don't understand yet,"
are you?

Has it ever occurred
to you, Dr. Banner,

that science is just magic
we don't understand yet?

The point is,

I summoned you because I needed the hulk's help

to contain some
aggressive creatures.

I don't remember any of that.

And yet,
in the very heat of battle,

hulk disappeared
and there you were,

sound asleep.

So now it's my turn
to require an explanation.

Usually I remember everything
the big guy does,

but lately I've woken up
several times

with no memory of
where I am or how I...

Don't look now,
but here come some of those aggressive creatures.

Oh. No, those are...

Dr. Banner?

Hulk, wait.

Don't worry, doc, I remember.

Contain, not destroy.

Hey, what's your problem,
jolly green jerk?

My problem is you
attacking my friend strange!

Hulk, you don't understand.

Nobody sucker punches warwolf.


Stand down!

That's the hulk.

He's an avenger,
not a hostile.

He looks pretty hostile to me.

Maybe a little mesmerizing gaze will slow your roll.

Stay out of hulk's head!

As you may have
gathered, Ms. Price,

hypnosis makes him angry.

Agent Jasper
sitwell of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Pursuant to
protocols outlined in...

Since when does
S.H.I.E.L.D. hire zombies?


Uh... oops.


that shouldn't be happening.

Stop this, man-thing.

Release him at once.


Man, I thought
the other guy was gross.

Are you trying
to eat me, zombie?

Hulk, these aren't monsters,
they're friends.

Tell that to the zombie.

Let's do this old-school.

Snack time, Jasper.

Thank you, Nina.


I ain't done
with you, greenie!

Warwolf, stand down.

Stand down.


what have we discussed about
keeping our animal rage in check?

What? He's the hulk.

Ain't my fault he picked the worst possible time

to turn back
into the puny guy.


Almost as if
someone planned it that way.

Still sleeping?

Still sleeping.

So, this spell,

does it mainly act on the limbic
system or are we dealing with...

I beg of you not to go there again,
Dr. Banner.

Besides, I'd like you
to formally meet some friends,

and I stress the word,

They were referred to me
by Nick fury of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I've been helping them deal with their shared condition.

Pft! Condition.

Spit it out, doc.

We're monsters.

Some more than others.

Hey, loud and proud, baby.

Dr. Banner, may I introduce


Nina price.

Vampire by night.


I wouldn't shake
his hand if I were you.

Point taken.

And agent Jasper sitwell
of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Commanding officer of the paranormal containment unit.

And don't forget, zombie.

That is not something
I'm at Liberty to discuss.

He's afraid if fury finds out he's a zombie,

he'll get demoted.

We can usually
keep him from going

total living-dead
with some snacks.

Uh... what kind of snacks?

Trust me,
you don't want to know.

Ahem, ahem. As I said,

I've been working with the
paranormal containment unit...

Which is a stupid name,
by the way. help them overcome personal
issues and function as a team.

Yeah, it's an encounter group
for monsters.

Is that hilarious or what?

It's nice of
you to include me,

but I don't
think I belong here.

I'm fine with who I am.

Amen, brother.

No, seriously i don't have a problem with the hulk.

I can bring him out,
or not, anytime I want.

Wow. Must be nice,
Mr. Part-time monster.

I'm not trying
to offend anybody.

I'm just saying that I've got the green guy under control.

In light of recent events,

perhaps that control
is merely an illusion.

But that's not why I've called you all here tonight.

As Halloween nears,

the barriers
between dimensions

become thinner,
more permeable.

In particular,
the boundary between

the dream dimension
and our waking world

is at its weakest
on all hallows' Eve.

Some days ago,
i became aware of an evil influence

exerting itself upon a young man named Benito serrano.

His parents contacted me.

They were concerned about their
son's unusual sleep patterns.

Using Benito as a conduit,
I was able to enter the dream dimension.

Doc, help me!


Down here!

Help me!


It's all right,
Benito, I'm here.

You don't get it.

We have to go.

He's right behind me.

Remain calm.

He's only trying
to scare you.

If you can face your fears,
they will have no power over you.

come now, children.

Do you really want
to test that theory, Benito?

I don't think this two-bit magician
knows what he's talking about.


I was wondering when you'd show your vile face.

The eye of agamotto
will reveal your deception.

You forget
your place, sorcerer.

Here, in the dream dimension,
i reign supreme.

The source of your power
is fear, demon.

And I do not fear you.

Ugh. Pathetic.

Shadow creatures,
tear him apart.

I summon
the blade of balthakk.

Your creatures are no match
for the sorcerer supreme.

Oh, doctor,

haven't you
forgotten someone?



Benito. Benito!

Doc, help me!


You failed, sorcerer.

The boy is mine now.

The first of many.


I will not lose you
to the dream dimension.

Try as I might,

I could not breach
the mystical barrier.

I had no choice but to return to the waking world.

I hoped I could do something to
help Benito from the other side.


But I was too late.

Benito had
already transformed into

the very image
of his own worst nightmare.

Forgive me, Benito,
but I must summon the chains of krakkan.

At his parents' request,

I've been keeping Benito here,
under my protection, ever since.

I hate to ask,

but what did
nightmare mean

when he said Benito was
the first of many?

See for yourself.

There're four victims so far.

And I fear
there may be others.

While nightmare holds
their dream selves captive,

they've become monsters
in the real world.

Each a reflection of
their deepest fears.

They've been growing stronger
and harder to contain.

If I cannot free
them soon, they may be

trapped in
these forms forever.

And under nightmare's control.

But what's
nightmare's endgame?

I mean, how much damage
could four monsters do?

You'd be surprised.

The four victims all had
unusually deep-seated fears.

And fear is the source
of nightmare's power.

With the barrier to the dream dimension at its weakest,

his influence over those four could
enable him to enter our reality.

Tactically speaking,
they've given nightmare

a toehold in our dimension.

And his next step might be
a full-scale invasion.

And he makes our world
a living nightmare.

Okay, so how do we lay
the smackdown on this clown?

I need to smash
nightmare's mystical barrier

and rescue
those four victims.


I heard the word, "smash."

With your unique dual nature

and these recent incidents of
sleep-hulking you told me about,

I think you may be the key.

But first,
i need to speak with hulk.

And what if the green guy
doesn't feel like talking?

We can always force that hand.


You've got some spell that
can just poof me into the hulk.

I had something
simpler in mind.


What, is that supposed
to make me angry?

No, this is.

Warwolf, no!


You're next, fido.

That's enough,
warwolf. Thank you.

Whatever you say, doc.

One of
your astral projections.

You set me up, strange.

Don't ever do it again.

Ahem, ahem. Yes, well,

now that you've graced us
with your presence, hulk,

why don't you tell me
everything you can remember

about these recent incidents
where you turn...

Into puny banner?

I remember everything.

And let's just
say it makes me,

what's the word,


I see.

And why is that?

I'm a hero!

Not just a hero,
I'm an avenger.

People count on me.

My team counts on me.

And right when I'm about to
smash some evil guy's face in,

banner shows up!

And always at the most
inopportune time.

Yeah, that's right.

Some rotten luck, huh, doc.

Not luck at all, my friend.

I believe you may have fallen under
nightmare's influence as well.

Nobody influences the hulk.

if you would please.

I saw your reaction earlier,

and now this confirms it.

Whoever knows fear burns at
the touch of the man-thing.

i ain't afraid of nothing.

Perhaps not.

But what about banner?

Who cares about
that puny loser?

I'm the hero.

Banner keeps showing up
where he ain't wanted.

That's the problem.

And the big green monster
turns into a normal human

who can walk down the street without
people running and screaming.

Where do I sign up
for that problem?

I ain't a monster. I'm a hero.

That's enough, man-thing.

I think I have
all the information I need.

I summon
the mists of morpheus.

Clearly, nightmare is tampering
with banner's transformations

by tapping into some extremely
powerful subconscious fears.

But to what end,
I'm not sure yet.

I'll have to enter
banner's sleeping mind

and confront nightmare
one more time.

And you called in the paranormal
containment unit for backup

while you go
behind enemy lines.

Not a problem, doctor.

We're ready to face down
anything nightmare throws at us.

And blast the living
daylights out of it.

I'm glad to hear that.

Because I have an even more
important duty for your team.

So, you need us to housesit
while you're gone.

While I'm in
the dream dimension,

my physical body will be
completely vulnerable to attack.

We understand, doctor.

We'll ensure your safety
during the mission.

And we'll babysit your pet monsters,
no worries.

Nobody's getting in
or out of here tonight.

Thank you.

These talismans
will allow us to

contact one another
should the need arise.

It's sort of
a mystical walkie-talkie.

I just hope I'm not too late.

What are we doing here?

I take it
you recognize this place?

It's the gamma base.

Birthplace of the hulk,
where I...

Let's just say
a lot happened here.

Not here,
precisely speaking.

This is part of the dream dimension,
shaped by your memories

and impressions.

So none of this is real?

Well, I didn't say that.

Take this talisman.

It will allow us to locate one another
should we become separated.

The dream dimension
can be disorienting.






You might want to cover your eyes for this part.

No, that's impossible.

Shield of the seraphim,
protect us!

But how can he be here
when I'm here?

You share a consciousness.

And the dream dimension
operates by very different rules.


Listen to me, Bruce.

This is your nightmare.

You must regain control over
the hulk part of your psyche.

But I don't have any issues
with the hulk.

I'm fine with who we are.

This isn't my nightmare.

No, it's mine!

Puny banner.

Always in the way.

Trying to get rid of hulk.

No, listen to me.

You know that's not true.

Stop lying!

I've been going
about this all wrong.

I've been focusing my efforts
on you, Dr. Banner,

when I should be
focusing on the hulk.

So what do I focus on?

Surviving, mostly.

Hulk smash banner.

Now would be a really good time
to wake up from this dream.

I'm afraid it's not
quite that simple.

Remember, you've been asleep
since I first encountered you tonight.

So, 30cc's of adrenalin should
stimulate my brain's hypothalamus.

The rules of science
do not apply here, Dr. Banner.

The only solution is for you
and hulk to cooperate.

Tell that to the other guy!

By the Ruby rings of raggadorr,
i bind and contain thee.

Hulk, you have to stop this.

I need you and
banner to work together.



Oh, what I wouldn't give for a
piece of bubblegum right now.


Leave him alone!

Look, hulk,

it's all an illusion.

You're being manipulated.

Someone is
trying to trick you.

He's right, hulk.

Banner is trying to trick you.

He wants to get rid of you.



Hulk, listen.

Nightmare is manipulating you,
fueling your rage.

He's the reason you've been turning into banner

when you don't want to.


In a realm of dreams,
the dreamer holds power!

Remember that!

No coaching
from the sidelines.

I'm rooting for hulk.

Empathy, morality,

all that hero nonsense,

that's all banner's doing.

His meddling is ruining
a perfectly good monster.

My monster.

Without banner,

hulk will finally be free.


Free to do as you command.

And once he's fallen
under your control,

you'll use him and
your other captives

to open a portal
to the waking world.

Oh, you do know me so well.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I have a funeral to attend.


Think Bruce,
what does it mean?

What power does
the dreamer hold?

Wait, if it's my dream,

then maybe I can
control what's in it.

It couldn't be that simple.

Or could it?


the one night of the year when i can
have a normal night on the town.

And here I am,
babysitting two eggheads.

I think banner moved.

Call me if
he scratches his nose.

Think we've got something worse than an itchy nose.

What are you doing out of bed?

Lucky shot.

Dude, breath mint.

Uh, doctor, I think
we have a situation here.

I understand, agent sitwell.

I'll try to calm
the hulk's dream self.

Hopefully, that will stop him
and reverse his transformation

in the waking world.

You must contain
the hulk and prevent him

from rampaging
through Manhattan.

Not to worry, doctor.

We have this
completely under control.

I summon

the daggers of denak.

Well, so much
for containment.

No problem. I got this.

he moves fast for a big guy.

This will contain you,
you green-faced baboon.


Hope they got insurance.


Warwolf, come in.


Get on.

A trail of smoking craters?

That's easy to follow.


That was my hand!

We'll get it later.

Where are you going?

My leg!

Don't be such a baby.

Whoa! Awesome costume, dude.

It's alive!

It's alive!

Hold on!

Hard to do
without my hand.

I came to you for help because
I thought you were a hero.

I am a hero.

I'm an avenger.

Torturing the weak while innocents
are imprisoned by a demon?

Are these
the actions of a hero?

Or a monster?

That's quite enough, strange.

If you are determined
to ruin the game,

I'll have to remove
you from the board.

Have your fun, hulk.

This one won't
interrupt you again.

Show yourself, banner!

Right behind you, hulk.

what are you doing here?

Not Tony.

I'm just borrowing his suit.

You think that shiny suit's
gonna beat me?

I don't want to
beat you, hulk.

I just want you
to listen to me.

Listen to this!

Okay, so arm wrestling is out.

I just want to talk.

I really don't want
to make you angry,

but I need to
get your attention.

That's right, green guy.

You're in my dream now.

Hulk, you're in my dream now.

Oh, crud.

Banner, no!

Well done, man-thing.

So, how come he didn't burn
at man-thing's touch?

Maybe banner's got more guts
than I thought.

Or maybe it's hard
to know fear

when you're sawing logs
like that.

As you've made
abundantly clear, magician,

your paltry fears are
of little use to me.

But I wouldn't
want to deprive you

of the full
nightmare experience.

You may join the others

in reliving
your greatest fear.



Doctor, we're losing him.

You've got to do something.

I can't help them.

I can't help any of them.

Nighty-night, doc.

Uh... docs.

The docs are
sleeping like babies.

Crisis averted.

Maybe you're not such a lousy babysitter,
after all.


New crisis.

The monsters are gone.

You were supposed
to be watching them.

I was not. That was your job.

No one was watching them.

We were all chasing hulk
around Manhattan.

Doctor strange,
agent sitwell here.



There's no answer.

You may know my fears,

but you can't fool me
with your illusions.

Well, you can't blame an
other-dimensional demon for trying.

But it doesn't matter
whether you succumb or not.

The others already have.

And their delicious terror is
powering this ingenious device.

The key,
as you cleverly surmised,

is the hulk.

Once he destroys banner,

and I have him
completely under my control,

then the real fun will begin.

The others are merely anchors
to the waking world.

But the hulk will
provide a portal.

You do understand.

It's so rewarding when one's genius is appreciated.


That green behemoth's rage
will provide the power

to fracture
the dimensional barrier.

Every terrified soul
in the waking world

will be mine

to feast upon


Come on, hulk.

We're fighting each other while
innocent people need help.

Playing the "hero" card.

Pretty sly, banner.

But you know you'd get rid of me if you could.

Maybe that was true once,

but look at
the people we've helped.

The lives we've saved.


You're a part of me.

I get that. I accept it.

But can you accept
the puny human part of you?

Always got to be
the smart one, don't you?

We'll split up to
cover more ground,

but stay in contact.

Four monsters can't have gotten
far in the middle of Manhattan.

Even on Halloween.

Last one to bag a monster

buys breakfast.

Oh, you are gonna
eat those words.

This is not a team.

Can you believe
some nut actually tried

the "waiter, there's a fly
in my soup" gag?



Whoa. Great costume.

This is why us monsters
don't get invited to parties.

Time to power down, Benito.

my little bovine friend.

That was set to stun.

Next time, I won't be so nice.

Somehow, I doubt
that's mere coincidence.

This is a basic
tactical situation.

Clearly, the most advantageous
strategy is in...

Not now.

Much better.

Good night, little friend.

Mmm. Mmm!

It's delicious.

What is this?

Cervelle de veau.

Calf's brain.

By the eye of the all-seeing,
dismiss this demon's spell!

Let the flames of the faltine
release me from this cell!

An impressive show, sorcerer!

I do love fireworks.

Perhaps I'll show
you some of mine.

my Jade-skinned friend.

I trust you had no trouble
finding the place.

Wasn't hard.
I followed strange's toy.

And what of
the weakling banner?

The only one left
is the one that smashes.

Hulk, no. Why?

To finally free himself of banner's crippling weakness.

Now the might of the hulk
and only the hulk

will deliver my monster army

to the waking world!

My dear, terrified captives,

your fear powers
the portal

that will guide us
across the dimensions.

But even at its thinnest
on this all hallows' Eve,

the barrier cannot
simply be crossed.

It must be smashed.

Hulk, stop. You don't know what
you're about to unleash on our world.

'Bout time.
What took you so long?

You try draggin' horn-head's oversized
hide all the way across town.

They'll all be waking up soon.
We need to secure them somehow.

i don't know about you guys,

but my magical incantations
are a little rusty.

Looks like fido's more interested
in sniffing the fire hydrants.

You're making dog jokes?

Simmer down, you two.

Man-thing is
obviously reacting to that.

Okay, is that a good thing,
or a bad thing?

That depends on
what comes out of it.

Isn't it beautiful?

With each smash,
the dimensional barrier

to the waking
world breaks down

and becomes
our gateway to conquest.

Looks more like
an escape hatch to me.

Which means it's time for us
to bust outta this place.

"Bust out"?

Au contraire,
my emerald behemoth.

I will stride
through triumphantly.

I wasn't talkin'
'bout you, pointy-ears.

Banner smash!


I summon
the vapors of valtorr!

What's going on?

You tricked me!

I'm smarter than I look.


Hurry! This way!
Let's go!

Children, you cannot simply cross
over from the dream dimension.

You must return to your physical
forms on the same path you arrived.

Otherwise there will be
dire consequences.

Okay. I remember the way back.
Follow me!

I will not
forfeit my monster army.

Those children cannot escape
their own greatest fears.

Mortal fool.

You dare to
challenge me in my realm?

No. We dare to challenge you.

Careful. In this dimension,
nightmare's power is limitless.

So is mine. In any dimension.

Hey, I think
I'm getting the hang of this.

Guys, wait.

The doc told me if
you face your fears,

they'll have
no power over you.

See? Come on,
guys. You can do this.

I didn't do that.
Did you do that?

See? We can't let
our fears rule us.

My turn.

Okay, who's doing that?

No! No, please!
Please, stay back.

I can't! I can't!


I will not allow mere children
to interfere with my plans.

Strange, go help the kids.
We can handle nightmare.

Handle me?
I am fear incarnate!

I don't care if you're the spirit of Christmas.

We're taking you down!

Easier said than done,
I'm afraid.

Banner said we can handle nightmare.
Now go!

Ana, focus on me.
Let me guide you home.

I got this, doc.
We'll do this together.

Foolish child.

When will you learn?

True fear conquers all.



What did you do to him?
What did you do to Benito?

You think your anger can empower you this time,
Dr. Banner?

No, but my anger can!

Thanks, big guy. You know,
i kind of like you when you're angry.

Can the love-fest, banner.
Dreamboat's makin' a break for it.

I'm on it.

This nightmare is over.

Doc, what happened to Benito?

Nightmare drove Benito's astral
self to merge with his fear.

Still, if his physical
form survives,

there's a chance
that I can restore him.

But we must hurry.

And nightmare?

Defeated, for now at least.

children, we're going home.

I'm awake. I'm really awake.

And I remember everything.
The nightmare is over.

Perhaps not. The children!

No! Leave us alone!

There's nothing to be afraid of,
you're safe now.

Very reassuring
coming from a dead guy.

Wait, children,
these are my friends.

They've been guarding
you while you slept,

protecting you from
the real monsters.

Yeah, we're the good guys.

I... I just want
to go home. Please?

Of course, child.

Doc, what's going on?

What's happened to me?


I'm sorry, Benito.
Perhaps with time and research...

You mean I have
to stay like this?

Hey, it ain't so bad.
Look at ya. I bet...

What is wrong with you?

What? I'm tryin'
to cheer him up!

That's not
the way to cheer him up.

That's enough!
This is not the time.

but it is, agent sitwell.

This is the time. My time.

Nightmare! How did you...

A magician never reveals his secrets.

But let's just say
an explosion provides

exactly the sort
of misdirection

one needs to slip through
a shrinking gateway.

You tricked me.

But I'll smash you
back to dream land!

Wait, hulk. First we must get
the children to safety.

No one is safe now.

Get inside, quickly.
Nightmare can't harm you in there.


Ana, look out!

Ana, please don't be afraid.
It's still me, Benito.

Is that young Benito?

So, the sorcerer failed you.

Left you a freak. A monster.

I summon
the bolts of balthakk!


I can offer you more than apologies
and vague promises of a future

that can never be.

Join me, my minotaur,
and we shall be kings of the earth.

No. You're the one who made me like this,
not him. You're the monster!

So be it. You and the others
have served your purpose,

here I am in
the city that never sleeps.

Except it does sleep.

And all those dreamers
now belong to my army.

By the omnipotent oshtur,
protect the innocent from this miasma!

I summon the winds of watoomb!

I'm afraid the winds are changing
direction this hallows' Eve.

All those dreamers...
All that delicious fear.

Prepare for your world to become your worst nightmare.


That's supposed to scare me?

The bigger they are,
the easier they smash.

Permission to
light this clown up?


Hit him with
everything we've got.

This is no place for you, Ana.
Come on!

Oh, yes.
"Whatever knows fear burns

"at the touch of
the man-thing."

Foolish creature.

Nightmare does not know fear.
He creates fear.

You'll be safe in here.

Okay, let's get
his attention first.

Let's drain off a little of
that energy, vampire style.

Well, aren't you adorable?

This is how it's done, child.

Yield to
the power of the vishanti!

My hero.

That's what
i keep tellin' people.

What, more magic tricks?
Shall I pick a card?

Large or small,
you are no longer in your realm, nightmare.

I am the sorcerer supreme of this dimension,
and I will defeat you.

That's it. I'm goin' in.

Okay. Could've gone better.

Hey, you're supposed to be a team.
Act like one.

Why don't you come down here
and say that, ya big...

Quiet, warwolf. He's right.

These individual attacks
aren't working.

We need to employ
coordinated tactics.

Man-thing! Front and center!

I'd like to help too, sir.

I need to help.

Welcome aboard, son.

Thanks, sir.

Hulk, wait.

There's another spell
I'd like to attempt,

but it will require
some time to prepare.

We'll keep
nightmare busy for ya, doc.

We'll need to do
more than that.

We'll soften
the enemy and move him

into position on
the doctor's signal.

All right.
Let's fight like monsters.

Can you flatten ol' Manhattan?

I'm starting to see why a certain
webslinger likes doing this.

The enemy is wavering.
That's our opening. Go!

You... you turned me
into my worst nightmare!

Now I'm yours.

Feel that burn, nightmare?
That's fear.

Fear of failure.
Fear of defeat. Fear of us.

By the eye of agamotto,
and oshtur who watches over us,

burn now in the light of
the seven suns of cinnibus!


Let the vapors of the vishanti
drive you from the sight of man!


It's not too late, hulk.

Join forces with me,

and you need never fear

being puny again.



Never underestimate puny.

All right, doctor b!

Now that is how
care of business.

Thanks, warwolf.

But I couldn't have done it without the help

of doctor strange
and the hulk.

Oh, I think you can all
take a portion of the credit.

You did good, Benito.

I'm sorry,
I... I don't feel much like celebrating.

Don't be a party pooper, kid.
You're one of us now. A monster.


What? What?

Benito, I know
you've been through a lot.

I'd like to offer you a safe place to
stay while you figure things out.

If you don't mind bunking with
a bunch of weirdos, that is.

I think he's talkin' about us.
Hey, you talkin' about us?

Uh... thanks, but...
I don't know.

I just want to be
by myself for a while.

Let me handle
this one, sitwell.

I know how you feel, Benito.
I was on my own for a long time.

People said I was a monster,
and I believed 'em.

But then I found a home
with a bunch of heroes,

and I realized I get
to choose what I am.

I know those guys ain't
exactly the avengers,

but maybe you should
give 'em a shot.

You know,
i think we can count this as the first official victory

for the paranormal
containment unit.

Which is officially
still a stupid name.

Hey, you should name yourselves after cap's old unit,

the howling commandos. Get it?

Are you kidding me?


Well, I like it.
Anybody got a problem with that?

Nope. No problem at all.

Everybody, let's try
not to alarm our guests.

Doctor? Doctor strange?
Is the nightmare finally over?


Where is Benito?

He's nearby.
Safe and sound.

And what about Gayle and Eric?
Are they okay?

See for yourself, Ana.


Hi, guys.

It's safe
to go home now.

Let's get out of here.

Tell Benito to give me a call?

I'm sure he will.

Thank you.

Almost sunrise.

All hallows' Eve is over,

and the dimensional barriers
will become steadily stronger,

keeping nightmare
where he belongs.

At least until next year.

And now we go back
into the shadows,

hiding from the people
we're trying to protect.

Not forever. Trust me.

Keep doing the right thing,
and you can turn that fear into respect.

But for now,
it's almost morning rush hour.

We'll have to wait inside
until S.H.I.E.L.D.

Can send a jet for us.

Until then,
perhaps we can take care of some unfinished business.

No, I can't.

You must learn to overcome your fear.
Conquer your nightmares.



My name is hulk,

and I'm a monster.

Hi, hulk.
Hi, hulk.

I hate public speaking.

Just calm your nerves by picturing
them all in their underwear.

Ew! Are you serious?
That's even scarier.