'Hukkunud Alpinisti' hotell (1979) - full transcript

Police gets a call-out to a lonely hotel in the Alps. When an officer gets to the hotel everything seems to be alright. Suddenly an avalanche cuts them out from the rest of the world and strange things are going to happen.

English subtitles for Russian soundtrack



Many years have passed,

but during dull shifts or sleepless nights
I often recall what happened.

And even now I can't decide if
I was right then or not.

What's strange is that I can tell
no one what actually happened,

not my wife, friends,
or the authorities.

The only person who knows
the whole truth is me.

That's the mountaineer.

He was caught in an avalanche
and was carried 500 meters to his death.

- Hello.
- Welcome.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Alex Snewahr,

owner of this hotel, the valley,
and surrounding mountains.

This is Lel,
loyal friend of the deceased.

I'm Police Inspector Peter Glebsky.

- What happened here?
- Sorry?

You called the police.

Police? Not me!

Hello, Captain.
It's Glebsky.

I'm happy to report
that nothing's going on here.

Yes, false alarm.


No, I can't come back today.
There's fog in the mountains.

What? Ah...wine?

No, no.
Well, okay.

Do I understand that
one of my guests...


It must have been.
My apologies.

Oh, it's okay.
I'll be delighted to spend the night here

and try your famous "Edelweiss."

Oh! My wine cellars are
at your command!


Room seven!

- Great flying, wasn't it?
- Yes.


Thanks, Lel,
you can go now.

Well, what beauties you have here.
Just like in Hollywood.


It's beautiful here!

I'm Peter Glebsky, police inspector.

- Hinckus.
- Nice to meet you.

Been here long?

I have tuberculosis.

All the doctors tell me
I need fresh air.

I'm sorry.

Is that the dinner bell?

What about you?

I'll go later.

What are you doing up there?
Need help?

I'm commander of the cyber-forces,
Simon Simonet.

It's funny, isn't it?

At ease...

Police Inspector Peter Glebsky.

I'm actually a physicist.
Four years without a vacation.

Project "Midas."
Have you heard of it?

Top secret.

I came here to climb mountains,
but there's too much snow to get anywhere.

So I climb...the walls.

My doctors prescribed
sensory pleasures.

Gentlemen, may I present
Inspector Glebsky.

This is my
distant relative Brun.

- Next to her is Olaf Andvarafors.
- How do you do.

Mrs. Moses...

I love policemen!

Heroes, daredevils...
Are you a daredevil, Inspector?

Alas, Madame,
I'm only a common policeman.

I don't believe that.

A man of such looks
can't be anything but a daredevil.

Oh, really?

Good evening, gentlemen.

Mr. Moses, let me introduce our guest,
Inspector Glebsky.

Mr. Moses,
we were discussing aliens...

I completely share
Mr. Deniken's opinion,

that aliens have repeatedly
visited our planet.

Your Deniken is a charlatan.

You're a physicist, meaning you're a rationalist.
But this question is the stuff of poetry.

How about you, Inspector...
What do you think?

I'm an even stronger rationalist.
I'm a policeman.

Everything around me
in that comfortable hotel,

nice owner, somewhat strange guests,
and amazingly beautiful mountains...

everything promised a
pleasant evening.

I felt grateful to the captain
who'd sent me here.

Mr. Inspector,
you're a real man.

Give Olaf a beating.

Ah Olaf, the police
will make mincemeat out of you.

Mincemeat is food.

- Then he will make food from you!
- Why?

To eat...

But we just had dinner.

It's impossible to talk
to you!

I think the conversation is good.

But mincemeat is still food.

And in making food
from me,

the inspector will fail.

- A pleasure.
- Mine too.

- Let's go.
- Let's go. Bye.

Oh, Simonet, you're incredible.

Just like a monkey.

Excuse me.

It seems I'm being called.

I have to leave.

Who called her?
Did you hear anything?


What a woman!

Drive you crazy.

You dropped something!

Ah, thanks.

Something wrong?

No, don't worry about it.

What are you doing, Moses?

You'll lose your rook
in three moves.

And who is this
Mr. Moses?

He registered as a
traveling businessman.

But where he's traveling...

I've no idea.

The road ends here.

The only way is back.

Don't be a wallflower,

May I invite you to dance?

What a beautiful view.

Hinckus is still on the roof.

- I pity him.
- Why? I don't like him.

I'm sorry,
Mrs. Moses you promised me a dance.

Simonet sobered me.

I felt drunk and
I needed some fresh air.

And I had to do something about the
anonymous letter in my pocket.

It read:
"Hinckus is a dangerous terrorist,

a maniacal killer called Owl.

He's planning a murder.
Do something."

Hinckus! Hinckus!

What happened?

Olaf! Hey!
You have any power?

Quiet, gentlemen, quiet!
The lights will be back on in two minutes.

Everything will be alright.
I'll turn on our backup generator.

There was no sign of life
in Hinckus' room.

As if he had vanished

This was not the weapon
of a terrorist.

But why did Hinckus keep this
lady's toy in his suitcase?

It looked like someone was trying to
frame him as a dangerous criminal.

But who?


Kaisa, come here quickly!


What's wrong with him?

I don't know,
perhaps hypothermia.

And who is he?

I don't know. Brandy, quick!

Are you asleep?

Wait, I'll get it myself.

Cold as ice...

Perhaps he's a friend of Mr. Hinckus?

...a friend of Mr. Hinckus?
- Yes! Yes!

I heard him dictating a telegram.

"I'm waiting for you,
come quickly."

Yes, things look bad.

The telephone and power are gone.
The avalanche cut us off completely.

It will take them a week
to dig us out.

There's not even a

- Are you alone?
- He's weak.

Is somebody expecting you?


Olaf Andvarafors.



The door is locked from inside.

My God...
what's wrong with him?

He's dead.

- Is this his briefcase?
- Yes.

- Any other baggage?
- No, only the briefcase.

Don't tell anyone about this yet.
Check the garage for any missing cars.

If you see Hinckus, try to detain him.
Go now.

The corpse's hand was stretched out,
almost touching a small suitcase.

Olaf's head was
twisted back unnaturally.

What monstrous strength
the killer must have!

Who did this...

Tell me who it was?
Who tied you up?

How do I know?

What time is it?

One in the morning.

One in the morning?

One in the morning!

One in the morning!

Calm down! Calm down!

Calm down, Hinckus!

- Who strangled you?
- I don't know.

- When did it happen?
- Just before 10.

- Do you suspect someone?
- No, no, no, no...I don't know!

From behind!

I don't know! I don't know!

Don't play dumb!

I didn't kill...

I... I...

I swear to you...

I swear I did not kill
that woman!

- She was already cold when I embraced her.
- Wait a second Simonet...

- She... She was...
- Shut up!

Okay. Now talk.
Tell me what took place.

Here's what happened...

She'd flirted with me before,
but I hadn't dared...

But tonight...

She was stone-cold dead.

I swear to you!

Come with me.


To the torture chamber! Idiot!

Just a moment.

Put some pants on!

Please forgive me.

I swear to you, I swear...

I was drunk...
sure, sure,

but not enough
to miss something so obvious!

Look at this.

It should be related to
your profession.

Very interesting.

- Where did you find this?
- In Olaf's room.


I don't get it.
Strange contraption.

No, not my line of work.

Something military...

or from space.

Be careful with this.
It can be dangerous to your health.


Go to bed.

No... this is madness!

That was all I needed too...
something military or from space...

There we go.

This is the
safest place for it.

Take the key.

Alex, are you sure that Olaf and Brun
retired between 10 and 10:30?


That's very important.

- What the hell!
- Turn it off!

- 3am...
- Get that light off of me!

Get out!
What's your business here?

Don't shout!

Tell me where and when you saw
Olaf the last time?

And why do I have to
tell you?

Get out!
Go to hell, damned cop!

Stop it!

There was a murder in the hotel
and I am investigating it.

And who is the unfortunate one?

I will tell you later.

But now listen to me.

I know that you left Olaf between
10 and 10:30.

And then?

I don't know
any more about him.


Perhaps you saw somebody in the hall?

Did someone pass you?

Mrs. Moses, perhaps?


Hinckus was walking
along the hall.

Hinckus... Hinckus?


After ten o'clock?

How was he dressed?

In that silly fur coat.

Listen to me Hinckus,
I'm tired of you.

You were seen after 10.
Why did you lie about being attacked at 10?


That's the thing,

They saw me in the hall...

and I saw...


I strangled...

strangled me...



Do you understand?



Until then
I hadn't made a single mistake.

No, I did make one
very important mistake.

I didn't sense danger.

At that moment
I should have realized
these events were not ordinary.

But I didn't.

I was lost and didn't know
whom to suspect.

The women were out of the question.
Old Moses too.

Hinkus was tied to the bed.

But maybe someone was
disguised as Hinckus?

I don't like it here!

I don't like your hotel!

All these interrogations...




your cluelessness...

And as for the police!

You break into my wife's room
in the middle of the night!

How can you humiliate a man like this!
...my wife in this case!

I understand, Mr. Moses.

I know you won't leave my wife alone
until you get answers to your foolish questions!

But remember, only two questions!

Yes. Thanks.

I hope you understand, I'm investigating
a murder. It's very important...

Oh, gentlemen!
It's a wonderful night, isn't it?

Please, have a seat.

Madame, I have to apologize
for intruding at night,

but I noticed that
you weren't asleep.

Tell me,
did something wake you?

I wasn't sleeping.

But I can't say that anything
woke me up.

- You didn't hear anything?
- No, nothing.

And you didn't hear
the avalanche?


What avalanche?

Nothing terrible. I'll tell you later.

Another question...
Tonight you left the bar around 9:30.

Did you see anyone in the hall?

It seems to me...
Yes, of course...

On my way back, I saw Olaf and Brun
holding hands and talking like lovers.

Thank you.

You've been a great help
to the investigation.

The victim is Olaf!

I know you were the last one
who saw him alive.

You lied to me about
parting at the door.

Where did you split up?
Where, when and how?

What is it?

Go! Go! Get away! Go!

And I never saw him again.

I'm sorry, Inspector.
You're on the wrong path.

Your professional experience
is meaningless here.

Like time at
greater than light speed.

- Listen, Alex, I like you.
- I like you too.

But if you play with me,
I'll suspect you.

That will mean a
world of trouble for you.

Of course.
What can we do?

You are not ripe yet.

I'm so ripe
I'll fall off the tree soon.

Some tribes of Central Africa know
how to revive their dead.

This phenomenon is called "zombie."

Perhaps being a zombie is
the third state of living organisms.

I was tired and at an impasse.

While listening to Snewahr talk of zombies,
I fell asleep.

What is it?

What happened?

Where did that come from?

Did you bring this?

The only possibility was
the gun was thrown from the roof.

So it was Hinckus who was stalking someone.

Inspector! Inspector!

I've been looking for you!

That guy has
regained consciousness!

Where is Olaf Andvarafors?

Excuse me, but I need to
ask you a few questions.

What is your name?


And first name?


Your name's Mr. Luarvik Luarvik?


Well... Who are you?

Who are you?

Are you a foreigner?


Very foreign.

Don't come in!

Please leave immediately, Mr. Moses!

Don't shout at me.

I'm leaving, if you wish.

I must inform you that
Olaf Andvarafors was killed tonight.



You don't really know.

I saw him dead myself.

I want to see him.


I have business with him.

Did Olaf need to
pass something to you?


I have to talk to him.
Just him...

What about?

Just him...


Listen to me Mr. Luarvik!

You understand
I'm investigating a murder?

Sooner or later you'll
tell me everything!

you may get into big trouble.

Just him...

You want to identify the body...correct?



How can you recognize him,
if you haven't seen his face?

Why face?

What face?

Get dressed!

Yes, this is Olaf Andvarafors.

This is strange.

How did you recognize him?


I have seen him.

And where did you see him?


It's not important.

Are you looking for something?

Maybe a briefcase?

Where is it?

I have it.

That's good.

Bring it.

Okay, but first answer my questions.


Why questions again?

I don't want questions.


want to...

lie down.

Where can I lie down?

What should I think about this?

I'm almost convinced that Olaf,
Luarvik and Moses

belong to the same gang,

one that doesn't want publicity.

But Hinckus...

This is his revolver.

He's also somehow connected to them.

That's where I made my major error...

linking Moses and Luarvik with Olaf's murder.

Maybe we're holding Hinkus
locked up for no reason?

Let's set him free...

like a fox in the hen house.

Alex, make sure that everyone
is at breakfast in the morning.

Good morning, Simonet.

Good morning, Brun.

- Inspector, good morning.
- Good morning.

- How did you sleep?
- Well, thanks.

You don't look so good, Inspector.

- Did you find anything?
- It depends.

I have a feeling.
I sense the smell of death here.

Beautiful morning.
It's so warm and sunny.

Poor Olaf didn't live to see it.

Good morning.

Let me introduce Mr. Luarvik Luarvik.

He arrived last night.

A pleasure.

Gentlemen, we are temporarily cut off
from the rest of the world.

I understand that
we're all under stress.

But don't forget,

the investigation is in the
reliable hands of Inspector Glebsky.

A minute, please.
It appears that

some crooks chose this hotel as
the place to settle their scores.

Two hours ago,
with Mr. Snewahr's help,

I sent word by pigeon to
the local police.

A police helicopter may be
here any time now.

So I suggest that these people
stop their criminal activities.

I'm warning you, otherwise your position
will be entirely hopeless.

Thank you for your attention.

Ah, how interesting!
Bandits among us...

I wanted to scare them, but I knew that
my pretend pigeons couldn't help.

We were cut off from the outer world
and I could count only on myself.

Wait, Hinckus.

- We need to talk.
- About what?

Sit down.

Ah, police tactics...

Part of the job.

Now, Owl, let's hear it.

An honest confession
is your only chance.

You're confused, Inspector.

What Owl are you talking about?

Is this yours?

I don't understand, Inspector.

What you do want?

Think fast.
It will go better for you.

Your friends won't come
in time.

But the police will arrive
at any minute.

Got what you deserved!

Where did he hit you, Inspector?
Your arm...

You were lucky, Inspector.
Very lucky.

Take the bottle and pour
some water on his head.

He's coming to...

Well...Mr. Owl...should we talk now?

Damn it!

Damn it all!

I am sick of all this!

Ask me.

If I only knew how
to answer.

Who are you?

Have you heard of the Hit Squads?


I'm one of them.
But here...here is real horror!

Trust me,
supernatural forces are at play.

Cut the crap!
Get to the point!

Half a year ago a guy approached us.
No one knew his name.

They called him Master.

They assigned him
the hardest jobs.

Remember the Second National Bank?
That was his doing.

Suddenly, he didn't want to work with us.
...stopped cold turkey.

Sure, he was always a
bit eccentric.

He wouldn't let us kill hostages...
or anyone.

He said we shouldn't. That's why he
had a fight with the Boss.

And then he disappeared with
his assistant and wife

and I was ordered by the Boss
to find him.

And you found them here.

Who they are?

You tell ME who they are!

What man could deal
with me as if I were a kitten?

But she did!

Who's "she?"


That woman.

Moses knew that
I would not let him live,

so he set his wife against me.

She was coming right at me.

You will not believe it but

I...was approaching myself!

I don't know how I didn't go crazy.

Who is Olaf?
Is he also from your gang?

Listen, Inspector!
I know nothing about Olaf.

I haven't laid a finger on him.

Now Moses won't kill.

He just can't do it.
That's why he didn't touch me.

Is the Boss coming alone?


He always has three guys.

What will he do with Moses?

Kill him, of course.

Simonet, could I ask you to...

Simonet! Open up!


Where are you, Simonet!

Simonet had disappeared.

I had to stop Moses at any cost.

Alex! Come here!

- Everything is quiet here.
- Let's go.

Don't worry, Inspector.
They can't reach us by car.

But terrorists can have helicopters.

I'm surprised they're not here yet.

Let's go, Alex.

Don't be scared.

Against the wall!

Don't move!

Stop this damned hypnosis!

Mr. Moses! You are charged with

the National Bank robbery

and the murder of Olaf Andvarafors.

They're not people, Inspector!
They're aliens from another planet.

Of course Simonet,
they arrived straight from Venus!

I don't know where they came from...

from another dimension
or another galaxy...

All I know is they're in trouble
and need our help.

Put away your weapon,

Mr. Moses arrived here
as an observer.

He wasn't allowed to
contact humans.

Yes, this is true.

But when I saw how you lived here,
I broke the rule.

I wanted to help you so much.

But your life proved
to be too complex for me.

Mr. Moses was deceived.

They enticed him to
fight for justice,

but it turned out that
they were terrorists.

He ran to this hotel
so that he could leave our planet.

Our launch pad is here
in the mountains.

But the avalanche destroyed the generator
which powered our robots.

Our pilot Luarvik was
severely injured.

His spacesuit is torn and he is
becoming weaker every second.

Give them back Olaf's briefcase!

Don't babble, Simonet!

Olaf isn't dead.

Olaf's a robot.

Mrs. Moses is also a robot.

She's alive because Moses turned on a
backup battery last night.

But Olaf's briefcase has
one more battery which feeds...

...which feeds your sick imagination,
Mr. Physicist!

Mysticism and fantasy can explain
any crime so everything is logical.

Glebski, return the briefcase to them!
They'll turn Olaf on right in front of you...

and then they will leave.

I don't buy this!

But why?

You're being offered indisputable proof!

Why do you say nothing?

You have nothing to say!

I'm not a scientist.

I'm a police officer.

I've heard too many lies
about the briefcase.

- Listen!
- Enough!

It was you who called
the police, Moses?

Yes, I did.

Okay...and the note was
also your doing?

Yes. I'd hoped that we'd be rid
of Hinckus.

Of course, and that you'd
avoid responsibility.

Bad, clumsy piece of work.

An alien mask doesn't fit you,

and the robots are not robots at all.

Are you saying that our robots
are too much like humans?

Let them say what they want,
I thought.

If Olaf and this woman were robots,
that's even worse.

In the hands of criminals
they would be a terrible weapon.

Clearly I selected a
poor mask for myself.

It's a pity, that I can't
show you my real face.

I know your real face, Mr. Moses.

Your nickname is Master!

I must turn you in
to the law.

I stared at them,
and for some reason I felt bad.

Very bad.

How I hoped for a miracle.

I wanted the phone to talk
and give me orders.




They say you can
bring him back to life.

No one can be
brought back to life.

That's a fairy tale, Brun.

I beg you,
please revive him!

If Olaf is an android,
then maybe I'm an android too!

How could I know?

Now I'm totally alone.
Only you can help me, Inspector.

I beg you!

Yes, I understood
Brun was a foolish, moody girl...

Hinckus...an illiterate,
superstitious criminal...

Simonet...a half-witted
physicist with crazy ideas...

Yet I felt that
they were right.

Not me.

My experience, my senses,
rebelled against this truth.

Their truth seemed impossible...

In order to perform my duties
as a policeman,

I had to draw on
all my experience,

conservatism and conformism
gathered over forty years of work.

A sense of duty was the
only thing I had left.

Duty, embedded into my
flesh and blood.


Simonet go to the roof and
watch the sky!

Alex and I will remain here,
in the hall.

Luarvik is dying.

Moses said that he will live
no more than an hour.

Will you let him die,

I'm a policeman. It's not in my hands
to punish or forgive.

The only thing I know is
there is a law.

One law for everybody!

According to this law your Moses

is a criminal and a killer.

And my duty is
to deliver him to the court.

Here is an encounter between
two worlds.

Just think,

they arrive here from
God knows where

and first they meet terrorists,

and then a law enforcement
officer like you.

I don't believe in aliens.

And if they are,
what are they looking for?

Or observers...

What do they observe?

And how are "observers"
from abroad called?

I am a citizen, Simonet,
of THIS country.

And not simply a citizen like you...
a bigmouth wiseass,

but an official with certain duties!

Are you dreaming about
another star on your shoulder?

What a pity!

A little police pawn!

For the first and
last time in your life

fate's entrusted you with
a decision of real importance,

and you behave like
a complete idiot!

The key's in his pocket!

Be quiet!


- You too Alex!
- Don't move, you'll hurt yourself!

There is no such law...

There they are!
Terrorists, damn it!

That was the end of everything.

I felt only total indifference.

Only deep in my heart
did I feel a cowardly relief.

The situation no longer
depended on me.

Responsibility was
taken over by others.

You see!
You got what you wanted!


God save and forgive us all.


Why are you staring at me?


I acted correctly.

I performed my duty.


I didn't break the law,
I held it sacred.

You say that this entire strange crew died?

Well, so what?

Listen, let's be logical.

If they're people,

then they're criminals
and got what they deserved.

If they're not criminals...

then they're not people!

Why should I care about
non-humans, anyway?

Disguised as people!

It's logical!

It's logical?

Then I'm right?

Then I acted correctly?