Hudson Taylor (1981) - full transcript

Biopic of Hudson Taylor (1832-1905), a British protestant missionary in China. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(Asian music)


- One must not criticize anyone must one.

But as we say Mr. Dawsy, he has far too much zeal

and far too little knowledge.

- Or so it may seem to some Miss Wilson.

(clearing throat)

- He's trained in medicine I've heard.

- Some training,

but apparently not very thorough in whatever he does.

- I'd like to meet this Mr. Taylor.

Isn't that he coming just now?

(Asian music)

- I'm Mr. Roberts, charge of the office here.

- I'm Hudson Taylor.

- You're the new arrival in Shanghai?

- Yes sir, I am.

- I'm Johnathan Darsy, a business agent here.

- How do you do sir.

- Very pleased to meet you Mr. Taylor.

I'm John Burden.

- Yes sir, I've heard of you.

- Mr. Taylor and I have met, informally.

- Well I must run along now.

Good seeing you again Miss Wilson.

Mr. Roberts.

If there's ever anything I can do Mr. Taylor,

don't hesitate to call on me.

- Well, as a matter of fact sir,

I have been wanting some information

about trips to the interior.

- The interior?

- Well, yes sir.

- I'm afraid that's something our office doesn't attend to.

Good day Miss Wilson.


(dramatic music)

- I'd like to hear more about your plans

of the interior.

(dramatic music)

- I don't fully understand the cross.

Perhaps we never can.

But I'm deeply sobered by our Lord's words

when he said that if we would follow Him,

we must, not just may, we must take up our cross.

- I was in Ningpo last week.

- I want to visit Ningpo.

- Of that you must.

I met a young lady there by the name of Burella Dyer

who interests me very much.

She has a younger sister,

her name is Maria I believe.

Yes, Maria.

- There's a girl in London whom I love deeply.

I'm asking God to call her to China,

even as He has called me.

(birds chirping)

(speaking in foreign language)

- They're probably going to the temple

in that village we just passed.

- Can we go?

- We could.

(gong clangs)

(Asian music)

- Will they permit us to distribute literature?

- Well I should think so.

The country people are especially friendly.

(Asian music)

- May we have your attention please.

We have some literature.

This literature explains the way to God

through his son Jesus Christ.

(speaks in foreign language)

(speaks in foreign language)

(speaks in foreign language)

We are not merchants or traders.

Only humble servants of the true God.

- Then you are holy man?

- We are not holy, only our Lord is holy.

- Who is this Lord of whom you speak?

Is he the emperor of your land?

(Asian street music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(Asian music)

- Sir, God loves us,

(mumbles) of sinners.

Cause His son Jesus died for our sins.

And paid for our penalty of our sin.

It is assuredly true?

- Yes, yes honorable sir.

The Son of God Himself has said,

"I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life,

no man cometh unto the Father but by Me."

(speaking in foreign language)

- The Mandarin.

(dramatic music)

- This will make great material for our diaries.

- For what purpose have you come to Tongzhou?

- May it please your honored presence

to learn that we are missionaries.

- From Shanghai.

- I was formerly assigned to a post in Shanghai.

I know the excellent work being done

on behalf of the Chinese people.

(tea pouring into cup)

- I had business matters to attend

to at the council yesterday.

While I was there, word came through

about what really happened in Tongzhou.

It's the council's strong opinion

that your venture did more harm than good.

- But we were well received by the Mandarin himself.

- Would it not be wisdom to have made arrangements

with the Mandarin in the first place?

To come at his invitation?

- We want all of China evangelized,

but this must be in God's time.

Many of us see the wisdom of establishing

a strong basis in the coastal areas

then moving into the interior.

- Are you really suited for the interior Mr. Taylor?

You were ill for a week with dysentery

before Mr. Burden and you went on this trip.

You couldn't find an established mission

who would send you here so you came independently.

Isn't that correct?

- I was looking for a mission

that would send me to the interior.

- Why didn't you volunteer for the Army?

Then at least you would have had a gun for protection.

(smug laugh)

(clock bells chiming)

- Mr. Taylor.

We appreciate your work at the clinic.

- Thank you sir.

- Perhaps medical missions will be the arm

our Lord uses to open all of China to the Gospel.

- I understand that there is a Dr. Parker

and his family coming here to work with you.

Have you given any thought to living quarters for them?

- I have.

(soft music)

- John.

- Oh, there you are.

(soft music)

- Good to see you again John.

- [John] And you Hudson.

- Please.

- You shouldn't let people like Miss Wilson

disturb you so Hudson.

- I try to respect other's viewpoints, John,

and I don't mean to be a renegade.

But I, I just had to be closer to the people.

I'm sorry I can't offer you any tea.

- Oh that's alright.

Have you been quite ill?

- I'm alright.

Dr. Parker was in to see me this morning.

- He's a prince.

- Did he tell you?

He's interested in opening a clinic

and possibly even a hospital in Ningpo.

That's hardly the interior but,

at least it's out of Shanghai.

- I have a special interest in Ningpo, remember.

- I've asked God but for two things John.

Ministry to China's unreached,

(soft music)

and a wife.

I need a wife John.

- A thousand pardons, I brought some mail for you.

(dramatic music)

(tearing envelop paper)

- Has she booked passage for Shanghai?

- She's concerned whether Shanghai is as modern as England.

What the servants are like.

What comforts and conveniences she can expect.

(waves hit boat)

(boat creaking)

- Medical mission surely is a real key

to opening all of China to the Gospel Dr. Parker.

- It's exciting to think about.

- Hudson certainly sees the potential.

(speaking in foreign language)

(dramatic music)

- How do we identify with these people?

- How would people back in England react if a couple

of those chaps came walking across Trafalgar Square?

- We English were the lost ones

and the Chinese the Christians, most of us

wouldn't listen to the Gospel either would we?

- You can abandon western dress, put on Chinese clothes.

- I thought about that,

but how would I look shaving my head and wearing a pigtail?

- You would be as peculiar as Miss Aldersey.

- Who's Miss Aldersey?

(deep breath)

(deep breath)

- Hudson.

There she is.

The inneminable Miss Aldersey of Ningpo.

As Burella tells me she's not peculiar just singular.

(rooster crowing)

(deep breathing)

- [John] Actually she's the top line of the social registers

as far as what you can and can not do in this community.

- [Hudson] Doesn't she have a school for girls?

- [John] Runs it like a military regiment.

Students and teachers alike.

- This Burella Dyer of whom you speak,

isn't she one of the teachers in Miss Aldersey's school?

- Temporarily, I have higher plans

in mind for Miss Dyer's future.

- Doesn't she have a sister Hudson

should be introduced to?

- Now the only young lady

who interests me is back in England.

- But from what I've heard you say,

it's not at all certain this girl in England

will every come to China.

So what's the harm in your at least meeting Maria Dyer.

♪ We'll join the everlasting throng

♪ And crown Him Lord of all.

- I'm sure you have all met Dr. Parker.

And now as interested as I am about

the prospect of opening a medical work here in Ningpo.

- Before I say anything about the possibilities here

here in Ningpo, I'd like you to meet my associate.

He's a medical man himself and predates me here in China.

Hudson Taylor.

(clapping and soft music)

I'm sure you'll all want to meet Mr. Taylor

personally before you leave.

- I'm a church man myself Mr. Taylor.

But I'm your business agent,

not the director of your mission.

I'm pleased to hear of the good time you had in Ningpo.

But unless your mission back in London,

whatever it's called, unless your people

attend to affairs more discretely

you won't be performing divine service anywhere.

Might I suggest you not thank God for this.

Thank the patience of my superiors,

who were willing to grant you another temporary loan

since there is nothing in your account.

We're all impressed with the way you

live by faith, as you say.

But faith in itself won't buy much rice will it?

- Perhaps I shouldn't take the money.

- Oh take it Mr. Taylor.

We trust you, it isn't that.

There's a ship do in from Liverpool on Wednesday I believe.

Perhaps there will some mail from your ah,

your mission.

- Now why can't I just abandon myself in the will God.

- [John] Are you there Hudson?

- John, come in.

- You ought not come up here just to bring my mail.

- Oh it's always good to see you.

- And it's good to hear from my family,

even if Elizabeth is slow to write.

- How do you feel?

- Quite well now for several days.

- Your friends are concerned about

your living alone like this.

I'm concerned, I did bring news from Dr. Parker.

He's caught on quite well as you know.

- He has and I haven't.

- Don't take it that way Hudson.

You have the respect of many people.

I among them.

Anyway, Dr. Parker wanted me to tell you

of a financial grant which has come in.

I'm not sure of the details,

but someone's needed to dispense literature.

Not here in Shanghai, but out in the countryside.

Quite naturally, it's your name

that everyone concerned first thinks of.

(ducks quacking)

(Asian music)

- You give me tea to refresh my body.

But how I long to be your servant.

To pour out for you the water of eternal life.

But I can not speak a word of your dialect.

(speaking in foreign language)

(Asian music)

(speaking in foreign language)


(rooster crowing)


(birds chirping)

(Asian music)

- Bless these beautiful people Lord,

and may they one day stand with me at thy throne.

(dramatic music)

- Welcome to our village, honorable friend.

- I have literature, the words of the true

and living God and His love for all men.

- You're pardon please, this ignorant one's question.

I was wondering if you could kindly explain

to my humble ears the reason for those buttons

in the middle of your honorable back.

(bright music and background talking)

- Good grief, what is this?

- Extraordinary.

- God bless you Hudson.

- How can you encourage him.

Why this is the most ridiculous thing

I've seen in all my years in China.

Why it's a, it's an absolute sacrilege.

- Mr. Taylor.

You honor us Mr. Taylor.

- You are truly one of us.

- Aren't you being somewhat of an exhibitionist?

Zeal is a commendable attribute.

God knows most church people could use more of it.

But zeal in itself can dilute every good intention.

The Chinese in the street must think you're a clown.

A bank draft from your mission.

It just covers the loans we've extended.

I presume you want us to grant another loan.

- Is there any mail for me?

- As a matter of fact yes.

- [Hudson Voiceover] My God shall supply all your need.

Lord teach me more what it means to rest in Thy will.

- Oh yes, here we are.

We could perhaps make a small loan.

- Not today Mr. Darsey, but thank you.

- Do you have money?

(door closing)

(speaking in foreign language)


- I just happened to see you.

- Oh, it didn't just happen John.

God knew I needed you.

- From the girl in England?

- Yes.

(speaking in foreign language)

What does it mean to you John,

to be totally committed to Jesus Christ?

Self, ambitions,

uncertainties, everything committed to Him.

Here I am, in China, a missionary.

The place and position where I thought

the fulfillment of my very dreams would occur.

- But Hudson, remember when you told me

how you tested God back in England?

How you sought opportunity to live by faith.

Well, like the time the doctor you were working

for forgot to pay your salary.

You were so determined to trust God

you wouldn't ask him for it,

and you gave away your last coin

to help a starving family.

- It is one thing to trust the Lord

for our material needs, (sigh) I thank

Him for the experiences He has allowed me have in that.

But I have a greater need.

I can't explain it.

I'm aware of God's presence in my life,

He is the delight of my very soul.

But there's, there's something missing.

- I stopped when I saw you because of our friendship.

But I also brought some information.

How would you like to minister in a village

that's never been visited by any of the missionaries.

- My mission is considerably behind in my salary.

I wouldn't,

go ahead with your tea.

- I don't mean to pry into your personal affairs,

but isn't that a letter from George Mueller?

- Mr. Mueller prays for me.

- When that man talks to God, all heaven falls silent.

(Asian music)

- John Burden and I are in Song Mi

it's an island city in the Yung-hsing.

A substantial gift from George Mueller

made it possible for me to come.

I can not tell you how much it means

to know my family is holding me up

before the Father's throne, as He

again and again, supplies my needs.

Even though Shanghai is only 30 miles

from this island community, no one has come here

before to present Christ to these people.

They are truly delightful, the people in Song Mi.

China is a culture rich in tradition

which happens to be quite different from our own.

My medical training, limited though it is,

opens the door to many hearts.

As you know the western world is left

a bad impression upon the Chinese mind.

There's such skepticism.

However slowly, but surely, we are winning

the confidence of these dear people.

Do what you can to persuade Elizabeth.

What a ministry she would have among

the women of this great country.

Oh John, if I had a thousand lives.

I'd give them all for China.

- You're a great soul Hudson.

I'm much the better man for having known you.

Much the better Christian.

- How good it was of you suggesting we come to Song Mi.

I feel as though, for the first time

in some ways, I am finally able

to do the work of a missionary.

- You've become a man of great faith.

- No John.

God isn't looking for a man of great faith.

Only some, some common souls like you and me,

who are willing to trust in His great faithfulness.

(rushing water)

I often wonder, what that word means.


Sometimes I think I knew,

knew more about it before I came to China.

I remember a minister with whom I spoke of the,

the faith of the early apostles.

I told him I would like to be able to do what they did.

To go with neither person or script.

I'll never forget what he told me.

Ah, my boy, he said.

As you grow older, you will get wiser than that.

Such an idea would be fine when Jesus

Himself was on Earth, but, but not now.


Oh, the Lord taught me tithing in those days.

To set aside the first fruits for him.

But in my work as a medical assistant,

I received a very small salary.

And when I took 10% from it,

I didn't have sufficient funds to cover my expenses.

- So what did you do?

- Oh, I, I found cheaper accommodations.

And learned that I could live on much less

than I had previously thought possible.

So many times God supplied my needs.

Anonymous gifts.

God's supply at just the moment of need.

- The Lord was preparing you for your ministry.

- Yes, but now that I'm here,

here where God has so surely sent me,

I feel as though I know so little about fully trusting Him.

- I don't think it's how little you know Hudson,

it's how much more you want to know.

It's your capacity for what the Lord

is going to do for you, and through you.

- Was there anything in the post for me?

- Only that letter from John.

He's coming to Ningpo soon.

I'm so happy, we'll be finalizing our wedding plans.

Have they told you, John has been

with Hudson Taylor in Suining.

They had a wonderful time until some opposition arose

and they were advised to leave, at least temporarily.

John writes how impressed he is with Hudson Taylor.

But I've so many people in Shanghai,

in the business community especially,

but also one or two of the missionaries,

how critical they are of Hudson Taylor

for taking on Chinese ways.

- But does he do it to be rebellious,

or because he thinks it's the most

effective way to reach people.

- Oh, John says there are many times in Song Mi

when people didn't question but what

Hudson Taylor was one of them.

- Hmm.


- Miss Wilson.

- [Miss Wilson] Yes.

- May I have a word with you please.

- Of course,

please won't you sit down.

- There seems to be a good bit

of discussion about Hudson Taylor.

I had some business calls this morning.

One was with a trader from Holland,

two with English gentlemen, they were all

joking about this young fanatic.

Each gentleman indicated they got their information from you

- Hudson Taylor is an embarrassment

to everyone here in Shanghai.

- You no doubt have heard, he's received

a definite rejection from the young lady

he had hoped would come to China and marry him.

- That was a wiser soul than we will ever be.

- Non Christian businessmen in the international

settlement are always looking for something

to criticize among us missionaries.

Just now it's Hudson Taylor.

But don't you think we missionaries

could show sympathy and encouragement.

- Encouragement?

Sympathy perhaps, but encouragement

just sends his kind after more misery.

- It's as though the pages are all blank Lord.

My soul is, it's empty, and dry,

and dead, what is it?

What is it that lacks in my life?

How do I become fully committed to You?

More conscious of the Holy Spirit's presence

and guidance.


- I've been talking to some of the missionaries.

It appears you could use a Scottish Lackey

to help you with your work.

Oh, no doubt you've never heard of me.

My name is William Burns.

- The evangelist from Scotland.

- You perhaps have heard that William Burns

has invited Hudson Taylor to share a ministry with him

along the coast and as soon as possible into the interior.

- William Burns?

Then he has less sense than I give him credit for.

(paper being unrolled)

- What I've been saying is illustrated

in your Chinese character for righteousness.

The word for lamb is on the top,

the word for me on the bottom.

When you trust the Lord Jesus

God does not see you in your sin.

He sees you through His Son, the lamb of God,

who died on the cross to cleanse you from your sin.

That's righteousness.

- Have you seen this God of whom you speak?

- Not with my eyes.

But with my heart.

- Hmm.

A wise one has said, who will make a successful

journey must walk with his eyes as well as his feet.

- And God's word says, thy word is a lamp

unto my feet and a light unto my path.

(boat creaking)

- You may have had your critics back in Shanghai

but I marvel at the rapport you have

with the people we've met on our journey.

They accept you as one of them.

- Thank you.

(children singing in foreign language)

(accordion playing)

(children talking)

(water rushing)

- [William] Ah, that feels good.

- [Hudson] How beautiful are the feet

of him that bringeth good tidings.

- [William] I'll never dispute scripture

but look at these ugly feet.

- [Hudson] They're all we have brother Burns,

they'll have to do.


- William Burns has become a reservoir of strength.

The Lord surely sent him to me in my deep need.

We have established a temporary base

in a town called Manzin.

For the past several days we have been separated.

Mr. Burns has been doing survey

for other places in ministry.

I had expected him back this morning at the latest but,


(speaking in foreign language)

- Brother Burns.

- It may not be easy to teach an old dog new tricks,

but it's not impossible.


As far as the east is from the west

God's word assures us, so far hath he removed

our transgressions from us.

God hates sin but God loves sinners.

And He loves you my friend,

no matter how great your sin.

- Mix equal parts of these and a half a cup of water,

then add a tablespoon of Levins oil.ú

It's in the big brown bottle.

- You're working too hard Hudson.

You should take a rest.

Horses are smarter than men my mother always said.

They know when to rest.

- I'll be better in the morning.

- Not if you're dependent on Levin's oil

the bottle's completely empty.

- Then pour me a little of the brown medicine.

(bottle clinking)

- Like my mother always said,

the bitterer the medicine the faster the remedy.

- I'm running low on about all medications.

- And we need more literature.

Why don't you take a boat back to Shanghai for supplies.

And I'll go on and survey the situation

in Swatow and we'll meet there.

- [Hansen Voiceover] My dear parents,

whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.

I only hope recent events prove

He does indeed love me dearly.

First, as I wrote last month, I lost all my medical supplies

and 30,000 New Testaments in the warehouse fire.

Now I have received word from William Burns

that it is inadvisable for me to think

of rejoining him at this time.

Pray that I may be patient.

That I will not fall prey to the error

of those who try to bear today's

burdens with tomorrow's grace.

Just when everything was going so well.

Now it is as though everything is come to an end.

Through it all, deep in my heart,

I know God has a plan.

His perfect plan.

But for now, I am weak and discouraged,

and very, very lonely.


- It's good to have you settled here in Ningpo,

you and Dr. Parker make a fine team.

- Settled?

If God so wills, my wish is to rejoin William Burns.

- Any word from him?

- No, nothing.

I only know he was arrested in Swatow

and escorted to Canton.

- Miss Aldersey.

(speaking in foreign language)

- You knew as well as anyone there would be talk

when you decided to resign your mission

board and become completely independent.

- But it's wonderful John.

No salaries, no guarantees, only trusting God

and seeing Him never fail.

I'm only sorry some misjudge my motives.

- We really must have you meet my fiance's sister.

- It's so exciting, you're wedding,

- Two orphan sisters,

the Lord takes our parents in Malaya, sends us to China,

where chances of marriage are very slim.

You seemed excited, or should I say pleased

when my John introduced you to Hudson Taylor.

- Bruella.

- It's obvious Miss Aldersey doesn't look favorably

on him in any light, but John was very impressed with him.

But he and Mr. Taylor ministered together.

- [Maria] I want God's will for my life,

more than the air I breathe.

- [Bruella] But you'll admit that you were quite

taken with Mr. Taylor.

- [Maria] Well, only if the Lord should indicate.

- [Bruella] Would you ever consider marrying him?

- Maria would consider no such thing.

She is to have nothing whatever to do with Hudson Taylor.

Well if he were ordained,

if he were at least a fully qualified doctor.

- [Teacher] My husband and I have such confidence

in both you and Dr. Parker.

It's unfortunate the way some criticize you.

- I try not to mind.

- Have you thought of returning to England

to further your medical training?

- I hope to someday.

- You might also find a wife to share your vision.

Of course it's possible the Lord has already sent

your future mate to China.

Perhaps what you need is a matchmaker.

- I don't think I could endure another rejection.

- Thank you Miss Aldersey, if you two will excuse me.

- Bruella.

I must have your help.

It isn't easy to be thought of as a spoiler.

- I don't understand.

- Of course you do.

When Dr. Parker and Hudson Taylor were here yesterday

Maria could hardly take her eyes of that young upstart.

Maria has so much potential for the Lord's service.

But everything Hudson Taylor does turns into a fiasco.

He moved out of the international settlement

in Shanghai against everyone's advice.

He resigned his mission,

and calls himself an independent.

He goes contrary to the Council

of the True Missionaries again and again.

He was only with William Burns for a short time.

He's ill more than he's well.

I'll be surprised if he remains in Ningpo

more than a few months.

Only long enough to,

Burella please, for your sister's sake.

Help me to protect Maria from doing something

she will regret for the remainder of her life.

Maria is called to serve in China.

If, terrible thought, if she were to marry

Hudson Taylor, his poor health would send

them both back to England.

- Oh God grant me your will.

Show me your guidance above any other consideration.

- For thou art my rock and my fortress.

Therefore, for Thy name's sake,

lead me, and guide me.

- Could it be Lord, right here in China?

You have prepared someone to share my ministry with me?

- Delight thyself also in the Lord.

And He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

- I've been guided in the past so often

by my own desires heavenly Father.

I ask now for your guidance.

- I hate being the devil's advocate Maria,

working here in Miss Aldersey's school as I do.

Yet I have such a compulsion to help you.

If you're truly interested in Mr. Taylor.

People are so bound to convention, to fixed ideas.

Do you love him?

- I um,

I can only say that,

that the first time I saw Mr. Taylor,

I felt as though, God was speaking to me.

I felt.

- Oh, he feels the same way.

That young man walks with God.

Just as you do dear girl.

May I encourage you.

(bright music)

- And so sincerely believing it to be God's will

that I do so, I respectfully request

your hand in marriage.

Utter nonsense.

Well there's not an eligible lady in the audient.

Not a young lady in her right mind

who would consider such a proposal.

- How shall I answer the letter?

- By sitting down this minute while

I tell you how to answer it.

Maria, darling.

When your missionary parents died,

while serving the Lord in Malaya,

and your guardian Mr. Ton sent you Bruella

to work in my school, I felt a mother's compassion for you.

Now regardless what you may or may not

think of me and my council,

surely you know that you need Mr. Ton's blessing

before you can even contemplate marriage.

And you know what Mr. Ton, your guardian

would say to this, this nonsense.

- Write my dear.

Write as I tell you.

- I told you, I couldn't endure another rejection.

- This isn't rejection.

This is coercion.

Keep serving the Lord Hudson,

and trusting Him to guide you.

- Mr. Taylor?

I come to hospital, you make me well.

I come to chapel you make me sick again.

- You need God's eternal medicine.

Salvation through his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Chinese word for come has special meaning.

The main character is the cross.

On either side of the cross is the character for man.

God's son, the Lord Jesus hung on the cross

between two men and both of them

my friends were thieves.

I declare unto you the gospel, the apostle writes,

that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures.

That he was buried.

That he rose again on the third day

according to the scriptures.

(paper tearing)

- Oh my Father, exactly my need

for the remainder of this month.

Who but my Lord could have told these people the amount?

God's work, done in God's way,

will never lack God's supply.

- Delight thyself also in the Lord

and He shall give thee the desires of thine Heart.

These feelings that I have for Hudson.

- My God shall supply all your need.

Oh again and again you are proving this to me Lord.

- Commit thy way unto the Lord.

Trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.

- I told Bruella I would put away her things.

Wasn't it a lovely wedding?

She and John seemed so happy.

- I wrote to your guardian Mr. Ton,

trying to explain why Hudson Taylor wasn't fit.

- You were, wrote?

- Mr. Ton gives his full consent

to your marriage to Hudson Taylor.

(bright music)

- Maria there's something I need to tell you.

Before I came to China, God permitted

me to have great adventures in faith.

I've had such adventures here, but,

well since I've come to China,

there's something, an emptiness,

unfulfillment, I thought perhaps our marriage,

Maria, you offer me more than I ever dreamed

a marriage could bring, it isn't that.


(door opening)

- Something's wrong.

- My wife passed away early this morning.

You'll need to be in charge for a few days.

- Isolate the patient as best you can.

Follow carefully the instructions Dr. Parker gave us.

- Can you see Mrs. Wong?

She's very troubled.

- I'll go.

- Thank you.

(speaking in foreign language)

- You are very ill Mrs. Wong.

We're doing everything we can to help you

with our medicine, won't you also consider

you're need for Jesus?

- I need Jesus.

- Are you sure you're not feverish?

- Just a bit weary.

- Must you take the chapel service tonight?

- There's no one else available.

- Hudson.

- Dr. Parker is in only briefly.

He can't get over the death of his wife.

There's so much work to be done at the hospital.

- And I will be adding to that burden

about eight months from now.

- Oh, Maria.


- Come in please.

(door opening)

- Hudson I can't cope anymore.

With my wife gone, the children to look after.

I'm leaving China, taking my family back to England.

(speaking in foreign language)

- How did it go?

- Amputation is beyond my knowledge and experience.

But I asked God for wisdom, and the surgery was a success.

I'm the one in need of spiritual surgery.

Sometimes the pressures and all the responsibilities.

With Dr. Parker gone and my minimal qualifications,

- You lost your temper with some of the workers?

- It happens so seldom,

but the point is it happens.

How can I possibly expect the new Christians

here to be Christ like when my own life?

What does it mean to be so completely in God's will,

to so identify with Christ that.

Have you been going over the accounts?

- We haven't received anything for the work

in almost a month.

There've been so many in need of food,

and our store of medicines is very low.

That's the last of the rice dear Hudson.

The very last.

I gave another day's supply to our workers as you instructed

we have no food for tomorrow.

- Praise the Lord.

No food, but all of God's promises.

The Lord knows we will wake up tomorrow needing breakfast.

- Oh, Hudson.

These arrived on the boat from Shanghai.

- Thank you.

(paper ripping)

- Hudson, here's a draft for 10 pounds.

(paper shuffling)

20 pounds.

This one's from George Mueller.

(paper ripping)

How unfortunate if all our needs were provided in advance.

What is the baby's name?

- May Lin

- And how old is she?

- Four day.

- Precious little baby.

- I was with Maria today.

I mentioned the word we'd received about the Winston's

and their great need, she and Hudson

dispatched a worker to take some food to them.

I think they sent some money too.

- That's nice.

- Oh, that we had a hundred more couples

like Maria and Hudson.

- For many years, I have a soughted the truth

as did my father's Before me.

But only here in the words you have spoken

has peace come to my heart.

Is the gospel well doing in your country?

- It is sir.

- How long has the gospel been knowing

to the people of your land?

- Hundreds of years Mr. Nu.

- You have had the truth so long,

and only now come to tell us?

(speaking in foreign language)

- Did I tell you about the man who expressed his need

for salvation at the meeting last night?

You remember Nong Qui the basket maker.

He was so fascinated with our lantern slides

on the life of Christ.

His employer paid him only a small wage plus his food.

I shall always remember how beautifully

he opened his heart to Christ.

When he told his employer he could no longer

work on the Lord's day, he was discharged.

His former employer warned the other basket

makers not to hire Nong Qui.

(speaking in foreign language)

So he went into business for himself.

A woman stopped him on the street

and asked to purchase an incense basket.

Nong Qui told her he was a Christian

and didn't sell such baskets.

She was disgusted and left.

But a businessman overheard them

and came to ask Nong Qui about his witness.

(speaking in foreign language)

That's the man who trusted Christ after the service tonight.

(Asian music)

- I have been thinking about this words in Proverbs.

If there's no vision the people perish.

I wonder if it could be two fold.

Lack of vision causes lots of souls to perish.

But lack of vision also cause the Christians

to risk their lives, their talents,

their capabilities, so in a sense

for the lack of vision the Christian also perishes.

- I've never seen people so responsive.

- And I've never seen you so tired.

Please won't you go and get some rest now?

- I will.

But I do have several patients I need to still see.

- You feel better daddy?

- Much better Gracie.

I had a very good rest.

- So many have heard of our work at the villages.

So they want us to come to them.

(ducks quacking)

(speaking in foreign language)

- You should be in bed.

- What am I doing wrong?

Why won't God give me strength?

- Shouldn't we consider a furlough?

- Leave China?

All the need, the opportunity?

We'd have to close the hospital.

- Close the hospital temporarily.

Or conclude our ministry permanently.

(Asian music)

- Feeling better?

- A bit, thank you.

- And how's your dolly feeling today Gracie?

- Fine.

- Good.

- So many requests for speaking engagements.

As soon as you're strong enough.

- I'm feeling better every day.

I'm sure I'll be able to get back

to medical school next term.

- Good.

- The church is asleep.

Arm chairs, and sofas and the comforts of life

in England seem more important

than souls perishing without Christ.

(bells ringing)

- It's very late dear.

- I've been reading about Israel.

Their materialistic disobedience.

You know what I believe Maria?

God set apart the tribe of Levi

to be his priest, but it was His

intention for all of Israel to serve Him.

Just as I believe God wants every

Christian to be a missionary.

- [Gracie] Daddy?

- [Maria] Oh not now Gracie, daddy's studying.

- If one were to sense God's call to China,

the interior China that is.

Can you recommend a missionary organization

considering such candidates?

- I'm afraid there aren't any such organizations.

The great commission is not an option to consider.

It is a command to obey.

- [Official] To James Hudson Taylor, membership in the

Royal College of Surgeons.

- Will women be needed in the interior?

- If there's no missionary organizations

sending workers to the interior of China

what are we to do?

- What can I tell those young people?

What should they do?

- I know what you should do.

Get some rest or you'll be right back

where you were those weeks before furlough.

Accept this invitation from those friends in Brighton

to come and relax for a few days.

You'll be right on the beach.

- [Hudson] I don't want to start another mission Lord.

But if young people are willing to go,

if there's no one else to, to lead them.

Oh God, give us 24 candidates for China.

And help me to trust you for the financial needs.

Oh, help me Lord.

(people talking)

- England's just so far away.

- I know dear, I know.

(speaking foreign language)

- Isn't that last tone

- Chinese isn't a language it's a speech impediment.

(gong clangs)

- I like China daddy, do you?

- With all my heart Gracie.

- Did you hear how many of the hospital patients

responded to the gospel today?

- Did they respond to the gospel

or are they just making sure they get priority

if they have health problems in the future?

- They don't like the climate,

they don't like the people,

they don't like the living quarters.

What did they expect this was going to be

some type of holiday?

- They're young, inexperienced,

be patient with them, please Hudson.

- [Mr. Steadman] Mr. Taylor?

- [Maria] Mr. Steadman, come in.

Would you care to sit down?

- No thank you.

Mr. Taylor.

- Yes.

- Some of us have been talking.

- Now what's your problem.

- I realize that, that we've been over reacting.

With God's help, and with your patience

we'll try to be more cooperative.

- God bless you.

- China inland mission.

The name is more meaningful every time I think about it.

I'm sorry that we have so little faith.

When your faith is so great.

- No, no I don't have great faith.

The Lord only asks us to trust

in His great faithfulness.

- Good day Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor.

- Good day.

(door closing)

you see, if we'll just be patient.

- Why,

why do I lose my temper?

- Oh

- If I'm to be a leader of these people.

(throat clearing)

- [Young Missionary] Mr. Taylor?

- Do come in.

- My, my wife.

Well for me also of course, but especially her, she,

what I mean to say is that,

we wish to be released to go back to England.

- Release you?

Millions of Chinese waiting to hear the gospel,

and you want to go home?

If you came to China in the will of God my friend,

then you had better be sure you leave

China in the will of God.

(singing in foreign language)

- Don't the new missionaries like it here daddy?

- Some of them.

The others will too.

- I'm a nurse.

- A nurse are you?

- Daddy thinks you're an angel.

- Angel's fly daddy, I can't fly, I walk,

and run sometimes, and skip.

- Oh, I'm so sick.

- Daddy should be home soon.

He went to another city to help the new missionaries.

- I think Mr. Taylor is as interested

in building his own little empire

as he is in evangelizing the Chinese.

Here his daughter's desperately ill and he's gone away.

- Oh, dear Lord (door closing)

(curtain opening)

- How's Gracie?

- She's much worse.

Were you delayed?

- I received a message from one of our workers

that Miss Kentfield was very ill.

When I reached the place she was hardly ill at all.

- China Inland Mission, you should call it

Taylor's Overseas Enterprises.

- How dare you speak that way.

He didn't know Gracie was so ill when he left.

Why she only had a small fever.

And besides he did go to help one of us.

- There's nothing more I can do.

Oh, Maria.

If only I had come sooner.

- We love you.

(dramatic music)

- I miss her.

- God gives his very best to those

who leave the choice with Him.


- [Maria] Come in.

- [young Missionary] We'd like a word

with you and Mr. Taylor.

- Won't you come in and sit down please?

- We'll only be just a moment.

- We speak for several of the others.

Not only are we deeply touched by Gracie's death

but challenged by the courage and faith

that both of you have shown during this time of testing.

- You're helping me to learn for the first time in my life

really how to commit everything to the Lord.

I even asked God to help me with the chopsticks

and I got on jolly well at lunch.

- Mr. Taylor, I believe in your vision for China.

And I'm asking God to show me

how to fully share that vision with you.

- Rule supreme in my heart oh Lord,

cleanse me so Thy love can flow through me.

- I've a confession to make.

When I first came here, well, let me say it this way,

everyday I discover more and more

what a true Christian you are,

and how capable you are.

- As one of our wise men has said,

true praise spoken from the heart

is more beautiful than the singing of birds at sunrise.

- I keep thinking about what you

said to us at prayers last night.

There is a living God.

He has spoken in the Bible.

He means what he says.

And will do all that he promises.

- God bless you Travis.

- How soon do you expect the baby?

- In about two months, according to the doctor.

But I think it may be sooner.


- Please come in.

- Mr. Taylor, we understand now what

you've been trying to teach us.

- We want to identify with the Chinese.

- [Maria] Hudson, our baby.

- [Hudson] The Lord is taking him Maria.

- Thank you.

I don't get my strength back the way

I have other times.

- I know, we're doing all that we can.


these new recruits, they expect guidance

I feel as though I'm the one in need of guidance.

- There was some mail for you this morning.

Nothing from overseas.

Something form Hang Chow, from John McCarthy.

(Asian music)

- [John] Dear Hudson, I've been thinking much

about our discussion.

Your search and my own for what it

means to be truly committed to our Lord Jesus.

I have found these thoughts in the book

you left with me.

The Lord Jesus received his holiness begun.

The Lord Jesus cherished his holiness advancing.

The Lord Jesus counted upon as never absent

would be holiness compete.

Abiding, not striving or struggling.

But resting in the love of an almighty Savior.

May he lead us in the realization

of His unsearchable fullness.

I have found John 15 especially helpful.

- John 15, the vine, the branches.

Oh God, help me.

God, show me.

Abide in me and I knew he that abideth in me

and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit.

(dramatic music)

I don't strive for faith.

I rest in your faithfulness.

Oh God,

help me God.

- [God's Voice] now ye are clean

through the word which I have spoken unto you.

(dramatic music)

- I'm clean.

- [God's Voice] He that abideth in me and I in him

the same bringeth forth much fruit.

For without me, ye can do nothing.

- Nothing.

Myself, but in you Lord, everything.

Complete, clean,

and ready to serve you.

Not my righteousness Lord, yours.

Not my wisdom, but yours.

Not my strength.

The fullness of the Holy Spirit.

The anointing of God on my life.

The cleansing, the guidance,

oh Maria,

Christ is the vine.

He is the soil, the roots, the air itself.

He's everything.

And we are complete in Him.

- [Narrator] And so it was, on the mountain top.

Hudson Taylor found that for which he so long searched.

An assured identity with Jesus Christ,

as his authentic disciple.

There would be struggles.

The years ahead continued times of learning.

Discovering successfully how to reach

into the heart of China.

The China he so devotedly loved.

And bring to her people the good news of salvation.

The light of eternal hope.

A ministry which continues to grow.

Reaching even today all across Asia

and the Overseas Missionary Fellowship.

The pioneer exploits of Hudson Taylor

and the hundreds of others who became

his fellow laborers in the China inland mission

set a pattern for scores of other faith missions

in other areas of the world.

There were great victories.

And yet the heavenly Father

who does indeed reserve his very best

for those who leave the choice with him

permitted more times of testing.

More valleys, more shadows.

- I learn so much new thing in your hospital.

- I just heard that Mrs. Taylor is very ill.

- Oh no.

- Maria, you're going home.

You will soon be with Jesus.

- Dying?

I feel no pain.

Only very tired.

I'm so sorry.

- Not sorry to go to be with Jesus.

- For many years,

not even a cloud between me and my savior.

He will be with you.

He will meet all your need.

- [Narrator] A common man he was.

James Hudson Taylor.

The man who dared to believe in the faithfulness of God,

whatever the test.

And who because he so believed,

because he acted upon that belief,

became a trusted child through whom his Lord

could pour out blessing to many others.

So it could be for us, for you, and for me.

In a world where so few know

what it truly means to trust in the greatness

and faithfulness of a sovereign God.

(dramatic music)