Howl's Moving Castle (2004) - full transcript

A love story between an 18-year-old girl named Sophie, cursed by a witch into an old woman's body, and a magician named Howl. Under the curse, Sophie sets out to seek her fortune, which takes her to Howl's strange moving castle. In the castle, Sophie meets Howl's fire demon, named Karishifâ. Seeing that she is under a curse, the demon makes a deal with Sophie--if she breaks the contract he is under with Howl, then Karushifâ will lift the curse that Sophie is under, and she will return to her 18-year-old shape.


we just closed the shop.
You've done enough work.

Why don't you come out
with us this time?

No, I better finish this.

You go and have fun.

All right, suit yourself.

Let's go, girls.

Wait for me!
I'm ready.

Do I look OK?
Look, it's Howl's castle!


I've never seen it so close!

Do you think Howl
will go into town?

He's gone.

No, he's just hiding in
the fog from those planes.

Did you hear what happened to
that girl, Martha in south heaven?

They say Howl has
torn her heart out.

Now I'm too scared
to go out!


Don't worry. He only
preys on pretty girls.

All right, let's go.

You girls are so mean.

It's not funny.

Hey. Looks like a little
mouse lost its way.

Oh, no, I'm not lost.

This little mouse looks thirsty.

We should take her
for a cup of tea.

No thanks, my sister's
expecting me.

She's pretty cute for a mouse.

How old are you, anayway?
You live around here?

Leave me alone.

You see? Your moustache
scares all the girls.

So? She's even cuter
when she's scared.

There you are, sweetheart. Sorry I'm
late. I was looking everywhere for you.

Hey, we're busy here.
Are you really?

It looked to me like the
two of you were just leaving.



What? Hey!

Don't hold it against them.

They're actually not all that bad.

Where to? I'll be your
escort this evening.

I'm just going to the bakery.

Don't get alarmed,
but I'm being followed.

Act normal.

Sorry. Looks like you're involved..

This way.

Hold on..

Now, straighten your
legs and start walking.

See? Not so hard, is it?

You are a natural.

I'll make sure to draw them off.

But wait a bit before
you head back outside.


That's my girl.

Excuse me, could we trouble
you for more falt biscuits?

There you go. Do you any
have Lettie-shaped cookies?

I'd buy those.

What time do you get off?

She what?

Hey, I'm over here.
Where are you going?


What's going on?

Someone just told me you
floated down onto our balcony.

So that did happen.
It wasn't a dream.

Lettie, would you
like to use my office?

I should really get back to
work. Thank you though.

Wow. He must have
been a wizard then.

But he was so kind to me.

He rescued me, Lettie.

Of course he did. He was
trying to steal your heart!

You are so lucky, Sophie.

If that wizard were Howl,
he would have eaten it.

No, he wouldn't.

Howl only does that
to beautiful girls.

Don't give me that.

You need to be more careful.
It's dangerous out there.

Even the Witch of the Waste
is back on the prowl.

Are you listening?

Lettie, the chocolate,
the clairs are done.

OK. I'll be right there.


All right. I better get going then.

I just wanted to make sure
that you were doing OK.

Hello, Lettie.
Hi, how are you doing?

Now Sophie, do you really want to spend
the rest of your life in that hat shop?

The shop was just
so important to Father.

And I'm the eldest,
I don't mind.

I'm not asking what Father
would have wanted.

I want to know what you want.


See you later, Lettie.

Good seeing you again.
You too.

I better be going.
It's your life, Sophie.

Do something for yourself
for once, will you? Bye, Lettie.

I'm sorry, but the shop's
closed now, ma'am.

I could have sworn I locked
that door. Must have forgotten.

What a tacky shop.

I've never seen such
tacky little hats.

Yet you're by far
the tackiest thing here.

I'm afraid you will
have to leave now.

The door's over here, ma'am.
We're closed.

Standing up to the
Witch of the Waste,

that's plucky.

The Witch of the Waste?

The best part of that spell is
you can't tell anyone about it.

My regards to Howl..

Oh... no.

That's really me, isn't it?

I've got to stay calm.

I've got to stay calm!

Now, there's no use
panicking, Sophie.

It's a bad dream, that's all.

Just go inside, go to bed.

You're gonna be fine, Sophie.
You're gonna be fine.

Got to stay calm.

Look who's here!

You're back! You here
ma'am! Look at you!

What do you think?
It's all the rage in Kingsbury.

It's gorgeous!

I know! Our customers
will love it! Sophie!


I'm afraid your daughter hasn't
come downstairs yet today, ma'am.

That's strange. I wonder
what's wrong.




Don't come in here.

I've got a bad cold.

I don't want you to catch it.

You sound ghastly, like
some 90-year-old woman.

I'll just stay in bed
all day, so you go on.


If you insist.

Up we go.

This isn't so bad now, is it?

You're still in pretty
good shape.

And your clothes finally suit you.

But you can't stay here
like this for long.

Being old is worse
than I thought.

They say their prince
is missing.

And they're blaming us.

Yeah and it sounds like
they're gonna start a war.

Nobody wants to go to war.

Let's hope the prince
turns up soon.

Excuse me, could
you use some help?

I'll be fine, but thanks
for offering.

That was really kind.

Sure, there's room in the back if you
like, but where are you headed?

Just a little ways farther
than where you're going.

You're crazy if you
do this, Grandma!

There's nothing but witches
and wizards out there!

Thank you.
I'll keep that in mind.

She's going to the
Wastes by herself?

She says she's looking
for her younger sister.

I'll never get there
with these legs.

At least my teeth
haven't fallen out yet.

That would make a nice cane.

Up we go.

Might be too big.

This is one stubborn branch.

You're not getting the
best of this old lady.


Just a scarecrow!

I was afraid you were
one of those blob men.

But how're you standing
on your own like that?

You're head's a turnip.

I've always hated turnips,
ever since I was little.

At least you're not
upside down now.

So long.

It's too cold.

And I can still see the town.
I've barely moved.

Go away! Quit following me!

There's no need to thank me,
you don't owe me a thing.

I'm sure you have some
kind of spell on you,

and I've had more than enough
of witches and spells.

So, just go find some
field and stand in it!

Thank you, this cane is perfect,
it's just what I need.

If you'd like to do me
one more favor,

you could run off and
find me a place to stay.

I seem to have become
quite cunning in my old age.

A battleship!


Why do you get so
cold when you're old?

I'm fatter than ever, yet the
wind blows right through me.

Someone's got a fire going.
Maybe there's a cabin nearby.

You turnip-head!
That's Howl's castle!

That is not what I meant when
I asked for a place to stay.

Look at that. They
call this a castle?

Is that the way in?

Slow down!

For heaven's sake.

Make up your mind. Are you
gonna let me on or not?

Oh, my shawl!

It's nice and warm in
there, so I'm going in.

Oh, my shawl, thank you.

I'm sure Howl won't eat the heart
of a shrived, old lady like me.

It's been a pleasure meeting you.

Even if you are my least
favorite vegetable.

Take care, Turnip-head.

There we go.

What a dump.

When I think castle,
this is not what I picture.

Well, one nice thing about getting
old is nothing frightens you.

I don't envy you, lady.
That is one bad curse.

Curses are tough. You're gonna have a
very hard time getting rid of that one.

The fire spoke!

Let me guess. The curse won't
allow you to talk about it, right?

Are you Howl?

No, I'm an extremely powerful
fire demon named Calcifer.

I just like to do that
once in a while.

A fire demon. Well, then you
should be able to break my curse.

Maybe, maybe not.

Listen, if you can find a way
to break the spell that's on me,

then I'll break the spell
that's on you, you got it?

If you're a demon, how do
I know I can trust you?

You promise to help
me if I help you?

I don't know, lady. Demons
don't make promises.

Then go find someone else.

Come on! You should
feel sorry for me!

That spell keeps me
stuck in this castle,

and Howl treats me
like I'm his slave.

It burns me up. You gotta keep
the water hot, the rooms warm.

keep the castle moving.
Oh, that's rough.

Come on! You ever
try to move a castle?

If you can figure out how to
break this thing I'm in with Howl,

then you can break my spell.

After that, I can easily
break the spell that's on you.

All right, it's a deal.

Hey, lady? Lady?

Hello? Lady? Hello? Hey!

Lady? Lady?

Hey, let me get over there.

Some big help you're gonna be.

Hey, who's this lady?

Porthaven door.
How'd she get in here?

Stand by.

Mr. Mayor, good day.

Good afternoon, sir. Would the
great Wizard Jenkins be at home?

I am afraid that my master
is out at the moment.

I speak for him in his absence.

An invitation from His
Majesty the King.

The time for war is upon us.

His Majesty requires that every
witch and wizard aid our homeland.

Wizard Jenkins must report
to the palace immediately.

That is all.

I can't believe it's come to this.

And what do you think
you're doing here, Grandma?

Calcifer said that
I could come in.

I did not. She just wandered
in here from the Wastes.

She's from the Wastes?

How do we know that
she's not a witch?

Do you really think I'd
let a witch in here?

Porthaven door again!

Must be a customer.

Stand by.

Yes, my dear child?

My mom sent me
to pick up a spell.

Yes, do come in.

Just keep quiet and don't
cause any trouble, Grandma.

It's not the Wastes.

Excuse me, Granny,
are you a witch too?

That's right. I'm the
scariest witch of them all.

Dust your ship with this powder
and the winds will favor it.


Farewell, child.

Quit telling lies to
our customers.

What about you?
You're wearing a disguise.

I have to. I'm
practicing my magic.

It's the Kingsbury door!

Stand by.

Good day. Would this be the residence
of the great Wizard Pendragon?

It is.

I bear an invitation

from His Majesty the King.

Please inform Mr. Pendragon
that all witches and wizards

are required to report
for duty at the palace.

I will inform him right away.

This is the royal city,
isn't it?

Move it, Grandma or
you'll lose your nose.

And stop wandering around!

Leave it alone, Grandma.
I'm getting angry.

This is a magic house,
isn't it?


So, tell me, where
does the black one lead?

Only Master Howl knows that.

I need some breakfast.
I'm starved.

Don't you want to have
some bacon and eggs?

Yeah, but we can't use the fire.
Master Howl's not here.

Don't worry, I can cook.

It doesn't matter if you can cook.
Calcifer only obeys Master Howl.

That's right, lady. I'm not
taking any orders from you.

Oh, there's my hat.

That's better.

All right, Calcifer.
Let's get cooking.

I don't cook! I'm a scary
and powerful fire demon!

How would you like a bucket
of cold water in your face?

Or maybe I should tell
Howl about our bargain?

Stupid me!

I never should have
let her in here.

So, what'll it be?

That's right. That's a good fire.

Here's another curse.
May all your bacon burn.

Calcifer's doing what she says.

I think I'd like some tea too.
Do you have a kettle?

Sure. Hey, what are you doing?

Don't get the kettle! Whose side are you
on anyway? Markl, what are you doing?

Master Howl, the king's
messengers were here.

They said you have
to report to the palace

as both Pendragon and Jenkins.


You're being so obedient.

Not on purpose. She bullied me.

Not just anybody can do that.

And you are... who?

You can just call me Grandma Sophie.

I'm your new cleaning lady.
I just started work today.

Give that to me.

Hand me two more slices of that
bacon and 6 more of those eggs.


So, then, who hired
you to clean?

Calcifer did. He's disgusted
by how dirty it is in here.

Markl, get the plates.

Wait a second, you're all gonna
eat while I do all the work?

Come have some breakfast,

Take a seat.

Which do you want?

You only get one
'cause the rest are dirty.

Looks like I've got
my work cut out for me.

Bread, Markl?

Yes, thank you.

So, friends, enjoy.
Bon appetit.

I can't remember the last time
we had a real breakfast.

Even the manners are
a mess in this house.

So, what do you have hidden
in your pocket, Sophie?

What is this?
Give it to me.

Scorch marks. Howl,
can you read them?

That is ancient sorcery.

And quite powerful too.

It's from the Witch of the Waste?

"You who swallowed a falling star,

oh, heartless man, your heart
shall soon belong to me."

That can't be good for the table.

Wow! It's gone!

The mark may be gone,
but the spell is still there.

Excuse me, my friends,
please continue your meal.

Calcifer, move the castle
60 miles to the west.

And while you're at it,
make hot water for my bath.

Fine. Like moving the
castle isn't hard enough?

You're not working for the
Witch of the Waste, are you?

I would never work for that witch!

She's the one who....

I'm actually a... yuh....

If I ever get my hands on that witch,
I'm going to wring her fat neck!

Finish your breakfast!

I've had enough of this!

You bugs better run before
I bite your heads off!

I'm sick of being treated
like some timid little old lady.

Hello, sir, is my potion ready?

Come back later.

There's a witch on
a rampage in there.

Sophie, please!

Sophie! Please help me!
I'm going out!

Please, get me some
firewood, quick!

Hey, please help me.
Wait, what are you doing?

Don't! I'll fall!
You crazy lady with tongs!

You'll be fine.
I'll fall! Help!

I'm just sweeping out the ashes.

No, I'm not fine! Please!

I'm going out!

Please. I'm falling.

Help! I'm falling!

Sophie, hurry up, please.

Hurry, please. P.. P....

I'd appreciate it if you
didn't torment my friend.

Master Howl, are
you going out now?

Markl, make sure the cleaning lady
doesn't get carried away while I'm gone.

Sophie, what did you do now?

She almost smothered me!

If I die, Howl dies too,
I hope you know.

Be quiet. You're all right.

Now quit bothering me,
I've got a job to do.

Wait, you can't come up here!

Whatever you don't want me
to clean, better hide it now.

Save my room for last, OK?

These little outbursts seem
to be giving me some energy.

What a mess.



Calcifer! Calcifer!

Are you the one
moving the castle?

Of course I am. No one else
does any work around here.

I am thoroughly impressed!

You are a first-class fire demon.
I like your spark.

She likes my spark!

Not ready! Not ready!

It's beautiful.

Yeah. It's called Star Lake.

Hey, what's that stick
doing in there?

Dear. Give me a hand, Markl.

It's a scarecrow.

Yep, I've been calling
him Turnip-head.

Somehow he always manages
to get stuck upside down.

He keeps following me everywhere.

Seems to have taken a liking to me.

That's weird. Are you sure
you're not a witch, Sophie?

Yes! I'm the worst kind of
witch ever, the kind that cleans.

Quit pulling so hard, Turnip-head!

I think he likes doing the laundry.

Looks like he'll have
it dry in no time.

I bet he's some kind of demon.

Calcifer doesn't seem
to mind him at all.

You're right. He probably is a demon.

But he led me here, so
maybe he's the good kind.

We got all the laundry
put away, Sophie.

Oh, thank you, Markl.

When you're old, all you want
to do is stare at the scenery.

It's so strange, I've never
felt so peaceful before.

You OK? I mean, you smell terrible.

You shouldn't keep
flying around like that.

Soon you won't be able
to turn back into a human.

Isn't this great?

Sophie put these here for me.

This war is terrible.

They've bombed from the southern
coast to the northern border.

It's all in flames now.

I can't stand the fire in gunpowder.

Those dopey guys have
absolutely no manners.

My own kind attacked me today.
Who, the Witch of the Waste?

No, some hack wizards who turned
themselves into monsters for the king.

Those wizards are going
to regret doing that.

They'll never change
back into humans.

After the war, they won't
recall they ever were human.

Hey, aren't you supposed
to report to the king too?

I'm tired. Make some
hot water for my bath.

What? Not again.

Is Howl back?

Yes. He's wasting all
my hot water again.

I don't know why
we're doing this.

Master Howl hardly eats
anything. Too bad.

Good morning.
Good morning.

Don't you love early morning markets?
And just look at the water!

I've never seen the ocean
before! It's beautiful!

It always looks like that.

I hate potatoes.

Pay up.

Thanks, have a nice day.
Thank you. Come again.

All our fish were caught
fresh this morning.

I hate fish.

One of our ships
is in the harbor!

It looks like it's on fire!

Looks like there's
been a serious battle.

What happened?
Sorry, lady, we're closed.

The ship, it's sinking!

Come on, Sophie,
let's get a better look.

No, I've seen all I can
take. Let's go home.

I can't believe it. It's our
most advanced battleship.

The witch's henchmen are here.

Quiet down.

They're only a few feet away.

He's gone.

I don't understand why no
one else seemed to notice him.

Look! There they are!

That plane! That's what
dropped the bombs!

Look up there, Sophie.
It's the enemy's airship!

Sophie! Wait up! Sophie!

Ignore the flyers.
They're enemy propaganda.

Sophie, are you OK?

I just need a glass of water.

I'll get it.

Sophie! You sabotaged me!

Look what you've
done to my hair!


What a pretty color.
It's hideous!

You completely ruined my
magic potions in the bathroom!

I just organized things,
Howl, nothing's ruined.

Wrong! Wrong!

I specifically ordered you
not to get carried away!

Now I'm repulsive.

I can't live like this.

Come on, it's not that bad.

You should look at it now.
This shade is even better.

I give up.

I see no point in living
if I can't be beautiful.

Howl, cut it out.
Howl, no, stop it.

He's calling the Spirits
of Darkness.

I saw him do this once before
when a girl dumped him.

Now, Howl, you're all right.

We'll just dye your
hair back again.


Fine! So, you think
you've got it bad?

I've never once been
beautiful in my entire life!

I've had enough of this place!

Thank you, Turnip-head.

How did you get to be so kind?

Sophie, get back inside, we need
your help! Howl's in trouble!

Howl, cut it out!
I'm gonna drown!

I'm drowning here, Howl.
Sophie! Sophie, help him, please!

Sophie! Do something!

Such drama.
Is he dead?

No, he's fine. He's just
throwing a tantrum.

Come on. Give me
a hand. OK.

Get the hot water running.


Come on, Howl, you
can still walk.

Get him cleaned up, Markl.

I will.

Now I have to mop again.

This says they've landed
on the coast already.


Howl, I'm coming in.

I brought you some
warm milk. Want a sip?

I'll leave it here for you then.

Try to drink it before
it gets cold.

Sophie, wait.

Do you want some milk?

The Witch of the Waste
is trying to find my castle.

I saw her henchmen at the harbor.

I am such a big coward,
all I do is hide.

And all of this magic is just
to keep everybody away.

I can't stand how scared I am.

Howl, why is the Witch of the
Waste trying to hunt you down?

She was once quite beautiful,
so I decided to pursue her.

Then I realized she wasn't.

So as usual, I ran away.

I can't run much longer though.
I have to report to the palace

as both Pendragon and Jenkins.

How many aliases do
you have anyway?

As many as I need
to keep my freedom.

Just refuse the king's
invitation. See that?

That's the oath I took when I
entered the Royal Sorcery Academy.

I must report to the palace
whenever summoned.

You know, Howl, I think
that you should see the king.


Give him a piece of your mind.

Tell him this war is pointless.

And you refuse to take part?

You obviously don't know
what these people are like.

But he's our king.

He should want to hear what
all his citizens have to say.

I got it!

Why don't you go to
the palace for me?

Just say that you're
Pendragon's mother,

and your son is such
a cowardly wizard.

He's too afraid to show his face.

Maybe then Madame Suliman
will finally give up on me.

Who's Madame Suliman?

You're wearing that hat?

After all the magic I used
to make your dress pretty?

Take care of him, Markl.

Good luck.

This charm will guarantee
your safe return.

Don't worry. I'll follow
behind you in disguise.

Now. Off you go.

Why do I feel like this
is not going to work?

I wonder what Howl disguised
himself as. Surely not a crow.

Can't be a pigeon too. He's
too flamboyant for that.

That could be him.

Look how far I still have to go.

Come on! Step right!

Howl? You disguised
yourself as an old dog?

You couldn't think of something
a bit more useful?

Do you know how hard it is
to do things when you're old?

Look who's here.

The tacky little girl
from the hat shop.

The Witch of the Waste.

Thank you for handing my
scorching love note to Howl.

How's he doing, by the way?

He's acting like a big baby.

And he's working me to the
bone as his cleaning lady.

How delightful.

So, tell me what business do
you have here at the palace?

Job hunting.
I'm sick of working for Howl.

And what about yourself?

I received a royal invitation.

That idiot Suliman finally realized
how much she needs my powers.

If you're so great, why don't
you break the spell you put on me?

I'm sorry, dear.

My talent lies in casting spells,
not breaking them.

Bye, Granny.

Now, just wait a minute!

You get back here right now!

If I didn't have you to worry about,
I would have clobbered her.

What on earth is
wrong with you two?

Sorry, ma'am. Vehicles are
prohibited beyond this point.

You must continue on foot.

That Suliman,

using her magic to force me to
climb all those god-forsaken stairs.

Come on, Howl.

We can do this, just act natural.

Howl, why are you so heavy?

Wait. Help. I can't make it.

What'd you say?

You suddenly remembered how
to break the spell you put on me?

I told you.

I don't know how..

Then start studying.

I don't get it.

Where does she get
all that energy?

I have to rest a bit.

Why don't you just give up?

You're killing yourself.

I've waited....

...for 50 years now
to be invited here.

Ever since that Suliman....

...banished me to live
in the Wastes.

Well, good luck then.

Too bad I'm not younger,
or I'd lend you a hand.

Come on, Howl.

You cold-hearted old hag.

Next time, I'll turn
you senile too.

Almost there!

Honored guest, please follow me.

You should go help her
get up these stairs.

I am strictly forbidden
to offer such assistance.

Why? That's so rude.
The King himself invited her.

Come on! Let go!

Don't give up now!

Are you a witch
or aren't you?

Just shut up.

What happened?
You look so much older.

Mrs. Pendragon and
the Witch of the Waste!

Pull yourself together. Isn't this
what you've been waiting for?

Mrs. Pendragon and
the Witch of the Waste!

Your name's Pendragon?

Why does that name
sound so familiar?

Because that was the
name of my tacky hat shop.

Don't you remember?
Is that what it was?

Wait in here, please.

A chair! It's mine!

Howl, get back here.

This way please, ma'am.

Thank you, Madame Suliman.

Madame Suliman.

So, you are Howl's mother,
are you?

Yes, I'm Mrs. Pendragon.

You must be tired.
Please have a seat.

Thank you.

I am Madame Suliman,
His Majesty's head sorceress.

That's not your dog, is it?

His name is Heen.
He's my errand dog.

I had him escort you here.

I take it Howl won't
be joining us?

He's such a lazy son,
he sent me instead.

I'm afraid the king would
find him completely useless.

I am very sorry to hear that.

Howl was the last apprentice
I ever took on.

I'd never seen such
a gifted student.

I was so thrilled to have
finally found someone

talented enough to replace me.

Then, one day, his heart
was stolen by a demon.

He never returned to
complete his apprenticeship.

And from that day forward,

he has been using his magic
for entirely selfish reasons.

Mrs. Pendragon.

That boy is extremely dangerous.

His powers are far too great
for someone without a heart.

If he stays selfish, I'm afraid he'll
end up just like the Witch of the Waste.

Send her in.

What on earth happened to you?

I just restored her to
the age she actually is.

All her powers are gone now.

Once, she, too, was a magnificent
sorcerer with so much promise.

But then she fell prey
to a demon of greed

who slowly consumed her,
body and soul.

Our kingdom can no longer
afford to turn a blind eye

to these disreputable
witches and wizards.

If Howl reports to me and vows to
use his magic to serve the kingdom,

I will show him how to
break from his demon.

If not, I'll strip him of all
his powers. Just like her.

That is enough!

Now I understand why Howl was so
concerned about coming to see you.

It's a trap.

You lure people here with
an invitation from the king,

and then you strip them
of all their powers.

Howl would never be so heartless.

He may be selfish and cowardly,

and sometimes he's
hard to understand,

but his intentions are good.
He just wants to be free.

Howl won't come here.
He doesn't need your help.

He can fix his problem
with his demon on his own.

I am certain of it.

Now I understand.
You're in love with Howl.


Did you say Howl's coming?

I want his heart,
his heart belongs to me!

Stop that, just calm down.

Howl is not coming here, OK?

Oh, I think he will.

I now know his weakness,
Mrs. Pendragon.

Your Majesty.
As you were.

So then, how are you feeling?

I'm fine, thank you.

Thought I'd drop by rather than
sit through a dull war meeting.

What an honor.
Who are your guests?

This is Howl's mother,
Mrs. Pendragon.

Thanks for coming.

But I've decided not to
use magic to win this war.

We have tried using
Madame Suliman's magic

to shield our palace
from the enemy's bombs.

But the bombs fall on
civilian homes instead.

That's the problem with
magic. Right, Suliman?

You're so eloquent today,
Your Majesty.


I've got a new battle plan.

This time we're gonna
beat them to a pulp.

Suliman, that's the best double
you've made of me yet.

Keep up the good work.

Your Majesty.

Get my generals assembled.

So nice to see you again, Howl.

You're looking well,
Madame Suliman.

Rather weak disguise.
Didn't I teach you better?

I'm not trying to outwit you.

I kept my oath, I
reported when summoned.

Now Mother and I will go.

I'm afraid not.

Now whatever you do,
don't look down.

It's time to show your mother
what you really are, Howl.

Stop, Howl, it's a trap!

Hold on.

Sophie, sit up here.

Did you have to bring
those two with you?

Nice doggie..

I can't believe you
work for Suliman.

I guess it's too late to toss him.

Sophie. Take the wheel.

What? I can't fly,
are you kidding?

They're gaining on us.

I'll distract them, then you can fly this
thing back to my castle in the Wastes.

How? I don't know the way.

Hey, don't worry. The ring that
I gave you will guide you back home.

All you have to do is summon
Calcifer with your heart.


It's glowing!

Just keep following that light and
you should be there before dark.

I can't do this. Why did you make me
come here if you were coming yourself?

Knowing you'd be there gave
me the courage to show up.

That woman terrifies me,
I can't face her on my own.

You saved me, Sophie.

I was in big trouble back there.

Don't let go!

Wow. You're good.
Are you nuts?

We've got a good lead now.

I can give you 5 minutes of
invisibility, so use it wisely.


Good luck!

No, not now.

Thank you.

That was the most fun
I've had in ages.

I suppose Howl thinks
he's evaded me.

I bet his mother
can help me find him.


Almost there. That's my
hometown below us.

Don't try to be cute, dog.

I'm still not going
to trust you.

The castle is coming to meet us!

Sophie! Here!

Markl, help me!

How am I supposed
to land this thing?


Nice doggie..


I'm home.

Are you hurt?

I missed you.

I missed you too.
Thanks for coming to meet us.

This is bad. You've
gone too far, Howl.

I wonder if Howl's back home.


Howl, is that you?

Are you in pain?
Tell me what's happening.

Go away.

No, I'm not going away.

I'm going to help you break
the spell that you're under.

You... You can't even
break your own spell.

But you don't understand.
I love you.

You're too late.

Howl! No!

Calcifer, did Howl just get in?

Yeah and he looks terrible.

You better figure out how
to break the spell on us quick.

Howl's running out of time,
I hope you realize that.

You mean he'll become
a monster. Is that it?

I can't tell you details of the curse,
lady. You should know that by now.

Come on!

Do you know what
Madame Suliman said?

She said that Howl's heart
was stolen by a demon.

Tell me now.
What do you know?

I'm so sorry, but that would
be confidential information.

What if I dump a bucket
of water on you?

If you drown me,
then Howl will die too!

Hi, Turnip-head.

This isn't gonna be easy.

OK. Ready!

All right. Calcifer,
open it wider.

Here we go!

I... said... move!

If I just hang a little curtain here,
maybe Howl won't notice.

Come on in, it's time to eat!

Here. Want some more?

Don't feed her! That's
the Witch of the Waste!

She's all right.

She keeps staring at me.
It's freaking me out.

What a pretty fire.

Howl! Hello.
Good morning, everyone.

Glad you're home.

Master Howl, we can
keep this dog, can't we?

The Witch of the Waste
and Suliman's dog at my table.

What possessed you to let
them in the house, Calcifer?

I didn't let them in.

Sophie crash-landed
her plane into my face.

I knew she'd make
a great pilot.

Looks like we have yet
another addition to the family.

You've got quite a
nasty spell on you too.

It seems everyone in
this family's got problems.

What a handsome man.

So. We've got a lot of
work to do. We're moving.

That's good.

I'm sick of being stuck out here
in the middle of nowhere.

Madame Suliman is hot on our trail,
so we're gonna have to hurry.

I'm afraid your spell is
too strong for this move.

You're gonna have
to stay behind.

There. All done.

All right, Calcifer, line her up.

There. That should do it.

Sit tight for a second.

Be gentle with me, please.

On my mark.

Moving's done. You
can get down now.

This is great, Master Howl!
It's huge!

What a pretty fire.

But this is...
I added on a bathroom

since our family seems
to keep growing.

Come over here, Sophie.

I added another bedroom too.

Have a look.

Why'd you... do this?

So we'd have a room
that suited you.

Do you like it?

Of course. It's perfect
for a cleaning lady.

I got you some new clothes too.
But you can open them later.

Come on, Sophie.
Look at this.

All right, a courtyard!

That shop's ours too.

Heen! Come on!

See that new color on the dial?

There's a new portal.

It's a present for you.
Come see.


You like it? It's my
secret garden.

It's incredible.

Did you use your
magic to make this?

Only a little, just to
help the flowers grow.

This place is gorgeous, Howl!

It's like a dream.


It all seems so familiar, yet I
know I've never been here before.

I feel so at home.

Come with me.

Look there..

What a cute cottage.
That was my secret hideaway.

I spent a lot of time here
by myself when I was young.

You were alone?

My uncle, who was a wizard, gave
me this place as my private study.

And now you can come
here whenever you like.

What's the matter?

It's... You're scaring me.

I have this weird feeling
that you're going to leave.

Howl, tell me what's going on.

Please. I don't care
if you're a monster.

I'm just setting things up so that all of
you can live a comfortable life, Sophie.

With all the flowers
you've got in this valley,

you could easily
open up a flower shop.

Right? I'm sure
you'd be good at it.

So, you are going away?

Please, Howl, I know
I can be of help to you.

Even though I'm not pretty
and all I'm good at is cleaning.

Sophie! Sophie,
you're beautiful!

Well, the nice thing about being old
is you've got nothing much to lose.

What is that thing doing
out here? A battleship?

Still looking for more
cities to burn.

Is it the enemy's
or one of ours?

What difference does it make?

Those stupid murderers.

We can't just let them
fly off with all those bombs.

What's happening?
What did you do?

Just messed with it.
It won't crash though.


Here they come.

Those things are Suliman's
henchmen. Let's go.

Faster! We need to take off!

All right, you're going in.

No! Don't let go!

Sophie, what happened?

I'm too old to be
treated like this!

Good night, Sophie.
Good night, Markl.

Don't worry about Master
Howl, Sophie.

Sometimes he likes to
go away for days on end.

Thank you.
That's good to know.

Need anything else?
No, I'm fine.

Well. Good night then.

You're in love.

Don't deny it.
You've been sighing all day.

Just as I thought.

Have you ever been
in love before?

Of course I have.
I'm still in love.

Strapping, young men
are so difficult to deal with.

But their hearts, I just adore.

You're terrible.

And they're so cute too.

What's that?

It's an air raid siren.

Air raid?

It's a long way's off.

But you better not go
outside tonight, dear.

I'm sure Suliman's henchmen are
looking everywhere for this place.

What a good fire.

He keeps this house
so well hidden.

Sophie, there's a
strange lady in here!



Thank goodness you're here!
I searched everywhere for you!

My, look at your face,
you're so old!

Everyone's saying it's
my fault that you left!

You'll forgive me,
won't you? Sophie!


I barely recognize the place.

Who is that woman?
The landlady?

I forgot to tell you!
I got married again!

He's such a nice man
and he's filthy rich too,

so we can all live together again!

You won't have to work
as a cleaning lady anymore.

That's all right, Mother.
I actually like living here.

Really? I forgot!

I've got a car waiting.
I've gotta run.

Sophie, I'm so glad
I found you.

A peeping bug? Can't
Suliman do better than that?

Open wide, Cal.

I hope you and your new
husband will be very happy.

Thank you, Sophie. Bye.
Bye, Mother.

I did what I was told.
Now take me to my husband.

Yes, ma'am. I'm sure Madame
Suliman will be very pleased with you.

Forgive me, Sophie.

Wow. Look at all of them.

If they keep leaving at this rate,
the town will soon be empty.

Do you wanna leave
too, Sophie? What?

That lady said she wants
you to live with her now.

Yes, well, at least she
cared enough to visit.

Don't leave, Sophie.

I love you. You have to stay.

I love you too, Markl.

I'll stay.


Because we're a family now.

Yes, we're a family.

Thank you, Sophie.

I'll never let Suliman
get a hold of Howl.

But the newspaper
says we won.

Only idiots believe what
they read in the paper.

That's so strange.
I can't get Calcifer going.

Do you have to keep
smoking that?

It smells terrible.

Don't deny an old witch
her pleasures, young lady.

Markl, will you crack
a window, please?

I wouldn't open that window,
if I were you, dear.

Calcifer's too weak right now
to protect this place.

Suliman's henchmen could get in.


Get back!

Markl, get back inside.

I'm going to check
on the shop.

There are bombs falling on us!

Why can't you put out
some fires instead?

Howl! No!

This is exciting.


I'm sorry, Sophie. I
should've gotten here sooner.

You're alive! Thank goodness!

Master Howl! Sophie!
You're OK!


You hang in there now.

Tell me, was that cigar a gift from
Madame Suliman by any chance?

Howl, she fed me something
gross. I feel sick.

Why, if it isn't Howl.

I think you and I need to have
a nice, long, heart-to-heart chat.

There's nothing I'd like more than that,
but right now there's a war going on.

How unlike you, Howl,
not running away anymore.

Until later then.

Stay here. Calcifer will
protect you from the henchmen.

I'll stand guard out front.

No, wait! Howl! Don't go out
there. It's too dangerous.

Another wave's coming.

And Calcifer's too weak
to stop the bombs.

Let's run! Don't fight
them, Howl.

Sorry. I've had enough
of running away, Sophie.

And now I've got something
I want to protect. It's you.

Come back!

There's where we are,
at the shop.

Looks like Howl's in trouble.

Howl, look out!

What's going on? Turnip!

Markl, I need your help.

Are you crazy? I can't move
the portals without Howl's help.

You have to try. If we don't break away,
Howl will keep protecting the hat shop.

I'd preferred him as a coward.

OK, we have to go now.
Are we going for a stroll?

We can't do that. It'll
make us too vulnerable!

We already are.

And if we don't move quick,
Howl doesn't have a chance.

Sophie! They're about
to bomb the hat shop!

Quick. Help her
get outside, OK?


You're coming with us.
Hop on.

I can't! It's impossible!

No one but Howl can
take me out of this hearth.

There's no time to lose, Calcifer.
We have to try something.

Don't do this!
No, no!

Help, help, crazy lady with a shovel!

If you take me out that door,
the castle could collapse.


We're ready.
OK, step back.

Make sure I go out last,

I don't know what's gonna happen,
but I'm sure it won't be good.

I told you it would collapse.
Rain! Rain!

That ship's headed for town!

Markl, look after her, OK?

Turnip-head, help me
find a way back in.

Don't you worry now, ma'am,
I'm gonna take good care of you.

Markl, here's a way in!

Watch, the roof's leaking.
Don't let me get wet!

Hold on for a second.

It's wet here, Sophie!

Too damp, too damp,
very damp here!

Hurry! Hurry!

Hurry, please!

Markl, hurry, get inside.

The castle's a wreck.

Told you we should've stayed put.
Howl and I could have handled it.

We have to tell Howl we're not
attached to the hat shop now.

Move the castle and
take us to Howl.


I know you can do it. I've
never seen a fire with more spark.

But there's no chimney here
and I keep getting dripped on.

And the wood's all damp.

They say that the
best blaze brightest

when circumstances
are at their worst.

Yeah, but no one really
believes that.

Come on, let's be honest.

What a pretty fire.
Why don't you have a seat.

All right. I need something
of yours, Sophie.

Why's that?

I can't do it by myself.
How about your eyes?

How about this?

Thanks, Calcifer.
You're fantastic!

Imagine what I could've done
with your eyes. Or your heart.

That's it! You've
got Howl's heart!

I found it!

I can see Howl down there.
Looks like he's trapped!

Calcifer, hurry!


Put it back!

Let go!

Howl's heart, it's mine!

Put it back now!

It's hot!

It's burning me!
Let go!

You're catching on fire!

No, it's mine.

It's mine! It's mine!


Sophie ruined it!

My heart's ruined!

Heen, what have I done?
I poured water on Calcifer!

What if I killed Howl too?

It's moving. Is Howl still alive?

Can you lead me to him?

The front door.


That's Howl.

I know where I am.
I'm in Howl's childhood.

Howl! Calcifer!

It's me, Sophie!

I know how to help you now.

Find me in the future!

Sorry, Heen. I'm trying to hurry.

I just can't seem
to stop crying.


I'm sorry. Did I come too late?

I didn't mean to make
you wait this long.

I need you to take me
to Calcifer if you can.

He's dead?
No, Markl.

Howl needs that back now.

Don't look at me.
I don't have it.

I don't know what
you're talking about.


Please give it back.

You really want it that badly?


All right then.

You'd better take
good care of it. OK.

Here, dear.

Thank you, you have
a big heart.


Sophie, I'm so tired.

If I give Howl back his heart,
what will happen to you?

I'll be OK if you do it.
I think.

I mean you dumped water on me
and Howl and I both survived.

I better try then.

It's so warm and
fluttering like a bird.

It's still just the heart of a child.

Please, help Calcifer live.

And please help Howl
take back his heart.

I'm alive! I'm alive!
Look, I'm free!

Free! Free! I'm alive!

He moved! See?

It can't stand without Calcifer!


His pole snapped.

Are you all right?
We'll get you a new pole, OK?

You saved us, Turnip.

Thank you, Sophie.

I'm the prince who's been missing
from the neighboring kingdom.

Somehow I got that
blasted spell put on me.

I know that spell. A kiss
from your true love breaks it.

That's right. If it
weren't for Sophie,

I would have been a scarecrow
for the rest of my life.

My, what a strapping
young man you are.

What's going on?
What am I doing here?

I feel terrible, like there's
a weight on my chest.

A heart's a heavy burden.

Wow! Sophie, your hair
looks just like starlight.

It's beautiful.

You think so? So do l!

It looks like your true love
is in love with someone else.

You should go home anyway and
tell your king to stop this dumb war.

Yes, that's exactly what I'll do.

One thing you can always
count on is that hearts change.

So as soon as this war
is over, I shall return.

I love it when you
talk like that.

I'll look forward to your
return, big boy.

There you are.

You should have
checked in earlier.

What on earth were you up to?

Howl found his true love.

You little traitor.

The game is over.

Get me the Prime Minister
and the Minister of Defense.

It's time to put an end
to this idiotic war.

Yes, ma'am.

Hey, it's Calcifer!

You didn't have to
come back, Calcifer.

I kind of missed you guys.

And it looks like
it's gonna rain.

I missed you too, Calcifer.