How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) (2015) - full transcript

After the loss of both parents, 11 years old Oat faces an uncertain future when his older brother must submit to Thailand's annual military draft lottery. Unable to convince his brother to do whatever he can to change his fate, Oat takes matters into his own hands resulting in unexpected consequences. Based on the stories from the bestselling book Sightseeing by Rattawut Lapcharoensap, the film is set in the economic fringes of Bangkok and examines the joys and challenges of growing up in contemporary Thailand. HOW TO WIN AT CHECKERS (EVERY TIME) is director Josh Kim's debut feature film.

Hey, Sing

Hey, sorry

What are you doing? You want to be beaten?

Guests are waiting, go and serve

Ok... sorry...

Go quick

I'll deduce your wage
if you go on reading comics

Shit, look how lousy you are

You can't even walk properly. Hurry up

Watch up

Don't kill him, I want him alive

Let's chase

- Are you alright?
- I'm fine

Bill. Thank you for protecting me

Come on. Are you alright?

Alright, it's trivial

This is my name card

Just ring me up if you have trouble


Say it. So stubborn?

Say... don't shut your mouth

Won't you tell us?

Kid, this is your last chance

Say what you know or we'll burn you up

Shit, you aren't saying? Burn him!

If you remain silent,
but even if we let you off

your boss won't believe
you haven't betrayed him

He will never let you off

In fact, I know who sent you

You'll be my man if you'll tell us

I'll then protect you

And give you some money

Think it over

Let him go

It's your luck

Hung Yi

Hasn't Hung Yi arrived?

Just this?

Old Wai, you're old now

You're getting more and more
stupid as time goes

You take so many men with you just for a talk

Are you mad?

I've been in this field for decades

I've always taken them with me

and we've always been so straight

Just say whatever you must

You've taken this position for long.
It's time gave it up

Don't you even know what I want?

I want your collaboration in Thailand.
Got it, nuts?

Kid, don't try if you can't take it up

All greedy cats die of choking with bones

You must die like that too

Are you blind?

I'm a tiger, don't compare me with a cat

I swallow bones easily

You escaped last time but I must kill you now

Hung Yi, how many people you can kill?

Dad, help

Look at yourself. You are grown up but stupid

Go on shooting, won't you?

Old Wai, you have such lousy men.
That you'll surely die soon

How's that?

Look at yourself. You get scared so easily

You should be as brave as your father

Master Hung, no... don't

Stop him. Don't let him go!


Master, why?

Please make it clear, say...

Master Hung asked me to do this

as you bullshit

Master, you took me for someone else.
I don't know Hung Yi


What? Again?

It's too good I arrive late, shit

Hey, Sing

What's the matter?

Turn around

I am busy

I ask you to turn around

I hurt myself while drinking

What are you laughing at? Don't laugh

I don't

You were laughing at me in your mind

How did you know?

Why must you get involved with Hung Yi?

It's bad to have you here. Go away

What are you talking about? Who is Hung Yi?

Leave... quick... leave this minute

Why must I stay? You are too proud

Who the hell is Hung Yi?

I must teach him a lesson if I see him

How are you, Mr. Wai? I come to...

Are you Sing?

Yeah, I come to...

Ok, I know what you want

Find Bill at the lounge.
He'll arrange you a job

Thank you, Mr. Wai, anything else?

You may leave now

I may?

You are too good at boxing, Mr. Wai

I've leaving, Mr. Wai

Shit, damn you


How many are you, Sir?

I come for Bill

This way please

Be careful

Come in

Please come in

Master Bill

What do you think?

You are pretentious

Not the least, Mr. Wai asked me to come

- Are you hungry?
- A little bit

Give him money to buy us food

Buy food?

Master Bill, I've seen all things these years

I'm well-prepared. I'm not rubbish

Not rubbish?

Show us something then

Master Bill... you have bad breath,
is there decay?

Bastard, you want to beat me?

No, I dare not

Please listen to me

I didn't mean that but he really has bad breath

Dare you say that again?

Master Bill, don't be rash, don't use the gun

Let me go...

What does he mean? Mr. Wai sent me here

Who does he take me as? Buy food for him?

Mr. Wai asked me to look for him

He's insulting Mr. Wai when he did that to me

Master Bill is not such a person indeed

You'll know if you get along with him

I dare not

I can't put up with such a person

You are so narrow-minded?

You're wrong, I won't remember that

What's going on?

You are that guy

I recognize you,
you have two things, don't you?

What two things?


Don't you put them here?

What are you trying to do?

Nothing... I just want to see

You are not that narrow-minded?

They are handy, how much are they?

Catch her

- What do you want?
- Go

Nothing to see, kid,
haven't you seen this before

Bitch, don't pretend, take her there

Take off all her clothes

I must see how special she is

- What do you want?
- You asked for this

What is it... Are you ok?

Miss? You might just tell me

You're just kidding, men?

Yeah, just kidding

You know him, miss?

Yeah, this is only a joke

Then it's nothing if this is a joke.
It's a joke

You fool us with that toy gun.
You want to die, kid?

What is this?

Beat him up

Go to hell

- Get up
- You bastard

Don't fool here, get lost

Run quick

Don't be afraid, miss. Shall we see you home?

- Are you ok?
- Are you alright?

I'm fine, thanks

How's been business recently?

Just so and so

- Be careful
- I will

Shit, why are you so scared?

- I've had enough
- Wait outside then

It's not yet up

Hey, what are you doing? Where are you going?

Am I stink? Sit down

Hey, pour some water on

Add some water on

Good, well done, both of you, really good

- Thanks
- You're flattering me

Sing, I am right to hire you

Learn from Chun, ok?
You'll have brilliant future

My future depend on you, Mr. Wai

Ok, you must be tired, go and have a rest

Thanks, we must leave now

Don't forget to back me up, thanks

Shall we play mahjong after work?


Don't move, a bit weak on the middlefinger

Hey, you understand music?

I'm just too good at it

Too good? Are you boasting?

I was to have been a singing contest champion

That Jacky Cheung would not be so famous

Why don't you sing for me?

Ok, I'll sing a whole song for you

- Sorry to bother you
- Not at all

You must make me show up

What song are you going to sing?

Any song will do

What key?

As you like



What song is this?

Jacky's top song, don't you know?


Go ahead then

I'd better... sing without music


Come on

Your dad is pregnant.“congratulations

How then?

Why do you laugh at my technics?
I've practised for long

What so funny?

I'm just happy

Are you laughing at me...?
Come on, come and sing together

No, I can't sing

You must even if you can't

Thanks, this is yours



Do you like it?

Since Hung Yi's death

All the drug traffickers come to us

So... the stuff is badly demanded

Chun, you go to Thailand with Bill

and talk to Uncle Chuen

We want 5 more kilos a month

Bill, you are most experienced

There should be no problem

If anything should happen

make your own decision

Got it, Mr. Wai, I will

Chun, send me my regards to Uncle Chuen

I Will

Tell him I'll go see him if I have time

Got it, Uncle

Sorry, Mr. Wai

Sing, you might as well go too

You can be of help to them

And you can learn something too

Got it, thanks Mr. Wai

Sing, did you have anything to tell me?

Yeah, in fact I was...

I was going to say... in fact...

What in fact, in fact?

We're going for business,
not for sightseeing. Be smart

Don't scare him, Bill. It's nothing,
imaging you're travelling for fun

I will, Master Chun. It's hot there.
I'd better take insect repellent

Mr. Brown, please contact our information desk

This is Final Call for flight 202

For security reason,
please do not leave your bags behind you

Sir, happy to meet you.
Mr. Kim sent me to meet you

Please follow me

Get in the car

Kid, who asks you to sit in the middle?

Get in the car

Shut the door

How long does it take to Mr. Kim's villa?

Not far. It's very short time only

Yeah... short time...

Yes... short time...

I've told you many times not to read comics

We're working, not fooling

Listen to me, will you?
You must do whatever I ask you to

Hey, Master Bill, don't fool him anymore

This is for the sake of him, right?

These female mosquitoes keep biting me, lousy

Great, how can you tell they're female?

Of course I can

How to?

They have breasts

Chun, is that true?

No, not the breasts

Only female mosquitoes bite, it's easy

Those who have low IQ don't know

- IQ'? I had little education
- I know

- But I have high IQ
- Do you?

Just test me

It's not necessary

I ask you to test me

Ok... I'll do as you say

It's said that Ming's dad has got 3 sons

The eldest son is called Big Hair

What's the youngest son called?

- Little Hair
- Wrong

- No Hair
- Wrong

- Armpit Hair
- Wrong

What Hair is he called then?

I told you it's Ming's dad. So he's called Ming

I shouldn't have tested you. Too easy for you

Bastard, dare you fool me?

Master Bill, don't caress me, Master Bill

I don't like this, Master Bill... don't...

Where are my shoes? What happens?
Where are they?

Hi, do you speak Chinese?

Why, get aside... I told you to get aside

- I saw her first
- What do you mean?


You are junior only

How are you?

I saw her first

Get lost... quick

You are pretty

$3000 for a short fun

- It's yours
- Hey“.

Where are you going?

Don't go, honey

I'm aged, I can't walk easily

You thought I was like before

It's not time when I fought with your uncle

Especially after your uncle fought with Hung Yi

I must be very careful
when I do business. You too

Right, how is your uncle?

Uncle is really well...

Uncle Chuen, I was sent here by Mr. Wai

He wants to increase 5 kilos more a month

No problem, since Master Kit asks for this

I'll then do as he wants

Right, Bill, you are so helpful to Master Kit

You're flattering me

Master Kit and I are both aged now

I'll say this will soon be your world

Kid, did you hear? I didn't boast

In fact...


Catch them alive

- Chun
- Don't move...

Catch them alive

- Don't move
- Please don't!

Go away...

Get down

Come down

Don't be so timid

Shit, that must be him

General, I've contacted with the boss.
He killed Hung Yi

Don't move

Master Chun

Master Bill

Master (Shun...


We must make it clear

It is because I killed Hung Yi.
Then your business cut down

Shit, what the hell is Hung Yi?

We will sell it to you even now he's dead

Trust me then or you must kill me

I know Hung Yi used to buy 40 kilos
from you monthly

We can buy 50 kilos from you monthly too.
We can surely do this

No one from HK will buy from you, except us

But I have terms

My men are badly injured.
You must send them back to HK at once

I'll stay behind to talk with you

What... what do you think?

Too rash, very brave?

Just think about this

You should not make yourselves as hostages.
Do you read me?

Hungry? Eat something

You detest this? Just eat when there's food

Go ahead, eat it

Do you have news of Sing?

Don't say so much

Just take a rest

There's news of Sing, don't worry about him

He's like a King in Thailand

He was better than you,
and you worry about him?

Ann, I've told you he'd be fine


People here are awful. I don't see this in HK

We play this, don't you understand?

It's called Snooker in English

Come to HK and I'll treat you to all this

Water melons here are great

But papayas in HK are great too

Do you want to go back to HK badly?

I'm lying if I say not

Don't worry, I'll do what I've promised you

I'm sure my colleagues will come back for me

Just like you trust me


Shit, I've been waiting so long

Shit, what kind of colleagues are they?

How could they have done this?

I don't even have enough money for a taxi home

Damn all of you, you're so evil

Who do you think I am?

I fought so hard in Thailand

I nearly got killed

Sorry, boss, I am to blame.
I'm so bored that I come out

I'll go back at once if you like

I was beaten up last time

Can you save this, please?

Hero is hero, so stylist at kneeling

You lost temper? It's only a joke

You get proud just as you saved us?

You're really mad with us?

Let's go away then

Don't act so bravely alone next time

Or I'll cut our relationship

How is that?


I... I thought you were really deserting me

Bullshit, you lived like King in Thailand


Why must we stand here?

- What do you want?
- Must I say?

Help... are they touched?

I'm OK...

They aren't touched...

Are they touched?

Don't fool, we must go to dine at Bill's place

Hey, go change your clothes

My wife is waiting for you for dinner

She wants to thank you, let's go

Ok, let's go...

Hey, how can you go like this?

I'll change my trousers

Not funny

Come in...

- Daddy is coming back
- Honey


So many? There's still one?

Let me introduce, Sing, Ann, Chun


Sorry to bother you

Please make yourselves at home.
We will soon eat

Bill, serve your friends now

Come and make a queue...

Tell uncles your name, quick

Chu Hung

Chu Kan

Chu Rou

Chu Ti

Chu Fei

Chu Er

Chu Wei

Chu Ya

All eight of them are my daughters

Greet uncles, quick

Uncle, brother, sister

Good, come here

Go and play

Eight now and a pregnant one, aren't you tired?

But my wife gives birth to them, not me

Yeah, I forget that

Hey... Remember, in front of my wife

don't mention about anything of Thailand

Ok, I won't

Hey, and you're so smart in Thailand

I am in HK now.
I can answer any of your questions


Because this is my place,
I have clevermind here

- Do you?
- Sure

What about Ming?

Can you say something other than Ming?

What about Keung?

Ok, Keung

Keung saw five female tortoises.
Crawling into a hole

Then five male tortoises crawled
in hurriedly to hole

After a while, the five male crawled out

but the five female didn't, why?

It's too simple

The female ones got lost
as it was dark in there


- They fell asleep?
- Wrong

- Because".
- Wrong

Hey, because is wrong?

As 'because' is not an answer

- Right?
- You're right

Bill, come and help

My wife ask me, I'll answer in a while

Just think over

A bird is falling into the river...

- The female were laying eggs?
- Wrong

Wrong again? No reason

Sing, they left by another exit?


But, it's not reasonable. Am I so stupid?

Be careful, wife

I've guessed, they all got pregnant

- Wrong
- What did you say?

Nothing... let me do it

Stop playing for the moment, time to eat

Come here... come on...

Thanks very much. Let's eat, and play later

What is the answer?

I'll tell you later

Can't you tell me now?

Answer is the female tortoises were
turned over by the male ones

Why did they do that?

What do you think then?

- Make love?
- Right

But your mind is so dirty

Bastard! Nothing... go on eating

Eat this

Master Bill, what dog is it, French one?


- Pet dog?
- Wrong

Chun, have you had enough?

I'm stuffed

Master Bill, I envy you to have a sweet home

and eight daughters too

Me too

You have someone too

What someone?

Something wrong with her?

Forget it

Thanks to Sing's cleverness in Thailand

Don't mention such things again

I was forced to do that.
I am really regretful now

I hope it never again

This is the cleverness I've always told you


Bill, come in for a while

My wife wants me, take your time

Is this a dull dog?

Yeah, like you

You fooled me

Sing. You're fighting hard now, but for what?

For what...

I must think for what. What can I say?

For what... for...

This is for you

Take it

Are you crazy? Fifty kilos a month?
You must be kidding

And you don't know a bit about the case

You thought it's a market affair?

You mustn't blame him. He saved our lives

Mr. Wai, as Sing was so clever then

otherwise we would all have died

We don't necessarily have to buy it

Are you nuts? Baichai is not a human

We are not up to irritating him.
We just can't make him away

And we can't buy from Chuen anymore

So we must buy from Baichai

Let me handle it as I caused all this

How are you going to handle?

Uncle, I must bear responsibility too.
I'll handle it with him

Mr. Wai, don't worry

We three will handle it all

Ok, have it fixed within 2 weeks

Now, Shark Tak has supply

He said Vietnam people of Holland are now in HK

They want to deal with big business

Shark Tak has fixed a time for us

Let's go on with that

Master, this is superb stuff

If you like it, take sell it to Holland

How much stock is there?

35 kilos

Can you take it all?

We can guarantee the quality and quantity

The most important is money matter

The price we used to buy from HK...

Price is not your business.
Who are you to speak?

Remember why you come to HK?

You wasted time finding your wife

You bastards, you're just juniors

How can you supply us
with 35 kilos a month? Shit

We people strive to coming to HK

But you force them to die back

Look, you HK people.
You'll be refugees sooner or later

Damn you bastard

Don't argue like that, masters

We all want to make money, don't argue

Don't lose your temper, we'll leave

It's ok, boss, it's ok. I'm sorry

The sea is calm and the weather is fine

And there's the sun

Chun, give way

Master Tak, walk two steps ahead

Just two steps, thanks

Thanks, right, a bit more ahead...

A bit to the left, thanks, to the left

Lower your bottoms, a bit lower

Ok, fine, dare you fool us?

Forgive me, don't spank we anymore

Dare you fool us? Who do you think we are?

You made us come for a cruise?

Get away, I must kill you

- Let go
- Ok... let me do it

Master Sing, help

Beg me? I must go on beating

How can you beat like this? Don't you know?

I didn't lie to you

Damn it, dare you fool me?

Don't beat me anymore or you'll kill me

A Vietnamese there.
He just wants to find his wife



Don't beat him anymore. It's not his fault

Forget it

I'll castrate you next time

Forget it

Still alive?


Let's go

Get up now

How can he get up? Is he injured?

Drink this, it's all right

You said that Vietnam guy
wants to find his wife

What exactly is it?

This is a long story

You keep on beating him. But why so softly?

My suit

It's shit you must lie down again

I must train you of beating

Come on, drink this

You are so happy today

And so is everybody. I must introduce you

Judy, she plays flute

Don't say such things again

You are evil. You say bad remarks,
I won't care you

But I am serious

But I am only joking. Come on, cheers


All women out

Don't be so polite, come on, cheers





Heung, why are you here?

You friends brought me here

Thanks very much

You come to HK right

Sit down first

Thanks everybody

Just tell me if you need any help

Right, Master Yi, I haven't finished
the discussion last time

Sorry, I can't be of help in this case

You saw it last time.
I just can't make decision

I do want to help but I can't

Maybe after seeing this present

you can make decisions

Don't move, why are you moving?

Hands on your head, crouch, guns down

You want to remember my face?

Move quickly

Sing, why don't you shoot? You want to die?

How do I know he has guns?

I do want to choose one person among you

to be the successor

Mr. Wai, why bother?

Master Ming is the perfect person

But Master Ming is so timid

No way, we all fought up for our business

How can I leave it to my own son?

Uncle, don't worry, we'll all assist him

Yeah, Mr. Wai, with our help he'll do well

I can't leave my position to him

Then Uncle Chun will be the next best person

He will do well

I'm old, it's now a world for the young

They should take the lead now

Then it should be Chun.
Chun has been with Uncle Chun for so long

He should be the leader

If Chun refuses, it should be Sing.
Sing is very clever, right?

Or else Master Bill, he is competent too

No, how can I? Should be Ming, as he's able

We shall help him, right, Mr. Wai?

I know what to do, Mr. Wai



I'm really too happy today

A cigar for each of you, pass them

Master Bill, you are smart

lam, if I don't have a son

How can I face my ancestors?

You must drink more...


Cheers, will you?

Sing, don't you find I'm more clever now?

Are you?

Because I have a son now. So I become cleverer

You mean it...

I can absolutely answer any question you ask

Ok, let's say Beethoven

Not Ming?

It's the same. Ming is his nickname

You know Beethoven, don't you?

Yeah, he was a great musician

Right, you know what
instrument he was excellent

- Flute?
- Terrific, you are right

When he was playing the flute

He never used this finger, why?

Why? He picked his nose with this?

Right, perfectly right

I envy you

Chun, this way

Sorry, everybody


Sorry to have come late

Come on... Sit down

Don't say a thing, take one

Drink more

I'm really too happy, Chun.
I've ask you a question


Beethoven's nickname is Ming, you know

He was a great musician, you know

He was excellent a playing flute, you know

Why did he never play flute with this finger?

Why? Do you know why?

I do, as this is not his finger. But yours

You bastard, you fool me again

Forget it, let's cheers

It's so small

I'm too happy

Let's shoot at each other

Come on...

Sing, I want to ask you a favour


What is it?

I had little education

You did

I have eight daughters

And how do you find their names?

Not bad

- Really?
- Really

Now that I have a son

Sol must make up a name

I want a real good name

Real good name?

I've thought for a long time
and got the name Lung

But with Chu it means bad

Yeah, so I want you to help

Help me find another name between Chu and Lung

No problem. Don't worry, let me think

Sit here for a while

Let me think... Ok?


Chu Lung? Chu Yuen Lung

Which Yuen?

Like Chow Yuen Fat and Jacky Chan

Chow Yuen Fat, Jacky Chan

Chow Yuen Fat, Jacky Chan

Chow Yuen Fat... Jacky Chan...

How is it written?

It's like nourishing, really good

But I don't know that either

Write for me quick

Why don't you learn writing?

I am learning from you now

- Are you ok?
- I'm alright...

Let me see you home

No, thanks

How many fingers?

I must go home and see my son

Ok, I'll leave now

Go ahead... thanks... bye

Be smart

Chum... come here... you're smart

Take one

Do you know? I have a son now

Do you know his name?

He's called Chu Yuen Lung. Is this a nice name?

Can you write the word?

It's written like this

What is it?

It's not my business

I can't insert this

It must be this one then

No... don't, you are nuts?

Shit, don't run

I must chop you up if I catch you

Don't run, shit

About Bill's death and Sing's vanishing

Do you have any opinion?

This is Sing's pen.
Why was it found on Bill's body?

The car was smashed and he disappeared.
I feel suspect

Shit, rubbish, you made it a mess

Get out and don't hinder me

Hey, how's it?

Shit, I didn't kill anyone.
There's no point in explaining to you

I tell you once more,
I haven't killed Master Bill

But nobody believes you now

Why don't you shoot at me then?

You say I'm a fool at guns. You do it

Freeze, bastard


Let me go...



Master (Shun...

Shit, let go

Master Chun. Forget me, let go

Master (Shun...

Let go

There's a bomb

Run for your life, quick

Forget about me

Sing, why don't you shoot?

Master (Shun...

Come here quick, run

My legs' broken

I'll carry you

Alright, yours is a minor injury, it'll alright

I'll carry you, come on, quick

Sing, just one shot is enough.
No need for the second

I know... come on

- Sing
- Be quick

Sing, don't ever tell Ann

Ok, I'll never let Ann know

I will never... Master Chun...

It hurts, give me liquour...

Is it here?

Drink it quick, I'll carry you on

We're going to escape

Did you hear, Master Chun?

You must live on, you mustn't die

We've now ridded all the hindering

I've laid a smooth way for you now

This will forever be our business now

Do you understand me, Ming?

Got it, dad

Have you heard about a person, Lau Pan?

He made use of men to fight for him

One day, he felt threatened

He then killed all

Then another men Lau Pi

In order to safeguard the throng for his son,
he thought of all ways

To make his men to fight for him

Because... they were all heroes...

But the most hindering for me is you

I can't get in your position
one day you don't die

I have put up with that for years do you know?


Why haven't you seen me for so long?

But I'm seeing you now

Where's Master Chun?

Master Chun and Master Bill
have gone to the Pole

I'm going to join them there

Chun asked me to give you
these two things before he left

We may stay there for a long time

He said you needn't wait for him


Don't worry, take care of yourself. Goodbye