How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019) - full transcript

When Hiccup discovers Toothless isn't the only Night Fury, he must seek "The Hidden World", a secret Dragon Utopia before a hired tyrant named Grimmel finds it first.

Subtitle Risot

Remain silent!

What are you

You're a devil!

No, I'm not a devil

See, I'm just human

Here to save these dragons

You can pass through the fire!

Dragon scale

I know the devil when I see him

No man can do that

You can not get rid of me

More devils!

I forgot to make her resistance to fire

Friends, no! Not yet!

Look, the worst nightmare

Together with her sister who forced her to join

This is the friend's intro too fast

You always come too fast

I'm sorry I'm still used to his wings

Fish, bring another baby

This is an attack / I can not find a bona

Devils everywhere! There is a devil!

Astrid can handle it

And I handled him

Let's cheat

At least nobody knows we're here

He's quiet

We'll get you out of here

Crimson Coregutter

Look at this weird thing. It's so bad

Why can not I open this cage


It's clear / attack!

Get them out of here

Do not run on deck

Quit it!

Let me handle it!

2 for me

Take care!


Thank you

Go to the other one

I think it should be a stealth mission

Yes, they always start this way!

Thank you, Stormfly!

No longer worried They can


Leaves! We all have them

I opened everything. I could open you

We returned. I just started

It's safe, everyone! Leaves!

Come on!

Needless, time to go!

Hey, everybody

You always protect me

This is Berk

Your new home away from home

The purpose of the extraordinary dream

Establish yourself and let your anxiety disappear

The service here is good

And local people are colorful

Each paradise has a beach and a sun

But not us

We have something that no one else can touch

We have dragons

A lot of dragons

This is Berk's newest dragon

Welcome to paradise

You're beautiful

You are welcome

I fight 100 hunters of 1000 hunters

Her head caught the fire The men almost got on fire


Hiccup's mother, my attack was perfect

This can not be explained

And please tell me Valka. A year has passed

Of course

I think the hero today is actually without teeth

Right, right

What we do without you, Dragon King

We can practice more. It was a little careless

Astrid has a point

Perhaps you rely too much on your dragon

and it is not enough to rely on each other

That's what I said. Listen, everyone

Your mother is very impressed with me

I'm like the son he always wants


You can find new friends

Watch your head!

What a king

He is the king if he can not keep the order

You want to do something

We have to put it in this place

We'll make a place

Take home the Hobgobbler

They are a bad sign. We are condemned


What danger he can do

There were no injuries, rather shaky but healthy

Now, who's hungry

In essence, you can not continue to bring the dragon home here

Come on, just look for trouble

Hunters approach each day

We can handle it. I have Alpha

Right, right

You do not see how happy they are

It is amazing

Gobber, calm us. I succeeded

the first dragon-viking utopia in the world

We make dreams come true

Your dream, maybe my dream is less crowded and more


Gobber, do not cheat on anyone. I know you like it

You should be the generation that brought us in the future

Fight for food!


Look at my hair!

You're not helping us

Try to stop worrying about problems outside,

and start dealing with the problems inside it

OK good

Hold your saddle and marry yourself

The word "M" / disgusting except me

He begins to behave like a true royal couple

Please, just make sense here

As you drive, they will stay

Gobber, it's not strange

Astrid, do not be like that

It must be "no"

Listen if you need a beard to cry,

leaning over my shoulder and crying on my false beard

Thank you, Tuffnut Thank you very much

Eret, son of Eret What is the report

Something is visible in the distance

Someone is following them

what the

One day you will fight

that you can not win



The dragon rider is attacking us here


Mr. How do you plan to conquer the world?

Grimmel, my old friend Thank you for coming

One year since the dragon was defeated

and you still do not have the army of your dragon

You can thank Berk's young boss for this

He stole me

He is a dragon lovers rider who continues to attack our ship

and steals our dragon

Sounds reasonable

But my business has killed dragons, it has not taken them back

But, Grimmel

The boy did all the work for you

Dragons gather in one place

Why bothers me

Because the herd is protected by Night Fury

This is impossible

It looks like a queue has escaped you

Listen to Dragons to follow Alpha

So we're paying you to catch him

and bring our flock of dragons

We even have your favorite feed

The only dragon left the last night's attack

Dragon woman

We agree, old friend

After everything is over, this young boss

will bring me Night Fury

They do not have their leader,

he's just a boy


This is Berk, kid

This is our home

This is our grandparents' house and our grandparents before them

My job as a head is to protect ourselves, Hiccup

And one day, when you grow up

the task will be sent to you / OK

This is very important, son, because it is there,

beyond that sunset,

there are dragon / wow houses

Legend says the ship sailed too close

will fall to the edge of the world, never seen again

But the returning sailors say about a big waterfall

and dragons guard entry into the hidden world

Not just a nest, Hiccup

but the place where all the dragons came from

Even a night of rage

Especially the night's rage

It's scary. Do not worry

One day the father will find the Hidden World,

and get to the top

so that men and dragons will no longer fight

what the

Okay, you know it's not a chew toy, right?

That's what you want. You want this foot

Want this

Take it!

You're good enough to fly alone

So you're here to stay away from Gobber

I do not know what are you talking about

He's right / true

You think you and I should / should not

We're not ready for that

I mean, he's right about all this

It seems everyone knows about us now

Yes, and more dragons we bring here,

the bigger we will be target

I just hope we have a way to do them

leave us alone There is a way

Father often talks about old myths

About the secret earth on the edge of the world

where the living dragons are not at hand

It is known that sailors are actually true

But if it is true

This may be the answer to all our problems

What do you say

Moving the dragons there

We are all serious

Let's leave our homes for seven generations

The house your father gave you to protect her

Yeah, I think we need a real solution, Hiccup

Or we can take Gobber's advice and get married

That should fix everything

But if you have any doubts about me,

I'm pretty sure Snotlout is available

He just saw your mom

Now you play dirty, yeah, you asked

There seems to be a marriage

How dare you not be right

You can not escape

Okay, you win!

You always win

You know what we do, yes. Correct

Yeah, of course you're going

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Yes we are friends. You do not have to kill us

Another night's rage

Not Right More Like Bright Light Fury

Yeah, you're better

What you mean is missing just to disappear

What do you think?

There are no back fins

Good night

what's wrong with you

Why sink and pant

It is not obvious he is in love

Believing in me Relationships only suffer

What I said right now

Not enough

I think it's "no"

Like that / you know what

Ask Astrid

You do not like / you can trust it

Beyond has a friend. I never thought you were romantic all the time

But it's so sweet

Okay, that's sad

It's weird. Yeah, you better do something

Seriously, I'm better off all day

Instead of doing this, let's go back there

See if we can find him

I have a private idea

This is about man / what / to come to deal with this

So you want to get married / No.

The good news we came to two marriages

I did not come invited, but they were not both above

A lot of pressure, judgment Not only me

We talked about this. We will not marry

Hold it I've seen before

Do not worry about being here

Wait I saw you how I looked at you

Everyone has this doubt

That he is disappointed He wants something more than you

You have to show something valuable

He is a Viking Queen fighter

You're not both of us

With me being the male escort, your spiritual guide

You will learn to embrace your Viking

Show them that you are more than a painless man

with bad hair, weird teeth,

and short neck

You're very sorry to say encouraging

Stop controlling this anxiety

Everybody wants that

You have to be brave to do it the way I did

He'll get sick, but you have my promise

And until I make the promise, I will not give up

I'm wasting my time here

See brilliant objects in the forest and

What is this?


Do not move


Someone here passed through our scouts

and install traps in the forest

That's what happens in the human conversation

Let me go slowly, Gobber

Come on, form a shore-search team, scouts in the air

Without latches, I'll fly along the coast

I suggest you do not bring the Toothless, the boss

I know this made Grimmel terrible

Its background is famous

The smartest dragon hunter I've ever met

After me, of course

He can not be that smart. He put a trap on the ground

There is no coincidence about Grimmel

He lives to hunt into his prey

to control each choice

Everything is just a game for him

He does not know who is playing with whom

Yes, we have solved such a person before

Do not underestimate it, Hiccup

Remember my words, he will return

Then we wait for him

Give me a clue, Dad

I hope you do not mind if I serve myself

This is pretty good

It's impressive, but let me finish my drink


What did you do to him?


You may

Head of the shock, yes

I say that, or so

Which one do you prefer?

You do not know who I am, huh

Your father knows me

He's new boss

One of the best dragons hunters ever to live

What he thinks of you

Is right

His mission of destroying dragons

so you can grow into a better world

He changed his mind

Look at that, take him in his place

Let's go straight to the subject

I'm the Night Fury killer

I hunt every night's rage, except you

You will give me the dragon

I will never leave him

You want the dragon to live freely among us

as equal

It's a poisonous idea, kid

History has shown us superior species

If your idea is spreading wrong

This will be the end of the civilization we know

I caught him


I'm sorry I came in

You think you can go into my house, sit on my father's chair,

and threatening my dragon

This is Berk

And we defended our way of life

of things much worse than you

Fighting with spirit I like ZONAFILM. XYZ

But I'm afraid you're wrong

You never see anything like me

Astrid, look out!

Prepare my dragon when I get back

Or I will destroy everything you like

Everyone, please calm down

Fish, you've seen a dragon species before

Let me teach him!

I give it my opinion!

And my opinion, I mean that!

You forgot the part where I almost died

You saw my house

This is a new type of enemy and we underestimated it

I'm wrong, but I will not do it again

We're Vikings, we're not fighting

At least, I'm not running. You might run

I agree with Hiccup

I did not see the end of Grimmel

He is a predator. A mind and patience

He will not stop until he gets what he wants

I agree with Eret

We must take this threat seriously

Grimmel is just a sign of time

Our enemies become smarter, more determined

We are not too crowded, we are exposed and vulnerable

Some kind of total war and endanger everyone

we love not

I do not see the way forward here


If we want to live peacefully with our dragon,

we need a better plan / So what do you say, the head of the tribal

I said we gotta get out of the map

Bring the dragons to a place where no one can find them


Where this is / He talks about searching for the hidden world

Where this is / He talks about searching for the hidden world

What / crazy

Yes / my father was obsessed with this when I was little

He made notes and maps in search of ancestral homes

from all the dragons

It is said that there is somewhere on the edge of the world

This could be the solution we need

We are good dragons. That's our place

I know it's our home

My father let me protect myself

But Berk is more than this place

We are Berk Rakyat, the dragon

Berk is wherever we go

I agree with him! Who else

Excuse me. You want to pass

Stay where you are

People flying with children are the worst

I feel like I always ask for that, but

Be careful!

This is the original or

Keep flying until we get to the edge of the world


Where I am / None, it's clear

Night Fury escapes again

I push this

They have left their only defensive position

Run away

This continues to grow / That's because the world is actually round

It looked round, it looked round

Even if it is small and bad

Do not panic, they will not go too far

Anger raises them away

I introduced you to the Dragon Dragon

Anger in pairs for a lifetime

What do you have

Light rage / He follows us

See this

Wait, without teeth!

Who is this?

It is good to understand in the end

Do not say a word

Yeah, but where do I go?

I've explained it to him

The night's rage can not survive in the cold, so it's heading north

They try to make a distance between them

and enemies in the east and south

Night anger can not fly for long distances without resting

Their flights must include stops

Take a break!

That's why they left

I can just go

Someone wants to guess



the West

You just see

Is not that fun?


Yes Yes

Where is your love for hunting

I think you're conquering

You will receive the prize in time

Just a few days to enjoy this

I miss him

All right, it looks like we're here tonight

Thank you for this / Yes my own place

I planned to build a chalet just for the beard

Ruffnut, you have to stay away

Marrow must not be included

I saw the tower in my shape

It will be bigger than Eret with beard and moss

What / Get out of my house!

There is a problem here / Yes There is a problem

Ever since you showed up, you tried to win me

You're very jealous, you fancy

Imagination is a good word for that

Listen, Eret's son

When Hiccup failed to become a chief of tribe, I would be the boss

Not. 2 Because I am his favorite will

So you should show your respect

Freak / Ignore it

It is not your fault that you have the body of a northern god

I myself have the same problem

The place of the blacksmiths here

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 What?

Okay, just a minute, I said, make a camp

See / Not for a new village

Who dies and makes you a boss

what the

This place is very good,

but this is not a hidden world

We do not even know if there is this hidden world

Yes, this place is real

There is nothing more stubborn than a flock of Vikings who are tired and hungry

I think this can be a base for now

This can be maintained, hidden

You can stay

Look, everybody

Let's start building

Until Toothless and I found the Hidden World

In this regard, we can eliminate all this

Imagine how pleasant it would be without happening every minute

If you continue west, I have to go back

to make sure we're not being watched

Good idea I came with you for protection / No!

You are too important here / Yes

Be careful

what the

The plan to hide from all over the world

Even if I hope it's possible, but I'm afraid

it can not last, Hiccup

You know I've been trying to do the same for years

But greedy people always find ways

Just ask you to think about it

You still think I'm crazy, or

Just say, this idea is very much

Thank you for supporting me last night. That means a lot

I did not thank you for the first time

I just want you to be right about that

Useless, not too early

Now you can draw

Someone has not slept yet

Fury's light did not allow me to approach him

I can not sleep or I can not find the Hidden World

until Toothless takes over


Want to see

You tried that. Does not want

So far, he had no reason to want them

Yes, OK

What's good I'm impressed

See yourself Embracing the change I'm proud of you

She's my best friend, I want to be happy

I never said the change was bad

Okay, shoot the fire when you're ready

I think you know he can burn

Okay, I know

I know he does not help you

Someone horny

Fresh from his first date

He's gone crazy

Or we'll go crazy

The sooner the Light Anger will bring, the better

And to do that, he has to fly without me

It's time to try this

Look at this

What do you think?

Go But go home fully before sunset

Save it for your girlfriend


Take care!

Go, Cloudjumper!

for the bosses!

Like his father

Okay, we started it all

I thought you were crazy, but it's not so bad

This should be a temporary solution

Everyone agrees that we are better. Good job, boss

What if the tail is broken

If Grimmel finds it

If she needs me, you can calm down

He might have some fun

What I know? She never came

And when he comes, he always leaves

How can we know he is right about us or not?

We know what I mean

He is very shy, I will say

I do not believe it

God, Hiccup One day you have to stop

and spread its wings

I prefer to talk about you

They continue to come from where

Who is this / Hobbobbler

I swear they're coming up faster than rabbits

I think they want me to eat

The evidence that suggests me is delicious

Maybe some time

Listen, I see you walking

Eliminate your limp No one will marry him

I have false legs / I too

I have fake twins, but you do not see me swallowing

Raise your chin. Hold your chest

Drag the bottom to the left

Mom, you're hurt What's going on there

I do not know how, but Grimmel is following us

That's because of Hobgobbler

He has hundreds of ships, maybe more

With enough cages for all our dragons

If Grimmel brings them here, we have to defeat him

And how do we do that?

Go there to catch him or arrest him

I agree with him! Who else

I was hard to catch

I think we should break up just because

I like instincts

What is this?

Remain silent!

Where's your dragon when it's needed

Chief of the tribe

He must have forgotten you

The first hunting rule

A booty separate from the flock

You just got away from the equation

Why are you doing this? I do not think you care

Unlike you, when I was little and I met Night Fury

I killed him where he slept

This simple act of courage made me a hero in my village

So I decided to kill everyone

Bring true peace to people in this world

Until you appear, you learn that the dragons are not evil and not murderers

These nonsense stop now

Starting with you

But you have a dragon

They're dragons

Taking into account the medicine to respect the regular self

The valuable alpha can not control them even

They only serve me

Let me show you

Cover yourself!

Spread out!

Up here!




Hold you

Let's go, Cloudjumper!

He brought the child everywhere

I do not think we need this closure

We keep him trapped / Yes, a good job, tribal chief

Right, Ruff

Wait where Ruffnut is / We leave him

How do you not realize he's gone

Go with a two-headed dragon

Oh yes, now I know Ruffnut feeling every day

Stupid / For Odin's sake!

This is improving

Everyone continues to wear their helmet

Teeth and I will find

Without light it has the Fury Light now. Maybe he will not come back

What do you give him, Hiccup What do you expect?

I never thought he would leave for good

You give me

I'll find a way out. I need more time

She thought she had to drive alone

Because his father must be like that

He is not aware of the power we have together

You still trust him / Sure

I hope he believes in him

But he believed there was nothing without teeth

Then help him figure out the truth

Up / What

We'll find him / her

Everything stays here

We will get Ruffnut again Do not worry / worry

They're caught with Ruffnut now

I'm worried about them

Why is your "long" (sad)

My face is long, but your face is very long

All faces without a brain As it is stretched out at birth

You have a twin

Tuffnut controls the entire stomach of the mother

If not, I will have a more rounded head

and more brains

My head is like Barf

Although very cute, there are small horns

Like Barf and Belch But me and Barf

can not stand Belch So it's just Barf

Warm here

I know what you think

You have never had a prisoner as beautiful as this

All men like me except Eret

He lost his chance

Passed! Sorry

And Hiccup thinks he's married to Astrid

But it's not officially yet

A little confusing

I want a cake, but I'm too beautiful

Sometimes I think he loves him more than he does

There is only one place in this relationship

Fishlegs will not let me live

if I eat one of them

He will take me to the glacier

He never kept silent about the dragons

You'll hate him because you stop talking

Yes / Blah, blah, bla Very boring

Yes / Blah, blah, bla Very boring

We can feed your dragon

If you have to eat, I'm allergic to fish. You need to know that

That's all they have on that stupid island

Too many shells

Like a small mouth with mucus inside

which was chewed, as you used to do

Until I was 12 years old and he said, "Chew yourself"

And I said, "No, I do not like it"

You are the most annoying creature I've ever known

man, you let the dragon come out

I'll catch you

Bring everything I'm begging for!

The Deathgripper has to give up dinner

You're feeding your dragon with dragons

Go! / Where is your bathroom?

Okay, no wonder you got gray hair

Stress is not good for you

Goodbye, missed!

Where it goes / Watch something

Yes Dear

Nothing but miles

Big waterfall at the end of the world

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This really exists

One day, you'll scare them

That's just the king

We have to leave

Oh no



Sorry, man, I'm just

Father's son

You should sleep that I'm thirsty

come here


You will find a new mother for us

Dad does not want another woman you and your mom

is the only one for me

You are the love of my life

But with love there is a loss, son

That's part of the deal

Sometimes it hurts, but in the end

everything is worth it

There is no better gift than love

It's fine. Your place is with him

Not us

And it's okay

We'll find a way to improve

He follows us back

Maybe we should not say goodbye

That's right

Ruffnut / Miss me

How can you escape

I keep talking until he issues me

Wait for Grimmel to let you go

I can not handle it

Everyone thinks Tuffnut is more annoying, but

Hold on / Ruffnut, focus. You're being followed

I never looked back, Hiccup



No mouth, come back!


Now, our little game has to end

Let them stop

There is no reason he must die

What are you doing

I can beat him

Not with Light Fury's life in danger

Save your breath

The only Alpha they responded to was me

Do not feel too bad Try all the best

But you're nothing without your dragon


This is wonderful

I think it's time no. 2 be the number 1

He's listening

Do not say / no

I should never go there

She will not fly home. Fury Light will not follow


I feel like my old self

as before meeting without teeth / I see this

You will stay there and you will agree with everything

You're right, you're back at the beginning

But I am the first person to believe in you

And I see you're doubting yourself

But you know

Now it can be so for you

I never said, but it's true

You are the most courageous, stubborn, determined

the worst person I know

Suddenly, he did not give it to you, Hiccup

He guides him / He is here

And now it will be more difficult

So, what are you gonna do about it?

Maybe something stupid

This is the Hiccup family

Get ready, everyone. We'll get back

It's crazy / Now it's wedding material

Finally, you're ready

How to get the dragon back

without dragons / believe in me


Right, Alpha

There are no surprises

Jump off the rock with this

This is the best of you

You are the best

I agree with him! Who else


You do not think I'm gonna leave Night Fury, right

He's mine to be killed


I intend to finish what I started

Good luck controls them without Alpha

You need something to land


Perfect period

Face to face

Yes, what are you waiting for? Go there

Take care!

Thank you, look out!

Thank you

I will come without teeth!

You still think she cares about you

Let's see who's next

I'm sorry for everything

Let's get it

You want to pass!


Sorry about that

One more free There are four more

Keep going!

I'll protect you

We're almost like a team

You bring the child's dragon to battle

I would not do it if I were you

I like that dragon

I'm sorry I'm late for the party / You're on time

That's right

How do we get him out of his back?

without hurting the Light of Anger

You're afraid of the god of hair!

I miss mine

See this / Sweet

That's a bad sign. You're cursed

Yes! Feel!

I do not think you're so bad

Leave the ship!

We have a problem

Hit him, Hiccup!

We need a better plan

and fast!

What are you doing

OK good

You're gonna kill both of us!

Dragon Fight This is your plan

Yes right

Save it


I know you'll be conscious

Hey, good morning

You are full of surprises

He is yours

Eret can be blessed with bones,

but only between us, you have a brain

No. 1

You're right, buddy. It's time

I'm very busy fighting for what I want,

I'm not thinking about what you need

You've been taking care of us for a long time

It's time to take care of yourself

Stormfly, good boy



You come in peace, you will miss it

Oh, Cloudjumper


You lead them into the hidden world

You will be safe there

Better than me

It's good, I love you and I want you to be free

Our world is not worthy of you

Not feasible

Leave without teeth


for his boss and wife!


Come here, yell at me

Give me a hug / disgust

Okay, you win

I like sensitive men

They were dragons when I was little

There is a heavenly dragon nestling on the top of the cliff

like a huge giant bird

A small brown dragon who eats mice,

and a well organized flock

Big Sea Dragon is 20 times bigger than the blue dragon

Some say they crawl back into the sea

not letting the bones or the tongues remember them

Some people say it's just folklore

I have no problem with that

Hey, man

Remember me


It's good to see you too

Your father will not eat

How is your echo

Need to be lubricated or repaired

See what friends are

Come here Come on, it's okay

It will not hurt you

Give me your hand that way

That's right

Let him come to you


The legend has it, when the earth is cracked,

when the lava shines from the ground, it is a dragon

Tell us I'm still here

Waiting for us to find out how to understand


The world thinks the dragon has disappeared

They never existed

But we Vikings know the opposite

And we protect our secrets until the time comes

when the dragon can return in peace