How to Train Our Dragon (2018) - full transcript

A high school student has a hard time finding romance due to his five overprotective older sisters.

What do you want?

I'm going home

Peach Chang

Please marry me

Peach Chang, I like you

Please be my girlfriend

No, wait...

Please marry me

Are you crazy?

Go with me to
a One Direction concert

Oh ok!

From now on, I will study hard

Go to college, get a good job

We'll have three babies

the first one will be Bruce Lee

Second one will be Stan Lee

Third one will be Brock Lee

- Thanks for this! Let's go
- Peach!

What does this say?

Get lost

Have a nice life, see you never!

Peach, wait!

What about our babies...

Silly Dragon, don't cry


Your sisters

will be like
the five petals of a flower

surrounding you,
protecting you forever


don't you ever cry. You got that?

Pinky promise?

Dragon, don't worry

We won't let girls
bully you ever again

OK, I'm gonna go get Peach back!

Forget it!

You still don't get it!

You will never
have a girlfriend, EVER!


Baby Dragon, time to eat

I'm done eating




Dragon is at the tracks


I said lower!



"Seven years later"


Where are you?

I'm here


You really can't see me?

Cut it out. Show yourself!

You can't see me...

because I'm wearing
my new Invisibility Cloak!

Invisibility Cloak?

It's really working!

Pretty cool huh!

This is amazing!
You've finally done it

I've waited 16 years for this

I've finally
mastered invisibility

There's only one place
I want to go...

What place?

To the girls'...

You waited 16 years
for the girls' locker room?

I didn't know
it looked like this!

This is so stupid, let's go!


What is that?

Why are boys so stupid?

I'm going to tell
the dean about this

Now I feel like somebody
is watching me...

Maybe IT is watching!

- What are you saying!
- What!

This place used to be haunted

No way!

I'm not kidding!

Someone once saw
blood gushing out

from the bottom of the lockers

Stop it!

Nobody panic!


This isn't what

it looks like

Where are you taking me?

To where perverts belong

Take me anywhere but here...

- Dragon
- Kim

What's with the bleeding?

You idiot!

What did you do?

I can't believe Kim found out

I'm doomed

All rise

Please be seated

Let me introduce
our new classmate

Please introduce yourself

Hi everyone! My name is Meng Hsu

I just transferred here
from East High

I look forward to
getting to know everyone!

Please, call me Meng

There's an empty seat
next to Dragon Lee

Go sit next to him

We have another new classmate

What's your name?

Hi everyone! My name is Kenny


Sneaking into
the girls' locker room

My house is crowded with girls

I've already seen it all

And that crazy chick

Getting me into trouble
on her first day

If Kim tells Kourtney, I'm dead

Although she is kinda cute

Whatever her name is...


No time for romance

I need to stay alive

Maybe I should run away

Cash out my savings,
leave the country

What's taking
this red light so long?

As if I have any money

All my savings are
with my sisters

Alright, pull yourself together!

I'll ask them to
stop parenting me

they'll just break my arm

Let's poo this! I mean...

Let's do this

How did I get home so quick...

Never mind

I may have overreacted

I'm gonna be forever alone

You've gotta set things straight

Right now!

So what if they kill me

Big deal

I sense a disturbance
in the force


Kim, what happened to you?

Kendall, wake up!

Are you ok, sis?

What happened? Get up

What's wrong?


"Blood Day"



Dragon, I'm sorry

Kourtney said...

You're home

Time to make soup

Dragon, hurry up


Kourtney's red bean soup

Kim's flu medicine

Khloe's ginger milk

Kylie's hot chocolate


Kendall's ultimate hodgepodge

Bon appetite

Periods are like the flu

so annoying

Lucky Dragon is a good cook,
works like a charm

Dragon is the best!

If only he could stay out
of the girls' locker room

What did he do?


Speak. What did Dragon do?

How many times did I tell you?

Women are the most
complicated creatures

It's not something you can handle

All our effort put
into raising you

spying on you

being your school dean

and the torturing...

It's all out of love!

So you don't get hurt by girls

As if I don't get enough from you

Let him talk

I've been bullied by you
since I was a kid

What's another girl going to do?

Would you dare have
a crush on them?


Don't forget the last time

you had a crush on a girl

If that happens again,
you're on your own

Fine then! Big deal!

I'll get a girlfriend

so you can get off my back

As if this was up to you

She must pass
our evaluation first



If she wants to be
part of the family

She must have my

sense of compassion

Kim's elegance

Kylie's diligence

Kendall's thoughfulness

and Khloe's...


hair texture

She must have
all of these qualities

to qualify as your


That's too difficult

I'll show you how it's done

Young stud available!

Sexy hunk, aged 16 years,
now on sale!

Come check me out!

Girls only! Girls only!

Hey girl

Netflix and chill, maybe?

You're insane

Aged 16 years, cherry unpopped!

What are you doing?

Get off me!

Listen, man

I've been investigating

That girl from yesterday

That's Meng Hsu from East High

I know

There's more!


This girl, she's been
to many schools

famous for being helpful

She's like the girl version
of Good Guy Greg

She'll do you favors
you don't need

What else can I do for you?

No, thank you!

That's more than enough.
No more favors!

Do you promise to get along now?


Please stop asking!

We're getting along too well!

For real?

See for yourself

I got it back for you!

You're so kinky!

Come get me, kinky boy!

Hey perv, come get me!

Come get me, perv...

Run! Save yourself!

- What?

Why are you copying me?

I'm not copying you,
you're copying me!

I'm not copying you!

Alright, that's it!

Get my baseball bat?
Stay right there!

My baseball bat!

Today's your lucky day

If I had my bat...

Thank you

You see?

If she was my girlfriend

my sisters won't bully me anymore

But she thinks you're a pervert

How will you turn that around?

Easy! In our next class
at the zoo

put in a good word for me

and get me a bear!

A bear?

He's hopeless

Who's hopeless?

Just look at him

Does he look

normal to you?


I didn't think so

If things don't change

his 5 sisters are

going to drive him crazy

5 sisters?

Dragon grew up
without his parents

his 5 sisters raised him

so they're basically like

his 5 mothers

Isn't that a good thing?

But a mother would never
rob your organs!

Rob his organs?

That little punk,
finally useful for once

If this is his sisters

This one would be Dragon

I don't get it

Ok so like, his oldest sister

she was born with a bad kidney

One is cut off already

about to lose the second one

Dragon has two brand new,
fresh kidneys

And his second sister

lungs crushed by
her gigantic boobs

Dragon happens to have 3 lungs

His third sister

is nearsighted

his fifth sister is farsighted

They're both after his cornea!

What about the fourth?

The fourth sister?

She wants to be a man!

Oh my God!

Dragon is like his sisters'
backup organs

They want to drive him
mentally insane

So they can split him open

What's taking him so long?

Kiss ass

That's brutal! It's sadistic!

- Exactly...
- Let me go talk to his sisters


You can't talk sense
into his sisters

You can only change
their mind, with love


They're girls, after all

They promised Dragon
if he gets a girlfriend

they'll let him live

Set him free, once and for all

Love will set him free?

That's right

You gotta try it

You want me to be his girlfriend?

For the sake of his organs

You gotta do this for him

No, I can't.
I have no experience with love

Go talk to him and
you'll get experience

There's gotta be another way

Where did he go?

Time to do your thing...


A bear has escaped

A bear is coming this way

A bear is coming, run!

Run! A bear just escaped

Finally, my time to shine

Fear not! Follow me!

What about the bear?

Fear not! Stay behind me!

All of you, stay behind me!


Captain Dragon to the rescue!

Everyone stay calm

Stay calm!

Everyone get behind

He's really lost it

Help! Wild bear on the loose!

So scary, much afraid!

OMG, so scary!

The bear is running loose

Doin' me a big frighten

- Be careful!
- Dragon

Are you alright?


You're awake

Don't get up yet

You've been here the whole time

The nurse said
you hit your head pretty hard

You were almost clinically stupid

Too bad it didn't hurt
your kidneys or lungs

so your sisters would
leave you alone

Yee told me everything

Yee... what did he tell you?

That if you
don't get a girlfriend

your sisters will
take your organs

He told me everything

What organs?


- Dragon
- Kylie

I heard you were
chased by a panda

trapped by a hippo

trampled by an elephant

Are you ok?

Arms? Legs?

Dragon birthmark?

What the!

Dragon Lee!

What are you doing!

I heard you were
raped by a gorilla

beat up by a lion,
bit by a crocodile

Arms? Legs?

Dragon birthmark?

It's gone...

It's not gone!

You must be infected

Hold him still

- I'll zap it out of him
- OK

"Keep Quiet in the Hallway"

Don't move!


Who the heck are you?

Let him go!

Time is running out

Hold him still

Don't touch him!

Who the heck...

I'm Dragon's...


Dragon, do you really
have a girlfriend?

Is she really your girlfriend?

You're losing

- Hurry up!
- Die!

Dragon, did you really
get a girlfriend?



I heard you got a girlfriend?

I heard you got a girlfriend?

A loser who's been
single for 16 years

How did he get
a girlfriend in a day?

Cut the crap

Kourtney said
if I get a girlfriend,

she'll set me free

Kourtney said
she has to qualify first

To make sure your love is true

We're love at first sight

Of course it's true!

Put me down!

Keep an eye on him

If he's lying

I'll put him in a wheelchair



- Morning!
- Morning

Popsicles for breakfast?


Go to school in a wheelchair

Meng, so you're
my girlfriend now?


So we're like a thing now?


Do you know what love means?

No! I mean

maybe we should h-h-hold...

Hold a meeting and
discuss the details?

Don't worry, you're safe with me

What about c-c-cuddling...

I don't know who Cuddeling is

Don't worry.
This is not your fault

At least we can k-k-kiss...

Kiss your misery goodbye!

Let's go get another popsicle
before class!

Another one?

That idiot, still dumb as usual

He needs a reality check
before he gets hurt again

Let's show Meng
what she signed up for


What are you doing?

I am being shot

in the head

He's already thick enough

What more do you want from him?

How bad do you want his organs?


What organs?


Give us back Dragon


I've vowed to keep him safe

Ironman survived a heart injury

Behold as I, Dragon Lee

remove the arrow from my head

Ouch! Never mind!

It looks infected.
Just hold still...

No, please don't!

Time to vote
for the school dance theme

Are you ok?

Don't worry about it

Yee gets it all the time

Wanna go see the nurse?


- See?
- Meng

It's just a toy

Are you free this weekend?

Back off!
You're flirting with my girl

Forgive me,
I'm only following orders

Meng, are you free tonight?

You are?

I am

I've assembled a team
of Abercrombie models

Tall, dark, and handsome

She'll definitely take the bait

Meng, come with me!


They're taking
your girlfriend away!

Look over there! Kylie is naked!


Follow me


So much for
the Abercrombie models

Time to use
my Forgetfulness Potion

Forgetfulness Potion?

That's right

Forgetfulness Potion

I've followed the exact

Harry Potter recipe

brewing for months

Even if it doesn't make
her forget

She will lose her sanity

How will you get her to drink it?

Who said anything
about drinking it?

Hasn't he had enough?

Who's it!

You can't fool me twice

Watch out!

Kendall, are you for real?

I'm not done with you!

Please do not blow up the school

At least not the teachers

or students with GPA above 4.0

Nobody hurts my precious Meng

We should be safe here

I'm sorry, my sisters are crazy

I don't mind. I think it's fun!

You call that fun?

We're kind of the same

I also grew up without my parents

After they passed away,
my uncle took me in

I have to move wherever
his job takes him

How many times have you moved?

00:34:58,480 --> 00:34:59,960
in a year

I barely have enough time

to make new friends

or maybe I was trying too hard

I always make a fool of myself


I haven't had this much fun
in a long time

- Actually
- So I completely understand

what you're going through

I will never let them
take your organs

I got an "I"

You got an "I"? Great!

I'm still missing an "I"

What can "I" do?

Another "POP"

What does "POP" do?

Not telling you!

I'll throw away the "I"

No! Give me "I"


Dragon Lee, Give me "I"

- No!
- Give me "I"

Fine, have it

Give it!

We have failed

How hard is it
to threaten a little girl?

I'm already on top of it

World War III is fought online

Control the internet,
control the world

Steve Jobs is known for

dropping out of school

Meng Hsu is the queen

of skipping classes

She's like the
Usain Bolt of runaways

Here's is an actual footage

of her running away

She is also a master of weaponry

Look at her baseball bat

She is Katy Perry's

teenage nightmare

Osama Bin Laden in a mini skirt

Isn't that a little extreme?

It would only be extreme

if this gets to Kourtney

Now, time to make this viral

What happened?

What are you doing?

Nobody hurts my precious Meng

We have failed

Even Khloe has failed

Looks like we have to settle this

on the battle ground of Oleempics

If you want to date Dragon,
you'd have to defeat us

You have to win

to qualify as his girlfriend

So if I win

you will leave his organs alone?

Organs again?

What's she talking about?

Nothing! Challenge accepted

Kim is the worst, don't mind her

she does this every time

she wants to embarrass me

Look at her

She made those medals already

What a biyatch!

What do we do?

Don't worry,
the referee is on our side

the fifth Oleempics
will now begin

Both parties please
approach the bench


What are we competing on?

Kim wins!

The winner is

- Hold on!
- Why?

It's a staring contest

Whoever blinks first loses

Staring contest? WTF

I got no more room for these

That doesn't count!


What a sore loser

Let's call the first round a tie

Next, you'll compete with me,
Kendall and Kylie


Nobody hurts my precious Meng

What we've all been waiting for

Introducing the faculty team!

And now Meng's team!

Obviously it's a swimming race

Whoever reaches
the finish line wins

Define "finish line"

Obviously it's at the other end

You mean here?


This line?


This line? Or this line?

Cut the crap

I'm sure everyone's had enough

Everyone on their marks

Get set

Go Meng!

We won! Blow the whistle

This is a fishing competition

What fish?

What about the finish line?

Get the fish,
get to the finish line

Kim caught five fish

Kylie has two

Kendall has three

Meng has zero

Kim wins, game over!

"Win; Lose"

What the heck?

Dragon, I'm sorry

This is insane, no way!

What's going on here?


So, you're Meng

My name is Meng Hsu

I'm Dragon's oldest sister

Let's go again, what do you say?

We already won

We don't want
to be called cheaters

No gimmicks this time

If you win, you can date Dragon

What are we competing on?

Shot put. Pretty straightforward!

Whoever throws the furthest, wins


Are we really putting
Meng through this?

Of course!
I'm this close to freedom

What if Meng gets hurt?

How bad can it be?

Did you see that?

They're throwing balls,
not humans

That human is your girlfriend

So what?

I'll get another one after

Dude, that's cold. I'm out!

Big deal...

Meng, are you thirsty?

Maybe a popsicle?

I will not let you down

First up is Meng, on your mark

You got this, Meng!

15 meters

15 meters!

Meng, you're the best!

Meng, you're the best!

Go Meng!

You go, Meng!

Next up is Kourtney, on your mark

Go Kourtney!

Wait, put down the ball!

Meng, stop it

What is she up to?


What's she doing?

Go away!

Friends don't let friends
commit suicide

Give me the ball!

What does Dragon see in you?

What are you doing?

I'm sorry!


Are you hurt?

You're bleeding,
let's go to the nurse

Kourtney, are you ok?


How did a bomb get in here?

The last attack,

the power outage all

by the same terrorist

Explosives are against the rules

the winner of

the fifth Oleempics is...

Dragon Lee

You're free

Treat her well


Just like that?

Let's go. Looks like
we're cooking tonight

So I don't need to cook dinner?

We still need snacks!

I don't need to make dinner

I don't need to make dinner!

Thank you Jesus!
Thank you Buddha!

I don't need to make dinner!

This is all your fault

Take that!

Free! I'm free! I'm finally free!

Free from my sisters!

We don't need
to pretend anymore...

Let's celebrate tomorrow!


A date?


This is for you

Thank you

Where are we going?

You have 5 sisters

I have a lot of brothers, too


I'm going to nom nom nom you all!

Give me back my brother!

I visit this retirement home
every month

I read them stories

In a way,
I'm like their little sister

So this is a date, huh?

What did you expect?

So what is this exactly?

Not telling!

It's a "SO"

I got it!

I sprained my ankle, I can't walk

I'll carry you

Are you ok?

- How's your ankle?
- It's broken


Let me

wrap it for you

You're really good at this

My mom was a volunteer nurse

I learned from her

What happened to your mom?

She was a volunteer in Africa

to take care of refugees

One time she tripped and
injured her head

and lost a lot of blood

But the local hospital
was short on blood supply

She couldn't get treated in time

so she passed away

So she passed away in Africa?


So I followed her footsteps

I try my best to help people

After all these years

I still can't measure up to her


Your mom must be proud of you

I am proud of you!

Thank you

What about your mom?

What happened to her?

My mom...



I worked so hard on that

It's ok, never mind

Are you cold?


Are you warm?

Not really

Now that your organs are safe

you don't need
a girlfriend anymore?

I guess so


No what?

My sisters are sneaky

They're probably
still watching us

to make sure we're together

What should we do?

Stay with me a little longer

Just a little longer

You're awake

Let me help you freshen up

Who freshens up like this?

Oh you're on!

Let's freshen you up

You got something

- on your face
- Where?


Look, a shark!

I sprained my ankle again

- My ankle!
- Are you ok?

Just kidding!


Stay where you are

Look, a shooting star!

That's just the sun

Look, UFO

Yeah right!

UFO would never choose you

Not true. Aliens love me

Nobody loves stinky feet

My feet don't stink

You're a big stink!


You look really pretty today


To be honest

I've been wanting...

My parents aren't dead

My sisters don't want my organs

This is just a trick

because I know you would care

You should leave me

Me, too

I have a crush on you, too!

"Trick or treat"

is the theme of the school dance

We've been assigned to decoration

Congratulations to Dragon Lee

chosen to be
Manager of Everything

That's way too many votes

Who wants to help him?

- I will
- Wait...

The job is yours!

Manager of Everything?

Why did you say yes?


It'll be fun to do together

- Really?
- Dragon


Let's eat lunch!

Why are you still here?

But I cooked too much

I thought we could share

Please be more careful

I'm not hungry,
I'm having popsicles

Let's go

You go eat with her

I'm gonna go check on the venue

Ok, lets go do that

I can go by myself

You go eat


Hey sis! I'm hungry now

Check this out

I accidentally cooked
your favorite steak



Dig in!

You cooked so much!

I also cooked this...

Kylie, Kylie!

Don't scare me, Kylie!

Wake up, please! Kylie!

Get up!

Wake up!

She's not breathing,
she needs CPR

I know CPR, I'll do it

Shut up!



Dragon, I'm sorry about lunch

I only care about you



Dragon saved my life

You've finally grown up

When mom and dad gets back

I'll tell them about this

Mom and dad?

Hold on!

Collect "I LOVE POP
SO MUCH" and win

a trip to Africa


Thank you


Go Meng


The house is leaking

Where's Dragon?
Why isn't he helping?

That idiot, he's "leaking", too

Why is he so emo?

What an idiot

Dragon Lee

It burns!

And so he speaks

Mom and dad wrote us postcards

Dad finished traveling the world

and he's going again

This is mom's new boyfriend

Maybe you'll have
a new brother soon

After their divorce

they lived different lives

It was up to me

to take care of all of you

I was mad at them

but this isn't your fault

I wanted to be your father

and your mother at the same time

But I just got back to school

I knew nothing about parenting

Do you remember I once said

we will be like
the five petals of a flower

protecting you forever

So you'll never cry again,
you got that?

I was wrong

Flowers aren't meant
to be protected

they're meant to blossom

They must be set free

to plant new roots,
grow and blossom

Silly boy, don't cry!

There is serious flooding

Dragon Lee

It's really serious!

It's this bad!

Uh oh

Dragon has really grown "up"

He's a BIG man


You're up early


Wanna get breakfast later?

No, I'm busy

Busy doing what?

Busy going home!

Ok, bye then


Wanna get a popsicle?

No, I need to go

What about Africa?


I thought that's what you want

One more "LOVE"

and we can go together

Who said I'm going to Africa?

Why would I go there?

Then let's not go to Africa

Let's go to Jamaica, or Wakanda


Even if I can't do anything right

I don't need you to lie to me

After the dance,
I'm going away again

I had a lot of fun with you

Thank you for being my friend

Stay, or take me with you

Who are you?

You hurt Meng, I hurt you

Meng, did you see Dragon?

I'm down here!

Meng, did you see Dragon?


What's up with you guys?


Weird... I haven't
seen him all day

Dragon, what are you up to?

He hasn't picked up all day



I tracked his location,
he's on campus

I looked everywhere,
I can't find him

Are you having fun?


Are you having fun?


Wanna see that again?


Wanna see something majestic?



Dragon Lee

Dragon Lee,
the biggest baby in school

and a womanizer


let us send this useless n00b

all the way to mars

He who controls Dragon Lee... me, Kenny


Don't you know me?


I won the math competition twice


Is he from our school?

Who are you?

He's the terrorist
I was talking about

He's the one that hurt Kylie


Almost forgot that you exist

I'm sending you to space

Why are you doing this?
Who are you?

You don't know who I am?


I'm Kenny!
I'm here because of you

Hi everyone, my name is Meng Hsu

I wanted to get to know you

so I followed you
to 13 different schools

I've been watching you

I protected you

When you were in love,
I wished you the best

When they bullied you,
I avenged you

And you don't know me?


Are you kidding me?

I'll make you remember me forever

What are you doing?

It burns!


That missile may be
more than just fireworks


Are you crazy?

What's that? What did you press?

Let me go! Ouch it burns!

Hold on to this

Hold on tight

Got it


You big wuss

Psycho, let me go!

Sis, you let go!



Dragon Lee

Help! Whoever helps

I will feed you lunch everyday

I'll do it

Let go!

The whole school will explode

Can you hack into the missile?

I'm on it!

Can you aim at the ropes?

Got it!

Can you hold still?


Now it's a time bomb

Time bomb?

Get me down! Let me go!


My precious Meng!

What are you doing?

Saving you! We haven't
held hands, or cuddled

or k-k-kiss...

There's no more room up here

I don't care

Take me with you.
Let's go to Africa together


I'm outta here!

Protect Meng!

Khloe, you got it?


Your whole family is crazy

Disfuse the bomb now!


Let go! It's really gonna blow

Get down!

We'll go down together




My parents were never dead

My sisters never
wanted my organs,

it's all a scam

That night under the stars

I wanted you to stay longer

Now I want you to stay forever

I really like you

To you

this might be just a joke

But to me, this is love

Crazy, messy, full of regrets

but I was happy

Thank you

for being my girlfriend

even if I'll be forever alone

I won't regret it

I mean it this time


You look really pretty today

I'm sorry I haven't visited

After the dance

The school's a mess

Uncle has finally settled down

He promised me to stay here

until I finish college

I've made friends,
got a part-time job

I'm studying really hard.
Everything's on track

So, yep...

Forgot to introduce,

this is my boyfriend


Don't yell!

We finally won 2 plane tickets

we'll be flying to Africa soon

Until next time, bye!

Bye mom!

Your mom isn't dead!

We're going to Africa

That's ok, you guys go without me

Come on! We only need
two more "LOVE"

and we go as a family

Let's go and get that...


Will you ever let me go?

With my 5 sisters

I'm gonna be forever alone!

Are you alright?

You ok?

If you're watching this,
it means you have great patience

Take out the trash
when you exit the theatre

Don't forget to go potty!