How to Stop a Recurring Dream (2021) - full transcript

After Mum and Dad announce an imminent, split custody separation, Yakira--the oldest daughter in a broken family - kidnaps her estranged younger sister and takes to the road, in an attempt to reconnect before they part.

Excuse me, do you have
a phone I can borrow?

We're closed now.
Try across the road, yeah?


- Hey, Kelly.
- Stay away from me.

- Where were you?
- Fell asleep.

- Where?
- Just at a friend's.

Is that
what you call him?

She got brought home
by the police.

- Why didn't you get a bus?
- You told me to wait for you.

I thought I could rely
on you.

You're lucky we
got back here before him.

- And so he doesn't know.
- Not yet.

- Grow up.
- How about you grow up? No mum.

Kelly! Did you hear that?

- I'm really glad you're...
- That's enough.

- Just quiet.
- Hear what she just called me?

Shh, just quiet
for a minute.

We've had enough
arguments in this house.


I shouldn't have come here
last night.

Thanks. Why not?

I know you'd rather
I wasn't here. I understand

but this is a bit of a
pattern emerging, isn't it?

Once, over a year ago.

You know, I could stay.

What, with your
mum and sister?

I think you know what I mean.

I'm struggling with my sister.

What has she done?
You never explained any of this.

I don't think you can
blame Yakira for it all.

I'm hoping some time apart
might be good for the girls.

I'm supposed to try
to keep families together.

Some time apart might be
a good thing for the girls

but because there's been
a previous referral here,

that doesn't change
things much for us.

Yes, but the police
overreacted last time.

That would be
mentioned in the assessment.

The assessment?

you walk around in a cloud,

expecting me to see through it.

I'm trying.

Always trying,
always failing.

You never even
answer your phone.

- I told you don't say always.
- Talk then.

You always say always
and I don't always anything.

Now you're sabotaging
the conversation.

For fuck's sake.

I'm required to make
a section 47 inquiry.

You can always leave.

How are you going
to make an assessment

if Yakira's not living here?

The focus for the inquiry
will be more on you, Michelle.

Like you said,

I don't think Yakira's
to blame for it all.

I just want this to be
a nice calm conversation.

It's a chance for us all to talk
as a family, together.

Girls. So, family stuff.

We, your mother and I, we're
looking for the right moment

to give you more detail
about our plans.

We're making some changes
to our lives.

- We know that.
- Kell.

- Kell, stop.
- Thank you.

So, I'm going to be moving out.
Yaki's coming with me.

It's something
we talked about a lot

and we feel that it's right.

Kels, you're going to be
staying here with your mum.

Sorry, it's not that it's right
just... It's the best thing.

The best thing? No,
right now it's the right thing,

the right thing to do.

Kels, could you please stop
tipping back on your chair?

- She's okay.
- Okay.

We just think it's appropriate,

given the circumstances,
that your sister comes with me.

- Oh, thank God.
- Kelly.

can you just get on with it?

Well, I'm trying to explain it.

- We're going to spend time apart
- A trial separation.

That's nice.

If all goes well,

we're not gonna see
each other again.

We're trying to do what's best
for everyone, Yakira.

- Dad, can you talk normally?
- Well...

So, we've decided on a day...

Sorry, can I...?
I'm doing this, please.

- It's just for moving stuff out.
- When?

Can you just tell them?

All right. One thing at a time.

We're going to be
moving some stuff out,

get rid of some
clutter around here.

- What, like me?
- Darling.

A bit of space.

Ugh, can someone
just answer me?

It's not like it's the end.
Nobody has died.

When are we moving?

Kels, could you stop
tipping back in your chair?

We're going to be moving
things out in two stages.

- When are we moving?
- Sorry?

Will you just talk to me?

- We're moving in two stages.
- Sunday.

- What?
- Can I just...? Sunday.

- we're going to my brother's.
- Tony's?


Tony's in Edinburgh.

- The other side of the country.
- Darling.

Are you joking?

Are you fucking joking, man?

Don't swear
in front of your sister.

It's not forever,
it's just for a bit,

just while we sort things out.

- No.
- Yakira, it's not that far away.

Oh, for God's sake.

- Look what's happened.
- It was an accident.

- You stopped me from telling her
- It doesn't matter.

- Why are we going to Edinburgh?
- Doesn't matter?

They were wedding presents,
it doesn't matter.

Haven't we been
through enough?

I use those decanters.

From my sister and her husband,
you didn't like them.

- What's that got to do with it?
- They bought us the decanter.

- What's that got to do with it?
- You remember our wedding?

- Not if I can fucking help it.
- Dad, don't swear.

- Sorry, Kelly.
- Move, darling, there's glass.

- Impossible.
- Where's Yakira?

- Are you all right?
- Mmh.

Go on, off you go.

Where's dad?

- I've had a difficult day.
- You've had a difficult day.

- Yeah. I need to talk to Kelly.
- I need to talk to you.

She can't call me "no mum".
I have a mum.

I understand but at this rate

you're not going to have
a sister.

You don't understand that,

- And why is she always protected?
- Because she's a kid

- and you're not a kid anymore.
- I still get treated like one.

- You've got me into trouble.
- How?

Police have got
Social Services involved.

They were here this afternoon.

We were a pretty good family
for a while, weren't we?

I thought we were.

I don't want you girls
to lose touch but

you're making things difficult.

It's me.

how can I be of assistance?

How do I get out of this mess?

You live at 47 Mount End Road.

At the top of Mount End Road,
turn left onto Banks Lane.

From Banks Lane
turn right onto the A121 South.

Traffic congestion is at a
minimum at this off peak time.

Mum. Mum.

An alert's gone out
as it involves a minor.


Do you have any idea
of a motive?


None of them have
mentioned anything to you?

We're going through
a family separation.

- You said Kelly was 12.
- Yeah.

- It would be abduction.
- Look, I just want them back.

Of course.

Any history
we should know about?

No alcohol
or substance abuse?

No, Yakira wouldn't touch
anything like that.

She doesn't even smoke.


Yeah. Yakira,
she has a phone.

I've called it all morning.
There's no answer.

Can we try it again?

May I?

Leave it ringing.

- Is that Yakira's?
- Yeah, it's her phone.

- Kelly.
- Where the hell are we?

Somewhere in the South,
South Downs.

How long
have we been driving?

I don't know,
like two, three hours.

I'm in my fucking pyjamas.
You bitch.

Yakira, let me out now.

Yakira, fucking get me
out of here.

Yakira, when mum finds out,
she'll not be happy.

Get me out of this thing,

I'm literally not playing.
Get me out of here right now.


Is there anything else
we should know about?

Have either of the girls been
in any trouble before?

No. They're good girls.

- Any problems recently?
- No.

So, apparently Kelly was
picked up the night before last.

- No.
- Yeah.

She had a panic attack.

- She got locked in the cinema.
- What?

- No chance to tell you.
- Are you for real?

Her sister was meant
to be meeting her.

There's a referral for
a Social Services inquiry.

Yakira, let me out.
I can't breathe. Yakira.

I'm gonna let you out.
Just calm down, okay?

Let me out!


How hard can it be?

You lot, you put fucking
cameras everywhere.

You know what,
there's probably one on me now.

How is it if I go two miles
over the speed limit,

by the time I get home
there's a fine on my doormat

and you can't find two girls.

It's a 1980s glacier
blue 5 Series BMW.

I mean, it's not like there's
many of them on the road.

This isn't Finding fucking Nemo.

- Thank you.
- Fucking hell.

- Get out of my car.
- Whoa.

- Get out of my car. Jesus.
- Sorry, sorry, it's okay.

Sorry. I'm so sorry.
I thought you pulled up for me.

No, no, I stopped...

I thought you saw me
back there with my thumb out.

I stopped for a piss.
Just get out of my car now.

- Okay. I'm leaving the car.
- Let me out of here.

Help me. Help me, please.

- She's just... Please get out.
- Don't get out. Please help me.

- I've been kidnapped. She's crazy
- She's Kell.

- Just get me out of here, please
- That's my sister.

We've had a little

and I'm just giving her
a bit of time to calm down.

Don't go. Please do not leave.
Help me get out of here.

- She's okay. She's fine.
- In the boot.

Yakira, you're such a bitch.

Yakira, get me out.
Where are we going?

Can someone talk to me?

- Get me out of the boot.
- Just get out of my car, please.

It's not her car, okay?
It's my dad's.

- You need to get out right now.
- I'll get out.

- No, don't go.
- Thank you.

After you've taken me
to Westbury.

No. No way.

- I've got to get there.
- Yakira.

- That's not my problem.
- Yakira, who the hell

- is it in the car? Yakira.
- It is now.

- Get out now.
- I will call the police.

No, no, no.
You don't need to do that.

Yakira. Yakira,
get me out now.

Yakira, you've got
to get me out of here.

Right, whoever that is,
get me out of here. Yakira.

For fuck's sake, man.

Come out now, Kelly,
if you want to talk.

After you drop me off.

She can stay in there for a bit

No, we need
to let her out of there.

- Why?
- She has panic attacks.


I'm taking you
to see my mum.

I promise it'll make sense
when we're there.

Am I supposed to care?


There was a time

when we were all supposed to go

visit the grave.

I overheard Dad say to Michelle

that it would be
too upsetting for you

and I really hated you for that.

But that wasn't my fault.

No. I know that now.

How old were you
when she died?

I was seven.

Then he had you the next year.

That wasn't my fault either.


But it was too much for me.

Can I have a hug?

Yakira, can I have a hug?

- Leave me alone.
- Fuck's sake. Kelly.

Kelly. Come here.

- Get away from me.
- Kelly, come back here.

Stop running.

No, I haven't...
I've never seen that.

I don't know where
they get such a thing.

Get off me. Fuck you. Get off.

Get that fucking car running.

Get off me.

What's this got to do
with finding our daughters?

I'm sorry, I just...

I don't understand
your logic here.

Why would they have it?

- Why would they've thrown it out?
- Good question.

Does it matter if they threw
the fucking Pope out of the car?

I don't want
that thing in my house.

I don't want
a discussion about it.

I want our daughters found

and I want to talk about
how we're gonna find them.

We just need to know if
it was in the car to start with.

- In the car, out the car, it's..
- Because it could be a lead.

If they bought it, we need to
find where they got it and why,

and that's gonna take up
resources, time, money.

Resources taken away
from finding them.

What, is this some kind
of police funding sob story?

Mr Lovegrove.

Well, you may as well
pass the fucking hat around.

- Paul.
- Well, come on. I mean...

But it could lead us to them.

But if it was in the car
already, it couldn't.

Simple as that.

- Okay. So, it wasn't in the car.
- Right.

- Can we move on now, please?
- Sure.

So, we'll put someone on it.
See what we can find out.


Don't put someone on it.

What are you talking about?

It was...

- It was in the car.
- What?

- It was in the car.
- It's yours.

Yes, it's mine.

The fuel is low.

There's a garage
just in front. Yeah.

Put this on.

Mum. Mum.

Help me.

Help, I've been kidnapped.
Call the police.

Hey, get your phone out, film it
and send it to the police, okay?

I need you to get me out of

- Please help me get out of here.
- Fuck.


- Yakira, what are you doing?
- Just calm down.

- I'm trying to help you out.
- Get off of me.

Stop the car and get off me.

Why are you letting him
do this? Yakira.

You're such a fucking
weirdo. Get off of me.

Everybody calm down. I'll pull
over in two seconds, okay?

Turn left the next junction.

- Turn left.
- Okay, I'm turning left.

Get off me.

Keep fucking quiet
and you're all right. Okay?


Where is it?

- Got rid of it.
- Like it never happened.

Yes, let's sweep it
under the carpet and forget it.

Ugh, what does that
even mean?

Like the kids. Like me.

Like anything
that's too tough to face.

- What about your secrets?
- Fine. Sure.

Have a go at me
about the cinema fiasco.

You were supposed
to take them, remember?

Don't guilt me.
It doesn't excuse...

Anyway, I didn't say I would.

I said I might,
be able to take them.

Well, now I know why you
couldn't, thanks to the police.

You checked out on them, Paul,

and now Yakira's
checked out on Kelly.

- Don't you get it?
- It's not true.

What's not true?

That your kids
don't learn from you?

Wake up.

- Keep going.
- Yakira.

Where are we going?

Are you saying it's my fault?

- Wake up.
- Stop fucking dreaming.

I think I need you
out of here for a bit.

No, if we can just
get through this, then...

I think we're done.

Where am I gonna go?

I don't care.

What now?

I've been
monitoring the roads,

let things cool down a bit.

Then we'll leave early.

Drop me at
the edge of the forest.

I'll make my own way
from there.

Do you think the police
are gonna see that video?

The whole fucking world
could have seen it by now.

When you head off, be careful.

There's cameras everywhere.

Plate recognition,
face recognition.

Want to make it home?

Use the B roads.

Don't go through towns,
no motorways,

and don't use your phone.
They'll track it.

I've got to get Kelly back.

Go now, if you like.

But do you have any idea
how bad that video's gonna look?

The car's stolen,

you legged it
without paying for the food

or the petrol
in broad daylight,

she's screaming
at the fucking windows.

They'll want you for abduction.

Here, there's a jacket
in there and some shoes,

it's gonna get cold.

- Supposed to sleep here?
- It's just a few hours.

We'll head back in the morning
and I'll take you straight home.

Why did you have to go and
scream and shout like that?

Why did you have to take me?

Look, I just want
mum and dad, okay?

You call them.


The police
wanna see us first thing.

- Right, okay.
- Be here at 7.30.

Are you all right, Michelle?


Why did you take her for,

I don't know.

I had some stuff to say but
we don't talk much back there.

My mum's buried less than
an hour away from here.

I haven't been there
since the funeral.

- What got her?
- Chemotherapy did her in.

Her body couldn't take it.

She had a fit or something,

was taken away in an
ambulance and that was it.

I guess I just wanna
go back to there

and do something different.

It's hard to escape it,
you know.

I just wanna say
a better goodbye, I guess.

What have they done
with Kelly?

She's in the car. Here.

I've been
kidnapped. Call the police.

Can you just call
the police for me, please?

We're obviously taking this
very seriously.

What's going on?

It appears she's keeping
Kelly against her will.

Yeah, I can see that.

That car can't be
on the road without being seen.

- Can you play it again, please?
- Sure.

I've been
kidnapped. Call the police.

Can you just call the police
for me, please?



Kelly, get up,
we've got to go.

You're not gonna fucking
believe it. Kelly.




Kelly, I'm not playing around.



Kelly. Kelly.

Paul. Oh, sorry,
I was expecting someone.

Sorry, who is it? Kade, Kaden.

Oh. Fine.

Okay, right.

Yeah, that's fine.

No, no, don't come to me.
Yeah, I can come to you.


Kelly. Kells.

Oi. What the fuck
are you doing?


Get off me.
I'm trying to find my sister.

Can I help you?

I think you might be
looking for me.

- What's your name, sweetheart?
- Kelly. Kelly Lovegrove.

Okay. Go to the door here

and I'll come around
and meet you.

It's me.

How can I be of assistance?

I have to help Kelly.
I've lost her.

- Kelly is with me.
- She's with you?

- Yes, that is correct.
- Where are you?

- I am with Kelly.
- I need help to find her.

Are you okay?

My sister left me.

Well, you're safe now.

I'll get you a glass
of water, okay?

- Say goodbye, Yakira.
- No.

Where is my sister? Is she okay?

I couldn't say.

But she is with you?

Yes, she is with me.

Kelly is with me.

She's got them.
She's got them.

Hello? Please,
I'm looking for a phone.

I've lost my sister and she's 12

and she's lost somewhere here.

I'm really tired

and I just need a phone

so that I can call her
and know that she's safe.

- I'm really sorry.
- No problem. Here.


It's one of my old phones.
She asked me for it.


- It's engaged.
- Kelly. Kelly, can you hear me?

You've got a nerve calling
me after what you did.

Oh, no, wait, Kelly, please,
just listen for a second.

- What, are you using his phone?
- I'm not.

- I'm at the police station.
- Can you just let me explain?

No. I don't have to understand
you and all your shit.

You will just run off
to some bloke.

He tried to steal the car.

No, wait, I chased him.

- I knocked him out with a log.
- I just don't believe you.

Kelly, please. Kelly.

I love you. I love you.

It doesn't mean anything,
you know. Batteries can die.

Something will work out.

Do you think she's capable
of hurting Kelly?

On purpose? I'd say no.

It's nothing to do with me.
It's the sister you want.

I'm an innocent hitchhiker.

Well, she's got a right stack
of charges to answer to.

Don't play the innocent.

I told you,

I was just a man
trying to make my way.

Yeah, really?

Making your way where?



- Hello?
- You hit him hard.

- Kelly.
- Look, I've left the station.

No. No, I think it's best
that you stay there.

I saw a church towards the edge
of town. I'll meet you there.

- A church?
- What did you say?

Kelly, are you still...?

- Hello?
- The phone battery's dying.

You seem
really easy to talk to.


Some people
don't seem to think so.

Where's the car?

She could have torched it.

That would be really
convenient for you, wouldn't it?

Bet that's
where he stashed it.

Stashed what?

You're coming with us
to find the car.

We'll start where you camped.

a sighting at St Mary's church.

Looks like it's the little girl.

You could double-back. It's on
the other side of the village,

just off the A31.

This will be interesting.

What's this, an apology?

- Yes, it is.
- What for?

You know, I haven't
checked out, Michelle.

I don't wanna give up on us.

- Maybe if I could just be here...
- You've bought me those before.

Those dianthus,

I don't like the smell,

Do I need to remind you
once again

whose favourite flowers
those were, Paul?

Do you know
that your late wife

has been more present
in our marriage than you have?

I found this.

You should read it.

You might wanna sit down.

Dear Kelly,
you call me "no mum".

I hate you for it

but I'm actually
grateful to you, though.

If it wasn't for you, she
wouldn't get mentioned at all.

I do have a mum.

She was a big part of me
but that I can't let go of.

I know dad doesn't want
to face it all, feel it all.

I think a bit of dad
got buried back then.

The part that cried
and really laughed,

the bit that sparkled.

It's a shame.
He would have liked it.

It's like he's not been
fully here since. Not properly.

And now we are going,
it feels like I'm losing you too.

Like going through
the same thing again,

making the same mistake.

So, before we go, goodbye.

I'm sorry and I hope
you can forgive us.

Your sister, Yakira.

Kelly, stop, stop, it's over.

It'll be okay.

I'm handing myself in.

Yakira Lovegrove,
I'm arresting you on...

- He's gone.
- How did he manage that?

- Who?
- Your mate in the white suit.

- Wait, he's not my mate.
- You sit in the back of the car.

- He's gone to the car.
- I'll take you there.


Yakira's not with Kelly.
They don't know where Yakira is.

Wee Kelly's on her own.

They should never
have split up.

Don't move.

Go, go, go!

- Have you still got the keys?
- Don't even think about it.

Think about what?

I've been thinking that maybe

we shouldn't go home
straight away.

Right now I think we
should go see your mum.

You said she's close by.

Plus, it is important,

not just for you
but for me as well.

Not from here.
I don't know the way.

Take this.

It's charged.

Okay. It's me.

how can I be of assistance?

Hello? Yeah, can I get
a call on a taxi, please?

Right now. Yeah, for now.

Hey. Are you all right?

Do you ever
dream the same dream?

A recurring dream? Yeah.

Do you wanna tell me it?

I go to the hospital
where my mum was.

I try to wake her up
but I can't.

I scream but it's no good.

The feeling I get
is another thing,

feeling completely
helpless, totally helpless.

What's your dream?

You, mum, dad.

You're at home

and you're all sad but
you've got bananas like this.

- Where your mouth is?
- Yeah.

You're all sad but
the banana's a fake smile.

It's weird because
it's fake and scary-looking

but funny at the same time.

I get freaked out.

I run to the bathroom
to get away from you all

and in the bathroom
I look in the mirror

and in the mirror

I'm like it too.

That's always when I wake up,

the moment that I see
that I've got the same smile.

It's a terrible fear
when I see that.

It's like dying.

Mum, this is my sister, Kelly.

Kelly, this is my mum.

Sorry I haven't been here.

I miss you.


- Are you OK?
- Yeah.

We'll get through this.

I didn't have the dream again.

And there's not much more I can
say than that, really. You know?

I mean, what can you say
to people?

What can you possibly say
to people about losing...

How could you...

How could you
possibly say anything

without the risk
of trivialising everything?

And if you tried,
where would you even begin?