How to Steal the World (1968) - full transcript

Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin have to investigate: Their colleague Robert Kingsley and Dr. Kurt Erikson have vanished. The chemist has discovered a gas making people will-less...

Give yourself up, Webb.

We have you boxed in.

Give yourself up.

Thank you, Mrs. Kingsley.

My pleasure, Mr. Webb.

I know it's critical, sir.

We're searching Kingsley's
office now, Mr. Waverly.

I wanna check through every one
of these files later myself.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Do you have any idea
what this is?

Don't touch it.

I know it's critical, sir.
I'll keep you informed.

Yes, sir. They've just arrived.

You're on immediate

And I can do
without being spellbound

by your recent adventures.

We know you've
established that THRUSH

used the refugee committee
as a front.

and you failed
to capture Webb.

In that case
we can dispense

with the formality
of a written report?

Now, look, Kuryakin.
Cut out the cracks.

Robert Kingsley has disappeared.

Kingsley used to be
a field operative.

'He used to be
in the field like you.'

Now, he is number four man
here in Hong Kong.

Every scrap of information we
gather passes through his hands

and he has vanished.

Any documents go with him?

We're checking, Solo.

I'd have already
told you if I knew.

What did you find?

Sir...a capsule.

It gave off kind of a vapor.

What are you talking about?

Are you, are you alright?

Yes, sir, I am now, but..

...we just stood there,
the secretary and after

we took a sniff of that stuff..

...and it was the strangest..

What's strange?
What are you talking about?

Mr. Grant, for about a minute..

...we just stood there..

...conscious, perfectly alright

except it was like..

...waiting for someone
to tell us what we should do.

Then it wore off and I came
here to report to you.

Show me this capsule?

I wish I could, sir,
but it evaporated.

That's right, sir.

Did it leave any residue?

We'll check that out.

That's your assignment.

'Robert Kingsley...find him.'

- 'Mrs. Kingsley?'
- Yes.

We're from UNCLE and we'd like
to have a word with you about...

What's happened?

Is is Robert?

- Uh..
- Come in.

- Please, come in.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Well, please,
tell me, what is it?

Mrs. Kingsley, you're husband
has disappeared.

It can't be.

He's not in that
kind of work anymore.

It's true, Mrs. Kingsley.

I don't believe it.

There must be some mistake.

I'm afraid not.

Now, do you have any idea

any information at all where..

But you people know far more
about Robert than I do.

I only happen
to be married to him.

UNCLE is his way of life.

I understand
how you must feel but, uh..

He has a desk job now.
How can he disappear?

Mrs. Kingsley, can you recall

anything that he did,
anything at all.

Anything that he did, anything
that he said that could help us?

How? He never discussed
his work with me.

He wasn't supposed to,
you know that.

He seemed happy and content.

How can I help you?

Oh. You always ask the wives.

The last people
who know anything

about the real lives
of men like Robert.

Did he ever say anything
about a capsule

that we found in his desk?

No. No, nothing.

Mrs. Kingsley..


'Seven, seven, seven.'

Over and over, I..

I don't understand.
What does it mean?

Solo here.

Another disappearance, Mr. Solo.

Dr. Kurt Erikson of Berlin.

'Europe's most
distinguished chemist.'

'His file was missing
from our Hong Kong office.'

'Presumably with Kingsley.'

'Mr. Kingsley?'

I'm Dr. Erikson.

Dr. Erikson.

Doctor, I'm honored
by your presence here

and your collaboration.

Thank you.

Sit down, doctor.

Mr. Kingsley..

...this is an historic moment.

Ironically so.

For history as the world knows
it will soon end.

You do have it
with you, doctor?

To look at this..

...the world's future
on a scrap of paper.

'We can change mankind's

Mold it to any shape we want.

Steer it in
any direction with this.

And we will.

Oh, excuse me, Dr. Erikson,
your daughter.

'You said you wanted to bring
your daughter with you.'

Have we kept her
waiting outside?


Anna will be coming
on a separate plane.

That's a wise
precaution, doctor.

She should be leaving
Berlin any moment now.

Please, don't make me
explain, okay?

Where are you going?

I'm leaving Berlin.
That's all I can tell you.

I didn't expect it so soon.

Well, I didn't
expect it at all.

I'm sorry, I have to go.
But I'll be back.

Believe me, I will be back.

'Look, I came all the way
from America to be with you.'

Y-you and your father
on, on our vacation.

Steve, do you think
that I want to leave you?

Well, then don't.
This is ridiculous.

I love you.

No, the time to take over

the Kingsley project is now.. it's inception.

Mr. Veeth is absolutely right.

We can't delay
until the last minute.

Take over, supervise,
control from the beginning.

I'm in command here.

Directly responsible
to THRUSH Central..

...only. And I say no.

Mr. Webb, you don't seem to
realize that once Kingsley

presses that button,
THRUSH and everything else

on Earth is in his pocket.

We must take over now.

Suppose we do..

...and Kingsley's
team of geniuses

simply refuses to work for us.

We'll have control, alright.

I have one hundred
million dollars

worth of equipment
which we have paid for..

...but cannot operate
without them.

Force them.

No, I will not take that chance.

We let Kingsley and company
lay the ground work

then we move in.

Mr. Veeth, Miss Carla,
that is my strategy.

The same strategy
that nearly got you

caught by Solo and Kuryakin?

Why not ask Mrs. Kingsley?

'She knows her husband.'

'If she agrees,
will you take over?'

I have already
stated my position.

Besides I need not remind you

that Mrs. Kingsley
is doing her part.

Thanks to her,
THRUSH is in on a scheme

which will give it control
of the world...forever.

And I see no reason to burden
her with additional problems.

Why not let Mrs. Kingsley
speak for herself?

Mr. Webb and I have work to do.

It's hot in here.

'Erikson's daughter Anna
has also left Berlin.'

'You have
their description, sir?'

'We're transmitting light beam
photos right now.'

'And I do have a lead.'

'A girl answering
Anna Erikson's descriptions '

'is aboard Air East Flight 137'

'due to arrive at Hong Kong
1800 hours local time.'

'That's her.
Anna Erikson.

Alright, lads, cast off!

Taxi, gentleman? Taxi?

We just spotted the ship, sir.

Well, that's something.

'What do you think
you're doing?'

I'm shooting down
that helicopter, sir.

Helicopter? What helicopter?

That one over there.

What's going on here?

Who the devil are you?

This is an illegal,
unregistered, armed ship.

We're from UNCLE.

We have reason
to believe you have

'Dr. Robert Kingsley,
Dr. Kurt Erikson'

'and Anna Erikson on board.'

'We'd like to talk to them.'

'I don't carry passengers.'

'Then what do you carry
that you have to'

'protect with a machine gun?'

You committed an act of piracy.

I have the right to defend
my ship against pirates!

Who are these men, captain?

Anna Erikson, we'd like
to talk to your father

and Dr. Robert Kingsley.

But I don't know
where my father is.

And the only
Mr. Kingsley I know of

is an English lyric poet
long since dead.

Then why are you on the ship?

The only fact worth a penny,
worth a cold gin

is you're aboard my ship


You are from UNCLE?

UNCLE and so is Kingsley.

I don't believe you.

I don't either, Fraulein.

A couple of born liars
if I ever saw one.

Now, don't you worry,
your pretty little head.

Why don't you pop off and.. some kuffle ball
or something.

Alright, lads, take 'em!

- Father, I have to...
- Later, dear. Later. Later!

Please come, please.

'THRUSH Central to Hong Kong.'

'Robert Kingsley and Dr. Erikson
are safely on their way'

'to operational
headquarters Himalayas.'

'Due to arrive at 0900.'

Mrs. Kingsley,
I hope your husband

appreciates what you're
doing for him.

He will, Mr. Webb..

...until he finds out
who's supplying me.

It's bright in here.

'THRUSH Central to Hong Kong.'

'General Harmon has been
successfully recruited'

'as Kingsley's security chief.'

'and is departing
for Himalayan base at 1200.'

'There is no comment.
General has nothing to say.'

'No comments. No comments.'

'No comments. No comments.'

'The general has nothing to say.
Nothing to say.'

'Are you leaving
the country, general?'

General, you must have
something to say, general..

'The general has no comment.
No comment.'

- No comment.
- That's enough! That's enough!

'Are you leaving
this country, general?'

'No comments, no comments.'

General! General! General!

- Hey! Whoa!
- Hey, what's going on?


Men, when you
were selected to serve me

you took a personal oath
of loyalty.

I now invoke that pledge
of unquestioning obedience.

You are no longer in the service
of the country we've just left.

You are an elite security force.

The last soldiers
this world will ever see.

Military history ends with you.

Do your duty.

See to it that
it ends gloriously.

Captain Gelser
will give you the details

and your new uniforms.

Sounds very quite.

I'll take a look around.

See anything below?


'Nothing on deck either.'

I'll take a look up for it.

Completely deserted.

A touch of the Mary Celeste.

Helicopter's been sabotaged.

Is your communicator gone too?

Fortunately, I have
something up my sleeve.

How do I inject dignity
into the word "Help?"

You don't.

You swallow your pride
and hope Mr. Waverly

sends out a seaplane.

'Open Channel D, please.'

A seaplane?

Of course, gentleman.
That's what I'm here for.

Sir, Jan Vanovech
an electronics expert

has disappeared from
Prague, Czechoslovakia.

But before it disappeared..

...a music box
of his was stolen.

A music box?

Thank you for bringing it.

You're very welcome,
Dr. Vanovech.

Now, tell me, what do you think?

Mr. Kingsley, there was no need
for you to kidnap me.

If you had told me of your plan,
if you had invited me

'I would have come running
to help you achieve it.'

Gentleman, I'm with you
every inch of the way.

Then...welcome to the purple.

'THRUSH Central to Hong Kong.'

'Electronics division reports.'

'Jan Vanovech
kidnapped in Prague'

'according to plan at 0600.'


'Electronics division reports.'

'Jan Vanovech
kidnapped in Prague'

'according to plan at 0600.'

You had your way
long enough, Webb.

Now, it's going to be our way.

THRUSH is going to take over
Kingsley's installations

'and you are through.'

And what will THRUSH Central
say about this, Mr. Veeth?

They'll thank us.

'THRUSH Central to Hong Kong.'

'Propaganda division reports.'

'Public relations expert
Mr. Mackie kidnapped in London'

'according to plan at 0500.'

'THRUSH Central to Hong Kong.'

'Personnel division reports.'

'Dr. Naomi Fisher
kidnapped in Tel Aviv'

'according to plan at 0700.'

It's cold in here.

But why Paul Mackie?

Why would anyone want to kidnap
a public relations man?

And why take his desk calendar?

No doubt
for the same reason they took

a musical box from Vaskovech.


...another disappearance, sir.

Dr. Naomi Fisher,
from Tel Aviv.

What does she do?

She's the world's leading
expert on food production.

What was stolen of hers?

An empty briefcase.

'What are we supposed to do?'

'Check every petty theft
in the world?'

Hey, what are you doing in here?



Call the police!

Hey, hey, hey. Call the police!

'"Motiveless theft.'

'"Police were baffled today
by the strange theft'

'"of a family photograph
from the home'

'"of Professor David Garrow'

"166 Denslow Ave, Los Angeles.

"Dr. Garrow, the world's most
celebrated geneticist

"was equally astonished.

"I can't imagine the burglar's
motive," he said."

Another trivial theft
from a VIP.

Whose son was vacationing
with Dr. Erikson

and his daughter Anna.

Fits the pattern.

Quite, Mr. Solo.

And which is gonna be
our task to alter.

Doing so is going to be highly
dangerous, gentlemen.

To you...and
to Professor David Garrow.

David, for heaven's sake,
what's the hurry?

We've got plenty of time.

Darling, what's the matter?

You always used to look forward

to attending these conferences.

I'm looking forward
to this one.

Then what is it?

Is there anything
else wrong?

No, it's just that
I don't like going away

and leaving you two alone.

Particularly after what happened
to the house the other night.

- We'll be alright, dad.
- Well, maybe you will.

- When are you gonna realize...
- Look, when are you gonna...

Oh, now, boys, please. Stop it.
Now, we're all on edge.

I know how worried you are
about Anna's disappearance.

And, David,
I know you're..

Let's all try
to relax, please.

'Announcing the arrival
of flight 13 from London.'

'Gate 4. Flight 13 now arriving
from London at Gate 4.'

'Passengers on Flight 128'

'the conference special,
may now board at Gate 27.'

'Flight 128, the conference
special is now loading'

'at Gate 27.'

I wonder who that could be.
I'll be right back.

'Please board now at Gate 27.'

'Will all passengers holding
tickets for flight 128'

'the conference special,
please report to Gate 27.'


'Hello, Hello.'




'Passengers on flight 128,
the conference special'

'may now board at Gate 27.'

'Flight 128, the conference
special is now loading'

'at Gate 27.'

Dad, dad..

Get a doctor and an ambulance.
Don't move him!

Don't move him until you get
a doctor and an ambulance.

Steven, are you alright?
Don't move.

Somebody please get a doctor.

Somebody's already
gone for a doctor.

I'm alright.

Thank God.

Where's dad?

- What happened to dad?
- Now be quiet, be quiet.

'Will Professor David Garrow'

'please report to Gate 27.'

'Flight 128,
the conference special'

'is now in its final
boarding stage.'

Open Channel D.

Yes, Mr. Solo.

We were right, sir.

Professor Garrow's been taken.

We didn't interfere.

Then proceed as planned.

So you knew
and still you persuaded

my father to walk
into a trap?

Yes, Mr. Garrow.

Your father has
a small transmitter

sewn into his clothing.

'Mr. Solo is following
a signal from that transmitter'

'in another plane
at this very moment.'

Mr. Kuryakin, my husband
is a scientist

not a law enforcement agent.

I can't believe that he would
agree to being taken away.

He is also a very brave man,
Mrs. Garrow.

And maybe very dead by now.

Now no one's heard from
the others who've disappeared.

Hasn't it occurred to you that
some nut may be murdering them?

We discussed that with
your father, Mr. Garrow.

It's for you.

Steven, open it, please.



Blood money?

Is it blood money,
Mr. Kuryakin?

'I see.'

'Maintain watch.'

It's the radar report.

The UNCLE plane
is still following.

And there's...nothing
else we can do?

Casualties are inevitable, sir.

Deal with it, general.

It's the only way I guess.

'Missile defense unit.'

We're 80 miles west of our
last reported position

and still over the Himalayas.

Instead of snow there, uh..

We're under attack!

I don't see any planes,
it must be missiles.



No, professor.

You are not at home
in Los Angeles.

Who are you?


What is this place?

Why have you been
brought here?

Professor...I'm your
new employer.

I'm deeply concerned that your

working condition
should be familiar to you.

'Hence this, uh, detailed'

'painstaking reproduction
of your office.'


As for your family,
I shall send them

$5000 every month.

'The first payment's
already been made.'

What's this all about?

Professor.. complete the team.

You, I and five others

we comprise
the seven intellectual

wonders of the world.

Oh, it's quite
simple, professor.

You and your associates
will help me

to alter the course
of destiny.

And there by save the world

from self-destruction.

We are going to control
in every way.

In every detail..

...the mind of every
human being on Earth.

Mr. Kuryakin's plane
has taken off, sir.

To look for Mr. Solo.

He'll transfer
to a helicopter

when he reaches
the crash area.

'Mr. Kuryakin.'

I figured UNCLE could use
some help looking for my father.

I'm in.

I will not work with you

on this...unholy project.

Professor Garrow.

Professor, the homing device
you carried has been discovered.

The UNCLE plane
following you, destroyed.

Now forget
all thought of rescue

and devote your mind
to this great task.

The answer is still no.

Not even to ensure the safety
of your wife and son?

Desert and bare mountains
up here in the Himalayas?

It's unusual.

Legend has it, this is
a rather unusual part

of the world.

That's no legend.

It's Mr. Solo's plane.
He must be dead.

Listen, if you don't have
anything positive to say

why don't you just keep quiet?

Open Channel D, please.

Open Channel D.

It's not working
for some reason.

Hey, look.

There's more of it.

Come on!

Napoleon Solo,
I could use a man like him.

A spy by any name
gets shot.

No, general.
That won't be necessary now.

Mr. Kingsley

you had me join this enterprise
as your chief of security.

If you insist
on disregarding my advice..

Wiping out the opposition
is no achievement, general.

Any Brut with
a gun can do that.

No, I want him.

I want him to
approve of my plan.

I could convince him.

If you keep dangerous
UNCLE agents alive to..

...debate with them

'you're going to endanger
this entire project.'

Other UNCLE agents
will follow him.

We will assess each case

if and when
it arises, general.

Missile defense unit.

Yes, general.

I want a saturation radar check

over a 25 mile radius.

Immediately, sir.

Destroy anything that shows up.

- Anything.
- 'Yes, sir.'

Could be his jacket.

Well, that proves we're on
the right track at least.

Who was in
that one, general?

We don't know.

It was necessary
no matter who was in it.

'I couldn't risk that
aircraft finding us.'

'You know I couldn't
risk that?'

You were an UNCLE agent, you've
killed before when necessary.

General, it was because
I had to kill that I brought

all this about, to create
a world in which...

Why do you think I'm here?

To play soldier?

Kill for the sake of it?

I want that new world, too.

That's why I'll protect this..

this splinter
of that world from

sabotage and invasion.

Now, you must let me do my job

no matter who dies.

General, you are
a strange mixture.

You pursue a merciful ideal..


I'll take that
as a compliment.

'THRUSH Central to Hong Kong.'

'Transportation center.'

'This is our final report.'

'The last cargo
including drugs'

'to immobilize
the defense force'

'is now within 100 miles
of the Kingsley installation.'

This is our final report.'

'The last cargo including drugs'

'to immobilize
the defense force'

'is now within 100 miles
of the Kingsley installation.'

Thank you.

Mr. Webb will be
happy to hear that.

This is Mrs. Kingsley.

Congratulations to all of you
for a job well done.

Now all we have to do is wait.

Relax. Out.

We've made it.

You've had a pleasant rest,
Mr. Solo.

And a very pleasant awakening.. far.

Come with us if you please.

Father, you must tell me
what's going on.

I cannot tell you
anything now, please!

'I have work to do,
I have meetings to attend to.'

I just saw one of those

UNCLE agents under guard. Why?

That's not your
concern, darling.

Not your concern or mine.


Father, do you realize

that he's being
kept a prisoner?


You know, your duty
to me is obedience.

You've been on confidential
missions with me before..

...without worrying me
with questions.

- Never one like this.
- Please, don't question me now.

- Please!
- Never one like this.

This one is different.

This time I had
to leave someone.

Someone that..

...I'm very fond of.

I had to leave him
without any explanation

to come here
because you told me so.

I had to leave
Steve Garrow.

He must think
I'm crazy.

And now I feel as though

I'm just never
gonna see him again.

And if that's the case

I feel I have
a right to know why

or go back to him.

You can't do that.

I cannot tell you
anything now.

And you cannot go back.

You intend,
you seriously intend to make

the whole world think and act
the way you want it to?

That's correct, Mr. Solo.

By blanketing it
with a docility gas

Dr. Erikson has developed.

'The capsule you say
you found in my office'

was only a small sample.

Mr. Solo, please consider,
you and I, we have fought

the seemingly endless
battle against evil.

Don't you see that
this way, my way..

...the battle ends
once and for all

in favor of good?

It's a blasphemy.

Your plan denies
humanity its freedom.. find its own way
to better times.

Walk out.

'Walk out. Kingsley can't
operate without you.'

'You're the experts.'

Solo, I'm a soldier.

I realize just about every
ambition of my profession

except its abolition.

Which is something
I've prayed for from the..

...time I saw my first
battlefield casualty.

Now, I for one.. not going to walk out
on the world's one chance

to cleanse itself
from the filth of war.

You're not alone in craving
peace, general.

But your method of achieving...

The method is certain.

Peace assured forever
by one radio broadcast

from here ordering it.



So you see, Mr. Solo

no one's going to walk out.

Professor Garrow

you're a geneticist.

Your life work is the biological
improvement of man.

Will you pervert that science
into the creation of a..

...of a generation of robots?

Don't you realize that
you're involved...

I realize my wife
and son will suffer..

...if I don't cooperate.

Please, I beg of you.

Think over carefully,
everything you've heard.

Reconsider your conventional
moral objections..

'...and join us'

leading the new world.

Let there be eight wonders.

In your new world, Kingsley

there won't be any wonder.


- Sergeant, take the prisoner.
- 'Yes, sir.'

Follow me.

You have been declared..

and potential saboteurs.

By virtue of the military
authority vested in me..

...I sentence you
to immediate execution.

Death by shooting.

Captain Gelser.






That's my father!


That's my father!



He's dead.

I can't...tell you

how much I regret this.

I can.

General, I want him
kept under custody

in his father's quarters.

Guard him,
but don't harm him.

'Sergeant, take the prisoner.'



'What happened?'

Steve, what happened?


Stay away from me,
you're with them!

- Steve!
- Stay here, now.

You can't do anything, now.

- Steve!
- Stay here.

The same goes for Solo
and Kuryakin, general.

Under guard in guest quarters

until I send for them.

- But, Kingsley..
- In guest quarters!

- Captain Gelser.
- Sir?

Return the prisoners
to their quarters.

'Take the prisoners
to their quarters.'

You're tying my hands.

There'll be no more
discussions, general.

There'll be no more shootings.

No more drum-head
courts martial.

'No more killings.
Is that absolutely clear?'

- But...
- No more!

Dr. Erikson..

Dr. Erikson, how soon..

...can we launch the gas?

Well, I..

I've been thinking
in terms of weeks.

'There's so many, uh..'

...technical details
to take care of. Our schedule..

It's UNCLE's schedule
that worries me.

Agents dropping out of the sky.

They've located
our installation.

'Who knows what they're
planning right now?'

We need time. We cannot do
this thing overnight.

Dr. Erikson, we must
expedite the attack.

Gas UNCLE into obedience
like everyone else.

What's to happen
to the prisoners?

Nothing to young Garrow.

'I owe that much
to his father.'

And Solo and Kuryakin?

'May I suggest, Mr. Kingsley'

that they be the first.. go under the docility gas.

Alright, general.

'Get them ready
for the test chamber, now.'

And the rest of the world..

...within hours.

Hours, Robert?

'That's right, darling.'

'As soon as Erikson's
preparations are completed.'

Now don't ask me
any questions, please.

Just believe me, this change
of plan is essential.

Alright, Robert.

Whatever you say.

'Now, hurry, darling.'

I will, Robert.

And, Margitta..

...I think of you
every minute.

Me too, darling.

I haven't left
the apartment in days

waiting for your call.

I love you.

Goodbye, Robert.


Why has he advanced
the attack time?

Makes no difference.

No difference?

We'll never get the members
of THRUSH Central

to the installation on time.

They'll be..


Like everyone else.

We go ahead
exactly as planned.

Only we do it sooner..

...and without THRUSH Central.

Just.. and I?

Just you and I.

- Steve?
- Get out.

Steve, you have
to listen to me.

Get out of here.

Steve, I'm not with those
other people, you can...

Get out of here!

I'm not with
those people, Steve!

No! No! Well, then why did
they let you come in here?

Why did they let you have
the run of the place?

'Cause right now, they're much
more human than you are.

Steve, don't you understand
I wanna be with you?

Oh, fine, you're with me.

You're with me
right here full of sympathy.

Well, no flowers, by request!

Just get out
and leave me alone!

You don't know what they're
planning to do, Steve.

Kingsley and the others...

Kingsley and others
killed my father!

I wish my father was dead now

so you wouldn't have to be..

...part in this terrible plan.

I'm telling the truth.
Please, believe me.

Oh, Steve..

Steve, your friends..

They're planning to give
your friends some kind of gas.

Everything is ready.

Thank you, doctor.

Send for Solo and Kuryakin.

Captain Gelser..


I took it out of
my father's office.

I don't know what good
it's gonna do

against all of them.

Steve, there's a building
at the end of the complex.

It has all kinds of windows
around it, and..

...I think it could.. some kind of
control room.

Can we get in?


I know one thing..

...I'd rather die than live
in Kingsley's kind of world.

So would I.

Let's try.

Let me out!

Drop it!

Turn around.

Wh-what happened?

I don't know.

Mr. Solo, Mr. Kuryakin

you ought to be vanguard.

Within hours, the world's
millions will follow you

into eternal
and profitable obedience.

Steve! Steve!

Hand me a grenade.

Erikson, stop that thing!

Stop that thing!

You've gotta stop it.

I can't.

It's irreversible.

'They've gotta be drugged.'

Let's get to the airfield.

Why don't you come out?

I have not been told to.

There's our friend,
Mr. Webb.

And poor, distraught,
Mrs. Kingsley.

Drugged. Every single one
of General Harmon's men.

And the closed-circuit
television system

has been sabotaged
according to plan.

May I congratulate
you, major?

You and your
missile force comprise

an excellent fifth column.

Most complex engineering
feat in history

functioning perfectly
and a television tube blows.

Solo and Kuryakin
have got to be stopped.

Don't worry about it.
They'll be taken.

Start your power
build up, Dr. Erikson.

My wife will be
here in a minute.

Dr. Fisher.

Dr. Vanovech.

Mr. Mackie.

It's time to go
to our stations.

Our moment is near.

My deepest thanks
to all of you.

Robert, there's been trouble.

Yes, but everything's
alright now.

Now that you're here.

Robert.. must meet
your financial backer.

Mr. Webb.

Mr. Webb.

You have financed
the future of mankind.

It was a bargain,
Mr. Kingsley.

Come, we must
meet Dr. Erikson.

He'll show you everything.

'That's our one chance.'

Take the plane and use
the concealed rockets.

Use the jeeps.

Drop them.

Oh, yes, indeed.
The gas does work, we know that.

The general..

'...he was exposed to it
quite by accident.'

'Look at him.'

'A perfect picture
of docility.'

'The citizen of the new world
already at peace.'

I find all this quite
fascinating, Mr. Kingsley.

But, Dr. Erikson.. does
the equipment work?

Of course, Mr. Webb.

You see,
when those seven tubes

are completely filled..

'...these red strip
lights will begin'

'to flash on simultaneously.'

And that means
that our power system is..

...fully operative.

Then we'll release
this lever

'which will release the gas'

by radio control,
all over the world.

And then?

And then, Mr. Webb,
every human being

'on Earth will be...'


That's right.

Thanks to THRUSH.

'Don't look
so startled, Robert.'

Where else do you think
I raised a $100 million?

An overdraft
at a drive-in bank.

- Margitta?
- You're a fool, Robert.

A sick fool.

It all began when you
started thinking

you could save the human race.

Well, you can't.

Humanity is dirt.

And it always will be.

Believe me, I know.

No, Margitta, you're wrong.

I have the gun,
and that proves I'm right.

That's the reality of power.

Poor Robert.

You never understood that.

You never learned that people

don't want to be enlightened.

They only respect
the threat of the whip..

...wielded by a master.

And you were never
a master, Robert.

Margitta, for the love of God

put that gun down!

General, kill them!




Kingsley, the pressure
is nearing maximum.

...must have went through.

If they get by our men,
they'll control it.

We must speed up the power.

Doctor, this is regulator.

- We've got to...
- That's the regulator!

- We've got to..
- Don't do that!

We've gotta make a direct hit

on the operation's room,

Otherwise a lot of
innocent people get killed.

- Doctor...
- That's our only chance.

We'll be blown to bits.
Don' that!

- 'It's done.'
- 'We'll be blown to bits.'

Give me that back!
Give me back that key!

If you're not prepared to risk
your life for the plan

then get out!

Take the general with you.
Get out!

General, follow me.

Better circle again.


Let's head for the airport.

Mr. Solo, you and I
we have fought

the seemingly endless
battle against evil.

Don't you see
that this way, my way

...the battle ends,
once and for all

in favor of good?

Good job, gentlemen.

Kingsley sincerely believed

history would accept
the same of him, sir.

Quite, Mr. Solo.

We will board
the plane now, general.