How to Start a Small Business (2021) - full transcript

Skyler Ward, a small-time promoter, is searching for the next big thing. Guided by his mantra for success, "Tools, Team, Process, Recipe," we follow Skyler and his team of little people wrestlers as they attempt to take their act from the bars of Texas and fairgrounds of Oklahoma to the big time.

[tense ethereal music]

[logo splatting]

[objects rattling]

[gentle ethereal music]

[audience applauding]

[engine roaring]

- [Announcer] Use of emergency
exit for non-emergency

is strictly prohibited.

Violators will be subject
to arrest and prosecution.

Please use authorized exit.

- [Skyler] What prompted
me to start this

is I was a booking agent,

booking Chippendales
Shows, Hunk Shows,

nightclub entertainment, DJs.

I was at the point
where what I was doing,

I didn't think it was
something new and fresh.

Remembering back then I read
the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" books

and I was like,
"Call my rich dad."

Rich dad said, you
know, "Do something new,

"do something that
not everyone's doing."

So, you gotta take a chance
and you gotta take a gamble.

- [Announcer] We would like
to welcome you to Las Vegas.

- Morning.

[car engine roaring]

For me, I think it's
a four part equation.

It's called tools,
team, process, recipe.

The tools is the software,

the things that you
need to run a business.

A team is your people,
people that you delegate

to do the work to.

[gentle music]

The process is how
you're gonna do it.

And that recipe,

is something that's
kinda unique.

Recipe is competitiveness
or a niche, you know.

Oh no.

[dramatic music]

All right, fellas, listen,

I wanna go over some
things about the chairs.

I heard people been getting hit

in the heads with
chairs pretty hard.

[chair thudding]
[man yelling]

[audience cheering]

Chaos, is that,
what's going on here?

- Yep, that was my own fault.

- What happened?

- 'Cause somebody
put a heavier chair

along with the other
chair that we bought,

and I went into the ring
and pulled a chair out.

I pulled the wrong chair out,
I pulled the heavy one up.

I pulled it out and I took it.

- All right.

- [Li'l] He hit me
like he always does.

He ain't gonna back off.
- All right.

- Make it looks stupid.

- So you were
actually knocked out.

- I was out cold.

Jaguar was sitting
there yelling at me.

And when I finally came
through, I finished my match.

- Did you wrestle
again next night?

- Yeah.

- Oh my gosh!

- [Li'l] This ain't a kid sport.

- Well.
- This is for men.

- Oh my goodness!

- But I didn't call Chris
and Skyler and said,

"Oh, he hit me too
hard with the chair."

- [Skyler] Right, right.

- But everybody else says,

"Oh, Nasty Boy hits too hard."

[Skyler laughs]

- [Skyler] That's
what everyone says.

- If you can't keep up the
game, get out of the player.

- Get it approved with me

on who's gonna, you know,
hit with the chairs.

I know you've done
this, you, Bow, Rampage.

But like if we get
some new guys in here,

just check with me on that

and let me go with it,

to make sure that he's trained.

- We don't throw them
straight into the dungeon.

[car engine roaring]

- We do something like 100 to
150,000 miles a year by car.

We're always on the road
constantly, constantly,

constantly working,
working, working, working.

And it was territory after
territory, after territory.

There was no win back
in my younger days.

[bright energetic music]

- [Skyler] When I first
started this business,

I didn't know any of the guys.

I didn't have a company,

I didn't have a wrestling ring,

I didn't know any wrestlers.

[bell ringing]

I contacted P.O.D.
bought some pictures,

did a little cut and paste,

and literally started
booking all the shows.

- Started wrestling under the
name P.O.D., Pissed Off Dwarf.

- [Skyler] P.O.D is the man.

P.O.D. gave us some help,
support, got me going.

[audience cheering]

- Skyler got a group of guys,

and offered them a set pay

that was less than
their ego wanted.

And so by doing that,

was able to sell the show for
a very, very competitive rate,

that nobody could top.

Very, very intelligent
move on his behalf.

- [Skyler] I first
started by contacting them

and telling them, "Hey
I'm the best promoter,

"I'm the best booking agent
you ever seen in the world,

"and, you know, I can
lay down so many shows,

"and this and that.

"I mean, we can book 30
in a month if you want."

I'm contacting the guys
and no one's talking to me.

Yeah, they're not
in the phone book.

"There he is.

"There's midget wrestler
right there, let's call him."

So, I started selling
'em and eventually...

- He filled my head
with the right words.

So then I came to Oklahoma

and went to work
for Skyler Ward.

I was one of the
first original six

that created this company.

The original six
members were Nasty Boy,

Short Sleeve
Sampson, Bronx Thug,

Bad Boy Brian, Tiny Terminator,

and the sixth guy's name but.
- What'd he look like?

- He was, well, he was a midget,

and he wore green tights
and he wore a mask.

They called him Little Bastard.

- Check one, two,
check one, two.

Welcome, to the main event.

[audience cheering]

[upbeat music]

- [L'il] Skyler just said,

"We're all gonna make money."

This man is a genius, he
knows how to make money.

He knows what makes money,
what doesn't make money.

♪ Who's you calling
a short stark ♪

♪ I know exactly ♪

- [Skyler] The name
was not my decision.

The name was decided between

about four or five
different names.

♪ Extreme Midget
Wrestling Federation ♪

We had Extreme Dwarf
Wrestling Federation,

Extreme Tiny
Wrestling Federation,

and something I
wanted to brand called

The Little Klondikes
Federation, which was a bomb.

- It's reality, you're not
sugar coating it again.

When you say Extreme
Midget Wrestling,

you know you're gonna
have extreme midgets.

- [Announcer] Are you ready?

"Extreme Midget Wrestling"
is here with us live.

The gravity divine,
ready to slam,

wham, and wrestle
for their fans.

You will not believe your eyes.

"Extreme Midget Wrestling,"

the baddest little
show on earth.

[indistinct chattering]

- [L'il] They didn't
wanna be called dwarfs,

and they did not wanna be tiny.

So, the name that everyone chose

was Extremely Midget
Wrestling Federation.

♪ Of the brave ♪

[crowd cheering]

- My mom's always
been a wrestling fan.

She'd go to the
matches constantly,

watching the big wrestlers,

and when the midgets
came into wrestle,

she decided to take me.

[crowd cheering]

- [Narrator] Li'l Nasty Boy!

- But after I'd seen
the midgets wrestle,

that's when it got to me.

That was, the first
time I've ever seen it.

But as soon as I see the
midgets enter the ring,

that's when I fell
in love with it.

I said this is what I
wanna do for my life,

right then and there I said,

"Mom, that's my
life right there.

"I see my life in front of me"

[audience cheering]

- Oklahoma, how
we doing tonight?

I'm gonna give the mic over
to our host and our MC,

Mr. Mike Crawford.

- I was the head of
security at a nightclub

and then they had
this LaBares dancing,

and Skyler worked there.

[lively cheerful music]

♪ Here we are ♪

- My entertainment
background, oh my goodness!

I was 18, and I went into a club

and I see these guys
that have these women

just hanging on them, you
know, just ridiculous.

So I asked the door guy, I go,

"Man, what's so
special about that guy?

"Who's that guy?"

And the guy tells me
he's a male dancer.

I said, you know,

at the time I think it was,

"Who the hell is
that cheesy guy?"

[dramatic music]

♪ Here we are ♪

Three or four months later,

I entered a best chest contest,

and I ended up in the
business, and two years later,

I ended up running the
business and booking shows.

- So Skyler did that and then
called me one day and said,

"Hey, I got this idea
about some midgets."

- Hey, it's Skinny Timmy

with Extreme Midget
Wrestling, the midget mafia.

I do what I want, when I
want, to whoever I want.

You think your bad?

Step in the ring
and I'll show you.

Mike Tyson ain't got
nothing on me, punk.

[cameraman laughs]

- I'm just looking
for something new.

- I had been in the wrestling
business for a long time.

He's like, "Man, I'm gonna
take these midget wrestlers

"all over the state."

'Cause he did it
with "U.S. Hunks."

He set up shows all
over the United States.

- Skyler got really burned
out on the male dancing.

Believe it or not,
they're kind of flaky.

- [Skyler] What I like about
the guys is their work ethic.

They're willing to
work and do the job,

and how tough they are.

[audience cheering]

- Basically I was
a club promoter,

and the club owner was like,
"I got this call today."

And he's like, "I think the
next thing we're gonna do

"is Midget Wrestling."

And I was like,
"Midget Wrestling?"

I was like, "That sounds crazy.

"I've never even heard of it."

So he gave me Skyler's number,

and I called him up,

and he was like, "Well,
we're fixing to go on tour.

"Would you like to
come on tour with us?"

- I'm telling all
the clubs like,

"Listen, I have the best show
you've ever seen in your life.

"Extreme Midget
Wrestling Federation,

"the number one night club
attraction in United States."

- So he was telling me he's
been doing this forever

with the midgets and
blah, blah, blah,

and all this crazy stuff,

and he talked me into it.

He picks me up and he
waits till we get like out

of the state, right,

and then he's like, "I have
something to tell you."

And I was like, "What's up?"

And he's like, "I've
never done this before."

I was like, "What do you mean,

"you've never done this before?"

He's like, "This is my first
tour with the midgets."

- Come on, ref!

One, two, three, down.

- Shoulder's up.

- And I was trying to ask him
questions and stuff like that

and he wouldn't
tell me, you know,

'cause he's paranoid
or whatever.

So, we go and we
go to the airport

and we're rolling up and we
see about six midgets outside.

He's like, "Damn, they
look good, they look good!"

So we pick them up,

and the van
transmission goes out

before we even hit
the first show.

And I remember
Nasty Boy was like,

"Great, this is great."

'Cause we just, we stole
those guys from another crew.

- God bless and good night.

[indistinct chattering]

- [Man] That's when
Nasty Boy left us,

and went to go work for Skyler.

- One again, I wanna
thank everybody,

coming out to the Fillmore
right here in Summer Springs.

[audience cheering]

- Me and Skyler paths crossed

back when we were
doing male dancing.

But when it came to
midget wrestling,

I don't even know when
and how he got involved.

And I'm like, "Okay, this is
a new trend for old strippers

"to become midget owners?"

It was kinda weird, so I'm like,

"Damn, I'm one of them guys now.

"I'm an old male dancer
owning Midget Wrestling."

[Harley laughs]

- It's your night!

[audience cheering]

- "Hey buddy, give me a call.

"This is Skyler.

"Let's get these
midgets going, come on."

I remember like he was
talking about the ring

when he was trying
to sell it to me.

And he was making all this up.

- If you can imagine sitting
there selling something

that you don't have,

I mean, not even just selling
something that you do have,

but you're selling something
that you don't have.

[Skyler laughs]

It was nuts.

- Because I tell it like it is.

[woman cheering]

And this is one thing I
gotta tell everybody here.

Your family lives in Oklahoma,

which is broke, poor,

and also fixed.

- Skinny Timmy, he
is very entertaining,

and he really knows how
to piss off a crowd.

I've had people throw stuff
at me and him all the time.

He's pretty much
almost started riots.

- You don't talk
about how Oklahoma

should be taken off the
face of the United States.

- Yeah, where are you from, bro?

- I'm from a worse state
that you've got, bro.

So I'm not going there.
- Yeah.

- Where was I born and raised?

In a little Mayberry town in
Indiana called Marion, Indiana.

There's hardly anything there.

There's no jobs.

You guys sooner or later
will be mowing my grass.

[crowd laughing]

- Always been an ill.

Well, the ill's the best.

- You show me the proper
respect that I deserve.

[crowd cheering]

- 'Cause they get more
excited, 'cause you're dirty.

And all of a sudden
they'll boo at you!

Then start saying, "Boo,
your dirty son of a!"


To me it was fun, you know.

It's all fun to me anyway.

[crowd booing]

- You know that you wish
your husband had some abs.

I've known ever since,

probably 5 or 6, I
wanted to be a wrestler.

Man, I've been watching
wrestling my whole life,

I knew everything
about wrestling.

I get paid to be a midget
and I'm not really a midget,

but I got to say I'm more
akin to the midgets, man,

because what they
don't understand is,

I've been called a
midget all my life.

Skyler Ward was the only dude
that gave me an opportunity

to be Skinny Timmy.

- Get back into the ring.

- Shut your mouth.

[man groans]
[audience cheering]

- [Mike] Because
it's really hard.

There's not a lot
of midgets out there

that wanna do this profession.

It's, you know, a
big guy profession.

You've got thousands
and thousands,

but you only have a
few select midgets

that wanna get out there
and get in the ring

and hurt their body.

[audience cheering]

'Cause he just get midgets that
didn't know how to wrestle.

He's like, "Man, I need you
to train some of the guys."

- Okay, do this for
me, get the ropes,

take a front flip
when I tell you.

[footsteps thumping]

Front flip.

[man thuds]

Try it again.

[playful dramatic music]

- Roger Littlebrook,
Lord Littlebrook is
the wrestling name,

came into town, and
when I seen him,

I went and spoke to him,

and I've asked him if I could
start wrestling with him,

if he'd train me.

He said, "No problem."

I want to start at the
age of 15 years old,

but he told me, he says,

"Well, you're a little bit
too young yet for this,

"come next year, then you'll
be able to start next year

"at 16 years old."

I said, "Fine," I said,
"I'll see you next year."

So when he came
the following year,

he picked me up.

I went over and lived
with him on the farm

in Havelock, Ontario, Canada,

80 acre farm, and this is
where he started training me.

[rooster cawing]

Roger was very strict.

Very, very strict on me.

It's gotta be done to the T.

- I'm gonna hit you right here.

- Yeah, monkey flip
him out of the corner.

Perfect, that's
what you gotta do.

- [Woman] Come on, Skinny
Timmy, you got this!

- Come on! Let's go.

Pull my hair!

- [Frenchy] Then the
next thing after that,

it's gotta be done
to the T as well.

- Man, that's it,
man, that's it.

- [Frenchy] So when
everything is ramped together,

and everything's put together,

it's done well
and it looks nice.

[man thuds]
[crowd cheering]

For me to train before
I got into the ring,

it took me a year.

A year of training,
every day, yeah.

Before I finally could
step into the ring

in front of the crowd.

[crowd cheering]

I was a pack of nerves
to be honest with you.

[crowd cheering]

[man thuds]

[crowd cheering]

- One, two, three.

[audience cheering]

- [Chris] We were
promoting shows now,

and we're bringing them
to all ages and families

and that audience
and that demographic.

And this is what
we wanna be doing.

So I want everyone to
have their money's worth.

- I don't think you
have a kid's mask.

[Skyler chuckles]

Yeah, you don't
have a kid's mask.

I got a tighter mask over there.

Yeah, come over here.

I think the kid's
masks are on this side.

- First time ever,
yes, it was great.

- I loved it,

it was awesome.
- It was awesome.

- Yes, I came by myself.

- [Reporter] Did you
have a favorite wrestler?

- Probably Fabio.

- Fabio.

- I want Fabio.

- My favorite is Fabio.

- [Announcer] Little Fabio!

[audience cheering]

- [Woman] We saw a poster

and we thought it would be
really cool to come watch.

- [Crowd] We love
Extreme Midget Wrestling.

- And I don't like Skinny.

- [Skinny] No, you don't!

- [Crowd] Yes, we do!

- [Skinny] No, you don't!

- [Girls] Yes, we do!

- No.

So I'm kind of stuck in
between being a big person

and being a midget.

So where do I go?

I don't know where I go.

I know that I'm cool with
the midget situation,

it's made me famous I gotta say.

- No.
- Yes.

- No.
- Yes.

- No.
- Yes.

[air whooshing]

- [Skyler] Our Texas
shows are, you know,

those are nightclubs shows

and I'm not trying to put
down nightclubs shows,

but that's where we started,

but that's not
where we wanna stay.

[indistinct chattering]

We wanna evolve.

We wanna evolve into, you know,

I always say the
Harlem Globetrotters.

Those guys started just
a little basketball team

and they, you know, they
got their uniforms right,

and the choreography,

and they had scripts,

and they were
promoting the show,

and they went from little high
school gyms into big arenas.

And that's what I
wanna see us do.

I wanna see us at the, you know,

the Ma and Pa Redneck
Bar, you know,

and then coming in to the
arenas like we did last night.

- Skyler is always
wanting to improve.

- There's basically two
people in the world.

There's people that
are being sold to,

and there are people
that are selling.

So, just look at every
situation on what you're doing.

Are you being sold
to the circumstance?

Are you the one
selling while you can?

And that's an important thing.

And the other thing
that you have to do,

is you gotta have
that little formula:

tools, team, process, recipe.

[upbeat music]

- [Announcer] DJ, play
that baby making music.

[crowd cheering]

What else you gonna do?

- I got chewed out over
a situation with Skyler.

- [Kevin] We do this grind
the midget bit with Rampage,

during intermission.

- All the ladies in the contest,

we need you in the ring, whoever
signed up for the contest,

we need you in the ring.

- And it was him
basically picking
females out of the crowd.

They would grind on
him like a stripper,

[crowd cheering]

and then the crowd
would choose a winner,

well then since, you know,

there is that return
the favor motto,

why not let Rampage
grind on her.

[crowd cheering]
- Get it, get it!

- Well, Rampage likes to take
that a little bit too far.

[crowd cheering]

- I love it personally.

I love to see it.

I think it's great.

Skyler hates it.

He doesn't wanna see it,

he doesn't want 'em doing it,

'cause what happens
is girls dance on him,

and then whoever wins,

he gives him the most
craziest lap dance ever.

I mean, he sucks their toes.

[crowd cheering]

I've seen some
pretty nasty stuff.

He would suck toes every night,

different toes every night.

- [Man] You're a
nasty motherfucker!

- Weenie wigglin',
okay, no more of that.

You know, I think
we can do wrestling,

and we can do mainstream,

and we can do, you know,
stuff for the families.

And this is, it's kinda
what I wanna get out of.

- [Rampage] Scream!

[crowd cheering]

- I kept telling the
guys don't do that,

don't do that kind of show.

They went ahead and did
it, and I'm really pissed,

because they did that whole
thing for about 20, 30 minutes,

and then there was a break
and we lost the crowd.

And they think it's great,

but sucking on a
big toe and dancing,

yeah, it's funny and everything,

but I think there's
a lot more we can do.

- [Ref] I wish somebody
could help him!

He's up, we need some help!

It looks like he's getting hurt!

- No one's listening to me.

We are short on the team
and the ref is a pig.

[crowd cheering]

[upbeat music]

- I kept watching wrestling,

and that's all I
could think about,

is how I could
become a wrestler.

Jimmy Superfly Snuka,
and Hulk Hogan,

I idolize them still,

they're still wrestling,
involved with wrestling,

and so am I, 31 years later.

I've wrestled with him,

and of course I can't forget
the greatest idol of my life.

Woo, the nature boy, Ric Flair.

I get excited every
time I see him.

- Nasty Boy, he's
been around for years.

I don't really wanna wrestle him

because he's just, he likes
to wrestle like, I don't know.

He likes to shoot on you.

You don't wanna get somebody
mad that's a shooter.

You don't wanna get cute
with them in the ring.

They'll put a hurtin' on you.

[crowd chattering]

Shooters are guys that really
can tie you up in knots

and hurt you.

I mean, I can't whoop him.

When he gets in the ring,
he gets a little arrogant,

and he's got a
reputation for stretching

and hurting other little guys.

He stretched me one
night in Florida.

That's kind of, I mean,

that's kind of why I don't talk
too much about him anymore.

- [Announcer] One swerve again
that challenge and a spear.

- [Kato] He's big
for a little guy.

He's a big midget, his arms
are bigger than some big guys.

I mean he's big.

I don't know to many little guys

that could take him in the ring.

- You have to give
credit to the bad guys.

'Cause if it wasn't
for the bad guys,

the good guys
wouldn't look good.

- Excuse me, I
heard your stutter.

Sit down and shut up.

[crowd laughing]

[indistinct chatter]

Don't make lay a whoopin' on
you like your momma shoulda.

[crowd booing]

There you go, American
gotta grab a big stick.

[crowd laughing]

- [Chris] I gotta say Nasty Boy

is one of the best
guys out there

because he can just
go over and be hated,

and he works with the crowd.

- You Nasty Boy.

[crowd laughs]

- [Chris] The crowd
feeds off of him.

They hate him,
they start booing.

He's mean, I mean,
he's really mean.

The guy is mean.

- He's little bit
meaner on stage too.

- The reason I am the
wrestler I am today

is because I went through eight
weeks in Calgary, Alberta,

at the Heart Camp.

That was the worst
pain in my life.

And they were known for like
just stretching your body

and making you feel
lots of physical pain,

and making you not wanna do it.

[stick thudding]

That's why it looks like
I can take a whooping

and a beating, and
I can still get up,

when I'm 48 years old and
these guys are 20, 25.

I wouldn't change anything
I did for anything,

because I've achieved
what I set out do.

A childhood dream.

I became who I wanted to become.

And I'm happy doing what I do

because this is me
being an entertainer.

- Ah, stop!

Ow, that hurts!

- Did I get the nipple?

- Yes.

- Yes!

- This is how Extreme
Midget Wrestling gets rich.

- [Wrestler] I'll give you 100.

- Where's your 100?

- It's in there.

- Give it to me.

- Let me see you lick it first.

- Mother fucking [speaking
in foreign language].

- What are you doing?

- Come on! Lick it.

- Give him the nipple.
- Dude!

- I wanna lick your nipple.

- Get it.

[guys laughing]

I will lick your nipple, ah!

- We make 150 a night,

and you guys are doing
degrading things for 50 bucks.

- You make 150 a
night, we don't.

- That's even worse.

- Yeah.

- [Frenchy] The way
you work is contract

or being paid by the gig.

Working that way with promoters,

I've always wrestled by
percentage of the crowd.

- Philadelphia, are you ready?

- An example, if you
wrestle and you ask

for that certain
amount of money,

and there's a big
freaking crowd,

we instead make 100
bucks, guaranteed,

that's what you asked for,

and you get a big crowd where
you could have made 500,

well, you won't get that.

[crowd cheering]

- What inspires these
guys is not so much money,

it's the fact that
they're idols,

[wrestler thuds]
[crowd cheering]

and it's really a
love of wrestling that
they get into this.

So the bumps and all
that that they're doing,

they're doing
because they love it.

[wrestler thuds]
[crowd cheering]

You know, with the
Federation that we have,

they make a lot more
money than they ever would

going to work in any show.

I remember being on the road

and getting gas and
getting food at McDonald's,

and I noticed, you know,
some kids kinda point

and then maybe making
a little bit of fun of,

and then I see him at the show,

where they're on center
stage and on the stage,

they're now a rockstar.

[crowd cheering]

- Daily life, when
you're walking,

like when we're all back home,

and you're walking
through a store

or through a mall or
anything like that,

you don't get the
same reaction you do.

But you did.
- No, you don't.

- They actually pointed at
you, taking pictures and.

- You get a much negative,
different reaction,

when you're back home
living your own life.

- I have a great team,
this team right here.

This is the midget mafia.

These guys are the best.

The bits of feedback
that I get on the road

from you guys is
just phenomenal.

- Skyler, I actually
have a question.

- [Skyler] Go for it.

- Like with all the
bookings and stuff,

are we getting like
a lot more bookings

where to the point
where we can get picky,

at what venues you
should play at,

or are you pretty much taking
anything that's offered to us?

Just a curiosity.

- Are you gonna say no to money?

- [Man] Huh?

- You're gonna say no to money?

- Well, if, no, it's.

- Are you gonna say no to money?

- No.

- That just answered
your question.

- No, what I was
saying was is like,

are we getting over
booked to the point

where we can start
getting a picture.

- Yes, better money.
- Better than a gig.

- Yeah, better money,
better everything.

- But you gotta take
the good with the bad.

It's not all gonna be gravy.
- Yeah.

- That's road life.

- When you're a midget wrestler,

you don't just stay
in one federation.

You're indie, I mean,

you go to all different
types of federations.

[dramatic music]

- [Announcer] Tokio makes a tag.

There comes little Koto.

Little Koto and
Lord Littlebrook.

[audience cheering]

- My father wrestled
for many years.

He wrestled all over the world.

So he'd wrestle for a
month or two with WWF,

there was AWA out
of Minneapolis,

there was NWA out of Atlanta,

and then he would be
in Tennessee wrestling
for the Jared's.

I mean, he traveled all over.

Actually the indie circuit now
is more than it used to be.

And the reason
why is 'cause WWE.

Mr. McMahon, he just took out
all the other big federations.

- There's lots of politics and
controversy back in the day

and it became a
derogatory statement to
use the word midget.

- So people just started
doing indie shows.

[crowd cheering]

- [Announcer] He gets a duplex.

He's the strongest midget.

- Once in a blue moon, you'd
actually get a midget match

on the indie circuit
'cause most time,

a lot of your indie
federations have one little guy

who lived close by, that
did know how to wrestle,

but he didn't have another
little guy to wrestle.

[crowd chattering]

Through me getting a phone
list of each one I'd meet

on this federation,
this federation,

this federation, you know, we
started trading numbers up.

- [Announcer] You
need to stop drinking

before you come to work.

- You know, then for Li'l
Nasty Boy, for example,

up in Oregon, needed
somebody to come up

and wrestle him on
that federation.

His promoter of that
federation would fly me

or somebody else in
or somebody else in.

Each month they'd have a
genuine little midget division.

And then we just
started realizing

that we got each other's
phone numbers on,

we could keep the
momentum going.

[comical upbeat music]

The flowchart of
midget wrestling

was like a carnival circus act,

one match, comedic, slapstick,

make everybody laugh.

- [Announcer] They really
need a full lightweight.

- [Skyler] Sky Low
Low, Little Beaver,

on into Lord Littlebrook.

Lord Littlebrook kinda brought
it up to where it became,

people remembered the
midget wrestlers' names

and became somewhat fans.

Then midget wrestling kind of
died off for several years.

[upbeat music]

Then came the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em.

It was a sports circus.

On into Micro Wrestling
Federation, Halftime Brawlers,

on into Micro
Championship Wrestling,

then Extreme Midget
Wrestling Federation.

- [Skyler] Do you know what
I do and it's really hard?

We have to get three or four
shows together at one time,

if we don't, we're in a hole.

It's a gamble each week.

[Rampage snoring]

The way that we're doing it
now is we have to get in a van,

drive sometimes all night,

[crowd cheering]

break the ring down,

do the next city same thing
over and over and over again,

and it wears the guys out.

- Ah, my back!

[gentle uplifting music]

Las Vegas is important to me
in Extreme Midget Wrestling

because we were looking
for a venue to where,

rather than us
going to the people,

we have the people coming to us.

Every week it's a whole
new crew of people

that come in and out,

people that are gonna come in

and possibly buy
tickets for our show.

It's not an easy
town to get into,

you gotta know somebody
just to get in,

somebody who has
contacts, who's connected

with all the casinos'
entertainment directors.

[crowd cheering]

In 2012, we did our
show at the Riviera.

Tremendous success, we sold
out their little auditorium,

had 1,000 people.

We did about nine shows there.

All of them were sold out.

As a test run, I
thought it was perfect.

Has the Plaza had a
lot of shows there?

- Yeah, now they
have a group called

the Fat Pack, I think, there,

it's kinda, but it's not
gonna keep, you know,

it's not a real viable show,

it's not drawing a lot of
people or anything like that.

I gotta take this.
- I got you.

- What's up, Frankie?

No camera.

- [Skyler] You know, it's
not always what you have,

but it's also who you know,

and how much money you got in
your pocket to promote a show.

- [Steve] Yeah, that's.

- I gave you a copy of
that, do you have it?

- [Steve] By the time we pay,
let's say eight performers,

how many performers do you
think we're gonna have to add?

- [Skyler] Eight high paying.

[upbeat music]

- You know, my wife,
she's getting to the point

where she's tired
of being alone.

And you know, I can't
be mad at her, man.

I leave her there for months
upon months by herself.

Man, I've always had a
thing for midget girls.

[crowd cheering]

It's hard to find
a fake midget girl.

It really is, I've been looking,

but I never thought
in my wildest dream

that I would be married
and have a baby.

I mean, I was there
for when he was born,

but then again the road
called and I was gone.

So technically, I
think I'm a bad husband

'cause I put my wife and
family on the back burner.

Wrestling ain't
nothing without my son.

It's been a great
nine years, man.

But I gotta jet on home,

take care of my daddy

This is Skinny Timmy
saying a farewell.

- Skinny Timmy, ever
since I've known him,

he's been on tour with us
for almost three years.

And I've heard him
say a million times

that he's gonna quit.

But he never quits.

He always calls back, "I'm
ready to come out, man.

"I'm ready to wrestle,
Skinny Timmy."

[crowd cheering]

- Michael Anthony Coletti,

[crowd cheering]

they call me Midget MAC,
'cause that's my initials.

It's just me, it's what I do.

I MAC on ladies.

- [Announcer] Good
evening, Woodrow!

[crowd cheering]

- [MAC] Y'all ain't loud enough!

- Gotti, he's new.

We started the new
guys off as a referee,

so they can watch, they learn,

instead of just
throwing them out there

to get their ass kicked.

- Hey, hey, come on.

[crowd cheering]

Get back in the ring.

- [Interviewer] Did
you go to college?

- Yes, I did go to college.

[wrestler groans]

I went for criminal justice.

- [Announcer] Here's our
little wrestling ranger!

[crowd cheering]

- And at the time, I couldn't
find anything in the career.

So after I went to job
coy for carnie jobs.

I did work at McDonald's,

[crowd cheering]

and they gave me
like a step stool,

but, like, it worked for me.

But everybody else,
they pretty much saw me

as like a hazard in the kitchen.

[crowd cheering]

- Can y'all give me some
feedback on Gotti over there,

the wrestling ranger?

Okay, last time he did
not improve at all.

[crowd cheering]

Gotti, let's see, I did
talk to him about working.

Some guys says it's
gonna take him longer.

So, we work with guys as
long as it really takes,

and it really falls back on us.

That's our responsibility.

- Let's practice that one, okay.

- Okay.

- You wanna give you.

'Cause he ain't
wrestling me every night.

I wanted to look good too,

and that's why I want
him to look good.

So, I'm trying to guide
him, trying to teach him,

and he listen, so that's good,

'cause if you don't listen,
then we gonna have a fight.

Ready, ready, ready.

You know why?

'Cause I don't wanna
look stupid in the ring.

- One, two.

- Just go out there and have fun

and show this place what we do.

One, two, three.

- [Men] Midgets!

[crowd cheering]

- Now, my dad always taught me,

whatever you're doing,
you gotta be 110%.

[crowd cheering]

You gotta prove them
that you can do this,

because you're short.

I was young, it's hard,
'cause they pushed me around,

[crowd cheering]

and I fight back.

Don't push me, no,
don't touch me.

And then they call me midgets.

The midgets word,
it doesn't hurt me.

[crowd cheering]

My dad always says that
you gotta accept people,

they gonna call you
midget all the time

for the rest of your life.

So you gotta accept that now.

So I accept it, I'm a midget.

- Fuck you, you fucking midget!

- Whatever people
says, I don't care.

You know, just brush it
off, you know what I mean?

[crowd cheering]

We went to appointments.

The doctor offered that
they can make me taller,

put an extension in
my knee and my elbow.

And I said, "Let's do it."

You know, I don't wanna
short forever, you know.

But my dad said, "No, you
know, you don't want that,

"because that can
hurt you, you know.

"It can mess up your body."

And I cried, you
know what I mean?

I'm like dang.

For a long time I said, "Why?"

And I kinda like
got mad at my dad,

[crowd cheering]

but I see why, you know.

I see why he said no.

[crowd cheering]

And so I said, "Thank
you, thanks dad."

You know?

- Well, me and
Eddie, we're in a,

we played basketball
three years ago?

- Yeah.

- In Nashville, that's
the first time we met.

But all of us in the same teams,

it's called the statements.


[crowd applauding]

- [Frenchy] I trained
quite a few of them.

Most of them are
basketball players,

and they trained to
wrestle instead of,

other than basketball.

[crowd cheering]

- [J-Mazing] I learned my
wrestling from Frenchy Lamont.

He's also a legend of
being a major wrestler.

[crowd cheering]

I met him in Canada
during a basketball,

and he taught me the wrestling,

and basically
everything that I know.

[crowd cheering]

- He came from the Philippines.

Some of them are
easy than others,

but him, we just kinda
connected, you know?

[man thuds]
[crowd cheering]

He just had that
knack about him.

[crowd cheering]

- College, it was a totally
new experience for me,

because coming up
through high school,

graduating with
honors, you know,

when I was being used to
like being the smart one

and everything, and
then you get to college.

- [Crowd] Fuck Fabio,
fuck Fabio, fuck Fabio!

- [Fabio] And it was just
so much more difficult.

You know, you started
thinking, okay,

maybe I'm not as smart as
I thought I was, you know?

- [Crowd] Stop being a bitch.

Stop being a bitch.

Stop being a bitch.

I never really watched
wrestling at all, growing up.

It wasn't until high school,
one of my best friends,

he'd be like, "No, no,
dude, you gotta watch this."

And he plays out there and
I'll be like, "Yeah, faking."

He's like, "No, no, rewind it."

And he'd like, make it
go like in slow motion

so I could see the
impact of the hit.

And from that moment, I just
became obsessed with it.

I was over at his
house one night,

and Air Paris called
him up and said,

"Hey, you know, we've
got this show going on

"in Cedar County, Georgia.

"I really need to
find a midget."

This guy, he's like,

"Dude, I got one at
my house right now!"

He was like, "Really?
Put him on the phone.

"Hey, how do you
feel about wrestling

"a guy named Skinny Kenny?"

How bad could it be, you know?

His name is, Skinny
Kenny all ready.

[dramatic music]

He weighed probably
400 plus pounds.

I was absolutely terrified.

- [Interviewer] What pushed
you to go through with it?

- Just the love of
wrestling, I guess.

Well, that, and they kinda did
just shove me out of curtain.

Most of the guys that I wrestled

for my first year and
a half, two years,

they were all tall guys.

This was on the independence.

I actually used to work
for a promotion called RPW,

Rampage Pro Wrestling.

They do biweekly
television tapings,

and there was a manager
there, he came out.

He had a big white
suit, you know,

big white cowboy hat,

kinda resembled Boss Hogg
from "Dukes of Hazzard,"

we used to call
him Charlie Cash.

They brought me into the
show to be Pocket Change.

- [Commentator] What's
going on in the ring?

What's going on in the ring?

Pocket Change and Charlie
Cash, they're not wrestlers.

- I was basically his mini me.

[crowd chattering]

Wrestling, I guess is
probably what really got me

to break out of my shy shell.

The thing that
shocked me the most,

is like with the ladies,

[wrestler thuds]
[crowd cheering]

'cause I'm like, "Well, maybe
I am like semi-attractive

"or something, I don't know."

[Fabio laughing]

- It's Fabio right
here with my woman!

He's getting naked in a minute.

- I've heard people be like,
"How much is it for a midget?

"I want that guy over there."

- Every woman's bucket list.

- You might think
you're tall and stuff,

but dynamite comes
in small packages.

[woman laughing]

- There you go,
that's the truth.

She's been after you
guys for a while.

[woman laughs]

- [Woman] I don't even know yet!

[everyone laughs]

- So do we bring you a condom?

- You know it is true
they get a lot of women,

but they don't know
what to do with.


- Ooh boy, it's been a while
since I had a girlfriend

to be honest with you.

[woman shouting]

- Hey?
- How're you doing?

Filipino girl.
- Filipino girl.

- Oh, the Filipino girl.

- When was this?

In Utah, right?

- Yeah, it was in Utah.
- No.

- Like, yeah, it was in Utah.
- It was in Utah.

- Yeah, and she came over to me

and I talked to
her for a minute,

and then I asked her where
she was from or something,

and she said she was Filipino.

I was like, "J-Amazing,
yeah, little tiny midget,

"this one, he's Filipino too."

She's like, "Oh really?"

Then she set out to find him.

- Was she from the
Philippines too?

- Yeah, she's Filipino.

- Me and Mike go way back.
- Yeah, really?

- Like five seconds.
- How far, five seconds?

- She's Puertorican,
I'm telling you.

You don't know?
- Pretty crazy.

- Come on, Texas!

Pick up your A-game, right?

- Where did you come from?

We love you.
- I'm from New York.

- Donny.

- Doony, Emily,
pleasure to meet you.

- Nice meeting you too.

- I haven't really wrestled yet.

But when he brings me out,
I'm called Little Thrasher.

- Why don't we call you gigolo?

- How about, no.

- Just a little gigolo.

- [Emily] Wait, why
are you guys in town?

Here in St.Louis?

- Midget wrestling.

- Don't tell me it's a
dream, are you serious?

You're dream sellers!

- Skyler's talking
shit, I don't gigolo.

- I swear I thought you
had a little black book.

- No.
- Yeah.

- No.
- Seriously.

[Emily wooing]

Skyler, I was thinking
about wrestling in my room.

- Naked?

- Exactly.

- That was how Johnny Flores

will scare a woman
away right there.

- What, yeah.

- Thanks Johnny.

Johnny, they talk
to you and they run.

Have you noticed that?

- Have you noticed
that with Rampage?

- No.

- What did I do?


- You carry that box around?

- What box around?

You've seen my box.

It's full of my shaving stuff.

And stuff to look
pretty for the night.

- See, gigolo-ing.

- I'm trying to pull bitches.

I don't do it for money.

[window bangs]

[crowd cheering]

- From little rock in Arkansas,

you love him or you hate him.

Make some noise
for Li'l Rampage!

[crowd cheering]

- See, I had a grandma.

We always had to sit
there and watch wrestling.

We used to watch every
Monday, Thursday, Sunday.

One of us or her kids,

they gotta make sure that
she has got some KFC chicken,

or some skins.

If she ain't got no skin,

she's not watching wrestling.

If she ain't got no KFC,

she's not watching
wrestling either.

Her favorite guy was The Rock

and that was my
favorite guy too.

[audience cheering]

That's who used to
take care of me.

That's who used to be the mama.

To tell the truth, I
like being the size I am.

I got here, I got a baby mama.

She's like, nobody call
me or her son a midget.

'Cause my little
boy, he a midget too.

I really tried to work
it out with my baby mama.

I thought she was the
baddest chick I ever had.

So, she was a stripper,
I was a stripper.

She was a hoe, I was a hoe.

I'll be honest, I was a pimp.

- We did a show in Little Rock.

So he came out for it

and he did his
little strip thing.

The next day I convinced him.

I was like, "Well, are you
gonna come on tour with us?"

He was like, "Well, we gotta
go to my parents' house."

And I was like,
"Oh my God, dude.

"You're like in your 20s,

"and we gotta go to
your parents' house?"

- Sitting next to mom's
house, living at home.

He was pimping at mom's.

- He wanna come
with the jokes too.

- His whole family's
outside waving goodbye.

They probably had
a party afterwards.

- Rampage.
- Rampage.

- Not a big fan.

- It is what it is,
Rampage's gonna do Rampage.

You know, some guys
come into this company,

you know what I'm saying?

They think they stars
'cause they been on TV.

- He had a very big head
when he first came in

from doing the male
stripping thing.

- They say I'm a whinin'
baby, wanna get my way.

- He refused to sit in
the back of the van.

He had to have front seat,

otherwise he would
raise all kinds of hell.

- He's just cocky.

- Ah, nah, I ain't
sitting back there.

Oh, you can sit back there.

- Everybody in this company,
somewhere down the road,

does not like Rampage.

- It ain't all about
what they think.

- Rampage is running naked
down the hotel rooms, you know,

down the hallways, and back
and forth and screaming.

And it's like
Rampage, calm down.

- You know it's
gonna freak you out

if you get a knock on the door

and you see a little black
midget sitting there naked

just staring at you.

[Rampage laughing]

- Yeah, it's pretty hard
to get fired around here.

- You know, Skyler Ward, I
think he is a good person.

I know I messed up
a lot with Skyler,

like, I blew one of his vans.

Well, actually to be real,
I blew two of his vans up.

- [Skyler] He was chaos, terror.

- I was hitting the gas
real hard, it wouldn't go.

[upbeat music]

- [Kevin] This drunk
intoxicated person,

decided to pick a
fight with Rampage.

[crowd cheering]

I jumped in the middle of
this and he gets mad at me.

He balls up his fist.

[guys yelling]

- Too damn old for this crap.

- I've tried to talk to Rampage.

It's like talking to a
rock or a wall or anything.

- [Crowd] Rampage,
Rampage, Rampage!

- This is why you need to
talk to Chris and Skyler.

You're the road manager.

- I've talked to Chris and
Skyler, everybody's talked.

- They've gotta do something.

They baby him too much.

[crowd cheering]

- [Skyler] Kevin
Bradshaw, Road Manager.

I give a lot of props to any
manager that has to do that.

- Ow!
- Ah!

- Hey, I'm in the
middle of this!

Somebody didn't
put on deodorant.

Put some fucking deodorant
on in the mornings.

- Six, seven, eight little
people in the van is horrible.

- You want anything, my child?

My cranky little bundle of shit?

- Shut the fuck up, man.

- [Kevin] Hold on, hold on.

- There's gonna be
a fight every day.

Everything is in there.

Like the germs, you know,
the anger, everything.

That van is nasty.

- You start washing
your hands sometimes.

- Keep watching out
for my sticky ass hoes.

- They will drive you crazy.

One guy who wants
to go to Walmart,

one guy wants to go to the bank.

- I call Denny's.

- Let's go see a movie.

- This guy wants to do this,

this guy don't wanna do that,

he don't wanna eat there,

he wants to eat there.

- Are we stopping again?

- [Chris] You can't do
nothing to keep them happy.

One of them's always pissed off.

I mean, you just
can't keep them happy.

- We just ate!

- I said I'm not even hungry.

- [J-Mazing] I know.

- I know!

- [Skyler] I wanna see the
guys in a better vehicle.

You look in the van
and you got six guys,

six to eight guys are sleeping
on the floor back there,

and it doesn't look
too comfortable.

They're not getting good sleep.

And when they
wrestle every night,

they really need to
be in a bed, you know?

Lettin' their legs kind of heal,

and you need a lot
of rest to heal.

And if you're bouncing
around in the van,

trying to get rest that
way, it's not full rest.

♪ Dealing with it all ♪


The sun, the life, baby.

- Skyler is a very
paranoid person

because he has been kicked in
the balls by so many people.

- [Woman] Are you
done with your drink?

- Why can't I bring this in?

- [Woman] Can you
drink it outside?

- [Skyler] This is a medicine.

- [Woman] This?

- Yes, medicine.

I have a cold.

Hey, what are you doing?

- [Chris] I got a call today
from the guy in Charlotte,

and he was telling me
that somebody called him,

and they said that they
were a midget named James,

that used to work for us,

and that we were
canceling the show.

- See, that's why
I'm so secretive.

- And a male dancer thing.

You know, girls wanna see
new meat all the time.

They wanna see new guys.

So you can just can't
keep coming back

with the same guy, same guy.

So what we do, we
exchange numbers,

exchange the venues, for a
girl to see different stuff.

But when it came to midget
wrestling, it's top secret.

- It's just bullshit.

It's bullshit in the
entertainment business.

Some little fuckhead calls up

and saying we're
canceling our show.

- But then you got people
undercutting like Skyler,

who would come back behind you,

find out your venue and cut you.

And just to get
the gig from you.

- Nobody likes when
you make money.

- [Woman] That's okay.

- This is a fucking war.

- [Chris] Trying to
fuck our shit up.

It's time to go to war, player.

- That's right, motherfucker.

- [Chris] It's time
to get gangster.

- That's right, bitch,
I like that shit!

Pumpin' me up!

You know, when I first
started the company,

I didn't have everyone sign.

And that's when I
learned about contracts.

I get all my midget
wrestlers kidnapped.

We were this beautiful
family, you know,

me being the Vince
McMahon of Midget Wresting

and them being just
loyal midget wrestlers

and all of a sudden,

about three, four
or so jumped ship

and went to someone else.

- [Man] Who was the macaroni?

- Macaroni.
- Jim Macaroni.

- Fat Jim.

[dramatic suspenseful music]

♪ Fuck you ♪

- [Skyler] I call
him Jim Macaroni.

And he doesn't have
any of my respect

to even say his last name.

We just call him Macaroni.

- This Macaroni guy
booked us in New York.

And soon as we pull up, he
comes out, this Macaroni guy,

and I didn't like
him right away.

This guy was just like rude
as hell and just slimy.

He's a big, fat, slimy guy.

And some weird things
started happening.

Like first, I go outside
and the van won't start.

[engine roaring]

- [Skyler] Macaroni,
sly cat, little weasel.

He unplugs our fuel
pump to our van

so that the van had
ended up in the shop.

You remember the guy
from Buffalo, New York?

- That boy from New York.

- I ain't like him
to tell the truth.

He took us to Arby's.

What kind of promoter
would take you to Arby's?

♪ Cheesy ♪

♪ Sleazy ♪

- Next thing I know,

Rampage is telling
me this Macaroni guy

is gonna start his own company,

and all these guys are
gonna work for him.

I guess some of the guys

they weren't really
happy about pay.

- Things were a little bit edgy.

- These guys, they would just
go wherever the works at.

If you give them 20 shows a
month, they will work for you.

They'll stick to you
and stay by your side.

You give them five shows
a month, they're gone.

- And then the
next thing I know,

Skyler calls me and he's like,

"They all went with Macaroni."

And the only one we
had left was Rampage.

- Rampage not going
was Fat Jim' decision,

and Bad Boy's decision,
and well, Nasty's decision,

and everybody's decision
to be honest with you.

- Rampage would have never
went with him anyways.

Rampage is like the
loyalest guy ever.

- I was promised the moon
and I was not given my moon.

I was given a load of crap.

- [Fabio] We were
sleeping in our tour van

which was this old busted
up ice cream truck.

- [Announcer] That's
cold, Macaroni.

- [Fabio] We had shows at
North Dakota, South Dakota,

where it got to -20 degrees.

And we were just like bundled
up in these sleeping bags.

Basically just
trying to stay warm.

- [Announcer] Ice cold.

- He tried calling one
of my midgets one time,

and I was like, "Okay."

I was like, "Well,
give me the phone.

"I'm gonna pretend
I'm your brother."

So I get him on the phone,

I was like, "What's up, man?

"You want my little brother?"

He's like, "Yeah man,
I like to use him."

And I was like,
"Fuck you, Macaroni!"

I was like, "This is me,
you know what I'm saying?"

♪ Fuck you, Macaroni ♪

And he's like,
"Oh man, oh, man."

I was like, "You just
live with your mom.

"You ain't nothing but a big
fat slimy piece of shit."

♪ Cheesy ♪

♪ Sleazy ♪

I was like, "Fuck
you, Macaroni."

♪ Fuck you, Macaroni ♪

When everyone jumped ship,

we had Rampage and
we had Skinny Timmy.

We got on the phone
one more time.

Call and call and
I found Baby Jesus

and Little Devil out there.

I was accused of taking
my whole team and leaving.

I did not take anybody with me.

- Nasty Boy, we finally
let him come back.

But when he came back,
we treated him like
shit for a while.

[crowd cheering]

- Without skipping a beat,
we just went down the road,

and we're still here today.

Three years later.

- I still had to say,
"Fuck you, Jim Macaroni,

"New York slime ball."

♪ Fuck you, Macaroni ♪

♪ Fuck you, Macaroni ♪

♪ Cheesy ♪

♪ Sleazy ♪

- [Skyler] That's
funny, Jim Macaroni.

Yeah, it's competition.

It's all fair in love
and war and business.

We're Americans.

[upbeat music]

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Killing all my attitude ♪

♪ I've been on a heavy crew ♪

♪ I'm about to make a move ♪

♪ Walking harder in my shoes ♪

♪ Wait for what
I'm about to do ♪

♪ I'ma walk all over you ♪

♪ Walk all over you ♪

♪ You, you ♪

♪ Dangerous, dangerous ♪

♪ Ride it up, ride it up ♪

♪ Dangerous, dangerous ♪

- Like this job,

yeah, they're harsh
on me, they're mean,

but when I went back home,

my family even told me, "You
seem more of a man now."

- Mr. Perez here was telling me

that you guys are
kinda mean to him.

What's going on?

- I think it's just
like the hazing

that I haven't been
in the ring yet.

[Skyler laughs]

- The hazing?

- Jonny, a lot of your
stuff that comes to you,

you bring on yourself.

- How so?

- You can't go out there
and be Mr. Arrogant Cocky.

I'm the new guy, I'm.

- Almost a fruit loop.

- I say you test the water.

- I thought we took
it easy on you.

- Really?

- I'm gonna hit you.

You ready?


[guys laughing]

- Hit him.

- I'm gonna hit you.
- No.

- I'm gonna hit you.
- No.

Enough's enough.

- Come on, come on.

- I ended up with a ribber.

All wrestlers get that.

That's a great tradition.

That's the way we get blessed.

Because it's like
a gift in a way.

It's like a gift.

It's something that
you never forget.

I don't care how old you are.

[Fabio laughs]

- It's like Harry
fricking Potter.

- Some jokes are good.

Some jokes are bad.

Some ribs I don't believe.

I don't believe in,
because they're too.

It becomes another bit no more.

- You look like a fruit cake.

Fucking jackass dude.

- When you green, green
as grass, you don't know.

- Get on the ground, bitch.

- Get on the ground?

- Get on the fuckin' ground!

- Oh my shit!

Oh my shit!

Oh, oh, oh shit!

Who's going on the ground?

Who's going down,
what's the guy?

- [Fabio] Am I gonna
get to see any punches?

- This is some funny shit.

- Gotti, don't be a pussy.

- [Rampage] He about
to be in a minute.

Y'all wanna bet?

- [Gotti] So just, hey,
throw him back on the ground

and pull your dick out again.

- That's what I'm about to do.

- [Gotti] It's still neutral.

Here we go, here we go.

- [Gotti] Oh, swing on.

- [Fabio] Quit playing grab-ass.

- But I'm watching you
there squealing there, dude.

- Get off of me!

- You good, you good?

- You better move
before I punch him.

Wait till we out the van.

- We're family.

Like you said, we're family.

[everyone laughing]

- You're gonna have to become
Rampage's bitch tonight.

Get on the ground, bitch.

- Shut the fuck up.

Shut the fuck up.

Say another fuckin' word!

- Another fuckin' word.

- Say another fuckin' word!

- Another fuckin' word.

- [Gotti] Uh, oh.

Uh, oh.

Uh, oh.

Stop it right there.

- Stop the van!

- [Gotti] Dude, that's
the best view right there.

- Just go get the
fuck out my way.

Before I hit you on your
motherfucking face too.

- [Gotti] He said stop, so.

- Stop, nigga, if you don't
get the fuck out of here,

I'm gonna bust
your fucking face.

Don't play with
me like that dude.

- When I was in high school,

there was this bully that I had.

And then he comes up
and tries to pick on me,

and then tries to
pick a fight with me,

and then you know how kids are,

they pull out their
camera phones,

and once I see like
three camera phones out,

I just thought to
myself, "Great,

"if you let him
beat your ass now,

"you look like a pussy for
the rest of your school year."

So I just had to do
something about it,

and then, yeah.

- [Woman] What'd you do?

- F'd him up.

And he didn't look at
me in the eye ever again

till the school year was over.

Left me alone, like.

- That's a beautiful story.

- [Rampage] Hey, you
wanna be my bitch?

- [Jonny] I was just asking.

- Hey, do you wanna be?

- I was asking.

- You wanna be?

- No.

- Do you wanna be?
- No.

- I was asking.

- Get out of my face.

- [Skyler] I stay out of it.

I call myself the mother of
10 illegitimate children.

- What you major in?

- History and political science.

- One day he's gonna be
teaching our youth of America.

- Show y'all what
it's all about.

- Are we playing for money?

I need $5 so I
could eat tomorrow.

- Let me get two
all the way down.

He about to be out of $5.


Drop that money.

- $10.

You and me, $10.

All right.
- All right.

- You got $10 right now?

- [Jonny] I don't, but I'll
pay you back if I lose.

Swear to god.

- Break them up.

- All right.

- Ah!

Good game, dog.

- Yeah.


- [Rampage] Hey, it's
better honey than anybody.

Anybody see that, what
the fuck was that, dude?

- You gotta hit the ball.

- Skyler, he loved the guys.

It was like having a
bunch of, you know,

brothers that work together.

- I know, I know.

I realize that.

Don't yell at me,
you little bitch.

- Let's go to this other bar.

- What other bar?

- It's got naked girls
dancing on the bar,

and free food, and
drinks are half price.

- [Deedra] You know, he
really loved the guys.

He took a big interest in them.

- I see why people
pick on you now.

- Why?

- You got a little
bit of a mouth on you.

[upbeat music]

- [Deedra] It didn't seem like

it was just business
to him anymore.

Like it was his little family.

He wanted to give them work
where they could make a living.

He had promised them
the sun and the moon

at the beginning,

to get them just to
pay attention to him.

Skyler wasn't very
close to his family.

Sometimes he's a closed
book on a lot of things,

and he doesn't show
emotion very often.

It was definitely not
good on our relationship.

- [Skyler] I am on
the market right now.

I just got out of a
10 year relationship.

Business definitely
plays a part of it.

To run a business, you
have to be dedicated.

I mean, I remember,
hey, it's Thanksgiving.

I can get in here and
get some extra work done

to get ahead.

I have a joke about wanting
to write a book called

"Why not to start a business."

And tell them all the things

that you're gonna
have to sacrifice.

- That man was a working fool.

Driving down the highway,

he was on his computer, on
his phone, making us money.

- I liked to tour when
he was like that though.

'Cause if anything happen,

he gonna make sure it's
done, right then and there.

Flat tires, guys
don't got no money,

you hungry, right there.

Now one of us going back there,

we'd be two hours
sitting in the desert,

like we got a flat,

we gotta wait two hours guys,

till the trailer get fixed.

- No sweat on my back.

I mean, I got dirt
on some people.

I just don't talk bad,
and I don't sling mud.

- You have to let us know.

I went up to Rampage and
asked him, I was like,

"Hey, do you have
some guests coming?"

And he's like, "Yes,
I told Skyler."

I was like, "Why didn't
you not let me know?"

He goes, "Because
I let Skyler know."

I go, "Skyler is not here."

He started blowing up in my
face, calling me a bitch.

Here you go, take a break.

You're off for tonight.

- Someone being derogatory,

or they just trying to
act like they're the man?

- I believe because you black.

I'ma dock you, buddy.

I'ma dock you.

- Someone's docking you
'cause you're black?

- No, it ain't because of that.

But, I don't know
anyone he docked.

- [Skyler] So you're
saying you're the only one

that's been docked?

- [Rampage] Yeah.

- And other guys
haven't been docked?

- [Rampage] No.

- Do you remember me sending
Nasty Boy home for two weeks?

- No.
- Two weeks, it was a month.

- I'm out here to make money.

- We are all out here for that.

- I mean right here.

- I wanna to point out though,

is you think like you're the
only one being picked on,

there's other people
who've been disciplined,

and there's other people
that have lost money.

But what I'm saying
is, you know,

I'm gonna be honest with you,

your name does come up a lot
for controversy and drama, so.

- I'm Rampage, it's
gonna come up a lot.

- Okay, I agree with you.

- If the company could
be better without me,

hey, oh, well.

- [Skyler] Alrighty.

- [Rampage] That's
how I feel about it.

- [Skyler] All right.

- Rampage, you're going down.

I hope you quit, man.

If you wanna go home and cry

because you're not
gonna get your way,

you gotta put your
big boy pants on

and go home and check it out.

- One thing in business, you
never embarrass your boss.


- [Kevin] Hey, Rampage, Fabio,

you're gonna like this one.

I even paid him an
extra 20 bucks, too.

- Basically, special Kev payed
me a little extra tonight

to make sure your
Rampage stays in line,

get the job done.

- You need somebody like me

that makes sure you
guys stay in line.

So, how many are ready
for some midgets?

[crowd cheering]

This is not Rampage Extreme
Midget Wrestling show.

I've been waiting for this
match all night, you guys.

You think you can say,
do, whatever you want,

just because you're a midget,

and on top of
that, you're black.

You can't play
those types of cards

and think that you can
get in life like that.

The cards you need
to play are the ones

that you don't burn any
bridges, you build them.

[dramatic music]

And you know, you're not
gonna take any advice from me,

or any lessons, or
anything I wanna teach you,

I'm gonna ignore it,

and you're gonna be
put on the back burner,

and I'm gonna forget about you.

These heads will rock, I
like it to be a sponge.

He could soak in a
lot of information.

He could be smart,
but he chooses to be,


I'm just gonna leave that one
blank for people out there.

[crowd cheering]

[crowd cheering]

- I'll be feelin' in, baby,

no different than
any other match.

- [Woman] And how about
Rampage, how's he doing?

- He got the worst of it.

- [Woman] So, are you
guys cool with each other

after a match like that?

- Being the first match
you gotta, you know,

you really gotta start the
show off with a bang, you know,

to keep them into
it, get 'em into it,

'cause you wanna leave a good
first impression, you know,

when the show starts.

- [Woman] You pissed?

- No.

- [Woman] Are you all right?

- [Kevin] We all fight like.

- What'd you think?

- It's all resolved and over
with at the end, we just.

- We're finished.

- Well, there's some things
that have to be done.

I mean, we don't like doing it.

No, but it's some things
that just have to be done.

- [Rampage] I think
Nasty Boy's great,

'cause he trained with me,
you know what I'm saying?

But, I'm not close
to him that way.

They all turn on you, you
know, like Skyler said to me.

- You know where
Moneybags buyers is that?

I remember, yep.

Let's go back over
what that meeting was,

'cause right now they're
not really seeing it.

- And they don't wanna
give us the ballroom.

Then I don't know
that they have a space

for us to work there, you know.

If he's not making money
or at least breaking even,

and getting the big
drop in the casino,

he's not gonna stay
with it either.

- [Skyler] Right.

- [Steve] And a deal
is not a good deal

unless it is a win-win.

And it's not gonna stick
or last if it's not, so.

- [Skyler] We were looking
for another place to play,

and Steve Moneybags, he
decided not to invest.

He dropped out and didn't
want to go through with it.

So he's just playing it safe.

And that's cool.

[indistinct chatter]

- Hey, man, I've been
up here for five hours.

Can I get something?

Guess who's back?

Skinny Timmy, 62 days, man.

[crowd cheering]

I can't be away.

I'm Skinny Timmy.

[crowd cheering]

- [Skyler] The appeal
is everybody loves
midget wrestling.

I mean they really do.

- [Men] Midgets.

- [Skyler] Here's the thing

about using Extreme
Midget Wrestling,

we can use that and it's
bold and it's to the point,

you don't need any explanation,

and it's the midget word,

and that's gonna help sell.

So on one point,
it's a great thing.

- [Reporter] Tell us what
we're gonna see tonight?

- If it ain't bolted down,
somebody's getting hit with it,

you get to see midgets flying
around all shapes and sizes.

- [Announcer] Tickets are
available at Flavor Vapor,

32 East, Cherokee Avenue
Downtown Mcalester.

- [Skyler] On the second point,

is Budweiser gonna sponsor us?

Is Red Bull energy
drink gonna sponsor us?

No, because there's
gonna be a little bit

of friction there.

There's gonna be somebody
complaining, you know.

- [Announcer] Dwarfanators.

- [Skyler] On the other hand,

if we go over here and
we use Dwarfanators.

Look at that word.

It's brandable, not
been used, it's new.

We have no friction.

And I'm a businessman.

I wanna sell shows
and sell tickets.

So, I don't see it being
a loss using Dwarfanators

over Extreme Midget Wrestling,

and I think we can sell
the same amount of tickets,

and I think we can have
better sponsorships,

make it like WWE and
see what happens.

But in America in 10 years,

we're gonna have
to change that word

'cause that's gonna be bad.

Yeah, we got a few
new guys out here now.

That happens.

I think the thing was

is Kevin really rubbing
the guys the wrong way.

So, once I came back,
got on the road,

seeing what was going on,

kind of realized that
Kevin really needed to go,

and all the guys came back.

- [Kevin] Dammit!

- [Skyler] And Rampage,
Rampage is sitting out.

- Somebody said I was fat.

Someone say I'm overweight.

They look fat theyselves.

[crowd cheering]

- [Skyler] Guys like
Fabio, he went up to Canada

and started working
with some big guys

and he ended up
hurting his knee.

He's doing some refereeing,

lettin' the knee rehab
a little bit longer,

probably wrestling
within a week or two.

- Woo!

- [Skyler] Nasty
left, came back.

- Selling out everything.

- I turned my back on
my childhood dream.

Tried the real world jobs.

You cannot perform at your best

if you just don't like
what you're doing.

You just won't perform.

So, I said, I can't retire.

I gotta go back to
what I was born to do.

Politically correctness
could have hurt

the industry really
bad, and wiped it out,

but nothing gets
wiped out totally.

It can get down to
the last molecule,

and it'll start
building itself back up,

and that's what
we've done today.

[crowd cheering]

- [Man] Old man, whoop his ass!

- I miss the ring, I
still miss the ring.

I'll always miss the ring.

What I miss the
most in wrestling

is the fans, the love, always.

[upbeat music]

- One, two, three.

- [All] Dwarfanators!

- [Announcer] Everybody give
it up for Frenchy Lamont,

he's been the wrestling
world champion, WWE.

- Wrestling is
like a bad disease.

[Frenchy laughs]

It's like cancer.

Once it's in you,
you can't get it out.

- [Skyler] Now we got an RV.

We wanna make the
guys more comfortable.

We're gonna be touring in that.

We're gonna have
advertising on it.

I think it will help the
venues get more people

to the show.

When we drive in and
it's a billboard.

And, you know, we're
excited about that.

Being in business is kinda
something that is in my blood.

I'm a businessman,

and I wanna continue
running businesses.

I can't say I've done
everything right.

I made huge mistakes.

You get kicked in the teeth,

people are gonna
steal your money.

Do you know what?

I get back up and I keep trying.

I follow the process.

Process is not quitting.

I think that's what
makes you successful.

I'm Skyler Ward,
small business owner.

[upbeat music]

- [Announcer] Ladies
and gentlemen,

don't ever call
them little people!

They are the Extreme Midget
Wrestling Federation!

♪ Who you calling
a short stack ♪

♪ I know it's not me ♪

♪ If I can be a midget ♪

♪ I would drop you
at your knees ♪

♪ Me and my homies, we'll
sweep across the nation ♪

♪ Extreme Midget
Wrestling Federation ♪

♪ I'm not a mini me ♪

♪ I'm not a leprechaun ♪

♪ Dare you to say
it to my face ♪

♪ 'Cause my fist is cocked ♪

♪ We got the baddest show
on earth, better trust me ♪

♪ Step into the ring and fight
you real, I'm the trustee ♪

♪ Got chairs, trash
cans and broom sticks ♪

♪ Might be a midget, but I
still am kind of big ♪

♪ Heart is beating in my
chest, better hold this ♪

♪ Might pull in and watch
your face gettin' smashed in ♪

♪ Grab the thing and
my boys will drop in ♪

♪ Gonna kick some
ass and take names ♪

♪ Past the extreme,
engine must slay ♪

♪ Half the size,
twice the thunder ♪

♪ Grab the thing and
my boys will drop in ♪

♪ Gonna kick some
ass and take names ♪

♪ Past the extreme,
engine must slay ♪

♪ Half the size,
twice the thunder ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ Ass kicking, droppin'
niggas, here we go ♪

♪ Boom ♪

♪ Ass kicking, droppin'
niggas, here we go ♪

♪ Boom ♪

♪ Ready to rumble ♪

♪ Ass kicking, droppin'
niggas, here we go ♪