How to Say Goodbye (2018) - full transcript

Winner of the Jury Prize at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and official selections at Hoboken International Film Festival and the Chelsea International Film Festival, How To Say Goodbye ...


Where's your packing tape?

Jesus, Claire, how
did you get in here?

I have your spare key, remember?


Just a minute.

What is all this stuff?

The prop designer quit so
I have to figure out a way

to make a giant Venus flytrap.

I think you should
stick with directing.

Yeah, or acting, but
nobody wants to hire me

for that anymore, oh boy.

So you're gonna do this, huh?

I'm gonna do it.

Let me get to that packing tape.


Do you think I'm too
old to be starting

an acting career?

Absolutely not, but
I'll tell you what a guy

once said to me.

If you can make a living
any other way, do that.

I'm gonna make you proud.

You already have.

- No, no.
- No, I fucking called you.

I don't care what she told you.

- Tim, come on.
- No, fuck.

Well, call him back right now

and say we're gonna get
on the phone with him.

- No, that's not cutting it.
- It spreads flatter.

- No, no, no.
- Back 35.

- Back 30.
- I can't do better than 30.

Listen, I'm gonna
start you over.

Today I have a brand new
stock for you to make 5000 on.

It's gone up a little
bit, but I can guarantee

you'll make at least...
Come on, man,

where you going, come on,
come back to the phone.

Do we get paid?

- I'll Lyft you.
- I'll offer out.


Goddammit, all right,
treat me subject.


Hey, I'm sorry, we lost it.

- 500.
- Say 200 more!

We didn't have a good day today.

What happened?

No one wants to do anything.

Most guys on the sidelines
with all the volatility.

Fed's on a roll.

Tom, with this rate,
we're gonna have to shut

your operation down.

I think it's a cyclical thing.

I wouldn't worry
too much just yet.

You have a negative
carryover from last year.

I know.

I just need a couple of
big trades to cover that.

Are you taking out
the younger clients?

Yeah, I mean I'm on 'em.

Keep plugging away, I guess.


Is something else bothering you?


Just was my brother's
birthday, so.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Hey, where are you going?

Oh, I have to go.


I work.

Do you want some coffee?

I don't drink coffee.

Can't you stay a little longer?

I have an important meeting.

I thought we were having lunch.

Can we take a rain check?

Come on, stay a bit?

I can't, it was really
nice meeting you, Carol.

- Chloe.
- That's what I meant.

- Do you have my number?
- Yes.

What is it?

I have in my phone.

It's, yeah, I don't have it.

Here, call me.


Hi, it's me, are we
still on for tonight?

Good, I'll see you at six.

I have a completely
new paradigm on life.

I am so so inspired
intellectually, philosophically

and sexually.

What's a paradigm?

You have beautiful
hair, Justine.

Thank you.

You have to live the moment.

Don't let anyone
tell you otherwise.

Don't plan, don't
plan a thing, just do.

That's my motto, like
that Nike commercial.

Just do it, you mean?

Let's go away you
weekend, you and me,

wherever you wanna
go, St. Bart's, Paris.

Mario, I have a photo shoot.

No, no photo shoot, that's work.

We have to live.

But I'm sorry, I don't
think of you like that.



What are you doing here?


How are you?

Why are you still in New York?

I thought you were
going to London.

I was, but something came up.

Hi, I'm Justine.

Paige, Justine, Justine, Paige.

What is going on?

Look, I just needed some
time to think over my life,

okay, I was going to tell you.

The whole thing
was a lie, wasn't it?

Why is this happening to me?

- What the fuck are you doing?
- Why are you so upset, honey?

Have a drink.

I am breaking up with
you, you motherfucker.

I hate you.

As you can see, it gets
plenty of natural light

and of course you won't have
to worry about furniture.

How many square feet did
you say this was again?

Well, we measure from the
outside, so it's 250 square feet

but I'd say it's about 200
square feet of livable space.

I see.

Oh, right, I forgot to
tell you the AC is broken,

but you can just pick up
a new on at PC Richards

for, like, $200,
any other questions?

No, I love it.

And the men's shirts go
here, stacked just like this.

Got it.

I got to admit, I
can't stop flirting

with all the good looking
guys that come in here.

This city is full
of 'em, anyways,

I'm going on my lunch break now.

I'll show you the
stockroom when I get back.

Okay great, hi!

Hi, I'd like to
return this belt.

Okay, no problem,
not the right fit?

Well, actually I was
gonna use it as a whip

on my date, but I
never got around to it.

Sure, if I could just
have your credit card.

- I'm a little nuts.
- Not judging.

Thank you.

Paige, that bitch, I thought
she never goes to that joint.

Murphy's Law.

She stormed out of there.

What are you gonna do?

Tell her I needed to
spend some time with you

and figure some shit out, so
I canceled the trip to London.

You expect her to believe that?

Yeah, girls believe
anything they wanna believe.

Like Justine, that
vixen, she won't fuck me.

She's giving me that
friendship vibe.

I met this Danish chick
at the Amsterdam airport.

Off the hook, got
her to visit me.

What do you got?


This city fucks with
your head, you know?

We'd be married by now if we
were living in Boise, Idaho.

So many chicks in New York.

It's like this.

You walk into Barney's
to buy a suit.

And you can't choose

'cause there's so many
fucking nice suits.

You're picky because you
think you should be picky.

You try one on and
you kinda like it

but you don't buy it because
you want to keep looking.

What I do is I just buy
up all the suits I can

and then return them all.

Aren't you gonna
run out of suits?

No, you never run out of
suits, this is New York City.

How's your work?

It's falling apart, I can't
seem to get anything going.

You got to meet this Kyle guy,
he's a big fixed income dude

at Phonics.

- Street?
- Buy side.

I can't do business with
him, it's company policy.

Well, meet with him at least,
he'll give you some color.

He's having a
fundraiser next week.

You got to dress up
though, it's a formal.

All right.

You see that brunette
at my one o'clock?

I think I'm getting
a vibe from her.

- No.
- Yes.

She's not looking over.

Let's go talk to them.

Friend's cute, sold to
you, not a good cashflow.

So I met him on Tinder.

He seemed totally normal,
he had a good job,

close to his family
and then a month later,

he ghosted me, not a word.

What's good to drink here?

We're drinking Merlot.

Merlot, if anybody orders
a Merlot, I'm leaving,

I'm not fucking drinking Merlot.

You know that line
from Sideways?

Yeah, yeah, good
one, that's a good movie.

Three Merlots.

If you don't mind my
saying so, the whole idea

is dangerous and ludicrous.

The whole id...

The whole idea is...

Nope, Henrietta, don't hang up.

Oh my God, let me
explain, Henri...

Everything okay?

How's things?

Work's good.

We're designing a new
building in Brooklyn.


But Henrietta and I broke up.

Just now?

Two weeks ago, I
broke up with her.

I thought you were
in love with her.

You don't know what
it's like to wake up

to the same minutia
over and over again.

Six months ago you
were sad and lonely.

You're one to talk.

How long have you been
sad and lonely for?

Three years?

Things didn't work
out with Isabella

because she had
to move to Europe.

I tried.

Well, you kinda
just mope around here.

It's like, I don't
know, like you're stuck.

My business is
going down the tubes.

I don't have time
for anything else.

Tom, you're miserable.

You're killing yourself, I mean,

look, you've done well

and your brother
would be really proud.

I'm not gonna let what he
built crumble like this, okay?

I just want you to be happy.

Yeah, well.

You have to stop
being so antisocial.


How's your friend Mario?

I never got to meet him last
year at the Christmas party.

Yeah, you'll like
him, he's crazy.

Maybe I should date men.


I can buy the fours and sell
the four and a halfs for 22.

15, I can't hit that, bro.

There's no money in it.

I already passed on 17.

I don't have anything else.


I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Hey Peter, I got to
go to this thing.

- Can you check out?
- Sure.

Hey Simone, it's Tom, where
can I get a bow tie near me?

Well, I had one but the
clip part thing broke off.

Yeah, okay, okay, thanks.

- We're closed.
- No.

We open again tomorrow at 10.

But you sell bow ties, yes?

We do but not right now.

Try Bloomingdale's.

That's too far, I have this
work function in an hour,


Look, I would help
you, but I'm running late

for an appointment myself.

Can I just grab one of those?

I'll take five
minutes of your time.

Please, it's really important.


Something like this?

- Do you have a clip-on?
- We don't.

I don't know how to tie
this, can you show me?

I'm gonna be really
late for this audition.

Okay, okay, I'll figure it out.

- Credit card?
- Yes.

What's the audition for?

- An independent film.
- Nice, exciting.

Yeah, I'm nervous,
it's my first one.

Oh really?

Yeah, I just moved
here a week ago.

- Where from?
- Pennsylvania.

You know what, come with me.

Cross that over the
top, pull it under,

pull it back nice and tight,

throw it over your
right shoulder,

- just watch for now.
- Sorry.

You're gonna make
your little bow



You think you got it?

Yeah, I got it,
I got it, I got it.


- Can I give you a ride?
- No, I got to go.

Hey, your keys!

Hi, I'm here for the audition.

They left, you just missed them.

I knew it, can you
just read with me

and record the scene?

No, they took the equipment.

Here, here here
here, use my phone.

You can email her the video.

No, I'm not gonna
use your iPhone,

that's not even allowed.

Are they gonna be back tomorrow?

No, today was the last day.

I think the
party's over, my man.

There's no more cheap paper.

Buy side's losing money,
investors are pulling out,

it is not what it
used to be, hey Burt.

You don't think the
rate hikes are gonna help?

People are moving
to different products.

You're looking at junk
bonds and emerging markets

for the next five years, ugh.

Yeah, I don't know anybody
in those sectors unfortunately.

Tell you what, I'll
introduce you to Gary.

He's insane, but if you
can keep up with him,

you have a shot.

I really appreciate
that, Kyle, thank you.

Hey, who's the best
quarterback ever?

- Tom Brady.
- Get the fuck outta here.

- He's got five rings, bro.
- What kind of New Yorker

- are you?
- How 'bout Terry Bradshaw?

Steelers, ah, yeah.

Round of shots,
fellas, let's go.

- Yeah.
- My wife says

I can stay out late tonight.

When the wife says
go for a touchdown,

you go for the touchdown, right?

I got to tell you guys
something, New York is dead.

Vegas is where is
it, baby, Vegas.

- Vegas.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You are a sight for sore eyes.

Oh, sorry I'm late.

You, I love everything
you got going on.

Can we sit?


You are absolutely ravishing.

Are you always
this complimentary?

Only when I'm inspired.

Here, try this risotto.

It is amazing.

- Mmm.
- Right?

- Mmm, delicious.
- Right?

I love your hair.

I'm a hair guy.

I just washed it.

You don't know what
you're doing to me.

What am I doing to you?

There are a few
things in my daily life

that I can say are
amazing, like this risotto,

but in the rare moment when
something is more than amazing

like a

'98 Chateau Morgeaux
or an '85 Sasicaya,

I call that sublime.


Do you know what
else is sublime?


You are sublime.

Get on your back.

I bet your ass tastes
better than mountain butter.

- What?
- Nothing.

Oh, you're dirty.

I could show you
15 and a half bid, Rob.

16 and four offers
repeating, Jerry.

15 and 28 bid now and
I'm running out of room.

I think it's a very
good bid, Rob, Rob?

What, come on bro,
let's print this,

we've worked on this a lot.

Jerry, can you come up at all?


Hey, I'm sorry, we lost it.

No, I wasn't trying to
fuck you, I lost out too,

he shopped us, what?

Can I help you?

I'm just browsing.

We have this fine
shirt from Maison Juke.

Oh, my, that looks
fabulous on you.


We have some other
very nice things.

Hi, I was here the
other night, you dropped...

Sorry, I'm helping
another customer.

- Do you work out?
- Excuse me?

- You have broad shoulders.
- Okay.

What size are you?

Hey, I have your keys.

Oh my God, you have my
keys, where did you find them?

You dropped them, you
dropped them on your way out.

Dammit, it cost me $100 to
get into my own apartment.

I looked for you, but
you took off so fast.

Well, I didn't
want to miss my audition.

- Well, how'd it go?
- Didn't make it.

Oh Jesus, I'm sorry, my fault.

- Well, yeah.
- I'm really sorry.

I'm sure there
will be plenty more.

I'd like to make it up to you.

Are you casting
for a feature film?

Yeah, right, I know
you're new to town.

- Are you a foodie?
- Nope.

Do you like operas?

Aren't you off
this weekend, Claire?


I could get Met tickets for you.

- No opera.
- Have you been to...

How 'bout salsa dance?

- Salsa dancing?
- That sounds lovely.

I don't dance.

You wanna dance?

No, thank you.

- Come on, Papi.
- No no,

My girlfriend, I'm
waiting for my girlfriend.

- We're just dancing.
- She gets really jealous.

You look very uncomfortable.

I think I pulled a neck
muscle at the gym, very sore.

So you're not
gonna dance with me?

I can barely bring my arm up.

I think I should
just take it easy.

- I saw you chug that drink.
- That was my right arm.

- It's really easy.
- No.

- No, seriously?
- I'm really bad.

- I will show you.
- It's okay.

It's fun watching you.

Might I remind you that
you made me miss my audition?

All right, fine, don't laugh.

I won't laugh.

Try to relax.

It's just that,
when I was in college,

my best buddy he made fun of me,

I think I was
dancing to New Order.

He said that I looked like
I was having a seizure.

What a jerk.

Well, he's probably right.

Don't let go.

You should have seen yourself,
you looked petrified.

- No.
- You did.

- That was a walk in the park.
- Let's do it again next week.

- I don't think so.
- Chicken.

Welcome to New York.

Hopefully soon you'll
be saying break a leg.

Yeah, how'd you get into acting?

I grew up around it, my
dad was a struggling actor.

And I don't know, maybe
I'm kidding myself.

- Don't say that.
- I think I waited too long.

It's never too late, but

you should've moved to
New York sooner, maybe?

- I couldn't.
- Why not?

I was engaged.



I was gonna be a high school
drama teacher, actually,

and my fiance, he
was in the Navy

and he didn't make it
back from Afghanistan.

- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.

We were gonna buy a
house near Penn State

so he could get his
MBA when he got out.

- What was his name?
- Jared.

Thank you for your service.

- I didn't mean to.
- No, I...

I lost my brother

on 9/11.

- Oh, wow.
- Yeah.

What a crazy world.

God, it was a crazy day.

I remember exactly where I was.

I remember the night before.

We had just come
back from a road trip

and I was parking the car.

He was waiting for me and

he was standing there and he
smiled at me, in a way that

he had never smiled before.

I'll never forget that.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

- What was his name?
- Dan, Danny.

- What did he do?
- He was a bond broker.

- Isn't that what you did?
- I took over his business.

I needed a job, my parents were
financially dependent on us

at the time, but.

I was gonna be a writer,

I was working on
my master's at NYU.

So you never finished?

Do you ever think
about going back?

I thought about night
school, but just too busy.


You're not a bad guy.

Thank you for dinner.

And for attempting to dance.


Do you want to go
biking next weekend?

Are you asking me out, Tom?

I just thought
I'd be your friend.

I heard a lot of
guys in New York

were afraid of being
rejected with their big egos.

I'm not afraid of rejection,
I'm afraid of, yeah.

What are you afraid of?


You are gonna be my first
guy friend in New York.

There you go.

- Night.
- Good night.

Mr. Heeney's office?

Just a moment.

Mario, there's a
Jill on line one.


Hello, what is your last name?

She says her name
is Jill Hansen.

Tell her I'm out of the office,

- I'm out of town for business.
- Sure.

Hello, Miss Hansen, Mr.
Haney is out of the office.


Oh my God, Nicole,
you can't do this.

I just wanna spend some
quality time with you.

Is that so bad?


- Yes.
- No one has to know.

You're the one
who's getting married.

I don't know anymore, I may
just need to think about that.

Well, don't not get
married on account of me.

I love you.

Jesus, Nicole,
you barely know me.

We worked together
for five months.

This is getting really weird,
the way you're stalking me.

I feel you understand me,

I really cherished
our time together.

You're just confused.

- I wanna make love to you.
- Nicole, no.

- Why not?
- First of all,

I am not gonna be your
bicurious guinea pig.

Second of all, I'm trying to
figure my own shit out, okay?

- You're not attracted to me?
- No, yes,

that's not the point.

Just once, please?

I think I'm making a big
mistake marrying Victor.

Well, I can't
help you with that.

Hey, please?

Do you have a strap on?

- Strap on?
- A dildo, a strap on dildo.


It's not a race!

It's not a race!

It's nice out here.


Do you think you could swim
across to the other side?

I don't know, is
it about a mile?

I think so.

I'm a wicked back
stroker, so probably.

I wish I were a better swimmer.

It takes practice.

Would you try and save
me if I were drowning?

I don't know, Tom, I don't
know how good of friends

we are just yet.

Fair enough.

What's with the orange bike?

My ex wanted a colorful pair,

so now I'm just
stuck with this one.

How long were you guys together?

Two years, it was long distance.

- Where?
- Paris.

- Wow.
- Yeah, we Skyped a lot

and really enjoyed that

not being able to see
each other feeling.

So the distance killed it?

I guess, who the hell knows?

Were you in love with her?

I guess.

I was in love with Jared,
just not in that desperate way,

you know?

We were together
for a long time.

So you said you're not
afraid of being rejected.


After dinner the other night.

Oh, yeah, no, I mean, no.

So what are you afraid of?

Nothing, I'm pretty
sure we're all gonna die.

Don't sugarcoat it.

That's one way of looking at it.

Why be afraid of anything?

It'll all be over soon.


I mean, you lose people love,
I guess it makes you clam up.

And you don't like
opening up, do you?

Well, we've come to
the end of the road.

- It's a nice ending.
- Had a nice time.

Me too, thanks for everything.

You're welcome.

So you're gonna
catch the C train?


I guess I'll see you later.

Hey, Simone.

I'm not sure what I
should be getting.

What's the problem?

Well, there's a lot of stuff.

Well, then,
get a bunch of stuff.

But I don't...

Get the harness kit.

- The harness kit?
- Yes, the harness kit.

Could I help you?


- What are you doing?
- Sorry.

You don't have to do that.


So is this what you've
been fantasizing about?


There's no turning back.



Fuck, fuck you!


What do you have for me?

I can generate some momentum

with a couple of buy side guys.

Tom, you know
there's a hard wall

between retail and
street brokers.

Historically, I
understand that that's true,

but small shops have
weak sales coverage

and there's where I
can make a difference.

If even one client
makes a stink about it,

I got to deal with
the consequences.

I would only work with
guys that don't have

a problem with it.

I know you'd do the right thing.

It's about perception,
I can't risk it.

Then how do you expect
me to prop this up?

You need to focus
on the younger guys.

I am doing, it's
not about personality,

it's about general lack of flow.

I agree to disagree.

Whatever it is, if you
can't put up the numbers,

I got to come up
with some solutions.

Is this seat taken?

No, it's not taken.

Mind if I sit down?

No, go ahead.

Mind if I,

mind if I...


Hi, hey.

Fine, how are you?

I was just wondering if.

Hi, come on in.

I brought you wine.

You didn't have
to, but thank you.

No big deal.

- Bring your script?
- Yeah.

I appreciate you helping me.

It's just hard not working
off of someone, you know?

No, yeah, anything
for a struggling artist.

What are you making?

My specialty if
you want to call it.

Spaghetti a la Bologne.

Yum, aren't you the master chef?

I cook out of necessity.

- Oh, wine?
- Sure.

Here's to...

- It's good to see you.
- It's good to see you too.

Can I help?

Yeah, sure, do you want
to chop up some garlic?

- Sure.
- Oh, sorry.

There you go.

You know, I was gonna
call you the other day

after we biked, but I
don't know, I just...

No, I was gonna call you
too, I just didn't know.

No, it's okay.

- Shall we?
- Yes.

You must be hungry.

- I'm eating too fast.
- A little bit.

I hate it when that happens.

It's a habit I
picked up from work.

I, um, we don't get
lunch breaks, you know?

Client calls, we have to
drop everything we're doing.

It's okay.

I'm glad you're here.

I'm glad to be here.

- I'm reading the part of?
- Jimmy.

- And you're there.
- Yep.

- This is weird.
- I know.


It's about a vampire
who wants to take over

a sleepy town, you're at a
bar minding your own business.


- Is this seat taken?
- No, it's not taken.

Mind if I look at the menu?

No, go ahead, do you know
what time the sun sets today?

- No, that's my line.
- Sorry.

Do you know what time
the sun sets today?

I'm not sure.

Daylight is overrated,
what do you do?

I'm a writer, I
am a writer, sorry.

- You want a good story?
- What do you have in mind?

A vampire couple
taking over this town.

- Good one.
- Okay,

that was not in the script.

- Yes it was.
- All right.

What is that?


This was me freshman in college.

- So young.
- So dorky.

Everyone's a dork at 18.

Were you a dork at 18?

Bad complexion,
baby fat, glasses.


I was also in the marching band.

That's sexy, you know?

Maybe in Oklahoma.

I'm sure you were as
beautiful as you are now.

That is the nicest compliment.

Do you want another
glass of wine?

- No, thanks.
- I'll get one.

I think I should go.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I should go.

Let me know how
the audition goes.

- I will, good night.
- Night.

So what happened?


But you like her.

Yeah, I like her.


Don't fuck this up.

I didn't fuck anything
up, I didn't do anything.

That's what I meant.

Just cool it.

- Let me go talk to her.
- Don't fucking talk to her.

Don't fucking talk to her.

Do you know what's
going to happen?

You are going to turn 60 and
you are going to die alone.

Don't get all dramatic,
what about you, man?

What do you got going on?

- I fucked this chick.
- Oh, you fucked this chick.

You're making some incredible
progress in your life.

Okay, okay, it was
stupid, it was nothing,

but I am learning from
my mistakes, you...

You know what, I really
don't wanna fight.

Just let me go talk to her.


Ah, the belt?


No, that's our little
secret, by the way.

Mum's the word, what
can I help you with?

Well, actually, I'm
going to this swanky event

with my boyfriend and I
need a fabulous new look.

So something a bit more formal?

Oh, oh, I think I like this.

I love that one.

Would you wear this
for your boyfriend?

Yeah, I mean, I'm not with
anyone at the moment, but.

No way, I don't believe
you, you're so pretty.


I met a guy, but I don't
think it's going to work out.

Oh, that sucks.

You're just not that into him.

I am.

But he's just very
detached, you know?

Oh, I know, believe me, I know.

My boyfriend was the same way.

New York City dudes are weird.

Takes a while to get
'em out of their shell,

but you know what, I don't
think you should give up on him.

Nice guys are hard to find,
so many jerks out there.

Yeah, maybe.

Did you want to try that on?

Oh, yeah, sure.

Here's what I can do for you.

There's gonna be an opening
in client relations.

I want you to consider it.

Client relations?

That's part of my job.

This is at the corporate level.

Strategic planning advice,
things of that nature.

Aren't we a management
consulting firm?

Tom, I'm trying to help you.

I'm not qualified,
nor am I interested

in telling clients how to
run their business, okay?

Well, we may have
to make some changes.

You're gonna replace me.

I have to keep that option open.

What do you
think's gonna happen?

You bring in a new
person and suddenly

revenue's gonna
start pouring in?

Hey, I have my responsibilities.

Just tell me one thing,
have I done a good job for you

- in the past 16 years?
- You have.

Then why would you
trust that some other guy

with less experience

is gonna be able to
run this thing better?

Look, the business is changing.

Younger traders are
running the show.

No one knows this
product better than I do.

This isn't personal.

I don't know how
else to take it.

Okay, let's figure this out,

how do we get you back on track?

I could talk to
the regionals, but

that's just adding another
step to get to the same spot.

But it's another counter party.

I don't need another counter
party, I need more flow.


- Hi.
- Hey, good news?

- I got the part.
- That's great!

Break a leg!

Claire, this is Mario.

Tom didn't mention
you're beautiful.

- He didn't, so unkind.
- Really.

All right, knock it off, do
you guys want a drink or what?

Get three Merlots.

I have a beautiful
villa in Tuscany.

I wish you could see it.

It's 600 years old and
the stones that they used

to build this house date
back to the Roman Empire,

- can you believe it?
- Really?

I built this outdoor
oven, I make my own pizza.

Do you like pizza?

I love pizza.

You know, I serve on the
board of an off Broadway

theater company.

Which one?

The Pine or Pearl Theater,
it's been so long that I forget

Well, it's important
for me to be networking.

I got to get out there and
meet people in the industry.

Take my number down,
we should hang out.

Oh, sorry, I have to
take this call, excuse me.


You're not together, are you?


Mind if I try to get in there?

Mario, you know I don't mind,

but just don't go there
unless you're serious.

Well, in that case, forget it.

Why do you have
to treat every girl

like it's a transaction?

Because it is a transaction,
everything is a transaction.

There's a bid and an offer,
it takes two to make a market,

it takes two to tango,
what's your problem?

All you see is a piece of meat.

You know they have
feelings, hopes and dreams,

but you don't give a fuck.

Yeah, well, I have
hopes and dreams too.

I'm lining up for happiness
just like everybody else.

Maybe all they see
is dollar signs

and my incredible charm,
who are you to judge?

I'll stop judging once
you stop using people

like they're a
fucking commodity.

Everybody uses everybody,
what, are you fucking naive?

You know what your problem is?

You're too chickenshit
to do anything about it.

Why did you storm off like that?

I thought I'd give you
and Mario some privacy.

That is not fair.

I said we're friends,
so we're friends.

You don't have to look
to me for approval.

What is wrong with you,
why are you acting this way?

Claire, what do
you want from me?

Why can't you admit that
you have feelings for me?

Because I don't.

You can lie to me, Tom,
but don't lie to yourself.

Are you so afraid of being hurt

that you will never allow
yourself to be happy?

I'm just fine, thank you.

You are not fine, I can
see that you're not fine.

You put up this facade
like you don't give a shit

about anything, look,
I have done that

and it is not fun and there
is no place to go from there.

We both have suffered
life altering losses,

but that does not mean
that we have to spend

the rest of our
lives being numb.

Would you like a knish or a
pretzel or a hot dog, maybe?

Hot dog?

Okay, hot dog.

Could we get two
hot dogs, please?


Oh my God, you have so
much mustard on your mouth.

Oh shit, napkin.


Thank you.

I feel like a tourist
in my own city.

I know, it is so
gorgeous, though.


When I was a kid, I used to
eat my ice cream really fast.


Then I'd convince
my little brother

that he couldn't finish his
before it started to melt.

You should've seen
the look on his face.

- He'd hand it over to me.
- You are so mean.

You're not eating
yours fast enough.

- Stop.
- It's gonna start melting.

You're gonna get it
all over your hand.

No I won't.

You can't finish
it, give it to me.

Stop it!

- Let's take a selfie.
- Okay.

Is there noodle soup
in Korean cuisine?


How 'bout Thai?

I'm not sure, I don't think so.


What, just because I'm Asian

you think I'm an
expert in noodle soup?


Vietnamese, definitely, they
have the best noodle soup.


Oh, Japan, udon come from Japan.

All right, all right.

- Claire?
- Yeah?


What should we do after dinner?

Let's go dancing.


- You're laughing at me.
- I am not laughing at you.

- You're laughing at me!
- Now I am!

To summarize, there are many
challenges and opportunities

in the world of
architecture today

and our creative decisions

will impact not only aesthetics
but also the environment

in which we live, thank you.

Are there any questions?

It looks like you
have a question.

Oh, no, no, no question.

Okay, well, thanks for coming.

It really did look like
you had a question.

No, no, I'm a
developer and I agreed

with everything you said.

Do you want to get a drink?

Yeah, sure, yeah.

You, you're an Adonis.

Sounds like you're teasing me.

- Oh, I am teasing you.
- Yeah.

- You work out, don't you?
- I do my thing.

- Oh, I bet.
- Are you all right?

I'll let you know in an hour.

Oh, okay, so do you want
to talk about your blueprint?

Oh, don't be so boring, Derek.

- Let's get another.
- Yeah.


I know just what to do with you.

- Really.
- Yeah.

And I have to tell
you that I don't like

- anything complicated.
- Shh, don't speak.

Don't speak.

Totally engaging.

We spend the rest of
the night drinking

and this is where I fucked up,

I invite him back to my
place and crazy mad sex.

- Simone.
- We did it like three times.

So he calls me up the
next day and asks me out

and I want to look
good, you know,

I have Pauline come over
and she's doing my hair

for like an hour and a half,
makeup, the whole works.

I get a phone call at five PM.

He says "I'm really sorry
but something came up at work"

"and I can't make it," I mean
what the fuck, what the fuck?

So he says, "Can we
meet tomorrow for lunch"

"or dinner Thursday,"
and I'm like, "I can't,

"because I am busy" and he
wasn't even that apologetic.

Stop, hold on, you had a
one night stand with this guy,

what do you expect?

Yeah, but he was all over me.

I could tell that
he was into me.

I know what this is about.

- What, I need validation?
- You need to grow up.

Just stop it.

Why did you break
up with Henrietta?

I told you, she was
getting on my nerves.

That's just people, man,

like sometimes
people are annoying.

I find some fault and
I just can't let it go.

I just get fixated
on it, you know?

Yeah, the thing is,
you're not perfect.

Yes I am, I'm perfect.


So how are things with Claire?

- Good.
- Oh come on.


I can tell you're
in love with her.

See, see?

You smiled just at the
thought of her name.

How long am I supposed to
wait for something to happen?

I haven't even had an
audition in two months.

I wish I could tell you.

All I do is work at the store.

Just be patient.

- Okay, I love you, Dad.
- Love you too, hon.


- Hello?
- Hi, this is Peter.

Did Tom leave for work?

Oh, I see, okay, they're
vacating a spot today

and I wanted to give him a
heads up before he got in.

Never mind, he's walking in now.

Shawn wants to see you.

Sharon, hi, I'm well.

It's slow, really, oh
my God, that's amazing.

Who is it?

Wow, I had a good feeling also.

No, nothing at the moment.

- Really?
- Who is it?

I mean, yes, I mean, it would
be a wonderful opportunity.

Okay, I will, I'll
get back to you.

Congratulations, bye.

Who is that?

Sharon, the producer.

- They're offering me a role.
- That's awesome!

They found a theater
company in London.


They're interested
in a year long run.

It's an amazing
opportunity, I mean,

the exposure could
be really good for me

- if the show is a success.
- Of course, absolutely.

I mean, obviously I
would rather be here,

but I'm not getting anything.

I mean, it takes time.

So you don't think
I should take the job.

I didn't say that, I
mean, it's your decision.

I would like to think
it is our decision.

A year's a long time, Claire.

We could see each other,
I don't know, twice a month.

You'd come visit me.

Yeah, on the weekends and
Skype the rest of the time

and have a virtual relationship.

So what are you saying?

We don't have to
talk about this now.

Well, it's too late.

Just saying, let's be realistic.

What the hell is
that supposed to mean?

We're gonna be an ocean apart.

Are you saying that
we can't be together

if I go to London?

- It's not up to me.
- Well, who's it up to?

I just got the best
news of my career

and I am so sad right now.

No one cares about this
for you more than I do.

You're acting like a
real jerk, you know that?

Like you don't give
a fuck about me.

I care about you more
than anything in this world

and if you don't know that, I
don't know what to tell you.

You have to go, just don't
expect me to like it.

I won't go, okay?

I said I won't take the job.

You have to go.

I'll join Actors Equity
and maybe I can book

a Broadway gig.

Last time I checked, they
don't just hire anybody.

What do you know about theater?

I know enough.

There's a lot of
TV in New York now.

I haven't booked any of
it because maybe I didn't,

I don't know, maybe
I need a TV agent.

A TV agent?

Yeah, some of them
specialize more in TV

than film and theater,
work with me here.

I love you.

You have to go.

And I want to make this work.

So what are
we talking about here?

Rehearsals start in two weeks.

Where would you live?

The producers said
they'd find me a studio.

- I want you to be safe.
- Babe, it's London.

It says it's 45
degrees and raining.

- It's to be expected.
- You're gonna need a raincoat

- I'll get one.
- Oh, let's get one

together before you go.


I shouldn't have
deleted my Skype account.

We'll open new ones together.


I'm gonna miss you, goddammit.

I'm all right, I'm all right.

I'm gonna miss you too.

What do you think?

Another martini
for the birthday boy?

Yes please.

- I won't.
- No, you can't leave again.

- No, I'm not.
- Okay, well, was it fun?

Not without you, I got you.

You are so cute.

There you go, is
there anything else

I can get for you
in the meantime?

No, this is,

this is perfect.

- Andreas?
- Yes sir.

- Are you a family man?
- Yes sir.

I have a wife and two kids.

The gods have blessed you.

Thank you, sir.

The gods have blessed me too.

I am successful in my work,
I have amassed great wealth,

but the gods have not
shown much favor in love.

They will, sir,
they will in time.

Thank you, Andreas, thank you.

You're welcome, sir.

- When's boarding?
- It's at eight.

I'm sorry I can't
take you to the airport.

It's okay.

The first session's mandatory.

We all have to show up.

Don't worry about it.

Did you get an aisle seat?

I got a window.

Aisle's better, no?

I prefer a window.

What about your apartment,
how are you gonna get in?

The super will be there.

- Okay.
- Tom.

- Yeah?
- Don't worry.

I don't know how to say goodbye.

- It's not goodbye.
- I know.

I love you.

I love you too.

Can you pass the salt, please?

Oh, sure.

Thank you.

Aren't you Mario?


Have we met?

I'm Simone, I was at Tom's
Christmas party last year.

Oh, okay.

- I really don't.
- Yeah, you seemed kinda busy.

Well, I was probably
laying it on thick

with some unsuspecting victim.

It kinda seemed that way, yeah.

But you know what, I
have a completely new

paradigm on life.

Do tell.

Let's just say I wasn't
very kind to others or myself.

Yeah well, I think
I've got a leg up on you

- in that department.
- Really?


But I'm changing my ways.

Cheers to that.

This week, we're going
to be talking about

the essential elements
of a story structure,

starting with the
premise, then discussing

the central conflict and
moral choices of the hero.

We're going to work from
Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya.

When we talk about premise,
we want to articulate

in one sentence...


Hey, I'm here.

- Are you there?
- Yes, I'm here.

- Do you see me?
- I see you.

- I don't see you.
- Oh, crap.

My video's not on.

- There you are.
- Hi!

Hi, sorry I'm so late.

- That's okay.
- What time is it over there?

- It's 11:30.
- Oh, it's really late.

- You look good.
- You look good.

No, I don't, you
look like a star.

- You're so sweet.
- I looked into flights.

Oh, me too, there's a British
Air leaving JFK Wednesdays

- at nine PM.
- That's the one I looked at

also, but if I
leave on a Tuesday,

then we'll have almost
the whole week together.

Oh, now you're thinking.

What do you want to
do when you get here?

- I don't care.
- You wanna see Big Ben?

- The touristy stuff?
- I don't care

as long as we're together.

What do you think?

Should we try on
a different suit?


This is perfect.