How to Rob (2022) - full transcript

Sean Price and Jimmy Winters are a two man stick up crew, robbing criminals from Boston to Cape Cod. Sean wants out of the game but it's not so simple when a couple of killers are hunting them for retribution over a past robbery.

[camera shutter clicks]

[people laughing]

[birds chirping]


Wanna know where your friend is?

Look no further
than the death of the stars.

[muffled thud]

You'll never see him again.

Not as you know him.

Not in this life.

[ethereal music]

[footsteps approaching]




What you running from?

These two kids.

Wanna beat my ass.

-What'd you do to them?

They just started chasing me.


I'll fight for you.

If you want to fight,
I'll fight with you.

[boy 1]
Get back here!

[suspenseful music]


Come on, man, hit these fuckers.

[ominous music]

[knocking at door]

Police! Open up!

One more knock
and then can I kick it down?

-[knocking at door]
-Police! Open up!

What this about?

Oh, sorry to bother you, ma'am.

Uh, mind if we come inside
and have a word?

[sighs] Come on in.

[hip-hop music playing
on speakers]

Afternoon, ma'am.

We're looking for your son.

Is he home?

He's downstairs in his room

pretending to be a gangster.

[Jimmy scoffs]
Well, do you mind
if we talk to him?

Have at it.

Thank you very much.

Uh, you boys,
you want some coffee?

You know, I'd love a to-go cup.

We're all set, ma'am.

Thank you.

Yeah. Thank you very much.

♪ Yo, call me Tony Soprano ♪

♪ Slight oopsies
You got guns, I got the ammo ♪

♪ Switch the channel
Hundreds on my wrist ♪

♪ Honeys on my dick
Bag 'em up and build a pyramid ♪

-[Jimmy] Everybody!
-[man] Oh, shit!

Get your fucking knees
on the ground

and your hands in the air.

♪ I wave my gun around
Look, I just don't care ♪

Fucking do it now! Everybody!

[woman 1]
Are you fucking kidding me!

Did your mom let them in?

[woman 2]
Officers, I, I don't know

what's going on here
but I'm just an actress.

-I, I was hired
over an adult--
-[Jimmy] Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Nobody here is just an actress.

You've all got talent,
I can see.

Now, we're gonna sort
all that out.

[rap music continues]

-Can I see a warrant?
-They aren't real cops,
you fucking idiot.

Look at their badges.
They're not even fucking real.

[Jimmy chuckles]
Yeah, you're right.

[exhales] We're not cops.

So the smart thing to do
would be...

Get your fucking knees
on the ground.

And put your hands
behind your pretty hair

before I kick
your boyfriend's mouth in.

-Do it.
-All right, all right.

Now let's get cozy for a few.

Whoo! How's it going on here?

[rap music continues]

[indistinct chatter]

[Jimmy laughing]

-Oh. We're good?
-[Sean] We're good.

Do you guys know
who the fuck my father is, huh?

Some asshole that fucked
his sister?

[woman 1 scoffs]
He just got out of Shirley.

And when he finds you two,
he's gonna fucking kill you!

Wh-- Shirley?

You're joking.

I'm gonna fuck your father
in the street when he finds us.

Hey, good luck
with the rap career. I mean it.


Fuck! Dude, that was
my fucking graduation gift!

Shut the fuck up.

[Jimmy laughing]

Oh, fuck yeah, bro! Dude!

Ah! I've got a fucking hard on
right now. I'm not even joking.

-I'm serious. Gimme your hand.
-[laughing] Fuck me.

Oh, fuck, Sean!
I fucking love this shit!

Oh. I fucking love you, man.
I love you.

-Let's go get fucked tonight!
Let's get fucked!
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes!

["Champagne and Strawberries"
by Caesar Filori]

Oh, fuck yeah! I love this song.

-Fucking ridiculous.

[Jimmy whooping and laughing]

[bicycle bell rings]


-[all laughing]
-That's fucking great.

'Cause it was her father
that gave me the tip.

-[gasps softly, laughs]
-Oh, yeah.

Junkie sold his daughter out
for a dozen oxy's.

[laughs] Well, if he says
anything about us having

an unwholesome, consensual sex
in the street,

let him know that Sean
didn't know his role
when he made those statements.

Oh, but that sounds like Sean.

[all laughing]

-Holy shit!
-[waitress] Sean.

-[Sean] Hey.
-I was

getting pinched or something.

Sneaking up on a guy like that.

Hmm. Why don't you
go in to the bathroom

and reach into the envelope
you just got,

-and find me the 1500
for your tab.
-Oh! [chuckles]

First of all, you are severely
overestimating how much

your husband pays
for hard labor.

And second, there's no way
in fuck my tab is $1500.

You think I just pulled
that number out my ass?


But I rounded down for you.


Frankie, you don't,
you don't charge family.

And you're like my family.

Judge is like my dad.
And you're like my hot stepmom

who eventually
gets bored of my dad

-and has an affair with me.

[both laugh]

-[Frankie] You watch
too much porn, Jimmy.

-That's accurate.
-[Sean chuckles]

Honey, I will dock
his next paycheck, okay?


Frankie, you forgot my beer.

She didn't forget.

[all laughing]

So, uh...

...what's next on the docket?

It's got juice. [clears throat]

That's what we like to hear.

It's a big deal.

This is bigger than anything
I've given you two.

It's on the Cape.

Fucking right wing nut.

He's got a goddamn arsenal
in his house

He's preparing for the zombie
apocalypse or something.

This is the type of guy

who takes his pistol
into the shower.

But he drinks.
And he likes his reefer.

Every Thursday night
he goes to trivia
at the bar down the street.

He doesn't play.
He just drinks and listens.

[ominous music]

You wait for him
by his driveway.

You catch him
stepping out of his car.

You pull the pistol from his hip

and his ankle,

and you're in.

-Simple enough.

This guy sounds like he's been
waiting his entire life

for an excuse
to pull the trigger.

-[chuckling] I'm not trying
to get killed.

How much are we talking?

He's got pistols, rifles,
grenades, machine guns.

You two are walking out
with 30k. Easy.

[chuckles] We're in.

All right.

[glasses clinking]

Bring it in.

-[Sean chuckles]
-Come on.

-[Sean laughs]
-You're gonna be great.


["Paradise" by Chel Sea]

♪ Paradise ♪

♪ I feel like paradise
when I'm with you ♪

♪ I'm alive to feel paradise ♪

♪ Paradise ♪

♪ I feel like paradise ♪

♪ When I'm with you ♪


You know what I was just
thinking about?


Have you noticed

all these bike lanes
they're putting around Quincy?

I mean, when was the last time
you saw anybody
ride a bike around here?

I swear to fucking God, man.

It's all these yuppies moving in
with their smoothie shops,

and their avocado toast,
and their art galleries
on every corner

with a line around the block
waiting to get in
and see some asshole

with some fucking bag
around his head. [scoffs]

-That's what you were
thinking about?

-Yeah! Yeah.
-[chuckles] On the dance floor?

I swear to Christ, man.
This place is turning into the
People's Republic of Cambridge.



I was doing
some thinking of my own.

-Oh, yeah?

I'm gonna do this job.

-Yeah! [laughs]
-Hey, but, but...

Under one condition.


The money
we're making off of it,

we're putting it
towards the company.

-The company? [scoffs]

We have everything we need.

What could we possibly need
30k for?

-We need a dump truck, man.
-Oh! [laughs]

Oh, my God,
the fucking dump truck again.

It's a game changer.
We get one of those,

we can mow more lawns
before we have to dump.

-It's the next step.

I'm getting seriously
fucking fatigued
hearing about this dump truck.

We can't be ripping off
drug dealers and card games
for the rest of our lives.

We need something real.

There are people out there
making millions
off of landscaping.

-Sounds unreal.

[clicks tongue]


you're right.

I know this can't last forever.

Th-- this guy I was
locked up with in South Bay,

we reconnected.

He's getting heroin from Mexico
at a hell of a price.

We take this 30k and invest that

and we're making millions
without pushing the mower.

If you wanna talk millions.

You know what, man?

We're crooks.

I know that. I know that.

I'm not asking you to shed it.

But there are crooks,
and there are corporate crooks.

One of them gets Fed time
or a bullet to the head.

The other one gets
a tennis court prison,

if he gets anything at all.

You know,
enough lectures for one night.
Let's get another round.

-No, no, no, no.
I, I gotta go.

Dude, come on.
We're fucking celebrating here.

I was supposed to be
at Tina's an hour ago.

Oh, Tina.

I know, I know.
You're having sex with her

and I'm sure that's fun.

Or what is funner is this place
with all free booze.

-All you can drink.
-[Frankie] It's not free.

Frankie and her quick wit.
Plus she dances.

Come on, Frankie. Let's have
a little tappity-tap. Huh?

Frankie, Frankie! [laughs]

-I'll see you at home.

-Wanna get my beer?

-This one, he paid for this one.
-[Frankie] Mm-hmm.

[sighs softly]

Can I help you?

You could.

I'm cooking now.

You're boiling water.

That's hardly cooking.

Well, what do I get out of it?

My love and loyalty.

-[both chuckle]

-It's not gonna cut it.

I'll cook the rest of the meal.

You're just delaying
the inevitable.

It's been a long day.

I'm tired. [chuckles]

Oh. S-- so, so you're too tired
to make me cum

but you have all the energy
in the world for yourself.

See, when you,
when you put it that way,
it makes me sound, um...

Uh, selfish?

-Yeah, a little bit.
-Yeah. 'Cau-- 'cause it is.

-It is.



If you want this to happen
you're gonna have to
go down there first.

And then


after I finish,
if I'm feeling extra nice...

...I'll put on those boots
that you love,

so you can hold them in the air
while you fuck me.

What's the matter?


-[quietly] Okay.
-I gotta talk to you
about something.


My uncle in Chicago,

he had a heart attack.

-A bad one.
-Shit. I'm sorry.

Don't be.
He lived and he's an asshole.

Um, but it's my aunt
who I'm worried about.

Um, he's gonna be
out of commission for a while,

and she's got the business
and she's already overwhelmed.


She asked me to come to Chicago.

Run the books for her.

And you wanna do that?

All I've ever known
is Quincy, Sean.

I don't wanna live and die here.

I've been thinking about it
for a while.

So you're gonna do it.

I told them I'd only go
if there's a place for you too.

We've been talking about
moving in together
for a year now, Sean.

This is our chance to do that.

I got my own business here.


And you essentially
run it by yourself.

Jimmy's drunk or absent almost
every day that you're out there.

[calm piano music]

This is an opportunity
for us, Sean.

To get out of here.
See something new.

I can't leave him
hanging like that.

You're not leaving him hanging.

It's called being an adult.

It's making decisions.
It's living your own life.

He's like my brother, Tina.

And I'm all he has.

[sighs deeply, mutters] Fuck.


And if he loved you
like you love him,

he'd want what's best for you.

You know where I stand.

I want you with me.

But I can't make
this decision for you.

And I can't ask you
to leave your home.

Or Jimmy.

Even if I know that's
the right thing for you to do.

[chair scraping]

[pop song playing on radio]

[music stops]


What's up, Jimmy.

Don't fucking
"What's up, Jimmy" me.

What did I say about
these fucking drugs.

You told me, "Don't do drugs."

I'll make a lot more money
selling them

if I'm not
a goddamn fiend myself.

That's right.

Until you come along.
Right, Jim?

[Jimmy laughs]
Don't be a wise ass, kid.

I know it's just fucking,
just weed, but, uh,

-it's a fucking gateway.
-Yeah, yeah.
All right, Jimmy. All right.

"Yeah, yeah.
All right, Jimmy. All right."

You want to have a drink?

Come on. Have a drink.

Fuck. You're 21, right?

-[Corky] Eighteen.

If that's old enough to stand
trial, enough to have a drink.

Have a seat over there
I'm gonna grab us a drink.

[objects clatter]

Hey, come out of the bedroom.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Put both hands
where I can see them.

Both hands.

Get the fuck outta here.

Who the fuck are you?

I'm, I'm nobody, man.
[trembling] Sorry.

I'll just, just go.

[gasps, choking]

-Who said you could leave?

How did you get in here?

The fire escape.
The door wasn't shut.

Where are you from?

From here.

You steal from your own people?

I'm fucking sick, man.
I get these withdrawals.

I feel like I'm fucking dying
when I get them. [panting]

Is that my fucking pillow case?

-Uh, uh... [choking]
-Answer hum, huh?


You know what?
Corky, let him go.

-Empty your fucking pockets.

No, fuck that. You know what?
Take your fucking clothes off.

What, what fuck-- Come on, man!
It's cold outside.

You know what's worse
than being cold? Being cold with
no fucking teeth in your head.

Now take your
fucking clothes off. Now!


There we go.

Nice ink.

The guy fucking stinks, Jim.

[Jimmy laughs]


I've had fun tonight.
You're free to go.

-And don't come back!

And close the door after you.

[both laugh]

That was fucking outstanding,
my boy.

Oh, hey, for future reference,
never stand behind someone
I'm pointing the gun at, okay?

Other than that, A-fucking-plus
on the effort, kid.

Hey, you know what?

Take some cash. You earned it.

Don't gotta pay me, Jim.

You know I'll ride
with you for free.

All right. I didn't know
you were like that, kid.


Corky, I deal with problems
like that every day.

And I've come to learn
that there's always

a way to solve a problem.

Comes down to two things.

How much you know.

And how far
you're willing to go.


Oop! [laughs]

-[glasses clinking]
-[inaudible] kid.

Thanks, Jim.

-Oh, yeah! [chuckles]


-That's some strong shit.
-Oh, yeah.

[rap music]

[muffled rap music]


I got two ram rods.

Double rainbow kit.

Oh, screw it.

[scraping paper]

Thinking of getting
Corky involved in some jobs.

I think he's right for it.


Oh, come on, man.
There's no replacing you.

No, man.
I don't want him involved.

Why not?

-[bottles clanking]
-[Jimmy clears throat]

[Sean chuckles]

You shouldn't be that kid's
role model, Jimmy.


Just let the kid be.

[Jimmy exhales]

Hey, Frankie,
where the fuck is Judge?

Do you want an answer from me?
You better ask politely

Well, he's the one
that called us here
and he said it was urgent.

He's taking
his sweet time, so...

I think it's only fair we drink
for free until he gets here.


Would you like a beer, Sean?


[both chuckle]

Sean, you're such
a kind and intelligent man.

For the life of me, I can't
figure out why to choose

-to spend your time
with this asshole.
-[Sean chuckles]

You're better than him.

That one hurts, Frankie.

Probably because
you know it's true.


[Jimmy chuckles]

Tina's moving to Chicago, Jimmy.


Shit, man.

I'm sorry, dude.

You know, like they say,
there's plenty of fish
in the sea, right?

Maybe next time
you could find a girlfriend
that actually likes me.


[chuckling] Let's go.

Oh, if it isn't the man
who kept us all waiting.

[suspenseful music]

[Judge] You guys do any work
in the past couple of months
independent to me?

Why, you jealous?

No, I'm fucking aggravated.

Pair of goons
came in here yesterday

asking about a two man crew.
White and Black.

Operating south shore
and Boston.

Did you tell them
we're willing to travel
to Western Mass and the Cape

if the price is right?

I'm fucking serious, Jimmy.

Who did you beat?

These guys are for real.

No one important.

Some cash jobs.
Poker games and shit.

It was that fucking bookie.

What fucking bookie?

Give the fucking money!

[body thuds]

I told you no to hit him.

These fucking Italians
from Eastie and the North End

think they're gangsters
'cause their uncles were.

Jesus fucking Christ, Jimmy.

This is why you vet people
before you stick them.

So you don't step
on the wrong fucking toes.

They left alone yesterday
but they're gonna
keep asking questions,

and eventually some asshole's
gonna shit his pants when they
walk through his door.

And they're gonna say,
"White and Black stick up crew?

You must be talking about
Sean and Jimmy.

They're Judge's guys."

And then I'm getting popped
inside my bar

that I worked
my whole fucking life for!

No one's getting popped in here.

Oh, yeah? What the fuck are you
gonna do about it?

We'll find them
before they find us.

It just might come to that.

I know a guy.


I think that he can settle this.

I'm gonna make a call and see
what I can do. In the meantime,

you lay the fuck low.

You ditch your truck.
And do not go back home

'cause you don't know
how far along they are.

The job's still on.

You call me when it's done and
I'll find a place for the drop.

Now get the fuck out of my bar

and do not come back
until we've figured this out.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-[Jimmy] You're welcome.
-I fucking told you

not to hit that guy!

Dude, come on, are you serious?

-Yeah, I'm fucking serious.
-Oh, my God, dude.

How many times have people
threatened to kill us before?

That lady from the laundromat?

She fucking told me
she was gonna kill me

and fuck the first row
at the funeral last week.

-You just made that shit up.
-No, I swear to Christ, bro.

I looked it up.
It's a Serbian insult.

-Jimmy. Jimmy.
-Good one.

This isn't a fucking
empty threat.

We got guys
actively searching for us.

Look, you have to make a choice.

If you're gonna be a criminal,

you fucking own it.
Be a criminal.

If you're gonna be a killer,
be a killer.

But you can't have it both ways.

Either you are
a willing participant,
or you're a citizen.

And if you're in it,
you fucking own it.

Dude, what the fuck
are you talking about?

Judge says he's gonna
talk to someone

but you wanna jump
straight to fucking murder.

It's not fucking murder
if they're trying to get you.

It's fucking self-defense!

Look, Judge can politic
all he wants

but if these fucking cunts
show their face

I'm gonna fucking handle it.

And you can either help me,

or you can go be a citizen.

Or run off to fucking Chicago.

[Anthony] Hey, Benny. I took
the boys to see one of them
superhero movies this weekend,

fucking awesome.

Way better than when I was
a kid. They sucked back then.

Special effects are
much better these days.

Yeah. The acting, directing,
the whole nine yards,
I liked it a lot.

Martin Scorsese says
those aren't really movies.

Really? I'll have Martin
come in here and tell me
to my fucking face.

-Where is this fucking kid?
-You know something?

How did this guy become a,
a made guy, Carlo?

-What do you think?
He bought his button.
-I figured that.

He's gonna show up here
with those shoes he bought
20 years ago.

-He thinks he is
Johnny Cash with those shoes.

Pointy, shiny,
he's all greased up, this guy.

What do you expect from a kid
from East Boston, Benny D.

You know they're always
wanting to be North End
fucking guys, so.

-[doorbell chimes]
-Ah, he's finally here, this
half a fucking greasy prick.

Yeah, he's always fucking late.

-[Anthony] Hey!
-[Carlo] Hey.

Been a while.

-What's the word
on the street kid?
-Yeah, yeah

You're still with that nice
piece of ass from Hyde Park?

Nah, we're done.

-She smartened up, huh?
-I guess so.

Only time
I'm getting fucked these days

is by the Department
of Family and Probate.

-Don't need both.

It's never a good time
to see you, Carlos.

What the fuck are you here for?
What do you want?

I love this guy.

It's all business with him.

See you don't wanna know
about any of my bullshit
or anything like that.

Just straight to business.
What do you want?

Let's be fair. Last time I saw
you here at North End,

a year ago, Fishermen's Feast.

He's got a point.

I heard you two were
going after guys

that work for a guy
that works for me.

Stick up guys.

-You know
what I'm talking about.

Well, I need you to back off.

As a favor to me.

Why the fuck
would we do you any favors?


-[speaking Italian]
-Look at me.

-How long you know me now?
-Long time.

If I could do you this favor,
Carlo, I would.

But this favor I cannot do,
my friend.

These orders come from...


Artie T gave that order?

'Cause I thought
this had something to do
with Sal the bookie.

No. Salvy was the last straw.

These kids' been pissing off
a lot of important people.

Very serious people.

Serious people?

-Fuck them.

Fuck them!


-Drinks are on me, fellas.
-Not necessary.

I'll see you at the next feast!

Go back to East Boston
where you belong, Carlo.

[doorbell chimes]

Are you fucking crazy? Artie T?

That's a lie that can
get us clipped, Anthony.

-What the fuck?

Like I'm gonna lose money

so that fucking little prick
can collect his nut.

Fuck that, Benny D.

He's not gonna go to Artie T
and talk about a hit.

Don't worry about nothing.
We'll be fine.

-Come on. Salud.
-[glasses clinking]

Those two are the biggest

fucking [indistinct]
in all of North End.

Dumb fucking guinea fucks.

-[Judge on phone] Hello?
-[Carlo] Hey, Judge.
It's taken care of.

So my boys are in the clear?

Yeah, my guy will be by tonight
for the money.

[Judge sighs, chuckles]
Thank Christ.

I thought that shit
was gonna spiral.

[ominous music]

So what are you gonna do
on your last day in Quincy?

-[Tina] First of all,
fuck Quincy.
-[Sean] Wow.

I've definitely had enough days

here to last me a lifetime.

-[Sean] Fair.
-[Tina] So I'd like
to go to the Cape today.

-[Sean] The Cape?
-[Tina] Yeah. You know,
get some good food,

-get high on the beach.
-[Sean] You know there's
beaches in Quincy, right?

Listen, you asked me where
I wanted to go.

And what I wanted to do
on my last day.

-On my last day.
-[Sean] Fair. Okay. Understood.

-[Tina] You're gonna
follow me to Chicago...
-[Sean] Wow.

...but you won't drive an hour
in the same state?

All right. [chuckling]

All right.

[sighs deeply]

So my friend told me
about the psychic there.

This guy is really good.

Like, come on, Tina.

My Mother would be rolling
in her grave over that shit.

-[Tina] Really?
-[Sean] She'd classify that

as some sort of
devil worshiping shit.

Well, what do you believe?

I don't know what I believe.

How was it?

It was, uh...


The things that he knew.

Like what?

He said, um,

that someone close to me
had passed away recently.

But they were watching over me.

...studying me.

It made me think of my cousin.

[voice breaking]
He said my grandparents miss me.

That they're keeping an eye
on me too. [sobbing softly]

[solemn music]

I'm sorry, Tina.

But this is exactly why
I didn't wanna come here
with you in the first place.

This is what these people do.

They're fucking crooks.

They make vague comments
about death

because everybody knows
somebody who died.

They tug at your heart strings.

So you keep paying and paying.

Yeah, but, Sean...

He knew more than that. Like,

He said...

He knew that I was gonna leave

to discover a new city soon,

but that I'd be back to Quincy
soon enough.

I mean, even if he guessed about
my grandparents and my cousin,

how did he know that?


When you made you appointment

he looked you up.

-All he needs is your name

and he can find anything on you.

First of all, I'm not, like,
posting all over the internet

that we're moving to Chicago.

And, second...

I didn't tell him my name.

I didn't make an appointment.
I just walked in.

[solemn music]

-[Judge] Hey, baby.
-Hey, honey.

Francesca, I'm calling it
a night. You coming?

Oh, not yet, honey.

I need to check the cash
and balance out the drawer.

You go on without me.

-I'll, I'll catch soon, okay?

Did you call the boys yet?
Tell them the good news?

No. I'm gonna let them
sit and sweat.

Let them think about
what they did.

Jimmy needs to squirm.


Come on,
don't be too late, okay?

-No, I won't. I'll see you soon.

I wish I could
come with you now.

Then come with me.

Not that simple.

It would be if you couldn't rely
on your business partner.

Yeah, well...

[Sean sighs]

What's wrong?


We'll be okay. It's just a week.

Yeah. You're right.

Don't forget

the subletter's coming
on Tuesday

and I need you
to give her the keys.

Fine. I'll take care of it.

Don't make me
wait for you, Sean.

[gentle music]

[fridge door opens]

[bottles clinking]

-The fuck are
you doing over there?
-[Benny] I'm getting

-something to eat. What the fuck
do you think I'm doing?

Now you're hungry?

All this guys has
is cold fucking pizza.

Can you fucking believe this?

-Please, give me a break.

[Anthony shushes]

Come on. I think
I hear him coming.

What the fuck, Anthony.

Why are you always
so fucking dramatic

with this, "Hide in
the fucking dark" bullshit?

Benny D. it's all about
the presentation, brother.

You should know that.

I think he's coming now.

[door opens]

[door closes]

Surprise, fuckface.

Have a seat, please.

Do me a favor.

Take a deep breath, relax.

Please have a seat
and make yourself comfortable.

Do me that favor.

I just wanna talk to you.

Didn't you talk to Carlo?

Shut the fuck up
about fucking Carlo,

sit the fuck down
and don't interrupt!

Forget about Carlo.

Sit down for a minute.
I just wanna talk to you.

I'm your friend. Come on.
We've talked before.

Sit down.

Look at me. You doing alright?

Take a deep breath.

-You remember us, right?
-[Judge] Yeah.

Good. This won't have to be
redundant over here,

going over shit
you should already know.


This is a big night
for you, Judge.

This is the night
you get to decide

what kinda man you're gonna be.

Me, honestly, I'm hoping
you're a smart man.

A man who knows
he's got one life,

one chance at all this,

and he better
make the most of it.

Go out and get drunk,

smoke a little weed,

make love to your
beautiful Brazilian wife--

-[Benny] Let me tie
this motherfucker...
-[Anthony laughs]

...or I'll fuck his wife
and smash him

in the fucking skull--

[speaks Italian]

In the end, a man who knows

loyalty is for the weak.

Not a person on Earth

worth giving their life up for.

Then again, I have been wrong,
once or twice.

Maybe you're one of them guys

that would give his life up
for some so-called friend

that would never
return the favor.

Give up his entire existence

and for what, Judge?

Pride? Principles?


Now, we spoke to you before
and you lied to us.

-[Benny speaking Italian]
-[mumbles in Italian]

Well, tonight, it's time
to put the lies to bed.

Tonight you will decide
what kinda man you're gonna be.

[suspenseful music]

[knocking on door]

[shower running]


Hey, Sean, uh,
it's, uh, it's Corky.

What's up, Sean?
What's going on?

Not that much.

Oh, how's, how's Tina doing?

She's fine.

You know, um,
my grandparents live, like,

across the street from her. I
practically grew up over there.

Yeah, this is, like, the sixth
time you've told me that.

Yeah, just my thoughts.

Yeah. [chuckles]

Is, uh, is Jimmy, Jimmy here?


-He's, uh, he's not
in the, the shower?

-I just heard it,
I just heard it running, so I--
-Yeah, I'm warming it up.


Sean, have you been using
my fucking dandruff shampoo?

What do you need Jimmy for?

I just--

I was thinking, I had this idea.

It couldn't work but, uh,
it would need, like, three,
it'd need three guys.

Can I give you some advice?

Yeah, sure.

If you're looking for a man
to look up to, it's not me...

...and as sure as fuck not him.

You want a male role model?

Go home, throw on
some Fresh Prince,

watch some Uncle Phil
or some shit.

But stop coming around here

trying to get involved.

-Is that clear?

Sorry, Sean. Sorry, Sean.

No worries.

-See you.
-Take care of yourself, Corky.

-Yeah. Sorry, Sean.

[footsteps receding]

[door slams]

I feel like
I'm forgetting something.

It's all in the bag.

Come on, man,
we need to get moving.

We're not even
supposed to be here.

Wish those fucks would
come through here, right now.

Make our self-defense case
a little easier.

Let's just fucking go, Jimmy.

You know, what if Corky
was in on this?

He'll be like
our personal assistant,

help us with the bags,
inventory, shit like that.

You need to
fucking drop that, man.

It's not even something
to be considered.

You are such a fucking
wet blanket.

Everybody's saying that.

Everybody can go
kick fucking rocks.


[knocking on door]


Jimmy, it's Stephanie.

[mouthing] Motherfucker.

Hold on.

Sean's naked.

He's got that weird thing
with his penis.

Open the door.

-Hi, Stephanie.
-Hi, Jimmy.

Hey, Sean.
There you are, fully clothed.

How's it going?


Where are you two headed tonight
with the matching outfits?

Ha! Look at that.
Great minds, you know.

You're so full of shit.

But I don't have fucking time
for this tonight.

I need you to pee in this.

This is legitimately
fucking with our friendship.

Like, I feel like
I can't trust you.

You can't call, tell me
you're coming over?

Just because I like you,
Jimmy, doesn't mean
I'm your friend, okay?

Now go piss in this
so I can get going.

How many times
do I gotta tell you?

I don't do drugs.

The D.A.R.E. program works.
No bullshit.

[opens and closes door]

[calm music on radio]

Put your hands back
on the fucking wheel.

Put your hands
on the wheel, now!

[Sean shouts]
Do what the fuck he said!

There we go. Now, my man here,

is going to take the pistol
off your waist.

You understand what will happen
if you try anything?

Nod your fucking head if you
understand what will happen.

There we go.

Oh, yeah, we knew
about that one too.

Now, get the fuck outta the car.

[Phil stumbles]

So, Phil...'re house is a dump
and you look poor as shit.

So, unless you're
a complete fucking moron,
you've already gathered that

we're not here for your, uh,

Woody Allen DVD box set

or signed copy
of Rosemary's Baby.


We know you got guns.

We know you got a lot,
a lot more of them.

So, tell us where they are,

and we'll be on our way.

Don't tell us and we'll
find them anyway.

My man here,
is a fucking blood hound.

[suspenseful music]

Phil, I feel like we got off
on the wrong foot, her.

I mean, I know I'm basically
ruining your fantasy.

And you've always dreamed
of killing someone
that broke into your house.

Who that person is,
well, that's up for debate.

But we'll find out next in
"Who's Phill wanna kill?"


Let's meet our first contestant.
What's your name, son?

Oh, he's shy. Okay.
Well, Phil, we'll make it easy.

We'll do multiple choice.

First question,
for zero dollars.

You're home alone,
making whoopie,

there's a noise outside.

Oh, God. You've got
80 guns to choose from.

Who do you most wanna see
walk through that door?

Would it be, A, addicts,

B, Black people,

C, queers or maybe liberals,

or D, definitely not me.
Am I right?


Whoever it might be... this moment,
I see, it is me.

Oh, it's me, 'cause you think
that I robbed you

of your big moment
to stand your ground.

[door opening and creaking]

The fuck?

You see, it's come
to my attention that you

have an issue
with alcohol and drugs.

It is my contention
that it's that very issue

that robbed you of your
killer instinct here tonight.

So, in conclusion, Phil,

I want you to think
of tonight... an intervention.

The motivation you need
to live a sober life.

You're welcome. [chuckles]



Not even a fucking smile?



I'm sorry, Phil, this is
wildly unacceptable
and unprofessional.

We'll be back right after
these messages.

Hey, remember that whole
"Don't use names
during a robbery" thing?

[eerie music]


[Phil panting]

Who's the boy?

[whimpering] I...

I didn't mean to hurt him.

He liked it when I choked him
when we'd make love.

And... [sobbing]

...he asked me to do it!

I didn't mean to hurt him, man.
I loved him so much, man.

I would never ever
hurt him, man.

I would never hurt
that little boy.

You gotta just believe me, man.
I love him so much.

[sobbing] And he loved me.

He fucking loved me, man.

What was his name?

His name was Tyler.

And he was my best friend, man!
I loved him. Please!

Just go! Just take
your fucking guns and go, man.

Just trust me, go!

And fucking let me go, man.
Please, I'll do--

I won't even tell them
your name, man.
I don't know your name.

-Just fucking don't kill me,
-My name is Tyler.

-[Phil] Come on, man--

[gunshot ringing echoes]

You're moving to a new city.

And you'll be back
before you think...

[gentle music]

...before you want.

[footsteps approaching]

[suspenseful music]

[loud thud]

[groans softly]

Alright. What the fuck
did I tell you?

I'm sick and tired of sitting in
that fucking stinky fucking car.

-Benny D, how many fucking years
we been doing this now, huh?

It's part of the job, man.
Snap the fuck out of it.

-I'm bored out
of my fucking mind, Anthony.
-Bored, huh? Really

-Coming from a guy who fucking
bird watches for a hobby.

-You're bored?
-Birds are a lot more
interesting than people, okay?

A lot more interesting.

[gate creaks]

[suspenseful music]

Have I ever shown any desire
to listening to radio shows?

-It's not the fucking point--
-Aye, Jim.

-Fuck you! Fuck you!

Where do you think
you're fucking going?


[tense music]

I'm fucking starving. [exhales]

You trying to go to Dunks?

You fucking deaf?

I gotta go, man.

Go where?

I got to get the fuck
out of here.

Well, yeah. Agreed.

We gotta get that Dunk's trip.

Mm. Besides that though,

it's probably good
if we stay here until we
clear up this other thing.

I'm not talking about going
to the apartment, Jimmy.

I'm fucking leaving.

I'm taking my share of the guns

and I'm going to Chicago
to be with Tina.

-The fuck are you talking about?
-I can't--

I can't do this anymore, man.


-Is this because of last night?

It's not just that.
But, fuck, yeah!

Last night didn't fucking help!

You feel bad about
that piece of shit?

I just want to be
with Tina, man.

I don't want this shit.

I didn't want any of this shit.


So, so this isn't
a spur of a moment thing.
This was the plan all along.

That's fucking rich, Sean.

We got guys out there
looking to kill us

for something that we did.

But, no. You go run to Tina.


Yeah. Don't worry, man.
I got this.

-I'll take care of it myself.
-[gun clicks]

[door opens and closes]

[melancholic music]

Don't make me come back
to Quincy, Sean.

Why would you?


You're the only thing
I have left here.

Don't make me
come back here for you.

I told you I was coming
to Chicago, right?

Believe that.

I'm coming.

[suspenseful music]

[door creaks]

[suspenseful music]


Jimmy, get back up there and
tell Corky to come down here.

He ain't up there.

That piece of shit.

What kind of son
lies to his mother?

He told me that he was gonna
grab my cigarettes
after he came to see you.

It's been like
two fucking hours now.

He didn't come to see you
and apparently,
I don't have my cigarettes.

'Cause I'm still standing here
feeling like a motherfucker

about to walk my skinny ass
down to Cumbi's.

-I gotta go.

Jimmy, can I at least
bum a square?

Come on!

[tense music]

[phone vibrating]

Come on, Sean.

[phone vibrating]

[phone vibrating]

Sean, answer the fucking phone!

[phone vibrating]

[tires squealing]



We gotta-- We gotta move.

They got Corky.

What do you mean they got Corky?

They got Corky,
they've been to our apartment.

Corky knows this spot.
we gotta fucking move.

[suspenseful music]


[car peels out]

Go around the block again,
I saw a few parking spots
back there.

That skinny fucking cocksucker,
he cracked me pretty good.


-Do I need stitches?
-No, you'll be alright.

Just a paper cut.
You took it well.

Oh, shit.

What are you doing?

Something's stuck here.

Oh, shit.

-Look at this. Yeah! Come on!
-It's that prick's
fucking tooth.

-Get it outta my face.
-Take it home.

Throw it underneath
the pillow tonight.

-Give it to the tooth fairy.
-Get that fucking tooth

-outta my face.
That's disgusting.

-[speaks in Italian]
-Looks like a molar.

Oh, fuck it.

Sorry. I know I'm an asshole.

[door creaking]


If you're looking for Judge,
he's not in.

Where is he?
We need to see him and
he's not answering his phone.

He had some business
out of state.

When will he be back?

None of your fucking business,

Frankie, Frankie...

...we gotta talk to him.

I haven't heard from him.

If you wanna wait, sit down
and I'll make you two a drink.

Yeah? She's gonna
make us a drink.

[door creaking]

He gave us up.


We tied him to a murder,

he's in the wind.

Judge tells Frankie everything.

We weren't supposed to be
in the bar just now.

He told us.

He said, we weren't supposed
to come back until he took care
of this hitters thing.

What are we gonna do?

[gentle music]

I want you to go
to Chicago, Sean.

This is something
I signed up for.

You got something else in mind.

It's fine.

I know what you did
coming back to Tina's.

For all you knew,
they were right outside.

And you came back for me.

I'm not running.

Hey, Anthony, this is
a lot of work for $7500.

Three for the price of two.

-What are we?
Bargain-basement hitmen now?

You remember them fucking
two stick-up boys

-back in Framingham
that time, right?

Good payday when
the job was done,

got a QP of coke
from them as well.

Who knows what these
boys will be holding.

Did you see their apartment?

These guys got nothing
They got stugotz.

I'm not made of money
like you, Benny D.

I promised my kids a trip
to Disney this Christmas.

I do what I gotta do

and I don't squawk about it.

Not for nothing,
that plastic gangster Sal

he deserved to get
fucking robbed, okay.

And now, we gotta whack
these two poor mamelukes
because of Sal's insecurities?

We're here playing
Sherlock and Holmes

-chasing these guys
around everywhere.

I want a tall whiskey, I want
the Bruins game, that's it.

Why you laughing?

[speaking Italian]

It's not Sherlock and Holmes.

It's Sherlock and Watson.


What's this?

What the fuck is this?


-They're always fucking hungry.
-[Benny] Oh, no, delivery.

Oh, shit.
When did they get here?


[car siren]

[dogs barking]

[gentle music]

[music stops]

I'm meeting up
with Smiley today.

I know you want to get
your cash and bounce

but it's not that easy anymore.

I'm gonna see if Smiley will
trade the guns for some dope.

I know that sounds fucked up.
Like I planned this shit. But...

It is what it is, Sean.

Judge fucked us.

Just trying to adapt
and overcome here, you know.

It's all good.

I'd like you to come with me.

You don't have to come in.
Just... stay in the car
across the street.

So he sees I'm not alone.

I thought this was your guy.

He was.

But so was Judge.

[knocking on door]

[knocking intensifies]

-Who is it?
-[Kim] Kim.

Hold on, Kim.

-Jimmy, I still haven't
heard from Corky.
-Oh, I'm sure he's fine.

No, he hasn't called Jimmy.
He never stays out all night
and doesn't call me.

He's a good-looking kid.
Maybe he met a girl--

Jimmy, I'm gonna call the cops.
Something is not right.

No. No one's calling the cops.
I'll go look for him, okay?

-You will?

I'll go look for him right now.
Put some clothes on.

Thank you so much, Jimmy.

[voice breaks]
I'm so worried.

I'll call you as soon as
I find him, alright?

-I will. Alright.

Alright, keep your phone on.


What's up, Smiley?

Oh, man. Come here, man.

Give me some love.

Good to see you, brother.

It's good to see you, man.

What you want? Some espresso,
some cappuccino,

-some brekky?
-I'm good with a brekky
but can we talk blikkies.

If we doing drug deals
in a coffee shop,

better get your hands
on a goddamn coffee.


Fair enough.

I got a call
from a detective, Sean.

A detective? About what?

Two men were murdered
on my street,

few houses down from my place.

So why would the police
wanna talk to you?

I guess there was a pizza guy
there when it happened.

Someone had called and ordered
pizzas from my address

and the guy was right there
when the men were killed.

Someone ordered pizzas
to your house? [chuckles]

Yeah, I guess so.

I told the detective
it could've been you.

But he said no one was home
when they went to check.


I was at my spot last night.

I know. And I told them that.

He just wants you to go in
and tell him the same thing.


Okay, let me get his number.



If Jimmy has anything
to do with this,

don't protect him. You can't.

Tina, what the fuck
are you talking about?

Why would Jimmy have
anything to do with this?

Don't treat me
like I'm stupid, Sean.

I know exactly who Jimmy is.
And so do you.

Don't act like anything
is impossible for him.

I don't think he was
a part of this.

I was with him all night.

When are you coming?

I'll come tonight.


What? What was
the old timer's name?

The big Black guy,
sat with, uh, Marques and Derek?

-[Smiley] Jeff.
-Fucking Jeff.


Oh, shit. Fucking Jeff,
the kid walks up,

fucking Jeff puts him in
a head lock, whips out his dick

and smashed him
in the face with it! [laughs]

Over and over again.

Oh, man.
That was bad, man. Oh, my--

Dude. Poor bastard.
I mean, Jeff had, what,
six inches on him, soft?


Yeah, shit.

Smiley, man...

...I ended up with some guns.

My buyer fell through.

So I'm hoping we could
make a deal here.

What kind of guns?

All kinds.

You think you don't need guns
in the dope game?

Come on, man.
You're smarter than that.

Bunch of wolves out here.

Well, it's all I got.
So, do you want them?

Or not?

I like you, Jimmy.

I appreciate everything
you did for me on the inside.


You believe in God?


Yeah. Me neither.

But I believe in energy.

We all give off energy.

Positive and negative

Certain things we do,

they create a type of energy
you'll never shed.

No matter how hard you try.

And that negativity,

it only attracts more.
You see what I'm saying?

Not really.

You be careful what you
put out into this world, man.

Don't be surprised if it
finds its way back to you.

Do you want the guns or not?


Smiley wasn't kidding about
this brekky. Fucking delicious.

A detective called Tina.

He wants to talk to me.

What'd he say?

They wanted to know why
a pizza guy was delivering food
to her apartment

at the same time two guys
got killed a few houses down.


It was to be expected.


As we talked through this plan,
you never said it was
to be expected.

Well yeah, Sean.
I mean, what would be
the fucking point of that?

You already had
enough on your mind.

What the fuck
am I gonna say to him?

They'll call you in,
I'll be next.

We lawyer up.
Keep our mouths shut.

Simple as that.

They're gonna know, Jimmy.

[scoffs] Yeah. They'll know.


But there's no guns.

Phones are good.

Did you come on his face
after you shot him?

No. Okay, perfect.

No DNA. I guess we're good.

It's not as simple
as that, Jimmy.

They're gonna know it's us.

There's something
we're not thinking of.

Look, they can know
all they want.

But they can't prove anything.

And that's all that
fucking matters here.

[phone vibrating]


Where the fuck have you been?

Those two fucking goons

came back to the bar.

I made it out the back

before they saw me.

I had to go underground

until I heard everything
was all right.

Oh, yeah?

I still want what we
talked about.

Name a time and place.

Three o'clock, the bog.

[hangs up]

You said Smiley
went for the deal.

[chuckling] Yeah, he did.

So who are you lying to?


[Jimmy laughing]

I am so proud of you, man.


There was a day,

not too long ago,

when a fart that loud,

in a car, with the windows up,

would've lost your cool.

You've come a long way, Sean.

Maturity wise.


I gotta take a wicked shit.

Come on, man. Hold it.

You remember the battle
of Helm's Deep?


The Two Towers.

The orcs and the battering ram,
trying to take down the door.

The fuck are you talking about?

That's what my asshole
is doing right fucking now.

-I gotta stop.

Dude, fuck!

I'll just be two seconds.

I'm not having the best day.

Can I please just have your car?

And your phone.

Thank you very much.

Hey, how do I move
the seat back?

[tires screech]

[phone vibrating]

The fuck, Jimmy? Hurry up, man.

I think you should
go to Chicago.

-What're you doing?
-Listen to me.

I got 20k in a storage locker.
The key is under my mattress.

Consider that your half
of the guns, alright?

I don't give a shit
about the money.

Stop fucking around, Jimmy.

I'm coming with you.

-Not today my friend.
-Don't do this alone, man.

-We don't know what they know!
-Send Tina my love.

This could be a fucking set up--





[upbeat music]

♪ We can take it
Take it anywhere ♪

♪ We can take it anywhere
Stop ♪

♪ What you know about love ♪

[somber music]


Where's Sean?

Oh, Sean retired.

Just me now.

So those guys over in Quincy
who got wet last night.

That was just you?


And the job?

That was all me.


Let's get the shit and let's
get the fuck outta here.


Whoa! Jimmy!

-The fuck?
-It was us or you.

-You chose you, right?
-Oh, Jimmy, you're wrong.

We're family.

They killed my guy, Judge.

He was a fucking kid.

It wasn't me.
Jimmy, I swear to God. Please.

Don't do this.

You don't trust me. That's fine.

But you and me,
we don't gotta end like this.

Let's get back in our cars

and we'll just
go our separate ways.


That other guy you put us onto,
he killed the kid.

I know.

It's all over the fucking news
this morning.

He deserved to die.

Why is fucking haunting
me then, huh?

It'll pass, kid.

It will pass.

You just gotta give it time.

You didn't leave
anything behind, right?

Nothing to connect the dots?

Then you're gonna be okay.

[gun clicks]

[suspenseful music]

How 'bout we get back
in our cars?

Go our separate ways?


It can't be that way.

Sean's out the game, okay?

You leave him out of it,

Sure, kid.

Hey, Frankie.

How about one more dance?

Close your eyes, baby.


You have your mother's eyes.

She said you have her smile too,

but you don't use that
much anymore.

Is that what you do?


You guess at loved ones
people have lost.

Say some fucked up shit like,
"You have the same smile."

-So I sit here and cry?
-I don't want you to cry.

If something comes because
of something said in this room,
then I hope it helps.

I hope you find it therapeutic.

See, I don't need therapy.

And if I did,

it wouldn't be here.

You know, she said
this is the last place on Earth

-she wants you to be.

'Cause people like you,

you go against God.

That's not why she said it.

Tell me why you're so unhappy.

I thought you're
supposed to tell me.



Um, I...

...I'm looking for my friend.

He left me...

...and he went
somewhere dangerous.

I got there as soon as I could.

I know something bad
happened to him.

I can feel it in my bones.

I just gotta know where he is.

I just gotta see him again.

You have lived many lives,
many lives.

in which you were many races.

Your friend... and he

have been a part of
each other's lives,

time and time and time
and time and time

and time again.

You were brothers before.

He was your father once.

You're not answering
my question--

You'll never see him again.

Not as you knew him.
Not in this life.

But your souls.

Your souls will know each other
again one day.

Tell me where he--

Tell me where he is.

What do you know about
the Big Bang, Sean?

Fuck do I need to know
about the Big Bang?

What the fuck has that got to do
with what I'm asking you?

You want to know
where your friend is.

Look no further than
the death of the stars.

The principals
of the solar system.

What the fuck is that
supposed to mean?

This was the right decision.

I know.

Stop feeling bad about it, Sean.

There's nothing you
could have done to save him.

I don't know about that.

[creaking noise from downstairs]



I'm sorry.

-[banging on door]

Police, open up.

But you'll be back home
before you think.

Before you want.

["Paradise" by Chel Sea]

♪ I, I like the way
you move your body ♪

♪ Slow, so innocent
like you don't even know ♪

♪ that I like it when we
start to play this game ♪

♪ So let's play ♪

♪ You know I don't follow rules
I play my own moves ♪

♪ So you can try your luck
and roll your dice on me ♪

♪ Come on and stay with me ♪

♪ Paradise ♪

♪ I feel like paradise
when I'm with you ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪

♪ Feel like paradise ♪

♪ Paradise ♪

♪ I feel like paradise
when I'm with you ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪

♪ Feel like paradise ♪

♪ I, I see the look
in your eye, baby ♪

♪ You, you ate so
tempting tonight, it's crazy ♪

♪ I know I'm talking
for a life ♪

♪ So you can stay with me ♪

♪ Paradise ♪

♪ I feel like paradise
when I'm with you ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪

♪ Feel like paradise ♪

♪ Paradise ♪

♪ I feel like paradise
when I'm with you ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪

♪ Feel like paradise ♪

♪ Don't take me to Hawaii ♪

♪ Don't bother with Dubai ♪

♪ Your eyes are like
the tropic skies ♪

♪ And I'm hypnotized ♪

♪ You are my favorite vice ♪

♪ And I like you over ice ♪

♪ Goodbye to buying flies ♪

♪ Flying right into
your paradise ♪

♪ I need your paradise
when I'm with you ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪

♪ To feel this paradise ♪

♪ I want you to follow me
to paradise ♪

♪ I feel like paradise ♪

♪ When I'm with you ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪

♪ To feel your paradise ♪