How to Become Myself (2007) - full transcript

Hurry, hurry!

Eat this, nerd.

Hey, I brought a camera today.

Let's take one together.

- Let's take one.
- Sure!

Take one for us then, Juri.


Back then...

I was afraid of the arrival
of tomorrow.

Say cheese!

Let's take one together, Kanako!

If I wasn't myself...

If I was her...

Would there have been a different
tomorrow for me?

Say cheese.

Hey, let's play dodgeball.
Let me borrow it.

Who wants to play dodgeball?


Dodgeball? Let's play!

It must be the same in all
elementary schools.

Juri! What are you staring at?

There's a bullied one,

a chosen one...

and one who is neither.

Enough is enough!

Don't raise your voice like that,
our kids will hear us.

It must be the same
in all families.

Should we go down?

That place is too expensive.

There's a father,

It's no use.

There's a mother...

and a child trying to keep them together.

Have you thought about which junior
high school she should apply to?

I'll leave everything to you.

Can you stop being so irresponsible?

I woke up because I was thirsty.

Oh? Want something to drink?

Back then...

I was afraid of the arrival of tomorrow.

Smile, Makoto.

Look at the camera,
all right? Smile!

Say cheese!

Okay, okay. That's it.

Great, great.

How to Become Myself



I received a phone call
from your mother.

I heard you're taking a week off from
school until the entrance exam.


I don't approve of it as a teacher,

but there's nothing I can do if that's
what your parents want.

Please sit down.

I can't spend quality time with my daughter
because of my busy work schedule.

So I'm thankful to my wife for
holding the family together.

I try my best to put my grateful
feelings into words,

and express them to my
wife in front of Juri.

Juri is a kind, sensitive girl
who cares for the family.

Not only is she kind,

she's growing up to be a truly strong girl...

I was so nervous!
That made me hungry.

Hey, why don't we grab a
bite on our way back?

Let's... go straight home for today.


Let's get Makoto too, and go out for dinner together
when you're accepted by this school.

- Really?
- Sure.

So work hard for the exam.

Yes, I will.

It can't be helped!

She only took the entrance exam
because you wanted her to.

So it's my fault now?

"Work hard", "I will",

"try to work hard", "let's work hard".

Are you trying to say it's
my fault she failed?

I tried my best.

But no one taught me what to do
when I tried my best...

and still failed.

I'll get going.


("Do your best" gesture)

- I'll get going.
- Take care.

Don't worry too much
about our parents.

They are a lot stronger
than we think.


It might have been worse
if you actually passed.


They like to be needed
by their children.

Good morning.

Things changed while I was taking
days off from school.

That popular Hanada Kanako lost her status

because of some disagreements
during a class rep meeting.

...what do we call planting different
crops in the same space?

Yes, Hanada?

...ssion planting.

I can't hear you!


It's... Succession planting

That's correct.

The most common example in Japan

is rice and wheat, remember?

Rice during the summer...

And that Kubota Manami

was accepted by the private
school I got rejected by.

Mom, I have to return some
books to the library.


Thank you so much.

Send me emails, okay?
Don't forget about me.

Sugitani, did you come here
to avoid them too?

They're sad about leaving each other,
even though they never got along.

They exchange thanks,
when they're not really grateful.

Everybody's so stupid.

We're finally graduating.

So, you don't ignore me when
you're by yourself.

I'm sorry...

I don't mind.

Everyone's like that.

I was a class rep,

then I was excluded by everyone.

My school life was a
roller-coaster ride!

Question: Which one is the real me?

The real one?

I finally figured it out after being
bullied for 2 months.

Hanada Kanako for the past
2 months was a fake me.


Myself from before,
the class rep is the real me.



But I'm going to hide that right now.

Fake Kanako is enough to
deal with those people.

I guess it's like I'm taking the position that
someone in our class has to take?

You know, someone else had to fill the void,

after Kubota got out of that role.

The role of a sacrificial lamb?

I would've never imagined
it would fall on me.

Such a role...

You know,

the one who was studying hard

was Sugitani Juri who wanted
to please her parents.

The truth is... my mom and dad were the ones who
wanted to be accepted by that junior high, not me.

That's the kind of role I get.

I see...

Then we're both the same kind of people.

I wonder why people lie.

Have you ever read novels
by Dazai Osamu?


"You're a good liar,
so at least do the right thing."

But it's easier said than done.



Juri? Where did she go?



I haven't spoken to Hanada ever since.

The bullying of Hanada continued
in junior high school.

I gradually got better at
acting various roles.

Me, who was nervous unless I was
doing the same thing as others.

Juri's hair is really smooth!

It's so smooth!

Me, who didn't have the
courage to stop studying

or have anything else
I wanted to do.

Listen to me!

How do you think I feel, doing nothing
but work day after day?!

How do you think I feel, working hard
for the family day after day?!

Me, whose hands were full with
just taking care of myself.

In August of my second
year in junior high,

my parents divorced.

I turned into Ooshima Juri
from Sugitani Juri.

I began living in a condo
with my mother.

[2 years since then]

You're going to be late.

I'm going as fast as I can.

I left your lunch box on your bag.

It's those spring rolls you love.

Okay, thanks.

It's been a while since we
left home together.

You're right.
I have an early meeting today.

Are you busy with work?

I think it's starting to get better lately.

That's good to hear.

Today's the dinner day
with your dad, right?

I'm going to be late anyway,
so take your time.

I'll probably be back home
before you.

[Sorry, I missed the train. I hope
you'll wait for me!]

Are you going to the literature
club today?

Yes, I think I'll be pretty late today.

I have a student council meeting too,

so I'll send you an email when I'm done.

Let's go home together if we can.

It's a dad day today though.

Oh, then we can only walk
up to the station.

Pay attention!

It's not for a while, but listen carefully.

We have a school anniversary
festival on October 31st.

At this school, we have a traditional group
game by freshmen every single year.


It's still more than 2 months away,

but we're starting the dance
lessons tomorrow.


This year's opening ceremony
was from homeroom A,

the sports festival has had a representative
chosen from homeroom B,

so a class rep from our homeroom will be
chosen for the opening speech this time.

We'll be picking a representative
before October 7th,

so come up with a speech
if you want to do it.


That's all for today.



Hey, let's go home together if we can,
at least until the train station.

Geez, Juri.
You really hate being alone!

- Remember there was a girl named Hanada?
- Yeah.

I heard she's moving.

What? Is that Hanada Kanako?

She's moving? I didn't know!

What is it?

Sorry, I overheard you girls talking.

Is that Hanada Kanako from
Seinan Junior High?

You know her?

- We were in the same junior high school.
- Oh...

Do you know Hanada?

We were in the same prep school.

Oh, I see.

Hey, why is Hanada,
the sacrificial lamb, moving?

I don't know, but someone
told me she's moving.

She's moving to Yamanashi Prefecture
because of "her parent's convenience"?

Skipping town, maybe?
Isn't that creepy?

Looks like she's leaving today.

That's tough, huh?

Hey, can you tell me Hanada's
email address?

Sure, but why?

Some guy from my junior high was
saying he wanted to talk to her.

So I just want to tell him.

It's an email address from really long ago,
so she might have changed it.

I'll send this out, sir.

See ya, Juri.

- Have a safe trip.
- Yes.


It's rare for you to stay late.

Many people who joined this club to read books
are having a hard time with this though.

I like reading too...

but it seems I'm not fit for writing.

This is just another activity for
the literature club. Just write.


Ooshima, have you ever told
someone a totally made-up lie?

A totally made-up lie.

I have.

Then just write it down.

After all, novels are nothing but lies.

What's wrong?

"You're a good liar...

so at least do the right thing."

Dazai, huh?

You've done enough for today.
Go home.

You won't get any new ideas
when you're stuck.

But make sure you write 2 week's
worth for next week.

What about you, dad?
How was work today?

How was it?

Well, it was so-so.

What about you, brother?

Why are you wearing a
business suit today?

You look like an adult!


Who passed away?

A classmate from back in junior high.

He started stealing my suits ever
since he got into university.

Was he someone you
still met often?

Things like that don't matter.

A friend is a friend.

You're right. Sorry.

This one's cooked.

Wow, I got so many emails.

I'm sorry you can only see
dad once a month.

I have you, mom!

It's more fun talking to
you than dad anyway.

[For some reason
I'm really tired.]

Come on, hurry and get in the bath.


"You're a good liar,
so at least do the right thing."

That was refreshing!


Oh, thanks.

Kanako, your bath is ready!


Don't make such a sad face.

I'm sure you'll have fun
in your new school.

What's wrong?


I'm really tired today
for some reason.

Did dad say something to you?

It's not like that.

I was just thinking about
an old friend.

You have to cherish your friends.

I know, I know!

Watch how you talk, Juri!

Yes, no problem.
I'm back home.

Thank you for doing this
for me all the time.

I should listen to my parents!

"Take your bath early..."

[Hanada Kanako]

"Cherish your friends."

[i-mode Sending]

[Email Sent]

[Good evening, are you
ready for tomorrow?]

[Who are you?]

[I'm your friend.]

I'm your friend.
[Do you remember what we talked about...]

I hope you can live as your real self
in the new high school.

["the real me" and "the fake me"?]

Who is it?

[I have no friends.]

[What's this "real me"?]

[Harassment? Please leave me alone.]

She forgot about me.

It's been so long.





("Hina" and "Kotori" are alternative ways
of reading their names in kanji)

I'm sorry, it seems I sent an
email to the wrong person.

I'm called Kotori.

I apologize for telling you all this so suddenly,
but there is a conversation I had

with a friend of mine in the past
that really helped me out.

Thanks to this friend,
I learned how to live my life well.

Let's say this is some kind of fate.

If you don't mind,

would you listen to the story of me
and my friend, Hina through email?

"Would you listen?"

Yet you keep sending
without permission.

Stop it already.

I call it, "The Story of Hina and Kotori".
(Hina: Baby chick, Kotori: Baby bird)

Our first encounter was Hina's
transfer to my class.

She was an off-season
transfer student,

so the whole class was
filled with curiosity.

When Hina appeared before us,
she looked like a really smart beauty.

She gave a conventional greeting of

"Hello, I'm Hina. Nice to meet you."

Then she suddenly
tripped and fell!

Are you okay?

Oops, I fell!

There's the clumsy side of a seemingly
unapproachable beauty.

Hina blended into the
class in no time.

First, Hina found and joined an
odd-numbered group.

She casually maintained her position
between others while walking home.

[Sorry! I still can't get out of work. Can you put my
dinner in the fridge? I'll be back before 10 PM.]

Dear Kotori.

Please tell me the rest of the story.

This means it went well?

Leave it to me!

Everyone, get in your positions.


Now, hold your hands...

Arrive for school early.

Talk to your classmates
before your classes start.

Get your parents to put a little extra in your lunchbox,
so you can share with your friends.

...5, 6, 7, 8.

Impersonate your favorite comedians
and perform in your classroom.

Start a trend of "good luck charm for love"
in your class by using pink nails.

It's so cute!

This is a good luck charm for love.

By the way, what was your nickname
in your old school?

Hina... I guess?

That's so cute!

Can we call you Hina too?


Then, what kind of music
do you listen to, Hina?

I listen to everything.

Oh, really? Then, let's go karaoke
together next time.

Yeah! Let's go!

What should we sing?

...Thank you.

What did Hina do when someone
invited her for karaoke?

Go no matter what!

Karaoke box is a sealed room, so it's an irreplaceable
place for strengthening friendship.

"Improv singing" is best for
making things exciting.

The key is to make the old
lyrics come to life.

Whenever you fail the test... they make
you take extra review sessions...

Pointless tests, open your
textbooks and study...

Okay, okay. Bye.


You seem busy!

I have 2 week's worth piled up.

Want some coffee?

Yes, please.

It's pretty stupid, isn't it?

No, it's interesting.

What? Really?


Why is Kotori doing something like this?

That will be the key to the second half.

What do you think?

Who knows?

Let me read the rest next week.


Excuse me, Japanese beef Galbi and
Japanese beef loins please.

And a tomato salad too.

There's still some lettuce left.

We have to eat plenty
of vegetables, right?

Brother, do you have a girlfriend yet?

He can't get one looking like this!

How long are you going
to stay single?

What about you, dad?

Aren't you getting a girlfriend?

Hurry and eat!


Has something good
happened to you?

Why do you ask?

Never mind.

Nothing's happened.


boring everyday became
a tad more fun.

Funny Juri in school,

hard working Juri at
home with mom,

cheerful Juri I show to my dad...

I played all my roles perfectly.

Through Hina,

I knew Hanada in Yamanashi
was doing well.

And just by writing down my story of
lies I wrote for her on paper,

I got rid of the literature
club assignment.


What kind of dates did Hina have?

Do not reply to emails right away.

Only carry white accessories.

The secret to success is to use them
to reflect light on yourself.

Constantly keep a smile
on your face.

Here is the menu.

Who ordered Latte Royale?

Order "Latte Royale" for your drink.

What do you want to drink?

I'll have Latte Royale.




Is that coffee milk?

Ice milk tea, please.


[Romance technique's]

"Why did you ask me out?"

Why did you ask me out?

My little sister told me about
a transfer student.

Then I saw a girl I'd never
seen before in the bus,

so I got curious...

Ask what his hobbies are when you're
not sure what to talk about.

- What's your hobby...
- You always...

You always stare at your cell
phone in the bus, right?

You look really serious every day.

Good listeners are good
at being well-liked.

Ah, excuse me.

No problem.

It's an email from a friend in
my previous school.

Everything all right?

- Ice milk tea.
- Yes.

I guess "Mirai Yosouzu II"
(by Dreams Come True),

"Kabutomushi" (by aiko)

and... "Sobakasu" (by Judy and Mary)

I can't resist girls who sing
these 3 songs.

Why, is there someone you like?

Go for karaoke after tea.

Do you like karaoke?

Yes, I do.


Sorry, that was a lie.

I don't go very often.
I try to make myself agreeable.

Actually... I don't really like it either.


But... my sister said you were
amazing at improv singing.

Oh, right...

I guess.

We met in the workplace,
and we started to talk...

I guess we're kind of similar.

It has nothing to do with me.

In addition to supporting your mother,
I also want to support you.

The two of you watching each other's back,
giving each other a helping hand.

It must have been tough.

Your mother is a delicate person,

so I'm sure there were times when you had
to be the one looking after your mother.

I'm sure it was a difficult role
for a child like you to bear.

You've done enough.

Can you let me handle that role?

Something wrong?

You understand well...

about how I feel.

(What were you two talking about?)

Can you let me borrow that CD
we were talking about earlier?

- You're interested in it?
- Yeah.

Sure, I'll bring it next time.

Let's eat.

Actually, they're coming to Japan next month.
It's been a while since their last concert.

Wow, really?!

We haven't gone to a concert in a while,
right? Juri?

Their live performances are amazing,
unlike their CD.

- A lot of times...
- "You're no longer needed,

because I can play that role
better than you."

"Everything you've done up to this
point has been a waste."

It was delicious.


Glad to hear that.

An acquaintance of mine told
me about that place.

[We took this picture today.
Join us next time, Juri!]

Juri, aren't you cold?


"I want to support you, as well
as your mother."

"You've done enough."

You've got lots of emails!

[Emails are fun. Can I call you Hina?]

[Hina's probable romance Q&A]

[When he asks if he can refer to
you by your first name:]

[When he asks if he can refer to
you by your first name:]
[Of course!! That's kind of exciting!]

[Of course!! That's kind of exciting!]

Hello, yes.

Thank you for tonight.

Food was great.

It was delicious.

Juri really enjoyed it too.

Thanks for the email, Kotori.

No, I want to thank you.

No matter what happens, "The Story of Hina
and Kotori" will have a happy ending.

[Create unique cute habits such
as tilting your head.]

[Asking advice for your love problems will
actually strengthen your friendship.]

[Ending your email with a question
mark is effective.]

[Have the same hobbies as other
girls in your group.]

[Say "It was fun" like you
really mean it.]

[Join the same clubs as other
popular girls in your class.]

[Give your homeroom teacher
an amusing nickname.]

[Do not brag about things
you are good at.]

[Aim for 3% above the class
average in tests.]

[Remember his birthday and tell him
"Happy Birthday" before anyone else.]

Writing "The Story of Hina
and Kotori" was fun.

But the rate my fingers hit the keyboard
slowed down as I neared the end.

And so, from Kotori in the story...

I turned back into Juri in reality.

There it is!

I found it!

Mine's on page 56.

Thanks to the kindness of the bookstore,

high school literature section
will be back again this year.

[The Story of Hina and Kotori]

It will be on the shelves at the same
time as other schools, on Saturday.
[Sunflower Vol. 17]

Did you find yours, Juri?

Are they going to sell these?

It's free distribution. We won't get any
royalties even if they're all taken.

The story I sketched out
had a happy ending.

[At last, the story is about to reach its climax.
Hina reveals her last secret in the end.]

[Sharing secrets will strengthen the
bond between you two.]

You can ask for my help
with anything.

Thank you.

[And so, Hina attained happiness.]

A friend...

gives me advice.

Things can't go wrong as long
as I do as she says.

That's a nice friend.

It seems I'm similar to her friend.

The environment surrounding us too.

[I'm sure you two will live
happily ever after.]

I'm sorry.

Why do you apologize?

I wonder why Kotori sends emails
to someone like me?

It's obvious.

Because she loves you, right?

She loves... me?

I would want to send you emails too,
if something was troubling you.

Will you send me emails too,
if something is troubling me?

Yes... I will send you emails.

Will you send them to
me right away?

Right away?


I will.

We'll be late if we don't
get going soon.


I'll wait for you by the bus stop
on the way back.



Let's stop seeing each other.

No volunteers?

Still no volunteers after so long...

Does anyone want to nominate
someone else?

Oh, let's do that.

Raise your hand if you want
to nominate someone.

"Rivers cease to stop flowing."

"In addition, it's never the
same water flowing..."

Yes. I think Ooshima
would be the best.

A while ago, Tamura of modern literature
said Ooshima was good at writing.

So I think Ooshima should do it.

I realized it along the way.

That I was trying to convince myself
I changed after moving here,

but in fact, I haven't changed at all.

That I was just playing the role of Hina,
instead of playing Kubota Manami's role.

How about it, Ooshima?

Um... I'm not good at those
kind of things.

It's a rare opportunity,
why don't you give it a try?

But I couldn't stop it even
after I realized it.

Because Hina sketched out by Kotori
was simply too appealing.

But it's all over.

Who am I supposed
to become now?

[I realized it along the way...

...Who am I supposed to become now?]

[Delete 1 draft message?]

[Message deleted.]

[Messages received]

Are you finished with it?


Where are you going?

Just going out for a walk.


I got curious, so I came here early.

Same here.

Um, teacher...

I'm glad I used this cover.


The cover looks really romantic!

Mine's right here!

I've been thinking about
it the whole time...

but I still don't understand it.

I'm sorry.

That's not what I mean.

I want you to forget about us.

Because Hina you fell
in love with...

is not me.

What's that supposed to mean?

I don't get it at all.

Excuse me, you're Sugitani, right?


Don't you remember me?

I went to the same elementary school
as you, it's Kubota Manami.


It's been so long!

It's been a long time...
You've changed a lot.


Yes, I'm surprised.

Do you live around here?

No, I just stopped by
from shopping...

Fine, I got it.

It never happened.

I'm sorry.

Nice to meet you, my name is Kanei.

I fell in love with you at first sight,
please go out with me.

I erased everything
from my memory.

That's not what I meant.

I don't get this "real me" and
"fake me" business.

All I know...

is that I'm in love with the Hanada
Kanako I see in front of me.

I love the Hanada Kanako
in front of me.

Can't I?

Can't I love you?

Something wrong?

This address...

I moved last year.

You moved?

Is there a problem?

No, it's nothing.

But I envy your talent.

I could never write a
novel by myself.

I'm not very good.

Not at all.

What's wrong?

You're acting weird.

I'm sorry.

Maybe I'm a little fatigued.

Excuse me.

I'll leave these here.


Something bothering you?

Are you all right?

Weren't you just about to say
something back there?

I didn't tell dad.

Do you want him to come too?

You would be enough.


why did you say I was
good at writing?

Because I thought so.

I'm not good at all.

It's your fault I'm responsible for the
opening speech in Ryougetsufu.

My fault?

But I like "The Story of Hina and Kotori".

You were able to write the
novel when you tried.

I'm sure you can come up with a
good opening speech too.

I will never write a novel again.

I don't want to be able to write
something like that, so...


I'm sorry for making you worry.

I'm going home for today.

Me from elementary school,

me from junior high,

and me after moving here...

Which one do you think
is the best?

Thinking about lots of things,

troubled and hurt by them,

all those things included are what's
wonderful about you.

Your mom always loves you no
matter what you're like.

Hey, something's boiling.

Oh, sorry. I forgot.


[Alumni Contact List]



I'm Hanada.

Um... we were in the
same junior high.

There's something I would
like to ask you...


Hello? Kotori?

I'm Hina.


Can you hear me?


How did you get this number?

Hey, can you switch
to video call?

Yes, I can. Hold on.

Currently switching,
please wait a moment.

Nice to meet you, Kotori.

I had to see you and show
you my gratitude.

Thank you for sending
me emails, Kotori.

It's not like that.

I don't deserve your gratitude.

Hina was the ideal image of
myself imagined by Kotori.

I'm sorry.

I said I was doing it for you,

yet I was writing emails of
lies to protect myself.


while I was writing emails...

I wasn't Juri.

I was able to become Kotori.

Are Juri and Kotori different?

Kotori has a best friend named Hina,

and she gets along with her family too.

Juri is not even close.

Just because I don't want
my mom to feel bad,

I pretend as if I didn't mind
being only with her.

But the truth is,

I still can't forget the time
when dad was there,

and the whole family was
living happily together.

Sometimes I wonder if only
I worked harder...

maybe we could've kept living
together like back then.

It was painful.

Even in school,

I was afraid of doing different things
and becoming isolated.

I don't have a best friend.

We really are the same
kind of people.

We're both cowardly, so...

we both prefer to play the given role,

rather than get hurt by showing
our real selves.

But you know,

I became popular through Hina,

and I also got a boyfriend, yet I...

I ran away again.


The whole time, I wished I could
become the real me one day.

Then I should've just done it.

Nobody's stopping me.

I didn't want to accept myself living
here right now as the real me.


She's so dull and uncool.

"It's the fake me, so it can't be helped."

It made me feel better
thinking that way.

But I found out.

The cowardly me,

the role of myself that I play,

they're all me.

Me, who wants to run away...

me, who lies...

and also me, who gets hurt...

are all me.

I'm still a little scared,

but I want to live my life the
best I can in my own way.

Because even if something
bad happens today...

something good might
happen tomorrow.

Because no matter
what happens...

our story will have
a happy ending!

I was able to think this way because
of Kotori... you, Juri.

Thank you.

When did you figure out...
that it was me?

From the very start.


How can I possibly forget?

What we talked about in the library
after graduation is...

a precious memory of mine.

I see.

It's a precious memory
for me too.




I wanted to see you
the whole time.

I wanted to see you too.

Let's go home.

I'm leaving!

You've brought your subway pass, right?

Oh, I left it on the table!

You're coming home early, right?

- Yes, I'm finished by noon.
- Here.

Thanks, I'll get going.



I'm also inviting dad to Ryougetsufu for
my high school's anniversary.


So why don't you invite
Ueshima too?

Hey, who are you sending
those emails to?

She's going out on a date!

Hey, is that Juri?

You're right.

Hey, why don't we stop
by for karaoke later?

- Good idea.
- I memorized Yuna's new song!

What about you, Juri?

I already have plans for today,
so I'm going home.

- Really?
- Yes, sorry.

That sucks.

I'll go next time.
I'm awesome at Yuna's new song!

You serious?
I can't wait to hear it!

Bye, see you tomorrow.

I'm home.

You have a package.


[23rd Suiryou High School Anniversary Festival]

Ah, sorry, this way.

Good luck.

All rise.

Presentation of the group game Ryougetsufu
by our freshmen this year.

Opening speech by freshmen

Ooshima Juri.


I have my friends,

my teachers,

my father,

my brother,

and my mother.

This is me.

And starting today,

I will live my life in
my own way.

The story we will sketch out

will definitely have
a happy ending.

Subtitle re-timing for this
version by chochoc

NARUMI RIKO as Ooshima Juri

MAEDA ATSUKO as Hanada Kanako

TAKAOKA SOUSUKE as Tamura Hiroyuki

OKUNUKI KAORU as Kanako's mother

ISHIHARA MARIKO as Juri's mother


EKIMOTO TOKIO as Juri's brother


KONDOU YOSHIMASA as Juri's mother's boyfriend

Theme song: SNOWKEL - Tenki Yohou

Based on a novel by: Mado Kaori

Screenplay: Hosotani Madoka

Special thanks: FSC - Fantastic Super Club
for making this subtitle possible

Directed by Ichikawa Jun

"Ashita no Watashi no Tsukurikata"
How to Create Myself of Tomorrow

International Title: How to Become Myself