How the War Started on My Island (1996) - full transcript

Although being one of the first movies to take humoristic approach towards violent break-up of Yugoslavia, this motion picture is partly based on real events that took place in September of 1991. Few months after Croatia seceded from Yugoslavia, Federal military installations are still present with previously recruited Croatian boys trapped inside. One such installation is a garrison on a small Dalmatian island, commanded by Major Aleksa Milosavljevic. Besieged by local militia, Major Aleksa threatens to blow up ammunition depots with half an island in case of any hostile action. During the stalemate, art historian Blaz Gajski comes from Zagreb in order to rescue his son from the barracks.



After the first free elections, Croatia's parliament came to a conclusion

to go out of the Yugoslav Federation, and the establishment of an independent Croatia

and independent republic

On the territory of Croatia, there were still military barracks of the Yugoslav People's Army

which recognize only the laws of the Yugoslav Federation,

and ignored the request of the citizens to leave the country

and to release the Croatian youth serving in these military barracks

"...based on police source, the reason

not to trigger bus is unknown?

"But more likely inability to operate and"

"And in other areas tensions did not ease during the night"

"From time to time there was opened fire from light weaponry

but there were no reports of deaths and material damage"

"According to police, it comes to provocative shots"

"And yet the movement in volatile regions is your own responsibility"

"The decision to block the YPA barracks, is applied in many Croatian towns"

"Our reporters reported that the entrances of the military sites are blocked by citizens

who peacefully demonstrate..."

"And today, several barracks, dozens of beardless youths

fled to freedom. They testified that many of their comrades

are unwilling to fight against their fellow citizens."

"Many of them say that they understand the situation"

"The newly established crisis staffs offer them shelter,

clothes, and organize their journey to their homes"

Excuse me, I beg of you, do you know where is the army "folk hero"?

Forgive me! Do you know where is the army "folk hero"?


There is no "folk hero"!

Run away!

Hooligans!-Excuse me.

Every day, they brake down one-Can you lend me a hand?

What do you want?

I am looking for the army "folk hero" - Are you a soldier?

What soldier?

I am an art specialist I must quickly find this army. -Wonderful!

You would not believe me, you know? I paint a little bit

I just jot down some associations canvas

But there are no specialists here.Look, if you have a moment

to glance into the studio to see some of my work.

I'm in a hurry, my son is a soldier here

I'd like to sneak him out of there somehow

Comrade Major, soldier Sven Gaiski

At your orders, I gathered all the transistors in the army

Soldiers wish you a good reception and a pleasant listening

Get out you animal!


And where are you going?

Over there.I'm going to the gate.

Are you crazy? You'd best stay here.

Alright, you better not cry later!

You cannot,comrade.You must go.

Can any of your seniors?

I'm telling you they can't.I can't let anyone, now go!

How about the duty officer?

Can't, how do I go from here!

Flee from here, someone might come and shoot you. Move!

Listen, son. I'm the father of your colleague, Sven Gaiski

I'd like to see him. -You can't! Negotiations are ongoing

???? ?? ??????.-?? ???? ?? ??!
Just for a moment. -Are you deaf!

You must not go near here! If the major comes,

We'll be in trouble, you, me. All of us!

Did I not tell you to stay put.

What...what are you gloomy about?

Come on, Roko will fix everything.

Roko? -Roko Papak, Chairman of the Crisis

He and Murko are negotiating inside.

They are pressing that crazy major

Sit down!

I gotta piss, man. I gotta go.

There is no going, not until the major returns!

Gaiski! -Please, comrade Major

Is that how you hold a rifle!

Come on!


What, Roko, what do you want again?

Are you sending me on a betrayal! -What betrayal?

Who the heck is talking about this, Aleksa!

For you, I am just a comrade Major. -Leave that now,

You must give up the army, possibly until noon

To allow soldiers to catch the ferryboat in 7:00 o'clock

Civilian clothes are here, ferryboat tickets and the bus are also.

And later we'll celebrate all of this... -First!

"Combine the wires to the terminals of the machine"


"Put the handle in the slot of the inductor"


"Turn the handle of the inductor

two or three rotations per second"

"For around 10 seconds"


"Leave the key on the bed"

"Fire is performed by turning the key to "ignition"

Listen to me, Roko!

This here is a machine for blowing up

If someone pulled a number against the army here

I'll be buried alive, blown to smithereens

Everything will be gone!

You, us. And half of the town

You attack all you like

Are you crazy Aleksa!

Comrade Major from YPA!

Listen, we've known each other since 10 years

You here are a well known man.

You live here, so do your friends

All of your bodybuilders. Your wife is from here!

Is that so? And because of this I must go to your side?

So that you are my commander! -Leave that, who knows, who commands who

Only 10 days ago you were replacing hoses from dishwashers!

And now you want to lead?

You, the dishwasher, command me-the professional!


Connect this!

You really want to lift the whole town.

I've told you my opinion, do what you want.

I really gotta go take a leak. -Nope!

In this army you won't even take a piss!

There they are. Get up!

Soldiers! Do not let YPA turn you into criminals.

We are not against you. We just want freedom.

Croatia does not require foreign armies.

Officers, let the soldiers go outside

and to embrace with their peers

They should have arrived here 3 hours ago

Are they even on their way?

I can't be everywhere.

Well, what are you doing? -Sir, Papak.

Where were you? I was worried for you guys.

From what group are you? -I'm from Blaj Gaiski.


It's fine. What's important is to...

My son is here in the army. I must get him out of here.

So you're not that drummer?

Where are they...the show stopped and this guy isn't a drummer

Did you hear what I said? I need help... -I heard, why are you yelling

Forgive me, I'm losing my nerves. -You think I'm not?

The most important thing is patience. You must wait!

Stick to the program, it plays 24 hours daily and is of quality.

Roko! We're really late.

I'm from "Meteor". And my little guy is from "Door"

And now I present you William Shoda from "Meteor"

And his friend from the group "Door"

What do you think, ain't this a little dynamic!

Nonsense, let's get back to headquarters.

Zdravko, we are going into the crisis, you keep an eye here

What do you mean you don't have?

I see, you don't have the number of the army.

From where could I get it?

Alright, apologies. Goodbye!


What's wrong?

I'm looking for Mr.Papak -He's inside.

Mr Papak!

You're the only one who has the telephone number for the army.

It's very important to call someone

and to explain the whole situation.

My son... -Who should I call, to that crazy Aleksa!

He doesn't want to talk to anybody, except for the commanders.

Don't be like that, you know far too well that I'm in the encirclement

I haven't been home

Alright tell me..

He wouldn't even dare to talk with the commanders

Well yes!

Central...Ioco, is that you?

Listen, you have connections with the army

I am from the crisis headquarters!

Can you stop Aleksa, cut his call

Cut everything.



Not me, him!

Come on, that way!


Enough with this!

Give the boys a beer.

Dante, come on now, its your turn.

Why does Dante have to speak nonsense for the 5th time.

It's necessary, but you don't understand that

If he leaves the army, and maybe everyone else, is that good

And now fellow citizen Marinko Ivaq, will recite poetry

Good afternoon.

This guy's my brother.

My home.

I have a sibling

and in my heart I hold

and hills and valleys...

wherever I may go

vainly I ask

and cope with my pain

Is something happening there? -As if!

One's moving around, another is doing something else

What are you making, coffee? -Comrade Major, I'm on duty.

You are not needed here, call the corporal, quickly! -On it!

What are you doing here? Leave this! -Sir!

It's still not working, comrade Major.

Pick that pistol and clean it.

to shine like...

To shine! -Yes sir!

Stop playing with that pistol, just clean it!

What are you doing?...Get ouf of here.

Come on, move along!

Come on!

What are you doing?

You want someone to push you?

And the way you're laid down

Give me that!

I've told you a hundred times!

You lay like this,

you carefully stretch your legs

Your left hand under the rifle,
?????? ???? ??? ???????, stock of right shoulder

Forefinger of your right hand on the trigger

You aim and prepare to shoot

Do you understand?

Must I repeat myself.

On position! Quickly!



It jammed!

It jammed!?

You've gone on duty without bullets!

And now you will jam.

Strip everything.

And footcloth!

And personal belongings!

The bold one, is that your father? -Left that?

What...-I told you not to touch!


Be a hero, will you? And on duty you're without bullets!

Acting a hero in front of the firing squad.

Come on, get in quickly now!


All belongings inside the drawer! -Yes, sir!

As for that guy, you deal with that!

It's good..

Mr. Papak,

In front of the army something's going on, we must take measures

We'll get to it.

Here it is! -Where'd you find it?

This one's good!

Everything will be fine.


After 1 minute, at exactly 5 o'clock, they will cut of your electricity!


There's nothing else!

See, what did I tell you!

If you let go of your soldiers and...-Is that so?

You want me to give up!-Well.

Well, alright.



What did I tell you?

This he did not need!

That's enough, get down here

Come on!

Come on, its your turn now. It was alright.

Everything as we negotiated.

I don't know how to do this, Roko. -There's nothing to be afraid of,

you go there and talk on the microphone, so that he can hear you

can't someone else do it instead?

Who else?

You're his wife and what you will tell him,

will propbably influence him. -True!

Mr. Papak!

Mr. Papak!

Here, I have written a letter to his commander

Inside I have written everything with details on the situation.

Now you must officially send a messenger...

You're getting on my..

you know what!

Don't you see we have work to do.

And so what, you want that Aleksa to make a mess?

No, jeez, what should I tell him?

About what we talked about.

To let the soldiers go,

to return home, to return to his people here



Alright, you hear me, and now the other thing

What other thing? -What we negotiated, to get back home.

Aleksa! Come back home.

Is he alright? -Yes, keep going about that why he must return

Aleksa, go back home.

I've prepared you nettle stew

He loves it. -Not that, woman...

Tell him to return home because of you and these people here



Return home.

It's me Lucia telling you this.

Do it for these people here.

But also for me too!

Remember everything well, as it was, Aleksa.

When you first arrived here

to serve, I was still going to school

When you saw me for the first time, I knew

that we would be together until death do us part

And my mother, my father and even my brothers,

said that I shouldn't marry an officer

but I did not care about that

and we lived well

You went every day to work

as I was working at home, I cooked

And so you fell in love with my dishes, this town, this country

And how I fell in love with you!

So did the whole town like you.

Aleksa, this is your place

this is your country

Here is your house, in which I await for you.

So please come out!

Let those soldiers go.

Look at these people here

There he is. -They've been here since 3 days!

They are staying here and waiting for you.

And I've been waiting for you for six days.

You must tell them where you were those other 3 days while you were gone

No, you must tell them

I know very well where you've been

You've been with that bitch,

with that bitch

with that musical teacher

That's what you told me last year

You've been on a military assignment, eh?

When you've been with her for 4 days, you think I didn't know

I know well what you've been doing there,

but no more. No!

I stay home and you go around doing things behind my back!

But remember this. Don't show yourself to me

You do not have to come home... -Major,

I found the malfunction. Tomorrow it will be fixed.


...because if I see you, I will crush your head like a snake, you hear?

As for that emptyheaded woman...

I will break her spine

I will gouge her eyes out, rip her tongue and...

Just let me see her. You listen to me well!

Well...that escalated quickly!

It's your own fault!

You brought her here!

Hey mister!

Can you call someone?

Thanks, I've already inserted a coin. -By the way, you can see the pictures.

What pictures...I don't understand what's going with...

Is that you?

Everything is alright.

they should release him any moment now

Do not panic!

Everything will go smooth.

Changing the guard.


Mr.Papak, please!

I also beg you, don't you see we have work to do

There he is.

What should I tell him?

Koshava, is Bonaca, Bonaca, over and out!



Major, I have made contact

The situation at Bonaca is serious!

they cut us off, they will stop the water too

What should we do, over

Tell him to do something before someone comes

Do not...before someone comes..



Who to come? -Who, who...!

Come up with something.

Do not do anything...


Don't do anything..


...with the orders


We'll have to wait for colonel Kostadinovich

And you fix this, you can see it doesn't work! Fast, come on!


Are we having a stroll? Come on, move it!

Come on boys.

Now let it go

There, now we can see it better

Mr. Munita!

I will try to go to the gate,

and ask a solider to give the letter to my son

A letter! That his father has gone crazy. Enough nonsense

Why, did you not see how that guy took the rifle.

Didn't you see how that guy looked like?

There's Roko. If he lets you in, I don't care

Mr. Papak

I would like to ask...-Well, friend, patience

Here, join us

Your students from the bodybuilder club are calling for you.

Together we exercised and trained on the equipment

Do you see how it is today

you're holding us on target. What are you fighting for, Aleksa!

Yugoslavia is no more! It is now Croatia.

Separate and independent. Go outside.

Even though you're an officer from YPA,

you were a member. Remember, Croatia is your home!



He didn't even come out of the office -What did I tell you?

Now its vocal-instrumental club "Door"'s turn.

??? ????????? ???? ????? ???? ?? ????? "??????"

Aleksa, get out of there!

This is what "Door" recommends you

We will always sing for you your favorite song

And now we shall play it,

you will remember those days, so that never again will you think of killing

Boys, we're starting! One and a two..

I feel like something is going away.

Your brain is going away..

Get up! There he is.


What's he doing?

There he is!

Now that worked.


Goddamn it...

So little was left for him to surrender.

What did I tell you!

Everyone abandoned me!

My wife betrayed me,

my friends left me,

The music is killing me

Only you, you did not!

Do not worry

Father will give you as much as you need!

When the time comes

Don't you start

We'll beat your father with only a song. This hurts him the most.

Did you see last night? He missed it so much, to give up the army

Mr.Munita, I can't do this anymore.

You again? You always want something as if you're more important

Can't you be like everyone else and mind your..-Look he's coming out!

With that machine!

He's spinning the handle

Picking up the key.

He's gonna shoot!


Let's run away.


Look, a boat.

A boat?

Some idiot is going toward the army

What do you mean he's going!


This we did not need.

Hey, you there!

In this emergency situation,

I am responsible for the whole town.

For everyone here, even for you

And you're dangerous to yourself and those around you

That crazy Major will think we're attacking him by sea

Who knows what he'll do

This is why it's best if you do not show around the army

When your son goes out, we are here to help

You do not need him here

And because of that, tomorrow you will immediately

get aboard on the very first ferryboat and go home

Is that clear?

Go home!

Slowly get back on your way. You won't do no good here.

Good afternoon.

Anyone there?

What do you want?

Excuse me for asking, but can I use the telephone

Oh, its you? Absolutely, feel free

After you end your call, come back to me

I have a wonderful home made rakia, eh?

Listen, here I can't do much

tomorrow I'm coming back home

What do you mean you don't get it, I can't get close.

I am guilty.

Yes, you're the smartest, you always know best

you know when it will start and...

Listen to what I'm saying, I can't...



Thank you for the phone. -No problem.

Was it nice?

Thank you once again. I must go. -Wait!

What about the pictures?

There's no art specialist visiting daily.

Please don't feel discouraged, I really don't have the time

And you made this?

????? ?????.

???? ?????? accusing me, because I did not let him in Germany

when he was called in the army

I let him go, they were going to accuse him for desertion

and he wouldn't have been able to come back

And as for that picture over there

I need two months

I couldn't figure out how an aeroplane carrier looked like

And that is why who knows what he would have ended up in Germany

This is New York.

I've never been to New York.

But ever since last year there was a lot said about it

And you're with an uniform!

The Croatian one? I haven't finished it yet, but I plan to

You're a major.

When I went to study, I told the old man, that I want to go to academy

He agreed.

And he send me to the army. Told me: "You want academy, you get academy."

Only that its free.

Major from YPA!

I was once a superior of this building

This was once home of YPA

Now this is my studio

How many people passed through here

Here stood that guy from "Silver Wings"

And later that other guy, you know him for sure,
an artist, really good

Wait, wait...Boris

You're a senior officer

you could go in the army and get my son out

Everyone knows me there. I can't do anything.

I wouldn't even be able to get myself out

It's best if you do it yourself

If I had a uniform, I would have

I'll lend you mine

But you'll need balls for this.
If they find out, they will accuse you as a spy

And you know what they do to spies during war!

Listen, Mono! This person is looking for...

Boro, you really have gone crazy

Boris, with this uniform you can't move around town

This is the only I have

This guy has an idea

You again? What have you come up with now

Dear sir, I've already told you, go home

Look! Mr.Boris will lend me his uniform

And from you I want you to give me that war vehicle

so that I can go to the army and talk with a certain someone

But first. The vehicle has been recolored completely

Second. With whom would you rather talk, with that sick one?

Don't you start also

Boro, why didn't you at least tell him?

I told him, but this...if the guy has courage, let him try

Let him try. -You people are crazy,

They'll shoot you the moment they set sights.

And then I'll be the guilty one

Tomorrow on the first ferryboat and as we planned. -Wait!

There's something here. Come with me.

Listen to me!


You will get your vehicle and a driver, but...

you will have to do something for us

Remove that uniform.

How will you deal with the language?

No problem, I was a soldier

This is not the only problem, the greeting, the discipline

There's no other way!

Not like that. More serious, you're a major! Like this!

Much better.

Do you accept reports?

I remember that also

Don't forget to greet

What will I talk about there!

You won't talk much

For what? -What have you been
listening to for the past 10 years?

Slogans! The most important is slogans.

Which slogans?

You've been in the party right?

Which slogans are best? -When was this, I have forgotten

You've forgotten!?

You know everything. Here -The situation
in the country is getting worser and worser

That's it. Exactly!

The world is eating itself...I don't know

This is very good.

Listen to this: The enemy inside, backed by the world reaction!

Not bad.

Be careful with this: Crazy ambitions for crazy leaders

This one's good too, but it can't
only be political.Needs some war kind too

Say: Let's get ready for battle,at highest level

Wait, wait, you'll like this:

We need to clean up our bills with all traitors

You wouldn't be wrong

You could even yell at any soldier

Either he isn't shaved, hasn't prepared.
-Doesn't matter, whatever it is

Here are some stars

You need to be a colonel!


At morning everyone is in position
and look at the demonstration

At the beach no one looks

We need just get over to the boat,

And to pass the bay. And no one will be able to do anything

Why are you such a coward! You can at least stroke.

It's better this way.

That's not a gray-olive green color
-Who the hell looks at that, come on!

The model isn't from YPA!

As if you know, come on!

Get over here.

Don't panic. Don't panic.

Aleksa is watching us from above. Don't look there!

Are we clear?

Yes. I am...

Major Kostadinovich
-Not just Major, we said colonel!

Colonel, there's no pistol!

What, what do you mean you have no pistol?


No one gave me.

Here you go comrade Major!
-There's colonel Kostadinovich, get prepared.

I'm listening, Major!

Why did you not hand him a pistol?
-I won't give him a pistol!

Why don't you? You're the one with a pistol

Don't give it to him now, don't you see that he's watching

Into the bunker, there I will hand it
-Wait, guys, waait!

We need to be more happy, to avoid suspicion

Happy, happy..come on..

The machine to start, hurry

Here it is! Be careful, its charged!

Button that -Let's go.

Maybe it's best if we give up

Well crap, won't work anymore, friend


If you give up now, they will think that we kidnapped you

That we killed you, or god knows what

You know what he is capable of!

Come on people, enough of this. Be happy. Happy!

You coming? -I'm coming..I'm Major...

We said Colonel, COLONEL.
-Alright, alright! Colonel Kostadinovich!

What will he be?

I will be Martin, Slovenian.

Why exactly Slovenian?
-If he speaks Croatian, they'd find out he's ours

For three years I was a bartender in Ljubljana
and I speak better than a Kekec and Moica
(slovene names) brought together

Come on, let's be smart and do this already

It's fine like this

They are in.

What's he doing now?



Why are you so stiff, come on get out!

Get off!

Some kind of a soldier is looking into Blaj
-What soldier?

Why is he staring?

How should I know. Maybe he likes to.

Hey, comrade!

Hows it hanging?

Will you smoke "Marlboro"?

Yeah, sure one wouldn't hurt

Hey buddy, got another cigarette?


What's happening outside? It's been two months already and no signs

There is nothing to listen to

Here, we're coming from the commandment in Split

but they also don't know what's going on

There's no way they could know

They are talking about something with Martin

What are they talking about?

Here, see for yourself!

Is it true that in Split the women are best looking?


For them I'm ready to give everything

Comrade Colonel,
??.?????????,2917-13 division is ready for inspection

Personnel there, saluted Major Aleksa Milosavljevic

Welcome, Colonel

Did you have any problems with those outside?

No, no!

I haven't.


Put on your helmets!


Here you go, Colonel


Salute to the left!


Combatant review!

He's getting to know the soldiers.

This is a combatant review

Ain't you a smart one!

Where's your button?
-Here you are, Colonel, soldier Mustafa Isasa

I lost it. I didn't have time to sew it back.

For such things, a soldier should be able to find time.

Yes sir, Colonel!

Why aren't you shaved?

What are you so stiff about?
You better go shave right now, on the double!

Where are your other soldiers?
-Some are on position, some are guarding, Colonel

Get me to the position right now. -Sir,

the speech?

What speech?

To raise the morale!

Fine, fine.


Fellow soldiers,

the situation in the country is complicated

The enemy never sleeps

And because of that we need
to be awake in order to save

the biggest achievements that our People's Liberation Movement made

And that is...

brotherhood and unity!

I know it's far from your homes

I'm talking to you as a senior,

but not only as a senior, we are also parents

Do you see,

I also have a son your age

He's also a soldier

and I am concerned for him

And because of that kids,

be disciplined

Don't ask pointless questions and...

everything will end up well

That's it!


clever speech

We're going on position.


You're free to go!

Should I start?

Yes, you may.

First the song or... -No! First
tell him that, which we talked about

I find it easier to sing, so if you can...

I'm afraid that those people are deaf

Fine, fine.


Your friend Spomenka is talking to you.

Whom by this moment, thought she knew you

I've been teaching for 10 years singing by now,

harmony, love not violence!

Do you see, it's not our victory that this is about.

The enemy inside, backed by the gloomy global response

acts against our brightest ideals

The crazy ambitions of their leaders,

Are falling down like a tower of cards

...and give up on your criminal intentions.

I have not taught you how to hate

But to love!

This one really teaches love alright.

Everyone knows this.

Do this because of our love

You dumb bitch!


Aleksa, leave that nest of evil

go outside... -Well, I won't until I am alive!

You better not move from there, you hear me!

Please, Aleksa, Please!

If you go out because of
this bitch I will leave you

It is very important...


I curse you, get out!

Don't come out

for anything in the world

See what will happen if you get out!

Murko, what are you waiting for, stop those two!

You brought them, you deal with them!

Is this the front line? -Yes, Colonel

But these aren't the only ones which the army has

Let me show you, Colonel

how we can effectively make defense

Here you are, Colonel.

Listen, Roko.

if I see her again on this set,
you will be dealing with me!

Well Roko, what did I tell you!

You haven't told me anything.

Martin is doing well

He's got a lot of soldiers around him

It looks like he's instructing to them how to escape

I put her on the roof

white, soft,

She was naked, completely naked

Her nipples...

her nipples erected...

And I...

sucked on them, do you understand?

And the roof was slippery

and in order to make it not so slippery

I put one of my legs on one shoulders

the other...

You don't understand!


Up, up.


Get up here.


Lay down.

One of my legs...

...on one of your shoulders.Like so!

The other...

...on the other shoulder.

Now you get it?

And now you work.

And she was moaning like a pig...

...and the only YPA, that should be the roots of...

Releasing the pressure, Colonel


Colonel, should I prepare the car?

What's up with you, we aren't even half ready

Here, Colonel

Where were we?

Oh yeah, how I was fucking Stepanovich

Here, Colonel, this is the machine for blasting

This is the only real ensuring

With just one single movement in this room

within a second everything will be up in the sky

Let's see them attack as much as they like

The wires are tied to the machine terminals

joined and buried with explosives

The handle of the inductor will turn two to three rotations per second

for around 10 seconds

Then he sets the key on the bed

and perform by turning the ignition key to position...

Alright, I got it already...


Why am I even mentioning this, Colonel,

when you know better than me

These explosives, is someone guarding them?
-Of course, Colonel!

On duty are the most capable of soldiers

Have a look for yourself, Colonel

Open up!

Here, Colonel

That's it!

If it weren't for this, you would have heard a shooting

Except for this, I've mined two more

The system for chain explosion idea

What do you think Colonel?

Exceptional, ingenious!

Is this all of the soldiers you have?

Of course, Colonel

All of them?

Except for that one who is in prison.

But I do not rely on him as a soldier.

He was on duty without ammunition
and did not fulfil an order

I still haven't decided if he should be shot or not

Take me to him right now.

Of course, Colonel

Come on, what are you waiting for!


What are you...

Mind your words, traitor!

In the most difficult moments
of our army and you turn your back

Don't think you will pass without punishment!

We got you,

solidarity with those outside, and this is treason!

I will personally make sure you receive your punishment

and this is none other than a shooting

I've seen enough, Colonel.

Take me to the office right away.
-As you wish, Colonel!

That's my father!

What are those two doing?

Which two?

What's Martin doing?

He's still talking to them
in Slovenian. -Let him talk.

as long as he doesn't sing!

He's still here.

He's here!

Damned loud noise!

That's that crazy poet,
he's been a nuisance every day

Why did you not shut him up?
-How, when the Major doesn't let us shoot him!

Slow down with the poetry.
As it is with us, so is for him.

I think it's best with that...

...from where was that,

from Vardar..yes..

Come on, we're starting

As loud as possible! Three-Four..

Come see, Martin has gone mad!

There's no stopping now!

What did I tell you!

Come on Dante, why'd you go silent?

Get down here. They'll see now!

Where are "Door"? Door!


We're continuing boys, louder..

We've silenced them, nobody will hear them now

But now we won't be able to hear each other...

What'd you say?

Colonel, you can now give me the orders

and after that we'll have lunch and...

And so.

I have nothing handwritten in me


Smart, Colonel

So then, you have verbal orders

What is our task?

All of the explosives to be
transported outside of the army

What, all of them?

Yes, all of them!

And to where?

That I cannot say.

I understand, Colonel

So it's military secret.

You can't tell me.

I cannot!

I understood completely, Colonel.
Everything is clear as day.

We're breaking the rulers, aren't we!

I cannot share this, but I will
probably make you happy

I'm already happy, Colonel

You just tell me how many soldiers
do you require for guards, six, eight?


Three for the trucks and 1 to watch the prisoner

What, you'll take him also?

I must hand him over to military court


True! That's his place!


Quickly now!

What's your name? -Here you are,
Colonel, soldier Mirche Tachevski.

Well Macedonian, get in the truck!

You? -Welcome, Colonel, soldier Nushe Sevdali

You also, get in the truck! -Roger.

Major, I've fixed her. The commandment is online.

Fix it faster! -Roger.

What are you doing?

Look, his father! -Give me the picture.

Leave the picture, leave it!

Leave it, you fucker...

Get away

It's working!

I didn't know what else to come up with

The commandment is looking for you, hurry.

Here they are.

They won't get anything out of there!

If there is no one, I won't let them!

You can cross only over my dead body

Let's see you try



Don't do anything stupid, it's over.
Come on, stand up!

I'm informing you, that Colonel
Kostadinovich, is on his way

He took everything with him

All of our materials, on your orders, out

Major, some old hag is laying down on the road

Quickly to the gate, be ready to cooparate.
-As you say, Major!

Grandma, please, we need to let them pass!

That's how it is. -I won't and I don't want to

I do not accept any agreement

They won't with what they are
carrying, to destroy my Croatia

As if you've done anything to fix it, come on!

Major, let me!

Go on, don't daddle!


Get up! -I don't want to!

Only dead can you remove me

I don't understand, I took orders from you, out

"We haven't send you any orders

Colonel Kostadinovich is unknown

Urgently give us..." -Maybe its that

Who let you come? Go away!

Did you hand me that house and field?

Yes, you know I was in the municipality


Are you crazy!


What, there's a person here!

Here is Kostadinovich, his photo!

"...Kostadinovich does not exist.

Urgently check the documents of Colonel Kostadinovich"



On positions!


What did you get scared from?

On position! What are you doing? What!

Why are you walking like that?

On positions, quick!

Load your guns!




"...why did they hang my Croatia,

like a thief...

And her name they erased,

by the will of someone

in the name of..."