How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998) - full transcript

Stella is a highly successful, forty-something San Francisco stock broker who is persuaded by her colorful New York girlfriend Delilah to take a well deserved, first-class vacation to Jamaica. As she soaks in the beauty of the island, she encounters a strapping, young islander, Winston Shakespeare. His pursuits for her turn into a hot and steamy romance that forces Stella to take personal inventory of her life and try to find a balance between her desire for love and companionship, and the responsibilities of mother and corporate executive.

No, Sidney.
G.K.O.'s are Russian bonds.

They guarantee you
65% interest on your money,

their government's never
defaulted on one, it's safe.

It's a lock at 65% on your money.

So if you want in for 10 million, do it.

Michelle, get me Bill Moore, Skip Regent.

I need 20 clients back to back to back.

We have 35 minutes left.

You're working
the G.K.O?

And, yes, Isaac, it's my day off.

I'm late for an appointment
which I can't break.

Because, sweetheart,

these funds are never available
to individual investors

except this one just opened
with a 2-hour window

of which there are...

34 minutes left.

So speak up.

Do you wanna be rich,

or do you wanna wallow in regret?

Whatever I'm taking,
you make me work for it.

Love to Emily.

Stell, I'm in trouble, OK?
I need you.

Let me get with you at the end of the day.

I may have blown off Peg Heinrich,

and I can't wait for the end of the day.

I'll be right in.


Bill Moore on 2.

Theresa, confirm Sidney at 10 million,

65% due 2-28-99 at par.

Yes, Miss Payne.

Hello, Bill.


How you doing?

Feel like making some money?

All right.

I'm thinking about introducing Stella

to one of Kennedy's golf buddies.

He's a judge.

Angela, you don't know
what brand of men Stella likes.

Neither does she, so be quiet.

You need to mind your own business.

And you can start by checking
the want ads for a maid,

and stop being so damn cheap.

No one knows how to clean
my house better than I do.

The judge is very nice.

Which means boring as hell.

And you can tell him not to get
his hopes up on Stella,

'cause our sister is stuck on stale.

Right now,

what other prospects does she have?


How was the mud?

We don't do mud.

And in case you were wondering

if we were talking about
you behind your back,

we were.

Look, I'm here to relax

because I stress enough at work.

Besides, I thought you guys were my allies.

We are, Stella,

but when's the last time
you had a decent date?

Tell the truth.

When was the last time
you paid a bill on time?

Now you tell the truth.

She's got a point.

Shut up, Angela,

before I put a curse on you

and them babies turn out
looking like gerbils.

Anything else, Cruella?

Don't talk to me for the next 2 hours.

You need a husband,

and your son needs a father.

Had one. Got rid of him.
So glad I did.

And the last time I checked,

Walter was still Quincy's father,

in case you've forgotten.

You still need a man in your life.

Look, Angela,

just because Kennedy writes,
produces, directs, and stars

in all 3 acts of your drama,
don't fool yourself.

Every woman doesn't need
that kind of guidance.

You can be so defensive.
It's really sad.

Well, maybe if you'd have listened to mama

instead of marrying

the second guy you ever slept with...

Why don't you just induce labor,

so you can hurry up and have
somebody you can boss around.

Girl, I'm gonna get up from here right now.

Don't let my water break.

Hey, ladies, ladies!

I am not feeling any love
in this room at this time.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Stella,

but this is your treat,

'cause you know my money is too funny.


No, you didn't.

No, you didn't.

Wait, you don't even know us.

Why you laughing?

She's so fake.

Look at her over there.

Girl, you too many things.

Keep up with me.

Yeah. OK!

OK, girls, let's have all the tickets here.

And whatever you do,

don't say anything about his weight.

Mom, give me a break.

Dad never reads labels.

Calories or fat,

cholesterol, sodium...

That stuff means nothing to him.

So, Mom,

what you gonna do for 2 whole weeks

without your loving son?

Clean your room.

Mom, no.

Please don't go in my room.
Don't touch anything, OK?

I like it the way it is.

But you can't find anything.

I know where everything is.

It may not look like it, but I do.

What's it worth to you if I don't?

Say, I'll be your best friend.

You already are, dude.

But, you know, cash
has always worked for me.

Thank you, young man.

What did you forget?

I want you to try to have
some fun while I'm gone, OK?


No, I mean it.

I know.

That was such a great day.

We had so much fun.

And Sports Wrap is coming up next.

We'll be back in a moment.

Bored? Stressed out?


Then what you doin' sitting there

when you know you need some sunlight?

All it takes is one little phone call,

and you're on your way

to the most beautiful place on earth,

where the water caresses you by day

and sings you a lullaby at night.

So come on, what you waiting for?

Put down that work, girl.

I said, "What you doin' sitting there",

when you know you need
some sun, Stella?"


Yes, Stella.

This is Judge Spencer Boyle.

Your sister Angela gave me your number.

Said you'd be expecting my call.

Yes, Judge...

so nice of you to call.

I was hoping maybe we might...

Why not?

That gives me a lot of options.


That's very refreshing to find a young woman

who doesn't start out playing hard to get.

Yeah, that's me.

I'm easy..

I only meant

that no games is kind of refreshing.

I hear you're an athlete.

Maybe we could go run together sometime.

I don't see why not.

Well, this went well.

Good-bye, Stella.


Call your travel agent

or 1-800-Jamaica.

We'll be waiting for you.

Hello, this is Eartha Kitt.

Delilah's not home now,
so leave her a message.


Delilah, where are you, girl?

I got a brilliant idea.

Let's go to Jamaica.

Are you game or lame?

Call me back, a.s.a.p.

Hello, this is Eartha Kitt.

Delilah's not home now
so leave her a message.


Forget that last message.

That was just a stupid
one-minute fantasy.

I don't have time to go
to anybody's anywhere.

I got too much on my plate.

Sorry, girl.

Call me?



I'm totally ignoring your second message.

Start packing your shit.


We are going to Jamaica, Miss Thing,

and I don't wanna hear you
tell me why you can't go, OK?

I don't really think I can take the time.

What are you talking about?

You ain't been nowhere and done nothin'

since I was a natural blonde.

And it's only a week.
Just ask them.

I got a deadline with
these shareholder reps.

Well, let them share without you for once.

Quincy's home
baby-sitting his daddy,

and you ain't got nothin' else to do.

See, that's easy for you to say.

They got tons of package
trips from New York.

But since it's so last minute,

I gotta pay full fare.

Look, don't even go there.

Don't even go there.
You being cheap, Stella.

That's not like you.

It's not even attractive,
honey. Don't be cheap.

'Cause you make enough money to do this.

And you're worth it.

And even if you ain't, I am,

so we going to Jamaica.

I feel really privileged
to have this opportunity

to be in your presence.

I have to tell you, though,

I don't want you to get jealous

'cause I lost a couple of pounds.

A couple.

Yeah. Them Jamaican dudes
are gonna be chasing me

all over the island.

You'll be picking up my sloppy seconds.

I gotta go, girl.

This isn't working.

Can you get me some more
penis material, baby,

'cause these boys are just...

It's painful.

Come on, share with your friend.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the captain has turned on
the fasten seat belts sign

for our arrival in Montego Bay,

where as you know,

the weather is always perfect.

Welcome to Jamaica.

Thank you.

Welcome to Jamaica.

Thank you.


Hi. Stella Payne.

Sign here, Miss Payne.

Could you tell me which room
Delilah Abraham is in?



Hey, girl!

Hey, girl!

I've been waiting in the bar
for an hour and a half.

Then where's my rum punch?
You know I could use it.

Well, come on, girl.

You look so fly.

Don't I?

I know you think you're cute
with your new braids.

You like 'em?

I love 'em.

They make you look entirely too damn young.

Wait now, girl.

I want you to wave to Jack and Buddy.

I am not waving to men I don't know.

You will.

Now, they from Chicago
by way of L.A.

They got 3 Superbowl rings between them.

I get Jack, and you get Buddy.

No, you didn't.

Yes, I did.

I did not come all the way down here

to turn into a slut.

I did.

A big old ho slut if I can.

Look, all I wanna do is run, read, relax,

and roll over.


Not pick up old, soft football players.

When was your last wide receiver?


Come on.



I'm gonna get you.

Welcome to Jamaica, ladies.


Respect, child.

Irie! Irie!

You good, girl?

I'm good.

You're good?


You real good?

Don't scare the white people.


This right here.


It's got my name all over it.

Where's the bathing suit
that goes with this?

I know you better sit down

and be glad I'll let it go for 50.

Yeah, I got your 50.

Gotta tell you, though, I'm glad to see you.

You look good.

That's 'cause you don't know good

from spectacular.

You look good yourself, girl.

Yeah, I know I do.

I think I got a little weak
blood sugar or something.

I been taking ginseng
and sing-sing and hop-sing,

trying to get some pep back in my step.

It ain't hardly working.

When was the last time you had a physical?

Probably about a year ago.

All I know is this...

When I knock on your door in the morning,

have your sneakers on,

and be ready to run.

Tss. You must be
out your mind.

I did not come down here to exercise.

And do you think

they could put a little
more lycra in this thing?


As your best friend for the last 22 years,

can I have this?


Can I at least see a picture of my godson?

Now those you can have.

Probably 'cause they're plastic.

But ask me if I care.

Do you care?

Hell no!

I look good in these.


All right.

This Is my favorite.

Just gets the circulation going.

All right.

Go on now.

Come on.

Here we go.

I'm running, girl, like the wind.

Come on, D.
You can do it.

I'm doing it.
Look at me run.

All right.

I'm fast like a mo-fo.


I'll see you at breakfast.


That was great for me.

I feel warmed up and everything.

I feel like I could just have
the whole day to myself.

I'm bad.

I'm so bad.

I'm bad.
I'm so bad.

Good morning.


are you a rapper?

No. Sorry.

I... I don't rap.

Lord have mercy.

Why don't they come in this make and model

in my age group?

Excuse me.

Are you dining alone?


Would you mind if I joined you?

My plate looks lighter than yours,

maybe I should come to your table.


There oughta be a law

against being young and sexy.

I'm sorry.
What was that?

I said, "Whatever it is,
sure smells good."

I think it's my cologne.

It's new.

No, I meant the food.


I meant the cologne.

So, you're certainly the most colorful thing

I seen this morning.

What, do you have a problem with pink?

Actually, yes.

I'm in therapy for it.

It was a joke.

So are you enjoying

your first morning here in Jamaica?

Maybe I've been here for weeks.

I would have noticed you.

No, he doesn't call himself flirting.

This is too cute.


what's your name, young man?

My name's Winston.

Winston Shakespeare.

And yours, young lady?

My name's Stella, Winston.

See, I gave you 2 names,

you only gave me one.

Well, the one I gave you
was real, Mr. Shakespeare.

You didn't know Shakespeare
was really black?

Yeah, man.

Socrates, too.


where's your husband?

What makes you think I have one?

OK, where's your boyfriend?

You ask a lot of questions to be so young.

Where are your parents?
And how old are you?

My parents are at home...
Where they belong.

And how old do you think I am?



Well, I'll be 21 on my next birthday,

so that makes me 20.

He's not even legal.

And you are?


No, truthfully.

Let's not go there, OK?

You look really, really good.

I mean, I never seen
a 40-year-old woman

who looks like you.


So, what...

what brings you here to Jamaica?

I needed a vacation.

What about you?

Why are you here?

I'm here staying with a friend of mine...

who works at the resort.

I just got my degree in biology,

but I don't know what to do with it,

so I'm here trying to land a summer job...

possibly learn to be a chef.

Winston, is it?


That's nice.


you haven't finished your breakfast yet.

Yes, I have.


will you be going to the...

the pajama disco tonight?

The what?

We wear our bed clothes and...

we party. We dance.
We have a good time.

You can't be serious.

No, come on now.

I mean, it's your first night in Jamaica.

And to be honest...

I would like to dance with you.

I don't think so.

In case you haven't noticed, Winston,

baby, I'm old enough to be your mother, OK?


Nothing, I was just thinking about that.

OK, so I'll meet you
there at 10:00. Cool?

I... I don't think so.

Well, I'll be there, anyway,

watching the door,

hoping you change your mind.

Nice meeting you, Winston.

Buddy, Jack,

this is my best friend Stella.

Hey, Stella.

Say, baby.

Now, I heard you was down here on the island

looking for some real love.

If that rumor's true,

I am here to put the "P"
in paradise for you.

Buddy, shut up and roll over.

You... you t-tearing
that bathing suit up,

Miss Delilah.

Ain't I, though?

I do look good, don't I?


All right, then do mama's footsies,

'cause they're aching.

Listen, we going to Rick's Cafe tonight.

They got the best lobster,

the best sunsets on the island.

What time you wanna go?

You make sure you wear something

that you can show off

them beautiful brown shoulders of yours.

Let me put a little sunblock on there.

No, no, no.
Thank you, Buddy.

That's all right.


And as far as tonight goes,

I don't think so.

What you talking about?
You don't think so?

It's our second night.
Don't dud up on me now.

I'm feeling tired, D.

From what?


I told you jogging wasn't
gonna do you any good

here on the island.

All you got to do is take a nap.

You got all day.

Bring me back a doggy bag.

Am I crazy? Did I miss
something at breakfast?


Waffles and red grapefruit.

No, not that one.

That's mama's heart shuttering.

Give mama a heart attack,
you don't get none.

I'm funny.

Look at how cute he is.

The teeth.

That's good.
That's good.

I know it's good.

I'm gonna take him to the porn shop, OK?

He don't even know what I'm talking 'bout.

Yeah, that's good.

I'm too old for this mess.

I'm glad you came.

But you're late.

How can I be late

to something I never said I was coming to?

Well, I been waiting

for you to walk through that door

since a quarter
to 10:00.

It's a very pretty nightgown.


I feel a little overdressed.


Why don't you wrap that thing

around your waist?

Yeah. Thanks.

Heh heh heh.

S-say, man,

what the fuck's
s-she doing with him?



What are you doing?

She's dancing with me.

And who the hell are you?

None of your business.

Yes, it is my business, girl.

We came here together, and then you ditch me

to play with some
juvenile hip-hopper!

Who you know nothing about.

And you do?

She knows she likes me.

Isn't that right?

Yes, Winston, that's right.

Come on, girl!

No! No! I'm gonna...

I want you to meet
my friend Jack. Come on.

I'm gonna see you later, girl!

I'm gonna introduce her to Jack!

Jack, where are you?


Does everybody wanna get crazy?

Take it off, children!

Take it all the way off!

I can't do this.

OK, OK. This way.


G-g-g-g-get down,

Get down, man.
Get down.

You're hot, man.

You're really, really hot.

This is too much competition for me.

Is it too much for you?

My very thought.


you too hot for me.


Hey, where you going, man!
Come on back now!

You only seen the half of it!




Stella, open the door.

I know you in there.

I seen your little boyfriend downstairs

sucking down burgers with his posse.

Open the door.

What do you want, slut?

Who are you calling a slut?

Trolling the kindergarten yards for a date.

They gonna put your behind in jail for that.

He's almost 21.

Well, then it's almost not felony.

What's his name?




You knew all day

you was gonna see that
boy tonight, didn't you?

And Buddy Bear's poor heart is broken?

It is.

He is. He's a broken man
because of you.

But, honey, that boy is cute.

Who, Mr. Jailbait

I watched him dance for about 2 hours.

If he moves that good with his clothes on...

And y'all make a cute couple.

Girl, all I did was dance with him.

All night long.

So, is that a problem?

Well, it must be,

'cause I'm here, and he ain't.

I just unpacked.

That, and you're chickenshit.

Come on.
Don't be ridiculous.

What in the world would I do
with a 20-year-old kid.

Fuck him.

Do the humpty hump.
Do the bumpty bump.

Fuck him.


I'm old enough to be that boy's mama.

That boy wasn't looking at you

like you was old enough
to be his mother, girl.

Look, Stella, we in Jamaica, girl.

We are in Jamaica.

Have an affair.
Have a fling.

I'm not gonna tell if you don't.

You need to get up and go to your room.

I'm not going
to my room. No!

You know what?

I'm going... I'm taking me
and my big behind,

and I'm laying down on the bed

just like this.

No, you ain't.


Winnie, Winnie, Winnie.


Move your butt over.

And you better hush.
I don't wanna hear...

I'm not saying a word.


Oop. Sorry.

I know he is fine, but.

I ain't studding that child.



Look. Watch her.



do me a favor and talk to me, please.

Don't look...

But that old man coming this way

is trying to hit on me.

And who can blame him?

You know, if I weren't in my right mind,

I'd swear you were trying to hit on me, too.

And you would be right.

You're serious, aren't you?

Very much so.

So, what are you saying?

That you would like to be intimate with me?

Are you paying attention?


Y-y-you're not going
to change your mind

at the last minute, now, are you?

No. I'm not going
to change my mind,

but I don't know what I'm doing,

and I can't believe what I just said to you.

I... this has got to be
illegal, you think?

Wait. Now, why would you
say something like that?

Boy, I'm old enough to be your...

Why don't you just get it
out of your system right now?

Tell me 3 million times how old we both are.

That way, I won't have to hear it again

for the rest of our lives.

Or for the rest of the week.

Yeah. What makes
you think

you're going to last a week?

I was just hoping.

I'm sorry.

I'm going to go to the bathroom.

Excuse me.


All right, so what you're telling me

is that you don't really
have a passion for medicine.

No. I... I want
to be a doctor.

I do. My father
is a surgeon.

I'm sorry. I'm not sure what
your meaning of passion is.

I mean that your desire
for it is that strong.

I mean you'd rather do that

more than anything else in the world.

I feel that way about you.

So, are you going to med school?

I postponed medical school,

and, needless to say,

my father was a bit upset at first.


but then he realized that it was your life,

and he told you to take all
the time you needed, right?

How did you know that?

Because my mama told me the same thing.

I think it's in the parents' handbook...

Let your children go and find their way.


My mama always thought that I'd be the one

who'd make it out of the projects,

make something of myself...

Which pretty much came
down to a lot of money,

but I had other ideas.

I wanted to make furniture, you know?


But in the end,

I wound up just where she wanted me to...

In the money markets.

Tell me more about the furniture.

You don't have to act interested in that.

If I wasn't interested,
then I wouldn't ask you.

An idea would come to me in a dream...

and I would jump up and
run straight to the garage.


I think I was just about your age then.

And I would sit,

and I'd play in my pajamas until daylight.

Sometimes you don't know

what your life is going to turn out like...

Not even when you plan it.

You can't always plan everything.

You can try.

You don't make furniture anymore?



I make money instead.


You look nice.

Thank you.
You're early.

Yeah, well...

I got hired at Windswept.

Yeah, man. Assistant
to the head chef.

That's great.

Well, that's what you came here for.

So, when do you start?

That's the thing.
I start immediately.

I have a meeting with
the boss in about an hour,

so I have to push off.

I am really, really sorry.

I thought I was going to spend

all day and all night with you,


Well, what time do you get off tonight?

I have to work tonight

and tomorrow, and I'm on call
for the rest of the week.

See, someone got fired,

and then I got hired at the last minute.

Look, Winston,

it's been fun.

And the next time I'm in Jamaica,

and I want to play these high school games,

I'll call you first.

Stella, I want to see you before you leave.


Because I have to.

Now, I get 2 hours free time each evening.

2 whole free hours?

Wow. I mean, don't strain
yourself, Winston.

Let's just...

Let's just say
good-bye now.


I can find time to see you before you leave.

I know it.



Yeah. OK.




You think you got played?

Let's not go there.

Isn't this beautiful?

What you mean, let's not go there?

You already there.

Look at you, lip hanging down.

You're pouting, which
I ain't seen in 20 years.

I am not pouting.

I'm pissed.

Outraged is more like it.

Yeah, behind
a 20-year-old kid.

Would you feel better if he was 40?

Well, at least I'd have some dignity.

I wouldn't feel like
some desperate old broad.

I got to ask you one question.

Was it good?

Better than that.

Return the man's phone calls.


No. It's over.
It was just one night.

Return the man's phone calls.

Listen, you are not fooling anybody,

especially not me.

God's here.

Good morning, Castle Beach Hotel and Resort.

May I help you?


Yes, Winston Shakespeare, please?


I'm sorry.
He's not here.

Do you expect him soon?

I can't say. I can take
a message if you like.

No, that's OK.




Well, first of all, welcome back, slut.

I'd say that was a pretty
accurate description.

Can I at least get into the house

without coming home to the instant bullshit?

Next trip.

I'm sorry, but Miss FBI agent over here

grilled me so long and hard,

I had to tell her.

Whatever. Can you at least
help me with the bag?

Well, I got some good news,

and I got a little bit of bad news.

What? It's not
Quincy, is it?


If it was Quincy,

you were on the other side
of the world partying,

so what would you have done if it was?

Hello, Angela.

Plus, I hear you're a cradle robber,

so you probably have a hard time

keeping the children straight.

Now, you didn't have to go there, Angela.

Not at all.

No, then again...

Girl, I love these braids.

You look like a real hootchy mama.

Don't say another word, Angela.

Yeah. You'll be

in this driveway.

Don't start with me.

Well, anyway, before you get too pissed,

they're about to cut off my cable

and snatch back my Nordstrom's card

if I don't pay,

because you know
Chantel's day-late daddy

is late again with the check.

So, basically, can I borrow about $300

until whenever?

So, what's the good news?

Did I say there was some good news?


I'm still beautiful.

Well, beautiful one,

did you feed Phoenix and
Chester, or are they dead?

Don't worry.
It's still Wild Kingdom

up in there.

But the bad news is,

I had a little baby accident in your car,

but it wasn't my fault, Stella!

Stella, this woman came out of nowhere

making a left turn out of the right lane.

Can you believe that?

Did anyone get hurt?


Thank goodness.

Why come you're not acting pissed?

Vanessa, it's just
a thing... a stupid car.

It can be fixed.

Wait a minute, Stella.

That young boy must have
put something on your ass.

What happened to you?


Did you go down there and fall in love

with a 20-year-old boy?

Are you crazy?

How could you stoop so low?

And I want to know

how low did you go?

Look at you.
You're glowing and shit.

You know, you ain't got
the sense God gave you.

All I've got to say

is thank God it was just a little fling,

and you're not seeing him again.

And you should be ashamed of yourself

for being so desperate.

You need to take your pregnant behind home

right now,

because you could spoil a wet dream.

For your information,
I'm not completely stupid,

nor have I committed any crime.

All I did was sleep with him.


Yeah, and I want to hear

all the juicy details

but I gots to go, so call me in the car.


Isaac, what's going on around here?

Are we moving and no one
bothered to tell me?

I'm at a loss.
Files are missing from my desk.

I didn't authorize access.
I can't log on to my computer.

Has the system crashed?
Talk to me.

Sit down, Stella.

I don't feel like sitting.
Just tell me what's going on.

Look, our numbers are down.
We've had 3 rough quarters.

The merger
with Thorsen-Bendett...

Jerry went for it.

To avoid a redundancy at the upper levels,

it's one of ours, one of theirs.

Carl Amundsun has your spot, Stella.

I know they plan to offer
you an excellent package.

You think I'd fall for that?

I built this division. I made
millions for this company.

You think I'd accept some golden parachute

and drop back into my hole?

You've known me longer than that, Isaac.

You tell them they'd
better make it platinum!

And even then, I may sue their sorry asses.

I understand how you feel.

I didn't want this, but what could I do?

Nothing, I expect.

Too busy making sure your spot
didn't become one of theirs.

Don't forget, I got over 3,000

in my bank savings if you need it.

Thank you, baby, but mama
put away a little something

for a rainy day, so don't worry.

Don't you feel bad about being fired?

I'd be pissed.

You'd be what?

I'd sure be mad as hell.


Sorry, Mom.

Remember how you felt

when you didn't make
the all-star team?

Mom, don't go there.

That's what losing my job feels like.

Well, but things happen for a reason.

We'll see.

I understand.

Well, I hope this makes you feel better.

You always make me feel better.


God is great, God is good,
thank you for our food.

Amen. Praise the Lord.


So, did you have fun in Jamaica or what?

I did indeed..

Here. Check these out.

All the places I went to when I was there.



Since you don't have a job now,

think it's possible to take
a family bonding vacation

in Jamaica this summer instead of Africa?

Quincy, now, we have to be sensible.

We may not be broke, OK?

But I gotta find a new job,
deal with these lawyers.

I have a lot on my plate right now.

You understand?



Who's this?

One moment, please.


Yeah, what?

Some guy named Winston,
and he has an accent.



Hello, Stella.

What a nice surprise.

How'd you get my number?

Your friend Delilah gave it to me

when I came to look for you.

I, I wanted
to say good-bye.

She gave you my number?


She doesn't know you.
How much you pay her?

Everything I had, plus an IOU.

I tried to call you,

but you weren't there.

I've been thinking about you.


No, you haven't.
I miss you, Stella.

No, you don't.

Could you hold for a minute?



Hi. I'm back.

So, when we just left off,

you were getting into
how much you missed me.

I, I wrote you a letter,

but I was a little afraid to send it.

Fax it to me.

I want to see you, Stella.

Why don't you come to the point?

Look, Winston, I really don't
see how that's possible.

Well, in 3 months, I can take a sick leave.

Well, maybe I can arrange something.

I did promise Quincy
I'd bring him to Jamaica.

Yes, Mom!
How soon?

Can Chantel come, too?

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

Let me think about it,

and I'll call you back with the details.

Stella, when you come,

could you bring me some junk food?

Junk food?

Yeah. I need Snickers,
Ho-Hos, Oreos,

and the Cocoa Puffs.

What are you gonna do for me?

I'll think of something.

You do that.

All right, I'll call you back tonight.

I can't wait.





Who's that guy with Auntie Stell?

That's her new boyfriend

she had to come all this way to find.

She couldn't find one in America.

He's also very young.

How young is he?

Not quite 30.

That's not young.

Sure is cute.

Well, as you can see, he's already taken.



Hey, you guys.

I want you to meet someone.

What do you say, Quincy?


How you doin'?

And you must be Chanel.

It's Chantel. Hi.

Excuse me, Chantel.
Very nice to meet you.

Well, Miss Stella Payne...

Welcome back to Jamaica.




Polo, polo, polo.


Be careful, you guys.

Look sharp.

Wow, this place is full.

What can I get ya?

A ting, please.

A ting.

And for you?

Me want the same thing.

Well, your son sure favors you a lot.

He really takes after his daddy.


He's grown so much since
the last time I saw him.

How long's that been?

A year.
Say about...

His dad and I divorced 4 years ago.

That's sad.

But a lot of that's going around.

Well, you sure look happy to see your mum.

Yeah, man.

Let me show you how happy I am.

What's her problem?

I don't know.
Let's dance.


Come on.

I quit my job.

You look like you're apologizing for it.

Well, I don't want you to think that...

that I'm frivolous.

I tell you what.

I quit mine, too.

Yeah. Right after
they fired me.

What? Are you OK?

Yes and no.

I'm getting some good legal advice

so I may even come out ahead.

I'm not talking about the money.


I mean, if my father couldn't
practice medicine anymore,

boy, the man would not know
what to do with himself.

It would be as if someone
just took away his...

his identity.

So don't try and pretend
like it's not a big deal

because I know that it is.

Well, I...

I feel betrayed, if you
want to know the truth.

Even if I wanted to, I couldn't afford

to just go crazy about it, could I?

Yes, you can.

I will do your worrying for you tonight...

So hush.


Have you let that boy up for some air yet?

Let me talk to him. I know
he's buried up under there.

Winnie, can you hear me, baby?

Shut up.

He's on a banana boat with the kids.

What took you so long to
return my call, Bertha?

I could be down here losing my mind,

and you wouldn't know it.

How you doing?

I've had better days,
but I'm not gonna waste

this very expensive phone call
talking about me, Miss Thing.

For a girl who lost her job,
you sound awfully chipper.

I must say, I love it, though.

Yeah. I should be ashamed
of myself down here

acting like some lovesick college girl.

We P.M.Sing now?

No, we are not.

Haven't you ever done something so crazy

you had to keep it to yourself?

Yeah, but I can't remember
none of their names.

I didn't used to be this crazy.

I beg to differ with you, darling.

Yeah, I just had to open my big mouth.

"You want to be
intimate with me?"

Well, you opened it so wide,
I saw you on Hard Copy.

You looked good, though.

Hush up, girl. I'm
trying to be serious.

Life is too short for us
to be bullshitting ourselves.

We've had this conversation
4 or 5 times now,

and for the last time, I'm asking you,

what is wrong with you
liking this young man?

D, he doesn't get it.

He's just a kid, you know?

He hasn't been anywhere,
he hasn't done anything,

he can't even buy me a drink.

He don't know the first thing about...

Hell, D, he hasn't even
had his heart broken.

And this morning I found
Cocoa Puffs in the bed.

Cocoa Puffs? Girl.
Young and innovative.


I don't know whether I'm coming or going.

Look, that's a good thing,

'cause it means you ain't gonna get bored.

Know what I mean?
You ain't gonna get bored.

Now, if you are done
with this week's episode

of The Young, Restless, and Colored,

I gotta go. I got folks
waiting on me.

Give my godson a big old kiss for me

and take one for you, too.

I love you, Stell.

Yeah. You, too.



All right. Yeah.

See those horses?


This is beautiful.

Yeah. Very spacious.
Hey, man.

It doesn't look like a restaurant.

That's because it's my folks' place.

Winston, you didn't tell me.

I wanted It to be a surprise.

I'll bet you did. I don't
like surprises like this.

Look at me.

You look beautiful.

Your mother's gonna think
I look like a hooker.

Relax, please.

Hey. What's up?

You look beautiful.

Mummy, Daddy...

I would like you to meet Stella.


Stella, very nice to meet you.

Thank you.


A little.

And are those your teenagers?

No... yes.

My son's 11, and so's my niece.

I'll go get them.
Excuse me.

Well, Stella...

allow me to show you our home.


To ride the horse 'cause she's so wild.

So, I'm gonna ride her.

What happened?

She threw me, of course.

Why you laughing?

I'll get it for you, ma'am.

Can I help?

No. The workers
can handle it.

On second thought, come in.



It's a lovely table.

Thank you.

I could beat around the bush,
but it's not my style.

So, how old are you, Stella?

I'm 40.

I'm 41.

Are you American women
so desperate these days

that you can't find a man your own age?


Then what could you
possibly want with my baby?

He's not a baby.

He's my baby.

And you should be ashamed of yourself.


I have never been so humiliated in my life.

Easy now...

I think you're overreacting just a little?

I mean, I can understand, you know.

My mum can be a bit difficult at times...

She called me desperate.

Said I should be ashamed of myself.

OK. Yeah. All right,
I apologize.

I mean, you know, that was out of line.

I just wanted you to meet my family.

What made you think I was
ready to meet your parents?

I wanted them to know
how important you are to me.

But you could have asked me
how I felt about it.

Did that occur to you?

I thought you'd be proud to meet them.

You know, it's not about your parents.

It's about the immature way
in which you handled it.

"Immature way"?

Now you're gonna scold me
like some school child?

You're behaving like one, wouldn't you say?

You didn't think I act like
such a child last night.

Stop it.

You know, this whole scene
is getting on my nerves.


No problem.

I'll take you back to the hotel.

I think we're finished here.

I don't want to go swimming!

Why not?

I want to play soccer.
Swimming's stupid.

Whatever, man.

Hey, Winston. Come on,
we're gonna play soccer.

No. Not right now.

New York Hope.

Yes, Dr. Steinberg,

This is
Dr. Steinberg.

Yes. Stella Payne
returning your call,

although I'm not sure why you called me.

Your friend Delilah Abraham had
your name down as next of kin.

What do you mean?

Next of kin for what?

Whenever there's a problem,
we notify the closest relative.

What kind of problem are you talking about?

I'm sorry to have to tell you,

but Ms. Abraham is facing
a medical emergency.

A what?

During surgery this morning,

we found Ms. Abraham's cancer
had advanced to her liver.

She's been in the hospital
for the past 2 weeks.

I thought you were aware of it.

No. I... I wasn't.

She told me she talked to you.

I think if you're able to get here,

you should come to New York right now.

Yes. As soon
as possible.

Good-bye, Ms. Payne.

What is it?
Tell me what's going on.

I'm waiting.

2 years ago when I got
that big IRS refund check.

Now, that's entirely
too long for a girl to go

without feeling the rush
of a little shopping spree.

So... Bergdorf's it is.

What's my limit?

Just keep in mind that I'm jobless.


You crazy.

And you could use a pedicure.

My balance at Bergdorf's is zero.

Well, I'll work with that.


You know, your plants were petrified,

and when was the last time you vacuumed?

Girl, you know I had
to fire that housekeeper.

That bitch was eating me
out of house and home.

I'd get up there to the refrigerator,

there's be nothing left but a dollop.

I had to suck her ass
outta there like a Hoover.

That's what I called her.

Miss Hoover, get the fuck out of my house.


Turn that up, girl.


What you trying to do, the skate?

Whoop. Snuffy's
going away party.

You and Cooper going down
the Soul Train line.

Both of you,
10-inch afros,

looking like you was having a seizure.

And forgive me,

but it was a hot pink
polyester jump-suit

that you were wearing,
which I distinctly remember

telling you was a bad fashion statement.

I never wore a hot pink
jump-suit in my life, bitch.

Right. Well, I was right behind
you in my sexy mini-skirt

and silver lamé halter,

but unfortunately, I was dancing with


Funky Johnny...

to his friends.

That was the same night
that Cooper's ex-girlfriend

snatched off Melanie's afro wig,

and everybody started
tossing it back and forth.

What was her name?

Cassandra, girl.

Cassandra the ho.

the 360-degree ho.

Child, you step on her foot, her legs open.

Motherfuckers come tumbling out,

people you ain't seen for years.

Talking about,
"Hey! Hey!

I've been up here
with Cassandra."

I seen a Volkswagen come out of there.

That's why Cooper left her for you,

the Kama Sutra herself.

The boy didn't leave her for me.

Cooper left for
cock-eyed Charly.


You remember...
You remember him?

Talk about, "Charly,
put your glasses on."

Child, he'd look you dead in the face

and you know he was seeing
8 of you like The Fly.

He was talking,
"I don't need no glasses."

I liked Charly.

If he'd just keep his eyes shut.

What? What?

Give me a hit.

Should I call the doctor?

What's wrong?

Why you shaking?

I'm not.
It's just cold in here.

It's my breath, ain't it?

I smell bad, child.

No, you don't.

I smell like Funky Johnny.

Nobody would tell him.

I told him.

What? You did?

What did you tell him?

"You stink,

Did it hurt his feelings?

He was mad.

He was mad.

I love you, girl.

I love you, too.

I'm scared.

Yeah. Me, too.

Want to do me a favor?

Anything. You name it.

Sing to me.

Sing what?

I don't know.

Don't matter.

Come on.

Gimme your hand.

I'll hold your hand.

Just gonna sleep.

And now, we'll have a few closing remarks

from Delilah's dear friend
Ms. Stella Payne.

D would tell me to make it quick,

don't get all mushy on her,

so I'll try.

I guess it really shouldn't matter

that she didn't tell me
right off that she was sick.

That I'm mad at you, D, for finally doing

what you've never been able to do...

keep a secret.

Who's gonna be my best friend now

is what I want to know.

We had 20 whole years behind us.

That's a long time to love somebody.

I hope you like it up there, D.

Look for my mama.

She'll be near a bid whist game

or cooking greens and ham hocks.

I hope you guys are half as blessed as I was

to have a friend as...


as funny...

as smart...

and as crazy as she.

Life is but a dream.


What are you doing here?

I came to check up on your mum.

She's kind of sad right now.

I'm surprised you came.

Thank you for coming.

I hate packing,

but I guess I should get upstairs.

The kids have to get back.

I have to get on with my life,
whatever that is.

I love you.

Dealing with this buyout,
looking for a new job.

I love you, Stella.

No, you don't.

You couldn't.

Yes, I do. Very much.

Winston, we haven't talked about your plans.

What are you going...

What time does our plane leave?



Tell your mama we're tired.
I'll call her tomorrow.

Quincy, please hurry up.

OK, mama.

Here you go.

Is that smoke?



No, please...



Auntie Stell?

Mum's having everyone over for a barbecue,

and she doesn't care how tired you are.

Get your butt in here.

A barbecue? I'd like
to meet your family.

I thought we'd wait
a couple months before that.

But I'm hungry.

I have food at home.

Where is he?

We want to meet him.

You in there, baby?



Well, well, hi there, Winston.

How do you do?

As you can see, I'm even more
beautiful and brilliant

than whatever-her-name-is.

Get your butt out of that car!


That's Vanessa.

A little outspoken.
Can be downright tacky.

I like her already.

I know she in there talking about me.

Nobody's talking about you.

Let me see!
Let me see!

Hey, here they come!

Can't wait to see them.

Hey, y'all get out of the car!

Welcome home.

Yeah, he's up in there.

Stella's got herself a man!

Come on.

We all waiting for you.

Y'all in that car,
get out now! Come on!

Bring him out now!


Ashamed or something?

Open the door, Stella.

Guess what.

Dad's here!


Lord have mercy.

Hey, Walter.

Good to see you.
What you doing here, spying?

In town on business.

Excuse me.

I ran here as fast as I could

just to see how miserable you are.

So, Stella says you got 2 growing in here.

Yep. Both boys,
due in December.

Well, I cannot wait to meet them.

Are you coming back at
Christmas or not leaving?

Bid it if you dare.


Hey, they got to know who's boss!

Dad! Go, Dad!

Stella, I'm not saying he's not nice.

I'm not saying he's not educated.

You can't possibly think
this is going anywhere.

Let's be serious for a minute here.

Why don't you just shut the fuck up, Angela?


Show my...

Winston, I'm Walter.

Nice to meet you, Walter.


Well, thank God she don't need a man

to pay her bills like some of us do.

Let me just put the shit on out there, OK?

And I don't care how old he is,

if he got you glowing like
a night light and shit,

I say keep his ass.

Thank you, Vanessa.

I love you, Winston.

She can be stubborn as all hell.

But you know that by now.

Don't you?

Yes, sir.
Yes, sir, I do.

Thinks she knows everything.
She's always right.

I hate to admit it, but she usually is.

Just don't bow down to her.

Otherwise, she'll treat you like a chump

and trade your ass in for a new model.

Then I promise you, I won't.

Good, 'cause she needs a man
to stand up for himself.

Did that work for you?

Hell no.

Break that mess up.

Drop the bags.


So this is where you live.


This is home.

Come on, drop your bags.
I'll give you a tour.


Yeah, it's OK, but
your room is off-limits

until it's disinfected.

Come on!

My mum's office.
She made that desk.

OK... last but not least,

this is where my mum
used to make all her stuff.

She's thinking about turning it
back into the guest room.

So, I'm thinking about moving in here

when I'm 15.

More privacy.

How long has it been
since she's been out here?

I don't know.


Before I started driving...

my go-kart.

Well, tour's over.

Yeah, man.

Thank you for showing me around.

Can I talk to you?


Well, I don't see any kids around.

Well, you know my mum likes you.

Well, I hope so.

I mean, I've seen her
with other guys before,

but she really likes you.

How can you tell?

You're the only one she's
brought over here overnight.

You're, like, staying.

You wouldn't ever

try to break her heart,
or anything, would you?

Because if you did,

you'd have to deal with me.

Let me tell you something, Quincy.

As long as your mum
has you watching her back,

she got no worries, man.

Of any kind.

Thanks for letting me drive today, Winston.

What? No!

It was just out of the driveway

and in an empty parking lot.

There were no cars...

No driving!

He's old enough to drive!

I'm a good driver!

I learned when I was 9.
He told me he wanted

to celebrate his 16th birthday at the DMV.

I know. The invitations
go out on Monday.


Do they really do parties at the DMV?


Is there anything I can do?

I just wish I could call her.

She was my best friend since forever.

That's a long time to forget.

You don't have to forget.

That was wicked!


Press it!
Press the button!

I'm pressing the button!

And when are we gonna see you guys again?

Y'all been holed up in that love den,

and I want to know what y'all doing.

When can we come over
and get something to eat?

You said he could cook,
and until we get a sample

you know I'm gonna think you're lying.

Vanessa, I'm waiting for
my future clients to call.

I don't have time to
check my dinner schedule,

but Thanksgiving sounds good.

Listen, I'll talk to you later.

Wait a minute. How does
Quincy like him?

Bye, Vanessa.

Well, what about the dog?

He proposed to him last night.
He's thinking it over.

I'll talk to you later.

Stella, wait...
She hung up on me.

I'm gonna have to call her again.

Hey, come on!

I'm coming!

Be patient.

There you go.

Thank you, sweetie.

Thank you for taking Quincy
to Little League practice.

No problem.
I don't mind at all.


I told you you was gonna like it.

I saw you laughing, Stella.
I saw you.

Don't stand there and lie to me.



We didn't see you guys in line.

We were in the back.

Forgive me.

Judge Spencer Boyle, Leslie James,

this is my sister Stella.

So nice to finally meet you, Stella.

You, too, Judge.

How do you do?

Fine, thank you.

And Winston.
Anybody hungry?

Kennedy, how you feeling, man?

Fine. Just grateful
for an aisle seat.

You know how those trips
to the ladies' room get.

Did you cry at the end or what?


Actually, we saw that one.

You're kidding.

No. It was...

Well, we're heading home.

It was nice meeting you both.

The offer still stands, Stella.

If you change your mind about running,

give me a call.

Running? Well,
we'd like that.

All right.

OK, man.


Get home safe.

Good night.


I'll say. What brings
you all the way here

and without calling?
Were you at the mall?

No. I wasn't
at the mall.

I want you to know that
I didn't appreciate the way

you totally disrespected Winston yesterday.

What are you talking about?

"That's Winston."

Like he's some nonentity or some child.

Well, he is.

He's my boyfriend, Angela, all right?

What did you want me to do,
get out the trumpets?

Let me say this once.
I like him.

You don't have to,
but he's here till whenever,

so you might as well get used to it.

I'm... I'm sorry
if I was rude.

I didn't mean to be.

But, Stella, aren't you
the least bit nervous

about this whole thing?

Of course I am, Angela.

Whatever you're cooking, can I taste it?


Your check, sir.

Thank you.

OK. Hey.

How are you doing?

It's OK.
I'll get it tonight.

I don't mind.

But I can manage.

Why should you always pay for everything?

Because you can't afford it.

If you want me to be a man,

let me act like it once in a while.

Please put it away.


Pay the mortgage next month
while you're at it.

Why'd you have to start this?

Wait, wait, wait. I think
you've got it backwards.

Look at you.

You're the one who has to have everything

your way or no way.

You're the one who always
has to be in control,

or you don't know what to do with yourself.

You're turning it around

because I'm picking up the stupid check?

No. You can't decide

whether you want me to be
a boy or a man. Admit it.

Admit it.

From the guy who made a
midnight run to the video store

and came back with
Booty Call and L ion King?

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

I feel as though I'm moving
back instead of forward.

Here I am in the prime of my life,

and my boyfriend's idea
of a romantic evening

is watching the Disney Channel
while you eat dry cereal.

That's if you're not busy
playing video games with Quincy.

And how many times do I tell
you to take out the trash?

Or if the car's on "E,"
put a little gas in it.

Cook something that doesn't
give us all heartburn.

That is my point.

You know what, Stella?

I'm tired, too, OK?

I'm tired of being scolded
every time I do or don't do

something that's not on
your long list of rules.

I don't make the rules.

Yes, you do.

We don't go anywhere unless you suggest it.

And then when I do, what happens?

You might as well laugh in my face.

Why don't we visit your friends?

Are you ashamed of me?

Am I a little
well-kept secret?

That is not true, and you know it.

Stella, I can't change being 20.

I can't change that,

and you can't change your age, either.

But you knew what we were
dealing with before I came.

So if you can't handle it

or it's too much for you to
deal with all of a sudden,

then maybe we should just
forget this whole thing. OK?

If it'll make you feel any better,

you leave the tip.

I'm sorry.


I want to show you something.

What have you done, Winston?

I can't believe this.

How did you...
When did you?

While you were snoring, running, shopping...

I don't snore.

My god.

What's that?

I don't believe it.

So now you can make your
own cracked glass table

or zebra-skin sofa
or anything you want

whenever you want,

and no one's ever going to bother you.

Thank you.

You are quite welcome.

What we're trying
to say is that in your absence

it's become quite clear to us

how important you are to the company.

Merger or no merger,

we're creating a spot for you, Stella.

We want you to come back.

Executive V.P.
275,000 to start

plus incentives.



You're back so soon.

So, how'd it go?

I cannot believe what I just did.


I don't want to talk about it.

They offered you your job back and...

and you turned them down, didn't you?


You should have heard me going on and on

about how I can do this on my own.

But how am I actually supposed to do it?

Am I supposed to sit
at home with my computers,

4 little clients, and no
support system whatsoever

and wind up back in
the job market in 6 months?

I have too many responsibilities.

This is crazy.

No, it's not crazy.

The business is going to be fine.

Maybe now you'll have
some time for yourself.

You can come back in here and make things

and start having fun again.

Sweetie, listen, I cannot sit in here

and be Demi Moore in dappled light.

That is not the real world.

You're just a little bit panicked now,

but everything's going to be OK.

You never know.

Maybe once you start making
your furniture again,

people will buy it.

Who said anything about selling it?

Hey, I'm just dreaming out loud for you.

While you're dreaming,
I got a million calls to make.

I got to get a web site,
a company name, letterhead...

But not today.

I bought you something.

Winston, you did not have
to buy me a present.

It's not exactly a present.

You know, Winston, people...

can be together a long time
and love each other

before they even think about
doing something like this.

It's just a simple question.

All it takes is a yes or a no.

My heart says yes,

but just let me give it
a little more thought, OK?


OK, son,

show me the projects that you've worked on.

I think we need to put the money

into the computers,

into the books, into the children.

Well, I think you're wrong.

He's my mum's new boyfriend.

His name is Winston.

He's from Jamaica.

You know, when I went
to Jamaica, we met him.

When I went there...

I'll be right there.

What's wrong, Winston?

What do you mean, what's wrong?

You've been sulking since we got here.

You've been sulking all day.

I can't believe you're saying this to me.

What, did I miss something?

Last week, I asked you to marry me.

To spend your life with me,
and I don't have an answer.

Do we have to talk about it now?

How long do I have to wait?

Or should I pretend that I didn't even ask?

So you can be so selfish?

Look, don't talk to my mama like that.

Look, I'm talking to you!

You need to jump back, boy!

You don't speak to my son

in that tone of voice.

Yeah, because I don't appreciate it.

Shut up, Quincy!

Quincy, I'm sorry, man.

For real.

Come on, you guys.

It's cool.

Let's just go home, OK?

Winston, we need to talk.

I know. Climb in.

Come on, I won't let you fall.

All right, put your head back.

All right.


Yeah, yeah.

You know, I need to talk to you, too.

Yeah? About what?

No. Please,
you can go first.


You go.

I've been thinking a lot

about some of the things
that you've been saying.

Really? What things?

You have a lot of worries
in your life right now

without figuring me into the picture,

and a real man...

The kind you deserve,

would be making things a bit easier for you.

Winston, you're not adding to my troubles,

if that's what you're thinking.


Money's a sad reason
for folk to be together...

or apart.

Yes, but without it, life can be hard.

Then there is the age difference.

Well, that's never going to change.

It doesn't bother me at all,

you know, but I can see it bothers you.

And I can't imagine what I'd have to do

or tell you

to convince you

that no matter how many
young girls I may notice...

You are the woman that I want.

I was hoping to one day be your husband,

have some children,

but I can see now that
that could never happen.

Probably not.

You have a child

and a mortgage and a career,

and I have nothing.

And I'm not satisfied with that.

Not satisfied.


don't worry.

It's coming.
You'll find your way.

Well, I realize that I'm ready

to go to medical school...


I'm heading home
on a 10:00 flight.


Why so soon?

Because I think it's easier this way.

Hey, now!

So, should I call you
Dr. Shakespeare?

Yeah, not unless you want to die.

All right, come here.

I want you to take
good care of your mum, now.


No worries, man.

I hope I can see you again, Winston.

You're a great man.

You're a great man, too.

Maybe your mum will let you
visit me one day?

I hope so.


Come here, boy.
Come here.

So, I guess I...

I'll be going now.

I can see that.


Come on.

I love you.

More than 20 minutes.

If you're on the way to the airport,

forget 101.
It's a mess.

Take the 280.

It should be smooth sailing from there.

And that's it for traffic and weather

on this rainy San Francisco night.

Back to you, Dan.

Thanks, Kelsey.

Although union leaders are split...

Got your ticket, sir?

You can check straight through.

You're at gate number 7.

Have a good trip.

Ever consider Stanford?



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