How Sarah Got Her Wings (2015) - full transcript

Good Samaritan Sarah Fitzpatrick has a fatal accident just before Christmas, and finds herself in the lobby before the gates of Heaven. Certain that she will be let in, she is shocked to find that her name is not on the reservation list. However, she is granted the chance to return to Earth as an "angel in training" with the requirement to help a soul in need. Sarah has the 12 days before Christmas to secure her place on the list leaving her in the race for her after-life.

Oh. Father Tim.

Sorry to interrupt, but...

Sarah, you're here
again tonight?

Sarah's always helping out
during the holidays.

Any update from
that new couple?

-New couple? -The one's
relocating from Birmingham.

Mom teaches at Reed,
stay-at-home dad, two kids.

Loves to salsa.

Ah, yes, the Jensens.

Sarah's also
our resident realtor.


Sarah Fitzpatrick.
Dingo Realty.

Making dreams come true
in the greater Portland area

since 2008.

Your company ate my baby.

Meryl Streep, "Dingo Realty."

Oh, right.
Yeah, not that "Dingo."

Is there another kind?

I think the partners just wanted
a made-up name like Google,

that'd appeal to a
younger demographic.

Ah, except
it's an actual mammal.

I don't name 'em,
I just sell 'em.

I haven't had a chance to talk to
them about their living arrangements.

Well, I've got
this perfect Victorian

in Healy Heights,
but it's gonna go fast.

It'd be perfect for them.

Kid friendly, move-in ready.

Just let me know, and I can get
them in right after New Years.

-Will do.

-Merry Christmas.
-God bless.

You want a blanket?


Are you okay?

Would you like
another blanket?

Or maybe some coffee?

It's cold out tonight.

I lost her.



Fiona, is that your wife?

No, it's my... It's my dog.

Let me see if I can find her.

I'm sure she didn't go far.

Would you?

Now, you stay warm
and don't go anywhere.

I don't want
to lose you and Fiona.

Thank you.



Ugh, really?


Here, Fiona.

Where are you?

I've got a treat.


I found you.

There you are.
Come here, Fiona.



Hi, I don't know
exactly where,

or what...

what exactly
is happening?

Oh, wow.

Thank you.

Are you kidding?


Isn't he just dreamy?

Could I get a name, hon?

Oh, it's Sarah Fitzpatrick.

And your friend?


Oh, great.

Let me just check
our reservations.

Where am I exactly?

Oh, yes,
of course, sweetie,

you've had quite a journey,
haven't you?

Welcome to The Lobby.

Did you guys just open?

'Cause I know all the
hip places in Portland,

and this doesn't
look familiar at all.

You don't
remember anything?


Wait, yes.

There were lights...
and sound...

I picked up Fiona, and...

Am I...

Dead? Yes.

I'm afraid so, sweetie.

And your little dog too!

I just always wanted
to do that.

So, this is Heaven?

No, no, no.

No, this is
just the lobby.

You know,
halfway, limbo.

Oh, I hate calling it that.

It's just so medieval.

Yeah, no,

Heaven is straight
through those gates.

But you know, we can't
just let everyone in.

They have to
be on the list.

I can't believe
this is happening.

Aw, I understand.
It can be traumatic.

Are you kidding?

I've dreamt about this
my whole life!

I always knew it
would be like this.

Beautiful, serene, trendy.

Wait, I thought
St. Peter was a guy.

Yeah, he's been gone
for at least 100 years.

And frankly,
I'm getting a little tired

of hearing about it.

People have such
antiquated gender concepts

about angels
in management positions.

You're an angel?

I can't believe
I'm talking to an angel.

A grand arch angel, actually.

but you can call me Daphne.

Now, let's get you in.

Don't wanna miss
your reservation.


What? It's okay if
I have to hang a bit.

You know, this
place is incredible.

And those snacks...

I'm not seeing
you on here.

Oh, it's Fitzpatrick.

-With a "Z."

What? What's wrong?

I can't let you in,
if you're not on the list.

What do you mean,
"not on the list"?

I... I just saved a dog
in the freezing cold.

Mm. Technically,
you didn't exactly save her.

Come here, Fiona.

Come here, baby.

Oh, yeah, that's a good girl.

There you go.

Well, how come
she gets to go in?

Well, you know,
all dogs go to Heaven.

Let me just make a call.

There has to be
something wrong.

I've gone to church
since I was three.

I started a program for
at-risk dancers when I was 11.

-Wow. -I... I didn't even
kiss a boy until I was 16.

Well, 15,
but, you know, still.

I... I volunteer
every Christmas

at the homeless shelter,
I... I don't smoke,

I do occasionally enjoy
a nice Pinot, but who doesn't?

Sounds like you've done
some really great stuff.

Just hang on one sec...

Besides, I'm ready.

My whole family
is up here.

My parents died in a freak
accident when I was 20,

so that works out.

My friends will be sad,
but they'll get over it.

I have no boyfriend, no kids.

You know, when I think about
it, I don't really have

any reason to stay on earth.

Okay, I am so sorry,

but you do have
to be on the list.

Well, then Heaven
made a mistake.

Heaven doesn't make mistakes.

But here's the good news:

it's possible that I can still get
you on the reservations list.

Loving ya, Daphne.

All right, so,
what do you have to do to?

Well, it's not exactly
up to me.

I'm not following.

Okay, in order
to get into Heaven,

you're going to have to go
back to Earth and figure out

what you still need to do
to get on the list.

But I've done
everything right.

Yeah, I don't know what else
there could possibly be.

I'm sorry.

Our policy doesn't allow me
to help you with that.


I am sending you back to
somebody who might be able to.

I'm not gonna come back

as like a zombie,
or something, right?

No, no, you're in
the spirit world now.

Just think of it like,
an angel in training, okay?

Here, take this.

Just use the Heaven app when
you're ready to be picked up,

and then we can check
to see if you made the list.

You have an app?

Yeah, Steve never stops working.

But what if I don't figure out
what I'm supposed to do,

to get into Heaven?

Well, you're gonna have
to stay here.

And, if you don't
get on the list,

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to
ask you to wait in there.


So, I go back to Earth,

and how long
do I have to save myself

from spending eternity
on that sad little bench?

Management can only give
you until Christmas Eve.

-But that's in a week.
-Eh, 12 days, actually.

But, it's a busy time
of year now.

-But, I...

Good luck!

Oh, she's gonna need it.

You're just a tall drink of holy
water, aren't ya?

Jordan Ricks?


-How... How did you...
-It's a long story.

I went to your funeral.

Aw, you did?
That's so sweet.

What are you doing here?

How did you get in?
I could have killed you.

Too late for that.

Look, I'm really sorry.

I had no idea they were
sending me back to you.

They who?
Back from where?

You might want to sit down.

And maybe put some pants on.

...And then Daphne the angel made
the lights glow into little music

and Heaven stuff and then I
thought it was really cool

until I realized
I'm not on the stupid list.

...I only have till Christmas Eve to figure
out what I have to do to get on the list,

or I have to sit in this
horrible place

with these miserable people
forever in the dark by myself.

And then she said she was going to send me back
to someone who could help me get into Heaven,

but I thought it would have been,
like, Father Tim from the church,

but then I ended up here, and
you came out with a bat,

and, well,
that's what happened.


Well, it was really nice
to see you again,

but I think it's time
for you to go back to

wherever ghosts go when
they're not haunting people.

And maybe just talk
about this tomorrow.

Or, never.

You know, I don't think
you're hearing me.


That was cool.

Okay, that's it,
you've got to go now.

I can't go until
I figure this out.

And, technically,
I'm not a ghost,

I'm an angel.

Well, almost an angel.

This is not happening.

This is not happening,

"May cause confusion
and disorientation."

Yeah, you're just reacting
to your new medication.

You're okay, Jordan.

Everything's fine.

I really wish
you'd just listen to me

and try and not freak out.

I am seriously hallucinating.

See, this is exactly why

we broke up
in the first place.

There's always
some kind of drama with you.

Hey, you know, I'm just going to go to bed,
and when I wake up, you'll be be gone.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Do you mind
if I do some cleaning?

It kind of helps me relax,
and well, not to be rude,

but your place
could kind of use it.

Please just go away!

Okay, okay.
Sleep tight.

Yo, Riggles.

It's me, open up.


You were hysterical
last night.

Those hipster douchebags, they
totally had it coming though.

Hey, Stu.

Remind me never to ask you

if the mezcal is organic

and request you serve
it to me in a mason jar,

with an edible flower garnish.

Whoa. What, did you have
a late night O.C.D. attack,

-or something?
-Yeah, something like that.

Hey, what were we drinking
last night after work?

-Manhattans. -Remind me to
lay off the Manhattans.

Dude, what happened to you
last night?

I've been texting you
all morning.

I thought those chicks
from the bar

kidnapped you or something.

Tell me you don't still work
at that late dive bar?

I was just kidding, man.

She's back.



It's Sarah.

Hi, Stuart.
Nice to see you again.

Okay, yeah, yeah.
I read about this.

Okay, all right.

You're just in shock
right now, okay?

But that's normal.

We just went to the funeral.

You can't see her?

I'm here for you, buddy.

Come here,
give me a hug.

I told you,
no one else can see me.

Okay, okay, all right.

Uh... You gotta go.
You gotta go, all right?

Look, denial is step two
in the process.

Or is it step three?
I can't remember.

But the point of it is,

is that you really have to
come to terms with who you are.

-Okay, Jordan?
-Bye, Stuart.

-I'll call you later. -C-Can
I have my coat, please?

I need my coat.

Jordan, we need to talk.

No, we don't.

Stop talking to yourself.

You're not talking
to yourself.


That's what I need, fresh air.

Jordan, wait.

Come on. Come on,
come on, come on.

I forgot,

you're the only person
in this city

who doesn't believe
in jaywalking.

It's illegal.

It's one of those weird,
charming things

I liked about you.

You remember that time
we were late

to our reservation
at Ox because...

Yeah, because you had to show that place?
And I told you not to.

And I was just about to cross the
street and tell you to meet me there

when that bus
came around the corner,

- And almost...
-Killed you.

You spent the rest
of the night mad at me.

I saved your life.

What is it with me
and buses?

What is this, the longest
light in Portland?

Okay, my bad.

Memory lane trip over.

We really need
to figure out

how I'm going to...

Stu was right.

I've finally done it.

Done what?

Given myself
a nervous breakdown.

Jordan, stop. Jordan.

You are not having
a nervous breakdown.

You are perfectly normal.

I'm the one fighting

for the salvation
of my soul, here.

I know this
is hard to believe,

but this is real.

I'm real, and I need to help.

Heaven sent me back
to you for a reason,

and I need to figure out why.

The sooner I can figure out
how to get on that list,

the sooner you'll get me
out of your life.

This is insane.

You're an angel.

I'm talking to an angel,

in the middle
of the street.


Jordan, please.

Help me.

Okay, I'll help you.

I just don't know what
I'm supposed to do.

Thank you.

Hey, buddy,

go be crazy
somewhere else.

You're freaking out
my customers.


You came.

I did?

I texted you I was
getting the tree this morning,

but I mean, I didn't
expect you to turn up.

That's so sweet.

You're dating
Amanda Simmons?

I don't think you said that
with enough judgment.

Amanda Simmons
who runs CTEC software?

Why is that so hard
to believe?

I don't know.

You just don't really
seem like her type.




-Ah, I see.

You're just jealous.

What? No.

That's crazy.

Yeah, you can't handle the fact that I'm
seeing someone more successful than you are.


-Doesn't she have a kid?

And you're totally
okay with that?

Because I distinctly remember you
saying you never wanted to have kids.

Okay, what's with
the interrogation?

I thought you were supposed
to be finding out how

to get out of my life
and get back... upstairs.

No, you're right.
I'm sorry.

It's totally inappropriate.


Try this.

You still take your coffee
like a sorority girl?

Ha. Ha.

Wow. This is really good.
So, what's the plan?

You've seen those movies
where the angel has to help

some lost soul find
their way again, right?

Well, we just have to
figure out how I can help you.

So, your plan is to follow

the plot
of "Angels in the Outfield?"

Well, what other reason

would I have been
sent back to you?

All right, fine.

Whatever, let's just hurry up
with it, okay?

Maybe it's a self-esteem issue?

Or just take care of that
weird chest hair situation?

-Chest hairs?
-I'm assuming you've let go

of the whole actor thing.

I was trying something new.

Well, obviously
you've hit rock bottom,

or else I wouldn't be here.

No, I haven't.

I need to use the
little boys room immediately.

Oh, my god,
oh, my god.

Okay, so my life's
a little bit messy.

But come on, who's isn't?

Yes, but,
I was sent back to you.

You know, why would Daphne
send me back to you

if you didn't need
my help somehow?

So, think. You know, what part of
your life needs the most fixing?

This might be hard for
you to believe,

but, my life's been good
since you left.

Come on,
there has to be something.

A horrible childhood?
Dad didn't play catch with you?

A great childhood.

I just went to a game
with my dad.

What's one dream
you want to come true?

Or, something about your life
you wish you could change?

Besides from getting rid
of the ghost

of my ex-girlfriend?



Yo, J-Dog.

I got us a meeting
with that pub owner

down at River Point.

But I promised him

half a dozen
maple bacon donuts

and he said
he'll give us five minutes.

These old boats,
they always got a price.

- Am I right?

Real Estate is my jam.

Please don't say that.

And it's just a stupid dream,
I'm not gonna buy anything.

Why didn't I think
of this before?

Jordan, that's it!

That's why I've been
sent back to you.

Let me help make
your dream come true.

I'm gonna help you get
your pub for Christmas.

I got a freaking bladder
like a 90-year-old.

Come on, man.
Do I gotta worry about you?

Oh, no, man. I'm... I'm just
trying some new stretches.

Oh. Did I tell you about that new
cardio barre class I started taking?

I gotta take you,
you'd love it.


You gotta try to balance
and keep the chi.

Keep the chi.

So... you know,
it would need some work.

God, it really smells
like fish down here.

That's what I love about it.

It's right next to the river.

It gives you that
working-class feel.

I was thinking
of calling it,

The Dock House.

What do you think?

I think I should have
brought mace.

Come on, it's not that bad.

There's not a single
prostitute in sight.

Okay, I think you need to set
the bar a little higher.

I mean, this is supposed
to be your dream place,

But it is.

My grandfather used to take
me here when I was a kid.

We'd sit here and watch boats
go up the river

and get ready to go fishing.

What can I say?
I guess I'm a sentimental guy.

This place
has been here forever.

It just needs
the love and care

that it deserves.

Well, I guess
every neighborhood

needs its pioneers.

I mean, the Pearl District
was all pawn shops

and meth labs
till the gays moved in.

We just need to
get your pitch down.

-No, don't waste your time.

Well, you heard what Stu said,
The guy doesn't want to sell.

And why would he
to someone like me?

I can't even offer
that much money.

Where's your Christmas spirit?

The only reason
he's meeting with us

is because we're bribing him
with donuts.

He's an old-school dude
who's stuck in his ways.

It's not gonna work.

Okay, that's ridiculous.

I mean, this guy
should be paying you

to take it off his hands.

Are you sure there aren't
any other bars

in any other parts of
the city that you like?

I don't know. Maybe.

But if we're talking
about my dream?

This is it.

Okay, well, we don't
have a lot of time.

Time... Shoot, Mason!

Where're you going?

Oh, I promised Amanda that I'd
pick up her son at practice today.

But we have to figure
out how to get this guy to sell.

You can perform
miracles, right?

You better start
flapping your angel wings.

They don't even have wings.

Come on, Steve,
no one can do that math.

Sorry I'm late.

It's okay.

Angus Miller only beat me up
twice this time.

Oh, my God, Mason,
all you all right?

I'm just kidding.


Why'd you say that?

I don't know.
To make you feel guilty.

Well, that's just... mean.

So, you don't feel guilty
that you forgot about me?

Yes, I do.

No, no,
I didn't forget about you,

it's just...

How was practice?

It was fine.

Are you coming over tonight?


To decorate the tree.

Or did you forget
about that, too?

-It's okay.

You've probably got
a lot of stuff

on your plate right now.

You have no idea.

Well, you seem
a little distracted.


Well, I guess I kind of am.

I mean,
the bar has been crazy

because of the holidays,
and on top of all that,

I had an old friend
show up out of the blue.

What old friend?

Just someone
that I used to know.

A girl?


-Yeah, but it's not the way you think
it is. -Then what am I thinking?

-That it's something that it's not.

-What are you thinking? -I'm thinking
that it doesn't really matter.

You're not my dad,

so you can do
whatever you want.


It's just...

my mom's kind of
a Christmas freak,

so, if you're gonna
break up with her,

can you do it after?

I'm not gonna break up
with her.

I'm totally into her.

And I wouldn't do it
on Christmas. Never.


I'm sorry I can't come over
tonight, I've gotta work.

But, as soon as
I get off work

on Christmas Eve,
we're gonna hang out,

all right?

I... I've got church
on Christmas Eve.

I'm doing a solo.

Oh, a guitar solo?

No, like, singing.

I know, it's really lame
but my mom likes it.

It's not lame.

Girls love a guy
who can sing.

Guys who can sing
"Oh Holy Night?"

Well, at least
your mom loves it.

She's the one
who matters most, right?

I guess.

Hey, how about
I come to church?

I promise
I won't laugh at you.

Let's go.


-You've gotta stop doing that.

Nice tree, huh?


How did you do that?

I've been working
on my angel skills.

So much fun.

And look,

spiced angel cider.

Not bad, right?

Not bad at all.
Wait, what's going on?

We're pre-celebrating.

What? It's good to visualize
the outcome you want,

and not worry about the things
you can't control.

You are always
the optimistic one.

You're gonna kill it tomorrow.

Sarah, give me one good reason

why this guy would sell
the bar to someone like me?

You always did that.


Doubted yourself.

I'm just not very
good on paper.

Well, don't worry.
I'll be with you tomorrow.

You're not gonna
do any of that

weird ghost stuff, are you?

Hello? I don't need
any heavenly help.

I'm the real estate
queen of Portland.

To Sarah, the late, great, real
estate queen of Portland.

Oh, I'm sorry.

No, it's okay, I just...

It's a nice gesture.

I just haven't had a moment
to process it.

What's it like?

Being dead?

I don't really know, I haven't
had a chance to think about it.

Well, you can see
what other people think.

What? Oh, my God,

I didn't even think
about that.

I mean, I thought about it,

Hey, what's your password?

Well, just go to my page.

Yeah, you unfriended me,

I can't see it.


Oh, come on, you're afraid I'm gonna
steal your password in the afterlife?


Here's one from Anna P.

"This is so sad.

One minute you're hanging out

with your co-workers
for drinks,

and the next thing you know
you're hit by a bus.

Total perspective.
I'm gonna hug my man tonight.

Miss you girl."

See, that's not bad, right?

I have no idea who it is.


Well, here's some more.

"Unbelievably huge loss.

escrow will never
be the same."

Hey, you left
a real estate legacy.

That's gotta be kind
of nice to hear, right?


I guess.

Oh... Oh, here's a good one.

I can't believe she's gone.

She has the cutest outfits.

"Hey girl! I'm so toasting with
those huge margaritas tonight.

Miss you totes."
Ha. This is fantastic.

You don't have to keep
reading those.

Well, here's another one.

"Sarah totally changed
my world of you guys.

"She took me out
of that strange little life... "

And wait for it...

"Into my sick new condo,

She was the best.
Love you... "

Jordan, stop!

I don't want to hear anymore.

You knew a lot of people.

Yeah. Well, apparently,
all anybody knew about me

was my job and my clothes.

Sarah, I don't know how to say this
without sounding judgmental, but...

But, what?

Sometimes, you might seem
a little self-centered.

And surface-y.

That doesn't make any sense.

I'm always helping people,

listening to
everyone's problems.

You broke up with me
on Christmas Eve.

Yeah. It was kind of brutal.

But it wasn't working
between us.

We were miserable,
I mean, you remember.


Yeah, I remember.

So, what was I supposed to do,

just pretend everything
was okay, when it wasn't?

Actually, yeah.

It was Christmas.

The greatest gift
you could have given me

was pretending
one more day.

You broke my heart, Sarah.

I haven't been doing
very well since you left.

I'm sure you've seen
my medicine cabinet.

That's not fair.

Yeah, you're right.

I'm sorry, I just...

I know that
there's more to you

besides charity,
and condos, and shoes.

But maybe
that's the only thing

you let people see.

I should get to bed.

We've got a big day
tomorrow, all right?


I don't like your face.

It reminds me
of that actor.

You know, that movie
where those guys

go to Las Vegas, get drunk,
and lose their friend?

"The Hangover."

Right. Hated that movie.

Well, you're probably
the only one.

What are you doing?

Who doesn't like
"The Hangover."

Let it go.
Stay focused.

Sir, I really think
that you'll be happy

with the changes
that I wanna make.

I'd like to gut the kitchen

and put in
a big wood-burning oven.

And then I would pull
the wallpaper,

and leave
all the exposed brick.

So, you'd like to turn this
into a coffee shop?

What? No, no.

It just needs
a little TLC.

You don't think I've taken
good care of her?

No, you've done
a great job,

it's just, there's some things
around here

that could be fixed.

No, there aren't.

Sir, I think we're on
the same page here.

You'd like to put condos
on top of her, right?

No, no, I never said that.

Ask him about Liza.

-What? -Ask him if
this is about Liza.

Sir, this might sound
a little bit crazy, but,

could this have
anything to do with Liza?

She wants him to know
she's okay.

She wants you to know
she's okay.

She doesn't blame him.

She doesn't blame you.

She knows he did the best
he could do,

but it's time to move on.

She knows that you did
your best,

but you need to move on.

It's time.

She wants him to know you'll
take care of their place.

He can trust you.

She trusts me
to take care of the place.

And she thinks
you should, too.

She's got a '43 Merlot,

and a great table
waiting for him

when he gets there.

Liza says
she's got a '43 Merlot

and a great table
waiting for you

whenever you're ready.

I'm losing her.

What just happened?

Was I talking out loud?

You take good care of her.


-Yeah, buddy.

Here we go, baby.
Here we go.

All right.
To The Dock House.

To The Dock House.

Buddy, this is amazing.

Hey, Stu,
it's gonna be a lot of work.

I hope you're up for it.

Bro, I'm totally here for you,

except on Tuesdays
and Thursdays,

I got urbanating
down at Powells.

They got the hottest
chicks there.

I just can't believe
this is happening.

I have never seen you happier.


Okay, bro,
I gotta be honest with you,

this whole "seeing-your-dead
ex-girlfriend" thing

is really starting
to freak me out.

Stu, I gotta
tell you something,

but you're not
gonna believe it.

No, don't.


I, um...

I'm going vegan.

Yeah, man,
I... I...

I'm taking this cleanse to get rid
of all the toxins out of my body.

And it's totally making me
act all strange.

Buddy, this is amazing!

Come on, why would you think
I wouldn't understand?

I don't know, man, I just know how
much you love pork and whiskey,

and I didn't want you
to think I've totally changed.

No, you'll always be
my little riggles,

no matter what
kind of weird diet you go on.

Thanks, bud,
that means a lot.

All right,

I've gotta go do
some pub research.

Hey, I don't know
if going and drinking

at another pub
counts as "research."

It does to me.

All right, get
your shoulders together.

Squeeze in a little bit.

All right, get our
singing voices ready.

Here we go.

Is everyone ready?

I really don't have time

to play this game
with you, Sarah.

It'll just take a second.

But I think you'll really
like it.



Wait until you see inside.

Merry Christmas.

How did you do this?

This old thing? Eh,
just the standard applicate

I did in crafting class.

You'd be surprised
what you can accomplish

when you focus on a dream.

-I'm not even gonna ask

what kind of drugs
you took to get this place

together this quickly,
but, buddy,

this is incredible.

This is amazing, Sarah.

Hey, so, um...

I drove by the church
the other night,

they set up a really
nice memorial for Sarah.

Maybe you should stop by,
and you know...

have some closure.

Yeah, that sounds nice, Stuey.

Maybe I'll do that.

Jordy, I know this is gonna
sound weird,

but I think Sarah dying
was actually the best thing

-that that could ever happen for you.
-Excuse me?

Now you can finally
give up on the ghost.

-You can see her?

Oh, right. The ghost
of her past. Got it.

Jordy, I'm not saying
I'm happy she's dead,

or anything, but,
you've been holding onto her

for way too long now.

In fact, I never really
understood what you saw in her

in the first place.

Hey, just because
she's not here

doesn't mean you can talk
about her like that, Stu.

Oh, well,
I'm sorry to throw down

some hardcore truth
on you like this tonight,

but, let's be honest.

The girl was kind of
a mental case.

Yeah, yeah, okay. I think
you should just go home.

She doesn't need to listen
to any more of this.

Dude, this is exactly
what I'm worried about.

She can't hear me.
She's not here.

I mean, you keep letting
this girl ruin your life.

She didn't ruin my life.

She changed it.

In fact, she's the best thing
that ever happened to me.

You just can't see it

Well, you just can't see it.

Jordy, listen to yourself.

This chick dumped you like a misfit
toy a year ago on Christmas Eve.

And you're - You're talking
about her

like she's right here.

You're losing it, man.

Yeah, well, maybe I am.
But I don't even care.

I've never been happier
than I was with her.

She's the reason
we got this pub, not me!

No wonder why
you can't commit to Amanda.

What do you mean?

Here we are again
on Christmas Eve.

Just let Sarah go already.


I'm sorry about Stu.
He's an idiot.

He gets
overprotective sometimes.

Did you really mean
all that back there?

Every word of it.

I changed your life?


Well, then, I think
it's time for me to go.

I mean, you can finally get rid
of your annoying ex-girlfriend.

No, Sarah, I miss
every part about you.

Your smile, your laugh,
your heart.

I think I'm in love with you.

God knows I shouldn't be,
but I can't help it.

I didn't tell you
when you were alive,

but I should have.

you don't have to...

Do we have our differences?

Of course.

Dead and alive
are pretty big differences.

so it's kind of strange,

but we can
figure it out.

Jordan, you're very sweet,
but, it's Christmas Eve.

They're expecting me back.

You have to let me go.


You know, you look
really good in lights.

It's your color.
You know what I'm saying?

-Oh! Welcome back.
-I did it. I fixed it.

I made his dream come true.

Yes, you did.

I can't believe it.
Did you see how happy he was?

So, I guess this means
I'm on the list.



No, no, no, no.
Check it again.

I'm so sorry, Sarah,
but you're still not on here.

But I did everything right.

Oh, no. The kiss?
It wasn't supposed to happen.

I was just trying to help,
and then...

He fell back in love with you.

And now I broke his heart.


It's Christmas Eve,
and I'm not on the list.

Please don't make me
go in there.

Okay, let me make a call.

Excuse me?
- Oh.

Uh, Gerald,
Gerald Johnson.

Mr. Johnson.

Yes, your wife's
waiting inside.

We have a lovely spot
for you by the gates.

-Derek will show you to your table.
- Thank you.

You just sold your bar
to my friend.

The guy with the face.

I sold him the bar,

went home, made dinner.

I fed the cat,
laid down on the couch,

I must have had a stroke
in my sleep.

It must be time
for me to go.


And I mean, bye-bye.

Yay, good news.

Okay, things are
a little backed up,

so management is giving
you an extension.

Oh, thank God.


But this is it, Sarah.
You have to find a way.

No, I got it.

I'm totally gonna help
Jordan figure this out.

Maybe it's not Jordan
who needs fixing.


But how would I... It would take...

Please let me know
what it is.

Sarah, you've left
something undone.

You can't get into heaven
with unfinished business.

Now, go back, and find out
what your heart truly wants.

Now, go!

Wish me luck.

One spiced angel cider,

Wow, you really got
the word out fast tonight.

Okay, so obviously things
didn't go exactly as planned,

because, you know, I'm back.

Look, we should
talk about what happened.

I'm confused,
and I'm sure you are too.

I mean, what was that kiss?

It was totally sweet.

Well, actually,
it was super romantic.

Like the end
of "Pride and Prejudice"

where Mr. Darcy's
walking across the moor

and he sees Lizzy,
and he takes her in his arms,

and... Anyway,
the bigger issue is,

I need to get into Heaven,
and I kissed you,

and you have a girlfriend,
and... Everything is crazy.

I never meant
for that to happen.


Hello, Stuart.
Great timing as usual.

You see those hotties
in the corner?


I think they would make
an excellent Christmas gift

for your best friend, slash
co-owner, slash, spiritual mentor.

Very funny. Okay, can we please get
back to me, 'cause I'm kind of

in the middle
of something here.

Ladies and gentlemen,

can I have your attention,

I'd like us all
to raise a glass,

to the young proprietor

of this swanky saloon,
this angelical juke joint,

this cantankerous cantina... Ow!

Oh, all right.

To the young man who decided
to follow his heart,

and open up the pub
of his dreams,

not some 12 short months ago.

I salute him,

on his hollowed,
yet very drunken occasion,

to The Dock House.

To The Dock House.

To The Dock House!

Happy Anniversary.



Wait, Jordan,
what's he talking about?

I was gone for, like,
five minutes.

Hello? It's me.

Don't waste your time,

-Been there, done that.

-But how can you... Trust me.

He's not the committing type.


Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.

Not her.


Is that Amanda Simmons?

My bad. Totally forgot
to update you on that situation.

your ex-girlfriend's here.

Are things gonna get weird?

Things are super, super weird.


Oh, hi.


Okay, I'm just gonna go.

Oh, no, no,
I'm really glad you came.

I've been trying to get
a hold of you for a year.

-Yeah? -Yeah, I never got
a chance to explain.

I don't want to do this here
in front of people.

But... But it's just...

I don't know.
It's just so good to see you.

Oh, okay.

I really need to go.

No, no, no, please.
Just give me another chance.

I messed up, I realize that,
but I've changed.

I promise.

I think about you
all the time, Amanda.

You stood me and my son
up on Christmas Eve.

Oh, no.

Oh, yes.

And I'm done, Jordan.

But you wouldn't have
come here

if you didn't at least
feel something, right?

This may come as a shock to
you, but the whole world

doesn't revolve around
Jordan Riggs.

I had no idea
you owned this place.

Probably because you've never
told me anything about your life.

Well, to be fair,
it happened really fast.

So, you just happened
to walk in here, by yourself?

Actually, I'm on a date.

which FYI is the only reason
I would step foot in this health

department nightmare
in the first place.

You should have seen
it before.

You know, I could have him beat
up and thrown out of here.

Because, I'm the owner.

I could do that.

If he ever shows up,
be my guest.

'Cause, yes, Jordan,
I've been stood up, again.

I know how to pick 'em.

Okay, so I stood you up
on Christmas Eve,

for reasons
I'd rather not explain.

-Seriously -How could you
make tha sound worse?

But I've been calling
because I want you

to give me another chance.

I can't.

It's not
just about me, Jordan.

No, trust me,
Mason will understand.

How could you possibly
understand what Mason feels?

Never mind.

I know what I need to do.

Do you mind?

Yes, I do,
because I'm a good guy.

I really like you, Amanda,

so could you just
give me a chance to prove it?

Wow. If I were you, I would
totally give this a shot.

You don't understand.
I can't.

I just can't.

-It's me again. Ooh, so sorry.

Totally forgot about the whole
sneaking up on people thing.

Who are you?
And what do you want?

Yeah, that's not
an easy answer.

Try me.

Okay, well,

My name's Sarah,
and I was sent from purgatory

to help you get back together with your
true love, which I'm pretty sure is Jordan,

but I only have until
Christmas Eve to do it,

or else I don't
get into Heaven,

and I have to sit on this sad little bench
for eternity because I'm not on the list.

Oh, but I can do
really cool angel-y stuff,

like make it snow.

So, you're an angel.


And you were sent here
to help me?

Here to help you.

Isn't it amazing?

There, there.

So you have
to help someone?

Yep. Specifically,
I have to help you.

Thank you.

And then you get
your wings?

They don't actually
have wings.

Oh. I figured it was
just a figure of speech.

So, is it beautiful?


I don't know yet.

Oh, right.
And that's where I come in.

I have to say, you're taking
this a lot better than he...

Than who?

Than... I expected.

When I was a little girl, I was convinced
I could see angels wherever I went.

Especially on
Christmas Eve.

It's a busy time
of year up there.

My mom and dad, they
thought it was cute at first,

and then as I got older,
they got concerned

that I actually believed
angels were real.

Well, you were right.

Apparently so.

Thank you.
This is amazing.

Exactly like I like it.

Another one of my skills.

Do you not celebrate

Because it's fine
if you don't.

I have a lot
of Jewish friends,

and I'm open
to all faiths.

I do,
it's just, well,

my heart hasn't really
been in it this year.

Well, Christmas decorations
are one of my specialties.


And I really am the only one
that can see you?

Yep. Now all we have to do
is figure out

how to get you back
together with Jordan.

-I can't do that, Sarah.
-You mean you won't?

I really thought
he was the one,

but he just turned out to be
another guy who can't commit.

But what if it's destiny?


What happened
to free will?

I mean, don't we get a say
in who we want to be with?

You're right.

Doesn't make any sense.

All I know is I was sent
to you for a reason,

and my heart
is telling me

that your heart
is still a little broken.


I don't know.

I have this amazing kid,

who deserves a real
father figure in his life,

not some man-boy who refuses to grow up.
I have to protect his heart.

Okay, well have you ever wondered why
Jordan didn't show up that night?

Because he's a flake.

Because he was off making out with
some bimbo he likes more than me.

Wow, okay.
Maybe, no.

Or, you know, maybe he was
trying to let go of the past,

and trying to find himself,
and follow his dreams,

so he could be
worthy of you.

I need someone
who's all in.

And I'm sorry,

but Jordan Riggs
just isn't that guy.


Hey, I just got the highest
score in Special Ops.

No you didn't.

Come on, man. Can't you
just go with it for once?


This is getting weird.

Why? Because you're a grown man hanging out at
an arcade with a kid in the middle of the day?

Something like that.

Don't you think it's time
we tell your mom the truth?

But she hates you.

Would we use
the word "hate"?

With a passion.

So, if you don't ever want to see
me again, be my guest, tell her.


Hold on, hold on.
I'm on level eight.


Dang it!

Hey, what'd I tell you
about your language?


You have my undivided

I can't do this anymore.

Why do adults
have to ruin everything?

Clearly, this arrangement
works for everyone.

Mom doesn't want
a man in her life,

but she wants me to have a
consistent adult, role model.

and you want mom,
but you can't have her,

so I'm the next best thing

and I get to do fun stuff
on someone else's dime.

Uh, I need four more
quarters, B-T-W.

What's the problem?

The problem is that I can't
keep hanging out with you

in arcades and bowling alleys
for the rest of my life,

I need you to help me out,
I want your mom back.


Well, why don't you tell her that I'm
the coolest guy you've ever met,

and all those other dudes
are clowns?

I'll think about it.

If you don't tell her
by Christmas,

I'm gonna tell her.

Are you losers done?

Oh. Okay, sorry.


I got hockey anyway.
We're out.

Who does she think she is,
Kevin Flynn?

Really? "Tron" references
on a 10-year-old?

"Tron" is legit.

Ow, ow!




Are you gonna ask him about
the kid in the Santa hat?

About what kid?


-So, how was practice?

Coach is thinking about
moving me to starting goalie.

Aw, goalie?
How cute is that?

Catch you later, bye.

Can we get pizza?

No, darling, I've got a
Christmas work party tonight,

but Carly's gonna
come over in an hour.

I don't need a babysitter.

I'm practically a man.

Oh, right,
well, until I see

a five-o'clock-shadow
on that face,

you are getting
a babysitter.

Well, can we at least
get someone fun?

Well, Carly's fun.

Carly makes me
do homework.

Can we get somebody

How about, uh,

Oh, sweetie, Jordan's moved on with his
life now, and I think you should too.

Why'd you have to
break up with him?

Mason, I'm not
going over this again.

He was nice. Not like those
other clowns you've dated.

Excuse me?

I'm just saying, wouldn't it be
nice to have him around again?

I mean, he likes you,

and you used
to like him, a lot.

Well, trust me,
it's better this way.

And what way is that?

The sad and unhappy way?

You haven't laughed or done
anything fun with me in a year.

We haven't even put up
a Christmas tree yet,

and it's four days away.

Well, it's...

it's been a tough year,

So why won't you just
talk to Jordan?

Because he's selfish,

and he just thinks
about himself.

That's not true.

He pays for stuff
all the time.

What do you mean
he pays for stuff?


what's going on?

I'm sure there's
a good explanation.

What, you mean, for why my son
has been going behind my back,

hanging out with my
ex-boyfriend for a year?

When you think about it,
it's actually really sweet.

Not now, Carly.

Okay, let's
just breathe for a sec,

-I mean, who does something like this?
-Why don't you ask him?

Well, Mason's locked
himself in his room.

Not Mason,
ask Jordan.

Maybe then you'll find out
what's really going on.

Or you can sit here
and talk to an angel.

Maybe you should let
the babysitter in.

You need to start

He told you.

This place looks beautiful.

Okay, now before
you freak out,

Yeah, it's too late
for that.

I'm sorry,
I should have told you...

That you've been hanging out

in an arcade,
with a kid?

He's not just a kid.

-He's your kid. -Yeah, that's right.
My kid, not yours.

I had no intentions
of hanging out with Mason

when you broke up with me,

but he's been calling me,
and texting,

and e-mailing me.

So, he's been stalking you?

Yeah. Basically.

I agreed to meet him
after practice

to get him off
of my back,

and then I saw that jerk
Angus picking on him.

What... who?

The kid who picks on him
every single day

that he doesn't want
to tell you about.

The kid
with the Santa hat.

And I told him that if
he ever needed anything,

that I would always
be there for him,

even if you weren't
in my life.

I don't know why
I said that.

I guess it's because
I was that kid, too.

and I could have used
someone in my life back then.

I know therapy would have
been the smarter choice,

but I don't always make
the smartest choices.

I told you there
was an explanation.

Do you realize
how crazy this is?

I tried to tell you.

You just wouldn't
respond to me.

and Mason was so scared
that you would disapprove,

he never told you.

So there it is...

the truth.

I'll never hang out
with Mason again,

and I understand if you
never want to see me again.

So that's it, you're just
going to abandon Mason again?

What? No, I...

Good, so you'll carry on doing
stuff with him then?

This is so "About a Boy"
right now.

You're not mad at me?

I just want what's best
for Mason,

and right now, he needs an adult
male role model in his life.

Especially if
that kid's treating him

like you say he is.

He's at a really
vulnerable age.

Tell me about it.




-Thank you.
-Thank you, I guess,

for helping Mason.

You can pick me up
tomorrow at 7:00,

and don't be late.

I'm serious.


- Should we take a look?


Absolutely not.

-This one?
-Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Mm-hmm. Much better.

-I'd say... Are you kidding me?

Oh, thank you.

All right, sorry, Philly.

Private event tonight.

You really don't need
to do this.

I own the place.
I can do whatever I want.


Two IPA's here, please.

Comin' right up.


Reminder- -I am off Christmas

but Jose's covering
for me.

Throwing a Festivus party
in my aunt's basement.

Where did you find him?

Oh he showed up in a basket
on my doorstep one day.

How very Moses of him.

It's been such
a great night.

That doesn't mean
it has to be over yet.

You might want
to ice your back

after that epic fall
at the rink.

Those poor
kindergarteners. My God.

I didn't realize how awful
you are ice skating.

Impressive, right?

One of the many things
that I'm awful at

that I can show you
more sometime.

Oh, I've seen a few.

Sorry, I didn't mean
that exactly.

No, it's okay.

You probably deserve
an explanation.

I'm really sorry.

Last Christmas
was really weird for me,

you know,
I was going through a lot.

So, why didn't you
tell me about it?

Because it was about
my ex-girlfriend.

Uh-oh. We don't
need to go there.

What about her? Were you
with her last Christmas?

No. Not really.

I still had
feelings for her.

and, I didn't know why,

because she totally
broke my heart.

Okay, so that settles that.

How about we get
some romance going in here?

Ah, freaking
rats in the basement.

I'll go check it out.

Look, Jordan,
if you're telling me

you hooked up
with your ex

while we were
still together,

and you expect
some kind of sympathy,

-I'm not that girl.
-We didn't hook up.

It was... it was just emotional.

How about something
more Christmas-y?

I can make it snow inside.

I've got this, thank you.

No, you probably don't.

I just... I couldn't get her
out of my head.

Literally. I thought I was
going crazy at one point.

And then I realized
it was resentment and pain

that was bottled up
inside of me.

I just... I was holding
myself back.

from connecting
with people and life.

Were you with her
on Christmas Eve last year?

Yes, but it
was that moment

that I knew that I
had to get over her.

I knew that I
had an amazing woman

back at home
waiting for me.

And, it was almost
midnight by then,

but you know
what happened next.

It's not an excuse.

I just want you to know
that I am totally over her.

And I'm here now,
all in.

Well, maybe I should thank her,
this ex-girlfriend of yours.

Sarah? You can't.

She unfortunately
has passed.



What? Is that a problem?

Can you excuse me
a minute?

Amanda... Amanda, stop.

You're the ex-girlfriend.

I know, I should
have told you sooner.

What kind of sick
game are you playing?

I'm not playing a game. I was
sent back to help you, I promise.

And why should I
believe you?

Amanda, I know I should have
told you about Jordan,

but that doesn't mean that the two
of you aren't meant to be together.

I don't want to hear it.

You're... you're an angel

with an agenda.

No, I'm not.

I mean, yes.
I mean...

You're not an angel.

You're the devil.

Go away!

You two, you both
deserve each other.

Amanda, I don't understand
what went wrong.

I can't do this. I can't
be with you, and...

and be haunted by some woman
from your past.

-It's not like that.
-It's not like that.

Amanda. Amanda.

She's gone.

She's gone.

What's wrong?

I'm fine.

Is Jordan coming
over tonight?

Eat your chow mein.

I don't want to be late
for midnight mass.


It's Christmas,

I'm alone,

and I've ruined everything.

It is Christmas,
but you're not alone.

I ran out of time,

I'm not on the list,
am I?


Are you ready?

Wait, I can't just
leave them like this.

Jordan's miserable,
and Amanda really loves him,

she just doesn't trust it.

Can I just have a little more
time to fix what I've messed up?


They don't deserve
to be punished

just because I can't
seem to do anything right.

I don't want this to be
how I leave this world.

I see the way
he looks at her,

and how she just wants
him in her life,

and how Mason
just wants a dad.

Jordan would make
a really great dad.

They just need
a little faith.

You told me to figure out
what my heart really wants.

It wants to help them
be a family.

Please, can I just
give it one more try?

I'm really not supposed
to do this,

but I can't help it.

I like you, Sarah.

Okay, I can't help you
get on the list,

but I can give you another hour
to help Jordan and Amanda.

-Thank you.
-But that's it.

An hour, okay.

I just wish I could talk to Jordan
and tell him what he needs to do.

Well, I can't make
people see you,

but there is a way
they can hear you.

What? How?

It's called,
The Angel's Whisper.

It's a powerful tool.


But don't go crazy,

Getting into people's heads and
controlling what they say

is a delicate art
for any spirit being.



It doesn't hurt,
they just think

that they've
dosed off for a second.

Do you think
you can handle it?

-Thank you.

-Call me when you're ready.

Feats of strength!

Feats of strength!

Feats of strength!

out of here, buddy.

Merry Christmas.

Come on!

I have to go now.

Hey, Stu,
what's going on?

No time for talking,
just doing.


Tonight is about helping
those in need.

Dude, seriously
is everything all right?


Is that jacket Dolce?

I mean, yeah, bro.
Everything's fine.

Just come on.

Wait here.
I'll be right back

Wait, Stu.
What are we doing?

Is that wine?

Uh, yeah. Are you
supposed to have this?


Yes, you.
Come here.

what are you doing here?

Thought I'd meet you.

Meet? What for?


What are you doing here?

It's Christmas Eve.

We're all here
for different reasons.

what happened last night?

Not here, Jordan.

Well, if you can't speak
your heart on Christmas,

when can you?

Go ahead.

Tell him about her.
About Sarah.

Stuart, what are
you talking about?

The truth.
What have you got to lose?

Hey, don't listen
to him, he's...

I can see Sarah.

Sarah talks to you?

Like, as if she was real?

She said she came to help me
fall back in love with you.

I know it sounds crazy, but...

I knew I wasn't going nuts.

Wait, is Sarah here
right now?


Are you in love
with me?

You don't want
to be with me, Jordan.

Yes, I do Amanda,
with all my heart.

What can I say
to make you believe that?

All this time,
I kept thinking

that you were the one
with the problem,

that you were the one
in a mess, but it was me.

I'm a workaholic,
I have huge trust issues.

I have no idea what's
going on in my son's life,

and I talk to angels.

So do I.
I can hear her too.

At least I did.

Honestly, I don't
even know anymore.

But you know what?
None of that matters now.


Because now
I'm here with you,

if you'll have me.

If you and Mason will
give me another shot,

I promise I will
never let you down.


I am all in,
so what so you say?

Merry Christmas.

- Hey!
- Hey, bud.

You did a great job.

It was a little
long though.

Are you having Christmas
at our house?

If you want me to.



We better get going
if you want Santa to come.

Mom, there's
no such thing as Santa.

Is there?

Kid, these days,
I believe in everything.

Hey, just hold on
one second.

-I'll be right back.

- Good job.
- Okay, let's go.

That was so good,
I'm so proud.

Sarah, I just wanted to say
thank you for all of this...

for them.

Jordan, wait.

It's me.


I just needed
another minute...

here with you.

You've been here
the whole time, haven't you?

And you don't
have to worry.

I'm not gonna
come back again.

I think you and Amanda will
be really happy together.

Thank you.

Why are you crying?

Because I'm scared.

It didn't work,
did it?

I'm so sorry.

But Sarah,
you're a good person.

I know that.

And whatever comes
next for you,

I know you'll be okay.

Bye, Jordan.

I love you.

Goodbye, Sarah.

What just happened?

I think you just
saw an angel.

Can we just get
this over with?

Sarah? I want
to show you something.

Oh, is there an ever sadder place for
people who don't have any reservation?


But I ran out of time.

It's funny.

Love always seems
to beat time.

I don't understand.

You fell in love.

Maybe not romantically, but management
doesn't really differentiate.

When you truly
love someone,

you act with your heart,

not your head.

Your name was added
to the list

because you helped
Jordan and Amanda

and Mason become a family,
even when you knew

that you weren't going
to get into Heaven.

You needed to perform
a true act of love

to get on the list.


So I got my wings.

Well, angels don't
really have...

what the heck?
Yeah, you got your wings!

So, whenever you're ready,

you just walk through
those gates.

-What's the matter?
-It's just...

You don't want to go?

I know this
is crazy, but...

I want what they have, I
want to feel what they feel.

I want to feel pain,
and passion,

and love, and I want my
heart broken, and mended.

What if I want to start
a family of my own?

If I walk through
those gates,

it's over.

I mean, I'm sure the food
and drinks are amazing,


none of this makes
any sense.

Why did I have to die?

Sometimes it takes dying
to realize you want to live.

I don't want to die.

I'm sure your reservations
have a no cancellation policy,

I'm sure I can't just
send myself back.


But I can.

Are you okay?

Oh my God, you
almost got yourself killed.

Yeah. I guess I did.

You sure you're okay?

Yeah. I think so.

-How did you know I was
-I found it in the door,

and then I saw you,

just standing here.

That's one lucky scarf.

God, I'm Hank,
by the way.


You sure you're okay?

I'm better than okay.

I'm alive.

-May I... Yeah.


Let's get you inside.


Do you believe
in Christmas miracles?