How Much Do You Love Me? (2005) - full transcript

In Paris, after winning the lottery, the clerk François goes to a bar in Pigalle and offers one hundred thousand Euros per month to the prostitute Daniela to live with him until the end of his money. François is a lonely man, with heart problems and Daniela stays with him for eight days. Then, she decides to come back to her man, the mobster Charly, but she misses François and returns to his place. But once a whore, always a whore.


Good night.

How much it charges?

150 euros.

We go for a room e
it can make what to want with me.

It folloies a champagne.

- I do not want champagne.
- Necessary to pay a bottle.

- How much it is the bottle?
- 150 euros.

How many customers you take care of?

Per day?

Per day.

She is policeman?

I finished to earn in the lottery.

The money is free of taxes.

How much it earned?

4 million? 540 a thousand euros.

I accept.

Accepted what!?

What he goes to consider me.

I offer 100 a thousand euros to it.

To make what!?

100 a thousand euros for month.

To make what!?

100 a thousand euros for month
until my money finishes.

I can know to make what!?

To live with me.

It will not make badnesses with me?
It cannot make badnesses.

- Necessary to be good with me.
- Yes, combined.

Necessary E to respect me.

It is not because I am prostitute
that everything is allowed.

It can touch in me, is clearly.
It has touched how much to want?

but with delicacy.

Yes, combined.

It can give an advancing to me?
It is of custom in these cases.

We go to a restaurant.

It happens that I am not
with hunger.

He is same?

I am a little nauseated.

What it happened?

- It wants that it calls a doctor?
- Not, it does not need?

It is certain?

- I go to call exactly thus.
- Not, it is all good.

- Where it felt pain?
- In the stairs, going up the stairs.

- I did not ask this.
- What it asked?

Where it is pain?
In the way, to the right, the left?

- Its heart is sped up.
- I am not doctor and I know of this.

- Calm, please.
- I do not obtain!

- A great extra-s?stole.
- I felt.

- He is worried about something?
- That he asks.

He forgives, is part of the examination.

- Saw this woman?
- He is obvious that yes.

- What it is making?
- Arranging a luggage, I know there.

- It has to see with me.
- It goes to release you?

I go to move for the house of it.

I am not understanding.

- What it does not understand?
- Because it is so badly.

This woman goes to change itself stops
my house with the things of it.

- It will be that it goes to like there?
- I know there, my friend!

Nor I.
I am in panic!

We can change daqui,
if it found small very.

It does not start to spend money.

Already I feel myself in house.

It is made comfortable.

It frees these luggages.

- How you if it calls?
- Fran?ois.

It is felt, Fran?ois.

It is to the will.

I am Daniela.

E then,
how it is its heart?

Sincerely, it improved.

It is my weak point.
I was always fragile thus.

In the college, always it was
excused of the gymnastics.

We go to live well calm.

- Well calm, as?
- Thus, as now.

For what!?
What it is happening now?

It swims, exactly.

It is resting.

We go.

It closes the eyes.
I go to take off my coat.

Its coat?

It closes the eyes, already it said.

I do not want to risk itself.

- You it opened the eyes!
- What it is preparing?

- I am taking off the coat.
- For what!?

Because I am its woman.
It was what it asked for to me, not?


- It is normal that it takes off the coat.
- Yes, it is clearly.

Not to be that this disturbs it.
You inform to me if to disturb.

- Not, for the time being, all good.
- I continue taking off?

Please, yes.

All good?

All good.

I find better
to rest a little.

Yes, I find better.
Necessary to accustom me.

We have much time,
if it does not worry.

The bed is ready,
I am ready?

he is everything ready.

I love you.

Exactly? He is clearly that he loves me.
All the men love me.

I was born for this,
to be loved.

He is enough I to move me a little.
He only looks at? I am moving itself.

What you feel
when I make this?

- It stops.
- To stop for what!?

I am with my husband.

The woman does not have the right
to excite the husband?

She waits a little!
Badly in we know them.

We finish of in finding them.
We need in knowing them better.

Yes, but as?

I do not know.

Thus, for example.

What it was? It did not like?

I did not wait
that he was to be thus.

For what!? How he is being?

He comes.

We go to lie down.

Its coffee pot is bad.
It does not make good coffee.

Already she is waked up?

My husband goes to work.
I came to prepare the coffee of it.

My God of the sky?

- Vai to pass badly of new?
- Not, it is all good.

What it wants to eat at night?

I do not know. What you want?

It does not have nothing against
Italian food?

I adore food Italian.

E Italian shoulders?
You like?

, Please necessary to go even so.

E seios Italian?
You like?

- Already he said, necessary to go.
- Where?

I go to work.

It is seeing my seios?

- Yes, it is clearly that I am.
- What it finds of them?

Pretty, pretty?

Why it fulls in such a way the bag
with this its work?

It likes to full the bag?

It does not find that it would be better
here with me?

We are together until the noon,
later we go to a restaurant.

We go in obstructing them of oysters.
It does not like oysters?

Taste very.

Later we go to the cinema
to attend an American film.

Nor we go to look at for the film.

We go in kissing them,
in acariciar them?

- Does not like it my program?
- Yes, but necessary to work.

- You work with what!?
- I do not know, is an office.

Office of what!?

It is my work,
I have a job.

I participate of the activity
economic of my country.

Living creature with an employee

With certainty.

I knew one that never
it goes to get tired itself of the work.

What it was?

What it was?

- It is its heart?
- Only one malaise.

- I go to bind for a friend.
- Friend? That friend?

It is doctor.
He is a good friend.

But he is a good doctor?

I present it Daniela.


I can know who is this young woman?

- For what!? It did not like it?
- I asked who is this young woman.

- A Italian.
- She is enjoying me?

If she does not forget
that I am its doctor.

E my friend also.

If to ask, the two have
the same opinion.

They say what!?

- Not.
- How thus, ?not??

- It cannot live with this young woman.
- For what!?

- Saw the style of it?
- It is clearly that yes.

It finds that it goes to support?
What its heart goes to support?

It said me that she goes
to be comedida.

Already she saw some woman comedida?
E you? Vai to be comedido?

How many times per day will be
with beatings the 140 per minute?

How many?

I am not plus its doctor.
Seen! I am against this!

With a woman of these,
we settle to all hour.

I do not go to give the green signal.

A fragile man thus
if he puts with a nuclear bomb?

I do not know if he perceived,
but this young woman is a bomb!

- Where she knew it?
- This does not matter.

- It cannot be counted where was?
- Yes, I can?

but what it matters she is it.

Ownership to make a question?

- Question? What asks?
- Fran?ois.

Where you it knew it?

- This is important same?
- Yes, it is important.

It was in a bar.

That type of bar?

Of prostitutes.

Necessary to say a thing to it,
my son.

Fran?ois is mine better friend.
E suffers from the heart.

If to happen some thing,
it goes to see itself with me.

I go to take care of very well of it.

It cannot be agitated.
The night, needs to sleep.

During the day, it needs to walk.
Not very fast.

It cannot make nothing fast,
nor with I exaggerate.

Well-taken care of E with the masses.

Mass is good,
but it is not for eating all day.

- Vai to stop to full me the bag?
- Pardon?

- Vai to stop to full me the bag?
- Yes, pardon. I stop.

He does not speak badly of masses.
I am Italian, certain?

- Certain, I understood.
- Nor of the masses, nor of the remaining portion.

Without problem.

I have guilt to have
a perfect body?

e to make all the men
to be dribbling for me?

All lose the head!

What it was that I made?
It speaks as if she was prostitute!

Not, no way.

What it is happening?
What it is making?

It swims. It swims, interest!

I tired of being prostitute!

I want to have a normal life!

To find a youngster likeable
of who I can take care of!

It does not need to be pretty,
only likeable.

It does not look more,
already it found.

Exactly that it was sick,
I could take care of of it.

I would be I eat
a nurse for it.

I would take a walk with it,
we would go until the beach?

It will be that this is
a so impossible dream thus?

I find that I go going.

It is good idea.

Obliged E for the climate
that it left.

He is excellent to have
a friend as you.

Better of what not having none.

It is not prostitute, is?

She is living
with a prostitute?

E if it will be?
What this would move?

It swims, has reason.
It swims.

It is woman of the same skill.

With certainty, certainty.

What voc?s they had made?

We travel in the week end.

- For where?
- For the beach.

I can know that beach?

In the Sea of the North.
It adores the Sea of the North.

We run a little.

- Where?
- In the beach.

- Who ran?
- We two.

- We two run.
- I only ran a bit.

You he ran.
Moan, but ran sufficiently.

Why it was to run?
I informed not to run.

It ran behind what!?
Behind what it was running?

Behind it.

- For what!? It wanted to run away?
- Nothing of this!

- And why it left running?
- For excit?-Io.

When seeing my seios balancing.

- Later us we settle.
- Where?

- In the car.
- Why in the car?

It was raining.

It did not make effort.
I was superficially.

- He is 15 for 9.
- 15 for 9 are not badly.

Before he was 13 for 8.

Perhaps it has eaten very.

- What it ate?
- Oysters.

Sabe that it cannot eat oysters
because of the cholesterol.

Some thing exists that
it allows that I eat?

I do not bind that the people die.
I see much people dying.

I am accustomed.
Only that you he is my friend.

Vai to give quarrel to me
because I am happy?

It is the first time
that I feel myself happy.

- With Brigitte it was happy.
- Brigitte was a prostitute.

He forgives, dear.

They exist young of family
that to the times they are prostitutes?

e a prostitute, to the times,
it can be a beautiful lady.

It wants more spaghetti?

Not, debtor.
I do not have more hunger.


Not, debtor.
Already well I am modified thus.

Necessary to go to the hospital.

After the oysters?

they had been for one room of hotel
e had settled of new?

Not, we made love.

In the car, people settle.
In one room, people makes love.

It has a nurse?

a woman
that she works with me.

It has 45 years
e needed to remove a seio.

Now it is with met?stase
spread for the body.

I control the illness?

I take care of of it.

For me the love is not
one has left of the pleasure.

He is painful
e demands total devotion.

The only thing that we obtain
to make is to be of given hands.

It asks for to me
not to leave it.

She is necessary to love very stops
if to content with five fingers.

You never it spoke to me
on this.

My life is not amused.

Gis?le, is the name of it.

I knew it I make time,
but nor he gave attention in it.

One day, it came to speak with me.

?Sir, I find that I am sick?,
it said me.

It had the small seios?

as two ready fists
to brandish one I beat in the enemy.

Only that it lowered the guard?

e was attacked on the inside.

?I want to be with my seio?,
it said me.

?My life never was full
of passions, but it knows as it is.

One distracted,
a lost man? ?

?I am this lost man?,
I said.

?I do not have great things
to offer?

not to be my life,
that already it is almost in the end.

I am a medical poor person,
that cure the sick poor persons?

but my poor face gives stops
the expense, is a common face.

The face of a courageous citizen.

With eyes that they know
to say ?debtor??

e a mouth that of times
in times untied a smile.

A smile without favour.

When it is sad?

he comes mixed with tears. ?

I do not know why I am
saying to everything this.

It is the voc?s love
that it leaves me shaken.

Sabe, Daniela?

it had never seen
women of its type.

Wise person that existed.

Of time in when,
we see some in the magazines.

But thus?

of truth?

in my front?

something is very quaint.

I go to leave solo voc?s.

I feel that I do not go to stop
of saying besteiras.


Sabe that I am its friend.

Also I am its friend.

Exactly that nor always
this is easy.

I am going.

It forgives, dear.
I do not go to delay very.

He is that friend of who I spoke,
that it suffers from the heart.

I cannot say not,
it is my friend.

Nor always he is amused,
but he is my only friend.

If to want tea,
I leave in the thermal bottle.

Care for not being burnt.

This bottle is terrible.
It keeps the heat all.

- Which is the problem?
- It is not with me. E with it.

- What it has?
- I do not know.

How not? If it called me,
it has some thing.

- It has some thing.
- Of what it complaint?

It complaint!

- I can enter in the room?
- Clearly that it can enter.


- It is vomiting.
- What voc?s they had eaten?

- Rocambole of meat.
- In the restaurant?

- In the restaurant.
- How many times already said?

- I know.
- I go to examine it.

Shot the blouse of the pyjamas?

Not, it does not need.

Yes, I find better.



What you have?

- What he made with it?
- I did not make nothing!

- Why she is naked?
- For it to examine me!

It did not support.
He calls the firemen, fast!

That firemen?

It is not hour of this!

Street Chevalier of la Barre, 15.
Fifth floor, to the right.

He is waked up, Andres.
Already I asked for aid.

It is waiting somebody?

One such of Gis?le.
It spoke to me of it.

- Gis?le Bloch?
- This exactly, Gis?le Bloch.

It died has five years.

That life drug?

It does not have will
to travel for Italy?

How it is Italy?

It is acolhedora, hot.

In the streets,
if people hear singing.

She sees as he is pretty with me.

She sees as the love
she makes you well.

We know you well.
Behind this smile it has thing.

You do not smile to toa,
it is not its style.

It is not nor a smile.
It is almost a laugh.

- He is with will to laugh?
- What he gave this will to it?

You never give laugh.

- He is enjoying of our face?
- Knew somebody?

My particular life
it is not of the voc?s account.

It is of our account, yes.

- For what!?
- Because you in interest them.

Its life in interests them.

- They do not know nothing of my life.
- We would adore to be knowing.

You it knew somebody?

I never believed its skill
of serious.

It seems that it is
preparing some.

You it knew somebody?

I did not find nobody.

Why it is with this face?
All it is illuminated.

It seems the sun.

It forgives, but for me,
this expensive of is gotten passionate.

They only see, it is laughing.

It is liveing
in its house?

We want to know it.

I want to come back toward my house.

Good idea.

Vai to come back toward its house
e we go to follow you.

- Necessary to inform it before.
- Clearly, it informs.

It says to make ice
e to prepare the cups.

Its pilantra.

It wanted to hide it,

Ol?, is Daniela.

For gentility, the message leaves.
I bind after that.

He fell in the post office box.


The bed was well used.

It does not say besteiras.
It is not hour.

I want to ask for that they only leave me.

It goes to come back.

This lasted has how many days?

It liveed with you?

- It did not leave nothing here.
- I want to ask for that they only leave me.

We do not go to leave alone you.
We are not scoundrels.

Where it is its whiskey?

I want that they only leave me.

They go even so, youngsters.
They cannot make nothing.

The women go to be.
We go to take care of of it.

I want that they only leave me!

It does not want voc?s.
He does not want nothing.

He gives will to settle with it,
he is not?

If I had grana,
he would settle exactly.

Where he was, my pretty one?

I thought that he had
lost you.

I was to try to transform me
in a person of the good.

But for the skill
it did not leave victorious person.

I am a woman of the night,
I adore a bar.

When I am in house,
I find the day excessively long.

It does not go even so, Sir!

In 5 minutes, a young
you will take care of.

A good company.
This goes to make to it well.

- It finds You?
- I am certain.

It drinks some thing.

We are here for becoming
the life less lasts.

It has you money?

I finished to earn in the lottery.

An interesting amount??

Some millions of euros.

I want that Muguet knows.

I go to take care of you already.

It comes back soon to see me.

It does not leave me without notice.

Why it is so sad?

The winter is very long.

We have that to go
in the direction of the sun.

That sun?

Where it is summer now.

In the Seychelles Islands,
for example.

There it must be wonderful.

It depends on the company.

Well, it can go with me.

Please, it serves me
a champagne.

I find that I found
a good customer.

I know when the customer is good.
I see this for the fisionomia.

It finished to earn
in the lottery.

It did not want to say how much.

But he spoke of millions.

- Millions of what!?
- Euros.

Vai to take me
to the Seychelles Islands?

I go to strengthen itself stops
that if it gets passionate for me.

How much it wants to earn?

A thousand euros per day,
it is my price.

E plus some small gifts.

Vai to give gifts to me
if I will be affectionate?

He is clearly that yes.

He can give an advancing to me
I to gain confidence?

I am with little money now.
If to want, comes back tomorrow.

Not, I go to be with you,
I do not go to release you.

We go to make my luggages.

Tomorrow, we will even go
a travel agency?

e later, to the bank.

we can in knowing them better.

Not to be that it prefers
to leave this for the trip.

It is legal to leave stops later.
The passion goes increasing.

Since that it obtains to contain itself.
It listens, we go to see.

We go to sleep together
e we go to see in what it gives.

I adore not to know you are welcome,
to dive in the dark one.


They are calling you.

I do not call Fran?ois.

What you want, Daniela?

He says that it was not my guilt!
How I do not know who I am!

That this history of it
it turns me the stomach!

All good, I go to say!
If to find with it, I say!

There I know of what it is speaking.

- I know it a little.
- But he needs to forget it.

- Vai to be difficult.
- How, thus difficult?

I do not know if it knows,
but it is prostitute.

What she was?
She is in doubt?


He listens, please.
He does not interrupt me.

I am listening.

- Necessary to say a thing.
- Yes, Fran?ois?

Those days
that we pass together?


They had been enough pra to fill
all my life.

The happiness?

now I know that it exists.



Also I want that it knows
of a thing.

That thing?

Another man exists
in my life.

An important man?

An important man.

He was with me for cause
of my money.

Only because of my money.

- It said that it is prostitute.
- You it is not also?

Younger, gladder.

Until it seems that it has
interest in cheering to me.

It goes to cheer you,
I know it well.

It finished to enter
for this way.

It not yet is rotten.

I am rotten.

We go.
The problem is decided.

It is not decided.
For me, it is not!

What you want?
What returns its money?

How much it gave to me?
A thousand? Two A thousand?

It catches everything.
I do not bind for money.

Work in this for pleasure,
it understood?

For pleasure.

It is if feeling badly?

Its pressure is in 16,
my friend.

He needs to relax,
to rest a little.

- You asked for it to come?
- Who?

The doctor.

Clearly that yes.
I do not want to go to its burial.

It saw that I made well
in calling a doctor.

This is Fran?ois.
E the friend of who I spoke.

Its pressure went up.
Vai to take an injection.

It stops to full!
Not taste of you as doctor.

- You must me 50 euros.
- 50 euros, heard?

All good, I pay.
I do not want to be ackward.

We are not here for playing,
it has that to pay.

- Who consumes, paid.
- All good, I pay.

E does not forget
that it is a work for it?

it is not a love history.

The love history is with me.

I can break its knees
the hammers blow when to want.

Squeeze a button
e its knees already were.


This citizen is insuport?vel!
Never vi nothing equal.

That man is this?

He is my man.

- What he saw in it?
- The thick penis Has.

How interesting!

Beautiful commentary
for a woman.

Full of poetry.

It waits there, amiguinho?

it wanted to enter
in the world of the night?

e now is
in the world of the night.

Of time in when,
its eyes go to arder.

Because it suffers in such a way stops
if to pass for prostitute?

- I am prostitute.
- For me, not. Moan.

I am what! for you?

A fragilizada woman,
that low its guard?

- with a shade in the face.
- Shade of what!?

Shade of ternura.

- It stops! Vai to make to cry me.
- To cry itself, pay a wine.

It finds exactly that I go to cry
for its cause?

- Who is? What it was?
- I am its neighbor.

I know, I know you.

He does not know me,
he does not know nothing on me.

But he passes for me
e compliments me.

- It forgives.
- Nor it knows my name, appositive.

- It looks at, already it is late?
- And late, but I am working.

I am trying to work,
I make translations.

It is a very difficult work
very badly paid e.

What I can make for you?

Part for its namorada
to stop to moan.

It seems a heifer in
abatedouro. Where it left?

Of the chain?

I never heard nothing thus.

The happiness of the others
bother you?


That happiness?

- What it is the happiness?
- To settle gostoso, for example.

With a man with tes?o.
E to enjoy.

A woman who speaks thus
or she dissimulates orgasmo?

or she is ninfoman?aca.

Now she is enough. This is
being well ackward.

When it unglues one settles,
not if untied?

It is good for agitating a little.
The life is not alone calmness!

I ?do not unglue? I settle,
thanks to God. Debtor.

You never she settled?

I it pro?bo of if putting
in my sexual life.

- She put herself in mine!
- I did not put myself.

It arrived me,
he perforateed my spandrels!

E you? When it has orgasmos,
how it makes? It does not make racket?

It will be that already it had orgasmos?

I have orgasmos beauties.

- So beautiful how much its.
- What do not make racket?

That they do not make racket.

- Orgasmos mundane?
- I am a woman of the south.

- Also I am woman of the south!
- I am more than the south that you!

E when I settle is not mundane,
it is fenomenal and the land trembles!

E orgasmo?


it is as a relief?

it comes of the deepenings.

It comes thus?

One surprise mixture?

It does not need to sing opera.

Nor to be revirando the eyes.

It reviews the eyes?

- I know there, never I noticed.
- Attention of the next time Gives.

She sees if it reviews the eyes.

She hears, Daniela.

I am hearing.

We go to start of the zero?

e you more do not go to dissimulate.

He is well.

I am not a tourist.

It is well.

It feels some thing for me?



For my money?


It likes another thing
beyond my money?

Yes, it has some things.

It says which are.

The skill as catches me,
for example.

The respect, in its hands?

I taste of this.

Taste of its company.


But it is not reason stops
to start to imagine things.

I am not imagining nothing.

- It is imagining things.
- That things?

It finds that it goes
to transform me.

It does not bother me
that she is prostitute.

I know very well that is prostitute,
that it settles with others.

Since that it is not
in my front?

It swims bad
this wine of the port.

I can know what
it wants you?

Who? I?

It swims.

- How thus, nothing?
- Nothing.

I go to finish my wine
e I go even so.

I can take another one?

It speaks soon!
We cannot be here.

Who has that to speak she is you.


It makes some proposal.

- Proposal on what!?
- It does not ask this to me.

My expensive one, we cannot
in thus holding them in the life.

The life is not ?self-service?.

To steal the woman of the other
it is not a pretty gesture.

For me,
it is a aggression.

I am not contented.

I feel lack of Daniela.

At night, I look for for it
e not it meeting.

Or meeting another one
that it is not nothing for me.

It imagines to wake up at night
e not to find Daniela.

The affection lack that this
it represents me.

We need to think
in a compensation.

What it can give to me
how compensation?

In the truth, little thing.



Thing boat.

Very boat.

I am next to the woman that I love,
it is looking at me?

I cannot serve
of capacho in the front of it.

- I find it likeable.
- Obliged.

I am not likeable.

- He is, yes?

I am not likeable.

I am a man very
ranzinza, an old idiot.

I am full of values.
Treason, for example, for me?

she is worthy of death.

Before I was
with a young?

a young woman with pretty legs.
I nicknamed it ?Bouncing?.

It wanted to run away
with a guitarist.

Sabe what we made?

With who?
With the guitarist?

- Not, with the young woman.
- She arrives! Not valley the penalty.

- Not valley the penalty, what!?
- To enter in the details!

It is a future friend.

So that he turns my friend,
he needs to know of the things.

Friend does not turn over
of a scoundrel in 5 minutes.

- You he is not scoundrel.
- Yes, I am!

- We use the rats.
- With who?

- With the ?Bouncing one?!
- Please, it stops!

I do not support more!

It does not count this history
of new!

Women do not like rats.
They are animal very dirty.

How much she is made use to give to me
to be with Daniela?

So that I yield my place?

For how much she evaluates it,
my expensive one?

- How much you want?
- He knew that he earned in the lottery.

I earned in the lottery.

- Four million?
- Daniela said to it?

Daniela says everything to me.

Much people exist
that she says everything to me.

A citizen said me?

?If to ask for the 4 million

I am certain
of that it will give you. ?

- What it gives to me in exchange?
- Daniela.

It is with you, is free.

I recommend,
it is excellent.

She waits as,
necessary to think.

She looks at for me to think.
Vai to help.

If to look at for you,
I lose the judgment.

I love it excessively
to look at for you.

It does not forget
that it is prostitute.

I do not forget, I do not forget.

It is an important detail.

The two are joint.

It is the world of the night.

I do not bind for its night!
It has smells of sewer!

Either educated
with my woman!

We need to know if she is
its woman or a prostitute!

He is the two,
as in some relationships.

E then,
already it took its decision?

- Still I am thinking.
- It is being insuport?vel.

One remembers
that Daniela is mine?

e is with our destination
in its hands.

I know that is if sandpapering,
that it does not support me.

But, for Daniela,
it arrives to be an insult.

It prefers the euros.

It also likes
of thick penises!

Money is a poison.

It destroys everything,
nothing more it is truth.

Everything is calculated,
it is the false happiness.

Its friend?

if of this all my money

it would be with me?

One remembers that it goes
to be without money.

It will only have the wage of it.

E for what I know,
it does not earn so well.

He is not me that is buying,
it is my freedom.

My freedom belongs to me.
I make what I want.

I can be a saint,
one vagabunda!

It has the hypothesis?

of it to offer to it
this freedom, that says to it?

?It catches, is for you.
I love you. ?

We cannot discard this.

I am not interested.

In me?

Not, I love you.
But I am with my money.

I go to catch my things.

It chose very well,
my congratulations.

I do not know if it would have courage
to lose a woman of these.

I go to live in Proven?a,
in one it marries small.

With oliveiras?

With oliveiras.

I adore oliveiras.
They are pretty trees.

Mainly in the winter,
when they are metallic.


You if he held
as a gentleman.

It was a pleasure.

What he is feeling for coming back
for house with its man?

I feel myself well.

He saw? I left exempts it.

I left that its life lived.
I am not a possessive man.

It is not bad to be possessed
for you.

It does not play with me.

I am a dangerous citizen,
it knows of what I am capable.

It is capable it worse.

But you have optimum.
He is not really?

- Yes, it is truth.
- Then he says.

- I already said.
- Who said this was I.

Why it finds that I came back?

Return always happens that.

Why always return?

I do not have courage
of being free.

What it is happening?

What it wants to say?

I know there.

Normally, it makes scandal
e of this time, there is stopped.

You are maluca.

He does not say me
that I do not excite plus you.


He is not nothing of this.

You leave me excited.

Then, we go! It is livened up.

It is livened up.

I feel myself paralyzed.

I am? She is the Charlie.

You recognize me, right?

I ask for that it forgives me, Charlie.

It is the first time
that this happens.

Yes, it is the first time.

It left the woman maluca.
It was maluca!

Its ecologist made things
what I do not know to make?

- It is not ecologist.
- All are ecologists!

It makes love with the heart!

Care. I can make
a great besteira here.

Well great!

Although the love
that I feel for you.

It preferred that he was affectionate.

I always treated you well.
The the least I tried.

I do not have vocation to be
affectionate, I am evil.

Less evil than before.

Close to you, me control.
I molded myself to its curves.

I am not criticizing nothing.

It has fear in the eyes.
It is of me that it has fear?


- He more does not leave me to go even so.
- For what!? He wants to abandon me?

- I need you.
- I know that it needs me.

At this moment.
Mainly at this moment.

- Also necessary of you.
- I love you! E my man!

I learned everything with you.
The good, the evil?

It thinks about all the moments
that we live together.

This is my room.

It is one room of gangster.

It is a little virile.

If to want, can change everything.

transform?-Io can
in boudoir.

That one its friend,
how it calls itself exactly?

- Fran?ois.
- Yes, Fran?ois.

It says for me?

what this Fran?ois made
with you? Nor she seems the same one.

It did not make me nothing.

How he did not make nothing?

He passed 8 days with it.

He does not say me
that it did not make nothing.

I did not want to say ?nothing?.

It touched in you.

He caught in its seios.

Its back one.

He must have attemped to find
the way to settle.

- It acariciou me.
- Acariciou?

This makes well for people.

I go to acariciar you.

It gave the gift to me prettiest
that if it can give to the prostitutes.

That present?

It returned my modesty.

He is same?

That pretty thing.

That wonder.

Also I can return
its modesty. Vai to see.

They come to see, come.

My woman finished
to recoup its modesty.

They enter, enter.

They cannot lose this,
they see.

It is not pretty this?

It swims bad.

We can touch in it?

Clearly that yes!
E my woman.

They want that it takes off
the combination?

We can be modified.

I do not want that are modified,
no way.

It made some besteira?

What they find?

It made a besteira.

She knew a citizen more
charmer who I, fine.

A man
that acaricia the women.

This is complicated because
it does not know if she loves it.

At the same time, it loves it,
but not enough it.

If she helped me, I I would obtain!

- What!?
- Am?-Io!

It wants that it helps you

It tries to understand me,
instead of if making of scoundrel!

It does not see that I am

They leave daqui, youngsters.

It goes to start the scandal.

With its new modesty,
she goes to be bothered that they see it.

She listens here, my son,
if to want to go even so, goes?

but well fast.

The suffering does not have
to last in such a way.

It is as to pull out a dressing.
It has that to be of a time.

A ready poke and.

We go, either gentile.

It walks soon.

Still it remains an open opening
necessary e to use to advantage.

I am being generous,
but this does not go to last.

Drug! I love it in such a way
how I go to leave to leave it!

It perceives the love
what this represents?

Putana nut!


What it was?

What it was?

With license, gentleman.

I am settling now.

I know.

He gave to perceive.

It is only one relation
of good neighborhood.

It is a problem
with cockroachs that we have.

- You feel yourself well with this?
- Yes, very well.

He does not find good for feeling itself well?

He happens that it is my man.

Necessary to finish the service.
It cannot be in this state.

Lack little for orgasmo.
I liberate it in 15 minutes.

Here it is.

I am returning.

Debtor for its patience.

She wanted to be more with it,
but I thought: ?Calm?

It does not need to exaggerate ".

Of the next time, perhaps.

It is never known.

I find that it goes to be difficult.

I understand.

If some day not to know more
what to make with it?

deix?-Io with me can.

Debtor, is much gentility.

Until ?Itimo moment,
I will be always here.

I find that I will make the same thing.

He wants to say that he goes to be here?

Most of the time.

How drug!


It stops to look at me thus!

The guilt is its.
One hour is here, another one there?

I finished settling
with the neighbor, soon.

It goes to take a bath

It does not speak to me in this tone,

Either gentile, Fran?ois.

I do not want to feel the perfume
of another one in its body.

I am wanting to say
how I love you, helps me!

It does not have fear, wanted.
We go to be happy, we go to see.

- You find?
- I am certain.

Exactly when it will not have
more money?

I never had money.
Only my wage, more nothing.

E the lottery?

- Age lie?
- He is obvious that it was lie.

Disembarassed its?

How disembarassed!

It laughed very at my face?

A little.

It laughed at my face?

It finds that it can make
this with me?

It did not gain this, my expensive one!
It did not earn!

Yes, I earned.

Sabe very well that I earned.

It sees?
It is if melting all.

I am coming close itself
of you?

I am hugging you.
Logical E that I earned.

How disembarassed!

She is you? Ol?.

E there?
What it happened with you?

- We are worried.
- Worried for what!?

It makes 15 days
that it does not go to work.

Good, it is that this job?

- They had said that it was sick.
- Not, not. It is all good.

It did not enter in depression?

Not, not.
No way.

Its face is not very good,
it seems that it emagreceu?

these eyes half fallen?

It walks if masturbando?
It is if masturbando very.

It looks at, I go to explain?

It does not try to close the door,
I arrested with the foot.

Its ?Dulcin?ia? came back?

Its friend leaves to enter.

That ways are these?
We do not have nothing to hide.

Voc?s, Frenchmen,
they are not nothing hospitable.

It enters.

- I call Daniela.
- I am Michael.

I am colleague of the Fran?ois.

What it wants to drink?
Whiskey? White wine?

It is that?
I am not alone.

- What do you mean?
- I came with the colleagues.

Colleagues? That colleagues?

They were worried.

We go to festejar its happiness!

- And there? The bonitona is there?
- Well-taken care of, it does not go to pass badly.

I informed to have care.

The beauty of this woman?

It would make any thing to have
thus. I go to pray the day all.

They had understood why
I am not going to work?

The beauty of this woman?

e pain that I feel of never
to be able to possess it?

Why ?never??
It never does not exist with woman.

Because she is woman
of a friend.

It is a prostitute.
Already I settled with it.

It works in a bar
of the Pigalle.

How if she injures!
It is pretty and ready.

Yes, it is pretty.

- He is not annoying?
- What he is annoying?

- That it is a prostitute.
- Why he is annoying?

Because it is my woman.

- I do not see problem in this.
- It had to be happy.

- Happy for what!?
- For living with a prostitute.

For having a prostitute in house
e to always settle with it.

It does not go to never deny,
she does not catch well.

- The fight is for my cause?
- No way!

- Somebody called me prostitute?
- No way!

- I am prostitute!
- Yes, he is clearly!

I love you
for thus having friends.

As taste of its life!

The beauty of this woman?

It allows that I am
a little in its house?

- For what!?
- To look at voc?s dancing.

You they seem to be
if amusing very.

I do not go to bother.

I go to be quiet in one I sing.

- He is relative of them?
- Distant.

I lived with a woman,
but it abandoned me.

I feel lack of it.

The beauty of this woman?

It does not advance to cry.
It does not cry.

It does not advance to cry?

now more life does not advance.
Of that it interests the life?

Who is that young woman
what is looking at for us?

- Where?
- There.

Of the other side of the building.
It is with dirt in the eyes?

- What it has under the pants?
- Uma tanga.

- And under the blouse?
- One suti? without handles.

- And in its head?
- Agitation.

What it wants to say
with ?agitation??

Not pass the hand in my back one
when it speaks with me.

- I did not pass the hand.
- Somebody passed me the hand.

- Who passed the hand in it?
- Nobody, nobody.

I can come back toward my house.

- To come back toward my solitude.
- It does not make this. It is with us.

To make what!?

I am tired of scoundrels.

Back it is for passing the hand.
We are in France.

Or then, it does not live in France.

- Necessary to ask for permission.
- Permission for what!?

Woman is not board of fruits.

I can start to shoot here!
I can kill everybody!

The badness is
inside of the man.

It gives to silence the mouth?

They remember that they are
in my house!

E in the house of my woman!

We go to sleep!

They go to sleep to 19h?

We are needing very
to take off the delay.

If I understood well,
he is in ordering even so.

He made right.

Not! They are.

I am the owner of the house
e I am asking for that they are.

He looks at as it says:
?I am the owner of the house?.

The education and gentility
of this woman? How it can?

I am happy, alone this.

All good.
We know that you it is happy.

We know?

All good! Drug!

How bag!

Much happiness! Much!

It is good for having well-taken care of with parties.
Almost always they finish badly.

- This goes to finish well.
- How it knows that it will finish well?

Why I am here, of eye.

This party is wonderful.
We go, come.

The first one that to full the bag,
I put a bullet in the head.

We go.

- Where it is?
- Who?


He was here makes 2 minutes.

- But he is not more.
- IDO Must have even so.

- With who?
- With certainty, another face.


They listen here! Now it arrives.
Already it passed of the limits!

This if calls riot.

Sonorous riot.

Yes, I know that it is canalhice.
But as I can resist?

Normally, I resist.
But here, voc?s capsizes.

I do not want to get worse the situation,
but she seems a prostitute.

It nor reacts.

Ei, Fran?ois? Al??

It is if enclausurando.

Process is in the way it.

In the life it does not have will.

It could have done this,
if it had had will.

E its heart?

It makes time
that we do not say it more than.

My heart?
It is cured.

Since that I knew you.