How Long Will I Love U (2018) - full transcript

A woman from 2018 and a man from 1999 wake up in the same bed. They discover they can time travel using the bedroom door, and make changes to their eras, but that their destinies may not be in their own hands.

Oh god. Here she comes again.

Open the doors.


this is the last time.

You should smile more

or your face will look longer.

This isn't a matchmaking agency.

If you try to get another blind date,

I'm going to be fired.

Harder the task,
the more patient you should be.

Be patient and help me out.


I'll take my time to work on him.

Hurry up.

Ms. Gu.

You're 30 years old, right?


You've never been married.


You have a bachelor degree.

That's right.

I find your way of speaking

is quite


Ms. Gu,

do you

have any expectation of me?

This house was constructed in 1 996.

It has a natural ventilation system

and great natural lighting.

The first-floor suite is facing north

and second-floor one is facing south.

a skylight in the attic

damp-proof basement

2,000 pieces of floor

and 800 tiles in total.

four bathrooms

and two utility rooms.

Check out the greenery

A fifty-square-meters vegetable garden

and a hundred-square-meters lawn.

You can say

that one can see greenery when the windows open

and step on greenery when the doors open.

Surrounded by hills and water,

Defintely a prime property.


What do you mean?

If you buy it, we'll only charge you

one percent of the commission fee.

If you buy it,

I'll marry you.


You even offer two for the price of one.

I only came for a blind date.

What are we doing here?



Hey! I'm not a part of the agency!

Hello, Mr. Li.

I'm Lu. Here's the thing.


it's a trend abroad to convert factories

into a large space,

which they call loft.

This is what I've planned.

We can build

lofts for commercial and residential uses

As for the ceilings,

it's usually 3.2 meters high, right?

Let's make it six meters.

That will give room for the owners to modify.

This is entirely different

from what we imagined it to be.

Well, it's not feasible.


this is like two for the price of one.

It's cheap for the size of it. Look.

And in a decade or so,

lofts will be a trend

all over the country.

There is more to gain.

I've conducted a survey.

-It's true! This area will become...

a central business district. CBD!

Director Li!

A subway will be built too!

Transportation will be really convenient.


Director Li!

Listen to me!

My plans are very innovative!

The land is waterlogged.

That's an ominous sign.

Let's go.

Director Li, take a look!

This is just a little puddle!

It will vanish when the sun shines!

Director Li!

Please believe me! It's true!

It's just a little puddle!

This is really a CBD!

There will really be a CBD!

-Do you own any property?

-Do you own a car?

Do your parents have assets
to be used as surety?


Then, have you ever run the 1 00-meter dash?


You can dash out then.

Are you from "Love Me A Lifetime" forum?


You know my terms, right?

I'll only marry you if you buy a house.


It should be a 20,030,000-yuan house.

No problem at all.

What's your profession?

I'm a potato wholesale dealer.

I make tens of millions a year.

-So you...
-My wife died of an illness.

My children are
in the States with their families.

Look at me.

Can I make it?

Let's hurry up and go.

-Where to?
-Buy the house

But we've only just met

and you've decided already?

I don't need to decide.

It's just like selling potatoes.

You pick out what you like

and negotiate the terms.

As for feelings,

they can be nurtured

after marriage.

Let's go.


If you buy the house now,

it will be considered as a prenuptial asset.

I hope you don't mind.

I need that house under my name.

How about this?

I'll pay the 20 million yuan

and you pay the 30,000 yuan.

It will be under both our names.

Help me out a little.

Okay then.

So, what do you see in me?

You look

like my late wife.

Why are you looking at me?

Buy me some water.


Don't be shy.


We're looking over the contract with Tianyi.

You'll be able

to examine it next month.

I'll leave the details

for you to decide.

I trust your ability.


Bring it over when you're done.

I'll sign it.

This is a duplicate copy.

It just needs his signature.

Can we trust his signature?

We're risking everything.

Did he really sign it

without checking the contents?

Are you sure?

I've known him for over 20 years.

All that remains is trust.

Don't worry.

You'll get your share of money
when this is over.

Don't worry.

Who is that?

Come out from there!

Come out and talk to us.

Come out now!

Come out!

You dare to run?


Aren't you coming out?

I'm coming.


I didn't hear anything.

Aren't you lack of investors

I'll invest.

Excuse me, miss.

We've verified the situation.

We just need your personal information.


I'm 1 9.


I'm 31 .



Don't hit me!

Who are you?

-Who are you?
-Why are you in my house?

-Why are you in my house?
-Don't copy me!

I didn't.


I'll kill you!

-Don't beat me!
-Get out!

Get out!

No, who are you? You're in my...

Get out!

I'm sorry.

Get out!


Where is the wall?

Hello, listeners.

Today is September 29, 1 999.
The weather is fine.

ls this year 1 999?

Who are you?

Thank you for supporting me on Douyin

Are you someone from the year 201 8?

Which year are you from?

I was born in the year 1 974.

I'm asking you what year is this!

It's the year 1 999 now.

So, how old are you?

I'm 25 years old.

I was born in 1 974, year of the tiger.

It's the year 1 999 now, so I'm 25.

This is real.

So, why did you hit me?

When you open the door, it's the year 1 999.

When I open the door, it's the year 201 8.

Then, should we open the door together?

Which year would I belong to?

This is real.

Are your things valuable,

but mine not?

Aren't they just flowers?

Aren't these just papers?

Why is this happening?

ls all of Shanghai being like this

or is it the whole country?

Just a swish, a pow and...

I didn't touch the photo frame.

ls this your dad?

Your family is missing in the picture.

The year 1 999.

How about you come over to the year 1 999?

I'll take you to that garden

to pluck that flower and you can plant it.

It's just a suggestion.

Don't move.

I don't think you can open the year 1 999 door.

Let me.

Hurry up!


Are we there?

This is the smell.

I loved eating from this shop
when I was little.

Do you want some? It's my treat.

-Ma'am, two portions, please.
-All right.

-Extra spicy, please.
-All right.

Slow down.

Dad, will there be
flowers in the garden every year?

Of course, I'll plant flowers in the garden
for you every year.

Dad, will we stay in this house forever?

I promise you.

I've got you!

Dad, can you please not go to work?

I need to work so I can buy you
your favorite chocolate cake.

No, I want you to be with me.

I want the chocolate cake and
I want you too, Dad.

Xiao-jiao. It's windy. Let's go.

Go inside with daddy.

Let's go!

Why was there a shaking?

Could it be because I saw my dad and myself?

Was that little girl you?

Was that man your dad?

Did you live in that big house?

So how did you end up being...


Can you open the door

and take me to the year 201 8 for a look?

I might have become

a real estate tycoon by then.

You'd most likely be a pauper.

Just search it online.

You'll find all the celebrities on Baidu.

You're most unlikely.

Give me your cell phone.

Call my dad on your cell phone.

Someone from the year 1 999 should be
able to call someone else in the year 1 999.

I have an idea.

You should move out.

You should move out.
And see what will happen.

Needless to say,
you and I are from two different times.

You can't meet your past self

or communicate with the past.

Otherwise, there will be tremors.

This can't happen again.

That's why I said

if you move out, this might go back to normal.

-Why don't you move out?

Shouldn't you give in to a woman?

I came here first.

I lived here 20 years before you.

I don't have money to pay rent.

Even if I move out,
the owner will find some other tenant.

What if he's a pervert?

I'm not a pervert.

I thought you are
wearing underpants on your head.


What is this?

It's a robot floor cleaner.

Can I...

Go ahead.

A cassette.

I have this recording too.

I lost it when I moved to a new house.

I haven't seen this in a long time.

I miss the days
when we listened to songs with tape recorders.

I like this song too.

How do you listen to music nowadays?

With the cell phone.

No way.

How does this work?

How the heck do you use this?

How the heck? What an interesting question.

Who is this?

It's my assistant.

You have an assistant?

Get up!

In our time, we can have an assistant
even though we're poor.


Try getting him to send us some food.

A noodle-pulling performance of Lao Hai-Di.

Moving clouds and flowing water.

Topple mountains and overturn seas.

The floor of your house seems uneven.

Sir, this is called design.

That's quite a notion.

Intertwined by golden snake.

Here it is.

Space walk.

Thank you, everyone.

I'm the most senior noodle-pulling master

from Hai-Di Lao.

Please give me a round of applause. Thank you.

Sir, this is your last order.

Sorry about that.

All right.

Please enjoy.

I'm the best noodle-pulling worker

from Lao Hai-Di .

Excuse me, sir.

Could I use your washroom?

Go ahead.


Never mind then.

I'll hold it.

All of you know

about this mysterious triangle.

During the 1 930s of the last century,

many planes and ships

suddenly disappeared

when they passed through it.


there was no wreckage to be found.

Various phenomena prove

that many objects that vanished

most probably went through a space like this

and into a different universe.

My main topic of research

is the various types of dimensions.

Don't touch this.

Please remain quiet when I'm explaining later.

This is the same space.

The upper level

is 1 9 years later.

The lower level

is now.

Under the magnetic force,

these two dimensions

will merge into one passage.

One can easily move

from one dimension to the other

through this passage.

Can we go now?


Give me some more time.

This extraordinary space has been formed.

Once we have the coordinates,

you can enter 1 9 years in the future

whenever you want.

What should we keep in mind?


the passage is there for a limited time.


you must not meet yourself from the past

Otherwise, there will be instability

and it will disappear faster.

What about the time limit?

It's still uncertain.

When can we confirm the coordinates?

That is also uncertain.

But it will be soon.

Trust me.

What will you do

when you get to the future?

Be quiet.

By the way,
what will you do when you get to the future?

Once you steal

the technology of the future,

you'll have a full monopoly of the market

and it won't just be China's.

You are really something.

How can I sleep with you like this?

You can't sleep either?

If I were living in your era,

I would probably feel less stressed.

The level of stress
is the same regardless of era or age.

Only the situation is different.

You're so pessimistic.

If it's as you say,

my efforts to succeed from here on

will be totally meaningless.

If you do succeed,

you can at least be stressed out as a rich man.

Now, you're stressed out as a weird bed.

You were rich when little,

Look at yourself now.

Can I ask you something?

What happened to your family?

When I was little,

I thought my dad loved his work more than me.

One day, he promised to come home early.

When he didn't show up though it was very late,

I called him

and made a big fuss.

I didn't know that
would be my last conversation with him.

Did he cut you out of his life
just because of this?

Can you be serious?


It was a drunk-driving accident.

He was burned to ashes.

There was just a key chain left.

I never even got the chance

to say sorry to him.

I'm sorry.

I never thought...

Yes, it's all in the past.

You're doing really well now.

You don't have money,

yet you can hire an assistant.

Go to sleep.

Why aren't you asking me anything?

Good night.

See you tonight.

I can't accept

that investment.


Get ready to quit.


You've shown rock-bottom performance
for three months in a row.

By right, the company can't keep you.


I'll leave.

You can leave,

but the plans have to stay here.

Those are mine.

Go home and take a look at your contract.

The rights to all achievement
belong to the company.

Aren't you afraid that I'll expose you?

Where is the evidence?


I'm actually not a bad person.

I've been with him for 20 years.

I've put in a lot of effort

since the company was founded.

What did I get in the end?

You'll cause the boss to go bankrupt.

It's illegal.

You'll be imprisoned for this.

Mind your own business.

Think more about your own situation.

You're refusing such a good investment,

so what else do you want, Lu?

This society is
all about survival of the fittest.

It's either you keep climbing and excel

or forever be trodden on by others.

You're just a pile of shit.

I'll think about it over again.

All right.

I'll give you two weeks.

Do you have a low IQ?

-And no talent?

That's correct.

You got swindled out of the money that
you worked so hard to save.


ls your EQ that low?

Do you disagree?

You can protest about it.

I introduced you to all

the company's VIP singles,
divorcees and widowers.

It's you who

is not good enough.

What am I not good enough for?

It's here, isn't it?

Among all the six stores,

yours is the weakest one.

What are you looking at?

Are you a numskull?

Don't you know what you should do?



What are you staring at?

What kind of adjustments do we need to make?

Ms. Gu.

That's enough. I'll teach you next time.


Buy me a drink from Starbucks.

You want a caramel latte, right?

Make it semi sweet.

Right. Semi sweet.

It must be semi sweet.

My dear! It's really you.

It's been so long.

Just look at you.

You look really good,

so fashionable.

It's nothing.

I heard you married a rich man.

What's with the hush?

This is good news.


Why are you here?

I come to buy a watch for my husband.

I see.


My husband is not Charles.

I separated with him long ago.

I've been with my current husband
for two years now.

I hope you're not still blaming me
for what happened.

Not at all. I've forgotten about it.

That's great.

Actually, you should thank me

for taking him.

Charles is just pure rubbish.

It's all okay now.

You're so lucky.

You married a rich man.

When will you introduce him to us?

There's no need for that.

It's a deal then.

I'll make the arrangements.

I'll send my driver over to pick you up later.

I have a driver too!

Where are you?

I'm here.

Change your clothes and follow me.

Thank you.

Let me remind you.

Don't make it dirty,
no oil stains and don't crease it.

-Or else I can't return it.
-I get it. It's a little small.

It's tight around the butt cleft.

I'm a property magnate.

I mainly live in Dubai.

I commute to work by plane.

I have four sports cars.

Oh, yes.

How long have we been together?

It has been three months.
It was a flash wedding.

Remember. Don't talk so much.

I'll keep that in mind.

By the way, what's your name?

Xiao-jiao Gu.

Your surname is Jiao.

No, it's Gu.

My name is Ming Lu.

Come up.

Come up and hold my arm!

Let's introduce ourselves.

I'll start first.

This is my husband,

Cheng Si.

This is my husband, Ming Lu.

Mr. Lu.


Xiao-jiao and I were best friends in college.

Just call me Xiao-ya.

Mr. Lu.

Do you feel uncomfortable to talk?

No. He's a man of few words.

I'm a man of few words.

Nice to meet you.

Let's start then.

Yes. Let's start.

Help yourself, Mr. Lu.

Don't worry about him.

He doesn't eat much.

Yes. I have a small appetite.

Rich people are usually fussy.


That water is...


Mr. Lu hasn't eaten anything.

Can his stomach

take something so cold?

He can't take the heat.

Don't you all feel warm?

My goodness.

It's a bit warm in here.

I feel quite warm too.

I'm sweating already.


if you grip it like that,

your hands will be sore.

That was careless of your assistant.


You should fire him.

Where do you work, Mr. Lu?

I mainly live in Dubai.

We met three months ago.

It was a flash marriage.

We even bought the diamond ring.

What a coincidence.

I've just started a business in Dubai.

Let's see if we can...

He's a CFO in a multinational corporation.

The world has progressed rapidly.

In the year 1 999, who would have thought

that UFOs can be created?

We can be in contact with aliens.

It's amazing.

Mr. Lu

is really a high-tech genius.

He's a high-tech billionaire.



I think you and Mr. Lu

are a perfect match.

I'm sorry.

I'm just too happy today.

Really, Mr. Lu.

When Xiao-jiao and I were in college,

we were best friends.

While we were in college,

I got a job and saved money to buy a bag.

She kept borrowing it.

She took it

because it was a branded bag.

Isn't that right, Xiao-jiao?

We were friends

who shared bags.



Now that you have a husband,

you won't be treated so shabbily again.

You're such a sweetheart.

You should have come to me earlier.

I love you.

I love you too.


was it just a bag that we shared?


why don't we continue getting to know Mr. Lu?

Come, let's drink to our friendship.



What's the matter?

I was so humiliated

because of you!

You asked me to be there
because you wanted to deceive them.


are you that vain with your college friend?

Are you calling me vain?


I know you told a white lie.

I understand.

You were afraid your friend
would worry about you.

So you made yourself out to be a little swanky.

I understand.

Don't cry.

You don't look nice.

I'm the fairest of all.

You must be hungry.

Do you want some roast chicken?

ls there any?

I didn't have enough at the dinner.

Here is a peanut with a slice of bean curd.

It tastes like chicken when these two combined.

Just try it. Here.

It really is.


What else do you want to eat?

We've got everything you want.

I want chocolate cake.

That hurts!

It tastes like one, doesn't it?

To be honest,

I'm frustrated because I'm broke.

So, what troubles you each day?

I lack of an investment.

If only we had money.

Congratulations, Shanghai resident, Mr. Zhang.

You've won the grand prize

of 200 billion yuan.

It's an all-time high.

I'm so excited. I'll buy a mansion first.

Then, I'll buy a van and invest in a business.


We can go to the library in the year 201 8
to find out the winning number of 1 999.

Then, return to the year 1 999
and buy the number. That's it!

If we win this,

I'll definitely buy back my childhood home.

I won't go on blind dates again.

See if it's correct.

When we're rich,
let's buy ourselves a luxury car.


Change direction!

Change channel.

Hello, listeners.

During this lonely night,

do you feel like...

Change channel.

Only the feet knows if the shoes fit.

The leather factories in Wenzhou,
Zhejiang and Jiangnan are the most...

They've been shut down. Change channel.

"I remember a place"

"I'll never forget it"

I have money and pride!

I have money and self-esteem!

My foot!

Don't you think a spinning top is a sad thing?


It's like a countdown timer.

What's the point of people
watching it come to a stop?

You really are depressing!

Have you heard of this saying?


When the top spins,

time will flow backward.

You'll meet again those whom you couldn't meet.

All good things will remain.

A geek knows nothing about romance.

Watch more movies.

Improve your knowledge.


Sorry, but we're closing.

You don't get drunk when you're happy.

We both had a box of wine.

-We won't get drunk.

Pour me some.

It's Lafite 1 999.

It tastes just like 1 9-year-old wine.

Excuse me, please pay the bill first.

Let me pay.

It's 30,600 yuan.

Are you trying to swindle us?

This year's Lafite

is just 200 yuan.

Why did you shove me?

Why did you shove an attendant?

How dare you push someone of the working class?

She drank a bit too much.

You're shoving me too.

Excuse me, lady.

You drank Lafite 1 999.

Isn't that right?

That's right. Isn't it the year 1 999 now?

So we're drinking this year's wine.

Sir, this is a 1 9-year-old wine.

That's right.

This is the year 1 999.

Please pay the bill.

It's the iPad.

-It's 201 8 now.
-Who opened the door last?

Lady, look at me.

Do you see two of me?

You've drunk too much.

Please pay for it.

Give us another bottle.

What are you doing?

Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

Why did you try to block me?

Who is drunk now?

At worst,

I'll leave my bag and my ID here.

Drink to your heart's content.

We won't leave here sober.

Let's drink then.

When we win the prize tomorrow,

-I'll buy.
-You must.

Bottoms up.

Hurry up.

I can't stand old men who

start touching others when they're drunk.

That's true.

They look for an excuse

to read the women's palms.

Do you know palmistry?

I know a little.

What can they do by touching hands?

That's right.

What can they do?

Don't I look pretty even without makeup?


yes. You're quite stunning.

Do you want to try some buns?

Have it.

Have you ever had a one-night stand?

No, never.

I...This is a matter of principles.

I definitely am...

I won't humiliate myself.

Have you ever had a one-night stand?

I have my self-esteem.

We both have self-esteem.

Of course, we do.


It's beautiful out there.

Whatever the size of a house is,

the view of the sky outside is the same.

It's all the same.

The rich just have more money than we do.

-There's no difference between us and them.
-There's no difference.

-They might even be worse off than us.

Look at you.

You are talented and can draw.

You are also good looking.

Even if you don't win a jackpot,

you still have good prospects.

Of course, I have.

You're not all vain yourself.

Once you've met your basic needs,

don't you get rid of all the extras?

Of course.

And your canine tooth is cute.

-And my dimples too.

Your big head is cute.

You have a nice smile.

The eyes of the rich

don't have the purity like you
have in your eyes.

Besides, they're all lost.

Yes, all have gone astray.

They've gone astray.


Let's go and get our prize.


Hello, everyone.

Seize your chance

for a great win.

Hold on to your lottery tickets

and let's go through

the winning numbers together.

We'll get our notary staff

to activate the lottery machine.

Don't get lost.

I won't go astray.

Let's all follow closely.

What are the lucky numbers for today?

The winning numbers are,






What's the number?

Looks like we cannot speculate.

We cannot cheat.

We still need to live honestly.

-Be quiet.
-Looks like


Where are you going?

Please give me another week.

I'll be sure to pay you then.

Please give me my bag.

Let go.

Bring the money and we'll talk.

Then, give me my dad's keychain first.

Can you let go?

Help me.

I'll call the police if you keep harassing me.

It's not that bad.

Life can still go on.

Just keep pretending that those buns
are chocolate cakes.

Trust me.

Once my drawing is done,

you'll get as many bags you like.

Stop dreaming, will you?

Can your lousy drawing turn into a house?

You said earlier I had good prospects.

It was to comfort you.

You said my smile was purer than other people.

Rich people's smiles are pure,

but poor people's look foolish.

You look foolish now.

So, what you said...

It was all nonsense.

You're not just vain,

but you're also a swindler.

Yes, I am both! What about it?

Even if there's nothing left on earth,

I still won't be with somebody like you!

Just because I'm penniless,

am I nobody?

Yes, you are nobody.


You look ugly with or without makeup!

Say that again.

-Say that again!

I'll say it again!

You look...

Say that again!

You look ugly with or without makeup!

You're not as fair as I am!


Old hen!


That's you.

You've become a property tycoon.


My lousy drawing turns into a house.

It's so cool.

I'm a nobody.

Why are you following me?

Old hen.

Yes, I am an old hen.

So, is my smile pure

or foolish now?

It's me who has the foolish smile.


-Did you come for the conference?

Could we have your invitation cards?


I am

Mr. Lu's brother.

They look alike.


Please go in.

-I appreciate it.

Sir. ls this lady with you?


I'm alone.

Why are you talking nonsense?

-Let me go in.

Please let me go in.

China's subway is progressing rapidly.

Time required for trains
to travel from 1 00 to 200km between cities

is just half an hour.

In the last two years,

we conducted very reliable assessments

on the future planning of residential areas.

The future circle of livelihood
would certainly be 1 00 to 200km

away from the city center's residential areas.

We hope to build small towns here later.

They will no longer be exclusive or expensive.

There will be

a great advantage in the prices.

In regards to the ecological environment,

we'll return you

the blue sky that you haven't seen

in a long time.

Thank you, Mr. Lu.

Thank you, Director Lu.

And thank you to everyone from the media.

Next, we will begin our press conference.

Everyone from the media is invited.

Everybody knows


What's happening?

-It's dangerous inside
-What are you doing?

It's dangerous inside

It's dangerous.

You wanted to go to the year 2037.

We mistakenly opened the year of 1 999.

We got the time mixed up.

Why did it go wrong?

Why could I come from the past to the present?

Why do I have one more scar on my hand

and recall many more things?


Everyone thought it was an earthquake,

so you don't need
to worry about being discovered.

Do you think I'm worried about that?

Then, what are you worried about?

The memories have been added
because your past self

Deviate from the track.

This created new events.

For now, the effects are still limited.

What's most worrisome is

you made some decisions

that changed destiny.

Do you understand?

What will happen then?

There will be an overlap.

What does that mean?

Will it suddenly vanish?

No, not suddenly.

It could vanish little by little.


by little...

Or it could vanish suddenly.

I need to calculate this with a formula.

What I'm saying is I don't want to vanish!

ls there any way to resolve this?

There is.

Your past self

must go back to the original orbit.

Every decision made

must not divert in any way.

For example, you respect your teacher,

so you cannot


at your teacher like that.


You might not vanish suddenly.

Get out!

You might also vanish suddenly.

If you can marry my future self,

will you smile every day from ear to ear?

Your present self is the cool one.

You consider yourself cool

just holding a Nokia cell phone.

Treat me a little better.

Or else, my future self

won't see you at all.

Even now, I don't feel like I want you.

Imagine. If we have a child,

Shi-yi Lu will be the dad.

Do you want to sleep with me?

-I don't.
-Don't you?

I don't want to.

From now onwards,

I'll be telling myself daily

to stay away from Ms. Gu.

This is to send a hint to my future self.

Why are the people of your era like this?

You're so open-minded.


Why do you think I changed my name to Shi-yi?

Changing names symbolizes a change of fate.

Look at what a weakling you are now.


That sounds like one billion in Chinese.

How many villas
can you buy in Sinan with one billion?

Stay away from me.

Have you thought it over?


Sign it.

You've got it wrong.

Someone has invested in me.


I don't know who,
but there will be someone soon.

I'm certain of it.

What do you mean?

Now that I've got an investment,

I don't rank last in our business anymore.

So you have no right to ask me

You don't even know who your investor is.

How could you be so sure?

Anyway, I don't need your money anymore.

I would also like to advise

you better watch yourself.

Are you mad?

Do you need to see a doctor?

I'll give you a leave to do so.

Go on.


I heard some rumors.

Are you doing some personal business

behind my back?

What kind of rumors?

I've been with you for so many years.

Do you still not trust me?

Where did those rumors come from?


How long should I work

before I become like you?

With your qualifications,

I hope

the heavens will look favorably on you.

If my dad were still alive,

I'd have been a graduate of a US college.

A graduate of a US college?

That would be in your dreams.



I'm Shi-yi Lu.

I know.

Xiao-jiao Gu.

I'll be fine here.

Shall we.

Have dinner together.


Do I look like Ming Lu?

How did you know?

Some new memories were added.

You and Ming Lu appearing together

has also become

a part of my life's experience.

Ming Lu has become me.

Are you happy with that?

Yes. I am very happy.

You're exactly like what I have of you
in my memory.

I like down-to-earth women.

-You are hurting Ming Lu.

Your apartment is distorted.

After this, it will vanish.

As for Ming Lu,

there are two possibilities.


he'll follow the prescribed order

and go along the orbit
until he reaches the present.


because of your appearance,

he could have done things

that he shouldn't have.

This could result

in him being engulfed.

By being engulfed, you mean...

He could die.

Even though this will not affect us both,

I'm sure you don't want him

to be in danger.

So, how do we save him?

Leave him.

Ming Lu and I are one person.

But I can give you a better life.

And most importantly,

you and I belong to one space-time.

This is the reality.


you don't need to be with him

to reap any profit.


If you want to save him, then...

I will arrange for

better residence for you.

Get ready to move out.

Give me something expensive today.

"I remember a place"

"I will never forget it"

"We pledged our love for each other there"

"That we will live happily together"

"That is a lovely place"

"The hills are green
and the water is overflowing"

"Accompanying us both"

"First love tastes so sweet"

"Everyone must yearn for it."

You like me, don't you?

Ming Lu and I are one person.

You really have to get used to this.

Take it slow.

We have plenty of time.

Go back and tell Ming Lu

to accept Jun-yi Zhao

and return to the right orbit.

This is very important.

Here is a little gift.

Thank you for having dinner with me.

That's great.

What do you mean by that?

I saw myself

driving a luxury car to take you home.

You really understand me.

You took me out to a high-class restaurant.

There was even a trendy violin band.

You even remembered the chocolate cake.

You looked so handsome in a suit.

Of course.

As long as it makes you happy.

Of course, I'm happy.

Aren't you?

I am.

It's the two of us, right?

We don't have to worry about money

and just enjoy.

I'm quite confident

that I wasn't stingy towards you.

I would have given you

anything you wanted.

Shi-yi Lu is really cool.

I barely hug you.

Hurry up and hug me.

I might have to move out.

There's no way
we can continue living in this awful place.

By the way,

Shi-yi Lu asked me to tell you

to accept Jun-yi Zhao.

That was what he did.

Who is Jun-yi Zhao?

It's nothing.

It's just some business thing.

Give it your all!

Are you certain

that my future self

is really me?

Of course, he is you.

What Shi-yi Lu gave me

is the kind of life I want.

That's good then.


if I'm not good to you after this...

No, if I behave badly towards you,

I will know.

Then, I will...

I will take a knife and kill myself.

I am sure, I will

Stop being childish.

Work diligently.

Be a mature you.

Tell me if it's not enough.

If you need anything,

just call my driver.

Have a safe journey, sir!


I never thought I could see you

find a perfect husband in my lifetime.

Let me take you to see your new house.

Let's go.

ls there anything you want to tell me?

You're getting nearer

to achieving the life you've wanted.

I'm happy for you.

I'm also happy for you that
your future is so bright.


don't have any regrets, right?



I don't want them.

That's true too.

What are you doing?


Listen to me.

Let me explain.

Don't report this.


Give me the cell phone! You!

Give it to me!

Give me the cell phone!

Give it to me!

Qi-xiang Gu!

Don't force me!

Give it to me!

He's still alive.

That gave me such a fright.

These are yours, right?

I have a memory of it.

Thank you.

What's there to thank for?

It's not bad.

Come and sit here.

It's not bad at all.

It's really good.

Can you remind me?

We need to change the windows and door locks.

You will be

living alone from now on.

You need to think about your safety.



we should change the gas and water heaters.

If there's no ventilation,

you could easily faint

while taking a shower inside.

You can

leave all these to me.

And you...

You should change your character.

Don't be so headstrong.

From now on,

I'll be very busy.

I'll certainly not be able

to keep an eye on you like before.

Be more considerate.

Here is another thing.

You should try to start your own business.

Save some money,

so you can be independent.

Listen to me.

You must

take good care of yourself.

You have droopy eyes.

So you need to smile more.

I like seeing you smile.

When you're drawing your plans,

make sure you have a better lighting.

Don't destroy your eyesight

for the sake of economizing.

Do you understand?

I don't like seeing you wear glasses!


It's not that.

These glasses are actually

for my presbyopia.

What are you saying?

I don't understand you.

I'm Shi-yi Lu.



don't behave like this from now on.

You use swear words

every time you open your mouth.

You won't enter the high society.

When you're with me,

you'll be a person of status.

You should improve yourself.

I'll enter the higher society.

Don't cry now.

I'll keep your words in mind.

When I'm with you, Shi-yi,

I'll be a person of status.

I must...

I must be careful.

Don't cry.

What are you doing?

From now on,

you'll see me every day.

I'll come back every day.



Did I say it again?

My bad.

I'll change from now on.

I have another

board meeting to attend.

I need to go back for it.

Take good care of yourself.

Get your assistant to take good care of you.

Do you understand?

I'm going now.

Go on.

Go quickly.


Shi-yi Lu.


"When will our journey end?"

"I want to be with you a little longer."

"Close your eyes."

"If everything happens again,"

"I wouldn't change a bit."

"In this tiny but warm room,"

"because of you,"

"I don't fear anything."

"Striding forward,"

"be together for a day, a month and a year."

"Would you like to be with me"

"forever under the same roof,"

"writing poems"

"on our future?"

"In this warm and sweet room,"

"I gradually found out"

"that even though our love has a limit,"

"and even though
we aren't willing to say goodbye,"

"in this warm and sweet room,"

"we smile brightly."


"frozen in a frame."

"which is our most beautiful memory."

"Every single day with you"

"in this warm and sweet room,"

"I gradually found out"

"that even though our love has a limit,"

"and even though
we aren't willing to say goodbye,"

"in this warm and sweet room,"

"we smile brightly."


"frozen in a frame."

Come down quickly.

Drive this car and follow me.

What are you doing?

No, what are you doing?

He knows already.

When he wakes up,

we'll be sent to jail.

No! This is murder!

He asked for it!

Just for the money...Are you crazy?

You were the one who drove him here!

You're involved now!

How long do they have

to shut the portal of this wrongdoing?

He's going as soon as possible.

ls it tonight?


I'm afraid it will be difficult.

Anyway, the girl has moved out.

So it's not all that urgent.

What are you worried about?

You're involved now.

How dare you laugh!

The tough one wins it all.

You'll stand out

when you get this money!

If you don't take it,
you're a good-for-nothing!

Come and help me!

It was a drunk-driving accident.

He was burned to ashes.

There was just a key chain left.

What are you doing?

I'm willing to take full responsibility.

You can go.

Thank you.

You might not understand

what I'm going to say.

I think

all that happened recently

may be a sign that the heaven

wants to give me a fresh opportunity.

Your daughter is still waiting for you at home.

If I meet her in another space-time,

I'll certainly take good care of her.

What are you going to do?

My daughter is just 1 2 years old!


You idiot!

-No, it's nothing.
-You brat!

I should get the cops to catch you!

I'll be watching you!

Do you think that legend is true?

When the top spins,

all good things will remain.

Time will move forward.

No one can stop it.

Maybe you are right.

This is indeed a toy that brings sadness.

Don't cry.

You don't look good.

I'm the fairest of all.

Listen to me.

Take care of yourself.


I'll be independent.

Old hen.

Don't you call me that.

Old hen.

You must remember me.

When we meet again later,

don't hit me.

"I remember a place"

"I will never forget it"

"We pledged our love for each other there"

"That we will live happily together"

"That is a lovely place"

"The hills are green
and the water is overflowing"

"Accompanying us both"

"First love tastes so sweet"

Why do I meet perverts like you wherever I go?

You've got the wrong person.

I'm not a pervert.

I've got the right person.

You're the one.