How It Ends (2018) - full transcript

A desperate man tries to return home to his pregnant fiancée after a mysterious apocalyptic event turns everything to chaos.

Are we having a boy or a girl?

- You sure you want to know?
- Yes.

I can't take the suspense.

- Is everything gonna be OK?
- Your baby boy is healthy.

- Baby boy.
- Baby boy.

You alright?


- We got months to get ready.
- Yeah. I'm not worried about that.

Good. Then you shouldn't worry
about tonight either.

Right. 'Cause asking Tom Sutherland
for his daughter's hand

- is gonna be a walk in the park.
- Would you rather tell him I'm pregnant?

- Funny.
- It's gonna be alright.

Yeah. At least we'll have something
to talk about this time.

Just go easy on Dad.

Nothing to be afraid of.
Just don't bring up the boat.

I try not to bring up the boat,

but then I get nervous
and I end up bringing up the boat.

- He restored it himself, Will.
- Yeah, I am aware of that little detail.

I love you.

I love you, too.

- Good luck tonight.
- Thank you.

- You're gonna need it.
- I know.

- OK, I'll call you from the airport. Bye.
- Yeah.

OK, I think it's gonna be easy enough
to get things going between us.

- So, Tuesday? The same?
- Yeah.

OK, see you.

Hey, there. Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland.

- Hi. Good to see you.
- Hi. Good to see you, too.

Tom, honey? Will's here.

Hi, Tom.


- Good to see you.
- Yeah, you, too.

I was just about to fix myself
another drink.

Why don't you see if Paula
can use a little hand in the kitchen?

Yeah, sure.

- Anything I can do to help?
- Oh, no. You're our guest.


Go talk to Tom.


Here you go.

Thank you.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- Why don't you have a seat?
- Thank you.

How we looking at time, hon?

Not too long. Enjoy your scotch.

Key West. Three years ago.

I think it was five, actually.

Sam has the same photo in our loft.


You came with us.
How could I forget that?

That's... Wow!

The boat. I remember this.

Took me almost as long to make that one
as it did the original.

Why don't you put her back down, Will?
Let's just stay on the safe side. Alright?

Yeah, of course.

Sam mentioned that the two of you
are thinking about

- finding a house.
- We're talking about it, yeah.

You know, at some point in the future
it'd be nice to have some more room.

- Here you go.
- I am of two minds about it, you know?

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- What are you of two minds about?
- Providing assistance.

I need a guarantee
that if it doesn't work out,

you can't make any claims to the money
that I put down. Nothing personal, Will.

Sorry, I'm a little confused.
Did Sam ask you for help?

No, don't worry about any of that, Will.
We've helped her brother, Steven, too.


You know that I'm making good money
on this job, right?

If memory serves, you were unemployed
before you moved to Seattle. Sam had to

- support both of you for a while there.
- No, Sam didn't have to...

You know, like I said, work's good.


you know, when it makes sense,

when it's the right time,
then I'll open my own practice. But...

Well, in the meantime, we're fine.

- That's great.
- Doesn't sound like much of a plan, Will.


Give it a rest.

Everyone wants the dream.

Problem with your generation is
that nobody wants to work for it.

I spent 27 years
serving our country.

I saved and I saved
until I started working for Northbridge,

where I started making
some real money. But...

I always had a plan.

You know, I have never asked anyone
for any help.

And you're not asking for anything now.

We're just offering to help our daughter.

Why did you move to Seattle?

OK, that's enough.


I'm only asking because...

I suspect that Will moved

because he thought it would be easier.

Because he thought it would be more secure

if he moved my daughter away from me.

- Moving was Sam's idea.
- Come on. It's...

You know what, I doubt that.
Sam would have told me that.

Oh, yeah?

You think she would have told you
that she wanted to move away

to start her life
on her own terms with me,

without her father breathing down
her fucking neck all the time?

Say what you've gotta say, spit it out.
Let us know how you really feel, Will.


Get it off your chest,
but just don't swear in front of my wife.

Whose table do you think
you're sitting at?


Sweetheart, it's getting late.
Let me walk you out.

Come on.


Am I your wake-up call?

No, no, I was just...

I was just lying down after the gym.

Yeah, I don't think so.
You look like shit.

What time is your flight?

Soon. What time is it?

Six in the morning.

- In Seattle.
- Fuck, fuck.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

So, my mother just called.

Oh, that's... that's great.

Wait, wait. What did she say?

What do you think she said?

Yeah, OK. I'm sorry, alright?
I'm sorry, but, Sam, look,

he was into me from the second
I got in, OK? I guarantee you

if I'd asked for his blessing last night,
he would have said no. So I didn't.

- My mother asked you to leave.
- No, no, she didn't.

It wasn't quite like that.
She didn't ask me to leave.

Just call her.

I'm really, really fucking late, OK?
I gotta go.

OK, fine. Just call me
when you get to the airport.

What was that? What was that?

Power's out.

What is that noise?

Will, something's wrong.

- Sam, what the hell is that?
- I'm scared.


Sam, can you hea...



Come on, Sam. Hi, it's me.
I'm at the airport. Give me a call.

This way, sir.

Flight 23 to Seattle
is delayed until further notice.

What the fuck? Come on.

We have some breaking news
for you right now.

We have unconfirmed reports this morning

of a large seismic event
off the southern California coast.

We currently don't have contact
with our Los Angeles bureau.

We're now getting news of power outages

across the western part
of the United States,

and reports of telecommunication outages
as well.

I want to stress this is all preliminary.

We are reporting this
just as we are learning it.

We do not yet have any information
on damages or casualties.

The Southern California...

Hey, man, are you free?

Two hundred bucks. Back to the city.


Shit. Fuck.

Sam, it's me. Call me.

Hey, it's me again. Call me
as soon as you get this, alright?

- Will. Thanks, Mark.
- Thanks.

Are you OK? Will's here.

I guess that answers that question.

We thought that there was a chance
that you flew back.

They shut down O'Hare.
I didn't know where else to go.

Well, have you talked to Sam?
I haven't been able to reach her.

Yeah. I was on the phone to her
when it happened.

I heard something, so did she.

- What did you hear?
- I don't know. It was like a...

Like a loud rumble or something.
I didn't know what it was. And then...

we got disconnected.

- What's the last thing she said?
- She said something's wrong.

But she sounded scared.

Alright, I'm gonna go pack up the rest
of my things. Yours are on the table.

- I should head back to the airport.
- I thought you said they shut it down.

Yeah, but once the power comes back on,
there'll be flights, right?

Let's look at what we know, Will.

There was an event,
a couple of hours ago, out west.

The power shut off here,
two thousand miles away.

We have no idea what's happening,
yet we've got F-22s doing flybys.

This moment is not about waiting
for the power to come back on.

The only thing that we can control
is what we decide to do.

So, what? What are you saying?
What are you gonna do?

Get on the road.

What, you're gonna drive to Seattle?

Paula can stay at Steven's.

They'll be fine there.

But my only daughter...

she's alone.

I only have one question for you.

Are you coming with me?

- Don't stop for anyone.
- Got it.

Steven's prepared for everything.

- OK.
- You'll be safe there.

- I love you. Be safe.
- You'll be alright.

You, too.

- Bye.
- Let's go.

How can cell service still be out?

GPS is out, too.

- You got money?
- Yeah.

Fill her up with gas,
I'll go get supplies. -Hey, man you got cash?
- Yeah.

- Cash only, right? Thanks.
- Thanks.

Nice car, cutie.

Wanna show me the back seat?

Yeah, I don't think so.

Excuse me?

What'd you say?

- What are you talking about?
- What's going on, Liza?

- This piece of shit just called me a slut.
- What? Whoa, no, no.

Hey, I didn't call you a slut.

I think this is gonna
fucking cost you, man.

- OK, OK.
- Hey! Don't do that. -That's my car.
- Shut the fuck up, old man!

Hey, pops.

- Come on, I know you got some cash.
- All right.

The money's in my luggage.

Don't look at Liza. What are you looking at?

Whoa, whoa!

- Jesus Christ, Tom.
- Get back in the car, Will.

Start running and don't look back!


Is there something you want to say?

You should've told me.

- Told you what?
- Told me that you had a gun.

And what would you have said, Will?

I'm assuming that you've never fired
a firearm before.

No, I haven't used a firearm, but it's not
exactly a priority in my law firm, is it?

You know what, Will,
what if they had taken this car?

Game over. It would be game over!

Interstate 90 westbound is closed.

Well, something must be going on
if they're not letting us through.

- Is there another way?
- No. We need this road.

Interstate 90 is closed.

Stop, hold it there.

Sir, the road's closed ahead.
Follow the other cars. Thank you.

I'm sorry, Sergeant. But we got
a lot of miles in front of us,

and you're shutting down
the biggest highway in the country.

Public safety issue, sir.
On account of the power outage.

No help for you out there
if you have a flat or an accident.

Let's get this traffic moving.

- What are you doing?
- Can I just have a word, Sergeant?

I understand you got a job to do.

And I know you got orders.
I've been there.

I spent the better part of my adult life
in the Marine Corps.


We'd be on our own, I understand.

But my daughter's a long ways
in that direction. I'm asking, can you help me?

Yeah. Get in the car.

Let the Caddy through!
Local traffic, lives past the next exit.

- Thank you, Sergeant.
- Good luck, sir.

Well done.

Apparently, we're not the only ones
heading west.

The F-22s, the road block.
What is this?

It's not good. Yeah.

Jesus Christ.
I didn't even see him coming.

I have no reception.

He probably can't run our plates.

I'm gonna check it out, OK?



He's not a cop.

- Is there a problem, Officer?
- Get back in the car!

Will! Get back in the car!

Tell your friend to get out
of the fucking car!

- OK. Fuck.
- Tell him to get out of the fucking car!

Will, let's go! Go, go, go!

Who the fuck was that?

Fuck. Get the ammo for the SIG
in the trunk!

- What? It wasn't loaded before?
- I didn't need it to be.

Will, just get the ammo out of the go bag.

You see the black bag? Little black bag?

- Yeah, I got it. He's coming!
- Take it out.

Put the mag into the weapon.

- How do I do it?
- Put the mag in the gun.

Hit the button on the side.
Shoot. You gotta do it. Shoot.

Shoot! Shoot, shoot!

- Fuck, it's not working! What do I do?
- Pull it back! Put it in the chamber!

Put the bullet in the chamber.
Pull the top back.

- See if you have a cartridge inside.
- Fuck!

Come on!

Come on! Come on!

Fuck you!

Come on! Fuck!

Hold on.


All right, OK. OK.


- Shit!
- Hold on!


Ah, fuck.

Get out of the car, faggot. Now.

You OK?

You all right?

I think I broke my ribs.

We're gonna need to find a garage.


Do you work here?

We were...
We've been in an accident.


Where' s the trooper?

It was abandoned.

- You guys even know where you are?
- No.

- We were hoping for your help.
- You guys got money?

- I ain't doing shit for free.
- Nor should you.

I can take a look.

If you need new parts, I can't help you.

- Understood.
- Restroom's all the way in the back.

Hey! I told you not to fuck with them!

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Leave me alone!

So, all cell service goes out.

Virtually all communications, except local
ham radio like us or short wave.

But how does that happen, huh?
US Government goes virtually silent?

Are we talking World War Three?
Like a nuke attack that went sideways?

I mean, the damned president's doing
a massive cover-up.

Military coup? Martial law?
We don't know, we don't know.

If anyone out there who knows anything,
get on short wave. Please, do it now.

Mayday! Mayday!

- Is anyone out there?
- Two thousand satellites in space,

- all of them down?
- Answer me, I...

Government knows, man.
They're just keeping it from us.

Is there anyone...

I need help! Mayday!

Mayday! Is anyone out there?

I sealed the radiator. It should hold.

- You can keep driving for a while.
- A while?

What if it breaks?

Radiator isn't gonna break.
Might start leaking again, though.

I can give you some of the sealant,
show you how to use it.


I'll give you $200 for the labor.

And if we get to where we're going,
I'll mail you another two.

Yeah. How about you give me
that other two right now?


Is that your Buick out there?


- Does it run?
- Why?

Wanna sell it?

No, I was gonna head out to California
and get the fuck out of this place.

But now all she needs is a new
transmission, so she ain't for sale.

Then maybe you should come with us.

- I don't think so.
- We're going out west.

Yeah? Why would I want to go with you?

'Cause I'll give you $1,000.

You can keep the cash
and be almost all the way to California.

If you have any problems or a break down,
you can fix it.


No disrespect, but I ain't about
doing no road trip right now

with two shady dudes
that appear out of nowhere.

Whoa, whoa.
We're not shady, come on.

You two roll up in a fucked-up,
shot up cop car that you say you found,

towing a shot up Caddy, and...

You know, you got blood
all over your face. So, yeah.

Shady as fuck.

I hear you loud and clear.
Doesn't look good.

Doesn't look good.

I could tell you that it wasn't us.


we were you just defending ourselves.
I could tell you

actually what happened,
down to the very last detail, but...

if I were you,
I'm not sure I would believe that either.

But I can tell you this.

With a clear conscience,
I can look you in the eye and I can say...

there's a lot to be afraid of out there.

A lot of real danger.

None of us know how much.




we're not it.

I'm Tom.

This is Will.

We're just driving out west
to see if we can find my daughter.

All right.

I've heard enough.

So, you'll help us?

Did I say that?

I'm going to the car.

I'll do it for two thousand.

OK. Great.

Got the essentials.

As long as we don't snap an axle,
I can get us to Seattle.


Oh, and I siphoned the cop's gas.

- What are you doing?
- I want us to be invisible from behind.

- Here you go, Will. Drive the first shift.
- OK.

You ride in the back.

Course Tonto rides in the fucking back.

Chill. Whoa, I was kidding.

What's he doing?

Better not fucking come back.

Take it easy, man!

Just drive.

So, you guys got a radio signal?

Not here.

Is there a frontage road to the 90?
Another way west?

Take a left here.
Can head out on the 14 West for a while.

All right. OK.

What kinda music you guys into?

Yeah, I don't think
it's that kind of road trip, Ricki.

There's someone behind us.

Pull over.

Lights off.

Catch up.

- Use their taillights to guide us.
- OK.

Want some?

No. No, thanks.

Think he's asleep.

Yeah, let him. He's gonna want to drive
when he wakes up.

Then I'll get some sleep.

So, his daughter... that's your girl?

Yeah. Yeah, she is.

Whoa. Check it out.

It's crazy.

- They on our side of the road?
- Jesus!

Oh, my God!




Fuck, Jesus Christ.

She's dead.

What's he saying?

- I think it's a telephone number.
- Will, let him be.

We can't just leave him!

We're hours from a hospital,
and this guy, he's not gonna make it.

Let's get back in the car.
Let's go, guys. Let's go. Let's go.


Let's go. Ricki!

Leave them. Ricki, come on!

Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

What's he doing?

Fuck! Let's go.

You gotta stop the car for Ricki.
Stop the car, Tom. Stop the fucking car!

Let's go! Come on!

Go, go!

If Will hadn't told me to wait,
I would've left you.


See if I fix your car
if it breaks down again.

What the fuck?

We had a deal. If you're not gonna
honor it, you need to speak up now.

All right, then.

You OK?


Yeah, he can be pretty hard.

Think that's hard?

You don't know what hard is, man.

Yeah, maybe not.

So, why California, huh?

I'm gonna become a rapper.

Come on, seriously?

What? You don't think that I got it?

No, no.

No, of course I do. I just, you know,
I thought it was a pretty odd career path.

Totally fucking with you.


You ever seen clouds like that before?

Hell, no.

Something's coming.

- Go, go! Get in the car!
- Get in!

What the fuck is this?

Holy shit.

You see the bridge? Do you see it?

What the fuck is going on?

- Never seen a storm like this.
- This is crazy.

Think that was lightning?

- Turn it up.
- OK. much information as we can,
for as long as we can.

For as long as this generator will let us.

Still no internet. No cell service.
No nothing.

At least not here.

You're gonna want to stay on the 17.

I have friends in Ashland Heights.
I already checked.

We can stop there. We can resupply.

We can resupply anywhere.
We don't wanna go out of our way.

Look, why don't we just stop, OK?

Ricki can check the car
and my friends can help us.

- You just drive. I got the plans.
- I said they're friends, Tom.

They're not just my friends,
they're Sam's friends.

They're gonna wanna help us.

Whoa, whoa. Hey.

Something's wrong with the car.

No services here. No gas, no nothing.

We've been on the road for a long time.
A good friend of mine lives in the town.

Every car that stops here says
they got friends in this little town.

His name's Adam Dumont.
He was born and raised here.

I was a groomsman at his wedding.

My girlfriend and I have been here,
like, half a dozen times.

His wife, Meg,

she owns a pottery store in town.
I can't remember what the name of it is.

We just wanna get off the road for
a couple of hours and then we'll be gone.

- Harris!
- Yes, sir?

Find an escort for these boys
over to the Dumonts'.

And make sure, they get turned away,
they come straight back here.

OK, let them through.

- Good job.
- Let them through.

Just let them through.

Is it North Korea? Is it the Chinese?

Who else could do this?
Who else would do this?

Damn it. Maybe they're in it together.

We don't know.

We do know they hate us.


What are you doing here?

How did you even get here?


This is Tom, Sam's dad.
And Ricki in the back.

Hey. We should all go inside.

- It's a lot cooler.
- Yeah.

I'm gonna take a couple of minutes
to check out the car and get organized.

- Where's... Where's Sam?
- I'll explain inside.

The world is being prepared!

The Bible says, "The earth knew not

until the flood came and took them...

When was last time you heard from Adam?

It must've been...

I guess the night before it all, so...

He's... He's on a business trip
to San Francisco.

Well, if anyone's gonna be OK, it's Adam.

I mean, none of this makes any sense.
It's just that...

These fucking storms and then this heat.
And we've been having earthquakes.

It's just... I mean, it's so crazy
that you're here and...

- It's gonna be OK, Meg.
- Yeah.

You know it...

it can't stay like this forever.

Really? Do you really think that?

- Sorry. I haven't been sleeping and it...
- No, it's fine, It's OK.

Do you want to take a shower?
We still have plenty of water.

Yeah. That'd be good.

All right. Hey.


- Need help?
- Nah, I just got one more left.


How do we not know anything?

Doesn't that tell you something, Will?
If they were all right, we would know.

I just...
None of this is real. It can't be real.

No one's telling me anything and...

and no one even knows that I'm here.

Adam knows you're here.
And he's coming back for you. I know that.

And what if he isn't?


Because I can feel it, Will.

I can feel that he's gone.

- I can feel it in my bones. I know it.
- No, no, no. Just...

And I know that Sam is gone, Will.
She's gone!

It's OK. It's OK.

It's OK.

We're gonna be fine.

We are gonna be fine. OK?

Adam is coming back for you.

I gotta go.

Give me a hand?

We need to load the supplies in the car.

Look at that. That's military.

- Was it shot down?
- I don't know.


Let's see if there's anything useful
down there.

Oh, hell, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Ricki, maybe you shouldn't...

Holy shit! Holy fuck! It's hot in there!

I thought it was gonna be cold.


- It's not funny.
- It kinda is a little bit funny.

Fucking assholes.

OK. We're gonna need to split up.

OK, Ricki...

Yeah. The Army base's.

Minutemen, missile silos.

It's a Blackhawk.

You know about helicopters?

Not really. Just the irony.

Cheyenne, Chinook, Chickasaw, Apache.

I just think it's funny that the Army

named its helicopters after tribes
they tried to wipe out.


Look, Ricki. You're on gas detail.

Want you to grab the cans,
check out the cars,

look at the generators, whatever you find.
We're gonna go check out the diner.

So, what are we looking for?

Water, food.

Be sure to get what we need.

Cash is gone.

- I said get gas!
- I already found some.

Cars had their tires slashed,
but still had gas in the back.

Whoa, whoa. I got it.

I got it. You OK?


- What's going on?
- He broke some ribs.

Come on. Let's go.

What's that?

Wake up. Both of you, wake up.

Check your phone. Ricki, check
your phone. Tom, check your phone now.

I just heard something.

I just heard.
We got cell reception, I think.

- I don't got nothing.
- No?


I love you. Can you hear me?


Whatever happens...

tell Will...

The message is two days old.

I'm gonna call Paula.


- Where the hell are they coming from?
- I don't know.

Jesus Christ.

- Jesus. We should turn around.
- This road's the only way over the pass.

Oh, shit!

- This is a mistake. Why are we stopping?
- I just want to see what's going on.

- You OK, lady? What happened?
- I need help.

I... I have a flat.

OK, why don't you just come to us.
It's safer over here.

- No, no.
- OK, OK.

You just need to get in the car.
It's safer in the car. Come on, come on.

- I just need help.
- Where's your spare? Is it in the car?

I don't know. I don't know.

- All right. Come on, Ricki.
- I can't.

I can't. I don't know how.
I need help.

Yeah. It's right here.

Help me.

- Should be right here.
- Right.

Hey, hands up!

Whoa, whoa!

We just want the gas.

- You happy? You happy now?
- Go get it.

Shut the fuck up!

- What the fuck is he doing?
- It's not personal.

- We all got places to be.
- Stay calm.

Stay calm, all right? Stay calm.

- Hurry up, now.
- It's locked.

- Open it.
- It's locked and I don't have the key.

- You got anything?
- Bingo!

- No!
- Hey!

Don't. Don't fucking do it, man.

Fill it. Fill it!

- Just leave us one canister, please.
- Shut your fucking mouth.

- Jesus Christ!
- Tom, you all right?

Tom! You OK?

Get the gas.
Let's get the hell out of here.

Just get the gas. Let's fucking go, man.

- Leave us one can, man. Please.
- Hurry!

Don't leave us here to die.

- Let's fucking go.
- You're killing us. Don't take the gas!

Jesus Christ. You OK?

- My ribs. Couldn't lift my gun.
- Fuck!

- Fuck!
- Shame on you.

- All of you.
- You fucking helped them!

- All right. Come on, get in the car.
- Why'd you stop?

- We're supposed to be decent.
- Get in the car. We have to go right now!

I'm staying with him. I'm not leaving
my husband like this. Not with you people!

We gotta go. If we don't catch them,
we're dead. Come on, go.

- Come on, get in the car!
- Let's go, Will. Can't lose them.

They can't be far.

Come on! Come on, damn it.


Hold on!

Holy fuck.

Hold on!

Come on!

- Will...
- Holy fuck!

- You know how to use this?
- Yeah.

Take it.

Make it count!


Hold on! Here we go.


Shoot, Ricki!

Shoot! Shoot!

Do it!

Shoot the tire! Shoot.

You got it.

You go it. Shoot the tire, Ricki!

Get the gas!

I'll get them.

- Get it!
- No.

I can't!

Get off!

- I can't open it!
- Let go of me!

- Come on, Ricki. Come on. Damn it!
- I can't! He's holding it.

- Come on!
- Let go!

We're running out of time.
Go, go. Come on!

Come on. Let's go.

Let's go. Come on!

Go, go, go. Pull over.

- I can't pull over here, Ricki.
- I said pull over.

- I said pull over!
- OK, OK.


I fucking killed them!

They robbed us, Ricki.
They were gonna kill us.

You saved us. That's the truth.

- You did a good thing.
- Yeah? For what?

So I can do this all over again?

It's another fucking thousand miles to Seattle.
-It's OK. It's OK.

I'm not gonna shoot you!

I shouldn't have fucking come.

I'd rather go back to the fucking rez
than spend another minute here with you.

We're in the middle of fucking nowhere.

You think that I wouldn't make it?

Who do you think's been taking care of me
since the day that I was born?

We'll survive this longer than you.


- Fuck both you guys.
- Ricki, OK, let's just take a...

We're gonna take a second, all right?
And we're gonna rest here.


You saved us. Remember that.

I am...

Let's just give her a minute.




Wake up.

Ricki's gone. She left.


She took her stuff.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

Maybe she'll be safer.

Should never have asked her
to come with us.

- Up ahead.
- Yeah.




Let's just check for gas.

- What's going on, Tom?
- I can't breathe.

- All right. Let's get some help right now.
- No time. My lungs are collapsing.

- Gotta let the pressure out.
- OK. How, how would...

- What you want me to do?
- Put it in.

- Where?
- Put it...

- Put in it.
- OK, OK.

- OK.
- All the way in.



Sam told me that...

your father left you.
That's ugly.

And you were just a kid, right?



And your old man...

he's... he's all right, right?

I guess. He lives in Idaho now
with his new family. I see him...

once every couple years.

It's a shame that you never
got to meet my father.

Sam must have told you
some stories about him.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

You know,

if you think I'm bad,


forget it.

He had this... had this look,

when he thought you crossed the line.

He'd just stare at you.

It wasn't in disappointment, you know?

No. It was...

'cause he was disgusted at the fact
that he brought you into the world.

He was a shitty father.

I mean, in his heart, he was a good man.

I don't know if I'm a good father.

I try.

You know I love your daughter.


I know.

I know you do, yeah.

If I didn't think that,
I would have killed you a long time ago.

You'll be on your own soon.


I need to ask your word on something.

Yeah, of course, anything.
Whatever you want.

I need you to promise

that you'll always keep her safe.


of course I will. I promise you.

I promise you.

You know...

there's something I need to tell you.

Nah. I know.

No, no. You don't know this, Tom.
No, you don't know.

Sam's pregnant.

I know.


What do you mean you know?
How'd you know?

Paula, she called her after our dinner,

and Sam told her everything.

Said that you're having a baby boy!

- So, all this time you...
- Yeah.

All this...

You fuck.

You know, I...

I got to tell you something else, too.

I got to tell you about the boat.

Seriously? You know, why don't you quit
while you're ahead on this.

You know all that shit you gave me,

over the last six years?

The really funny thing is you...

you think it was me that was driving
that boat when it crashed into the rock.

- Get out! It was Sam?
- Yeah. Hell, yeah.

She was drunk. I mean,

drunk as anything. I mean,
we both were and...

you know, when we came down
in the morning,

and we see the boat, it had sunk to
the bottom of the fucking lake, I mean...

I don't know, I just...

I thought it was the right thing to do,
you know

Say it was me.

Sam still doesn't know.

You're a good man.

You're gonna be a good father.


She's gonna be fine, Tom.

She's gonna be fine.

Maybe we can get some help here.

Shit, shit, shit, shit.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.


- Take it slow.
- Yeah.

We need to get past.

My friend is sick. He needs a doctor.

We have money.

Bring the car here.

We'll get you help.

All right, we're coming.
Just don't shoot.

What are you doing?

- Wait, we can't go over there.
- Yeah, no shit, Tom.

Ah, fuck.

Grab the gun, Will.

Good job. Fuck!

Good. You did good.

They're coming from both ways.

Turn around!

Give me the gun, Will.

When I say three,
I want you to swerve to your left.

One... two... three!

Oh, shit, Tom.

Tom. Tom?

No, no, no. Fuck!

Come on!

Come on! No!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck, you fucking...


Fuck! Fuck.



I'm sorry, Tom.

Hey, hey!

Where you going?

I'm going west, trying to get to Seattle.

We're going north.

We've been staying off the interstate.
It's not safe.

Yeah, I know.

All right, we'll take you
as far as we can.

- OK.
- I'm gonna need that.

I got family in the car.



All right.

This message is being broadcast...

This message is being broadcast...


Do you have any idea what happened?

We still don't know.

Started in Los Angeles.
Or at least...

what it was.

They're saying go to Canada.
Something about the air.

- It's been three days now?
- No. Today's day five.

I'm guessing you haven't slept.

Yeah, you and me both.

You should take this exit.


Come on.

Hello? Dad?

You sure this is OK?

Yeah, yeah. It's my father's place.

There's bedrooms upstairs
if you want to rest.

And hopefully there's some food
in the kitchen, take a look.

All right, thank you.


Well, they're asleep.

Look, I just want to say

we really appreciate this.

There's about three weeks of food here.

Generator last will you five days,
maybe more if you're conservative.

There's one car in the garage,
but I had to siphon off most of the gas.

But if you look around,
you're gonna find enough to get north.

But I need to leave right now.

And I need a four-wheel drive.

Which means I need to take your Jeep.

That's the deal that I'm offering.

Sure. Yeah.


You're alive.


- This is private property!
- Will!

- Will. Oh, my God!
- Sam!


He's our neighbor, Will.
Put your guns down!


You're OK.

- You're OK.
- I'm OK.

We're OK, Will.

You're alive.

You're alive.

- I can't believe it.
- The baby's OK.

Oh, God. You're alive.

- Come here. Please, come here.
- I'm here.

Come here.

You know, I wouldn't have made it
without him.

I wouldn't be alive.

And I did everything I could.
I did everything.

I know, baby.

I know you did.

I'm never gonna leave you again.

I love you. -Hey.
- Hey.

- Hi.
- Hi.


You know, when I saw Seattle,
I didn't think that...

Just thank you.

What are neighbors for?

You... You want one?

Yeah, sure. Thank you.

It all happened so fast.

Yeah, it was maybe...

ten, fifteen minutes

before the police were just yelling
at everybody to evacuate.

I mean, you could see the Sound

and the water retreat. I've never seen
anything like that before.

We were a couple miles inland
by the time the waves hit.

You could hear it.

- It was horrible.
- Yeah.

And just so you know, Will...

I don't think this was an earthquake.

I'm a software engineer.

I've seen tons of war games simulations,

including this exact scenario.

Events just like this.

They're designed

to erase rational behavior with what
appears to be a singular incident.

But really...

it's all synchronized.

What the fuck you talking about?


- Look, I'm not trying to upset you.
- You're not upsetting me.


I know the last couple days
have been rough on you.

I mean, come on, you don't really believe
this bullshit, do you?

This is not...

I just drove across the fucking country.
You can't create things that I've seen.

- Seriously, are you fucking with me?
- No, I'm not fucking with you.

Think about it in laymen's terms.
A nuclear bomb goes off the coast.

Then a virus takes down the grid before
anyone can figure out what happened.

- I've seen the intel.
- You haven't seen it. There is no intel.

- That is fucking bullshit.
- The bomb plays like an earthquake.

That's what causes the waves.


But the power going out,
that created the chaos.

Don't you think it's strange that...

the power just went out everywhere?

The communications? I mean,
just fucking think about it, man.

Unless, I don't know, I don't know.
Maybe he believes in coincidences.


Baby, come on.

You need sleep.

I'm gonna clean up here. all right?

And we can talk about all this
in the morning, all right?

When you've had a good rest
and you're feeling better, OK?

Come on.

You know, there was an ash cloud
over the ocean.

Seattle is gone,

God knows how many other cities.

I don't know what the fuck is going on,

and you do not know what the fuck
is going on either.

So, let's not pretend that you do, OK?


They happen all the time now.


Well, in the end,
it doesn't really matter, I guess.


We all have to live, right?

No matter what.

I'll drink to that.

Come on. Let's go.

Hey, can I...

Can I see that SIG of yours?

Sure. It's nice.

Be nicer with bullets, though, right?

Good night.

- Good night.
- Good night.

I know he helped you,
but he just...

Tell me you don't believe
that bullshit that he's telling you?

I don't.

You and the baby...

are the only thing that matters.

The only thing.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You seeing this?

Still think it's a simulation?


I owe you an apo...

I let the whiskey do the talking.

I guess I just convinced myself that
that would put me more in control, but...

It doesn't make me crazy, right?

Why were you looking in my car
this morning?

I wasn't trying to steal your car, Will,
if that's what you're after.

You planning on leaving?

By myself, no.

But we've got supplies here.

I saw two kids. I thought that maybe
they took something from your car.

Saw two kids. Right.

Where are these kids right now?

They're in the woods.

I've been running a perimeter
every morning since we got here.

Come with me, I'll show you.

Must be a volcano around here.

Don't worry about it.

We're leaving.

Unless you want to stay,
you should come with us.

It's not safe here.

Where are you going?


She wants to stay, Will.

I don't see any kids out here.

I'm not the boogie man, Will.

Remember, I saved her life.

We have a bond. That means I get a voice.

We thought you were dead.

Well, I'm not, am I?
I'm here.

You know she's pregnant, right?

You don't have to do this.

I do.

Sam! Sam!

- What's happening?
- Something's coming.

- We have to go right now.
- What?

Go... Go where?

- OK. OK. Where's Jeremiah?
- He tried to kill me. Come on.

- We've got to go.
- What?



- What is it?
- It's happening again.

Oh, God!

It's getting closer.

We're gonna make it. No matter
what happens, we're gonna make it, OK?

Look at me, OK? Look at me.

- It's gonna be OK.
- I know.