How I Unleashed World War II (1970) - full transcript

The adventures of unlucky Polish soldier Franek Dolas, who is convinced, that he caused the World War II with his accidental shot. He escapes from a prisoner camp, then he travels around Nazi-occupied Europe and northern Africa in attempts of getting to the Polish Army in exile to fight the enemy. Finally, he gets to Poland in time to become a war hero.

It seems as if...

someone were pulling
a mower on the pavement...

Don't you remember?
It's the caterpillar of the light tank

We used to hear it often
during the manoeuvres.

There will be a war, Captain?

I know as much as you.

There was a telephone call from
the German side about an hour ago.

They asked to cancel this train.

It's an international train!

I can't do it.

Tolek! Tolek!

Captain, do you know the connection with
the district has been cut.

No telephone, no telegrams!

Are you sure?
Did you check it well?

Quite sure. Everything is
silent like death.

It was quite the same on last Tuesday,
when they cut all wires.

Lieutenant Rogalski with
fourteen men of reinforcement!

Are you crazy, Lieutenant?
Don't you know what is going on here?

Since a week gangs of saboteur
cut the communication

and shoot at
the customs officials...

A transformer has been blown up
yesterday night!

What the hell shall I do
with your fourteen men?

The Colonel says it is not wise
to provoke Germans

by keeping troops
along the frontier.

It is the decision of
the Head Quarters.

Form a line! Count off!

0ne, two, three,
four, five, six...

What the hell!
Who's missing?

Frank Dolas is missing.
Perhaps he took an outing

while we dropped in
for a glass of beer?

Devil takes him! Are you sure
he didn't stay in the train?

Quite sure. We examined
the train before leaving

and he was travelling
in the same compartment.

Such a son...
I'll give him a lesson!

Turn left!

Detachment march!

- Isn't it as it were a holiday today?
- Because of the few passengers?

People are afraid
to travel near the frontier.

There was no living soul
in the train from Poznan.

Did anybody come from the 0ffice
with money for our salaries?

Is this the end
of the month already?

He, he, it is
September the 1st

since 3 hours...

The devil! With all which is going on here
I lost the notion of time!

- Yet, you are sending this train?
- What can I do?

There is no connection
with the Management

and I won't stick to
the orders of the Germans.

The Twentieth Regiment of the Armoured
Division has reached the river bank.

It is all quiet on the Polish bank.

The Seventieth Infantry Regiment with
full arms is ready for action!

The Third Armoured Division waiting
for order. Everything's ready, General!

The Station Master asked the Poles not
to stop the train. I was there, General.

Attention! Attention!

To all units of the Wehrmacht,
Navy and Airforces.

I repeat... Start the execution of
the "Plan-Weiss" at 4.45 a. M!

Signed Adolf Hitler...

Well, Gentlemen,

we are close to the most important
hour in our history.

All our forces will start the attack...

within three minutes.

I wish you good luck.

The last three minutes,

- during which Europe can quietly sleep...
- The whole world, General...


Yes, Herr 0bersturmfuehrer!

Yes, General?

Do your soldiers
watch this train?


What station is this?

I took a short nap... the train and...

An irregular, as God
is dear to me, an irregular!

Stop! Halt!

Halt, or I fire!

My goodness,

what a mess!


Part one:

Your march will be long,
but it is nothing

The sun will dry your face
while you walk

And count your
last three bullets

And you know that
you won't miss the target

The roses are red
the lilac is white

No one complains
though the time is hard

We shall pass the hills
and drink cold water

For our field kitchen
vanished in fog

Who would worry
that the road is full of dust

Wet from rain or
white from snow

We shall pass the hills and
drink cold water

Which after a battle has
the taste of wine

The roses are red,
the lilac is white

You'll come where you want,
though the time is hard

Lance Corporal Franz Steinhauer reports at
the Watchtower number fourteen...

Corporal Adolf Mueller reports at
the Watchtower number fifteen... he took the grass shears and
began to cut, cut and cut...

Regimental Sergeant Major on duty!

Everything is in order?

They sing, joke and dance,
like on holidays!

- Continue!
- Yes, Lieutenant!

That will be quite enough
for a civilian jacket.

You will cut away the collar, make flaps
and you will make buttons of wood.

The supply of the current is flowing along
the poles behind the barbed wires.

It is possible to stop it...

but we must find a specialist
among our boys.

- Will add you two onions...
- Look, these are real ink pencils.

Taking three of them
you can paint your pants!

0kay, I can give you three.
That's all I have got.

...a fox near the road
he has neither hand nor leg

have pity for the poor beast
give him a loaf of bread with butter

Look, here's this high chimney with
a tin cock on the top. Have you got it?


0kay. The way to
the Station turns left...

there are two... three...
seven telegraphic poles...

about three hundred fifty meters.

- Aren't you exaggerating?
- Shut up, and continue to work, old boy...

Without a map we shall be
lost in he night.

Are you crazy?

A tin of canned beef
is worthy thirty cigarettes

and you want to give me instead
a piece of dirty sausage?

But if they seize you with
Polish canned meat you'll be lost,

no matter what documents
you will have...

this is a German sausage,

genuine German sausage, smell it,
do you feel how it stinks?

The olderman of the camp must be previously
informed about every planned escape.

The problem of the documents
is entrusted to...

...perhaps to me? I've here a friend.
He is a very good draftsman...

Now the most difficult thing is...

- how to get civilian rigs. Perhaps...
- Gentlemen... gentlemen... attention!

...well, so he took the shears and
began to cut, cut and cut...

...and he went away?
- Well... yes... he went away...

The best trick I ever played in my life
was with that captain...

- What sort of trick?
- This man was boring like hell...

...a perfect nuisance... and
nothing could be done to change it.

Yet he had a hobby... he liked his garden
and he planted there a hedge...

0nce, we slipped in and stuck
there pieces of steel wire... and...

Who is this guy?

He is staying in the same hut with me. But
God knows who is he, where did he fight

and how did he get in this camp...
better be cautious against him...

and whenever you ask him a question,
he does not answer and he runs away...

Go on... go on... make order
with this rubbish.

You are dawdling over
three hour here. Damn you!

Wait a minute!

Have you got matches?

- No. I don't smoke.
- Wait a moment.

There is a chance to get civvies.
You've to help us!


Good gracious!

I hope you won't wait
till others win this war?


They are organizing in
France new units.

We'll get arms and
we'll be soldiers again...

Eee... what for?

Stop your eee, blockhead!

- It's your movement or mine?
- If you move...

It's a double...

If he moves to
the right corner, but why...

- listen...
- if he played that way...

- what will you do now...
- silence, plaese... just a minute...

Who is playing?
He is playing, or me?

0ne, two, three...

We must pour it
somewhere else.

Some guy is watching me...

Haili! Haili, haila,

a ha, ha, ha, ha.

0kay! You can wind up!

Ja, ja,


Good, good. I've heard it!

- Does it reach further?
- Yes, Yes...

Is it enough?
I can, t any more.

You bloody fool! What the hell
are you doing?

0h, God. Instead of helping you stick
your stupid head with silly things!

Go on! Take the pipes!
You idiot!

They don't take into account
that we make our overtime...

Ja, ja Andrej

because they don't stop scolding
and blaming us... Damned fools, once again!

They dawdle for three weeks
with this bathroom

instead of sending for
specialists to town.

Say, say frankly,

- isn't a work for you and me?
- Uhm...

Alarm! The trap door!

The trap door is open!
The prisoner will escape! Alarm!

Three weeks will be enough...
this time...

Get out... get out...

but if I catch you once more...
you'll go to the arrest...

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Let him through!

In the name of
all inmates of the camp

I congratulate you for
the exemplary attitude!


Long live the lance
corporal Frank Dolas!

Long live the first soldier who
tried to escape!

- Hip, hip, hurray!
- Hurray!

- Hip, hip!
- Hurray!

- Hip, hip!
- Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

There is no entrance to paradise
Without a pass

- 0h, oh, oh! You pierced me!
- It is a wire, my dear, hard, wasn't it?

But since there is no crowd

Let us in Peter,
without a pass

It's a very unpleasant thing, but...

can you tell me...

who is the guy who refused

to help the fugitive?

Leave him in peace, boys.
I'll settle this matter myself.

Leave him in peace, boys.
Don't torment him any more...

Yes... yes...

Forgive me... I'm very sorry for
what happened there in the bath...

the two other soldiers
are sOrry tOO...

I'll explain it to you later.

Damned bandits! What
does mean all that! What?


Bloody gang of rascals!

Come on, come on...
I need you!

Something is wrong
in your plan...

I found a pole.

It's impossible to pass by
because of those bloody pipes!

- Where are you? - About seventeen
meters away from the wall.

Look. I've marked it here.

...and the old man threw out the gang
which tried to break into the heaven...

What is that! 0ne cannot even enter
for a prayer!

Can't you read? Don't you see
what is written there up on the door?

Let's continue...

...and the old man
moved his moustache and

moved his beard,
but did not let them enter...

and the poor soldiers waited,
waited and waited...

...and I was sure it would not work,
but... oh... excuse me... wait a minute,

My goodness!

0h, I've seen him,
this guy with a beard...

Will you stop your tricks, or not?
Let me see your hand!

It's him, Lieutenant.
I saw a stone in his hand!

Show me your hand!

Impossible! He has swallowed
the stone!

- Are you all right?
- Not quite.

- Want some aspirin?
- No, thanks.

I have the great honour to inform you,
that you have been unanimously elected

as President of our Fellowship
Arbitrary Court. Do you accept?

- Yes, I do.
- Thank you.

Where is this...
this first fugitive?

He is there.
Lying in bed.

Lance Corporal Wachocki

of the Fourth Artillery Regiment
in Tomaszow.

Lance Corporal Woydyllo

of the Nineteenth Cavalry
Regiment in Nowogrodek.

Lance Corporal
Frank Dolas

from Warsaw. Volunteer.

- Better you speak first.
- Well...

We have organized a sort
of fugitives group.

Yes... but it was
Joseph's idea.

And we joined him.

Yes... he was arrested
shortly after.

...and we don't know
what shall we do now.

- How was he arrested?
- Quite simply.

You speak of the guy
with the beard?

Exactly. They took him straight
from the court yard, devil knows why.

And we already had dug seventeen
meters of underground passage...

The devil!

Right, dear comrade,
we quite agree with you.

- Shall we perhaps fill it up?
- Fill it up?

Look, I began to cut it
with my pen knife,

but I think it will take
a couple of weeks,


The war may finish
in a couple of weeks.

It will end without our aid.

St. Peter standing at the gate
reads a communiqu? in the gazette...

- What?
- Shut up, for a minute, will you?

Suddenly someone knocked
at the golden gate

and St. Peter asked him...

...who is there?

Not allowed in the morning,
not allowed in the afternoon...

after all you must finish
at last...

You are quite right,
dear man,

we must finish at last...

and you will be able to pray then
as long as you want...

Come in, come in, dear people,
I need you to prevent...

the Nazi to enter the paradise...

It's a pure loss of time
with this lousy knife...'s a rubbish, junk...

we must find something else...

And who was the guy
they took from the court yard?

- A blacksmith from Lodz. Mobilized...
- Joseph was our boss.

I am your boss now.

Hold it!

All sing... all sing...

...St. Peter standing at the gate
reads a communiqu? in the gazette

- Suddenly someone knocks at the door...
- 0pen it!

...and St. Peter asks him:
Who is there... Soldiers...

My Lord...

don't you know

how to behave
in the heavens?

I will remove this pole and you must
continue to dig... you understand?


No wonder,

he is from Warsaw...



Didn't you hear? Achtung!

0h, I see you're organizing
a music hall here?


May we listen to?

Lieutenant would like to know
what are you singing?

Well... but first
you must release St. Peter...

Sure, we shall not sing
without Joseph.

- Lieutenant, they say that...
- I see...

that means
you won't sing?


...and someone knocks at the gate...

Alarm! Alarm! Help! Help!
He tower is breaking!

...and when Peter fell asleep...
the soldier danced with the angels...

Help! Help! Help!
Hurry up! Hurry up! Aaa...


Where are you taking us?

To a place from which
you won't run away!

Here, this you'll ask to stamp,
and that you'll hand over

to the Station Commandant.

- We'll get along.
- Hurry up! Forward!

Try only to run away!

There's no camp from which
I wouldn't succeed.

Shut up!

Wacek! They are our men!

- Where to are they taking you?
- What are you looking for!

Go on! Quickly!

Halt! Halt!

Halt! Halt!

Why do you giggle, idiot?

We've neither documents
nor clothes.

They'll catch us before we have time
to stick our skulls into the window!

Why the devil did you shout: Go on?

Shut up!

Here, Regimental Sergeant Major...
they fled here.

I've shot at them twice! Twice!

Haven't you seen in which direction?

There must be somewhere there...
Perhaps there behind?

No! There behind is the engine-house.

If they were there
we would have seen them!

Let's search the cars.
They can be in this train only!

0ther compartments are locked.

No, no! Not there!
There is a bull!

It roars since noon...

In our village one bull
fled through the fence...

Look! A bull!
That's a real bull!

I would prefer to be killed
on the battlefield

than with the horns
of this stupid beast!

- Help! Help!
- Shut up!

We must stay here
till the next station.

I'm sure the cattle won't go far...

0h, here's the engine driver!
Ask him!

Herr, Herr, come, come!

Is it far?

Strassberg? 0h, it's very far.
Perhaps seven hundred kilometres.

Maybe even more.
Eight hundred! Eight!

Eight hundred kilometres.

They won't see me,
any mOre.

You do what you want
but I go back.

I take my things and

Hey! Haven't you seen
two fugitives

in Polish uniform?

We nichts verstehen, Mr. Soldier.
We are Poles. Polen...

0h, I see! Poles? Now
everything is clear! Hands up!

But, wait a moment, Mr. Soldier, we are from this
train... watching over the cattle, understand?

Shut up! That's you who helped them
to escape! Your documents!

We left our papers and
clothes in the train!

- The train is going!
- Halten sie! Halt!

We can't, Mr. Soldier,
the train is going!

I can't any more.
My hands got stiff.

Wait a minute.
I'll help you!

Don't move. Let's pretend
we're dead.

You, fool, have you ever
seen a bull?


I'm not a peasant!

When I see a black beast
with horns it's a bull to me.

Come on,

come on, blackie...

COme On...

You can always rely on me.



I was born
under a lucky star, my dear.

0h, God!

That's true. I was born
on Sunday, got it?

Andrzej Grzyb,
born in 1923...

- in Zawada, near Wojciechow...
- Waclaw Janczak, born in Dabrowa...

I'm sure this Strassberg
is not far from France...

- look, don't sleep...
- No. I don't.

What's your name?


And my name is Frank.

Are you angry with me?

- Why?
- You remember what happened in the camp?

Better learn by heart your new name.

You are a fine guy.


Andrzej Grzyb,
born in 1923...

- Frank...
- Yes?

And if we succeed,
what you think

- will they give us arms in France?
- They must!

And where is
your rifle?

I wrapped it in rags
and I hid it in the ground.

And you?

0h, I'll find some rifle,

even if I had to seek it
at the end of the world!

- Here are the stinking lazybones!
- The cattle starves and they do nothing!

Get up and quickly to work!

When the old Gulke will see you,
he'll drive mad! You damned fools!

- Strasburg! As God is dear to me!
- Strassberg, not Strasburg!

We are in Austria.

Will you stand so long?
Are you waiting for an invitation, eh?

You lazybones!

0h, we had only
to bring this cattle here

and then go back to Poland.

0h, it's written here, look...
0urjob is fertig... over...

I don't care for your documents.
You have to work here, you lousy idlers!

Hurry up to your work or
I will talk with you in another way!

Good morning, Mr. Gulke,
do you need some help?

- Who are these guys?
- Workers from Poland.

They arrived with
this transport.

They don't look like workers.
Look at their hands.

You know, you are quite right.

They are too insolent. 0ne of them
even tried to talk back.

I must watch him.

0ne has to have a slight idea about
geography before organizing an escape.

Strasburg is in France!

They are peasants.

Yes, you understand, Mr. Gulke,
I have red edges on the uniform

and such a beast won, t respect authority!


Don't leave me alone!
I'm so lonely, so sad!

I made a mistake!
It's a human thing.

I'll be more careful from now on.
I promise you!

And that is a friend?

And you are
against me, too?

...gets three cows from Poland,

Frantz Winkler gets one cow from Poland,

Arthur Recknagel - two,

Liselotte Spek gets two cows

for her two sons in Wehrmacht...

Long live our Fuhrer
Adolf Hitler!

Today we get
Polish cattle,

tomorrow the French one and
after tomorrow that of the whole world!


Help! Help! A bull
from Poland! Help! Help!

Heil Hitler!

This man is suspected
of hostile intentions against the Reich.

His case is handed over to you.

You state you're a Pole and you came
here to work in the country.


And your documents?

Herr Baron, the gentleman who owns
the bulls, has torn my documents.

Well, your name and
Christian name?

Grzegorz Brzechishchkiewicz...



Pshe... shchi... bzie...
shch... ps... ps... bzie...

- Brzeshchikiewicz...
- Shut up!



Type it at once!

- Name and Christian name?
- Grzegorz Brzeshchikiewicz...


Witness Herbert Gulke.

Have you the documents relating
to this cattle transport from Poland?

Unfortunately not. All documents
have been destroyed by the bull...

Who could remember that. But I have
something which will surely interest you.

His personal belongings
which he left on the way.


D... by... cy... wi... ch...


District Lenkolovy...

From which camp
did you fade-out?

Altdorf am See.
Stalag sieben acht.

- Your real name?
- Frantsishek Dolas.

You blockhead!

You wanted to cheat Gestapo?


Take him away!

To the Commandant of the P.0.W camp
in Altdorf am See.

The Secret Police 0ffice
in 0berbaumburg informs

that the prisoner
Frantsishek Dolas...

...was shot down
while he tried to escape.

Please cancel his name
on the list of camp prisoners.

Attention! Attention!

The passengers train
from Steinberg to Ludwigsfelde

moves from the platform one,
track two at 21 hours 30.

I repeat:

The passengers train
from Steinberg to Ludwigsfelde

moves from platform one,
track two at 21 hours 30!

Bandage it!

May I?

There is no paper.

And the door?

What? Do you think
I'll shut it for you?

A Polish prisoner of war,
who fled from the camp.

0h, they are all swines. I would put them
all to a concentration camp!

- I must... again...
- Can't you hold out?

It's not my fault...

I eat turnip, turnip and again turnip
since three months...

0h, I can't hold
any mOre.

We won't leave this warm wagon
because of this lousy guy!


Help! Help!

Come on, come on, all of you!

The bandit has locked
the door from inside!

Stop the train!

Pull the brakes!


Who are you?

Did you flee from the German army,
or you're lost the way in the mountains?

Good gracious!
It is Yugoslavia!

A Polish prisoner of war
fled yesterday night from the train.

The trails lead to this region.

- We have got information...
- Your information is false,

Herr 0bersturmfuehrer.

Herr 0bersturmfuehrer, they
have broken the Pact one hour ago...

Herr 0bersturmfuhrer! Da!

We suggest to hasten,

They want to close the frontier.

Fir the frontier will
be closed in five minutes.

Hurray! Hurray!

This is an original passport,

Don't worry about control.

Thank you, Colonel.

You must only remember
the new name. Please.

When you arrive to Split you must
find the ship "Attica" at once.

It sails off at seven.

You will hand these documents

to the Colonel in Cairo.
They are strictly confidental!

I'm sorry,

but I'm not yet familiar with
those underground methods.

And will you assure the General
that I am going to keep the transfer unit

up to the time of
the German invasion...

...then I'll join the underground
and await orders.

Thank you.

I had even no opportunity
to know you better.

Service is service, Colonel.

Good bye, Miss Lieutenant.

- A demonstration?
- At three o'clock in the night?

Is that... eer, was that
the Polish Embassy?

- Good morning!
- Just a moment, gentleman,

it must be some mistake...

A Pole... a Pole...

What is the matter, gentlemen?

Please, please, keep quiet...
please get out of here.

What do they talk of?

They speak about some hero.

Here you are.

This is for you.

Good bye.

Long live Poland!

That's too much!
A dead body in this situation?

- Good bye!
- Good. 0kay. Good bye.

He probably died on the way.

Not of wounds anyway.

0f brandy. Plum brandy. Montenegrian
Slivovic, I recognized the smell.



I report that it's me
who unleashed this war, Colonel.

Unwillingly! Quite unwillingly!

Is it far to Beograd,
Mademoiselle? Weiter?

Don't make a fool of yourself!

What are they going
to think of Poles?

0h, all these slavish
languages are alike!

We haven't much time.

- We are arriving.
- Where?

Let's stop here
for a moment.

I feel terribly thirsty. I would like
to drink something.

No, no... It's too dangerous.

It may start any moment!

It won't. I promise
I'll never talk as I did today.

- Let's drink something.
- You will drink on the ship.

What ship?

I must go to Beograd!

You won't! That's enough!

It's you who made the Montenegrian
destroy the German Embassy!

Come on, come on,
don't protest.

I promised to the Colonel
that I'll bring you along.

It was an order and
I must execute it.


- Quite clear. An order...
- 0h...

Which Embassy? What
Colonel you are speaking of?

I don't remember anything...
anything at all...

I'm not surprised. When they threw you
in the train you were completely drunk.

Trava! Trava!

Trevora! Trevora!

- Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop!
- Polonia di Beogradi.

Dona, Abano, abano
odi glivola, glivola.

It's of joy.

Whenever I succeed in escaping
from the Germans I do that.

They must have scared you.
I hope we shan't see them here.

But they will come here too.

When I crossed Hungary,

I saw many troops
concentrating at the frontier...


Quite possible.

We are releasing
our transport unit in Beograd.

Where are you going?
What do you want to do?

What are you doing?

You're a soldier and
it's your duty

to join our troops.

My duty is to be there
where I'm neede!

- What's your name?
- Elisabeth!

And I'm
Fr... fr... fr... Frank!



Better get out of here.
He noticed you.

I have money...

I got it from your soldiers.

Take it from her.

But who are you?
A Turk?

A Pole...

Polish soldier... I fled from
the Germans. Understand me?

From a prisoners of war camp
...bu... bu... bu... bum!

...war... bu... bum...

Dimo, it is a Pole.
He is a soldier.

He didn't hit anybody today and
therefore looks for a brawl...

Help me! I want to join your army.

You understand? I want to join
your a-r-m-y! To enlist! To e-n-l-i-s-t!

I understand.

You want to keep away
from war?

I'll try to find for you some job.

Why not?

Sixty dollars is not bad.

This is a Turkish ship.

Yes, sailing to Hamburg.
No kidding.

Sick in other ports.

Nobody is willing to sail
to Germany here...

This guy will stay on the ship.

My name is Dolas, Frank Dolas.

You health!

Damn, how terribly strong!

The waiter told me
you could help me.

I would like to enlist. To join
your army. I'm a soldier...

I'm sure I might be helpful...

The Germans will be here
any mOment...

To the Navy? No, I want to the Infantry.
You understand? Infantry.

0kay. Let it be Navy.
I'll manage somehow...

Frank Dolas... Do-las...

Long live Yugoslavia!

Where to? A Pole won't go
with you! Get out!

Leave him.
It's not time for quarrels.

How are you?

- Where are you going?
- To Famagusta, Cyprus.

You'll be able to join
your army from there.

Let him eat, and
give him some work!

- Come on! Come on!
- Who is he, Luka?

Listen, Drago, this is
a help for you!


- 0h! I see you're good for this job!
- Sure!

You did you think, that there
are no boilers in Poland?

Does not matter.

It's out of work since twelve years.

When the hand of the manometer
drops below the red line

the captain will come here.

I see.

The best thing then
is to jump in the sea!

Funny that you wanted to sail
on board of this washtub!

It was your man with the beard
who brought me here!

I wanted to join your army!

Captain! A ship on course!

A commercial steam ship.

- What distance?
- About five or six miles!

- Action stations!
- Action stations!

- Periscopic depth!

- Zero, zero five!
- Yes, Sir, zero, zero five!

Dive at once!



- Shall we attack her? With guns?
- We can't come to the surface...

to many British planes...

send the torpedo number 1.

Will you manage it?

But don't touch it, otherwise
it will blow up... rums... booms...

Good gracious!

No... no!

What a bloody mess
I made again!

Let's get away!
Hurry up! Faster!

The boiler is going to explode
any moment!

Nobody was left there?

- Are you the last one?
- No...

Where's that Pole?

Come back!

Well done!

Shall we send another one?

Not necessary.