How Far, How Near (1972) - full transcript

Middle-aged Andrzej takes a dreamlike journey to his troubled past, trying to understand his friend's suicide.

Polish Corporation for Film Production
“Plan” Unit



Director of Photography

Written and directed by

You know Max,

I’m going to kill a man
in 86 minutes.

I’ve got an automatic pistol
from the last war hidden here.

I’ll kill that man with
13 bullets in a row,

then the pistol’ll get
stuck once

and for all and nobody’ll ever use it.

Good morning. Hi, old friend.
What’s the news?

Nothing particular.
As always.

You’ve completely forgotten me.

No, I haven’t.

I’ve been withering away. I’m impatient
to be working with you.

Do you hear me?

All right.
Now I’ll be needing you.


I can be a Jew,
I can sing with a night-club band

but I would rather be a sad and
ill-fated lover.

l was ill the whole winter
and I had one foot in the grave.


Quiet. Listen.

Don’t be afraid.

Who is it?
Who was walking there?

Don’t be afraid,
there's noting there.

Suddenly last summer I felt like
going back to the past Which is,

in fact, the future,

and Whilst walking fon/I/ard

but somewhat backward

The ones I Will never meet again

and the ones I had never met.


Quick, boys!
Come and help me!

There’s someone strung over, there!
Come quickly!

Quick! Quick! There’s someone
hanging from a rope there!



Who am I

that suddenly one day
I want to talk about myself...

Without any real irony

and only about myself.

Is it you, Max?

Yes, it’s me.

I’ve waited for you to come
and tell me how it is there.

How are you getting on?

Nothing has changed really.

You’ve got more books.

And the child is sleeping here.

Two children are sleeping there.

After your death
one more child was born.

- My photograph.
- Yes.

Your last photograph.

We still miss you.

I wanted to see how you
were living.

And how are you living?

I’m not alive.


I’ll show you my life.

Do you recognize my forest?

We used to pick Wild strawberries,

mushrooms and raspberries there.

You were afraid of getting lost.

Children were threatened
With the forest.

That's how our forest
looks now.

The publicity leaflet
of the Insurance Company.

Look, that’s my correspondence.

My slender thread of hope.

- Well? Let’s sit down for a moment.
- Let’s sit down.

Well, old man, stick it.

I’m asking you to stick it.

I’ll stick it but don’t
forget to write.

I’ll be writing to you
but you should write too.

Stop crying.
The world is small.

You only say that
the world is small.

- We’ll certainly meet again.
- Why shouldn’t we meet again?

The world is small,
we'll certainly meet again.

What? Oh, yes.
Bye. Cheerio.

- Bye, darling.
- Bye, see you again.

l’ll certainly be seeing
you again soon.

We’ll never meet again,

because the world is small
only for the young.

Then it becomes bigger
and bigger,

hills grow,

autumns drag on and on.

Small anxieties become great fears.

Look, Max,

that’s our Whole town

occupied by the enemies many times,

tortured and razed to the ground.

Our town...

Sometimes it's in the center
of Europe

and sometimes in the east
of Europe.


at the glittering particles of light
— they are candles

put on the execution sites.

The last trace of the people

that foreigners find
so difficult to understand.

Oh, the world tries
to understand only people

Who can make hydrogen bombs.

The world...

loves strength.

l thing we should have a drink
to celebrate our meeting.

Not in this stifling heat.


To our good luck.

To our unusual meeting.

l was told you were dead,

that you were killed towards
the end of our guerilla campaign.

And l was told you were
somewhere far away,

beyond the Arctic Circle,

that you would probably
never come back.

I’m feeling awfully giddy.
It’s long since I last had a drink.

Now I can tell you something.

Oh, it’s stuffy here.

That I loved you very much.

Stop it...

- you're hurting me!
- What's hurting you?

Why are you carrying guns?

I'm going to kill a man
in 63 minutes.

I'm on my way there.

On your way where?

I'm coming back...

no, I mean,
I'm going on to the future.

I don't understand anything.

I loved you very much.

Rouse yourself!

- Goddamn you!
- Goddamn you...

- Walk quietly.
- Quietly...

This is Musia,

a liaison-officer in the guerilla
army during World War II.

What is the war?

The war is my youth.

It's like doing your homework,

playing truant,

listening to a nightingale
in the evening

and the feeling first
surge of desire.

- Help me! She's sick.
- No, no, I am not sick.

Sick, my word.
They're plastered.

- He's dragging her to his digs.
- Shit! They've got no shame!

- Max!
- Second time... Second time...

Max, wait please!

I can't go.

Hold her on the other side.
We have to get a taxi.

We'd better let her sit
on that box.

She'll be less conspicuous.

- What's left? What's left?
- Some people asked after you.

What people?

Some men. Not long ago.

Why did you do it, Max?

Why did I do what?

Why did you do away
with yourself?

This is my father.

I know him only from the one
moment of his death.

I don't remember anything else...

and yet I've been yearning
for him all my life,

for my father at the moment
of his consumptive death.

Father, do you recognize me?

It's me, your son.

I wanted to ask you about
various things many times.

I've always been proud of you.

I've boasted about you.

Who where you, Father?

Just a common man.

That's not the point.

| read in your birth certificate
that your father was not known.

It's tormented me all my life

because I didn't know
who I really was.

Perhaps your mother told you
who my grand-father was?

A Lithuanian peasant?
A Russian solider?

A Jewish traveling salesman?

I don't know. I don't remember.

It's more important
who you are.

I've tried not to sin.

I've only sinned as much as I had to,

as much as every man must sin.

How do you live?

We're living in the times
of a great crisis.

Forests disappear, rivers are dying
and seas are drying up.

People are visiting the moon.

People have crossed
the threshold of the heavens

and have ascended to the
other world.

Is that possible?

I've started on a journey

to the future which will
reflect the past.

Do you already know
what will come later?

We know less that you do.

The dividing lines between
fire and water,

good and evil, life and death
have been disappearing.

They've come to fetch me.

So long, father.

So long.

If we ever meet again.

Have you ever pledged
yourself to another man?

Never, Reverend Father.

|, Maria, God's servant,

pledge myself to Mikhail,

God's servant in the name
of the Father, and of the Son

and of the Holy Ghost.

Four blokes are following you.

I want to listen to the singing.

I haven't heard it for
a long time.

Let's go back. I'll buy you
a bottle of vodka

and sing you the song
you like so much.

Go back alone.

I don't want to be alone.

I can't be alone even
for one moment.

That's why you knock
around with whores all the time.

- Me? With whores?
- Quiet.

- l knock around with whores?
- Don't shout in church.

- Me, shouting?
- Quiet.

They're standing at the door
waiting for you.

Something is going to happen.

Get in.

Have they been looking for me?

No, not them.
The others where civilians.

I told you we should have gone back.
We wouldn't be in trouble now.

Yes, yes, everything is in order.

May | ask where we are going?

You'll learn soon.
Be patient.

Hey, you,

- have you got the automatic?
- Shut up.

Oh, Jesus, I'm sick.

l'm shivering.
Why did I have to meet you.

Are we going make a film?

You stay here.

Switch on the light please.

Do you recognize him?

- Yes, I recognize him.
- Then follow me, please.

- I've brought him in, sir.
- Come in, please.

- Do you know what this is?
- Probably a film script.

Why do you think so?

Max tried his hand
at various professions.

Recently he's been dabbling
in the cinema.

Yes. They're shooting a film
after his script.

And under his windows.

Yes. They were to do the
shooting under his windows,

but he was already been lying
there on the pavement.

Is that your photograph?

Yes, that's my last photograph.

What was there between
you and him?

A true and deep friendship.

He once helped me.
If he didn't, I wouldn't be here today.

Did the deceased have
homosexual tendencies?

I don't know. I don't think so.

What people visited him?

I wouldn't really know.

You, his friend, wouldn't know?

It was a strange kind
of friendship.

Sometimes we didn't see each
other of months.

He didn't know my life
and I didn't know his.

I wonder whether it is his
true life in this script.

What do you think?

I think it is.

- Do you know much of his past life?
- No, not much.

It certainly was
a strange friendship.

Yes, it was strange.

Can you think of anybody

who might have made an attempt
on his life?

Or who could be instrumental
in such an attempt?

ldon't think I can.

You think it was a suicide,
don't you?

Why a suicide?

lt could've been
an unfortunate accident.

An unfortunate accident...

You didn't know your
friend very well.

- Shoot some 10 meters.
- Why? This is so macabre.

One moment later and we would've
caught him in flight.

Shoot him boys. I've a feeling
that it may come in useful.

- Hey, don't block it out.
- Right, oh. Shoot it as it is.

Max, say something.

Tell me what you know
and what I don't know.

Do you hear me, Max?

I wanted to ask him
something else in fact.

What's happened during my lifetime.

What's happened to the people

Who died and were born
during my lifetime?

What's happened
to the Whole world?

Nothing's happened.

People Who stayed alive
build houses,

teach children to read
and write, fall ill...

With angina or pneumonia...

and wait

for a better
and happier tomorrow.

When did it occur to you that
something might've happened?

All the best to you.

May all your dreams come true.

Do you hear me?

May all your wishes
and dreams come true.

My best wishes for your

- It's already too late.
- No, it isn't too late.

I would like you to be happy
if only for one day.

I haven't seen you for
a long time.

For ages.

Last time we were standing
close to each other in front of a house
in which you were to kill a man.

On Christmas Eve or perhaps
on New Year's Eve.

Your health.

To your happiness.

What would you like to drink
to on your birthday?

What? Well, I wanted
something very important

but I can't remember what it was.

Perhaps you wanted to leave
some lasting memory
of your life behind you?

That's a present for you.

I've wanted to offer you something
solid for a long time.

We have pleasure in offering
you your favorite song
as our birthday present.

I know,

I know,

I know.

That it must be so.

When all words've been said

We'll part behind the mountains.

We'll part across the rivers.


I do remember.

- I've always remembered.
- Let's dance.

My tears won't cry for God.
Because you'll be so near

- Your hands are cold.
- They were always cold.

What happened to your

After what?

After you took us on the night
of New Year's Eve to the house

in which I shot that man.

It would be a long story,
although the time was short.

What for?

For life in general.

- But what happened?
- Nothing extraordinary.

Nothing sublime or pathetic.

Simply a silly incurable disease.

Or perhaps I froze to death.

You are many
things worth regretting.

I'm sorry for you.

I know you are.

May I cut you out?

- You don't remember me, do you?
- Perhaps I do.


I'm sure you don't.

l was in love with you.

With me?
You take me for somebody else.

Young and flighty girls
were rarely in love with me.

l was madly in love with you
but you weren't aware of it.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because one doesn't say
such things.

A penny for your thoughts.

I think I am very sorry.

Then go back there.
I'm still waiting for you there.

- Where are you waiting?
- Go back there and look around.

- I can't go back there.
- Do come back.

I remember you.

You used to go for walks
with a big black dog.


that's not true.

You don't remember me.

What a pity that you never fell
hopelessly in love with me.

I love you.
Do you hear me?

- I love you hopelessly.
- Then come back.

Civilization is coming
to an end.

Culture and our world
are coming to an end.

The end,

the end is coming and everything
will be all over again.

Beat it!

| only wanted to congratulate you.

I've returned from West.
I've seen quite a bit of the world.

Policemen are on strike,

millionaires've jumped on
Mao's band-wagon,

young people copulate
on theatre stages.

I swear to God that's the end
of everything.

The final to the end.

Let me embrace you.

The price of vodka'll go up tomorrow,
I swear to God.

- Who is it?
- Don't you remember?

Prince Joseph. A nice gift.
Will you take it home?

I'm not going back.
I'm going fonNard.

That's right. Have another drink
for luck while it's still cheap.

Listen, Max.

Were we really friends
for life and death?

What do you think?

I think we were friends,
we loved each other and we
admired each other so much

that it bordered on hatred.

You are given to lying.

Your lies used to take you
to a point of no return.

No, Max, you hated me because
I resembled you.

You hated those things in me
which you didn't like in yourself.

- I didn't like your stupidity.
- What kind of stupidity?

That silly pushing
of your way to the front

so that you could draw
the best lot,

so that you could drive
someone else's feeling away,

so that you could leap
over yourself.

I didn't like your silly
and hysterical despair

because the gods
would not raise you up above
the rest of your fellow creatures.

I didn't like your vain glory

which you imitated from
other people.

No, Max,
that's not the point.

You were simply envious of me
and this envy humiliated you.

But what was there
to be envious of?

- Now you can tell me the truth.
- Leave it.

Don't drink on your journey.

You had some ambitious plans.

You know, Max,

I think I also hated you sometimes.

From time to time | badly
wanted to kick your face in.

Oh, yes!

I very much wanted to kick
your teeth in.

May I introduce the ladies.

Miss Jola and Miss Mariola.

I am Mariola.

- And I am Jola.
- This is my colleague.

Actually, my boss rather
than my colleague.

- You are at it again.
- Me? God forbid.

The ladies were looking
for the lavatory, I helped them

and we got to know each other.

When I have a good time
| get blind. Do you understand me?

- It's boring here.
- Kind of riff-raff.

That's because of the alcohol.
It's getting more expensive.

What will you have:
gin, vodka?

- Or perhaps brandy?
- We'll have some of that.

When I have a good time
| get blind.

Do you understand me?

- Is that you, father?
- Yes, it's me, son.

What are you doing here?

It's your birthday and the
anniversary of my death.

- What does that mean?
- It means nothing.

Just a coincidence.

- What's the matter?
- A birthday present for you.

From the man who returned
from abroad.

l whish I could talk quietly.

It's more pleasant
to talk when there's music.

I'll go away soon. I'll just have
a look at you and then I'll go.

I'm ashamed that you've
seen me in this place.

Shame makes up a great
part of one's life

and remorses of conscience
make up the rest of it.

Perhaps it's just your life
that's made up that way.

- And mine too.
- You wanted to ask me something.

I wanted to...
but now I don't remember.

Try to remember.

Now it's all the same to me.

Somebody is waiting for you
in the next room.


They've been following you
from the beginning.

You have a sharp eye. Have you
seen a girl with long dark hair?

Oh, there are plenty of them here.

Only you can understand me.

I am trying to draw
the right conclusions.

The end is approaching,
a self annihilation,

and then everything will begin
all over again but how? How?

Lay off me!

You've got something under
your coat! Is it a gun?

Oh, shame on you!

- You brute!
- Lay off me! You're disgusting.

Oh, God!
He's levitating!

Where are you hurrying off to?

- FonNard.
- | see.

Got an identity card?

- Yes.
- May | see it?

- What for?
- Because I'm checking documents.

You'd better show me your
card first.

l have to show it to you?

How would I know whether you are
not a criminal in disguise.

| read the other day in newspapers about
fellows who where dressed up as policemen.

- You're drunk.
- Just a little,

but I won't show you my card
until you show me yours.

One should fight against
corrupt practices.

The press is calling
for vigilance.

Thank you. That's okay.

Here's my identity card.

I can understand you.

It's hard job to be a policeman.

Who would like to be up against
hooligans for a poor salary.

| get a good salary.

And it's probably difficult
to get a decent apartment.

I wouldn't complain about
my apartment.

That's why you say.

Two rooms and a kitchen,
that's not bad.

All right, you are free to go.

Just a moment.
Can't we have a chat!

- I haven't got time for talking.
- I honestly like the police.

- You don't believe me, do you?
- Go to hell.

Somebody must maintain order,

a general good sense
and social logic,
that calls for real sacrifice.

Can't you leave me alone!

A bad individual can be found
in any environment

but the police as a whole
are quite all right.

I can appreciate that,
on my honour!

You've been drinking.
Go home quietly and have some sleep.

I am sorry,
I am very sorry I didn't show you
my card straight away, on my honour.

Oh, there's somebody over there!
I must check his papers!

That's not what I wanted to tell you.
That's not important, Max,

just an ornament.

I turned forty four today.

It's a magic figure,
for a Pole

and if somebody doesn't know why,
I'm not going to explain.

Perhaps this is infinity.

No, it's not infinity but
the beginning of infinity.

Or perhaps it's the same
as thirty three?

- Where to?
- To my wife.

Don't wake her up.
I'll come in quietly. My wife knows.

- What's the time?
- Four thirty.

- And you're going to your wife?
- To my wife.

We're living
in the age of ideology

and through a crisis
of ideology.

I haven't made that up, Max.
That's what popular weeklies say.

And I'm going to kill a man
in thirty minutes or so.

That's what I know for certain.

I don't remember the thesis —

because I had a thesis
at the beginning.

Something to do with time
or the future.

Rather the future
and the past at the same time.

And something to do with man.

It wasn't that man is a great word,
it was something else.

Confound it!
It's escaped me.

Is that you?

Yes, it's me.

You promised me never
to come here.

I wanted to tell you something.

You have been drinking again,
haven't you?

It's my birthday,
or was yesterday.

Why did we have to part?

I don't remember.

Probably because of the
incompatibility of our characters.

You drove me to the ground
by your incessant tension,

your furious activity,
your mad messianism.

I've heard it many times.

- Tell me, don't you regret it?
- Regret what?

That you've wanted many years

preaching promises that
can't be fulfilled,

wrestling with the logic
of Nature,

critising yourself hysterically...

and suffering disappointment which
you would be ashamed to admit.

No, I don't regret it.

I must believe in something.

I must believe in something.

Is it necessary to believe
in order to live?

- That's how it's always been.
- That's not true.

There were ages of belief
and of disbelief

and then ages of a new belief
and of a new disbelief.

Do you feel happier?

Do | feel happier?

Why then have you come here
after all those years?

You were my wife,

my first woman.

Go away,
you've been drinking.

Don't you regret anything?
Don't you regret your life?

Regret means remorses
of conscience.

Don't be afraid.

Your hair was in flames
at that time as well.

Leave me alone.
I must sleep.

- There's a hard day ahead of me.
- l'll sleep with you as I did then.

No, leave me alone.
Go away.

Darling, it's me.

Bring back to mind the palace
raging with fire.

Go away, go away,
or I'll call a guard.

There's no guard any longer,

nor is there the house among
the ruins, nor those times.

No, no,

It's too late! No!



Joasia! Wake up!

I'm sorry for us both.

- Look, father.
- Well?

People are already going to work.

As they do every day.

Look, father,
people are still working hard.

As they used to
and as they'll always work.

That's not true, father.

Only you, your father,
your grand-father worked so hard.

Only the meaning
of work's changed

but its burden is always
the same.

Work is a curse.


we curse it yet we take it
up again every day.

It's our drug.

And What is your work?

What is my work?

Without a beginning
and Without an end,

just like other people 's.

Wait a moment.

He's a goy.

Shloma! Gluck!

Don't you recognise me?

Do you remember Gluck?

We were playing together
when your father hung himself.

What do you want?

You must remember me.

At that time l was as afraid
of the doomsday as you were.

Then what do you want?

I want you to go with me.

There's going to be a great war
and you'll be killed while hiding

under a thin layer of dry
maple leaves in the attic.

- Who will kill me?
- A young solider,

three years older than you.

How do you know?

Because I've lived it
through already.

I wanted to hold on the memory
of you from my childhood
and to save you.

You alone.

I don't need to be saved.

Gluck! Gluck!

I'm sorry for you too.

I don't know Why for
the first time in my life

I remembered a Jew

like that carried away
in a frenzy by devils

to nothingness as a punishment
for his sins.

Perhaps. . .

I did because I was
brought up among people

of different beliefs,

different languages,

of different ways of thinking,

or perhaps because

I remembered it later

but it stuck in my memory

from the beginning
as a reproach

against people causing
the death

of other people time and again.

Forgive me, Max.

Forgive me all the silly
things I've told you.

Forgive me my hitting you

for the first time in life,

in my life.

One can only shoot
at birds living in freedom.

Why did you do it?

Why did you commit...

What did I do?

You know what.

What was driving you
all your life?

You tried your hand
at various professions

and you did everything well.

And yet you gave up
one thing after another

and kept running fonNard.

Were you perhaps afraid
of something?

If so, of what?

How would I know more
than you do?

You've thought me up.

I've been thought up by you.

Then tell me at least
how it is there?


On the other side.

That's you,
you're ringing me up.

Hello! Hello!
Max! Do you hear me?

Don't put the receiver down!
Hello! Max, say something.


Perhaps there's only
eternal loneliness there...

. . . eternal solitude...

...of eternal awareness...

...of eternal memory.

Yesterday he wanted certain
fragments of the script
to be crossed out.

Yesterday he was still
ashamed of his biography,

of some shreds of his life.

What does all that mean?

What is the reason for
this complexity?

Complexity is the mother
of simplicity.

What does that mean?

Just that and nothing more.

Let's go.

Where to?

There's an empty room there.
Nobody is there.

- Nobody is there?
- We'll be alone.

Somebody is firing a gun.

They are boys from my platoon.

They're shooting with
potassium chlorate.

Come here,
we'll lay down on straw.

- Take your clothes off.
- Don't do it. It's cold here.

I’ll do it.

I want to look at you.

Do you hear? They're firing.

They are my guerrilla-fighters.
They're celebrating Ester.

I'm scared.

I'm scared stiff.

Oh, it's good.

No! No!


I'll come back to fetch you.

That's not my home.

I'm running away from
the Germans.

I don't know where I'm going
to be tomorrow.

I'll find you
and keep you forever.

I love you,
I‘ll love you forever.

- You know what?
- Well?

That's what I think.
Do you understand me?

That it may be with people
as it is with butterflies.

I mean a form of existence
in three stages:

first there's a caterpillar,

then a chrysalis
and finally a butterfly.

Do you understand me?

If there's a possibility
of such an existence in Nature

then nobody can be sure

that existence in Nature then
nobody can be sure that
we aren't subject to it.

Skip it.

Go back to your life
with your chicks.

In what phase of the three
stages of existence

- is man's life in your opinion?
- Well, I don't know yet...

perhaps in the butterfly phase...

the turbulent,

bright and beautiful
moment of existence...

the last moment before nothingness.
Do you understand me?

Or perhaps it's the long,
arduous existence of a caterpillar,

full of impending dangers.

Something's been eating you,
my dear friend.

I know that well.

I've often dreamt about
you recently.

Do you understand me?

What's eating me?
What's eating all of us?

No, I don't mean all of us.

Perhaps only people
of a certain generation.

No, not even that,
not the whole generation.

We need to make an account
of our lives.

To add everything up.

We do it in the morning,
in the evening and sometimes
during the day-time.

We keep adding up again
and again and we still
cannot arrive at a result.

Nothing comes off.

There's no total sum.

There's only an empty spot
instead of a total sum.


You know, Mother,

I'm going to do something
in a few minutes.

- What are you going to do?
- I'm going to kill a man.

Don't sin, son,

don't sin even in words.

What's the matter with you?
Aren't you happy in this world?


I've set off on a long journey,
just like you,

partly to the past
and partly to the future.

No it's rather to the future.

You see, I was afraid
you might get lost.

I've prayed for you a lot
and yet you've got lost.

Mother, I've gone far away
from you all.

That's not my fault.

The world's gone so far.

Your father and I worked
hard all our life.

Your father worked till his death
and I'll work till my death.

My whole body was sick
from work.

We didn't have time
for frivolities,

there was only
the paralysing fear

that no work might
be available.

Reconcile yourself with God.

- What kind of God?
- The one and only.

Everyone in this world says that
there is the one and only God.

Bad people cast you away
from Him.

No, Mother, I did it myself.

You were always ashamed of us,
of our home, of our life.

God isn't enough.

- Enough for what?
- To go on living.

You'll feel better.

- Only for a short time.
- One must believe.

Faith helps you to live

and, what is more important,
helps you to die.

Not enough.

- That's not enough.
- What do you want then?

- Not enough. That's not enough.
- What do you want then?

Look, what radiance.
You should repent.

That's only the sun setting

and ending one more day.

I Wish I could remember
my loved ones,

the women I loved and those
I didn't love enough.

My friends Who seemed
to be out of the ordinary

or just ordinary...

some... incidents,
some transient moods,

some expectations...

I Wish I could remember,

although my remembrances

may prove to be fragile
and unusable in my memory,

trembling like a Wind-mill,

teeming, chaotic.

Who are you?

Your guerrilla-fighters.

We're going with you
on patrol

on the last New Year's Eve
of the war.

No, wait a moment,

on the last Christmas Eve
of the war.

You must kill the man
who turned traitor.

Who did he betray?


Our thoughts,
our habits, our customs.

Is it time to go now?

Yes, it is.

Lead the way as you did then.

If you make a wish today

it will come true in your other life.

I'm thinking.

What about?

Don't be so nosy, chief.

Why do you call me that?

Because you sleep with
the commander.

How can you know that?

Tell me what you've wished for?

| wish I could be the cleverest,

the best and the best
loved man in the world.

| wish I could meet you
again after the war.

And | wish I could meet
you again.

- These are only words.
- Everything'll be okay, chief.

It will be.

It will be okay,

although you'll stay in prison
all your young life,

although you'll get
old prematurely,

although you'll later
recollect your worst years
as if they were your best.

Everything'll be okay.

What's the matter with you,


It's here.

Surround the house!

Stay here.
I don't want you to see this.

Good bye. Stay here!

- Is it time?
- Yes, it's time.

You are tormented by my death.

It has tormented you all your life.

You've seen so many kinds
of death,

natural and senseless,

calm death like falling
asleep and cruel,

noble and vile ones

and yet you can't forget that one.

The first that was caused
by your own hand.

Was it worthwhile
to wade through time past?

Or perhaps the future?

Is that what I would like
to remember in the last moment?

Max? Is that you?

I'm so glad.

Welcome my friend.

I've been waiting for you
here for a long time.

I don't know

Why I remembered for
the first time

a man in such a frenzy
Who was carried away to hell.

Now I think that he might've
ascended arduously to heaven,

the heaven we think out every day,

the heaven of our expectations,

our yearning

and our desire.