How Awful About Allan (1970) - full transcript

After a fire which killed his father and scarred his sister, a guilt-ridden victim of psychosomatic blindness is released from a mental hospital and goes back home to stay with his estranged sister. However, it appears that someone is out for revenge and wants to drive him crazy. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[gentle dramatic music]

[fire crackling]

[suspenseful music]

[man coughing]

[fire roaring]

- Help me! Help me!

Help me, please!

Help, help! [coughs]

- Allan, Allan, Father.

Father, Father!

- Uh, the 988
University, uh, Avenue.

Yeah, uh, Professor Colleigh's
house, Colleigh, hurry!

[suspenseful music continues]

[fire crackling]

[chatter drowned out by music]

Are you all right?

- Father's dead.
Olive, it's my fault.

- Come with me. Where
is Katherine, Allan?

Allan, are you all right?

[people chattering]

[woman screams]

- Good lord, her,
her face is burnt!

[woman gasps]
[siren blares]

- Olive, I can't
see. I can't see.

I'm blind.

[gentle dramatic music]

[gentle dramatic
music continues]

[fire crackles]

- You know the story, Allan?

- By heart. There is nothing
organically wrong with my eyes.

The blindness is all in my head.

- I just wanted to re-emphasize
that before you leave us.

You know the fire
was accidental.

You didn't leave the paint
cans and thinner next

to the heater
deliberately that night.

You've recognized your
resentment of your father

and his close relationship
with your sister.

Which accounts for
your partial recovery.

A full recovery depends on
conquering guilt feelings

about your father's death,
your sister's disfigurement.

Perhaps, perhaps this
return home will help.

I hope so.

- I've been here for
eight months now.

- Here, just in case.

Oh, it's the name of a
colleague in your town,

Dr. Herbert Greenlow.

I'll forward him a
copy of your history.

And, um, try using
a tape recorder.

Verbalize the small problems.

Listen to your own words.

It help more than you think.

Well, good luck, Allan.

[phone buzzes]

Yes? Oh, yes, very good.

He's just leaving.

Your sister's waiting for you.

Right on time.

- Some day, somewhere,
Katherine will be late.

And the world will shudder.

- You're still tense
about seeing her.

- It's not your
ordinary family reunion.

- She doesn't blame you
for her disfigurement.

- Scar is there.

- But hidden, the
plastic device she wears

is very successful.

It's barely noticeable.

You mustn't make it
worse than it really is.

- Thank you, Doctor.

- Are you the one
getting out today?

- Yes, that's right.

- You're scared. I can
smell it on you plain.

You'll be back.

Oh, yes you will!

Look at you run.

You'll be back all right, soon!

No, no, no, no.

[gentle music]

- Well, here it
is, the old street.

How does it-
- Look?

It feels better than the
state hospital. What wouldn't?

[dramatic music]

What's that?

- Oh, it's a stick. The
kids must have left it.

- Katherine, oh, Katherine,
Katherine, Katherine!

Hiya, how, how is Allan?
[door slams]

- Oh, why, he's fine, dear.

Olive, why don't you wait
and come back tomorrow?

- Okay, fine, sure.

Uh, bye, say hello for me.

[door slams]

- She's hurt, Allan.
You were nearly engaged.

- I don't want to see
anyone for a while.

- I'm sorry the
house is so cold.

But I just can't
afford to heat it.

There's a heater in your
room. I'll show you.

[curious music]

It's been boarded over.

[dramatic music]

- How is Olive?

- Oh, oh, well enough.

She's look alone now
since her mother died.

She does research for
Professor Schiller.

She, uh, just to keep busy.

She works at home.

Oh, you asked about
your, uh, tape recorder.

It's right where you left it.

Well, I'll go change
and start dinner, okay?

- You're standing there
worrying about me being here.

It's true, blindness does make
you more sensitive to things.

I can take care of myself.

Katherine, all these
months I've been waiting

to tell you how sorry I am.

- Well, I'm, I'm making
something festive

for dinner, for homecoming.

I'll call up when it's ready.

[dramatic music]

[door slams]

[dramatic music continues]

- [sighs] There used to
be a lamp over there.

- I've changed things around.

Were you looking for something?

- No, just, uh,
trying to get the feel

of the house again, I suppose.

- Well, dinner's nearly ready.

- I don't remember that.

- It's father's desk.

I'm storing his things
here for the foundation.

The Raymond Colleigh Foundation.

We're raising money
for a memorial wing
in the new library.

- Your labors in his behalf
are never done, are they?

Um, this is mother?

- Yes.

- And, uh, who's this?

- Oh, that's Eric.

I don't know why I keep it.

I haven't heard
from him in months.

He went to Australia
just after the fire.

To make his fortunate, he said.

[sighs] I suppose he
married someone over there.

- Well, I guess it's safe
to say it then, [sighs]

I never really
did like him much.

- I know. It's warm
in the kitchen.

- I'm gonna be all right here.

I just want to be by
myself for a while.

[ominous music]

[doors rumbling]

[doors slamming]

[match strikes]

Good morning.

- Oh, oh, uh.

- What are you doing?

- Good morning, uh, I, well, uh,

I'll tell you all
about it at breakfast.

Uh, you go ahead and wash.

Don't be long. I have to
be at work early today.

I've been renting to
students ever since you left.

So we could keep the house.

- Mm-hmm.

- My salary at the university,
well, you know what that is.

I know your first day
home having someone come,

I'd have arranged it
differently if I could.

- This boy, what's he like?

- Well, he's new this semester.

His name is Harold Dennis.

And he's quiet, really quiet.

He's got some sort of
injury to his throat.

He barely speaks
above a whisper.

- Then we'll have our
afflictions in common, won't we?

- He's going to be here
during the lunch hour.

I can come home so you won't
have to be alone with him.

- No, no, he sounds
harmless. I'll be all right.

- I'm going to be late.

- Perhaps my apprehensions
are unfounded.

What do I care
how he looks at me

or what he thinks
of me, this student?

This is a house,
it's not a courtroom.

I'm not on trial here.

[clock chimes]

[doorbell buzzes]

- I came about the room.

- It's upstairs.

First door on the left.

[doors thudding]

[throat clears]

- I'm sorry. I thought I'd
be back in the front hall.

- It's that way.

- Thank you very much.

[dramatic music]


[suspenseful music]
[door clacks]

[door thuds]

[door clacks]

[door slams]

- What do you want now?

- It's me, Allan.

I decided to come
back after all.

I'm sorry I didn't
get back soon enough,

but he's going to take it!

I ran into him outside
and he's going to take it.

He even gave me the
first month's rent.

Where's that draft coming from?

There's something open.

[dramatic music]

[window slams]

Will it bother you so
much having him here?

- Well, I do wish-
- Wish what?

- That we could wait
just a little bit.

It's difficult with strangers.

I thought it would be just us.

I'm going up.

- He won't be in
the house that much.

He has a job in the
cafeteria and his classes.

He'll only be here to sleep.

- I'll be all right.

[phone ringing]

- Yes, what? Oh, yes, of course.

How are you? What?

Oh, oh, I'm sorry.

Yes, yes, I know.

What? Oh, yes, of course I will.

No, no, it won't upset
things that much.

What? Yes, I will.

I'm expecting to hear from him.

Yes, goodbye.

[dramatic music]

- Is anything wrong?

- No, no, it was, uh,
it was Harold Dennis.

He wants to move in tomorrow
instead of Saturday.

I said he could.

- You sounded upset.

[dramatic music]
[clock ticking]

- Allan?
[glass clatters]

Oh, why, it's just me, Olive.

Did I make you do that?

I should have phoned first.

Why, uh, Katherine gave
me a key, you know?

To keep an eye on
things over here.

Didn't she tell you?
- No, no. [chuckles]

[glass crackles]

- Well, I made a
welcome-home present for you.

Look, it's a coffee cake
right out of the oven.

I hope it's still hot.

- Mm, I can smell
it. It smells good.

- Well, just I'll
just fix us some then.

And we can have a cup of coffee.

- I'll, I'll,
actually I've just,

I just had breakfast, Olive.

- Oh, well, then
I'll just leave it

right there until later.

- Thank you, Olive.

Thank you very much.

[gentle music]

- If you want someone
to do things for you,

why, I'd be glad to, um, type
up your lecture notes for you.

- I'm not lecturing just now.

I'm blind. Remember?

- Yes, perhaps you'd like
me to drive you somewhere.

- Hmm, no, no, I don't think so.

- All right, if you, uh,

if you change your mind though,

I'm, I'm home
almost all the time.

Maybe I should wash the dishes.

- Oh, I can do them.

Actually, it's, uh, it's very
good for me to, to do things.

- Oh, all right,

but if you need anything you,
you, you'll call me, okay?

- All right.

- Bye.
- Bye.

[door clacks]

[door slams]

[upbeat music]

[knuckles rapping]

Come in.

- Anything you want
before I go to bed?

- No, thank you.

- You remember our
roomer will be arriving.

Don't be alarmed
if you hear him.

[wind whooshes]

[checkers clattering]

[door slams]
[wind whooshes]

[feet thumping]

[door thuds]

[lock clicks]

[water hissing]

[feet thumping]

[door thuds]

[lock clicks]

[door slams]

[door slams]

[items clattering]

[cabinet thuds]

[door slams]

- Allan, uh, what, what's wrong?

- What do you know
about him, anything?

He must have brought everything
he owns under one arm.

What did you tell him about me?

- About you? Just that
you can't see too well.

I didn't elaborate.

- He probably knows
it all anyway.

- Well, I, I doubt it.

He has his own problems.

I doubt he'd be interested.

- Why did he sneak
down the back stairs

and scare me the other day?

He's quiet all right.
He's too quiet.

I don't want him here.

- I can't put him out now.

He's paid in
advance. Well, Allen?

Breakfast is almost ready
whenever you want to come down.

You'll get used to him.

[suspenseful music]
[clock ticking]

[door slams]

[feet thumping]

[suspenseful music continues]
[lock clicks]

[ominous music]

- Allan.


Allan, Allan.


- Is anybody there?

- Allan.

[ominous music continues]

[dramatic music]

[door slams]

- I was washing my hair or I
would have been over sooner.

Oh, are you going to make lunch?

I'm so glad you
called me, Allan.

I thought maybe you didn't
want to see me anymore.

Oh, it's chicken noodle, okay?

- Okay, it's not that I
didn't want to see, Olive.

It's just, well,
it takes time to,

to get adjusted, you know,
with everything changed.

- Oh, I'm not changed.

- Well, I am.

I'm blind and coming back
here living like this,

taking in roomers as if we
were destitute, which we are.

Have you, uh, have you
seen this roomer of ours?

- No, no I haven't.

- Try to get a look
at him, will you?

Uh, talk to him, tell
me what he's like.

- Why? Haven't you-
- I don't like him.

There's something
wrong about it.

- Wrong, well, what do you mean?

- I don't know.

Uh, I don't know, I,

he wants to trick
me into something.

- [chuckles] Oh,
Allan, I really.

You know, Allan, you haven't
been out of this old house

since you've come home.

And you really
should get out and-

- No.

- Look, Allan.

I'm, I'm, um, I'm
an interested party

around here whether
you like it or not.

And I'm not gonna let you
get all closed up inside

of yourself, inside
of this house.

You've got to get
out into the world.

Show Katherine she's wrong.

- Wrong, wrong about what?

- You know, eh, Allan,

Katherine has, uh, had
to make adjustments, too.

She was devoted to your father.
She really worshiped him.

- And slaved for him.

And gave up a chance
to get married for him.

- Yes, well, he was a great man.

- Great in his accomplishments.

Katherine thinks
I should've stayed

in the hospital, doesn't she?

- She thinks, um, maybe
you came home too soon,

but I don't.

Let's show her that she's
wrong, all right, Allan?

I've got to go downtown
and get some things.

Just ride along with me, please?

[gentle music]

You, you've really got
to, you know? You must.

- No, it's too soon.

- What are you afraid of?

Allan, why don't you
have, uh, some soup?

And, uh, then you can bundle up.

It's cold outside, you know,
but it's very bright and sunny.

[car horn beeps]
[wind whooshing]

[horn blaring]

Well, it's hard to believe
it was freezing last night.

I have to, uh, stop by campus.

Just for a minute,
to return some books.

[door slams]

You want to come with
me? I'll be right back.

- [laughs] You want to
see something crazy?

- Yeah.

[dramatic music]
[people laughing]

- Allan, Allan.


[suspenseful music]

[tires screeching]

[brakes squeaking]

[tires screeching]

[vehicle crunching]

[tires screeching]

[tires screeching]

[horn beeping]

[tires screeching]

[horn blaring]

[tires screeching]
[suspenseful music continues]

[tires screeching]

[horns blaring]

[tires screeching]

[vehicle crashes]

[dramatic music]

- Is he hurt?
- Are you all right?

[people chattering]

- Allan, Al, may I?

Don't crowd around,
please. May I get through?

Allan, Allan, are you all right?

Allan, are you all right?

[people chattering]

[eerie music]

[man faintly speaking]

- You've got to eat something.

Wouldn't it be better if
you told me what happened?

Wouldn't you feel better?

- It was him. He
saw me in the car.

- Who, Harold Dennis?

- He called me by name.

Olive told me you said I
shouldn't have come home.

- Allan, I'm not going to listen

to any childish recrimination.

I haven't, I'm sorry,

but nerves get a little
worn too, you know.

Look, maybe we should talk

to that doctor here
in town, Dr. Greenlow.

It can't do any harm to talk
to someone professional.

- Someone who could send
me back to the hospital?

- [sighs] Allan, I'm trying
to be calm about this

and I warned you.
[plates clattering]

- Oh, I'm sorry.

[Katherine sighs]

- I'll clean it up.

[door squeaks]

[door clacking]

- Hi, I brought you,
uh, a new Beethoven.

It's a peace offering, Allan.

Would you forgive
me for yesterday?

I was stupid to insist.

I didn't realize what
you were going through.

- Well, I, I, I
panicked, that's all.

- Oh, it was my fault.

Don't blame yourself.

May I join you for coffee?

- Sure.

- I wonder, has, uh, Katherine
seen Eric Walters yet?

- Eric's in Australia.

- No, he's back.

I, I saw him yesterday
at the garage.

He was looking for work.

Oh, Katherine must
have seen him.

- No, well, I, wait a minute,

there was a call.

Katherine said it was the
roomer, but it wasn't.

And she sounded upset.

And the next day, he moved in.

[dramatic music]

You haven't seen our
mysterious guest yet, have you?

He leaves before daybreak,
returns after dark.

You'd think he didn't want
to be seen, wouldn't you?

- What are you talking about?

- Maybe a secret
living arrangement

in a narrow-minded
university town.

I wonder.

[dramatic music]

Just for the record,

in case anybody thinks
I'm only imagining things,

I believe there is
no Harold Dennis.

No student roomer.

I believe that Eric Walters

is living here pretending
to be Harold Dennis.

And just in case, I think
Eric wants to do me harm.

This house and this
property are valuable.

And they're half mine.

[dramatic music]
[button clicks]

[door clattering]

[door thuds]

[suspenseful music]
[door slams]

Who is it? Who's down there?

- Allan, what's wrong?

- Uh, nothing, nothing's wrong.

[door slams]

This, um, Harold Dennis,

what department did you
say he was majoring in?

- I, um, I think
he said biology.

- I imagine he looks like Eric.

- Eric, why should
you think that?

- Well, he's blonde,
you said, like Eric.

Why didn't you tell me
that Eric's back in town?

- He's not.

- Olive must be
seeing things again.

- Olive saw Eric when?

- Yesterday, just for a moment.

You mean, he hasn't
gotten in touch with you?

That's hard to believe.

So Harold Dennis,

doesn't he mind living
in the same house

with a crazy, blind man?

Especially after yesterday's
incident on campus.

- I doubt he knows of it.

- Maybe I should have
a little talk with him.

Try to get to know him.

What do you think?

- Hmm.

[dramatic music]

[thunder rumbling]
[wind whooshing]

[wind whistling]
[feet thumping]

[lock clicks]

[door thuds]

[wind whooshing]

- Allan.

[thunder rumbling]
[wind whistling]


[intense music]

[intense music continues]
[wind roaring]


[thunder rumbles]

[wind whistling]

- Allan?

[suspenseful music]

[door slams]

[dramatic music]
[thunder rumbling]

[knuckles rapping]

- Allan?
[knuckles rapping]

Allan, are you awake?

[knuckles rapping]

[door clattering]

Why is the door locked?

- Because I locked it.

- I have to go.

Everything's ready
for breakfast.

You can manage by
yourself all right?

- I manage best that way.

- I'll see you this evening.

[door thuds]

[lock clicks]

- For the record,

he tried to pull me down
the stairs last night.

It would have looked
like an accident.

But I need proof.

[eerie music]

[intense music]

[knuckles rapping]

- I'll go get Olive!

- Olive, I need proof that
he's trying to hurt me.

Sometimes it takes a lie to
get people to see the truth.

He tried to pull me down those
stairs last night. He did.

I'm not trying to kill myself.

- Look, Allan, Eric is
not staying in this house.

Katherine would have told
me. I would have seen him.

There's nobody here,
but that student.

- You mean, you
would have seen Eric,

but you haven't
seen the student?

Isn't that unlikely?

Why won't you believe me?

Olive, this student, he
keeps his door locked.

And looks after
his room himself.

He's hiding something in
there. He's got to be.

Olive, there's a spare key

in Katherine's
room, in the chest.

Go get it.

Olive, you've got to help me!

You've got to help me
prove that I'm right.

You said you'd do anything
to help me, remember?

[key scrapes]

[door clunks]

[object thuds]

What is that?

- Oh, it's just a book.

Oh, it's one of your father's,
"Roots of Philosophy."

Oh, and it's inscribed.

No, no, no it isn't.

It's just a, uh, it's
just a signature.

- Who, whose name is it?

Whose is it, Olive?

- Harold Dennis, that's
all it says, Harold Dennis.

[curious music]

[thunder rumbles]

- I believe there
is no Harold Dennis.

No student roomer.

I believe that Eric
Walters is living here-

- Allan? [knocking]
- pretending to be.

Come in.
[wind whooshing]

- It's freezing tonight.

I thought you sounded a
little stuffy at dinner.

I don't want you coming
down with the flu.

Here, take this.

[thunder rumbles]
[rain pattering]

Aren't you going to
tell me about your hand?

- Hasn't Olive told
you about it already?

- Shouldn't she? Allan.

- I know, I'm always
creating monsters in my mind.

Okay, I, I understand that
now, and I'm going to stop it.

I'm going to get
back to my music.

- Allan, I called Dr. Greenlow.

[wind whooshing]

Well, there was the
accident and now this.

I felt I had to.

It does rather fall to me.

I didn't want to.

- Katherine, I didn't force you

to go into that room that night.

I tried to stop you.

If your face got burned.

- When did I ever blame you?

- Why didn't you want me
to get out of the hospital?

Why are you so anxious
to get me back?

- Oh, I'm anxious
for you to get well.

And you're not getting
well here in this house.

Look, at least talk
to Dr. Greenlow.

If he says you should go back-

- I'd rather go to hell.

- Don't be melodramatic.

I can't be here
to look after you.

And plainly you, you
can't look after yourself.

- You're right, Katherine.

You're always right.

I can't stay here. That's clear.

- Then you'll see Dr. Greenlow?

- Mm-hmm.
[wind whooshing]

[rain pattering]
[thunder booms]

- We can talk about it in
the morning, all right?

- All right.

[thunder rumbles]

[door thuds]

[thunder rumbles]

[wind roaring]
[thunder rumbling]

[dramatic music]

[thunder rumbling]

[thunder rumbling]
[dramatic music continues]

[thunder rumbling]

[thunder rumbling]

[gentle music]

- Allan?

- He can't hear you.

He must've been out
there for several hours.

The important thing now is rest.

I don't think we
should try moving him

to the hospital in this storm.

[thunder rumbles]
[wind whooshes]

- Allan, come forward.

This is your
handiwork, I believe.

Show me your hands.

[curious music]

[ruler slapping]

Allan, Allan, Allan!

Allan, Allan, Allan.

Allan, Allan?

[door rattling]
[fist pounding]

[father faintly speaking]

[door rattling]
[fist thudding]

[dramatic music]

[upbeat music]

[people laughing]
[dramatic music]

[door slams]

[gentle music]

[dramatic music]

- [throat clears] You're awake.

- What?

- The pills.

- I don't want them. They
make me feel so dopey.

- They also make you better.

I want you well as
soon as possible.

- Sooner well, sooner away?

- Oh, Olive will
be over shortly.

I'll try to be back early today.

[spoon clacking]

[upbeat music]

[record player clattering]

[door slams]

[feet thumping]

[door clatters]

[door slams]

- Allan? [knocking]

- Come in.

How's our roomer tonight?

Oh, didn't you see
him? He just came in.

- Oh, I missed him.

- Hmm.

- You seem much better tonight.

- I was just thinking, um,

when I go back to the hospital,

oh, I'm resigned to
it, not reconciled,

but resigned, won't it seem a
little odd to the neighbors?

The two of you living
alone here together?

- Perhaps you won't go back
and the problem won't arise.

Good night, I'm
glad you're better.

[suspenseful music]

- Allan.
[wind whooshing]

Allan, Allan!



[dramatic music]

[dramatic music continues]

[wood cracking]

[knuckles knocking]

- Allan, [knocking] Allan?

[knocking] Allan?

[door clatters]

I'm late again.

Do you mind waiting for Olive
to come get your breakfast?

- Uh, Katherine, last night,

did anything happen?

- Happen, what do you mean?

- I guess I was just
riding my nightmares again.

- I've got to go.

[screen clacks]

[eerie music]

[drawer rattles]

[eerie music continues]

- Uh, hello? I want the State
Hospital in Baker, please.

Dr. Robert Ellins in the
Psychiatric Division.

[woman faintly speaking]

Yes, ma'am, hurry, please.

It's urgent. Hello?

Oh, yes, yes, Ms. Steele?

Dr. Ellins' office, please.

Hello, hello, this
is Alan Colleigh,

may I speak to the
doctor, please?

[woman faintly speaking]

I have to speak to
him. It's very urgent.

I'm in, oh, oh, he's not?
[woman faintly speaking]

Oh, uh, well, when,
when do you expect him?

Oh, not until then?

[woman faintly speaking]

Uh, well, oh, I could make
the trip up there myself.

[woman faintly speaking]
Yes, yes.

Are you sure that
he'll be there then?

[woman faintly speaking]

All right, uh, thank you.

Good, uh, yes, goodbye.

[phone whirring]

Uh, Campus Cab Company, please.

[person faintly speaking]
Yes, hello?

Uh, will you send a cab to
988 University Avenue, please?

[person faintly speaking]

[suspenseful music]

- I'm here.

[doors thudding]

Allan, Allan, where are you?

Allan, where are you?

Allan, answer me.

Allan, answer me!

[doors thudding]

Allan, please answer me.

[suspenseful music continues]


[lock clicks]

[door thuds]
[children laughing]

[children giggling]

[powerful music]

[car door slams]

Allan, I was so frightened!

Oh, why, Eric, I
thought you'd left town?

- Hi, Allan, I
would have come by

to see you and Katherine sooner,

but, uh, I just
got this new job,

and I've had this lousy cold.

[powerful music continues]

- Why, uh, this piece of wood

could have been lying
there for months.

- The room was open, and Eric?

Why did he lie
about leaving town?

- Well, he explained.
He changed his mind.

- [sighs] I'm not imagining
this and I'm not dreaming.

Olive, you're the only
person I have to trust.

You've got to believe me.

That voice I heard-

- Was in a dream.

- Sometimes it was,
not last night.

I was in that.

Uh, the voice is on tape.

It's on the machine.

Olive, turn it on.

Olive, please turn it on.

[wind whooshing]

- I'll turn it off.

- No, no, leave it on.

Our mysterious roomer, how
do you know it isn't Eric?

- Oh, because I know because.

- How do you know?
- Because.

- How do you know? Tell me.

- Because, um, he isn't, uh

anybody, there
never was a roomer.

You just thought
there was a roomer.

And I promised Katherine I
wouldn't discuss it with you.

Allan, you must go back.

You know that
yourself, don't you?

- You're lying, Olive.

Why are you.

[dramatic music]
[Olive sighs]

He was here. He
was in this house.

I showed him the
room. I talked to him.

- Yes, yes, uh, that's true.

Somebody did come to the
house, but, but he didn't,

he never came back.

He never rented the room.

Katherine decided
not to rent the room-

- The book, the book
with his name in it!

- Well, Allan that
was an old, old book

that has been lying
around this house.

And you must have
seen that name on-

- Why are you lying to me?

What are you trying to do to me?

Get out, get out of this!

Get out of this house, get out!

Get out, get out!

Get out!

[door slams]

[door clatters]

[suspenseful music]

[knobs jiggling]

[drawer banging]

[gentle dramatic music]

[door thuds]

- Allan, Allan!

Allan, Allan!

[powerful music]

[mellow music]

- It's so quiet.

- Katherine, you
should have seen him.

I hope he hasn't hurt himself.

- [knocking] Allan,
Allan, unlock this door.

- Allan?

Allan, please tell us
if you're all right.

- Yes.

- Well, he's alive.

[Katherine sighs]

- Well, what are we going to do?

- [sighs] Leave
him alone for now.

I've had all I
can stand of this.

It's too late to call
the hospital now,

but first thing in the morning,

I'm going to have
them come for him.

It's all I can do, Olive.

[suspenseful music]

[clock ticking]

- Allan.


- Who is it?

[suspenseful music continues]

- Allan.

[door slams]

[eerie music]


[light clattering]

[suspenseful music]

[door banging]

[suspenseful music continues]

[dramatic music]

- No, don't, don't!

You can see.

- Yes, you would have killed me.

You wanted to kill me! Why?

Because of your face?

[Katherine groans]

[Katherine grunts]

- I had the scar taken
away, but it was a mistake.

The mark of your crime
should have been left

for you and for everyone to see.

- And there was no
scar, no roomer.

You wanted me back in that
terrible place or dead!

- You killed one of the
greatest men that ever lived,

one of the greatest minds.

Deliberately, you
murdered him! [sobs]

You murdered him!

You murdered him!

You murdered him!

Murdered him,
murdered him! [sobs]

[gentle dramatic music]

[door slams]

- "Dear Allan, I have
made sufficient progress

that I can write
this to you now.

First, I must tell you, there
really was a Harold Dennis.

He did come to the house
that day and rented the room,

but he called that night
to say his mother had died

and he wouldn't be
moving in after all.

It was then that I conceived
the idea of impersonating him.

I knew you were
disturbed at the prospect

of having a stranger
in the house."

- Hi.
- Hi.

- I thought I heard you come in.

How did the new class go?

- Well, Music Appreciation isn't
the most challenging course

in the curriculum,
but it's a start.

[couple kisses]

- And it's a very good one.

- Dinner be ready soon?

- Just about.

- "I ask you and
Olive to forgive me

so that I can begin
to forgive myself.

And for another selfish reason,
if my progress continues

at it's present rate, I should
be able to leave here soon.

If, of course, you consent
to take the proper steps

in my behalf, knowing
your generous nature

and how unhappy you
were here yourself."

[dramatic music]

[eerie music]

[gentle music]

[dramatic music]