Housefull 4 (2019) - full transcript

A set of three brothers are due to marry a set of three sisters, until one of the brothers starts to realize that they are all reincarnations from 600 years earlier and the wrong couples are about to get married. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Mom, dad.

Why do I keep getting the same dream
over and over again?

It's been haunting me for years now.

I don't understand.

What are you saying, man?
We're going to make money off a barber?

No, no, bro.

Harry is London's
Mr Forgetful.

- Mr Forgetful.
- Whenever he hears a loud sound...

Like bang, thud, bam.

It puts pressure
on the vein in his ear.

And he forgets everything for a minute.

Come, come, let's have some fun.

What's up, Harry?

Give him a makeover, will you.


Ugly, isn't it

Come... Come... Come... Come.

Where's the spray?

Why are you spitting?!

Are you crazy, use the spray.

Thank you.

- Yes.
- Nice one, man.

- How much, Harry?
- 5 pounds.

But Harry, I've only got 20.

- I'll give you change.
- Here.

- Here.
- Thank you.


I gave you 20 pounds.

You owe me 15 back.

- You gave me 20 pounds?
- Yeah...

- So I have to give you 15 pounds back.
- Yeah.

Thank you.


You owe me 15 pounds.

Thank you.

15 pounds...

15 pounds...

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

- Hey... wait.
- We have enough change now.

Thank you. Thank you.

- See you, Harry.
- Come again.

What a loser.

- We're rich, you poor guy! We're rich.
- Yeah...

That absent-minded loser.

Today I'm on a fast...

...that's why my punch was slow.

How dare you take advantage
of Harry's condition?

Return my brother's money.

Sorry, Max. Sorry.
We'll never do it again.

- Sorry.
- Sorry Bro. Sorry, Max.

Where did my money go?


- Those two boys came in here...
- And took your money.



I didn't even realize.


Because of your forgetfulness ...

...we're already in a lot
of trouble with Big Bhai.

When will you learn?

Hey, lower your volume.

Look who's talking.

You're going to forget
everything anyway.

- Stay in your limits.
- Shut up.

- I'll punch you in the face.
- Hey... brothers, Max, Harry.

You two are at it again.

If you two are going to fight,
and quarrel...

...then I'm going to blow my cool too.

You're doing it again.
Talking like a female.

There's no point correcting him.

He forgot to tick the gender box.

It happens.

Correction...shit happens.


Guys, smile please.

Big Bhai's here.

London is known for two things.

Big Ben and Big Bhai.

And now for the real question...

Did you guys arrange for Michael
Bhai's 5 million pounds?

Did you?

- We didn't.
- You didn't.

Speak up.

- We asked Yes Bank for a loan.
- Okay.

But Yes Bank said No.

- They said no, dear brother.
- I see...

- That's all...
- That's all...!

Sir, sir, not my pinky...not my pinky.

- That's all isn't it...
- It was a mistake.

No son, you're the mistake.


The Police are after me.
Take this.

This contains Michael
Bhai's 5 million pounds.

I'll collect it later.

Keep it safe.

Michael Bhai's 5 million pounds

Keep it safe.

Michael Bhai's 5 million pounds

Keep it safe.

Check if the Police
are still out there.


Michael Bhai's dirty laundry.
Wash it carefully.

I found money in
Michael Bhai's trousers.

we've got a plan to pay you back.

- I see...
- Let me explain.

But, please take a seat first.

- Come, come.
- Fine, fine, I'll sit down.

Harry, make Big Bhai
look like a heroine.

- Hero.
- Yeah... Hero.


Big Bhai, shall I trim your hair?

No, make them grow longer.
At least this tall.

Please, spare him the sarcasm.
No sarcasm.

What sarcasm?

Do you have any idea how many times
you guys have made... blood boil?

Shave their heads!

- Hey useless?
- Yes brother?

Are you done?

You're ready.

Then show me the mirror.

There's the mirror.

Show me the back.

Here you go.

Stop spinning me around
and show me the back.

Take a good look.


Did you actually make
my hair grow longer?

Yes, sir.

I used an extension
on the front and back.

Ok..enough of all this.

Let's get back to the point.

What plan have you made to
return Michael Bhai's money?

Speak up.

Sir, meet our family planner.

Go on, tell him what the plan is.

Speak up.

You've heard of London's
tycoon Thakral, right?

We're dating his three daughters.

And once we marry them...

...forget 5 million,
we'll pay you 10 million instead.

- 10 million...
- 10 million!

Hey Missy...stay in your limits,

- Yes, sir.
- And you come here.

Why would those billionaire
girls marry useless people like you?

Because we have already
made them fall in love with us..

We'll marry them
in a couple of months.

Michael won't give
you more than one day...

...and here you are asking
for a couple of months.


Then what should we do, Big Bhai?

I've got an idea.

Hey missy, listen carefully.

This one's completely original,
a new plan.

I...will flirt with the girls.

And you will save them.

You call that original?

Of course it's original!

Yes, it's original.

- Original.
- Original.

Hey, babies.


I wanted to ask you a question.

Do you know what
number Newton invented?

Come on, it's simple.

Do you know what
number Newton invented?

The kissing number?


Give me a kiss...

Today is World Kiss day.

So I deserve some kisses.

Come on, babies.
Let's make some babies.

Give me a kiss, ladies...

...and Big Bhai's all yours.

You said that they are
very well mannered girls.

Save me from them.

ICU, Morgue, take me anywhere.

But save me from these girls.

Wait a second.

That means.. you know this guy?

I see...

So, this was your plan all along?

Why did you do all this?

We wanted to impress
you girls and propose to you.


And we wanted to ask you a question...


What number did Newton invent?

You're dead meat.
You're all dead meat.

You're all going to get beaten up!
It's going to be very painful.


What number did Newton invent?

The kissing number!

Can we get one kiss...?

No way!


Oh my God! I got a kiss from the queen!

Guys, please be on your
best behaviour, okay.

You should look as civilised,
decent, and cultured as our dad.

Beauty. Beauty. Beauty.


Daughter. Daughter. Daughter.

- Papa.
- Come my, darlings.

Papa, these are the boys
that we told you about.

Papa, Max and Harry are both born and
brought up in London, this is Max.

- This is Harry.
- And this is Roy.

- Papa, we wanted you to...
- No.

Boys talk only.

I've bought new horses for you.

Go and check them out.

But papa, can we stay here too...

Like I said. Go.

Okay. Okay.

Good luck.

Thank you.

So, Mr. Astronaut.

You three should be
ashamed of yourselves.

Horsing around with
girls who are half your age.

What's wrong?

Why are all the horses
coming this way?

Run! Run!




Come quickly!


Thank you.

- Kriti.
- Harry.

Kriti. Are you okay?


You were jumping from
one horse to another...

How did you do that?

Actually, I was...

I don't know.

My children.


Are you okay?

Is everything okay?

Yeah, papa.

Oh, God.

I will never find more
deserving and able sons-in-law.

Boys, turn on.


I mean you're on, boys.
You're on.

Bring your mother over tomorrow.

So this is your mother,
who's amongst the heavens?


"Spicy Mumma!"

Look at that bird made out of gold.


That's so wrong!

Return my mother's photo.

- You'll tear it son.
- Give it back.



Listen, this is not fair.

- I will talk to him.
- Papa...

We've decided that the destination
wedding will be in Italy.

- When did we decide Italy?
- I think it should be Ibiza.

I said Vegas!

We go Vegas every year!

Oh no, not again.

One minute. One minute. One minute.

Listen to your father first.

Please continue.

As always, our ancestral
globe will decide the destination.

I will spin it.

Wait a minute.

Who owns this globe?

Your father,
So he will spin it.

- Father, spin your globe...
- Okay.

- Ready.
- Here we go.


What the hell is Sitamgarh?

Sitamgarh sounds so boring.

- I'm spinning it again.
- Come on.

Vegas. Vegas. Vegas.

Come on, Ibiza.

- Sitamgarh? Again?
- What the hell.

- Sitamgarh, Again?
- What's going on?

Wait. Wait. Wait. Vegas.

I'll move it to Vegas.

- Vegas.
- Vegas.


Does anyone even
know where Sitamgarh is?

I don't know.

Behind the 3rd mountain
of the Ujjain mountain ranges...

...situated on the banks
of the Brahma Sagar river.

Is a Kingdom,
filled with history

Our Sitamgarh.



How do you know?

Yeah, Harry. How do you know?

I don't know.

on second thoughts, it can be fun.

I mean everyone goes
to Italy and Ibiza.

This can be adventurous.

- What say?
- Yeah.

So a traditional Indian wedding.


Ok fine, if it's Sitamgarh,
then so be it.

Papa, our wedding
will be in Sitamgarh.


Baby, look at those peacocks!

I'm so glad you shaved your beard.

Why did you do it?

I was looking elder than your father,
that's why.


A pigeon's yuck brings good luck

Come let's go

Welcome to Hotel Sitamgarh Palace.

Myself Winston Churchgate
via Mumbai via London branch.

The new damager.

Pardon. The new manager
of this magnanimous,

majestic, masterpiece palace.

Bell boy.

Mamma Mia...I've told you
so many times.

Sticks and stones don't break my bones
but carrying this load's a disaster.

I'm joking.


King...Surya Singh Rana!

- What?
- You are the king of this kingdom!

This is your kingdom!
You're the king!

The emperor.
The Badshah.

If I am Badshah,
who are you Honey Singh?

Mamma Mia...

The King of classical dance,
Master Bangdu.

This is your reincarnation.

You're right,
I was born in this nation.

No, reincarnation!

Re... What?

The great bodyguard Dharamputra!

Aakhri Pasta.

Oh my God!!
He recognises me.

- Idiot.
- It's on your name tag.

Prince Bala Dev Singh!

My lord, my benefactor.

And you even have hair on your head now!

Take me under your refuge.
I beg you.

- Hey, come here.
- This guy is crazy..

- You're standing on my hand!
- Sorry. Sorry.

Where are you taking me?

Let go of me!

I am not joking.

- Everybody is reborn!!
- He keeps talking rubbish.

He has some mental problem.

Sorry, sir. Please come.

Please follow me.

"Until I don't behead every member
of Sitamgarh's Royal family"

"Time will change,
and so will the Ruler"

The black mountain tribe?!

Pasta was right.


Mr. Winston.
Mr. Winston. Mr. Winston.

I want Pasta.

Most certainly.

With red sauce or white sauce?

No, not that pasta.

The guy who works for you.
Your bellboy.

Where can I find him?

He behaved atrociously
in front of you dignitaries.

- So I fired him.
- Fired him?

- But where can I find him?
- Madhavgarh.

Quite far from here.

Can I borrow the hotel vehicle?

Sure, sure... 1200 rupees per hour.

Put it on my account.

Account? How desi.


- Long live...
- King Parikshitaap...

- Long live...
- King Parikshitaap...

- Long live...
- King Parikshitaap...

- Long live...
- King Parikshitaap...

- Long live...
- King Parikshitaap...

- Long live...
- King Parikshitaap...

- Long live...
- King Parikshitaap...

Let the proceedings begin.

Some of the local
businessmen have a complaint.

- Complaint?
- Yes.

- What did my son do this time?
- Your Highness, my 5-year-old son...

...giggled at the sight
of Prince Bala Dev Singh's bald head.

And that made Prince Bala Dev furious.

Shave their heads!

Why did he do this, Your Highness?

When Prince Bala was born,

he had a lot of hair on his head...

...which is why I named him Bala.

But at the age of 2, after
the royal head shaving ceremony...

...his hair never grew back.


He's been bald ever since.

Take a look, Your Highness.

He didn't even spare
my 5-year-old kid.

He shaved his hair too.


Have mercy on me, son.
I'll feed you porridge.

Feed me porridge?
First, I'll feed you this arrow.


Put it down.

I said put it down.

Put it down.

Such cruelty against my subjects.

If I hear another
complaint against you...

...then I will banish
you from this kingdom.

Forgive me, father. Forgive me.

I lost my mother
when I was very young...

...and after the royal ceremony,
I lost all my hair forever.

I beg for your forgiveness.

Please forgive me.

Okay don't worry, son. Get up.

I just saw them!

Where are you entering?!

In front of everyone?!

Please forgive me.

Come here.

My good son. your subjects,
and they will love you back.

After all you'll be the king after me.


I am just joking.

My funny son.

Very nice, son.

I knew my son would reform some day.

And today you have.


Come son, it's time for supper!

After you, father.

My noble son.

You want to murder your own father?!

You're banished!

"Finally you get
what you deserved."

"Every body's abusing you."

"We're going to celebrate."

"Bring something to eat."

"Finally you get what you deserved."

"Everybody's abusing you."

"We're going to celebrate."

"Bring something to eat."

Prince Bala has been washed
down the royal drain.

He lost the kingdom,
the throne, everything

Disperse. Disperse. Disperse.

Curse you!

- What's that in your hand?
- It's a royal invitation.

From the King of Sitamgarh,
Surya Singh Rana.

On the occasion of his birthday...

...there will be a grand celebration in
his kingdom for the next seven days.

And this invitation accidentally fell
into the hands of your servant Pasta.

- Pasta.
- Yes?

This isn't just an invitation,
it's a weapon...

A weapon which I can use
against my father for revenge.

I've heard that King
Surya Singh Rana doesn't have a son.

He has three daughters.

Madhu, Mala, Meena.

- Who is the eldest one?
- Madhu.

And if I marry his
eldest daughter, Princess Madhu...

...then I will take over the
kingdom of Sitamgarh and finish... father and his subjects.

Mamma Mia...but how will you go there?

Many King's and Prince's will be
bringing gifts for the king.

What will you take for him?

You're a pauper,
down-trodden, penniless, beggar...

Oh shit!

I stepped in shit!



Today, on the occasion of King
Surya Singh Rana's birthday...

Princess Mala,
Princess Madhu, and Princess Meena...

...have organised this celebration.

Arriving first, the king of Turkey...

...Mehmood Bin Maktum.

The king has brought
One million gold coins...

...and these two swords
studded with precious gems.

And now, arriving from
the kingdom of Madhavgarh...

...Prince Bala Dev Singh.

Greetings and pleasantries.

Princess Madhu.

Is she Princess Madhu or morning dew?

What is the meaning of this,
Prince Bala.

Why did you arrive in the kingdom of Sitamgarh
sitting in this squeaky wheel-barrow?

Your Highness, on the way I came
across an old lady who couldn't walk.

And I didn't waste a minute to send that 82
-year-old lady home on my royal chariot...

...and I came here on
this broken wheel barrow.

Because my father used to say...

"Do your duty,
and you shall be rewarded."

- Your Highness-
- But Prince Bala... is my uncle,
our king's birthday.

Didn't you bring him a gift
on this grand occasion?

Your Highness, I could've brought
you horses and elephants, or...

Elephants and horses.

Gold and silver coins, or...

Silver and gold coins.

But these are just illusions
Your Highness.

Prince Bala has brought a gift
far more valuable for you.

And that gift is...

This piece of shit...

I mean soil, your honour.

A piece of Madhavgarh's soil.
Blessed by our ancestors.

This makes a man stay
young for a long time.

Makes him healthy and vigorous.

In fact, this gift isn't
for you Your Highness...

...It's for your 120 queens.

Bring it to me, quickly!

For the sake of the queens.

It contains Shilajit, Makradwaj, Kayakalp,
and Chavanprash, Your Highness.

Open sesame...

No, no, no...


Distribute the rest of the gifts
amongst my subjects.

- Long live...
- The king...

- Long live...
- The king...

- Long live...
- The king...

Every year, on the King's birthday... torture yourself this way.

What madness is this, sire?

This isn't madness,
This is my punishment.

This punishment reminds me...

...that another year has passed...

...and I still haven't
become the King of Sitamgarh.

But now...time is going to change.

And so will the ruler.

But how?

Everything may be fair
in love and war...

But victory comes
to the conspirators.

There will be an attack!

...and people will blame
the oldest enemy of this kingdom.

The chief of the Khookha Tribe, Gama.

I'll make a royal dance
chamber here, Pasta.

And this is where I'll
shoot arrows at poor people.

Mamma Mia...before you start dreaming
of making a torture chamber...

- must win Princess Madhu's heart.
- Hurry up, hurry up!

- Master has begun dancing.
- Oh yes!

- Master has begun dancing?
- Dance!

Let's go and see
what's happening here?

"I am a guy..."

"I am a guy..."

"I am a guy that loves a guy."

"Yes, I love a guy..."

"Waiting for a dashing handsome guy.'

"That sweeps me off my feet."

Master Bangdu!


"I'll wound him with my sight."

Oh God.

I am exhausted.

Amazing, Master Bangdu.
How are you so talented?

Yes, who is your teacher?

My teacher?

Govinda and Pradbhudeva.

- Govinda and Pradbhudeva?
- Yes.

The almighty Lord Govinda...
He's my teacher, and my Lord.

But Almighty, I am so tired now.

Silly girls,
less giggling and more dancing!

Yes, teacher.

Don't you want my blessings?

Forgive us, teacher.

God bless you.

God bless you.

You can come a little closer!

"Let me go..."

"Why, are you in a hurry..."

"My heart skips a beat..."

"Why is that?"

Oh wow

These words should
be composed in a song.

Let me go.

How can I let you go?

Someone might see us, teacher.

Who would see us here?

Prince Bala!

Prince Bala!

Bangdu. How did you escape?

6-months-ago, when I was
teaching dance in your kingdom...

What is going on here?

What are you doing?

You can't just come in here like that.

Master Bangdu.
Stop this singing and dancing.

Prince Bala's regular
dancers didn't show up today.

So he said to get some girls
from here. Come on. Go get the girls.

Bloody Pasta, let's see
who lays a finger on my girls.

Prince. Prince. I beg you...please...

Prince, this is a temple of knowledge!

Temple of knowledge, huh?


- I want some knowledge!
- What?

- No, no, don't take her.
- Leave me.

- Leave me.
- What is this cruelty, Prince?

These children built this
with sheer dedication and effort.

I will show them dedication
and effort!

- Please my prince, let them go.
- No, no.

I want all of these qualities too!

They would've never imagined this
in their wildest dreams.

I will be their wildest dream!

No, no,
Leave me. Leave me...

Give them freedom, Prince.

Get that man as well!

Go on boys, grab him too.

Prince Bala, think about me too!

No, not like that!

Prince, maybe you don't remember...

...but first you gave orders to
execute your royal executioner.

When he heard about these orders,
he ran away.

And when there was no one
to execute us, then how would we die.

So we all ran away.

You mean till date,
I have never killed anyone?


I don't have any innocent's
blood on my hands?


My life feels worthless.

But Prince,
what brings you to Sitamgarh?

I want to marry Princess Madhu.

You and marriage?

Of course, of course...


I'll take your leave.

Go, you may leave.


Long live the Prince.

And I'll go and tell the king,

That you may be half
man half woman for others...

...but a naughty
boy for Princess Mala.

Devil's Double, Prince Bala.

I will help you.

Correction...I am on your side.

You will tell me everything...

...about Princess Madhu.

So that in a week's time I can
coochie-coo with the princess.

Hug her, and kiss her...

- Fall in mad love.
- Impossible.

Why is it impossible?

Because her bodyguard
never lets anyone near her.

I've dealt with many
bodyguard's like that before.

He's no ordinary bodyguard.

He's the royal guard of Sitamgarh.

He's the mightiest of the mightiest.

The Royal bodyguard... Dharamputra.

Wow Dharamputra,

"Brave heart..."
"Strong as a mountain..."


Meena, these words should
be composed into a song.

Remember Princesses, you must
have a firm grip on your sword.

Like this?

Because a weak grip,
is the sign of a weak heart.


Absolutely right, Dharamputra.

Brilliant, Prince Bala.

I'm guessing your sword
skills are quite impressive too.

My father used to say...

"Knowledge...must always be shared!"

Then why don't you share
your knowledge with us as well.

We would like to
see your sword skills too.

Pardon me,
but I don't fight with women.

I was talking about having a duel with
our bodyguard Dharamputra.

We're dead meat.

I'm not carrying my royal sword.

We are.

Where is it?

What else are you
hiding down in the cellar?

May victory be yours.

Side, please.


The sword broke.

Let's all go home.

We still have this.

Here you go.


Thank you.


The bodyguard swings his sword,
but Prince Bala ducks.

Now Prince Bala attacks
with all his might.

Prince Bala seems to be winning.

Prince Bala seems to be winning.

But Dharamputra pushes him.

And the Prince falls
in the Princess' arms.

What happened now, Prince Bala?


Just an excuse to get close to you.

- What?
- Yes, my dear.

- Bangdu.
- Yes, my prince?

He is very strong.

Doesn't he have any weaknesses?

He doesn't have any weaknesses.

But, he's someone's weakness.


Princess Meena.

We must get
Princess Meena on our side.


What am I doing here?
And why are you in this condition?

I am ruined. I am finished.

Stay away from me.

You're a monster, not a protector.

- Stay away from me.
- What did I do?

What did you do?

Like an animal,
all night after drinking, you kept...

I kept screaming and yelling...

that I am a helpless woman,
not some object!

I will kill myself.

I am a monster, not a protector.

I've got no right to live.


I've got no right to live!

I've got no right to live!




If you kill yourself, then you'll
be taking two more lives with you.

- Two more?
- Yes.

Princess Meena and
your child in her womb.

Mamma Mia...

The Royal protector
forgot his own protection.

No, no, don't blame him...

He's just a...

"Soldier, Soldier..."

"Who with his sweet talks..."

"...stole my heart."

These words should
be composed in a song.

even if I accept this relationship...

...the King will never
give his approval.

He will.

Of course he will.

But in order to get his approval

You all must help
me marry Princess Madhu!

She's here. She's here.

Where is Master Bangdu?

Meena? Mala?

Where is everyone?

Save me!

Dharamputra. Dharamputra.

No, listen.


That's your duty,
but this is your responsibility.

Princess. Don't move.

Don't move.

He's poisonous.

If he bites you,
then you will die.

No. Don't look into the spider's eyes.

Look into my eyes.

May I keep my hand on your shoulder?

Look at me.

Are you flirting with me?

I'm not flirting with you, I'm just
speaking in the spider's language.

C'mon, smarten up.


From which mouth do I thank you?

Do it from this mouth.

God's made such a beautiful mouth.

Don't be shy.

You saved my life.


I saved my life.



- Madhu.
- Bala.



Where did this come from?

Bloody fools.

The reason for inviting all of you
here wasn't just for my birthday... fact, I had a different agenda.


Tomorrow, on the final
day of the festivities...

All three Princesses
will choose their groom.

As the tradition follows...

...the Princesses will
set the royal birds free.

And whoever the royal birds
sit on will be their groom.

And now for the most
important point...

The groom chosen for Princess Madhu

will be inaugurated as
the new King of this kingdom.

- Long live...
- The king!

- Long live...
- The king!

- Long live...
- The king!

- Long live...
- The king!


Curse you!

You're getting me wrong, son.

I said disperse.
Meaning leave.

Let the ceremony begin.


Princess Madhu's future groom
and the new King of Sitamgarh...

- Glory to...
- Prince Bala Dev Singh.

Mala, Meena...


This cannot happen!

He's not even Royal blood.

Forget that Suryabhan,
look over there.

What's happening there.

Forget about Royal blood.

He's not even a man.

Your Highness,

Bangdu is a man.

I've checked him myself.

Prince Bala,
now you're the new King of Sitamgarh.

Therefore, your orders are my command.

why are you going into Gama's cave?

Going there is like inviting death.

I am inviting death.

But not my death....

What do you mean?

I mean Gama is my last ticket
to the throne of Sitamgarh.

Suryabhan, what brings you here?

Till date, our personal enmity has
lead to the deaths of many innocents.

And in order to finish this enmity...

...the King has sent you an invitation
to the wedding of his princesses

He has taken the first step
to create peace and friendship.

Brother, we should go there
in order to finish this enmity.

I am a wild dog.

I am as dangerous as I am loyal.

I can sniff out the
traitor from the loyalists.

If I ever see you here again,
I'll eat you alive.

Things didn't go as you had planned,
but at least we made it out alive.

Who said things didn't go as planned.

What do you mean?

Look... Gama's brother.

The food's delicious.

I love it.

- Give me more. Give me more.
- Take some more sauce.

- Sauce?
- Yeah...

If you can get Pasta in this era,
then why not sauce.

Boss, some sauce?

But Dharamputra, you must admit.

God works in mysterious
ways to unite lovers.

God doesn't work in mysterious ways,
his highness Bala does.


I switched the royal
birds with my pets...

Neil, Nitin and Mukesh.


Then where are the royal birds?

In our plates.


Now let's go...

And prepare for the wedding.

What about me, boss?

You go and play with Giggly

Okay boss.

Mamma Mia.



What are you looking at?
This red sign of marriage?

Mirror-Mirror on the wall,
we're husband and wife after all.

Will you tell on me now.

You take a call.

Your Majesty,
how are you so sure that he will come?


You should come as a
representative of Khookha Tribe.

Once the relationship between us gets
better, then Gama will thank you for it.

Gama will kill.


- Long live...
- Master Bangdu!

- Long live...
- His Highness Bala Dev Singh!

- Long live...
- Dharamputra!

- Long live...
- The king!

- Long live...
- The king!

- Long live...
- The king!

Close the doors!


Close the doors!

Your Highness... Gama!

Bala, what are you doing here?

- You hide too.
- But you are the king.

You should protect your subjects.

To hell with the subjects.

- I am leaving.
- How can you leave me?

You love me, don't you?

I don't love you.

I did everything so that
I could take over your kingdom.

And the pigeon that
sat on me...

...wasn't your royal pigeon,
that was my pet.

I had switched them.

I know.

I saw you switch those pigeons.

But I thought you were doing that
because you didn't want to lose me.

I thought you were doing
that for our true love.

And I had such blind faith in
my God and my ancestor's blessings...

...that I switched
those pigeons again.

Yes, Prince Bala.

The pigeons that sat on
you three were our Royal birds!

So our love was true...

...but unfortunately you're
not worthy of that love.

Mala. Meena.

You saved my life.


I saved my life.



You killed my brother?

Until I don't behead every
member of Sitamgarh's royal family...

... my revenge won't be complete!


I remember everything.

Prince Bala.

My poor servant,
your master remembers everything.

Oh shit.

Oh shit.

What happened, master?

This means Kriti belongs to me.

Not Max.

And Neha belongs to Max.

Not Roy.

And Pooja belongs to Roy.

Not me.

Meaning, in this life we're
marrying our sisters-in-law?

Oh my, God.

But maybe God made me remember everything
so that we don't commit this sin.

And so that I can make everyone
remember their true love.

But we only have 36 hours
to make them remember...

- Oh, God.
- God is over there.

Lord, I am running out of time.

Please help your devotee
in this testing period.

Give me your blessings, Lord.


What happened?

Lord, I am running out of time.

Please help your devotee.

Give me your blessings, Lord.

God isn't deaf.
He heard the first time.

Let's go.


- Lord, I am running out of time.
- God, why are you joking?!

The task of reminding everyone of their
past life has been given to a man...

...who forgets everything
all the time.

Let's go, Prince Bala.
We're running out of time.

Pasta, now I must go
to everyone and remind them...

...that Kriti doesn't belong to Max.

She belongs to me.
Pooja doesn't belong to me.

She belongs to Roy.
And Neha doesn't belong to Roy.

- She belongs to Max.
- Mamma Mia

But Prince Bala,
when will I find Giggly, my lost love.

You will...
You will find her soon.

Park the car,
we'll find her till then.

- Park the car.
- Okay

You saved my life.

No, I didn't save your life.
I saved my life.

- Madhu.
- Bala.

- Madhu.
- Bala.

- Madhu.
- Bala.


How dare you?!

You smashed them to pieces.

Bloody creep! You pervert!

You're supposed to marry my sister tomorrow
and today you're trying to kiss me.

I will...
I will kiss you.

- You pervert!
- Baby.

We've been reborn.

- You don't belong to Max, you belong to me.
- Reborn my foot!

My chest!

And not just that,
Pooja doesn't belong to me...

- She's that scoundrel Roy's
- You've lost the plot!

And Max belongs to Roy.

Max belongs to Roy?

Max belongs to Roy?

- You've broken my nose!
- You've gone mad!

Pooja. Sheila.


- Listen to me!
- Mamma Mia, she's Kriti.

Kriti. Kriti.

Go to a doctor and
get some treatment done!

God, why do you always...

Poo poo?

Why do these pigeons only shit on me?

Prince Bala, look at the bright side.

They are making you
look whiter than white.

- What?
- I am joking.

I'll go and make my brothers remember.

Where are they?
This way.

I will tell them everything.

Pooja. Thank God I found you.

I must tell you
something very important.

We're reborn.

Calm down.

Even I have something show you.

No! No! No!

Sister-in-law, please.
Close your curtains.

This is wrong.
Absolutely wrong.

Oh, come on.

No No!

Pooja, Pooja...Pooja
understand what I'm saying!

You're my sister-in-law.
Sister-in-laws are respected.

Give me your blessings.
I am leaving!


It's a sin..I cannot commit this sin!
...It's a grave sin.

I feel like doing
something behind your back.

Then go ahead, baby.

Do whatever you want


Harry, yuck...

- Makeup!

Who kisses their
sister-in-law's back?

That's exactly what I am saying.
Who kisses their sister-in-law's back?

But she is my future wife.

She is not your future wife.

Try to remember.
You love Pooja, remember!

- Huh?
- What?

Pooja! Pooja!

- You love Pooja?
- No, no.

My sister Pooja.
You love my sister?

No, no, baby he's lying.

No baby...look at her face.
She is your sister-in-law.

- Leave her.
- What is he saying?

You shut up! Come outside
I don't know what he's saying

You will remember too!
You will remember everything!

Come outside! Baby,
there is nothing between me and Pooja!

- Get out! Pooja is my sister!
- Don't do this Roy!

My sister is having
an affair with my future husband?


- Listen to me.
- You listen to me!

Wait a second.
Just tell me something.

What have I ever done to deserve this?

Not now, but in the previous life.
But there is no personal grudge.

This is a thought
from the previous life.

To hell with your thought.

Think about Neha.

Neha keeps thinking about Max herself.

- Huh...
- What?

They are having an affair.
They are lovers.

When did this happen?

- One week ago?
- No, no

- One month ago?
- No!

- One year?
- No, brother!

600 years ago.

Have you lost your mind?

- What are you saying?
- Hey...

"I am a guy...that..."

"...loves guys."

"I am a guy, that loves guys."

You were a dancer!

Your teachers were
Prabhudeva and Govinda!

Try to remember.

- 600-years-ago...
- Yes yes.

- Govinda and Prabhudeva were my teachers?
- Yes... yes...

What on earth are you saying?

What did you just say?

What on earth are you saying?

This...mixing up genders.

Why do you do it?

Because you are a dancer.

- You are a clown.
- And you're a donkey's...


Oh, Lord. have some mercy on him.

This pigeon did a poo poo
on me in the morning.

And now on you.

Do you know what this means?

Neil, Nitin, Mukesh..

These three have been reincarnated.

- What?
- Yes...

- The pigeons have been reincarnated too?
- Yes...

We three made a meal
out of these three pigeons.

We made soups out of them.

- I remember. I remember.
- You remember...

No!...I just remembered that
you're the dumbest person on earth.

Neil, Nitin and Mukesh!

Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.

Wow baby, your arms are in season.

- They just grew another inch.
- I see...

- Now my turn.
- Okay

Wow...what a waist.

You lost another inch.

You like it?

- Hi, Pooja.
- Hi

Listen Kriti,
I need to have a word with you.

Go on.

Max, can you please leave.

How rude?
Why should he leave?

Pooja, he's my fiancee.

Say whatever you want in front of him.
We don't have any secrets.

Oh really...

then maybe it's not a secret that
Max and Neha are having an affair.

- What?
- What?


No, baby...she is lying.

I'm not having an affair with Neha.

Mother swear.

Awww baby, I trust you.

And anyway, she's like this.

Like what?
What do you mean by like this?

Kriti, I am talking to
you as a concerned sister, okay

Oh, so as a concerned sister
I've got something to tell you aswell.

Before pointing fingers
at my fiancee... should keep
your fiancee in check.

What do you mean?

Pooja, I didn't want to say this...

...because it will spoil
your mood before the wedding.

But I am sorry, you've asked for it.

Your Harry is a pervert.
He was flirting with me.

- What?
- He tried to kiss me.

He came this...

- This close, baby...
- Pervert!

I knew he was a lowlife, but
I never thought he'll stoop this low.

- I won't leave that scoundrel
- Hey..

Don't you dare say
anything about my Harry.

He's such a decent guy that
he didn't even kiss his own fiancee...

...why would he try to kiss you?


I want an honest answer.

What's going on between you and Roy?

Nothing. Have you lost your mind?

- Don't lie to me.
- Wow...

Match made in Heaven.

Her fiancee is hitting on me...

...and she's hitting on her fiancee.

What a couple.

Wait. I'll let you in
on a little secret about her.

Back in college,
she stole your boyfriend.

By telling him that you're a lesbian.

Don't believe her.

- Shut up.
- You shut up!

- You shut up!
- You shut up!

Keep your volume down!

Have you gone ballistically paranoid?

Sorry but

What is this mackerel,
shrimp, tuna, fish market?

For God's sake.

The henna ceremony is going to commence.

And guests are embarked
their prolific presence.

My God...this is not bus stand,
taxi stand, rickshaw stand.

Try to understand.

Please go to your rooms and get ready.


Such low class people
have come to my hotel

Why did I leave England
and come to this place?

- My God.
- An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Everyone's soulmate is right here,
but where's my silly Giggly.

The apple of my eye.


- Mamma Mia...
- Mr. Winston.

Hey...I fired you!

Who rehired you?!

Mr. Manager, everyone is reborn again.

This nonsense again.

I swear on my blood,
everyone's reborn again.


- Just like the movie "Karz"!
- What is this disgusting?

Get out! Get out from here!

What is this disgusting.
Bloody blood on my head!

How dare he touch my face?

My gosh


Hey Mister!

Bloody idiots.

Why are you upset?
Have some more.


- Harry's really annoyed me.
- Yeah, but what shall I do, man?

- Forget it, man.
- I'm not understanding-

My dear brother.

- You!
- Max!

You tried to kiss Kriti, didn't you?'re getting me wrong.

He only tried to kiss your girlfriend.

- But he licked my girlfriend's back.
- I am not a serial licker.

Listen to me...

- We've been reincarnated...
- Get lost!

And stay away from my Kriti!

- Listen to me...
- Just stay away.

Your henna is so dark.

Very rare.

It's so beautiful.

- Kriti. Kriti.
- You pervert!


No, no

No. I won't touch you.


Listen to me.

Look into my eyes.
Look deep into my eyes.

You will remember something.

Remember what happened in 1419

- Pepper spray.
- Pepper spray?

- Neha listen!
- I don't want to hear anything!

- Give me a towel, man!
- Go to hell.

-Somebody give me a towel!
- You go to hell.

I don't care either.

Bloody pervert.

Mamma Mia,
Prince Bala what is wrong with you?

You used to kill and
now you're getting killed!

My brothers are quarreling with me.

These three women are
quarreling within themselves.

The wedding is in 31 hours.

If we don't do something...

...then we'll have to
marry our sisters-in-law.

Mamma Mia, we prayed to God...

...he will definitely send
an angel to rescue us.

- Where is that angel?
- Here I am.

I remember everything.

I look a little ugly...
People say I am silly.

But I am 1419's...


Master Bangdu!

Your sweetheart's
going with someone else.

In the previous life,
"Oh I am exhausted."

It doesn't matter what anybody says..'re the strongest bodyguard.

What the hell is he saying?!

Meena, Mala, Madhu...

...can I soap your
backs again and rub you.


King Surya Singh Rana.

Stop being over smart

Whenever I wore a skirt.

You would keep staring... me and flirt.


Prince Bala...I remember
your 'Phish Phish'...

This is how you would dismiss.

Who is he?


Mamma mia...Winston
Churchgate is Giggly?!

Aakhri Pasta!

Your love has finally
found it's destination.

"My dear Pasta..."

"...when you lay your sights on me..."

" make this Giggly shy."

"Swing that bat."

"I am your Giggly..."

"This game is so much fun."

You're my husband, I am your wife.

Shower me with your love...
...or I will tear your apart.


- I cannot be your love.
- Hey Mister!

- Show me!
- Wow, so nice!

Hey...tell me,
who's going for the operation?

- You or me?
- Operation.

Of course.
Don't you want kids.

I've even come up with names?
Shabana, Sultana, Ruksana.

And after that...please stop.


You always said that God
will send an angel to rescue us.

- Do you know who that angel is?
- Who?



You anointed her forehead
and she remembered her past.

Meaning, I will have to show
Kriti something personal...

...and then she will remember.

Prince Bala, what personal
thing are you going to show her.

Not that.

Look at this!


- See you at the wedding.
- Bye, bye...


Hey mister... Operation.

- Mamma Mia.
- Hey, come here!

- Hi.
- Harry?

Do you remember?
Do you remember?

- You killed my spider.
- Shut up!

How dare you?

I know guys like you very well.

When you can't score with a girl... throw acid on her face
to vent your anger and frustration.

And since you couldn't find any acid
here, you threw a spider on my face.

- No..
- You freak.

Wait... I am not going
to spare you today.

What kind of a love story is this?

- My bum...
- I will make your bum burn!

- Stop. Don't hit me.
- Say sorry!

First my front side
and now my backside!

Stay away from me!

"You're my everything!
You're my sweetheart!"

My Makduddin...

You cannot die, son. Wake up.

Wake up for me, son.
Wake up.

Do you want oxygen?

Let me give you oxygen
from here

My soulmate!!

Guys! I am telling you, you're making
a big mistake blaming Harry.

He can never do something like that.


Pooja, he threw a poisonous
spider on my face.

He only threw a spider on your face...

...he was telling
me to lick a piece of shit.

- Yuck...
- That's impossible.


Who told you that I'm
having an affair with Neha?


And who told you that Roy loves Pooja.

- Harry.
- See...

Harry is the root of all these problems.
Let's go and speak to him now!


Forgive me, pigeons. Forgive me.

In the previous life, I ate you.

In this life you cannot eat me...

...but you can shower
me with what you ate.

Shit on me.

Shit on me
as hard as you can.

Its the only way to atone for my sins,
angry birds.

Dad. Harry's completely lost it.

No my child, don't lose heart.

I will take Harry to
the best psychiatrist in town.

Please don't cry

No doctor can treat him, Thakral

This is Sitamgarh.

And ghostly possessions
are pretty common out here.

- What nonsense.
- This is not nonsense.

In fact it's the truth.

- My god!
- Look...

"Pasta, when will
we walk down the aisle."

Take a look at the Hotel Manager.

Now he's wearing a sari, he's put on
lipstick, and his voice has changed.

He's behaving so weirdly.

- You're not my wife.
- Come here...


your son-in-law's
been possessed as well.

My poor Harry, he's possessed.

So sorry.

Don't worry, dear

I know someone who...

...who is an expert
in exorcising ghosts.

Ramsey Baba.

Why are we here?

- Scary looking place, man
- Who are we meeting here?

Ramsey Baba...

...he will exorcise
the ghost possessing you.

- Ghost?
- Yes...

But Ramsey Baba has a problem.

- What?
- What?

He's possessed by a ghost himself.

Who's ghost?

His wife.

- What?
- What?

What if he makes things worse?

No, he won't.
He will set things straight.

Because he thinks straight, he talks straight,
and his methods are straight too.


Ramsey Baba is coming
straight towards us.

Hey upside down mister
...look straight this way.


I'll remove your inner cherry.

Sometime I feel I am the God.

Sometimes I feel I am God.

- You're joking..
- And I am not joking.

Yeah yeah

My darling!

I won't give up until I
exorcise the ghost inside of you.

What is going on here?

You think you're an exorcist?

All he does is laze around all day.

And stuffs his face.

But give him a job,
he'll never do it straight.

You guys are here.

I didn't know.

What would you guys like to have?
Black tea, green tea.


How will he exorcise my Harry,
when he's possessed himself?!



Wife strength...husband patience.


- Mr nipples...
- I'll get rid of everything...

With my power and devotion
I will destroy the ghost inside you.


Idiot...what is this?

Take my favourite heroine's name.

Alia Bhatt.

Oh, sorry.

Sorry. Sorry.

Why are you hitting me?
The ghost is inside of you, not me!

This man is crazy!

"Won't you take my blessings?"

He remembers!
He remembers!


Forgive us, birds. Forgive us.

We had heard of a saying,
'bird's of a feather flock together'.

But let's change it a bit.

Birds of a feather,
shit on us together.

Shit on us. Shit on our head.
Shit wherever you want to shit

What is this?

First the ghost was possessing only
one. Now both of them are possessed.

Father. This place is jinxed.

Let's cancel this wedding.

"Then how will we return
Michael and Big Bhai's money?"

No. No, we won't cancel the wedding.

My brothers are not possessed.

If they were actually possessed,
that shaman would've exorcised them.

They are just getting
nervous before the wedding.

I will talk to my brothers.

Meanwhile you guys go and get ready.
Its almost time.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am sure.

"We made a mistake,
please forgive us."

Stop it.

Look behind you!


Wrong. We're in big trouble.

Big Bhai's called a dozen times.

Michael is coming
over for the wedding.

- What?
- What?


So please stop acting stupid and
get ready for the wedding functions.

Max, He was right.

We've all been reincarnated.

Wait a minute.
Let me explain.

Brother, it's very-very simple.

His wife is not his wife.
She is your wife.

And our sister-in-law.
And my wife is not my wife.

She is his wife.
And our sister-in-law.

And your wife is not your wife.

- She is my wife.
- Kriti is mine.


Stay in your limits.

Let me tell you.

Kriti...was mine,
she still is, and forever will be.

Max! What are you doing?!

Stop it you guys.

Prince Bala.

What did you just say?

Prince Bala.



You know, now I've finally
understood fate's master plan.

It's all predestined.

And Mr. Forgetful here...

He caused us so much trouble, because he kept
forgetting! I abused him so much for it.

But imagine,
if he didn't have this condition...

...and didn't wash Michael's money, we
would've never gone after these three girls.


Saving the girls,
and their dad accepting us.

The spinning of that globe
and always stopping on Sitamgarh.

All of this happened so that

we could take on the responsibility
of getting our true love.

The biggest God.

Imagine 1419...

And now 2019.

Even after 6 centuries
our true love still prevails.

- Correct.
- What's correct?

We only have 22 hours
until the wedding.

Let's come up with a plan.

We've hurt them a lot, haven't we?

First let's go and
apologize to them three.

But will they forgive us?

We know that we have hurt you three a lot
and we're not worthy of your forgiveness.

But if possible, please forgive us.

Shit on us. Shit on our head.

Why aren't they shitting on us?

What if they have forgiven us?

O pigeons, if you have forgiven us...

...then please give us a sign so
that we know that you've forgiven us.

They've forgiven us!

He scratched his
head to show the sign!

Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.

Now we must remind the girls.

- Yes
- Come on.

Come on

Bye bye birds!


And my ladies.


Before you react...

- We want to tell you something.
- Speak up.

...their cousin brother,
lets welcome the famous singer...

Pappu Rangeela.

Brother Pappu.

Come, come lets go!


Sounds like some roadside singer.





Where is Pappu?

- "Revenge-Revenge-Revenge."
- Coming. Coming.

We're going.


You've got such a
beautiful voice, brother.

Sing with me.

Sa Re...


You guys sing too.

- Sing guys!
- Sing baby!

Sa Re...

No, no,...

You guys sing...
Sa Re Ga Ma...

Ga Ma...


They are on a higher pitch.

You know what, you guys sing...

Ga Ma Ma Re Ga.

- No, no, no, no
- Why not? Don't be scared.

- Please sing.
- Baby, come on!

Ga.. Ma..Ma.. Re..Ga..

- Sing!
- Baby, come on sing.


Ga Ma Ma Re Ga.


Absolutely right.

Gama will kill.

Our wedding is tomorrow.

On one hand we want
the girls to remember the past life...

...and on the other hand we don't want
brother Pappu to remember the past life.

Otherwise Pappu will turn
into Gama and kill us all.

Why do you think so negative?

- Does he remember yet?
- No.

So then he won't remember.

- Hey! Why are you hiding?
- Let go of me! I don't want to come!

- The sounds are coming from here.
- I can hear that too.


Go inside, and check who it is.

Bodyguard my foot!

That was in my previous life.

You go.

I think he's doing
these things in his sleep.

He's mad, he's smashing
his head against the window.

A L D A B.


Don't move. Don't move.

He's fallen asleep.

But what does A L D A B mean?

What does it mean?

Maybe some shop Dubai?

It's some shop in Dubai!

B A D L A (Revenge)
It means Revenge!


Meaning he's starting
to remember everything!

- Run. Run. Run. Run.
- Gama's revenge! Gama's revenge!

This way.
This way.

Slowly, slowly!

"My sweety,
my angel, Giggly's crazy about you."

- Get lost!
- Hey Mister!

It's time for the wedding.

Where are the grooms?

It's time to marry our sisters-in-law.

Let's go.

We're so screwed and
you're trying to make jokes.

This whole thing is a joke!

The girls don't remember anything.

But Gama's starting
to remember everything.

I say let's just leave everything
and run away from here!


We won't run away.

If God has brought us this far...

...He will lead us
to our destination too.

Mamma Mia.

I've got some extra good
news for you three!

And I am not joking.

Giggly was chasing me...

...and whilst I was trying to escape her
...we landed up in the basement.

Call it romantically or accidentally...
...Guess what I found?


This painting from our previous life.

This is that same painting!

Oh, God. This will
sort out all of our problems!

If the girls see this painting,
they will remember everything.


Pasta and Giggly,
many thanks to you two.

God bless you, God bless you!

Hey Mister!

Come on, let's find the girls
and show them the painting together.


You check in the room
and we'll check the hall.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Even the prince took my blessings!

- You will marry me now, won't you?!
- I will never be your husband!

- Mamma Mia...
- Let me teach you!

Hello, Reception.

Some guy is supposed to
bring the poster of my new album.

Please send him up.

Thank you.

Brother-in-law, please come in.

Brother Pappu!

Oh wow!
You brought the poster.

- Poster?
- Yes.

The poster of my new album.
'Revenge Again'

- Please.
- Here you go.


I'll go and get everyone.

Where are my glasses?

You can't see the poster?

My eyesight is quite weak.

I kept it somewhere here...

Brother Pappu...
try checking under that pillow.

Yes, yes.

- What are you looking for?
- My glasses.


Here they are.

- Thank you.
- Let me clean them for you

Here you are

Thank you.

What is the time?

It's 6 o'clock.

Time to go for a jog.



Only 30 minutes until his
wedding and he's gone to jog.

This generation I tell you...


Papa, where are those three?!
We've been looking for them for ages.

They aren't in their room and they
aren't answering our calls either!

- I was just asking the same thing!
- I don't know what's happening.

- Have you seen them?
- No my dear.



- Long live...
- The King!

- Long live...
- The King!

- Long live...
- The King!

Where did you three get lost?

This place...

Forget the place.

Tell me where are the boys?

Here we are.


- We were looking for you.
- Where is Harry?

Actually Mala...

- Mala?
- Who's Mala?


I mean before we proceed with the wedding,
there's something we need to tell you.

Actually, we want to show you.

Just let Harry come...

Harry is coming.

Is he coming or going?

Why is he wearing jogging clothes?

Where are you going?

Where are you going, meaning?

What are you guys wearing?

Who's getting married?

What do you mean?

You, me and him!
we're all getting married today.

We're getting married today?

Of course it's your wedding today.

Where is that painting?

Painting? What painting?

"Everything's changed."

Oh...I forgot to see the poster.

"The king has sent you the invitation
to his Princesses wedding..."

" a gesture of his friendship."

"We must go there in
order to finish this enmity."

"My revenge will be complete
only after I kill you all."


I am sure Gama must
have seen the painting by now.

- Be strong.
- Not now Giggly, let us think.

Shut up! I'll tell you what to do.

- Take a rope-
- Got it.

- and tie a tight knot.
- Tied it.

And then hang yourselves.

Because when Gama arrives...

He's come!


You killed my brother!

I didn't kill him!

Why did you enter like this?

And Pappu, why were you
singing in such an angry tone earlier?


- C'mon let's go!
- What is going on?!

Will someone please tell me

What is going on?

What do you mean by what's going on?

Gama remembers everything now.

Remembers what?
And who is Gama?

What's happening?

Let me find out.

- Pappu, darling!
- Harry!

Pappu, darling! Come to me!
Where are you guys going?

Pappu, they got scared and ran away

Pappu, my shirt will tear!

Pappu, what is this commotion, dude?

No commotion, only Gama.



You remember everything?!

Yes, my beast and protector

I remember Gama's revenge too!


Gama, hold your pyjama!

I am choking!

You hit my husband?!

I curse you!

May you get diarrhea..

...just when the zipper of
your trousers gets stuck.

You'll be travelling by helicopter...

...and you start to feel cold
and the pilot turns off the fan.

May you rot to death.

May your corpse rot.

May you rot even after you're dead.

May you get beaten by a broom.

And your home's raided.

And worms feast on you.

I'm rotting...


Sweetheart...where do
you go leaving me alone?

These words should
be composed into a song.

I'm not going to spare any of you!

Let's run before
Gama composes our death.

Will someone tell
me what the hell is going on here?!

Don't you remember anything
after seeing Gama?

- Who the hell is Gama?
- Gama...

Pappu Rangeela aka Gama.

Me, Harry aka Bala.

You, Kriti aka Madhu.

Madhu... - Bala.

Madhu... - Bala.

Madhu... - Bala.

Harry, get away from me!

Even with all this chaos around us...

Wait here. I'll tell Pooja.

This guy is the biggest pervert!

You're so cute!


So I was right.
You're having an affair with Roy.

- No, this is just the rebirth...
- Shut up.

What kind of a sister are you!?

I'm going to tell Neha!

Listen to me first!

- "Soldier Soldier"
- "Who with his sweet talks..."

Shameless! You too?!...

- And that too with my Max?!
- He's Dharamputra!

Max. How could you do this?

- You cheat.
- You are-

- Kriti.
- What is going on?

What do you mean by what's going on?
I am trying to tell you!

Max doesn't belong to you,
he belongs to me.

Max doesn't belong to you,
he belongs to Neha.

- And you belong to me...
- Revenge!

What revenge, man?! Let me
explain everything to her first!

Take your stupid revenge
after I explain everything to her!

Wait a minute!

Look at this girl.

- Hit her.
- What?

- Smack her on the face!
- What?!

Give her a tight slap!
Give her a tight one!

- No.
- Hit her. Hit her, I'm holding her hands!

So exciting!

Go into a flashback!

Where have you reached?

Come back from your flashback!

- Do you remember now?
- Bala.





Harry you've started again!

Who told you to hit her again?

Gama can't see. Run!


I won't spare anyone.

Guys, what is going on?!

He is blind, but not deaf.

Don't make any noise.

Come on.

Keep coming
Keep coming

You remember, he's blind not deaf!

- I am a wild dog!
- Come, don't make a sound

Now he has three knives in his bum!

Pull. Pull.

Don't twist. Don't twist.
You scoundrel!

Come, Michael Bhai

Come, come

Slowly, slowly

Neil, Nitin, Mukesh!


Please don't make any noise!

- Hurry up!
- He got me right on the nerve!

Why is there so much silence here?!

It's a wedding, boss.

Calls for an explosion.

Michael Bhai is Suryabhan!

What is going on?

- Please just shut up!
- Which is why Michael Bhai arrived... instead of tomorrow.

To see...whether you three
are getting married or not.

And to see...if someone's
trying to stop the wedding.

Hey overgrown moose...

Bahubali's nephew.

- Should I pull the pin?
- I'm Gama!

- GAMA!!!
- Leave me.

"I am a wild dog."

"I can sniff out the
traitor from the loyalist."

It's a good
shot this monster.

Yes Michael Sir!

This monster made our lives hell.


He stabbed me four times.

Filled my bum with holes.

You can use it to sieve flour.

I am in so much pain right now.

Can you please call a doctor?

Michael Bhai, you won't believe me,

but in your previous life you were...



I remember everything.

Look and learn!

You should take lessons from him.

He just reached and
remembered everything.

Suryabhan! I've been chasing
her around the hotel for three days,

but she doesn't remember anything.

All she keeps asking is...
"What's going on?

What's going on? What's going on? "

- We remember everything!
- Yes Suryabhan

We were supposed to get
married in our previous life.

But unfortunately...

the marriage dais fell
on us.

No Prince Bala!

Prince Bala?

600-years-ago the dais
didn't fall on its own.

Someone made it collapse.

You killed my brother?

My revenge will be complete
after every single one of you is dead.

Make it fall! Make it fall!

Make it fall! Make it fall!

Yes, Bala.

Our love was
left incomplete because of him.

It was him who killed us all and Gama.

Yes, it was me.

I uprooted the pillars.

What are you going to do about it?

And I didn't just kill you guys...

...I even killed Gama's brother.

You killed Gama's brother!?

I killed Gama's brother.

Prince Suryabhan. What are you saying?!

I killed Gama's brother.

Who the hell hits like that?

Michael's flat on the ground.


Why did you take it out?

- Why did you take it out?
- Sorry.

- Why did you put it back in?
- Sorry!

You will kill me before
anybody else will, idiot!

Bala, are you okay?

- Come in front of me and ask!
- Sorry.

- Come in front of me and ask!
- Are you okay?

Yes, I am fine.

This is Dharamputra's fist...

...not Max's.

- Hi?
- Hi.

- Get ready for more
- And...I'm screwed again like London

Wait! This isn't your job!

Prince Bala!

Fate works in mysterious ways.



Same old you,
same old me, and the same old place.

There is one thing about history that
you should know...

When it repeats itself, everyone
seems to be in the same position

There is something you should
know about fate too!

When fate completes a full circle...

...the tables turn on their own.


Won't you hug your brother?

Hey, don't be scared I won't hurt you.

- Are you sure?
- I'm sure!


Gama...won't kill.

Don't cry children.

Don't cry.

Let's go.

God bless.

- God bless you all.
- Bye daddy...

It's alright.


- No, no
- So cute..

Go children, take care.

Don't worry you can come
back after our first night.

No, no

- Don't cry my darling
- It's okay.

Let's take daddy's girls instead.

Come on.

Stay with your dad.

Stay here and lay eggs!

Come on.