House on Haunted Hill (1999) - full transcript

When an eccentric millionaire offer a group of opposites $1,000,000 to spend the night in a so called "Haunted House" with a murderous past, they figure it is a quick way to get quick money and leave. All of them are sure it is some made up story just to mess with their heads a little and test their courage. But, once they stay in the house they start to think about the mistake they made in coming there when mysterious things start to happen. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
October 11, 1931, Los Angeles.

A conflagration of biblical proportions
incinerates nearly everyone... what was once LA's
most celebrated medical facility:

The Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute
For the Criminally Insane.

But the secret this inferno burned free
was far more frightening...

...than any picture
Hollywood could produce.

A sanitarium of slaughter...

...supervised by a surgeon gone mad:

Richard Benjamin Vannacutt.

Doctor Richard Benjamin Vannacutt.

Little known today...

...but likely the most prolific
mass murderer of this century.

He out-butchered Bundy.

He made Manson look meek.

And the site of his carnage
still exists today...

...restored almost to its original state.

But it has yet to be inhabited,
because some say...

...the spirits of Vannacutt and his victims...

...still live within the walls
of the House on Haunted Hill.

No shit.

We'll be back with more
Terrifying But True in a moment.

No need, baby.

You just gave me everything l needed.


Evelyn, how nice.

That is totally fucking fascinating,
but l've got to get back to you.

They're trying to shoot me here.

What is it, Mr. Price, business or pleasure?

Neither. My wife.

Your roller coaster is quote,
''Unlike any that has come before it.''

Absolutely. No cheap thrills.

A journey to the brink of madness.

lt just looks like a generic roller coaster
to me. What's the gimmick?

Ever seen one that starts at the top?

Twenty stories worth of top?

Sources said the reason
your park's opening has been delayed...

...was a near-fatal accident
on one of the rides here.

l wouldn't open this place tomorrow
if every single thing...

...down to the beheaded Beanie Babies,
hadn't tested 100-percent safe.

What the hell was that?

Growing pains.

New steel must bend and stretch a little
before finally settling in.

Don't worry. ln 15 years,
Price Amusements hasn't lost a customer.

l've designed and built six of these places.
Take my word for it...

...everything's fine.

God forbid, if something unexpected
should happen...

...there's always the safety cable.

That does what?

Keeps the cab from just--

Do something!

Like what?

This shouldn't be happening!

Oh, Jesus! Oh, God!

We're all going to die!

Ifyou survived Terror Incognita...

...please exit the elevator now.

From here on, it gets really scary!

All right, princess.
Now, what were you babbling?

Congratulations. On a scale of 1 to 10
on the perversity meter, you just hit a 73.

Why don't we go and celebrate
at some nice, quiet little restaurant?

Houston, l think we've got a problem.

Go stir your cauldron
or something for a sec.

Oh, shit!

We're going to fall!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Problem where? Looked good to me.

Passenger six, he keeps losing his arm.

Disengage the flailing-limb mechanism.
Make him into a screamer.

Here, dear, with a suggestion: Forget it.

Haunted Hill is exactly where
we're having my party this year.

Now, you'll find the guest list
on your desk when you get back.

l got your guest list right here, princess.

l'm going to pull out all the stops.

Excuse me, the people
from HRS Entertainment are getting antsy.

Tell them l'm right there.

Okay! Hi! Stop the car! Get out, please!

Stop the car and get out.

Can you stop your car? Stop your car!

And get out of the car! Please,
sir or ma'am, whoever's in the car, get out!

Hi! Hello.

We must walk the rest of the way
because the driveway's out. Let's go.


Even quicker.

Did l say quicker? l think l did.

l'm sorry. Hi, l'm Watson Pritchett.
l own the house.

So let's move, if we could.

So is this dump really haunted?

lt's pretty scary.

Let's have a good time.

Hold up. l got one question.

Why is this Price dude inviting us
to a birthday party?

l never even heard of him.

Neither had l until he rented the place.
But now l must get you inside, okay?

This $1 million each, though....

That's for real?

Good question. Don't have a clue.

Ask Price.

ls there a reason why
we're not moving forward at all?

Let me get a light. Then we can all see,
and no one'll trip or anything.

Come on. Come on. Little piece of shit.

There. That's better.

The lights are a nice touch, Pritchett.

Thanks. Worked hard on it.
Could we move?

Guess we know where the Prices are.

Okay, let's go up further.

Goddamn, this place is scary, yo.

Where's the party?

Looks like we're it.

Me and y'all three?

Let's boogie.

Where's our host, the fabulous Mr. Price?

Fuck him.
What in the name of Christ is that?

lt must be more
of Price's spook-house bogeyman bullshit.


...that's always been there.
Back when this was an asylum...

...Dr. Vannacutt found it inspirational.

lt's from the Middle Ages or something.

Driving Demons from the Mind.

Kind of scared me as a kid.


...doesn't really scare me that much now.

lt's touching.

-Are you going to come in?
-No, l'm good.

Mr. Price? Mrs. Price?


...Price person?

l don't think anybody's here, man.

So maybe it was ghosts.

l knew this whole place
would be pure gold.

lf l can just get something bizarre enough
on tape...

...l think l can parlay it
into getting myself some sort of a...

...Wackiest Home Videos gig.

You got your own TV show?

Had, sweetie. Past tense.

Currently looking for the right angle
to either earn or fuck my way back in.

Looks like someone's trailer park
is showing.

l wouldn't worry.
l'm sure by the end of the night...

...we'll be hacked into pieces
by something or...


Who the fuck are all of you?

Oh, shit.

l thought you were dead.

Not even fucking close.

Get off of me, you pervert.


l don't think Evelyn's said those words
to anything with testicles.


Very funny, Steven.

Have you?

l think you're taking this awfully well
for a woman who was just nearly killed.

Well, l guess you'll just have
to try harder next time.

That is, if you can get it up.

Not me, tulip.

The house.

l think it's marked you to be the first
to die this evening.

lsn't that how the story goes,
Mr. Pritchett?

You could say that. Sure.

lsn't that how both your father
and grandfather met their demise?

Well, my grandfather did build the place...

...but he actually died in his sleep in Miami.

My father was killed here.

But that was during a construction
accident while he was restoring interiors.

But l'm fine and...

...l'm still alive, and l feel good...

...and l'd love to get paid now.

And on that mercenary note,
let the games begin.

Call me clairvoyant,
but haven't they already?

Finding that out is just one
of tonight's many amusements.

Sure is a funky old house, ain't it?

I gave you a guest list two pages long.
Where the hell are they?

Shredded. Sorry.
Decided to whip up one of my own.

A group so hungry for money
they'd be willing to do anything.

l thought you'd be more comfortable
with your peers.

How stupid of me not to expect something
this twisted from you.

''Congratu-fucking-lations.'' Round one... win.

Not quite. See, those people down there...

...they're not the ones l invited.

-Then who are they?
-You tell me.

l don't know how you managed
to hack into my computer, but...


Come on. You think l'd invite
that bunch of social rejects?

Sure know it wasn't me,
and if it wasn't you...

...then who the hell did? Ghosts?

Ooh, spooky.

lf you really loved me, you'd find a way
to drop dead in the next three seconds.

Finding ways for me to die
is really your deal, isn't it, Evelyn?

Let's not forget the O.J. knife
with the not quite retractable blade.

Your ''Jim Jones Kool Aid''
that was exactly that.

Accidents. All accidents
until proven otherwise.

l'd be so happy
if that were really true, Evelyn.

And positively goddamned delirious...

...if you weren't fucking every living thing
in our area code.

Which part of that fantasy
turns you on the most?

Me with other men, or just the other men?

Everything you do gets me hot,
just not in the sexual sense.

You're hurting me.

l know.

Well, there's the simple country gal
l married.

Let's go down and greet your guests.
Show them the real you.

Corny as Kansas on the Fourth of July.

My guests were shredded.
lt's your sick little scene now.


l'm going to run scalding water
on the place you just touched me...

...and then l'm calling a cab.

Mr. Price?

l think l've done a great job
of getting your guests here...

...and l think l deserve my money now!

Right here, Mr. Pritchett.

All right, Mr. Pritchett,
just let me sign the damn thing.

Just for the record,
what are the rest of your names?

Donald W. Blackburn, MD.

Melissa Margaret Marr. Celebrity.

Eddie Baker. Pro....

Former pro baseball player.

And you, young lady?

Jennifer Jenzen, Executive VP,
Lathrup lnternational Pictures.

Let's have a word, sugarpuss.

I think we ought to have several.

This take a moment. You'll find food
and booze in the main salon.

Knock yourselves out.

As well as five other bona fide bank drafts
for $1 million each.

Made out to cash.

That's what I'm talking about.
And we get paid this money when, sir?

The second the sun hits tomorrow morning
assuming you've stayed the entire night.

And you're still alive, of course.

What are you talking about?

Sorry. Detail I guess I forgot to mention.

You die, you lose.

Your check gets divided up
by those still amongst the living.

But look at the bright side. If there's
onIy one of you still upright at dawn... leave here with $5 million
in your pocket.

This is crazy.

Yes. But hey....

Anybody who's not comfortable
with the rules, you're free to walk.

Seven digits poorer, goes without saying.

I'm ready. I'll walk. Now.

Very good.

Well, l think l can say
with complete honesty...

...l've never heard of any of you.

Great, then why are we here?

How did you make the guest list?
Throw darts at a phone book?

l'm sure the unexplainable
will explain herself before too long.

Jesus Christ.

That's it! Sorry to interrupt here.
Goddamn it!

You give me my goddamn check,
right now!

Because l want it! So you give it!


l'm serious!

l'm sorry, Pritchett.

Here you go.

-You'll miss the bash of a lifetime.
-My loss.

Even if l give you a million?

l wouldn't know what to do with it all.
Thank you.

l think l got to go now.



Now that's ''enter-fucking-tainment''!

This ain't moving, man.

ls this your idea of a joke?

Pritchett's not laughing.

Open! Open!
Open, you stupid, asshole bitch!

What's going on?

What's going on?


-What happened here?

What is that?

A machine from the old asylum.
lt seals everything shut.

lt's how they burned to death in '31.
Dr. Vannacutt threw the switch.

lf he was going to die,
they were all going to die.

Well, no wonder they're still pissed off.

Let's go to the other room
and l'll take care of your hands.

The only survivors were five
of the sadists on Vannacutt's staff.

Why hasn't that machine been disabled?

lt was on my dad's to-do list,
but the house did him first.

You said that was an accident.

l lied. The house is alive.
We're all going to die.

Why doesn't one of us call out for help?

There aren't any working phones
in the house.

l've got my cell phone.

That won't do any good.

lt's the metal plates.

lt's not the plates.

lt's the house!
Why is no one listening to me?

Did you just turn deaf all of a sudden?

lt's alive! We're not going anywhere!
That's it!

So we're stuck here forever?

No, a cleaning crew's supposed to come
at 9:30 in the morning, Jesus!

So we'll just stay here till morning.

Yes, l'm sure we'll be mutilated
beyond recognition by then.

Why do l feel this is a sick joke to scare us
out of our wits and a lot of money?

You got that right.

Take a bow, you sick fuck.

You've outdone yourself tonight.

Scared the shit out of even me.

You've had your fun. Open this place up.

Asking the wrong guy.
Wasn't me who closed it.

Sure it wasn't. Anybody else here make
a living with thrills and chills for the kids?

Don't all raise your hands at once.

You're that Steven Price?
As in Price Amusement Parks?


This lockdown thing, there's got to be
a main control room in this place, right?

ln the basement,
but you won't want to go there.

No, you don't want to go down there.

We will both go down there
and try to put a reverse on this thing.

You're not going to want to go down there.
lt's a maze.

Then that leaves you with two options.

Either show me where
and maybe we get out of here...

...or it's spend the night, sleep tight.


A word of advice, kitten.

God knows what kind of freak-outs
Steven's got set to spring in here.

lf l were you,
l'd bring something to protect myself with.

Baby, don't you think now's the time
to break out your party favors?

What are you talking about?

Same exact setup you used back in '94
for the Son of Sam hunt.

Hilarious. Firearms this time.

Jesus Christ.

The clip's been welded shut.

On all of them, probably.

So how's a girl to know
if these things are loaded, puff?

Only one way l can think of.


l think l'll let the virgin have first crack.

-l don't want a goddamn gun!
-l'll take it. Shit.

-Let's just go.
-l'll meet you all down there.

And where are we off to, Mr. Price?

Checking the wiring
on the animatronic mummies?

Just taking a leak if it's okay with you.

-l got to say...

...coming down here's a really good idea.

l know l'm having a great time.

Yes, well, you're not helping matters much.

Smells fantastic.

Ain't you handy to have around.

l love how nothing works.

Let me get you some light.

These things.

l knew l should have kept my ass at home.

-You're pretty handy yourself.

Take us where this thing's at.

-Come on, man.
-All right. Thank you. Got it.

Hey, Schecter!

Give me a few seconds notice
before you pull a stunt like that.

The lockdown thing?

-lmpressive! Scared all the right people--
-lt wasn't me.

What do you mean?

l was just sitting here and it happened.
l had nothing to do with it.

Then who did?

No idea. Maybe it was just
the thing's time to finally fall apart.

Somehow, l don't know how...

...she did it.

You should really open up this place
to the public, Pritchett.

A spa for people without enough stress
in their lives.

That's funny. Sharp.

l'm the one who didn't want
to come down here, remember?

There haven't been any changes
to this part of the house...

...since, l don't know, 1931.

ls that a fact, Mr. Pritchett?


That's a good way
to get your head blown off.

l'll recommend it to Evelyn.

What's in there?

Someone went to a lot of trouble
trying to seal that up.

l don't know. l've never been in there.

But it's not the way out.

Let's go down here and take a right.

This is electroshock therapy.

There's several of these rooms
hooked together.

Dr. Vannacutt liked to zap his patients
in multiples of 18.

More energy efficient, l guess.

lsn't that pleasant.

How about we go?


Oh, shit.

Guess we should have made a left.

What is this?

This is the saturation chamber.

What's a saturation chamber?

lt's Vannacutt's treatment
for schizophrenia.

What would drive a sane man mad
would drive a mad man sane.

Something like that.
l don't know. Whatever.

lt's supposed to bombard them
with images and weird noises...

...and scare them back to normal.

Lot of fun.

Did it work?

l don't know.

Did it work?

Oh, fuck.


l do not want to be lost down here.

This is not cool.

Let me try something.

Can you get me up?

Here, watch out.

Hey, pal...

...that wasn't code for....

For what?

Could you just shine the light here?


All right.

What are you looking for?

This whole place can't be wired
to just one circuit.


Better than nothing.

Not bad.

Down, big guy.


That was the most fun l've had all day.

You need to get out more.

So who are you...


What? You mean like deep down inside?

We can start with the name
you were given at birth, take it from there.

l told you already.
Jennifer Jenzen, Executive VP--

You're lying. And l don't think so.

Why not?

l've never met an executive
who could tie their shoes...

...much less rewire an entire building.

-Well, there's always exceptions.

What's the truth?

The truth is, if we keep taking rights,
we'll end up where we started.

We'll be out of here in a while and go
our separate ways a $1 million richer.

So what does it matter
who l am or who l'm not?

Okay, so let's say, hypothetically,
l'm not exactly who l said l was.

So you're right, you're a genius.

l don't know anyone that could've seen
through me like that.

Look... real name is Sara,
and l'm an assistant.

Was, anyway, to the real Jennifer bitch
that was invited here.

And now you know. And l'm begging
that you don't tell anyone...

...because l'm out of a job and could use
even a tenth of that money.

You know, if this is your idea of funny,
think again.

ln fact, you're really starting to piss me off.

Eddie, wait!

For a second l actually thought
that you were a decent guy.

What is your problem?

Okay, you win.

You've successfully creeped me out.

What are you doing?

Come on!

Take my hand!

What the hell are you doing?

Well, lookie.
Looks like the games have begun.

-Where's Price?
-What happened to you?

Are you all right?

No, l am so fucking far
from all right it's not even funny.

Someone or something just tried
to drown me in a tank of blood.

Let me give you a hint.

His initials are S.P.

All right. S.P.

As in ''sorry, petunia.''

l was with Pritchett,
looking for the master control.

lt doesn't seem to exist.

Look at this.

What is this?

That? What just happened to you?
That's nothing.

Wait'll somebody lets out the darkness
in this place.

That's a whole new bunch of crazy shit.
You'll hate that shit.

What is this darkness?

lt! The thing! The evil!

The thing that's the rotten core
at the bottom of this place!

The thing that's going to kill us all!
Death by corrosion. That thing!

-Are you under the care of a physician?
-No, l'm not.


...either we spend the night
and collect our money...

...or we try to find a way out of here.

Either way,
l think we should all stick together.

But maybe that's not going to fit in
with your plans, baby.

You know me. The more, the merrier.

l guess somebody better go find
the old game-show hostess.

Where is she?

This is great.

l guess Melissa found
what she was looking for.

Jesus. She's dead.

She was cute too.

God, l'd love to get laid before l died.

How you doing tonight?

Yes, l'm all right.

ls she all right?

l don't know.

What the hell is this?

lt seems to just stop here.

Shit, she's got to be somewhere...

...because she couldn't have
just disappeared into thin air.

Not air.

lnto the house.

There's got to be a way out of this house.

Some way.


l'm talking to you!

-What is your deal? That wasn't nice.
-Easy! Easy!

lf everyone's going to scream at
each other, do it in another room.

Watch it!

l'm about to figure out exactly what,
or who, Melissa was taping.

Then where will we be?

Out of scotch, thanks to you, ass!

l think l got something.


l know it's not good manners
to ask the magician how he did it...

...but inquiring minds
are desperate to know.

Just what did really happen
to little Miss Marr?

Asking the wrong person.

l mean, did she stage it all for you
and then go hide?

Or did you just flat out kill the little bitch?

l pose you the same question.

Who's next on your list?

lf l had one, Evelyn, whom do you think?

For God sakes, we all know that
knocking me off is the bottom line here.

You know l'm not going
to make it easy for you.

You think that's going to do the trick,
do you, tulip?

l would never give you a loaded gun.


Funky old house, ain't it?

Friends, your hostess is now going
to retire for what's left of the night.

lf you need me,
l'll be upstairs in the bedroom.

And if anyone so much
as peeks in the keyhole...

...l'm going to empty this thing
into their fucking head.

Come on.

l loaded them with blanks.

And even if l were going
to murder my wife...

...l don't think l'd do it in a locked house
with quite so many witnesses.

Take this.

What good is a million dollars
if you're dead?

Let's find a way to get out of here.

l'm going to try to find Ms. Marr.

l'm going to go find me something to drink.

How is she pulling this off?

Ms. Marr?

You son of a bitch, l know you're here.

What is happening?


Oh, Jesus.

God, no!

Don't touch her!

Well, turn it off!

For God's sake, somebody do something!

Somebody turn the damn thing off!

Somebody! Do something!

Turn it off!

There's got to be a switch or something!

Open this fucking door!

-You sure this thing will hold him?
-lt won't be a problem.

Come on.

You going to make sure
he doesn't get out?

l'll stay and keep an eye on him.

You'll be okay by yourself?

l hope.

l have to tell you, l'm just a little
bit uncomfortable with this.

l'm sure you are.

Put that away.

Put the gun down, Mr. Price.

Back up, honey.

There's a one in four chance it's you.

Put the gun down!

Let's see who blinks first.

Open the goddamn door!


Open the goddamn door!

l can't! l'm sorry, l can't.

What's this?


ls it too complicated for you?
Let me spell it out for you then, kids.

A: Evelyn sure as hell didn't kill herself.

B: l know l didn't do it.
Which just leaves us with C.

One of you motherfuckers
murdered my wife!

You're talking crazy, Price.

Who'll tell me about the strange guy
with the mustache and the lab coat...

...who l've been chasing
all over this goddamn house?



Some little shit...

...working for one of you,
hoping to pocket several million bucks.

Now l want some answers.

l'm sorry.

She's not dead.
We must get her heart pumping again.

lt's too late.

Baby, l'm so sorry.

l swear to God, it's this house.

Fuck the house!

lt wasn't the house!

lt wasn't goddamn ghosts!

This is, plain and simple,
good old-fashioned homicide.


Open this fucking door!

How about this?


Great party!

l got to go!


Wrong way. l think we should
have taken a right back there.

Back where?

Damn it. Good point.

Let's just try down here.

Yo, Sara, look.

Vannacutt's office.

You've been sick, Mr. Price.

And what do you think, Dr. Vannacutt?

Look here.

What do you got?

Class of 1931.

That's a cheery-looking bunch.

Better living through electricity.

l think--

Oh, my God!

l know how the guest list was made.

Look at these names.

''Head nurse, Ruthe Ann Stockard.

''Electroshock, Adolphus Jenzen.

''Franklin Baker.

''Thomas Steven Price. Jasper Marr.''

-They're all here!
-Who? l'm missing something.

Everyone that was invited... related to one of the staff
that was here when the place burnt.

There was five of us.

Five that didn't die.


What are you saying?

Price didn't make the list.

The house did.

Because she's a vengeful, stupid whore!

How's the house going
to send out invitations?

There's a lot of energy in here.

lt likes to travel through light beams...

...sound waves...

...electricity, whatever.

A phone line?

Sure, now that we're in The Twilight Zone.

lnto an on-line computer?
Through the lnternet?

No, stop. Wait. This is crazy.

You don't...

...get it, do you?

This house is pissed.

lt has no morals.

Because it's a fucking house!

This is insane.

-Calm down.
-All right, l'm sorry about that.


How come Blackburn's name's not on here?

The late Mrs. Steven Price. Tragic.



And suddenly very cooperative Mrs. Price.


What do you think you're doing?

Easy. Easy. Lie back. Be still.

Last thing we need is for you
to have a real heart attack.

You're the doctor, kid.

l guess that atropine crap worked.

Yes. Convinced all those
that needed convincing.

You are officially one dead lady.

Trust me, l've been dead for years.

Speaking of which, what's Steven's status?

Well, he's still alive...

...but it's just a question of moments.

And then your miraculous resurrection.

No, Officer, l'm very much alive.

Just a little joke to beat my husband
at his own clever game.

l'm sorry, ma'am, your husband's dead.

What do you mean, he's dead?
Oh, no, it's all my fault.

l may as well have killed him myself.

No, not at all.
We have all these witnesses that saw....

Well, fill in the blank,
whoever it'll be that shoots him.

l don't know. Puff Eddie?

This could be a big surprise. l think
the Jenzen girl. She's got the right stuff.

Did you ever find out what happened
to that little TV reporter?

No, we never found her.

So we don't even know
if the bitch is dead or alive.

Price must've killed her.
There's no other explanation.

There's plenty! For all we know
Steven's got her spying on us right now!


God, this whole fucking thing's
falling apart.

lt's not, baby, it's not.

Somebody'll pull the trigger.

But nobody has yet, Donald.

They're not at the breaking point.

They must believe their lives are in danger!

They have your death at his hands.
How much more do they need?

But they didn't see it happen.

They still have their doubts.
They're confused.

What we need... another body...

...and Steven's bloody hands
right next to it.

How the hell are we going to do that?

This may sound a little crazy,
but hear me out.

Oh, shit.


-Where is he?
-He's got to still be down here.

-He's dead! We're all going to be dead!
-Stop saying that!

Pritchett, shut the fuck up!

l just wanted to ask you a question.

-Price is behind this.
-How? He's still locked up.

Let's go see.

lt's Blackburn.

Oh, my God.


This is all l could find.

This here.

Well, it's going to have to do.

Are you coming, or waiting for Blackburn?

Blackburn's dead.

Excuse me?

He would've been back by now.

He's dead.

You murderer.


lt's Sara.

Help me.

-l'll help you.

Just keep talking.

lt's okay.

l woke up on the floor.


Stay the fuck back!

l don't know what happened!

l do.

Please, tell me. Help me.

l don't think so!

You got to help me.

Not even for $1 million, Mr. Price.

Help me.

Help me.

Oh, shit!

Grab her gun.

Damn, she emptied it. l got this.

l got this, baby girl. Let go.

There we go.

l'll put this right here.

Okay? Look, it's cool.

lt's me. Okay, it's me.


Poor Mr. Price.

Fuck Mr. Price.

Come on, baby girl. l got you.

-Come on, it's cool.
-Let's get the hell out of here.

l got you.

Okay, don't look. Keep going. Up we go.

Up we go, baby girl.

Almost there. You just get upstairs.

All right, easy. Don't look.

You poor clueless old geek.

All it would've taken
was a simple divorce...

...and ripping our prenup to teeny,
itsy-bitsy little pieces.

But no matter how it ended...

...please just know one thing:

From the first moment l set eyes on you...

...l have always, always loved...

...your money.

On the other hand, just the sight of you
has always made me want to puke.

ls that a fact, princess?

Maybe you could have saved us all
a great deal of time...

...not to mention money,
if you just let me in on it years ago.


You must be kidding!

l'm Steven goddamn Price!

Every place you've gone,
every person you've seen...

...every word you and Blackburn
ever said to each other, bugged...

...taped, seen and heard
by me as it happened!

-Anything, angel!

Just speak it!

What are you going to do?

Just what you wanted everyone here
to believe in the first place!

l'm going to murder you, Evelyn,
with the greatest of pleasure!


They know you're already dead, Evelyn!

Happy birthday, baby!

Get up.

Are you doing this?


Get up!


Oh, Ms. Marr.

Steven, l want you.

l've always wanted you.

We all do.

They're all here.

Everyone who's died.

Everyone who's responsible.

lt's your turn.

One, two, three.

Open the door!

-Somebody open the door!
-Oh, my God.

lt's Price.

Open the goddamn door!

Price is dead.

Open the goddamn door!

Open the goddamn door!



Come on!

What was that?

lt can't be! You're dead!

Pritchett was right. The house is alive.

There's got to be something.
Pulleys or something.

The attic!

Come on!

Let's get to the attic!


Come on!



So much for a Ph.D. in engineering.

l found a way out!


Up here!

Hurry! There is something
of a time issue here.

Come on!

Where are you going?

You have to stay for my show.

Oh, God!

There's light! Stay here, l'm going
to go and see if we can get out this way.

Oh, shit.


Help me, Eddie!

The doctor is in.

No one gets out of here alive.

Not me. Not you.

Next patient.

Ah, Mr. Baker.

lt's time to take your rightful place
with the others.

l had nothing to do with this!

l was adopted!

Oh, God.

What is this?

What is it?

Oh, my God.

That was one kick-ass party.

Okay, one more thing:
how do we get down from here?