House on Fire (1986) - full transcript

In the 50s, the complicated life of a popular writer who must share his life with his family, his numerous mistresses and his work. Adapted from autobiographical story by Kazuo Dan, who published it a few months before his death - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
There is a metaphor for...

...describing a man in the grip
of passions

and pursued by doubt,

which is "A Burning House".


Hurry up!

We'll miss the train!

Quickly now.

You alright?

You stupid bitch!


Had enough! Get home!

Your father... not well.

We'll just have to grit our teeth.


When you have a man and a woman,

sometimes there's love

And sometimes hate.

With my parents the way they were,

I learnt this at an early age.

Soon after, the severance occurred.

Mother fell in love...

...with a young student.

She was at her most radiant.

I saw a change come over her.

Young as I was,

I sensed some mystical force...

...slowly influenced my mother

who bore so much

and took her from us


A word.

You're a sturdy lad

and care so much for your sisters.

Don't cry

if we never meet again.

Because I won't


You're going away with him?

When you grow up, you'll understand.


Our mother abandoned us

and went far away.

Perhaps Mother had her pain,

but as abandoned children,

our resentment of her came naturally.

Anyway back to the today
of 40 years on,

driven by an unreasonable passion,

betraying my wife and children,

I go sallying,
alone with a young lady.

Mr. Katsura!

Give me the bag.

Thank you.

Sorry, I couldn't get a cab.

I was so flustered.

Glad you make it.

We're moving.

What's wrong?

I come after all.

Is it the right thing to do?

Yes, I'm glad you come

Let's go.

Let's sit down


Excuse me,

I'll go powder my face.

I've known Keiko close on ten years.

We're both from Kyushu.

We met when she came...

...with a letter of introduction.

It's poor fare,

but please.

Thank you.

You want to be an actress?


Any experience?


Two years at a small theater
in Hakata.

As a writer

I know little of the lives
of performers.

But you could have...

...ended up alone


Marriage is out of the question.

You can't have children.

That's what I don't want.

It's a hard craft... make a living at.

Then I'll work

Please introduce me to a bar.

Think you can improve your craft...

...while working in a bar?

I hear many do.

A girl talking in mother's dialect.

I became fond of her.

Welcome. Come in.

Is she the new girl?

How do you do?

Congratulations. First day at work.

Super! What is it?

Such fine weather.

Why do I feel so elated?
I know not why.

When I realize today is my birthday

- such elation!

Recalling my youth

when mother was alive.

And then such wonderful ideas...

I am absolutely ecstatic.

It is a wonderful world.



Pray tell me

why am I so filled with happiness?

As if sailing...

...on the sea.

Above is...

...the bright blue sky,

where a big white bird flies.

She's a ham.


Sorry, but we're leaving.

Finished, has it?


Ham, he said? And he left?

I was up there doing my best

and he said that!

Isn't it better than...

...asinine praise?

An actress thrives on...


There is a common saying

even a pig climbs better

when praised

Who needs criticism?

Is that so?

You know only how to write

but nothing else

I'm sorry.

Nasty! Sayonara.

Her innocence was so lovable.

She knew my affections for her,

so she sometimes helped me...

...with urgent deadlines.

Caught a cold, have you?

Blow your nose.

Just your work moves me.

You're brilliant
at capturing children.

You mustn't!

I was kidding.



He's here!



You won the Naoki Prize!

How do you feel about it?

Keiko's joy...

...meant more to me than...

...the prize.

I rued the fact
that we were yet to be lovers.

I feared she'd flee

if I tried.

But today,

I'm taking her north to Aomori.

Directing our destinies...

...towards a catalyst.

The reason...

...was a sorrow

which marred last summer.

Wake up, dear!

Jiro's taking a fit.

Called the doctor?


He's on his way now.

But it looks serious.

Come on, quickly!





will he be alright?

I'd like him hospitalized immediately.

What's your diagnosis?

His neck has knotted.

Possibly meningitis.

Even if cured problems remain,

don't they?

With paralysis

or idiocy.

Be thankful he's alive.

Just do what we can.


Jiro's life was spared.

But as Yoriko feared,

paralysis and idiocy remained.

A year passed.


Daddy! Jiro's back!

Hurry! Hurry!

Right then.

You are back, Jiro?

Thank you.

We're back.

I'll take him.


You be quiet. In here.

I'll do that.

Thank you.

Does Jiro like that?


Jiro is like a baby!

Don't, you'll only upset him.

Don't cry.

Jiro is in the third lane!

He's away with a dive!

Jiro strives in the third lane.

He's gaining ground. Finishing well.

Go. Jiro. Go.

That's great!

Yata, Satoko, Fumi,

everybody swim!

Get moving! Go!

What did the doctor say?

He won't improve.

I see.

I wonder if somehow...

...religion could cure him.

Don't be stupid.

Stupid, you say?

From that day on,

we spoke less and less.

She closed her ears to my protests

and immersed herself in religion.

But who could laugh at her?

Yuriko married to the penniless me

after I lost my first bride, Ritsuko.

She'd raised Ritsuko's son

and borne our five children.

I know well, how much she's suffered.

I mustn't destroy her happy home.

It's been my dictum...

...since our marriage.

But our fates galloped along...

...their chosen paths.


A postcard to you.


They're building...

...a memorial to Dazai in Aomori.

It's an invitation to the ceremony.

Will you go?

But it's on August 9th.


The date

when Jiro was cursed.

Evil will ensue... the hand of a woman.

Women trouble?

So the spirits say.


Aren't you overdoing
this religion thing?

I realize your concern for Jiro.

But don't you interfere my business.

Is that so?

It's too late.

What's that mean?

Why, Keiko, of course

She'll accompany you?

Dazai liked to make people happy.

Mr. Katsura!

She's is the actress... your new play, isn't she?


I know it's rather sudden...

But would she mind reading...

...your dedication to Dazai?



It would mean so much to everyone.

Go on, it must be some kind of bond.

You recite it.



We shared the old days together.

No books

And all our goods...

...went the pawnshop route.

We frequented a cheap whorehouse...

...near Ohkawabata

where we whored

and drank.

We enjoyed those wonderful nights.

Loved them.


women having 2 or 3 partners...

...are filthy.

But those have a thousand...

...are purer than virgins.

Am I right?

Yes, I'm pure as snow.

Come on!


Stop it!

For god's sake, use a condom.

Shut up.

Life! Life... so fragmented.

My actions
and thoughts purely haphazard.

A flock of birds...

...ready to go south.

I'll find a beautiful place...

...near Kammon.

And give up this...

...deceitful, arrogant world


Poxxed, are you?

You should have listened.

Don't jostle, stupid!

Hurts, eh? Seen a doctor?

I'm too broke.

Right, I'll take you.

How's it feel? Tell me.

Like the army's marching through it.

Such poetic prose!

You will make me cry.


You know what it means?

Goddamn well tell me!

Tell me, Chuya Nakahara!

Tell me!

What's with...

...your fish face?

Right, then tell me.

What's your favorite flower?


Say it for god's sake!

Peach blossom.

Call yourself a writer!

What's wrong with that?

Nothing wrong with peach blossoms.

Shut up. Crawler!

Get lost.

You hit me!


You win.

The filthy sadness.

Again, today do the snow flakes fall.

The filthy sadness. Today...

Drink it and jump now,

I'd surely die.

You what?


what d'you say?

Shall we go jump into the dam?

Too much trouble. Sleep.

Right, gas then.

Gas is probably best.


Here I go.

Turn off the light.



I guess you're a survivor.


Feel like...

...betrayed by my whore.

No matter what I do,

I can't bring you back.

Looking at your photos

and drinking amid this illusion,

I weep for you and cannot read.

As your only injurious friend

which tastes as bitter as cheap sake

and burns your stomach.

I won't bring you flowers,

nor lacquerware.

I hear the song of silliness
in liquors




Where are you going?




Yoriko! Jiro!


Where are we?

Hot spring resort.

You told the taxi... come here.

Can't remember anything.

The only room they had?

So it seems.

Sorry, I got so drunk.

You must be disappointed?

You called out your wife's name.


And Jiro's, too.

I had a bad dream.

Yoriko and Jiro followed...

...Dazai out to the dam.

Like a suicide pact.

What is it?

I tried my best to forget.

Forget about you.

But I couldn't.

I feel apologetic... your wife

and to Jiro.

What should I do?

What can I do?


Say something.



Just speak.

Right, the thing is...

What can we do now?


You and I.

What do you want from me?


Nothing at all.


I want nothing.

Just like this is enough.

Just like this.

Let's go.

Take a picture?

I borrowed a camera.



Not yet?


You ruined it. One more.

Welcome home.

Still up?

I couldn't sleep.



I was with Keiko.

That's all I'll say.

I know.

You know?


I know everything you do.

So long as you know.

Then I won't defend myself.

I know it's hard for you,

but please wait
until I sort it out myself.

Where are you going?

Sit down.

I've decided... leave you tomorrow.

Don't say that!

What about the children?

That's entirely up to you.

Please accept your responsibilities.

I do.

But alone I can't do anything.

You could ask Keiko to help.

Don't be so stupid!

Anyway, I'm leaving.

In love with another

I hate to look at you.

Oh yes.

Sorry but could you let me...

...have some money?

I don't have much on me.

30,000 will suffice.

What can 30,000 do?

This is all I've got.

Where will you go?

Thank you very much.


Fumi? Want to pee?

Come with me.

Dad. You came back?

Yes, I did.

Mummy's crying.

Because I came home late.

So make her cry.

You won't go away, again?

No more.

You'll lead me to go to
very many places?

Yes, I will.

Brings the broom.

Not that!

Get back. It's dangerous.

Move away.


Inside with you.

I want to swing.

I'll slide.

Morning Daddy!

Good morning, sir.


Your support over the years
is much appreciated.

No, really...

As regards the children
I beg your indulgence.

I'd take them with me

but have not the resilience.

Really I can't.

You won't consider a change of mind?

No, what with Jiro and all.

I'm terribly sorry.

Mummy, the taxi's here.



I'll wait a week...

2-3 weeks...

I'm never coming back.

But thank you for everything.


Going out, Mummy?

Bye bye!

Must buy the gift to come back.

Bye bye!

She's really not coming back?

Ichiro, call me a taxi.

The master is going out?

I'll work out of a hotel.

Won't be back for a while.

Take care of the children.

Three days passed and a week.

And no word from Yoriko.

Whether to divorce her

and marry Keiko?

The thought spun around... my head.

I came to you after all

Keiko's youthful body, voice

and her love for me...

began to take hold of me.

Taking me to the edge of heaven.

Don't let me go,

I still need you.

I'm not satisfied.

Reality broke through with...

...images of Jiro

and the mysterious smile he wore.

The other children crying out... my head.

Could Keiko fit in... family?

Probably not.

A month at most.

It'd drive us both insane.

From that viewpoint,

and I would be walking a tightrope.


all are in opposition.

All we can do is hold hands

and run through the fiery gauntlet.

Will this do for now?

Thank you.

Are you sure...?

Of what?

That you should tell...

...the whole world.

No difficulty there.

I'm not ashamed of my affair...

...with Keiko.

With our depth of feeling,

it's natural.

That's how you regard it.


nothing else comes from my pen.

I decide to write about the affair

for the while.

I'll get it.


One moment please.

From your place.

My wife?

No, the maid.


Insurance money?

Electricity and water bills?

Very good,

I'll bring the money home today.


Excuse me.

If I could have a further 20,0000
in advance.

I'll arrange it back at the office.

I appreciate it.

Excuse me.

Katsura speaking.

You're here?


Come on up.



Any word...

...from your wife?


What are you going to do?

It must be hard for the kids.


I've brought fruit. Want some?

No, have you had lunch?


I can't.

I'm only on break.

I'll forget my lines.

I tried so hard to memorize them.

The bellboy.

I told them to bring the fruit knife.


Hello Daddy!

Why are you all here, Ichiro?

We all wanted a treat to eat.

Thought perhaps you'd take us.

Well, then let's all...

No problem

It's been ages.

You've all grown.

Hello, dear Fumi and Satoko.

No! Go away!

I eat first.


Treating the kids, eh?



A moment.

I met with Yoriko.

There's no way she'll return.


She's talking about 5 million
in alimony.

What's your plan?

I'll sell the house.

It'll bring that much.

And the children?

I'll rent a house for them.

You have money?

You'll give me an advance
on royalties.

All so simple for you.

How can you...

...throwing it all away.

Should have kept your mouth shut.

Not given her a detailed report.

Don't be frightened!

Takes away the mosquito net.

It's OK. Don't be frightened!

What are you doing? Help me.

Yata hold on!

Don't cry! It's okay.


Don't cry!

I'm back!


Mummy, Mummy, so fearful.

Come help me

I'll light some candles.

Mummy, I'm scared.

Nothing to be afraid of.

Be quiet now.

One for Satoko, and Fumi.

You too, Yata.

Were you frightened?

But no more, right?

Show Jiro the candle.

Not scared, are you?

Who was crying?


Everything's all right.

Don't be afraid, children...

I've caused you great ordeal,

but I'm back.

I've decided my course.

Your course?

I've no need for charms of gods.

I'll live here as mother to Jiro

and the others.

That's great,

the children will be pleased.

But I've one selfish demand.

What's that?

I'll regard you

as their father.

But not as my husband,

you approve?

Well, I...

I leave all in your hands.

I'll just dip out. My regards.


Yes, it's me.

Sorry about earlier.

Now Yoriko's back.

And I've left them.

Let's get an apartment...

...somewhere together.

What do you think?

Can you hear me, Kei?


I'll do as you say.

Thank you.

The apartment that Kei and I took

was in the backstreets of Asakusa.

In a town near the once
Floating World.

Isn't that beautiful.

Like a windmill in the sun.


We lived that year

as if it were our honeymoon.

Bliss mixed with a fear,

that it must end... collapse.

An intrinsic aftermath
of the course we chose.

The punishment that flowed on,

At the moment,

We, hand in hand,

walked the streets of Asakusa.

Drinking in the bustle of the town...

...gave us a chance to forget,

for a while,

the burden we bore.

But one day...

Mr. Novelist,

you've been robbed!

Home, eh?

I'm with the Asakusa Police Dept.

Sorry to intrude.

You must be Katsura?

And you, Miss Yajima?

A burglary?

The culprit marched in

and gave himself up.


It's your boy.


If you wouldn't mind accompanying us.

You, too.

You are a material witness,
after all.

Sorry to keep you.

Please be seated.

I've heard his version of it.

You left home

and he resented that.

Wanted to hurt the lady.

That's the motive.

What should I...

He's still a minor.

We've no wish to prosecute.

We can release him

once his guarantor arrives.

Of course. I am his guarantor


we didn't know of your relationship,

I've asked your wife to come.

She should be here soon.

If at all possible,

Perhaps... separately?


If you'll check the damage list

and see if there are anything missing.

You can use this form.

Actually, I'm a fan of yours.

Read your novels about the lady, too.

You've described me to a tee.

I've allowed the unforgivable.

Terribly sorry.

No, really.

Would you mind filling this out?

Makes you guarantor for his actions.

Put your address here. Name. Seal.

It's been ages...

Forgive me.

Sign here. Was it?

I appreciate it...

It won't be so easy next time, lad.

I expect you'll all have much
to talk about.

Look, why don't we go
and eat together?

I'll take my leave.

I shall, too. Come on.

I'll go eat.

Mom, see you at home.


Just us.

What d'you fancy?

Anything at all.

Delicious, eh?

It's great.

One more - this, too.



I read your novel on adultery.


Will you divorce mother

and marry her?

I don't know.

Will you write about me -

about the burglary?

Here you are.


From today, I'll stand by you,

no matter what.

If it's something... believe in,

I'll stand by you

even if it means death.

Your order.

Grow quickly lad.

Do what I've left undone.

What you've left undone?

You finish

what I couldn't.

Want a drink?



Welcome home.

Did you work it out?

Only Ichiro stayed on.

We ate then he went home.

Why didn't you?

I worried about you.

Therefore you come home so late?

Stop it will ya!

Don't you touch my man!

You stupid bitch!

Stop it!

Bitch, he is my husband.

Shut up.


He is my husband...


I guess

I must apologize to Yoriko.

Are you alright?

What's wrong? Why...

Maybe it's morning sickness

Morning sickness?

What do you think?

Don't you know?


It's my first time.

If I am,

I'll have the baby.

Will you help me?

Hayashi. Here it is.

Thank you very much.


I am sorry.

I'll finish it off later.

Appreciate it.

Thank you.


I'll be off.

Back, eh?

I must talk.

Sorry to intrude.

Excuse us.

What is it?

I am pregnant.

No mistake, the doctor said.

I see.

They asked me so many questions.

Even asked if I was married.

They said it's not easy
to have an abortion

and told me to have the baby.

I want to have it, too!

You really want it?

If so...

If so...?

If so, have it,

I'll stand by you.

No, how can I?

It’ll be your 6th.

And illegitimate.

I'll register it.


I've got a big role

and rehearsals start next week.

It's my big chance.

That means an abortion.



Find one, soon!

By tomorrow,

or it'll be too late.

Yes, but...

Go look now.

Stay with me

when I have the abortion tomorrow,
could you?

I'd like to

but right now...

You know

how my schedule is.

I've got 180 pages
to finish by tomorrow.

I really am sorry.

You are?

I see


Go write your blockbuster!


Don't expect me back.

I'm sorry.

My work could be so passionate

if there are not disturbances
like these


This is only a rumor...

...I've heard...

Tell me. Keiko!

Seems that Keiko and...

and Mr. Shimamura...

Spit it out man!

Who's this Shimamura?

You know, the power-broker.

The Shimamura

In the war he had a special command.

Leading a horde of brigands
in Manchuria.

What's his connection with Keiko?

You didn't know?


I shouldn't really...


Like this...


He worshiped her like
the heroine in here.

Worshiped her?

Well, it's only a rumor.

But you should be careful.

Careful of what?

He's got underworld connections.

Heaven help you
if they thought she and you...

I mean they may...

They may even kill you.

Kill? Kill me?

What are you saying?

Sounds like a cheap novel.

Let's go drink.

But the manuscript...

I want to hear the rest of your story.

But the deadline...
Another 180 pages...

I'll finish it later. Let's go...



What the hell is this?

Kill me? They won't get me so easily.

It's only an old rumor.

Just an old rumor.

I'll go challenge him to a duel now.

No, let's go home...

What did you say?

I'm going to confront Shimamura!

Don't be ridiculous.

Get his address.

I told you he's got bodyguards.

I'm not frightened of them.

Get his address for me!

No. Let's go back.

I'll find it myself!

The deadline!

Get a good night's sleep.

You're drunk.

I'm not drunk. Get off!

Are you alright, sir?


The suicide awakens.

The suicide?

You raved about it all night.

You said Keiko betrayed you

You would head atop a dog
beshitted pavement

I said that?

You got drunk and beaten up

I got you out

Then you wanted to suicide.

It was a real trial.

Said you're Katsura, the novelist.

Split from your wife and five kids...

...for an actress.

And now,

your sixth is on the way?

I said that?

Yes, but you are cute.

I thought novelists were so grandiose.

But suicide -

over a lover?

Such a rarity... these times.

I should weep.

Sorry to be so much trouble.

Are you really sorry?

Then you must come to my club.

I'm Yoko.

I'll never forgive you if you don't,


Yes, OK.


Yes, it's me.

My answer?

I am sorry.

I need more time to think about it.

To go away, so far,

is hard for me...

I'm sorry.

Come in.

I'm so glad you're back.

Sorry about last night.

Not at all,

it was my doing.

No, truly, I'm sorry.

Above that, can you finish today?

You see, I'm responsible...

Of course.

I'll do my utmost.

It'll be tight.

So work out a schedule
with the printer.

Yes, right away.

I'll be waiting.

No fighting, go outside.


Yes. I understand.

Shut up!

The proofreading dept, right?

Yes, I understand.

So even this novel...

...detailing my love affairs

is being written...

...with the help of my wife.

I think it amply demonstrates
my stupidity.

I have no right to pen the sorrow

that transpires between a man
and a woman.

Those around me are all good folk

who've all suffered...

...because of my stupidity.

A young unmarried girl...

...will bear my bastard child.

Even as my wife often remarked...

...on my pain and suffering.

She was sent to bed for 10 days.

That's a fib.


I didn't say that.

And it was only 5 days.

Well, that's poetic license.


To continue.


That I knew so well.

It seemed so natural to me

as if I wanted to go to
the burning house

and peer at mine own handiwork.

Keiko resented my deceit

and left not to return.

Losing the lass...

...I'd loved a full 10 years.

The confusion,

at my age,

has left me void.


Thank you

Nakajima, I've finished.


Thank you so much.


What is it?

The children all...

...went down with colds.

Jiro's nurse quit to marry,

it's been trying.

You couldn't get a replacement?

It's not easy.

I'll get a doctor.

No, I'm alright.

There is nothing we can do?

Only one thing to do.

We'll have to put Jiro away.

Isn't that cruel?

It's crueler on the others

if you collapse.

I am sorry.

His things.

Thank you.

Please don't worry.


Go. Jiro. Go.

What are you doing?



Make it hard for me

and I'll kill you.

Why the silence?

When will you marry me?


Where did you go?

I worried.

Sorry I couldn't go.

How was it?

I had the abortion.

A girl in the cast helped me.


How are you, physically?

Let me tell you.

You don't think much of me.

Don't realize my worth.

You only see the surface.

On the other side
there's another me

that shines and glitters... a treasure.

Half-hidden in a haze.

When the haze clears,

I walk on and off your stage

and become the brightest,

like the Moon Princess.


I am she.

Just Kazuo Katsura...

...doesn't realize it.

When I go back to the stars,

no matter how hard you call out,

I won't return.

Treat me well.

I will. Please forgive me.

I should start writing again.

How'd you finish the manuscript?


Finally I had Yoriko come.

I hate it!

Tell me.

Why must I...

...suffer so?

Tell me.


It was hard on me, too.

Was it?

Tell me about it.

How? Like what?

Because you're...

...the girl of that Shimamura!

Just like that goddamn movie!

I was told that.

That old story?

I've heard it.

That is a misunderstanding.

It's a different Keiko!

It's not me.

You're so stupid!

Why the look?

Are you jealous?

You abandoned me in my need, Idiot!

And have the hide to be jealous!

What are you doing?

Get home to your wife!

Get out!

You hurt me!

Hurt what?

Damn it! Get home to your wife!

Get out!

Stupid bitch.

Stop it!

I said stop it

Stop it!

You hurt me...

Stop it.

What's wrong with you?

I said stop it

Mr. Katsura!

Mr. Katsura!

You broke my door!

I'm sorry.

Are you alright?

Go home.

Get out.

Leave my place.

Get out.

I had no final destination.

Cracked ribs...

...had left me fevered.

The thought of our break...

...frightened me.

So I left Tokyo.

Writing a serial... I journeyed.

Roaming through this ferry...

...for the islands.

Mr. Novelist!

Whatever's happened to you?

Oh, it's you.

Are you hurt?

Cracked ribs.

I fought with her

and she kicked me.

I bet that hurt, Sorry.

I just wanted to surprise to.

Turn out I am more surprised.

Every time we meet, I'm in pieces.


But why are you aboard?

She kicked me out.

I see

And you?


Going to see the old folks.

So you're from the Five Islands?


Nozaki Island, over there.

That's it! Nozaki Island!

I see

How long's it been?

About 10 years.

My god.

Makes me that much older.

Seems such a lonely island.


Mother wrote to tell me...

...the population is dwindling.

That church over there has no priest.

You're catholic?

We were, but not now.

Because my late father...

...was catholic.

Look! See the deer?

I'd like to look around.

Is there an inn?

No, there isn't.

But if you really want to,

you can stay with us.

I'd love to, are you sure?

Of course.

It's a wreck of a house.

This is it.

Mum, I'm home!


Tokuko, you're back!

I'm her stepfather.

I'm Katsura.

Katsura is a famous writer.

He wants to look around.

Well then...

Mother, Tokuko is back!

Bringing a writer with her.

My god!

Thank you for taking care of
my daughter.

Thank you for having me.

Don't be rude,

come inside.


Thank you.

Please be seated.

Your name is Tokuko?

Yes, Tokuko Tanayoshi,

a hick name.


Thank you.

Do you drink sake?

I like a drop. You want some?

Thank you.

We'll have some.

Do we have sake?

Or just white liquor?


We've got lots!

But wait,

I'll get some fish, too.

Don't bother.

Sake will be plenty.

It tastes better...

...with the fish.

Sorry for the wait. It's poor fare.

It's a feast.

A drink, sir.

I will, thanks you, too.

Drink with me.

Thank you.

You mustn't!


Just the one.

Not even one.

You know how he gets...

...after drinking.

Then I'll keep it warm for you.

Help yourself.

Tokuko suffered from my neglect.

It's my entire fault.

Whatever - it's too early to cry.

We can have a good cry later.

I didn't come home for that.

Drink up.

Mr. Novelist

You're working late.



You came to see your parents,

didn't you?

Go talk to your mother.

Don't worry.

What's this?

Local fruit.

A rare find.

Your father?

He's at it again, the noisy bugger.

Let him be.

A local song?

No, Okinawan.

He's from there.

And you?

Mother and I were born here.

My late father, too.

What does it mean?

Whores are of silver.

A wife is of gold.

And you, my dear lover... a treasure of this world.

A treasure of this world.

So bloody noisy! How can we sleep?

Stop it, for god's sake.

Hold me.

Don't say anything.

I lived here for 2 years.

Really? It's great.

Like the stable

where Mary bore Jesus.

A terrible thing to say!

I had a baby here.


His. He raped me.

Man is always...

...doing foolish things.

When I fought with Kei,

I nearly strangled her.

A love so great I could die for her.

I hated her enough to kill.

Will I feel better if I kill her?

Of course not.

When I see a beautiful scene,

I get quiet down

and want to show it to her.

It's a foolish story.

But a foolishness I treasure.

So much pain and sadness

while we savor,

we yearn for happiness.

You, your mother & father.

I love you all.

Mr. Novelist!

Run to me from over there.

From there?


You can't stop and fall in.

It's scary, isn't it?

I dived in,

the night of a full moon.

I sank to the bottom.

Luckily, I was too good a swimmer.

Like an old fairy tale?

My version of Mother Mary.



Let's go back.

I should be kind to him.

After all, he's my Dad.

Will you wait for me in Nagasaki?


Which hotel?

The Seashore Hotel

I'll soon forget it.

Thank you so much.


it was so frugal. Goodbye

Take care.

Wait! I'm coming!


Pull away, quickly!

My timing is perfect.

I enjoyed the trip.

But your mother,

she's crying.

It's okay.

She worries so much,

about Dad and I.

Another day and she'd get crazy.

It's okay.



Take care.

That marked the start of

Yoko and my...

...strange adventure.

Her absolute enjoyment of
my aimless ramble...

...really surprised me.

For me, now,

she's the perfect companion.

She never asks: "What do you want?

Where are we heading? For how long?"

She never questions me.

Know what this is?

Take it away!

It's awesome!

Don't upset it! It's so rickety.

You're a man?

Hurry up...

We made it!

Long live!

Don't cry.

Act as your age.

I'm so cold

So cold

Don't cry. In my arms.

It's getting chilly.

Shall we start off?



Already X'mas,

and it's snowing.

Unusual to have thunder, though.

It's time to finish.


Finish what?


I received a proposal.

I've been putting him off.

Promised... answer by X'mas.

Guess where he's from?

No idea.


A rich old man,

with many mistresses and children.

He's a widower,

so I'll be first wife.

Even back at my mother's place,

I couldn't decide.

But traveling with you...

...has crystallized it.

I've so enjoyed myself.

I really have.

But I can't do this...


What do you think?

It's not my place... decide your future.

I'll miss you.

But can't stop you.

It's such a pity.

Things are hard for you.

A wife, 5 children

and a mistress.

Include me

and there's not enough to go around.

I'll take the first train tomorrow.

Kiss me.

What is it?

We'll say it here.

I'll go to the station.


not on the platform.

Thanks for everything.

Well... Goodbye.

So we split.

So close...

...that protests were not needed.

A kind gentle companion for me.

We shared our time and love.

That's Yoko.

Excuse me.


Mr. Novelist!

Just got back?

Weren't you with Keiko?


The day before yesterday,

she said she was going away.

She did?


See you.

Just wait for a moment.

Please wait.

I am sorry.

Could I have 2000 for the taxi?



Thank you


Thank you.

Here I am - back home.

It has been a while.


A gift for you. A yellowtail.

That's why you're broke?

Yes, it is.



There's none.

The kids asleep?


Can I help you?


You should've stayed over
the New Year.

Stayed where?

Anywhere at all.

But with the fish,

it's like a real New Year.

Happy New Year Daddy!

Where's our red packets?

Right, afterwards.

Come on, get up.

The guests are waiting.

Guests? Who?

Your publishers.

Will you get up!

Get up!

He's here.

Dad is here.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Happy New Year.

Master of the burning house is here.

Happy New Year.

Well, you finally came home...

How'd you know I was returning?

We're here to see Yoriko,

not you.


They said you went to Kyushu

Did you visit your hometown?

All over the place.

Censored, is it?

Unusual for the master
to return home broke.

Especially on New Years Eve.


At least he brought the fish.

That's his master touch.

Regards for the coming year.


Going out?

I'm out of cigarettes.

We've got plenty.

We'll need more, be back soon.


You're back? It's me.


Be right there.


I have a guest.


I'll come back.

If you won't mind, please come in.

Please come in.

Sasaki, from the cast.

Mr. Katsura, the writer.

Pleased to meet you.

Sorry to intrude.

Well, I'll be off.

Doesn't bother me.

I'll come back.

And borrow this.


Excuse me.

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

Interrupted my love affair.

Love affair?

Why yes.

Is that strange?


Three months

and not one word.

I also wanted a change.


Please don't.

Why not?

Why not, Kei?

It won't work out for us.

I am tired.


Please don't ask me
to play this bad role.



Your wife.

Hello? Okay

I'll go straight away.

Jiro's just died.


Just after dinner.

The swimming on TV had just begun.

They all really enjoyed it.

Jiro, too.

Then suddenly...


He dived...

...from the bed

as if he was a starter, diving.

Before we could react,

he was head-first...

...into the wall 2 meters away.

I offer no excuse.

Sorry, Jiro.

To purify you with salt.

Some packages have arrived.


From Asakusa.

I don't know what they are,

so I had them put in you study.


Sorry about the timing

but I got a call form Kei.

She said she sent you some packages,

but there is still something
left there.

I was going to tell you
after the funeral.

Come in. It's open.

Where are your things?


I didn't go to Jiro's funeral.

And to do this at such a time.

Is this the end of us?

Did he tell you... left something here?


You should have just discarded them.

That is just a pretext... see you

and give you this.

I couldn't destroy it.

It's strange.

I thought... with you was best.

But it's become too difficult.

Let's split.

Then... Goodbye.

Shall we drink a farewell?

I have an engagement.

So that is it?




What are you doing?

Daddy's photo.

Who is it with?

Who's the other?


Stop it,

it's dangerous.

Where are you all off to?

Mum's going shopping.

We're seeing her off.

This is far enough.

I'll be back soon.

Could you get some Chinese cabbage.

What for?

Thought I'd pickle some.

I'll be home for a while.

I thought you'd say that.


I know everything you do.

See you!

Bye bye!



Yata, up here. Ichiro too.

What? You'll go down.

What's that! Come on

Let's go!