House of the Long Shadows (1983) - full transcript

An American writer goes to a remote Welsh manor on a $20,000 bet: can he write a classic novel like "Wuthering Heights" in twenty-four hours? Upon his arrival, however, the writer discovers that the manor, thought empty, actually has several, rather odd, inhabitants.

- Kenneth, good to see you.
- Hey, you looking great, Sam.

So, what's the schedule?
Book signings, couple of chat shows?

A bit more than that, I'm afraid.

Half back sales haven't been
quite as good as your last one.

- So we really have to get behind this.
- Why do you think that is?

- Too up market?
- Me, up market? Ha, you're kidding!

Well, I shouldn't worry, dear boy.

I'm sure it will still earn us
all a great deal of money.

That's all that matters.

- Looks good.
- We try our best.

So listen. I'll drop you at the
hotel and you join us for lunch.

Say one o'clock at the club?

Sounds great.

- I'm sorry.
- Excuse me.

No. It was my fault.

I'm suppose to
meet Mr. Allyson here.

My name is Magee.


I just feel you that should be
developing your talent more,

not restricting yourself to the
same type of subject all the time.

You could be right.

Not a bad idea to
change direction now.

It should be the right time to do it
as far as your career is concerned.

- Don't tell me. Love at first sight.
- No. Just feeling horny.

Am I have known, I'd
give an answer like that.

I believe in being realistic
about these things.

Falling in love is very realistic.
People do it all the time.

Not in my novels they don't.
I don't believe in it.

It seems to be the current
trend amongst you young writers.

- Well, it's a cynical age we live in.
- Don't I know it.

When I think of Tolstoy,
Viktor Hugo, Charles Dickens ....

- "Where are they all now?", I ask myself.
- I think they're dead, Sam.

You know what I mean.

They dealt with people,
human passions on a grand scale.

People have different
behaviour patterns now.

They just don't go acting like they
are out of "Wuthering Heights".

Are you trying to tell me
that "Wuthering Heights",

with all its brooding intensity,

isn't as involving as real
as a contemporary novel?

It's over the top.

I mean anyone can
write one of those things.

It's just a question of letting
your imagination go bananas.

You want that kind novel?

I could knock it
off for you in 24 hours.

That I don't believe.

- Ten thousand dollars!
- No, come now.

Ten thousand dollars.
I'll bet you!

- Ken if I really...
- Twenty thousand dollars.

All I just need is somewhere
I can have total isolation,

and above all, atmosphere!

Well there's this friend of mine,
he got a property in Wales.

I gather it's in the
process of being sold.

How do fancy an old manor house,
hasn't been lived in for years?

It's certainly an isolated part of the
country, and as for atmosphere...

- Sounds great.

Now hold on, dear boy!

I mean, it really has been
empty for over 40 years.

There had be no electricity.

Even better!
I can type by candlelight.

- You're joking.
- Perfect for what I've have got in mind.

I'm telling you Sam,
fix it for me, will you?

You're mad. Still if
that's what you want,

I'll give him a ring
and try to arrange it,

just as soon as I
get back to the office.

- I can't wait to get started.
- 24 hours, remember.

That means that you deliver me
a completed manuscript here

no later than, allowing you
travelling time there and back say,

3 o'clock Saturday afternoon.

I'll be here.

The name of the
place by the way is...

I think I'd better write in down.

" Bllddpaetwr "?
- I told you it was in Wales.

Nearest I ever got to pronouncing
it was "Boldpate". Boldpate Manor.

Anybody here?

Good evening!

- Nice to know we're not the only ones.
- Excuse me?

We're waiting for the train
that does not seem to exist.

We've been sitting here in this filthy
dump since four thirty this afternoon.

According to the timetable there
was supposed to be a train at six.

Six in the morning, more like.

I'm sorry. I don't
know anything about that.

I was looking for someone
who could help me.

Only I seem to be lost.

Hardly surprising in this God
forsaken part of the world.

My husband's idea of a holiday.

I've almost forgotten
what civilization's like.

Have you tried the station master?
He might be able to help you.

Station master?
Well, I didn't see any ...

I mean the whole place
look totally deserted.

He was certainly right
here when we arrived.

Excuse me!

I don't know if you can help me but
I'm trying to find Baldpate Manor.

Guess that isn't the
way to pronounce it.

Oh, I shouldn't worry. They are all
like that around here. Hate the English.

This is the first time I've ever
been accused of being English.

If you find the Welsh, they're terribly
nationalists, especially the older ones.

I'll remember that. We're a league
or something to show I'm a friend.

Say, are you alright in there?

Do you think we should take a look?

Well, she did look pretty
strange when she came in.

Excuse me ma'am!
Maybe she fainted or something.

I think cos you're the lady, uh ...

What are you doing?

There was this ... old lady came in and
we heard the sound of broken glass.

We opened the door
and then she had vanished.

I think she climbed
through the window.

If you want to catch the train
you'll have to buy a ticket.

No. No. I don't want
to catch the train.

I'm looking for a Baldpate Manor.

Never heard of it.

Well, actually I guess it's
the way I pronounce it.

Maybe, if I showed
you how it's spelt.

Here, I have it written
down how to get there.

It's just being
dark and all, and I ...

- You mean Baldpetur Manor?
- That's the one. Baldpate.

- Nobody lives in Baldpetur Manor.
- I know that.

No one would want to
live in Baldpetur Manor.

Well, I don't know about that.

All I know is I need to get
there as quickly as possible.

- You do know where it is?
- I know where it is.

Do you think it will be asking too much
if you could direct me there, please?

- It's a cursed place.
- Yes, I'm sure it's drenched in evil.

- Cursed.
- Full of things better not spoken of.

Ahh yes, I saw the movie. Now please,
I have business there. I am in a hurry.

- Will you be travelling by foot?
- I have a car.

Turn left outside the station.
Two miles.

Turn right at the crossroads.
Just go straight on.

Baldpetur Manor will find
you in its own good time.

Keep going after the crossroads.
Come on baby, where the hell are you?

It's good.

What are you doing here?
- What? I ...

- I asked you a question, sir.
- What?

Who are you?
What is your business here?

Listen, I ...

Speak up, sir.
Speak up! Who are you?

Now, hold on a minute.
Like who the hell are you?

Housekeepers, young sir.

We're the caretakers of the manor.

Victoria Quimby, at your service, sir.
And my father, Elijah Quimby.

We're the caretakers, sir.
It's our right to be here.

And you, sir?

I have ... I've got permission to
be here from Sir Richard Torton.

He owns the place.

He fixed it so I could come
down here to write. For a bet.

$ 20,000.
That's a lot of money.

- I only got 24 hours. Jesus!
- Please ...

Excuse me?

I will upon this
occasion, but please

the good Lord did not die on the cross
to have his name taken in vain.

I am truly sorry, ma'am.
Really, I meant no offense.



Well now, welcome
to "Midnight Manor".

The title of my new novel,
if I ever get it written.

You know this young woman?
- Not yet.

Look, I was told by the trustees of
this place, that I have the only key.

Anyhow, it makes some sense that
the caretakers would have a key.

So what's your excuse?

Only that I've got to
talk to you in private.

Please, it is very important.

It's an offer I can't refuse.

Okay, so, what's all this about?

Mr. Magee, you're in terrible danger.
You must leave here immediately!

How come you know my name?
And why the mask in the ...?

Don't ask me to explain!
Please, I beg of you,

just come away with me
now, before it's too late!

Hold on a minute!
I'm not going anywhere.

I've got $20,000
resting on tonight.

- But you don't understand.
- You're damn right I don't.

Now, either you tell
me what's going on or

you pack up your mask and go
back to where you came from.

I mean, what was all that
business at the railway station?

How come you followed me
all the way down here?

I had no choice. I was going
to warn you at the station but,

they saw me. That's why
I had to get out fast.

- Ok. First things first. Who are you?
- Katrin. Katrin De Korsi.

I think I saw one of them outside.
We must go now!

If they find us together,
they will kill us both!

Hold it! Lady, I'm losing valuable
time when I should be working.

Mr Magee, have you ever heard
of an organization called "OPIT"?

Organization for the Promotion
of International Terrorism.

Sounds like something
out of a James Bond movie.

- They're very real, I assure you.
- And you're an undercover agent?

That's why you run around
wearing little old lady mask.

I'm serious.
Deadly serious.

And I suppose that
the old couple downstairs

aren't really humble caretakers
but trained assassins.

Is that it?
Look, Miss De Korsi.

That is right isn't it? I don't
know who put you up to this,

but I'm afraid that the
mistaken identity plot

has be too overworked to
be convincing any longer.

I saw "North by Northwest" too.

But you are in terrible danger!
You could lose your life!

I could lose $20,000,

Goodnight, Miss De Korsi!

Hello? I'd like a London number
please and reverse the charges.

My name is Norton. Thank you.

Terribly I'm afraid.

He just isn't going for it.
Obviously I wasn't very convincing.

I'm sorry to let
you down Mr. Allyson.

It's Sam. Bastard.

Well, you have to admit
it was a little preposterous.

Now actually, what truly initially was
being unmasked in front of the caretakers.

There are no caretakers?

Then who are they?
What are they doing here?

Mr. Allyson, I telling you,
they're here in the house.

Yes, I will call the
police immediately.

- Contraption of the devil!
- I'm sorry.

Hasn't anyone ever taught you
that it is the height of rudeness

to use the telephone in someone's house,
without first obtaining their permission?

You do know.
Leave this house immediately!

I will not tolerate rudeness!

- Mr. Magee, those people downstairs.
- Oh yes! The old couple from OPIT.

- Please, I'm serious.
- You mean, you weren't before?

I'm saying there's something
strange about those people.

They're not who they say they are.

A bit like somebody else I could name.
I heard you on the phone to Sam.

What was the idea?

Keep me distracted so I
wouldn't finish my novel in time?

Wasn't meant like that.
It was supposed to be a joke.

Just because Sam's not taking this
bet seriously, doesn't mean I'm not.

How come the phone
was working, anyhow?

Sam had it connected so I could
let him know how it was going.

- Who are you really?
- Sam's secretary, Mary Norton.

But I am serious, about
those people downstairs.

Sam said there are no
caretakers to this place,

and that there are only supposed
to be two keys to the front door,

the one you have
and the one I have.

Look, as long as they stay out of my
way and let me get on with my work,

I really don't care who they
are, what they're doing here.

- They're obviously harmless.
- They frighten me.

Listen, I'm sorry for, well, you know.
Better not disturb you anymore.

Hey, why don't you hang around a
little. I mean, where you gonna go?

Find a hotel to stay.

Oh, I just thought we could have
traveled back together in the morning.

A few minutes ago you were
throwing me out into the storm.

That was when you were Katrin De
Korsi, superspy. You've got a car?

It's parked around at the back.

You could always call by
in the morning, collect me.

- Maybe we could have breakfast together.
- That would be nice.

- Hi!
- I'm sorry to disturb you.

But there really is something
strange going on here.

Some man has just arrived.


He let himself in through
the front door. I saw him.

He's with the others right now.

This isn't some kind of
new ploy Sam got set up ...

No! I swear it! I just
want to get out of here.

- I'm frightened.
- No need to be.

Let's go and find out
what's happening, okay?

Something moved. I saw
something moved down there.

The place has been empty 40 years,

there seems to be more going on
here than Times Square. Wait here.

Why don't we just find a hotel. There
must be one around here somewhere.

You could write
just as easily there.

Thank you for your
concern, but I'm staying.

- What about the man downstairs?
- Solve one mystery at a time.

- I'd rather not solve any mystery.
- You started it.

Those probably rats.


It was like breathing.
Didn't you hear it?


It wasn't normal.

Let's go solve mystery number two.

What's going on here?
Who are you?

You must forgive my intrusion.

Allow me to introduce myself.
Sebastian ... Rand.

I was driving through
this fearsome storm

when my automobile, heading
to a state of disrepair,

then seeing your
welcome lights in the darkness

I thought to presume
upon your hospitality

and seek shelter until the morning.

- Punch?
- Excuse me?

Would you care for
a glass of hot punch?

Ah, no, thank you.

Look, Mr Rand. I came here
for some peace and solitude,

so I can get some work done.
Important work.

- And might I enquire what kind of work?
- I'm a writer.

Oh, how fascinating!

Don't worry. I have a
great respect for literature.

Within it lie all the treasures
of mankind. Don't you think?

Well, there's a lot of money in it. Yes,
if you turn out the right kind of stuff.

Oh, you make the expression of great
thoughts and great emotions sound vulgar,

- Mr ... ?
- Magee. Kenneth Magee.

And now you're a
famous author, Mr Magee?

Obviously not, or you
wouldn't have needed to ask.

Oh, no no. Not necessarily.

Now I spent the past 40
years of my life in Africa,

so you see, I'm really
not terribly well informed

of what is happening
in the rest of the world,

which is possibly not a
bad thing, don't you think?

Personally, I'd like to know what's
going on. Like tonight, for example.

And the charming young lady at your side.
Is she your wife, by any chance?

No. This is Miss Norton,
my publisher's secretary.

I'm delighted to make your
acquaintance Miss Norton.


Let's cut out all the bullshit.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to upset you ... offend you.

It's just, I'd like a few straight
answers to a few straight questions

and then I can go
back to work, okay.

First of, if you just
happen to chance by,

how come you have
the key to this place?

Out there! Outside! I saw
someone at the window!

He looked straight at me.

Wait here.

There was nothing.
I didn't see anything.

But I did see someone. His face
was pressed against the glass.


I have returned.


- Who might you be?
- I was about to ask the same of you.

Decay! Now there's nothing
but the stench of decay.

Time has such little
respect for man's vanity,

- such little regard for his possessions.
- Listen I ...

Please don't interrupt me
whilst I'm soliloquizing.

Where is the music now?
The sound of laughter.

There was never laughter.

I don't believe this.

I am Lionel Grisbane,
eldest son of Lord Grisbane.

This was my home,
until the dust claimed it.

This room once a sparkled
with light and laughter,

but it's so empty
now, so desolate.

Oh boy!

I think a little hospitality
might be in order.

- I can offer you some hot punch.
- Punch?

Oh yes, of course.

- Kenneth, let's go!
- No. I want to know what's going on here.

- And what about your book?
- How come the sudden switch of loyalties?

Oh, don't make me feel
more guilty than I do already.

I guess you're right.

But I'll be damned if I'm going be
driven out by this bunch of weirdos.

You really must sample my punch
before you go. It's my own recipe.

What do you mean "before we go?"
Listen, I'm not going anywhere.

I have a novel to write.
It's a quarter after eight.

I came here for isolation,

instead it's like I've gatecrashed
the social event of the year.

- So your car broke down?
- Automobile, yes.

I take it you wish to include me within
the auspices of this interrogation?

In which case, I should explain that
my presence here this evening

could either be termed as
circumstantial or the force of destiny.

It's always been my intention
to come back here one day.

I've been living in America since the
war. And I was over here on business,

which gave me the perfect
opportunity to fulfill that intention.

But you must remember that
this is my ancestral home.

My heritage. What I am
lies within these walls.

Does that seem so
extraordinary to you, Mr. Magee?

Or is sentiment now a part
of your emotional vocabulary?

I'm told that there are
no caretakers to this place.

- Who claimed we are not the caretakers?
- My boss. I was speaking to ...

Then he is ill informed.

Well, so what's all this then?

We thought you might be
hungry after your journey.

Don't give me that?
There are five places set for dinner!

Oh yes. I see what you mean.
There should be six.

It would appear that you are creating
a mystery where there is none.

Okay. Okay. Just try and
keep the noise down, alright.

- You don't believe them, surely?
- I don't care! I don't care anymore.

I just want to write.
As long as they don't bother me,

they can perform the black mass
down there and have an orgy.

I don't want to know.

- But they were lying.
- Human nature to tell lies.

Makes life and
relationships more intriguing.

Mr Allyson was worried when I spoke
to him. He said I should call the police.

- So call them.
- The phone isn't working, remember?

- I'm sorry.
- No, you're right. I deserve it.

I wish we could attend
to different circumstances.

To hell with the circumstances.

Win your bet first.

- Yeah. I can smell it, too.
- Smells like a roast.

Smells like we're missing
out on something good.

I guess I could do with a break.

That locked door.
There's something behind it.

I told you, I heard
something or someone breathing.

This place has been
empty since 1939.

Come on. Let's go see what
kind of food they have here.

Will you look at that!

Sebastian Grisbane.

Victoria Grisbane, 1935.

Lady Eleanor Grisbane.

Lord Grisbane, 1935.

Hey look!
This one missing.

Lionel Grisbane!

Come on!

Not another one.

Who the devil are you and
what are you doing here?

That's getting to be the
leading question of the evening.

This happens to be private property
and you happen to be trespassing.

Now I don't know how you
managed to break in here, but...

Where did you get that?

My publisher. He got
it from the trustees.

Do you know Sir Richard Torton?
- Yes, I do.

Hoh, it's good. He's the guy who
fixed it so I could come here to work.

I'm a writer. My name is Kenneth
Magee. And this is Miss Norton.

Ms. Norton, Mr. Magee,
my name is Corrigan.

And might I ask what brings
you here, Mr. Corrigan?

I'm about to purchase the property,
Mr. Magee. I was driving past and

I saw the lights in the window so
naturally I wondered what was going on.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Allow me to introduce
you, Mr. Corrigan.

- This is the Lord Grisbane.
- Lord Grisbane?

His sons,
Lionel and Sebastian.

Well, it is most embarrassing.

- And his charming daughter, Victoria.
- How did you find out?

Portraits in the hall.

Will somebody be good enough to tell me
just exactly what's going on, please?

A family reunion, sir.
I thought that was obvious.

May I offer you some punch, Mr.
Corrigan? It's from my own recipe.

This is incredible!

To have all of you come
here after all these years?

To this empty house,
for a family reunion.

Do you find that so difficult
to understand, Mr Corrigan?

I find it a little bizarre,
under the circumstances.

And it doesn't alter the fact that none of
you has the slightest right to be here!

Right? Three hundred
years is our right!

For three hundred years the Grisbanes
have dominated and held sway here!

History holds no sway with
the present, Mr Grisbane.

Particularly in view of the fact that
I intend to tear this house down

and sell off the land
for industrial development.

- Tear it down?
- No!


All things has pass.
Death is our only true destiny.

Our heritage died long ago.

Died in shame, sir.
Unspeakable shame.

- Yes, in 1939.
- You know then?

Rumours, hearsay ...

Roderick, my youngest son,

it was he who brought about
the fall of the house Grisbane.

The missing portrait in the hall!
- Um, shadows, sir.

Shadows of the past.

We may no longer have
the authority to be here,

but can't you just for tonight
allow us this moment of recollection?

This is the first time we've
been together as a family

since we were forced
to part so very long ago.

Please, I beg of you, in God's holy name,
grant us this one moment of time.

And, please share with us this
evening. At least for a little while.

I don't seem to have
that much choice, do I?

May the good Lord be
praised for his goodness!

You will join us for
dinner, won't you?

Now that there are
no longer any secrets.

It was always our
tradition prior to dinner.


"The force of destiny."

He loved me!
He did love me!

I was beautiful then,
and he was so handsome!

We were to be married!

Ashley! Ashley!

- Ashley!
- Dear Roderick....

He bequeathed us a
private and terrible grief.

Victoria should have learned
to deal with her suffering,

- as we all have in our own way.
- Suffering?

Sometimes I wonder, if you
know the meaning of the word!

Oh, I do, dear brother. I do.

And you really haven't seen each other
since the break up of the family in 1939?

Yes, we've considered that
as accurate, Mr Corrigan.

I went to America,
Sebastian next to Africa,

and Victoria stayed here
to look after father.

His health is not
good, Mr Corrigan.

Shock. Well, war came,
you understand.

And then mother's
death, and Roderick.

What happened to Roderick?

He died, Mr. Corrigan. He was
fourteen years old and he died.

Could that we had all died.

After his died,
his room was sealed.

The locked room, upstairs!

Like all of us, locked
in the past forever.

Doomed family to whom
destiny has denied a future.

Hasn't there been enough lying
and deceit between these walls?

Like Roderick's room,
we are sealed in our own guilt.

Sebastian, you are drunk.

As long as we have to deal with the
problem of conscience, don't you think?

Yeah, it's late, I feel.

You're quite right, sir and I've got a
lot of work to do before the morning.

- Great meal ma'am. Thank you.
- Surely you're not staying?

- Sure.
- But it will soon be midnight!

I thought after you've
eaten your dinner ...

What happens at midnight?

- What happens at midnight?
- Now, just a minute!

Something tells me that this
isn't exactly a family reunion.

- Oh, I assure you.
- You can assure me of nothing!

And I demand to know why you all so
anxious that we leave here before midnight?

Very well, then I shall send
for the police and then they ...

No! Please, I beg of you!

- Mr. Corrigan...
- Tell him Lionel. Tell him the truth!

Mr Corrigan, this is a family
matter. It does not concern you.

But the use of this premises
does concern me, Mr. Grisbane!

So I suggest you take your
family matter elsewhere,

or I shall have you removed by force!
- How dare you, sir?

From our own home,
in the house of our ancestry?

And the property on
which you are trespassing!

- But, we can't leave. We mustn't ...
- Mr Corrigan, you do not understand!

Roderick.... Roderick.....

is still alive.

He brought dishonor upon this
household, sir. Unforgivable dishonor.

- He had to be punished.
- The door. The locked door!

Upstairs. We thought we
heard someone inside the room.

Good God!

Oh no! Sir, you mustn’t go up there!
You must not go up there!

- Mr Corrigan! This way!
- Mr Corrigan, please!

A 14 year old boy.
You condemned a 14 year old boy!

That was his sentence,
he was tried and sentenced!

- To 40 years imprisonment?
- But you can't release him now.

Think what he'd be
like after all this time!

Barely human or raving thing!

Oh please! Don't you understand?
He's dangerous!

Don't go up!
He's dangerous!

I'll get some light.

Mr. Grisbane!

Mr. Corrigan, please.
Think what you are doing!

We were going to free
him at midnight tonight.

That was the reason for our return.
We were going to free him.

- Is there a key?
- Yes.

Hold, sir!

Before you open the door,
think first what you are doing!

- Father, we agreed, all those years ago.
- Hold your tongue!

This is not your affair, sir.
This is a family business.

I beg of you. Consider carefully
before you turn that key.

- Open the door, Mr Corrigan.
- Wait!

What you are about to
unleash is evil, unspeakable evil!

Are you prepared to
accept that responsibility?

Lionel, we must! He's served his
sentence, he's paid for his crime!

Think what he was like, even as a
child. That cruel, twisted mind!

What he did. Leave him
where he is for all our sakes.

Have you no pity?
No conscience?

No, no, no. 40 years I've lived with
the terrible knowledge of our actions.

Try to imagine what he must
be suffering, counting the years,

the months, until that one night.

Tonight. When he would know there
would be the end of his torment.

If we don't keep our
word and release him,

then we are no better than him.
Open the door, Mr Corrigan.

Mr. Grisbane!
Mr. Grisbane!

Mr. Grisbane!

Mr. Grisbane!

You're wasting your time.

He's out there
somewhere, abiding his time.

Well, he was here, earlier
this evening. Mary heard him.

I've slide food to it,
through there.


- Slowly!
- Pa, you'll be alright now.

It's his heart!
Oh, father!

How is he?

Can't you feel it? It's as though
he's watching us this very moment.

Well now, what happens?

I mean shouldn't somebody
be going to find a doctor

get the cops out,
looking for your brother?

You won't have to
look very far, Mr Magee.

Roderick will be around here somewhere.
He's waited a long time for tonight.

It will be no doctor, and no police.

- But surely it's our duty.
- No!

We came here this evening to
unlock the final door to our destiny.

A destiny that was
unleashed over 40 years ago.

Whatever it may demand, if it's
retribution, suffering or even death,

We must accept its judgement.

In the same way that Roderick
accepted our judgment, with no choice?


What choice did that poor
wretched girl have when he

slit open her belly, while
she was still with child?

Yes, Mr Corrigan.

That is the kind of 14 year old boy
that we sentenced to imprisonment.

He seduced a simple village girl, and then
when he found that she was pregnant,

he lured her here with sweet
scented words about love and marriage,

and then under this very
roof, he cruelly murdered her.

But you had no right to take
the law into your own hands.

For centuries, the Grisbanes
have been their own law.

What were we to do? Expose our
shame to the entire world? No!

This was a family affair.
And as such, it received family justice.

Father is dead.

I'm afraid it has begun.

Mr Magee, it's quite obvious that you and
Miss Norton must leave this place at once.

With a lunatic brother running around.
God knows what will happen.

Do you have a car?
- Outside.

I think you're right. I'll go get
my things. How about you?

Oh, don't you worry about me. I've no
intention of being left up here on my own.

I'm going to find the telephone, and
tell the police what's been happening.

- Oh God! I'm sorry.
- It's okay. Don't worry about it.

I just wish it wouldn't keep
doing that. Jumping out at me.

It's all part of being a black cat.
It's one of their specialties.

The only thing is with the door and window
shut, how the hell did it get in here?

Oh, no!

I found these two outside.

- Hello there.
- Someone attacked us.

- Sorry if we're interrupting anything.
- It was horrible!

Our train never came.
The station was shutting down,

and then we remembered the direction
that the stationmaster gave you.

- We just left town, so there's no reason!
- So we walked here.

- I've never been so frightened in my life.
- If we inconvenienced you in any way ...

Andrew, will you shut up and
let me tell them what happened?

Can you imagine!
We were just walking along,

soaked to the skin,
in this God awful storm,

and suddenly, out he jumped and
attacks us, like some kind of maniac.

For one minute he was there,
and the next minute, he's gone.

Yes, I think I must
have surprised him.

- He didn't even looked human.
- Anyway, now we're here

would you mind if we get out
of this thing? We're soaked.

You can use my room.

Mr. Magee, could I have a word
with you for a moment, please?

I'm sure Miss Norton would be kind
enough to show them up to your room.

God! I hate this place!
if it's not raining, they're rude.

If they're not being rude, they're
jumping out and attacking us!

You know, just before I heard that girl scream,

I could have sworn that I saw
something or heard something,

when it could have been
my imagination, I suppose.

However, there's one thing here
I certainly did not imagine.

- Jesus!
- All four tires.

But how?
They've been ripped to shreds.

Judging by the marks
on the bedroom door,

he could have done it
with his bare hands.

My car!

God, I'm absolutely starving! I don't
suppose if there's any food, is there?

There might be some
leftover from dinner.

It would seem, Mr Magee,
that we are imprisoned here.

It would whole lot safer right now
if I had a gun in my back pocket.

We mustn't tell the others about this.
They seem frightened enough as it is.

Have you got any ideas of
how we can handle this if

the guy does suddenly decide
to make an appearance?

If I knew the answer
to that, Mr Magee,

I'd be a much happier man than
I am right now. I assure you.

Mary's car! She said she
parked in the back somewhere.

Maybe he never got to it.

He must have used
a knife or a razor.

I was worried. I wondered
where you've got to.

Just wet that's all. I wonder
if the guy who just arrived ...

Diana and Andrew Kolder.

Yeah, if he had a extra pair of
socks and shoes I could borrow.

I'll go and ask him.

Remember, Mr. Magee.
Not a word.

I don't know if they fit you,
but you can try them on.

Sorry about this, but
it's all I've got to wear.

I hope we're not imposing
on you like this, but Diana...

It was meant to be a fun kind of
holiday, to sort out our marriage,

but to be honest, it's been nothing
but disaster since we set off.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm trying to write a novel.

Really? Well, I am an artist. No, still
struggling. I've had an exhibition.

Even sold one painting, It was
a nude study. I did Dajana.


These are great.
The ribbed one.

That the trouble with Andrew.
He's a typical suffering artist.

He spends all his time being artistic
while everyone else has to suffer for it.

Oh Andrew, darling!
I was just talking about you!


Well, how you're a
creative artist and all that.

Mr. Corrigan was telling
me he collects paintings.

Well, I'm mainly interested in property.
I only deal in art as a sideline.

I used to paint a little
when I was younger.

Indeed I would like to be an
artist, but alas it was not to be.

- Are you married, Mr. Corrigan?
- Yes, I am.

Obviously your wife is
a very lucky woman.

I don't know about that.

Well, to be married to a man
who's successful, rich, handsome ...

- Diana, stop it! I'm warning you!
- What's the matter, darling?

Feeling inadequate again? Do you
want to know the truth, Mr Corrigan?

He's about as good in bed as he is

successful in selling
his stupid paintings!

Oh, you see?
He is such a child!


What's going on?


Victoria, dear!

Oh, no!

The piano wire.
He must have heard her singing.

Humiliating me like that!

Just because I was having some fun.
Well, you're so boring, Andrew!

Running me down the
whole time, flirting with me!

And what if I was?
He's attractive and successful.

Yes, like the others.

Oh, you're just being stupid
and possessive, as usual!

I'm your husband, for God sake.

- Husband! Huh. That's a lie!
- I'm warning you, Diana!

Warning me of what? Another one
of your silly, childish tantrums?

Don't you understand
I'm tired of all that.

I'm tired of you with your
whinings and your depressions?

I've had enough of it all
and I've had enough of you.

Bastard! You bastard! Now see what
you've done! Look at me! I hate you!

Well, there's water
in the jug by the bed.

Sorry about that. We have these
little tiffs every now and again.

No, no, no, no, my dear.
You better not go up there!

- Don't touch her! For God's sake!
- Vitriol!

- Get some water!
- God! Diana! Diana!

Mr. Magee!
- Diana!

Here. Drink this. It will help. I'm
sorry, we don't have anything stronger.

Supposed to sort out all our
problems this trip, and now ...

I don't understand?

Just sit quietly. Keep
drinking. You'll feel better.

- Leave him with me.
- Say, she's probably right.

Women are usually better suited to this
kind of delicate situation, don't you think?




Victoria's punch!

- Oh my God!
- Oh, this is terrible!

I poured it out for him, myself.

Look! The padlock!

- That's how he must have got in here.
- And where he's gone now.


Oh my God! Roderick!
Is there no end to it?

We must get out of here now!

How are we going to
do that without wheels?

- We're miles away from anywhere!
- What do you suggesting we do, Mr Magee?

Stand around, while my
brother picks off each one of us?

Poisoned wine, water jugs filled with
vitriol. That ridiculous effigy upstairs.

What can he do against all of us?

I say let's go and find him before
he finds us! He is only one man.

Even if he hasn't cut
his fingernails for 40 years!

Well, where should we go?

Through there.

Two of us wait here and two
us go and try and flush him out.

- Right. I'll be in the hall.
- I'm coming with you, Kenneth.

The classic heroine line.

To hell with the classic heroine
line. I'm coming with you!

Okay, let's go!

We'll be waiting for you.

The final destined meeting,
wouldn't you say, brother?

Oh, dear.

- Are you okay?
- Cobweb. Sorry.

I must confess, Miss Norton,

I do appreciate what
it must be like for you,

this nightmare into
which you have stumbled.

I have never been a particularly courageous man,

and the event that will see thing
having moved, was disconcerting.

It's a terrible thing, you know, living
on your entire life in a state of fear.

It is all I've ever known. Fear.

Mr. Grisbane!


- I'm over here. Our candles blown out!
- Alright. Stay where you are!

I'll come back!

Here! I'm over here, Kenneth!


Thank God!
I was so frightened!

We'll get you out of here.

So, my dear brother is dead.

- What?
- Hanged.

There is no escape.
Our fate was decided long ago.

The old order is gone forever,

and now we too
must crumble into dust.

Destiny and retribution are
often interrelated, aren't they?



- Roderick?
- Yes. I escaped.

Of course, I did have to
come back from time to time

to convince poor Victoria
that I was still your prisoner.

But for forty years I have waited
for this one final moment of revenge.

Oh Roderick, no,
I was the rightful heir.

By right, all of this
should have been mine!

How could I allow this right to
be forfeited by a cheap scandal.

Cheap scandal?

A simple village girl
and a 14 year old boy?

That village girl that you
seduced, you must demand justice!

And I, your dear brother Roderick,
have come here to pass sentence,

as judge and executioner!

You're wrong, Roderick.
No! You’re wrong!

It's not justice
you seek, it's blood!


Oh God!

I didn't want to fight you.
Can't you see? I know the truth?

- I know how long you suffered.
- Do you understand, Mr. Magee?

- Do you understand your accidents?
- No, I don't understand. I ..

Congratulations, Vernon! What a fall!
All the way down the stairs. Wonderful!

But then, you were always very
good at falling from a great height.

Can't compare my dear Jeffrey
with your famous death scenes

which you've played so
brilliantly for so many years.


Loved the pesos Humphrey.
Loved it darling.

I can see now why you're always
known as the "Water works".

Some call me the big "Drip".
You were splendid, my dear.

Oh, thanks.

After all that
shouting and of coughing,

I practically ruined my voice box.

Oh, I know it.

I always get those sort
of parts where either

I'm covered in blood or
I'm drenched to the skin.

I mean that make-up I had, took
me a least an hour to get off.

I wish I could have died. I just wanted to
do something with a bit more meat in it.

- I know what you mean.
- Excuse me a minute.

- Sir, do you like some more champagne?
- Thank you, my dear.

- Kenny?
- No, thanks.

- You really did fall for it, didn't you?
- Sure I fell for it.

- You really are a bastard, you know!
- I'm a publisher. What did you expect?

Hi, I hope you're gonna forgive
us for our little performance.

Sure am. It was very
convincing. You were great!

- Oh, thank you.
- I really believed it.

Like I believed you.
I thought maybe you cared.

I wish you were a casting director.
What do you think, Phil?

- Oh, I agree.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

Phil is my husband.
I should have introduced to you.

Sure. Of course.

- You're not angry, dear boy?
- No, Sam. Grateful.

You really have taught
me something tonight.

Personal emotions, really are more.
Are bigger than anything.

I always said you had it in
you to write a great novel.

I get the point.

Trouble is, it kind of hurts.

$ 20,000.
Amazing, dear boy.

Absolutely amazing!

- Just don't ask me to do it again.
- Short.

What did you expect in 24 hours?

It's kind of weird.

But somehow writing it, I really
cared about the characters.

It's crazy I mean,
just some stupid story

about the publisher who
makes a bet with a writer.

Not based on anything
that happened, naturally?

Sam, it may sound crazy.

But even with the twist at the end which
exposes the whole thing as a joke ....

- I don't know. It sounds crazy.
- You keep saying that.

But I like it, Sam.
Maybe it is the characters.

Hell, I enjoy doing it.

I can't wait to read it, dear boy.

I'm sure it will make as much money
as everything else you've written.

Great. But is that
what's really important?

I'll give you a ring later.

- I'm sorry. I hope I didn't startle you.
- No!

It's just I've seen you
in here before with Sam.

Oh, Sam!

He's my boss. I'm
his secretary, Mary.

- Norton?
- No. Jamieson.

Hello there.

I usually look after our
writers on their visit.


Tell me, Miss Norton.
I'm sorry, Miss Jamieson.

Do you believe in
love at first sight?

Well, um ...
Why not?