House of the Disappeared (2017) - full transcript

25 years ago, Mi-Hee was an ordinary housewife, married to Chul-Joong with a son. Suddenly, her husband died and her son went missing. This all took place at their house. Mi-Hee was imprisoned for 25 years. She is released from prison and goes back to the home where everything took place. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Hyo Jae.



Hyo Jae...

Hyo Jae.

Hyo Jae!

Hyo Jae.

Hyo Jae.

Are you okay?

It's all right now.

Come here.

Hyo Jae!

Hyo Jae!

Hyo Jae! Hyo Jae!

Hyo Jae! Hyo Jae!

Hyo Jae! Hyo Jae!

A housewife, Mrs. Gang, has
been arrested for murdering her
entire family.

The body of her husband, Mr.
Kim, was found in the home.

Only blood from her son has
been found, but not his body.

Thus, police believe that Mrs.
Gang is the most likely suspect.

They speculate that after the

she likely abandoned her
son's body elsewhere.

Presently, they are doing a
thorough search of the area
surrounding the crime scene.

6617, Gang Mi Hui.

The world has changed a lot,
hasn't it?

Is her house ready to live in?

The electricity and water have
been turned on.

The roof has had some spot

Hey, how can it be repaired
like that?

People in the neighborhood
sometimes make trouble.

They want this house to be
torn down.

There are the stories,

and everyone feels it's unlucky.

Nobody wants to go near it.

6617, Gang Mi Hui.

You know your prison term
has not ended yet, right?

For now, if you want to leave
the house, you must notify the

Until your prison term ends,

these officers will stay here.

Just live here quietly.

Even if you do go out,

don't expect a welcome.

You'll be lucky if they don't
throw rocks at you.

Watch her closely.

Let me know immediately if
anything happens.

Do a good job.

Why didn't she say anything?

Throat cancer.

Come out!

I said come out!

Ji Won, let's go together.

I was late to the academy
class, Mom.

That's why you should go
there straight from school.

- I know you fool around.
- Mom.


You said this yourself.

It doesn't matter if you're lazy,

as long as you're healthy.

That's why I work so hard
at playing!

- Me too, me too!
- You guys are too much.

Are you teasing your mother?


Eat some of this.

No thanks.

Take good care of your brother.



You two, don't spend all day
just playing.

Be sure to get your homework
done early.

Also, your academy teacher
called and...



Finish eating before you go!

We're going!


Sister Veronica Gang Mi Hui.

I'm from the church
congregation... wait!

I heard you previously
belonged to our parish.

Just leave.

Anyway, I actually...

You just need to fill out this

Could I come in for a minute?


Wow, this house.

Every year on Christmas and Easter,

I do a service at the Cheongsim
Detention Center.

What does a priest know
about prisoners?

I know a lot.

All of the people in there,

they are all children of God.

There is no God.

I'm not a believer anymore.

Why did you come to see me?


I came because I was curious.

That day...

what really happened?


I'm the winner!

What do you mean?
I'm the winner!

First place!

Hurry, hurry!

Second place.

I lost because of you.

Oh, I'm dying. I'm dying.


Hey, you brats. How many
hours do you play this?

Where do you get the money?

- Don't tell me you kids...
- Run!

Hurry, hurry!

You brats!

You brats!

I know who all of you are,
you rotten brats!

Yeon Hui,

put out your hand.

See you guys tomorrow!

Take care!

See you later!

What was that?


do you like Yeon Hui?

Hey, am I crazy?

Then why do you take her on
your bike?

That's not because I like her.

Then why?

It's not because I like her.

Yeon Hui doesn't have a bicycle.

Hey, you do like her!

Fine. I like her.

See? You do like her.

I'll tell my mom we did our
homework at the academy.

I already know!

Don't say anything stupid.


We're back!

You kids!

Apologize right now and say
you were wrong!


Your father is a policeman.
A policeman!

You actually play these tricks
out there?

I'm sorry.

I can guarantee this will never
happen again.

Say, you know...

that's not the problem.

It's just...




Take care.

You've been skipping your
academy class.

Move your hand,

or it will get broken.

Okay, you can go.

Ji Won, come over here.

Mom, I'm sorry!

Come here!

I'm responsible for Ji Won.

Ji Won didn't do anything wrong.

That's right.

You're his older brother.
His older brother.

What did the priest say at
mass last week?

He said no matter when,

God is always watching.

What else?

He said sincere prayer will
give you the answer.

That's right.

Every night I pray to the Virgin
Mary for all of you, but...

I guess I haven't been sincere

I was wrong.

You don't mean it.

If you ever do this again...

You know, right?




Then, if I pray really hard...


If you pray, then?

Will I not die as young as Dad?

My son will absolutely not be
like that.

The doctor told me,

in America they are doing
research to cure your disease,
Hyo Jae.

You just need to wait for a while.

You will be cured.

No matter what happens,

I will make sure you are cured.

That bastard, I should kill him.

It's not easy to catch someone.

Why did they let him go
already? What the hell?

I can't even go home.

Damn it.


Honey, it's been a while...

If you want to go out wearing
clothes, don't get caught.

What the heck are you
talking about?

Don't worry about me.

I never expected anything
from you anyway.


Oh, it's because of this!

You're so sweet, Honey.

You're so sweet, Honey.

Seriously, who the fuck am I
working for?

When a man comes home from
work, he deserves to be

Why do you complain...


She likes to play games.

Is it you, Ji Won?

Is it you, Husband?

Stop fooling around.

Who is it?

Who is it?

Is that you, Hyeong?

Hyo Jae!

Hyo Jae!

Hyo Jae, open the door!

Hyo Jae!

Did you just scream?

Ji Won.

Ji Won, was it you?

Did you just scream?



My brother.

Hyo Jae?

He came and he scared me.


Someone smashed the door
and tried to come in.

Then, did you see that
person's face?


It was probably those guys.

Who do you mean, Detective

A gang of Taiwanese kids.

I've been watching a few
of them.

I said they shouldn't let them
go so easily.

Hey, didn't you say you
weren't at home?

They why would they do this
to some young kids?

I guess those red punks took
advantage because I wasn't home.

Hey, it's frustrating to have to
keep every door locked!

Only your wife's fingerprints
are on everything.

It was a little bit strange.

It didn't really seem like a


Say something that makes
sense. Make sense.

Hey. How long have you
lived in this house?

We moved in right after we
were married.

I guess around 10 years.

When we got married,

my boss showed me this

It was empty and cheap.

After Ji Won was born,

I transferred ownership into
my wife's name only.

Hey, Hyo Jae.

Hyo Jae?

Did you see anything here
last night?

Hurry and speak up, kid.

Hyo Jae.

Tell him!

Hyo Jae.

What's wrong with you?

Tell me.

Did you see anything yesterday?

What is this?

Who gave this to you?

Hyo Jae, tell me.

I asked who gave this to you.

Excuse me, Father.

Recently, I...

Never mind.

Ma'am, Ma'am!

Don't be offended, but listen
to me carefully.

The aura of your house
doesn't seem very good.

Our house?

The aura is not good.


they gather there.

Something frightening
happened recently, right?

Call this number.

He's a very skilled feng shui

I've gone all around the outside.


there is something strange
about this house.

What should...


It's a bit hard to explain.

My son is not a child who
would lie.

Could I have some coffee?

Of course.

The energy point is in the
north. The inner circle is dead.


This place is really unusual.

But I am a powerful feng shui

By any chance,

did you move in just recently?


Then have you done any
plumbing or changed the
location of the front door?

We haven't.

You haven't...

Please drink this.

What is down here?

It's just the basement...

We store things in there.

What is this door?

Can I open it for a moment?

O-Open it.

What's wrong?


Just a moment.

Wait. What happened?

Didn't you hear the voices
just now?

What voices?


You should find someone else.

First, tell me what happened.

There is a problem, but I don't
know what it is.

The best solution is for you
just to move out.

The best solution is for you
just to move out.


To be honest,

this has nothing to do with
the feng shui.

Rather, it's... just...

Rather, it's... just...

It would be better to call in
a shaman.


Your excommunication has
been processed.

Fine. You can go.

Could I have some coffee?

I'm sorry that I was rude
last time.

Because I'm a little familiar
with your case,

I've noticed a lot of doubtful

If you'd like to make a confession,

then as a priest,

I am ready to listen to everything.

Last time, you said you
understood prisoners very well,

They're children of God?

Because of those children of

I was almost tortured to death.

Do you know why I held onto
life by my teeth?

Just so I could look for my son.

To come back to this house...

and find him.

That's the truth.

You said you want to know
what really happened that day?


Don't worry what others say.


prefer to believe what you say.

Please tell me.

Who did it?


They did it.

There are others in this house.

Hyo Jae...

was taken away by them.


Gang Mi Hui came here in 1984.

Before that, she was living with
her grandparents, is that right?

Yes, Father.

If that's what it says in the file,

that's how it is.

Then, do you know who lived
there before?

Our information...

that's all the data we have.

I have no way of knowing.

Why get so angry?


Is there a problem?


He keeps asking about No. 34
in Euryong-dong.

No. 34 in Euryong-dong...


Didn't that used to be called
a haunted house?

There have also been missing
person cases.

Right. That one.

There was a murder 25 years
ago and the son is still missing.

I don't really know about it.

Was it in the 60's?

It seems like a whole family
went missing!


When I was in elementary school.

That must have been around
the mid 60's.

A whole family disappeared.
Just like smoke.

It was very mysterious.

That house...

is strange.

It definitely is.

But, Father Choe,

why do you need information
on this old case?

I want to hold a prayer for the
victims in the case.

So you do that kind of thing.

I'm on duty today.

You can look around at your

Brother Bae Du,

please come to our mass
next time.

Oh, mass.

- Go on inside.
- Okay.

November 11, 1967.

No. 34, Euryong-dong.

An incident occurred where a
family disappeared without a trace.

There was no trace of a home

The residents disappeared.

The missing people...

were a mother and two young

Come out!

Didn't I say you can't go out?
I told you to be quiet.

- Right?
- Stop doing that.

Stop moving so much.

I told you not to move. Isn't
this much prettier?

Stop, that's enough. It looks

Just do half of it.


That's okay.

I don't want it.

Who are you?

Get out!

Who are you? Who are you?

Please. Please.

Give me back my son.

Give Hyo Jae back to me, please.

Who is doing this to me?


I must be out of my mind.

Is anyone here?

Are you looking for the shaman?

Our shaman had a little accident.

Actually, she should have been
dead 7 years ago.

But because of her skill,

she was able to hover between
life and death.

She's not able to see now,

but as she moves between the
planes of life and death,

she is able to see.

She heard that you need help.

Your house...

how can you live in it?

Why are you sprinkling the salt?

Gods will step on it as they
come over.

As the ceremony progresses,

you should not step outside
this circle.

Be careful.

That person...

Who is it?


The shaman has now been

Get out of here quickly!

Those people are still here.

Give me that piece of paper.

Why aren't you leaving?
Why aren't you leaving?


From now on, this is extremely

Close your eyes.

You absolutely cannot
open them.

What is that sound?

Just listen.

You can die, so you must not
open your eyes.


You killed my child!

Father, please!

Whose voice is that?

What are you doing?

Both of you did this!
You're both the same!

Daddy, I was wrong.

I was wrong!

I killed my child!

Father, please!

Daddy! Daddy!

Don't kill me! Please don't
kill me!

Please don't kill me!


Shut up!

Stop! Stop!

Stop right now!
Please calm down.

It's not over yet!

If we stop now, something
terrible will happen.

I don't care!

Please leave right now.

I'll said get out of here!

I'm back.

What time is it now, you kids?

It's because I was at
Jae Jun Ho's house.

What about Ji Won?

Where is Ji Won?

Earlier, he said he was leaving.

Ji Won isn't home yet?


Ji Won!

Where is he?

Ji Won!

Where is he?

Ji Won!

Ji Won!

Ji Won!

Ji Won!

Ji Won!

What is this?

Be careful. Be careful.

Seong Chung.

Don't be like this, Ji Won.

Don't die, Ji Won. Don't be
like this.

Don't die.

Don't die! Ji Won!

- Detective, don't be this way.
- Damn it. Seriously.

Ji Won, get up!

- Don't be this way.
- Damn you!

Ji Won.

Ji Won.

Get up, Ji Won.
No, Ji Won.

Ji Won.

Because of you, Ji Won is dead!
You should go and die!

- How could you let this happen
to our Ji Won?

Because of you, Ji Won is dead!

Stop it! Stop it! It's not
Hyo Jae's fault!

Stop it, Husband!

Ji Won! Ji Won!

It's Dad!

What are you doing?

Hurry and stop him.

It was all my fault.

I never looked out for Ji Won.

Hyo Jae.

It's like the priest said before.

When a good child dies,

they will become an angel.



Then Ji Won...

he will be in the Holy Mother's

He will always be with us.

In 1942,

mixing the best Japanese
methods of natural science and

the house was built for General
Watabe Kunio when he came to

Natural science and occultism.

He was very insistent that the
house be built on that location.

On December 12,

General Watabe Kunio and his
family were killed in this house.

Reporter Pak Eul Saeng.

Inside that house,

in 1967,

and in 1992,

similar cases of disappearance
also occurred?


In the story I wrote,

the same thing also happened
in 1942.

That house...


Should I say the "event"?

All of you. What you're
doing is wrong.

- If you continue, everyone will
- At that time,

the exploitation by the
Japanese was just too much.

A great rage was simmering
in the farmers.

As a result,

in order to capture the
General, whom they saw as a

the farmers broke in.


the farmers killed the General
and his wife. That's the report.

In truth,

those people,

didn't kill anyone at all.

Something mysterious had

A housemaid they had captured,

showed the farmers to their
hiding place.

But inside,

there was only the side of a
strange wall.

The General and his wife

had disappeared without a trace.


there were other
disappearance cases?

Even now, I can still remember
what happened back then.

In the basement of that house,

I was not far from death.

I was not far from death.

When you need guidance, Father,

how could I lie to you?


is this truly your will?

No matter what, strange things
happen in this house.


In 1942, General Watabe and
his wife disappeared without a

And then in 1967,

a mother and her 2 daughters
disappeared without a trace.

Another missing person case.


just as you said,

in 1992,

once again, your son went missing.

The cycle repeats every 25

Today is that date.


have seen these people before.


are in this house.


Come out with me.

Father, come outside!

Father Choe!

You know what will happen if
you stay here.

Come outside. You probably
should go to the hospital.

If today is that day,

then I have to stay here.

You're being stubborn.

Those people are here!

It's not time for a church

You might be doing a good deed,

but this causes a problem for us.

The Father is leaving.


If you believe in God as a
priest, then a mother...

will believe in her child.

I am still a mother.

Whether it was 25 years ago,

or if it is today.

Take care of yourself, Father.

Let's go.


Father, come on, come on.

Every 25 years.

Ji Won.

Look at mom.

You must get past this.

If you're sad, then cry.

If it hurts, it's okay to hurt.

I miss Ji Won.

I didn't stay with him.

Our Ji Won...

the Holy Mother will take good
care of him.

Hyo Jae.

Hyo Jae!

This... How can this be?

This is too much.



Hyo... Hyo Jae!

Don't be afraid.

Who are you?

My son. Hyo Jae.

I've been looking for you.
I've looked so hard.

My son.

Let me touch your face.

Look at your mother's face.

Smell my scent.



Ji Won.

Hyo Jae!

Open the door!

Hyo Jae! Hyo Jae!

You must give this to your
mother. Don't ask why.

Make sure you give it to her.


you must not tell anyone
you saw me.

What happened?

Did you just scream?

I never took care of you.


I will take good care of you.

Ji Won.

Let's go see mom.


Ji Won's in his room.


You should not have been
here from the beginning.

How could I be your father?

Don't keep calling me "Dad."

You killed my son.


You killed Ji Won.

No I didn't, Dad.

Get out.

Who are you?

Stay away!

What do you want?

Stay away!

Just a moment.

I said get away!


I'm your son.

I'm Hyo Jae.

Look closely.

It's me.

It's me.

It can't be.

This is impossible.

I prayed sincerely.

I prayed this day would come.

How can you still have this?

Look at me.

You still look just the same.


There is no time.


Father! Father, please
spare me!


What's going on?

What's wrong?

What's wrong?


Let's calm down a little.

Calm down.

You are both the same.

Put the knife down, okay?

Shut up!

Do you think I don't know?

You both planned to run away
after you killed my son.

What are you doing? Huh?

Husband, what are you doing?


Move away.




In order to see my mother today,

I have been waiting 75 years.

All the people who live here

are all trapped in time.

Time is unknown in here,

and we're not aware of each
other's existence.

Every 25 years,

only in November,

a time gap will slowly open up.

On the 11th day,

the door of time is completely

Each of our time lines begin
to overlap.

This house...

is such a place.

Today, I want to take you

back to that time in 1992.

What happened that day?


saved me.

I did?


That's why I'm like this,

and live in here.

This time, you can't do that.

To die in that time,

that was my destiny.

Because of me,

your life fell apart like this.

your life has sunk so low.

Just so I could tell you not
to save me,

I came here to find you.


don't you want to recapture
your lost life?

I think...

I would like everything to
be the way it was.

I have also thought about my
own life.

It has been like being in hell.

I was so wronged.


don't do that again this time.

Please spare me.

You killed my son!

Everything will stop now.

Hyo Jae.


You can't, Mom. You must not.

Mom! Mom!

Hyo Jae.

This is my fate.

I love you.

My son.

Thank you for coming to
find me.


Who are you?

I'm sorry.

You can't touch that child.


Hyo Jae.

Hyo Jae.

My child.


Hyo Jae.

I have to leave now.

Mom, don't go.


Hyo Jae!

If I pray really hard...

will I not die as young as Dad?

No matter what happens,

I will make sure you are cured.

It's all right now.

Come here.


Hyo Jae! Hyo Jae!

Hyo Jae! Hyo Jae!

Hyo Jae!

It's very hard to believe,
isn't it Father?

It's very hard to believe,
isn't it Father?

To be honest...

it is.

He's still very upset.

Hyo Jae.

Jun Ho?


Hyo Jae,

I won't be here much longer.

I have to go someplace far away.


Can't I go with you?

It's too far.


Someday you can go there.

You are the most important
thing to me.

Way back then.

Right now.

And in the future.



Who is this child?

This child is that criminal's son.


The one who went missing
25 years ago.

That son.

Didn't you go in there alone?

At the end of a very long journey,

he has come from the past
to the present.

Wow, Father.

You're pretty funny.

That priest is weird.


this is my final confession.


am a sinner who killed her husband.

Soon I will go to be with
our Heavenly Father,

and pay the price for my sins.

Hyo Jae,

has a hereditary heart disease.

It may be shameless of me,

but still I beg you to take
him and save his life.

Take him somewhere they can
cure him.

So that Hyo Jae will be able to
see this beautiful world,

please help him, Father.

Please do that for me.