House of Time (2015) - full transcript

Robert d'Eglantine invites five of his friends to spend a week-end in his castle, lost in the woods. He explains to them that he studied secret documents on nazi scientific researchs during World War II. These researches were on time travelling and he's able now to take his guests into an amazing trip seventhy years back in time, in 1944, during the Occupation and only few weeks before the landing in Normandy. The demonstration seems to be a big joke but once in the past our characters will be facing troubling events. Real time travel or devilish game meticulously crafted? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Did we really do it?


Travel through time?


Are we really in 1944?

He's made you believe so.

He's very good.

Did Robert invite you too?


We're old friends.

That's Zack.


Not going in?

We tried. It's locked.


I'm Catherine.


Lynn. My name's Lynn.

A pleasure.


I'll show you to your rooms.

Robert's not here right now.

He insists you be in the grand salon
at 8:30 precisely.

Don't be late.

Welcome to the Château d'Eglantine.

My friends...

You must be wondering
what you're doing here.

I shall tell you.

But first I should introduce you
to each other.

If you haven't already done so.

That is Zack Finkelstein.

A name you've seen
on the posters of plenty of films.

In particular
he produced Blind Vengeance,

Blood Thrill, Ghost in Hell...

Since Zack and I met, we've wanted
to do great things together.

Our ambition is to realise
the "total spectacle".

I'll introduce
my valued collaborator...

Lynn Foley.

Spending time with you

may be a fascinating experience.


Catherine Bénichou.

I adore her!

So much so
that I introduced her

to her fiancé, Philippe.

For once you're wrong, Robert.

- Philippe and I are not engaged.
- Splitting hairs!

We're as good as.

That's the extremely caustic Philippe.

Destined to be a great auctioneer.

Isn't this old wiring dangerous?

Better be careful, then.

Everything seems to be
in its original state.


I insisted
on strictly authentic furnishings.

Céline's The School of Corpses,

Doriot's Remaking France...

- A collection of wartime collaborators!
- Not only.

Balzac, Maupassant, Zola...
But they're all editions

from before the 1940s.

A connoisseur!

Philippe isn't only a book-lover,

he's also an expert on the Third Reich.

Fascinated by Nazis!

There she is,

Elsa Orsic, my personal physician.

And lastly...

Louis Legarec, the only novelist
more romantic than Guillaume Musso.

Stop prevaricating, Robert.

What do you have for us?

My friends,

have you heard of Schutzstaffel E4?

Schutzstaffel was the SS, but E4...?

It was a branch of the SS,

whose mission,

top secret,
was to develop new means of propulsion.

An SS colonel,
who was also a quantum physicist,

was put in charge.

His name was Hans Kammler.

This is Himmler's letter,
conferring the project on him.

He had access to funds
deposited in various Swiss banks.

Numbered accounts still untouched.

A tidy sum.

- Pure sci-fi!
- I think it's exciting.

Kammler and his team were working
on a particle accelerator

capable of generating a magnetic field

with the particularity of being
isolated from all other magnetic fields,

including gravity.

This is why it was called the Soliton.

One would be able
to levitate any object,

whatever its mass.

You want to lift the house?

The anti-gravity potential

is not the reason
I invited you here this weekend.

This is a Spectran.

With this object,

I've located the trace
of a very special wave

still emitting strongly in the present.

By studying Kammler's writings,

I have pinpointed this magnetic field
very exactly in time.


at exactly 11:37,

when I press this button,

our space-time continuum
will come into conjunction

with a rift in time,

opening a tunnel
between the exact time and date of today

and the time and date
the Soliton was created, 70 years ago.

Or, more precisely,

18th May 1944.

Cut out the coke, Robert!

Here, Philippe,
I know you like Omega watches.

I found a beauty from the 1940s.

I can feel my character coming alive!

Well done, Elsa. That's perfect.

I love your Elsa!

What a wardrobe mistress!

I'm not a wardrobe mistress,
I'm a nurse.


Will there be casualties?

You always need someone for first aid,
to be on the safe side.

Zack, your cigarettes.

I know they're killers.

Camels in occupied France especially!


What do you think?

Who are you, Louis?

I'm Louis Legarec,

highways engineer,

staying with my friend,

Robert d'Eglantine.

Very nice.

You have a gift
for inventing characters.

Come with me.

And me?

Who am I?

My friends.

Less than two minutes to go.

Can one smoke during time travel?

It doesn't matter.

- Do you have a cigarette?
- No.

Will there be turbulence?

You won't feel a thing.



We've gone back 70 years.

That's correct.

It's 18th May 1944.

11:38 p.m.

Nice one!

Isn't it wonderful?

What's that noise?

Just then
there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

I'll go.

Careful, Louis.

If you open that door,
you could change all of history.

Is that all?

- Is she dead?
- No, she's breathing.

Give her room, she needs air.

Hands off.

Leave her to me.

Zack, we said you can't speak!

English? Are you English?

No, he's a mute.

What happened?

- They shot at me.
- Shot?

Who shot at you?

The Krauts!

Oh, yes, the Krauts. Eh, Louis?

She needs attention.

Makes sense.

Can you walk if I support you?


No, leave her.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Leave us, Louis.

I don't need your help.

Where did you find her?


You saw, she just showed up.

Wasn't she in that film we saw, Zack?

Yes, that one with Jason Statham.


I don't think so.

I'll get her details.

Off who? The Gestapo?

That's enough now.

It seems I'm the only one
who doesn't find this funny.

Put the outside lights on.
I can't see a thing.

There aren't any.

Where's my car?

You mean:

"When is my car?"

You're so childish, Robert.

Don't worry about your car.

It's nice and safe...

in 2014.

Yeah, right!


He's mental! He's hidden the cars.

Can you call me a taxi?

What's wrong now?

- Not having fun?
- Not at all. Call me a taxi.

- You kept your mobile?
- I'm waiting for news of a sale.

I asked you not to.

There's no signal.


What do you mean?

What's that?

It's the Führer.

Robert, you're going too far.

- You tampered with my phone!
- No.

It's picking up the wireless.

I love that!


I extracted this from her shoulder.

Luckily, it missed the bone.

She's sleeping.

May I?


Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken.

A genuine bullet
from a 9mm Luger Parabellum,

a handgun made between the years 1935

and 1944.

From an antique dealer?

I've seen some before,
but this has no rust.

It's not an antique.

It was shot recently.

Recently, yes.

I just took it out
of that poor girl's shoulder.

Yeah, but...

I bet the wound's already healed up!

I have no idea.

But I'm more worried about it
than you are.

Worried she'll get an infection and die?


I'm worried she won't get an infection
and won't die,

changing all of history!

We'll just finish her off, then!


I bet that's not in her contract.

Stop it! She's a genuine member
of the Resistance.

And for now we're all still alive,
aren't we?

Yes, when do we get shot at?

- Right now, if I had a gun!
- Aggressive!

Not surprising, with you!

No chance of a love affair
between you two, eh?

America's really dumbed you down.

Without us,
you may never have been born!

It was the Russians who won the war,
at Stalingrad.

It was the Americans,
landing in Normandy.

Americans have landed in Normandy?

You should lie down.

I don't have time.

Have the landings begun?

Can't you speak?

He's a mute.

He was just speaking English.

Who are you people?

I'm an American parachutist.

So the landings have begun.


But he's part of the vanguard.

Have you come from London?

Well, it depends...

Not all of us.

- Who are you, then?
- Look...

We can't tell you. For your own safety.

You don't work for the Krauts?

Absolutely not!

And who are you?

I can't tell you either.
For your own safety!

Only that I just escaped from the SS,

and they're not far away.

Thanks, you're a great actress.

I heard SS stories
all through my childhood.

How do you know
I'm an actress?

It was easy to guess.

You act very well.

You think so?

Did you see me
in Strangers in the House?


Directed by Henri Decoin.
Were you in that?

Which part?

Simone. The neighbours' daughter.

So you work for La Continentale?

No. They're collaborators.

- Can someone call me a taxi?
- Not again!

- OK, I'll walk.
- I wouldn't recommend it.

The curfew.

You'll be arrested.

And those they arrest...
Who knows where they end up?

Robert, I don't care how, I want to go!
Stop this now!

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to disturb
your get-together. I'll be off.

No one's leaving.

You need rest.

She's really good, Robert.

What are you paying her?

That's enough!

She's not an actress.

She's a wounded member
of the Resistance.

Robert picked the date
especially for me.

On 20th May 1944
there was a round-up in Bordeaux.

A personal link to you, Catherine?

My grandmother only just escaped.

What happened?

Someone warned her.


She never found out.

I'd like to meet her.

She'll be on TV in two days
for the commemoration.

Does Robert know that story?


He's often been with me
to visit my grandmother.

They like each other.

We used to be an item.

He never introduced us.

He's discreet about his relationships
with women.

Maybe he was afraid
you'd steal me from him.


Think about it.

You're the hero in this story.

And as there's love
at the heart of every story...

Will it be so for you?

I'm going to bed.


Tell me...

Would we disrupt
the space-time continuum

if you kissed me?

A minimum risk.

Don't you fancy me?

You're not my type.

And you're not mine.

Isn't that what keeps it surprising?

I'll kiss you. Tell me how it feels.



But it doesn't move the plot forward.

Shall we try again, then?

If you like.

Excuse me.

Am I disturbing you?

I was thirsty.

I'll leave you alone.

Shall I help you up the stairs?


I can manage.

You said
it didn't move the plot forward?

Good morning.

Good morning.

Are you on holiday here?


A good choice. It's a lovely region.

The paper?

Why not?

There you go.

Thank you.



Been for croissants, Louis?

No, I chickened out.

A good job too!

I warned you!
Never leave the grounds.

This bread's
as dried up as Sharon Stone!

Isn't there a local bakery?

I'm sick of time travel
with reckless people!

We have to eat.

Yeah, it's only a story.

You reckon? Look at this.

Friday 19th May 1944

Where's that from?

The postman.

The postman?

Yes, a guy with a moustache on a bike.

- He saw you?
- Yes, he saw me.

And I saw him.

We saw each other.

I don't believe it!

Could it screw up
the space-time continuum?


It could get us found out!

Le Temps,

19th May 1944.

Smells freshly printed.

Sit down.

Sit down.


She's healing so fast!

Glad to hear it.

How are you feeling?

Not too tired?

No, he's a morning person.
He even got the paper.

Crazy, eh?

Let me see, Zack.

"On the Atlantic coast,

"there's a heavy artillery position
every 300 metres.

"Barbed wire stretches
as far as the eye can see,

"ready to trap

"the British and Americans..."
Eh, Zack?

" their endeavour
that some are calling the Landings."

"But France the Beautiful
has suffered many terrorist acts.

"Patriotism does not require

"the felonious sabotage
of railway lines..."


I tore my hands to pieces
getting those bolts loose.

I don't suppose

they mention my comrades
who were arrested.

No, they don't. Surprising!

The bastards hunt us down.

They arrest everyone.

Especially Jews.

There'll be a round-up tomorrow
in Bordeaux.

How do you know?

I just do.


A fine newspaper!

I don't know what your source is,
but if it's true,

someone must be told.

Do you oppose that?

No. But if those people don't die,

their descendants
could overpopulate the earth.


What's that, German?

That's right!

So we just let those poor people
get arrested?

We're only spectators.

No, we're not!
We have to tell someone.

I'm sorry, we can't.

But I can!
Do you have a telephone?

Mine's been confiscated.

Over there.

We could call Charles de Gaulle
in London.

Don't move!

Where did you get that?

In my raincoat pocket,
would you believe?

- A Luger Parabellum.
- No, a Manufrance 6.35.

Loaded with blanks?

You think the French are playing games?

Fucking hell!
She'll hurt someone, Robert.


And it won't be the first time.

Maybe you do work for the Krauts.


Calm down.

The telephone.


Give that back!

Listen to me.

I don't want you hurting anyone.

Calm down and you can have it.

Calm down?

I don't know what your game is,

but I have work to do!

Thank you...

for taking care of me.


I can't let you go.

We'll see about that.

Our telephone must be bugged,
that's why you can't use it.

And I advise you to stay.

You have a gunshot wound.

They'll catch you and make you talk.

We have bread, butter and jam.

Pass the butter.

This heat makes me
want to take a nap.

Yeah, why not?

I wasn't asking you to join me.

It didn't cross my mind.

You're so annoying.

Tired, that's all.

The others are all sleeping.


That's weird.

Robert wanted to get some rest,

so he drugged everyone's drink.

To stop us doing anything silly.

Like going into the village.

How about it?


We can't.
That wouldn't be playing the game.

I should have drunk that lemonade.

Because all I want to do now
is go and see if it's real.

I have a better way of finding out.

of the Seine, Loire and Marne,

making up
the Ile de France delegation.

Yesterday, in the House...

...spoke of landings,
but of French landings.

What are you doing?

What is it?

Are you really an actress?


Did Robert hire you to play this role?

What are you on about?

You're not really in the Resistance.

And I'm working for the Krauts?

How can I prove you're wrong?

Show me your wound.

You want to?

You really want to see it?


I've changed her dressing.

Try not to touch the wound.

You really have a gunshot wound?

Not half!

From a Luger Parabellum.

It's odd.

Because you know I'm an actress,

you think I'm faking.

There's something not right
about you lot.

Do you want to see it too?


It's not necessary.

I've seen it, Zack.

In Slaughter Survivor

some actors were paid
to have real wounds.

You must have paid her a fortune
to shoot her.

You're sick!

I didn't think the English were madmen.

I wasn't paid by your Robert.

He didn't shoot me.

Who did shoot you, then?


Zai who?

Obersturmführer Zaïdonk.

As was.

He shot me in the shoulder...

but I shot him in the gut.

With this.

So you killed

a German officer?

Don't you believe it?

Now that...


That was...


What did you say?

A friend just got shot...

and you applaud, you bastard?

Do you want to know
how it feels to get shot?

Are you going to kill me like Zaïdonk?


Stop it.

The gun's loaded.

I'll blow your brains out!

Please don't do that, miss.

Please excuse me, I...

I have an unfortunate fondness
for dark humour.


Let him go.

Shall we have dessert?


Did we really do it?


Travel through time?


Are we really in 1944?

He's made you believe so.

He's very good.

Operator. Can I help you?

Can you put me through
to Mr and Mrs Weintraub,

6 Rue Sicart, Bordeaux?

Hold the line.


Is that Hélène?


Who's this?

Hélène... Hélène Weintraub?

Yes, that's me.

Hélène, what's the name
of your teacher?

You know, the one who's really strict.


Miss Trochu.

Can you tell me today's date?

It's 19th May 1944.

Hélène, get out quick, they're coming!
Tell your parents.

Who are you?

What are you doing?

I can't sleep and I want a smoke.

Got any cigars left?

No, I haven't.

There'll be a tobacconist
in the village.

Closed at this hour.

We could go and check.

Do you think he'll have rebuilt
the whole village?

He couldn't afford it.
I lent him the money to rent the house.

He just paid for a couple of Germans.

What did I tell you?

We'd better go back.

You're kidding!

How would they get to play their parts?

Good evening.

Good evening.

May I know why you're on guard
in front of my home?

We shot a dangerous terrorist
in your grounds.

There may be others.


We're going into the village
to buy cigarettes.

Our orders are very clear.

No one can go out.

As you know...

smoking is bad for the health.

The Führer is against it.


Joking apart,
have any of the techs got a smoke?

Have any of the "techs"
got a "smoke"?

Sorry, I don't understand.

You have a strange accent.

Are you English?

No, he's Belgian.

Belgian, right?

He's Belgian.

He was using Belgian slang.

That never occurred to me.


Thanks, anyway.


Good luck with catching
your terrorist chap.

It's not a terrorist "chap".

It's a woman.

A very dangerous one.

She shot a German officer.

Anyone who shelters her will be shot.

I say!

I don't think you should take
that warning lightly.

You're not a terrorist yourself, I hope?

No, not at all.

I'm a collabo.

A "collabo"?


A collaborator.

A friend of Germany.


I congratulate you.

Now, gentlemen,

I think you should go to bed.

Could we have just one cigarette?

I'll smoke it later.

As you wish.


Shall we go?


That was to stop us
going to the village.

- Robert thought of everything.
- No!

I never thought you'd be stupid enough
to try to go out.

A nice performance.

But is that soldier really German?

He speaks really good French.


My friends,

I think it is time to pose the question

of Pascal's wager.

You mean,
did we really travel through time,

or is all this

just a masquerade?


And if it is just a masquerade,

where's the pleasure

in revealing it?

That would be no fun.

That's true.

On the other hand,

if it's all true,

and we really have travelled
through time,


We're surrounded by Nazis

who could burst in at any time.

And we're sheltering a terrorist,
which could get us all shot.

You're all so odd.

Where are you from?

Brittany, originally.


This house
had been abandoned for years.

And suddenly you're all here.

It's Robert's house.

He invited us for the holidays.

With an American parachutist?

Tell me the truth.

And you?

Will you tell the truth too?

I like you.

I want to know who you are.

What year were you born?


I was born

in 1977.

I'm a time traveller.

From the future.

- I know it sounds crazy.
- From when?



So tell me, Mr Time Traveller,

if you're from 2014,

did the Krauts win or lose the war?

They lost.

They surrendered.

8th May 1945.

I'd like to see that.

How did it happen?


It started

with the landings.


6th June 1944.

In Normandy.

Don't you believe me?

Only Kammler could believe that.


Hans Kammler.

An SS officer.

He interrogated me.

I got away.

After killing that bastard Zaïdonk.

What did he ask you?

The same as you.

He asked what year I was born.

He wanted to know
if I was born in the 1980s.

You really are a bunch of lunatics.

But you're not the first storyteller
in the Resistance.


The Normandy landings are a decoy.

They want the Germans to believe that.

They'll land in Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

If you say so.


Look who's coming.

Not a word in English!

Better if you say nothing at all.

Go and hide in your room.

I'm not missing the show!

Can I help you, gentlemen?

Just a courtesy call.
We are neighbours.

Please, come on in.

I smell coffee.

A black market smell!

If you'll come with me,
I'll be delighted to pour you some.



You seem well provisioned.

Enjoying your holiday?

Very much so, thank you.

I envy you.

To be holiday-makers
in this lovely region...

I, unfortunately, am imprisoned
in the hell of duty,

obliging me at times
to commit unpleasant acts

which, in peacetime, would surely
be considered reprehensible.

My respects, madam.

My name is Puppendorf.

Obersturmbannführer Puppendorf,
in charge of the Gestapo

in your lovely region.

I'm Countess Lynn d'Eglantine
du Sacré Graal.

To what do I owe this early visit?

Simple courtesy, madam.

Allow me to present
Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler.

Do you find something funny?

Sorry, he's a bit simple-minded.

He's autistic. I look after him.

He looks Jewish.

No, sir, you're wrong there.

He's my cousin.

Are you sure?


Please excuse my colleague.

He can be a little too direct at times.

But he's kind-hearted, deep down.

An artist too.

Before the war he played the trombone

in the Wiesbaden
Philharmonic Orchestra.

He played for the invalids
who went there to take the waters.


The coffee's ready.

Where's the toilet?


Fourth on the left,
just after the library with the cat.

No one else?

May I?

Can I see your lighter?


Sorry, madam.

Did I scare you?

Come now, Catherine.

We're being paid a courtesy call by...


Hans Kammler.

At your service, madam.

You should get the lock
on the toilet door fixed.


A girlie magazine.
I've never seen it before.

It's mine.

May I?

I'll read it tonight.

What were you screaming about?
A bug?

She took fright at us.

The very idea!

You're... perfect!

Thank you, sir.
To whom do I have the honour?

I'm Philippe.


You're a joker!

I like your French humour.

No, it's not spelled the same.
It's P, É, T, I, N.

How lucky to have the same name
as such a great man.

I'm Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler.


I've heard about you.

Really? May I ask from whom?

It's public knowledge that you are

a great physicist.

Public knowledge?

Mr Puppendorf,

it's public knowledge who I am.

Your agents
have been wonderfully discreet!

Mr Pétin, please explain yourself.

And you, sir, what do you do?


An enthusiast
of German military decorations.


May I?

Be my guest.

The medal
of the SS Knights of Wewelsburg Castle.

Himmler gave it to me
at the inauguration.

Hang on, what are you doing?

It's not a reproduction.

It's authentic!

I know people
who'd do anything to get one.


Neo-Nazis, mostly.

What do you mean, Herr Pétin?

For there to be Neo-Nazis,

there have to be no more Nazis.

I don't believe we have lost the war.

No, Herr Obergruppenführer.

Don't tempt fate!

You're the first Frenchman
who's ever pronounced my rank correctly.

That terrorist

called our friend Zaïdonk


She killed him
in a cowardly way.

A bullet in the gut.

A very painful death.

She's an extremely dangerous woman.

And she was spotted
in the surrounding area.

You haven't seen her?


No one's disturbed us.


We have no reason to doubt you, have we?

Especially not in Mr Pétin's presence.


It is my unpleasant duty
to search your home.

Go ahead.

Shall I come with you?

I'd be delighted.

Excellent, guys!
You really are excellent.

Oh, you fucker!

Hey, Fritz, chill!

Robert, they think they're real Nazis!

Yes, we are Nazis.

By the way, what are the "Neo-Nazis"?
A theatre company?

Like that Charlie Chaplin?

Life is but an act.

Let's come clean.

Who are you?

They're from London.


That's incredibly good coffee, Countess.

May I see it?

I have to tell you that I am outraged

by your colleague's brutality.

What an aroma!

Nowhere in Europe is there such coffee.

They're American pigs!


Take it easy.

No Allied aircraft
has flown over the region.

This house had been empty for years.

Then, suddenly...

There was light!

Where are you from?

And you?

I think you know, Professor.

As well as what I'm doing here.

If my hypothesis, bold though it may be,
is correct.

What is your hypothesis?

You used the rift.

What is this "rift"?

You mean a flaw in our security?

Herr Obergruppenführer,

what are you doing here?

Hello, gentlemen.

The terrorist!

In the flesh.

You killed Zaïdonk!

Cool it!

No one's killing anyone!

Ladies and gentlemen,

you're in a very bad situation.

You're the ones in a bad situation.

May I know why?

The Third Reich is done for.

You're going to lose the war.

The Americans are coming.



Where will the landings be?

Answer me!


How do you know?

And this?

Don't you think I noticed?

Women don't wear much in...


"A beautiful bloom of spring.

"Rebecca Hall, 31,
a lovely Englishwoman,

"stars in A Promise,

"adapted from Journey into the Past,

"a novella by Stefan Zweig,

"the story of a romance between lovers
from different social backgrounds

"in 1912 Germany.

"Rebecca Hall plays Lotte.

"This feisty brunette

"was spotted by director Patrice Leconte

"in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, by...

"Woody Allen..."

Another Jew!

" which she played
the friend of Scarlett Johansson,

"who flirted with Javier Bardem."

Go and pass on the good news
that our friend has just told us.

Don't argue.

Himmler must know right away
that the landings will be in Normandy.

What I have to say to them now
does not concern you.

I don't suppose the landings
really took place in Normandy.

Did they really take place in Normandy?

Didn't you wonder

why the rift in time
brought you back to this exact moment?

Obergruppenführer, you have one minute
to leave the house

if you don't want to end up
in the 21st century.

I've always dreamt
of living in the 21st century.

Well, here you are!

It's 20th May 2014.

10:43 a.m.


Robert, that was fantastic!

Your performance was magnificent!

- Thank you.
- Really!

Are you really German?

I thought your colleague
was a real Nazi.

Don't you Germans mind
having the past raked up like this?

Playing Nazis all the time?

Where's your colleague?

And the Resistance girl?

I think they stayed in the 20th century.

Herr Professor,

thank you for assigning me this role.

I've never had so much fun.

In my next Hollywood film I need a Nazi.
What do you say?


I have to get a photo.

Lynn, over here. Fantastic!

You can take the uniform off now.

Can I look at your Luger?

Yes, go ahead.
Be careful, it's loaded.

Is that a camera?

Good God!

Did they have to be real bullets?

There could have been an accident.

You liked her?

A lot.

Will I see her again?

I fear that story is over, Louis.

The air was so clean.

I'd never known that before.


The love story was inevitable.

You were right.

Robert's game, Robert's rules.

No doubt.

She really was wounded.

I think I've found the Soliton.

Hang on, I have a Spectran!

This is a Spectran.

On three... One, two, three!


That's it,

we're in the year 15803,

and everyone's dead!

Oh, my God!

Everything's fine.

A drop more coffee,
my dear Obergruppenführer?

I'd love some.

- Some tart?
- No, thanks.

- Got a smoke?
- No.

We could ask...
What was his name?


Heinrich! There was a Heinrich.

Lovely guy!

Hans Kam... SS!

Robert, congratulations
on your devilish game!

What's that?

My grandmother. May 1944.

She was interviewed
about the round-up in Bordeaux.

Share it with us.

On that day, a thousand Jews
were sent directly to the death camps.

You were a young girl at the time.

I was eight.

I lived alone with my mother.

My father was in the Resistance.

We were living in Bordeaux,
at my aunt's.

We'd heard vague rumours
about the Americans landing,

and the Germans were becoming
increasingly brutal.

The night before the round-up,
I was going to the toilet

when the phone rang.

I wasn't usually allowed to answer it,

but this time I picked it up.

It was a woman.
She sounded panic-stricken.

She asked if I was Hélène,
I said yes.

And she said the Germans were coming.

I asked who she was,
she didn't reply and just hung up.

I told my mother,
who thought it was just a joke.

I said no, no...

I sensed it was for real
and I persuaded her.

We left the house and walked
through Bordeaux, in the dark,

doing our best to avoid German patrols.

By the morning
we'd been taken in by a farmer.

Up until this day I've never known...

who it was
who saved my mother's life and mine.

She asked me one strange question.

She asked me the name
of my schoolteacher.

The one who was always punishing me.

I didn't understand at the time, but...

I think she was checking my identity.

Subtitles by Howard Bonsor

Subtitling: L.V.T. - Paris