House of Shadows (2020) - full transcript


- Did Susan offer you a drink?
- I'm fine.

I suppose you're wondering
why you've been called in.

This must seem all
very strange at first.

Stuffy office.

Old man across the table.

But I assure you, I'm here to
help you through this process.

I have no idea
what this is about.

No idea?


At all?


It's about your mother.

More specifically, her estate.

Her various possessions,
wealth, properties.

Things of that nature.

Okay, well, my
mother had nothing.

Like nothing at all, so this
shouldn't take very long.

- Did she even write a will?
- Yes, she did.

She had far from
nothing, Miss Wilkes.

Long before she was committed,

your mother made preparations
in the event of her death.

- House keys.
- What?

It's yours.

Okay. There must
be some mistake.


We don't make mistakes here.

I'm sorry if this comes across

as something of a shock to you.

I can understand.

Take a moment.

Look through the documents.

It's all yours now.

Would you like some privacy?

No, no, it's...

What do I need to do?

Simply sign these.

One for me, one for you.

How much do I owe?

It's all been handled
in that respect.

You needn't worry.

If there's anything
else we can assist with,

anything within the documents
that's not too clear,

we can bring in an
independent solicitor

to double-check
everything with you.

It's uncanny.

Oh, I know.

Oh, I'm sorry, I,
I didn't mean to.

It's just that you're
her doppelganger.

So, you must have met her.


Several times.

Well, everyone says
the same thing.

So I take it as a compliment.




so that's fine.

Cool, I'll look at them.

Go ahead.



Are you sure
wanna do this? Go there?

I wanna know why my
mother kept this from me.

Well, as long as you're sure.

I'm sure.

How long will you be?

A few
hours and I'll be back.

Yeah, you could do
with a bit of sun.

See you in a bit.


Who's that?

I don't know. Your
guess is as good as mine.

Crazy cat lady.

How'd she know we were coming?

Why don't you ask her?

Oh, I will.

I phoned ahead, you
idiot, so we have food.

There's a number for the
maintenance company, so I

called them to make sure
everything would be ready for us.


She's probably happy
for something to do.




Babe, do you need help?

No, I'm good.

Let me show you round.

That's okay.

How was your flight?

Uh, yeah, it was good.

- Yeah?
- Good, yeah.

This is your first time
coming to the house, isn't it?

Yeah, first time ever, huh?


Can't believe you're
finally here.

Little Sarah is not
so little anymore.

I've heard so much about you.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Did the food arrive?

Yeah, it's all in the
fridge and some wine, too.

Oh, wow.


Okay, so if
you need anything else,

anything at all...

- Yeah.
- I'm just up the road.

Okay? There's another property.

You know this. I don't
need to tell you.

Thank you.

But come and
see me there, okay?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

It's, it's really good to
meet you finally, Sarah.

You too.



Thank you!

This is...

Bringing back your
first memories?

No, haven't got any of those.

Total let-down?


The house in Spain.


Oh, don't slag it.

Exceeding expectations.




What? Is it me?

- Yeah, your arm.
- What?

Oh, my God. That's a face-melting
ancient relic under there.

Fuck! Okay, I'm
gonna grab a shower.

I would.


Fuck! Oh, my God,
I'm fucking feral!

Why didn't you tell me?

Where'd it all go wrong, eh?

I didn't even know
this place existed

until about a week ago.

Well, you learn
something new every day.

No phones.

No phones.

For the first few
days, at least.

Yeah, absolutely.

This is so shit.

It's so shit.


Only if it's shit.

Tastes like piss.

That's pretty close.



That's actually really good.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

What are you doing?


I almost shit myself.

Nailed it!

Caught you!

There's no signal anyway.

Doesn't count. Veto
on phones, remember?




Just about.

Do you mind?


Can't I watch?

Not yet.

I'm still trying to remember it.

After a few tries.

Something my mom taught
me when I was little.

I can't remember
shit from yesterday.

Looks painful.

Oh, my God!

I know, right? Check it out!

Where'd you find it?

It was hanging up inside.


- Boyhood fantasies?
- Absolutely.

Let me see.

My liege.

Oh, my God.

Fuck. That's really heavy.

Like, really heavy.

All right, careful, you.

Oh, my god.

Put it away or she might
think you're a maniac.

Stop it!

Put it down.


How are you?

Yeah, we're good. We're good.

Excuse the intrusion.

Not at all.

I wonder...

- It's...
- It's what?

Can we speak a
line for a moment?

- Yeah.
- Go away?


No worries. Cool.

What is it?

I need to ask your
help, but it's,

it's not something that
should be taken lightly.

I can't really express
what I mean. I'm sorry.

What I want to say is that I
want your help with the house.

I want you to help me clear
away some of the old things

and of remnants of the past,
and I daren't get rid of them.

My mother's things?

I don't know.

Whatever it is, I'm
sure I can help.

You need to be sure.
I don't want to, um...

It's fine. Really.

Thank you.

I hope that's okay?

That's okay.

Do you promise?

I promise.

Thank you.

Continue as you are, for now.

- What happened there?
- I don't know.

Born in a barn?


What're you looking for?

It's locked.


I shall repeat.

Another toilet.

Just use this one.

This might be, um, a big...

Oh, just go down
around the right.

Are you okay?

- Jared?
- Yeah.

Are you okay?


Are you sure?

Mm, yeah. Just a bit of
a head-rush, I think.

I felt a bit nauseous.

Do you want some
tablets? I brought some.


Actually, that might be an idea.


- Are you sure you're okay?
- Yeah, honestly, I'm fine.

Was probably just the flight.

Too much wine.

Get dehydrated.

Well, I'll have to get you
a pair of sexy DVT socks.

Yeah, I'd happily
rock a pair of those.

I'm gonna shower.

Found it!

Okay, I won't be long!

Open the red, por favor.

Muchos gracias!

Feeling better?



Hope I didn't get it by
food poisoning.



Rule breaker.


I'm living life on the edge.

There's, uh, probably
bogie in there.

That's the secret ingredient.

If you...

What's happened on
there? What've I missed?

- If you...
- If I?

Give me food poisoning,

I'm gonna throw up
on you in your sleep.

Wait till you're dreaming,
calm, peaceful and serene.

They all mean the same thing.

And then fuck you.

Puke in your open mouth.

Bon appetits.

I thought we said no phones?

Oh, we did.

I thought I turned it off.

Oh, yeah?

You fail me.

I have the high ground.

Oh, what? So you can
chop my legs off?


- There's no signal.
- Oh?

Glitch in the matrix?

Who is it?

Uh, a withheld number.




Can you hear me?

Sarah, it's me.


Help me, please.

Please, Sarah.

I know you're in
the house, Sarah.

Help me.

Who's that?

What's wrong?


Sarah, talk to me.
Hey, what's up?



Please, Sarah.

Oh, don't, turn it off!

- Right, right, it's off.
- Turn it off.

- Off, we're off.
- Turn it off!

What is going on?

Oh, it's my sister.

Well, it sounds
like she's in trouble, so...

She's been dead for five years.

All right, well...

What, dead?

Yeah, like, like
six-feet-under dead.

Okay, are you sure? 'Cause it...

All right. Sorry.


Don't, just...




Is there someone there?


Talk to me.

Oh, my god.

What's happening?

Did you hear it too?

Yeah. Of
course I heard it.

I wanna go home now.

- Right now?
- Yes.

It's the
middle of the night.

I'm aware of that.

- We don't have a car.
- Well, then call a taxi.

There's no signal.


- No signal.
- Oh, fuck.

Can we go inside, please?


If you
wanna go, we'll go.

I'm sorry.

No, look, we can go to
see, uh, Anna Sofia.

She can call us a cab.

It's okay, I
don't wanna wake her up.

It's too late.

I didn't even
know you had a sister.

Just hearing her voice
again, and then...

Then this house.

Look, if this house is no good,

then we'll go, all right?

- Okay?
- Okay.

I'm sorry. It just
hits you, you know?

You'll work through it.

You're strong.

You don't really know me.

Well, I know enough.

Come on, give me some credit.


Let's just take a minute, okay?

- Okay.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- Figure things out.

And if you still wanna leave,
then we go and see Anna Sofia

and we are out of here.

- Okay.
- Back to England in no time.


Come here.

What're you doing?

I'm doing what any
self-respecting Englishman does

in times of elevated stress.

Making a cuppa.

Shall we take a
wander to her then?

Just to see where
Anna Sofia's hiding.

Yeah, she said it was
back up the driveway,

10 minutes or so?

I'll go on my own, then.

Need some milk anyway.

You don't have to go.

Like, go-go?

- What, home, you mean?
- Yeah.

Still need milk, though.

- We do?
- Yeah.

Bloody covers.

You look hot with a
cold sweat, by the way.



Suits ya.

Have to try it more often.

If you could, that'd be great.

I bet you think
I'm a bit mental.


Total fucking drama queen.


Fuck me.

Oh, God.

How did it happen?

Well, I make a fist,
or in this case...

Oh, ha-ha-ha. I
mean the phone call.

I don't know.

Still trying to
work that bit out.

Probably just some garbled,
faulty server thingy.

A garbled faulty server thing?

Okay, Mr. Tech Wiz.

I don't fucking know, do I?

You just punched
me in the brains!

Yeah, I was trying
to knock some sense into you


I'm sorry this happened.

It's okay.

At first I thought it was
a mistake coming here,

but now you have to
make the best of it.

Oh, yeah?

Okay, then.

If we must.

You there?

Probably not.

Am I crazy?

Not just yet.

Can't sleep?


Penny for your thoughts?

I just want a fresh start.

You can't change the
past, but you can move on.

My mother, she let her
past drive her insane.

She tried to bury it deep.

But people are curious.

My sister found out
about this place

and she couldn't
resist coming here.

But I don't think
she ever returned.

I'm older now than she ever was,

which is depressing.

Well, on the bright side,

the phone might be possessed.

Yeah, I guess I could make
some money off of that.

YouTube channel.

I came here looking for answers
and I don't want to leave

until I get them.


My mother never told
me anything, but,

she said Megan died on a trip.

And I think that place was here.

Maybe Anna Sofia
knows something.

I doubt it.

She seems pretty
nervous around you.

It's 'cause I make
people nervous,

when I look them in the eye.

Two minutes my arse.

Hello, Sarah.


Did you not see Jared?


Must've missed him.

He wanted to see if
you had any milk.

I didn't see him.

Megan told me that she tried
to contact you last night.

- Excuse me?
- Megan.

She said that you could help us.

That you would be strong
and could help us.

Did you send me that message
from my sister last night?

Megan is in great pain.

Megan is dead.

It has control over her.

Over me.

Over the house.

What are you talking about?

Your mother, Sarah.

She told me of a great spirit

preying on the
minds of the weak.

Collecting their souls.

Yeah, my mom said
a lot of things.

Her body was fine, but
her mind not so much.

Please listen to me, please.

You must stay here.

There is a darkness
in this place

and I need you to
help me get rid of it.

It'll come for you.

And if you're not prepared,
then it will take you,

as it did your mother
and your sister.

Okay, um...

I'd like you to leave.

Jared will be back at any moment

and we'll decide together
whether we want to stay or not.

- Please.
- I feel really uncomfortable.

Please heed my warning.

It's coming for you, Sarah.


Can't wait.

- You can go now.
- I can help you.

- I don't need it, thank you.
- Prepare.

Please leave me alone.


Did you find it?




But it's
just up that road.

It's not just up that road.

How far did you walk?


Pretty far.

Well, it's okay 'cause
we're staying anyway.

We are?


How come?

I think Anna Sofia
wants us out of here.


I don't know but she knew about
the phone call last night.

I think she's trying to
like spook me into leaving.

Do you think she
wants this place to herself?

Yeah, probably.

But it's my family's,
so she can fuck off.

- Good for you.
- Thank you, yes.


But be nice to her 'cause I
don't wanna stir anything up.

Yeah, take
the high ground.

Right, so I can
chop your legs off.

So, what now, Frodo?

- Bam bam bam!
- Oh!

Where we going?

This way.

I've already told you, I'm
not going in that pool.

- Why not?
- Please.



- You ready?
- Yeah, I'm always ready.

It's a key!

It is a key.

- What's it for?
- Well done.


Well what? What's it do?

It opens locks.

Fuck me.

What locks does it open?

It opens the one
inside and the door.



Oh, I need a shower.

- Can I do that first?
- Well...

No, no, this is good,
but I just, sweat.

Okay, fine.

Okay, good.

- Like right now, though?
- Yes, right now!

- Okay.
- Thank you!

Open Sesame.

Where is my treasure?



Fuck! Are you fucking with me?

No, I'm not.


Literally you.

But it's not you.

Megan looks more like her dad.



Here's one for you.

I feel like if we play with
these, they'll fall apart.

Mm, yeah. A bit like my balls.

Exactly like your balls.

I love these things.



There you go.

That's cool, though.

- Wash much?
- I can't get it off.

You all right?

Yeah, it's just, I
don't know. A bit stiff.

It started hurting earlier
and my head hurts, too.

Mm, it's too much wine.


Maybe not enough.


That is mad.

You all right?


I'm fine.

Are you sure?


Wait. What're you doing?

I'm gonna go see who it is.

What, what're you doing?

I'm locking the doors.

Fuck me!


Who's there?

Anna Sofia, I know
you're hiding!

Anna Sofia, this isn't funny!

Anna Sofia, I know it's you.

Anna Sofia, I know
you're hiding!



Oh, my gosh. She's
probably just hiding.

Why is she doing this?

I don't know, she's
a fucking lunatic!


I'm tired.

Well, should we call
the police or what?

And say what?

Someone's banging on the doors?

It's probably nothing.

Just come to bed.


You need to leave this house.

It knows
you're here now.

You can't help me anymore.

No, it has me.

Look away, Sarah.

Look away!

This is all just
to distract you.

Let me go.

Let me go!

Oh, my God. Jared?


- What happened?
- What's going on?

Did you trip?

Did you fall?

Oh, my God.

- You're hurt.
- Oh, God.

I felt something, um,
lift me up and grab my...

Grab my head.


We need to disinfect that.

I've got some first
aid stuff in my purse.

It's okay, I just
want you to tell me

if there's anything
I'm doing wrong.

You should know by
now what this means.

I'm no expert.

Well, you can help me film it,

and then we can
both watch it back.

Okay, good idea.


Yeah, ready.



No, no. Go away, go away.


Jared, baby.


Jared, baby.

Oh, my God.

Jared, please.



Oh, shit.





You can
handle this, Sarah.

Only you.

This must be done.

Help me.

I am.

Please, trust me.


What're you doing?

What's happening?

What're you doing?


My mother, she unleashed
something in this house.


Something that wants me.

Something that wants you too.

You don't really
believe that, do you?

I have reason to.

I sent them my video.

What did they say?

It got rejected.

They called me an amateur.

18 years of training.

- Just an amateur.
- Well, that's not true.

You know that's not true.

We'll film it again.

Too late.

Okay, there'll be other
opportunities. Yeah?

There's a voice inside now.

Making me strong.

It can give me what I want.

It whispers to me.

I thought I'd come here, train,




You've done all those things.

Megan, look, please.

Put down the knife.

Here, let me help you.


Put the knife down!

Help me, Sarah.

Mother was right.

I'm not strong enough.

It preys on the weak.

Not even Mother could defeat it.

She kept us away from this
place for a very good reason.

But curiosity has
brought you back.

Kill her, Megan.

Do it for me.

You can have everything
you ever wanted.

It can give
me what I want.

What do you want?

But first, I must
give it what it wants.



Your wrist, you're bleeding.

Come here, my love.

Put the knife down.




I had no choice, Sarah.

If I had left the
house, this thing

would be unleashed
into the world.

I can't change the past.


What do I do?

How do I stop it?

Only one person knew that.

Please, Sarah.

Get away from here
before it takes you.

Has it taken Jared?

Has it taken him?
I need to help him.


Megan, please help me!



Jared, I'm gonna get help.

I'm gonna come back for you.

I promise.

You can get through this.

What're you doing?

Checking the doors are locked.


Who's there?

Who's there?

Anna Sofia, I know it's you.


Oh, baby.

What's she done to you?

Does she really give
you what you want?



We can help you.

We can help each other, okay?

I just need more souls
and then I'll be free.

- Who are you?
- You know who I am.

- I know that voice.
- Yes, you do.


Sarah means nothing, okay?

This is strong.

So I need someone from the realm
of the living to assist me.

I can only stay here for
mere moments at a time.

Until I have those souls, eh?

Ask yourself, Jared.

What do you really want?

You can have anything.

You could have me.

Do you know that
Sarah's a witch?

Her mother, too.

Witches must be dealt with.

They're evil.

They lie.

She's been lying to you.

Just to get you here.

Why here?

She lied?

Did she tell you
about this place?

No, no.

No, no. She didn't
know about this place.

She knew.

And now, look.
She's hurting you.

Let go, let go.

We must be rid of Sarah.


- Yeah?
- Yes.


You must kill.

This is what's to come.




Jared, come out. I need
to tell you something.

What's happening to me?

Something evil is
fucking with us.

Don't come any closer.

- You did this!
- Jared, please.

I'm sorry.

You did this!

Please, Jared.

I'm sorry.

- How did this happen?
- I don't know!

We have to figure it out.

Now, Jared!


Jared, no!

It grows stronger now.

Do not underestimate it.

Who are you?

It's me, Sarah.


In this place, time distorts.

When you returned
here, it sensed you

and began its trickery.

I had to show you this.

Give you a chance, at least.

What do I do?

You cannot escape it.

I ran and ran and ran, but it
caught up with me eventually.

Everything I learned,
I wrote down.

It will help you.


If I linger here, the
great shadow will find me.

Why did, why did you do this?

I mistakenly thought it would
give me everything I wanted

for myself and my children.

When I saw Megan's
ambition, I sent her here.


The shadow played tricks
on me, as it has others.

It destroyed everything.

What can I do?

Prepare yourself.

What's happening to me?

Something's fucking with us.

Something evil.

Don't come any closer.

You did this.

Jared, please.

Let's talk about this, okay?

Let's talk about this.

You did this!

- I'm sorry.
- How did this happen?

I don't know. We need
to figure it out.

Now, Jared!

- No!
- What?

Where is it?


The witch!

It's not supposed
to be like this!

You're not going anywhere.

You're not going
anywhere, witch.

You're nothing, Sarah.

Give up. Witch.

You're not going
anywhere. Witch.

- Try to stop!
- Shut up!

Give up, witch.

What can you do?

You're nothing, Sarah.

You're not going anywhere.



Sarah, burn it, Sarah!

Shut up!

You're not going anywhere.

You're nothing. Give up.

Give up. Witch.


Give up!


Kill the witch!


Fucking kill her!

Get out of my head!

Get out of my head!

You cannot
live with it, Sarah.




Are you you?

Last time I checked.

What am I doing on the floor?

Are you okay?


Yeah, I think so.

Can you untie me please?