House of Money (2022) - full transcript

Luckless in love, a young nurse finally meets the perfect man - a handsome billionaire - only to learn that his family harbors some deep, dark secrets.

In the olden days,

when there was no civilization,

a young trader, Akanni Aduloju waxed
greater than all his contemporaries.

Everyone called him Owo.

Owo was tall and very strong.

He was blessed with land and livestock,

He was surrounded by beautiful wives,

and thousands of slaves.

Owo had everything. But, Owo was not
a happy man despite what he possessed

A strange illness had weighed him down
for several months,

Which almost claimed his life.

Akanni sneaked out of his town,

into a far away land
to find answers from Fijabi.


The deadliest, most powerful sorceress
in all of the west.

Fijabi was said to have wiped out
an entire town

just by spitting into the calabash.

If the remedy to Owo's predicament
is in the hands of man,

it will be Fijabi Olojuina.

Tell me what you want.

I want to live long.

I want to...

I want to remain young.

And I have heard that there
is no spell that you cannot cast.

It is too late for you.

The spirits have claimed your soul.

There is hope for your sons.

The sacrifice of make old young.


The ritual,

will happen 25 years from now,

after which they will not age.

They must continue this ritual,

every 25 years.

As young men,

one son must fulfill the cycle,

by presenting a young innocent woman

for the ritual.

One son must present a bride

to the spirit of Sagbadewe.


take caution,

and follow all the necessary steps.

Make sure,

that not one step is missed.

And that the cycle is not broken.

We will do exactly as you have instructed,

Great one.


Son of Aduloju,

patriarch of the house of Owo.

If you have ears,


Thank you for You,

thank You for family,

thank You for the air that we breathe
and for career opportunities.

Thank You for my father,

please protect him,

strengthen him,

and grant him healing.

In Jesus' name I pray.


When You come to
collect your people

remember me oh Lord

remember me oh Lord

-when You come to collect

Ah, my dear,

Good morning ma,

- I hope you're fine?
- Yes ma.

How's father this morning?

Eh, in all things,

we thank God.

Good morning father.

Close it back.

Light is good for you.

I prefer the darkness.

You have to want to get better, father.

Have faith.

Uh, faith?

All I need now is,


I'll get some more medication
for you on my way back from work.


there is something outside.

Something, what?


It looks like...

- Juju.
- Ehn?

Ju... who?

Holy Ghost fire.

Holy Ghost fire.


Ah ah, where?

Let's go, come.

- It was here.
- It was where? Here? Where.


It was here.

- Aah aah!
- Here?

- But...
- Aah aah!

Here right?

No problem.

Down with Satan.

Every arrow,


to destabilise my family,

I come against you,

I return you to sender in
the mighty name of Jesus.

- Amen.
- Every evil spell,

every machination of the enemy,

against my household,

I come against you with the sword.

- Amen!
- Ahh...

Where is the power of Satan?

where Jesus reign

where is the power of Satan, it can't
be found, it has fallen completely

And I got dressed,

-and we got in the car,

I didn't know where he was taking me?

and then he took me to Slow...

and at the end of our meal,

he got down on one knee.

Oh my God!

This is bling, bling.

‪See my baby boo...

my baby...

you look so good baby.


This thing is not working.



Blood of Jesus!

Blood of Jesus! Lord!

Eh, my God,

Wherever my daughter is,

Father, your protection be upon her
in the mighty name of Jesus.


My baby.


Come on get in.

My baby,

I have big plans for us this year.

Let me tell you something.

I just joined crypto,


Computer money!


Look, and that's just the beginning baby,

I promise you, this year is our year.



Busola, are you listening to me?

Why didn't you reply
to my text this morning?

And who was that lady on your story?

What? You texted me today?


Look, I'm sorry. I must have missed it.

And that babe is nobody, she's...

Tinuade, my cousin.

Your cousin?

Yeah... Why?

What's the matter?

Your cousin? Lanre.

Busola, I don't get you,

why do you keep repeating
your cousin like I'm lying.

Is it that you don't believe...

you think I'm...

You know what?

I'm going to call her right now,

because I can easily call her.

‪-It's okay.
‪-Are you sure?

- It's okay!
- Because I don't want any drama.



I've been waiting for you.

What's wrong?

Busola can't you feel it?

- Feel what mum?
- Our house, it's different.

Mum, what are you talking about?

There is something here with us.

I blessed this specifically for you.

Please promise me
you will always have it with you,

at all times.

Mum, you're scaring me.

Busola promise me.



I promise.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Ah ah... Eh...

You know I have told you before,

that this year,

this is your year of prosperity


- This is the year of growth.
- Amen

- This year your account will multiply.
- Amen

Come on pray!

Come on pray!

Yes, Lord.

A message has just been passed directly.

I wish you could hear His voice. Hey!

There is a woman here,

a woman of a marriageable age,

but there is a man in your life,

with feet of clay,

God has promised to marry you this year.

- What did I say?
- God has promised to marry you this year.

This year you will be married.

If you are that woman, come to the front.

Thank you Jesus.

Thank you Lord.

On your knees. Hey!

If there are still more women who need
to be delivered, come to the front.

Yes Lord.

This is your year.

This year your yoke will lift,

You will be married

Ride on.

This year your yoke will lift.

This year you will be married.

- Be married.
- Amen


- Blood of Jesus.
- Jesus!

This year...

Something is wrong.

This is Satan.

In Edo

In Edo

- Blood of Jesus.
- Jesus.

Blood of Jesus.

Blood of Jesus.

I have done it.

I have done it.

I have done it.

Madam, we may have to take the seat
from you, as it's for paying customers.

Oh, I'm sorry, ehm, please just give me
some more time I'm waiting on my fiance.

It's been over an hour, and
I don't think he's coming.

No, see.

See that woman standing by the registry?

Come on don't look,
you want to expose me?

She owns this restaurant.

Five minutes max, call your fiance. Okay?

Excuse me ma,

We might have to ask you to leave.

These tables are for paying customers.

- Yeah, but...
- No but please.

Today's one of the busiest days
in my business,

do you want to ruin it?

Excuse me, please.

Hey, sorry excuse me.

I'm sorry I'm late, traffic.

I'm so sorry about that.

Eh, eh, eh, one minute madam.

I just have a question to ask you.

- This table, is a reserved table right?
- Yes sir.

So, why have you been
stressing my girl out?

I'm so sorry about the
misunderstanding, he will attend to you.


You, give us a minute, we
have to go through the menus

Babe, look I just want you to
know that I'm really, really...

Mister, are you deaf?

What part of give us a minute, we'll get
through the menus don't you understand?


It's like everybody is going crazy
in this place.

Babe, look,
I'm sorry, I will make it up to...

‪Sorry for yourself.
‪I need to use the bathroom.




Get it together.

Get it together.

- Come...
- Excuse me.

- Is everything okay?
- Babe, don't trust that guy.

What are you talking about?

I have a waiter job
in another restaurant like this one,

and I always see him
with another lady consistently.

It's okay, thank you for telling me,
they're cousins.

Do you kiss your cousin? Check his collar.

And then,
they start to go on about this NFTs,

and I'm like,
I don't even know what NFTs are.

But all this talk about cryptocurrency,

and investment
and things like that is getting me

all excited and I'm like how?

How am I in the same room with these guys?

It's all exciting stuff you know?

Busola you're not listening to me.

What's that on your shirt?

What's what on my shirt?

There's lipstick, on your shirt.


Where are you coming from Lanre?

Oh wow! How?



- You need to lower your voice.
- I should lower my voice?

Do you know how embarrassing
it is to be told by strangers,

about your dalliances, first Jola,

- now this.
- Babe, babe.

Babe please calm down.

I was only with my cousin.

You're overreacting.
She must have stained my shirt.

Screw you Lanre.

Argh... I'm done!


Busola sit... Busola sit down.


You'll not greet me?

Good morning ma.

Good morning.

What is wrong?


Busola, look at me.

What happened?


What has he done this time?

He was cheating on me.

We ended things yesterday.

The Bible says "We
cannot be unequally yoked"


It's okay. Aah... It's enough

Don't cry.

Don't cry my dear.
God will choose for you.

- Amen.
- God will prosper your ways.

She's engaged to someone.

Good morning father.

- Who are you talking to?
- I wasn't talking to anybody.

Let me...

- Daddy?
- Yes.

You're getting much better.

Where is your ring?

Don't worry about it father.

So, it is happening?

What is happening?

There is no more Lanre right?

- Yes.
- Eh ehn.

But don't let it worry you.

Someone will come along, soon.



Waiter. Come here.

It's too expensive.

I'm not here to eat.

Give me two cans of Gulder.

Ex... excuse me.

That's not my order.

I don't drink beer.

Can I have a Chapman please.

Don't you think it a bit rude.

To just decide that I don't want to eat?
Or worse...

That I want to drink beer

All these...

Is that how you behave? Ehn?

Don't you know we'll get married one day.

And we'll be together. Ehn?

And as the head of the
family, you'll listen to me.




Is not going to work.

cancel the Chapman order.

So, I got into the house,

and that petal thing all
the way to the bedroom.

I followed them and
each step, he had left a note.

Each note had affirmations inside.

Do you know like, I love you, I
cherish you, you complete me.


Okay... so, what happened afterwards?


Halima, oh my days.

Congratulations sweety.

- Because I need to tell you what happened.
- Oh my days.

There's a patient in room 2B.

Came in early this morning
complaining of acute abdominal pain.

Tests and scans have shown nothing.

How can I help sir?

Well... He can come back
if the pain persists, but for now,

‪tell him he's discharged.

- All right doctor.
- All right.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize
there were visitors here.

- I'll come back.
- Oh, it's okay.

Err... come in.

What is it?

Come in.

Oh... Urh...

Errm... we've been trying
to convince him he's okay.

He's always complaining
about some ailment or the other.

Remember that time that,

He thought
he had some kind of skin disease

I remember. Or the time that
he thought that tiny pimple

that appeared on his
face was some sign of,

some exotic pox or something.

Don't laugh at me
because I care about my health.

Okay, erm...

So, what's the diagnosis?

Is he going to be okay, or
is there an actual problem?

So, Doctor Subomi has seen
some elevated white blood cell activity.

We'll have to keep him under
watch for a few more hours.

- Okay... You heard the lady.
- Okay.

Let's give him some time.

- To rest.
- All right.

I'm so sorry,
I thought it was empty. Sorry.


Am I going to be fine?

Eh... actually doctor said that you're fine
and I should discharge you.

Just didn't like the way
they were laughing at you.

What's your name?



It's a beautiful name.

Thank you.

Thank you.

It's not a problem.

Uhm... you could wait an hour

and then leave, if that's okay?

I have to continue with my rounds.

So, I...

I guess I'll be seeing you around?

I can't believe it.

Look at her.

Look at this day dreamer.


Today, I caught Busola
hitting on a patient with her eyes.

Busola? Is that true?

See, let me just tell you.

Don't get your hopes up.

Because he's...
he's clearly out of your league.

That's... I'm just saying.

If you had seen him,
you'd have said the same thing too.

God you're great.


- Mother.
- What?

See daddy's leg

What is wrong with his leg?

What is wrong with daddy's leg?


Jesus is mighty

Jesus is mighty, those who don't know him
call Him a small man

Ah! Thank you my God.

Look, I will walk again very soon.

In Jesus' name.

You saw him today? Didn't you?

- Who father?
- Who?

Thank you


Is this real?

I think so.

I think you should return it.

Ah... why?

Because, I have a bad feeling about it.

Ah... mummy.

- Bad feeling?
- Argh... See.

Just call him, tell him
thank you, but you can't go.

He was really cute.

Hmm... cute indeed.

Where do you know him from?

My friend return this thing,
I don't want to repeat myself.

Return what?

- Ah! Thank you Jesus.
- Ah... Daddy.

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you Jesus!

Father thank you. Ah... thank you Lord.

Thank you Lord. I'm grateful

Thank you father.

Father you've done it again. Thank you.


...Ancient of days, thank you.

Father, thank you, I'm grateful,

- Thank you Jesus!
- Eh ehn...

What are we returning?

Show it to him.

Someone I met at the
hospital, sent me these.

He wants to meet me.

A stranger.

Hmm mm...

A stranger?

And he wants to meet with our daughter?

And you, I guess you're no longer engaged?

- Yes sir.
- Eh. ehn...

- Don't you want her to get married?
- But, but...

- You think she'll die in this house?
- But...

- I have a bad feeling about it.
- You have come again,

with all these your bad feelings.


After she has met
him, he'll no longer be a stranger?

- Ah...
- Ehn?

Hmm, Hmm, and you?

And you?

Do you want to go?

Yes sir.

Okay go.

It is settled.




Argh, goodness.

What can I do for you?

Can you forgive me?

Please, what did that stupid boy do?

I should have listened, when you told me
he was the one that came on to you.

Please don't be angry.

It's okay, but first
of all let me tell you.

You're a very, very stupid girl.

- You're a stupid girl.
- Ah...

A very, very stupid girl.

But that's all right now.
How are you? What's up? How's daddy?

He's actually getting better.

It's a miracle.

I need your help desperately

Urh... what's that?

It's... this guy... I met.

Hmm... wait.

Where did you meet this guy?

- At the hospital of course.
- Eh ehn!

I said it.

It has to be a place like the hospital,

It either, it fell on his head,
because all these things are not adding up

My friend will you shut up?

Ah ah... am I not a popping babe?

-Eh!? Sorry popcorn
-Look at me

So, when you look at yourself
in the mirror,

your brows on your face, do they pop?

Answer me. Does it pop?

Look at your nails, ehn?

Very shameful looking something.

Ah... Busola, you need
a complete make over.

I know, that's why I'm
here. Jola, I need your help.

I've been waiting for you to ask.

Now let's go.


- Eh.
- A-Bus, Bus...


Look at that!

- What do you think?
- Ah, eh... babe.

I'm a professional.

What? Look at your body!

Eh... I admire your body. What's that?

The driver is here.


I'm outside your apartment.

- Oh...
- Ah ah, your apartment?

Okay, just give me one
moment and I'll be right down.

Good... He should come with Range Rover.

Oh my God.

- Okay.
- Okay what?

‪You can't go like this,
‪where is your necklace?

Oh yes. Come on stay there,
don't move, don't move a muscle.

I'll be back.

Let me grab it.

Eh ehn... just stand there

Don't move.

I got the chain.

- Before he thinks we've sold it to...
- Ah God, Jola.

to purchase something else.

Stay there... It feels so cold.

Perfect, look at that

Now the look is complete.

- Busola one more thing.
- Argh... what?

When you get there.

And he says you should open your legs.

- Do like this.
- No.

- What's that?
- I'm a virgin.

- You're what?
- Virgin till marriage remember?

You and who? Sweetie please,
go forth and don't multiply

I didn't tell you to do that.

Be going.

- You're such a fool.
- Be going

- I'll text you dearie.
- Alright love, oh my God, I can't wait.

Eh... cactus don't die...

- Please don't die.
- ...Jola...

Ah ah, who is that?

- Jola...
- Do you want to break the door? Who's...

Eh... look at you. come, come, come, come.
A-Bus Bus.

Look at you.

Eh, look who's here.

See, Busola, today you
have to tell me everything.

Tell me, what happened?

- Girl.
- Was it awkward?

- What?
- It was like...

a movie.


I have something to confess.

I knew this was too good to be true.

What is it?

The first time I saw
you was on 'Woman Meet'.

Oh... oh my God, you did?

So, why didn't you message me?

Huh... well,

I will first meet people in person,
before they know who I am.


Your brothers,

The sickness,

It was all an act?

Don't hate me.

So you found me.

What now?

The truth is, for the
first time I saw your face.

I knew that you're everything
I wanted in life.

And more.

You're so forward.

I prefer honesty.

Don't you?

I say what is in my heart.

And I worry about repercussions later.

That way.

I live with no regrets.

That's... amazing.

I wish I were that brave.

Wait, wait, wait... Wait,
what am I hearing?

Did I just hear...


boat cruise,

beach house. Ah!

You've made it Busola.

- Most blown.
- You're shameless.

What do you mean? Wait...

Is it because of that little fight we had?

- Oh interesting.
- Ah...

- We are like sisters, you don't know?
- We are not fighting again?

When did we fight?

That's in the past.

In fact, past participle.

No... you see, we're like sisters.

- We're sisters.
- Jola.

What is important right now is
you have to tell me what happened.


- We talked, till late at night.
- Hmn...

Eh ehn, eh ehn...

- And...
- And what?

Hmm mm...


- Ahhh!
- Stop shouting

Eh ehn...

Pretty girl... Hope your mum
knows you do things like this?

Busola, you're spoilt.
I was wondering what was smelling?

- You're spoilt, Busola.
- I can ex... I can explain. It's not...

I know, I know you can explain.

Just one date, Just one
little tiny date like this.

You gather the whole
trouble and put them in a box.

And there was trouble everywhere.

Ah... I don't blame you, I won't blame you,
I will put the blame on Lanre.

Please don't mention that idiot's name.

Ah sweetie, I'll mention his name.

He's the reference in this case
study. He's the reference.

Jola, I'm on a new level, no Lanre please.

You're on a new level.

You'll say you're on a new level,
when somebody used a whole seven years.

How long does it take
to get a degree in medicine?

How many years?

The same years this guy is chasing
you up and down, he didn't say nothing.

- Girl... Jola...
- Let me just be...

- Nice.
- I am as shocked as you are.

You have small feet.

Well now they look small.

I honestly wasn't going to,

but... then...

Come here.

It was like...

like I fell into a trance

Let's go inside.

I've... never done this before.

I know.


How was it?

We are married to Jesus,

Satan pack your luggage and go


What's... What's going on?

I'm... I'm not sure what's happening.

What's wrong?


I understand.

Our husband is coming

To take us away

To everlasting home

Almighty and everlasting God.

Oh Lord, I commit Busola into your hands.

Whatever is committed
into your hands is perfect.



It's me.

This is me.

Trust me.

It was...


Guess what.

- What's that?
- He says we should meet tonight again.

Meet again? Ah...

Father Lord. Ah...

When my mates are going to
the ocean to catch big whale,

- I will not catch crayfish in Jesus' name.
- Jola, who is Father Lord?

Who is Father Lord?

- Ehn?
- Who is Father Lord?

Please dear, please. When we,

the "singlets" I mean the single people.

When we are praying, you
that have catch billionaire.

Please. Okay, I know, I think...

- I know what to do.
- This is madness.

- Oh Lord, please take my slippers.
- Jola,

- I'm a Cinderella.
- I thought you're Osun worshiper.

Please give me my slippers.

When prince charming comes,
what will I present to him?

Or don't you realise that it's
Cinderella sitting in front of you.

He has friends... That are rich.

Excuse me.

- What?
- Are you not missing something?

- What's that?
- Where is your necklace?

Oh... Yeah...


I... I must have forgotten it at his...


Mummy. Mummy.

Daddy. Dad...



What... What... What happened to mummy?



How, how's she?

Well, she suffered
a blunt force trauma injury to the head.

We're yet to determine how.

But it's a good thing
you brought her when you did.

We're doing everything that we can.


You're awake.

Where's my dad?

I met him here when I got here.

But he seemed really tired

I don't stay too far away.

So I told him that
he could stay at my place.

And he agreed?


Told him that I was your boyfriend.

What do you want?


What are you been so nice to me for.

Why are you here?

At the hospital.

Because, I really...

really wanted to see you.

And I can't wait to see you
at the date so,

I came here.


I just want to help.

Look, let's...

Let's leave this place.


You're very tired and you need to rest.

You can see your mother tomorrow morning?

I want to see her before I go.

Of course.

Welcome to my home.

Good evening sir.

This is the life.

My son, thank you very much.

You're welcome sir.


- Are you okay?
- Ehn?

I have never felt better.


Is your room.

Thank you.

Thank you for everything.

I can't thank you enough.

It's not nothing.




I've been looking for you.

You should go and see you mother.

Where's my dad?

It appears he had too much to drink
last night.

We'll see him when we get back.


Let's go.

Where are you taking her to?


Mummy. No wait.



You still carry
that thing everywhere you go.

I can't help it.

My mum used to do the same thing.

Makes me feel closer to her.

Are you excited to meet my brothers?

I have been dying to.

It's always one excuse or the other,
it's like you guys just

hate being in the same place all at once.

It's not my fault that
they are always working.


I've heard all the excuses.

I'm super nervous.

I mean, what if they don't like me?

My brothers love me.

And I love you.

Therefore they love you by extension.

You and your words.

So, what is this tradition
that forces all of you

to come back to your family house
once a year?

That is what happens
when you're rich from a young age.

You have these...

foolish traditions.


But it's nice.

That way we get to see each other
at least once every year.

No excuses.


And you think it won't be weird
to bring me?

Everyone is excited to see you.

I'm just worried about
embarrassing myself.

I mean what if they
just look at me and say.

This one that doesn't even know
what a salad fork is and cut me out.

Trust me.

That is irrelevant.

You are my wife.

You belong here.

Speaking of which.

We have arrived.

Nice to finally meet you.

Come here.


Let me look at you.

She's perfect.

- You didn't tell me she's this beautiful.
- Thank you so much Dami.

Can you stop flirting with my wife.

Meet my beautiful girlfriend Tomisin.


Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

So, where's the rest of the gang.

They're in their rooms,
will meet them for dinner.

Let me show you to your room,
welcome to the family.

Thank you.

Dami seems nice.


He's a great guy.


Are you about to take a nap?


Come join me.

Hmm, I think I'll just go explore.

Don't get lost.

Are you okay?

Oh. I didn't see you there.


We met earlier.

Is everything okay?

We did?



Everything is just fine.

Did you find him or did he find you?

- What?
- Tunji.

Did you find him or did he find you?

I... I don't understand.

He's watching.

- He's watching.
- You're scaring me.

It's too late. It's too late.

There you are.

Looking all over for you.

You wonder
if she wanders off all the time.

Is she okay?

She's fine.

She's chirpy.

She's just tired.

You tired?

She's tired.

You want to lay down?

I hope you're enjoying yourself.


Come on. This way.


Is everything all right?



Did something happen?

I mean, I'm...

Not sure.

I don't want to be rude.

Talk to me.

What happened?

I saw...

your brother's girlfriend.


I don't know what other words to use but...



I should have mentioned this earlier

but Tomisin has, a bipolar disorder.

Dami mentioned it to me earlier.

She must have forgotten
to take her lithium or something.

I apologize for the discomfort
she may have caused you.


Baby, I'm so sorry.

- Apologise.
- Hmm...

-Don't be silly
-Oh no.

- She didn't do anything.
- Oh really?

I'm sorry, I should have told you earlier.

Do you forgive me?


You know what?

- What?
- Someone, has been...

a very, very good boy.

Are you ready yet?




You look beautiful.

Thank you.

Are you ready to meet my family?

I hope they like me.

I know they will.

By the way, I have a surprise for you.

Come here.


Oh my God.

From our first date.

- I know.
- I thought I lost this.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Okay, so ehm...

Give me a second to fix my lips
and put this on.

And I'll be with you.

We will be waiting for you downstairs.

Uh... There she is.

Everyone, everyone.

Let's welcome Busola to the family.

Thank you, thank you so much.

We're so happy you're here.

Please. Sit, sit.


My beautiful, perfect girlfriend,
Tomisin will not be joining us tonight.

She sent her loving regards

In the meantime, let's eat.

Peace to be merry

Tonight, we celebrate.



- I saw something weird in the bathroom.
- Busola.

Not now.

After dinner.


Nice to meet you.

Hi Busola.

Ehm... Did you...

Did you see that?

See what?



So, what do you do?

I serve Tobi.

Seriously? Stop joking.

I serve Tobi.

And so you will serve Tunji.

- What are you talking about?
- It's almost time.

You will understand soon.

The cycle is almost complete.



I need to... I need to use the bathroom.

I'll be right back.

It's in you.

It's time.

It is time.


I blessed this, specifically for you.

Please promise me you'll
always have it with you.

At all time.

At all time.


Father Lord.

You created Busola.

Am I a tomato?

She gets all the big
and good things in life.

I can't even associate with my colleagues.

I can't even afford a lip balm,
let alone to talk of a man.

Why is my situation different?

Father Lord.

Catching big things.

Look down upon me with mercy.

Let me too get... Eh...


You will never.


What happened to me.

What if I told you.

You can live forever.

‪Subtitle translation by: Adefoluke Adebayo