House of Manson (2014) - full transcript

An unflinching chronicle of Charles Manson, the ex-con who was able to amass a dedicated following of young people in the late 1960s. The era of peace and love was ultimately brought to its knees following his orchestration of the notorious Sharon Tate and LaBianca murders, which sent a shockwave throughout the U.S.A and the world. To this very day, Manson remains a fascinating figure in today's world and remains incarcerated... Prepare to enter the mental and depraved world of Charles Manson.

[Charles manson]
Mankind is what
brought the war.

Mankind is what
brought helter skelter.

[Hard rock music playing]

♪ Whoa, look out, baby

♪ I'm letting loose

♪ all I want is damage

♪ give my desires abuse

♪ whoo, the pain
it feels so good ♪

♪ I never want it to end

♪ I am just
getting started ♪

♪ Sippin', doin' it lonely
I'm my only best friend ♪

♪ One is too many
and a thousand is never enough ♪


blades whirring]

♪ Whoa, baby

♪ no point
in turning back ♪

♪ Well it's too fun
running red... ♪


[Blades whirring]

♪ Cowering beneath
the whip.. ♪

[handcuffs clicking]


♪ Back up bitch,
I will scratch my itch ♪

♪ I ain't dying
with empty hands, no ♪

♪ One is too many,
a thousand is never enough ♪

Turn around and put
your hands up.

♪ Don't really matter,
finding this never been done ♪

♪ Whoa, baby

♪ one is too many,
a million is my cup of tea ♪

Get on your knees!

♪ Don't really matter...

- [Yells]
- [Police radio chatter]

Get down!
Spread 'em!

[Helicopter blades whirring]

♪ Now it's
taking its toll ♪

♪ On your life and mine

♪ once I hear surrender

♪ I'll really
cross the line ♪

♪ Fires of hell

♪ it will reach you

♪ weepin' if you're frozen
in fear ♪

♪ Well hand me yours

♪ I will hand
you nothin' ♪

♪ Let me make something
perfectly clear... ♪

- [gun cocks]
- Lieutenant!

Over here!
We got another one!

♪ Don't really matter

♪ finding it's
never been tough ♪

♪ Oh, baby...

[Film spool whirring]

♪ Don't really matter

♪ everyone hands it to me

This ain't the first time
I had a gun pointed at me.

-[Sirens wailing]
- This ain't the first time
Johnny law

had me in a corner.

Dying doesn't
scare me.

- Living, now that's
the frightening part.


Get off me, man.


Stop lookin' at me.

"When I plunged
the knife in her,

it made me have
an orgasm."

Those are
your words.

Were you present
at the Tate killings?

I'll be fine.
Thank you.

But a chair
would be nice.

- Chair, please.
- Yeah. Sure.

Got a guitar for me
in there in that case?

No, it wouldn't fit,
and I didn't want
to disappoint you

-with a ukulele.
- Well, I could've
made do.

- I need somethin'
to inspire me in here.
- Thank you.

What kind of guitar?

Whatever I can
get a tune out of.

- Can't get much
out of these.
-[Tinkles bars]

They all
sound the same.

How's that jury
selection going?

Not good.

The death of public figures
usually carries

some sort of bias.

You know, lots of
people come in here
scared shitless.

I come in here
it's like a goddamn
high school reunion.

Might as well be.

You haven't told me
much about where
you grew up, Charlie.

Now, why should
I tell you anything
about that?

I was in jail.
The end.

This is gonna
be a long one.
It might help.

Well, I got time.

What I don't have
is a guitar.

Well, long time back

there was a teenager
named Kathleen Maddox.

Kathleen Maddox
went to a hospital
in Cincinnati

and gave birth.

Gave birth to
a little boy named
Charlie manson.

Although, at that time,
he wasn't called
"Charlie manson."

He was named
"no-name Maddox."

And the shit
just spread out
from there.

Never really knew
who my real daddy was.

Got my name
from a guy named
"Willie manson,"

but that
didn't last.

The fact of
the matter is,

I was born

and it automatically
put me on the wrong
side of the law.

[No audible dialogue]

Not a bad gig for a man
born with no father

and barely a mother.

A man his mother sold
for a pitcher of beer
and a black eye.

But don't get me wrong,
I don't hate her.

That's not how
I operate.

You gotta have
a relationship with
someone to hate 'em.

No, man. I was
just a kid trying
to find my way.

[Swing music playing]


Charlie, is that you?


Charlie, what the hell
are you doing?

You know you're
supposed to be in bed.

The sound of a switch
was my lullaby

and the pain that followed
was my glass of milk.

That's what taught me

You mad
at your mama?

She can't help
who she is.

People are
who they are

and they do
what they're
gonna do.

Niggers do
what they do.

Jews do
what they do.

You can't change
people, Charlie.

You can't change
who they are.

You were born
a rebel, Charlie.

And don't you
ever forget it.


You promise me
you're gonna keep
that with you

wherever you go.

I love you, Charlie.

[School bell ringing]


Some folks like to think
they can find some reason

behind the
actions of people

they look down on
or consider low-life,

but the truth is that
we're all what we are

and we do what
we're gonna do.

[Rock 'n roll music playing]

Time kept
keepin' on.

Life did the same.

Soon life brought me
the prettiest girl

I'd ever seen
up until that point
in my life.

[Camera shutter clicking]

See, bein'
a family man now

I had to support
the family somehow.

So, I did the only thing
I knew how to do,

and I kept doin' it
and kept doin' it

and kept on
doin' it.

- That's when they had
to come and get me.
-[Buzzing ]

I was in jail
when Charlie, Jr.
was born.

- Looks like
he has your eyes.
-[Baby cooing]

That's funny.
I was thinking
the same about you.

Maybe he's got
one of yours
and one of mine.

When did you get
so good at sharing?

I'm a daddy now.
I gotta learn him right...

Set an example.

This may not be
the best place to do that.

Well, yeah, but...

By the time
I get outta here

he'll be old enough
to remember me

but not old enough
to remember this place.

-[Baby crying]
- I shouldn't
bring him here.

You don't want me
to see my boy?

I'm gonna
go now.

No, no. No-no.
Rosie, don't do that.

Don't leave, okay?

Let's just play a little game.
Let's have some fun...

Me, you and little
Charlie, okay?

No, I have to
run some errands

-and I have to
go into work.
- Rosie, don't be rude!

Don't go!

You're not setting
a good example
for our little boy.

I can't bring him
back here.

How am I supposed
to see him?

I don't know.

You can't.


I haven't got any
visits or letters

from Rosie
in months, ma.

I just wanna
see my little boy.

There's no harm
in that.

Rosie's not
livin' with me

Well, where
is she then?

She moved out.

She moved in
with someone else.

Someone else?
Like another family

or, like,
a friend of hers

-or somethin'
like that?
- No.

- Well, with who then?
- Another man.


So where's my boy?

I said, "where's my boy?"

- Don't scream at me
like that.
- Ain't nothin' worse

than what you've
done to me before!

- Where is he?
- She took him
with her.

Where do you
think he is?

Sorry. There wasn't
a easier way to tell you.

No, I guess
there wasn't,
now was there?

I'm done.

I just got here.

And you just left.

Well, I tried.

I tried to get outta
there a few times.

Figured I could try
and find Rosie

or at least see
my baby boy,

but they kept findin'
reasons to throw me
back in there.

I never saw
Rosie again.

- That's it?
- What's it?

What about
your son?

Well, yeah.
I have lots
of children.

That's not what
I'm talkin' about.

I'm talkin' about
your natural son,

Charles manson, Jr.

Have you
seen him?

I haven't.

I'd like to think
that despite the heinous
charges being brought...

Heinous charges?
What heinous charges?

The charges you're being
held in this facility for.

You are aware
that you're being held

on charges
of conspiracy

in the murders
of Gary hinman,

Sharon Tate, and Rosemary
and leno labianca.

Yeah, well, now
what the fuck do you
think about that?

What kind of bullshit

science fiction,
made-up charge is that?

Look, I didn't
shoot no one.

I didn't pull
no trigger.

I didn't stab no one.
They got nothing.

Well, they claim
that Susan atkins

told her cellmate

You didn't get
out of jail until

long after Rosalie
divorced you.

I tried
to get out.

I got out a while
after that.

Got myself,
another wife,
another kid.

You haven't had contact
with them either?

No, man. Had to go back
in for another ten-stretch.

Tried to cash a check
the government didn't
want me to cash.

You missed a lot,

the civil rights movement,

the beginning
of Vietnam.

Must've been
a real eye-opener

when you got out
after that.

Nah, man.
Nah, it wasn't
like that at all.

It was actually
probably the best

I felt outside
of these walls.

- [Hard rock music playing]
- The sixties, man.

The sixties
changed it all.

Free love
and fuckin'.

Now that's what
I'm talkin' about.

Something had
definitely changed.

That's when I met
the mother Mary.

We drove up and down
that highway without
a care in the world.

I'd spent half of my life
behind bars at that point

and for the first time
that I can remember

freedom actually
felt right to me.

♪ Whoa, look out, baby

♪ I'm letting loose...

What's a pretty
little thing
like you doin'

-sittin' out here
all alone?

Parents tossed you out,
didn't they?

See I got an insight.
I see things people don't see.

You wanna join us?

I'll give you
a minute to think
about it.

Maybe it's because
of the things I missed,

or maybe it's because
people evolve with the times,

but young people
were opening
their eyes

and questioning everything
they were taught.

Discovering new
ways of thinking,
new philosophies

and, man,
the girls, man.

Do I even need
to tell you?

♪ ...those who reprimand

♪ back off bitch

♪ I will scratch my itch

♪ I ain't dying
with empty hands, no ♪

♪ One is too many,
a thousand is never enough ♪

♪ Don't really matter,
finding it's never been tough ♪

There's two ways
of lookin' at god
and the devil...

The devil's

thought of as
a fallen angel, right?

A castaway...
But why?

I mean, why was
he cast aside?

'Cause he committed
the original sin.

Before Adam and Eve.

You believe that?

That's what
my daddy told me.

The devil...

Was cast out
because god

was afraid of him.


You're bright. Mm-hmm.

But if that's what
every Bible says...

No! Now that's where
you're wrong. Okay?

Well, I got
news for you.

I got news for each
and every one of you

in this room
and everyone
in the world.

God and the devil?

They're sittin'
this one out.

gonna come together

when all is said and done.
They're shakin' hands

on all the ridiculous stuff
people been doin' down here

in both their names.

See me?
My uncle...

My uncle told me.
He said, "Charlie",

you're born a rebel.
You never forget that."

That was when I was
eight years old.

Right after that,
I burned down my school.

They keep on tryin'
to fuck with me,
but you know what?

I'm not gonna swallow
the shit they're tryin'
to feed me.

I'm a rebel now.

I suggest if any
of you wanna survive
the armageddon,

you'll saddle up too.

Well, hi.


What's your name?



Hello, Patty.

Anyone ever
tell you

that you're
the sexiest thing
they ever did see?

No. I don't think
anyone ever has.

If they didn't,
it's because they were
lyin' to themselves.

Either that
or they were afraid.

You afraid
of me, Patty?

You afraid
of what I was
sayin' earlier?

I'm from
a Christian family.

Yeah. Well,
they all are.

The blind leadin'
the blind.

Okay, now.
Don't hide your eyes.

You're beautiful.

[Rock music playing]

When I went in,
society was still

a mass of stuffed-shirt,

"leave it to beaver"

where everyone combed
their hair to the side

and wives didn't dare
speak of their husbands'

You didn't dare
speak down to authority

and you sure as hell
didn't attempt
to challenge it.

But, man,
when I got out,

had changed.

Women changed too.

♪ at a time

♪ he's got
her believing ♪

♪ That he's the second coming
of Christ... ♪

-[moans] Make it stop!
- Come on, mama!
Come on!

- [Cries]
- Come on, baby.

♪ She don't know...

Here he comes.

♪ ...He's out of control

- oh, my god!
- You can do this.

Come on.
Come on, Mary.


[Baby crying]

♪ She's so out of control

[sniffs, exhales]

[Hard rock music playing]

Say, man.
Mind if I hit that?

- Sure thing. Go ahead.
- Thank you, brother.

Oh, yeah, man.

Now, that...
that's the good shit
right there.

Yeah, I know.
I picked it out myself.

- Want some of this?
- Oh, no, man.
I'm good on that.

- [Sniffing]
- Say, man...

You're Terry,
aren't you?

That's a fact
right there, my friend.

I'm Charlie.
I'm friends
with Dennis.

Dennis Wilson?


Me and some of the girls
have been stayin' up
at Dennis' place.

Oh! I got ya now.
I got ya.

You're that Charlie
he was tellin' me
about, right?

You came down
from San Francisco
with a pussy wagon

- full of hippie chicks?
- Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, I'm that Charlie.

Yeah, man,
I tell you

they're all
beautiful too.

All beautiful.
I'm not joking
when I say

they'll do
whatever you want.

Anything. I mean,
you need food?

They'll bring it
right to you.

You need your dick sucked?
They'll do it right here.

You need more than that?
It's all yours, brother.

- [Snaps fingers]
- [Gasps]

Well, I call that
"kings in a castle,"
Mr. Charlie.

Definitely. Kings.

There you go,

So, say, you know.

I been tryin'
to cut a record,

and Denny tells me

I got a sound
that you might dig.

Is that right?

Yeah, that's right.

I'm gonna be bigger
than the Beatles.

All right, Charlie.
Let me tell ya somethin'.

I see it happen
all the time.

People come to this town
with stars in their eyes,

thinkin' it's gonna welcome
them with open arms

because they have
arrived, right?

Here's the thing.
They don't know the first
goddamn thing

about how to be
bigger than the Beatles

or how to be
a movie star

or how to be
whatever the hell
they're tryin' to be.

- Right.
- Understand?
They think

they just are already
because of who they are.

Yeah. Right, man.
Yeah, I can dig on that.

See, the problem is,
none of them got any
real life experience.

You know?
I been in and out of jail
my whole life, Terry.

My whole life,
you dig?

Now, I don't know
what that means
where you're from...

New York.
I come from New York.

See, yeah. New York.
That's a real place.

That's a real place, Terry.
See, I know you understand

what I mean
when I say

I got somethin'
real to say.

You believe
in god, Terry?

I don't know.
Maybe. Maybe not.

Well, see,
I was born a rebel

and I was told
never forget it.

I mean, I can't
understand how people
don't see the war comin'.

- Vietnam?
- No, man. Fuck Vietnam.

That's just a fight
that has nothin'
to do with us.

It's just been set up
to get rid of poor kids
that can't pay for college.

No, I'm talkin'
about civil rights.

So, what's
gonna happen?

King was shot...

Because peace
is impossible.

War's inevitable.

Every attempt at equality
ends with a bullet, Terry.

Think about it.
You stop thinkin'
in right and wrong,

you think in truth,
all the answers are right
in front of you, brother.

- You read a lot, Charlie?
- No, man.

It's about the real people,
the common people,

people with soul.

So, it sounds like
what you're sayin' is

you think that

maybe progress
isn't always good
for mankind?

There's no such
thing as progress, man.

There's just change.
You dig a hole in the ground,

build up a big,
fancy city.

You go fight a war
they wanna call that progress?

You just
call it "change."

Yeah, brother.
You dig. It's change.

It's what that is.

All right. So when
can I hear what you got?

Man, Terry.
Whenever you want.

You can hear it
whenever you want.

You got a guitar
around here,

I'll play right now.

Music just flows
through me.

All right.
Sounds good to me.

- You sure you don't
want some of this?
- Oh, that, no.

Like I said,
I'm good on that.

I appreciate you, Terry.

You wanna
see me get crazy.


That's when
I start doing that, oh!

[Slow strumming]

- [Laughs]
- All right, Charlie.

- You ready to get this
thing rollin', man?
- Yeah. Yeah.

- Hey, Terry.
- All right.
Just sit back, man.

- Do whatever you want.
- Okay.

Well, you know,
can't you just turn it on

and just... and just
let it roll?


All right.
We'll turn it on now.

You should get
a job making people nervous.


- Okay.
- [Strumming]

Okay, um, "sick city."

♪ restless people
from the sick city ♪

- [fast country strum]
- ♪ put their homes down

♪ to make the sky
look pretty ♪

♪ What can I do

♪ I'm just a person

♪ this line
that we always seem to hear ♪

♪ You just sit

♪ things get worse and

♪ watch TV and drink
your beer ♪

♪ Walkin' all alone
not goin' anywhere ♪

♪ Walkin' all alone
nobody seems to care ♪

♪ Restless as the wind
this town is killing me ♪

♪ Gotta put an end
to this restless misery ♪

♪ I'm just one of those
restless people ♪

♪ Can never
seem to be ♪

♪ Satisfied
with livin' ♪

♪ In this cold,
sick, sick, sick,
old, sick city ♪

♪ It may be too late

♪ for me to say goodbye

♪ and it may be
too late to watch ♪

♪ This sick old
city die ♪

♪ Goin' on the road

♪ yeah, I'm gonna try
to say ♪

♪ Sick city, so long,
goodbye and die ♪

[strums slowly]

Yeah, man, like,
uh, we could just help
you out around here.

You know,
help take care
of the horses

and clean the stalls

and just kinda keep things
runnin' for ya.

You know, as long
as we can crash here.

How many of ya...
how many of ya
are there?

Well, just a couple.

- Just a couple of us,
you know.
- Oh.

I wouldn't worry
about that though.

We won't cause
a commotion.

We're all about
peace and love, man.
Peace and love.

- You know what I mean?
- Peace and love.

- Yeah.
- I hear about that,

but I don't see
very many good examples.

Oh, yeah?
Why's that?

Well, movie people
used to come here,

the whole ranch

and then they
ripped me off.

Man, that's too bad.
You know, well,

I won't worry
about that.

I won't worry about that
anymore at all.

Like I said,
we're all about
peace and love

plus, you're
a handsome fellow,
and I think

couple of girls might
take a shine to you,
if you know what I mean.

I want her.

[Hard rock music playing]

Can you see me, George?

How 'bout now?

That's a lot better.
I see you real good.

- Is it gettin' warmer?
- I'm gettin' very warm.

- [Giggles]
- Yes! That's a lot better.

You're beautiful.

Thank you.

- Peace and love, George.
- Oh, yeah. Peace and love.

Peace and love.

♪ Do do do

Things were great
out at spahn ranch.

Livin' off the land,
away from all the fakes
and frauds in I.A.

Away from all
the hate and the lies.

Yeah, we weren't blood,
but who's to say blood
is what makes you family?

Bobby did a stag film
with gypsy.

The kid was pretty good
with a guitar.

Squeaky found love
in the land and was
mother to us all.

Old Tex,
he was in and out

but, one day, he met Leslie
and stayed for a while.

Some people
would come and go.

But some would stay
for the long haul.

I said I had a great family,
and I was the leader.

Well, let me
tell you something.

There was no followers
and no leaders.

Just a bunch of kids
playing music, having fun,

and spreading
the gospel of love.

You still talk
to your family?

I don't.

I don't need them.

Where are they?

They're living
their own lives

and I'm living mine...

With Charlie.

This is
my family now.

And we're saved.

I'm really,
really glad that I came.

Thank you for
being so amazing.


- Think we got enough!
- Okay.

You like it here,

Yeah. I do.

There's no hate,

no fighting.

No one judges you.

No one ignores you.

Sadie, look at that.

That's a sunset.

Just look at it.

That's you.
You got that there right now.

What is this?

it's acid.

Come on, baby.
We're all doin' it.

You trust me,
don't you?



So, Charlie...

When did you come out
to California?

Oh... a long time
before you came
out from Texas.

I caught wind
of it first.

- Hey, I was a kid, man.
- So, what you sayin',
I'm a senior citizen?

I dunno, man.
You keep tellin' us
you're Jesus.

Jesus is old
as shit, man.

Yeah. That's funny.

Ah, well.
I can't quite remember.

I get things
mixed up, you know,

with all my
visits to prison.

You goin' on
vacation, man?

Yeah, man. Don't you
know anything?

They keep a hot seat
for me in prison

just in case
I need a place to stay
for a few months.

Yeah, this one I had,
this visit up to mcneil
up in Washington state.

It's where I learned
how to play guitar

from a genuine gangster.

Just kinda wish I had
more conjugal visits,
you know what I'm saying?

Yeah, man,
in all seriousness,
though, you know,

have you all heard of
the "ma barker gang"?

Yeah, man.
I remember ma barker.

Yeah, well. It was
one of ma barker's gang...

"creepy karpis"
was his name...

Old creepy was one
of the only folks
out here, man,

that would ever
help me if I asked.

I told him
I wanted to be
a music star.

Yeah, that
made him laugh,

but, you know

he told me
that he thought
I was lazy.

But not
with the music.

You know that
floats through me.

Since we were both
visiting at the same time

and I told him
how I grew up
in reform school

he said... you know,
I'll never forget this...

He said that maybe
it's finally time

that someone did
something for me.

I was a quick learner,
I sure was

and I think
that impressed him.

Yeah, old creepy and I,

you know, we had
some really good talks.

Never a hot word
between the two of us.

No fightin',
no arguin'.

Man, it's the music.

I wish it was all music,
you know?

That's what
I'm into.

- Y'all like music, right?
- [All] Yeah.

What about you, Patty?
You like my music?

I love it,

I hate...
I love it!

[Laughs loudly]

I love every
part of it.

What about you, Sadie?

- It's gospel.
- Hippie gospel.

The gospel...
that's what colored
people sing.


That's not what I meant.
I meant...

It's... divine.


You think I'm god?

I already know
you're Jesus, Charlie.

And Jesus is god.
What about the devil?

Y'all remember
when I told you that
god and the devil

were gonna set aside
their differences

when this world
came to an end?

Well that time's
a-comin' soon.

It's comin' real soon.
If you look out in the world
that's what you see.

You see it in the air.
It's comin'

you know what?
We're gonna be saved.

You know why that is?

'Cause I'm
your savior.


Would you
die for me?

Would I...
Will I what?

Will you
die for me?

Yeah. Yes,
Charlie, I would.

I didn't say,
"would you?"

I said, "will you?"

Yes, I will.

I will, Charlie.

Good. Yes.

Will you die
for me, Patty?

I will, Charlie.

I certainly will.

I know you will.

Pretty, pretty Leslie.

Yes, Charlie?

- Will you die
for me, Leslie?
- Yes.

I will. I...

I pledge my life,
and I pledge my soul to you.

I would
die for you.

I believe you.
I believe you.

I know you would
die for me, Leslie.

I'll die
for you, Charlie.

I'll do anything
you want me to.

I love you.

You never have to ask.
I'll always be there.

I love you, Charlie.

And I love you.

Now, Tex...

We have the same name.

Now that doesn't mean
that we are the same.

I gotta ask you
a question, Tex.

I'm gonna test
your faith.

You know what
that question is?

Yeah. Yeah,
I know the question.

- What is the question?
- "Will you die for me?"

- What was that?
- [Clears throat]

"Will you die for me?"

One more time.

"Will you die for me?"

I will.
I will die for you, Tex.

And I will die
for you, Charlie.

I know you will,

'cause we're brothers

and we're all family.

We're out doin'
the right things.

Spreadin' love.

Lovin' on each other.


Do you love me?

Of course I do...

Since the first
night I met you.


Your words.

They way
you looked at me.

The way you
spoke to me.

The way you told me
I was beautiful.

My stepsister
said I had to meet you.

She was right.

You've shown
me the way, Charlie.

No one ever told me
I was beautiful before.

No one ever
loved me like you.



You got
a call inside.

A call?
Like a night call

- or an animal call?
- No, it's some fella

named mur... melcher?

Oh, ter...
Oh, Terry's calling.

Oh, he must be
runnin' late

slammin' me with
that huge ol' record
contract, right?

[Laughs] Let me tell ya,

this guy loves me.

This guy loves me.
This is gonna be good.

Hey! Hey,
ter, man!

Yeah. Uh-huh.

Well, yeah.
Well, no.

Terry, I figured
we'd add the full band

in the full sessions.

Well, why the fuck
did you guys
bring me out then?

No, that's not
what they told me.

So, you're just gonna
sit there and lie?

That's how this works?

No, man!
I'm not out of control!

I'm in control, man!
No! You're the one
that's full of shit!

2,000 years ago,
god was born into a man,

and that man
created miracles.

The enlightened ones
saw this

and they followed him
while others persecuted him.

Now, the Bible says

that Jesus died
for our sins.

Well, in reality,
Jesus died

because of humans'
propensity to hate.

Hate against those
who inspire,

against those who live
against the grain.

If bloodshed
shall occur

it's par
for the course.

What shall we do then
with Jesus who is called Christ?

And at the last supper,
Jesus took bread

he broke it
and he gave thanks.

He gave it to
his disciples,
and he said

"this is my body,
given for you.

Do this
in remembrance of me."

Again, after supper,
he took the cup,

he poured it.
He gave thanks.

He gave it to
his disciples
and he said,

"this is my blood
of the covenant,"

shed for you
and for many.

"Do this
in remembrance of me."

"I speak the truth
when I tell you"

that I will not
drink from the fruit
of the vine

again until I am seated

"next to my father
in the kingdom of heaven."

And then Jesus
and his disciples

they sang
beautiful hymns

as they walked to the top
of the mount of olives.

And his disciples
were with him,

because those
who forsake him

were at the foot
of the mountain.

I thought it was
gonna kick-start

when they shot Dr. King...
But it didn't.

It's because blacks
can't do anything

without the whites
showin' 'em how it's done.

he's out fightin'

pickin' fights
across the world.

The blacks are here
killin' their heroes.

Look at Malcolm X.

Shot down by the very people
he was speakin' up for.

That's not how
you win wars.

You don't go
killin' your heroes.

You don't go turnin'
them into martyrs.

That just makes
you as a people,

as a culture,
come to a boil

until, finally,
you reach a point,
the top blows off,

and you explode.

This world's
comin' to an end.

The war is close.

God and the devil,
finally, are gonna set
their differences aside

shake hands
and watch

while we destroy

"Helter skelter,"
that's what it's called.

"Helter skelter"
and it's close.

And we're gonna be prepared
for it.

We're gonna be
off in the desert

far away from the bloodshed
when it comes this way.

We'll be playing guitar
and lovin' one another

while the rest
of the world

is killin' itself.

I can't wait
for them to suffer.

Blacks and the Jews
just take, you know?

They expect
everyone to care

and everyone pretends
like this facade...

This charade
like they do care

but they don't.
They bring it on

That's right.
They sure do.
It's all greed.

That's why we live
with nature.

We don't need
your power plants.

We don't need
your color televisions

your iconography
or your self-worship.

No, we live free.
Movie stars...

-movie stars aren't
better than me.
- No, Charlie.

- Oh, no.
- Terry melcher?

Terry melcher
ain't better than me.

- Fuck no! Fuck that pig!
- The Beatles?

The Beatles
ain't better than me.

Just because you're
on the cover of a magazine

that don't make
you Jesus Christ.

Mankind has reveled
in self-splendor

for too long.

The oceans are gonna
run red with blood,

and the streets
are gonna burn
with fire.

Helter skelter is coming.

Helter skelter.

I don't see a race war
out in the streets.

Y-you don't?

Don't you turn
on your television?

That's what
you fat cats do, right?

Drink beer
all day, watch TV.

Let the TV make up
your mind for you.

Some do.
Yeah, some people do.

Not you, though.

- Not me.
- You're more
of a thinkin' man.

I like to "think"
that I am.

You got a way
with words too.

You're funny...
I like that...

And clever.

What am I?

How did you first meet
Sharon Tate?

You didn't
answer my question.

What am I?

How did you first
meet Sharon Tate?

Oh, I see what
you're doin' here.

Fine, I'll play
in your little game.

Truth of the matter is,

I just went up
and knocked on her door.

- Did she answer?
- No, she didn't answer.

Someone else did.

Uh, I don't know.
Maybe she was suspicious
or something.

Why would you
think that?

It's crazy out
that way, man.

You know?
This world's changin'.
That's for sure.

I see.

I didn't know
it was gonna be her
that answered the door.

I was lookin' for
that son-of-a-bitch
Terry melcher.

I think he know
I was comin' because

he didn't
live there no more.

[Birds chirping]


- Hello.
- Uh, yeah. Hi.

Um, I'm lookin'
for Terry.

- Is he around right now?
- Uh, no. I don't know
a Terry.

I met with him here
just a few months back.

Terry melcher,
he's good buddies

with Dennis Wilson
from the beach boys.

I'm sorry.
You're mistaken.

This is the polanski

Oh, polanski.
You mean, like,
the movie people?

- Like "Rosemary's baby"?
- Yes.

Okay. Okay,
well, I see.

- Who is it, shar?
- It's just a man.

Hi, yeah.
It's Charlie.
My name's Charlie.

- Good afternoon, Charlie.
- Good afternoon.

Maybe try going
through the back alley.

- Back alley?
- Yes, the guest house.
Maybe Terry is there.

I know.
Check the back alley,

I guess.

You didn't have
to be so rude to the guy.

You really should
be careful up here.

Alone half the time
with your husband halfway
across the country.

- It's crazy!
- I'm fine.

Don't worry so much.

I have all these friends
looking out for me.


- Hey, Charlie. Almost
got dinner ready.
- Tex.

Great. Tex.

You're the right person.

You're the one
that can do this, Tex.

Do what, man?
What do you need?

I feel it comin'.
It's almost here...

-helter skelter.
It's on it's way.
- Now?

- Yeah, now.
- Shit. We gotta
get outta here.

We gotta
round up the girls
and get outta here.

No, we need some cash.
We need to get some
quick cash first.

We need some quick cash
for the road.

All right. Uh...

You know that lady
I got in the city?

- Louella.
- Yeah, louella.

- The drug dealer.
- Yeah.

Well, maybe she
can put me in touch
with one of her guys.

And I'll make
some kind of deal.

Steal their money
or somethin'.

- I don't know, man.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Make a hustle.

- We got time.
- We got... yeah,
we got time,

- but it's comin' quick.
- Okay.

- All right.
- All right, Charlie.
I won't let you down.

- All right.
- I won't let you down.

[Helicopter blades

Good evening, gentlemen,
I got a buyer.

I got one primed
and waiting over
in Santa Monica.

Now, you give me the shit
and I'll take it over to him.

I'll be back
in a couple hours
with the cash...

-minus my cut.
- If you don't come back
with our money...

I'm gonna
fuck you up.

You guys
will be happy.

That's why
we're here, right?

- [Foil crackling]
- [Sniffing]

[Phone ringing]

[Ringing continues]

- Good evenin'.
- Yeah, I'm lookin'
for Charles.

- Charles who?
- The Charles that just
ripped me off.

- That Charles.
- Look, man. This is Charles.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

The tall ass
white boy from Texas.

That Charles.

Look, don't think
I won't find him, man.

Don't think
I won't find you.

You help him out,
that's as bad as
stealin' from me.

You understand?

You ever heard
of the black panthers?

You ever heard of 'em?
If you don't bring that
son-of-a-bitch up here,

I'm gonna come
to your house

and bring every
black panther
in I.A. county with me

and gut your entire
fucking family.

- [Banging]
- Oh! I'm all eyes, man.

I'm all-seeing.
I'm all-knowing.

Look, man.
Just listen, okay?

There's just a big

We're gonna
talk about this.

Tex here tells me
he couldn't find
his tourist buddy

and couldn't
make the drop.

- I couldn't
find him anywhere.
- See?

Tried to find
another buyer
but it was too late.

- You know tourists, man.
- If he couldn't find him

then he should've
brought the shit right back.

Don't listen
to what he's sayin'.

He's scammin' me.
Man, he's scammin' both of us.

- Don't believe this shit!
- Why wouldn't I believe him?
This is my friend.

I brought him
in my home.

So you're
just like him then?

Another scheming,
fuckin' hippie.

You're all the same.
Don't practice
what you preach.

You know what?

- Fuck you!
- [Gunshot]

- [Groans]
- [Laughs]

Uh-uh! Don't do that!
Don't do that, man!

I shot your friend.
Don't think I won't
shoot you.

He's bleedin', motherfucker!
He's gonna die!

You don't know that.
You're not Jesus!

You're not Jesus.
We're the chosen ones!

That's right!
You do think you're Jesus?

Then heal him!

- Fuck you!
- Can't touch us, blackie!

- Fuck you!
- You tell your
black panther friends

the war is coming!

[Neil Armstrong]
One small step
for man.

One giant leap
for mankind.

- Are you getting a TV
picture now, Houston?

- Wow.
- It's fake.

- I know it's fake.
- How do you know?

It is.
I wrote the script.

Oh, yeah? How come
Roman didn't direct it then?

- I mean, I could've
said those lines.

It's top secret.
You'd tell everyone.

Like you're
telling us now?

- Oh, now I have
to kill you.
-[Mock gasping]

Stop it.

[Hard rock music playing]

[Music continues]

What the fuck?

So, that mescaline
you got me,

didn't work out
so well, man.

What are you talking
about, man? Get off me.

Shit had me seeing
way too much like reality.

Reality's no good
when you're lookin'
for an escape.

Man, if you'd stop
using that shit

like a goddamn junkie...
Use that shit right.

- That was prime shit.
- Word is you got 21k
floatin' around in here.

What are you talking about?
I got nothin'.

I wonder where a guy
like you would keep 20 grand?

- In the mattress?
- What are you talking about?

In the ice box?

It doesn't seem
wise to me that a guy like you

would keep $21,000
sitting on the counter
for everyone to see.

You come with us,
you'll have plenty
places to keep your cash

- get off!
- And your stash.

- I got nothin'!
- Think about it, Gary!

Think about it!

They told me
to call you "Linda."
I like that name.

I never really
thought about it
much myself.

Well, it means "soft."

It means "tender."

- I didn't know that.
- You think it's true?

I don't know.

If there's one thing
that this world needs
more of, it's tenderness.

- [Groans]
- [Laughing]

I feel like
I'm in Vietnam!

I've got nothing
to give you. Nothing.

I'm having a hard time
believing you, Gary!


Look at good ol'
Gary here!

He's all show and no go!
Is that how it is, Gary?

You fuckin' with us?
Is that how it really is?

Huh, Gary?

- You can't hear me
talkin' to you?

- Aw!
- Is that how it is, Gary?

You fuckin'
lyin' to us or is
that how it really is?

I've got nothin'!

Do you read a lot?


What do you read?

I don't know.



as in thought?

as in religion?

Both, I guess.

Are you nervous?

- No.
- [Laughs softly]

You scared of me?


See, I know how
it is out in the world
there, you know.

People judge

as soon as you even
get a word out of your mouth.

It's not like that here.

It's not like
that at all.

It's beautiful here.

You're beautiful here.

♪ All to Jesus,
I surrender ♪

♪ All to him
I freely give ♪

♪ I will ever
love and trust him ♪

♪ In his presence
daily live ♪

What are you
tryin' to do to me?


- [Breathing heavily]
- [Laughing]

I don't have anything
to give you.

You give
bad drugs to people,

so why would
I believe anything
that you have to say?

Let me tell you
about truth.

When my mother died,

my father said

he would take care
of my brothers and I

that he'd do
anything for us.

- But did he?
- [Gasps]

No, he didn't.

Instead, he drank
himself to death

and then he left us.

I stopped
going to church.

And I took care of us...


I did anything
it took.


When you say...

That you...

Are flat broke...

Simply because you don't
want to be held accountable

for what
you did to us...

Well, you think
we're gonna believe that?

Well, now,

you got more problems
than anyone in this room.

[Groans, gasping]

Gary looks like you could
use a maid around here.

- This boy's a mess.
- He won't give it up!

I know he has it!
That lyin' piece of shit!

- Is that true?
- Hell no, it's not true.

What about
the money?

All your cash.

What cash?

Your inheritance.

I said
where's the goddamn money?

Like I been tellin'
them for three days,

I don't have anything!

I don't have any cash!
What do you want me
to tell you?

What do you
want me to say?

What do I want you to say?
What do I want you to say?

I'll tell you
what I fucking want
you to say, Gary.

I want you...
To stop lying...

Through your teeth.



Take whatever you want.

Make it look like
blackie did it.

- Oh, poor ba... horrible.
- [Moaning]


- [Groans]
- [Laughs]

Hold him down!
Hold him down!

- Push it down on his face!
- I'm trying!

- He's too strong!
- Push him down
like this!

- Hold him down like this.
- Okay.

You can hold
him down, yeah!

Yeah! Hold him down. Yeah.

- [Laughing]
- [Groaning]

- [Screaming]
- [Grunting]

- [Cutting flesh]
- [Muffled screams]

- Still moving.
- [Sobbing]

You know they picked up
Bobby beausoleil

a couple of weeks later
off the 101

driving Gary hinman's
fiat, right?

Well, uh, what
do you mean,
"picked him up"?

Arrested him.


Well, that's a shame.
Good kid.

At the scene,
there were what
appeared to be

palm prints
meant to replicate
the appearance

of a cat's paw.

You could
almost say

that they were
meant to look like

a panther paw.

A black one.

Ring a bell?

Is this helter skelter?


Now's the time
for helter skelter.

Ol' blackie hasn't been able
to do anything

without whitey
showin' him how.

So, we're gonna go
ahead and get it started.

What do you
want us to do?

That house.

The one that
son-of-a-bitch melcher
used to live in

up on cielo drive.

I want you
to go up there.

That's where
it's gonna begin.


Okay, now,

I want y'all
to leave a sign.

- Sign?
- What kind of a sign?

You know
what I mean.

Somethin' witchy.


What did he mean?

About what?

"Do something witchy."


The sooner it starts,

the sooner we get
our salvation.

I-I don't understand.

How is driving
into the Hollywood Hills

gonna start a war?


It will.

- Charlie knows it will.
- Yes.

- Helter skelter.
- Helter skelter.

Helter fuckin' skelter.

- You know it!
- That's pretty good!

- I needed more wine talking
than my mind talking.
- Yeah, yeah.

It's the wine
telling the jokes now.

And on that note,
I'm going to bed.

- Too much wine?
- Ha! That's preposterous.

Maybe for you, Mr. Sebring,
but I have a feeling

I was up a little bit
earlier than you
this morning.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, I know a little
more right now

than to expect Marlon
to show up on time
for his haircut.

Or to answer the door
in a timely manner.

-[Laughs] Yes.
- When were you
at Brando's house?

- Shh.
- I'm afraid of being
invited to Brando's house.

- All the stories
I've heard.
- Mm-hmm.

Well, gentlemen, lady.

It's not a secret
what I'm going to be
dreaming about tonight.

- Oh!
- [Chuckles]

- Do tell.
- Good night.

- Night!
- Ooh!

- Sharon. Sharon!
- What?

How are you doing?
It's been a few days.

despite some aches
and pains here and there.

Oh. When
are you due?

Just a couple
of weeks.

Can you believe it?

- How's Roman doing?
- He's good.

Yeah. He's doing
really well.

He's working a lot.
He's really excited.

- But, um...
- Is he avoiding it?

Why would you say
something like that?

I mean, what's
with all these questions?

- I'm curious.
- Okay.

All right.
He's very busy.

He's working on
a lot of important projects.

He, um...

everything is fine.

You know?
We're gonna be just fine.

- Stop.
- [Gunshots]

- What was that?
- You heard that too?


It sounds like
it's coming from
down the hill.

You go fetch his wallet
out of the car

and keep watch
around back.

Sure. Sure.

Let's go.

Friend of Jay's?

Who are you?

I'm the devil.

And I'm here
to do the devil's work.

- Get up!
- What?

- Shit! [Screams]
- Shut up!

- Don't look at me. Get up!
- Okay. Okay.

- Go, now!
You too. Up.
- Come on.

- Okay.
- [Bashing]

- Down!
- Go!

- [Grunting, moaning]
- Don't move.


Tex, what do we
do with these guys?

Tie these two

- No. She's pregnant.
- Shut up.

- Just leave her alone.
- Shut up!

- Please don't do this.
You don't need to do this.
- Just let her go.

- She's pregnant.
- [Gunshot]

- [Screaming]
- Shut up!

Shut up!

It don't matter how much
you fuckin' pigs squeal,

you're all gonna die.

So shut up.
Now which one
of you is loaded?

- Huh?
- [Groans]

Who's got the cash?
Where's the cash?
Where's the money?

- I do.
- Show me where it is.

- You got it?
- [Sobbing]

- Please just...
-you're not gonna
need it anymore.

- Please don't do it.
- Show me where it is.
Come on.

- [Groaning, screaming]
- Get over here.

- Shut up!
- [Sobbing]


- [Screaming, crying]
- [Stabbing]


[Sobbing, groaning]

- [Crying]
- Shut up.

Please don't hurt
my baby.

- [Sobs]
- It needs to live.

- Let it live!
Let my baby go!
- Shut up!

- [Sobbing]
- Shut up.

I'll give you money,
whatever. We have money.

This is all
she fucking has.

This is all
you got?

70 fuckin' dollars?

You ain't got
Hollywood money?

Where's your
goddamn money?

- [Gasping]
- Fucking stab her!

- [Slicing]
- [Groaning]










Please, please stop.

[Breathing heavily]


I'm already dead.

[Breathing heavily]




Please, no.

I'm a mom.


- [Stabbing]
- [Groaning]

I didn't do that, man.

Gary hinman's
house had a similar m.O.

I didn't do that

I thought you
were at the scene.

It's ironic

that they went
to the house

that was once occupied
by a record producer

that you claimed
ripped you off
and lied to you.

Look, man.
I wasn't present
at the scene.

- You're tryin'
to implicate me.
- I just want the truth.

The truth is,
I wasn't there.

Were you at
the labianca house?

- I didn't kill them either.
- So you were there.

- I didn't say I was there.
- I didn't ask if you
killed them.

You think
I'm supposed

to feel something
about that?

Last night was sloppy.
We can't have them
gettin' away.

We can't have
'em screamin'.

"pig" on the wall
ain't gonna work,

and helter skelter
ain't gonna begin
if someone gets away.

I'm gonna show you
how it's done.

[Man on TV]
Shirt secure.
You take your string

you run it through
hook number one.


What you readin', honey?

That poor girl.
She was seven months
pregnant, too.

Leno, look at this!

She was beautiful.

Yeah. No.
Stop here.

Y'all, that's it.

Who lives here?

Come on.

She was married
to that director,
Roman polanski.

The horror movie guy?

- Yeah.
- Wow.

- Did we lock up?
- [Knocking]

It's just gotta be suzan.

Come on.



You hear that?

I didn't hear anything.



What's happening?

You two, you go in there
and you find out.


- Drive.
- Where are we going?

You and Sandy
met that actor

from Lebanon
a couple weeks ago?

- Yeah?
- Head that direction.

- Get out!
- [Screaming continues]

Get... get up! Get...

Keep her quiet!

Rosie! Rosie!



[Grunting continues]

Stop it!
Stay still!

- It's too dull.
- What do you mean?

The knife we brought,
it won't go in.

- [Grunts]
- Give it to him.

[Whimpering, screaming]

Just stand still!

Leno! Leno!


[Muffled screams]

Do something.


Charlie said
he'd do anything for you.

He said
he would die for you.

Stab her!


You ready for this?

Okay, you two,
you two go.

You two go.

I said, "go."

So, what happened?

What's it, a secret?

nothing happened.

He wasn't there.

You sure?

Knocked on the door
for five minutes,

nobody answered.

Well, you sure
you got the right place?

Yeah, I'm sure.

well, let's go.

Still don't feel anything?

What, do you want me to cry?

Most people
would be disturbed

by photographs
like these.

I guess rebels don't cry.

How many cars
had the people

living with you stolen?

I never stole any cars.

Is that why
they let you off?

Are you challenging me?

I'm not challenging you,
I'm just asking.

Well, seems they didn't have
a proper search warrant.

♪ Amazing grace

♪ how sweet the sound

♪ that saved

♪ a wretch like me

♪ I once was lost

♪ but now I'm found

♪ was blind

♪ but now I see

♪ 'twas grace
that taught ♪

♪ My heart to fear

♪ and grace

♪ my fears relieved

♪ how precious did

♪ that grace appear

♪ the hour
I first believed ♪

♪ When we've been there

♪ 10,000 years

♪ bright shining

♪ as the sun

♪ we've no less days

♪ to sing god's praise

♪ than when

♪ we first begun

auto theft.

Anonymous tip?

Yeah, apparently
one of the ranch hands

didn't like
that we wouldn't share

the girls with him,

so he lied
when he saw a couple of cars

on the property.

He was jealous and greedy.

I don't like that.

Nothing wrong
with wanting more.

It's the American dream.

what's driving Americans

to the apocalypse.

Greed, hate, and jealously.

It's a lot like
when you told everyone

that you were
going to be bigger

than the Beatles,
isn't it?

- What was that?
- The American dream?

Don't implicate me, man.

I don't like lies,
and I don't like

the people
that tell them.

I'm trying to determine
if I can adequately

represent you.

- By demeaning me?
- By analyzing you.

Look, man, I'm not
a psychiatric patient.

I'm not a psychiatrist.

- Don't mess with me, man.
- I'm not.

"When I plunged
the knife in her,

it made me
have an orgasm."

Those are your words.

Were you present
at the Tate killings?


Were you involved?

Susan, we got all night.

Were you involved?

I got in the car
with everyone.

Charlie told us
to do something witchy.

He instructed you
to go to cielo drive?


To kill Sharon Tate?

Whoever was there.

I went into her bedroom,

brought her
to the living room,

she was...

Pleading with us
not to kill her.

She wanted to live
long enough to have her baby.

She kept crying,
and crying.

Crying for her mother.

So I stabbed her.

I tasted her blood.

It made Charlie happy.

If you're any kind of lawyer,

you'd be trying
to get me out of here

instead of asking me
question after question.

I have to make
a fair assessment of you

before we go to trial.

We're not getting
to trial.

- Why's that?
- I'm a free man.

Doesn't look
that way to me.

Well, your perception of free
is different than mine.

I'm not the one
sitting there

in the same suit
and the same briefcase

as everyone else
out there.

You're a slave.
I'm the free man.

I'm not behind bars.

The way you live your life
is your prison.

What would you know
about my life?

You wanna know
why I'm better?

Doubt me again
when you've sat on a bench

with someone
for almost a year

who you know killed
someone's wife or child,

when you've had
to cross-examine

a young widow
who watched your client

murder her husband
before her very eyes,

and you tell her
she's wrong.

I didn't hurt anyone.

Then why are you here?

I don't know.
Wrong place, wrong time.

I don't think
I can represent you.

[Scoffs] Why not?
I'm innocent.

I didn't do anything
to those people

in the Hollywood Hills,

I didn't touch those people
in los feliz.

Not that simple,
doesn't work that way.

I didn't kill anybody.

I don't even know why
I'm in here.

Because people
are dead, Charlie!

They're dead
because you sent people

to their house
to take their lives.

And why?

Because you're not
a rock star.

Fuck you man,
fuck you!

Those kids
would do anything for you,

and you deceived them
and manipulated them

for your own self-pity!

And you wonder why
you're here?

You really think
that these people
are your friends?

Your family?

We're not family, man.

We're not a cult,
or any other

of those fucking labels

anyone wants
to put on us, okay?

We're friends.
We're friends.

They would do anything
for me,

and I would die for them,

I would die
for those people.

I gave them a place,
I gave them direction.

You know why?

Because you threw them out
like trash.

And we deserve more,
we deserve more than you.

Fuck you!

They're your friends,

- you really believe that.
- I do.

Well, one of your friends

told her cellmate

About helter skelter,
about you,

about everything.

Looks like
you're alone again, Charlie.

You mad at your mama?

She can't help
what she is.

People are who they are.

And they do
what they're gonna do.

Niggers do what they do,
Jews do what they do.

You can't change people,

You can't change
who they are.

You were
born a rebel, Charlie,

and don't you
ever forget it.

[Rock music playing]

♪ She's
so out of control ♪

♪ She's been
selling her soul ♪

♪ To the man she met
from Mississippi ♪

♪ Long brown beard
and wearing hippie clothes ♪

♪ She's buying
every line ♪

-♪ Every line.
-♪ he feeds her
one at a time ♪

♪ He's got her believing

♪ that he's the second coming
of Christ ♪

♪ She don't know

♪ he's out of control

[music continues]

♪ He's
so out of his mind ♪

♪ He's lost in space
and in time ♪

♪ Since he was sent
to save us ♪

♪ From all the mortal dangers
in life ♪

♪ She's got flowers
in her hair ♪

♪ Flowers in her hair

♪ she follows him
everywhere ♪

♪ She's
his first disciple ♪

♪ Says he was sent
to die for us all ♪

♪ He don't know
she's out of control ♪

♪ She don't know
he's out of control ♪

♪ Now she can't come home
from wherever she's gone ♪

♪ 'Cause she's been away
from far too long ♪

♪ And she's not even sure
what planet she's on ♪

♪ She's
so out of control ♪

♪ She's been
selling her soul ♪

♪ To the man
she met from Mississippi ♪

♪ Long brown beard
and wearing hippie clothes ♪

♪ She's buying
every line ♪

♪ Every line

♪ he feeds her one
at a time ♪

♪ He's got her believing

♪ that he's the second coming
of Christ ♪

♪ She don't know

♪ he's out of control

♪ he's so out of control

♪ she's
so out of control ♪

♪ He's so out of control

♪ she's
so out of control ♪

[car approaches]

[Car door opens]

[Ambiance music playing]