House of Hummingbird (2018) - full transcript

Seoul 1994, in the year the Seongsu Bridge collapsed, 14-year-old Eunhee wanders the city searching for love.

Seoul, 1994

Mum, open the door.


Mum, I'm here!
Open the door!

Mum! Stop messing around!
I'm here!



Were these the only scallions they had?

They don't look so fresh.

The store owner wasn't there?

House of Hummingbird

Class A to the right,
Class B to the left.

Hurry up!

Class B to the left!

Hey! Aren't you Class B?
Class B to the left!

You idiots don't even know
right from left.

Ready? Let's go!


Eunhee Kim, read next.

I said read.

Pager code: ANGEL, I LOVE YOU

It's harder to memorize English that way.

I know. He thinks he's so funny.

Look. She's sleeping again.

Dumb girls like that don't make it to college
and they'll become our house maids.

Hey, she can hear you.

Let's go and get some snacks.

Let's go.

- Eunhee.
- Yeah?

You have doe-like eyes.

That's so cheesy.

It's not cheesy.

Stop it.


Have you seen Suhee?

I'm not sure.

I got a call from her tutor.
She didn't show up again.

She drives me crazy.

You, hurry and go to your
Chinese cram school now.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Dad's gone.

That idiot's only pair of trousers
are those Levis.

What a loser.

You live in a neighbourhood
with the best schools in Seoul

but have to travel all
the way across the river

because you couldn't
pass a damn test!

Such an embarrassment.

Go drop dead, you stupid shit!

Where were you today? Huh?

Where did you go after
skipping class?

Tell me!
You're not going to talk?

I said...!

What the hell? What kind of a bastard
visits at this hour?

Who is it?

Sukja, you're my favourite sister.

It's my fault that you couldn't continue your
studies because of my high school tuition.

You were so smart.

If you had finished school,
you would have become something.

I just stopped by
since it's Sukja's birthday soon.


I'll be going now.

But you just arrived...

You're not mad, are you?

Mad? Of course not...

Have some apples before you go.

Sukja, I'm leaving.


Kids, your uncle is leaving.
Come out!

You really need to stop drinking.

How do I open this?

How old are you now?

I'm in 8th grade.

Take care.

- Good bye.
- Good bye.

Your brother is now officially crazy.
Coming here at this hour.

Suhee, you have to
take all the air out.

Take all the air out then twist.
Tie it tightly.

Do it right.

It's 3,000 won.

Oh, it's been awhile!

- Yes, it's 3,000 won.
- Bucket's full.

The whole family is here!

There was a big order
from a company.

Thank you, have a good day!



We do not live on every day,

but rather, we die every day.

In other words,
today is the first day until your death.

You are now 8th graders.

Soon, you will be in the 9th grade.

How you make use of today
determines the rest of your future.

For a better class environment,
I'm initiating a project

to identify all the delinquents.

I'm passing out a sheet of paper and
want you to write down two names

of those you believe are the
troublemakers in the class.

Those who smoke
or date instead of studying,

Those that go to the karaoke,
they are all delinquents.


Repeat after me.

Instead of karaoke,
I will go to Seoul National University!

After me, make a fist.
In loud voices.

- Instead of karaoke!
- Instead of karaoke.

- I will go!
- I will go.

- To Seoul National University!
- To Seoul National University.

- Louder! Instead of karaoke!
- Instead of karaoke!

- I will go!
- I will go!

- To Seoul National University!
- To Seoul National University!

- Louder! Instead of karaoke!
- Instead of karaoke!

- I will go!
- I will go!

- To Seoul National University!
- To Seoul National University!

Louder, louder!

- Instead of karaoke!
- Instead of karaoke!

- I will go!
- I will go!

- To Seoul National University!
- To Seoul National University!

- Instead of karaoke!
- Instead of karaoke!

- I will go!
- I will go!

- To Seoul National University!
- To Seoul National University!

Man. Your new homeroom teacher
sounds weird.

It's not just him.
They're all fucked up!

When you are feeling lonely and sad,
I will be your friend.

I will always be your brother.

I was practising my tennis swings.

I'll be back.

Bye, Dad.

What was your Dad wearing
when he left?

Have some Gamja-jeon.

Make dinner for your brother
when he's back from cram school.

And stop snooping around my room.

Did you drink?


Can you smell it?

I might get in trouble.

You know,

I'm not good at anything.

What's wrong?

Do you feel something here?

Isn't it supposed to be like that?
I'm not sure.

- Jiwan Kim
- What?

Come with me.

Let's kiss.

I've never done that before.

Let's just try it.

Let's try it with tongues.

Why are you spitting?

You did it first.





Who's that bastard?


I saw everything.

You better not embarrass our parents.




Shut the door.

Shut it.

Fucking asshole.

Do you remember the woman
who lives on the 7th floor?

That bitch came into the store today

saying there's something wrong
with the chilli flakes.

Last time, she complained
about the sesame oil.

Today this bitch threw
the money at me.

I couldn't hold it in any longer.

So I told her, these are the best
in the country.

And that she doesn't know shit.

She should shut her stupid mouth
and never come back to my store.

She was freaked out
and speechless.

That'll teach her...

Does she even know who I am?

You kids always wake up late
when your father is working hard every day.

When I was your age,

I woke up at 4am
to get ready for school.

Have these bean sprouts gone bad?

Let's eat.

Daehoon, the student council election
didn't happen yet?


It's this week.

Be nice to your friends.


Buy them some burgers.
I'll give you the money.


Let's see if you can become
the president two years in a row.

Everyone, make sure you pray for him.

Dad, Daehoon hit me.


You kids need to stop fighting.

Cheongha Chinese Cram School

Youngji Kim

I'm Youngji Kim,
your new teacher starting today.

What's up with the mask?

I'll tell you later.

She smokes.
I saw her in the hallway.

Where did Birdie go?


She means the guy teacher
from Korea University.

I heard he was fired.

Aren't you going to
introduce yourself?

How about we take turns?

I'll go first.

I'm Youngji Kim.

I live in Sung-Nam,

and I've been taking
a break from university.

My leave has been pretty long.
So, I'm a little older.

I'm Jisuk Jeon,

and I'm in 8th grade at
Jinseon Middle School.

That's it?

Do I have to say more?

What are some things you like?

Calvin Klein?

Ah, the brand.
Why do you like Calvin Klein?

When I ace a test,
my mum buys me their clothes.

I'm Eunhee Kim.
I go to Daecheong Middle School.

Do you like Calvin Klein too?

No. I...
I like...

She likes Jiwan Kim.

Shut up.

I like drawing comics.

I like comics too.

- Bye.
- See you.


It's Eunhee, right?


He hit you?
Even on your birthday?

How does
your brother usually hit you?

It's fucking diverse.

These days, with his bamboo sword.
The bastard's learning Haidong Kendo.

That's actually better.

The golf club hurts like hell.

He hit you with
a golf club today?

He told me to get down
on my hands and knees.

When I resisted,
he hit me even harder.

Sometimes I wonder,

'What if I killed myself?'

And then left a note saying
I did it because of my brother.

But then if I die, I won't get
to see him be all guilty and sad.

So maybe, I could be a ghost
for a day after I die,

so I can watch him cry,
and see my dad yell at him.

And I'll watch everything
from the ceiling, you know?

Mum and Dad all crying...
Just thinking about it is so cathartic.

But do you think
they'd actually feel sorry?

We are six hours away from the start of
the 1994 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony.

There's a lot of attention and excitement
as Korea faces Spain tomorrow

in the first match of the
tournament at 8:30 pm.


I can feel something
under my ear.

It's a lump!

Why are you telling me this now?

I just found it.

There's a clinic I know in Haengdang.
You should go there.

Why so far away?

It's the clinic
your uncle goes to.

It's a good place.
You should go right away, tomorrow.

Eunhee, put some
pain relief patches on me.

Here and here.

Your homeroom teacher
came to the store today.

Said you were picked number one
in the delinquent poll.

He just sat there for a while
and then finally left.

I was so distracted I couldn't work.

That asshole. He's doing that
to extort money from us.

He's fucking crazy.

Don't talk about
your teacher like that.

Just apologize and
be a good student.

Massage right there.


You can't be a delinquent.

You have to study hard and
become a college student.

That's the only way you'll gain respect,

and read the English signs
in the streets,

and carry books in front of your chest
around campus,


Eunhee Kim.


I can't really tell right now.

I have to do a biopsy.

A biopsy?

Yes, it won't hurt or
leave a scar.

Come back next week
with your Mum.

I doubt she can come.

Eunhee Kim ❤ Jiwan Kim.

Put on the black outfit in your drawer.

Where did your sister go?
Page her now.

Jiwan, why aren't you answering my pages?

I'm at a funeral right now.

Our uncle came by our house
a few days ago, but he passed away today.

Can you please call me back?


I'm hungry.

Let's go.

I'll buy you a ddukboki.


Come on!


Turn, turn, turn!

I've seen you around.
The yellow Benetton backpack.

Yep, that's me.

She wanted to be your friend.

What's your name?

Yuri Bae.

That's a pretty name.

What, you two dating or something?

What if we become X sisters?

Sure, give me your number.

What class are you in?

I'm in class 2 and she is in class 1.

I have two pens.

What took you so long to come back?

I need written consent
from a guardian for this procedure.

My Mum agreed.

Even so, I still need a written consent.

Written consent?

Yes. I will give you something for your mother
to sign agreeing that I can do the procedure.

So get her signature, and
I'll see you again next week, okay?

Is it really serious?

No. It's a simple procedure,
but I need the written consent.

Don't worry about it too much.

Then, can't you just call
my Mum right now?

Okay, it's going to sting a bit.
Don't be startled.

Stop moving.
If you move, it'll hurt more.

Flush twice.

Can you turn off the lamp?

What's that under your ear?

I'm sleepy.

This is uncomfortable.

Don't worry.

Are you sleepy?

No. You?

A little.

Should we go to sleep now?

Shall we try
reading them out loud?


Duh, that's the name
of the chapter!

It could be.

Yes, "Gyo-woo-pyun" is correct.

It's the chapter
we're studying today.

What does "Gyo-woo" mean?

- Friendship.
- That's right.

Shall we see what the main text means?


"Sang," blah blah, "Chun-ha,"
"Ji-shim," blah blah and 'In."

Good, let me explain
the first "blah" of the phrase.

The first letter you got right is "Sang,"
which means "each other."

Next is "Shick," meaning "to know"
and "Man," meaning "full."


"Neung" here is the same "Neung"
you use in the word, "possible."

Then "Gi and "In." So then
if you read it from the start,

"Sang-Shick-Man-Chun-Ha Ji-Shim-Neung-Gi-In."

What do you think it means?

how many people do you know?

People I know?

Yes, faces that you know.

I don't know.
Maybe 50?

That's stupid.
You know more than that.

If you count everyone
from 6th to 7th grade,

I bet it's more than 400.

Then, about 400?

Then, how many of those people
do you understand?

Full of people whose faces we know, but
how many of those do we really understand?

"Sang-Shick-Man-Chun-Ha Ji-Shim-Neung-Gi-In."

Among all the people you know,

how many really understand
what's going on inside you?

How are you going to give it to her?

Like this.

You should be more forward.

Hey, here she comes.

Hurry. Give it to her.

I bought it on the way,
because it reminded me of you.

- I'll leave you to it.
- You're leaving?

Did you get my voicemails?


You didn't reply,
so I came to see you.

Yuri, my parents are at home.
I have to go back.

Oh, really?
I better go then.


Do you want to hang out
this week?


I can't live like this!

Where did you go? Huh?
I said where did you go?

Are you going to do this all night?

You know it's your fault that
our kids are all messed up.

Why do you think Suhee's never home?

It's because you don't
pay enough attention!

What makes you think
you have something to say?

Just because I turn a blind eye
in front of the kids,

you really think I don't know?

What do you do all day
when you abandon the store and go out?

You should be ashamed
of yourself!

Why should I feel ashamed?

Don't you fucking push me!

Why you...!

Watch your feet!

Go to your room!

Let's go to ER.

Why is our family so messed up?

We should all live separately.

Eat your breakfast.


My Mum says once you get married,

you're each other's furniture.

What does that mean?

It means you're not really
a person anymore.

That's why married people cheat.

Want to know something about
my parents?


They never look into each other's eyes.

Still no page from Jiwan?

Nope, nothing.

Want to go shoplifting?


Hey, you two!


Give it back.

Excuse me?
What are you talking about?

In your pockets, take them out.
I saw everything.

What are you doing, you pervert!


You're not going to budge?

Little brats!

Where does your Dad work?

If you keep this up,
we're going to the police station.

Her dad works
at Mido Shopping Center.

He has a store there?

Give me the phone number.


It's 555-2389.



Yes, so your daughter
just stole from my store.

It's Gaepo Shopping Center.

I just caught her stealing
from my stationary store.

Yes, short girl with short hair.

Yes, she was shoplifting.

And I'm saying I caught her doing that.

No. I'm saying,

if you pay for the damages,
I won't hand her over to the police.


Hand her over?

Are you sure you're her father?

Hello, hello?

What the hell.

Both of you, just leave.


I have to go.
Tell the teacher I can't make it.

Are you crazy?

Aren't you at least going to say
you're sorry?

Hey! Jisuk!

What the hell?
What is wrong with you?!

Say you're sorry!

Have you gone insane?

Stop it!

Apologize for what you did!
Are you sorry or not?

Are you crazy?!

Your best friend couldn't make it?

She's not my best friend anymore.

We got caught shoplifting,

and Jisuk tattled on me.

It's oolong tea.
It's hot so be careful.

I'm sorry I cried so much.

My brother's going to kill me
when I get home later.

Your brother?

Yes, he beats me
like a dog all the time.

Then what do you do?

When he beats me, I just let him,
and hope it's over soon.

If I resist, he beats me more.

It's a funny name.
Oolong tea.

Come in.

Jisuk likes rice cakes?


She looks like
she'd only like pizza.

Eunhee, please don't do that again.

It's so embarrassing to
show my face around here.


Hold the whole thing from the bottom.




KNULP by Hermann Hesse

Thank you for yesterday.
- Eunhee

I really didn't know,

That love is like glass.

It shines beautifully,

But is easy to break.

Now the broken pieces of love,

Are an unbearable pain.

It's an unbearable pain,

That digs into my heart.

Let's go karaoke on Sunday.

I'll wait for you at the playground
until you're done talking to your friend.

We're not friends.

Oh, so you're younger then.

Eunhee, do you want to go?

I'll leave.


When does your brother
come home again?

Late, after class.


I love it when you
stroke my hair.

It soothes me.

It looks like you need to go
to a bigger hospital.

Give this report to your Mum.


I just want you to go to a better place
and get an accurate diagnosis.

Here, don't worry.






Dad, the New Seoul clinic doctor said
I should go to a bigger hospital.

A bigger hospital?

It's not a big deal.

He says it's to get a better check-up.

That's odd.

Sure, okay.

I will make an appointment.
Don't worry and go to bed.

A lump has developed
on her salivary gland.

We have to cut the whole area
around her ear to remove it.

If things go wrong,

she could lose all sensation
on her face, or half of it.


The chances are low,
so you don't have to worry.

But there will be a big scar.

It's going to be fine.
Don't worry.

The chances of it going wrong
are really low.

The doctors are probably
just trying to scare us.

What happens if your face
gets stuck?

Does that mean you'll be
even uglier than you are now?


It's just a joke.

A joke is supposed to be funny.

It will be okay.
Here, eat this, too.

The rice cakes were good.

I usually don't eat rice cakes,
but yours were excellent.

It's because we use
really good ingredients.

The best rice around.

Tell your mother I said thank you.

Do you want me to
sing you a song?

Looking at my chopped finger,

It's a night of drinking.

Rattling noise of the machine
lingering in my ear,

I looked up at the sky.

I buried my chopped finger,

It's a night of sorrowful tears.

Blood on my uniform,
my lost youth.

Oh, what a sombre night.

My tired body, all worn,

I drown my grief
in the bitter soju.

On the day I left my hometown,

Thinking about Mother,

Lost and wandering in the woods,

I trudge on, drunk on cold soju.

I'm going to be hospitalized soon.

If something goes wrong,
my face might become paralysed.

What are you talking about?

There's a lump under my ear,
and I think I have to have surgery.

Why didn't you tell me?

You're the one
who stopped calling.

I'm sorry.

That day,

I was so scared.

I thought he was going to beat us.

I thought you were abandoning me.

I thought we weren't going to
be friends ever again.

I'm sorry.

Jiwan ❤ Eunhee's 120-day anniversary song.

The next song is for
Jiwan and Eunhee's 120-day anniversary.

I know there was a break
in the middle, but still.

I feel weird when it's dusk.

You do too?

You too?


How do you feel?

I just feel lonely.

Is this too serious?

If something goes wrong during surgery
and my face becomes paralysed,

will you still like me?

Silly, doctors always
do that to scare you.

My Dad does that too.

Don't worry about it.

Let's go.


I have something for you.

Guess what it is.

Is she the rice cake shop girl?

Let's go.

Can I stay here untll you leave?

- Miss Youngji.
- Yes?

Why do the people here
hang banners?

So that they don't get
their homes taken away.

Why would someone take away
someone else's house?

There's so much absurdity,

It's so sad.
The houses look cold.

Don't pity them.


We shouldn't pity them,

because we don't know anything.

Miss Youngji.


You're not being nice to me
because you pity me, right?

I don't have to answer
stupid questions, right?

Do you ever have moments
when you hate yourself?



Very often.

Even though you go to such a good college?

It takes some time to
learn to like yourself.

When I don't like myself,

I just try to look within.

Just the way it is.
So, this is how I feel.

I guess I can't love
myself right now... like that.


When you're tired and sad,

try looking at your fingers.

Then one by one,
move them around.

It'll feel very mysterious.

You feel like
you can't do anything,

but you can move your fingers.

Should I pack ramen too?

That's a little much for the hospital.

Should I bring a comic book?

Good idea.

Gift for Miss Youngji.

Why are you taking that out?

I just... I'm gonna read it.

Are you ready?

Yes. Let me say bye to my friend.

You seem to like books...

by Stendhal

When should I give it back?

You don't have to.

You can return it when
I get out of hospital.



I'll definitely read it.

Miss Youngji.

I really like you, Miss Youngji.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Yes. It hurts?

Excuse me.

Where did my lump go?

Oh, that?
We threw it away.

Where is it?

Why so curious?

Where is it?


Are you okay?

Do you like the hospital food?

I haven't tried it yet.

Suhee has a scar and now,
you too.

Be good and listen to the doctor.

We'll come and see you again on Wednesday.


- See you.
- Bye.

I called your house and found out
which hospital you were at.

Your friend is pretty too.

So cute.

You must be happy
your friend came.


Oh, poor thing. She must be sad
because you're hurt.

They must have catching up to do.

Did your boyfriend come to visit?

We broke up.

Eunhee, I really like you.

More than I like
my friends or family.

I only think about you.

- Yuri.
- Yes?

Why do you like me?


Just because.

Is that wrong?

You have something here.

Hang on a second.

Is that something tasty?


What is it?

- Plum pickles.
- Enjoy your meal.

- My friend brought some.
- Mm, looks good.

Thank you for the
delicious side dish.

Enjoy your meals, ladies.

- Yes, thank you.
- Thank you.

- Enjoy.
- Alright.

Hey, honey,
they're plum pickles.

They're good for your digestion.
Try them.

You need to eat a lot
if you want to get better quickly.

- Thank you, ma'am.
- You poor thing.

Dig in.

Get well soon.

It's breaking news!

Kim Il-Sung, North Korea's
Supreme Leader passed away.

What? Kim Il-sung died?

The cause of death was cardiac infection.

Is this really true?

Oh my goodness...
What if war breaks out?

What will we do?

- I thought Kim-Il Sung was immortal.
- So did I.

Wait, so do we cheer, or what?

We most regretfully announce
to our people

that our great general has passed away
on July 8th, 1994.

I didn't expect you to visit.

I like visiting hospitals.


I just feel comfortable
when I'm in a hospital.

Like when you smoke?


It's strange but I'm also more
comfortable here than at home.



Don't let anyone hit you.

If anyone ever hits you,

do everything you can to fight back.

Don't ever just take it.




Are you leaving?


You're going...

Are you okay going home
by yourself?

Look at you, all grown up
and mature.

Good bye.

- Take care.
- Study hard.

Good bye.

- Bye, Eunhee.
- Bye.

Get well soon.

Did it hurt?


Can I see what it looks like?

That must have really hurt.

It was alright.

Go to sleep.

Won't it leave a scar?

Isn't this Miss Youngji's class?

Oh, I'm the new teacher.

Where is Miss Youngji?

Miss Youngji?

She quit.



She said she'll come on Sunday
to pick up her things.

Ask her yourself.

Hello, this is Hanbo Calligraphy School.

Yes, the basic course teaches
the classic thousand characters.

What time on Sunday?


We have classes at 4pm and 5pm.

Daehoon, wasn't the Seoul University campus

It's so spacious and beautiful.

Absorb that energy
from our trip and use it

to get into Daewon
Foreign Language School,

and then afterwards to
Seoul National University. Okay?

The campus is wonderful.

This is a crucial period for Daehoon,
so the whole family must get together

to help him get into
Daewon Foreign Language School.

You should cook
more dishes for him.


May I see?

My Chinese teacher is a student here.

Is Miss Youngji coming?

She already came and left.

You said she was going to be here.

Didn't I say 11 am?
You should've come earlier.

You said 2pm.

Could I get her pager number?

I believe she got rid of her pager.
You know she's like that.

Like what?

She's just kind of like that.

She likes to disappear.
You know, she's a little odd.

Did you fire her?

No, she quit.

I'm busy right now.
It's time for you to leave.

Why did you say
she will be here at 2pm?

If you had told me the right time
I could've seen her.

And Miss Youngji isn't odd.

You don't know anything
so don't say stuff like that.

What in the world...

Eunhee, come out of your room!

What are you doing?

How could you get kicked out
of a cram school?

Talking to the head teacher like that.

Such an embarrassment.

She has a terrible personality.
Why can't she be like other girls?

She's got to have her temper fixed!

No wonder her brother always
beats her!

Learn some manners, you brat!

Why didn't you call the school
every now and then?

There is something wrong with that girl.
And that's our fault?

It wasn't my fault!

There is nothing wrong with me!

There's nothing wrong with
my personality!

What's wrong with you?

Do you want to die?
Cut it out!

Go on, hit me you bastard!

I could report you to the police
but I haven't.

All that private tutoring, and
you're still in 8th place?

Like you're going to make it to
Daewon Foreign Language School...

Are you crazy?


What kind of behaviour is this?

How dare you hit your sister
in front of your father?

Get over here!

My ear hurts so much.

How did you manage to
tear your eardrum?

Need a medical report
by any chance?


As evidence.

If you need one, tell me, okay?



You told me you liked me.


Then why are you being like this?

You said that you really liked me.

So I was going to make it work.

Because you said you liked me.


That was last semester.

Isn't Yuri so weird?

Let's stop talking about Yuri.

My parents might get divorced.

What do you mean?

I haven't even decided
which one to live with.

You know,


you only think about yourself.

Come on.

You know what else?

Your bandage looks like
a fucking pad.

October 21, 1994

Look at this.

It's all ripped up.

It wasn't like this yesterday.

What happened?


The bridge collapsed.

Hey, there was an accident!

The Seongsu Bridge collapsed!

Really? What happened?

Helicopters are flying and everything!
It's all a big mess!

How is the situation over there?

As you can see, they are
carrying injured people away from the scene.

- We will brief you on the accident again.
- Yes.

This morning, at around 7:40 am,
approximately 50 meters of the upper truss

between two bridge posts of
Seongsu Bridge collapsed.

Due to the collapse, the number 16 bus
fell into the river,

along with more than ten other cars.

So far, 24 people
are reported to have been killed.

The police have sealed off the access,
and are helping survivors escape.

Dad, it's Eunhee.

You have to call
Suhee right now!

She might be there!
Dad, hurry!

She lived because she was late.

I don't even want to think about it.

How can anything like that happen?

So fortunate.
I'm so glad...

So very fortunate.

Let's eat.


Is your sister okay?


I know a lot of students from her school
were in the accident.

I was worried.

My sister is fine.

Did it leave a big scar?

If you're done, I'm leaving.

I'm sorry.

For what?

It's all my fault.
I'm really sorry.

It's fine.

To be honest,

I never liked you.

If you're in agony,
I will comfort you.

If you're in sorrow,
I will be your tears.

When you're walking down the bumpy road,
on a dark night,

I'll, I'll, I'll be your light.

When you are feeling lonely and sad,
I will be your friend.

I will always be your brother.

I'm your friend.

I'm your song.

You have a delivery.
This is Eunhee Kim's house, correct?

Excuse me?

Oh, yes.

Here you go.

Dear Miss Youngji,
How are you?

Thank you so much for the sketch book.

When I become a cartoonist, I'm going to
put you in as a character in my story.

She will have short hair with glasses,
and she will be quirky.

I predict my readers
will love your character.

I hope that my readers will find strength through
my stories in their times of loneliness.

Miss Youngji,

when will my life start to shine?

From Eunhee

Ma'am, do you know
how I can get here?

Let's see.

If you go straight down and
take a right it'll be right there.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Is Miss Youngji here?

And you are?

I'm Miss Youngji's student
at the Chinese Academy.

If she's not here,
could you give this letter to her?

I'm sorry to just drop by like this.

How did you find this address?

She sent me a package,
and I made note of the return address.

From Youngji?


What did she send you?

A book I lent her and a gift.

What was the gift?

A sketch book.

I see.

When did you receive the package?



I'm so sorry but
Youngji is not here anymore.

The package went out

but she isn't here.


How does a bridge collapse?

How can...

How can a big bridge like that

Why did you bring the rice cakes back?
Jisuk didn't want them?



Do you miss your brother?

It's just strange.

What is?

The fact that your uncle
isn't around anymore.


What time do you
have to be home by?

Before Dad gets up.



Drink water
before you eat kimbap.

Thank you.

Suhee, hurry up and eat.

Eat up.
You have to go to school.


Eunhee, make sure to call
when you arrive in Gyeongju.

It's good.

- Is it?
- Mum, is there any more left?

What's the right way to live?

Some days I feel like I know,
but I really don't know for sure.

I just know that when bad things happen,
good things happen too.

And that we always meet someone
and share something with them.

The world is fascinating and beautiful.

I'm sorry I quit the academy.

I'll call you after the vacation.

And when we see each other,
I will tell you everything.