House of Glass (2021) - full transcript

Convinced of her husbands infidelity, a woman's obsessive search for the truth turns deadly.

Your husband had several

obstructions per hour,

but not enough
to warrant a CPAP.

At least from the point of view
of your insurance company.

So it's up to you
if you want one,

but it probably
won't be covered.

So he has sleep apnea?


But it's mild.

I would recommend
he sleep with a mouth guard.

You can get one
over the counter,

or we can fit you for one.

It will position his jaw
in such a way

that his breathing
will be unobstructed.

Should also
take care of your snoring.

But I might add
that diet and exercise

could help with that as well.

What about his sleep talking?

Sleep talking?

Yeah, that's why
we did this whole study

to begin with, remember?

Study shows
no evidence of somniloquy.

And you recorded him
the entire time?

Was the microphone working?


But how do you know?

Because the technician
would have been alerted

had it stopped
at any point during the study.

Where was
the microphone placed?

- Was it a camera?
- It was taped near his throat,

along with the other electrodes

that were recording
his body functions.

- It's un-fucking-believable.
- Honey, now look...

Did he actually sleep
through the entire study?

I mean, you said so yourself,

you couldn't sleep with
all those wires attached to you.

The report says
that he had five hours of sleep.

He talks in his sleep
every night,

and every night
it's the same conversation.

Okay, I'm sorry.
Alex, would you not raise...

He's talking to another woman.

How do you know
it's another woman?

Because he says both sides
of the conversation,

and it's one
we've never had before.

- Okay, this is kinda crazy.
- Stop saying that.

Stop it.

I'm not crazy.

Honey, I didn't
say you were crazy.

I said this, this is crazy.

Have you tried recording it?


And it never sounds the same.

Because of that
stupid sound machine

that you bought me.

We got it to help
Alex sleep at night.

Yeah, some help that was.

And how are you sleeping,
then, Alex?

I don't.

I lie awake every night

listening to him
talk to another woman.

I thought we had an agreement.

We did. I'm here, aren't I?

I thought we'd agreed

that medication
was the best approach,

so why the sudden change?

I never agreed to that.

You've been pushing it
on me the entire time.

But it can help.

And I'm not just talking
about sleep medications.

There are effective drugs
on the market

that can help
not only your anxiety,

but your cognitive
reasoning as well.

How? By masking the situation?

can only take you so far

without the aid of medication,

which you desperately need.

What you describe
to me is troubling.

For you, your marriage,

your career,
your health, your mental state.

And there are many people
worried about you.

Myself included.

You don't have
to continue struggling.

You just need to trust me.

Hi, miss?

Are you hurt?

No, I can't feel my hand!

I can't feel my hand!

Have you been drinking?
Are you on any medications?

- No.
- Breathe.

No, are you a doctor?


Just watched
too much TV, I guess.


I don't know why I just
asked you all those questions.

- I just want to go.
- Oh. Hey. Hey.

I don't know my what...

- I don't know...
- Hey, hey.

- ...what is wrong with me.
- Look at me, look at me.

It seems like you might
be having a panic attack.

It's okay.

I'm here.

Okay. Look at me. Look at me.


Look at me.

Just breathe.

I'm here.

Is there someone we can call?

I think my husband
is having an affair.



Was I snoring again?

Where are you going, Ian?

- To the couch.
- Get back in bed.

So you can hit me
when I start snoring?

I didn't hit you
because you were snoring.

You really
don't believe me, do you?

Believe what?


So I was talking
in my sleep again.

Is that it?

Jesus Christ.

Do you think I'm making this up?

You think that
this is all in my head.

- I don't think, I know...
- Do you think I enjoy this?

You think I like imagining
that you're having an affair?

I don't know.

Maybe you do.

Maybe you enjoy being miserable.

Maybe you enjoy
torturing yourself

and everyone else around you
for no goddamn reason.

How can you say that?

How can you say that?

Every night you accuse me,
and no matter what I say,

and no matter
how many times I say it,

you don't fucking believe me!

Well, are you?

- Am I what?
- Are you having an affair?

For the last time, no.

I am not cheating on you.

Have you before?


Maybe it was suppressed guilt.

A secret that's eating at you.

Maybe it was a moment.

A moment of weakness

that your subconscious
just won't let go of,

and that's why you keep talking.

I don't talk in my sleep.

Sleep study
proved that months ago.

Oh, but you do.

I hear it. It's as clear as day.

And the scenario
is always the same.

- She comes over...
- This is insane.

She asks if I'm home,
and you tell her I'm at work.

We have been over this
a million fucking times.

Then you start
having sex with her.

- Why are you doing this to me?
- In our fucking house!

Are you mad at me
because I lost my job?

Is that it?
Are you mad because... what?

You have to go to work every day

- and I stay at home?
- Damn straight!

It's hard going
to work every day

when your husband
is screwing another woman

in the home you slave
to pay the mortgage for.

Jesus Christ.



Fuck. My phone.


You're up late.

Hey, Nate.

What are you
still doing out, man?


You know.

Yeah, just
one of those nights, huh?



You haven't seen her, have you?


No. What's up?

Well, she took off.

Just, I can't find her.

Wait, what do you mean?

I mean,
we were asleep, I...

I woke up, she's gone.

- Did she take her phone?
- Yeah.

She's not fucking answering it.

You wanna have a drink?

Right now?

Yeah. I mean,
I know it's late, but...

I'm not gonna be able to sleep
until I know she's safe.

Come on, man.

I could use the company.


Fuck it. Why not?

- You like whiskey?
- Yeah, sure.

- Oh, that's good.
- All right.

All right.

Shitty nights.

Shitty neighbors.

We gotta hang out more, man.

- Yeah.
- I mean that.

You know? I know I always say
that shit when we get together,

but I'm serious.

Life just always gets in the way
of best intentions, you know?

You guys doing good, though?

You still looking for a job?

Yeah. Yeah, but...

No, we're hanging in there.

How are you guys doing?

I mean, this past year's
been a fucking mess,

but, you know,
Becca losing the baby.


Oh, man, look,
we heard about that, I'm...

- I'm really sorry.
- Don't worry.

I mean, she lost the baby
in the first trimester,

so it wasn't like...

a full-grown baby.

Well, look, man,
we should have reached out.

It's okay.

I mean, Becca didn't really
want anyone to know.

She likes to keep things
a little private.

I mean, hell, half the time

I don't even know
what she's thinking, you know?

It's like there's
this whole side to her

that I have no idea about.

I mean, I guess
we all kinda have that.

You guys think
about having kids?

Not really.

Not now, anyway.

Marriage is so hard, you know,

- why bring other people into it?
- Oh, right.

Fuck it.

I envy you guys.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Hm, never really thought
there was much to...

I mean...

I don't mean
like that, it's just...

You guys just
have your shit together.

Well... looks can be deceiving.

Not from where
I'm sitting, man.

Not from where I'm sitting.

I wanna show you something.

Heard about that break-in
the other day on Cramer?


This fucker broke in
in the middle of the night,

stole a bunch of shit,
tied them up and everything?

It's why I got this thing.

Is it real?

'Course it's real.

Is it loaded?

You tell me.

I'm just kidding, man.

Kind of melts
in your hand, doesn't it?

I've never been much
of a gun nut, but these days?


Wanna take
that thing to the range?

Squeeze the trigger,
feel the power?

Kinda turns me on.

I'm not letting anyone
fuck with me anymore.

It's cool.

You guys have protection, right?

Yeah. Actually. But...

Just one of those, like,
small, handgun things?

I don't know. We...

bought the house, and I thought,

you know, might as well
buy a gun, yeah?

But I don't think
I've ever actually shot it.

We should go shooting, man.

Me and you.

There's a range ten miles away.

Be fun, man. My treat.


Why not?



Sorry. I just...

It's okay. Have a seat.

What exactly is this
supposed to accomplish?

Try to imagine Ian
sitting across from you.

You can close
your eyes if it helps.

Do you see him?


Open your eyes.

And talk to him.

Tell him how you feel.

This is stupid.

Trust me.

Talk to him.

The floor is yours.

He can't interrupt you.

He can't leave.

He has to listen
to everything you say.



wasn't I good enough?

Didn't I make you happy?

We used to be happy,
and what happened to us?

What does she have
that I don't have? I mean...

Not a goddamn thing, but...


Maybe it was the bloody accent.

Are you really that heartless?

You really that shallow?

You really think
I'm that stupid?

Do you really
think I'm that naive?

That I can't see?

'Cause I see you change
when you're around her.

That cadence in your voice.

That subtle flirting...

And that lingering smile,
I know that. Yeah.

'Cause that's a...

What you got
when I first met you.

And now you're
doing it with her,

in front of me.

In our fucking house.

What is this doing here?

Why is there
a second chair here?

So you can talk to her.


The other woman.

The woman you think
is sleeping with Ian.



I'm sorry.

Okay. Great.

I was having a moment there.


- I need to just...
- Now you can have it with her.

This is fucking ridiculous.

We gotta do this
again some time, man.

- Yeah.
- I'm serious.

- I'm gonna call you.
- All right.

All right. No bullshitting.

Some good whiskey, man.

Hey. Don't worry
about it, all right?

- I'm sure she's fine.
- Yeah.

I don't know why
we always fight at night.

You know what?

Alex and I do the same thing.

Must be something in the water.

I told her I thought
she was seeing someone.

Why are you
telling me this, Nate?

You're home a lot during the day
when she is.

You ever see anyone
come by when I'm at work?

Nate, I don't know,
I keep to myself.

You've never seen, like,

a strange car in the driveway,

- or someone walking up?
- No.

I mean, you'd
tell me if you had, right?

Look, I don't know, I...

I don't like to get involved
in people's business,

it's not my place.

But you'd do it for a friend?


I would do it for a friend.

It's all I needed to hear, man.

It's weird, isn't it?

What is?

You get
in a fight with your wife,

you go for a drive.

I get in a fight with my wife,
she disappears.

Good night, Nate.

What were you guys
fighting about?

I mean, if you
don't mind me asking.

I snore.


I'm so sorry.

I don't know
what's gotten into me.

I haven't been
myself lately, you know?

Let's just forget
this whole thing ever happened.

Let me make it up to you.


God, I missed you.

- I missed us.
- Oh yeah.

I want you to fuck me.

- Yeah?
- Right now.


Now I want you to fuck me
like you fuck her.

- What?
- Okay?

Just tell me her name,
and imagine I'm her.

I want you to scream
her name when you come.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Oh, isn't this what you want?

I can be your fucktoy.

I can be that, baby.
I can be whatever you want.

I'll do my hair like her.

Dress like her.

I'll even talk like her,

and then you won't need her,
because you'll have me.


Just admit it.

It's okay, I'm okay with it.

I'm not going to leave you.

I could never do that.

I just need to hear you say it.

I haven't done anything.

But you have. I know you have.

You've been doing it for months.

And it's okay,
just tell me who she is.

And this whole thing
will go away.

Alex. Alex. You need help.

You've imagined
this whole thing in your head.

It's been consuming you
for months.

It's not healthy.

It's making you fucking crazy.


Just tell me who she is.

I can't keep going on like this.

Please, just tell me her name.

There isn't anything to tell.

Because there isn't anyone.


- What the fuck?
- No!

What you doing?

Getting ready for bed.

What do you think?

You just, you've
been in here forever.

No, I haven't.
You're just drunk.

No, I'm not.

So I've had a few drinks.

Why don't you come in here
and take advantage of me?

Bet you'd love that.

Why don't you fucking
touch me anymore?

I do touch you.

- I touch you plenty.
- Ah, shitting me.

You just don't remember
it in the morning.

Not like you used to.

Are we going to have

one of those
conversations again?

Why do you do this

every time I try
to tell you how I'm feeling?

Because I don't
appreciate you doing it

right before we go to bed.

I'm sorry, that's the
only time I have your attention.

You always
have my attention.

You know that.

No, I don't.

You're always on to Facebook

or on your fucking phone
or some shit like that.

And you're not
on your computer?

Watching some stupid show on TV?

I just miss you.

Miss me?

How could you miss me?

You see me every single day.

Yeah, but you're
always somewhere else.

- I can feel it.
- No, I'm not!

I'm always here with you.

You know this.

Doesn't feel that way.

Well, it takes
two to tango, my dear.

You are more than welcome
to initiate every now and then.

That task shouldn't
just fall on me.

I just feel like you don't
wanna be with me anymore.

Why must you do this?

Every night.

Right before we go to bed.

Of course I love you.

Of course I still
want to be with you.

Are you seeing someone?

Are you?



Neither am I.

Now let's go to bed.

Would you tell me if you were?

Fuck me.

Are you really that insecure?

Do I have to follow you around

like a little lapdog,
is that it?


Do I need to constantly express

my undying love
and devotion to you?

At every waking moment?

I just need a little reassurance
every now and then.

Listen to me.


We had a shit year.

Losing the baby,

it really...

really, messed me up.

But that doesn't mean
that I don't love you.

But would you tell me if you
were in love with someone else?

Why must you always
dwell on the hypotheticals?

I'm just asking.


Of course. I would tell you

if I was in love
with someone else,

but I'm not.

So it doesn't matter.


I don't know
what I'd do if I lost you.

You're not losing me.

Now go the fuck to sleep.




Alex, what in God's name
are you doing?

Plan B.


Plan B?

What the fuck does that mean?

What are you doing?

Plan A was you confessing
like an honest, caring person

when given the chance.

But you are a coward.


Confessing to what?

Plan B is like Plan A,

but with a little
added pressure.

Honey, there is
no going back from this.

I mean, seriously.

What could possibly
compel you to do this?

Compel me?

There's no compelling argument

you could give me
to rethink this.

What's done, is done.

Play time is officially over.

You're gonna go to jail,
do you know that?

We'll see.


Becca, I'm so, so sorry.

I don't know
why she's doing this.

She's not well, she has not
been in her right mind.

I should have done this
months ago.

Done what?


Nothing good can come from this!


We can't walk away from this.

You understand that, don't you?

You know, this might come
as a surprise to you.

But I actually know
what I'm doing.

You have kidnapped our neighbor.

No, no.

She came over here willingly.

You have held
her hostage against her will.

I mean, come on.

It's one thing to knock out
your husband and tie him up.

But a stranger?

Oh, she's not a stranger.

Oh, come on,
you don't mean...


And as for you,

I was merely protecting myself

against your violent, drunken,

unwanted sexual advances.

I have bruises on my legs
from when you threw me down.


And you know
how easily I bruise.

Baby, you need help.

There is something
seriously wrong with you.

I mean it.

He thinks I'm crazy.

But I'm sure
he told you that already, hm?

Come on.

There is no other
logical explanation.

No rational person
would do this.

Who said anything
about being rational?

This is about honesty.

This is about coming clean.

This is about finally admitting

what I know has been going on
behind my back for months.

This is about fucking time.

Untie us!

Do not let
our problems become hers!

She is innocent, and so am I!

Only the truth, dear husband,

will set you free.


Help! Help us!

Somebody help!




- Mm.
- There.

That should do it for now.

I'm not talking to
an empty chair again today.

I am done talking to chairs
that don't have anybody in them.

No worries.
There's no chair work today.

It was just an exercise

to help you confront Ian
and the other woman.

She's real, you know?

She's not just a stupid chair.

She's as real as I am,
sitting here.

Yeah, but your reaction
said something different.

When offered the chance
to confront the woman

that turns your life
upside down, you fled.

It was an empty chair.

Which proves my point.

An empty chair
is not confrontational,

it's passive at best.

It's a start,
it's an introduction

into you being able
to express yourself safely,

but you couldn't do it.

And maybe you fled because
you didn't know what to say.

Maybe you fled
because you're scared,

or maybe...

Just maybe, you fled

because you know
that she doesn't exist.

She does exist.

She has a name.
Do you wanna know her name?

Do you wanna
know where she lives?

Her favorite hobbies?

Her favorite movie?

Eternal Sunshine
of the Spotless Mind.

Do you know how I know that,
is fucking Facebook.

I know everything about her.

I know that her husband
got drunk

and she fell down the stairs.

Which is probably
why she lost the baby.

Okay. Let's bring it back.

We need to work
on your relationship.

We need to focus on that.

The other woman has nothing
to do with you and Ian.

Dr. Collins?

She is fucking my husband.

Are you gonna be a good girl
if I take this thing off?

Don't make me regret this.

You guys are fucking insane.

You hear me? Fucking insane!

I am sorry that
your marriage has issues,

but it has nothing
to do with me.

And you?

Keep your fucking voice down.

You wanna wake
the entire neighborhood?

My husband included.

Bloody hell, what the fuck
is wrong with you?

You're dead from the neck up!

We were doing just fine
until you guys moved in.

We have been nothing
but good neighbors to you.

And this is how you repay us.

- I was a friend to you.
- A friend?

- Yes!
- Really?

Through everything,
and everyone screamed

that you were a total nutter.

I went against
my better judgment.

And this stellar judgment
felt it was perfectly okay

for you to sleep
with my husband.

I'm not sleeping
with your husband.

You really think
I would lower myself

to sleep
with this little dickweed?

Oh, grow up, you baby.

As for you, you are so fucked.

Prosecution is gonna be
the least of your concerns

when I am done with you.

Oh, it really
doesn't matter what I do.

So I broke a few laws.

Tied you to a chair
and bruised your ego.

The public will be on my side.

I have never touched
your husband.

Has he ever touched you?

Because I am perfectly willing

to get down to
the dirty semantics

of what really went on,
if that's what it takes.

So how did he do it?

Was it oral?

Or did you give him
the good old-fashioned?

Fuck you.

I don't know what the bloody
hell is going on here.

But I have never done
anything with your husband.

Or any other husband,
for that matter.

Then why did you come
running over here

after I sent
that text from his phone?

It was
a cryptic message!

I thought something was wrong!

You thought
something was wrong.


Of course something was wrong.

His wife finally put
two and two together.

Or did you think
it was an intruder?

Or the house was on fire?

Were you just being neighborly?

Is that it?

It was late,
I must have misread it.

I don't know!

"We need to talk.

I think she's on to us.

Can you come over?
She just left for a drive."

I was half-asleep
when I read that.



I must have misread it.
You know how it is.

Actually, I don't. Try again.

I thought it was meant
for someone else.

Like who?

An old coworker? His mom?

I don't bloody know.

I just know
it wasn't meant for me.


You are both terrible liars.

It's the truth!

You're practically
made for each other.

Okay, I'll admit it.

It sounded strange,

but it wasn't out of
the realm of possibilities.

"Can you come over?
We need to talk."

How is that a possibility?

I thought it was meant
for someone else.

Mm, you said that already.
It's a weak excuse. Try again.

But it's the truth!

Did you know
he was having an affair?


So you didn't put it past him
when you got the text from him?


So in your head...

Ian is having an affair,

his wife is on to it...

And this text
wasn't meant for me.

So I'll just run over
and correct the mistake,

- is that what you're telling me?
- Yes.

why didn't you tell me?

I thought
we were friends, Becca.

Wouldn't you want
your friend to tell you

if they got
a cryptic text message

from their husband that
was meant for another woman?

I was tired. I wasn't thinking.


If you were so tired,

why didn't you just reply with,

"What the fuck?"
and go back to bed?

Why'd you come
running over here?

Because my husband
monitors my phone.

He would read that text
and think the worst.

So your husband
doesn't trust you?

We've been having issues.

Well, there must be some reason
for him to think that.

I have never cheated on him!

Oh. Nate's calling.

He's called, like,
eight times in the past hour.

He must really be trying
to get a hold of you.

Oh, God, that means he's
been awake this entire time.

Good. Well, if he's awake,
let's invite him over.

- No.
- We can have a real

- heart to heart.
- No. No, please don't.




You don't understand how jealous
he can get. He'll kill me.

I swear it, he will kill us all.

I thought
you said you were innocent.

Doesn't matter
what's true or not.

He will walk in here, see this,

and assume the worst,
just like you did.

Promise to keep your voice down.

I don't think you realize

how completely fucked we are
because of you.

We have no idea
what he is capable of doing.

He is drunk,

he is jealous, and he is awake,
wondering where his wife is.

Just a matter of time
before he comes over here.

That's your problem, not mine.

He has a gun.

He could kill us all.
He's completely unhinged.

And I'm not?

You might be a lot of things,
but I know you.

You are not capable
of doing that.

You don't know that.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

You said so yourself.

Who knows
what I'm capable of doing

under the duress
of my husband's infidelity.

This isn't a game.

There are lives at stake here.

Innocent lives.

Now, whatever you think
might have happened, doesn't...

"Might have happened?"

There are consequences here.

Severe fucking consequences.



So that's it.

You are willing
to live with this,

- despite what might happen.
- No.

I'm not willing
to live a second longer

until you finally come clean

about what I know
you've been doing.

If that was true,

then we need physical evidence,
don't we?

We'd have lots of it,
phone records, texts,

- emails...
- Correct.

- Video...
- Okay.

- Here. Here.
- Records.

I record him every night.

- No, I'm not gonna do that.
- Just play it!

- Play it.
- Your destructive behavior

and paranoia has got to stop.

I pay you two hundred
and fifty dollars an hour,

now play the fucking clip!

I have heard it.

It's white noise.

You win.

I had an affair.

But it wasn't with her.

It was with someone else.

It was months ago,
it didn't mean anything,

and I'm really sorry.

Who was it?

I don't remember her name.

It was a one-night thing.

It didn't matter.

- Where'd you meet?
- Online.

Online where?
Craigslist? Ashley Madison?

- It doesn't matter.
- Yes, it does.

I gave you what you wanted.

- Gave me?
- Now untie her

and let us go before
someone really gets hurt.

You really are an asshole,
you know that?

I gave you what you wanted!

You expect me to believe that?

Oh my God, what
is wrong with you people?

Get help!

Get counseling, get medication,

get something,
but leave me out of it.

I'm sorry that you two have
such piss-poor communications,

'cause honestly, I am,

but this situation
has nothing to do with me.

It's true.

Shut up and let me finish!

You pulled me into this mess.

A mess that
I had nothing to do with.

And now my life and my marriage
are at stake because of it.

Can't you see what you've done?

This can't simply be fixed
or forgotten.

Look, I am sorry

that your husband
is such an arsehole.

Honestly, I am.

But, please, try and put
yourself in my shoes.

I don't belong here.

I didn't do anything.

Whatever happens tonight
to your marriage,

happens, that is
for you two to figure out.

But just know that my life

and my marriage will never be
the same again because of you.

Even when I press charges
and you go to jail,

and I sue you for
every last dime that you have,

it will not erase the fact

that you wrongfully
put me into your fantasy.

You have singlehandedly
given me a death sentence.

So thank you!

Thank you for ruining my life.


You guys, it's not too late.

Okay, we can move on from this.

We can.

We just need to come up
with an explanation.

Or an alibi
to explain what happened,

so that way,
it's not just Becca's word.

Listen to me.

We need to agree to never
talk about this, ever again.

What do you say, Becca?

You willing to forget
this whole thing ever happened?

Well, she'd have to.

Because it's the only way

she's gonna walk away
from this unscathed.

Looks like
you're in a pickle, my dear.

Oh, fuck you.

We all are,
if we don't solve this.

I'm not looking
to solve anything.

I didn't do anything.

I simply want answers.

I didn't do anything.

I know you have.

Have I ever done anything
to make you not believe me?

You talk in your sleep.

Such bullshit.

Hang on, wait a second.

All of this is
because he talks in his sleep?

It's what he says in his sleep.

Are you fucking serious?

My entire life
has been turned upside down

because you think
you heard something?

Do you think
I wanted this to happen?

Do you know how many nights

I've laid next to him in bed

while he talks
about fucking you?

Do you know
how many times I told myself,

"No. It's nothing.

It's just a dream.

It has nothing to do with you
or her...

or anyone.

It just is."

Do you know how many times
I've gone into the closet

and held the gun to my head,

wishing and hoping
it would all go away.

I've done everything I can
to try to make sense of this.

I've done more research
on sleep talking

than I care to admit.

And yet, no one believes me.

I'm the crazy one.

I've checked his phone.

His internet history, I even
followed him to run errands.

And what I've discovered
in all of this...

For all intents and purposes,
he is clean.

Then why can't you let this go?

Because you won't admit

what I know
in my heart to be true.

Oh my God, fuck your heart!

For the last time,

I didn't do anything.

And if I did, do you really...

do you really think
it'd be with her?



I'm sorry. You honestly think

that I would let this stupid
fucker's dick anywhere near me?


So now I'm a stupid fucker.

Well, listen, bitch.

I'm not the only one with
a spouse who has trust issues.

Oh, fuck you! Go to hell!


No, do you know
what would really be awesome?

If Nate came over here
and joined in the conversation.

I would sure love to hear
what he has to say about you.

Why did you leave
all the lights on?

- Ian?
- He can't know

that I'm here.

Ian, it's Nate!

It's Nate.


What are you doing here?
What time is it?

Sorry to wake you.

Is Ian home? I just...
I need to talk to him.

No, he's not here.

What do you mean, he's not here?

We got into a fight earlier.

Then he left.

Oh. Where'd he go?

I don't know.

I'm sorry. I...

I took a sleeping pill,
I'm a little out of it.

So can I come in?


- What's this all about?
- Where is he?

I told you already,
he's not here.

His car's here.

I don't know.
Maybe he went for a walk.

At this hour?


He's done it before.

I told you we got into a fight

- and he left.
- Yeah, I see.

I saw him.

Earlier, we had
a drink together,

and then I saw him come home.

I don't know.

Your guess is as good as mine.



- Nate.
- Ian!

Where are you going? You can't
just barge in here like this.


What's going on?

I heard voices.



When I was outside,
I heard people talking.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

I was sleeping when you
started banging on the door.

It's a miracle I even woke up.

What were you guys
fighting about?

- Same shit, different day.
- Just tell me.

Married people fight.

That's just a fact of life.

Thought you guys were happy.

What does that even mean?

I love him.

He loves me.

Comfort. Security.

History together.

All of us have baggage.

Marriage is just
a matter of figuring out

what bags go together,

and which bags go where.

Have you ever been cheated on?

I had a string of asshole
boyfriends in high school.

As an adult.


I think Becca is seeing someone.


And I think
that person is your husband.





I'm sorry.

Look at you.

Just sitting there
with nowhere to go.

You're mine now, and there's
nothing you can do about it.

Can you...

feel your hands?

Did I tie them too tight?


That's right. You can't talk,

because I gagged you.

I can do or say whatever I want,

and you just have to sit there
and take it.


This is what it
must be like to be God.

Just to have complete

and total control over someone.

Kinda like you do to me.

Maybe we should put this off.




This can't keep going on.

This is not gonna end well.

That depends.
Are you ready to talk?

He's gonna come back.

He's not gonna give up,
and when he does,

he's gonna find us.

And he's gonna kill us all.


You've never even shot
that thing.

There is no telling

what Nate would do
in a drunken rage.

You're a good, honest person,

who has been pushed
to the brink.

- Because of you.
- Baby.

Jesus fucking Christ!

Let's get something straight.

I may have been pushed
to the brink,

but don't fool yourself
for a second

thinking I'm any less
of a threat than he is.

That's nice, seeing
you two together like this.

Especially after hearing
your exploits for so long.


I wonder what I'd do with you.

Or to you.


Nah. Nah.
You're too good for that.

That's too good for you.

Kinda like to see you
squirm a little bit.

Maybe I could invite...

your husband over.

I bet he'd like to see this.

Yeah. Or what?

Oh, you're worried that
he would do something

when he found out
about you and my husband?

Wow, he has a crazy temper too.


I might not hurt you.

Or maybe...

I could blow
your fucking head off.

Look. Okay.

All right. Let's... We're done.

I'm gonna go outside.

And give you two some privacy.

I suggest you use this time
to get your stories straight.

I expect to hear something
more worthwhile when I get back.


I forgive you for doing this.

I know what drove you
to do this.

But I don't blame you.

But we're not past
the point of no return, okay?

We can move on.

We can still have a life.

I love you. Alex.

I always have.

I have never once doubted you,

or what we have.

And I know there have been times

when I didn't deserve you.

So I understand
why you're doing this.

I really, honestly do!

But do you have any idea
how much guilt I've had

over the past...

I feel guilty every fucking day.

And yet I don't even know why.

Because I didn't do anything.

Do you think
I wanna say those things?

Do you think
I wanna talk in my sleep?

I hate myself.

I hate myself because I do.

And I hate myself
because I know!

I know how much
this hurts you.

Funny thing is,

you know, I don't even
know if I say anything!

You know?

I mean, you say I do.

But there's actually been
no concrete proof whatsoever.

You realize that, don't you?

I'm powerless to do anything,

and so are you.

I mean, Jesus Christ,

this thing is absolutely
fucking insane!


Do you know that

a few months ago,
I actually went out...

and I almost did something
with someone.

Because I actually
wanted to have

something to confess to.

Because I knew
how much you needed that.

And why didn't you?

Because cheatings not in my DNA.

It's not who I am!

It's not who I am.

Have you tried recording it?


And it never sounds the same.

Because of that stupid sound
machine that you bought me.

We got it to help
Alex sleep at night.

Yeah, some help that was.

Sit still,
she's going to see you.

We have to get out of this, now.

- No point, she's got a gun.
- So does Nate.

Why are you so scared?

- Where is your phone?
- I don't know.

We have to get the phone
and call the cops now.

- No.
- Becca, listen to me.

We have to call the cops.

It is the only chance we have
to get out of this alive.

If we call the cops,
then Nate will know I was here.

He cannot know I was here.

One way or another, Becca,

our lives are gonna
change forever.

Either she's gonna kill us,
or Nate will.

We have to stop that.

There is no going back
to a normal life after this.

Now listen, I am sorry
that you got dragged into this.

It should never have happened.

I am so sorry, but we have
to face the inevitable.

Either we get to the phone
or we're as good as dead.

Where is she?

Is she home?


No, come in.

What are you doing?


Stay here, she doesn't know.

There you are.

Oh God, you're so hot.

You're so hot.

Fuck, yeah.

What do you want?


Fuck, yes.

Fuck, yeah.


Fuck me.

Fuck me, yes.

Fuck me.




God, you're so fucking hot.

You're so fucking hot.

Are you all right?
You'll be all right. Trust me.


I'm here.



Fuck, yes.




I think my husband
is having an affair.

I'm so sorry.

I don't know
what to say to that.

Is something wrong with me?


No, there's nothing wrong
with you.

You just fell in love
with the wrong person.

That's all.

Happens all the time, actually.

It happened to me.

But you'll be okay.

What's your name?


I'm Alex.

Can you reach my hand?

Told you.

I can barely move my hand.

I'm trying.

Alex. Baby.


I need you to listen
to me right now.

But that's the thing.

I do listen.

I do.

I listen to you
every goddamn night.

I listen to you fucking her
in your sleep.

You are imagining this.

For the last time,

this is all in your head, Alex.

You have trained
yourself to hear

only what you wanna hear.

Fuck you.

So I snore.

Big fucking deal,
buy some ear plugs, okay?


Alex, please.

Please put the gun down.

This is a roleplay exercise.

It's not some warped-out fantasy
for you to work your way out of.

Sorry. I don't know
what came over me.

I haven't slept in weeks.

What are their names?


The woman you think is having
an affair and her husband.

What are their names?

Why does it matter?
You don't believe me anyway.

Oh, it doesn't matter
whether I believe you.

Anyway, that's not the issue.

I'm here to listen to you

and to help you
work this thing out.

You have.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

I do.

That's why
I think it's important

that you tell me the names.

It's for you, so you can
meet this problem head-on.

That shut you up, didn't it?

Think I figured it out.

You know what? I think...

I think
you want this to be true,

Alex, because you know what?

You wanna be the victim.

It's what you've always
wanted to be, right?

It's good. It's good.


- Like you right now?
- Oh, Jesus.

Or you every other night?

"I lost my job."

"It's so hard being unemployed
and having my wife support me."

"I'm depressed."


I have you
to remind me of that...

every day.

And you?

Always posting selfies
on Facebook.

Looking for attention,

'cause you probably weren't
getting enough

at home, were you?

Man, it's a wonder Nate took
so long to figure you out.


Yeah, that's right, Alex.

This is all one big conspiracy.

Me, and...

Becca, the neighbor,
the entire fucking world,

all in cahoots
against little old you.

- Fuck you.
- No. You know what? Fuck you!

I trusted you!

You did?

No, you didn't.

You have been looking
for a way to leave me

without being the bad guy
for years.

And guess what?

Now you have it.

- Tell me.
- Tell you what?

What, that I fucked
our neighbor,

in our bed,
while you were at work?

- Is that what you wanna hear?
- Keep going. Say it.

It just might
make me believe you.

I'm not gonna give you
what you want.

Go ahead and kill me, Alex.
I don't fucking care.

I don't...

But I'm not gonna sit here
and give you the satisfaction

of confessing to something
that I didn't do.

It's not gonna happen.
Not today.

You are right about
one thing, though. She is.

You are
more dangerous than Nate.

You know, he's just a...

lonely, confused, no offense,

pathetic drunk who doesn't
know what he's doing.

But you?


You know exactly
what you're doing.

And it scares
the shit out of me.

I used to think that
she needed professional help.

You know, with medication,
I thought that maybe you had

bipolar disorder,
or some kind of,

like, schizophrenia, but...

You're not crazy.

I mean, this is
who you are, Alex.

I'm not about to degrade
a mental disorder

to justify the fucking monster
you've become.

What's so funny?

I have something
I want you to listen to.

What is it?

Ah, you'll see.

I don't wanna spoil
the surprise.

Oh my God.

I just want you to listen
to something, okay?

- What are you doing?
- I just want you to listen.

I hear
the secrets that you keep

when you're talking
in your sleep.

My God, oh, are you serious?

Are you gonna play me
one of those recordings again?

Alex, we have been over this
a thousand times.

Just listen.

- Do you hear it?
- Hear what?

- It's just mumbled voices.
- Shh.

It's the same thing
we've heard a thousand times.

There's nothing.

What is it?

Started recording him
when he slept,

because he didn't believe me.

And I never found anything...
until now.

You recorded him sleep talking.

Yeah, it's a conversation.

- With who?
- With you.

Just before you start fucking.

And it's the same
conversation every night.

I don't hear anything.

It's just a bunch of mumbles.

It's me sleeping.

I don't know why this is
entertaining to any of you,

but there's nothing there.

There never has been
anything on this, Alex.

You realize that, don't you?

Play it for me.

- Becca, you don't need to con-
- No! I want to hear it.

- This is insane.
- Shut up!

Where is she?

Is she home?


No, come in.

You hear it, don't you?


Stay. Stay here.

Thank you.

Hear what?

There's nothing
on the recording, Alex!

You know it!

So do you.

Becca, give me your hand!

Scoot over, Becca!

We need to get out of this

fucking now!

This is our only fucking chance!

Becca, what the fuck
is wrong with you?

- Who is it?
- What?

Who is it that you talk about
in your sleep every night?

- Who is the woman?
- What? There is no one.

Is it her?

Carla? Hailey? Natalie?

- It's Natalie, isn't it?
- What?

So all this time

when you've been talking
about how much you love me,

how much you wanna be with me,

you've been shagging
someone else. Is that it?

- No...
- Because that scene

that you talk
about in your sleep,

it has nothing to do with me,

- because we've never had sex...
- Becca...

- your bed!
- Sweetie, listen to me,

there's no one else...

You're such a fucking liar!






Everything okay?


I made them up.

They don't exist.

I... created a lie,

because I was afraid
that Ian was gonna leave me.

Oh, wow.

And I wanted someone
to blame other than myself.

That's a breakthrough.

I wanna be better.

You will.

Trust me, you will.

Let's go.


She turned the ringer on.

She turned
the fucking ringer on!




He's gonna be here
any fucking second!


Almost got it.

Got it.


- Shh!
- Fuck.

Right. Pull.

- Yes. Free your hands.
- Yeah, okay.


I need you to pull.
I need to pull it free.

- Okay.
- One, two.



Do it, do it, do it!

Ian, shh!

- Baby. Baby.
- Nate.

This is not
what it looks like, okay?

Look at me. Put the gun down.
Put the gun...