House of Fears (2007) - full transcript

The night before a local haunted house opens for Halloween, six friends sneak in for a few hours of fun. Soon after entering, they find themselves trapped inside with no way out. Their evening of fun rapidly turns into their worst nightmare as they begin to die and disappear in the most freakish of manners. With every effort to escape blocked, the survivors find themselves being driven deeper into the carnivalesque world of terror. Unable to tell what is real and what is counterfeit, they must trust one another, even if it kills them.

- Samantha!

- I think you will find
something you like here.


- They were expecting us right?

- Yes of course!

We have cell phones as well.

Stay and look around.

I'll return soon.





We must go.

What's happening?

- Let's go please.

How much for this?

- It's worth nothing,
you can take it.

- What is it?

Campino what is it?

Just a minute.

Whoa Campino!


Alright, there.

It better not be that damn cat.

What's wrong with you?

Would you relax?

Okay, there you go.

Campino would you be quiet?

Campino, what are you doing boy?

Campino get out of here!

Get! Go!


Who's there?!


* You're so hollow

* Bitter words I can't ignore

* You fly so low

* And I can't take this anymore

- I can't believe that your mom

would think that
these were yours.

You did something
different to your hair?

You should think about it.

- What are you doing?

of your business.

And don't tell my dad.

What are you doing out here?

- I should be the one
asking you that question.

- Oh well I--

- Save it.

Where are you going?

- A friends party.

- Which friend?

Sarah Pritchard.

- Inside.

- But dad it's her birthday.

- My insurance doesn't
cover hormones!

Come on.

Hey Samantha.

Samantha come in here,

just come here.

Is there a party tonight at.

What's that girls name?

- Sarah Pritchard.

- Sarah Pritchard's house.

- I think so.

- See, you only
turn 18 once dad.

- That's what I'm afraid of.

- Mark.

- Dad please.

- Alright, you wanna
go to this party?

We're gonna drive you.

And you're gonna take
your sister with you.

- Step-sister.

- I don't have to go.

- I think you should go.

I think it'd be good for you
to spend some time together.

- You know what, we'll
be waiting in the car.

- Why are you
trying to punish me?

- Oh I thought you were
trying to punish me.

- Can you at least change?

Call us when it's over.

- Sorry, my bad.

- Thanks dad.

This is so embarrassing.

Are you gonna hang
on me all night?

- Well yeah, of course,
isn't that what sisters do?

- Well hey there's Carter.

How 'bout you don't talk to him.

- Why not?

- Well I could start
with your hair,

but that wouldn't matter.

He's mine.


- Yes really.

- Well maybe you
should tell him that.

- I'm good, thanks.

- Bye Bridget,
have a good night.

- Ah, toss that for me J.P.


- See you at basketball
practice bro.

- Yeah.

You haven't even asked
her yet have you?

- I'm working on it.

- Right.

Where's she at?

- Right there.

* Baby move it

* Come on and work it

* Because I like it when you

* Move it slow motion for me

* So mommy move it

* Come on and move it

* 'Cause when you do

* It's like you're causing

* A commotion for me

* Hey baby move it

* Come on and work it

- Alright, hurry up and ask her.

Go in!

You got this.

- Piss off earthling.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- Hi, I'm sorry that I was late.

I had to deal with my dad.

- No sweat.

Zane's still trying
to find a date.

- Yeah, shocking.

- Yeah, some things
never change.

- What do you want Zane?

- Hey, so a few of us are
going to the House of Fears.

A little sneak
preview, are you in?

- Oh, sneak as in sneak in?

- Well I got keys but,

yeah sure.

You in?

- Yeah, sure, sounds cool.

- Alright cool.

- Let me just go find Devon

and I'll see you later.

- Not cool.

- And?

- She's coming.

- But?

- She's bringing Devon.

- Didn't they break up again?

- Yeah.

I thought so.

- Dude that sucks.

Sucks for you.

Hey what about Samantha?

- What about Samantha?

- Well she's kinda cute?

- Really?

She wouldn't be into it.

Ask her you
homo, you need a date.



- Hey.

- We're getting a private tour
of The House Of Fears tonight

you wanna come?

* Yes real right here

- No, I don't think so.

- What?

- I said I don't think
that's such a good idea.

- Oh come on, you're
gonna have a good time.

I promise.

- Wow, wow.

- What's his face.

Zane told me about this
really cool haunted house,

so we're gonna go check it out.

- What?

it's gonna be fun.

- Oh Sam this is Zane.

Oh yeah, I know.

- What, you know me?

Yeah we're in
the same biology class.

I take biology?

- You can ride shotgun.


- What are we waiting for?

Lead the way.

- Cheese.

* Trick me

* Gotta come get me homes

* Coming with me

* I ain't scared

* Yes I'm a warrior

* Yes I'm a soldier

* It's nothing like fear fear

* Fear fear

* Nothing like fear

- See the fun's
already starting.

We're having a blast.

- Oh, so House of Fears huh?

- Yeah, tonight's
gonna suck so much.

- Welcome to the House of Fears.

You are now on unholy ground.

A place where
nightmares are made

and your worst
fears are realized!


- Dude, save it.

- It took me so long
to get that down.

- It was good.

Save it.

- Right this way!

Alright, so everybody's
afraid of something right?

The House of Fears
likes to remind you

what you're afraid of.

So there's nine fears inside.

Death, ghosts, monsters,

the dark, clowns, bats,

spiders, losing your mind,

and my personal Zane
fave, sharp knives.

- Are you sure we're not
gonna get in trouble?

- No Samantha, I have keys.

It's not a problem.

Let's go.

Move it in.


Good, great.

- You're locking us in here?

- Yeah, I have to.

A lot of punk kids
trying to break in here.

- Isn't that what we're doing?

- Hey relax, the security
guy knows we're here.

- Damn, wish all mummies
looked that good.

- Yeah that's the owner
of the place, Sidney Neil.

She's overseas right now buying

who knows what for this place.

She's kinda got a crush on me.

Makes work a little awkward.

- She ain't bad.

Now kiddies, grab
your buddy, we're moving on.

Watch your step there.

- Ladies first.

Something wrong?

- No, I'm okay.

I just, places like
this just bother me.

- You're gonna love it.

- Alright, magic time.

Alright, everyone
watch your step.

Alright guys, so
there's a lot of

expensive stuff in here.

So don't,

I mean don't touch anything.

I'll be right back.

- So, what do you think of Zane?

- I don't know.

- Really?

'Cause I think
that the two of you

could totally hit it off.

- Hailey I know you
don't want me to be here.

And I promise I will do my best

to stay out of your way.

But just please
don't patronize me.

- Hey, check this out.

It's mini Zane.

- Dude, what did I just say?

Don't screw with the stuff.

- Shut up, it's just a
stupid statue alright.

- Did you open that crate?

- No.

- No, it was already open.

- Candice, no it
was not like that

when I left work today.

Zane to Hamadi, come in.

Zane to Hamadi, Hamadi come in.

Zane to Hamadi, Hamadi
I know you're there.

Pick it up.

Hamadi, it's Zane.

Come on I know you're there.

- Dude, talk to him later.

Come on.

Let's go scare some girls.

Dude, come on.

- Alright, alright, alright.

Let's scare some girls.

Would you put that down please?!

- This guy doesn't
shut up does he?

let the fun begin.

You ladies ready?

I'm ready.

- Let's do it!

Back it out, no frowny faces.

I mean, this place is
state of the art right.

Everything is animatronics.

That way it takes less
workers to keep it running.

Monday's opening day so

hopefully we can get
all the bugs worked out!

You are about to
have nine of your

darkest fears realized.


What is your darkest fear?

- My fear is that
we're gonna have

to hear that sucky
voice all night.

- Hey bite me.


- I'm claustrophobic
if that counts.

- Come on, you can
do better than that.

- Oh really?

What's your big fear?

- Being struck by
lightening in the crotch.

- Yeah he's right.

That would scare a brother.

- So Candice, what's your fear?

- Being suffocated.

- That's a good one.


- Makeup, she's too
afraid to wear any.

- And what about little Devon?

- I would say waking up
and looking like you.

- You could only
be so lucky bro.

Get in here!

Alright, now do you
remember what it feels like,

that feeling of pure
unadulterated fear.

That your mouth's
dry, stomach's tight,

hair's on end?

Shivers racing down your spine.

What door?

Oh what step?

Oh no, what corners
gonna come next?

And that's when--

- Hey numb nuts, just
open the door man.

- Yeah cool, just
thought we were gonna

have a great evening,
but yeah whatever.

to the house of fears.

As you wander the halls
of this building--

- What kind of
lame voice is that?

that you have only seen

in your darkest dreams.

- Actually it is kinda creepy.

at your own risk.

- I think I just wet myself.

- Wow.

- Entre.

That got you.

Oh my god.

Devon watch
out for the cobwebs,

it could mean there's
a spider around.

- Hey come on, push
like you got a pair.

- It's locked.

- It can't be locked.

Move over.


I don't understand man.

It shouldn't be locked.

- Oh snap.

Very sly Mr. Wonka.

- Well after you Mr. Wanker.

- Well I can barely
see anything.

- Hey, look at this.

That's weird.

What happened to Zane?

- Turn back now
or meet your fate.

- Wait, how is he doing that?

- Candice, this is
your last warning.

Leave Devon, he is
a hermaphrodite!


This guy is such a dork.

- Ah got ya.

- No, seriously,
how did you do that?

- There's a mirror
behind the screen.

- What?

- Yeah, so you stand out
there in the dark hall,

then you turn the
dimmer up on the light.

And then the mirror
picks up the reflection

and projects it onto the screen.

- Very cool.

- Yeah, really cool.

- What was that?

- That's your next fear.

Ladies first.

- I don't get it.

Where was the
scream coming from?

- You move pretty fast.

- I swallowed my gum.

- I thought you guys
said this would be scary.

Only thing I'm
scared of is that I'm

wasting a perfectly good night.

- Hey, you know what Devon?

I don't recall inviting you.

- Yeah, whatever.

- Well congratulations kiddies,

you made it through
your fear of ghosts.

Only eight fears left.

Let's do it.

You, scream like a girl.

Alright, try to make it across

without touching
the old railing.

Man it
can't be that hard.

- 20 bucks says you can't do it.

- I'll take your money.

- Don't touch the rail!

I see Mr. Jackson coming my way!

- I'm still standing.

- Don't touch the rail!



- Oh Devon are you okay?

Just take a deep breath okay?

- What's up with you and Sam?

- I didn't want her to come.

- She's your sister.

- Step sister.

I didn't want that either.

- What's the big deal?

- You wouldn't understand.

- Fine.


It wouldn't hurt you to be a
little nicer to her though.

- Yeah, okay.

You sound like my dad.

Hey, having fun?

- Yeah a blast.

- That feel good baby?

- Yeah baby.

- Was that tunnel
too dizzy for you?

- I don't think
it's gonna work out

with you and Candice.

- Yeah, you think?

- Look, this isn't
easy for me either.

- You mean leaving your
school and all your friends

to go live with a
step-sister who despises you?

- It's not you okay?

I'm mad at my dad for
marrying your mom.

Nothing against Lynn.

It's just not fair
to me or my mom.

- Losers can't be
choosers my friend.

- Oh you're so damn funny.

She's not my type anyway.

- Neither is Candice apparently.

- Well I don't see you
complaining about Hailey.

You know, you said you
weren't even that into her.

- You don't know where
something's gonna

go until you try it.

- Alright, well you
know what broseph,

if you think Sam's so nice,
why don't we switch dates?

- Okay.

- I wasn't serious.

- Yeah you were.

- Well no, Hailey's
not gonna go for it.

- And why not?

We're just friends, she
said so herself right?


Zane has an idea.

- It's not my idea.

- We're gonna swap dates.

- What?

- Wait, who said
this was a date?

- No, it wasn't
my idea, it was--

- Let's try it out.

I mean you don't
mind do you Hailey?

- Well--

- Wait, I don't know
if this is a good idea.

- Great.

You guys ready?

- Yeah.

- Sweet.

Game on.

- Shall we my darling?

- Yeah no.

- This is a house of lame.

Why are you
messing with Hailey?

we're just friends.

Does she know that?

- She's the one
who said she didn't

wanna be tied down
to one person.

- She said that to you?

- Oh yeah.

Yeah she likes to play the game

as long as the
rules bend her way.

Sometimes that's
not how things go.

- You know, I don't
wanna be your pawn.

- Sam, you're not my pawn.

- You are using me
to get her attention.

- Yeah I would actually
like to get to know ya.

Seriously I would.

- What is this?

- Scary nut house I think.

You just got
your ass kicked by a girl!

- Man, what'd you do that for?

- You scared me.

- Geez alright, well I
gotta go get cleaned up

and ice these baby's.

Carter, take everyone
to the mummies tomb.

I'll meet you there.

straight down there guys.

Suck it up sunshine.

- Where is this one taking us.

Everything in here
looks so real.

it, it won't bite.

- No.

- Go for it.

- Okay.


- That's wrong.

- That's gross.

- That's two.

After you.

- I think you upset Hailey.

- Hamodi?

- Your hand okay?

What's up Hailey?

- That's what I
should be asking you.

- Okay wait a minute.

Maybe I'm misreading
your signals here,

but I remember you saying
that we ought to date around.

- Well you can't just swap dates
in the middle of the night.

Especially not with her.

- It's not a big deal.

- Maybe not to you.

- What's that supposed to mean?

- Let's just get
this night over with.

- Hey Hamodi quit
messing around.


- You know what this is right?

- What?

- You will be with
Devon forever.

- The house is kinda creepy.

- Yeah it's alright.

- Boo.


- Hey, don't break it, you're
gonna have to pay for that.

- The damn thing cut her arm.

Look at her arm,
she's bleeding man.

You alright.

- That shouldn't happen.

- Well it did.

- Zane!?

- Oh geez that sounded real.

- Yeah it sounds like
he's screwing with us.

- Maybe he's really hurt.


- I'm tired of him and
his stupid ass pranks.

- No this isn't
something we planned.


Quit screwing around man.

- Carter!

Are you okay?

- Zane!

- Is this another one
of his stupid jokes?

- It's real blood.

- Yeah right, let me see that.
- What?

No look at it.

I know stage blood,
this isn't it.

This is ridiculous.

- I don't know, I
don't know it could be.

- No, no, Carter tell
me this is a joke.

- I swear it's not.

- What are we gonna do?

- Look, Zane is just
messing with us.

Look there is no blood trail.

- Whoa, did you guys see that?

- What was it?

- I don't know.

I think there's
somebody back there.


Okay this
isn't fun anymore.

- Look, don't overreact,
this so something

Zane would do.

- No, I wanna go.


Yes now.

- No, Candice, don't leave.

- Come on babe.

- No, let's go.

- Candice!


- Look, look, I
say we just go back

to your house and
make out alright?

- No, shut up Devon.

- Wait, wait, look, look.

I know you're scared alright.

But I'm here with you okay.

Know that.

- So what do we do?

- We need to find Zane.

- What?!

No, this is totally
something Zane would do.

- He wouldn't let
it go this long.

- Wait, you think
somebody did this?

You think somebody's
locked in here with us?

- I don't know.


- You feeling any better?

- Yeah a little.

Kissing doesn't
solve everything.

- Hey, most things.

Hey I feel you right there.

- Devon.

- Zane?!

Come on man.

- I will be so pissed
if this is a joke.

- I hope that's all it is.

- Devon!

- Come on now.


- They're coming.

- Come on, just one more
kiss before they come.

- No!

You know what, you're
being a real jerk!

- Why do you care
what they think?!

- It's not about.

- What's going on?

- Dicko here keeps
trying to cop a feel.

- Zane?


- It's Zane!

Get him down!

This is just
another stupid prank.

- No it's not, get him down!

Hurry, get him down!

- Zane, Zane!

He's not breathing.

- Is he dead?

- Okay what the hell
is going on here?

- Who would do
something like this?

I don't know.

- I'm calling 911.

- There's no pulse.

- I don't have service.

- Here.

You can use mine.

- No service.

- Yeah me neither.

- The walls must be too
thick in here or something.

- Look, who else knew we
would be here tonight?

- No one.

- Well some one must.

Zane set it up
with the security guard.

- Maybe he's the
one who did this?!

- What are you talking about?

- Who else do you think it was?

- Okay guys, what
are we gonna do?

- I don't know.

Wait, where's the radio?

Hello, can anyone hear me?

Try changing
the channel.

- Hello, please,
if you can hear me,

respond, we need help.

Please, we need help!

- What was that?

- Okay we need to
get out of here.

- Wait, we can't
just leave him here.

- Look, do you wanna
end up like him?!

- Devon's right.

There's nothing
we can do for him.

We've gotta get out of here.

We gotta find help now.

What, what was it?

- I think I just saw someone.

- What? Who?

- I don't know, we've
gotta go another way.

- No, there is no other way!

- There's hidden
passageways between rooms.

The workers use them to
get around backstage.

- Where are they?

There's supposed
to be one in every section.

Check over there.

- Here's one right
here, come on!

Go, hurry.

- Which way?

Which way?

- I don't know.

- What do you mean
you don't know?

- I think we should go that way.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah I'm sure.

- What?

- Turn around.

- Why?

- What is it?

- Turn around, there's
someone down there.

Let's go let's go.


- Guys!


Devon where are you?!

Hey guys!



- Guys wait!


She was right behind me!


She must've taken
a wrong turn somewhere.

- We gotta go get her!

- But there's
someone back there!

- I'm not gonna just leave her!

- Guys!


You guys!

Hey guys!




You guys can you hear me?!


No, no, no!

- Candice!


- You guys open the door!

Hey you guys!

Come on, this is
seriously not funny!



- I hear her.

- Devon!



- This way!

- No.

- Candice!

- Help!

Devon, can you hear me?!


- Devon I'm in here!


Man, I can't get it open!

guys, I'm in here!

Open the door please!


Man, pry it open!

Hold on
Candice, here we come!

- We're coming!


What's wrong with her?

Let me turn her over.

Oh god.

Okay come on.

Okay, okay, it's
okay, it's okay.

It's okay Candice.

Alright, okay.

No airs getting in.

She's not getting any air.

It's okay.

- Come on Candice.

- It's okay.

It's okay come on.

One, two, three, four.

Come on, wake up!

Come on wake up.

- Sam.

It's not working.

You need to stop.

It's no use.

- We need to get
out of here now.

- This is not happening.

- Guys, listen to me.

We gotta get out of here.

Come on hurry up!

- Still no service.

What is it?

- It won't turn.

Look, push it
in farther and turn it.

- It won't turn.

Let me do it, move.

- I got it.

It won't turn.

Look, you haven't
got it in far enough.

Push it in and turn it!

You know
what Devon, go ahead.

Give it your best shot.

- Damn it man!

- What?


- You gotta be kidding me.

What's wrong?

- He broke the key.

- It wasn't on purpose
now shut up alright!

- You finished?

- Someone's in here.

- It's okay, it's okay.

Stay calm.

Okay look, there's a
phone in the workroom

we can call someone from there.

Just stay close
and follow me okay.

The phones gone.

- Try paging it.

- Anybody hear it?

Okay guys, we gotta
figure something out.

- Like what the hell
is there to talk about?

Somebody's in here with us

and we need to get
out now, that's it.

- I know.

- You think this thing works?

I don't know, you
think it's got the internet?

- I need the password.

- Well what's the owners name?

- Sydney.

- Try that.

Try house of fears.

- Halloween.

This isn't working.

Come on, come on.

Damn it.

And just what do
you plan on doing with that?

What do you think?

I'm covering my ass.

- Okay here we go.

There's another way out of here.

- Where?

- Right here.

- How do we get there?

- Alright we're
gonna have to follow

the passage ways I guess.

And then we'll have to cut
through the spooky alley

and a few places.

- No, no we're not
going back in there.

Can't we just stay
in the passage ways?

What about along here?

I don't know.

The passage ways,
they pretty much

go from room to room.

Or they're dead ends.

Guys we're gonna have to go
through some of the rooms.

- Fine, let's just get the
hell out of here alright?

- Okay.

Guys it's important
that no matter

what happens we stay together.

If something unexpected
happens we remain calm.

Okay, we stay as a group.

And I'll see if we
can find something

we can use as weapons.



It's up to us to take
care of the girls.

I gotta know that you're okay.

- I'm fine.

- You sure?

- I said I'm fine alright?

- Alright.

Stay close.

Okay let's take a left here.

That should take us
out to the graveyard.

What is it?

- I saw something.

- Let me see.

Look at me, there's
nothing there.

Let's go.

We gotta keep moving.

Take the flashlight.


So there's a long passage
way just across there.

- Everybody stay
together alright?

Come on let's go.

Let's go.

- Is that real blood?

- I don't know.

Let's keep moving guys.

- Get it off of me!

- You move and I shoot!

Who is he?

- Help, help me.


Help me.

- What's he saying?

- I think he's saying help me.

- Help me.


- Sam, don't.

- I'm Samantha.

Are you Hamadi?

Listen to me.

We don't wanna hurt you.

- Stone.

- I think he's saying
something about a stone.

- Death.

Statue of death.

- Sam what is he saying?

Sheru statue.

- The guys on
drugs or something.

- Hey!

This isn't helping any,

he's obviously lost it!

- Hamadi what is sheru?


- What?

- The statue can
reincarnate your fears.

Where can
we find the statue?

- That's not the security guard.

Who are we dealing with?

- I think it has something
to do with that statue.

- What are you talking about?

What statue?

- That statue you pulled out
of the crate in the work room.

- What are you saying?

- He's saying that the
statue of the Sheru

is reincarnating our fears.

Think about
what you're saying.

- Forget about the damn statue!

We gotta get the
hell out of here!

- Wait, what was Candice's fear?

- Look, I don't know.

- Being suffocated.

- Yeah, that's what she said.

- So?!

- So she suffocated
to death in sand.

What was Zane's fear?

I don't know,
he was stabbed to death.

- Okay, well what did he
tell us all the fears were?

- Ghosts.

- Spiders.

Losing your mind.

- Okay what else?

- I don't know, the dark?

- Clowns.

- This statue, this Sheru,
whatever it's called.

I think it's bringing
our fears to life.

- No, no, that's not possible.

- Devon what are you afraid of?

- I'm not afraid of
anything alright.

- Sam, what's your fear?

You gotta tell me
what your fear is.


- Your fear will kill you.

- We gotta get out of here.

- We gotta get the
hell out of here!

Come on!

- Sam, we gotta go now.

- Okay, come on Hamadi.

Come on, we gotta go.

Please, you have to stand up.

Sam, come on!

Hailey wait!

- Hailey!


Hailey stop!

- Wait!

- Hailey slow down!

Hailey, calm down!

Okay, look at me.

Calm down okay.

We gotta stay together.

I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.

Shh, it's okay.

What did you see?


You saw something, what was it?


- When I was a kid
growing up in Wisconsin

my family had a farm.

One night my dad
was lat for dinner

so my mom sent me out into
the field to find him.

When I found him he
was just lying there.

And I thought he was
playing a trick on me

so I tried to wake him up.

But he wouldn't wake up.

And when I realized he
was dead I just froze.

I just froze, I couldn't yell.

I couldn't move.

And hanging there above his body

was a scarecrow.

This tattered old scarecrow

and it was like it was
just laughing at me.

Just mocking.

- Was it a scarecrow?

Was that was you saw back there?

- What are we gonna do?

- Okay shh.

- We're never gonna
get out of here.

- Hey, don't say that.

We are gonna get out of here.

We're all gonna get outta here.

We just need to
stick to the plan.

- Carter!

- Look out Carter!

Is he coming?!

I don't see
him, I don't see him.

Hey is everybody okay?

Everyone's alright?

- Oh Devon you're bleeding.

He got ya?

- Don't touch me I'm fine.

Now who's fear was that?

We're all gonna die.

- Hey Hailey don't
say that okay,

we're gonna make it out of here.

- We're gonna stay calm okay?

We'll be okay if
we stick together.


You guys hear that?

- What?

Sam what do you hear?

- You don't hear that?

I hear it.

- Yeah.

What is that?

- It's the phone.

- Where is it coming from?

- I think it's up here.

It's up here.

I found it.

- Sam!

Get her
up, get her up!


Are you okay?

Get back get back!



- Carter!


Shoot it!

trying, I'm trying!

Devon take a shot!

- Shoot it!

- I don't wanna hit Carter!

Devon, take a shot!

- Devon!

- Carter?



- Hello.

Hello can you hear me?


Can anybody hear me?!

If you can hear me we're
at the House of Fears

and somebody is
trying to kill us!

We need help!

Three people are dead.


- You think they heard you?

- Maybe we should just go
back to the main entrance.

Maybe someone will come.

- No, no Hailey.

We have to keep moving forward.


- If we stay here
we are gonna die.

- She's right Hailey.

- Come on Hailey.

Come on, come on.

Come on Hailey.

- Wait, stop!

No, no, we need to
find another way!

- This is the only way!

- No, we've got to
find another way!

- Come on Devon we need you.

- Devon!

- Let's go, come on!

- Wait a second, wait a second.

- What's wrong?

- He was right there!

Come on, let's go!

- Guys!



- Devon!


Devon can you hear me!?

Where are you?!

Where did he go?





- Guys!


- Devon, let's go.

Hailey, Hailey!


- I can't find her!



- Hailey!

- Sam!



- Hailey!


Hailey where are you?!

We can't find her.




- Hailey!

Devon this way!


Hailey where are you!?


- Help.





- Where did he take her?

- Shh, you hear that?

- Let me out.


give me the map!

The emergency exit's
gotta be close!

There, there, right there!

What was that?

- Shoot him!

Come on, we gotta go!

There's no more bullets!

Oh no, what now?!

- Use the saw, cut
a hole through it.

Come on, faster!

Come on, hurry up!

- I see the exit.

Come on, Devon come on!

- No, no, no!

- Devon!

- Help!


Somebody out there?!

- Hailey!

Somebody help!

Hailey, wake up.

- Sam.

Yeah it's me.

You're okay, you
just passed out.

Okay we're gonna
get you out of here.


Come on.

Come on, come on Hailey.

Hailey wake up!

Hailey, come on I got you.

Okay, okay.

Good good.

Hurry, hurry.

Put your arm around me.

Okay, here we go, here we go.

Alright let's go.

Hailey don't stop.

It's okay I got you.

It's okay I got you.

Here, here, take this.

Alright come on.

Hailey, come on Hailey.

You gotta get up.

- No, no just go.

- Hailey!

Hailey I'm not gonna leave you!

Get up!

Get up!

Come on, come on.

Here, get down,
get down, get down.

Here hold this.

Hang on, hang on, hang on.

No, no, no!

Damn it!

Run! Run!

Go hailey run!

- Sam!


- Grab the rail.

Almost there, keep going.

Come on!

Go go!


Where did he go?

I don't know.

- Careful.

Okay, hold onto me.

Hailey, Hailey look.

- There's the exit.

He's coming.

- Come on Hailey
you can make it.

Come on.

Okay, hurry.

Oh no.

Okay, we can make it.


Okay come on Hailey.

- I can't do it.

- Hailey you have to.

Okay, okay look.

Take my hand okay.

Just one foot in
front of the other.

Come on you can do it.

I got you.

No, no, no, don't look down.

Don't look down.

Hailey come on!

- No, no.

Come back Hailey.

Hailey don't go back!


Just leave my
sister out of this.

- Samantha!






Let her go!





- I'm not.

I'm not afraid of you.

- No!



Are you okay?

where'd you go?


Nick, stop
checking out Megan's ass.

Sophie, it's
called checking focus.

- I can't believe you guys
talked me into coming here.

man come out!

- You guys know that
they had to shut

this place down after they
found those kids bodies.

Some of the bodies were.

Why did you tell me that?

- That was too easy.

did you get that?

- I found it just back there.

Brains, I need brains.

Come on Valen, I'll show you.

It's just past the dead
bodies and spiders.

Guys, what is that?

Probably one of those

dead kids they didn't find.


- You're a jerk.

Guys I change my
mind, please let's go.

- Come on, we're gonna put
this footage on the internet.

It's gonna make us famous
because of what happened here.

- What was that?

- I don't know.

Guys let's go.



Tanner please.

Stop scaring me.