House of 1,000 Dolls (1967) - full transcript

When a vacationing couple in Tangiers run into an old friend there, they discover that he is searching for his missing girlfriend who has been kidnapped by an international gang of white slavers. Nader investigates but before he can come up with anything, his friend is murdered. Meanwhile, nightclub magician Price and his mentalist partner continue their nefarious activities--they hypnotize and kidnap young women for the white slavers, and spirit them to the "House of 1000 Dolls."

Open the coffin.

Where does this one come from?
- Paris.

Pictures? Anyone would like a photo?
How about you, sir? Picture?

Picture? A very sexy picture ?
Make you look like a movie star?

You gotta be kidding!

Oh no! No problem for me!
One minute!

I will demonstrate you.

Uh...which one will you have?
This one here?

This one? Fine!

Very nice...on you.
So fait,


I thought so for years.

Stop talking, Harry.
Put on the man's funny hat.

Come on. Give us a pictured picture.

Now that will be beautiful.
- Ah, very good.

One moment.
Smile, smile, and... the bird!
- Thank you.

Very good! Very good! Now...'s my card.
Will be ready tomorrow, yes?

Very good, thank you.

Hello! Pictures! Pictures!

Oh come on, Fernando, don't tell me.
I know they're stupid.

But believe me. This time for your
own sake, leave it to the police.

I left it to the police
and nothing's happened.

Maybe nothing has happened
because you're mistaken.

I'm not mistaking, Marie.

I came here from Madrid because I
received a phone call from this man.

- Anonymous or not.

He said he saw Diane in
a brothel in Tangiers.

He promised her he would tip a call to me.

And that's all.

Well, I have nothing else to believe.

But white slavery, that went out in 1890.

Diane was kidnapped in
Vienna and brought here.

But you don't know the
first thing about Tangiers.

Believe me, every side street has a
brothel hidden away on it somewhere.

So in a town like this where
are you going to start to look?

I have a good friend like you here and...

...tonight he will take
me to some likely places.

Pictures! 'Allo, pictures !
Very lovely pictures, eh?

- Forget it chum, we're busy.

Oh, if you don't like it
it will cost you nothing.

- Look, I said 'no, we're busy'.

Allright, I take anyway.
A piecy picture. Why not?

Where were we?
Oh yeah, what are your plans?

To find Diane, if she's in Tangiers.

Okay, now. Marie and I are going
to be here a couple of more days.

If there's anything we can do, let us know.

- Okay. And thank you both once again.

A heartwarming masterpiece, I'm sure.
A heartwarming masterpiece.

The picture will be ready tomorrow.

Out! Out! Idiot.

Be careful.
- Don't worry.

Let us now.

I just hope he doesn't get himself killed.

What do you mean?

Honey, in a tourist trap like this
it's been known to happen.

Here you go Charlie, keep the change.
Let's get out of here.

Terrible people.
Tourists... feeling for art.

I have received word
from the King of Hearts.

He says he is pleased with all of us.

Well, that little piece
of news has made my day.

He pays well. We should be grateful.

Now don't think we don't know it.

If we hadn't gotten involved with this syndicate we
could have had the greatest variety act in the world.

Instead we have the greatest
magic act in the world.

Allright, come on, Rebecca,
it's time we got back to the club.

Oh, Madame Viera, give our
regards to the King of Hearts.

But how can I?
No one knows who he is.

- How well we know.

Well? What do you think?


...and eh, friendly.

Yes, so let's drink to friendship.

But eh, you promised girls.
Very special girls.

- Oh, such impatience.

You follow me.

Good night!

Paul, darling!
- Hey now, hey now! Careful, careful!

It's so good to see you.

This is my friend Fernando
Sanchez from Madrid.


We thought perhaps you had a friend...

Oh not tonight, Paul love, you should have
phoned. I've made arrangements.

Would you perhaps suggest
two other young ladies?

Not here. - Where then?
My friend is in need of feminines.

Ah! Yes.
- It is very expensive.

It always is.

Will there be any problem getting in?

- Not if you show them this.

You'll be remembered,
if not in my will in my dreams.

The pleasantest one. Goodbye Fritzie.

Let's go.

Where are we going?
- Don't worry.

I'm taking you to the House of Dolls.

House of Dolls?



You were careless in your talk
in front of Madame Viera today.


Oh, you mean about the King of Hearts.

Everything that's said
gets back to him somehow.

So what?

Let's get one thing straight, Rebecca.

Our act provides a perfect
cover for a worldwide operation.

We travel, we perform and we
keep an eye out for his interests.

He needs us.

He doesn't need anyone.

He could find a substitute even for you.

Would that bother you?

You know it would.

We've been together for a long
time, darling.

A long pleasant time, I hope?

In every way.

- Hmm?

When can we stop what we're doing?

It's too dangerous now.

We have enough money, let's get out.

Rebecca, please.

There's one thing that you and I
must never forget for an instant.

You were once an inmate
of the House of Dolls.

There's nothing you don't
know about this business.

You've become very important to me
and other members of the organisation.

But the... the King of Hearts is new.

He may not understand your value as I do.

No, my dear, one incautious word or...

... a slip of the tongue...

... and he might decide that you
have become dangerous to him.

And there are other places he
could send you to, you know

There's no place I'd wanna
be without you, Felix.

Shall we go?

Salam. Salam alaikum.


Who is it?

I'm going to kill you.

Really? Well...

... do you mind telling me why?

Because you deserve it.

I have followed you a long way.

From London to Paris, now Tangiers.

You've followed me and you pass
judgement, is that it?

- You're making a mistake.

No mistake.

Only one mistake has been
made and this man has made it.

Well, eh...shouldn't we talk
this over somewhere else perhaps?

A young lady friend of mine
attended your performance in Vienna.

She was never seen again.

And you assume that I had something
to do with the disappearance?

I'm a persistent man, Manderville.
I have been following you for months now.

And now I know that you are
responsible for her disappearance.

You have any proof?

I have proof...

... ending with this.

A doll.

Do you mind if I see it?

Come, my dear.
We'll be late for dinner.

Thank you.

Are you sure that we have
come to the right address?

Well, we shall soon see.

Good evening, monsieur.
What is your business here?

We have come to pay a visit to
the House of 1000 Dolls.

Well, you have the pass?
- Here.

Follow me, please.
This way.

Wait in here, please.

Good evening, gentleman.
And welcome.

Madame, my name is Paul.
This is my friend Fernando.

Names are not necessary.

Do you wish to see the whole collection?

That's one way of putting it.


You are looking now into the Hall of Dolls.

We have an international
collection for your delight.

This is Ursula from Munich.

This is Monique from Paris.

This is Gina from Rome.

This is Heidi from Amsterdam.

This is Magda from Athens.

And Carmen from Rio.

And now one of our newer girls.

Diane from Vienna.


I have made my choice.

I would like to meet Diane from Vienna.

And for you?

I'll have the girl from Amsterdam.

One moment, please.

Good, no?

Paul, there is something
I have to tell you.

The girl I picked just now...
- My friend, what the...?

Well, listen. This girl Diane...

This way please.
- Let's go.

Anything further monsieur requires?



It's been so awful.
I thought I'd never see you again.

Everything will be allright now.

Darling, you must get me
out of here, please!

That is why I'm here.
To take you home.

But how? These people will stop at nothing.

[Darling, I wanted so
long to kiss you again.]

[Don't worry, I will find a
way to get you out of here.]

[But how can you? Oh, Fernando.]

[I have friends in Tangiers,
they will get you out.]

[Now, listen to me...]

[Oh darling...]

I was afraid about that girl.

I'll take care of her.
She'll never do it again.

Nevermind that girl.
It's the man you should take care of.

He must never reach the police, Ahmed.
Make sure you do it properly.

See to it!

Morning, monsieur.

Well, what is it?

I'm sorry, sir. You're leaving now?



- Thank you, sir.

Taxi, please.

I'm afraid that our phone is out of order.

You will get a taxi at the corner.


Diane, come here.

Yes, Madame?

The man last night, you know him?

Answer me.

Answer me!

Never! Never!

Answer me.


- No!

Take her away!

Hey darling!
- Hi!

You look marvellous. How's it going?

Oh, fine.
- Come on.


I'd better get the horse away.

Mister Stephen Armstrong?
- Yes, why?

I am from the police headquarters, sir.
We would like your assistance.

Will you come with me, please?

You know, I was wondering what to
do with the rest of the afternoon.

Steve, what it is?

Eh, the police. He says
they want to talk to me.

- Who knows.

Look, darling. If I'm not back in
time you go to the casino by yourself.

The tables are reserved in the night club.
There I'll join you.

But how can I sit there alone?

Well, darling, you can't stay in that
dull hotel looking at those dingy walls.

Now, I've told you I'll
be back as soon as I can.


Well, let's go.
- Come on.

Number 47 please.

His personal effects.

What makes you think he was my friend?

There is always the
possibility of being mistaken.

That is why you are here.
To make a positive identification.



That will be all for now, constable.

You are?
- The name's Armstrong.

Inspector Emil.
May I ask what you're doing in Tangiers?

Why not? I'm here on a
holiday with my wife.

Your wife? She's American too, of course.

No, as the matter of fact
she happens to be Danish.

Your friend was from Madrid, it seems.
A Spaniard.

Yes, most Americans like foreigners.
Most foreigners, that is.

One looks for every detail
in a case like this.

In a case like what?


How well did you know him,
mister Armstrong?

Half and on for a number of
years, we eh...

...went to the same medical
school for a while in Madrid.

So you too are a doctor?

All the science show that there was
a fight which your friend lost.

Was he a gambler?

Never, why?

A playing card was found by his body.

So when are you gonna make an arrest?

Hm. Takes time, such matters
should not concern you.

Should not concern me?
What's that supposed to mean?

Go back to your hotel, doctor Armstrong.

Go back to your wife.

Just like that?
- Just like that.

Thanks for the identification.

Wait a minute! Let's back up, chief.
- It's inspector.

I asked you what you were
doing about this murder.

I told you it doesn't concern you.

And I'm doing my best to keep my temper.
- So am I.

But you better get something
straight right now.

That was a very good friend of mine.

And I'm making everything about this case
my concern until you find out who did it.

Now I hope you've got the message.

I've got the message.

You intend interfering in police matters.

Bingo! You finally got it!

You're only a doctor, dr. Armstrong.

I don't presume to prescribe for
your patients so why do you...

Because for ten years my practice has
been in the field of criminal pathology.

That means: for ten long
years I've worked with cops.

Do you want me to tell you something?

They don't impress me at all.

Najim, prepare the body
for the post mortem.

Goodbye, mister Armstrong.

Goodbye, chief.

I'm coming!


Just a minute.

What time is it?
- Time for you to be up.

Time for us to start thinking about getting
out of Tangiers. Madame Viera just called.

There's been another killing.

Oh no. Who?

You remember that girl from Vienna?
- Yes?

Well, her fiancé tracked her down here.

He was leaving the House of Dolls
and on his way to the police and...

...and they killed him.

Can't you see, Rebecca?
It's just a matter of time.

With all of these killings going on...

...the police are bound to come across
some kind of a hint that will...

...implicate us.

You try that one.

Come here. Help me!

Try and find some rope.

I found some.

Help me move the bed to the window.


Loop one end of the rope to
that, to the end of the bed.

Maybe I can get help if
I reach the outer wall.

But how can you?

Don't worry, when they found
me I was working in a circus.

I used to be an acrobat.

Monsieur Manderville?
- Yes?

- Oh, thank you.

The man who was killed leaving the House
of Dolls took one of them with him.

It was found on his body.

Our friend at the morgue has sent
word that the doll is missing.

The man who identified
his body took it with him.

If they link that doll with
us, we're in trouble.


Do we know who he is?
- Yes. His name is Stephen Armstrong.

The message goes on to say that his
wife is in our audience tonight.

Now. Alone.

[Manderville, you need to get on stage]

Then you know what you must do, Felix.

But, Rebecca...

...with a possible police
investigation hanging over our heads...

[You need to get on stage. Time to show up]

Allright, I'll be right with you.


Of course you're right.
I know what I must do.

Mesdames et messieurs... from his triumphs in Madrid...

...Rome, Paris and London...'s my proud pleasure to present:

The Great Manderville!

Good evening, ladies and gentleman.
And thank you for your generous applause.

And now may I present
for your visual delight... glamorous associate:

Madam Rebecca.

And I must not forget my invaluable assistant:


And now, ladies and gentleman,
we would like to...

...have a little demonstration
of mental telepathy.

Mental telepathy, ladies and gentleman,
is a wonderful natural phenomenon.

It can become true silent communication
when two people have learned...

...over a period of time, to become
receptive to one another's thoughts.

And believe me, I am receptive
to Madame Rebecca's thoughts...

...especially when
she's thinking about me.

Now let us try a very simple
little demonstration, shall we?

Madam Rebecca,
how many people are at this table?

- Three.

Three, that's correct and you
might think, ladies and gentleman...

that this is a trick so we'll try something
a little more difficult, shall we?

What is this gentleman drinking?

- The drink is a scotch and soda.

A scotch and soda. There it is.

But it belongs not to the gentleman
but to the lady with the red beads.

Is that true, madam?
- Yes.

And now you might think
that was also a trick, so... much money does this
young man have in his pocket?

Just enough to pay the
check and cab fare home.

Come now madam Rebecca, how much?

- In American dollars, $23.

May I see your wallet, sir?

Thank you.

Twenty-three American dollars!

Uhm, this young lady's name?

- Bonita.

Is that true?

Is it true?

And he is?

Ali. And they were engaged tonight.

Is that true?


And this man?

- Four children, three girls and a boy.

How old?

Nine, seven, five and one.


The young man,
seated up there on the balcony.

- 21 years old, wants to become a lawyer.

Will he?

Not if he keeps coming to night clubs.

Oh, I see a young lady over
here who seems to be alone.

And a very pretty young lady, too.

Are you alone, my dear?


Ja? I detect an accent.

Madam Rebecca, would you tell me
where this young lady is from?

- Kopenhagen.

Is that true?
- Yes, that's right.

Well, since you're alone, my dear...

...I wonder if you'd be so good as
to assist us in our next acting?

Oh no, please.

Oh, come now. Ladies and gentleman,
she's among friends, isn't she?

No harm can come to you, my dear.

Thank you, ladies and gentleman. Thank you.

And now for the climax of our act:

In the beginning you saw me make madam
Rebecca materialize out of thin air.

Well now, ladies and gentleman,
I shall do the exact opposite.

I shall make this beautiful
young lady disappear.

The young lady who went up on the stage there...
- Well yes, sir.

Well, where do I find her?

I said: where do I find her?

Perhaps she is backstage there.

Uh yeah, I know. Manderville.

Room 15.
- Fifteen? Thank you.


Darling, will you help me with these?
I'm having a hard time...

Who are you?

My name's Armstrong and
I'm looking for my wife.


You used her in the act.

I thought she was alone.

No. She was waiting for me.

So, where is she?

She's probably back at her table by now.

No. She isn't back at her table.

Get the girl.

Now let's cut the double talk, shall we?

Good evening.

Oh darling, this is mister Armstrong.


How do you do.

May I help you?

I hope so, Mandrake.

It isn't Mandrake, it's Manderville.

But why the hostile attitude?

It can get a damn side more
hostile, now where is my wife?

Well I... Your wife?

Yes. The woman you made
disappear. Where is she?

Well, I beg you to be patient.

Salim will bring her back here in a minute.
Now please don't worry. She's allright.

She had a little accident backstage and
she fell and was stunned for a bit, but...

...she's allright now.

Are you okay, honey?

Felix, what happened?

How can we ever make this up to you?

Oh, it's never happened before, never.

Don't worry. No bones broken.

But I must look awful.

Would you like to use my dressing room?
Come with me.

Thank you.

Well, the least I can do
is offer you some cognac.

Thank you.

You know I'm sorry about
that hostility, but...

...things didn't go very
well today and I guess I...

...just wasn't in the mood for magicians.

- Well, I prefer to think
of myself as an illusionist.

However, I do understand how you feel.

We illusionists live in constant
dread of things going wrong backstage.

Hmm, let me compliment you
on your good taste on brandy.

Well, thank you.

I flatter myself that I have cultivated
good taste in almost everything.

Especially living.

To be dead would be such a
bore, don't you agree?

Look, I'm not asking for sympathy but
I want to explain something to you.

My best friend was killed,
I've just come from the morgue.

Oh, I am sorry.

What was it? A street accident?

No. He was found murdered
early this morning.

Stephen, no!

Is that why the police came
to the school this morning?

Yeah. They wanted me to identify him.

So, there's some things
I've got to look into now.

I'm gonna send you back to the hotel, okay?

Mister Armstrong, do you think it's wise?
I mean the police...

What about the police?

Well, surely it will leave
things in their hands, I mean...

...well, they can find the murderer.
That's their job.

Your faith in the police is very
touching, but I don't share it.

But do you have anything to go on?

Only this.

And the fact that a playing
card was found by his body.

Playing card?

The King of Hearts.

You see, Fernando was looking for
a girl who was kidnapped in Vienna.

Yes, he got a tip that she'd
been spotted here in Tangiers.

He started his search by making
the rounds of the night clubs.

I think I'll begin mine the same way

Oh Felix, don't you
think you ought to go...

Yes of course, my dear.

Mister Armstrong, you know,
I don't approve of this, but...

...since you obviously don't
know much about Tangiers...

...perhaps you will allow
me to accompany you?

Well sure, thank you very much.

Yes, I know. Be careful.

I'll drop you off at
the hotel after I dress.

Thank you.

Well, mister Armstrong.

Tangiers awaits us.

Shall we go?

I think we'll be safe.

Picture? Picture?

No picture? Allright, no picture.

Ah, picture for you. Especially?

Why not? A

Picture? Picture?
Have a picture?

Buy please. Smile!

Wait, you took our picture the other day.

The one you didn't buy. Yes.
A piccy. A masterpiece.

I was prepared to give it lifelight.
On a small additional charge.

Yeah yeah. Where is it now?

I have it here. One moment, I find it.

Here it is! How many copies would you like?

Just one. How much is it?

For you? One hot dollar.

By the way, have you seen him since?
I'm looking for him.

Give it to me.

No, no. I'm sorry.

Keep the change.
- Pleasure anyway.

Perhaps you would like a
new photo for your passport?


Do you think it will be of any help?
It isn't very good, you know.

No it's not, but maybe
someone will recognize him.

Not much left for u to see here, is there?

No, shall we try Maxim's?


Taken for one thousand.

Good evening, Felix.

Oh, mister Armstrong,
this is messieur Luke.

Pleasure to meet you.

I was just wondering...what
decides the winner?

Well, the one that stays in the ring.

Come, sit down.

Drink, sir?
- Champagne.

Excuse me a minute, will you?


Don't you ever give up?

You asked me about your friend.
I know where he went last night. Yes?

We can't talk here, though. Come tonight.

This address.

You owe me a thousand, Manderville.

Yes, I might have known.

Monsieur Luke is the owner of the finest
private gambling house in all of Tangiers.

Well, I'm quiet about your friend
but he hasn't been seen here tonight.

I think I've had this place.
Let's go. Okay?


Enjoy it, mister Armstrong?
Quite something, eh?

Sure, if you like...sick girls...

Well, shall we go on?

I think I'll pass for tonight.

Shall I drop you at the St. George?

No, I think I'll walk for a
while and get some fresh air.

You know, the streets around here
can be quite dangerous after dark.

You sure you don't want a lift?

No, I'll be fine.
Thanks for the guided tour.

You're more than welcome. Good night.

You know, for a police inspector
you're doing a lousy job.

I made no effort to
conceil myself from you...

...only from your
companion for the evening.

You mean...Manderville?

All is within the realm of possibility.

May I walk with you?

Do I have a choice?

I know the place and the man you
want to see, but I don't know why.

Well, he's not gonna talk if you tag along.

We shall see.

Wait in the car.

Inspector, how do you happen to know...


At times he sells the police useful
information. when it suits him.

Go away. There's no one here.

- Inspector Emil. Police! Open up!

Why bother.

You have a master key, open it yourself.

Oh, inspector!

It's not polite to receive
visitors like this. Come out!

It's very difficult to know with you.

Sometimes you tell me to uncover myself...

...sometimes you tell me to cover myself.

This is the time to be covered!

Do you have a cigarette, inspector?

You shouldn't smoke in bed.
It's very dangerous.

This, dear inspector,
is obviously a social call.

You come here to spend a few hours?

Or perhaps a few moments?

Do you like Kalil?
- Hello.

I'm a genuine beauty contest winner.

In the big market she won.
- Settle down.

You told this man to meet you here tonight.

Did I? Oh? I have no such recollection.

Look. You lousy...

Hold on.

Take it easy.

You have a convenient memory. What do
you know about the House of 1000 Dolls?

The House of Dolls?

The House of Dolls...

...this is the House of Dolls?

Never heard of any such place.

If you are here not socially: Good night.

Why don't you come back
when we are being social?

O no, no, no.
I can take you no place.

Stay covered, they're not customers.

Abu, how would you like to
be on the next boat to Malta?

Not at all, dear inspector, not at all.

I think they dislike me, for some reason.

I know they dislike you and
would love to have you there.

If only to throw you in jail.

Persecution. All is persecution. For what?

I try to be joy to the lives of men.

Bring a little joy into my life, Abu.

Tell me what you know
about the House of Dolls.

Can I bring blood from a stone?

Can I make wine from a turnip?

I know nothing.

You have until tomorrow
morning to think of something.

Please turn out the light as you leave.

You see: I told you he wouldn't talk.

Can I drop you off at the hotel?

No, you cannot.

Mister Armstrong...
- What?

...forgive me, but don't interfere.
Leave Abu to me.

Why not, chief? He is all yours.

Abu? Open up.

Mister Armstrong's suite, please.
Yes, Stephen Armstrong.

Hello Marie, this is Rebecca.

Sorry...I hope I didn't awaken you
but I'm afraid I have bad news...

...something's happened to your husband.

Come downstairs immediately
and I'll take you to him.

What happened to Steve?

I'll tell you in the car. Hurry.






Get up!

Since you won't answer my questions
these two ladies shall suffer.

Right, Ahmed?

This one first.

Take them in.

Prepare her.



Stop it! Stop it, please!

Who would you want from me?

I'll do everything you want
but please let her...

Take them upstairs.

Take her down.

So tonight is going to be our
farewell performance, Rebecca.

If we get away with it.

You know darling, there were times I
thought you were the King of Hearts.

You still could be.

You'd think the excuse of getting out of
the business for reasons of your own.

Yes, I...

...I could be...

...but let me assure you I'm fully
aware that I am risking my life... even saying that this is
my last job for the syndicate.

And after tonight?

I shall disappear as quickly
and completely as possible.

Thanks to the success of our act
I can afford to do just that.

And what's to become of me, Felix?
Without you?


I can't go back to what I was before.

Take me with you.

Oh, don't be silly, Rebecca.
You know I can't get along without you.

What about mrs. Stephen Armstrong?

I told you. Madame Viera has her.

Yes, I know you've told me that,
but if this is to be our last job...

...I want to be sure it
goes off without a hitch.

And Armstrong?

He's to meet me backstage
half an hour after closing.

I'll take him to the House of 1000 Dolls.

He'll be...disposed off there.

Why not backstage?

Too risky.
- Come here, come here.

He's been told if he goes to the
police, his wife will be killed.


They will what now?

- All in good time.

In good time?

Can't you get it through that thick
head of yours we're running out of time?

You miserable...

Look, I keep telling you:

Go to the club, pick up Rebecca
and make her talk.

And sign your wife's death warrant.

- It's you they want to kill.

You've become a thorn in their sight.

Your woman's alive as
long as you are alive.

Believe me. Cooperate
with us and it will happen.

Well, cooperate how?
What am I supposed to do?

You have a date with miss Rebecca.

Play the game her way.

Remember, we will not be far behind.

They're using Marie as
the bait to catch me.

But wait a minute.

What am I the bait for?

With your help and the help of your wife...

...tonight should see the end
of their racket in Tangiers and...

...end of their leader...

...the King of Hearts.

But what have you done?

- We tried to escape.

I've been kidnapped and brought here...

...but I did get word to my fiancé
in Madrid through a customer.

He traced me here and
planned to rescue me but...

...he's never come back.

I was so desperate.


...Fernando was our friend.


He's dead.



A message has been sent
to mister Armstrong.

What do you want from Stephen?

Not very much.

A trade.

His life for yours.

And then you join these other ladies.

Just a minute.

Well I'm here.

So where's Marie?

You were told not to go to the
police, mister Armstrong.

Why did you?

I didn't go to the police.
They picked me up.

I'm sorry. I don't believe you.

I'm not really a bad person.

I just have a very highly
developed sense of survival.

Now look. If you've got a highly
developed sense of anything...'ll put that gun
away and listen to me.

- No?

Oh boy. Forget about the police.

I've come here on my own
to make you a bargain.

What do you want?

My wife back. Alive.

You know where she is.

I want you to take me to her. Now.

I don't know how much you know or don't
know but this town is crawling with cops.

The police know!

It's only a matter of time before
they crack the whole thing wide open.

Look, there's a warrant
out for both of you.

The only reason you're still free and
alive is because I want Marie back.

So what's your bargain?

Help me get to her. Now.

Right now.

And I'll help you.

Not just me.

Felix too.

If I bring Marie to you,
alive and unhurt...'ll help Felix and me to escape.

Is that right?


...I'm afraid you'll
never see your wife again.

Put that away.

I'll do everything I can to help you.

I believe you.


Not now, Salim,
can't you see that I'm busy?

But it's important, sir.

Well, what is it?

I overheard madame Rebecca...

Oh come now Salim, you know that I'm
not interested in backstage gossip.

This concerns your safety, sir.

My safety?

She was offering Stephen Armstrong
the chance to escape with his wife... return for her own safety.

He helped madame Rebecca
to escape from the police.

They're on their way to the House of Dolls.

Are you sure?

You asked me how I know?

This is my answer.

Thank you.

Wait here and I'll give her back to you.
- Why can't I come with you?

I told you.
If they see you they'll kill you.

You are alone?
You are supposed to bring Armstrong back.

Let me in, quickly.

There's been a change of plans.
I want the girl Marie.

Is that so? By whose orders?
- Manderville.

He sent no message to us.

You doubt my word?

I will get Madame Viera, it's up to her.

- You?

Don't ask any questions.
I'm getting you out of here.

Stephen's waiting outside.
- Stephen!

Follow me and do exactly as I say if
you want us to get out of here alive.

Is Rebecca here?
- She's there, sir.

Did she bring Armstrong?
- No.

Upstairs, quickly!

Girls. Girls, listen to me.

We don't have time for introductions...

...but I was a prisoner here
once, just as you are.

I think I can help you escape.
Do you want to get out of here?

Then stick together and do as I say.

Marie, lock the door.

The rest of you: bring your beds over
to the door and barricade it. Quickly!

Okay, so where's Manderville?

No, no! She tried to help us escape!

Keep away.

Keep away!





You killed him.

The King of Hearts is dead.

You said you'd help him.

There was no King of Hearts.

But there was a Queen of Hearts.

Manderville found out.

He was trying to tell me.

But I was helping the girls get away.

Only because you knew we were coming.

You worked your way up in the
organisation and finally took over.

You gave the orders.
You were the leader.

I guess it really makes no difference now.

Nothing does.

No, it doesn't.