House in the Alley (2012) - full transcript

Until they lose their baby to a miscarriage, a young couple were happily settling into their new life in their spacious home. After the tragedy, Thao is inconsolable and won't let her baby's body leave the house. Normal life eludes her as terrifying visions undermine her sanity. Her husband, Thanh, experiences strange phenomena around their home and when his wife turns on him, he must race to uncover the secrets of the house in the alley before they lose their sanity and their lives. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Help me!

My wife.

My wife!

How long?

I don't know what to do!Where's the doctor?

I don't know what to do!

There is no one.

I wanted to take her
to the hospital.

But she was in too
much pain.

There was so much

I was so scared!

There, there...

Be calm.

Everything's going
to be okay.

She's here now.

Breathe slowly.

Let me listen.

You can do it.

Breathe deeply.

Breathe deeply for me,

You're wife doesn't
have much time left.

There's too much blood.

In my entire career,

I've never seen,
somethng this bad.

The situation is drastic!

Call the doctor now!


This is bad!


She will die!


I need a doctor,
right now!

One hour?

In one hour,
my wife will be dead!

I don't know.

The doctor..

Honey! Honey!


There's so much blood.

I can't stop it.

Hold on.

Hold on.

I can't feel a pulse.

Did the baby come out?


She's delirious.

I know she's delirious,

but you must be calm.

We have to take the
baby out.

It has died in the womb.

That's the only way,
to save your wife.


I can't feel anything.

Did the baby come out?

I can't feel it...


Is our baby beautiful?


Is our baby beautiful?

Tell me...




It's done right?

It's done right?


Are you ready?

There are people
here to see you.

They want a funeral

A very special one.

They've been waiting
for a long time.

All these people are
waiting for you.

Honey, you didn't want
this to happen.

If we don't do it,
Mother will...

You don't want it!

Oh, hi honey!

Did you sleep well?

I slept well.

I cooked for you.

Just eggs.

Are you going to work?


I have to go to the factory.

Go ahead and eat.

Are you okay?

What's wrong?

Nothing. I just don't want
to be home alone.

Honestly, I have to be
at the factory today.

Mother is going crazy and
there's so much work...

It's okay.

Stop talking.

I don't want to hear anymore.

I'm feeling better.

Go ahead and go.

It's okay.


I'll be okay. I want to
clean the house.


I'll be there shortly.

Yeah, I know.

Yes. Bye, bye.


I'll be home early, ok?

Hey, it's me.

Yeah. I am better.

How are you?

What are you doing?


You're busy?


It's okay.

I'll call you back later.



It's me.

I am good now.

I am tired and I
sleep a lot.


I want to visit you.

I'm not sure when,
but I'll ask him.

I'm okay. I'm very well.

Yes. I know.

Bye mom.

How are you feeling today?

I'm okay.

I've been busy cleaning
all day.

So clean and neat.

We can have a house
warming party soon!


I just wanted to show
off our house.

Oh, I forgot about dinner.

Let me cook something.

No. Let's go out
and eat.

It's ok. It will be quick.

No, wait. I want to
take you out.

I'll need some time
to clean up.

Don't worry. I'll wait
as long as you want.

How do you like the place?

It's nice.

We've lived here for
so many years

and we still don't know
this city.

Are you feeling better?

I am still tired.

I need some more time.

Honey, let 's go somewhere.

Let's go on vacation.

Out of this city.

Of course. When?

How about tomorrow?

So early? I have so
much work to do?

The workers...

There is chaos at
the factory.

The workers...

Forget it...Nevermind.

Let me finish some
unfinished things

and we'll go as soon
as possible.

In that case, I guess
it would be fine.



Are you alright?

I need to visit my mother.

We can start our
vacation there.

And then go anywhere after.

I thought maybe I could
take you away overseas.

Like Singapore to go shopping.

I really need to see
my mother.

If that's what you
really want

then we will go see
your mother.




Honey. Honey!


Yes, I know I'm
running late.

If you know you're late,
then why haven't you left?

It's that wife of yours again?

Please don't bring it up,

How long will this
keep going?

I know.

I'll be there right away.

I told you already.
She is your burden.

You still have your
life and work.



Let's go!

After him!

Get him!

It's your turn!

Damn it!


Oh damn! It's the boss.

Is my mother here?

Yeah. The boss is waiting
for you upstairs.

Don't let them know
I'm here.

Don't worry, Boss.
I'll take care of it.

What's wrong with
your leg?

Don't worry, Boss!

What is it Mother?

What's wrong with you?

It's nothing.

You see that?

All these years and we
treat them like family.

Now look at how they
treat us.

They're striking!

They've ruined the trucks!

Have you talked to them?

What do I say?

You look outside.

You think they want to talk?

What is it?

Your wife again?

Don't bring it up!

Since the day you
married her,

this business has been
going down.

She's only brought bad luck!

And what about that thing?

Have you gotten rid of it?


Everything is good Mother.

Fine? So, why is your
face like that?

You're hiding something
from me.

My wife's not well...

Is she on medication?

No. It's not like that.

I think that...

it's more...


You mean...

she's crazy?

Don't say that.

I think you're going
crazy too!

This household has
two nutcases!

I'm thinking...

of taking her to her
countryside hometown.

What for?

Why the countryside?

My wife...

really needs...

to get away from here.

Even if she's gone her
mind is still gone!

I don't even know when
she is sane or not.

What are you going to
do in the countryside?

Don't tell me

you're going to

milk some cows.

Ever since you
guys moved in,

you've been neglectful
of the house.

It looks like an abandoned

You remember...

It's not easy to get a house
in the city like that.

And it was a gift from your
father and brother.

You see how busy I am
with the factory!

And when I received the
house, it wasn't perfect!

There's still lots to fix.

Well, of course!

Everyone has to work hard
for a better living!

Not like that lazy wife
of yours!

Go tell her that!

You need to pay more attention
to our business.

I'm getting old.

I can't do this for long.

That house of yours...

beware it will only
bring bad luck

If you neglect it, you are
asking for trouble.

I'm just saying.

You still need to live your

We are a business class

I hate seeing your face
like that.

We should have been
more careful.

She got pregnant too soon.

So I didn't have time
to plan.

She got pregnant too soon
is because of you!

Finish your personal business.

Then take over this factory.

I have to go to Hanoi.


Why so soon?

Well, everything is just
so chaotic,

and your wife being
like that ...

I guess I'll see...

You don't knock?

The workers want to
talk to you.


How did they get in here?

I can't stop them by myself.

They want to tear my
shirt off!

What do I say?

What do they want?

I don't know?

Don't look at me!

What's wrong?

You scared me!

Do you hear anything?



I don't hear anything.

I was in a taxi with him.

I was drunk out of
my mind.

I didn't know where I
was going.

But at 1 AM,
his phone rang!

Who the hell calls him
at 1 am?

I got so pissed.
You know me.

I wasn't thinking.

I took the phone and threw
it out the window.

But the phone hit the Taxi
guy in the head instead.

Poor guy couldn't
drive straight.

He crashed the car into
a fruit stand.

I didn't even care and walked
out into the street.

Hitched a motorbike
and took off!

Funny ha?

Hey, did you even hear what
I have been saying?

I don't want to sit
here talking all day.

I'm trying to avoid the subject.

and tell you my stupid

It could be true...

or not..

I'm sorry.

It's okay. These things
will pass by.

Don't be like that.

You are very lucky.

I know.

But I don't know what it
is that I can't let go.

I can't explain it to you.

What's wrong?

I feel empty.

I know.

I understand.

Let me ask you this...


coffin of your child.

What are you going to
do with it?

I think I have to move on.

I know I have been a
burden to everyone.

And I've decided to have a
proper funeral.

That's great!

You should do that!

I know you will feel better.

You and your husband,
should take a vacation.

I think I have to get out
of this city.

How is Thanh?

He has been very good to me.

He tries really hard.


Hey! But there's something

I don't want to think
about it.

Are you serious? You and
I don't have secrets.

Whatever it is,
tell me.


I'm not fine.

I know what you're thinking.

But it's not what you think.

It's not...

about me keeping my
child in the room.

I know for a fact it's not!

It's just that...

My husband...

Whenever I look at him.

I feel like

breaking his neck off

and see blood splatter

You see!

It's okay!

I understand.

Don't be like that.

Listen to me.

You have to get rid of
that thing.

So that you can move on
with your life.

You understand?

I know!

You know how much I
love my husband.

I love him.

But I don't know why
this is happening.

I understand.

Be calm.

Let me ask you this.

What are your plans for
the funeral?

Do you need help with the

I have decided to bury it
in my courtyard.


Let's go in the living
room and talk.

You should try
to move on.

I know how hard it is for you.

It's not that I want to forget
about it.

I'm also hurting.

It's my child too.

Let's move on.

It's dead.


I don't think it is a good
time for us to go anywhere.

My work is not stable.


I don't think you are well.

You need more rest.

Thanh! Thanh!

Wake up!

Why are you sleeping here?

Why didn't you close the gate?

Let me tell you,
in this neighborhood

they'll even take your
pots and pans!

Sit down.

Are you okay?

How long have I been
laying there?

I think all night.

I came here and saw you
laying there.

And fried some eggs.

You want some?

I'll fix some for you.

You fried eggs while I
was laying there?

You actually believe me?

No, I bought them.

Where's Thao?

She's your wife?
Why are you asking me?

I thought you were
home alone.

Thanh, wait!

Honey! Honey!

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

What happened to you?

You didn't see anything?

Who was here?


You're scaring me.

You're freaking me out too.



You here?

Yeah, I've been meaning
to come visit you.

But now, I think I should
visit Him.

Last night.

I saw people on the roof.

There was someone in
our house.

I heard people.

I've been sleeping.

You don't believe me?

You didn't see anything?

You think you saw ghosts?

You don't believe me, either?

I know it's been rough
on you.

But you must focus
on your business.

You expect to be home all the
Taking care of your wife?

I'm so worned out.

You have to worry more
about the company.

There's still many urgent
things waiting for you.

All these issues,

it's driving me crazy!

And now, it's my wife.


You know I see you as family.

I know you have issues.

But I have them too.

What is it?

Just say it.

Just forget it.

We'll talk about it later.

What is this about your wife?

There are problems?

I don't know.

There's something wrong
with her.

Oh, that's just husband
and wife stuff.

It's marriage.
It's normal.

Like yesterday,

she went crazy on me!

Without any reason.

Women are like that.

I have a sister in-law who
also had a miscarriage.

And went kind of crazy.

Just like your wife.

Her husband can't even
come near her.

She freaks out!

And don't even mention
about sex.

It would never cross her mind.


Prepare yourself.


And to be frank,

if you don't get back to
the factory

the workers will be
just as cold!

I know.

I can't control them myself.

I'm the manager and I have to
sneak through the back door.

They see me and they
throw rotten eggs.

They trashed my motorbike!

And your mom is cranky
because of you.

And you with your crazy wife!

Just look at me!

Look at how I am.

Well, what do you want
me to do?

They are threatening
to sue you!

Sue for what?

I have to take care of
my wife and kids.

My parents too!

And now you blaming
me too?

Alright, I'll be there!

I'll be there!

That's fine. Forget it.

I'll go deal with it.

You stay home and deal with
this husband and wife issue.

If I had a wife like yours,

I'd dropped her a long time ago.


I'll be going now.

Come back to work soon, Thanh!

We all miss you!

Bye, Thao!

Don't talk about me
like that.

No, I wasn't...

I'm not crazy.

How did you...

Shut up!

Honey! Don't go in there!

Yes, Mother?

You know what's going
on here?

They're going crazy!

You hear this!

I went all the way from Hanoi
to deal with this?

I'm old. I can't handle
this anymore.

You have to get over here
now and deal with this!

My wife is not well.

Forget her!

Please talk to them for me!

This is not the right
time for me.

There's something
wrong with her.

I really want to go but...

You hear this!

They are breaking in!

Rioting the place!

You have to come here now!

Boss! Shut the door!


come out and have
something to eat.

I need to talk to you.

Burn! Burn!

You want to die?


Burn! Burn!

Burn it! Burn it!

Why would you want
to burn the room?


What? It's raining.

What papers? Invoices?

Alright, anything else you need?

I'm still at home. Okay.

Honey! Honey!

What are you doing?

Let's go inside.

Get inside!

No, I want the rain bath!

Let me go!

I'll get some clothes
for you.


What are you doing here?

I thought you were at
the factory.

I have to leave for Hanoi.

Look after the factory for me.

You are leaving now?

Minh is there alone!

You have to be there
to help him.

What happened to you?


Where's your wife?


She's sleeping.

I want to see her before
I leave.



She's not feeling too well.


I mean...

We didn't know you
were coming.

Stop spoiling her!

We have enough problems.

She is not the princess
of this house.

I have told you ...

that thing in the room...

A woman

who can't even bear
a child is

good for nothing!

And you!

This is not acceptable!

I lost a child myself.


You never told me.

You didn't need to know.

It was before you were born.

You don't need to concern
yourself with this.

You tell her

It's not such a horrible thing.

And you shouldn't be like this.

Your brother does not want
any more problems.

Don't force him to fly out here!

You know,

how hard it's been for us.


my wife.

It's been driving me crazy!

And this house!

I keep telling you.

Get flowers, incense, fruits...

To brighten and warm
this place up!

I'm tired of saying this.

Okay, okay. I'll do it.

Is your wife going to
greet me or not?

I'll go see her myself!

Wait, wait!


What is it?

Ah, nothing.

Let me go see her.

Wait. I'l just tell her you
came by.

Okay. Tell her I came.

And you...

need to get invoices
and paperwork together.

And head over to the factory.

Minh cannot handle it himself.


Clean up this house!

Hey, Boss. Can we take
a break?



Let's take a break.

If we don't finish, we'll lose
all of our customers!


We've been working

I have to get this done.

There are no more

Why is that?

After your mom left this
all the customers cancelled on

Are you lying to me?

Why would I lie to you?

So, we really don't need
to rush this, Boss.

Let's go get a couple of beers.

It will relax you.

Yeah, ok.

Let's go then.

Wait, I've got some here.

I told you.

You would feel better.

I'm sorry.

I'm just very tired.

All these months....

It seems everyday...

it's getting worse and worse.

I forgive you.

Is it that issue again?

Don't mention it.

You are pretty good for allowing
that thing to live with you.

If it were me? I would have
gotten rid of it a long time

I want to.

But it's my wife.

You're funny....

You are a Man!
You decide what to do!

I want to.

But I feel bad for her.

Poor her.

I'm tired of listening to you
talk like that.

You look hopeless.

I'm tired of it too.

It ruined my happiness.

God damn it...

It's been dead for months!

In the end, it's just you
and me!

Let's drink more!

Let's go!


my wife will hear you.

So what?

Get her a drink to
wake her up!

She freaked me out
this morning.

Looking at me like that!

You have to get her drunk.
To clear her mind.

Honey! Honey!

Come down and drink
with us!


No, nevermind.

I'll be going now.


I thought you wanted
to drink?

No, that's okay.

Who's there?

Who's there?

I want to sleep alone.


What did you do today?

Are you tired?

I'm fine.

What did you do all day?

How about I cook for you?

Don't be like this.

I know that you are
very tired.

But do you need to lay
here all the time?

What do you want?

All day...

you sleep. lay here.

You want me to cook?

I know!

I know you really like
bathing in the rain.

You really like to bathe
in the rain....

Let's bathe in the rain

If you don't like it...

Let me bathe you.


I'll bath you.
I'll massage you.

I'll clean you up. So you don't
need to lay here all day.

So that you don't drive
me crazy.

What do you want?

What do you want? Do you want me
to bathe you? Cook for you?

What do you want?

Why don't you leave
me alone!

You know!

I can kill you!

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

It's not me.

What did you say?
I don't want this.

You want to kill me?

Why do you want to
kill me?

What did I do wrong?
I didn't mean it!

What did I do?

Why do you treat me
like this?

It's our child.

This is my child too.

Why do you have to
treat me like this?

I'm so sorry. Forgive me.

You think I don't love
my child?

I don't want it to be
like this.

Don't I love you?

Don't I take care of
this family?

I have lost everything!

I don't want this.
Listen to me. Listen to me.


It's that thing.

Don't touch my baby!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I beg you. Please!

Don't you know it's dead!

It's dead!

I beg you!

Don't touch my baby!

Don't take my baby!

Who are you?

Why are you here?

Who's there!

Who are you?

You want my child?

You want it?



We have to bury our child!

Listen to me!

Honey! Honey!

Please, we have to
let it go!

Are your parents home?

Yes, yes.

Please wait here.

Hello m'am.

I called about the
house in the alley.

My family called

Yes, please come in.

Thank you.

These are the papers
from your house.

Thank you.

Who are these kids?


They lived at my house?


Where are they now?

This house was burned
down a long time ago.


Were the kids ok?

They fooled around,

and burned down the place.

They all died.

Everyone knows of
this story.

Your husband renovated
the house?


But he sold it, and lost
a lot of money.

Where is he now?

He died shortly after
the house was sold.

You and I...

Let's start all over ...