House Without Roof (2016) - full transcript

HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF is about the journey of the siblings LIYA, JAN and ALAN who were born in the Kurdish area of the Iraq and grown up in Germany. The three of them want to fulfill their mother's last wish to bury her in her home village beside her husband who got killed in the war under the Saddam Hussein regime. On their nerve-wracking Kurdish-odyssey they are not only faced with their Kurdish extended family that does not accept the last wish of their mother but particularly with their own matters. In recent years they distanced from each other - everybody runs his own life - and whenever they are holding talks, they are mostly based on reproaches. In parallel with the run of their journey it is noticeably that in their home country the dimension of an awful conflict, that nobody can surmise, is heading for disaster. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Come on. Hurry, hurry!

Get ready!

The power won't last.

My God, Alan.
Sit down properly!

Leave him alone. He looks great.
- Stop fooling around!

Come on kids, smile!

Why should they smile?
Did somebody fart or something?

Brother, don't you have a photo flash?
- Of course, I do.

Then just take the photos like that.

This is Radio Kurdistan-Iraq.

In the last few days,
the regime of Saddam Hussein

has continuously bombed and
destroyed more Kurdish villages.

Many people have already fallen victim
to the regime's "Al-Anfal Campaign“

and thousands are fleeing.

Not even women, children or the elderly

were spared the brutality
of the tyrannical military.

According to estimates, the number of people
missing are far over a hundred thousand.


What's the matter?

I'm just glad, my son.

Stop acting like a fool, Alan.
Not now...

I'm happy to see you all here again.
All of you...

You have been real friends and family to me.

You know...

It feels like a dream.

For so long it has just been a nightmare.

Finally he is gone.

I wish your father was still alive.

I wish, he was still alive and with us now.

So he could have witnessed this day.


There is something I have to tell you...

Life with you was very beautiful.

I'm very happy to have met all of you.

I've arranged this party...

Not only to have a good time together...


I have arranged this party...

So we can say goodbye to each other.

Because we have decided to
return to our homeland.

The decision is final.

We are going back.


Who is we?

Did you know about this?

What the fuck, Jan?

Of course fat face here knew about it.

You knew?

Look, I wanted to tell you.

...I would've told you.

Please excuse me.

My son, where are you going?
- None of your business.

Why are you talking to me like that?

What's wrong with you?
- Because you don't talk to me, Mom.

Can't you at least think about it, honey?

What do you even do here?

No work, nothing.

Come to Kurdistan with us...

You will have a better future waiting tor you.

A good job.

And Liya, your sister...

She can study something better there.

Why do you make decisions
behind our back, Mom?

My son, ifs time...

Time for what?

Alan, it's time.

My brothers and sisters are there.

My relatives.

Is it not my right?

We haven't seen them for years.

They don't give a shit about us.

All they do is butt in
and cause problems.

My son...

That is their way of showing love.

That is their way of caring.

And then why were we alone
when we buried our father?

Only the four of us carrying his body...

No one else helped!

Your brothers and sister pissed off.

Come on, we're leaving.

Hey, let's talk about it later.
- About what, man?

About what?

You're never home...
How could we have talked to you?

Shit, are we that unimportant
that everyone knows, except us'?

I just don't get it, man.

Instead of talking it through
with us, you do what?

You act like Mom and Ferhad's little bitch?

What did he offer you, huh?


A job? And a wife?

All inclusive, so you don't have to
move your fat ass, huh?

You are seriously messed up, man.

Just take your Polish jail friend and fuck off.

I'm not even Polish.

Watch out how you talk to me,
or I'll punch you in the fucking face.

Do you understand me, man?
Do you understand me?

Do you know how embarrassing
you are right now, you loser?

You mower'...

Stop it!

Stop it!

You think you can hit me, man?

You think you can hit me?

You think you can hit me, man?

Stop it, shame on you!
We have guests.

What is wrong with you?
Always fighting like two cocks!

Just leave, Alan!

Gel out, I can't stand you anymore.

You'll never amount to anything!

Gel out!

Shit man, what the hell did you take?!

What I took?
I took your sister, bitch!

Really hard!

Run, man!

Run, fat ass, run!

Jan, you old fatty! What's up?

Yeah I hear you. What's up?

What about Mom, what about her?



What is this, Uncle?

I promised your mother...

To hand over this will to you...

Before she is buried.

It would have been better,
to give it to the three of you together...

But I have to go home now,
to welcome the other guests.

The mullah is my witness,
that I gave you the envelope untouched.

May the Lord have mercy on her soul.
- Thank you.

The responsibility is yours now.

Your aunt is slaying with you today.

I'll see you tomorrow at the funeral.

Good? - Yes.

Thank you for everything.
- May she rest in peace.

Welcome, brother.

Just give me a minute
and we'll be off.

So, where to?
- Duhok.

Are you alone?


Are you from around here?

Well, I'm not.

I'm from Northern Kurdistan...

I'm hiding from the Turkish military.

Don't want to join the service...

Oh, wait.

Sorry, you got a little dirt on you.

No one uses seatbelts here.

And women actually always
sit in the back, you know?

I guess that's their place in this society.

And so when did you leave here?

Do you always ask your passengers
so many questions?

Not really...

Only when they're beautiful.

Who's that singing?

Hey, you can talk.

I didn't know you could talk.

That's me.

I'm serious.
Do I have a nice voice?

But be honest, ok?

Does that mean your passengers always
have to listen to your songs?

Sure, why not?

Kurdistan is free, right?

So I have my rights too, right?

I'm talking to you,
you just don't get it.

I argue with you, but it goes in one ear
and out the other.

It's not my wish, it's my mother's.

Come my dears, you have to eat.
- Thanks, Auntie.

You must be very hungry.

Any news from Liya?

Her phone is still turned off.

Don't worry.

She is Gule's daughter.

She will get along.

Well, my dears, I'll leave you alone.

Take your time eating, okay?

Do you think this is a game?

You can't just take Gule out of her coffin
and run off.

And bury her 700 kilometers away at
the other end of Kurdistan.

600 kilometers.

Jan, please stop.

Stop running away.

You have to tell your brother and sister.

And then talk it out with your uncle.

I can't.

Why not?

It's not the secret that's bad...

But the fact, that you've kept it
to yourselves for so long.

You and Gule should have told them.

How could you keep it from
Alan and Liya to this day?

You have no idea.

Your father wasn't a traitor.

Your father didn't hide like a coward.

And shame you all.

At least he made a decision.

But you can't even do that.

What are you doing here?

You look like shit.

So do you.

Just take me to a hotel.

I don't want to spend any time
with the family before the funeral.

You won't need a hotel.

We might continue driving tonight.

Where to?

We're going to bury Mom in the village,
next to our father.

That was her last wish.

When did she tell you that?

That's good.

Then we can finally visit Dad's grave.

Uncle Ferhad...

Wants to bury Mom in the family grave.

He has already organized everything.

He wants to have her near.

He will never allow it.
- Ferhad better slay out of it, man.

He has no say in this, got it?

Got it?

Got it.

Is it okay, not being able to cry?


Why would you want to cry?

Laugh instead...

It's easier.

Ifs not the time for laughing.

You have sad eyes.
That's enough.

Maybe you just don't drink enough.

You're much bigger in person.
Not like in the photos at all.

You're much bigger, too.

Hey, beautiful!

Welcome, my dear.

How could you come here alone
from Erbil in the middle of the night?

This is Kurdistan, not Europe.

We were worried sick.

You look weak.

Don't you eat anything?

Come on honey,
you must be tired.

Liya, pack your stuff, we have to go.

Where to?

We're going to bury Mom
in the village, next to Dad.


That was her last wish.

Pack your stuff.

We'll explain on the way.

The village doesn't exist anymore.

We don't even know
if the grave is still there.

It's still there.

I'm not coming.


She wanted us to do this together.

Screw it, let me go first.

What now, man'?

Stay there.

Alan, stay there.

What's going on here?
Where are they?

They are carrying out
their mother's last will.

When did they leave?

They know what they're doing.

They don't know shit!

And you know even less!

Ako, my son.
- Yes?

Gel the red pickup from the salon.

Take Jeger with you..

And find the three of them.

I want the coffin back as soon as possible.

Do you understand?
- Yes, Father.


Why didn't you let me know?

Is everything ok?

Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.


You've got a really nice wife,
you know that?

You guys make a good couple.

But what's up with her eyebrows?

What do you care about her eyebrows?

You know, I also had a girlfriend
who liked fake eyebrows.

It didn't work out...

And which one of your hundred
ex-girlfriends was it'?

Dude, you are such an...

ifs impossible to have
a conversation with you.

Yeah well, I don't give a shit
about this kind of conversation.

All right...


Put the cigarette out.

And ask next time
before you light one.

Is it okay,
if I smoke in here, dear Jan?

No, ifs not!

Put it out!


Brother, did a white pickup with three people
and a coffin pass through here?

Why do you want to know?

Did I say something wrong?
It's just a question.

Park over there. - What?
- I said park over there.

What's all the fuss about?

Two men and a woman
have stolen my aunt's corpse.

Did they pass through here or not?

What corpse? Are you drunk
or what are you talking about?

Brother, I'm not drunk.
I'm serious.

Why would they steal a dead body?

They want to blackmail my father.
He is wealthy and influential.

If you don't believe me,
call your superior Adil Ali.

He is a family friend and knows us well.

He will explain.

Your IDs!

You too.

Wait here.

What the hell are you doing?

Have you completely lost your mind?

You got us into some deep shit now, man.

Don't make it worse, okay?

The other way goes through villages.
It's longer, but quieter.

Are you lost?


How much do they cost?

One for three, two for five.

Okay, give me two then.

Thanks, bye!


Can you lend me some Kurdish bills?

Why do you think that
I always have money?

Do you see an ATM anywhere?

You really want to start
an argument over a few bills?

You just bought two melons
for no reason, man.

A few bills Alan, right?

I never asked you to send me money.

Does your son even get the money
I send you every month?

Yeah, he does, goddammit.

I mean, shit!

Gel me a Coke, Ok?!

We can open the coffin.

If you want to see her again,
or say goodbye.

Better not.

Hey, fatty.

Is this Mom's?

Can I see it?

Look, you have the same eyes as him.


Just look.

Get that thing out of my face, man.

Or do you want to cause an accident?

You're the one driving.
It would be your fault.

Don't piss me off.

You're always pissed off,
you know that?

Can't you behave normal for once?

Just for once.
Like a normal person.

Instead of talking so much crap.
- Yeah, what is normal?

Liya, do you know what normal is?

Give it back.

Just look at yourself,
The way you walk around.

With your stupid military jacket.

Are you a soldier?

No, you're not, are you?

And you're not in Berlin, either.
- I don't give a fuck where I am, man.

This is Dad's jacket, ok?!
So just shut the fuck up!


Gel out!

Get in the back or whatever.
- Hey...

Just calm down, okay.
Alan, you stay here.

Do you think I want to spend
another minute with you, fucking retard!

We're leaving tomorrow.
Then you can have your life back.

How can you be so fucking disinterested?

I didn't even know that you'll be a father.

So please don't expect me,
to pour my heart out to you.

Trust needs trust.

Did you ever ask me how I was doing?

Or how Vin is doing?

No, you didn't.

I can't count on you guys at all.

You could, if you wanted to.

Alan, he doesn't even care
about his own son.

And you, you're only busy thinking
about yourself and your shitty music.

My music is none of your business.

When it turns you into such
a selfish person, it is.

Stop the car.

I said, stop!

Uncle Ferhad is crazy.

You're crazy too and the other three,
we don't even have to talk about.

But to be honest,
ifs not your fault.

It's Saddam's fault.

Can you please just shut up?!

Saddam's fault...

Why can't Uncle Ferhad
respect Gule's last wish?

Why does your father always
have to start a war?

And why do you always say
yes and amen to everything?

Don't I have the right to share an opinion?

You share too many.

Why don't you have the balls
to have your own ones?

Your father says: "Stones are watermelons.“
and you say: "Oh yes, very juicy."

You moron!

I don't give a fuck about
my opinion when it's about family.

It's called respect.

But what do you all know about respect?

What do you mean by “you all”?
I respect and appreciate everyone.

You little kids!

But I would never say stones are melons,
just to make the family happy.

Boy, you don't even know
where to find your ass.

Yet here you are making big speeches.

So just because I'm young
I'm not allowed to have an opinion?


Your opinion isn't worth a cucumber.

Get in!

And don't say anything.

Mr. Jalal.

Where do you come from again?
- Sina.

Why did you say you're from Iran then?
- Sorry, I meant Eastern Kurdistan.

Where are you from?
- Duhok.

Where do you want to go?
- Halabja.

Who are they?
- My siblings.

Your IDs.


Are you a soldier?

No, I inherited it.
It belonged to my father.

You're clearly not from Halabja.
What do you want there?

No, but our father...
He's not from the town, but nearby.

We're going to visit his grave.

May he rest in peace.
When did he die?

What the heck is he so interested in.

Does he want to know our entire
family history, or what?

You have no idea how many
sick people there are in this area.

He's just doing his job. Very well, in fact.
- He looks like a jihadist himself.

Just shut it!



Gel out.

What's the matter, princess?
Something wrong?

Why else am I here?
What's my job?

Give me that!

Where are the transport documents?

The documents!

We don't have any.

Where are the transport documents,
the death certificate?

She is our mother.

I'm telling the truth.

How do you want to get through then?

Nechirvan, come here!

Make sure they stay put till I'm back.

As if this country didn't have laws.

Stand over there. Move!

I promise.
When I'm in Duhok, I'll call you.


You're still on the phone?

Don't you get tired?
Are your ears made of steel?

You don't go deaf? From dawn
till dusk the phone at your ear.

Omeed brother, what do you want?
Why don't you leave me alone?

Let me talk.

Or are you jealous?

Who, me?

As if you were talking to Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie...
It's not like I'm Brad Pitt.

If it makes me happy.
What do you care.

Well, then congratulations
that so little makes you happy.

Good day, Colonel.

I have two men and a woman
here with a coffin.

But they have no transport documents.


What report?

That's enough now!
I'm only doing my job.

Leave it to me. Just once.

Brother, are you a human
or are you your job?

That's enough!
Stop bending my ears.


But don't move.

Thank you, Brother.



What happened?
- They escaped!


How could they escape?

They asked for water.
I went to get it. They escaped.

Well at least they didn't
take your gun too!

Are you the water boy
or the person in charge?

Inform the other checkpoints!

What the hell are you doing?!

Are you out of your mind?
Do you think this is a game?

They have the right to shoot us, damn it.

Are they allowed to?
- Who cares, man.

He couldn't aim for shit anyways.

Stop laughing, you psycho.

Why do you always have to
overact, huh? Why?

I'm not gonna leave my mom
lying in the sun, man.

It's not like you worried about her before.

Stop the car. Stop!

I said stop!

Why did you get Adil involved
without my permission?

Bring this farce to an end!
Do you understand?



Hasn't the whole thing gone far enough?

I swear to God, even if he goes
to the end of the earth...

I'm going to get him and
drag him back here.

My God, you're stubborn as a mule.
You'll never change!

It doesn't work like that, Brother!

I did everything for that boy.

My heart was in his hands.

And what does he do?

He has no respect, no backbone.

Yes and you know why?

Because you broke it!

Everything ok over there?

Shut up!



What do you want again?

Gel them something to drink!

Gel it yourself! All day you sit there
as if you had no legs.

And I do all the work.

Yeah well, then you're my servant.

You're good for nothing,
you ungrateful little shit.

Look who's talking.

Are you gonna complain all day
or get some work done?

I don't care. You can't push me around
just because you're older.

Go get it now!
- I'm not going.

I'll kick your ass. I swear!

Piss off.

Move it now!

Just wait till we get home.
- Yeah, right.

What happened to your car?

The gas leaked out.
There's a hole in the tank.

No point in filling it up, then.

Who said anything about filling it up.

Isn't there anyone who can fix it?

Yeah, there's a guy.

Right over there is our village.

That house there is ours.

Next door lives a guy
they call “Crazy”.

He can fix anything.


Take these three to the village
and show them where “Crazy” lives.

But gel Dad first.
He should go with you, ok'?

All you do is talk,
and never do any work...

Shut up!

Hey, I'm gonna time you.
Lets see how quick you are this time.


Are we supposed to follow her?
- What do you think?

Liya, come.

Alan, keep an eye on the car.

What language was that?


(In German)
My God, I love you, Bayern Munich!

Good for you, kid.

He's away on business.

I don't know when he'll be back.

Don't look so low.

Be my guests this evening.

Besides, it will be dark soon.
Our streets are unsafe and dangerous.

Valleys, ditches, mountains, nirvana...


We have lots of space.
Stay with us tonight.

You're a great help to us.

Oh come on, the world is
more beautiful with other people.

Go, tell your mother to make some tea!

- Thanks a lot.

Hey beautiful, come here!

What's up?

Where are the three from the pickup?

Should I fill up the tank?

Maybe then I'll remember.

You're one of those, huh?

Ok then, fill it up.

Come on!

But don't forget...

Gas prices double at night.

Just like the beating you're about to get.

Gel moving!

If you're gonna insult me
you could at least be polite...

Do you remember now?

She always wished,
you would come visit with Leo.

I never wanted to be a father, Jan.

Well you are one.

I miss her.

Me too.

Can I have the car keys?

Stop smiling like dumbasses.
Where are the keys?

What for? We've got everything.

My bag's in there.

So what?

The Red Army marched in.

There's a war in my womb...

The pain is spreading.
I'm cold. I'm dying here.

In my pocket... In my pants
on the chair in the living room.

Why is your brother the only one
working at the gas station?

He didn't want to go to school anymore,
so our father is punishing him with work.

What's that?

Can you read well?
- Yes.

Read this.
I'm too slow...

My big, crazy Alan...

My little, clever Liya...

Please forgive me for keeping
this secret from you.

I've always regretted only telling Jan...

See that star there, that's you.

It's bigger than all the others.

Oh really?

You're that star that's falling.

Now shut up.

Wait, those aren't stars...

They're planes. Listen.

“Crazy” said you should
be a bit more patient...

He hasn't finished fixing the car yet.

But it should be ok
for about half a day's driving.

You better get it checked again though.

How much do I owe you?

As much as you want.

Is 50.000 enough?

Actually it's 55...

But ok, 50 for you.


Did you already say goodbye?


Then watch out for a second.

We'll take over the presents.
- Yep...

Maybe there's a faster route.

I'll ask.


Can you get me cigarettes
and something to drink?

Do I look like your servant?

Get it yourself.

Good that we stayed...

Nice people, huh?

Why don't you say anything?

Who's the one not saying anything?

Why didn't you tell us?

Tell me. I don't gel it.

Do you see something?

Do you see anything?

Where were you, goddammit?
- Man, I just went into the shop...

I got cigarettes and
went to the bathroom...

The coffin's gone.


Where's the coffin?

Two guys in a red pickup took it.

I'm gonna kill you, I swear.
- So it's my fault again, huh?

Calm down!

Who do you think you are, man.

Please, stop it!

Stop it!

I ask you to do one thing.

And you completely mess it up again.
- Just stop.

Please stop playing the head of the family.

You're not our mother.

And you're not our father, either.

Do you think I like it?

If it were up to me,
I'd be with my pregnant wife right now.

And would never bury our mother
next to our loser father.

What are you talking about, man?

You have no idea.

I'm putting everything on the line.

I lose face. For what?
Just to protect you.

What's going on here?

What's going on?

Let him explain.

Where are you going?
- Away from this mess.

Liya, stay here.

Why did you call our father a loser?

Talk to me, man!

Because he is not the hero
you always celebrate.

He ratted his comrades out to Saddam.

No way.

He was not killed on duty.
- No...

He shot himself.

The family was following us
the whole time.

They don't want Mom
to be buried beside him.

Got it?

Shit! ls everybody crazy, or what?

I'm supposed to believe this, huh?

Why should I believe you?
Tell me.

Because it's the truth.

Since when do you know?

Since the day we buried him.

Why didn't you say anything?

I don't get it, man.


I didn't want you,
to feel the same as me.

Every time you think of him.

I'm getting the coffin back.

He doesn't deserve it.

He doesn't deserve to lie next to Mom.

They're right.

It doesn't matter, what the others say...
You hear?

It does.

If Auntie Gule were still alive,
she'd have taught you a lesson.

You'd have gotten some
nice slaps in the face.

The terror organization
"Islamic State in Iraq and Syria"

has breached the border between
Syria and Iraq over the past few days

and has occupied the
entire city of Mosul in no time

to establish the base for their
Islamic State there.

Come, take a seat.
- Welcome, dear.

Thanks, it's ok.


Gule is their mother.

They should decide...

How and where she is buried.

I know that Gule is their mother.

But she is also my sister.

That doesn't give you more right.

We didn't see each other
for almost fifteen years...

Because of that miserable traitor.

Gule was a beautiful woman...

So smart...

She could have been
anything she wanted to.

But that loser...

Ruined her life...

And that of her children.

He is a disgrace to us.

She will never be buried
next to him.

You'll never change.

You only see what you want to see.

I can't stand it anymore,
I'm tired of it.

Are you insane?

I wanna help you.

All of a sudden, huh?

I know where your cousins went.

Looks like someone
needs to clear his conscience.

Not really.

Life is like a school, you know?

It never ends.

If you hadn't fucked up in school,
you wouldn't have to work at the gas station.

Brother, you fucked up too...
You should have stayed at the pickup.

Don't call me brother!

You're right...

But I just didn't know
who I was dealing with.

Where to?

Don't you wanna ride with me?

What are you doing here?
- I've been looking for you.

Are you crazy?

Yes, but just a little.

I saw you and your brothers on TV...

So I followed you.

You really look great on TV.

Like Monica Bellucci, I swear!

I can take care of myself.

Yeah yeah, I know...

I know that you're stubborn.

Where are you going?

No idea. My passport is gone.
And I don't have any money.

Doesn't matter, get in!
I have something that'll cheer you up.

How can you stand listening to your
own music in your taxi all day long?

That's easy...

The player is broken.
I can't get the tape out anymore.

So that only leaves me and my voice.

Excuse me.

Boy, what's the matter with you?

I almost had a heart attack.

You scared me to death.
- I'm sorry.

Do you know when the next bus is coming?

What bus?
What are you talking about?

In my whole life,
I've never seen a bus around here.

Is that your car?

What happened?

Don't you see?

Where do you want to go, my son?

Long story...

Ok, then I don't want to hear it.

Do you know
how far the next village is?

The next village...

A few kilometers.

I'm also going in that direction.

I can take you with me.

But you have to help me.

Help me with the sheep.

I don't think... I'm good with sheep.

Then you'll learn now.

Come on, go to the front.

You have to call out. Shout!

Not like that.

Go in front.

Did you hear the news?

No, why?

I don't know.
Somethings going on in Mosul.

The people are fleeing.

But the incredible thing is...

For the first time,
I see Iraqis fleeing to Kurdistan.

I never would have guessed.

What are they running from?

No idea, it's not clear yet.

Fuck, a checkpoint.

Don't worry.

I know these guys better
than I know myself.

I often drive this route.
They'll understand your situation.

How are you, Brother?
- Good, thanks. And you?

Where are you coming from?
- From Duhok. We want to go to Halabja.

From Duhok to Halabja?

Wail a minute.

Commander, can you come?

Is there a problem, Brother?
- Just wait.

I can't keep her here.

No, there's no space.


You have to pick her up.


I'm waiting for you.

Stop smoking, it's not allowed!

Arrest me then.

Why are you keeping her here?

Ask the police.
It's not my problem...

And I don't have to discuss it with you.

Aren't you ashamed,
locking up a helpless woman?

The helpless woman and her brothers
broke the law, do you understand?

What are you taking about? She just
lost her mother. Don't you have any pity?

Why are you butting in?
Who are you anyway?

I'm her driver,
I have the responsibility!

You don't have shit.
You're just the driver, not a cop.

Nobody is responsible for me.
Is that clear?

You are so ungrateful,
you know that?

In this country everybody is a guardian.
What are we here for then?

Stop barking, I'm going already!
- Go to hell

Why are you listening to Erdewan Zakhoyi?

There are many reasons to listen to him.

What's yours?

When I hear him, I feel at home.

I feel the same way
when I hear Mihemed Shekho.

His “Ay le Gule" was my mother's
favorite song.

My dad always sang it to her.

I'm sorry, if it really was your mother.

But right now all the checkpoints
in Kurdistan are on alert.

Because of us?

You haven't heard anything?

Mosul is in the hands of terrorists.

The entire city...
How's that possible?

Don't worry, they won't
make it to Kurdistan.

But there are only
a few kilometers between us.

No, ifs a lot more...

We are worlds apart.

What's your name?


"The patient one".

What do you mean?

That's the meaning of your name.

I'm Omo...
That's how I'm called.


Like the washing powder.

It's the short form.

For Omeed, right?

Yes. "Hope".

You don't look very hopeful.

You remind me of my sister.
You know that?

Are you trying to hit on me?

I'm not going to hit on you,
when you remind me of my sister.

She gave me the name
after she saw the commercial.

Omo, Omo...

Omo here, Omo there.

What happened?

Tape salad.


I mean with your sister?

She disappeared at the end of the 80s
during the Al-Anfal Campaign.

How dare you steal my mother's coffin?

It's our business, you have no right!
- No, it's not!

You're part of a bigger family.
Get it through your head!

Nice family, torching our car.

Are you little kids?

What are you, thirteen?
- Fuck off!

Do you think I wanted it to come this far?

But you and your siblings...

Didn't give us a choice.

You didn't give us one either.

Your father is always acting like
the king of the family.

Still better than a traitor.

Watch out how you talk about him!

You all knew...

And none of you ever said anything.


I just found out today.

I didn't know that you had no idea.

We are going to fulfill
our mother's last wish.

I promised Jan
that I would get the coffin back.

I'm not gonna disappoint him.

I'm coming with you.

Don't be mad, Ako.

Come on.

Let's go.

Come on, Aka.

I'm not going to back you on this.

Go on, get lost.


Red pickup, stop!

Last warning, red pickup!

Of course,
I have many children...

Sometimes I don't even know
all their names.

Why are none of them with you then?

I want to have my peace.

Trust me, one day without smelling
my herd and I would drop dead.

I'll also be a lather soon.

Are you crying, my son?

Not this time.

Do you have a reason to?

The world is caving in on me.

I'm losing all control.

Everything is so meaningless.

My goodness.“...

Now you're exaggerating.

First of all...

The world is not interested in you,
why should it cave in on you?

Second of all...

Those who want control, have no trust.

And thirdly...

You're right.

In a way, everything is meaningless.

But only when you're looking for a meaning.

So get it out of your head.

Things are as they are.

Yes, and now they're shit.

And is that my fault?

I'm going to tell you,
what I have realized so far.

Maybe... it can help you a little.

Go ahead.

My son...

Everyone's life story
is made up of the same things.

There is a bunch of love...

An even bigger bunch of fear...




Call a taxi for her.

Never mind.

So, where to?

The airport?

No, let's go to the village.


Maybe my brother is still there.

But of course.
I would like nothing more.

Don't talk so much.
Just say yes or no.

I swear on my voice, yes!


I hope that you find your sister.

Wait, wait!

What do you want?

Can you give me a ride?

Where to?


Get in.

Hiua, see you tonight.
- Take care, boss!

How much longer do we have to go?

Not much longer.

You already said that half an hour ago.

That's enough, that's enough.
Put me down.

My God, your constant nagging!

You're even worse than my wives.

Why are you lying down?

My deepest condolences.

That is the way of life. For all of us.

God willing,
she is in a better place.

And won't regret this world.

What's the matter?

Why did you stop?

Don't ask so much, get out.


There is the grave.

For years it's been there,
alone under that tree.

When you told me about it,
I knew you meant this one.

Looks like you've fallen in love.



Very much so.

Are you married?



You too, right?

Very much so.

I'm Kaval.

Who are those two?

Two friends.

Did they drive you here?

How did you get here?

No idea.

I should have told you guys.

You should have.

I didn't know how.

It makes me sad.

A lot of things might have been different.

And we might have actually spoken
to each other and not only talked.

Where's Ako?

He went back.

What should we do, Jan?

Look, here.

Look, here.


Oh God.

A little closer, please, a little closer.

Oh God, she's like an angel.

I think she looks a little like me.
Like the nose. Right?

I hope not.

Come get closer.


Do me a favor and change her name.

It brings bad luck.

Yeah, that's what I said, too
but he won't listen.

The name is so outdated.

I mean, just look at her.
She's so sweet.

Does she look like a Gule? No!

Mom wouldn't want you
to give her that name.

Mom named me “Pain?
I would say she owes me.

Here. I think she pooped.

See you.


I'll call again tomorrow, okay?

Alright. Bye.

Give her a kiss for me.

Will do.

But shave first! Not with that beard.

Hi everyone.

Are you all right?
- Yes, thanks.

How are you?
- I'm fine, too.

Welcome, Auntie.
- Thank you, my dear.

You look younger every day.

Is Uncle coming?
- No, I'm afraid not.

Did you have a fight?
- No no, we didn't.

Didn't you watch the news today?

No, why?

The IS has invaded Sinjar.

They took over the whole city.

Your uncle went there
with his friend Adil.


That's how it is.

What's going on?
What's happening?

Come, let's go inside first.

When did he leave?

This morning.