House Tour (2021) - full transcript

Five robbers break into an actress' house but a bloody encounter with the husband leaves two robbers alive. Having no choice, they hide inside the house and discover that everything was planned. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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Hi, bonding buddies!

I'm at a coffee shop right now.

It's empty, huh?

It's gone.

Miss Tessie, the WiFi!

Hell, no. No!

If you're not going to order, I won't
switch on the air conditioner

and I won't give you
the WiFi password.

Do you understand?

But Miss Tessie, it's really hot!

At least turn the AC on.

But you're not even ordering!

Ah, Miss Tessie.
Please, just the AC.

I can't take it anymore.
It's too hot.

Please, just the AC.

Please, Miss Tessie!

No! My god, put your
shirt back on.

Put your shirt on.

You'll turn it on?

No! Put your shirt back on!

You're making me dizzy.


Hey! What on earth? Are you
trying to break down my door?!


Why are you naked?

It's hot.

The hell, Buddy.
You're late again!



Looking good.

Coffee. I'll have a Venti.

Miss Tessie turned off the WiFi.


Just hack her password, yeah?

Alright. I'll take care of it.

Miss, can I order?

You're going to order?

Yes, ma'am.

Here we go.



Hey guys!

Welcome back to our channel!

And for today's vlog,

this is what you've
all been waiting for,

the house tour of our


C-zone is a combination
of our names, C and Dizon.

So without farther to do, let's go!
Let's get on with the tour!

Now as you all can see,

our home is very much designed
like the homes in Santorini.

And as a former Olympic medalist,

it's something that I really wanted
to experience on a daily basis.

We've been there but it's
still much better here.

That's where we had our
honeymoon but you know,

more activities, less sight-seeing!

So guys, let's head on this way so that
my love can show show you around.

This! This is my favorite
part of the house!

Right over there is
actually my man cave.

My personal space.
It also serves as my library.

In there are my trophies,
my favorite bows-

Actually, the bow that I used
in the Olympics is in there.

All I'm saying is,
it's a very private space!

Aww... Private?

Why can't I go in there, love?

When you go inside me?


Meet my Yaya Josie.

Say what?

Our nanny, Josie.

At your service, Sir Franco.

Hi, Nanny Josie!

Now, as you can see,
as we enter the house,

we didn't just stick
to the Greek design.

We incorporated a lot of elements
from the other countries.

There are Thai ornaments...

The design of our table is Italian.

This is my most favorite in this house-

A million-dollar view!

Breathtaking views, guys.

You are the breathtaking view!

Welcome to the Master's bedroom!

Wow! So guys, as you can see,
this is where the magic happens.

This where the magic happens!

But the walk-in closet is just hers.

Only 90 percent! Come on!

See that?

There's no CCTV in that area.

What's in there?

That's where the vault is.

How can you tell?
You have intel?

Yeah, I know it.
I have it all planned out.

What about security?

My intel said the guard
takes vacations.

He got the neighbor's
maid pregnant.

I can disable their CCTV. I already
hacked their door locks.

It looks really hard to get
to that house though!

Cris, can you help me —

You know, I really feel like
that house is haunted.


Yeah, you're right.

Maybe there's a
ghost in that house.

There! There!

Ah, thank you, ma'am.

It's super scary.

Yeah. Okay, okay.

I don't know the vault's code.

- But aren't you guys good at that?
- Of course.

What's inside it?

My intel said they don't use banks.

They said Franco Cy
plundered 100 million.

What the fuck, 100 million?


- Shit, 100 million?
- Yes, that much.

Yeah, the cash is just sitting there.

They don't want electronic traces.

All the cash is just in there!

Wait, who's your intel?

The folks at Home Bonding.

They keep posting
about their house.

Ah! From the Burglary group?

That's the one.
Now, Franco is in Europe.

Gabby, the actress-

Yeah, that's her.

She's in a locked-in shooting.

Mommy Josie is on vacation.

There's no one there!

So we should do it tonight.

Wait a second. Wait.

Bro, can't we go home first?

Let's change our clothes
so we'll look good!

We should look cool
when we go there!

Why? Aren't you ready, Raymond?

Ah, it's not like that, bro.

You know I'm always
locked and loaded.

Remember, that BGC
robbery was last minute.

That house owned by a drug lord?

I stole everything in there!

And that time at Pacquiao's house,

that was also last minute.

I stole his gloves, it was
even autographed.

But that was my idea.

But I'm ready.

What about you, babe?

You game?

Of course, babe.

For the dream.

Well. Tonight.

One time. Big time.

One time. Big time.

Hello, bonding buddies!

Today, I'm with my friends.

Say hi, guys!


Babe, leave me out of it!


Today, we will go
somewhere special.

Somewhere not a lot
of people have been to.

You could say it's pretty exclusive.

[chat reply: Tits reveal!!!!]

[chat reply: Come on!
Just the left side!!]

-None of that, guys.
-Cut that out.

Good vibes only!

Guys, I'll go ahead.

[chat reply: BOOOOOOO!]
Promise I'll upload

[chat reply: Titties! Titties!]
our full video clip tomorrow.

Bye! Love you!

Hoo! Damn.

So? Should we go?

- Let's go.
- Game.

Raymond, climb it.

Ah, okay bro. Help me.

Alright, hold up.

-It might have an electric alarm.


Ah shit! You're right!

Hang on, let's think this through.



What's this? Automatic?

All good?

All good!

Let's go, let's go.

You're so cool, bro!
Can you teach me that?

It's easy. You just reset it
to factory settings.

That pool looks awesome!

Bro, I'm jumping in for a bit.

I haven't swam in a
pool in a long time.

Hey, not now!

Let's focus on this!

Buddy, are you sure
the CCTVs are disabled?

Yeah. I can control it remotely.
But we still gotta be careful.


Ah! Shit!


Buddy! Open this, quick!

Holy shit!

It won't open.

Hurry up, Buddy! What
are you waiting for?


Buddy, hurry up!
Can you do it or not?

I can't do it!

I've got an idea, babe!

What if we just take all these?

This bag alone's worth 300,000.

We're gonna be so rich, baby!


There's a bunch of them!
And it's LV!

Then hurry up!


Yeah! Go!

Hold on, hold on.

Mr. Cy's still on his flight.


What's that?

Hey, why do you have data?
I wanna have internet, too!

I just connected to their WiFI.

Oh, shit! What's the password?

Hang on.

It's dark.

Hey, what's the password?

Hey! Password!

How did you even find out?

I just saw it on the router.

The WiFi password?

- Yes, I'm in!
- Hey, what about us?

Share it with me.

Hold on.

What are we still hanging around for?
We can't stay here!

-Ah, really?

Are you crazy? We need
to get out of here!

But they won't be back
for a while, right?

She's right, bro! Remember
there's a pool!


Bro, where's the fridge?

Let's go!

Over here!

I told you the bed looks nice!

It’s really nice here.

So much!

It's almost close.

Our dreams will come true soon.

That's why I tagged along
even if it's dangerous.

It won’t take long unitl we get to
help our families.

Who is it?

Raymond? Markus?

Whoa! Whoa!

Calm down! Let's drink!

Why won't you answer?

I just wanted to scare you.

You brought a gun, huh?

Just for safety. I don't even
know how to use that.




You want some?


I'll join you.


It's cold.

You're right, it's yummy.

You're a whistledick.

Whoa! Whoa!

Who you calling 'whistledick'?

Hold up, bro! Hold up!

You son of a bitch.

Bro! It was a joke!

I'm kidding! It's a prank!

You should have seen your face!

"Sorry, sorry! It was a joke!"

Are you always like this, Raymond?


What do you mean?


Not really.

My brother is the leader.

He's the gutsy one.

I just follow orders.

You're funny anyway.


My jokes are corny.
Nobody laughs at them.

That's part of your charm.


you're really handsome.

You have a nice body.

But you're such a dork.


How could you say that?

Your brother told me.

Damnit… he shouldn't be
telling stuff like that.

Nah. It's because
I ask about you.

I'm curious about you.


You know, I think I want
some more food.

I'll just get some.

What would you like?


You decide.

Hey! Show yourselves!


What the fuck are you
doing in my house?!

Huh?! Huh?

I already called the police!


Sir, calm down!


Sir. Sir.

That's a woman, sir!
Calm down!

Motherfucker! You're
burglars, aren't you?

Where are the others, huh?


What the fuck!


What the fuck!



Motherfucker! Fuck you!

Let's get out of here.

We're leaving!

Raymond! Ellie! Hurry up!

Hurry up! The police are coming!


Hurry up! The police are coming!

Brother! Brother!



Leave him! Just leave Markus!

I won't leave him!

Are you stupid?
The police are coming!

They're close!

What about Markus?!

Fuck you!

We won't be able to do
anything if we don't leave!

Come on!

Here! Hurry up! Come on!

Here, it's open!


Come on, go inside!



Search thoroughly!

They can't escape us.

Come on here.

Search all the rooms.

Open all doors.

If they’re not here, find them upstairs.

- Copy, sir!
- They're not here, sir.

Are you alright?

It is confirmed that former Olympic
gold medalist and customs official,

Franco Cy, has died

- Poor guy! #JusticeForFrancoCy
- from a gunshot to the head.

- Whoever did that deserves a spot in hell!
- Included in the crime scene

- Like what happened to Sharon Tate!
- is an unidentified man.

- I've only heard of Sharon Cuneta.
- that allegedly tried to rob

- So many errors. We need to help.
- the house of the victim.

- Bring back death penalty!
- He obtained multiple stab wounds.

He has been taken to the hospital

and is now fighting for his life.

Meanwhile, the victim's wife is
not present in the house,

the famous actress
and vlogger, Gabby Dizon

who is currently in a lock-in taping
when this heinous crime took place.

Please tune in to i24 News for
updates on this incident.

Rona Val Valbuena.

I'm going to get some first aid.

- You, go upstairs.
- Yes sir.

- You, stay here.
- Yes, sir.

Negative, sir.

Take pictures here too.

Yes, sir.

Make sure to search the whole place.

Here? Have you taken pictures?

Yes, sir.

No one’s here on this side, sir.

Did you feel something?

None, sir.





Hang on.



Shit! Raymond, I don't
think I can do it.

Ellie, just imagine
you're sewing clothes.

That's the thing.
I don't know how.

If you don't stitch this up,
it will get infected.

I'll die!

Hang on.


I'm sorry.

Sorry! Sorry!




What's going on?

You can do it.


Thank you.

Hello, bonding buddies!

Welcome to my blog again!

There. It's day two of
being stuck here.

Why are we here?


I really don't know.

It really hasn't sinked in,
bonding buddies.

NEWS! Suspects in C-Zone
murder identified on CCTV

They love hanging out
here, those three.

They don't order anything but
keep demanding for the WiFi.

That Raymond is Markus' brother,

the one in the hospital.

That kid's such a waste.

He's got the looks and the body.

Ellie is Markus' girlfriend.

I don't care much for her.

But what makes you so sure that
they were with Markus Palma

during the robbery at the Cy estate?

They were here! I heard them!

They planned the
whole thing in here!

There's someone else with them.
I don't know him, he's not from here.

Thank you, ma'am.

- That boy's cute! Steal my heart!
- Meanwhile, investigations are ongoing

- Not everyone who dies becomes a saint.
- about the possibility of an inside job

- Bring back #deathpenalty
- involving their maid, Jocelyn Vargas.

Authorities are looking
for her right now.

Fucking hell.

I thought I was having a nightmare.

I heard Miss Tessie's voice.

It's actually happening.

Look at this.

That old bitch.
She turned us in.

Fucking loudmouth.

But I feel bad that their
maid got involved.

It's not right.

Shouldn't you feel
bad about us?

We just got dragged into this!

And we didn't kill anyone!


Yes, we're in deep shit. But let's
admit we're not entirely blameless.

So it's better if we
stay here for a bit.

There's good food.

You can use the WiFi.


Rose: Brother, where are you?
We're worried. Mama doesn't know.

I'm okay, Rose. Take care.
Keep me updated. I'll fix this.

Rose: Brother is still in
critical condition. Take care.

Is that Rose?

Mama still doesn't know
what happened to us.

But it's better if...
she never finds out.

Is your mom's condition
not getting any better?


Actually the- whatever we
could scrunch up from this gig

was supposed to
pay for her therapy.

But it's all fucked now.

Actually, this case is closed.

We're now apprehending Juliana Vargas.
The maid of the Cys.

Even the other two
involved in the crime-

Raymond Palma and
Jacelyn Rosario.

How certain are you
about your conclusions?

Did you recover CCTV footage?

Unfortunately, the system is down.

But like I said, we're very sure.
We got this thing pinned down!

Isn't it better to wait
until one of the suspects

in the hospital wakes up?


What? You think he'll fess up?

That's why we said we're sure! That's
why we said "culprit", not suspect!


In fact, we have a reenactment.

Okay, let's see it. Let's see!

You! Run there! Okay.

Follow! Follow!
Stop! Stop! Right there.

Stop! Stop!

Run! Run!

So messy!

They're fighting over the gun!

But why was there a stab wound?

Later! Wait for it! You're
fussing too much!

Why is it like that?

All three of them had
a gun and a knife?

I told you not to interrupt!
Quiet! Quiet!

Yeah! He kicked it.

It's not believable!

It makes no sense!

Believe it! It's my police force!

Then why is the blood over here?

There's splatter. Splatter!

The blood is over here!

The blood went there!
Let's move over there!

Help him! Help him!

Help him!

Miss Gabby! Could you please
answer our questions?

Gabby needs to rest!

She's still in shock.

We'll hold a press con very soon.

But as of now, all Gabby
needs is your support.

And you can do so by tweeting her.

And please don't forget
to use the hashtag.

Hashtag Stay Strong, Gabby.

Thank you.


Clean that up.

I don't want to remember
what happened.

Miss Gabby!

Hey, at least they're talking
about us, right?

Didn't you want to have
more subscribers?

There you go!

There's your answer!

But plot twist,

we're the criminals.


Know what, I researched earlier
what it's called-what we're doing.



Prog- phrogging?



No! Double G.

Double G.

That's what it's called
when people live

secretly in other people's houses.

Does that mean there are
others doing this, too?

Yeah, of course!

Everything's got a market.

That's why I'm documenting this.

For your vlog?


So your intro for your
vlog shouldn't be

"Hello, bonding buddies!" anymore.

It should be "Hello croakers!"

Croaky? As in frog?

Hey. I worked pretty hard on that.

Laugh a little.

See that?

Yeah, isn't Franco an archer?

I've always wanted
to learn that sport.


it's too expensive!

I saw it somewhere.
What movie was that?


I think you mean Katniss.

Katniss Everdeen.


Hey, do you know
what you're doing?

No, I know this.


I've seen this.

Hey Ellie, don't point it at me!



Ellie Everdeen.

Hello, bonding buddies!

Welcome to my vlog again!

And it's our third day
of being stuck here.

Do you know that
we're now fugitives?

Shit! Yes!

But I haven't showered
in two days.

Still fresh though! See?

Show your armpits!

See? That's smooth!

Look. Look.

Still looking fresh.

Of course!

Just the bathroom trips are limited.


Hey! We've been looking
for you for ages!

The camera is set up. Hurry!

Get out! Hurry up!

Go on!

Making us wait.


What the fu-
Son of a bitch!

Ellie! What the fuck?!

What? What is it?

There are people upstairs!

It's like a tv show.

Shit! Who's the celebrity?

We're here today at
Not Tomorrow, Not Yesterday

But Today with Uncle L.

Not for lust but for Louie.

And we are joined by
the grieving Gabby.

Go ahead, Gabby.

At your own pace,
tell your story.

You know, Uncle Louie.

We used to tell each other
"I love you" all the time.

Wherever he went.

But that night!

What? Wh- what?
Is your chest in pain?

Are you having an asthma
attack, Gabby?

I'm okay.

I thought there was
something wrong.

I didn't get to tell him
how much I love him!


Well, Gabby...

We know how heavy your breast-

I mean, how heavy your
heart must be right now.

We can't even imagine
what size your bra-

We can't even imagine
what you're going through.


what do you remember
the most about Franco?

Uncle Louie, we all know the huge

honor he brought to our country,

but I was also there at
the lowest point in his life.

When he needed to quit archelly-


And the one where
you shoot arrows?


Yes, when his name got
dragged into corruption,

that scandal in the
Sports Commission,

I was there for him!

But! That night I couldn't help him!

No one wanted this, Gabby.

What about you?

What's your message to the people
who did this to your husband?

- Love and healing for Ms. Gabby.
- To the people who killed my husband,

- Poor Gabby!
- To the people who killed my husband,

- Bring back #DeathPenalty
- Take pity!

- Don't forget what he stole.
- #BringBackThe100M

It's hard to lose someone.

I hope you grow a conscience.

Surrender yourselves for
your own peace of mind.

Thank you so much, Gabby.

But Gabby, our interview can't
end without a Quick Talk!


-You like that?

-Are you ready?

-Have you heard of Quick Talk?

-Have you seen it on our segment?

-You really like it?

Your timer starts now!

Burial or cremation?


Casket open or closed?


Dove or chick?


"I won't forget you"
or "I will be here"?

I won't forget you,
my darling!

With bra or without it?

Can be without.

Which is heavier, left or right?


Are there holes in
your panties or none?


Thank you very much!
You're such a brave woman...

I'm sensing something off about this.

I feel like Gabby is faking it.

I have a strong feeling!

Not yesterday, but Today!
With Uncle L!

You have a "strong feeling"?

Or you're high?


Correct suspicions, I mean.
You don't have any proof.

Franco Cy, Olympian

As an archer, we really look
up to sir Franco.

He's a god among gods,
as they say.

He's very focused,
very disciplined.

Now that he's gone,

we will make sure that
we will make him proud.

Josie Vargas, Surrenders.

Just a few questions, ma'am.
Did you kill Franco Cy?

Please answer our questions.

She's the maid?

That's wrong.

It wasn't her.


Hello, Jerome!

Hi, Uncle L!

You're so pretty today!

It's no big deal!

You look like a bulldog
mixed with a poodle.

You're a "Boodle".

Where's the deal?

You know what to do.
Make this trend.

Sure thing, my darling!

Just for you.

-Come here, you.
-Thank you.

By the way,

Come to the house.
You're invited, okay?

What's up?

There's some dog
food, eat some.

Oh, by the way, I have
something for you.

-What's this?
-Bring it home.

I didn't know Thor was gay.

Hi, Babe!

Babe! You know I missed
you so much!

I missed you!

Didn't you miss me?

Yes! So much.

Just a little push and I'll have
the Best Actress award.

Babe, you're so good! I don't
know how you pulled this off!

Everything was fine except
for your friend!

Huh? Why me?

What if he wakes up?
You'll get dragged back in.

I'll take care of him.

He'll be gone tomorrow.

Is it true that there's
100 million in there?

I don't know. I'm not
sure what's inside.

That Franco was sly!

I'm sorry, babe.

A lot just happened to us.

What are you saying?

You deserve it.

At least he's gone.

And people think highly of me!

"It worked out perfectly!"
as they say.

Except for your friend!

That's the thing!

I'm sorry, babe. I missed
you so much...

What about you?
Didn't you miss me?


Babe! Are you okay?



One more.

What do you mean
"one more"?

Remember this babe,

Franco's burial is today.

The press is coming there.

There's no "one more"!

Get up from there, asshole.

Get dressed!


Raymond, wake up!

Buddy's tripping us!


- Buddy and Gabby!
- Calm down!

They're in cahoots!

Ellie, calm down!

Shit! They set us up!

Gabby set us up!

Buddy set us up!

They're partners!

Fuck, I think I'm still asleep.

What? I don't understand.

How about now?
Are you awake?

Yeah. I'm so up.

Okay. Breathe!

Buddy and Gabby-


I saw them earlier.

They were having sex!


With the glasses?

From our group?
Our Buddy?

They both planned this.

Ah shit!

Buddy! From our group!
What is he-

a traitor?!

My brother died?

This happened to me?

What the fuck?!

Raymond. Ah, shit.

Fuck I can't-


Hello, bonding buddies!

There, it's now day four
and guess what?

It's the wake of Mr. Franco Cy.

And that means we have
the whole house to ourselves.

Love it! Love the bubbles!

Love everything!

And I would like to
thank Mr. Franco Cy

for this opportunity- tsk!

Sir, I love you!

Happy trip! Hope to see you soon!

Love ya!

We're human beings again!

My God, it's been a while since
I bathed and ate on a table.

I really think it's much
better to stay here.


What would we do outside?

Play hide-and-seek with the police?

No way! Let's stay here.


How's your brother?

Well, yeah.

He's okay.

He's stable.

But still unconscious.

And your mom?
Does she know yet?


Cheers! Cheers!




Hello, bonding buddies!

There. I'm on the
rooftop right now.

In a house here in Santorini.

I'm with my good
friend, Raymond.





Funny, huh?

The house is beautiful

but we're living like rats.


Waiting to be killed.

One spray and we're dead.


You never know.

What if things get cleared up?

After all, you're a
victim too, right?

If people watch this,

you'll get more viewers.

You'll have fans!

You'll gain even more subscribers.

I'm just recording but I'm not
sure I'll be able to upload.

Unless I can vlog in prison.

Then go!


Didn't you even consider that
we might not get arrested?


We'll get arrested for sure!

As the song goes,

justice is only for the rich.

Even if we're proven innocent,

everyone already hates us.

I wish-

I wish life was like a vlog.

You can edit it.

You can do it over.

Add some sound effects.

What else?

I wish I could delete it!


If you could edit your life,

what would you change?

First of all, my parents.

I wish they wouldn't
just abandon me.

Maybe I could have taken
care of my siblings, huh?

Or maybe, I could be born
into a rich family?

Or be famous! So I instantly
have lots of subscribers.


Who wants to watch the lives
of poor people anyway?

What's that?

A documentary?


What's with you?

You can still achieve all of that.

You'll become famous!

You'll get a lot of subscribers!

In this lifetime?

I find it hard to believe.

It's true.

Just have faith.

Whatever you say.

It has been proven that Mommy Josie
was not in the scene of the crime.

And has no connection whatsover
with the real culprits.

She is but a victim.

I am one with you who
have complete trust

in the right turning of
the wheel of justice.

Respect. Compassion.

I could never do that!

I loved sir Franco.

So to the culprits, please
grow a conscience!

May it haunt you!

Ma'am, excuse me, where were you
when the murder happened?

You're the accused.

Mr. Senator, who do think
killed Mr. Franco Cy?

Doesn't matter,
we will catch them!

So many clout-chasers.

She didn't even do anything.

It’s okay.

Ellie, I'm sorry.

Hey, I'm sorry!

I didn't mean to!

It's okay.

What's with you?

Who's in there? Not you.
It's nothing.

I remember,

Markus and I almost broke
up because of that.

My brother knew about it?


I told him.

I felt guilty.

And I was tired.

I didn't want to keep
carrying it around.

So when that old man
said he'd pay me,

I went for it.

I'm such a whore, huh?

It doesn't mean you're a whore.

We all make mistakes.

I'm a whore and there's
nothing wrong with that.

That's not all.

My body for money.

Well, fuck. I'm still here.

Woo! Not any better off.

It's so hard when the world
keeps pushing you down.

Whatever you do,

even if I jump from up here,
I'd still be poor.

Son of a bitch.

I'm already a whore,

now I'm a murderer, too.




Sure, you're a whore,
but you're not a murderer.

Ouch! What the fuck?

You're so serious!


You must be curious, huh?


You're full of yourself.

You're curious.

It was an accident, okay?

Why did you click it?

I didn't mean to.

Because you wanted to see it.

What do you want, huh?

You want it.

Hello, members of
Crime Society Online.

This is Tatiana.

Guess what?

We are in the house of
the gruesome murder

of ex-Olympian and gold
medalist, Franco Cy.

We are now surveying
the area because we know

that the police is fucking
up everything.




We're trending online!

Shit! It's locked!

Shit! Shit!

What the fuck?!


Where are we?


Those psychos coming here
was a blessing in disguise.


We can use all of these!

What? For your vlog?

Dummy! For gathering evidence!

This is a big help!

Let's install it before
Gabby comes back.

Look. Look.

Are you okay?


It stings a bit, but...

- There's no password.
- It feels great.

Just because I admitted
to being a whore,

you think it wasn't special to me?

It was special to me.

Especially to me.


Set up the recording device.

Mic test. Mic test.

Come on.

Come on, here.

Those rich people are hypocrites!

It's disgusting!


Don't cry.

Hey, babe.

"Condolences, Gabby",
"You can do it, Gabby"

I never once felt that I belonged.

Who the hell am I?
Just a random starlet!

Who just married a rich Olympian?

They don't know anything!

Babe. Maybe you're just drunk.

If I'd been an honest
during my eulogy,

I would have told all of them!

They don't know how much
of a bastard my husband was!

They don't know about
my husband's frustrations

when he got injured,
when he lost everything!

He treated me like a punching bag!


Bullshit, all of them!

You're a bastard, Franco.

Babe! Babe, come on!

I'll see you all in hell.



Brother, Markus is dead.





Hello, bonding buddies!

It's our day five here.

Is there something new?

Not really.

Oh, we installed some spy cameras.

For content.

Can we capture something juicy?

Tune in next time!



Hey. Raymond.

Say hi to our bonding buddies.







Hey! Wake up!


Wait a sec.



Tell me about your friends
who robbed this place.

-Ah! Markus?

He's hot-headed.

I met him because we
had the same supplier.

What about the other two?


Raymond is Markus' brother.

He's shy but he's okay.
Seems nice.

And the other one?

Ah! Ellie! Yeah, Ellie.

She's okay but a bit
of a famewhore.

She's the ambitious type.

Then we're alike.

But I'm sure she doesn't love Markus.


She's a user. You can just tell.

User? Then, Ellie and I
are so much alike.

We're both opportunistic,
from a poor background,

and we're both striving for something.

I'm pretty sure she was also abused.

We know what we want and
we'll do anything to get it.

Ellie and I would get
along swimmingly.

You could say that.


Yes, attorney!

Ah! Okay, tomorrow?

Okay then. Bye!

That was attorney.

We will talk about…
my inheritance.

Yes, babe! This is it!

We're gonna be rich!

Not even a penny?

Well, aside from your personal
savings, of course.

But why?

Mrs. Cy-

Miss Dizon.

Miss Dizon.

You signed a pre-nup.

It's perfectly stated there.

Attorney, how about insurance?

Well, you are not the beneficiary.

And he also owns
majority of the assets.

- Really sorry.
-You bastards!

Get out of here!

Get the fuck out of here!

As in nothing?

You get nothing?


What now?!


You still love me, right?

Come on!

Of course! Of course!

Ah! I know! I know!

The- the vault!

Let's open it and-

Isn't there 100 million in there?

I'm not sure about that.

We don't know if there's
anything left inside.

Come on!

But you need to think about it!

What? Plate number?

Special date?

What special date?

I've already tried all the dates,
birthdays and anniversaries!

None of them work!

Come on! Come on!



What "motherfucker"?

You bastard! You're cursing
at me? You fucker!

What did you say?

Sorry. I was just frustrated.

Frustrated? You don't
give me that shit.

What the hell?

You're like a-

You ruined it!

Hello? Oh?


You're downstairs? Now?

Okay, okay.

That was my manager!

Don't make a noise.


Fuck, we have a problem.

It's a long story but things
are going sideways.

I know!

I'm going to try again!



Say that again?

Are you sure?

Son of a bitch!

It won't open!

What am I supposed to do?



Fuck, you're still alive?

Fuck you, Buddy.

Think whatever you want, Ellie.

But in the end,
we're all at fault-

Fuck you!

You're just unlucky.

They're looking for you and not me.

Give me that bag.

Give it to me!

Thanks, Ellie.

Huh? Buddy?

What's this?

Are you stealing
from me, you bastard?!

Bastard- you bastard!

Screw you!

Buddy! Buddy! Hey!

Buddy! Buddy!

Let go! Let go!


Give that to me!

Have mercy!

Fuck you! Let go!

Give me that. That's supposed
to be mine, you bastard!

I suffered for that
money, damn you!

You're a bastard, Buddy!

You're no different than Franco!

You bitch, we're nothing alike!

I needed to use violence
because I'm broke.

He's violent because he
can get away with it.

Do you understand?

Fuck! Give it to me!

Let's split it.

Fuck you! Let go!

Fuck you!

Let go of it!

Fuck you!

Let go!

Give it to me!

Go on. Try to run.

Ellie, let's split it.

We're allies here.

We are not allies!

Fuck you!

I know what you're going through.

We're in the same situation.

I also grew up in poverty.

Let's clear up your name, Ellie.

I will testify for you!

I'll look for a lawyer.
I'll help you!

Come on. Please Ellie.

We can do this, Ellie.

We can help each other out.

Come on. Please?

Come on.

Come on, Ellie.



Go! One, two, three!


You bitch! You think you can outsmart
me? You're all the same!

You bastards!

-Fuck you!
-You bastard!


Sis? What happened to you?

To all of you?

Long story, Rose.

But I have something more
important to give you.

That's yours.

Use it to treat Auntie.

And for whatever you want.

But sis, where will you go?

Where will you hide?


Oh, fuck!


We're rich!

Phrog Girl Ellie is now
going viral, partner.

What is phrogging, anyway?

For all our listeners who still
don’t understand what this means —

Wow, partner!

Phrogging basically is infiltrating
a house that is not yours.

Like rats, roaches, and lizards.

But what Phrog Girl is doing
is exposing the owners of the house—

the irregular activities of the rich
and the powerful.

And she releases those online.

This is worrisome, partner.

It should be banned.

For me, it’s fine.

Her advocacy is great.

So why stop someone from
exposing the truth?

But we let fake news peddlers
get away with it?

Does the means justify the ends?

Maybe not. But do I admire her for what
she is trying to do?


Long live Phrog Girl Ellie!

Here’s to the rats, the roaches,
and the lizards of society!