House Arrest (2012) - full transcript

Chanel is living the high life until one day, while out shopping with her boyfriend DeAndre, they're both arrested. As Chanel finds herself behind bars for a crime she didn't commit, a judge places her under HOUSE ARREST. With nowhere to go, she is forced to move back in with her mother and daughter, who live on the ghetto side of town. While Chanel adjusts to her new lifestyle, DeAndre makes her a proposition from jail that will have her torn between her two lifestyles: take the blame or prove her innocence. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
♪ We're living the...

♪ The... the life

♪ street life

♪ We be living
that street life ♪

♪ money, gotta get it,
whatever's coming in ♪

♪ we gonna stack it
to the ceiling ♪

♪ trying to
see you make it ♪

♪ these niggas trying to hate,
boy, I ain't fight the winner ♪

♪ you gotta get it,
got... gots to get it ♪

♪ you gotta get it, got...
Gots to get it ♪

♪ you gotta get it,
got... gots to get it ♪

♪ you gotta get it, got...
Gots to get it ♪

♪ living that street life,
getting the street money ♪

♪ post it like
a streetlight ♪

♪ we gotta eat, homey

♪ gotta get it while
the getting good ♪

♪ get it in and get it going,
gonna get up out the 'hood ♪

♪ George and wheezy,
it's either that or hit the interstate ♪

♪ go and get it,
bring it back ♪

♪ now you got
an operation ♪

♪ but watch the way
you operate ♪

♪ 'cause members of your circle like
to play real, they really bang ♪

♪ they're scared to fight a case,
they're scared to catch a charge ♪

♪ they're scared
of house arrest ♪

♪ they're petrified
of steel bars ♪

♪ so when you hear all the
shooting, homey, don't even trip ♪

♪ drew, tell 'em
what we're doing ♪

♪ we be living
that street life ♪

♪ money, gotta get it,
whatever's coming in ♪

♪ we gonna stack it
to the ceiling ♪

♪ trying to
see you make it ♪

♪ these niggas trying to hate,
boy, I ain't fight the winner ♪

♪ you gotta get it,
got... gots to get it ♪

♪ you gotta get it, got...
Gots to get it ♪

♪ you gotta get it,
got... gots to get it ♪

♪ you gotta get it, got...
Gots to get it. ♪

This is surveillance
footage of one of six recent robberies

of computer chips that have taken
place in the Los Angeles area.

If you have any information
on the identity

or whereabouts
of these suspects,

please contact the Los Angeles
sheriff's department.

- - In other
news, California's governor's race

- is really heating up...
- Hey!

Hey, keisha!

- How you doing, girl?
- Good.

- What's going on, girl?
- Nothing, girl.

I was right up the street,
so I brought these DVDs back.

- Okay.
- Had them in my car forever.

- Thank you.
- What you doing?

I'm about to go to Melrose and
handle some business for Deandre.

You want to go? You know when i'm
done, I'm gonna get my shop on.

I can't be walking around
in last season's shoes.

I know that's right,
but no no no no.

I cannot go to Melrose
with my head looking like this.

- I need to get my hair done.
- Ooh, girl. Yeah, you right.

I'ma text swah.
She'll want to go.

Yeah, shewill.

All right, then,
holler at me later.

Okay, I'll be back at, like, 1:00.
I'll call you.

- Okay, call me.
- Okay.

- Chanel!
- Yeah!

- Baby, where you at?
- I'm right here.

You ready to go?

Yeah, I'm ready.

You know what? I thought about it.
Changed my mind.

- I think I'm gonna go with you.
- For real?

- Yeah.
- Okay, let's go.

Wait, where's Trixie?

She in the car with all
the windows rolled up.

- What?
- I'm joking. Let's go.

- Did I put her in the car? I don't
remember. - I don't know if I did.

♪ Fresh clothes,
fresh wheels ♪

♪ let me show you
how we get it like this ♪

♪ now, boy,
go get that job ♪

- ♪ now, boy,
go get that job ♪ - ♪ I'm getting it

♪ fresh clothes,
fresh wheels ♪

♪ let me show you
how we get it like this ♪

♪ now, boy,
go get that job ♪

- ♪ now, boy,
go get that job ♪ - ♪ I'm getting it

- ♪ gonna get the dough, she says...

Yeah, baby, you know what?

I really...
I ain't really like the fact

that you going up there
alone anyway.

And I just want to spend
some time with you.

Thank you, baby.

♪ Talking about platinum,
diamonds and phones ♪

♪ matching benzes,
one night, one ho ♪

♪ stack my bitches,
put half on reserve ♪

♪ back to b'ness,
gotta find them bones... ♪

Come on, Trixie.

Come on, baby, let's go.

You're forgetting something.

- I got it.
- Thanks, babe.

Matter of fact,
hold on, hold on.

Just go in there
and buy the whole store.

Get the bag, the jewelry,
the accessories.

Buy the dog something, too.

- Bye.
- 30 minutes.

- Okay.
- I ain't playing. 30 minutes.


So word is the connect is
meeting her right here.

Look at these shoes.


Jackie chan, Bruce Lee,
what up, man?

Hey, dre.

Man, no, man.
There you go.

Teach you some American
culture if it kills me.

That's him.

I got that
Chinese food, man.

- Look, he's got the box.
- Yep.

You good?

That's what I'm talking about... chow mein.
All right, man.


It's going down.
We're gonna need backup.


See y'all later, man.
Don't kick nobody.

Great shoes.

- Ooh, Trixie, these are... excuse me!
- Get on the ground!

On the ground right now!
Stay down!

Let's go. Come on.

Come, baby.

Ma'am, freeze!

Wait wait wait!

I got money.
I paid for all this stuff, okay?

I got money, see?

Yeah, you got
too much money.


Chanel willows,
you're under arrest.

No! No, what are you doing?
Wait wait, that's my dog.

- What are you doing with Trixie?
- Put your hands

- behind your back.
- No!

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say, can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

- No.
- You have the right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be appointed for you.

Do you understand
these rights?

You've made a big mistake.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

- Wait, my shoes.
- Come on.

This was the beginning
to the end of what I thought

was a great life.

They had me and Deandre.

I'm detective Johnson.

That's detective Simms.

Chanel, you are
in big trouble.

Look, I ain't do nothing, okay?
So I don't know why...

Hey hey hey,
you listen to me, smart ass!

I am the one asking the questions here.
You got that?

Spit it out.

Spit it out!

Now the best thing you can
do is cooperate with us.

And like I was saying,
you're in some deep shit.

Your boy Deandre,

making all that money and
playing you at the same time.


You gonna do that
for me tomorrow?

Yeah, I'm gonna do it.

You know I'm your #1.

Always asked
me to say I was his #1.

Forget his ass.

Yeah, that's right.

And now he's gotten you
into all of this?

You know, you're young.

You're pretty. You got
a future ahead of you.

You can't let some cheating
liar ruin your life.

Hey, you got kids?

'Cause if you do, you're not gonna see
'em until your baby's a grandmother.

Yeah, I got
a six-year-old daughter.

Maybe I should forget him.

That's what
I'm talking about.

Now I'm gonna get my tape recorder.
Do you want something to drink?



Listen, baby, you hear me?


If the po-po ever get at you
with that snitching shit,

I want you to look
them dead in the eye.

Tell them you
gonna cooperate,

- but you want your lawyer present.
- Okay.

- All right?
- Yeah.

- You got it?
- I got it.

- All right, do your thing.
- Okay.

So you ready to tell
your side of the story?

Yeah, I'm gonna cooperate,

but I'm gonna need
my lawyer present.

No, you're gonna need

a bail bondsman first,

Now what do you know
about this?

I'm gonna need
my lawyer present.

Look, miss willows,

if you'd just tell me

what involvement you and
Deandre had with these chips,

maybe we can work
something out.

I'm gonna need my lawyer
present, please.

You want to wait?

The longer you wait

to tell me what's really going on here,

the longer you're
gonna sit in here.

Have fun.

♪ My back's
against the wall ♪

♪ back's against the wall

♪ i'ma stand tall,
we done been through it all ♪

♪ I'm your #1,
I'm your #1 ♪

♪ I'll be here by your side
when it's all said and done ♪

♪ but I can't walk away
because of problems ♪

♪ we can solve them

♪ let's love
our cares away ♪

♪ I was told
anything worth having ♪

♪ is worth fighting for

♪ that's why I'm swinging,
it's not too late ♪

♪ close your mouth...

willows, roll it up!


Hey, Princess.

Yo, when you get in here?

They put me in here last night,
baby, so l can watch your back.

Your name Chanel willows,
'cause they just called you for court.

You better get up and get ready, 'cause
they be down here in a couple minutes.

Okay. Thank you.
What time is it?

It's 5:30 A.M.
in the morning, Princess.

You can call me
boss lady if you want to.

- Chanel willows.
- Okay.

Yeah! See you later on, Princess.
Me and you, baby.

Dinner for two! Sexy!

Pretty green eyes.

Hey, keep it down
in here, man.

Yeah, I see you up
to no good, as usual.

Can't keep your damn
hands off of people.

Take your ass down, too.

Your honor,
counsel Shelly Miller

for the defense.

The defense would request that
the court release miss willows

on her own recognizance
during the wait of her trial.

Miss willows has never been
in trouble with the law before,

and she has a six-year-old
daughter to look after.

Your honor,
counsel William a. Leone

for the prosecution.

I would like
to add one condition

to that request,
your honor.

And what might that
condition be, Mr. Leone?

A 24-hour
mobile electronic

surveillance system.

Miss willows,

you are charged with conspiracy
to commit robbery,

receiving stolen property
and money laundering.

With these charges,

you are facing the maximum
of 15 to 20 years.

You are due back
in this court

one month from today.

Until then,
you are released

and placed on house arrest.
House arrest!

Damn. House arrest?

At least I get to leave
that cold-ass hellhole.

What the hell are they talking about?
House arrest.

We can't even go
to the mall on house arrest.

The judge
should have just let me go.

Now I gotta deal with this
court shit and house arrest.

I mean, I didn't
do nothing anyway.

Nothing but spend money.

I can't even go back
to me and Deandre's spot.

What's up with that?

I ain't got nowhere else
decent to stay.

So I guess I gotta go stay
at mee-mah's house.

Miss willows, have a seat.

Miss willows,
I'm officer Wanda Davis.

I will be your pre-trial
probation officer

while you're under house arrest.

That means that you are
a ward of the state.

Now you are afforded the opportunity

to prove to the courts that
you're a responsible citizen.

No law-breaking,

no drugs or alcohol
in your system,

no missing court dates

and absolutely no missing curfew

or drug tests.

Now you are due back
in court...

On June 8th.

And until that time,

your ass belongs to me.

Now you left-handed
or right-handed?

I'm right-handed.

Okay, give me your right ankle.

Hell, no.

That is gonna have to
go, miss thing.

What is that?

This is the latest
in technology.

It will go off

if you leave
a 50-foot radius perimeter

that will be based
around your home.

If that sound goes off,

this office will be
immediately notified.

And at that time, you will be tracked down,

you will be apprehended

and, miss willows, you will
be taken directly to jail.

- Now are we clear?
- Yes, ma'am.

I'm not your ma'am.
I'm your officer.

And do you know
what that means?

That means that I have
the right to talk shit.

I've got the right

to take your ass to jail.


That's too tight.

Is it?
You'll get used to it.

Have a good day,
miss willows.


♪ You just gotta do
what you gotta do ♪

♪ where I'm from, you just
gotta do what you gotta do ♪

♪ I don't know about yours,
but my hood is the shit ♪

♪ I don't know about yours,
but my hood is the shit ♪

♪ where I'm from, you just
gotta do what you gotta do ♪

♪ where I'm from, you just
gotta do what you gotta do ♪

♪ I don't know about yours,
but my hood is the shit ♪

♪ I don't know about yours,
but my hood is the shit ♪

♪ where I'm from, you just
gotta do what you gotta do ♪

♪ see, where I'm from,
see where I'm from, man... ♪

I'm telling you,
everything we do is like that.

What's up, Chanel?

Hey, Jason.

Long time no see.

- What you looking at?
- You.

It's a damn shame,
he's still rolling up and down the block.

"And a half."

"Half and half..."

" many..."




- "Mosquito"?
- Yes!

- - Ooh,
let's get the door, baby.

- Who is it?
- It's me!

- Who is it?
- Mee-mah, it's me!

Baby girl!

So you're coming
to stay with mee-mah?

God bless you.

Hi, mommy.
You coming to stay with us?

- Hey, what,
y'all gonna lock me out or something?

W-What on god's earth?

Who are you, baby?

Mee-mah, it's Frankie Johnson
from down the street.

Mrs. Johnson's son?

- Yes.
- Really?

It ain't the bellhop,

'Cause they wouldn't be
able to work it, work it.

- Work it, work it, work it.
- Swah!

What? I'm trying to
teach her how to work it.

- What's the matter with you, boy?
- No.

Nothing ain't the
matter, and it ain't "boy."

It's Fran-swah, mee-mah.

It's French.

Now where can I put these bags
at 'cause I can't be having Louis

next to knock-off.

Louie? Is somebody
else out there, too?

- I hope not.
- Well, who's knock-off?

Y'all got so
many strange names.

Don't worry about it. I'm just
gonna go get the rest of the bags.

I like your shirt.
This little chain, though, I don't know.

It ain't workin' it, workin' it,
workin' it, work-work, workin' it.


Chanel! Chanel!

Mee-mah, I'm right here.
What's wrong?

He's strange.
Something is wrong with him.

We all god's children, okay?

Here he comes. Shh.

We were so glad
to give you all these bags

which you done
left over my house.

I'm glad. This is terrible.
I'm not your storage.

Where can I put
these bags at?

The last room down the hall.

Where all the knock-off is?

- It's in the back. - Go on back
to the last room back on the right

and put 'em back there.

Glad they out
of my house.

Lord, what is
the world coming to?

He walk like he got
a little sugar in his tank.

- Hi, Guillermo.
- Hola, miss Chanel.

- Who's at the door, baby?
- It's just Guillermo, mee-mah.

Wow, I haven't seen you
in a long time.

I know, right?

And your grandmother says
you've come to stay?

Unfortunately, yeah.

Hey, I brought
you something.

Wow. Really?

That is so sweet,

- Thank you.
- Yeah, gracias, de nada.

Can you answer the phone?

Okay, mee-mah. I gotta go.
Thank you. That's sweet.

- I'll see you later, okay?
- Yeah, hasta la vista.

Vista... hasta.

May I please
speak to Chanel willows?

This is her.

you keep this up,

we might just get somewhere.

- This is officer Davis.
- What do you mean?

Well, I mean that when
I call you, you should be home.

When I ask where you are,
you should be home.

Are we clear, miss willows?

Yes, very clear.

Okay, good.

Now you're gonna
have to go

to the Los Angeles drug
treatment center on may 11th,

and you need to be there
at 7:00 A.M. sharp,

and I mean sharp, Chanel.

Hello! Hello!

Yes, I'm here.
I guess I'll be there.

You guess? No no no,
you don't have a choice.

You will be there.

Now you don't want to get
sent back to jail, do you?

- Jail?
- Yeah, jail,

so be there on time.


Dang, you ain't even in the house,
girl, and they sweating you.

Ring, ring, ring.
Dang, who was that?

My stupid-ass p.O.

She's straight tripping, okay?

She's talking about how
I have to be downtown

at 7:00 Monday morning
for some drug test.

7:00 A.M.

She must be tripping.
That is not vogue.

That is not workin' it, workin' it,
workin' it, work, work, work, work, work.

Swah, this thing
hurts so much.

- Mommy, mommy. - No, Autumn,
not right now, baby, okay?

I need a drink.

You know
we got you, right?

But you can make it a heck
of a lot easier on yourself.

Might even let your little
girlfriend Chanel...

Might even let her go home

if you were just willing
to give us the names

of the contacts you were going to
sell those heisted computer chips to.

Computer chips?

I tell you what.
Don't mess with me with that shit.

Even though we know she helped you set
up the robberies, isn't that right?

Shit, everybody gotta do
their thing, right?

she's at home right now

doing her thing...

gettin' freaky.

You know what
I'm talking.

Man, I'm cooling...

You keep your ass
in that seat!

You got that?

Man, take me back
to my cell, man.

You think about it.

Yeah, I'll do that.


make it light
on yourself, brother.

I ain't your fucking brother.

♪ I'm not going nowhere

♪ I'm gonna be right here
by your side ♪

♪ I don't care
what people say ♪

♪ I'm your Bonnie
and you're my Clyde ♪

♪ so it's fine until

♪ the end of time

♪ so it's fine until

♪ the end of time

♪ yeah, baby girl
gonna rap for one nigga ♪

♪ until the end of time,
she going, get that cash ♪

♪ she take her cut
and give me mine ♪

♪ ain't never no problem...

- Hey, girl.
- Hey!

How you doing? Girl,
I'm happy to see you.

Girl, I'm happy
you can see me.

Hey, franny.

What's up, lazy Luke?

You know what? I was just
joking with you, okay?

Well, don't be joking.
Ain't no joking time around here.

Okay, you right.
Girl, how are you doing over here?

Girl, I'm straight.

I just gotta deal
with this p.O.

I'm about to go up to my house, i'm
gonna get my money, get my bags and shit.

You know I'm gonna soup up my boo's
550 and it's gonna be back on.

She'll vroom,
and you won't be there.

- You still got some money at the house?
- Yeah.

Okay, I heard that.
That means we got to go shopping.

That's what's up. Me and swah
are gonna go first chance we get.

- Right, swah?
- We gonna go in a minute,

but first I gotta go see
my boo boo lucky,

'cause I'm feeling
real lucky.

♪ You gotta snap like that
to be a soldier, girl. ♪

You, you, you,

- you need to change your...
- You keep it in the closet.

No, you need to keep whatever
you got on in the closet,

I mean, way back.

Back there where the shoes
are, the old shoes you got.

You know what?
I thought you was leaving.

Bye, franny, bye-bye.

Bye, carnival worker.

- I don't know why you hang with her.
- Shut up.

Ewww! Stinking ass.

♪ You gotta snap like
that to be a... ♪

Why you keep calling
her franny?

You know she can't stand
when you do that.

Shit, I've been trying to keep
myself from calling her ass "tranny"

with them big-ass
hands she got.

Well, girl, I'm about
to get up on out of here, too.

Waiting on my boo
to call me.

But, Chanel, if you need anything for
real, just let me know, okay?

You know I got your back.

I'll call you.

- All right, girl.
- Okay.

The way we see it,
Mr. Rashnees, this girl right here,

she's the queen bee.

So let me get this straight.
You tell her over the phone

it would be $50,000 for the computer chips.
Is that right?

Yeah, that is correct.

Okay, then she goes
to the bank,

she gets a certified cashiers
check for the amount.

Then she comes to your company
with a copy of that check

and places an order for delivery.
Is that correct?

That is correct.

Then you send
your delivery guy

to deliver the ordered
computer chips

and to pick up the original
cashier's check for payment.

- Isn't that right?
- Exactly...

But then the boyfriend Deandre
shows up with his thug friends,

they Rob the delivery guy
of the computer chips

and assault him in the process.
Isn't that right?

Yeah, they beat him so bad,

that my delivery man started
bleeding from the nose.

And now he's trying to sue me for a
lot of money and I have no insurance.

Whoa whoa whoa!
Mr. Rashnees,

let's just stick
to the robbery, okay?

Okay. Can you show me some
different pictures of the girl?

Which one is it?

I guess, yeah, this is the one.
Yeah, that is the one.

that's what we thought.

We'll pay her a little visit
and we'll get this wrapped up.

Thank you very much,
Mr. Rashnees.

Fill out some paperwork
and get you out of here.

Hello. Hello.

This is a collect call

from the Los Angeles county
jail from...

Big dre.

To accept this collect call,

- press 5.
- Baby.

Baby, baby, how you holding up in there?

You know, I'm straight.
I don't know how they got on us out there.

The chinks must have been
snitching or something.

They've been sweating me hard since
I been in here, too. Shit crazy.

Well, maybe your girl set you up?

What was you doing there?
You were supposed to be over at my house.

No, why would she
do something like that?

Bitch, what are you talking about,
why I ain't come over your house.

I changed my fucking mind, that's why.
Did you do what I asked you to do?

- Yeah. Yeah, baby, I went...
- Slow down, hold on!

You're talking all fast, man.
What did I tell you about that?

Stressing me out.

Already know I got all
this stuff on my mind, man.

I'm done with this conversation, man.
You tripping.


- Yellow?
- Yeah, yellow, bitch.

It's my favorite color.
You know I'm looking good today.

- You looking a'ight.
- Girl, you so crazy.

Ooh, girl, look behind you.

Look who's delivering
the mail.

Is that who I think it is?

He is so tired.
Anyway, come on in, swah.

- But he looking right to me.
- Come on in.

- Girl, I was just about to call you.
- What happened?

I can't believe this.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Somebody smack you
in your face?

The eyeball done
popped out

my brand-new $400 Gucci glasses.

Not the poochie guccis!

- I am so upset.
- Mommy, will you teach me a song?

Hey, what up, Autumn?
These are the ones where

you be having them one,
you be thinking you're cute.

You be like, "bitches,
what you looking at?"

- Look at my babies.
- Say yes or say no, mommy.

- You know what, swah, now listen.
- What?

- I need you to do me a favor.
- Anything for the poochie guccis.

Okay, I want you to take my babies...
Wait, Autumn, wait a second.

- I'll be right with you.
Take my babies to the mall... - Yes.

And bring them back
to life, please.

That's gonna be hard.
Why don't you just go with me?

You can go... I forgot.
You can't go with me.

- You under house arrest. 911.
- You know what?

- First 48. Bitch, you talented.
- Okay.


I'd like to see you
tethered to the house,

not even swishing
your ass around.

- Get out.
- I gotta get out where the boys is.

You're 'pressed.
You are 'pressed.

I am 'pressed,
stuck in this house.

Now come right back,

I told you,
I am on the way!

- Whatever.
- Mommy, will you help me skate?

Not right now, tumny,

- Now go straight to Gucci and just
come right back. - Daddy, daddy!

I'm gonna fix them little
poochies and guccis.

Well, come here first and give me a hug.

What you say happened
to you and Chris again?

He was cool, but he couldn't
keep me around.

If his money couldn't
afford the finer things,

then his money was
not my type.

Gucci, Louis,
fendi and Prada.

- That's right.
- He more like Levi's.

Over there with them
sad puppy eyes.

He might have some puppy eyes, but he
definitely don't have no puppy thighs.

Those are more like a rottweiler.

Now you gotta go.

- You know he look good.
- Bye.

Can I have him?

Hey, Chris.

Hey, Fran-swah.

So, Chanel,

it's good to see you.

I'm happy to see you're out of that mess
and able to come home to your real family.


Okay, I do not need nor do I want to
hear any lectures from you right now.

- I got enough problems.
- No, Chanel, your problem is

you can't separate what you
want you from what you need.

Excuse me. Since when are you
the expert on my wants and needs?

But as usual, you a day
late and a dollar short.

Listen, Chanel, even though you've
been a bad mother to our daughter,

the only reason why I haven't
taken you to court for custody

is because I know how
much Autumn loves you.

- You crazy.
- Whatever.

Autumn, honey,
come in the house.

Mommy, I want
to change my name.

You want to change
your name to who?

I wanna change
my name to Gucci.


Sign in.

- Early in the
morning, isn't it? -

Now, miss willows,
I want you to remember

that I expect you
to get enrolled in school

or get a job soon.

You can part-time for both,
full-time for one or the other.

Get a job
or go to school.

You also have the privilege

of attending a religious
service on sunday.

And you are required
to be back home

by 3:00 P.M.
and, miss willows,

the judge is gonna be looking
very closely at your progress

while you're
on house arrest.

Do you understand?

- Yes, I do.
- Well, I tell you what.

If you don't obey those rules,
if you break those rules,

you will pay
for it in court,

because it will affect you

So I suggest you do
yourself a favor...

Take care
of your business.

- Here you go.
- Thank you very much.

Okay, miss willows,

get your test done.
I'll see you later.

Try and fill this container
up half way, please.

The restroom is this way.

Do your business.

That was horrible.

God, please help me
get all over this.

♪ You mean the world
to me ♪

♪ I am your fantasy

♪ happy as I can be

♪ it's like
I won the lottery ♪

♪ you will
take care of me ♪

♪ I'm yours for eternity

♪ control my heart
mentally ♪

♪ nothing you do
surprises me ♪

♪ you keep a smile
on my face ♪

♪ protection is
in your embrace ♪

♪ I have to say
you have great taste ♪

♪ disrespect is never
the case ♪

♪ when I'm with you...

♪ You're my habit, boy...

Hey, shaniquah.
That you, girl?

Hi, Chanel.

Let me see your baby.

Her name is precious.

Well, she sure is.

Girl, give me your number.
I been so bored since...

No, girl.
Hell, no.

If my baby daddy knew I was standing
here talking to you this long,

- he would be mad as hell.
- What?

Yeah, I can't do that.

I am on parole and your
ass is hot as hell, mama.


- Whatever!
- You ain't in my league, anyway.


- How's my baby?
- I'm all right, mee-mah.

Not you, I'm talking
about my car.

Well, she ain't the range,
but she's fine.

It's not funny, mee-mah.

Hi, baby.

What's wrong with you?
Are you all right?

Well, you know, mee-mah,
I'm just going through all this stuff.

I don't really feel like
talking about it right now.

I'm all right, mee-mah.

All right.

What you doing?

Well, baby, I'm doing
my daily routine.

I'm preparing dinner.

It relaxes me.

Dinner, mee-mah?

It's too early.
I ain't even had breakfast yet.

Honey, me and Autumn
get up at 7:00 A.M.

And have breakfast
every morning.

preparing early keeps you

from having problems
and stress.

You need to learn how
to control your life

and not let your life
your life you.

Lord knows life's
controlling me now.

What you cooking,

Well, I got some
collard Greens over here

and I got some
mustard Greens.

I'm gonna mix 'em all up
and put 'em in the pot

and you know
they don't get along.

That's why I call
them my mean Greens.

You know I love me
my mean Greens.

I know you do, baby.
I know you do.

You gonna get that, baby?


Chanel, may we have
a moment of your time?

Can we come in?

I guess.

Well, have a seat.

So how you been doing,

Well, I've been
as well as can be expected.

Do you guys have
some good news for me?

Well, that's up to you.

- Have you talked to Deandre lately?
- Yeah, I talked to him.

You know I have because he's
called me collect from your jail.

Well, have you talked
to him

about maybe
confessing everything

and getting you out
of all of this?

He doesn't have nothing
to get me out of

'cause I ain't done nothing.
I'm not involved.

You're involved

or you wouldn't be wearing
that ankle tether, honey.

What do you know
about rashnees?

What? Rashnees?

No, you know what?

- I'm not supposed to be talking to y'all.
- We got an eyewitness

- claims you and Deandre were there when...
- Okay, wait, wait a minute.

Y'all supposed to be
talking to my lawyer.

We don't have any questions
for your lawyer.

Well, am I under arrest?
'Cause I don't have nothing to say.

You're already under arrest.

Okay, you know what?
You gotta go.

And when y'all gonna
let my dog out of jail?

Who? Deandre?

Wow, I can't even
believe you went there.

No. Trixie!

Look, your dog's
in the pound,

because we believe
he's stolen property.

give me back my dog!

You'll get your dog back when you
cooperate with us. You got that?

Okay, you gotta go.

So we'll see you in court.

Ooh, I hate they asses.

- Buenos dias, mamichanel!
- Good morning, Guillermo.

Hey, I have something
to tell you.

Come, come.

Now you know
I can't come over there.

You see this thing
on my ankle?

I see.

I come to you.

You know, I have been
in your situation.


I parked my truck.

If the sign says "2:00 to 8:00
on Wednesday, street sweeping.

Today from 2:00 to 12:00,
except on school days.

No parking from 8:00 to 5:00,
handicapped permit only."

I do not know!
There's too many signs!

So I park my truck and I go to work.

I come back and I get a ticket.
I get a ticket.

I get a ticket.
I get 17 tickets.

You know what they do?

They give my truck
the house arrest boot, too.

Man, that ain't the same
damn thing. I gotta go.

Wait wait wait.

I have to work.
I need money.

- And?
- And I need my truck.

I cut the boot.
I work.

So guess what I'm gonna do
for you, mamichanel.

I'ma cut your boot!

I cut your boot for you and you go
free, mama, free!

Guillermo, thank you.
That's okay.

You better look out
for your truck.


Bye, Guillermo.


I'm so tired.

Baby, what was
that all about?

Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's okay,

Don't worry.

Everything's gonna
be all right. I hope.

Put a little prayer with that
hope and it'll be all right.

By the way,
your mother called today.

Says she was coming by
to see you today.


I can't even remember
the last time I spoke to her.

Mee-mah, I'm gonna take a nap.

All right.

I love you, Autumn.

I love you, too, mommy.

When you coming home
from your job?

Soon, baby.

I miss you, mommy.

I miss you, too.

Give me a kiss, tumny.

Mommy, mommy, are these
your lips on the glass?



Come here, tumny.

- How was school today?
- It was good.


Miss starker said
I have to learn some

of my spelling words.


What's this word?



- "Beware."
- I'm right here, mommy.

Where do you want me to be?

Tumny, that's the word.

You're so silly.

What's wrong with you?

His ass did it!

Hey, hey!

Mama, where you at?

Ooh, look at you, girly.

Come over here.
Come give your g-mom a big hug.


Let me see.

Well, what have you got on?
Let me...

I'm gonna have to
take you shopping.

One day.

Come here.
Let me look at you.


now I love you and i'm
gonna be here for you,

but I told you
this was gonna happen.

Now you know what
it is you need.

- No, mama, I don't. I...
- Look at me.

Look at me.

You know what this is?

Baby fat?

Hell to the no.
This ain't no baby fat.

No, this is a new man.

That's what this
is all about.

And you know what?

I'ma hook you up.

Now let's go see what's
going on in this kitchen.

I know I smell them
mean Greens cooking, mama.

I think you
already hooked me up enough.

Well, hello to you,
too, missy.

Hello, ma'am.

And don't get
no hair in my Greens.

Don't get
no hair in my Greens!

What the fuck
wrong with you?

Dumb-ass mother.

Chanel, you love me?

'Cause I'm gonna
need you right now.

I heard you out there,

Chillin'? Deandre,
I'm on house arrest.

Who told you that?

Fucking po-po told me that.

Look, you can do yourself
a favor and me one

at the same time.
Just tell them about what you did.

Tell them about that other cat that
gave you the chips that you gave me,

and I can get out of here.

What I did?
What are you talking...

Yo, listen,

you know I already
got two strikes.

This robbery shit
they trying to stick on me,

it's gonna get me
three strikes and 25 to life.

Fuck that shit.

Dre, what about me?

What about Autumn?

You know I love you,
but I...

Yo, that's what I'm talking about.
It ain't about me.

It's always been
about you and Autumn.

They gonna give you some
low probation or something.

Slap me on the wrist
for receiving stolen property.

They gonna let me out
of here.

Just roll with it.

Dre, I don't know.

I don't know
what you want me to do.

This call will
disconnect in 10 seconds.

Dre! Dre!

Tell them about e dog.

Tell 'em e dog set it up.

You know what I'm saying?
Matter of fact, just come see me, man.

I gotta get off
this phone.


Keisha on the line,
what's on your mind?

Keisha, it's me, Chanel.

Call me, please, or come over
as soon as possible.

It's important.

Who is it?
Who is it?

♪ Fran-swah!

- ♪ Miss yellow!
- Blue.


You don't like blue.
I got on blue, though.

- Well, that's how I'm feeling, swah.
- What's wrong with you now?

Deandre called up here
just straight trippin'.

What? I will mess him up!
I will kill him!

I will scratch
his eyeballs out!

You gotta do
something, okay?

'Cause I'm about to...
I don't know.

You gotta get me out of here, okay?

Well, what you want
to do tomorrow?

I want to go to me
and Deandre's house

and I want to get my stuff.

Okay, let me think.

Let me pull it from the air.
Let me pull it from the air.

All mighty,
pull it from the air.

Okay okay okay, hello, wait.
I got it.


Call your p.O.
In the morning and tell her

- that you want to go to the
mall and find a job. -

And after we go ♪ shopping,

we gonna go to you
and Deandre's house

and we gonna pick up
your shit.

Swah, that's gonna work!
That shit's gonna work!

You are so fierce.
You are so fierce.

♪ Gabbana,
g-gabbana ♪

♪ Gucci, Prada

♪ fendi, gabbana

♪ g-gabbana, g-gabbana

♪ I said I need that

♪ I want that

♪ I gotta have that...

This is an ugly-ass dress.

I'm just so happy to
be out of the house.

For what?

I'm so happy to just be out
doing something normal.

I just wish Deandre
would stop trippin'.

Girl, you know
he crazy as hell.

- Don't say that, swah.
- He is.

Shoot, we at the mall shopping,
having fun and you trippin' on Deandre.

And then to top it all off,

I am flat broke, okay?

- Broke?
- Yes, broke.

So we need to go to the house,
get my clothes,

get my money out
of my stash.

Get Deandre's car.
Probably gonna have to sell that shit.

- But you know, first we gonna have to...
- Strip it!

That is fake right there.

Why does this lady over
there keep looking at you

like she want to eat you up like
some chunky monkey or something.

- Where?
- Don't turn around.

- Look in the mirror.
- Okay.


That's my p.O.
Shit, we gotta go.

She was looking.

- Put glasses on my head.
- God!

Dolce and gabbana's,
poochie, woochies.


Excuse me, excuse me.

Watch out!

Excuse me.

Ooh, ugly. Let's go.

Come on, girl, let's go.

I gotta pee.
I gotta pee!

- Wait wait wait.
- Give him the ticket.

Hell, no!
Where's my camera at?

Hell, no, you need to get
in there and find that camera.

- You think she saw my bags?
- She did not see your bags.

She probably wasn't even paying no
attention to you. She was looking at me,

- sexy as I'm looking.
- Fran-swah, it ain't funny, okay?

I paid $100
for that camera, okay?

You need to find
my camera right now.

Just give me your bags,
give me the bag!

We gotta get to mee-mah's
house by 3:00 P.M., okay?

- My gosh.
- I mean it.

Damn, girl, I think I just
saw a chocolate ghost.

Bitch, you about to get a vanilla slap.
What you talking about?

Do Deandre have
long fingernails?

- What?
- Boom, bop, bip.

Somebody's driving
your man's car.

What the hell's going on?

I didn't know Deandre
was a transvestite.

We're gonna have to
hang out sometime.

My god!

That shit ain't funny,

- What? - I'm about to kick your
ass, his ass, her ass.

Bitch, get that ho!

I can't go nowhere. These little trifling
little ghetto girls in front of us.

I paid $100 for that camera, all right?
You need to find my right now.


- Y'all gotta move.
- What?

- You got to move.
- Who do you think you are?

Excuse me, that's not important, hoochie.
You need to move your car.

No, you can't call
me no hoochie, all right?

Hold up, hold up.
Y'all better back your butt up

- before you get your butt kicked.
- That's right.

Now get in your car.
Get in your car.

- Get in your car!
- We don't need this. Let's go.

Crazy loco.

Open the door.

- I can't. It's locked.
- What?

- Why did you lock the door?
- I ain't lock the door!

Somebody locked the door.

It's locked.

Shit, swah!

I can't get it in there.

I know, 'cause you can't do nothing.

First of all, why won't you listen?
You ain't no use.

'Cause I can't get this.
It's all hot out here.

Swah, that's 'cause
you're doing it wrong.

I'm not doing...
Do you want to do this?

- No.
- I can't get it in there.

- I don't know what to say.
- Here come the tow truck driver.

- Here he is.
- Okay. Damn, about time.

We've been waiting
45 minutes, man.

Open this car up
quick, please.

Look, ma'am, I'm sorry
for the wait,

but that'll be $65,

Will that be cash
or credit card?

Cash or credit?
You ain't even did nothing, little buddy,

and you want cash
or credit?

Well, look,
you're not gonna have a little buddy

until I get
my $65, all right?


Hold up. It might
be credit and cash.

Look, hold up,
don't go nowhere.

I got cash or credit or whatever you want.
I got all that.

All right, damn,
you got me rushing.


- Dang, you just rushing me.
- Okay, swah.

- I'm going 75 miles per hour.
- Open it up.

- I got it. I'm going miles 75 an hour.
- Come on, swah!

- All right!
- All right, now you gotta call me

- as soon as you get over
there, okay, girl? - Yes.

Don't forget,
soon as you get there.

- I need the keys. Give me the
keys. The keys. - Shit.

- God.
- Thank you. Stop stressing.

Get on my nerves.

- Hello.
- This is probation officer Wanda Davis.

Is Chanel willows
available, please?

I got it, mee-mah!
Hello. Hello.

Miss willows, there are
conditions that you must follow

when you are
under house arrest.

Now answer this for me.

What were you doing
shopping at the mall

when you should been
looking for a job?

Okay, first of all,
I was not in the mall shopping.

I was looking for a job.
I got three applications...

Gucci, Louis
and dior, okay?

Those was not
my shopping bags.

Those was my girlfriend's.

You are really pushing
it close.

Now I want you
to just call me

if you get a job
at any one of those stores.

You are almost in violation,
Chanel, so you'd better watch it.

You don't want us to come over
there and get you, do you?

No, miss Davis.

I didn't think so.

- Who is it?
- It's me, girl... keisha!

I've been nonstop all day.

I got your message telling me
to come by yesterday.

Just came by to make sure
everything was all right.

- No, everything ain't all right.
- Well, what's wrong?

I don't even know where to start.

See what I mean?

- Swah.
- Is blue there?

- Blue?
- Yeah, 'cause you about to be real blue,

- 'cause your car ain't here.
- Hell, no.

- My car ain't there?
- Where?

- In the garage.
- It ain't here. I told you.

I can't believe this.

Deandre straight got some
broad driving our shit?

- - What
about the rest of my stuff?

I don't know, girl,
but it's a mess up in here.

Search warrant said they came up
here and took all your stuff.

And I'm scared,
I'm telling you,

they got all kind of forensic
evidence up in here,

and they left your ugly stuff
on the bed.

I don't understand.
What's going on?

Do me a favor.

There's a key in the pool
house under the dresser.

- Right.
- I taped it there.

Okay. All right,
I'll get the key.

I'm just scared.
I can't go to jail.

You know what they'd do
to me in jail.

Okay, I'm just scared.

I'm scared, though.

No, I don't...
Where is it at?

It's not on your dresser.

Fran-swah, Fran-swah,
stop trippin'!

It's not here.

Look underneath it, okay?

- No, is not in this.
- Look!

Keep... keep... keep looking!

I think...
I got it. I got it. I got it.

I got it. I got it.
I'm on my way, okay?

- Mommy, mommy!
- What, Autumn?

Mommy, does the house
have hands?

Does the house have what?

Yes, does the house have
hands and arms? 'Cause...

No, baby.
Who been touching you?

Well, how did
the house arrest you?

Autumn, baby,
can you go to your room

and I'll be in there to talk
to you in a minute.

- Okay.
- Bye-bye, Autumn.

Okay, girl, what's really going on?
Tell me the business.

Me and Fran-swah straight
saw some trick

- driving Deandre's car today.
- Well, what did she look like?

I didn't see her face,
and now the police done raided my house

and my car ain't even there.

My god,
I can't believe that.

But you know what?

The police raided
my homeboy's house

and took his car and started
driving it around.

Yep, yep, they probably doing the
same thing to your shit right now.

Using it in a sting
operation or something.

Yeah, you know what?
You right, 'cause I know,

Deandre would not let some
ho drive around in our car.

Hell, no.

Ooh, I need
to speak to him.

And he called me up yesterday
straight trippin'.

Talking about I need
to take the fall,

'cause all I'll get is probation
and they trying to strike him out.

What you think about that?

You know what, Chanel?

You are a good-ass woman

for holding your dude
down like that.

Y'all are in love
for real, girl.

I wish I had a man like that.
You know what?

You just have way too much
going on right now.

You just need to relax for a little while.
That's all.

I'ma go,

- and you call me if you need
anything, all right? - Yeah, okay.

Just get some rest.

I just need some rest.

Well, that's how you feel?


♪ She sees a whole lot

♪ of potential in me

♪ that's why
she be calling me ♪

- ♪ her baby daddy
- ♪ vicious

♪ and I see a whole lot
of potential in her... ♪

- - ♪ so when they ask
me, I say "that's my wifey" ♪

♪ she asked me
if I'd be her baby daddy ♪

♪ she asked me if I'm always
gonna make her happy ♪

♪ I ain't going anywhere

- ♪ 'cause, baby, you got me...

♪ You make me crazy

♪ all I'm saying is
I want you to have my baby ♪

♪ she be calling me
her baby daddy ♪

♪ I just try
to make her happy ♪

♪ she be blowing up
my phone ♪

♪ baby girl be
chasing daddy ♪

♪ she be all
on my case... ♪

Pick up the phone, girl.

Why are you not picking up the phone?

- L.a.p.d., open up!
- I don't know what to do.

I don't know what to do!
Pick up the phone, Chanel.

♪ She sees a whole lot
of potential in me ♪

♪ that's why she be
calling me her baby daddy... ♪

I don't know what to do.
Don't know what to do.

Pick up the phone.

- Yes, may I help you?
- Yes, can we come in, ma'am?

What is this concerning?

Where is Chanel willows?

Well, I think she's back in her
room, but I can go get her for you.

- Excuse me, is there a problem?
- No, thank you, no, thank you.

- Will you take a seat over here?
- Wait a minute.

♪ You got me,
you make me crazy ♪

Freeze, Chanel!

- Wait, wait.
- Yeah, wait.

Wait for what?
For you to get your jollies?

She might be armed
or something.

She is not armed.
She has earphones on.

Don't move, Chanel!
Where is your monitor?

It's right here.

You are in violation.
What did you do to it?

I was just bejeweling it.

Bejeweling it?

Could you please go and get
my briefcase out of my car?

- Sure.
- Sit down, Chanel.

Now, miss willows,
didn't you read the instructions

on your tether and monitor?

It says "do not tamper
with in any way."

Now let me tell you this...

If you do one
small infraction

on the conditions
of this house arrest,

you will be taken back to
jail before your court date.

- Now are we clear?
- Yes, ma'am.

Here you are, officer.

Thank you, officer.

All I can say is
that you better be glad

that I have an extra one
on me. Gimme your foot.

You have got to
be kidding me, Chanel.

I don't want
any more problems out of you.

Are we clear?

Yes, ma'am.

Let's go, officers.

So sorry to have
disturbed you, ma'am.

You do not deserve this.

I am so sick of them.


You, me,

be gone.

Good night, Guillermo.

Baby, come here.

I want to read something
to you.

Come sit down
with mee-mah.

"When times are hard

and days are long,

family and love
can carry you on."

That's beautiful, mee-mah.

That's you... at age 12.

You're beautiful.

Autumn, baby,
are you ready?

Mommy, do you want to go
to church with us?

- Baby?
- Do you want to go to church with us?

Chanel, are you going to
get up and go to church with us?

Not today.
Next sunday, okay?

Come on, let's go, baby.

Pray for me.

I know my ass needs
to go to church.

Mee-mah! Mee-mah!

I want to come to church.


- You have a collect call.
- Big dre.

If you would like
to accept this call, press 5.

To disconnect, press 9 or hang up.

- Hello.
- Baby, I miss you.

We're gonna be together
real soon.

You ready to take care of that
business I asked you about?

Yeah, dre, I'm ready.

That's my girl.

Dre, you know,

me and Fran-swah,
we saw some trick driving your benz

the other day.
Who was she, Deandre?


Man, I mean...
Man, you trippin', Chanel.

The benz is at the house.
You know what I'm saying?

You don't need to be coming
at me sideways.

You know I'm already dealing
with this other shit, man.

Can you just do what
I asked you to do?

Then we take care
of that when I get out.

Yeah, okay.

I got you.

All inmates,
back to your cells.

All inmates, back to your cells!

I gotta go.

- Just take care of that business.
- All inmates...



God bless you, mee-mah.

- God bless you, too, Chris.
- Hey, baby.

Come on, right this way.

Daddy, can we go
to the park after church?

Of course, we can go to the park,
tumn-tumn. Give me my hug first.

You know, Chanel says she was coming
to church with us next sunday.


Well, that'll be nice.
That'll be nice, mee-mah.

- Okay, mee-mah, hope you enjoy the
service, okay? - Thank you, Chris.

Now are you ready to go
to sunday school?

- Yes.
- All right, let's get out of here.

Whoa whoa, wait. Wait.

Don't come near me, Jason.
I got the plague.

What? Come on.

Well, that's how everybody
acting around here,

like I got some kind of
disease or something.

- Damn!
- I know.

- Like that?
- Right?

It's all good.
Check this out.

Whatever it is
that you do got,

I'm trying to get it.

- No, I'm serious.
- You stupid.

And whatever it is
that you don't got,

I'm trying to go get.

Come on, you know
I got the hood on lock.

Well, that's good, Jason,

but you ain't got me
on lock.

You know what, Chanel?

I was thinking.

I think you need
a new mailman.

What you mean I need
a new mailman?

I didn't know Jason had it like that.

Yeah, you know.

One that delivers
this kind of mail.

Come on, you know you're like
my old school home girl, right?

Nah, Jason,
that's all right.

All right.

Hey, 'Nelly.

That's my card.

You call me if you
need something, okay?

Even if it's just
somebody to talk to.

You better go.
You know she don't like you.

Hey, mee-mah.

Hi, baby.

- Where Autumn at?
- She's with her daddy.

You know they go to the park
after church on sundays.


You missed a good sermon.

It was about faith.

Lord knows I need
some of that.

Well, faith comes
from believing in the lord

and the sacrifices that
he causes one to make.

Faith comes
from within, baby.

Faith comes from within.

The old mailman is
starting to look like a new mailman.

Daddy, that was fun.

Next time can mommy
come with us?

You know what? That's actually
not a bad idea, tumn-tumn.

So you know what?
When you see mommy,

- ask her to come with us next time, okay?
- Okay, daddy.

All right, now watch
your step, baby.

All right,
such a big girl.

What is this?
What is th...


A flower for my little
Autumn flower.

Thank you, daddy.

Any time, baby.

Mommy, that was fun.

Next time can you come
with us, please?

Yeah, okay. Take your father
inside and I'll be in in a minute.

Okay, mommy.

So, what,

now you got our daughter
playing matchmaker?

Just sounds like a little quality
time with your daughter to me.

I mean, but what does
it sound like to you?

I did tell mee-mah I would
go to church next week.

So maybe we can spend
a little quality time.

We? Pfft!

You know what?
I should squirt you with this hose.

Whoa, what you doing?!

Remember, ike and Tina.

He sure is
a fine young man.

Who? Jason?

'Cause if you're talking
about Chris, mee-mah,

he ain't all that cute.

Yes, Chanel,
I am speaking of Chris,

but I'm not referring
to his outer appearance.

A beautiful spirit
is something

that can be passed on
for generations.

What are you passing
on to Autumn?

Tumny, baby,
come on in the kitchen.

Here, baby.

Let your mama pass
onto you how to take care

of your flower
your daddy gave you.

You know why your daddy gave
you that flower, tumny?

'Cause it's pretty like me.

Well, that's true,

but he gave it to you
'cause he loves you.

You got a good daddy,

I got a good mommy,
too, mommy.

Snap these beans,
good mommy.

Thank you.

You got some more stuff.
That's good, baby.

I like to keep
things changed,

just like the seasons change.

You know, baby,

sometimes you got
to change your life, too.

Yeah, I know, mee-mah.

I'm starting to see
the changes, all right.

Do you mean it?

Good. That's good.


Do you think she was
ever that little?


They grow up fast.

I remember what a precious
little baby you were.


Well, I think
we gonna make it.

I think we gonna make it.

I'm gonna go to bed.


Don't forget to say your prayers.

Damn, girl,
when you get out?

what you talking about?

Girl, I ain't seen you since the
po-po raided your damn house.

- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm all right.

What you want me to do with these
keys that you had me go get?

That's the key
to the safe deposit box, swah.

You gotta go there
and get my stash, okay?

Okay, I'll do it
for you tomorrow,

but i'ma need my cut.

Thanks for being a friend.

You know I'm a friend
for you, baby,

and your money.

I love you.
Swah out.

♪ Everybody get

♪ everybody get,
everybody get... ♪

I'm gonna get this paper.

Hell, no.

You got my cheddar
so we can keep it cracking?

Your what? Your dad?

What you talking about,
my dad?

Your d-a-d,

your dusty-ass dollar.

- 'Cause you officially broke.
- What?

You got me running around
town spinning my damn wheels

for this Deandre dude.

All up in the bank
dressed up

like I'm going to some type
of celebration or something.

This is not
the gay pride awards.

Come on, swah,
you kidding me, right?

I'm not playing with you,

but it feels like you're
trying to play me.

I love you and everything,

but you're gonna stop
running around

for this Deandre dude?

He playing you.
Now he playing me.

Now I'm gonna give you
half of this,

'cause half of this is yours.

Shoot, I need gas money.

Matter of fact, I'm gonna
need that half, too.

Can't get no gas
with half a damn dollar.

You need to get
your life together.


Chanel, what's
the matter, baby?

What's the matter
with you?

I'm just worried!
I'm worried about going to jail.

I'm worried about Autumn.
I'm worried about money.

I'm worried about Deandre.
I don't have nothing.


You got us.

You got to think about
what god gave you.

He's given you Autumn.
He's given you a family.

He's given you
your health.

Money's not everything,

Mee-mah loves you,

and I'm gonna always
be on your side.

No, mee-mah, I just feel
like giving up.

No, baby.
Don't you give up.

Don't let the devil win.

Come on,
let's go have some tea.

Come on,
it's gonna be all right.

Come on, baby, let's go have some tea.
Come on with mee-mah.

Come on, baby.

♪ Sister, sister,
sister, sister ♪

♪ sister, sister

♪ sister, sister,
sister, sister ♪

♪ everything gonna be okay

♪ sister, sister,
sister, sister ♪

♪ sister,
sister, sister, sister ♪

♪ sister, sister,
sister, sister ♪

♪ my sister's
right here, man ♪

♪ I feel your pain,
sister ♪

♪ this is for my sisters,
my beautiful black women ♪

♪ even if it feel like
you're losing ♪

♪ it might just be god's
intention to strengthen you ♪

♪ keep your head up,
you gonna make it through the weather ♪

♪ it was said he ain't gonna put
more on you than you can handle ♪

♪ doesn't matter,
them obstacles in your way ♪

♪ jump over them hurdles
down the block ♪

♪ just keep your faith and stay strong
and handle your business on top ♪

♪ and when you feel your eyes water,
well, pray before them tears drop ♪

- ♪ and he gonna help you, just watch...

♪ And to them single
mothers, single mothers ♪

- ♪ Cherish them kids and love 'em...

- Hello.
- This is a collect call

from the Los Angeles
county jail from inmate...

- Big dre. - If you would like
to accept this call, press 5.

To disconnect,
press 9 or hang up.

♪ Sister, sister,
sister, sister ♪

♪ sister, sister, sister

♪ sister, sister,
sister, sister ♪

♪ everything gonna be okay

♪ sister, sister,
sister, sister ♪

♪ sister,
sister, sister, sister ♪

♪ sister, sister,
sister, sister ♪

♪ sister

♪ let's hear it
for the sisters... ♪

Officer Davis,
can I help you?

Good morning,
officer Davis.

This is
Chanel willows calling,

and I'm calling to ask your permission

to allow me to walk
my daughter Autumn to school

these last couple of weeks
before I go back to court.

Well, let's see,
miss willows.

You haven't found a job

and you haven't enrolled in school, either.
Is that correct?

Yes, but I...

I also see here that
you're asking me for a favor

and you haven't even cooperated
with the detectives.

So tell me, Chanel,

why should I allow you

to walk your daughter to school?

I know you don't
think I deserve this,

but my daughter Autumn does.

Okay, so if not for me,

then please do this for my daughter.

I know I haven't
gotten a job yet,

but I am trying
to be a better mother.


Dear god,
help this girl.

She's trying, lord.


45 minutes, Chanel.

45 minutes you have

to get home every morning.

Now are we clear on that?

Yes, thank you.

Thank you,
officer Davis.

It's very clear.
I will not be late.

Miss willows,

have a good day.


- Yes! Okay.
- ♪ in life

♪ there's so many
decisions... ♪

- - ♪ and
the pressures of life ♪

♪ can make it hard

♪ to decide...

♪ sometimes...

- This is my mom. This is my mom.
- ♪ you have to

♪ have to walk alone

♪ it only forces you

♪ to follow your heart

♪ follow your heart

♪ it's just

♪ me and you now

♪ and I have to admit

♪ you never
let me down before ♪

♪ sometimes you have to

♪ you have to walk alone

♪ it only forces you

♪ to follow your heart

♪ follow your heart

♪ Yeah!

- Come on, baby.
- Stay in the middle.

- Keep your focus.
- In the middle.

- Stay there now. Let it go now.
- In the middle.

We're gonna let you go.
We got you! We got you!

Yeah, baby! Look!

- Look.
- My goodness.

I'm sorry.

Let's start over.

Look at our daughter.
God. Baby, wait wait!



♪ Amazing

♪ grace

♪ how sweet

♪ the sound

♪ that saved

♪ a wretch

♪ like me

♪ I once

♪ was lost

♪ but now

♪ I'm found

♪ was blind

♪ but now

♪ I see

♪ praise god

♪ praise god

♪ praise god

♪ praise god

♪ praise god

♪ praise god

♪ praise god.

Good job. Hallelujah!

Hallelujah! Yeah!

You have a collect call.

Big dre.

If you would like
to accept this call,

press 5. To disconnect,
press 9 or hang up.


Hey, baby, I love you.
You love me?

You ready for court today?

Yeah, Deandre, I'm ready.

And you know,

I love

what we had.


don't let me down.

I mean,
don't let yourself down.

Deandre, I just think it's best

if we let god...


You know what, Chanel?

You right,

so I'll leave it at that.

Yeah, let god work it out.

I'll see you
in court, baby.



Father god,

we thank you for your most
gracious presence in our lives.

You said if two or more
come together in prayer,

there you will be also.

So we come together
in prayer

to ask you to bless
Chanel with favor

when she goes
to court today.

We ask you to bless her
with favor, father god,

greater than
we can conceive.

And in you, lord,
we do have faith.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Miss willows.

You've claimed not guilty to the
crimes you were charged with,

but the d.A. Feels
that he has enough evidence

against you to convict you
of all charges,

so you will be required
to face trial.

Counsel for the defense,
do you have any questions?

Your honor, the defense asks the
court to reconsider its position

on miss willows' case.
There is no hard evidence against her,

nor has she been
positively identified

to have anything to do
with this crime.

In addition, we ask that miss willows
be released from house arrest,

so that she may go home to
her family and obtain a job.

A job, your honor.

That is exactly what
the defendant has not done.

She has not cooperated with the detectives.

She has not cooperated
with her parole officer.

Therein she has not

with this court.

Your honor,
the prosecution not only wants

to continue this trial
against miss willows,

but also would ask the court

to revoke her privileges
on house arrest

and allow her

to continue her fight

in this case
in the halls of justice,

just like her crime mate

Deandre stamps is doing.

Well, attorney Leone,

sounds like you have
very valid points.

We may have to go ahead
and Grant you your...

Your honor,
with all due respect,

my client has done
her very best here.

Your honor, if I may.

I have just gotten some
very important information

concerning this case,

and I would like to have a recess.

A recess?

One hour, sir.

One hour recess!

Thank you, your honor.

Your honor,
the district attorney

has dropped all charges

against miss Chanel willows.

She's innocent.

The district attorney will
be bringing charges

against miss keisha mcking.

Yeah, that's her!
That's her!

She has confessed

to all the crimes,
your honor.

My god!
I can't believe it.

Come to find out keisha
had been messing

with Deandre behind my back.

The day we were arrested,
she was the one who called the police,

'cause she thought I was
going up there alone.

And she was the one getting
the cashier's checks

to help Deandre
set up the robberies.

He told me he had got the
computer chips from a liquidator.

And to top it off,

she broke into me
and Deandre's crib

before the police
raided it

and took Deandre's benz,
our money

and all our stuff.

She was a cold piece.

Was, that is.

♪ Jesus

♪ is the lord

♪ give him a chance

♪ a chance

♪ Jesus

♪ is the lord

♪ give him a chance,
a chance. ♪

Thank you.

Congregation, it's time
to give thanks and praise

to the most-high lord,
our lord and savior

and share with the rest of us how
the lord has been good to you.

Someone please come up
and share

some of your
uplifting joy.

Choir, keep singing
that inspirational hymn.

Why don't you?
Why don't you?

Happy and thankful

is what I am this morning.

The lord has truly
blessed me.

I was caught up
and I got caught.

But I went to jail,

and I had an awakening.

I saw that I had the meaning
of life twisted.

I was more concerned
with a man

and this season's
fashions, money,

than I was with my own
blood... my daughter.

I was selfish.

I complicated my life.

I complicated
my family's life.

Now I know...

That it's the simple things
in life.

The simple things in life are
worth more than all the riches

in the world.

And I am truly grateful

that god has given me
a second chance.

So my house arrest
has turned

into a much-needed
house rest.

So I would like to say
from the bottom of my heart...

Thank you, lord.

That's right. That's right.

Let the church say amen!

♪ no,

- ♪ yeah, girl, whenever I take a look
into your eyes... ♪ -

♪ I see more
than you realize ♪

♪ I see your honesty
and it glows ♪

♪ and if I never knew,
baby, now I know, yeah ♪

♪ do me a favor,
acknowledge this ♪

♪ this all began
with a simple kiss ♪

♪ we took it to a place
we never knew... ♪

♪ We call it right now

♪ I call it right now to you

♪ hey!

♪ I know it's not
what you're used to ♪

♪ no, it's not
all right... ♪

I don't want to hear all that.
Just get my money, girl.

Nah, you always want to turn
everything into a joke.

It ain't about that.
It's about business.

You call me back later.

♪ It's a new day

♪ in your new way...

You like that?

- Feel good, don't it?
- That's right nice.

Keep scratching, bitch.

♪ And tell the truth
if you're not feeling me ♪

♪ no more dishonesty
and telling lies ♪

♪ I've changed my life,
that's what I've done ♪

♪ whoever knew that
I would figure out ♪

♪ just what to do,
just what this life's about? ♪

♪ Apologizing
for the wrong I've done ♪

♪ we'll hit this life day by
day till we're done, yeah. ♪

♪ No more doing like
we're used to. ♪

Helluva making abeat, baby.

♪ I'm not going nowhere

♪ I'm gonna be right here
by your side ♪

♪ I don't care
what people say ♪

♪ I'm your Bonnie
and you're my Clyde ♪

♪ so it's fine until

♪ the end of time

♪ so it's fine until

♪ the end of time

♪ yeah, baby girl
gonna rap for one nigga ♪

♪ until the end of time,
she going, get that cash ♪

♪ she take her cut
and give me mine ♪

♪ ain't never no problem,
she got her baby no questions asked ♪

♪ but is it to help move a bag
or contribute to the stash? ♪

♪ You ever had a rider that is
gonna stand there through it all? ♪

♪ For the times
you had nothing ♪

♪ to the times
where you could ball ♪

♪ back then couldn't buy her
nothing, now I can buy it all ♪

♪ from the time the sun come up
until the time to fall ♪

♪ we're right there,
side by side ♪

♪ our love
is standing strong ♪

♪ when them snakes come between
us, we just gonna watch 'em crawl ♪

♪ because I know
they hate it ♪

♪ jealous and contemplating,
you know what it is between us ♪

♪ I ain't even
gotta say that ♪

♪ I'm not going nowhere

♪ I'm gonna be right here
by your side ♪

♪ I don't care
what people say ♪

♪ I'm your Bonnie
and you're my Clyde ♪

♪ so it's fine until

♪ the end of time

♪ so it's fine until

♪ the end of time

♪ he's a thug,
he's a thug ♪

♪ I'm an addict,
and he's my drug ♪

♪ I'm in love,
I'm in love ♪

♪ when times get hard,
I won't budge ♪

♪ I'll be right here

♪ by your side

♪ so that's right

♪ that's right,
that's right ♪

♪ till the end of time

♪ I'm not going nowhere

♪ I'm gonna be right here
by your side ♪

♪ I don't care
what people say ♪

♪ I'm your Bonnie
and you're my Clyde ♪

♪ so it's fine until

♪ the end of time

♪ so it's fine until

♪ the end of time

♪ baby girl gonna ride
for a nigga ♪

♪ and she treat
her nigga well ♪

♪ and if I do some dirty work,
I bet she ain't gonna tell ♪

♪ and she's a soldier,
more loyal than half these niggas is ♪

♪ that's why we buy the mall
and take expensive trips ♪

♪ yeah, that's my baby behind
me through any situation ♪

♪ she be like, "hey, watch them
niggas," and I could feel the hatred ♪

♪ and she was right there front
row through all them petty cases ♪

♪ it's a certain bond we got,
and we gonna hold it sacred ♪

♪ I ain't felt like this about
nobody, they know my baby level ♪

♪ that's why them couple grand,
I spent that on my baby benz ♪

♪ she caught my fall, baby,
I love your ass to death ♪

♪ that's why when I get with you,
we gonna ride up to the sunset ♪

♪ I'm not going
nowhere... ♪


Wait a minute, bitch,
you supposed to love me.

You supposed
to love me, bitch.

You supposed
to love me, bitch.