House (1985) - full transcript

Roger Cobb is a Vietnam vet whose career as a horror novelist has taken a turn for the worse when his son Jimmy mysteriously disappears while visiting his aunt's house. Roger's search for Jimmy destroys his marriage and his writing career. The sudden death of his aunt brings Roger back to the house where his nightmares began. The evil zombies in the house force Roger to endure a harrowing journey into his past.

Mrs. Hooper?

Mrs. Hooper,
I brought your groceries.


Mrs. Hooper!

I'm gonna leave
the groceries right here.

I'll collect next week, OK?


Mrs. Hooper?


Mrs. Hooper.
It's me, the grocery boy.

Mrs. Hooper?

Our sister has gone to her rest
in the peace of Christ,

the faith and hope
and eternal life.

May the Lord
now welcome her

to the table of God's children in heaven.

May we have a moment
of silent prayer?

Elizabeth wasn't crazy, Roger.

A little senile, maybe, but...

just wasn't like her to go and do
something like that.

- Thank you, Mr. Jones. I appreciate that.
- Now, my wife, she's crazy.

But, your aunt,
she was a good woman.

OK, everybody,
back up a few steps, would you?

Give Mr. Cobb some room
to sign your books.


"To my good friend, Johann."

- Here you go.
- Great book, man.

Mr. Cobb, we've been waiting a long time.

Can you tell me what your next
book is going to be about?


It's about my personal
experiences in Vietnam.

- Uh, the war?
- Yeah, that's right.

Oh, uh...


Are you really married
to Sandy Sinclair?

I was, but we're divorced now.

I just wanted to tell her that
I think she's a marvelous actress.

She's a very talented young lady.

I'll tell her that.

- It's a great book.
- Thank you.

- I like your hair.
- Thanks.

I've never missed her show,

not once, since
it's been on the air.

- She is so enchanting to watch...
- Who are these lunatics, Frank?

Your most devoted fans.

and Kool-Aid, no big deal...

I'll treasure this. Always.

Roger, "Blood Dance" was
released over a year ago.

We can't keep doing the same
autograph sessions any more.

Your fans are hungry
for something new.

- Got anything? Five pages, anything?
- Frank!

Look, Roger, if you don't have a new book
on my desk by the end of the month,

you're gonna have to pay the advance
back to Doubleday.

Then you're really gonna be
up the creek.

Come on, Roger, you have already
lost your wife over this thing.


Are you gonna throw your career
down the toilet, too?

- Rog, you have to get back to your life.
- Frank, come on!

And listen, while we're on the subject
of the book, Roger, nobody...

Nobody wants to read about
the goddamn Vietnam War any more.

They wanna read
a good horror story.

Frank, would you listen to me
for a second, all right?

I know this book has been giving me
a problem, but it's something I have to do.

I've got to write this book.

'Federal Bureau of Investigation.'

Hello, um... Agent Thatcher, please.
Tell him it's Roger Cobb.

- Tell him it's urgent.
- 'I'm sorry, he's on another line.

- 'Can he call you back?'
- I'll wait.

'Yes, Mr. Cobb?'

Uh, hear anything?

'No, afraid we don't have anything
new about your son.'

- But you'll call me?
- 'You know we will.

'Um, by the way,
I got a call from Decker at CIA.

'Please do me a favor.
Leave him alone.'


- Thank you very much.
- 'You bet. We'll call you.'


- 'Roger.'
- Yeah.

What's that noise?

The guys have got the music
turned up. Hold on a minute.

Hey, guys,
would you turn that down?

I mean, I'm on the phone,
for crying out loud.


Uh, I'm sorry, this poker game's
getting a little out of hand.

- Who's there?
- Uh...

Oh, a bunch of guys, you know.

I'm calling from
the awards party.

I lost.

Oh, gee, I'm sorry to hear that.
The awards, I forgot all about it.

Um, I've been busy working.

Are you writing again?
That's wonderful.

- Um...
- Sandy, I'm sorry.

- Hold on. Thanks.
- Tough break.

'Can't win them all!
I was just calling'

to tell you I got your message.
I'm sorry about your aunt.

I went to the house.

Roger, why do you keep
doing this to yourself?

- OK, everybody, let's look happy.
- Why can't you just...

'Can you hold on just one second?'

Hold on, wait... Sandy, I got to go.

Uh, listen, I'm holding up the game.

So, uh, I'll talk to you later, OK?

- How's this?
- OK. Roger?


- Come on, babe, smile.
- Nothing. Bye.


Hello, Sandy?

I'm such a jerk.

Well, here's
the lucky man.

- Mr. Parker.
- Mr. Cobb.

It's a pleasure to see you again.
How was the drive?

- Well, actually it wasn't...
- Good, good, good.

- Glad to hear it.
- ...too bad.

You know, I didn't expect
to hear from you again so soon.

I just got the "For Sale" sign
up yesterday.

I can assure you
everything's in order.

It really wasn't necessary
for you to come all this way.

It's all right. I wanted to.

Your uncle was
quite a fisherman.

I understand he held the US record
for two years with that one.


As you can see,
we cleaned the place up a bit.

Planning to hold the auction next month.

We can get a lot of money
for some of this junk.

Now, if you'd like to follow me this way,
I'll give you a little tour of the place.

It's all right.
I know my way around.

- I grew up here.
- How's that?

When my mother died,
my aunt raised me.

I had no idea.
What a remarkable woman!

We also cleaned up the pool.







- Sandy.
- Is something wrong?

- Honey, is Jimmy in there with you?
- No, I thought he was with you.

- He's not.
- Check in the back?




Mr. Cobb, are you OK?

- Yeah.
- Let's move on to the studio, shall we?

This'll make
a great guesthouse.

Bathroom over there,
knock through a door, hot tub Jacuzzi.

Kitchenette goes here.

Hey, you know,
got a nephew named Manny,

he's in the construction business,
works cheap.

He could do a heck
of a job with this place.

Worse comes to worse,

person could, uh,
lease out the big house and move in here.

Creative financing.

Say, whatever happened
to this uncle?

Oh, he was diving for abalone
off of Point Reyes...

Oops, sorry about that.

You know, your aunt was quite a painter,
let me tell you.

You take a look at this, will you?

She must have been working on this
right before she died.

Gives me the creeps.
Morbid little woman, wasn't she?

That's the closet in her bedroom.

It's the same room
where she hung her...

Where she passed away.

You know, she thought
this house was haunted.

Get outta here!

You're kidding,
aren't you?

Mr. Cobb,
your son is not in the pool.

Your son is nowhere
in the neighborhood.

I'm telling you I saw him in the pool.

He was in the swimming pool.
And I ran and I dove in.

And he wasn't there.

Mr. Cobb, we've got
an APB out on your son.

We'll let you know as soon
as we have something.

It was the house.

It was the house that did it.

Right, Mrs. Hooper,
we understand.

I'm telling you, Roger,
it was the house.

Will you shut up? Will you shut up
just for once, you old bat?


I'm sorry, Mr. Parker,
I'm not selling.

- What?
- I said I'm not selling.

Well, I hope you reconsider.

I think I'm going to stay a while.

Do some work.




Aunt Elizabeth.

It won, Roger.

It tricked me.

I didn't think it could,
but it did.


It's going to trick you, too, Roger.

This house knows
everything about you.

Leave while you can!


Hey! Hey!


She's pretty, eh?


Howdy, neighbor.
Just move in?

Yeah, last night.

- Harold Gorton.
- Hi. Roger.

Roger, well...

Hey, it's great
to have a new neighbor.

Woman lived here
before you was nuts.

Biggest bitch under the sun.

Just a senile
old hag, really.

Wouldn't be surprised if someone
just got fed up and offed her,

you know what I mean?

- She was my aunt.
- Heart of gold, though.

Just a... a saint, really.

And such a beautiful woman for her age.

Would you like some dinner,
you and the whole family?

Just come on over,
I'll whip something up, you know.

- Afraid I'm alone.
- You're alone, well...

That's better yet. Just get some burgers,
watch the game. You're an A's fan, right?

Uh, yeah, uh, sort of.

I'm a writer. I'm up here just kinda
trying to get away from things

for a while, you know, uh...


You know?

- Solitude?
- I don't believe this.

This can't be, right?
Roger. Roger Cobb, right?

- Yeah, that's, uh, that's me.
- I'm your biggest fan.

- Is that right?
- Yes, absolutely! Right here...

Whoops! It's, yeah, it's a little...

Kinda falling apart but, um...

Would you mind
autographing this for me?

Oh, you bet. You, uh... You got a pen?


You know what why don't we do this later?

'Cause I wanna get back inside
and get started on my new book,

you know, and get back to
that, uh, solitude.


Of course, solitude.

- You understand, don't you?
- Oh, absolutely!

- Bet it's gonna be great, huh?
- I hope so.


Roger Cobb.

Lord help me.

Get up off your ass, Cobb.

Got a war to lose, remember?

You, too, Ben. Move!

All right, everybody,
gather round.

I am sick of that punk
telling me what to do.

That's his job, Ben,
telling us what to do.

Nobody tells me what to do, buddy.

Let's go, hustle it up.

Now, this is where
we gotta be by 0600 hours.

That means we've got to be across
this route within the hour

and find the bridge...
- Ben!

- Big Ben!
- What do you want?

May I have a cigarette?

- Come on.
- All right. All right., if you see any NVA,

we'll call for an air strike
and just try to hold our position.

Pipe down!
Man, what are you doing?

- Nothing.
- Shut up and listen, you big ox.

We ain't fucking around any more.
This is the real shit.

You guys better get your act together if
you want to get out of here in one piece.

- Fitzsimmons, take the right flank...
- Very funny.

Head, Scott.
Now, Steel, you take the left flank.

We're just gonna police here...

Get down!


Come and get it, motherfucker!

'Agh! Oh, Mrs. Callahan,
why do you creep around like that?

'Who did this to you? It was Masters?

'Oh, God!

'It's true she's a patient here?

'A patient of Dr. Stevens?'



I must be going crazy.

One, two, three.

Hey, Rog. What you doing?



I'm just, uh... I'm working on
my book, you know.

Uh, good to see you.


- I need to get back inside and...
- Solitude.

Solitude. Yes, right.

I'll see you later, though, OK.


Mmm. Writing looks like fun, huh?

Come on.

That's OK.

Check this.

Nice picture.

Crazy, huh?


Let's see. Rewind.

That's all right.

That's all right.
That's all right. That's all right.


Nice and easy.

All right.

Let's see what we got here.




- Rog...
- Agh!

- What? What's going on? What?
- Harold, don't do that!

- What did I do?
- You scared the hell out of me.

I'm sorry.
I thought I'd bring over a midnight snack.

Solitude's always better with
someone else around, you know.

Should I...?

Why don't we go downstairs to
the dining room and eat that, all right?

- What's all the cameras for, Rog?
- I'll explain it to you downstairs.

So, that's when I decided
I'd come up here, try and write my book.

Life's a bitch, huh?

So, what's all those cameras for upstairs?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Well, what kind of ghosts?

My aunt thought
this house was haunted.

No offense, Rog,
but your aunt was loony toons.

What about me?
You think that I'm... loony toons?

Not at all.

I mean, you've been to Vietnam,
lost your only child,

your wife divorced you, I mean,
you got a few marbles going around,

but right now you seem fine.

I think this house is haunted.

You know, I find that unexplained psychic
stuff kinda interesting myself but,

problem is, they usually go ahead

and find some explanation anyway
for the unexplained stuff.

In the closet upstairs, I saw something.

This is other than coats
and hats, etcetera.

No, no, I saw a, a...
a ghost, something.

I opened the closet door and
it reached out and it tried to grab me.

This is sounding a little bit like
some of your novels.

You sure you're just not imagining this?

Does this look like imagination?

That's a very nasty scratch.

I think you ought to have
someone look at that.

I opened the closet door,

and it reached out
and it tried to grab me.

Where do you suppose
the monster is now,

just kind of hanging out
in the closet up there?

I don't know.

So, all the cameras up there, you're
naturally trying to get a photo of it.

- That's right.
- Yeah, well, yeah.

You think I'm...

No, no, not at all.

- You do.
- No, no, no.

As a matter of fact,
if you get a picture of this thing,

I'd love to see it because, you know,
I don't think I've seen a ghost before.

At least not since I was a kid.

Well, it's great talking with you, Rog.

And I'll be sure
to look for your wife on TV.

What's that show called?


"Resort" right.
And Wednesdays, 10:00?

- Right.
- All right. I'll be sure to look for it.

- Harold. Thanks for the food.
- Oh, no problem.


- Sandy Cobb, please?
- Speaking. Who's this?

- 'This is Harold.'
- Who?

Harold Gorton, a friend of Roger's.

Oh, he can't be reached here.

- 'Aren't you calling a bit late?'
- Yes, sorry.

But I didn't want to talk to Roger.

I'd like to talk to you, actually.


'See, I live next door
to Roger on here in Marin.'

And this is gonna sound a little strange,

but I thought I should
call you 'cause

I don't think Roger's
got his act together.

- What do you mean?
- 'He's having flashbacks or something.'

Seeing strange things.

- Ghosts and stuff.
- Oh, my God!

'Yeah, I think you ought come up here
and check the guy out.'

I can't.

I've gotta be on the set
at 6:30 tomorrow morning. I really can't.

'I'll call him right away.'

Well, all right. Go ahead and call him.

I'll just keep an eye on him
up here for you, OK?

OK. Let me give you my daytime number.

All right. Go.


73... Got it!

All right. Don't worry
about anything, I guess.

I'll just be sure to give you a call
if something bad happens.


Uh, bye.

you walk in point.

Like hell I am.


Forget it, man. No way!

I haven't got time to argue, God damn it!

I'll walk point.


It's nice to see somebody around here
has got some guts.

Somebody got no brains, too.

- That means you too, Cobb.
- What?

- You heard me.
- All right, Rog.

You and me, buddy. Let's go get 'em.

Now, move out.
Fitzsimmons, you take the rear.

Come on!

Hey, Ben. Hey. Slow down, Ben.



I heard something.

Ben, don't be an idiot.
We're out of their line of sight.

You were the guy
who heard something, right?

I got an idea.
Let's find out where Charlie really is.



Let's just stay right here.

I can't stand in one spot.
I gotta keep moving.

Ben, what the hell
do you think you're doing?


Come on! Just stop moving,
for Christ's sake!



I tried to call but there was no answer.
I was worried about you, Roger.

- What are you doing here?
- I wanted to see you.

What are you doing with that gun?

Nothing, I'm...


Oh, my God!

He's got a gun!

Yes, I'd like to report a...
a suicide attempt.

No one will see in here.
It can't be you.

Put the gun down.

- Oh, it's not loaded.
- I said put the gun down, sir.

All right now, stand up.

Put your hands above your head
and move this way.

Away from the gun.

We have a report someone at this address
has been firing a shotgun.

Oh, yeah, I was just...

polishing it, you know, cleaning it,
and it went off by accident.

I didn't know it was loaded.

You know it's against the law to discharge
a firearm within city limits, don't you?

I'm going to have to give you a citation.

A citation?

Thank you.

Hey, wait a minute.
I know you, don't I?

- You're Roger Cobb, right?
- Yeah, right.

I'm sorry about your son.

Mr. Cobb, I know this is a funny question,

but you wouldn't happen
to be the same Roger Cobb

- who wrote "Blood Dance", would you?
- Yeah. That's me.

- Why didn't you say so earlier?
- I was just...

Mr. Cobb, I was wondering
if you'd do me a big favor.

- Oh, sure.
- I know you're probably busy and all...

- No, no. You have a...
- Could I use your bathroom?

No! I mean, yes, you can.

Be my guest. Um, I'll...

You men go ahead and take off.
We got it under control here.

- Who are you?
- Harold. Next door neighbor.

- Yeah, right. Beat it.
- But I was the one...

Goodbye, Harold.

The bathroom's right down the hall.

Well, this is quite a place
you have here, Mr. Cobb.

Thank you.

The bathroom down here?

No! Um...

- It's right there.
- Oh. Thank you!

So, I bet you guys could use
some coffee, huh?

No, you're probably in a hurry.

No, no, coffee would be great.

Yeah, a cup of coffee would be nice.

- Is instant OK?
- Sure.

- Here, I got it. I got it.
- That's all right.

- Got it.
- Mmm-mmm.

No, no. I got it.

These look familiar to you?


Yeah. Yeah, I...

I dropped those.

I thought you said
you were just cleaning the gun.

No sense having a gun if you don't
load it at one time or another, is there?

Well, I wouldn't recommend
cleaning a loaded gun.

Oh, no, no, no. No!

Neither would I.

I'll be right back.

What are you doing?

Just looking
at this thing here on the wall.

- My aunt was an artist.
- Yeah, I guess.

Why don't you come back
into the kitchen? I have some coffee on.

I didn't mean to startle you, Mr. Cobb.

Well, guess we better get on out
of here, huh?

Well, it was great talking with you guys.

MY gun!

What about your gun?

ls there something wrong, Mr. Cobb?


No problem. Just...

- Thanks again for the coffee.
- Yeah, thanks a lot, Mr. Cobb.

Where's your son, Roger?
You'll never find him.

He's dead!

He's not dead.

He's some place in this house.

Say your prayers.


Feelin' better now that we're through

Feelin' better cos I'm over you

I've learned my lesson
It left a scar

And now I see how you really are

You're no good, you're no good
You're no good

Baby, you're no good

I'm gonna say it again

You're no good, you're no good
You're no good

Baby, you're no good

Mm, no

I broke a heart that's gentle and true

I left a boy for someone like you

I'll beg his forgiveness on bended knee

But I wouldn't blame him
if he said to me

"It's no good, no good
It's no good

"Baby, it's no good"

Oh, I say
You're no good, you're no good...


Did I scare you?


- What are you digging?
- A hole.

- Oh?
- A big hole.

Oh, I can see that.

What's under the plastic?
A sapling?

A sapling, yes. It's an apricot tree.

Oh, I used to come swim here
when your aunt lived here.

I hope you don't think
I'm imposing or anything.

Oh, no!

- Not at all.
- My name is Tanya. Hi.

- Nice to meet you.
- Hi. I'm...

- I'm Roger.
- Hi.

Here with your wife?

- Wife?
- No.

- I'm divorced.
- Oh, really?


You must be lonely.

Ah, Well...

Well, I appreciate
the company, Tanya,

but, you know, I'm kinda busy right now.

Oh, no. Don't be silly. I understand.

I can tell when a man
wants to work.

I can also tell
when a man wants to play.

- We should get together soon.
- Absolutely.

- Neighbors shouldn't be strangers.
- I couldn't agree more.

- Any other time, all right?
- All right. That's OK. Bye!

- I'll see you later, OK?
- OK.

Oh, um, Roger.

If you need anything at all.
Just call, OK?

All right. Bye.


Son of a bitch!

This is dedicated to the one I love

While I'm far away from you, my baby

I know it's hard for you, my baby

Because it's hard for me, my baby

And the darkest hour is just before dawn

Each night before you go to bed, my baby

Whisper a little prayer for me, my baby

And tell all the stars above

This is dedicated to the one I love

This is dedicated to the one I love

This is dedicated to the one I love...

Oh, God! Drop it!

Good boy. Good boy.

Drop it.
Drop it!

Stay, stay.

Good dog.

Good dog. Stay!

Stay! Stay!

Where's the car keys?

Where's the car keys?

Hi. Ready to play?


This is my son, Robert.
And he really loves to play.

- Look, I was just about...
- Would you mind if we came inside?

It's a little bit chilly out here.
I wouldn't want Robert to catch cold.

Actually, I don't know if this is
the most appropriate time.

- We'll only be a minute.
- Hi.

That's very thoughtful of you, Tanya,

but, at the same time,
I'm kind of busy right now.

I think that I'm... I'm kind of...

Where you going, little fella?

Uh, stay here. I'll get him.

- Roger?
- Stop!


Come here, Robert.
Robert, come here.

I got you.

Ah, I got you.

Robert? Roger?

- I got him.
- Where are you going?




It's OK. We're gonna see Mommy.

- Mommy.
- Hi!

- Here we are, Mom.
- Aw! ls everything okay?

Oh yeah. Robert, just had to go potty.
But we took care of everything.

Roger, would you do me a great favor?

- I'm sorry, but I'm kind of busy...
- Great! I need a babysitter.

I'd really appreciate it.

You know, you're such
a good-looking, nice man.

You know, Robert will just love you.
I have a few things for you. Hold on.

No, no, I'm sorry...

Here we have a change of clothing,
extra sweater, blanket, OK?

Can't sleep without this one.

- Favorite teddy. A few things here.
- Tanya.

Duck for the bath.
Superman, if you will, thanks.

I'll be back later tonight. I can't tell
you how much this means to me.


But, I...

'My sister is an only child
and you abused her.

'I can never forgive you for that.

'I can't hide the fact that I've
been a male prostitute my entire life.

'Your sister paid me $2,000
to spend the night with her.'

'Don't you think it's time you woke up
and smelled the coffee?

'I'll smell whatever I damn well please -
without your help...!'


Robert, what's wrong?

You want your mommy?
She'll be back here in a little bit, OK?

How about this toy?
You want to buzz off, huh?

- You want something else to play with?
- Yeah.

- How about a nice plastic bag'?
- Mommy.

Come on, come on. I know. Mommy is coming
back in a few minutes, all right?

She's gonna be right back.

Let's go and watch some TV, OK?

That's a good boy.

- 'I love you, Julie.
- Is that what you call love?

'Well, if that's what you call love.
Then, I don't want any part of it.

- 'What about the other night?
- What other night?

'The other night by the pool, Julie.

- 'Don't play dumb with me.
- Maybe I'm not as dumb as you think...'

Come on.

Just lay down right there, OK? Sleepy?

Yeah, you've got tired eyes there,
don't you?

'..You of all people should know
anything's possible when you're in love.'

Come, let's go back.

- All right!
- Ben!

Ben, wait up.

Ben, we've lost them.
We're gonna get hit with friendly fire.

Ben, your being a jerk.

Magic time.


Get down.

- Shut up, Roger. I know what I'm doing.
- Ben...





Let go!


I got you. I got you.

Let go!

Let go!

Oh, boy!

How's a little kid like you
get into so much trouble?

Yeah. How about that?

Don't do that, OK?


Oh! Oh!

- Hi, Mom.

How did it all go?

- Oh, he, uh...
- Hmm?

He slept like a lamb.
He's just an angel.

- Did you have fun? Hm?
- Yeah.

Was Roger nice to you?

Yeah? Oh, good.

- I knew I could trust you, Roger.
- Mm-hm.

Come on. Let's say goodbye to Roger now.
Come on.

OK. Bye bye. Bye bye, Robert.
You come back and visit me, all right?

- Bye.
- Bye bye. I appreciate it. Thanks.


- Hi!
- Ah! Here's the, uh, beer.

- Hope we haven't missed the beginning.
- Well, no.

Uh, but I really didn't bring you over
here to watch a movie.

- You didn't?
- Uh, no.

- Uh, you've got some...
- Let's go upstairs for a minute, Harold.


- You ever been hunting?
- Sure.

Do you remember the other night
when I told you I saw something?

- Yeah.
- I guess I was a little hysterical

because it wasn't a ghost.

- It was a raccoon.
- Really?

A big raccoon.
About the size of a Saint Bernard.

Ohh... Cujo, the raccoon.

I got them trapped right now.
They're in the closet.

You're not afraid
of a raccoon, are you?

Me? No! No!

What would you
like me to do?

I... I'll help.

Have you ever seen
one of these before?

Yeah, sure. Every day.
What is it'?

- This is my uncle's harpoon gun.
- Mmm-hmm.

- Take it.
- Great.

I have a line attached here to a rod.

In case it tries to get out through
the roof, you can hold on to the thing.

Oh, wait, wait. The roof? Why?

It tore up a big hole so it goes out
through the attic and he feeds at night.

And then he comes back in here
and he builds a nest in the closet.


You'd better put these on.

The minute you see this thing,

I want you to fire
and hit him right between the eyes.

If you don't kill him, Harold,
he's probably gonna try and get away.

So, I want you to hold on very tight.
You got that?

OK. Come over here.

Stand right there
so you get a real good shot at him.

- Yeah.
- So, we time everything perfect.

I'm gonna open the door
at exactly 12:00.

Right. Right.

- OK?
- Mmm.

- Oh, one more thing.
- Yeah?

Make sure I'm out of the way
before you shoot that thing.

I got it.

Here we go.


Shoot him, Harold.

Shoot him, Harold.

Shoot him!


- Shoot it again!
- I can't. The line's attached.

Harold! Do something.

It's getting away.

Harold, what the hell!

- Help me.
- What can I do?

Grab onto me.

- Don't let go.
- Don't worry, Roger.

I'll hold onto you
if it's the last thing I...!



You gotta be quiet
cos they're gonna hear your voice, OK?

Finish me off, Roger.

I ain't gonna make it.

Finish me off.

I'm dying, Rog. Kill me.

Finish me off.


I can't do it.

- Kill me.
- I can't do it.

Kill me. I'm hurt.

Ben, I'm gonna go get help.

- Ben, I'm gonna go get help.
- No!

- I'll get the troop, come back for you.
- No!


I'll come back for you.



I'll get you for this!

I swear I will!


Harold. I'm back.

Harold! Wait, it's me.

- It's Roger.
- Roger?

It's really you?

- Thank God!
- Oh!

Raccoon, Rog?

Good night, Harold.








Oh, my God.


Oh, Dad!

I wanna go home.

- He's coming back.
- Who?

Come on.

Come on.

Oh, Dad!


- Big Ben?
- No, it's your fairy godmother.


You did this. You took my kid.

Why didn't you kill me, Roger?
Didn't you have the guts to do it?

- I had to get help.
- They tortured me for weeks.

- I would have died for you, Ben.
- Well, now's your chance.


Jimmy, I want you to get out of the house.
Get help.

I'll keep him here.
Now go on, hurry up.


You're pissing me off, Roger.

Roger, you hit like a little girl.

I've been waiting years for this, Roger.

Damn! Came back from the grave
and ran out of ammunition.



You can't get rid of me, Roger.

Can't and you never will!

Come on, Roger.
Is that all you can do, you wimp?


Where you going, pal?


You lost, buddy!

Ben, don't!

So long, sucker!


Son of a bitch!






Think you're funny, Roger?

A few years ago
you had a chance to kill me.

Now, I'm going to kill your little boy,
unless you kill yourself.

- No!
- Daddy!

It's finally over, Roger.
You've got no chance.

I'm not afraid of you any more, Ben.

I beat you

and this goddamn house.

- Don't make me mad. I...
- You what?

I'm warning you, I'll slit his throat.

You can't hurt me

or my son.

- Come on, Jimmy.
- I'm warning you!

- No! No!
- So long, sucker!

No, Roger. No!

I'll get you for this.



My baby!