House (2008) - full transcript

In rural Alabama, two couples find themselves in a fight for survival. Running from a maniac (The Tin Man) bent on killing them, they flee deep into the woods and seek refuge in a house. They soon realize the killer has purposely lured them to this house and that they are now trapped. As they huddle around an old fireplace, a tin can falls through the chimney. Scrawled on its side is a message from the killer, establishing his House Rules. The rules call for their deaths unless they kill at least one of the four. They have less than 12 hours to find a way to survive. At sunrise the game is over and everyone dies if the killer's demands aren't met. What they quickly learn is that the only way out... is in. But going further into this house--where unknown challenges await them--is equally deadly.

The light shineth in the darkness.

And the darkness comprehended it not.

John 1:5.


please forgive me.


It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay?

You really mean

it's gonna be okay for us?

Not us.


It's gonna be okay for me.



Please, no.

You can't kill me.

I'm your wife.

I'm sorry.

How about I hold the map?


Slow down.

We should have come out
on 82 by now.

You're lost.

No, I'm not lost.



It's a cop.

Slow down.

- Jack!
- What?

Slow down!

Look, I'm trying!

What the hell was that about?

You were speeding.

He wanted you to pull over.

You're lucky you didn't get a ticket.


Can we please just listen
to the radio?

You don't want to listen
to your wife's greatest hits?


What's that?!

Didn't you see the wreck?


What is wrong with you?

You're driving like a maniac.

What, you can't see the cones?

Please be quiet!

Don't you dare tell me to be quiet!


I'm so sorry, officer.

I didn't even see these cones here.

I need to see your license.

I was tuning in the radio,
and I looked down

I said I need to see
your license right now.

Yes, sir.

Chick chick chick chickens.

I hope nobody was hurt, officer.

What's your name?

Stephanie Singleton.

What, you hitched a ride with him?

No, we're married.

Where you goin'?



Well, you're on the wrong road
to Montgomery.

We made an appointment
with a marriage counselor,

and Jack got lost on purpose.

if you could just tell me

the quickest way back
to the interstate

I'd really appreciate that, officer.


There is a quicker way.

Weren't you
just Miss Smiley back there?

I was trying to save us
a ticket, Jack.

Well, then here's our chance
to save ourselves $400.

So what do you think?

That's the way back
to the interstate?

That's what he said,
first left at the top of the hill.

Unless you're dying
to make our appointment.

Let's go home.

Slow down!

Why don't you just call
and cancel the session?

Great, no reception.

Front tire's blown.

So's the back.

We don't have a spare?

No, I don't have two.

What did we hit?

Looks like some scrap metal
fell off an old farm truck.

I don't think
we're the only lucky ones, either.

No reception?


Is anyone there?

Maybe the driver
went for a tow truck.

I can't find this road
on the map anywhere.

Maybe we should
just walk back to that cop.

In the rain?

Jack, we can't just stay here.

Fine. You stay here,
and I'll go for help.

Don't blame me if you get wet.

Shut up. This was a bad idea.

We never should have
gotten off the highway.

Can you just drop it?

I gave up a paying gig for this.

Oh, yeah. Fifty bucks
to split with the band and free beer.

I don't remember passing this.

Looks like
some kind of bed and breakfast.

No cars. That's weird.

Well, all we need is a phone.


It's today's date.

Guess we're not the only ones
that are here.

Hey, you guys management?

No. We were just looking
for a phone.

You must be
Randy and Leslie, right?

Guilty as charged.

Hey, how's it going?
I'm Jack Singleton.

How you doing? How are you?

This is... Stephanie.

- I mean, she's...
- His adoring wife.

So you guys checking in?

Randy, don't be silly.

Who'd want to vacation here?

This place isn't without
its little cornbread charm.

Randy buys motels.

Mom and pop places, fix them up.

Jack hit something in the road.

A bunch of farm parts?

You guys were driving
the Beemer then?

- Yeah.
- You left your lights on.

Do you guys know
who runs this place?

Because I haven't seen anyone.

The staff must have stepped out,
'cause there's no one around.

But check this out.

It's like a museum.

The dining room is set for four.

Check out the chandelier.

It's kind of like
an Agatha Christie novel, huh?

Don't all the people in her books
wind up dead?

I think the generator blew.

Come on, Jack. You girls stay put.

Let's go see what happened.

Come on, Jack.

You okay?

Not really.

Here's one.

Come find me.

Hey, did you hear that?

It's house noise.

Give me a hand.

There's one over there.
Light it up.

You spook easy, man.

Over here.


What do you two do?

Jack's a writer, thrillers.

He's signed and published.

I'm a singer.


Have I heard any of your...

Not yet.

I'm a grad student at Auburn.


Look what I found.

My hero.

You're pretty.

Hello there.

Sorry, ma'am.
There was no one at the front desk.

Name's Betty.

Just Betty.

And this is our place.

That's my son, Pete.

And my Stewart is down
fixing the fuse.

Well, there we go.

We don't get many guests
this time ofyear.

Rains too much for them.

Y'all check in at the register?

Yes, ma'am, we did.

Twenty dollars a night

per person.

It's off-season rates.

That include food?

We got enough to go round.

We do.

But you gotta clean up.

Only pigs eat in their own muck.

So scrub yourselves up.

One bathroom's in the hall.

The other's upstairs.

Actually, we're not staying.

We just need the use
of your phone.

Our tires were slashed,
and we want to call a tow truck.

Tires slashed?

You can't be serious.


Show this lovely lady to Ma Bell.

Twenty-five cents for locals.

But I can tell you, sure as sunrise

ain't no tow trucks
comin' here tonight.

So y'all better wash up.

You look clean enough.

Give me a helping hand
in the kitchen, sweetie.

I don't bite.


There's no way
we're staying for dinner.


Hey, Pete, listen,
do you have like a list of garages,

or a phone book that I could use?

This place gives me the creeps.

It's okay.
At least we're not alone.

Randy and Leslie?

He's full of it, and she's nosy.

You notice how she keeps
looking at us

like we're specimens under glass?

No, I didn't notice.

She certainly noticed you.

Hey, Pete,
are you sure this thing works?

'Cause there's no tone.

Sometimes it do.
Sometimes it don't.

When it do

you get credit.

I'm telling you, Jack, there's
something off about these people.

What are you talking about?

The old lady's fine.

I mean, sure, she's a bit out there,

but, still, she's giving us
a place for the night.

I can't believe you got us
into this mess.

So now blown tires
are officially my fault?

We should have gone on
to Montgomery.

- Yeah? Well, you didn't want to.
- Because you didn't want to.

You know what?

I'm tired and I'm hungry, okay?

I hate you, Jack.

Fine. Hate me.

Quite a temptation,
aren't you, sweetie?

Shall we?


Excuse me here.

No, thanks.
Gotta watch my figure.

Don't you be silly.

Why, you're skinny as a rail.

You better eat, or you'll melt away.

Well, it does look delicious.


Meet Stewart

the man of the house.

You're pretty.

Thank you.

So Randy and I thought
we'd take in the national forest.

What time do you think you'll...

Are you married?

Not yet.

You gonna violate your woman
in one of our upstairs rooms?


mind your own business.

I'm sorry, sweetie.

Some people
never learn their manners.

I want her, Ma.

I know you do.

He wants to get hitched.

His sap's a-bubblin'.

Hey, buddy,
she's out of your league.

Lay off.

Let me get you some more ice.

I'm not thirsty, really.

The ice is meltin'.

You're pretty.

Can I marry you?

I'm taken.

She looks took

every which way.

That's about enough!



- No!
- Stephanie!


No, I already have enough ice!

She doesn't want
any more ice, okay?


You should ask for permission
before leavin' the table, dear.


They know.

- They know what?
- About the accident.

- How do they know about that?
- Because you told them.

I never told them anything!

I'm getting out of here,
whether you're coming or not.

Did I say something wrong?

Get inside.

What's going on?

What did you do?

What do you mean,
what did we do?

You brought him!

What? Brought who?

Shh! He's comin'!

Who's coming?

What are you doing?

Be quiet!

You know who this is?

Be quiet!

Lady, what's wrong with him?

Give me the keys.

Lock all the doors.

Lady, who is out there?

If he gets in here,
we're all as good as dead.

Okay, stop playing.

You're just trying
to scare us, right?

Namnit. Namnit.

He's got his scythe.

Oh, Jesus.

What's he doing up there?

Tryin' to get in.

What is that?


It's a story about a missing couple.

"Officer Lawdale and his wife
were reported missing."

He's gonna kill us.

"Their car was found"

"at a deserted farmhouse
off Highway 82."

We were at Highway 82.

Is this the farmhouse?

I expect it was.

Get back!


- Are you cut?
- No.

- Are you sure?
- No, I'm fine.

What are we dealing with here?


Some folks call him the Tin Man.

They say he only goes
after the guilty.

She means us.

I'm only sayin' what some folks say.


There's something written on it.

"Welcome to my house.

"House rules: Rule number one..."

"God came into my house,
and I killed him."

"Rule number two"

"I will kill anyone who comes
into my house, like I killed God."

"Rule number three, give me..."

"Give me one dead body
before sunrise,"

"and I'll let rule number two slide."


It's okay.

No, it's okay, Steph.

This is probably just
some kind of sick prank, right?

Some prank.

He's not playing.
He was shooting at us.

Can he get in from up there?

Not if Stewart bolted
the upstairs windows.

The attic's sealed up good.

Where do you keep your guns?

Stewart keeps some hunting rifles
in the basement.

Show me where.

Show me where the basement is!

Randy, just stay calm.

If he is locked out,
maybe we can just wait him out.

We saw a cop on the highway.

Maybe he'll see our cars,
and he might come and find us.

I'm not waiting
on "maybes" and "mights."

Where's the basement, old lady?

Jack's right. We can't panic.

If this really is a game

we have to stick together
and figure it out.

You listen to them?

You don't even want to know
what they called you.

You got
any more guns down there?


But by my reckoning,
we only need one.

Well, I'm getting one.

I said we only need one!

Easy, man.

Now you back up!

- Easy!
- Back up, bigshot!

Get back in there!

What are you doing, man?

Hey, easy.

He was just trying to protect us.

What's Tin Man want this time?

One dead body 'fore sunrise.

Let's give him Mr. Bigshot here.

Hey, easy.

Cut it out. What are you doin'?

Look at him.
He's as frightened as a jackrabbit.


please tell Stewart to stop.

Better hold up.

'Cause if you shoot one of 'em

we'd have to kill 'em all.

Let's put 'em in the meat locker.

Not as quick,
but it'll do the job.

- You can't be serious.
- Move!

Go on. Get in there.

You, too, girlie. Come on.

Why are you doing this?
We haven't done anything!

You brought trouble.

You brought it here
like a dog carryin' fleas.

Sorriest bunch of sinners
I ever see'd.

You're not gonna leave us in here.

We'll come and get you,
maybe in a week ortwo.

I ought to finish you off
right now, Randy boy.

Randy boy.

You're such a little girl!

You ain't nothin'.

Randy, grab the ax!

Stephanie, get out of here!

Steph, go!

You ain't gettin' away clean.

You're all as good as dead!

There are guns downstairs!
Let's go!


Oh, my God.

We can't forget the girls.

Guns first, then the girls.

Come on.

Jack, where are you?!

Wait a second.
Did you hear that?

Yeah. They're bustin' out.

Let's go.

This way.



These freaks worship the devil.

God, it's black magic.

It's a tunnel.

The door's locked.

Find me something
to bust through.

There's no reflection.

Yeah, it's a trick mirror.

No, it's not.

There's something wrong
with this place, man.

I'm going back for Stephanie.

That freak's still got
a shell in his gun!

Randy, they're coming!



You gonna let him in?

Not yet.

The door to the south passage
is open.

Check it.

I'm home!


Show me where you are.

Show me.

Sweetie, eat your pie.
It's yummy. Love, Uncle Pete.


Eat your pie, sweetie.

I bought it special for you.

You're a good girl.

It's our little secret.

That's a good girl.

There's more.

Busy Jack.

Busy, busy Jack.

Over here.

Daddy, will you come skate
with me?


I'm sorry, sweetie.
Daddy's in the middle of something,

but Mommy will take you.

Please, Daddy?

- Mommy's always too busy.
- Stop typing.

Well, it's her turn.

Daddy, please?

Steph, Melissa wants to go outside!

Can you take her?

Just a second! I'm on a call!

I know.

Melissa, where are you?!

Stephanie, listen to me!
What happened?!

Where's Melissa?!

Kill her. She let Melissa die...

- Stop it! What happened?!
- She let Melissa die!

Do something!


Over here.


I'm sorry. I'm not gonna hurt you.

My name is Jack.

What's yours?


Hi, Susan.

Melissa's okay.

What did you say?

You were calling for her.

It's okay.

It's just a fuse.

It's him.

He likes the dark.


Tin Man.

We have to keep moving,
or he'll find us.

Come on.

How'd you get down here?

He's close. He'll hear you.


Randy boy.


Randy boy, do like I taught you.

There he is.

Oh, baby!

Look, son, there he is.

Boy, shoot him! Go on!

You pathetic little wimp!

You're like a little girl!

What's wrong with you, boy?

I'm sorry.

Look at me
when I'm talkin' to you, boy!

Do like I taught you!

Come on now.


Where are you?!

You're forgetting the game, boy.

I'm not forgetting anything.

Losing your father
made you strong.

Listen to me.

Jack will kill you
if you don't kill him first.

Those shots came from back there.
Come on.

No, we can't go back.

No. Look, Susan.

You can trust me, okay?

All right?

Come on.

Don't you like Ma's pie?

Don't you like my room?

I made it specially for you,
just the way I knows you'd like it.

You're pretty.

I don't like it, Pete.

I'm sorry, Pete.

Do you like me?

Well, I don't know you, Pete.


I mean,
I did have an uncle named Pete.

But I don't talk to him anymore.

I want to marry you.

You don't know me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Pete.

So you and Stewart and Betty,
you're all family?

Ma killed a man once,
just like you did.

Temptation's the worst sin of all.

Twistin' folks' minds to get them
to do what you want.

Sleepin' in their beds!

I use my life experience
to help people, you pig!

I took what you did to me,
and it made me strong!

I'm glad you're dead!

I should have killed you sooner!

You're guilty as sin!

Wait. Did you hear that?




Jack, be careful.

You'll get lost,

or worse.

Jack, that way leads to where he is.

You are temptation.

No, I'm not.

Leave me alone!

Say it. Say you're guilty.

Jack, you don't have much time left.

Guilty... as sin.

Say it.

You're so pretty.

You're temptation.

Say it!

Kill him!

Jack, stop!

Beat his brains in! Kill him!


Please kill him.

What's happening to us?

Jack, they know things about me.

Who's she?

Susan. I found her
hiding in a locker.

What if she's one of them?

No, she's not.
She was hiding from Tin Man.

Jack, Betty seemed okay at first.

You think I'm bad, Jack?


No, I don't, Susan.

Look out!

I see you found her.

The little loudmouth!

Thinks she knows a way out.

Leave her alone!

Get out of here!

Get out!

Jack, come on!

Two hours till sunrise... Randy boy.

New skates, a new coat,
and new mittens.


Where's Susan?

I tried to keep
my Uncle Pete away at night.

I did.

I tried to push my bed
against the door, but.

I'm sorry I killed him.


Thank you.

We should probably
go find the others, right?


Jack will kill you
unless you kill him first.

Where are you, Randy boy?

Who ain't nothin' now, huh?

You were right.
They do know things about us.

I just saw my daughter drown

while Stephanie was on the phone
with her agent.

Jack, you two
went through therapy, right?

Yeah, tons. It didn't fix us.

- Be careful.
- Yeah.

You okay?

I fell through.

I thought I was dead.

I saw Melissa.

Who's Melissa?

My daughter.

But she's dead.

She's not the only one.

I blew away that lunatic Stewart.

We don't have to worry
about him anymore.

Where's Jack?

The coward ran off.

Hey, I know that door.
It's a way out.

Come on.


"Give me one dead body
before sunrise,"

"and I'll let
rule numbertwo slide."

Well, I've been in counseling
since I was thirteen.

Maybe they got a hold
of our case files.

At least
it's a rational explanation for this.


You saw what came
out of that woman's head.

There's nothing rational
about this place, Leslie.

This place is hot as hell.

It's 'cause we're
in the boiler room.

Watch out!


Open the door!

Open the door, man!

Here, put this on!

Open the door, man!

Give him back his jacket,
you tramp!

Randy, please not now!

Give it back!

Man, what's wrong with you?!

You saw us in there!

It looks like you found a gun.

And all we gotta do now
is find a way out of here then right?

I found a way out.

One dead body before dawn.

What's goin' on here?

I don't know what's going on here,
but that's not me.

No, Randy, don't listen to him.

He's trying to play you, man.

- Put the gun down, and we'll talk.
- Shoot him, Randy.

- Shoot him!
- Randy, put the gun down!


No, you gotta kill him, Randy!

Jack, is that you?

No, that's not him, Stephanie!
Can't you see that?

If you're real, look at your hand!

How come you're leakin' smoke?

You see?

He's just like Betty,
Stewart, and Pete!

No, it's impossible.
This isn't happening.

Steph, this isn't real.

Look, ask me anything!

Ask me about the cabin!

I remember the cabin!

And Melissa! I remember Melissa!

Remember when we bought skates
for her birthday?

Melissa's here. I've seen her.

She's punishing me.
I saw her, Jack.

That's 'cause you killed her, Steph.

You killed our daughter.

Shut up!

You should kill her, Jack.

No, I never could!

Kill them, Randy.

Kill them both!

Randy, evil leaks
black smoke, right?

No, Randy, don't listen to him!

He's lying!

I can prove that I'm real.

Now do you see? That settles it.

Kill them, Randy.

He's leaking smoke, too.

- Kill them both!
- They both are!

- Shoot 'em, Randy!
- They're evil, Randy!

You're trying to trick me!

This is impossible.

Shoot 'em!

You're both liars!

You're both evil!

Randy, put the gun down!

You're both trying to trick me!

I'm gonna kill you both!

He's wearing you out!

He's making murderers
out of all of you.

He's using the house against you.

Steph, this is Susan.

Thank God.

He's coming.

Hurry. We have to leave, or else
something terrible will happen.

Please listen to me!

Hey! Who's down there?

I'm an officer of the law.

- It's the police!
- Go!

Come on.

Get us out of here
before they kill us!

You're goin' straight to hell!

Get out of here! Go!

Who was that?

Door's locked.
How did you get in?

I came through the garage!

- Let's go!
- This way!

Come on!

Let's get out of here!

Jack, I've seen this truck before,
at the wreck.

Steph, come on!

Open the door!

You got him!

Randy, be careful.

You killed Tin Man.

He's still movin'.

You girls okay?


He's chained up.

Hey, why's he chained?

The cop from the wall

with the missing wife.


He was shooting at you.

You were on the bridge
with Betty and Stewart.

You set us up.

Who are you?

Get back inside.

God came to my house,
and I killed him.

I will kill anyone who comes
into my house, like I killed God.

Give me one dead body
before sunrise and you walk.

You're thinking, "lf I had
only driven on to Montgomery."

Could one more lousy counseling
session have been so bad?

There's almost nothing
about Mr. Pig that you like.

Please let me go.

You're only with him for the money.

That's right!

Hell will be their leash
for eternity.

Look at me
when I'm talkin' to you!

You all belong to this house
as much as they do!

You're all as guilty as sin.

In this house, you don't have
a station of your own

to curl up nights.

You're all guilty as sin.

Are you willing to do what it takes

to walk your mortal soul
out that front door,

for a lifelong reset?

Three minutes

before sunrise.

One dead body.

Lawdale played your game,

and you didn't let him walk.

Mrs. Lawdale survived
for two minutes after sunrise.

Don't make the same mistake.

Finish my game!

He's a liar!

He breaks his own rules.

You don't have to listen to him.


were not invited.

Jack, trust me.

Don't listen to her.

You listen to me.

Light destroys darkness.

- What light?
- There is no light.

What light are you talking about?

What light, Susan?

No! No!

Leave her alone!

This is my house.

I'm the one he wants.

Kill her! The innocent!

Kill it!

Kill her. Kill the girl.

You don't have to listen to him.

His rules mean nothing.

Do you have what it takes

Randy boy?

No, Randy, don't! No!

Come on. You can do it.

Stephanie, you gotta get loose!

Do it and belong to him.


Jack, just listen to me.

I know you blame me
for Melissa's death.

I blame myself.

Steph, that doesn't matter
right now.

Just listen to me.
I saw the truth tonight.

I saw how I really was.

If anybody has to die
to set it straight, just let it be me.

- It's okay.
- No!

Kill the girl, Randy!

Kill her!

It's the only way out!

You have to kill her, Randy!

- Randy!
- Kill her!

Kill her!

I'm pure... evil.

One hundred percent.

I want to marry you!


You stay away from me!

Don't touch me!

Someone has to die.

You're right.

You belong to him.

You both do.

Now I'm gonna kill you.

Go ahead.

Who are you?


I'm not Melissa,

but she's safe, and she loves you.

You were not invited.

This is my house.



Light destroys darkness.

The light.

She's gone.

You can't bring her back.

And you're next.

Come on.

Let's go. Watch out!

Don't look back!

Help us!

- Hey, officer!
- Help us!

Excuse us.

Come on.

Wait a minute.
This wasn't here before.

Excuse me, officer.

Down the road,
there's a house back there.

It looks like a Mustang blew a tire
and sideswiped a Beemer...

You left your lights on.

Then it flipped.

- Wait. That's not what happened.
- Crushed the door shut.

Now here's the sad part.

I don't think we're
the only lucky ones, either.

The occupants were probably alive
when the gas tank ignited.

Oh, man, that's really bad.

We I.D.'d the driver.

Businessman from Tuscaloosa.

Owned some hotels
outside of Birmingham.

Gal was his girlfriend.

We got two more bodies back here.

Jack, look.


Get away from her!

We were in a house.

An awful house.

I know, but we got out.

She saved us.

She said...

She said Melissa was safe,

and she loves you.

I love you.