Hounded (2022) - full transcript

A stately home robbery takes an evil turn one night when a gang of young thieves are caught by the owners of the house and then hunted across the estate for the proprietor's entertainment

(car alarm ringing)

- [Woman] We're gonna be late.

(car engine revs)

- Going.



(car door bangs)

(car door bangs)

We'll be right back.

- God forbid college boy

gets his hands dirty.

- He probably has
homework to do.

See anything, you
know the score.

(alarm beeping)

Guard dog, guard dog!

(dogs barking)

Get it off, get it off!

Hello, hello, gorgeous.

- Ugh, I hate dogs.

- [Vix] What you doing?

- [Leon] Let's just get it done.

- [Tod] Who buys junk like this?

- Rich pricks.

More money than sense.

What you doing?

We're here for the
painting, nothing else.

Go see where Leon is.

- [Tod] That's worth 25k?

- That's what we'll get.

Worth 10 times for
the right buyer.

Bag it up.

(suspenseful music)

- Oh, shit!

(car engine revs)

- [Leon] Yeah?

- [Chaz] They're back.

The fam is back.

- Gig's up, go, go, go!

- [Vix] Shit.

(dogs barking)

- [Husband] I knew we'd be late.

- [Wife] It's upstairs, I think.

(dog whimpering)

- [Husband] That woman
would forget her head

if it wasn't screwed on.

Good girl, come
on, in the kitchen.

Come on.

(car horn beeping)

- [Wife] Actually, it's
in the sitting room.

(door bangs)

(car engine revs)

- [Vix] That shit was close.

It's self-defense.

- Not when you're in
their house, it's not.

Way I see it, it's a choice

between knocking some
chump on the head

or doing a stretch.

Ain't no choice at all.

- My gig, my rules.

If you don't like
them, you can walk.

(dogs barking)

- [Tod] Someone get
this thing off me!

(car door bangs)

- [Chaz] We good?

- Now I'm good.

Get us of here, bro.

(car engine revs)

(suspenseful music)

- French, 19th century.

The lizard represents
new beginnings,

a shedding of old habits.

(bell dings)

A symbol.

(bell dings)

A symbol of a true survivor.

It teaches us that
we can be transformed

and transcend our wounds.

- You'll have them shipped

to the usual address?

- Of course.

A pleasure doing
business with you.

(bell dings)

- [Chaz] What's her problem?

- Aristocracy.

They fear what they
don't understand.

Is that for me, Charlie?

- It's Chaz.

- Ottoman Warriors.

Mid 18th century.


I do have more work

I could put your way.

- Not interested?

- Are you sure?

- What's the gig?

- This is easy money.

- We're done.

- See, you later, old man.

(doorbell rings)

- [Vix] Yeah, what was that?

(all laughing)

- Shut up.

- That is a total fluke, man.

Are you joking?

Nice one, man.

- [Tod] Yes, my friend.

- [Vix] The old man say anything

about the next gig?

- Yeah, I turned it down.

- [Vix] What?

- Look, this was only ever

about putting my
brother through uni.

You two knew that.

This money's going to get him

through uni debt free.

Get him off the manor for good.

- Yeah, and what about us?

- You ain't my
responsibility, Vix.

- I can't believe

you're shutting us down, man.

We got a good thing going here,

something we're good at.

- You could get a job.

- What, go legit?

Doing what?

Fucking zero-hour contracts?

I'd rather be a thief
than work for one.

So that's that.

After all, we've been through?

I thought we were blood.

- What, you agree with her?

- He said it would
be easy money.

Yeah, easy by him,
we take all the risk.

Look, you're supposed
to be the smart one.

You're better than this.

Better than us.

- I'm not better than anyone.

- So what you saying?

- I'm saying we do the gig.

We get the money and we
move off the manor together.

- Come on, man, let's do this.

(suspenseful music)

All right, knobhead?

(door banging)

(car engine revs)

- - [Tod] So what is a
ceremonial hunting knife?

- What do you think it is?

It's a knife used in a ceremony.

- Okay, then what's a ceremony.

- How long you lived
in this country?

You still dunno what it means.

- It's a special occasion,

like a wedding.

- Then why I call
it a wedding knife?

- Does that look like
it's used to cut a cake.

It's an antique, you div.

- It's a wedge in
your pocket, Tod.

That's all you got
to worry about.

(electronic music)

Big man, you're up.

(chains clanking)

- Whoa, this is massive!

No way!

(car engine revs)

- [Vix] Are you sure
there's no one home?

- [Chaz] My guy says
the family's away.

Off skiing, apparently.

- [Vix] Sounds about right.

- [Leon] Wow, I
wonder who lives here?

Prince Andrew?

- [Chaz] Probs his cousin.

You know, these lot
are all related.

(Tod laughs)

- It's gonna take all night

to search this gaff.

We could use an
extra set of eyes.

- Yes, she's right.

- We'll manage.

(door banging)

- Come on, bro, I'm
done waiting in the van.

Lemme help.

- You stay by my side.

- Yes!

- Hey, it's about time
you popped your cherry.

(Chaz chuckles)

(owl hooting)

(door creaking)

(alarm beeping)

Who are you expecting?


- Relax, we're miles
away from any village.

No one can hear us.

(owl hooting)

(eerie music)

- Whoa!

- Right, me and Chaz will
take the second floor.

You two start down here

and we'll meet in the middle.

- [Chaz] What the fuck?

- [Leon] Keep moving, bro.

(door creaking)

- Keep looking.

- [Leon] Imagine
bumping into that

in the middle of the night.

- [Chaz] Can't be worse
than some of the girls

you brought home.

- Yeah.

- [Chaz] What is it
with rich white folks

and having dead
animals on the wall?

You want me to get Tod?

- Nah, we'll check
the rest first.

- [Tod] This lot ever
heard of a Kindle?

- [Vix] Like you ever read!

- [Tod] Hey, I have an iPad.

- Yeah, scrolling through
Pornhub don't count as reading.

- Look, I can read, you know?

It just needs to be
something I'm interested in.

- What? Like this?

I heard it's got everything.
- Vix.

- Love, hate,
sacrifice, betrayal.

- Vix!

- Vix, don't mess with
that, it ain't right.

- You're the one who
ain't right, mate.

It's only a book.

I'm gonna check upstairs.

(suspenseful music)

(eerie music)

- Tod!

- Screw that.

(eerie music)



Yo, what's good?


We're not alone.

- [Vix] Bingo.

(mobile phone ringing)

What's up?

- [Leon] Get downstairs,
we're bailing.

- What?


- [Leon] Just do it.

- Man needs to chill.

- Vix, Vix!

- [Tod] Shine torch.

- [Chaz] Come on, let's go.

- That's what I'm talking about.

- Hello, suits you.

(iron clicking)

(phone ringing)

(phone ringing)

- Oh, what's going on?

(eerie music)
(Leon screaming)

- Looks like you
picked the wrong house.

(punch thuds)

(gentle music)

(guys screaming)

- Let's get on with
this, shall we?

I understand you're all
a bit disorientated.

But bear with us and
everything will become clear.

(guys crying)

Last night you made
the unfortunate mistake

of breaking into
my ancestral home.

Now I could have called the
police and had you arrested.

But as I'm sure you are aware,

our criminal justice system
is at best ineffective

and at its worst, a
total embarrassment.

I've always said that
when a job needs doing,

one must do it oneself.

(guys crying)

You see, there is
a natural order.

An order which has guided the
people of this small island

to the very peak
of civilization.

There were rulers and
there were the ruled.

But then you people, the
working classes, huh.

There used to be a
nobility in your struggle.

Now all you do is
beg for handouts.

And when you don't
get what you want,

(eerie music)

you feel you have
the right to take it.

No, don't worry.

This is not an execution.

Where's the sport in that?

- Careful, ma'am.

(Leon groaning)

- Oh, come on now.

Let's not get
ahead of ourselves.

Well, I think that's it.

Good luck and Godspeed.

(birds tweeting)

(guys crying)

(car engine revs)

- You said the gaff
was empty, man.

- I was given bad intel.

- We walked right
into that shit.

How did they get you?

- They tasered me in the dark.

- I never saw 'em coming.

- They took my phone.

- Oh, shit, mine,
too, and my wallet.

- So they know who we are.


- Piss, they sprayed
us with piss.

- What the?

That's rank.

(suspenseful music)

- This doesn't make
any sense, bro.

Why did they let us go?

Why did they wish us luck?

(birds tweeting)

- Oh, this is messed up, man.

I really ain't about
this Bear Grylls shit.

- Huh, I love Bear Grylls.

- All we need to do

is find a road and head out.

- Yeah, I don't
see no roads, Chaz.

- Whoa, whoa, wait, wait.

We could build a compass.

- We'd be better off
letting you pray for help.

- No, look, look.

You take needle, okay?

You rub it on forehead.

You then place it on a leaf

and it tells you
which way is north.

- And then what?

- Well, then you know
which way north is.

- And which direction is London?

- I don't know.
- Then think.

What good is it having a
compass if you don't know

which direction you're
going in the first place?

- Let's keep moving, guys.

(sombre music)

- [Vix] They'll be having
us drinking our own piss

in a minute.

- [Tod] There's no way
I'm drinking my own piss.

- [Vix] I'll make
you, fucking nettle!

- [Leon] Let's roll.

(cow moos)

- [Chaz] That might be a river.

- What?

- Did you hear that?

I was pretty sure
I heard something.

- Wait, I can hear it.

- Sounds like a car, right?

- Yeah, we might be closer

to a road than we thought.

- Wait, I hear bass.

- It's not bass.

- What's that?

(bugle calls)

- It's a fox hunt.

- Hey, hey!

- What're you doing?

Shut up.

- They might know
a way out of here.

- Wait, I thought fox
hunting was banned.

- It is.

(dogs barking)

- So what they hunting?

(bass heavy music)
- Run!

(dogs barking)

(horse neighing)

- Hurry up!

- Oh, shit.

(water splashing)

Guys, I can't swim.

- You have no choice.

I've got him.

Just go, go!

- I can't.

- Look, it's the
river or the dogs.

You decide?

- Let's go, hurry up!

(water splashing)

- Come on, give me your hand.

- Lovely day for it.

Oh, don't tell me
you're tired already.

- Fuck you.

- This is what we like to see.

- Boys, get the
fuck out of here.

- That's right.

You run along,
we'll catch up soon.

- Let's go.

- [Remington] You're not
wrong about the quarry, hm.

- I told you they'd
be good sport.

- Their kind were born running.

- What do you think, Aunt Kat?

I'm told red is my colour.

- We'll find out soon enough.

The hounds?

- They're all good, ma'am.

Good to go.

We'll cross the river
about half a mile up

and pick the scent up again.

- I don't see the logic in
giving them a head start.

- Patience, boy, that's
the thrill of the chase.

- And trust me,
they won't get far.

(bugle calls)

(dogs barking)
(dogs howling)

(all groaning)

- What the fuck is going on?

I mean, can you
believe this shit?

- You all right?

Do you see anyone?

(breathing heavily)

- Don't give me that rules shit.

- Fuck the rules, tool up.

- They ain't gonna stop.

- Then we don't stop.

(sombre music)

- All right, let's
head towards the trees.

- That ceremonial knife,

we weren't supposed
to find it were we?

- They knew we were coming.

- So the old man set us up.

I'm sorry, bro.

This wouldn't have
happened if it wasn't.

- Hey, don't even go there.

The old man's going to get
what's coming to him, trust.

At least we're off the manor.

- I was thinking
more Notting Hill.

(both laughing)

- Ah, you motherfucking
piece of shit.

- Whoa, I think
that's the first time

I've ever heard you swear.

- Whoa, wait, my
crucifix is gone.

- [Leon] Let's keep going, guys.

- It ain't like he's helping us.

In case you hadn't realised,
we're being hunted.

(metal thuds)
(eerie music)

- What the?

What the fuck is this?

- That's a bear trap.

(metal thuds)


- [Leon] Nobody move.

- What the fuck is wrong
with these people, man?

- All right, eyes on the
ground floor, follow my steps.

(bugle calls)

- Fuck this!

- Tod, Tod, Tod, Tod!

(Vix screaming)

(suspenseful music)

(dogs barking)

- I told you they
wouldn't get far.

(dogs barking)

- Hurry up, they're coming!

(all groaning)

(dogs barking)

- [Vix] Come on, get up!

(Tod crying)

- Oh God!
(dogs barking)

- Come on, come on!

(metal cracks)

- [Chaz] Come on, let's go!

Let's go!

- Come on, give me your hand.

Give me your hand.

- Go, go, go, go!


(dogs barking)

- Leon, give me your hand.

Give me your hand.

(teeth crunching)

- Aargh!

- Leon, come on!

Pull yourself up, Leon.

Leon, come on.

Leon, pull yourself up!

- You're gonna be all right.

You're gonna be all right.

- Pull yourself up.

Leon, no!

Leon, no!

(both crying)

No, no, no, no!

(gentle music)

- I'm gonna kill
every one of them.

(Tod groans)

We find some proper
weapons and we go back.

Slaughter them like
the pigs they are.

- I don't want to murder anyone.

- It ain't murder, it's revenge.

An eye for an eye.

You've heard of that, right?

It's in the Bible.

- Well, I just want to go home.

- What, and let them
get away with it?

- Tod's right.

- Don't tell me you don't
want to rip their heads off!

- Of course, I do.

There's too many of them.

- And Leon?

- Leon would have wanted
us to get out of here.

We get payback on our
terms, not theirs.

(gentle music)

- One down, three to go.

- Ugh.

- What's wrong, boy?

- Nothing.

- Spit it out, boy.

- Truth be told,

I expected things to be
a little more hands on.

- You'll get your chance.

(eerie music)
(Leon groaning)

- It looks like
we've got a live one.

- Wait.

(Katherine clicks fingers)


- Why?

- This country used
to be ruled by lions.

Now it is led by lambs.

As far as we're concerned,

lambs are only
good for one thing.

- Slaughter.

(Leon groans)

(blood splattering)

- Don't you dare waste
a moment like this

looking through a lens.

- [Katherine] Your
father's right.

- This is tradition.

- It's tradition
that makes us strong.

Wear this blood with pride.

It is your birthright.

He was right.

Red is his colour.

- Congratulations, son.

May it be the first of many.

- Hear, hear.
- Hear, hear.

(sombre music)

- Go on, give me your hand.

Wrap that round the back.

All right?
- Yeah.

- I told you it was a road.

- At last.

- Yeah, but which way do we go?

- Let's get the
fuck out of here.

- Wait, someone's coming.

- Thank God.

- Wait, Tod, it
could be one of them.

- The fucker in the 4x4.

(car engine revs)

(door slamming)

- Red one, red one.

This is Mallory.

Looks like we found one of them.

I'm over at Bench Hill.

A girl, looks like.

Don't know where the others are.

- Good, we're heading your way.

- Yes, milady.

(suspenseful music)
- Right.

Well, well.

What happened to you, my lovely?

- Boo!

(metal thuds)

- Come on, let's go!

(Mallory groaning)

- Vix, let's go so that we
can get the fuck out of here.

- Vix, Vix!

(Mallory groaning)

- Come on, bro, punch it.

- Where the fuck are the keys?

He must have them.

- Can't you just
hot-wire this shit?

- Yeah, I need to open this.

- We need those keys.

- He's not gonna give it to us.

- I'm ain't planning
on asking nicely.

(suspenseful music)
(bugle calls)

- Fuck, fuck, bro, come on.

We've got to run.

(Mallory groaning)

Come on, come on, let's
head over to the trees.

(dog whimpering)

(horse neighing)

- You okay there, Mallory?

- Yeah, ma'am, I'm fine.

Smart ones, these bastards.

One of them played possum,
the other blindsided me.

- Bloody ambush.

- We're lucky they
didn't take the car.

They'd be long gone by now.

- No, sir, that'd never happen.

- Good man, now get
yourself patched up.

The show must go on.

- Look, they're tyre tracks.

There must be a farm near here.

- They might have car.

- Yeah, or a phone.

- Who you gonna call?

- The fucking Ghostbusters.

Who do you think?

The police!

- Leon's dead, what good is
it bringing feds into it?

- But we have no
clue where we are.

- Listen, you may be clean
but we have priors, yeah.

They gonna start asking
what we're doing up here

and we end up doing time.

I won't let them
lock me up, Chaz.

- They'll have a
car or something.

We'll make our own way out.

(bugle calls)

- How do they keep finding us?

- Shit.

- It's me.

Look, I'll lead them away.

- No, look, we should
just stay together.

- No, no, no.

I'll double back, I'll
follow the tracks.

I'll meet you at the farm.

Trust me, I can do this.

See you there.

- All right, you'd better.

- Go, go!

(dramatic music)

- Ah!

(dogs barking)

(metal clattering)

I don't think anyone's home.

- Reckon you can
start that motor?

- No, I'm gonna need some keys.

Where did you learn to do that?

- Stepdad used to beat the
shit out of us growing up.

Then he'd lock us in

until the bruises cleared.

One night after God
knows how long trying,

I managed to spring
the lock in my room.

- Did you run away?

- The fuck I did.

I poured boiling water on
his balls whilst he slept.

That's the last time anyone
ever laid a hand on me or Mum.

And the last time

anyone ever locked me up.

(grass rustling)

(water splashing)
(Tod groaning)

(dogs barking)

- Right, ma'am, I reckon
their trail split.

- Then so must we.

- Miles and I will head
east, travel light and fast.

Fetch me the hound

with the finest nose, will you?

- We'll head west
and circle round.

- Ready when you are, sir.

(dogs barking)

(eerie music)

- Let's find those keys.

(dramatic music)

That's what I'm talking about.

(gun clicking)

(door creaking)

- Whoa.

(Vix chuckles)

Relax, Charlie,
there's no shells.

- Don't call me that.

- What's wrong with Charlie?

It's your name, innit?

- Only my mum called me Charlie.

- This is all my fault.

Leon was done.

He'd paid my fees.

He was ready to walk.

Now he's dead 'cause of me.

Tod's somewhere out
there because of me

and we're stuck
here, because of me.

All of it is on me.

- Listen, I ain't all
about rubbing your back

and telling you that
everything's gonna be okay.

Yeah, that just ain't me.

We're in the shit here, bro.

And I ain't sure how we're
going to get out of it.

One thing I do know
for absolute certain

is Leon didn't do shit
that he didn't wanna do.

We all knew the risks.

Well, not crazy motherfuckers
on horseback level risk,

but you get me.

This ain't on you.

Thinking it is only gonna

put a weight on your shoulders

that you can't afford to
be carrying right now.

You hear me?


(door creaking)

(dogs barking)
(dogs whimpering)

- They've found something.

Go on, leave it,
leave it, leave it,

leave it, leave it,
leave it, leave it.

What the devil?

Well, Uncle, we seem to
have been led astray.

Now that's downright sly.

- What the fuck?

- Chaz, get your arse in here.

(suspenseful music)

- This is good.

(birds tweeting)

- [Katherine] Mallory?

- Oh, ma'am.

(phone beeps)

- [Katherine] The trail
has gone cold our end.

Any luck down river?

- Oh, no, I'm as
far as Peel Bridge.

They can't have got this far.

- [Katherine] Agreed,
make your way back

to the rendezvous point and
we'll catch up with my brother.

- All right, ma'am.

(phone beeps)

Oh, bollocks.

(eerie music)

- All right, you
little bastards!

(car engine revs)

- Tell me what you see.

- Fresh tracks,
heading right inside.

- [Hugo] Tremendous.

- [Miles] So now what?

- Now we've located our quarry,
we must flush it out here.

♪ Three little piggies ♪
- Shit.

♪♪ In a house made of bricks ♪

- These guys are whacked.

- It took you till now
to figure that out.

♪ So they wouldn't
have to worry ♪

♪ About the wolf
and his tricks ♪

I think that got
their attention.

You hold here.

I'll go around the back
and chase them out.

You have the blade?


Whistle, if they
bolt, you blow hard.

- Shouldn't we wait
for the others?

- Share the prize?

They're nothing.

You're worth a dozen
of every one of them.

- Forgive me, Father.

- Listen, you're turning into
a man before my very eyes.

I couldn't be more proud of you.

- He's going round the back.

- Is the door locked?

(eerie music)

- [Vix] Grab the gun
and watch that door.

- But it's not loaded.

- [Vix] They don't know that.

(dog barking)

(dog growling)

(door clattering)

♪ Little piggies ♪

(spray splashing)

(dog whimpering)

(Vix gasps)

♪ Little piggies ♪

(sword scraping)

Let me in!

- [Vix] That door
won't hold forever.

- What's that for?

- To confuse the dogs.

- Turn on the gas.

(paper rustling)

- What you doing?

- Confusing the humans.

We need to take cover.

- Storeroom.

(door banging)

- Close it!

(metal clangs)

(door creaking)

- You know what happened

when the wolf became impatient?

He huffed.

(Hugo grunts)

- Father, I'm in.

- And he puffed!

(Hugo thuds)

(flames sparks)

And he blew the house down!

(whistle blowing)

(explosion bangs)

(eerie music)

- That came from the farm.

(Vix exclaims)

- [Hugo] Miles!

Miles, Miles!

(Chaz and Vix coughing)

(dogs barking)




(Hugo panting)

(Hugo groaning)

(Miles thuds)


Oh, my God, Miles, Miles!


- That was insane.

- I never meant to.

That was supposed
to be a distraction.

- Yeah, consider
them distracted.

Come on, let's get
the hell out of here.

- Holy shit!

Did you see that?

- Jesus Christ, see it?

Meet the twisted fire starter.

- Wait, that was you?

- Yeah.

- You made it back then?

- Man of my word.

- Yeah, right, come on.

Come on, bro, come on, bro!

(sombre music)

- Dear God.

- I underestimated our quarry.

It won't happen again.

(birds tweeting)

- Relax, the spray
covers your scent.

- Did they not have Lynx Africa?

Oh, wait, look, I
just remembered.

- Where'd that come from?

- It's one of theirs.

- Does it still work?

- I don't know.

- They must have some
sort of emergency channel.

- When are you going to
get it into your head?

We're on our own.

This is fighting
to survive here.

It's kill or be killed

Whatever it takes, man.

Wake the fuck up, Jesus!

- Hell of a thing to lose a son.

Is this going to be a problem?

- Hugo, this is a dog hunt.

- Listen to your sister, Hugo.

- I loved Miles like a son.

- This was his day,
and they killed him.

- Remember the code.

- Fuck the code!

- Mallory, leave him be.

There will be consequences.

Always are.

- No excuses, that was bad form.

So, what now?

- Wait, I recognise this place.

Where all the signs?

- They took 'em down.

- Fuck, oh, for fuck's sake!

Man, we're going
to die out here.

- Don't say that, all right?

We're going to get out of here.

- [Katherine] Can you hear me?

We know you have
Mallory's radio.

Oh, don't be shy, say hello.

- Maybe they don't have it?

- Oh, they've got it.

- You made quite the mess
of things here at the farm.

Was that your idea
of getting even?

- [Vix] Oh, we
ain't even started

on getting even, lady.

- There you are.

- We called for help.

Police are on their way.

- Oh, please, there's
nobody within range

who could possibly
be of assistance.

- Bullshit.

I have no reason to lie.

- Why are you doing this?

- You came into my
world, not I into yours.

You broke into my home

and now you are
paying the price.

But fear not, it
will be over soon.

- This isn't over until you
pay for what you did to Leon.

- [Katherine] You still
don't get it, do you?

This is my land.

All of it.

(eerie music)

You are trespassers and
you live or die by my hand.

There is no refuge.

There is no escape.

There is only the hunt.

- [Chaz] You're one sick
bitch, you know that?

- See you soon, Charlie.

- This shit is so fucked.

- Just calm down.
- Calm down?

Did you hear how
crazy that bitch is?

Are you joking?

- Took you this long
to figure that out?

- So now what?

- Yeah, he's right,
you're the smart one.

Now what?

- Okay look, we've
been running around

with no sense of direction.

If we get high enough, we
might be able to see something.

(eerie music)

- Are you sure
about this, Chazza?

- Only one way to find out.

- No, look, you
got a busted leg.

I'll do it, unless.

- No, you go for it.

When it comes to stunts of
death-defying stupidity,

I consider chivalry
alive and well.

- Okay, can you give me a boost?

- Yeah.

- Right, cool.
- Put your foot on there.

- Ready?
- Yep.

- Can you see anything?

- No, not yet.

I need to get higher.

- You thought about
what we're going to do

when we get out here?

Is he gonna be able to
keep his mouth shut?

I just hate the idea
of surviving this shit

only to fall foul of
his guilty conscience.

You know what I mean?

- I see something.

It's beyond those woods.

I think it's the
village that we passed.

- How far?

- Couple of miles.

- Hm.

- Chaz get down
quick, they're coming!

- Shit.
- Get down here.

- Come on, we need to
get to those trees.

Come on, bro, move
your skinny arse.

Come on!
- Come on.

- Quick!

- All right, let's go!

(car engine revs)

- Come on, come on.

- Stop, stop, ah.

- Just go, I'm slowing you down.

- Fuck that, man,
we're almost out.

- That don't look right, Chaz.

- I can't put weight
on it, just go!

You think we're
leaving you behind?

After everything
we've been through?

- They know we're here.

Come on, let's get him up.

- Go, go, go, go, go, go!

- Come, come on.

No, I'm too slow, just go!

- Listen, just keep heading
in that direction, okay.

The village is on the other
side of these trees, all right.

We'll catch up.

- No, no, I'm not
leaving you behind.

- Listen, we're making
it out of this together.

You're just going ahead.

- Yeah, what about us?

- We're done running.

(dogs barking)

- If they make it
through the forest,

they'll land on
top of the village.

- Hm.

- Amused?

- Impressed, I never thought
they'd make it this far.

- Hm.

- What the devil is that?

(both screaming)

- Come get us!

Come on, you inbred bastards!
- Come on!

You want us, you
come and get us!

Come on!
- Come on!

- In all my days, I've never
heard anything like it.

- Well, they've got heart.
- Come on!

- I'll give them that.

- Your running days are over.

It's an uncivilised weapon
for an uncivilised age.

(Tod grunts)

Something amusing you.

- Is it true what they
say about you people?

You all marry your cousins.

No wonder you're
so fucking insane.

- You have the audacity
to look down on me

when you're not even from here?

- No, I'm from Peckham.

(both grunting)

(gun fires)

- Tod.

- Hugo?

Damn fool.

- I'm sorry, ma'am, the dogs
are getting a bit snappy.

- They're tired.

- I know how they feel.

- I think it's time for you
to call it a day, Uncle.

- And our quarry?

- From now on, I hunt alone.

(eerie music)

- Come on, chop, chop.

- Sir.

It's been a while, sir.

Do you think ma'am is
gonna be all right?

- Of course, she's a Redwick.

- Right, sir.

- Dear God, this is barbaric.

- This is justice.

They're animals, nothing more.

- When we abandon civility,

we become no better than
the animals we hunt.

- They killed my boy.

- You turned your
back on the code.

On history, on tradition.

- Takes one bad dog
to ruin the hunt.

- That's the difference

between a hunter
and a fisherman.

A hunter lies in wait

and a fisherman waits and lies.

(all laughing)

Don't do anything rash.

- On your knees.

All of you.

Hand behind your heads.

- You are in a lot of trouble.

- What's up, you don't
like the taste of piss?

Tie 'em up.

All of them.

- So, what's your plan?

- Shut the fuck up.

Have you any idea who I am?

- Yeah, you're an antique.

I mean it, old man, get back!

- You're not going to shoot me.

You ever fired a gun?

Pulling the trigger is
much harder than it looks.

- There's more guns on my
estate than there is on yours.

Why won't you fucking die?

Release the hounds!

- We're almost out.

- We're not almost out anywhere,
we're surrounded by trees.

Watch where you're going.

- Come on.

- Watch the tree!

- Aargh!

We're nearly there.

We're nearly there!

- Chaz, slow down.

- Hold on, hold on.

- I'm holding on.

- Look out for the
lights from the village.

- I'm looking for the lights

but I can't see them.

- We're almost out.
- You're going too fast.

Chaz, I can't see where we're
going. Will you slow down?


- Fuck, hold on, hold on!

(Viz screams)

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm
sorry, this is gonna hurt.

Let's just, don't
move, don't move.

We're almost there.

We're almost there.

(gentle music)

No, come on, come on,
come on, Vix, come on

- Let me go, let
me go, let me go.

- Come on, Vix, please.

- Not me, man, I'm
done. I'm done.

Chaz, listen, I'm done, man.

Go, go.

- I'm not going.

- Not just from here, go.

Get off, get off
the manor, be good.

Swear you will, Charlie.

Swear that you will,
Charlie, swear it.

- I swear, I swear, I swear.

- Come on.

- Get out of here.

Go, fucking get out of here, go!

- The boy got away?

This stuff is
older than you are.

- Tastes rank.

- I agree.

- Where've you come from?

You're half frozen.

Are you okay?

Are you injured?

- This is not my blood.

- I'm gonna call the police.

Eddie, get the boy a drink.

- Who did this, son?

- They chased us.

- Who did?

- With dogs.

- Dogs, we'd better
lock this door, Jude.

- Come on, drink up,
you're safe with us.

You hungry?

- How about a bacon sandwich?


Now, that'll do nicely.

- Hey, don't you worry lad.

You'll be safe in here.

- Wait!

- Oh, shit!

- Help me, help
me, please help me.

- [Officer] It's all right,
everything's gonna be okay.

Let's get you back, see if we
can sort this bloody mess out.

I'm going to get you home.

It's all over

How many of your friends
did you say they were?

- Three.

- [Officer] Shit.

What you doing up here, anyway?

- Hey, you've gone
the wrong way.

- There've been a
lot of robberies

around here, lately.

- Where the fuck are we going?

- Where are you taking
me? Let me out now!

Get me the fuck
out of here, now.

Get me the fuck
out of here, now.

No, let me out now!

Let me out now!

Let me out.

Don't take me back.

- Can I get you anything?

A drink, a bite to eat?

- I don't want
anything from you.

Last night you were happy

to take what belonged to me.

But what's done is done.

You survived, I'm impressed.

- You earned it.

- That's blood money.

- I understand you're upset,
you lost friends today.

- They're not
lost, they're dead.

My brother is dead.

- We both lost a brother.

- You're just gonna let me walk?

- You have my word.

- I ain't leaving without Leon.

- Well, then you
won't leave at all.

- People are gonna
find out about this.

- About what?

- You could go to the police
and tell them your story.

But who will they believe?

- You think you
can cover this up?

- How adorable.

You don't think this hunt
was our first, do you?

And it certainly
won't be our last.

(car engine revs)

No one said losing was easy.

But it's dealing with the
loss that makes the man.

(suspenseful music)

(door banging)