Houdini's Hound (2003) - full transcript

What happened?
Nothing really happened.


Houdini's Hound

The Houdini Slave,
that's the name of the game.

It's like, I do dangerous things,
while Klara, my cousin, watches.


Drop dead.

The slave driver is sort of
the boss, but the slave is the hero.

It was a fighting dog.

A cross between
a pitbull and a German shepherd.



Of course,
not all boys are like him.

But Fredrik is the sort of boy
who always needs attention.

That's quite a challenge,
when he's like that all the time.

Stop it!

Didn't that Houdini guy
do dangerous things?

Don't you think it's dangerous
to be locked in a chest -

- and chained up under water...

People thought he would die.

Many thought he was a magician,
but he was an artist!

Houdini wasn't a slave, actually,-

- but Klara wants to be the boss,
therefore I'm willing to be flexible.

Is it deep enough now?


Houdini always manages to escape.

One can't choose one's cousins.

One sort of has to play with them
no matter what.

Are you trying to escape now?

- Can't you manage?
- Of course.

Poor Fredrik. He had sand
everywhere, but couldn't escape.

It wasn't my fault he couldn't do it.
And anyway, he was thirsty too!

I'm not thirsty!

I'll be back.

I don't want to be left alone!

I'll be right back.

You said you could escape from
anywhere. And now you're giving up?

I'm not giving up!

Wait, Klara!
I'll tell you a secret.

You can tell me afterwards.






Can someone help me?


That's what it's like to be a slave.
One is alone against everything.

And one is brave.

Go home!







I am Houdini!

Fredrik Houdini.

Typical Fredrik.

People who crave attention always
do it at the expense of others.

Girls are like that, you know.
They cry.

And we should comfort them.

Houdini usually
never reveals his secrets.

I don't want to play with a liar!

He makes up so many stupid stories.

OK, a kind of magic.

Then it turned out to be the dog
we had played with earlier.

Someone owns it,
and I wanted to bring it back.

Why don't you listen?
Wy can't you obey?

And then it bit me.

I just had to let go.

The dog?
I don't know.

It had some bone left to gnaw on.

It was a free spirit, I guess.

Subtitles: Nick Norris