Hotwired in Suburbia (2020) - full transcript

A widowed mother must help her teenage daughter escape a life of crime after she becomes embroiled in a dangerous scheme to steal luxury cars for her high school teacher.

Hurry up!

I'm going as fast
as I can.

No, you're not. You're milking
it to piss me off.

You're so paranoid.

Come on.


Slow down!

Come on.

Whoo! Baby!

How's it handle?

Steering's mushy,
front end alignment's soft,

and RPMs are running a bit hot.

My God. You're such a nerd.

Pull over, I want to drive.

Forget it.

I stole it, I get to drive it.

Come on, Em.
You always get to drive it.

But this is really fun.

- Crap.
- Just pull over.

It's okay, it's okay.
We'll be fine.

We're in a stolen car.

It's fine, okay?
Trust me.

I've talked my way out of
worse situations. Don't worry.

There's something
I didn't tell you.

I don't actually have
my driver's license.


My mom wouldn't even let me
take the test.

She's scared I'll die
in a crash.

Em, my God.
Are you kidding me right now?

I've got possible suspects.

What do we do?

Hang on.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

My God.

Holy crap.

I don't see them.

Em, where are we going to go?

Hang on.

That was awesome.

Yeah, I'm glad you liked it,

because we are so not
doing that again.

Yeah, right. Where have I
heard that before?

I'm serious, Max!
No more joyriding.

Okay. Jeez.
Bite my head off.

Can't a girl just have
a little fun?

I'm sorry she's
still in pieces, Dad.

Parts cost money and
minimum wage sucks.

Maybe you should ask
for more shifts.

They can barely afford to
keep me on as it is.

Maybe you should
look for a better job.

I need a car for a better job,
and a driver's license.

Nice try.

Is there something you
want to tell me?

Like how awesome of
a mom you are?

It's a school night, Em.

I'm sorry, I lost track of time.

Yeah, right. Well, I don't know
where you and Max go every night

but a little bit more
focus on the future

wouldn't hurt either of you.

Come on, don't you
have homework or something?

I already did it.

All right.

Well, just call next time
so I'm not worrying.

Anything else?

Yeah. Get your butt in bed,
it's almost 11.

Miss Wheeler, can I have a word?


First of all, you
can drop the attitude.

Second of all,

you're supposed to be
on the machine press today.

You have a project
due, remember?

You said I could
do engines first.

When you're
done your other work.

By the time I get back you
better be well on your way

to a lawn dart, young lady.

Lawn darts, really?
What a prick.

He just resents the fact that
I'm a better mechanic than him.

Really? Are you?

You've been here
for what? Two days?

So I forgive you for
not knowing that.

I see.

So you think you're the queen of
this little ant farm?

What do you say we...
we prove it to you?

Be my guest.

You're sure you're up for this?

Bring it, new guy.

Okay, neither of these
cars can start without a key.

On your mark, get set...


Yeah! That's the stuff!

Keep going. Keep going.


How the hell did you do that?

Powered the starter.

All right.


- I'm Dylan.
- Emily.

Nice ink.

You like? Got that
my first week in juvie.

So that's why I haven't
seen you around.

Not my finest six months.

What'd you do? Rob a bank?

Do you really have to ask?

My God. Is this where
tires come to die?

How did you even
find this place?

An old friend of my
dad's recommended it.

You can find any tire you want.

Yeah, well, the only thing we're
getting here is the evil eye.

Hi. I called about
the '70 Dodge Charger.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We got that.

- You sure you don't need two?
- I'm good.

- All right.
- Yeah. Here you go.

Yeah, cash only.

I don't have enough.
Can you spot me?

I'll pay you back as soon as
I get to an ATM.


Thank you.

All right.

God, this place is so weird.

- I love it.
- Of course you do.


You got it, you got it.



- Cool.
- Pleasure doing business.


- You got it?
- Yup.


The VIN number from that car
was missing.


So that's illegal.

I think that car was stolen

and they were stripping
it for parts.

Stop. You think Homeboy's
running a chop-shop in there?

What do you want to do?
Go get our money back?

No. It'll be twice as much
anywhere else.

Let's just go.

You sure you don't want
to drop off a resume?

Funny. Ha-ha!

Hey! I'm so sorry I'm late.

The bus driver wouldn't
wait for me

and then I had to take a cab
and there was traffic.


"Things are tight"?


You're like her best employee.

My mom will be happy.

She wanted me to get
a better job anyway.

Like what?
Stocking boxes?

Maybe you could
scrape gum off of

the bleachers at school.

Okay, it's not like I have
a lot of options.

I'm making a point.

Working more of these
crappy jobs

isn't going to get you anywhere.

You want me to go back to that
chop-shop, don't you?

Yes, I do.

I can't steal cars for money.

We're already stealing cars
for free.

Why not get
a little more out of it

other than just a good old
lady boner?

Come on!

What's the worst
that can happen?

We're underage, which means
we're practically untouchable.

If they catch us, we go to
juvie for a few months

and, you know, say hi to your
boyfriend's friends.

Big deal.

Okay, he's not my boyfriend.

Not yet.

Can we do this?

Just let me do all
the talking, okay?

And please, take the stick
out of your butt.

I don't think
I heard y'all right.

I think you did.

You trying to play me, girl?

We're just trying to do
a business deal, that's all.

You need inventory,
and let's be real,

you don't really care
where it comes from.

We can help with that.

As long as you're willing
to cut us in.

Y'all either real
stupid or cops.

And I know y'all ain't no cops.


Show 'em, Em.

Where is she going?

Just watch, okay?

No, hold up.

No, seriously, just wait.
Girl, do your thing.

I ain't got no
time for all of this, man.

Trust me. You're going to want
to see this, okay?

This is my shop.
You understand that?

- Just give her a second.
- So get you girl out of there.

I ain't got no time.

We should talk about money.

We were thinking a flat fee
of $500 per car to start.

What do you say?

Yeah. Okay.

Hit it, girl!

Let's see how fast
this one can go!

Push it!


Honey! Dinner.

Wash your hands, okay?

- Soap.
- Be right there.

How was school today?

I don't know, it's school.
What do you want me to say?

Well, how's the car
coming along?

Spending a lot of time in there.

I think I'm going to have to
rebuild the engine.

Sounds expensive.

Not really.
I can get cheap parts.

For a car like that?



I thought the point was
to fix it up.

You don't know anything
about cars, Mom.

That was your father's
area of expertise.

You know I'm not trying
to punish you, right?

Could have fooled me.

I just don't want you growing up
thinking that the only thing

that matters in life is how fast
you go from zero to 60.

Do we have to talk about
this right now?

- We never talk about this.
- You never talk about it!

Dad dies in a crash and suddenly
I'm not allowed to do

the one thing I actually
want to with my life.

It's not fair, Mom.


Maybe it's not.

And maybe you're right.

Look, I've been doing
some thinking.


I'm going to let you take
a driver's test,

but I do not want you
driving too fast.

And as long as you get straight
A's this semester.

- Mom.
- And not just in shop class...

Or industrial arts.

Why do grads matter so much?

You and Dad went to
community college.

Why do you act like if I'm not
on the honour roll,

then my life is over?

Because your father wanted
the best for you.

He didn't want you living in
the past, in his past,

obsessed with this damn car.

Em! Em!

I didn't...

It is an
impressive presentation.

Your words.

You know, cars are, um,
they're my passion.

Well, the passion is
certainly on the page.

Well, I'm glad you think so.

Unfortunately, I just don't
see how exotic car rentals

can generate enough income to
make sense on a balance sheet.

I... I hear you.

I do. Um...

I know that the margins
are not much,

but if you take a close
look at my estimates

you'll see that I've put a lot
of thought into this and...

I ran the numbers, Mr. Curnow.

So did I. So did I.
I... Many times.

I ran them twice.
And I'm... I'm sorry

but with your credit history...

Hold on now. I'm working
on that credit history.

That's something... I'm in
the middle of fixing.

With your current
credit history,

I... I just don't see
how I can help you.

And to be frank,

I don't know of any
bank that would.

I appreciate you time.

- Your artwork, Mr. Curnow.
- Yeah.

Throw that in the trash.

Sure you want to do that?

Do what?

Walk away from me?

Are we flirting?

'Cause I've been away for a
while and I'm a little rusty.

What do you think?

I think if you're not doing
anything Saturday night,

maybe we could hang out.

Is that a yes?

Emily was so good.
She hotwired the car.

Absolutely amazing. Look at
Em, she was going so fast.

I swear to God.

Mr. Curnow, I'm sorry.

What is so funny that you can't
watch where you're going?

I wasn't a part of it.

You got this, Em! Whoo!

- Go back to class.
- Okay.


Six stolen cars over two weeks,

all within a five mile radius.

We've got a new gang of car
thieves on our hands.

You're joking, right?

Is it really that bad?

Em, I know the military
thing is your look

but are you sure you want to
wear that on a date?

It's not a blind date, Max.

He's going to go blind if
he sees you in that.

What time is he
picking you up at?

Actually, I'm picking him up.

In what?
You don't drive.

No, you didn't.

Thought I may as well
make use of it, right?

Okay, I mean, picking up a
rando ex-con's not really

what I had in mind, but...

he will love you in that.

Cute, right?


Nice ride.

Going my way?

So there's a rumour
going around school

that you don't have
your license yet.

I don't.

♪ And how much time ♪

So, this is it.

My favourite spot.
Pretty cool?

Yeah, it's beautiful.

So, you like to drive fast,
Emily Wheeler?

I like speed.

Gives me freedom.

- Freedom?
- Yeah.

From... school,

my mom...


I like to be the only one
behind the wheel.

So you like to be in control?

And what you have... an
obsession with cars?

It's more of an addiction.

Yeah, I've been down that road.

And I'm going to take a wild
guess that this isn't yours.


Then whose?

I didn't get their name.


I thought you'd be impressed.

Look, you get that I was in
juvie for auto theft, right?

It's okay, I'll have you home
before you turn into a pumpkin.

Emily, it's not a joke.

All right, screwing around in
shop class is one thing,

but actually boosting cars,
that almost ruined my life.

Okay. I didn't know you
felt that way.

I'm sorry.

Please just tell me this
was a one-time thing.

It was.

It was just a one-time thing.

I promise.

Hey. 'Kay,
you were lying, right?

About not ripping rides anymore?

- Yeah.
- Obviously.

Okay, good, because Nestor
just texted me like,

a list of stuff he needed

So, let's hit it
after school, okay?


No, there's no way.

You always get to drive.
'm driving my own car.

- Fine.
- All right, let's go.

Stop the car.

That's the one.

Wait here.

Hurry it up.

Mr. Curnow?

Hello, Max.

What are you
doing here?

I would ask you
the same question

but I think I know the answer.

You going for a joyride?

It's my cousin's car.
He left his keys inside.

I was just helping him.

Save your breath, Miss Wheeler.

You can either talk to the
police or you can talk to me

and I think you'll be
a lot more interested

in what I have to say.

Max, you're going to
take me to my car

and then you two
are going to follow me.

Didn't know you were a farmer.

Nobody farms anymore.

Been trying to sell this dump
since my Pop kicked the bucket.

So what are we doing here?

Coming to a mutually beneficial
arrangement, I hope.

We already have one of those.

Let me guess,

you two boost cars that are
easy to steal, yeah?

Your silent partner
pays you a pittance

while turning around
and making a mint

stripping them for parts.
How'd I do?

Ladies, that is a sucker's game.

There are bigger fish
out there; much bigger.

We're not interested.

Maybe I wasn't clear.

Either come and work for me,

or spend the rest
of your teen years

making licence plates
in county lock-up.

Maybe we should
hear him out, Em.

to your friend.

I already know
what he's gonna say.

He wants us to go
after luxury models.

That is exactly
what I'm going to say.

But those cars all have
that smart-key system thing.

I thought they were, like,
impossible to steal.

Not impossible. Just risky.

With great
risk comes great reward.

You're talking about
a relay station attack?

Yes. Yes, I am.

What's a relay
station attack?

That is
a good question.

Smart keys use RFID.

Radio frequency identification.

It is the same tech
that allows you

to buy anything with
the tap of a credit card.

Now, the trick is

making the car think
that you are the owner.

So, how do we do that?

You need two people.

Miss Wheeler
is correct.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Let's say that you
were the owner.

Miss Wheeler,
you will be our thief.

Take this. Come with me.
Stand here.

Now, in order to trick the car

into thinking that Miss Wheeler

has a legitimate key,

I have to get
close enough to you

to ping your fob with this.

The closer, the better.


Once I've captured
the car's unique signal,

I then transmit it
to my accomplice.

Press the button.

Go ahead.

There it is.

Allowing her access to
the vehicle, yeah?

Hop in.

Now, since most new cars
have keyless ignition

as well as keyless entry,

once you're past the security
system, starting the engine

is simply a matter of
pushing a button.

Go ahead.


So, what do you say,
Miss Wheeler?

Are you ready to play
in the big leagues?

- That's it.
- She's a beaut.


Who's going to do this?

Rock, paper, scissors?


All right.
Here you go.

Thank you.

I can do this.

Okay, okay.

Very well.
How are you?

- Good, thank you.
- Reservation this evening?

Yeah. For two.

- Under what name?
- Under Williams.

Mina will show you
to your table.

- Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.

'Evening, folks.

for McDonald, please.

Come on. Come on, Max.

Come on. Please work.

How can I help you, ma'am?

Hey, excuse me.
Which way is...

Just a second.

Come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

I'm sorry. My lunch date
actually just cancelled.


It worked!

Now, this?

This is a car.

Glad you're happy.

Where's our money?

As soon as I land a buyer,
you will get your cut.

That wasn't the deal.

Yeah. What are you
trying to pull?

Don't do that.

I'm not trying to pull anything.

Do you think that
I'd be doing this

if I had that kind of
cash lying around?

You get paid when I get paid.

And ladies?

I see a lot of empty
space here, right?

A successful business
needs inventory, right?

Now is not the time
to rest on our laurels.

Now, help me cover this up.

That right there.
Get these, in good shape.


Something came for you.

Parts for your dad's car?


Express delivery from Canada.
That can't have been cheap.

Couldn't find it anywhere else.

You can afford that on what
they pay you at the mall?

- I asked for a raise.
- Really?

'Cause you said they could
barely afford to keep you on.

I'm doing some extra work

for Mr. Curnow,
my industrial arts teacher.

- What kind of extra work?
- Farming.

- Farming?
- Yep.

He has a farm.

Out on Gibson Road.

I mean, it hasn't been used
in, like, ever.

So, me and some other kids
are clearing out some junk

and cleaning it up.
There's an old racer, too,

so I've been helping him
with that.

And, yeah. He's giving
me extra credit.

So, he's giving you extra credit

and enough money
to buy rare parts

for a vintage Dodge Charger?

Okay, Mom. Look. I should
have told you earlier.

- Yeah.
- I'm sorry.

Listen. Can I go? I have a
trig test to study for.



- Hey.
- Hey.

How you doing?
Door was open.

Thought I'd
drop by. Hope you don't mind.

No. Of course not.

So, this is your baby?

Yep. That's her.

And you're gonna
restore her all by yourself?

Well, my dad always said
we'd do it together.

He's gone, so...

Yeah. Mine wasn't
around much, either.

But hey, at least you had him in
your life as long as you did.

- Yeah, I guess.
- What's the package?



You want help installing them?

Um, you know, you really
don't have to do that.

Well, I want to.

I appreciate the offer, but...

Look. I thought things
were going well with us.

They are.

All right, well, I know
my way around an engine,

so what's the problem?

It's just something
I have to do myself.

Does that make sense?



Um, well, how about
I take you out tonight?

I told my mom I have to study.

Okay. After that?

It's a school night.
I'm beat.

The weekend, then?

I promise I won't
help you with the car.

Well, me and Max have a thing.

A thing? What thing?

A girl thing.

Yeah. You guys are really
attached at the hip?

I know, and I'm sorry.

I'll make it up to you.
I promise.

Okay. Well,
I will see you later, then.

I'll call you.


That he, embraced.

And every single line
that he wrote...

Is to know the AABBAA...

Where the hell
are you two?

I been hearing rumours,
and not the good kind.

Hit me back when you get this.

Mr. Baines?

Detective Torres,
auto theft division.

Can I have a moment
of your time?

All right.
Catch you guys later.

Dylan? Nice to
see you again.

Detective, what...
What are you doing here?

I just wanted a moment
of your time.

Can we chat?



Principal Moss tells me
you've been adjusting well.

That's good to hear.

Hey. No one is happier
to be out than me.

I believe it.

So, why are we having
this conversation?

I've got a problem.

I thought you might be able
to shed some light on it.

What kind of problem?

Someone is boosting luxury cars,

the kind with
rich and powerful owners

who have pull down at city hall.

You think I'm involved?

Maybe. Not directly.

We have witnesses who put
the same teenage girl

at three of the scenes.

I believe she has
at least one accomplice,

also female,
probably the same age.

I don't know anything
about that.

Like I said, I really
don't want to go back in.

I bet you don't.

Because the next time
I catch you

in the same zip code
as a stolen car,

it won't be pretend prison.
It'll be the real thing.

I don't know who stole
those cars, detective.

I swear to God.

Well, then, I guess we're done.

If you hear anything,

don't hesitate
to give me a call.



I need to talk to you.

So, that car the other day,

that wasn't a one-time
thing, was it?

- Look. Dylan...
- Don't try and deny it.

The cops just finished
grilling me.

They are on to you, Em.
You and Max.

- What did you tell them?
- Nothing.

But they have witnesses. What if
they put you in a line-up?

I mean, we're just guesses.

You think that that matters?

Man, you're so naive.

Okay, look.
It's not that simple.

There's someone else involved.

- Who?
- Curnow.

Industrial arts teacher Curnow?

He found out what we're doing.
I don't know how,

and he's blackmailing us
to steal for him.

You got to get out now,
before it ends badly.

Trust me.

I have to talk to Max.

Mr. Curnow?

- That's right.
- Hi. I'm Gail Wheeler.

I'm Emily's mom.

I'm sorry to just pop
by like this.

Your secretary said
you might be in.

Come on in.

What can I do for you,
Miss Wheeler?

Um, this might seem like
an odd question,

but do you own a farm
out on Gibson Road?

I have a few acres.
Why do you ask?

My daughter said that she
was working for you,

I just wanted to make sure
she wasn't full of it.

Well, she's not exactly
tilling the fields,

if that's what she told you.

Well, she mentioned she
was working on an old car.

That's right.
I'm a, collector.

Um, just more of a hobby
than anything else.

I don't expect to be making
any... any money from it.

I see.

Well, speaking of money,

can I ask how much
you're paying her?

What did she tell you
I was paying her?

Well, enough to buy expensive
car parts, apparently.

I'm sure you're aware of
her obsession with cars?

I am well aware.

Your daughter
is quite the mechanic.

Truth be told,
she's my best student.

I'm only here temporarily until
they find someone permanent,

but she's my favourite.

That's good to hear.

It just doesn't answer
my question.

I'm sorry that your daughter

is having trouble
managing her money.

I'm just not quite sure
what it has to do with me.

Well, I guess my concern is that

she's spending a lot
of time out there,

and she might be
neglecting her schoolwork.

I would never let this
interfere with her education,

Miss Wheeler.

In fact, she's earning
extra credits.

I see.

I'm sorry. I've got to run.

I've got a conference call
in a few minutes.

Can I walk you out?

No, it's okay. I'm good.

I insist.
Just to the door.


I appreciate you coming by
and talking to me.

Well, it's nice
to finally meet you.

Absolutely, absolutely.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

- Okay?
- And you as well.



If they were onto us,

they would've brought us in for
questioning already.

Well, you really want to
take that chance?

Look, Max,
I know this detective.

She's a hard-ass
with half the judges

in the state on her speed-dial.

You guys will be tried
as adults.

This isn't just about a few
months in juvie anymore, Max.

We need to talk to Curnow.
Maybe he can do something.

- Like what, Em?
- I don't know.

Damn it.

If we had just stuck to
the original plan...

Low-profile cars,
selling them for parts...

We wouldn't be
in this stupid mess.

Look. We just need to tell
him that we're out.

Just there.

Thank you.

You two are hard to track down.

- Who's this?
- The original plan.

- I don't know you.
- It's okay. He's cool.

It's not okay.
Get lost.

You tell him about me?


And what about this mystery man
that you been

boosting cars for you?
You tell him?

We don't know what
you're talking about.

Shut up.

Now, I thought you were smart.

I guess I was wrong.

You getting
way too ambitious.

Bringing heat down
on my business.

I can't have that.

Okay. We didn't
know, so...

What did I just say?

Here's the deal.
Now, listen carefully.

It's a one-time offer.

Stop what you're doing.

Go back to your sock hops
and sleepovers.

And if I hear that
you've been dipping

your pretty little toes
back in the pool,

I'm going to chop them off.

You understand?

My God. Damn it, Em,

we really need to
talk to Curnow now.

Okay. Let's go.


What have you
gotten yourself into?

Miss Wheeler.

If you're looking for
Emily, she's...

She's not here.

Yeah. She, um...
She didn't come home.

I just... figured
she was with you.

I got it.

You know, folks around this way

don't take kindly to people

traipsing around
their property uninvited.

I'm sorry.

Or peeking where they shouldn't.

No. I didn't
really see anything.

Not even my collection?

Yeah. Well...

Must be expensive.

Not if you
know the right people.

Like your daughter,
for instance.

So, what is she, your...
on-call mechanic?

More of a partner in crime.

I'm just going
to see myself out.

- Get...
- Don't move. Relax.

We're just going to have a
conversation inside, okay?



Curnow's still not answering.


We've got to
figure this out, Em.

I know. I'll just keep trying.
I'll call you later, okay?


I love your taste in cars.

Dukes of Hazzard
changed my life.

What are you doing here?

You are not the only
one who knows

how to bypass a security system.

I've been trying to call you.

I know.
I got your messages.

So, you know about the police?

When you steal
this many luxury cars,

you're bound to
attract attention.

And you're okay with that?

Well, by tonight,
my lot will be empty

and we will both have an extra
zero in our bank accounts.

There's just one more thing
I need you to do,

and then we can go on
our separate ways.

I can't.

Our silent partner found out
what we're doing

and he's not letting us
work for you anymore.

Well, that's not my problem.

You don't understand.
This guy is serious.

What makes you think
that I am not?

He'll kill you.

He'll have to find me first.

- I'll tell him where you are.
- No. No, you won't.

Not if you want to see
your mother alive again.

What are you talking about?

I caught her sniffing
around my home.

What the hell are you
thinking, telling her

that you were working for me?

I had to tell her something.
She was getting suspicious.

Well, congratulations.

You just put her life in danger.

- What is this?
- That is your last job.

Bring me that car by
tomorrow night, midnight,

and you will see
your mother again.

And what makes you think I'm not
just going to call the police?

You mean besides the fact
that she will die

and you'll go to jail?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

That's the Hummer.

What's the big deal?
We can totally steal that.

No, no, no. The big deal
is whose car it is.

That's Staxx's,
and he loves that car.

Who's Staxx?

He's the owner of
Live nightclub,

and no one messes with
Staxx. He's connected.

Okay. How bad can he be?
His name has two "x's" in it.

No, Max. You're
not listening, okay?

No one steals
from a guy like that

unless it's
some sort of vendetta.

It's suicide, okay?
You have to walk away.

- I don't have a choice.
- We could call the police.

She's my mom. I'll do
it myself if I have to.

Em, you're my best friend. I'm
not just going to abandon you.

But it's my fault you're even
involved in the first place.

Are you kidding me?

I basically had to drag you
back to that chop shop.

Yeah, but if I hadn't
been so good at...

All right, all right.
I get it.

You're both amazing
and you're both to blame.

Let's start working on a plan.

How do we find him?

His nightclub.

Dylan, you can't be
a part of this.

What? Look.

Em, I know I'm just
the idiot that got caught

and went to juvie,
but I'm your boyfriend.

- I'm going to help you.
- It's not that.

The police
could be following you,

and we can't afford to
tip them off.

If you really want to help,

you'll stay as far away
from me as you can.

So, basically,
I get the hardest job.

You'll manage.

All right, but I'm backup, okay?

If something happens,
you call me.

I will.

You be careful.

I will.

Just heard back
from the surveillance team.

Our boy's got company.
Two females. High school age.


6861 Mervis. The house
is owned by a Gail Wheeler.

Has one daughter. Emily, 17.

It's her class photo.

It gets better.
Her father was Jason Wheeler.

Won a couple of mechanics' jobs.

Died in a street race
six years ago.

That's our girl.

Tell the team to sit on all
three until I get there.

Got it.

I'll handle this one.

What happened to
rock, paper, scissors?

She's my mom.
I'll take the risks.

Fine with me.

What do you mean
we lost the girls?

What part of "sit on all three"
did you not understand?

We took separate cars,

we couldn't follow both of them.

Put out a BOLO.

I want those two in an interview
room by the end of the night.

What about Felt?

Let's take him down.


Damn it.

We need to map out
multiple escape routes

and we need to buy a new look.

Em, we're fine. We just plan it
out like we always do, okay?

Don't worry.


We must have been
under surveillance.

Which means they
know who you are.

- Who is it?
- It's Dylan.

Put it on speakerphone.

Hey, Dylan,
what's going on?

Give me this.

Is this Emily Wheeler?

This is Detective Torres.

Your little joyride
is over, Emily.

You and your friend

need to turn yourselves
in right now

- before someone gets hurt.
- My God.

I know you're listening.

You're a smart girl.

Don't end up like your father.

Emily, I did not
sign up for this, okay?

It's over.
I mean it.

No, it's not over.
It's not over.

- Emily...
- It can't be over.

- Wake up!
- No.

What else are we supposed to do?

- They know where we are!
- The only thing to do!

We stick to the plan
and we finish this.

Are you with me?

How do I look? 21?

You look hot, that's enough.

Okay, good, because
I am all out of fake IDs.

You're gonna be fine. Okay?

You've got this.

- Good?
- Yeah. Good.


It's my phone charger.

Go ahead.

Now would be a great time
for this to work.

I can do this.

Excuse me,
does anybody have the time?

The time?

Nobody has a phone
or a watch or anything?

Honey, for you,

I've got all the time
in the world.

Why don't you sit down?

Thanks anyway.

Now, now, don't be rude.

Sit with us.

Have a drink.

What's your name?

Um, what's yours?

Friends call me "Staxx."

First name "Big."

I get it.

You look nervous
about something.

Doesn't she look nervous?

Come on, Em. Come on.

Don't worry, honey.

You don't have to be scared.

Play your cards right,
I might even show you my car.

Sounds rad.

Women and their purses...

What you got in there,
anyway? Crown jewels?

Nothing. Just girl stuff.

Ask your friends, they know
what I'm talking about.

Hey! Give it back!

What the hell?

Hey! Stop her!

Stop her!

Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on!

Follow that Hummer.


What happened in there?

He got a little
friendlier than I planned.

You actually talked
to the owner? Jesus, Em!

Like I had a choice!

Okay, pull over.
I want to drive.

No way.
You always get to drive.



Worse. I think that's Nestor.

I warned them
not to mess with me.

Come on, let's go, let's go.
Push the whip.

Get me closer. Come on.

Pull over!

Pull over!

Pull! Over!

My God, Em! He's got
a gun! What do I do?!

- Lose him!
- Okay.

Great. Cops now, too?

Seriously, Max,
you really need to let me drive.

Well, what do you want me to do?

It's not like
I can just pull over.

Hold it steady!


My God.

Yo, move out.

We lost Nestor.

Just checked the Wheeler
house. No one's home.

All units be advised.

Female suspects wanted
on multiple counts

of grand theft auto heading
west at high speed

on Charleston Avenue
in a grey Hummer.

So, what's the plan?

The plan? The endgame?

Don't worry. Your daughter
will be here soon enough

and you'll never have
to see me again.

That's a relief.

The feeling is mutual,
believe me.

How much are you making
on this deal, anyway?

A lot.

My buyer is very committed
to owning this vehicle

and he is not the kind of man
you want to make unhappy.

Why? Is your buyer
a crime boss?

Actually, yes.

And it just so happens
that your daughter

is stealing from a local
thug who pissed him off.

Relax, Gail.

Emily can take care of herself.

Assuming my daughter comes
through for you, then what?

You don't seem like the
strippers and coke type.

If you must know,
it's seed money.

For what?

My future business.

Which is?

Exotic car rentals.

I'm thinking somewhere warm.

Maybe Florida.

Costa Rica.

You think it's...

such a good idea
to be telling me this

if the plan is to let me go?

You're not planning
to let me go.

Are you?

I could use some ideas here!

- Run!
- Run?!

Hey, stop right now!

Emily Wheeler!
Maxine Bing!


Come back here!

Money in the bank.

I think you're getting
a little ahead of yourself.

It's nearly midnight.
She's still not here.

If I were you, I'd be
thinking about plan B.

Do me a favour...
Stop talking. Yeah?

Or what?

You'll kill me twice?

I didn't say that
I have to make this quick.

Is something funny?

You, high school
teachers breaking bad...

It's such a cliché.

You won't think it's funny

when your daughter is the one
with a gun to her head.



This was a great idea.

It's almost midnight.
We have to move.

I hate to break it to you, Em,

but we just lost our
only bargaining chip.

Curnow doesn't know that.

I got no eyes.

I'm gonna check over here.

Okay. So, what do we do?

Nothing here.

Flashpoint down, man.

Hey, we know you're there!

No. There's no way.

Beggars can't be choosers.
Come on.


How about this way?

A stolen
Hummer has been abandoned

near the neighbourhood
of Ferndale,

and two female suspects
wanted on multiple counts

of grand theft auto
are still at large.

SIU executive director

Heather Douglas has confirmed
the suspects

are known to police,

but their identities will not be
released to the public

at this time.

A third suspect in the case,
Nestor Barnes,

has been arrested in connection
to a major local chop shop

and may face hundreds
of felony charges.

In breaking international news,
heavy rains and flooding

have killed at least
12 people in Jordan

and forced authorities
to evacuate.

Lights over there.

Get those lights
to the back, please.

There's someone coming.

How much time do I have?

Um... I don't know.
Like, 20 seconds maybe.

Em, he's gonna catch us.

Hang on.

Come back here!

We are so going to jail.

Who is it?

I don't know. Hello?

Hey, Em, it's me.

Mom! Where are you?

I'm at Curnow's farm.
Okay, listen to me.

Don't come here, okay?
Whatever you do.

- What? Why?
- Because he's gonna kill you.

Listen, just go to the police
and tell them everything.


Just do it, okay?

- Mom?
- She hung up.

- I can't just leave her.
- I know.

What? How the hell
did they steal your car?

Everyone, mount up!

Right, copy that.
Let's go! Move out! Move out!

Okay, let's just calm down

and think about this
for a second.

You don't really
want to do this.

Your daughter just
cost me a lot of money.

Maybe my life.

Believe me, it makes it easier.

I-I promise I'm not going
to tell anyone about this.

No, you will not.

He's not picking up.

She said he
was going to kill her.

Do you think he already...

No! He still wants
the Hummer, right?

If he kills her,
he gets nothing.

Yeah, right.

But we don't have
the Hummer anymore.

Damn it.

How are we gonna
get him to let her go?

Come on. Come on.
You don't need me, okay?

Can you just please let me go?

You're already ahead
of the game, right?

You've got money.
You can leave the country.

Do I need to gag you?

- No.
- Good.

Get in the car now.

There's a house.

What do we do?

He's a convicted felon
and we're the police.

We can arrest him.

Do it.

Get out of the car!

You better do as she says.

This isn't right.

Let me try.

Okay. Um...

You heard her.
Get out of the car

and put your hands
above your head.

Do it now.

Max, you son of a bitch.

Mom?! Mom!

That's far enough.

Em, I told you not to come!

You should've
listened to her, kid.

Leave her!


Drop the gun!

You okay?


Never thought I'd
hear that sound again.

Nice paint job, Em.

Dad would be proud.

Even though I dragged
the family name through the mud

and had to do
community service for a year?

Helped put some bad
people in jail.

If he's happy with it, so am I.

Your mom is so cool.

My mom has me
grounded for, like,

the next ten years of my life.

Aren't they expecting you
down at the scrapyard?

You're gonna be late for work.

It's okay.
I'm dating the owner's son.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You ready to go?
- Yeah.

- Let's take my car instead.
- What? You mean...?

No way.

Passed with flying colors.

Well, I'd expect no less.

Hey, um, can I get a ride with
you guys, perhaps?


Remember what I said...

One speeding ticket,
this car goes out on eBay.

I know, Mom.