Hotsunlight (2021) - full transcript

Lugansk region, May 2014. The Novozhilov family, by chance, finds itself in the thick of events in Lugansk. Vlad Novozhilov is a former participant in the war in Afghanistan. He knows firsthand what war is. Having seen enough of the horrors of war in his time, in principle he does not even want to touch a weapon. In a situation, he sees only one way out - to leave the country. But you can't run away from the war, the border is already closed. To save his family, he will have to make difficult moral choices.

Аfter the coup d'etat on february 21, 2014,

mass demonstrations began in eastern ukraine
against the policy of the new regime,

which violated the rights and
freedoms of residents of this region.

In response to this, on april 13, 2014,
the national security and defense council of Ukraine

decided to conduct an "anti-terrorist operation" (ATO)
on the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

In fact, under the guise of the anti-terrorist operation,
large-scale military operations were organized

by the ukrainian state bodies, which entailed
the mass extermination of the civilian population.

The Ukrainian authorities sent regular troops and
volunteer battalions (the so-called "dobrobats")

to the south-east of the country, most of which
were criminal elements, looters and nationalists.

In fact, the widespread genocide
of the russian-speaking population has begun.

Punitive measures were used to intimidate civilians,
including bombing residential areas from the air and ground.

The so-called "wandering mortars" installed
on civilian vehicles have gained particular popularity.

As a result of the fighting on the territory
of the donetsk and lugansk people's republics,

according to official statistics alone,
6,255 people were killed, 127 of them children.

According to the latest data from the office
of the UN high commissioner for human rights,

for the entire period of the conflict,
from april 14, 2014 to march 31, 2020,
the number of victims reached 44 thousand people.

The film is based on real events

Luhansk region May 2014

Let's go. You two are in that house,
you are opposite.

Do not be scared. All of a sudden everything will be beautiful.


First trophy.

Cool watch.

No no no...

What are you staring at? Shut up the little moskal.

No no!


- Masha, quickly into the house.
- What's clapping there?

- Quickly in the house, I told you.
- What?

Come on, come on.

Oh, the owner!

Take the dog away.

Zhulka, be quiet, be quiet, calm down.

Calm down, Julie. .

- Something not thick.
- Where is the rest?

I don't have the rest.

we'll look for

You are fine here.

Do you want to?

I don't pick up snacks.

and started throwing Molotov cocktails at civilians ...

Vlad, turn it off, please.

Mom, that's interesting!

- What are you interested in?
- How did people burn out?

I didn't say that

It's just that this happens in the country,
and we are leaving.

That's why we're leaving
so that this doesn't happen to us.

Let everything be fine in Voronezh

- I think it's a shop. Girls, let's go.
- Don't go too far.

- All right, Vityusha, but my legs are so numb.
- We're going to the store.

Let's go see.

Where are the people?

- Something even dogs do not hear.
- Don't leave the car.


Is there anyone at home?

-Oops! We need to get out of here


Well, what do we have here?

Yes, it's not very much

You wanted to hide, didn't you?

Oh, you rat!

- Ai...
- Oh, you rat!

- Vlad? Vlad!
- Yeah.

- Lucky for you, kid, huh?
- You understand, right?

- Hold on.
- Vlad!


- Vlad! What happened here?
- What are you doing?

- I told you to stay by the car.
- Dad, I'll just get some water.

What kind of water, Ilya?

To the car quickly! quickly!

What are you doing!

- Catch up!
- Stop, bitch!

Come on, come on.

Quiet, quiet...


Here! Quickly.


Here, here, here come on.

Come on there!


Where is mom?

Mother? And my mom just left.

Come to me.

Do not be afraid.

Oh, come on, come on, come on, come on.


Take it.

So, fast in the car. Fast.

- Alive?
- Yes.

- Come on, let's go! Let's!
- Shoot!

- Everybody is alive?
- Yes.

Didn't hurt anyone?

Lie down, lie down.


Kiev, May 2014

TV: -The situation in the east of Ukraine
continues to heat up.

Border officials say

an attempted capture was prevented today

border checkpoint Izvarino

in the Lugansk region.

- Opa!
- Oo!

- What, Olezha, come on?
- Let's.

For acquaintance!

I knew right away you were the right guy.

Oh, it's a pity there aren't many of these now.

Nobody wants to raise their ass

to do something.

But you did. You could. Come on for you!

- Let's for you.
- Let's.

TV: -Separatists keep trying

seize control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ...

The main thing is that it will not be possible to
sit like this again soon

I have never held an automatic.

Guess me too.

Nothing, they will teach us.

And then we'll sit even better.

- So it will be ...
- Guys, do you have a cigarette?

Dear, we are actually talking.

Do you know what I think?

Dear, do you have a cigarette?

Let's free the country

and everything will be fine.

We will travel to Europe.

Igor, that's just no offense, okay?

You are stuck somewhere in the past in Moscow .

And we want the future, you know?

In Europe, people live normally.

Why can't we?

If you didn't interfere with us,

we would have lived as humans for a long time.

Olezha, I'm not arguing.

I myself am sick of our Rashka.

You see, people are like that.

Shit will be fed

and people will thank you.

And ask for more.

There is no air there.

There is no freedom.


Because everything sucks.


Young people, can you be quiet?

What, daddy, are we interfering, right?

And you watch less news
and do something.

And while you're sitting, you'll screw up the country.


Come on, come on.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to heroes!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

Listen, commander, smoke it?

I will share

Oh, maybe a couple?

Well, thank you.

And a spark.


Wow rocket.

Well, you see?


Now let's live. What do you think?

Let's see.
What are you looking at there?

The main thing is that the moskal does not climb.

We've endured enough.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to heroes!

Well, goodbye. Thank you.

Glory to Ukraine!

-Ukraine! Ukraine!

Ukraine! Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

-Ukraine! Ukraine!

Maybe we'll be back?

So so idea.

Vlad, we have nothing at all.

We have no money, no documents,
no things. Nothing at all.

Let's get to the city,
we'll think of something there.

We've arrived.

Yes, manure there, manure.

Although Ukraine is now Europe,
you still need to plow.

Who knows, maybe
you are transporting something forbidden.

And sprinkled manure on top.

Atomic bomb.

You will check -
so I have a shovel.

Everything is clear.

Okay, go ahead, gardener.

Here is the car.

Cannon race.

Who are we, where are we going?

We are from Troitsky, we are going to Russia.
To Voronezh.

Clear. Are there documents?

There is a problem with documents.

Bandits attacked us

a family of neighbors was killed,
but we managed to escape.

Jen, come on!

There are no documents here.

They say they are going to Russia.


Let's go


To Lugansk, they will figure it out there.

Let's go.

party's set is turned off...

Dani, it's me.

I'm leaving on a business trip.

For a month or more, I don't know yet.

It is unlikely that you will look for me,
of course.

Well, just wanted to warn you.

Say hello to mom.

I hope you are fine.

Probably everything.


Lugansk militia headquarters
May 2014

Novozhilov surname.


And what does he look like?

Well find out.

Come on, I'm waiting for a call.

And what drew you to Voronezh?

I have a friend there,
Vasilisa Tokareva.

I can give you the address.

Even when it all started,
she called us to her.

Why didn't they leave then?
We thought it would be okay.

And it didn 't work out?

What is your name?


Do you like chocolates?

Me too.


Can she have some chocolate?


Well maybe.

Where is the girl from?

Picked up in that village.

- Her whole family...
- I get it.

I'm listening to you carefully...

Thank you brotherly heart.

Well, how are you, so far calm?

Understood. By the way,
a gang showed up outside Severodonetsk.

They gave a nightmare to the people.


Yeah. Come on, get in touch.

So citizens

Troitsky confirmed the
information about you.

- You won't be able to go to Russia.
- Why?

Border guards guard,
and they obey Kiev.

No one is allowed in - neither from here
nor back.

And is it for a long time?

Who knows.

So you'll have to
stay with us for now.

Wait, where are we going to live?

We'll come up with something.

Zhenya, and the girl is probably
going to boarding school

- I don't want to go to a boarding school,
I want to go to my mother!
- Hush, hush, hush. Go here.

To Mom?

How about I take you to my mom?

She has a beautiful house, you will like it.

Chocolate, by the way, is also there.


It's a deal then.

Zheka, take them to mine.

I'll call and let you know.

For a few minutes.

Let's go.

God's curse on you...

Defective can be?

The spring needs to be reversed.

Well, tell me where you served.

56th DShB.

Have you been across the river?


I knew it.

And I'm on the 22nd.

Good day.

What's your name?

What is so intractable?

You might think...

Woo! Whose is such a beauty?

- Beautiful girl.
"I'm sorry."

- We met on the Maidan.
- Can?

- "Counter-Strike" is nonsense.
- Did you play Arma?

Everything is grown-up there.
You need to understand tactics, strategy.

- No, all these games are for schoolchildren.
- Here is the airsoft - this is the topic.

- Like in a war.
- That there as on war something?

Boys are snotty!
Haven't seen shit yet.

It's tough with separatists (separs).

He turned one head off,
let the other guts out.

That's when they'll understand.

- It's going to be hard.
- What's your name?

- Mykola.
- Brys.

Well, brotherly heart,
you yourself see what is happening.

I need experienced people.

The boys are completely green, they come,
they ask for the militia,

they don't even know how to
remove the automatic from the fuse.

I'm sorry I can not.

That's enough for me then.


Okay, go to mine.

- We'll deal with the border, you'll go right away.
- Thanks.

Do you drive a car?

I don't have enough fast drivers.
The load has increased.

And many still left in the winter.

Maybe you can work?

We've arrived!

Hello, Vera Vasilievna.

- Hello.
- I brought guests here.

- Oh, we've been waiting for you.
- Hello.

- Pavlik called and told everything.
- You pass, pass.

Do not be shy. What is your name?

- Nina.
- And I'm Vera Vasilievna.

Pass, pass.

- Oh.
- Hello.

- Hello, Zhen.
- Well, how is Pavlik?

How about Pavlik?

- Fine.
- Ah...

- Sergey Grigoryevich.
- Vladislav.

Wo. You can immediately see
that he is a serious person.

Not like some.

Yes, they play Cossack robbers.

- Hello, Sergey Grigorievich.
- Are you with us?

- Not.
- Ah...

- Uncle Zhen, can I have a minute?
- Oh, come on.

Let's go to.

Vladislav, you understand,
I wanted to ask you something ...

Mom asked me to deliver.

This is my great-grandfather.

He reached Berlin.

Vladislav, what do you think,
is this mess for a long time?

I do not even know.


Dad, your mom is calling you there.

Yes. Tell me I'll be right there.

Luhansk region camp of the
Ukrainian volunteer battalion

Children's camp


What are we sitting? Let's go!



Pleased to meet you.

Hey, bro!

And we waited and waited...

- Oleg.
- Hey.

- Hey.
- Well, how are you here?

The katsaps (likening a stereotypically
bearded Russian man to a goat)
have already rummaged around.

Resist bitches.

And this is our greyhound.

Hear, I stopped somehow at a gas station,

shouted to the boys: "Glory to Ukraine!"
And this one sent me the fuck.

Bitch. Escaped three times.

Well,now we cut his tendons on the heels.

now there's no fucking running around.

What are you shining your headlights on?



Let's go.

Let's go straight to "you".
Our situation is complicated, Lech.

The weapons that lay in the warehouses
are from the time of the Second World War.

With uniforms the same ass.
Sponsors only help, that's all.

There are very few experienced fighters.

The chaps were braveon the Maidan,
but here everything is serious.

So you need to teach them, train them.

Will you?

Let's try.

And these are my boys
in the neighboring village took a walk.

Separ was caught there.
Walked with a colorado ribbon, moron.

(a mocking insult of the ribbon,
similar in color to the сolorado beetle)

Not too much with a ribbon?


Didn't expect from you, Lech.


Or maybe I should give him a drink, feed him
and put him to bed,

like in that fairy tale, huh?

So this is not a fairy tale.

There's a war here.

It's no different with these bastards.
You must understand this, Alex.

Did they lie down under the Muscovites?
Yes, legs apart, right?

And I, Leshenka, do not want
to be treated as they like.

Let's go.

You'll see enough of this shit later.

- What are you looking at, monkey?
- You'll be fine now.

Why are you lying down? you'll freeze.

Are you okay? What do you like, huh?


Here's how I think.

They will play the fool there in Kiev
and calm down.

It's not a big deal., they want to go to Europe.

To Europe, wow!

We have already lived in that Europe.

Lived for almost 7 months.

You know, Lugansk was then
called Voroshilovgrad.

I was still a kid, but
I remember everything, everything. Everything.

Then the Germans were here, and the Italians,
and these Romanians - all this Europe.

- So they bomb the city first.
- Juice...

And then in their newspapers they write,

that only the power of the great Germans
can bring progress to Ukrainians.

Then Germany was already called
the great German.

Serezha, that's enough.
- What?

Ninochka, try lecho
according to my recipe.

Ninotchka, do you have any?

Is it poured there?


- So, I have a toast.
- For all the good.

- Hooray!
- Hooray!

Hello honest company,
I brought the products.

- Son!
- Hello, Mom.

- Bon Appetit.
- I'm going to change my clothes

- No no no! Join us.
- Sit down with your father.

I need to talk to you, sit down.

Pash, you said

that they want to cancel the Russian language,

- Put it down.
- Thanks.

And I'll tell you so.

This is complete nonsense.

Even under the Germans, everyone spoke
Russian, Russian.

Not, except for those who wanted to go to Europe.

Here they are, yes, they quickly forgot Russian
and spread to mova (ukrainska mova).

You see, dad, everything repeats.

Pasha, you are talking nonsense.

What is repeating?

Then, Pasha, there was a war, the
Germans, all kinds of shit.

And now, Pasha, peacetime, understand?

Or what? Kiev will bomb us,
do you think?

Everything can be.

What could be?

It was you who stirred up trouble in the city.

You only scare people.

Let's get to know each other.


Here you are, well done.

- Well?
- For acquaintance!

Mom, I'm on my way!

Don't come back too late.

Gun! Fire!


-Good afternoon. Novozhilov.
I am your driver.

And we are aware.





- ON THE RADIO: - "First", answer!
- "First" in place.

Local paramedics are on site,
but they can’t cope on their own.

- There fragmentation heavy.
- We're on our way.

- Received.
- Let's.

- BUT?
- Let's go.

Pshel! Head up!





- Shaw?
- Don't look at the target!

- Focus on men's eyes!
- All right, I get it.

What's the matter?

Stop shooting!

I repeat for those who did not understand
the first time!

Do not point weapons at people during training shooting!

So would say why beat!

Can you do it faster? This is not a bus.

While you are driving around the pits, we may
not be in time.


Maybe help with something?

Stay in the car.

Something you are not in a hurry. The woman has
multiple shrapnel,

eventration, and the guy needs to be
rescued urgently.

Napkin, saline.

- Tramadol?
- Yes. Roma, saline.

Raise your hands so I can see!
- Listen, we're taking the guy to the hospital.

Let's figure it out!

- What's happening? Who are you?
- Calmly!

- What are you, idiots?
We are about to lose a patient!

Well, sorry, we're from the militia.

Here infa passed that "ukrops"
on ambulances bring weapons here.

We check everyone.


Our! Escort the car to the hospital
just in case!


Good luck!

Give me a cigarette.


Fucked up muscles hurt

So in a couple of weeks
we will become cyborgs.

Came out.

What's there?

Passed love, withered tomatoes?

No, she writes all sorts of crap.

Okay. It happens.

Mine too...

Before marriage,
she was a normal girl.

And then it started:
Grits, then, Grits, se.

So you get divorced then.

It's true...

Not at all...

I love her.

The son is growing up.


And so - tired of.

So I'm kind of on vacation here.

No, it's easier with this case
in Moscow.

Tired - found another.

I did not understand something, it seemed,
or what?

Listen boy!

What are you, a Muscovite?

Well, yes.

- Glory to Ukraine!
- Glory to heroes!

Glory to the heroes.

You look what a bastard!

No guys, did you hear?

We still lacked Muscovites here!

And what are you all doing here?

What are you doing here, smeared with honey,
or what?

Why did you hatch your eyes, huh?

Come on, Grish.

Igor is a normal guy.

He is for us.

For freedom.

Maybe some tea?

- Everything is fine?
- Fine.

- Is there any news from the border?
- Well, so-so news.

At night, they again tried to
persuade the border guards to leave the base.

They are there, bitch, firmly seated.

It is necessary with them somehow more convincingly,
or something.

Let's try.

Listen, I've been told

some officers are gathering a group,
sort of how to help us.

Would you like to know who they are,
did not hear anything?

- Not.
- Okay, I'm in the administration report back.

There are a lot of bosses,
no one to send to fuck

Solve the issue with the border - this is the main


Lugansk Regional State Administration
June 2, 2014

Sema! Semochka!


- Have you seen, son?
- Have not seen!


Have you seen Gritsai?

Sema! Semochka...

Pavel Sergeevich...

How are you?


Let's live some more...

Oh, who's driving there?

- Who are you?
- Good evening, lads.

- We got lost, we need to get to Lugansk.
- Do you have any documents?


- Check the trunk.
- Open the trunk!

Yes, there is nothing there.

Hold on.

Don't move.


There is nothing.

But he didn't believe it.

Quiet, quiet, quiet...

I'll take an automatic, huh?

- Take it.
- Only you don't scream.

- I won't.
- I don't like it loud.

- Who are they?
- We are volunteers.

- Who?
- Volunteers.

And ... Komsomol members, your mother.

Komsomol members, volunteers...

Listening to you lieutenant colonel
Yes, we will.

No problems.


Tomorrow move forward with the fighters
to the city Schast'e.

We need to see
what's going on with the separatists.

There is information
that they are building fortifications there.

That is, you offer me
with green boys

take a walk to the combat exit?
Am I understanding you correctly?

They still have n’t really
learned how to hold a machine gun.

Yes, Lech!
- This question is for you.

Well, did you teach them?

Do you think that in two days you can
train a fighter?

Okay, don't piss.

Find out the situation and that's it.

I'll give you a mortar.

so that you don't piss yourself there.

Commander, I'm sorry!

The checkpoint was attacked.

all the guys were cut out.

The weapons were taken.

-Commander! We found them!
We take you out!

Palevo! We've been spotted!

Topi! step on the gas!

Smack on them, Smack!

Your mother!

Come on, come on!

Shulga, look!

Go right!


That's all, I give up!

Guys I give up!

On your knees, bitch! On knees!

- Oh, what people.
- Senya, have you been released from prison?

You still have three more years to go.

- Familiar?
- Confused with someone.

How is Pavel Sergeevich?

Seems to be ok.

Concussion and shrapnel cut.

Would you like some more?

Pack it in a container.

Katya didn't let me sleep all night . Wakes up and cries.

He asks when mom and dad
will arrive.

And I don't know what to answer.


- We need to get out of here.
- Nina, we're leaving, as soon as possible.

I understand everything, but there must be
some options.

How much longer are we going to sit here?

a week? Month? Year?

- What if something happens?
- Everything will be fine.


- We'll be leaving soon.
- When?


- Dad! I wanted to talk to you.
- Well?

- I've decided everything.
- What have you decided?

I'm staying here.

- We're not leaving yet.
- So you're leaving.

As soon as the border is opened,
you will leave.

And I stay.

- Listen, Ilyukha...
- I don't want to listen to you anymore.

- Why?
- That's why.

I think we should defend our country,
not run away.

You're still young, you don't understand
a damn thing.

Of course, where can I...

First you need to protect what is
dear to you.

First of all, it is a family.

For me, family is you, mom.

Clear. And for the rest - do not care.

Not everyone is so lucky,
not everyone has girlfriends in Voronezh.

They will die so they will die. Not a pity. Yes?

Do you want to stay? Stay.

You're out there, adult.
You make decisions yourself.


Come on, stop.

Have you seen enough
films about the war?

Do you know what it is?

This is not romance, these are not feats,

War is scary!

And it's not scary
that you get hurt or killed.

Wounded - it will hurt, but not scary.

Kill - you will not understand anything!

And it's scary when
others are killed in front of you!

And you can't do anything to help -
that's scary.

It's impossible to get used to it!
It's clear?!

I'm going on shift..

I hear a voice from a beautiful distance.

Morning voice in silver dew.

Turn on!

Edik, come on.

I hear a voice, and an alluring road.

It spins its head
like a carousel in childhood.

Children, dear, beloved,
there is no sparkle in the eyes.

Do you understand what we are singing about?

This song is such a dream.

Let's forget everything
that happens around you,

and let's just dream together.

Edik, the sound must be given.

We need to give sound to everyone, the audience.

Well, give it to me.

A little for yourself, for us.

Well, let's go!

- The beautiful is far away,
Do not be cruel to me.


Don't be cruel to me,
don't be cruel.

From a pure source to a beautiful
far away,

To a beautiful far away I start the journey.

- Vlad, you should be in the car!
- And I...

- Rum, take Vlad.
- Let's.

Treat wounds. Stas, with me!

Where where?

- I have a lesson.
- Please sit down.

- You do not understand, my students are waiting for me.
- Let me...

Please sit down, please!

Your students... are dead.

Vlad, sit down, please.

What is this? Stupidity,
how did they die like that?



And how is it ... how ... .

I can’t understand one thing, why are they
shelling the villages?

In the same place, except for ordinary residents,
there is no one.

Their tactics are like this.

Nightmare the civilian population in
order to turn against us.

As during the Great Patriotic War -
burn down the village,

so that it would not be habitual to help the partisans .

Yes, all sorts of rubbish got out.

To whom is war, and to whom is dear mother.

And what about the border?

We are working. I promised, we'll solve the issue
on the border - you'll leave right away.


Where are you from, friend?

I saw her in Kyiv.

- Just before you come here.
- Come on.

Did she run here from Kiev to you ?

No, I just have such a sign
from Afghanistan.

If you see a white dog before the fight,
then everything will be all right.

Just be sure to be white.


- Excuse me, are you Pavel Sergeevich?
So, is something really wrong?

I would like to know,
I want to join the militia.

Me too.

Your aspiration, of course,
causes respect.

But, excuse me, how old are you,
70 years old?

And vision somewhere minus 5, minus 7?

Does not matter.

- Are you 17 years old?
- Eighteen.

Look, I really respect
your willingness to help.

But you both have every chance
in the first fight, as they say,

die the death of the brave.

I don't need more sacrifices here.
So go home to your family.

- I have no more relatives!
- Listen!

Do you really think
that you have the right to decide

who can protect their land,
and who can not?


Go ahead..

- Let's go.
- I cook well.


Ready. One mine. Fire.



Valya! Valenka!

Valya! My daughter!

- Excuse me for God's sake.
- I need your help.

The son was killed there.

- You can't help anyone here.
- The guy needs help.

Let's go.

Let's go to. I will show.

Valya! Valya!

Why didn't you call an ambulance right away?
- I... My phone is broken.

Who tortured you?

Go away!

Shh, hush...

It's all right, calm down.

Well, what is it, brother?

It's me...

This is all because of me.

He was gone for two weeks.

I thought that's all.
And today he returned.

He needs to be taken to the hospital in Lugansk.

They kept him in a cage.

They asked about the separatists.

I say, what kind of separatists are here?
This is where we live.

I told you - take off that ribbon.

And he says: "Grandfathers fought with her,
and I will go with her."

I could not.

I told them that I know nothing.

And they didn't believe.

- I only told them to let them go.
- Let's go.

I won't let him go anywhere.

He will stay here.
I take it out myself.

So I will be calmer.

City Shchaste Luhansk region 2014

Commander! Gone, not anywhere!

He went to his girlfriend.

It's your fault, you bastard!

What did you dig up? I went to piss,
came back, he was gone!

- What are you talking about?
- Leave!

stand up

He has a knife.

- Muscovite, bastard, maybe he mishandled!
- Shut up!

Here I decide who is ours
and who is not ours.

For violation of discipline
will be punished!




What are you doing here?

Came to visit you.

I wrote everything to you and
I do not want to communicate with you.

But why?

Too bad you don't understand this.

- We stood together on the Maidan.
- And you too.

Because I thought that we could
change something, make it better.

Then I realized that we
will not succeed.

We will expel the Russians from here,
we will close the borders,

so that they do not climb to us,
everything will be fine.

Yes, sure.

- Hello.
- Hey.

There are no Russians here, Oleg!

Yes, you live in a small town
and you don't know what's going on.



They are moving the army here,
weapons, equipment.

Oksana, hello. Is mom at home?

No, she's on shift.

- I will visit her in the evening.
- Yes OK.

At least listen to
what they say on the news.

And you at least look at
what is shown in the window!

Did you see a lot of Russian soldiers there?

You were sent here so that you
would not interfere with them in Kiev.

Those who came to power there,
they do not need you.

Thats all, get out of here.

- I'm not going anywhere.
- I'll stay with you.

Shulga wanted to take ...

And to hell with you, not Shulga.

Ah, bread, you are my bread!

Why are you so heavy?!


Here is your freedom.

Well bitch...

Vlad, stop.

What happened?

I would like to go to the hospital.

In the car!

Quiet-quiet-quiet! Quiet, quiet.

Through, the bone is not affected.

Ouch! Well, thank God!

Who is you?

I met bad people.

Volunteers from Kyiv.

Their mother...

They wanted to kill me. And I ran away.

Maybe you have a injection?

And I feel better. I know.

Have you been in the system for a long time?

What are you talking about?

On the systematic use of drugs.

Oh, about this?

Drove, stop - I'll shoot!

Get the glass, bitch!
I know you have.

Fast, bitch!

You know I really need this.

Oh you bitch...

Olga, are you alive?

Give me your hand.

Everything is fine? Alive?


What are you doing to us?

- You just prevent us from living.
- Who climbs to you?

You want to help,
but you can't wait for "thank you".

Thank you. Damn helper...

It's you now such a Moscow Rambo!

And as it starts, you will be the first
to get rid of it and run to your mother.

Do you hear?

Or maybe we'll check
who is the first to the mother?


I know what I think?!

When it's all over,
we'll stay here.

Do you want to go to Europe?

Yes, I thought what to do there?

I want with you.

Yes, and in Europe, there, there is no happiness.

You tell me, are you idiots?

What about something like that?

Well, we a little shooting.
Do you feel sorry for the shells, or what?

I feel sorry for your parents!
- That their son grew up a moron!

Hush, hush, Commander!

What are you yelling at us?

We've been sitting here all day
and not doing a damn thing!

We actually came here to fight.
And we wash cars.

- Tomorrow both return to Kyiv.
- You won back.

So you and your homies
looted quietly?

No. Why Marauder?

They brought it themselves.
They said take it please...

The world is not without good people, right?

Do you understand?

Why did you kill the nurse?


Sorry guy, he was young.

Eh... I don't even know
what to do with you.

Jeka, untie his hands.

Come on, come on.
You see, it's bad for a person.

We are not animals.

Well, you sit down for now,
we will decide what to do with you.

Well, where did he meet
our Kiev friends?

Like under the Solnechnym.

30 kilometers from Shchaste?

Coming closer means

You don't want to die, scum?

You made your own choice.

Call the corpse truck for this shit.

-Guys, follow me!

Jeka, Miner!

You have the left flank,
yours - the right. Forward!

There is!

Follow me!

Your mother!

Enemy in third, enemy!

- Grenade launcher!
Machine gun in the window, work!

We cover!



All forward! Run!

Guys! Come on, come on!

Miner, come on!



In position, keep to the left!

Commander! "Berkut" in position!

Yes, to hell!



Mm! Where?

You better not get up, boy.

No need.

Lie down, bitch! Lie!


Go here.

Do you see the target?

- Yes.
- Work.

How did you end up here?

What do you want?

What are you doing here?

I'm going to join the militia to Pavel Sergeevich .


- Mom, of course, does not know?
- And why is mom here?

Let's go.

- I'm not going anywhere.
- Are you looking for Pavel Sergeevich?

We're just going to him, let's go.

Here, this is Ilya, my son.
Ride with us.

Call Mom!
Say you're with me!

Excuse me, have you seen my book?

Old fool! Lost the book.

Now we have a mortar.

What to do with the wounded volunteers?


- Kidding.

To their hospital. Then we'll figure it out.


Look look.

Wow, did you decide to help us?

That's right, why sit with your mother?

It happened to me the first time too.

- Nothing, Ilyukh, you'll get used to it.
- I hope no.


Found another one!

Wounds treated?

Take him.

Vlad, let's go.

Let's go!

Burov Igor Sergeevich.


Tekstilshchikov, 31.

Deniska, by the way, have you been to Moscow?


And I was. Yes.

Went on vacation with my wife.

We walked along Red Square.

We went to TSUM.
TsUM — Central Universal Department Store

- In GUM.
- At VDNH too.

The wife liked it very much.

This, he says, is life!

Real! And there is no prospect.


Well, what are you waiting for, sit down.

In short, she left.

See how it turns out.

Everyone who is smarter is leaving
here for Moscow.

And you are the opposite.

What didn't work out for you there?

I just want to understand you.

So you came to Kyiv.

Well, you jump there along with everyone.

Tires burned.

Well, I somehow understand you until now .

But why the hell did
you take the machine in your hands?

Do you like killing people?

And I'll tell you.

You are a shit-man.

Do you think he took a machine gun -
did he look like a man ?


You're just shit with a gun now.

Polina Maksimovna Stepanchuk.
29 years old, your wife.

Artem Grigorievich is your son.

Registered in the village of Gorskoe,
Mykolaiv region. Lviv region.

Kyiv wanted to see?

And what, on the Maidan is more fun
than with your own family?

You shouldn't have left them there.

I sent my people there.

What are you looking at?

You don't have a family anymore.

Your wife was raped and stabbed to death.

Artyom was also killed. Throat was cut.

Do not trust?

Do you want me to show you a photo?

What are you, bastard ...

bad joke ...

Sit down!

They called your wife, they found out
about you.

They are waiting for you...

Everything is fine with your family.

But with ours, no.

We didn't come to you, but you came to us.

What for?

I couldn't even imagine.

You were completely different back then.

I don't want to remember it.

Ah... Do you have a family?

There is.

Wife and son.

And the wife, probably, cooks deliciously?

And the son ... loves his dad very much?

And everything is fine.

And then suddenly the war started at
the wrong time, right?

War, it is always at the wrong time.

After all, you stormed cities,
took heights.

Was one of the best.

Just when was that?

And now it's better to sit on the sidelines.

So it will be calmer.

- And who are you fighting with, Lech?
- What?

Who are you fighting?

Ah... yes, yes...

You still tell me that there are no
Russian troops here.

And they really don't.

but you are here.

When we crossed paths
in Kiev in 1999,

I already then realized that you
definitely need to fight with someone.

So many years have passed
since we left Afghanistan.

And you stayed there.

Remember, under Gardez? Sasha...



They still haunt me.

This is war, Vlad.

- It happens in war.
- I don't want it to be like this anymore!


I wish my family would
never know that this happens!

- Not everyone is so lucky with a family!
- And I was lucky!

lucky Leh.


Let's go home.


Let's walk!

Don't push.

Well, citizens are volunteers.

As they say,
according to the laws of war?

Zheka, brotherly heart,
only I beg you,

take them somewhere else.

Let them fall on all four sides.

And I won't see you again!

Cat, put them in the car.

Come on, let's go. Go, go!

You are good, Pavel Sergeevich.

What to do with these idiots?

Shoot them, right?

This is wrong, Jake.

All wrong.

Well how are you?

Katyusha, why do you
have a black sun?

Do not know.

Let's color it yellow.

Hello mom.

- You know what...
- Sorry, I feel bad.

I'll talk to you later!

And do you feel okay?
Everything is fine?

He is no longer a little boy,
he is a grown man.

Mm! And that's why you decided to show him
how people die?

So, can you give him a machine gun?
Will you learn to shoot? You can.

He should know too, right?

- All right, that's enough!
- What's enough?

This is our son, understood, ours! Not yours!

Aunt Nina, please don't swear.

Kate, close the door.

Katyushenka, let's go,
this is adult talk.

Let's go draw.

I'm tired!

I'm very tired...

Nin ...

Calm down, Nin. Calm down!

Come out!


Well guys?

You don't have to come to us.

tell yours.

No need.

Bitches, fucked up creatures!

You don't have to climb to them, huh!

Yes, who are you anyway?

Miner's bastard.

Why were you silent?

Why didn't you tell them all at once?
- I'll tell you more!

I'll see them.

Where are you going?


Mom, yes, hello.

It's me, me
They gave me the phone for a while.

Everything is good yes.

Everything is fine.

I'll be home soon.

Just calm down.
It's all right, it's all right, Mom.

Yes Yes. Everyone, don't cry, don't cry.

I'll be home soon.

Cube of tramadol.

- There is?
- Yes.

Stas, Ambu!

Adrenaline prepare!

- Faster, faster!
Let's, let's.

She said get going.

Well, are you tired?

Now let's stop at the store,
buy some water. Will you stop?

He said we would stop.

lift it up

Mom, where is my hand?


Come on, come on, come on!

Boys, help the wounded man
to be transported to the operating room.


Come on, what are you standing, help.

One two Three!

- Go!
- Hurry, hurry.

Let's have a smoke.

By the way, I also have a son.


Turned 15 in March.

In fact, he doesn't want to talk to me .

His mother was divorced a long time ago,
it did not work out.

Yes, and then...

somehow it all didn't work out.

You are right.

It did not work out for me
in a peaceful life.

Are there many injured?

The family was driving a car,
four people, all died.

Passers-by shrapnel hacked, eight
people, four heavy.

What are they doing, bitches,
we are one country.


Now I will.

If anything, I'm at headquarters.


A friend wants to help me.

You know how to choose your comrades.

We served in Afghanistan with him.

If he wants to, let him help.

Bonya, you are the best,
you understand?

I will never leave you.

Zhulka! Zhulka!

Where are you, Kat?
- Zhulka is there, I am now!

Where are you going?

- Yes, you never know.
- The weapon, it should be in order.


But I don't care Uncle Pasha,

well, that is, Pavel Sergeevich, he
will take him into the militia anyway.

I'm actually going to be 18 soon.

Oh, yes, you invent everything.


And what, I'm a man, I have to protect

And you, by the way, too.


Zhulka, stop!



It was they from the mortar at us,
I understood by the sound.


Phone of the called
subscriber is turned off

or is outside...



Fell asleep.

You know, all my life I wanted to
forget the war.

Get it out of your head like nothing

Did not work out.

I will go.

Thank you.


Where will you go?

I'll put a bed for you in another room.

Give me an automat.

Decided under our banners?

You caught yourself too late,
brotherly heart.

I have 500 fighters.

And the Ukrainian army is against us.

This, you understand, is not a dobrobats.

These are tanks, aviation, artillery.

You can go against a tank with a machine gun,
like with a saber with a bare ass.

- And these former officers are some...
- You said that a group is being assembled.

This is nonsense, rumors, there are no
former officers,

and no one will help us.

Pavel Sergeevich, here the information

Yes, speak already, Zhek, everyone is here.

Kyiv is sending reinforcements.

Three aircraft. Landing and heavy equipment.

That's what I'm talking about.

So, you see, we will have to roll up
our banners.

Maybe we can arrange a meeting?

Do you propose to take
the airport by bull?

They have 200 fighters of the
Armed Forces of Ukraine sitting there.

We've been butting heads with them for a month,
but we can't knock out.

Well, can
we try something different?

Dnepropetrovsk May 2014

Well, my friend, I'm glad
that you heeded my advice,

although I didn't invent anything new.

This strategy was still used by
German specialists in 1942 here.

And we have already used it in different
countries. It is simple and effective.

Why waste strength, energy on direct

with armed rebels,
as you originally suggested?

It's a risk, it's a high percentage
of losses

personnel and weapons,
this is irrational.

Much easier, as they say in our

transfer everything
to outsourcing as much as possible.

With someone else's hands!

Yes. Absolutely.

Look, you have terrified the local

They are afraid. They are not ready
to resist.

That is, you solved this problem with
almost no loss.

Well, with those who are not ready to lay down their

our specialists will work.

I am sure these guys will solve our problems
in the shortest possible time.

We will now strike at the very heart
of our enemy.

Where they don't expect.

And do not worry, I will help
you solve this problem.

But in history,
you will be the winner.

ON THE RADIO: - "Dnepr" group
"101st" - take off!

At the start, the wind is 90 degrees,
five meters.

- The "101st" group - take off!
- "101st", I'm taking off in a group.


Cool gun!

- Where did you get it?
- Where did you get it, it's not there.

- Hamster, get a machine gun.
- No, seriously, Commander?


- In the military museum, would you believe it?
- Yeah.

Do you know how to work with her?

Yes, I came across such in military service.

- So when was that?
- But the hands remember.

- Relax, relax, my friend.
We have a great mission.

Together we will make your country
free and democratic.

ON THE RADIO: - "Lugansk-tower".
"101st" distant.

Chassis released,
fully mechanized.

I see the runway, the group is landing.

Wind 260 degrees, four meters.

I allow the group "101st" to land.

The "101st" group was allowed to land.

This is my great-grandfather, he was in the war.

I do not understand.

My great-grandfather was already here, in the 42nd.

Here he is in the photo.

He made them listen to
Greater Germany.

But he did not have time to do what he wanted.

So now I'll finish it.
- I do not understand.

We have a lot of Ukrainians in Canada,
but I have never been here.

Now you can get to know them better.
Do you understand what I mean?

Too bad there are no snacks.

Is a dead Russian for a snack good for

You will have plenty of this snack tomorrow

Then I'm afraid we took too little

More whiskey! More whiskey!

-More whiskey! More whiskey!

Whiskey! Whiskey!

Well, we got into a dumb company.


Yes, it's flying!


- Gray-haired, what do you have?
- I'm turning around! Do not have time.

"101st", removal three, on the right
under twenty, I observe a firing point.

We are under fire from the ground.

Accepted the information. Let's skip.

"103st", I continue landing.

"101st", cleared the band.

The second flies, guys!

We are working!

Here he is, bastard!


We need to report to Washington immediately.


Well done!

We can when we want!
- The third one is coming, commander!

I observe a flash in the near
drive area.

"102nd" down. I go right
to the departure airfield.

I told you, God will punish us, punish us

The third is flying!

- Stop, stop, why so far away?
- He's leaving, Damn him!!

Well, Zheka, you know how to surprise. Sit down.

Your feats are all over the news

Well, that's how we work.

Do you know that a dozen countries have
declared mourning on this occasion?

Why is that?

-Yes, from that. That side the mercenaries
flew: Poles, Balts, British,

Kind of like Americans and Canadians.

So we met these bitches beautifully.

With fireworks.

- Denis! Help.
- Uh-huh, now.

Let's lift it up!

Right here.

Vyacheslav Andreevich, I wanted to ask,
what kind of book do you have?

Denis, this is not quite a book for me.

This... I'll let you see it later...

- MLRS worked perfectly.
- Everything is clear, you can advance.

Let's go!

With God.

Your combat mission:
Unite with our grouping,

which defends the Lugansk airport.

The separatists down our plane, which
we counted on very much.

For this we must triple hell for them,

but in case of an emergency,
you must evacuate from there

our trump ace - a general
from a friendly country.


We are working!

Trumpet solo!

"7th" everyone, get ready.

We are working!

We are working!

- Cover!
- I'm holding!

Let's go! I'm holding!

Sorry for the guys.

They died helplessly.

How did he shoot with such vision?

Teacher, right?


Who are you?

- Calm down, friends.
We'll help you a little.

If you don't mind, of course.

Well, if you help, we won't refuse.

We stopped the convoy two kilometers away
, it was heading towards Lugansk.

In general, you now have
armored vehicles. Take away.

Follow me!

Listen, brotherly heart, maybe
you can help too?

We have everything.

Richard Wagner
Selected works

I took the book and read it at my leisure.